Monday, September 22, 2008

The ball is in LTTE's court

The Sri Lanka Army is now 3km south of the Kilinochchi Town Periphery. They entered the general area Kokavil two days ago. Troop operations have been parallel to the A-9 in order to encourage civilians to use the highway to escape.

The gratitude for reaching Kilinochchi has to fall on 1 Special Forces and the 57 Division's battalions who have provided yeoman service to the operations from day one. The daring operation launched by 1SF supported by 3GR and 4SR on the 15th of this month resulted in the capture of an area west of Akkarayankulam Tank before the Tigers could extend its trenchline upto the A-9.

The Tiger strategy was to draw the Army into a long drawn out battle right upto the A-9 thus prolonging the advance of troops and also cutting off the A-9 for all civilian movements by making it unsafe. The surprise attack was planned and executed by one of the most highly capable military minds in the Army--Major General Jagath "Chula" Dias. 5 out of 6 LTTE teams inducted into the area from Muhamalai and Nagarkovil were decimated in the attack. It was another huge blow to the Tigers.

The Tigers have no trenchline from beyond this point now. The trenchline was navigated in such a way that the defences will soon become useless as the Army advances have now effectively bypassed it. But the 58 Division is still engaged in attacking the trenchline at Vannerikulam and are moving its troops along the trench, thus keeping LTTE cadres occupied.

Kilinochchi Town is an area roughly around 7km2. Once the Army penetrates the town's periphery a free passage will open-up for civilians directly from Kilinochchi to Vavuniya, provided that the LTTE allows such freedom of movement. In effect, the 57 Division, spearheaded by 1 Special Forces is like the key to opening the floodgates of civilians seeking safety from war.

Troops have, at all times, maintained at least a 1km distance from the A-9, thus keeping the battles away from the road and the road free of dangers for civilian movements. This is true from Omanthai upto Kokavil through Mankulam. However, the Army is poised to breach the gap and reach the A-9 as soon as it is required to rescue the civilians and transport them to Vavuniya for safety.

A team from 1 Special Forces and 3 Commando also commenced a recce with orders to launch surgical strikes at an LTTE buildup at Puliyankulam. This area was used as a launching-pad for attacks on the Vavuniya Airbase and SFHQ.

Both the 56 Division operating east of the A-9 and Task Force 2 operating as holding divisions have been ordered to be vigilant of this build-up which is acting as a deterrence against civilians escaping LTTE clutches. Already, some 35,000 civilians who attempted to escape have been held against their will by these units.

The Army, though taking calculated risks has put the ball in the LTTE's court. The forcible detention and blocking of refugees from escaping to safety have all been at the LTTE's initiative and not at the initiative of the Army. The longer the LTTE blocks civilian movements the more pressure it will face both internally and externally.


Sandun Dasanayake said...

Thanks DW for updating us about the latest situation.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update DW.

සිසිර කුමාර said...

Thanks for the update!

Gringo said...

[The longer the LTTE blocks civilian movements the more pressure it will face both internally and externally.

As far as I'm concerned, LTTE is checkmated.... Something that was long... long past due!

This is the ideal time to drop leaflets telling the civilians to rise up against the LTTE barbarians....

How about a monetary reward for
each dead LTTE terrorist?

Stage 2 of our mission? Hmmm.. that is to harvest the Tamil terrorist pigs from their jungle hideouts and cook alive...

Sri Lankans... your lunch is ready!

lankaputhra said...

thnaks DW.

Do you know anything about plane engine SLA found in Nachchikuda ?

Maverick said...

Thanks DW for the update.

Go Lions Go...Whole nation is indebted to each one of you for all the sacrifices you've all made.

Just 3km to go...You're almost there...Take maximum precausions to safeguard yourself and innocent civilians.

LTTE won't be able to block civilians from leaving their shit hole for long...Once civilians start see and feel that the end of their sufferings are around the corner, they'll start rebel agains the fat ping and his gang.

