Sunday, March 9, 2008

LTTE in desperate fight for Adampan

For the first time in history the LTTE has deployed its Sea Tigers under Mannar Sea Tiger Commander Lakshman to defend a land-based location from the Army. The location is Adampan Town. A large contingent of Sea Tigers have been brought and deployed from Veduthalthivu Sea Tiger base.

581, 582 and 583 Avenues of Approaches under the 58 Division laying siege on Adampan today captured a small tank situated south of Adampan (too small to show in a map). 12 Gemunu Watch (12 GW), recently resurrected after losing almost two-thirds of its men in the Elephant Pass and Iyakachchi debacle (2002), managed to capture Munkalmurichan, a small village situated south of Adampan last week.

Roughly ten days ago the SLA captured the entry-exit point in Mannar at Uylankulam. Adampan is now surrounded by 3 Avenues of Approaches of the 58 Division (many civilian sources wrongfully call the divisions 57th, 58th and so on) (See sf-3 Map)

Meanwhile reports from intelligence sources have indicated that the LTTE Leader V. Pripaharan, who had made a statement to his followers that Eelam War IV would be fought exclusively with explosives, has plans of causing much more explosions in the south than before.

2 of the 3 one-tonne lorry-bombs sent to Colombo were captured last year, but another remain hidden somewhere. Claymore attacks in Colombo have subsided, but the LTTE team inside Yala is still active as evidenced by yesterday morning's attack on a SLA tractor at Buttala, injuring 2 soldiers and killing another.

The tigers fired 40mm grenades from a single-shot grenade launcher and injured 3 soldiers with a booby-trapped grenade left-behind near Kala Oya near Wilpattu last Tuesday. SLA believes an 8-man team of Tigers had been deployed in the Wilpattu wildlife sanctuary prior to the LTTE vacating Silavathurai last year.


NOLTTE=Peace said...

SLA going on in this steady phase is great. There will be set-backs too. But the winning is there when set backs were minimized.

This game is about intelligence, and surprises.

Amongst other initiatives, 24 hour UAV presence that is coordinated with ground troops, artillery, and MBRL will be a real force multiplier.

SLAF and Army should be seriously come together.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Good article, again.

Using sea-tigers to defend land; Does this mean SLDF should expect a land/ sea combined (innovative/ surprise) attack from LTTE, around mannar?

Does this mean LTTE is using 'maximum' (obviously not full) strength here? and fall of adampan need to be considered as a big loss to LTTE, once it happened? (It seems it will take number of weeks.) And remaining battles going to be less hard?


defencenet now have a LTTE clone, You also will probably have one soon,

Moshe Dyan said...

"SLAF and Army should seriously come together".

i second it!

onceinawhile said...

Keep up the good work DW

LKDOOD said...

great article DW

LKDOOD said...

Significant part of SAARC summit shifted from Kandy to Colombo


Jambudipa said...

Redeployment of LTTE carders from Veduthalthivu to Adampan leaves Veduthalthivu and the entire coast from north of Mannar to Poonaryn vulnerable. This opens up the possibility for strikes on LTTE FDL from the rear. LRRP teams moving west behind LTTE FDL or SBS amphibious landings with naval support could secure the coast Mannar northwards. Just an idea.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

The HRW and IA's sources itself are LTTE and their agents based in NY.

The HR violation campaign against Sri Lanka is funded by Norway.

It is the only LTTE/Norway coalition campaign that has worked on their favor so far.

The intention of this campaign is several folds,

1. press the GOSL's current victories and tie GOSL down through a UN intervention, under the false pretext of HR violations

2. protect the LTTE suicide and terror network deployed in the South

It has been great that the GOSL has managed to trace about 6053 claimed to be disappeared people to various engagements (and found many of them to be falsely reported). However, there is no well maintained and published registry of these findings.

Even in the US, UK or Canada there are hundreds of people disappear daily. There are hundreds of reasons behind the same. However, what LTTE does is through their network,lodge large number of bogus disappearance complaints.

It costs huge amount of monies and resources to investigate each case and publish the findings. LTTE knows the same, and uses their full thrust to keep doing the same.

Mano Ganeshan is one of their direct agents whom have either being knowingly or unknowingly used by LTTE.

Defencewire said...

It s only natural to bring down Sea Tigers from Veduthalthivu to Adampan, as once Adampan falls, Veduthalthivu could be next. What is remarkable is that sea Tigers have never been called upon as reservists to defend a land-locked location. It is the lack of experienced manpower in LTTE and strategic location of Adampan in Mannar region that has prompted LTTE to do this.

We would love to have a clone, a 'mini-me'! Who can do that for us? This to us signifies how we have become a problem to some. Continuous criticism and now cloning by others indicates to us that we are on the right path!

chamal said...


"LRRP teams moving west behind LTTE FDL or SBS amphibious landings with naval support could secure the coast Mannar northwards."

I'm not too sure about doing that.

The LRRP cannot launch large scale attacks from behind enemy FDL's. It'll be too risky, and those guys are not the kind we want to lose through silly mistakes. The cost, time and effort taken to train just one of them is substantial.

SBS landings too, will be pretty risky because if they are spotted on the open sea, they are pretty much helpless. (And most of the large seaborne operations in the past have resulted in heavy casualties because of this, even though the objective has been achieved) If they can send in teams underwater, maybe at least to create a diversion to let the ground forces attack from the other direction, it may be more effective.

Jambudipa said...


Significant movement of carders from Veduthalthivu leaves their rear exposed for attacks. This means supply lines and reinforcements to their Western front can be cut off or at least spoiled with small group guerrilla ops. Its not really important HOW troops reach this area but WHAT they do after reaching there that is important. If only LRRP can reach there then so be it.

