Thursday, March 6, 2008

TNA MP and his driver killed in a blast-2nd Lead

K.Sivanesan,Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian was killed in a bomb blast in Kullarpulliyankulam in Kangarayankulam in Wanni this afternoon, well informed sources said.

The MP succumbed to injuries while he was being taken to Vauniya hospital from LTTE held Vanni. His driver was killed on the spot and two others sustained injuries in the blast according to details available.

K.Sivaneshan was the 3rd MP killed as a result of violence during this year, apart from Sripathi Suriyarachchi the 4th MP killed in an accident in the same period. Sivanesan, Jaffna District MP from Wadamarachchi, went to Wanni this morning according to the family sources.


Jambudipa said...
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Jambudipa said...

Sri Lanka is getting hammered at UN Human Rights Council over its Human Rights Record!!

All of a sudden a well known Tamil MP is killed inside LTTE held territory. The attack was close to Kanakarayankulam which is in between Puliyankulam and Mannakulam. Kanakarayankulam is close to 30km North of the Omanthi.

Just as LTTE orchestrated the bombing of school kids before Neugegoda bomb, and the attack on a bus at Madu before killing scores of civilians, it is very likely this was again by them. Or else, we have to assume Sothia Brigade and the like are pretty much useless if the LRRP can hit anywhere at will this deep inside LTTE held territory.

Jambudipa said...

Candidate preferred booze to police guard

Unknown said...

beware our poticians......this is another scool bomb thing..they may be planing to kill one of our guys,,

LKDOOD said...

Bhagwati-led intl panel terminates operation in Lanka


Sri Lanka accused of creating crisis


Unknown said...

Maha: "they may be planing to kill one of our guys"

Our guys???

So who is the MP? Was he an MP of Tamil Eelam or Sri Lanka?

Now you know what the issue is?
You Sickos!!!

LKDOOD said...

Tamilnet: SLAF fighter jets bomb Poonakari

LKDOOD said...

Parappakandal under army control


defenceAnalyst said...

'silva' has finally come out of the closet!

LKDOOD said...


Sam Perera said...

silva aks Ram the LTTE racist pretending to be a Sinhala racist,

Ours and Yours:

Regardless whether Sinhala, Tamil, Moore, etc, anybody who supports and engage in acts of terror with LTTE to break my homeland is not ours. Is it clear to you?

admin said...

The LTTE is the saviour.
LTTE is the military of my homeland.
There is a civil war there now.

Sam Perera said...

the boss,

For sure, for the rest of the world, LTTE is nothing less than a band of banned terrorists.

thiru said...

mr. sam perera just a band of terrorists? ok buddy if that's true then the GOSL should have captures vanni and how soon you forget unceasing waves 1, 2 and 3, don't worry my friend a repeat is coming soon and that should refresh your memory!

defenceAnalyst said...

What is holding Prabhakaran back from unleashing a cease-less wave do you think?

Isn't it true that Prabhakaran cannot hold anything back? But why is he holding this back? When do you think its coming? Is it bringing Eelam along with it? Where do you think it will go this time, Colombo? How do you plan to cross the Kelaniya River?

tangara said...

Looks like LTTE is preparing for their next AAB style attack..

These are the tell tale signs of an impending LTTE attack.

Sam Perera said...


FYI: LTTE is a band of internationally recognized terrorists who is holding on to certain parts of Sri Lanka illegally for a monoethnic fantasy Eelam. Fact that LTTE is holding on to certain parts of Sri Lanka does not change the fact that they are terrorists, they are terrorists and illegal. Holding on to land by means of terrorism is illegal. SL military as commanded by GOSL, has the legitimate right and duty to safeguard the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka using military power. In essence LTTE owns nothing and has no rights in Sri Lanka to do what they do

thiru said...

sam perera, that is what people said about the kosovo liberation army before to, and as far as prabhakaran holding back-he chooses the right place and time unlike the GOSL who have their own agendas to look after which eventually leads to the butcher of their soldiers so sam perera don't worry the time will come again!

LKDOOD said...


Asian tribune :

TNA MP Sivanesan was summoned to Kilinochchi by LTTE for secret meeting.......Tamil analysts in Sri Lanka believe that K. Sivanesan, Member of Parliament (MP) of the LTTE-backed Tamil National Alliance (TNA) was killed by the Tamil Tigers

is this true ?

anybody have more info ???

Unknown said...

Its ridiculous to speculate that he was killed by the LTTE. If they needed to, they would have done so in colombo. This will make it look less obivous.

