Friday, June 6, 2008

22 killed and 84 injured in twin bus bomb blasts

At least 22 persons killed and 84 injured in twin bus bomb blasts in Katubedda,Moratuwa and Polgolla,Kandy police said.
20 people were killed and 64 injured in a claymore mine explosion at Katubedda, Mortauwa this morning when a bus plying from Kottawa to Mount Lavinia caught in the blast.2 claymore bombs were also found with in the same time another two locations in Dehiwala and Mount Lavinia.
The second bomb went off targeting a bus at Polgolla in Kandy this evening killing at least 2 and injuring 20 persons.Police was able to arrested the person who is believed to be the culprit fix the bomb.It was not clear yet whether the second bomb was fixed in the bus or road side.Police continues investigations.


IntelAttack said...

san said...

"Spoke to my father in lanka - apparently its because of the tigers - heroes day
and everyone is worried more bombs are going to go off when people are going home after work
lets hope it doesnt happen.."

orange said...

San... Its the tigers heros day not the Goverments!! look whos laughing now!

tangara said...


Calm down buddy..

The SLDF is doing all it can..They are over loaded with the work at hand..
Police arrested many bomb makers..The one who threw a granade at a crowd of people waiting for a bus in Wellawatte was an assitant engineer..
One more thing..

When you are taking war to the terrorists this had to expect..

War kills people or you give the dam thing to Velu and forget the rest.

perein said...

It's tiger STUPIDITY DAY. Not any of their so-called heroes day.

san said... ltte celebrates

san said...

our forces SLAF whole inside what the hell going hey politiccos

san said...

there are lot of people crying today some politiccos backing the government says war kills people that's it ARE YOU MAD??

Unknown said...
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san said...

Govt. imports 8 super luxury Benz cars
The government has ordered eight super luxury, high security Benz cars from Germany at a duty free cost of over US dollars four million, The Sunday Leader learns.

Informed sources said each Benz was in the region of US $ 500,000 duty free.

The super luxury vehicles are expected to arrive in Sri Lanka next month.

It is learned that the value of each vehicle with full cumulative duties of 500 per cent would be in the region of US$ 2.5 million or approximately Rs. 267 million.

The luxury vehicles are to come at a time the government citing the global oil crisis is to introduce tough economic measures including the curtailment of the school week to four days by increasing the current daily school duration by 90 minutes.

In terms of the duty structure the value of the eight super luxury vehicles will be approximately Rs. 2.13 billion.

san said...

Orange ,
ltte hero's day 27th november

Renegade! said...


The war is already LOST.No side will win this war, and the Tigers are gonna only increase and intensify their tempo.We have no answer against it,unless we try to control the traitors within the armed forces and civilians, who wil bend over for 20,000 Rupees!!! its a pathetic state of affairs..

I sincerely hope we dont go for those Mig-29's,an utter waste of public funds-However,I'm hoping the Tigers or anyone else take out MR's brothers and f@@@ng cronies!!!

KB said...

I have, myself, full confidence that if all do their duty, if nothing is neglected, and if the best arrangements are made, as they are being made, we shall prove ourselves once again able to defend our Island home, to ride out the storm of war, and to outlive the menace of tyranny, if necessary for years, if necessary alone.

At any rate, that is what we are going to try to do. That is the resolve of Sri Lankan Government-every man and women of them. That is the will of Parliament and the nation.

The Sri Lankan defense forces and the people, linked together in their cause and in their need, will defend to the death their native soil, aiding each other like good comrades to the utmost of their strength.

Even though large number of innocent children, women and men have fallen or may fall into the death grip of the LTTE and all the odious apparatus of LTTE terrorism, we shall not flag or fail.

We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in Vanni,
we shall fight on the seas and oceans,
we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be,
we shall fight on the beaches,
we shall fight on the landing grounds,
we shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
we shall fight in the hills
we shall never surrender

With much gratitude to that great PM of Brits, Sir Winston Churchill for his eloquence.


CASC said...

