Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vanni battles continue

The Sri Lanka Army's 58 Division today captured a 500m area of LTTE defences at Munnikkaai, general area Adampan North. The 57 Division is now advancing on Periyamadu West via Palampiddi. Await a detailed update on Weli Oya Operation.

Meanwhile sources told this site that the LTTE attack on the naval detachment at Erukkalampiddi was in retaliation against the Navy detachment's involvement in diverting Tamil civilians fleeing to India from Mannar battle zone to refugee camps of the government.

The LTTE's hope is to flood South India with refugees for political gain in that country. The capture of refugee boats by the Navy and voluntary surrender by Tamils to the Security Forces is also exposing the LTTE's military positions, strength and strategy.


Defencewire said...

We apologize to our readers for the long silence made inevitable by unforeseen circumstances.

Thank you
DW team

LKDOOD said...

thank you DW for the update

welcome back :)

LKDOOD said...


anybody has a more current map of the situation ?

Unknown said...

Nice to have you back After a Long time...

can you give more light on the latest situation of the attack on 1-4 base?
After the initial reports of 5 FDL bunkers captured,things seems to be stand still....

perein said...

Welcome back :)...

Danawaname, Pawada ellala ...Bera karyoo lassthi karranawa piliganna...

It's very good to hear from you again.

Ma Abey said...

Thanks for the update. What's up in Welioya (A4 base)?

sldf said...

"The security forces are attacking Mullaitivu, Prabhakaran`s hideout, from several directions. The army`s aim is to capture Prabhakaran. Four divisions of the army would `surge` towards the hideout of Prabhakaran. The troops have to march forward another 21 kilometres to achieve the final goals"

- Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka

Defencewire, I don't think that's army objective.

Anyways, hope you can get an update for us from Weli Oya front.

Long - Ranger said...

I have answered the outstanding questions and replies from the last discussion I had with Mr. Bailey. Visit my portal for the replies

LKDOOD said...

Time bomb recovered near Anuradhapura bus stand


LKDOOD said...

Stop Tamil Tigers raising money in UK, says President Rajapaksa


C. Coin said...

welcome back DW,
was kinda warried about your silence.
here is a better map depicting FDL.

perein said...

Has the strategy for forces got changed during last few weeks?
We were mainly sending 10 heads of LTTE members to hell each day.
Now we are pushing for the land during last few weeks.
Also if forces are 13 miles away from capturing Vanni (as for some media), should make easier for the Special Forces to carry out some high profile hide outs in Vanni soon.

Sandun Dasanayake said...

Dw, nice to see you back with new updates.

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