Tuesday, July 22, 2008

LTTE 'DPU' captured

Army Intelligence unit last weekend cracked open the activities of an LTTE 'Deep Penetration Unit' in the Weli Oya sector uncovering weapons and food dumps located in government held areas behind the advancing 59 Division's path.

MI units recovered 5 claymore mines, dry rations, explosives and other armaments from the Tamil village of Salpe Aru. By last week, Intelligence units had captured five of the LTTE 'Deep Penetration Unit' cadres from various safehouses.

The cadres have revealed an elaborate network of smuggling men and materials to the East via Kuchchaveli and Thiriyaya jungles. The first cadre arrested from the group, who is also the leader of the group, was a 17-year-old Teenager with 5yrs of experience in the LTTE.

The LTTE is the first to develop a 'Deep Penetration Unit' in the war under the leadership of 'Col.' Jeyam. Jeyam, whilst serving as a junior cadre under Prabhakaran's relative and disgraced senior cadre Mahendrarajah alias Mahattaya was arrested and tortured by LTTE intelligence units on suspicion of conspiracy against Prabhakaran's unilateral command.

Prabhakaran, a born talent at identifying lambs for slaughter, gave a task to Jeyam to prove himself to which Jeyam responded by developing the LTTE's first DPU, a less sophisticated design than that of the SLA's LRRP units, which uses Tamil villages inside government areas as cover for reconnaissance and sabotage missions.

Currently these units operate in the south killing mainly civilians after reached these areas along old routes of pilgrimage used by Hindu devotees for centuries to go on pilgrimage to the Kataragama Devala.


Moshe Dyan said...


wow indeed. so this is how they plan for the unilateral ceasefire.

well done.

CodeRed said...

This is the only Option that remains for LTTE now. Deploying “DPU Units”, “Demolition Units ” or what ever Sabotaging teams. I don’t think that LTTE now has full power of repeating “Ceaseless Waves” kind of counter attack. They might try to Breaking in from the south flank of 58 Div and may try to pocket them in between Pooneryn and Mallawi/ Tunukkai (Assume that that Mallawi/ Tunukkai will fall to SLA soon). I think this is also the only option that LTTE has to any kinda counter attack. B Cz the western flank getting thinner and thinner as 58 advancing in a rapid pace. But we don’t have to worry much about this B cz we have much more sophisticated War machine now comparing to 90’s (Combination of MR/GR and Gen. SF) and the Morale of SLA is un matching now to any of other world troops.

But as Gen SF says, it is difficult to prevent any insurgency attacks that ltte is going to do in coming years. Specially during the SAARC summit. It s Golden opportunity that LTTE has to show they are still having much “Power” to the world and their weakening Tamil Diaspora. The world’s media eye will on SL during that week. I assume LTTE is planning to do some major sabotage thing during this week.

Riyaz said...


I hope you broke this great news after capturing all or atleast majority of the culprits involved.

We must not leave any room or loop hole for these bastards.

We could see more white van action to clean up this mess.

Rover said...

Ceasefire is a good time to make use of our DPU units.

By declaring a unilateral ceasefire LTTE is probably aiming to achieve several military objectives (there are also some political objectives which I am not listing).

1. Regrouping and building trenches/bunkers.
2. Orientation of the sea tiger units, that fled Viduthalathivu region, to their new operational bases/commanders.
3. Infiltrating cadres into the South and making contact with the sleeping cells in the south.
4. Smuggling of arms/supplies.
5. Gathering information on impending SLDF operations/strategies.

So as not to give breathing space to the terrorists, it is imperative that we keep up the momentum of our operations.

If the GOSL feels that it is unethical (or under pressure from India) to use the regular forces during the "CF", it can always use the undeclared DPUs to keep the terrorists on their toes.

Or alternatively, SLDFs can provoke/encourage an attack from the LTTE.

Gota is no politician (read - no dumb wit) and he, I am sure will think/advise along these lines.

The only realistic ceasefire for the LTTE will come when they renounce terrorism, lay down their arms and give up VP, Pottu and the top LTTE terrorists along with their demand for a separate mono-ethnic state.

Riyaz said...

Good article to read


Moshe Dyan said...

dear DW,

forgot the last time!

please change the word "deities" in the last sentence to "devotees".

Jambudipa said...

Use him for detecting anti personal mines.

Jambudipa said...

The specialforces dude on LNP opened his trap last week saying

'We are under a bit of pressure for a temporary ceasefire till the SARRC summit is over...'

Some LTTE fart obviously reading his messages. This fool always says more than he is supposed to.

Unknown said...

Its good news that these guys got captured but the are one in many. Likewise even the Army DPU units have been caught. In a recce platoon for example even the platoon comander carries little information beyond what he should as they always expect frontline units have the possibility of capture.

Even when these units are given prisoner of war training, they are still expected to break. Hence the usefulness of their capture does not go beyond their immediate mission.

The LTTE has declared ceasefire primarily because they do not want to get blamed for any ISI, RAW or other inteligence agencies dirty work during SARRC. Secondly even if TVMP does something which can be in similar tone to the LTTE, they will be blamed. Hence the LTTE wants to play it says regardless of whether the congress government falls today.

Rover, what you say is what the LTTE has been
doing and will be doing. Likewise the armed forces will also be doing.

Panhinda, neither the real LTTE (not their so called keyboard warriors) and likewise military inteligence and planners (not their so called keyboard warriors) have time for blogs. So from the standard of LNP there has been no attempt to covertly use that to communicate intleigence. Though various media like newspapers have had advertisments used to activate sleeper cells before. This was KGB and CIA times.

Unknown said...

The intresting thing is Sarath Fonseka is trying to prepare himself for a role in politics in the future. The fact he said that The Sinhala nation has to sacrifice if you want to protect the country and survive. Honestly i would not expect a military commander who claims to be on the winning side to resort to this.

Hence he comes to realise that the war is taking its told on the civilian population. As I said before the military commander should get political support and not be involved in politics himself.

He being more intelligent then most Sri Lankan politicians realise that the war is meeting alot of resistance as the masses are suffering from the war. Hence he resorts to playing the race card. Its quite sad because without a political solution Sri Lanka is in a cyclic statis, unable to break free from its handicap.

"If a minority is ruling the majority that is a dangerous situation and it is a problem". This is a lie, it has never been so for the last 60 years. Hence he is trying to evoke something which is non-existent. I guess he knows that the war will not end this year.

The SLFP are trying to potray that the JVP is going to go for the insurgency agian. This is pathethic. Never in Sri Lankan history has both the racist tone an the anti poor needed to be used at the same time.

As the LTTE has led to the deaths of many tamils so has the burgoise war against the poor led to sinhalese killing the same 72000 killed during the so called crushing of the JVP insurgencies.

Unknown said...

Hence lets take a step back and look at whats going on. As I said once before and now again the problem has always been corrupt politicians. When the economy was going down South thanks to Mrs Bandaranaika failed policies, the JVP uprising occured. It was crushed by the support of the United States and kept the rich ruiling elite alive.

When jayawardene screwed the Sri lankan economy by freeing it up. The tamils were made scapegoats. Ironically he himself is of tamil descent. Hence the hilter ( who himself has jewish blood through his father) tactic of blaming the jews. Finally the outbreak.

If the LTTE was a terrorist outfit and killed 13 soldiers. Why were the tamils punished for a group of thugs. Hence the tamils became the LTTE and vice versa. Its been the need for the LTTE to reinstate this resonating feeling for the tamils and polarisation of the communities. With Sarath Forsenka's coments and Mahindha actions they have split the tamils and sinhalese in the country.

The slave island evction did not see much buzz on the defence blogs. Maybe becuase those people are not rich enough to own a computer. Secondly they do not have the luxury of spare time to blog and express their horror.

