Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another 'innocent' disappears

Tamilnet photo of Norwegian Tamils holding pictures of Eelamaran

Tamils in Norway held protest demonstration last year alleging that a Tamil Norwegian named "Sounthararajan Thambirajah" got abducted in Sri Lanka after going to Wanni to get married. Tamilnet even ran a separate story about him.

A Norwegian newspaper had reported that Sounthararajan (31) had gone missing after he was checked by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) at Omanthai entry-exit point. Their premise was that "Sounthararajan Thambirajah"was an innocent civilian. Sources have indicated that this is not the case.

"Sounthararajan Thambirajah"goes by the nom de guerre Eelamaran in the LTTE. He went to Wanni in 2006 to obtain weapons training from LTTE. He then went on to serve in Muhamalai. He is also a close confidante of the LTTE's 'International Secretariat' head V Manivannan alias Castro with whom he was staying while in Vanni.

Castro's main base in Wisuvamadhu was bombed by SLAF and only 'Lt. Col' Kalai Allahan was killed since the bombing was inaccurate. Castro escaped and moved to another base down the road. It is believed that Sounthararajan Thambirajah alias Eelamaran may have revealed Castro's whereabouts while in captivity.



Shan said...


can you pl. give us some indiaction of the SLA FDL's Mannar. The place names given on DW DN and are all confusing and one can't find them on a map.

Defencewire said...

What is confusing you? Please get a map and follow...The Army is barricaded around Adampan and Andankulam situated Northeast of Manthai.Another Avenue of Approach is moving eastward from Thiruketheeswaram Kovil. If you look closely at a good Mannar map, you will see a large tank called the Giant's Tank. The Army has almost completely encircled this area now. SLA has also secured Madhu sactuary, including Madhu Junction. North of Madhu junction in Palampiddi. Yesterday the army captured the Palampiddi bridge. From Palampiddi, veduthalthivu coas is to the west. From Thiruketheeswaram, weduthalthivu is to the north. Do I make myself clear?

Shan said...

Thanks, loud and clear

Srilankan said...

When you have the time..
has the army encircled/captured the jungle area above the madu church..

Peter said...

Hello DefenceWire,

Please correct the story. Castro also died in that air-strike.

No one has seen him during the last year.

පංකාදු ලංකා said...


Are GOSL/SLDF looking seriously at demoralising LTTE cadres in order to get them to leave the outfit? Is this a viable stratergy? If so what steps are being taken to encourage the enemy grass-roots to leave?


sldf said...

Srilankan DW said SLA has secured Madhu sactuary area north of Madhu church and SLA is now securing the Palampiddi junction which is also north of Madhu church.

DW, If Vidulaitivu falls sea tiger operations in the west coast will be hit hard and come to a end. Pluse Vidulaitivu sea tiger base falls in line with A32. What are the chances Vidulaitivu is not a SLA target :)

Also SLAF CAS helped our troops to secure Palampiddi junction. SLAF CAS is key in this sector.

Peter, who else died?

Peter said...

The following map should put the geographies of some of the main locations in perspective.

The costal stretch from Kalmunai Point to Vidathaltheevu is 60km.

JS2 has to capture 50km of A32.

JS1 was tasked with capturing 50km of A9 from Omanthai to EPS/ Paranthan.

Peter said...

Srilankan said...

Thanks bro.Nice to hear.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

1.I doubt an important Western Tamil will go to do weapons training and then serve in Wanni--he can be used much more meaningfully by LTTE if he stays in West,So this premise is doubtful.

2.Even if he was a sympathiser that is no reason to either incarcerate him incognito for 2 years or possibly execute him in cold blood.

3.If he was an LTTE member wouldnt GoSL tried to embarass Norway?

lamak said...

STD, a mere LTTE sympathiser wouldnt be allowed into the Wanni, and know the exact whereabout of their International Secretariat Head, would he (among other info not released by MI yet)? He's close enough to the LTTE to suggest his hands are bloodied too, and fully deserved an incarceration. The information divulged by him under these 'extraordinary' circumstances saved the lives of many innocent civilians (the classic answer given by your western nations in these situations).
And finally, using him as a pawn to embarass Norway?? Could you perhaps suggest one reason as to why we would care about the social standing of a country halfway-round the globe?

Shashika Wijesinghe said...


Thanks for the update about the Mannar FDLs. Can you also update the Welioya FDls too.I'm new to this blog and I find this very useful. Thanks everyone.

kaatikuddupaan said...

There are many foreign tamils who have come to Wanni either through Omanthai or by sea from Mannar who are currently in LTTE.

During CFA, LTTE ran many bi annual meetings and workshops in Visuvamadu with foreign tamil youth to encourage them to join LTTE or support them.

