Thursday, May 8, 2008

Biggest ever security for East election

More than 30,000 security forces personnel,biggest ever deployment for a provincial election will be deployed for Saturday's Eastern Provincial Council election government officials said.The security contingent includes army,police,STF and Civil Defence Force members.Police have been ordered to shoot if there any riggings in polling booth as election monitors fear that the election would not be free and fair if the present situation continues.
Despite their fear only 70 election violations have been reported so far. Majority of them regarding the misuse of state properties and threatenings against the ruling party coalition which includes TMVP,the political arm of the LTTE's break away group led by Pilliyan his nom de guerre.
According to initial intelligence analysis UPFA-TMVP coalition have considerable edge in Batticaloa,but it has to face Muslim dominated support to UNP,the main opposition run for the election with SLMC, pioneer party for the ethnic minority Muslims in the east.


Moshe Dyan said...
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Moshe Dyan said...

i recon UNP will win.

then it will be a UNP-LTTE battle as happened between vardaraja perumal (VP) and the ltte (VP again).

MR is very good at exploiting conflicts between various groups. the 2005 UNP-LTTE issue, the UNP-UNP(D) issue, the JVP-JVP issue, US-IRAN, IND-PAK, IND-CHINA, etc. etc.

this will be another

Pundeyeelam said...

Cant you people see, We allready won, it's not the election. Forget about UNP , PA, JVP or what ever.
We sri lankans removed terrorists and now holding a democratic election, which powerfull countries like US and Uk failed.
This is the only reason why western countries cant stop the Wanni operations, becouse we have shown them our war against terror is better than theirs.
For once why cant we work as sri lankans NOT UNP JVP or PA TMVP or any bullshit Political Party.
If we can finish this election peacfully we will be giving a big slap in the face for LTTE. Wake up People , wake up Sri Lankans.

LKDOOD said...

Heavy fighting claims 66 lives in Sri Lanka: military


mboi said...

pundey eelam, excellent point mate. now defencewire, what's this punnakku i've been hearing from tamilnut etc. saying that ltte have overrun an sla camp at a place called sattaru?

Defencewire said...

You mean Sittaru. Sittaru is near Kantale. The jungle area forms part of the Naval headworks Sanctuary designated during the days of the Brits. This jungle patsh is on either side of the Kantale-Habarana and Kantale-Male (Trincomalee) road. Tigers use this area to cross the road at night and sometimes at noon in large or small groups. The incident you refer to is very minor. It took place on Tuesday when Tigers moving around in the jungle tried to hit and run an army guard unit. One Tiger was killed and 3 soldiers injured.

Unknown said...

we need to shuffle our tactics faster now...

some night scares from jets, and some night attacks too etc. etc..

mix em up so that the enemy cannot adapt..

Unknown said...

Look at weapon being used in this video.

Looks like portable artillery piece? Great sight to see! This must be a really great piece of weaponary that greatly favours the SLA in increasing the kill ratios and advances they make.

Can we know more about this?

Defencewire said...

That's an RCL. We have used them for many years.

Peter said...

Since reading recent comments by Kaati, I have been making some queries with Tamils.

It seems that several young Tamil men and women born and/ or bred in the west are going to Vanni and joining the LTTE over issues like failing exams, losing job and even breaking up with girl-friend.

As these guys hold western passports, are often bi-lingual and can be anywhere, it will be very difficult for SL gov to hunt them down. That means even if Vanni is captured, SL gov may have a long term menace.

mboi said...

dw, thanks for clarification. peter, dont hold your breath man. i'd pay to see london/ toronto/ sydney etc born & bred tamils, or any lankan for that matter go live in wanni, or rural sri lanka for a month. these guys cant survive two without television, computer. dont forget there's no cars, no food, no hot water, no toilet paper in wanni. there's snakes, spiders, scorpions, elephants, leopards, wild boar, add to that malaria + dengue + chikunguya running rampant. oh and dont forget 24/7 raining artillery in 35C+ temperature, ap mines, claymores, air raids. what a joke man.

Peter said...

Hello mboi,

Did you not read DefenceWire's last post?

hemantha said...

Defence Column-Daily Mirror

click here.

onceinawhile said... states

Army captures Adampan Town - Mannar front
Sri Lanka Army soldiers fighting against terrorists on the Mannar front, captured Adampan town area this morning, May 09, defence sources said.

At least 15 terrorists were killed in hours long fighting erupted between security forces and the terrorists in the area, Media Center for national Security (MCNS) said.

Two army soldiers made their supreme sacrifice of the motherland while 7 others suffered injuries.

Army liberated about 2 square kilometers area, lies between the Neelachcheana road and the dam of the Adampan tank, in the South of Adampan town, following after hours long fighting in last evening.

DW true?

Unknown said...

On Lakhanda news this morning around 9.00 am...

Adampan town captured
15 LTTE Dead
2 SLA killed

Now we should look out for artillery attacks or not??

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