B#1 said...


If LTTE do the dirty work during SARRC, they wont be blamed, because
"LTTE has declared ceasefire".

Think upside down too..

Rover said...


"The LTTE has declared ceasefire primarily because they do not want to get blamed for any ISI, RAW or other inteligence agencies dirty work during SARRC. "

Equally, one could argue that LTTE will attack during the summit and blame it one one of those agencies (because the tigers will apparently be observing a ceasefire). If what you describe is the ONLY reason for the unilateral ceasefire, it is not good enough.

LTTE probably wanted SLDFs to reciprocate their move, as they need time to regroup after the rapid advances of the 58 division. The LTTE, which fled in disarray, surely needs a ceasefire more than the Army. And for the LTTE, the best time to go for a ceasefire while also saving face was during the SAARC summit.

Unknown said...

Lee kuan Yew the leader of Singapore always beliefied in Meritocracy. 50 years on after ejecting Singapore, Malaysians have matured to realise that the so called race based parties were no more than mechanisms to loot the people. Malaysia did not end up a Sri Lanka thanks to having oil.

Sri Lanka through stupid policies have lost many good Sri Lankans. Its time for bloggers to take action to bring about a real change.

Rover said...


In propaganda technique, what you are doing is called "over simplification". You take a series complex socio-economic-political-military issues (evictions-free economy-SF as a politician-misdeeds of JR-LTTE ceasfire ect.) and try to give a very simple answer to explain everything.

People who are lazy to think for themselves (which is about 90% of the population), then believe that what you say is the panacea for all problems.

Jambudipa said...


If the LTTE was a terrorist outfit and killed 13 soldiers. Why were the tamils punished for a group of thugs.

Many Australians have a deep rooted fear of Indonesians invading the country and taking it over. The fear may be rational, may be not.

Similarly, the Sinhalese have a deep rooted fear of marauding Tamils invading or taking over the country with the help of their cousins in TN.

Considering this background, if you do or say the wrong thing in either community, they can react in very harmful manner.

Thankfully there aren't many Indonesians in Australia that could exploit the fear in Australins to their advantage. Sri Lanka on the other hand not very fortunate. Since independence and even now, the Tamil leadership have behaved irresponsibly infront of the Sinhala community. They attempted, and continue to use Tamil Nadu to scare the Sinhalese to get things done. The Sinhalese got scared and reacted badly in 83. This is what happened. Your conclusions are too simplistic.

Moshe Dyan said...

superficial and petty brain thinking is part of the tamill liberation struggle.

unfortunately this works well with other idiots.

a fantastic example is the BLACK JULY. this event (coupled with other similar old events) now 25 years old which killed 3,000 tamils (highest estimate) has been used to justify killing 70,000+ people. how idiotic? their solution has killed more than the problem!

thanks to this petty brain thinking LTTE has been HIGHLY successful in carrying the SAME BLACK JULY BEGGING BOWL EVERY YEAR for 25 years and collect enough support every time!

shagggers would tell that even aishwarya's spicy pics get 'obsolete' after a few days of 'work-outs'!!

perein said...

Simply.. beautiful work. Good to see best of the LTTE getting caught in side the boundry line :) ...

Kithul said...

what's all this talk about 'Dirty Work' - does the ltte do anything else?

සිසිර කුමාර said...

"over simplification" well explained.

this is what JVP does all the time. When it comes to real solutions they have none!

Unknown said...

Rover, you can rebute my points then wastin time. 90% of the population are not idiots but have better things to do for themselves.

Unknown said...

b#1 do you think the LTTE will attack during SAARC. If an Indian Soldier dies during SAARC, do you think the tamilnadu tamils will have any support left for the LTTE. The LTTE is trying to display strenght when they appear to be weak by calling for a ceasefire.

Unknown said...

Panhinda, I have not come across one Aussie who thinks that Indonesia will invade Asutralia unless you live in La La Land. Their number tourist destination is Bali. Its easier to fly from Bali to connect to the outside world from Perth for example.

"Similarly, the Sinhalese have a deep rooted fear of marauding Tamils invading or taking over the country with the help of their cousins in TN." Another La La Land concept brought about by politicians. Tamil Nadu has no bloody army of its own. It has no effective force for the last few hundred years to do anything to Sri Lanka.

"They attempted, and continue to use Tamil Nadu to scare the Sinhalese to get things done. The Sinhalese got scared and reacted badly in 83. " Idiot, sinhalese people did not go around killing people. It was mad animals who claimed to represent sinhalese people who killed tamils.



Jambudipa said...



This is certainly true. The reverse was unfortunately is not the same. For example, the period leading upto 77 elections many Tamils supported violence against the Sinhalese. (Read DBS Jeyraj) TULF held the reins then. Post-83, over 3 decades deliberate attacks on Sinhala civilians and ethnic cleansing of Muslims with no even a humm from the Tamils. See there is a pattern emerging. It begins with demonizing then develops into violence. The process of demonizing sets the stage for violence and acceptability by Tamils. Ask your mummy and daddy and they will tell you.

Unknown said...

Moshe tell me what justifys killing 70000 sinhalese youths in their prime. SRI LANKA is in a stacis an after 60 years of independence it cannot move forward. Sarath Forsenka said something that any idiot will know. As Long as there is tamil nationalism, the LTTE will exsist.

Maybe the general should look to tamilnadu where national politics are now dominant and the saving tamil language notion does not work.

Same old bullshit by both sides year after year and nothing has changed. People realised that the tamil saviour parties in Tamilnadu were only good at looting the state and are now in the process of ejecting them both.

In Malaysia after 50 years the shock losses of the ruling coalition came as they did not expect a person from one race to support another in such large numbers. Their policy that raced based parties will only help save a multi ethnic country was destroyed by its people.

In Indonesia, the only way Indonesia was said to be united was believed to centralised rule from jakarta. Today after suharato downfall, the achenese rebels have laid down the arms.

In Singapore, the country prospers because it embraces the notion that all races are cruicial for the countries sucess. Many times Lee Kuan Yew has pointed out that Sri Lanka is a failed state. It irritates one to hear critism. However one has to see someone who brought a country worst off the Sri Lanka to a state better today, has a brought to argue as such.

They now have a racial harmony month. This is a follow up to a group of people caught involved with activities connected with the Al Qedia and Jamiah Islamiyah (the group connected to the bali bombing). Singapore borders Malaysia and Indonesia which are Islamic countries who are culturally affiniated to the people caught in Singapore. Instead of Singing the same tune that they will invade us, the goverment took concrete steps towards building the racial harmony. The problem with Sri Lanka is that that kind of politicians are missing.


LKDOOD said...

SL Defence Secretary rejects ceasefire

good decision

Unknown said...

Panhinda why do you stupidly generalise. Tamils equal TULF. What percentages did they win by. You mean no violence was meeted out before. You are sympathetic to the muslims all of a sudden. How about the poeple killed during the JVP uprising. 70000 youths butchered, rohan being killed like a dog. Stop acting retard and learn what is wrong with the country. Even Mandaela came out with the truth and reconciliation council. It does not solve everything but it gives closure.

Unknown said...

Panhinda ananda Sangree and many others voiced out against the tigers on their violence and spoke out. Do not dip yourself in some notions and see things for they are. Wake up wake up, the country is going down the drain. The economy is bankrupt and continued war continues to strain the power.

Ask the guy who drives the Aston Martin, how come he is driving such an expensive car when people are suffering. When a sinhalese drives the aston, the JVP questions this, they are crushed. When a tamil drives it, violence is leashed out and the car is burnt. Are you that elite who is rich regardless of a UNP or SLFP. Are you from the family that benifits from all the corruption. If not then you should come forward to help Sri Lanka move towards a better future.