Dilan said...

I have been followng the DW for couple of weeks now. I see lot of jubilation and cheering and rightfully so. Also lets not forget we have to take everything in stride and prepare for what will be a long drawn out guerrilla hit and run type of situation. I think SLDF learnt so many lessons (some of them so bitterly) over the years and developed our own methods and tatics for jungle warfare and now we see the results of that. SLDF can call itself one of the best at that. Likewise we will have to adopt ways to protect what we achieved with minimum damage to civilian population. We are beginning to see this trend in south-east with hit and run type attacks.

Also we are very good at forgetting or even demonizing SLDF members for cheap political reasons. We saw that at millenniumcity case and with many other instances. Only the leaders and boys in front deserves respect for all this. Mahinda may have enabled this but that is his job. Lets hope everybody have the presence of mind to realize that they are not just statistics but people who have invested their whole future for all of us.

Lastly, we have lost close to 20,000 members of SLDF and about the same or more on the LTTE side over these many years. These are the best mother Lanka (although some followed the wrong path) had to offer. So let us all make it a point to not to allow this to happen again.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Thanks DefenceWire.
Gringo Happy to see you here.

Dilan said...
" Likewise we will have to adopt ways to protect what we achieved with minimum damage to civilian population. We are beginning to see this trend in south-east with hit and run type attacks. "

SLAF got Migs
SLN making state of the art boats.

now Dilan must start a white-van(sudu-van) factory..please

then, everything goona be alright.

lankaputhra said...

Karuna Speaks:

Dilan said...

if everything is going to be alright with white vans, so be it.

Lets think a little bit about it. I'm sure with the valiant efforts of our heroes these major operations will be completed with all the accomplishments. There will be a time when there are no more killings and bloodshed. But then do we choose to live eternally in a militarized country with checkpoints and restrictions on life (like Israel) or share whatever we have and live with human dignity. It may be a future decision, but it is something that we all have to make.

After all we are fighting this evil menace to bring peace to the country, don't we?

Corey said...

What is really happening in Sri Lanka today is that a blood thirsty racist group led by some misled Tamils called LTTE is terrorizing against the Government of Sri Lanka and its people irrespective of their ethnicity with an intention of carving out a separate state. There is no conflict as such between Sinhalese and Tamil communities in Sri Lanka. In fact, the majority of the Tamil community lives in peace and harmony among the Sinhalese population through out the country apart from the Northern part of Sri Lanka. The entire Sinhalese and the Muslims population who lived in the Northern area for centuries were either killed or chased away completely by the LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists. At the moment, not a single Sinhalese or Muslim is living in Jaffna, but, many thousands of Tamils are living in Colombo in peace with the other communities. Based on 2001 census, the Tamil population in Colombo district is 12.1% (see 2001 census). So, who is discriminated ? Tamils or Sinhalese? Do you need more evidence ?

TropicalStorm said...

Along with the by-passing of the trench line, the SLDF need to target the heavy earth moving equipment before they can be moved further back. Similarly, hit the LTTE cadre manning the trench line by small teams from behind.

The trench line itself can be made into a kill zone for the LTTE defendersby inducting hit tems behind the enemy lines.

This is good tactical thinking.

Dilan said...


Point well made... I think that is the exactly why we won the international community and made them to ban LTTE in so many countries.

[But] I have to say that Tamil population is highly localized in the south to few areas around Colombo. While we have been compassionate and accommodating of other ethnicities, it is clear that Tamils don't feel all the comfortable living in others areas and so do we in Tamil dominated areas. So the question is how can we go beyond this point? I sincerely hope that as the LTTE is defeated and our mutual understanding grows situation will ease itself.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Thanks for the up-dates DN! All the best for SL Forces and may all u return safely to ur loved once after done the good deeds!

Boys, I am raped by the revolution of Black Tigers had s@x before getting killed.