This was under auspices of Castro.

Mostly they are delinquents who failed in their former lives. Or are LTTE smpathisers and eelamists. Currently European and Canadian LTTE offices will offer any young tamil a free ticket and passage to Wanni.

Once they reach, they are taken to Castro who interviews them then sends them to training camps. after that they get sent for "battle training" but in 3rd line or in Sea tigers commandos.

After training finished they can choose or are told what field to take. Mostly they are sent back to foreign countries to do LTTE work there especially extorting money. but also arms procurement, hitman e.t.c

Most of these cadres ( male and female ) are very hardcore and can't be rehabilitated since mostly they have no other life to back to. They use their foreign passports to swim through SLA checkpoints and do much dirty work of LTTE. Army soldiers are too innocent to detect any thing untoward

In my opinion any tamil youth with foreign passport in Colombo should be strictly scrutinised, some of them will even claim not to know tamil.

Recently killed lt colonel Maraichelvan is like that, he came from France and did battle training in Wanni. Then he was sent to Russia or Ukraine to learn aircraft piloting.

He came back to Wanni, and was working in the bomb R & D department since the type of plane he learnt to fly had not been smuggled in yet.

However he died of an accidental explosion while making a bomb in April 2007 and was given Lt. Colonel ranking because of his acheivements.

You can see a picture of him in this page :

he is the guy in blue shirt on the poster in 2nd photo on bottom row of photos.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


I was just pointing out the fallacy given in Dws post--that he would be doing weapons training and serve in the frontlines(exception would be pilots and such).He may be doing what else we dont know, and I didnt debate it.
We again really dont know for sure whether he divulged info or not, but we do know that he was made to disappear--and I am addressing this part only.
Re Norway, dont kid me.Your Govt was desperately trying to club LTTE and Norway together in 2006 so it can demolish the CFA--if it had evidence of this link it would have gone to town with it.That it didnt makes me believe either your Govt had no such proof,or, had proof but had executed him already.Against law either way.

I ll agree to your justification if you agree to the following(derived from your own logic) :
a)You agree to label Sri Lanka as a tinpot undemocratic basketcase without rule of law.
b)GoSL 'supporters'can also be imprisoned and executed by LTTE.
If you disagree with either of above,then your argument does not stand.

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks again for sharing some WORTHY info. when a number of bloggers just fight each other!!!

"...since the type of plane he learnt to fly had not been smuggled in yet."

indeed. this is a very important area MI must look into.

i also agree that a few expats with foreign passports do criminal work. i have first hand accounts of some of my friends doing so; not terrorist activities though.

Peter said...

"He went to Wanni in 2006 to obtain weapons training from LTTE."

"He then went on to serve in Muhamalai."
-If the two statements above and below are true, then this particular statement seems unlikely. Why would LTTE send a "senior", as indicated by statement below, "foreign cadre" as indicated by statement above, to a highly volatile front-line?

"He is also a close confidante of the LTTE's 'International Secretariat' head V Manivannan alias Castro"

Unknown said...

kaatikuddupaan, I do not see many tamils born overseas intrested in figting or supporting the LTTE. You should stop your racist agenda and stick to facts.

Its possible that many foreign born tamils do not speak tamil because such facilities are not available to them overseas. A foreigner whether of Sri Lankan Origin is still a citizen of another country.

There are many tamils who have left Sri Lanka before 1983, have no connections to the LTTE but would like to see Sri Lanka or see their relatives. Yet today they are afraid to come.

Kattikudupaan I do not know if your a Pro LTTEr trying to flood information or really anti but keep your racist opinions to yourself. The forces need to look out for anyone who is suspicious.

Just like the pilliyanda bus bomb today many sinhalese are helping the LTTE. Leave the innocent ones.

Anada Krishnan for example is a Sri Lankan tamil born is Malaysia. He wanted to invest in Sri Lanka but some idiots were trying to say that he would be a pro LTTEr. He is one of Asia's richest man. His wife is a thai princess and only son a buddisht monk. He has 2 daughters from another marriage.

san said...

kaatikuduppan thanks for the detailed article

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

your argument is high on rhetoric low on facts.
If 'whole'of Sri lanka citizens are GoSL supporters then what is SLDFs doing in Wanni right now?:)

** The LTTE were labelled terrorists due to repeatedly executing people without due process of law. If GoSL is also doing it, then it is also a terrorist, agreed?

kaatikuddupaan said...

Any aspiring tamil tiger needs to undergo the basic training " adi paddai paitchi" and then they will be sent to do either a "model paitchi" , commandoes or battle training depending on their abilities which are noted when doing basic.

The front lines are not as volatile as you may think. It is only the first line that is a death zone.