Moshe Dyan said...


some good points. overall, the war (any war) is futile if things can be sorted out peacefully. the outcome of the war is the mightiest win and the weakest loses. it cannot ensure that truth wins.

but law and order is a necessity. what we need is reasonable level of "peace" which can uplift the economy. then all forms of racism will die down. i don't agree to the term TAMIL NATIONALISM. tamil is a race, not a nation. only a nation with many races can boast about nationalism. similarly there cannot be sinhala nationalism. therefore tamil nationalism actually means tamil racism.

singapore's success has alot to do with its chinese population and rapid economic growth. these things helped iron out racism. the absense of race-based seperate political parties was the main reason for singapore's unity.

BTW i miss KL open homes and pizza thosai at suresh's in bangsa.

Unknown said...

LKDOOD, funny, in most countries a cabinet minister, president would reject the ceasefire, here the lines are blurred and the defence secetary can reject it.

Unknown said...

Moshe likewise Sinhala nationalism is also treated as sinhala racism. I do not think so. Sinhalese and tamils are a very highly civilised culture with alot of history. Naturally the feeling of pride in their races will be there.

Singapores sucess is multiracialism. Singapore has many Sri Lankans who have made immense progess to the country.

Joseph Yuvaraj Manuel Pillay is the top most civil servant. He was born in Malaysia but moved to Singapore as he called it a Mecca for people at the time. He was the man behind Singapore Airlines. Jet Airways boss notes him as his mentor. He is now the chairman of the stock exchange of Singapore. He was the Develoment Bank of Singapore Boss before. He has made most of the intituions worlds best. Singapore never had anything significant before that.


20% of the judicary of Singapore were Sri Lankans.

All Sri Lankans who would have gone to Sri Lanka to serve and develop her. Yet they stayed in Singapore. JYM did try to get Air Lanka off the ground by leasing 2 used planes. However idiotic politicians at that time as today had conjured wild development plans the screwed the situation.

Moshe Dyan said...

"likewise Sinhala nationalism is also treated as sinhala racism. "

of course.

Moshe Dyan said...

OTOH it was a tamil in singapore who had stopped SL gaining membership of ASEAN in 1967 (according to a confession by the Thai delegate then). SL although not geographicaly a SEA country, it receieved membership of ASEAN in 2007.

had SL got it in 1967, open economy would have strated 10 years before allowing ample time for rapid development which would have prevented the rise of the LTTE.

anyway now it is not too late. the 33%++ land area of the N-E is heavily underutilised by less than 10% of the population. when this is put to productive use + the hambantota port + law & order can propel SL economy fast.

tangara said...

LTTE most likely will try to send a black tiger unit during the SAARC summit to the South.They will not attack during the Summit, but post the SAARC event.

Be vigillent.

Unknown said...

Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Don't lie on your laurels thinking the LTTE Terrorists will not commit any terrorist acts during the SAARC summit.

Lankapura said...

"SL although not geographicaly a SEA country, it receieved membership of ASEAN in 2007."

That is news to me!! What kind of membership?

Peter said...

In reply to an earlier post by wijayapala

“Like many other Sinhalese I deplore Gen. Fonseka's remarks to the Daily News; what he views as the goal of fighting the LTTE is clearly different from mine.”

I would argue here that the view of the commander of the army has a tad more weight than that of yours. If Tamils were to feel 'Sri Lankan' they would also have to look to Fonseka as the ultimate guardian of their physical security. The same Fonseka who claims: 'The Sinhalese community will rule this country.'


“I am against the idea of Sinhalese "ruling over" the Tamils, whatever that means, just as I would oppose the idea of Tamils ruling over the Sinhalese.”

Which makes a two-states solution ideal as neither would rule over the other; either as a minority based dictatorship or as a 'tyranny of the majority' form of democracy.


“However, the fact remains that there is an LTTE which is explicitly and violently against the idea of a diverse, multicultural and united Sri Lanka. Until that LTTE is destroyed, people like me will be on the same side as Fonseka.”

LTTE did not come into existence as soon as the island was freed of the British. LTTE is a product of 30 years of Sinhala rule. The Thimpu principles, which the LTTE wants recognised, are for the protection of the Tamil people. If 'diverse, multicultural and united Sri Lanka' means what we had for the first 30years after independence, I.e. Sinhala Only, Standardisation, 'ethnic riots', etc., we as Tamils are better off without it.


“nearly all of those 72,000 Tamils would be alive today if the LTTE had vanished at the beginning of 1984.”

I think you are in Lala land with that opinion. The Sinhalese who had made a habit of slaughtering Tamils en mass since 1958 would have had a sudden strike of enlightenment?


“That is why the sooner the LTTE leaves the scene, the sooner that the Tamils will be able to reconstruct their societies.”

How many spare tyres to you have?


“The fact that there were no riots between 1958 and 1977 debunks your "momentum" theory.”

The fact is, more Tamils were killed in each successive round of 'ethnic riots'; this I call gaining of momentum.


“Things deteriorated between 1977 and 1983 after Tamil politics turned towards violence separatism (Vaddukkoddai Resolution).”

Perhaps you should make an effort to read the Vaddukoddai Resolution. In fact, the resolution was used as the TULF's election manifesto. TULF won 18 of the seats up for taking in the NE, based on the resolution that read: “This convention resolves that restoration and reconstitution of the Free, Sovereign, Secular, Socialist State of TAMIL EELAM, based on the right of self determination inherent to every nation, has become inevitable in order to safeguard the very existence of the Tamil Nation in this Country.”

In any other half-civilised state the election results of 1977 would be accepted as the Tamil people's wish for self determination.


“You failed to mention that it was the LTTE which had triggered the 1983 riots. The fact that the LTTE encourages and supports anti-Tamil violence is sufficient to argue that the LTTE is destroying the Tamil people.”

LTTE attacked a military vehicle, killing 13 soldiers. Only a Sinhalese would be able to justify the mass slaughter of 3,000 unarmed men, women and children; the displacement of quarter of a million people; and the destruction of billions of dollars worth of property, as a 'normal' reaction to the killing of 13 soldiers.


“I agree that the 1983 riots were linked with the Sri Lankan President and Cabinet, but it is not true that the Sinhalese as a people supported the violence. If they did, there would be no Tamils in Sri Lanka today.”

The president and cabinet are the people foremost responsible for the welfare of the citizens of any state. The fact that the president of the time and his ministers fuelled Black July means that Tamils can not trust the leadership of a centralised system of governance to represent their welfare. And if it wasn't for the Indians, there would not be any Tamils left on the island.


“If there was no LTTE then there would be no SLA occupying Jaffna or other parts of the N-E. The LTTE has dismally failed to protect ordinary Tamils from getting killed or brutalized as a result of this war. This has been a proven fact over the last 25 years.”

When was the LTTE formed? When did Sri Lanka Army establish a base in Elephant Pass? When did the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) establish a base in Karainagar? Read your own military history first.


“The reality is that Tamils who live in Sri Lanka are not pro-LTTE and for the most part do not want to waste their lives to achieve a "Tiger Eelam" for the entertainment of diaspora Tamils. For the most part they live peacefully in government areas, whether Colombo or Eastern Province.”

I am a Tamil, and while I may be residing outside the Tamil Homeland, I still have siblings in the homeland. Are you attempting to tell me that you know the aspirations of my siblings and my community more than I do? What do you call the results of the 1977 elections?


“On the contrary, there was an anti-Tamil riot in Trincomalee in April 2006.”
Point taken; there was an anti-Tamil riot in Trincomalee on April 2006. Try reading the reasons Rajapaksa gave on his 12 April 2006 statement to the Sinhalese people. From the words of your president, it is obvious why the death count was stopped at 19.

OneSpirit said...

Peter, I'm doing some research on diaspora Tamils - are you from the Vellahla caste?