If u guys remember it was none other than AmmaGahai who first pointed-out that (5 x Female and 5 x Male) Black Tigers had a s@x romp before getting killed by SL AF on my MasterCard advertisement!!

Another thing AmmaGahai pointed out earlier was that LTTE guys are suffering from “Premature Ejaculation”!! Lot of proof coming out these days that VP is suffering from “Premature Ejaculation” very badly.

As u guys noticed, recently SLAF bombed few of the Brothels VP frequently visited in Wanni but some how missed to hit VP.

Seems like we are getting correct ground intelligence as soon as VP go inside the Brothel but by the time Super Sonic Jets get off from Colombo and reached Wanni VP already had emptied his wrinkle-bag and left the Brothel!

Can Mosh/Katti or some one good with defense things tell me how many seconds/mints will take a Mig 7 to reach Wanni from Colombo?

My guss is it is under 3 mints!! So, inside 3 mints VP take off his Pajamas, take off Gona cloths and Bling, Bling, empty his wrinkle-bag, put pajama back and off to Pejaro!!

Quicker than his legendry gun dismantle/assemble timing anyway!! Ha ha ha

Seems like every body in LTTE having s@x these days! Nothing wrong with that anyway! If I know I am getting killed tomorrow then ofcoz I’ll hump anyone and anything near me!!!

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks DW for the update.

"The trenchline was navigated in such a way that the defences will soon become useless as the Army advances have now effectively bypassed it."

i suggested this first!! (excuse me for letting out the kid in me).

obviously SLA figured it out themselves and that was good work. doing it is more difficult.

Moshe Dyan said...

amma gahai,


average speed at a safe altitude=1,400
average travel distance=300-350km
time=approx 15 minutes

for 300km at the max speed (at higher altitudes) = 10 minutes.

so it is between 10 to 15 minutes.

F-7 or J-7,
average speed = approx 1,800

to make 350km, time= 12 min
300km at max speed= 9 min

between 9-12 minutes

all numbers are averages. maximum time can be anything. it takes a minimum 9 minutes.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Moshe: Thanks mate! So , I was on par???? Lol with in 3 to 9 mints. Ha ha on a good day max 5 mints then???

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Inside of a Twisted Mind: Praba… Part 2 –

Continuing from Part 1 (Credits, Romance, Mahathaya & Amman story) …. Quick flash back : I went to Wanni to get a one-on-one with VP as I didn’t like the book “Inside an Elusive Mind” and VP looked well and fat and eating very well and he had a “Suicide Case” massaging his legs….

Premadasa Killing:

According to Pottu, after seeing Premadasa’s wife on TV few times, VP got horny and had a crush (she was not bad for her age if anyone remembers and there wasn’t any LTTE girl to match her fair skin, big Ars@ and the R@ck so can’t blame VP too much).

One day when Premadasa called VP for a quick chat, VP said : Preme … u got a BOMB down there ha?? Send the BOMB to the jungle and I’ll lie-down my weapon! “

Premadasa being a modaya misunderstood this and sent a truck load of bombs and weapons to Wanni! VP got so pissed-off on top of horny lost his cool and called his paper delivery man who was a “Suicide Case” and sent to Colombo on his paper delivery vehicle/bicycle. The rest well documented.

Chandrika Story:

On the time when Chandrika first float in to politics (when she was bit young), just like any other “Over 28” guy in Sri Lanka VP got so horny and start doing “Monkey Business” in and out of the bunker. According to Pottu, he got enough CCTV footages from these days to prove that “Prabakaran is a W@nker”!!!!!

So, every time VP sees Chandrika and her Buriya (belly button) on TV he gets shaking and wants to kill Lalith and Gamini to impress Chandrika. Once Chandrika became President, VP called her:

VP: ahhh Thangachiiii….. kohomada?? Buriya eliyeda??? mawa mathakada??? I kapeesh Lalith and Gamini for u!!! Soooo, Wanna come to the Jungle??? I’ll lie-down my weapon!!!