The Arty line and intelligence line ( LTTE side ) is quite safe apart from the SLA MBRL and ARTY barrage. However these are easy to forecast since you can see the flashes in the sky and can tell roughly if it will land on your area from the distance to sound.

Then you just take cover in the bunker and unless the shell is set to ground burst and lands right on the bunker you are safe.

Not all foreign cadres are important or valuable. Many of them are just delinquents in their home countries or have had personal problems ie: drugs , love failure , alcoholism.

So they come to Vanni in a patriotic spirit and not realise what damage they are doing to our people.

All of the foreign cadres are under the wing of Castro in Radha brigade. Really bright cadres are taken care of directly by Prabhakaran

I am not here to spread any rhetoric. As my username means in our language "he will show". I am just telling you the facts from other side of Cadjan curtain

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


The rhetoric line was meant for guns, not you:)
Even though some of your arguments are contrary to what I
' knew' (and some appear propaganda which can neither be proved or disproved)till now your arguments are clear and concise.Thank you for bringing in discussion in mature language. Pl keep posting.I hope pro-Tamil fellows give their own counterpoints.

Guns&Roses said...

[your argument is high on rhetoric low on facts.
If 'whole'of Sri lanka citizens are GoSL supporters then what is SLDFs doing in Wanni right now?:)]

SLDF is in other part of the country too didnt u notice that?

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

I was asking why a military larger than UK or Australian military ,armed with every conceivable weapon,is unable to set foot on a large part of the country populated by GoSL supporters:))

Defencewire said...

You are absolutely right. In you second post you said "The Arty line and intelligence line ( LTTE side ) is quite safe apart from the SLA MBRL and ARTY barrage. However these are easy to forecast since you can see the flashes in the sky and can tell roughly if it will land on your area from the distance to sound."

This analysis is spot on. It indicates to me that you know what you are talking about. My memory went back to the ceaseless-waves on Jaffna. Some believe the MBRL completely stopped the waves. It did, but not always by killing the attackers. The attackers started predicting where it was going to fall and went underground. However, the MBRL fire held them in check long enough to abandon any mass mobilization on the SLA FDL.

We cannot definitely say what the commanders decide to do. They might march towards Veduthalthivu. They might not. I do not think they would march from Veduthalthivu to Pooneryn. We have our own take on how they would/should do that. In any case, Veduthalthivu is 10% of the problem. The northwestern coast (chalai, alampil etc) are 90% of the problem. So far SLN hasn't been able to prevent the 'fishing trawlers' from bringing in arms. 3 shipments were received within February and March this year alone.

Troops from 59 are inside Mullaithivu Jungle which starts from north of Janakapura and Kiriibbanwewa GA northwards. Their exact location is not a matter to us to discuss. In any case, they are scattered in small groups over a 40km2 area. They will quietly advance towards Mullaithivu (they are already in Mullaithivu district). Tigers have send Balraj and Sornam is acting as field commander. We hear some of the cadres taken to Muhamalai to defend that area from army (after a media blunder by the SLA announcing its advance into LTTE areas several weeks ago) have started returning to Weli Oya. This is the Tigers' Achilles heel. Above the heel is Achilles himself, the most concentrated defences of the LTTE anywhere in the island.

kaatikuddupaan said...

One concern I have is why SLAF is not going after the infrasturcture ?

LTTE is moving huge quantities of arms and cadres by Tipper trucks, canter lorry and bus on main tar road highways. All these have to go over culverts and small bridges.

Blast these bridges and it becomes much harder for transport !

Especially blast them during a battle in front lines since re inforcements will have a tough time coming.

Civilian movement will be difficult but this is the fact of life for once supporting LTTE.

Look at how US airforce hits. First day they go after every command and control stucture.

LTTE's political office, finance , police stations are all still untouched - WHY ?

Make them lose contact with the people.

SLAF is not touching anything in kilinocchi because of NGO sentiment.

Does LTTE leave colombo alone ?

SO many assets of LTTE are concentrated in kilinochi area.

An important fuel dump for the kittu arty brigade is just in front of UNHCR office on A9 road. The fuel drums are being concealed by a banana plantation.

Moshe Dyan said...


Kaati didn't say MANY tamils born overseas or residing overseas (or a considerable number) come to join the battle. he only said that there are those who do so, which is true.

I agree with DW that "kaati knows what he is talking about". We don't know about what is happeneing on the other side of the cadjan curtain.


in fact your concerns about the SLAF are shared by many of us. we all ask why. so far we couldn't arrive at a satisfactory answer.

many thanks again for your WORTHY input.

Shashika Wijesinghe said...

Thanks for the quick response. Keep up the good work.

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