"Regardless whether Sinhala, Tamil, Moore, etc, anybody who supports and engage in acts of terror with LTTE to break my homeland is not ours. Is it clear to you?"

Sam this is again ridiculous. Then all Sri Lankan politicians must be killed. They are the fathers of the LTTE and Sri Lanka's problems.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Common sense tells me this:

1.MP was killed by LRRP/State agaents. If LTTE wanted to kill him(why should they kill him??) as some suggest,they would have done so in GoSL controlled territory where GoSL will be blamed.His death in LTTE territory in fact exposes the lack of immunity to attacks in LTTE areas giving bad publicity.

2.The GoSL MI seem to have done good job penetrating LTTE areas during CFA (and vice versa for LTTE).The ease with which LRRP is picking targets is revealing.The intelligence on which LRRP acts is in fact more important than LRRP itself.

3.I suspect many of LRRP attacks are in fact by Tamil moles living inside wanni in various guises--cadres/farmers/ngo/etc .

4.LRRP attacks on LTTE military targets are fully justified. But attacks on own parliamentarians and schoolkids are crimes against humanity( on same level as Yala bus bombing)

Unknown said...

hey silva,
our guys means including mano ganeshan....ananda sangaree..dugles devananda,,suresh vadiweel,,rauf hakeem,ferial asraf,fauziee,,
since kadirgamar,,,maheswaran,, not yours..all of people who lived in heaven are ours...people lived deep in hell(thambi thami,charles,now prabahkaran)all yours keep them,, we will blow all of you in your peelam kilinochchi

Unknown said...

all of ou idiots said one day before this all your controled areas well what happened even 25km deep in your terretory you cant help at least to your people..what is this...
now please believe my friend SL advance that far and your gping to loose terretory which is homeland to boss

Moshe Dyan said...

Only a fool would blame the govt. without evidence for this USELESS MPs killing on the mahasivarathri day just a few days after a damning report by HRW.

Who gains?

nothing the govt. gains as it lost nothing due to these LTTE TNA maggots ever.

due to the escalation of war many TNA MPs are torn between supporting an all out war for tamil elam or a compromise. same thing happened to many previous tamil politicians. as the war gets tougher, togher would be for them to put up with all the increasing sufferings of the people. however, the LTTE is FIRM on what they want and tolerates no one who compromises or TRYING TO GET INTO THE PRO-COMPROMISE CAMP.

It is a fact that MANY (almost all)pro-tamil elam politicians later change; then they need to be eliminated for the LTTE to survive.

how many TNA MPs are there in parliament? Over 20.

how many opposed the extention of emergency?
less than 15 ALWAYS.

If this is the work of a govt. agency, this may be THE FIRST TAMIL MP KILLED BY THE GOVT!!!

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


Honestly,you dont beleive yourself , do you;)?
Do I see you disbelieving your own statements?
No offence meant.

Sam Perera said...


Where did I say that everybody who is not ours should be killed? You are using faulty logic. Just to make it more clear, Karuna was not ours earlier when he was with LTTE. Now he is ours since he is for a unified Sri Lanka. As I said earlier, we need to help him our best possible way to be governor, chief minister or what ever he is capable of.

defenceAnalyst said...

Well, finally Sun Tzu has also come out of the closet.

defenceAnalyst said...

But all credit to Navindran. he's been very consistent with his ideas.

Moshe Dyan said...


No probs. But I DO belive in it until i get evidence that shows otherwise. In that case logic cannot replace hard evidence.

I repeat,
"If this is the work of a govt. agency, this may be THE FIRST TAMIL MP KILLED BY THE GOVT!!!"

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


Pl qualify your statement.I can justify mine. It is easy to throw mud, difficult to wash.

defenceAnalyst said...

Frankly speaking Sun Tsu, you seemed pro-LTTE all along but pretended otherwise. Is this an accurate description? No problem in your opinions. Only thing is, do not try to fool others. Is this qualification adequate enough?

Moshe Dyan said...


no decision maker needs to be killed; they are not the fighters.

it is not the politicians who has created this; it is the LTTE. LTTE is the root cause of all this nonsense.

if grievnaces/politics create terrorism, upcountry tamils would have an LTTE many times stronger!! And Sinhalese would have an even stronger terrorist group going on killing and bombing citing problems/grienvences!

also it is the will of the people that comes out of politicians more or less. so if you want to blame these idiots blame the masses who voted them and inevitably you are blaming EVERYONE and the democratic system in particular.