Gift for Civil Defence Guard Nandawathie

Last Updated:
Not available
Friday, June 06, 2008 News Source:

[COLOMBO, SinhalaNet 2008.06.06 01:23PM] Chairman Teleshan Network Limited Shan Wickremesinghe and CEO of the TNL-operated Isira Radio Channel Hudson Samarasinghe announced today (June 6) that they were considering the presentation of a gift to Nandawathie, the Civil Defence Unit member of the Iratta Periyakulam security checkpoint whose presence of mind prevented the escape of the chief culprit wanted for the Dehiwala-Wellawatte railway track bomb blast.

Wickremesinghe and Samarasinghe said that they consult Inspector-General of Police Victor Perera, they would request A.S.P.Liyanage a leading businessman - who regularly advertises in TNL - to make the contribution.

The TNL Chairman and Isira CEO stressed that Nandawathie deserved a special commendation in view of the fact that the wanted terrorist Balasubramanium had passed through a number of checkpoints all the way from Colombo undetected until he reached Vavuniya. The blurred appearance of his national identity card had first aroused her suspicions and since information about the man had already been circulated she had promptly informed Uditha Arjuna, the Police Officer-in-charge of the check point.

TNL Chairman Wickremesinghe noted that a proper recognition of Nandawathie's service would motivated other security personnel to perform their duties to the best of their ability.

Unknown said...

This Shan can not be the Brother of Ranil.
If only Shan was in Ranils shoes.....

TigerKiller said...

LTTE Bastards / And LTTE supporing Tamil Diaspora Basterds

You will have to dearly pay for these crimes . We will never submit into these crimes . We have suffereing from this stateless rats for 2500 years . we never surrenderd . we will never ever surrender .
tomorrow may be my familiy or ME , that is OK .

but until last LTTE basterd is killed we never ever stop this .

Honarable President Mahinda , We are fully behind you . We know how difficult it is . but never ever think about a cease fire .


hemantha said...

"This Shan can not be the Brother of Ranil."
Yep, agree. Actually this guy"San" must be his brother.

"If only Shan was in Ranils shoes....."

Again, agree 100%. The country would have been in a much better position. Is there any way to switch the two?

hemantha said...

"...However hard it may try, the LTTE will not be able to break the will of the people to resist terrorism. This country has withstood 25 years of brutal terrorism and the LTTE has run out of its surprises. ...."
-Editorial, The Island

click here

kaatikuddupaan said...

it is ranaviru day for the army,

Anyways it is very important that the Sinhala masses to do not succumb to terror and keep a strong front against the tigers.

The tigers are only doing this because they are losing at the war front.

LKDOOD said...

US quits Human Rights Council


CASC said...

su said...
This Shan can not be the Brother of Ranil.
If only Shan was in Ranils shoes.....


Shan is Ranil's brother. I too am suprised by his small gesture of support to a member of the armed forces. The sentiments of most Sri Lankans are with the Rajapakse Govt with regard to the LTTE and against the appeasement policies of Ranil Wickremasinghe. With the kind of horrific civillian killings carried out by the LTTE, the likes of Ranil Wickremasinghe will find it very difficult to live in Sri Lanka. He has no future in Sri Lanka nor does the party headed by him have a future.

His brother being a shrewed businessman wants to show that he stands with the Sri Lankan public against the LTTE. I belive this gesture was for PR purposes.

Unknown said...

puthinam link related to pic posted by san

can someone explain what this is about? Thanks.

Also condolences to the many victims of these attacks and their families :(

hemantha said...

Defence Column-Rivira

click here.

hemantha said...

So according to Rivira, there would be two more divisions from this week.

1. 61 division
2. Task force two (Brig. Ralf Nugera would be the commander).

If LTTE wants to attack Wanni front they have to do it now (I doubt). But are they trying to attack Jaffna?

"According to the Air Force spokesperson, Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, the air sorties were carried out around 11.00 p.m. targeting LTTE gathering observed in general area K-Point in Pooneryn."

"Two LTTE artillery points, one at Kalmunai Point in Jaffna and the other one at Sorampattu, about 10 km southeast of Muhamale Forward Defence Line (FDL) were shelled at about 1.30 p.m. and 1.35 p.m. respectively."

"Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) officials in Ki'linochchi on Thursday said that the Sea Tiger Marines of the LTTE's naval force launched a sea-borne raid on Sri Lanka Army positions along the coast of Naakarkoayil in the Northern Front at 6:00 a.m. Thursday, destroying 3 posts and causing damage to 5 posts. "
-Tamilnet (I am not sure weather this story is correct or not)

Sam Perera said...