The reason I mentioned SBS was because this is precisely the kind of task we created SBS. Without planning anything can go wrong. However, with the combination of ground/air intelligence and planning, there is no reason why certain calculated risks should not be taken if the risks are manageable.

chamal said...


"This means supply lines and reinforcements to their Western front can be cut off or at least spoiled with small group guerrilla ops."

yes i agree with you there. But this, I think is already happening.

And BTW, The reason our forces are advancing slowly is because they want to minimize casualties. So it's unlikely that they will make a large assault in such a way that will put their best men in unnecessary danger. But of course, guerilla type attacks and raids will be carried out, as always...

LKDOOD said... report :

LTTE Terrorists Lose Grip on Manthai West

VALIANT TROOPS of the Sri Lanka Army aimed another humiliating blow at the LTTE depriving them of their bunker line west of MANTHAI Sunday (9) following forceful attack using heavy weapons.

The MANTHAI west Pradeshiya Sabhawa (Local Government) building which had hitherto been occupied by the LTTE fell into Army hand Sunday (9) afternoon.
A section of road running between ADAMPAN town and west of MANTHAI which served as a main supply route to the terrorists was also captured during Sunday’s (9) operations.

Meanwhile, twenty nine members of eight families from KILINOCHCHI and MALLAVI un-cleared areas reached MANNAR today. Their basic welfare needs were catered by the Army troops who directed them to relevant authorities to be sent to IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) center at NANADDAN.

Tamilnet :

Artillery duel in Northern Front

An intense artillery duel was reported across Mukamaalai and Naakarkoayil in the Northern Front Sunday from 1:00 p.m. till 3:00 p.m., sources in Thenmaraadchi said. LTTE fired artillery shells had hit Sri Lanka Army (SLA) positions in Thenmaraadchi.

Tension prevailed in Southern Thenmaraadchi where civilian areas have become militarized zone. Only a few civilians managed to flee the militarized zone, sources there said.

The warring parties are yet to release details of the confrontation.

LKDOOD said...

LTTE, army clash in northern Lanka


India planting RAW agents in Sri Lankan provincial councils: JVP


LKDOOD said...


20 SLA killed, 62 wounded in Mannar fighting - LTTE

LKDOOD said...

Former Tamil rebels set for poll victory


Concern Over Abductions in Sri Lanka: Vatican Radio


LKDOOD said...

Lanka Truth:

UN rejects HRW report

The human rights report forwarded by Human Rights Watch to UN has been rejected.
The report in 242 pages was rejected by all representatives of Asian, European and African countries as a false report.

LKDOOD said...


Fighting erupts in Northern Front

Heavy exchange of gun and mortar fire was reported Sunday night for at least 3 hours from 10:00 p.m., sources in Thenmaraadchi said.

The fighting continued till the latest update from the area at 1:00 a.m. Monday. Further details are not available at the moment.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Wanted to read Went their and found that the site is broken again.

Over two years, I have seen numerous quality issues with the website. I always thought that these guys would mature. But, it is far from reality.

This is an ISP...and the company offers Web Development Services.

However, they can not maintain basic level of quality in their own e-paper.

hemantha said...

Now you can read Lakbima. I love the lakbima cartoon(daily). It's the best in SL.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Thanks Hemantha,

I like the paper... the issue is total lack of professionalism in managing it.

Looks like bunch of kids are running it. No eye for quality or service.

They should be aware of they are representing their brand.

Say, if a bomb explosion happen, the damn site go out of bandwidth...

If you are totally unprofessional only such thing can happen.

thiru said...

bomb explosion in colombo, i dead 3 injured

serendib said...

"The human rights report forwarded by Human Rights Watch to UN has been rejected.
The report in 242 pages was rejected by all representatives of Asian, European and African countries as a false report."

Ai, Ai.. aiyoooo!

LKDOOD said...

Sri Lanka votes, 9 soldiers, 25 rebels killed in north



Court allows NTT to sell Sri Lanka Telecom stake


LKDOOD said...


"The human rights report forwarded by Human Rights Watch to UN has been rejected.
The report in 242 pages was rejected by all representatives of Asian, European and African countries as a false report."

it was also mentioned on ITN news

nobody else reported about this as i know-
anybody see any other reports except for Lanka truth & ITN ?

LKDOOD said...

it is weired that if a an Organisation like HRW makes a false report nobody else(Including Int. media )reports on it ???

LKDOOD said...

Wild elephants hold up Sri Lanka vote: police


LKDOOD said...

Deputy Leader of a breakaway faction of the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers the TVMP "Pillaiyan" VOTING !!!(PICTURES)


tangara said...

[India planting RAW agents in Sri Lankan provincial councils: JVP]

The cost of
JVP sponsored crippling strikes in Sri Lanka is around 4% of the Gross National Product.(According to an article in Rivira couple of weeks ago.)

The good news is, after writing lengthy protest letters to the JVP leadership, the no of university strikes since last December comes down to 0..

May be its a coincident...Don't know for sure..

tangara said...

If I speculate on the 3 pics of Velu, published by the tamilnet, I can tell you this..

The pictures 1 and 3 are not of the real Velu.In Picture 2, you will find the real Velu.However their is a problem.May be that pic came from an unrelated event , perhaps another funeral.(we had plenty of funerals in Wanni lately)

Picture 1 and 3 dipicts the body double of Velu...

That is my gutt feeling..

Nandimithra said...

Fmr. deputy sea tiger Mangalesh killed in Mannar.
Daily mirror

Sam Perera said...


"Fmr. deputy sea tiger Mangalesh killed in Mannar.
Daily mirror."

Why is this guy a "Former," not current. Any idea?

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