Rover said...


You seem to be a great admirer of Lee (Kwan Yew). Good. Let me talk a teeny bit about what is not often talked about Sing.

Remember how Lee started out. He was an liberal-autocrat (did not believe in democracy). He was able to modernize Singapore, but he didn't want to democratize it. Usually, liberal autocrats don't last long. Remember what happened to Suharto, ect.

Singapore is a large city-state that lies in the shadow of its neighbors. So it can afford to modernize itself and smother its political issues using modernization. Can Sri Lanka or India do the same?

Interestingly, Sing. has a limited free press, and a limited opposition and NO FREE ELECTIONS! But the younger generations are not going to accept this closed political system for ever. These guys are yearning for Singapore to be a full democracy. Perhaps then the people of Chinease origin wants a Chinese head of state?

So why don't we also let a liberal-autocrat come into power, get rid of the elections (where 90% of the lazy guys - not idiots - choose a leader), and expect him to do whatever he thinks is right for the country? You must admit that it is a risky method, but there is the chance that we may just succeed like Sing?

True there are good features of Sing. But these can't be achieved READILY within a democracy, unless the population is highly educated and/or the per capita GDP is higher than about 6000 dollars.

perein said...

'Our Lady of Madhu' returns at Omanthai -Vavuniya

The sacred statue of 'Our Lady of Madhu' was brought Tuesday, at 11.10a.m., into the liberated area, across the Omanthai Entry/Exit point following consistent appeals made by the Catholic community, all Sri Lankans and the international community for its immediate release from the clutches of LTTE.

Adrenaline_Grin said...

Moshe said: "OTOH it was a tamil in singapore who had stopped SL gaining membership of ASEAN in 1967 (according to a confession by the Thai delegate then). SL although not geographicaly a SEA country, it receieved membership of ASEAN in 2007.

had SL got it in 1967, open economy would have strated 10 years before allowing ample time for rapid development which would have prevented the rise of the LTTE."

Not quite sure about the veracity of the Thai delegate's story, but back in 2002, i was at the annual Distinguished Public Lecture in Singapore when then-Sri Lankan FM Tyronne Fernando was the invited speaker where he spoke on the topic of "Towards An Asian Identity" at the prestigious event.

One of the things he mentioned or lamented about was Sri Lanka's lack of foresight and down-right arrogance for turning down the invitation to join ASEAN during its founding in 1967. An invitation that was extended to Sri Lanka even though it was not technically considered part of South-east Asia.

He said that Sri Lanka was one of the more prosperous countries in Asia and better off than almost all of the South-east Asian countries that formed Asean at the time. He noted that Colombo viewed the nascent grouping akin to how most of the international community views SAARC - as a poor man's club - and a waste of time.

He noted that the grouping even extended the deadline to give Colombo to make up its mind in the hope that Sri Lanka would join the group.

It's sad how times have changed and now 40 years later, Sri Lanka is knocking on the doors of the group and has managed to get invited only into the broader ASEAN Regional Forum which lumps together pretty much everyone from strategic partners such as the EU, China, Japan, Australia to others like Papua New Guinea and Mongolia.

I am usually sceptical of all politicians, and reserved a healthy dose of the same for Fernando's lecture that day, but somehow i doubt he would stick his neck out and make up such a story while in front of an audience, which included the likes of Singaporean FM Prof S Jayakumar, and hordes of academics who wouldn't have hesitated to challenge him during the question & answer session after his speech.

Adrenaline_Grin said...


I think Singapore is well-aware of the racial tensions that could erupt in the tiny city-state if it it didn't keep a firm lid on things.

That's why it has absolutely no tolerance for race card in society and is very sensitive about the issue even to this day decades after race riots between the Chinese and the Malays.

It even charged two bloggers with sedition due racist remarks on the internet.

I disagree with you with regards to Singapore not being concerned about it's bigger Muslim neighbours Malaysia and Indonesia. There is a reason why Singapore boasts one of the most modern, sophisticated armies in the region. It pumps billions of dollars every year into the armed forces to make up for its lack of numbers with quality.

Though an invasion is highly improbable, Singapore does feel vulnerable because it depends on its neighbours for a lot of basic necessities, including water.

A former Singaporean Defence Ministry official once told me that one of the clauses in the water agreement with Malaysia is that if Kuala Lumpur cuts off the supply then it would be considered as an act of war.

Adrenaline_Grin said...

An interesting quote by Lee Kuan Yew on meritocracy and the Ceylonese contribution to Singapore and Malaysia's development. Thought it would interest some of you:

“In terms of numbers, the Ceylonese, like the Eurasians, are among the smallest of our various communities. Yet in terms of achievements and contributions to the growth and development of the modern Singapore and Malaysia they have done more than warranted by their numbers. In the early days of Malaysia’s and Singapore’s history the civil service and the professions were manned by a good number of Ceylonese. Even today the Ceylonese community continues to play a prominent role in these and other fields of civil life. For example in Singapore, today, the Speaker of Parliament is a Ceylonese. So is our High Commissioner in Great Britain. So is our Foreign Minister. In the Judiciary, in the civil service, in the University, in the Medical Service and in the professions they continue to make substantial contributions out of all proportion to their numbers. They are there not because they are members of a minority community but on the basis of merit. The point is that the Ceylonese are holding their own in open competition with communities far larger than them. They have asked for no special favour or consideration as a minority. What they have asked for – and quite rightly – is that they should be judged on their merits and that they be allowed to compete with all other citizens fairly and without discrimination. This, as far as the Singapore government is concerned, is what is best for all of us. I believe that the future belongs to that society which acknowledges and rewards ability, drive and high performance without regard to race, language or religion.” Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew

kuttu said...
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kuttu said...

tomorrow is july 23

we will remember forever....

sinhalas refused the goodwill gesture of the leader for a ceasefire

warmonger government will face "the power"

Unknown said...

today rupavahini showed a video of troops being transported in to the mannar front by helicopters(mi17). the helicopters have deployed units several times. (approx 7).
will this mean that another offensive from the mannar front is going to happen?? or it maybe to fortify the front defense line as we hear that LTTE is about to counter attack in a large scale.

anyway good for the SLA.

got to know that the madhu statue was brought in a Ambulance!!! did rev. Rayappu steal it from the LTTE???DN do you have any info???

Colomblogs said...

Is this a threat? Just buy a magazine..! All you can do is kill civilians

you have one day to remember. If Sri Lankans keep a list..they must remember all 365 days of the year (even without military killings):
- Kandy "Dalada maaligawa" bomb
- Anurdhapura killing
- Kent farm...
- Kebithigollewa
- Kadiragaamar
- Death of civilans in north and East...

And regd the ceasfire....It is a old Soda in a new bottle..Do you think you can chaet the people from same trick all the times...?

Srilankan said...