"1. 61 division
2. Task force two (Brig. Ralf Nugera would be the commander)."

This is my dream coming true. As I remeber, a tsak force is bigger than a division. It is great timing to induce two new division to the Vanni front. My wild guess size of our military is 500,000 regular and volunteer force. Hopefully this will accelerate the demise of LTTE.

hemantha said...

"This is my dream coming true. As I remember, a task force is bigger than a division."
Agree with the first part. LTTE supporters are expecting something like "Jayasikuru". But this is going to be a completely different monster.
And regarding the Task Force-2, it is smaller than a division. Remember the task force-1 which began the offensive in mannar, now it has grown in to 59 division.

Dumindak said...

"There are reports coming from London that some Tiger agents are toying with the idea of killing Sinhala children en masse to provoke the Sinhala community backlash against the Tamils which, hopefully, would gain some political mileage in the international community to create a Kosovo for Tamils." ( By H.L.D Mahindapala)

So the worst yet to come!

We should grow stronger with each death of innocent civilian and determine to eradicate these cannibals, take all precautions like closing down of schools for few months.

tangara said...

Air Force attacks LTTE leaders' meeting place - Puthukkudiyiruppu
[June 07, 2008]

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets bombed an LTTE leaders' gathering place located in the Puthukkudiyiruppu area around 1.20 this afternoon (June 7).

Sam Perera said...


Task Force 1 is the 58 division in Mannar.

Sam Perera said...


With the noted SLAF attack, I hope that some more terror brigadiers will die in heart attacks!

Moshe Dyan said...

tangara, sam,

but it is very unlikely that a large number of LTTE leaders would have died from the SLAF attack. when they hear the jets they run to bunkers and unless most of these bunkers are destroyed, bunker rats are safe.

if SLAF uses cluster bombs it will be more effective. but accuracy is a major problem just like old bunker busters like KAB-1000/500, M84.

cluster bombs are a good response to APMs heavily used by the terrorists.

Observer said...

Air Sorties will be hardly accurate unless we do something to eliminate the spotters who are providing information on Aircraft TakeOffs. I think we can take two avenues in this regard.

1. ) Work in collaboration with mobile phone/satellite telephone companies to identify the patterns of calls that originate from near by areas. I know this is going to be hard. but if we give it a try we would at least catch some.

Because currently what might probably happen is when an aircraft takes off all the big wig LTTE rats wherever they are in Vanni , could go hide in their rat holes. Since aircraft do not take off very regularly they can afford to do this in the long run.

2.) Or else we might need to figure out a way to deceive the spotters by make regular Fighter Jet landings and takeoffs. That makes it less viable for the terrorists to go into hiding whenever an aircraft takes off. I do not know whether this is affordable considering the fuel costs.

3.) Thirdly what we can do is to use helicopters in missions deep inside rebel territories to launch missiles. In this case we have to think about there safety from AA and Sam Fire( if LTTE possesses ). But by looking at the success that helicopters have achieved in Vauniya and Mannar this might be a possibility as well.

4. ) Fourthly I wonder whether its possible to work with international satellite operators to do 3D survey (seismic survey type one) on vanni to identify the underground structures. I am not sure if such a technology is available but if available it might cost a lot. I guess this type of a survey to know the accurate geographic coordinates of the underground bunkers, would be more helpful than purchasing more aircrafts even if it costs more than air crafts .

Given the fact that we spent something like 10 Million USD to scan the sea in manner, this might be a good possibility if such a technology is available.

In case we know the exact coordinates of bunkers it’s going be a clean and easy night Arial sweep with minimum civilian casualties.

hemantha said...

"Task Force 1 is the 58 division in Mannar."

Thanks and sorry. I was being careless.

tangara said...


I saw your last response to my earlier comments..

It is true, war kills people..Then what is the alternative with LTTE..

If you prepared to live under the jack boot of LTTE and willing to accept daily targeted killings of security personel by them then you can complain.Otherwise we have leave the GOSL to resolve this.
Remember how everyone complains before the liberation of East..It is no different when it comes to North..It is hard, but GOSL has to do it.

Hope you understand what I am trying to say...