Just like a typical hot women, with out missing a beat Chandrika said:

Chandrika: “Fcuk-off u fat pig! Unless I am hallucinating, there is no way u gonna fcuk me” and winked @ Sana boy! Sanath Gunathilaka ofcoz!!!!!

VP got so humiliated he sent partially blind “women Suicide Case” to kill Chandrika.

Why got Pissed-off with Mahinda:

After few “Wanni Specials” or “Liquid Dynamite” as some call it (AKA Kassippu) VP got bit vocal.

This was my last question : Why did u get pissed-off with Mahinda??” VP took his gun off the hip and seems like he is getting bit agitated and said :

VP: Look at Mahinda bugger… not much different from me! He even looks like me!!! Only different: he is better looking, tall, fair skinned and been to the school… big deal!!! But, why I got really pissed-off with him is …..bugger married a “Miss Sri Lanka” and I … I….I…..ggrrrrrr … BAAANG!!! VP shot his own foot!!


P.S. LTTE di-ass-pora, don’t worry about VP’s foot. Actually he missed the foot and hit the “Suicide Case” who was massaging his leg !!! ha ha ha! Yes, I was lucky “Suicide Case” wasn’t wearing a vest. Yes, “Suicide Case” survived and he lived to die in another day for VP! Sad ha? Yeh…. that’s fcuking life. When you sleep with a dog, u’ll wake up with fleas!!!!

Susai is the noticeable absentee and I learned that VP sent him to clean the pool.

“poosary @ the kovil” have asked VP to name his son starting with letter - C - and so he named him after “Charles of UK” and now worried he will never get the crown just like “Charles of UK”. And also to name daughter starting with letter – D - and he want to name her Diana after Diana 0f UK ofcoz. Now he is glad he didn’t and me too!

4 x “Imaran Pade” guys: letters are with Norway guys and they will send it to u soon with some money and thanks for the support anyway.

Moshe Dyan said...

amma gahai,

5 min @ 2,100 (paddle to the metal) goes only 175km.

vanni is a bit further from KAB. bunker pigs are in DEEEEP vanni. safe to take the minimum time as 9 or even 10 min.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Dear Dilan:

"Lets think a little bit about it. I'm sure with the valiant efforts of our heroes these major operations will be completed with all the accomplishments."

for sure, and it is true...

but by the time we accomplish peace and harmony with these tamilians....our brave brothers are long gone...

so keep up the fight...keep the engine going.

at the end who will Inherit the earth Arms Dealers...

Political Observer said...

The move to take the area between the two irrigation tanks below Killi on the A-9 is brilliant. Bravo SLA!

While there is much to cheer about if one is sick of the LTTE, there is much to worry about too.

1. The re-resort to mobile tactics by the LTTE is just about to begin. They are busy removing the guts of the Killi phase of the Eelam dream as they empty their offices of their "capital". Now they will resort to the most barbaric of actions, inlcuding the massacre of whole villages.

2. The political will in Colombo to come up with meaningful devolution has decreased. The 13th amendment provides little power to the provinces, and giving such large entities more power is not a great idea either, for obvious reasons.

3. The international community, particularly in the West, will have double standards of expecting a clean campaign against the mobile version of the LTTE, even when these cadre will carry out the most barbaric of crimes.

Winning the ground war so far on fixed targets required the political will and military cohesion within the forces and within the state and between the two: key man Gothabya Rajapakse.

All this allowed the Long Rangers and the military historians to write... Now, the hard part will begin. Now paying the Thamils to rat on the LTTE will not work, like in Iraq with the Sons of Iraq, as this is a different conflict altogether.

The next phase, should it come, will harder, as the choices are all political, and then there is the sagging economy for which none of the elite in Colombo will do the right things like the Brits did during even the Blitz.