Many interesting posts there.Although the captured DPU LTTE units may have limited "military significance" dont you think that locating their safe houses/villages and questioning people in the safe houses will give MI valuable info regarding the routes taken by DPU teams,their daily schedules,other general info etc will provide means of capturing more of them (more intelligence)which will lead to more info.Whatever anyone says the behavior of Srilanka in the 60/70 was just an excuse to "immigrate" to a better "prosperous" environment overseas.It appears that over the years there are "weeds" growing where the grass is supposed to be green forever.See..i cant forget the speech by an ex canadian ambassador to SLanka(Caucasian)as to why people who immigrated to Canada(on the basis that their lives were threatened-very good reason) visited SLanka a year after to visit their relatives?.I can understand getting all their relatives overseas but not this so quickly.I can understand visiting SLanka say 10/20 yrs after the tragic event.
Bro you took the words right out of my mouth.Fully agree with you.there is no need to reveal this info about a captured DPU team even after the entire team is captured.there is another good reason.The leader of this team is just a 17y.o kid.so there is a human rights angle to this as well.You know the "singhalese govt" murdering an innocentt tamil kid etc.
For others
The summit will be used to murder innocent civilians or a VIP.No indian will be killed.
As for the LTTE guarding this "Timpu" principle.So the way the LTTE "protects the rights" of the tamil people is to kill the one thing innocent tamils currently living in SLanka hold dear..their children?.how about All the tamil kids living overseas being conscripted by the LTTE.?.By the way how about the LTTE violating the rights of the muslim peoples of srilanka even if you put aside the rights of the majority community.Too late for timpus now.SCREW TIMPUS..the history lesson is over.I can however assure you of one fact.. the number of "singhalas" living and working overseas will increase in future (and not as housemaids).Well mate the LTTE came into being after the british used their divide and rule policy to circumvent the rights of the majority population and favour a minority."control" i am sure you get it.this is a defence blog lets keep it at that.For history lessons-now pointless visit museum of london when on holiday in the U.K.

Srilankan said...

I really wonder who is in lala land..what a laugh!!.you have no idea what my "singhala" family married to educated tamil people want mate ...do you know more about what they want or do they i wonder?.As for this homeland of yours..its where you live now and nothing else.and you claim that you know what ALL the peace loving tamil peoples of SLanka what..?

Srilankan said...

I have an idea since you are the rep of the long suffering tamils of SLanka..why dont you and your mates collect some money(foreign currency)to create a fund for educating "tamil kids" who are currently doing their advanced levels in "EELAM lala land" in overseas universities INSTEAD of funding a terrorist organisation that kills/abuses them(unless of course you consider it a childs dream to be on the receiving side of MBRL fire).Tell the LTTE not to conscript them so that they can have a much better life of their choosing after a university education.I am sure the LTTE hierarchy will take you very seriously.shame on you men.

Observer said...


"warmonger government will face "the power" "

Killing innocent people in the country, by sending pregnant suicide bombers is not "the power".

Its called the cowardliness.

LTTE terrorists are an insult to the human race. I cant believe such a barbaric, cannibal tribe still exist on the face of the earth.

Peter said...

"Study history, study history. In history lies all the secrets of statecraft." -Winston Churchill

Tamil combatants are dying while fighting to defend their villages and towns, from what they see as a 'foreign' armed force. As did the French and English fought when Germans tried to invade France and England.

What is Lokubanda from Hambantota doing, fighting people born and bred in Jaffna? What are the other 40,000 odd Sri Lankan troops doing in Jaffna?

How are the Sri Lankan soldiers deaths justified to their mothers and/or widows who may have never, ever even stepped foot in lands where their kids are fighting and dieing?

What impact does Tamil Eelam, have on Sri Lanka? How would a family in Kandy be affected by those in Trincomalee being able to self govern?

Mahavamsa was written for a medieval audience. In the 21st century, where rights take precedence over rhetroic, the Sinhalese community has to accept the fact that Tamils will continue to aspire and struggle to exercise their right to self determination.

Srilankan said...

I think the 40,000 troops in jaffna are doing their best to prevent more tamil kids from being conscripted to the LTTE war machine.they deserve an education overseas just like the charlses,duwalis balachandrans etc dont you agree?.As for these soldiers families the govt is doing the best they can for them. We are going way way off base here.Lets keep it defense related.logging off now.

Srilankan said...

I never knew that the English and French troops had 12 yr olds among their soldiers and these 12yolds were kidnapped while on their way to school and forced to join the british/french forces.Anyway got to go now.keep your posts coming.

Peter said...

Nice one! Tamil youths deserve foreign education, while their Sinhala counterparts are in barracks hundreds of miles form their homes in an 'alien' land where they are unable to communicate with the local population, getting murdered and maimed. I am sure that the Sinhalese community is proud to count you as one of them.

Peter said...

Did '12yolds were kidnapped while on their way to school' actually overrun Elephant Pass?

Sinhalese adult men from Kandy, Galle and Hambantota obtained 'excellent' training and 'state-of-the-art' weapons, just to march up the A9 and get killed by '12yolds' who 'were kidnapped while on their way to school'?

Shame! Shame!

Suranimala said...

Koti Peter . Ok We know that you dont belive Mahavansha . ok can you just tell me do you believe tamil nadu history?If yes please let me know :)))
I know that you don't care about our Sri lanka . So why do you bother about our boys and girls . We bother know Sri lankan Tamils are belonging to our country . So we have right to bother about tamil children kidnapped by ltte sakkili terrorist .

Colomblogs said...

If you dont believe in Sri Lanka, you should not waste your time here. This is about Sri Lanka.

when you were born in SL, Your've given free education, medical and even the passport to travel to nice scanvadian country you live...!. Sri lankans given that benefits to the VP too. So that is you call discrimination....? Sri lanka is the only country that feed the enemey...(LTTE..not the tamil people)

LTTE kill all the good, educated tamils and now only left is suciders, 8-grade VP (I am not sure wether he went to school at all). You are denying the rights of education to the remaning kids...Those the few of benefits brought to you by VP. (of course you and your family exepmted, as you all are living peacfully with all the benefits outside.what a relief isn't it?).

Yes SL lost wars in past may be lost some in future (may be....!)..but what you gained...?

And you didn't answer my Q in last post? "What is the solution in balck and white...?"
Dont be a parrot and repeat what LTTE say, you have a brain and think and tell what you think the best...!

And how many Tamils killed in 1983 and how many saved by the Sinhalese...? And how many ready with the passport just before the riots...

hemantha said...

Editorial-The Island

click here

hemantha said...
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hemantha said...

Followings are the comments made by Gen. Fonseka just after LTTE took away the Madhu statau.

"Asked whether the Statue has been taken to a safer area as claimed by the priests, the Commander said the LTTE will have to take the Statue to another place once the troops capture that area too, as they cannot take it abroad."

Then the Statue was taken to Vellankulam area which may fall any time now. Gen SF kept his word.

Bhairav said...
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Bhairav said...
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Colomblogs said...

was this published earlier in this blog...http://www.defence.lk/new.asp?fname=20080721_05

If so sorry..

Colomblogs said...

was this published earlier in this blog...?

If so sorry..

hemantha said...

Yes, in your earlier comment.

Srilankan said...

You seem to have missed the point.Since it is you who are professing to know the "feelings" of the tamil community..surely isn't it not logical for you/your LTTE mates to spend the money you give an organisation who is sending them to the front lines to face MBRL fire on educating them instead.Dont tell me..do the parents of your tamil "brothers" prefer you to fund an organisation that is killing their kids as opposed to educating them?..if so this is news to me.
If not the elephant pass attack ..there was one where very young LTTE cadres(kids)-definitely children- fired rockets into an army camp which killed a few thousand troops..cant remember the exact attack.Hey i forgot i am 10 yrs old.hehehehe.
I think you are seeking "revenge" because you were affected by the 1983 riots.You could tell your tamil"brother" with who you share so much(according to you).."since i am a tamilman like you and understand your feelings guess what i am going to stop my kids(when you have them)having an education overseas and send them to fight "the singhala buddist chavenistic govt" alongside you.I am sure the LTTE will be thrilled!.But please hurry time is really running out this time and is not in your favour as before..

hemantha said...

Wanni Operation - Sri Lanka War Situation Report 22/07/2008



Srilankan said...

Very well said.Dont waste your time.My greatest happiness will be on the day that i see poeple from ALL provinces of SLanka competeing for and working/living alongside these LTTE buffoons overseas.You know this LTTE di-ass-phora.

LKDOOD said...

Three Tamil youths were taken into custody by the Kandy Police Monday evening on receipt of information that they had been taking photograph of the Kandy Teaching Hospital. They had been residents of Ampaarai and Kalmunai, police sources said.