One more thing, I am not a politician nor a PA supporter..However I don't support either UNP or JVP..None of their policies appeal to me.Both parties wage war on Sinhalese and therfore they are no better than LTTE.

kaatikuddupaan said...

These days all tigers must go to bunkers when news comes of Air force sorties.

You should see the speed and paranoia with which they run.

One novel way of bombing might be to use the old british way of using "crow's feet"bombs used aganst kurdish rebels before 1st world war.

These ones have a very delayed fuse, and just fall to the ground dead. They are timed to explode after 6 hours so that the people can come out of hiding and then get exploded.

My suggestion is use one normal bomb that explodes immediately and then the tigers will think the others are duds if they even see them.

Then the beechcraft can spot them coming out of bunkers and command detonate the "dud"" bombs

The "dud"bombs would need to be cluster combs so as to drop bomblets everywhere and cause small injuries.

LKDOOD said...

LTTE wants India’s help to stop military ops


Moshe Dyan said...


yes a delayed explosion what would be most effective.

and SL has not signed the cluster bomb ban last month (120 countries have signed and 80 more will sign it later, but not SL and a few others).

all these make it possible and effective.

plus it is a good response to LTTE's APM warfare.

kaatikuddupaan said...

I've heard about little bomblets that look like table tennis balls, that make small explosions like a grenade. They explode when they are disturbed

If they can devise a cluster bomb that will also leave hundreds of these on the ground then bombing of a base will make it much more effective especially at night, as the cadres will be running around frantically at caught up in several mini explosions.

Israel used these against hezbollah in recent lebanon war.

Please pass these ideas on to relevant people in SLDF.

tangara said...


Lately we have not seen updates from your team..Is there a reason for this?

Unknown said...

Ya DW as well as DN has become discussion forums & Only special bomb postings can be seen, Not much of an insight in to what the situations in the Real frontlines....

Unknown said...

I know Shan is Ranil Brother & that he is a businessman who owns TNL.
But he is different than Ranil.You should hear atlest one of those daily News discussions which Shan along with Hudson performs...
he is not doing those for publicity... He always talks in a patriotic line & He is not taking sides in his speech, If ever he is taking sides he is talking in supporting the MR actions on LTTE while also suggesting ways to improve & its really unfare to say he is doing all that for publicity...
I would really wished a person like that who talks in the name of the country & not doing unnecessary things like Ranil,would be much better off for the country than Ranil...
If only he(Shan) was in Ranils shoes..
Do hear his programme & then decide.... (7 A.M. ~ 8A.M.)

lion said...

Dear jack
The photo in puthinam website shows prabha holding his hands up saying "Who stole my vadai! after 30 year where the fuck is my Eelam!"

LKDOOD said...

Len says

Major operation in Mullaitivu ?

any more info ?

Sam Perera said...


It seems according to Dinamina, both the 61 and Task Force II are deployed on the western side of A-9. Also, Dinamina states that 61 is a defensive division and TF II is an offensive division. It seems all fine and dandy in the western half. However, my question to you is why we don't provide any additional support to 59? I also hear elsewhere that 59 is almost at 1-4 base. Please give us an update when you get a chance.


Moshe Dyan said...


fully agree with you. 59 needs some additional support. they have already reached the 1-4 base. (this means the large 1-4 base is quite close to welioya!)

SLAF support would be critical.

Riyaz said...

I wish either DN or DW could give us an insight of what this 1-4 base is and how strategically important it is to the future clashes..

From what I have heard in the past this is one of most secret and highly valued bases LTTE had, and if not mistaken This is one of the largest bases they have!!

Pundeyeelam said...

You see how nicely we can exchange Views , Information , and knowledge if we dont have those LTTE Pigs in this blog. Trust me this blog will be more productive without LTTE Pigs. If you take number of comments more than half is garbage(LTTE comments & our answers to them). Forget about all those freedom to comment, Democracy blah..blah stuff. for havens sake they are terrorists. So from now onwards lets remove LTTE Pigs Comments. Can anyone tell me of a one LTTE or Tamil web site that will let sinhala people comment ?
I think the time has come to stop all these Democracy, freedom blah..blah stuff to change.

All in favour of this Please comment so DW can get an idea of what the majority humbly ask from DW.


kaatikuddupaan said...

