Friday, March 7, 2008

Sivanesan's death and related questions

According to the latest reports received by us, TNA MP Sivanesan has been traveling in and out of Mallavi LTTE controlled area undisturbed until now to attend Parliamentary sessions in Colombo since his election as an MP.

He had crossed Omanthai SLA checkpoint at around 12.30pm as usual yesterday after attending Parliament the day-before-yesterday. The first notice of the attack had come 30 minutes to 1 hour later. The message had indicated Sivanesan's driver had been killed in a blast and that Sivanesan was also critically wounded.

The LTTE blamed the attack on a 'Deep Penetration Unit' of the Army. But they had also claimed that a tractor transporting civilians was also targeted four days ago by the same unit in the same area. The SLA has denied both these accusations.

The attack took place on the Mankulam-Mallavi road deep inside LTTE area. If the LRRP has that reach, then it is monumental, especially given the fact that over ten to fifteen thousand LTTE civilian force members are deployed in these areas. It is also disturbing, from an LTTE point of view, if two attacks had occurred in the same area in one week.

The important issues here is why SLA suddenly decided to assassinate Sivanesan who has been traveling in and out of Mallavi for each session of Parliament through SLA checkpoints? Why also would the LTTE allow its MP to regularly travel to Mallavi if the area was prone to regular LRRP infiltration and attack?


perein said...

Simple answer to this is...
If SL Gov is responsible for the security for out of LTTE control area, then LTTE should be responsible for their controlled area.
No idea why we are trying to defend our selves for these kind of crap.

"Guilty until proven"

tissahammi said...

i think may be there is a group with in LTTE who has realized the reality and want to eliminate those people who they think responsible, or obstakle for peace.

this killing was done by other LTTE, same guys who must be giving good intel to us.

perein said...

Tissa Hami-

May be the group sent by the BIG PIG "Praba". His meeting with this guy did not go well. May be he did not sat down when Praba told him to do :)..
Therefore he got punished :)

sldf said...

This is a yet another desperate act by LTTE either to get international help to stop military advances or another desperate act to simply justify "revenge" attack on GOSL official.

If GOSL can operate its deep penetration SF forces during the day in their so-called "controlled areas" it clearly shows the vulnarability or weekness of the LTTE and its ineffeciency. Sad part is GOSL is still years behind to effectively counter the LTTE propaganda machine.

Sandun Dasanayake said...

Maha Shiva Rathree Day...

UN Human Rights Council Session is going on...

SL Foreces kill Tamil MP...

For What ????

Long - Ranger said...

To the interested,

I have updated my portal with a crude outline on the siege of Adampan supplemented with a map.

Hope this helps :-)

Unknown said...


Nicely done and thanks. Are you also go by handle name specialforce?

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Long Ranger,

Great work mate..

Everyone highly recommended to visit long-ranger's blog site..

hasulad said...

Defenece wire,
"The important issues here is why SLA suddenly decided to assassinate Sivanesan who has been traveling in and out of Mallavi for each session of Parliament through SLA checkpoints?...."

Are you implying that ur INTEL confirmed that SLA was responsible for this killing ?

Looking forward to a reply.

Walimuni Abeysekera said...

Sorry out of Topic -

Today mar-2008-08
3 soldiers injured in K'gama blast

Three soldiers were injured following a claymore mine blast in Kataragama. The soldiers were traveling in a tractor along the old Buttala road at the time of the explosion.

Vigilante said...


What are the usual injuries due to Claimore blasts?

Sorry for the dumb question..

Will it effect hearing ?

What are the other injuries common with these blasts?

Please answer .

LKDOOD said...

Prabhakaran accuses Lankan govt forces of 'terrorism'


Prabhakaran 'hale and hearty', says Tamil MP


LKDOOD said...

Tamil MP seeks lifting ban on LTTE


Long - Ranger said...

With regards to the earlier responses,

Glad to be of help :-)

For all who missed the "Siege of Adampan"


Take Care :-)

LKDOOD said...

check this out from :

...Meanwhile, 57 Division under Brig. Jagath Dias, was advancing in the direction of Madhu and Palampiddi, from where it hopes to extend it up to Puliyankulam, to force the Tigers operating north of the Madhu area, in the jungles beyond, to flee.
But, the LTTE leader in Mannar, Luxman, appears ready to do battle. He has ordered the withdrawal of women cadres from the Madhu jungle area and has now deployed male cadres to form a forward defence line linking Periyamadu, Palampiddi and Palaimoddai, to resistt the advancing forces. This is an admission that the security forces have advanced and an indication that pitched battles were likely sooner than later.

There would also be a forward thrust from Omanthai to Mankulam, in the days ahead. By bypassing the enemy, what the military plans to do is make areas south of the Vidattilativu- Mankulam line, redundant....

read it full @

LKDOOD said...

At least 40 Tamil Tigers killed in Sri Lanka clashes


Sri Lanka to release 47 Tamil Nadu fishermen


LKDOOD said...

Lankapuvath website launched-

The Website of Lankapuvath, Sri Lanka's National News Agency was launched at the Galle Face Hotel on Wednesday. The Chief guest was Parliamentarian, Basil Rajapaksa, Senior Advisor to President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The website is in Sinhala, Tamil and English along with audio and video clips

Defencewire said...

Good job with the map. Good It skills.

All our sources vehemently denied involvement. This does not mean they didn't. it does not mean they did either. need to sit down for a beer away from the scene with the for truth to come out, if there's any.

A claymore shoots small iron/steel balls at very high velocity in a 180 degree angle (in theory). Most claymores made by LTTE and SLA exceed theories. Some mines are as heavy as 25kgs and are homemade using simple housings made out of fibre-glass. You go to Panchikawatte (next to petrol shed) you will see people selling small balls collected from bearings. The smallest of these are ideal for claymores.

These are dangerous objects that can kill, maime or fatally would anyone 50-100m from the blast. They sometimes even injure those in the rear (although in many languages it says front to toward enemy).

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