The youth had been taking photograph of the hospital when the police team rushed to the spot on a message sent by the hospital authorities.

They are being detained in the Kandy Police station and being interrogated by the Terrorist Intelligence Division, police sources said.


talking pictures of the hospital for what ?


good job by the hospital authorities & the police

Moshe Dyan said...

on the ASEAN issue......

from http://www.monstersandcritics.com/news/asiapacific/news/article_1339200.php/Sri_Lanka_blocked_from_joining_ASEAN_by_Singapore_in_1967

(there are many other sites too).

"Sri Lanka blocked from joining ASEAN by Singapore in 1967

Aug 6, 2007, 3:43 GMT
Bangkok - Sri Lanka missed its chance to join the nascent Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) at a meeting held in Bangkok four decades ago, primarily because of objections raised by Singapore, a Thai daily claimed on Monday.
Sri Lanka sent two ministers to apply for membership in ASEAN on August 6, 1967, when foreign ministers from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore met at Thailand's Bang Saen beach resort to hash out the Bangkok Declaration, which led to the birth of the regional grouping, reported The Nation newspaper.
But the Sri Lankan application was snubbed by Singapore's then foreign minister Sinnathamby Rajaratnam, said the English-language daily, citing a retired Thai diplomat.
'It was Rajaratnam of Singapore who opposed the inclusion of Sri Lanka,' said Sompong Sucharitkul, 75. 'He argued the country's domestic situation was unstable and there would be trouble. Not good for a new organization,' Sompong told The Nation in a rare interview.
Sompong was a close aide to Thanat Khoman, the Thai foreign minister at the time of the meeting in Bang Saen. The Bangkok Declaration was finally signed on August 8, 1967, ASEAN's official birthday.
ASEAN, which remains a key economic and political grouping in Asia, now includes Brunei, which joined in 1984, Vietnam (1995), Laos and Myanmar (1997) and Cambodia (2000), plus the five original members - Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore.
The only South-east Asian nation that has not yet been included in the regional club is East Timor. Sri Lanka is considered part of South Asia. "

the claims of the thai diplomat was never challenged.

moral of the story: nothing, just an isolated incident.

TropicalStorm said...

Some of you are in a 'back to square one' mode, treading the beaten path.

The reality is, the war is on. Like Velu said at the outset, it is THE Final one.

And like the hilarious drunkard Anton Balasinhgam once said when he was backed by India, 'there's nothing to discuss.

There really is nothing to discuss.

There never was.

Unknown said...

Singapore government deivers what it promises. Hence they get voted back each time. Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world. Women can walk safely at night without the fear of being rapped.

Even Americans trust their children to take cabs in Singapore and not the States, its rather shocking.

Singapore's port and Airport were the handiwork of Dr Vijayretnam. He is of Sri Lankan origin.

Singapore Finance minister is of Sri Lankan origin. Tharman's father shamugeretnam is also a famous medical proffessor. He has made the Singapore dollar one of Asia/Worlds Strongest Currencies.

SS Retnam contributed greatly to Singapore by giving Asia its first test tube baby through the In-vitro fertilization process in 1983

Singapore First Acting Commissioner of Police was ThuraiRajah, his daughter Indranee is a MP today.

Philip Jeyeretnam was the youngest law society president in Singapore. His father was the first oppostion MP in independent Singapore. They are a long list of Sri Lankans who have served in the legal proffession in Singapore.

V.K Rajah for example, his father was AP Rajah, Singapore's first speaker of parliment, is today the highest

Unknown said...

V.K Rajah is the judge of appeal, singapore highest court.


Rajaretnam was a minister in SIngapore. He was given a state funeral which even 2 ex presidents did not get. He was considered lee kuan yew's right hand man. The only time Lee Kuan Yew did not sit/head on the party's selection committee for MPS was when his son todays singapore PM was selected. The person heading it was rajaretnam.

As a minister unlike Sri Lanka, he cannot make his own decisons. He would have acted in Thailand on behalf of the cabinet. Asean at the time was an unimportant group as the countries were improvished. Hence I concur with x-man that Sri Lanka probabily turned Asean down intially.

Asean was too fragile to take a shaky partner like Sri Lanka later on. Asean was intrested in growth, Sri Lanka was intrested in destroying herslef.

Unknown said...

Moshe said that the chinese had to do alot for Singapore sucess, I agree. In 1965 when Singapore got independence till about the 80s, most top goverment servants including the miltiary, police in Singapore was dominated by non-chinese.

English was made the official language even when most chinese had no knowledge of the language. Lee Kuan Yew told the chinese people their people had to develop and till then wait. Singapore Armed forces commander was Kripal Ram Vij a UPwallah. 3 of his 6 commanders were Sikh Cols. Hence it was a situation were the minority had control over the military.

This was after 3 race riots till 1969 where hundreds of chinese and Malays were killed. Yet the chinese went along with a minority controlling the armed forces. Ofcourse they were Indians but the fear would have still lingered on whose side they would lean in times of troubles. Luckily their beliefs were safeguarded in 1969 (riots were Started in Malaysia thanks to the ruiling alliance losing badly), 4 years after independence.Most police/army officers were still Malays, Indians ect.

Most top government servants were Sri Lankans, Malayalees and Eurasians(Burghers).

Most university proffessors were also not chinese. Hence it took at least one generation before chinese started appearing in numbers into the government departments. It was after that the commanders of the various services became chinese as well as proffessors.

When a Pro Sinhala attidute is taken by politicians in Sri Lanka as well as a Pro Malay attidute was taken in Malaysia, instead of chanelling the energies to improving their people's lot, the politicians looked inward, came up with discriminatory policies and branded their own people as being handicap.

Today the Malays are breaking away from the attidute as it has not helped them. Their same kin in Singapore are economically more sucessful then them. When challenged by Singapore previous PM that Malays for example owned more mobile phones ect to their Malaysian counterparts, the Malaysian politicians could not speak up.

They had wasted the oil wealth for uneccesary expeditures and looted it for themselves. Even the petronas towers is the brainchild of Sri Lankan origin Annada Krishnan. Malaysia first Navy Commander was Sri Lankan origin.

Singapore welcomed the Brahmins particularly tamil brahmins who left india thanks to discrimitory policies there too. One such story is chandran who took chemistry because he could not do medicine and ended a big oil mogul and settled in singapore.

In which country can a minority have so many cabinet(an important) post. Singapore government has akways been pragmatic, so have the people. Singapore elcections may not be fare but from where the country was to where its now, its difficult to not understand why. http://www.cabinet.gov.sg/CabinetAppointments/index.htm

Singapore suceeds becuase it exploits talent is whathever color they come in. Sri Lankans do very well till today in Singapore and so do the like of Bhojpuri people like Mustaffa.

Sri Lanka can too, people are more informed today. They should work towards breaking the old emotional bonds that hold them.

Moshe Dyan said...


agree with you, la.

in similar vein, the first general of the sri lanka army was a tamil by the name anton kumasaaru(??).

in my view, adopting crony capitalism as in singapore or malaysia is the way out for SL. their version of capitalism is about 'inclusiveness' than a dog-fight. agressive govt. investments that were managed profitably generated jobs, forex, profit & MOST IMPORTANTLY MORE CAPITAL!! that way ppl in those countries became INVESTORS than CHEAP LABOUR.

SL was HISTORICALLY a capitalist country. it is not difficult to go back.

however, in terms of democracy, media freedom, etc. it will be impossible for SL to go backwards towards sing or malaysia.

Jaya2008 said...

Interesting Article:

LKDOOD said...

War after the fall of Vidattalthivu - Col. R. Hariharan


wijayapala said...