1-4 base is the main communications hub for the "kannini pirivu" or technological division of LTTE. From here, logistics and information is passed to aid the many bomb making factories and other factories that LTTe has.

To give you an idea of its importance just the communications walkies are continuosly manned by atleast 3 people all throughout the day and night like a telephone exchange.

If you tune into the right frequency with a VHF walkie and "super rod" in the mullathivu area you can hear them chatting away all the time.

Roaring Roy said...

RW does it again!

"Opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, who is on a visit to India, told the media the frequent bomb attacks on civilians demonstrated that the war against terror had failed in Sri Lanka."

Daily Mirror - 09.06.08

san said...

actually i am support war against terrorism.but according to some internal sources relating to MI (don't ask me how i get these news) some times in some oocasions our government going backward because of political reasons.i will get simple example that everyone knows most people in this blog knows ananda sangaree against night air raids SLAF stopped all the night raids because of political pressure.there are so many other things/reasons that i can't say here.(sensitive informations) so lot of our soldiers dies because of these reasons and meantime ltte doing bloodbaths in the south.THAT'S WHY I WANT TO SAY GO ON TO FINISH LTTE SOON AS POSSIBLE INSTEAD OF DRAGGING THIS WAR FOR A ANOTHER DECADE

Unknown said...

Asiantribune says;

Government troops captured 14 base in Mullaitievu

tangara said...


SLAF restarted night bombings where civilian settlements are minimum..Recent bombing around K-point close to Jaffna is one example. This happened around 11 at night.

We have to minimise the SLA casualities. That is why the slow progress..North is not East..It is going to be very hard fought battle..I hope SLDF pulled this up ASAP. That is everyones wish.

I don't like the war..But GOSL got no alternative..If there is peace talks it must be about a solution.
Remeber what happened between 2002 and 2005.

I don't think GOSL want to do that circus again.

kaatikuddupaan said...

Is it true that SLA captured 1-4 base ?

This is a major body blow to LTTE if it is true.

LKDOOD said...

Len says heavy fighting, 16 SLA dead 68 wounded in Arlankulam(alankulam)

Dw any info ?

everybody has gone silent these few days

mazeB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mazeB said...

thanks for your info on 1-4 base is this base close to welioya?how far is it from welioya do ltte leaders frequent this place?

defence wire,moshe

i dont think task force 2 has been deployed you think it will better to open a new front from omanthai

Pundeyeelam said...

Just now I called Mullaitievu.
1-4 base is not yet fallen.
one of the 1-4 base FDL has fallen.
but first step has been taken to capture 1-4 base. very soon we will hear the good news.

also today we have killed 3 female tigers and captured 1 alive.
I am awaiting the video.

Pundeyeelam said...

Also dont forget 1-4 base is not just a single camp. It's a cluster of camps.

Moshe Dyan said...


i'm sure this is a BIG question SLDF top brass has now.

welioya front is doing well now; so is the mannar front. therefore the LTTE would be relocating its vulnerable infrastructure to killinochchi. also thanks to the lack of a thrust from the middle, LTTE has more options to balance their concentration between the mulaitivu and mannar fronts.

e.g. tamilchelvam was assigned to look into the mannar front when he was killed. he was close to mulaitivu at that time. this proves the ease of crossing the A9 by LTTE leaders at that time.

also when the welioya op. was going well tigers have apparently attacked SLA positions in mannar. clearly a sign of managing their western and eastern fronts.

a dividing thrust from the middle will be hack the LTTE concentrations into two and severely cripple its logistics between the 2 very active fronts.

HOWEVER, i don't think SLA can open up a new front at the moment. it will be too ambitious and too risky.

the mulaitivu front is doing very well. lets wait for some news from

i like their policy of reporting news "conservatively" so that we never go backwards.

my two cents worth.

LKDOOD said...

Blogger Pundey Eelam said...

Just now I called Mullaitievu.


satellite phone ?

hemantha said...

"HOWEVER, i don't think SLA can open up a new front at the moment. it will be too ambitious and too risky."

Well, Task Force -2 is going to be that ambitious.

mazeB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mazeB said...

thx moshe.

can u just tell what are the risk?
we have to be ambitious if we are to finish the war


hemantha said...

