Tuesday, January 22, 2008

5 Tiger Bodies Recovered

Fighting erupted between the Sri Lanka Army and the LTTE in the general area north of Vethampanai, Vavuniya yesterday. Seven LTTE cadres were killed by advancing SLA infantry units. Five bodies recovered in the clash were handed over to the Vavuniya hospital today. The ICRC is taking steps to hand these bodies over to the LTTE tomorrow.


LKDOOD said...

Defencewire or others

{Tigers deploy snipers to confront SLA troops in Mannaar

At least 12 Sri Lanka Army soldiers were sniped and killed and 27 wounded Tuesday morning}

any info on this ?

LKDOOD said...

S Lanka not to share power with Tigers


Defencewire said...

Not humanly possible!

They would require at least 4 teams of snipers for this. A team comprises of an observer/spotter who calls the shot, sometimes chanting 'fire,fire,fire' until the shot is fired, and then confirms target acquisition. The gunner and the spotter must have undergone a tough course on marksmanship, camouflage and conceal (hide and conceal), survival, observation tactics and stalking tactics. The LTTE has such cadres but it is humanly not possible to kill 12 soldiers and wound 27 others in 3 hours in dense thicket, with several hundred trained men using cover to attack you.

So the story has these practical problems.
1. 12 SLA KIA in 3hrs but 27 WIA? Snipers don't shoot to injure. They shoot to kill. How come the snipers managed to hide, conceal, stalk and effectively gun down 12 SLA consecutively in 3 hours?

2. The availability of a 12-8man team of snipers in Mannar North? Snipers don't operate in teams. They operate in twos, but maybe part of a much larger team. This is usually done during long operational duties, in medium or deep battlespace, not during a defensive operation facing a mobility corridor with at least 4 avenues of approaches comprising over 4000 men bearing down on you and your fighters are running helter-skelter!

3. What did the SLA do while 12 soldiers were stalked and killed one by one by one sniper platoon? No ground commander would allow this to happen. This is a fact!

LKDOOD said...

I do not believe in military solution: Rajapaksa


12 Indian fishermen arrested by Sri Lankan Navy


LKDOOD said...

thank you defencewire for clarifying

LKDOOD said...

Sri Lanka signals shift in war on Tamil Tigers

"We will hit if we are hit," the president said of his military strategy.

"The recent operations in the north are not aimed at advancing... I don't believe in a military solution," he told reporters.


admin said...

9 SLA sniped down, many more wounded of shots in chest.

Snipers have range of 1.5km without wind.

admin said...


admin said...



LKDOOD said...

very interesting development !

what happen to
'tough talk' ?
'clearing the north'?
'freeing the north people'?

maybe the president is being pressured by the IC

i'm confused

what do you guys think of the presidents comments ?

admin said...

president has realized his troops are getting hammered in the north.
defence.lk, and the defence blogs have hidden the truth from you.

Yesterday alot of trucks with dead SLA was seen rushing back and forth.

Do you believe in the fictional numbers like 526 LTTE dead while 26 SLA dead which was presented by your defence site?

All these blogs have their sources in their military, meaning in SLA. Why would any SLA admit they are getting hammered in the north? they wont. So defencewire/defencenet can only tell what they hear from their sources. Which is wrong.

Good luck with capturing wanni.
Im off...

prabath said...

DW is this possible, pls comment we are waiting for your reply

Unknown said...

i agree with "the boss"

at the same time I do have a feeling some of the SLA being killed are tamils, karuna faction, I heard govt is paying them 10K/mth, I am sure they are in the infantry as well

WipeLTTE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
WipeLTTE said...

What we need is systematic and planned termination of LTTE. KIll minimum of 10 LTTE/day is required while keeping additional arms from comming into LTTE. SLAF should keep pownding LTTE hard every day.

verbatim said...

Tiger snipers form integral part of kill zones created for GoSL forces. Looks like the tigers have opened a sniper school at the periphery of these kill zones. What better way to train than to target live personnel who trudge across jonnys and other booby traps. The tigers will also save the ammunition that would otherwise be spent on the shooting range.

This amount of casualties is easily achievable for the tigers. They can certainly deploy lot more than 4 teams. They dont have to be top notch, but average marksmanship is fine, as long as every to start shooting only after letting the GoSL forces to advance a bit.

Once the casualties are incurred, more targets become visible as the GoSL forces do casualty evacuation.

12 soldiers are not necessarily killed in one specific spot. Since the GoSL forces are advancing on a wider front, they will become targets in a much wider area to much more than 4 teams of snipers.

Large number of wounded may explain that all the snipers deployed are not top notch and also the GoSL soldiers wear body armour that may have saved some.

Commander of tiger sniper school must be thanking the govt for providing live targets for his/her disciples :)

Defencewire said...

Looking at some of your comments, all we can say is that military enthusiasm coupled with a weak knowledge of war, without any actual battlefield experience, plus deep resentment of state authority coupled with a healthy dose of propaganda from various sites on www, and maybe even racism, seem to have an amazing effect on some people these days.

We can but sit back and grin at such follies. Unfortunately, we are unable to help you gentlemen! Obviously, the truth does not encourage you in the right direction! So why bother?

LKDOOD said...

Lanka mines sea borders to block Tamil Tigers


32 killed in north Sri Lanka, additional security for south


chamal said...

wow boss,
I can see your snipers are really skilled. (If this story is true of course. Unfortunately for you it's not) You say 'headshot' but then again 'many more wounded of shots in chest'. Headshot means the shots targetted at the head. I didn't know chest was regarded as part of the head.

IntelAttack said...

The Boss,
Sometimes you're in Wanni, Sometimes in East, Sometimes with LTTE snipers, and sometimes in battleground counting SLA KIA & WIA.
You're should be Superman or have abilities to teleport?

Now listen man.. Every joke has its limit. Your jokes are for you own good. People here really enjoying your Sniper Story (Sniper Theory? :D).
Please watch some more sniper related movies (or it is because you have over-watched). Sometimes that would help you! LOL!

Thanks for assisting Boss's Sniper Theory and other stupid theories that you say you have heard. Open your eyes and clean your ears. Perhaps that would help you.

Thanks for clarifying the incident and all the real-time ground info. Send my regards to your Commander of tiger sniper school.
Maybe the Sniper commander him-self is a 14 year child who runs towards SLA FDLs fearing that he'll be shot if he turns back.

Ask LTTE to train all the cadres as Snipers. LOL!

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