Fine, we can have Pakistan, Bangladesh, Fiji style govt. run by the military. I don't think you will like it a bit.

CRIME NEVER PAYS. More tamils have died, left SL, displaced, raped, abducted, etc., etc. due to the TAMIL ARMED LIBERATION STRUGGLE and they failed to achieve anything sustainable let alone bloody liberation. It is time to realise this and look for alternative ways to handle the situ. May be ENDURANCE is the best option for them!

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


Pl quote specific cases to prove your point. All the posts I have made earlier are based on grounded information as far I can tell.Where the information is not grounded, I have clearly stated that they are my opinions. If you feel they are not, I am waiting for your rebuttals--point by point. I could be wrong of course.

Does not kowtowing to your all-knowing posts constitute Tiger support? Does a difference of opinion constitute Tiger support?

YOU seem to be uncomfortable with being argued with ,in posts that seem not accurate. In which case why not simply state that you dont like to be negated and I will keep my mouth shut?
You seem to be throwing this 'Tiger supportter' accusation as it is the only weapon which will work in this bigot-infested forum?who are YOU trying to fool?

defenceAnalyst said...

Aha. I think my case is proven! Please stop the false pretenses even now!

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

So, Do I presume you have nothing to base your opinions except your own insecure imaginations?

defenceAnalyst said...

I am not wasting my time on you my friend. I am sorry to inform you that you will be deleted now. We don't like pretenders here.

defenceAnalyst said...

Sun Tsu,
You give no respect, therefore you get none. If this forum is 'bigot infested' then LEAVE AND DON'T EVER COME BACK.

defenceAnalyst said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sun Tzu's disciple said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Walimuni Abeysekera said...

DefenceNet -
Look what BBC has to say about this.

Is it True?

If it's true weldone LRRP. It shows how deep we can strike.

Please Reply DN :)

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


respect or disrespect is just a cover here.Have I broken any rules? We have seen much worse people posting happily here.The truth is, DA is deeply embarassed by my probing questions in every post;
So what better way to muzzle a critic than banning him on a flimsy excuse? He has less guts than I thought.

Unknown said...

Maha, I do not know who you are but remeber one thing when LTTE was winning, they lost international support. Today when Sri Lanka is winning they are losing international support. War is not an endgame of numbers and propaganda that both sides release.

Unknown said...

Sam, "Ours" regardless of what they stood for is why Sri Lanka never gets to solve the problems it faces. If a guy kills everyone and tommorrow he gives you money, he becomes ours. Likewise, UNP crossovers to SLFP become ours, Andgrasee crossover, EPDP crossover becomes ours. Are these ours as you call them really solved the problem.

Everyday Karuna lives, is a boom to him. I doubt he will ever return to Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

//Common sense tells me this:

1.MP was killed by LRRP/State agaents. If LTTE wanted to kill him(why should they kill him??) as some suggest,they would have done so in GoSL controlled territory where GoSL will be blamed.His death in LTTE territory in fact exposes the lack of immunity to attacks in LTTE areas giving bad publicity.//

I am not following the arguement between DW and STD.

Anyway, STD directly said MP was killed by LRRP. Unless he has evidence, his logic doesn't prove the first statement.

It is common these days tamil civilians getting killed, abducted, tamil journalists getting killed on special days (maheshvaran - new yaer day) or when some UN/HR official visit Sl or when HR/IC meetings/events going on.

This is from ares-dfefencenet;

//I was reading the previous article’s posts. Mr. “the Boss” doesn’t deserve an answer from anyone. He doesn’t speak sense in the first place. However, I like reading his posts. Its entertaining!
Anyways, for once I though I should reply to one of his comment. He says:
“TNA is a pro-LTTE party. The politican killed today was very supportive towards the LTTE. Now anyone with common sense would know that this would not have been done by LTTE.”
The MP that got killed was never heard of. There is so much for the LTTE to gain by killing him. Besides being a MP from TNA, what did he do directly to support the LTTE? Not a lot. Maybe sat down with a few western diplomats from time to time and complained.
By killing him, LTTE can:
+ Justify bombings of soft targets in the South
+ Maybe justify the killing of a MP in the South
+ Claim that the government kills Tamils Politicians and gain much needed international sympathy
If you have the ability to THINK (after reading your comments, I’ve my doubts), think about what the LTTE have to loose; NOTHING! For the LTTE, he was just an old fart that made the numbers for the TNA in parliament to play their (LTTE’s) melody. You can always replace an old fart.//

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


I never said I had hard evidence, just that my common sense(i.e. logic) says so. I also gave points 2,3&4 based on my common sense .I could be wrong, and I appreciate you taking pains to point out the flaws in my argument.
If Devananda was claymored tomorrow, would common sense not dictate who killed him? Would we be then arguing in this same line i.e. he was becoming a pain in the ass , so by killing him GoSL kills two birds with one stone: Get rid + paint ltte as killers?
Just being an elected pro-LTTE MP in Parliament is a bonus for ltte, what else would you want the MP to do other than that? That was my line of reasoning.