The following map is from MCNS.

click here

It clearly shows where the Wanni front line lies at present.
Please have a look at the pocket like area (on the LTTE side) above Mannar. Vavunia front is moving towards the Western coast. If LTTE is unable to stop this, they will have to tactically withdraw from this vast area of land including Widattalthivu (largest sea tiger base on the west). Or they will be boxed in and gradually be destroyed and also will loose large amount of resources they have allocated to this front. So, LTTE will have to act soon and will have to choose on which front they are going to counter attack hard (or somewhere else). Let's see what their reaction would be.

GroundZeroLanka said...

New Blogsite...

TropicalStorm said...


The middle thrust to divide and break contiguity of landmass also puts our forces at risk because the defenders can cut off logistics to the force and then strike. That can put a large number of men and material at risk in one time to a two or multi-pronged attack. These comments are made without any understanding of the LTTE's capabilities at this stage.

Moshe Dyan said...

mazeb, tropical, hemantha,

so it is happening according to hemantha. that is good news indeed.

it also justifies my reasoning and this was the first time we discussed about this issue !!! good new topic mazeb. keep them coming.

yes TS there are big risks involved but like mazeb says we HAVE to be AMBITIOUS.

i said,

"HOWEVER, i don't think SLA can open up a new front at the moment. it will be too ambitious and too risky."

i have the same appoarch to this as i have to sanath j hitting sixes (when he plays for SL). i pray he doesn't do anything too agreesive that increases his chances of getting out. but at the same time if it clears the ropes i'm happy.

thanks for the map hemantha.

Observer said...

I guess it makes sense to deploy the TF 2 in the WEST of A9
, and that will help us to close the vast Cup shaped gap that ois existing between Vauniya and Mulathiv. Therefore from the TF2 the thrust should be towards the EAST.

The moment we do that LTTE will be forced to withdraw "tactically" from that vast area of land.

I think the key here is more we shift towards north lesser the number of troops needed to protect the FDL. Which in turn will strengthen the defences.

Observer said...

By the way in the above post I was reffering to the map published by

New FDL Map NS

Moshe Dyan said...


should the WEST and EAST interchange in what you wrote? remember mulaitivu is the EAST and mannar is WEST.

"I guess it makes sense to deploy the TF 2 in the WEST of A9
, and that will help us to close the vast Cup shaped gap that ois existing between Vauniya and Mulathiv. Therefore from the TF2 the thrust should be towards the EAST."

Observer said...


Hmm.. Actually I think I got the directions right.

I was only referring to West of A9 highway. This is becasue we mostly have the west (Mannar Side) in our control (E.g Omanthai West ) . Eventually we could cross the A9 and take the control of the east of A9 as well (E.g Puliyankulam area in the map) .

This can be done by putting the thrust towards east ( towards Mulathiv ) from Omanthai

I thought this would be where TF2 or Div 61 come in handy...

Does this make any sense ? or is my thinking wierd :-) I am a non military person btw :D

Moshe Dyan said...


as i said in DN you got a point there.

some were confused as to the strategy followed by SLDF. they argued SLDFs would close the seafront first and then attack the cntre. this is not true. they are trying to slowly moving upward. this is a sustainable FDL 'cos the FDL doesn't expand as we advance. however we need divisions to manage the liberated areas.

anyway the mulaitivu front is the most important one; we already know why. tigers may be already busy house moving; it won't be easy. creating new hiding places with enough distance to already available places in kilinochchi will be a challenge. on the other hand if they stay in mulaitivu/putukudurippu, they might not have enough ways to escape.

they have to be mindful not only of advancing troops but also LRRP teams!

also tigers would be getting their cadres from elsewhere to defend the mulaitivu front. so far they have done well.

diversionary attacks are also possible. their desperation is seen from the UNP.

mazeB said...

soon we will see action from the muhamalai front too.if sla can crack the enemy FDL's and go southwards towards EP it will put a lot of preasure on killinochchi.

koombiya said...

has anybody seen this?.
The "Ellalan fArse" has clamed the recent civilian bombings in colombo.

it seems the Int. community has put some presure on LTTE terrorists to stop attacking civilians. thats why they are posing as Ellalan fArse to put the blame on someone else.

san said...

