Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Air Force attack targeting Pirabhakaran

Sri Lanka Air Force today claimed that they have successfully attacked the place where the LTTE leader Velupillai Pirbhakaran believed to be presant in a suburb of Kilinochchi,the main town area in the tiger held Northern Wanni region.
Air Force spokesperson confirmed to the media that the supersonic figther jets of the Air Force hit the hideout in Kalmadukulam in Iranamadu near in Killinochchi,where they have credible intelligence information that the LTTE leader was present.
There were no immediate comments from the LTTE on the latest attack, the organization never confirmed or denied,when military claimed that they attacked their leader in the earlier occasions too.
In late last year,on his 54th birthday, Air Force had launched a similar attack targeting him at Jayanthi Nagar in Killinochchi.
There were wide spread of rumours after the veteran journalist D.B.S.Jeyaraj reported in a weekend newspaper that Pirbhakaran was slightly injured in the attack,after two weeks of the incident.Government also confirmed the news after few days but gave different date citing as the Air Force carried out the attack.
Defence Secretary Ghotabhaya Rajapaksha said in an interview with the state run Sunday Observer,late last month that the military intelligence belive that Pirabhakaran was either killed or wounded during that attack,the claimed still not confirmed by any of the foreign intelligence agencies monitoring the situation in Sri Lanka.
Air Force has used six of its fighter jets of its number 10 fighter jet squadron to carried out the today's attack,which was launched based on the ground information and the real time aerial surveillance information.
A high ranking official who personally involved the attack confirmed,that the target was 100% successfully carried out,with high accuracy.


perein said...

Thank you for the update Defencewire

LKDOOD said...

Great post Defencewire

TigerKiller said...

let's hope for the best - I mean pork for dinner

perein said...

hot and sour battered pork balls will be served with roast potatoes too...

Sam Perera said...

What is up with Tamilnet? No news is good news if TamilNet is silent about this. Let's pray and wait for extra fatty pork as tigerkiller says.

LKDOOD said...

i don't know how mawbima know:

'Prabhakaran has just escaped'

it is just weired !

other sites have no info on Prabhakaran

perein said...

can we pls have the URL?

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