Unknown said...

Moshe Dyan. Firstly do you seriously belief that this problem ends with the LTTE. The LTTE were a nobody before 1983. They grew to 6000 cadres in that year alone.

"if grievnaces/politics create terrorism, upcountry tamils would have an LTTE many times stronger!!"

The Upcountry tamils like the Vedhas are the most pitful people in Sri Lanka. Those who represent them are ignorant, corrupt and in my opinion animals. These people have not been exposed to what is their rightful share of the economy and opportunities. If they do know what they are losing, the LTTE will be the least of Sri Lanka's worries.

"And Sinhalese would have an even stronger terrorist group going on killing and bombing citing problems/grienvences!". My dear friend what was the JVP uprising. Who was Rohan, please go and find out. More sinhalese have been killed by the GOSL then the LTTE. Some many brilliant young minds were destroyed by those animals(I could use worst words). I am not a pro JVP, but I am symapthetic towards Rohan and what he stood for. Look at the way he was murdered by the goverment.

Why did the JVP and LTTE link up. Why do you have the Revolutionary Liberation Front. Where were the culpurits who conducted mass murder. The terrorist like Douglas and some old JVPers are now MINISTERS.

Nobody takes up arms unless they believe that the electoral system has failed. Prabhakaran main selling point has always been that.

Opportunic on both sides used the people ignorance to whip up feelings of hatered. Honestly how has the lot of Sri Lankans improved due tothe policies of the Great Leaders. How many Sri Lankan women are slogging as maids overseas. Does the Great Mahindha ban such practice. Compare Sri Lanka to Singapore.

Sri Lanka was the Jewel of the Orient and Singapore a mere backwater. Today the roles have reveresed. Singapore prefers meritocracy. The lot of all its people have improved tremendously. You have a Indian President, a Malay President's photo on the currency note. Its political will and a pragmatic approach that will propel the people.

Most people who have championed their communtiy rights have often only championed their family rights. The Fiji coup leader said fijian first, then finally it was his tribe people who were appointed to top post. Finally he was kicked out.

Is Mahindha, his family and all other politicians inclduing TNA. I have had 2 relatives who were MPs many years ago and one of them was so corrupt. I have no respect for people like that.

Unknown said...

well done sir :)

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

did he save you from further spanking?:))

Unknown said...

he he :) though you try to say otherwise lotsa people here know that you're an ltte boot licker...

look at the way you have put the blame on this tamil mp's killing dead on the LRRP with zero evidence to back it up...

You should be the last to talk about common sense man cos you're nothing but an idiot who think can fool the bloggers here who are not like the brainwashed ltte goons you might be associating with to sell your trash stories...

and for spanking... Here in SL...we don't spank... or get spanked... there are better ways to tackle ltte goons and as you know we're getting better at...

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

lotsa people here KNOW that you're an ltte boot licker

put the blame on this tamil mp's killing dead on the LRRP with ZERO evidence to back it up...

Now spot the difference:))

Moshe Dyan said...


I agree with some logical arguments you made but others are illogical.

SL and Singapore cannot be compared. Until 1977 SL was in the economic wilderness not knowing where to go. SL adopted the open economy in 1977 by that time it was 5 years since LTTE had declared terrorism. How can you have development?

You can't blame democracy and the majoritarian rule; these are the best in the world. The political majority rules while the political minority complies. Sometimes it so happens that the political minority is representative of ethnic minority. Still the majority rules and the minority complies.

You can't fight this system; it is here to stay.

Unfortunately SL politicians and their voters do not know how to comply with the majoritarian rule. All losers at the elections say the vote was rigged and start anti-govt. work and have a blind non-cooperation approach. Some even engage in violence.

You mentioned about the JVP. Did the masses support the JVP's terrorism? No. Because they were intelligent enough and democratic enough. Unfortunately most tamils are not and they support the LTTE.

JVP's violent conduct ended soon after its violent leaders were killed along with their violent cadres. Similarly LTTE's terrorism will end when its violence loving terror leaders and cadres are killed.