LTTE ellalan force claims SLA LRRP unit launched attack on 23-05-08 in murikandi-kilinochchi.
anybody knows what is the deepest point penetrated in wanni area by our LRRP unit's that confirmed by our defence authorities?

cable said...

Moshe dyan,

"some were confused as to the strategy followed by SLDF. they argued SLDFs would close the seafront first and then attack the cntre. this is not true. they are trying to slowly moving upward."

Are you sure? I dont think any body has a clear Idea as to what the Strategy is except for Sarath Fonseka and his innermost circle/top commanders. LTTE top rungers must also be tearing their hair out trying to figure out what is going to come, OR do they have a paln of action and strategy. What i feel is LTTE for all this time was used to a conventional,1-dimensional tactics by the army but as we have seen in the East as well as in Mannar,Weli-Oya that this is not going to be the case.

Will LTTE continue to retreat in Mannar and conserve their best for a final stand in Mulathivu,Killinochi? It must be a fascinating intellectual exercise for students of military affairs.

Whatever he utters in public i hope Fonseka dose not underestimate the LTTE. Lot of ppl have died because of this mistake Lets hope the Army chief has learnt from those mistakes (not his own)

What i think is the LTTE will bide their time and strike with their full forces at the moment they feel Army is most vunerable. We have to keep in mind that gains made by Jayasikuru in 1.5 years were reversed in a matter of days Can LTTE repeat those operations again without Karuna and Balraj? I dont think unceasing waves types of operations would work now that SLArmy has MBRLS. LTTE has not done any major offensives for a long time they are basically fighting a defensive war. Have they got the Cadres,equipment,morale to launch a major offensive? If we listen to what the Govt propaganda machine tells us No they dont we shall have to wait and see. I would love to hear any comments by LongRanger or e.t. bailey regarding these matters

Anyway by the end of the year we should see the real capability of Sarath Fonseka. I am not saying he will win this war by december as he promised some time back but the picture would become much more clearer by then (At least for me). a lot of ppl have said that this war is unwinnable for a country with resources SL has presently Will fonseka prove them wrong?

Ma Abey said...

Good comments.

We like to see an update, either analysis of current situation or any news in the front lines.



Observer said...

Amnesty International and BBC have become the mouth pieces of LTTE. This is clearly evident by the fact that, all their statements end up in the front page of the terrorist web site TamilNet.

I think there is a reason why Amnesty International and BBC (and a few other organizations ) appear to be taking the side of a terrorist group. LTTE over a period of time (20 years or more ? ) infiltrated these organizations and put their sympathizers in the hierarchy.

Previous Sri Lankan governments were so weak in their propaganda and they were unable to point this out to the international community.

If you look at the organizational structures of AI and BBC, I bet most of the employees assigned to cover issues in Sri Lanka are LTTE Sympathizing Tamils . They in turn would cultivate their superiors to give adverse publicity against the legitimate government and do what terrorists want

I think amnesty should sooner or later will have to get rid of their terrorist supporting employees, who are actually wolves in sheeps' clothing.

One other reason might be that these organizations are nothing but a bunch of blood sucking leeches who look for poor countries as their prey. After all they need money to survive. Sri Lanka's lack of effective LTTE counter-propaganda mechanism has made us easy targets

We should expose this bitter truth to the world, let the world know the poor credibility, and duplicity of AI and BBC. Imagine what would happen if these Amnesty and BBC leeches speak on behalf of Al Queda ?

குழைக்காட்டான் said...

Sea Tigers attack key SLN camp in Mannaar

NOLTTE=Peace said...


The UK Home Office should investigate the shady past of almost all the employees of BBC Tamils and Sinhala service. Almost all of them are bogus asylum seekers who came to UK under false pretext.

The UK Inland Revenue should look into how these people and their families in Sri Lanka got mega rich within the last few years as there are strong allegations towards them receiving money from LTTE for their anti-Sri Lankan government, Pro-LTTE reporting.

londonistan said...

[TamilNet Leader: "Sea Tigers raid key SLN camp in Mannaar"]

Translation to LTTE supporters: 'Look, look, Tamils abroad; we ae still wining. Keep sending us your money!'

Reality: Token gesture which resulted in the death of their leader Sirimaran. If anything, a bit embarrassing for SLN for not detecting the incursion before they beached.