Dear Navindran,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

"Today the Malays are breaking away from the attidute as it has not helped them. Their same kin in Singapore are economically more sucessful then them. When challenged by Singapore previous PM that Malays for example owned more mobile phones ect to their Malaysian counterparts, the Malaysian politicians could not speak up.

"They had wasted the oil wealth for uneccesary expeditures and looted it for themselves."

My understanding is that Malaysia and bhoomiputra in particular have been cited as success stories. The Malaysia example was successful enough that JR hoped to use it as a model when he came to power in 1977.

Moshe Dyan said...

Thank God for the safe return of the Madhu statue.

GOSL did it's part and of course the LTTE also did its part.

however, there was a clear difference in how GOSL acted on the whole episode than before. it was the HIGHER aggression of the govt that won us both the church and the statue. had the govt followed what meekly CBK did, SLA would have gotten neither and lost gound too.

when 2 kids are fighting for the same thing, mom or dad would give more concessions to the most aggressive and uncompromising kid (normally the younger one).

during CBK's time it was the LTTE, now the govt. this is VERY important in the theatre of psychological warfare. if extortionists, hijackers and terrorists know who is the boss, they crumble.

SLA capturing almost all the mannar parish area also helped. but still tigers would have defied kasippu joseph and taken the statue elsewhere. they couldn't bcos of the uncompromising stand of the govt.

it is believed that the path the statue travels will be peaceful. it was proved in 1974, 2001 and now in 2008. SLA liberated the relevant area already!!

god helps those who help THEMSELVES!!

Unknown said...

wijayapala, the bumiputra system is a failure. In 1997 when the financial crisis hit, the malays bussiness went down. JR is a faliure that there is an LTTE today. He also epoused being like Singapore. 30 years in Sri Lanka is nowhere near.


The worst part that Mahathir is so "Pro Malay" that he forgot that his grandfather was a Malaylee immigrant. The very people he discriminated that led to the Indian awakening that led to the ruiling coalition losing 2/3 majority and 5 states.

After the people have changed the ruiling UMNO (the Malay party) still do not realise their people have changed.

Unknown said...

Moshe Media freedom in Sri Lanka is a joke today. In Malaysia and Singapore the media was curtailed because newspaper articles which were racially charged were one reason for the race riots.

However again political thuggery led the way there. Likewise, all communties tried to help each other during that period.

Due to the bumiputra system, crony capatilism arrived. In Singapore there is virtually no crony capatilism. Lee Hsien Long's wife runs temasek and yes she gets a million dollar salary at least. However the chairman of temasek is dhanablan. Its 160 billion dollar asset is build from scratch in 1965. its Singapore foreign reserve. Tata

Temasek Holdings is an Asia investment house headquartered in Singapore.

With a multinational staff of more than 300 people, we manage a portfolio of over S$160 billion, or more than US$100 billion, focused primarily in Asia. Our total shareholder return since our inception is more than 18% compounded annually. We have a corporate credit rating of AAA/Aaa by Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s respectively.


Unknown said...

Apologies Temasek is the pension fund. GIC below is the foreign reserve. Since our inception, we have grown from managing a few billion dollars, to well above US$100 billion today. The Singapore government does not reveal this but estimate that its about US$150 billion. Hence in total about $300 billion US dollars from scratch.




“There is a powerful intellectual democracy in Temasek
that appeals to me. Like in cricket, we each have the
opportunity to shine within our roles, but working closely
together with a common purpose to benefit the team
as a whole.”
Ambrish is passionate about reading and cricket. It is the skill and teamwork
required in cricket that makes the sport most engaging to him.
Ambrish Sukhani
Director, Investment
Country of Origin: India

Moshe Dyan said...

"Moshe Media freedom in Sri Lanka is a joke today."

true enough, la. but SL cannot follow sing or malaysia's media laws; they are too harsh.

OK i shed "crony". was used to emphasise a point and it went awry. my bad. what i wanted to say was a system where the state is also involved in investments like in the 2 countries (HOWEVER) devoid of political influence.

sing is the better example.

perein said...

A very good reading available via below ...

"The LTTE leadership has ordered that every civilian below 50 years of age and children above 10 should undergo military training and then go to the battlefront The LTTE still does have large quantities of explosives (C4 and TNT). At the moment, even children are forced to help in the manufacturing of ‘johnny’ mines.....

Moshe Dyan said...

"The LTTE leadership has ordered that every civilian below 50 years of age and children above 10 should undergo military training and then go to the battlefront"

that means we can sort out both the terrorist problem and the ethnic problem in the battlefield.

very clever tigers.

Peter said...

What would Arabia do for cheap labour if SL began diverting 20 percent of public spending from military to education? Probably the only country in the world that allocates a fifth of public spending towards getting its youths murdered and/.or maimed.

Had Malaysia refused independence to Singapore, would either of the countries be half as successful as they are today?

wijayapala said...


"Mahavamsa was written for a medieval audience."

I don't exactly see what the Mahavamsa has to do with this conversation, but if you would like to discuss it then I am game. From my experience, the pro-LTTE Tamils in the diaspora know next to nothing about either Sinhala or Tamil history, so I hope I can educate you on this topic.

The Mahavamsa had been an important text for *all* Sri Lankans before the colonial era, equally as much for the Tamils as for the Sinhalese. So much so, in fact, that the Jaffna kings claimed common ancestry with the Sinhala king Vijaya to back their claims of being the rulers of Sri Lanka (as opposed to merely the N-E as per Tamileelamist fantasy). The Mahavamsa clearly had a Tamil audience until fairly recently, when Tamil politics began to encourage ignorance.

"As did the French and English fought when Germans tried to invade France and England."

You sure know how to pick bad examples (another unfortunate example of Eelamists' poor grasp of history). The American and British allies in WWII fought thousands and thousands of miles away from their homes against the Japanese and Germans. After their conquest, a large chunk of the French sided with the Germans against the Allies. The Axis powers never landed troops in the US or UK. From 1944 onwards, the German Nazis were fighting in their "homeland" against the Allied "invaders." So if you really want to use WWII as an analogy, the Sri Lankan forces are closer to the Allied powers, and the LTTE is closer to the Nazis (which makes sense given the unhealthy obsession with the "Leader"/Fuehrer Prabakaran."

"What is Lokubanda from Hambantota doing, fighting people born and bred in Jaffna? What are the other 40,000 odd Sri Lankan troops doing in Jaffna?"

They are fighting against the LTTE which sends suicide bombers and other murderers to the South. There was no SLA in Jaffna prior to the LTTE, so you can thank the LTTE for bringing the SLA to Jaffna.

"How are the Sri Lankan soldiers deaths justified to their mothers and/or widows who may have never, ever even stepped foot in lands where their kids are fighting and dieing?"

It is more justifiable given that they have fought voluntarily against the LTTE, quite unlike the LTTE's child soldiers taken away from their parents forcefully and the "granny brigade" civilian auxiliaries.

"What impact does Tamil Eelam, have on Sri Lanka? How would a family in Kandy be affected by those in Trincomalee being able to self govern?"

Because even the most ignorant Sinhala villager knows what will happen if you allow a hostile and fascist LTTE state to be created in the N-E. Even if the LTTE gets a separate state, it will keep the island in a perpetual state of war to justify its existence.

I will answer your other points later, although they go along the same lines.

Peter said...

“So much so, in fact, that the Jaffna kings claimed common ancestry with the Sinhala king Vijaya to back their claims of being the rulers of Sri Lanka”

If that is what you have been taught in the name of ‘history’ then carry on believing so. As a Tamil, I can say that we relate in no way whatsoever to the Mahavamsa.

The American and British allies in WWII fought thousands and thousands of miles away from their homes against the Japanese and Germans.

I am having to requite myself: “As did the French and English fought when Germans tried to invade France and England.”