The diaspora cowards are NEVER going to fight and the moment all present LTTE cadres are killed it will die down.

Most likely LTTE will be fractured and infighting will emerge very soon. The govt. must grab the opportunity and help some of those factions to kill the others.

Essentially more EPDPs, more TMVPs, more EPRLFs, more TELOs the better. This helps the govt. advance development to N-E with a "reasonable" public support with the help of little bit of aggression which is essntial in the SL North-East context.

War is a nasty excercise. The govt. needs to get down to it in order to win it.

I have no special faith in MR; in fact i rather prefer the PM who is a proven hard hitter. When he said SL is the only country feeding terrorists, he meant it. If MR is bumped off ratnasiri and KJ or MS will take over. They will not have so much human rights concerns as MR has. If the govt. is keen on handling the HR issue Premadasa style, believe me, it can, easily. What's the point in taking the old ratnasiri to The Hague thereafter?

Finally this war is not new to SL; for the past 2,500++++ years we were fighting it and there was only ONE solution and that is to beat the shit out of tamil invaders. Of course there are no ALL TIME solutions to any problem.

Srilankan said...

Hon D Devananda and Commander Karuna may have been criminals(although not proven in a court of law) however they are not doing it right now however uncle "thambi" praba is still doing it and sending innocent kids to their death.

අහිංසක said...

Dear Patriots....

Great news indeed....

Louise Arbor resigns

Finally she has realized the length of her spoon handle is not long enough.....ha ha ha...

LKDOOD said...

SL NAVY finds 857 anti aircraft ammunition Mannaar

defenceAnalyst said...

Sun Tsu,
Your comments were deleted due to their derogatory nature and filthy language (you yourself know this).

We felt strongly you are a pretender and we still stand by that. Its like one of those 'common sense' things of yours. Like your idea that LRRP killed Sivanesan, our idea is you are running with the hair and hunting with the hound. Get my drift?

In this scenario, silva, ram and boss are much respectable.

perein said...

We have very young audience too.
Keep up the good work.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

I regret using strong language and apologise for doing so. If I remember correctly 'coward'and 'wimp'and 'armchair'were the words I used. Not exactly filthy but certainly derogatory.And they were used in the heat of the moment--right AFTER you informed me that you are deleting me. As usual, spur-of-the -moment decisions often leads to regret as happened here.

2.Re 'hare and hound' thing I have to say this:

I have NEVER ever said that I am an SLDF or LTTE supporter.So no question of hares or hounds here--its your own invention.
Even now I say again--I have interest in your civil war as a THIRD person observer, mainly on the MILITARY aspect and less so on the sociopolitical aspect.
Now, most people here, including yourself, are pro-SLDF and says so clearly. It comes across in the posts by you and the majority of posters.No probs from my side. But since the majority tends to sway on one side I often notice posts which may not be fully amenable to objective scrutiny(in my eyes that is)--and point those out.So, many of you tend to jump to the conclusion that the naysayer going against majority must be a hidden Tiger--and this seem to be your case too.
Again, since most of my interest is on the military side--my respect for LTTEs military achievements against all odds against a much superior adversary(SLDF) often ruffles the hair of many posters here. I am sure I am not the only person to respect the LTTEs military machine and I make no apologies for that--I can quote many articles by defence watchers/ex-military officers etc who has expressed similar respect.

I would continue posting as long as you allow it.What you think of me is your wish.

Srilankan said...

No human being on this earth can change what has been already done(except vp-ex iraqi soldiers time travel incident).What is important is the study of their long term behavior and what has been done to them.What is important here is what they could have done but did not do.There is a limit to the kind of criminal history a person can have before they become "one of us" and join govt.If this was not case every criminal in jail will join govt and receive a "ministerial"post..which is ridiculous.I much prefer Commander Karuna+Hon Devananda then that piece of shit who supplied ships to this LTTE filth for money(currently in jail).What is really astonishing is his "demeanor" while revealing these facts..he thought he was at a "board meeting"

Defencewire said...

Sun Tsu,
continue in the right path- the path that your conscience tells you is right!

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


thank you for your words of encouragement!

I have noticed that my posts on human rights issues draw maximum flak from posters here. But I will continue posting them as its in my blood to oppose brutalisation of the innocent.It so happens that majority posters here being Singala(my opinion) they often condone GoSL abuses while rightly condemning Ltte abuses. Naturally most of my posts are directed at GoSL/Singala. I'm sure if I was in a Tamil forum I would be flamed for being pro-Singala for same reason!

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