Respect to the SLN personnel for not only holding the outpost against a much larger LTTE force but also for eventually repelling it. Peace, respect and condolence to the families of the KIA personnel (the ultimate act of professionalism is to man your gun and hold your post against a much larger force - take pride and solace in the fact that they are heroes). Well wishes for a speedy recovery for the injured.

Excellent to see SLAF co-ordinated with Army/Navy and that the gunships attacked only when the LTTE were withdrawing and well away from friendlies and assets.

Note for future: Don't think boats at night on radar = 'fishermen' or 'refugees fleeing uncleared areas'. Presume LTTE until proved otherwise. This unique facility for refugees and it must continue to remain accessible to them, but measures should be put in place to not allow that to be abused by LTTE (as seen today).

Observer said...

It seems lately there have been very good coordination between SLN and SLAF on the latest mannar attack and again between SLA and SLAF in the Muhamale front. Way to go SLDF..!!

san said...

big operation on the way from muhamale towards elephantpass

Observer said...

San, What do you mean "on the way" ? Has an operation started ?

Observer said...

If we launch an operation from Muhamale towards EP, and in case we succeed getting EP, how are we going to hold onto EP ?

Arent we within the Arti range from Pooneryn and Kilinochchi then ? Could somebody please shed some light ?

Unknown said...

good question mate. But remember that bigger guns can reach jafna and palali from pooneryn so maybe this is not the biggest issue...
and maybe sla wants ltte to "expose" their big guns when a major planned op is going on so that SLAF or even counter artillery can take them out...
just a guess though

- Gini said...

Looks like the Supremo has been feeling the heat a bit with all the fighting and the changes in seasonal weather patterns. So his boys have fetched him a brand new table fan >>

Even Velu can't do anything about Global Warming.... lol :-)

Rajaratasurfer said...

Oh Dewire, there were some attacks in the past days boys... er are ya sleeeping or something ?

CodeRed said...

Hey whats happens to you man? No updates for a long time. News said that SLDF have captured the 1-4 Base's Front Bunker line. Is this true?

Observer said...

'Security Forces poised to regain Mullaittiuvu, capture Prabhakaran' says Army Chief

"The Security Forces are attacking Mullaittiuvu, Prabhakaran's hideout, from several directions. Army's aim is to capture Prabhakaran, who is holed up in a bunker, alive", Army Commander Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka has stated during an interview with the local daily 'The Dinamina' on Wednesday (June 11).

"The 56, 57, 58 and 59 divisions will surge towards Mullaittiuvu and Task Force 2 will also be inducted to the operation" he further stated.

Troops are attacking the LTTE's 1-4 Base complex in a preliminary bid to reach Mullaittiuvu. Prabhakaran is believed to be living in an underground bunker in the area. Forces have already regained several hundred square kilometers where the Tigers held sway and they have to march forward another 21 kilometers to achieve the final goals, he has said during the interview.

He said Prabhakaran was cowardly attacking civilians in the South, unable to face the military onslaught.

The Government and the Security Forces were determined to liberate the Northern masses from the tyranny of the Tigers, as they did in the East. "Our Forces' morale is very high. They are determined to achieve victory," he was further quoted as saying.

londonistan said...


More is revealed by not what they SAY but what they DO NOT SAY. Be patient guys.

perein said...

Is all ok with you? It's been while since we have seen some update?

san said...

Oil excavation to India – agreement to be signed on 30th!
Cairn India Ltd. that has won a tender to excavate oil in the waters of Sri Lanka will sign the relevant agreement on the 30th of this month.
The government called for tenders for 3 of the 8 sites along the sea coast near Mannar that have been identified as containing oil. Three companies had presented tenders for one site and all three companies were Indian companies.

However, tenders received for two sites were inadequate and the government has decided to keep these two sites open. Cairn India Ltd. won the tender for the site that received tenders. As such, government of Sri Lanka has granted Cairn India Ltd. Block SL 2007-01-001 in offshore in Mannar basin in North West Sri Lanka and covers approximately 3,400 Km in water depths of 200 meters to 1800 meters.

Cairn India is a branch of Cairn Energy Plc, a crude oil and natural gas exploration and production firm listed in the market of London stock exchange.

if ltte able to attack small navy camps in mannar how & who give security to these oil exploration works in mannar basin

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