Emphasis: “French”, “English” and “when Germans tried to invade France and England”.

WWII was initiated by German attempt to occupy other people’s homeland. This included the actual occupation of France’s landmass from May 1940 and an air superiority campaign over Britain, with intent to invade.

“They are fighting against the LTTE which sends suicide bombers and other murderers to the South.”

When was the first LTTE attack in south? When did Sri Lankan soldiers enter Jaffna?

“There was no SLA in Jaffna prior to the LTTE, so you can thank the LTTE for bringing the SLA to Jaffna.”

There appears to be a serious need for you to be aware of Sri Lankan military history. Read up on the history of Elephant Pass and Karainagar military complexes; if that helps.


“LTTE's child soldiers taken away from their parents forcefully and the "granny brigade" civilian auxiliaries.”

Hmm, so you tell them that their voluntary adult men just didn’t have what it takes to fight against abducted children and grannies?


Because even the most ignorant Sinhala villager knows what will happen if you allow a hostile and fascist LTTE state to be created in the N-E. Even if the LTTE gets a separate state, it will keep the island in a perpetual state of war to justify its existence.

Perhaps the keyword there is ignorant. By your argument no country would have gained ‘independence’ form an occupying force; the occupier could have always claimed that the ‘resistance’ force would need to maintain ‘perpetual state of war to justify its existence.’

san said...

"Had Malaysia refused independence to Singapore, would either of the countries be half as successful as they are today?"
malaysia is a big country and singapore is very smalla area(smaller than colombo district)
have you seen LTTE's eelam map?
tamils are only 1/10 th of the whole population in srilanka,majority of tamils living in colombo and it's suburbs. only 200,000 lives under ltte areas many of them don't like ltte administration
Best thing is to do as how government did in the eastern province
Now we are eleminating all the Ltte Mafia/TERROR end of next year government going to do elections in the north and wanni then all the problems resolved

Suranimala said...
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Suranimala said...

koti peter . Please answer to my question . Do you believe in tamil nadu history?

GoldenEagle said...

The reason the Mahavamsa is so reviled in the LTTE and their diaspora community is because it is hard for them to spread their version of Lanka's history when such an ancient text exists. Most LTTE'rs believe in the LTTE's version of history which is mostly propanganda to strenghten their claim for Eelam. Opening a world history book in any Western or non western country and reading what it has to say aboutLanka's history is like kryptonite to them. They hate it.

Sure the mahavamsa does have some exaggerations in its text (ie: warriors uprooting palm trees with their bare hands and using them as clubs in battle), but the timeline of events and incidents described is almost 100% accurate even when you compare it with the archeological evidence of the country.

Bhairav said...

What is Mahavamsha? Is it porn magazine?

Suranimala said...

Koti bahirav said (What is Mahavamsha? Is it porn magazine?)
It shows the knowledge of all ltte supporters.:)))
Didn't you study anything?Really didn't go to a school ?

Jambudipa said...
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Unknown said...

"but the timeline of events and incidents described is almost 100% accurate even when you compare it with the archeological evidence of the country."

that's one thing ltte pooperheads can't logically argue over and ever win with :)

Rover said...


Nice going.

Golden Eagle,
"LTTE's version of history which is mostly propanganda to strenghten their claim for Eelam.

Propaganda is one of the things that had prolonged the survival of the LTTE.

Yes, the propaganda techniques that LTTE mostly use for denigrating Mahavamsa is "repetition" and "appeal to authority". They try to repeat their version of the idea until the % in the population with the erroneous idea is greater than the % with the correct idea. LTTE cleverly use the technique of "appealing to authority" by citing prominent personalities within their community and giving bogus stats/figures.

Any historical document has exaggerations. Let me know of a single Hindu religious/historical text/document that does not have exaggerations. We could have a field day with Ramayana, but we understand the time/mindset of people living in that era, and respect it.

Bhairav said...
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Bhairav said...


Are you girl? If you are girl, lets get together and knock some boots. By the way, bring the porn magazine, mahavamsha, so that we can experiment few of its stuff.

Mala is one of Tamil girls' names.

Unknown said...

I dont see any importance in knowing Suranimala is a he or a she..
Whats in it for you?
I have seen much better comments from you.
But seems you are also starting on to the path of Kuttu & Shayam...

san said...

unconfirmed reports from wanni says yesterday vezapillai got a sudden heart attack.WOW!

Snake said...

Had to come out of lurker mode to say that you are walking into a minefield with that request for knocking boots with Suranimala!!!

FYI the 'a' at the end is pronounced like 'er'(the british pronunciation not the american)

Its same mistake that the indians make with names like Jayasuriyaaa, Aravindaa

LOL, well it would be nice to sit back and watch the fireworks!!

I see that Su had already started!!!

Unknown said...

" bhairav said...
What is Mahavamsha? Is it porn magazine?"

well i got to say this to you Bhairav!!
we are talking about the book that has been written about the Srilankan history. and you are talking about a porn magazine in which the pornstars are a lady called Bhairav's mother and Bhairav's sister. the poor shemale who acts as the male is an idiotic eezamist called Bhairav.
who the heck do you think you are to call the 'Mahavamsha' a porn magazine???? i really thought that these LTTE idiots know something about the history of the land that they are fighting for. I surely wish that a White van is on its way to you!!!!!!!!!
go to hell and stay there with your porn magazine!!!!!

Bhairav said...

[I dont see any importance in knowing Suranimala is a he or a she..
Whats in it for you?
I have seen much better comments from you.
But seems you are also starting on to the path of Kuttu & Shayam...]


Do not be jealous. I showed my interest on you earlier, but you only wanted to flirt with DN and DW, so I let you pass.

perein said...

"unconfirmed reports from wanni says yesterday vezapillai got a sudden heart attack.WOW!"

Where did you get that info?

Unknown said...

Hey Guys,
In welioya Front,
Nithyakaikulam tank is under Army Control !!
Any News about this?

I dont want your Interest in me...
I have seen you with more INTELIGENT posts.Thats what I have said.
What would eventually be your Harvest is What you have Cultivated...

Bhairav said...

Bit news!

EPDP arranged a dinner party in downtown Toronto, a head cost about $140 and 400+ showed up for the event- Not bad dinner for traitors!

Every year Douglas Devananda brings about few dozen folks to Canada from SL on his visas, and all those folks seek asylum in the end. No wonder why he walks to bank with a big smile daily.

Bhairav said...

Byte news!

Govern lobbyists on their heads to stop the Pongu Tamil event in Toronto, so they already informed Canadian law enforcement authorities regarding the possible venues and suspicious groups. Surprisingly Tamils booked the unexpected venue under innocent Tamil Canadian citizen name who turned out to be friend of my family friend, for this event within 24 hour notice to avoid any possible external factors, 75,000+ folks showed up. Given circumstances, it was a slap in the face for govern lobbyists.

Bhairav said...

megabyte news!

According to some folks, mahavamsa is a porn magazine. This controversial findings will take center stage in DW in coming days. Stay tuned for more findings!


Jambudipa said...

Dear Buaahriav,

Surprisingly Tamils booked the unexpected venue under innocent Tamil Canadian citizen name who turned out to be friend of my family friend, for this event within 24 hour notice to avoid any possible external factors, 75,000+ folks showed up

What was the objective and the measurable results you have obtained from ANY pong Tamil events for the last few years?

Kithul said...


it's over to you to put a stop to this mahawamsa drag on

Suranimala said...

Bahirav .doent matter I am a girl or boy . first see who you are :)) I am sure that majority of ltte supporters not belonging to any of these genders . your words says your view about all the females in this world .
If you don't believe mahavanshaya just tell me what historical book do you believe ?Don't tell me just we know .show us acceptable resource for your tamil ellam . do you know the correct meaning of the ellam?:))))

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