Moshe Dyan said...


good points. to add to them......

there are 2 DIFFERENT phases.

1. the real meat-grinding war which will commence after capturing kili. tigers have "tactically withdrawn" from EVERYWHERE and trapped into the mulaitivu area. SLDFs will have to HARVEST them as NEVER BEFORE!!

2. the political solution "war"

no. 1 above need LESSER political stuff. it needs MORE (MORE THAN NOW) firepower, brutality and violence.

no. 2 above need no large scale SUSTAINED violence but needs A LOT of political stuff.

putting politics TOO MUCH into no. 1 is DISASTROUS. (putting too much VIOLENCDE into no.2 is also same).

this is a REAL concern. IF we had FIRST concentrated on mula (than kili) then these phases would have worked in clock-like precision.

after capturing LTTE's political capital, GOSL will be pressurised to replace LTTE 'POLITICS' (they didn't have it but the stupid idiots in the IC thinks so) with ALTERNATIVE politics.

they should NOT do it until the meat-grinding operations in mulativu is OVER. however, they can do what can be called "unofficial devolution". jaffna, etc. is managed by EPDP, etc. through "unofficial devolution". until elections, TMVP managed the east through "unofficial devolution".

this "unofficial devolution" has "police" powers too!!!!!!

after the mulativu op.s are over, officially GOSL can unvail a solution process.

IF GOSL put the "HEARTS & MINDS" thingy b4 war, then it stuffs-up BOTH. simply ppl will demand that the BEST thing GOVT can do to win their hearts and minds is to STOP THE WAR!!! TF it should start later when the dust has settled. until then "unofficial devolution" is good.

Unknown said...
Malaysia questions preferential treatment of Malays

Analysts and some employers say many graduates from UiTM and other state universities that have quotas favouring Malays simply cannot compete for the best private sector jobs and either swell the ranks of the civil service or the unemployed.

"UiTM has been politicised. It reflects years of providing a crutch so that Malays cannot compete on a level playing field," said Bridget Welsh, a Malaysia expert at Johns Hopkins University.

"It is time for the Malays to take a step (towards a multiracial approach)," opposition leader Anwar said, throwing his weight behind his political party's proposal to open up 10 percent of UiTM places to non-Malays.

Anwar, himself an ethnic Malay, was returned to parliament in a by-election after a decade-long absence. Despite pledging to end ethnic-based affirmative action programs, he romped home in a constituency that was largely rural and Malay.

The government, fearful of losing power, and UiTM have balked at the plan, with the university galvanising its students to march on the streets waving pro-Malay banners.

Malay newspapers have condemned plans to open up the university, with one quoting a Malay leader warning of a repeat of the 1969 race riots between ethnic Malays and ethnic Chinese and Indians which left hundreds dead.

Lifting ethnic restrictions on the UiTM student body might be a small step towards resolving the woes of modern-day Malaysia, critics of affirmation action believe.

Meanwhile, Malaysia has fallen completely off the list of the world's top 200 universities in 2007, according to a ranking by London's Times Higher Education Supplement and Quacquarelli Symonds.

Looks like at least some countries are waking up to the realities, when will Sri Lankan politicians do that.

N said...

Dear Corey,

‘What is really happening in Sri Lanka today is that a blood thirsty racist group led by some misled Tamils called LTTE is terrorizing against the Government of Sri Lanka and its people irrespective of their ethnicity with an intention of carving out a separate state. There is no conflict as such between Sinhalese and Tamil communities in Sri Lanka. In fact, the majority of the Tamil community lives in peace and harmony among the Sinhalese population through out the country apart from the Northern part of Sri Lanka. The entire Sinhalese and the Muslims population who lived in the Northern area for centuries were either killed or chased away completely by the LTTE Tamil Tiger terrorists. At the moment, not a single Sinhalese or Muslim is living in Jaffna, but, many thousands of Tamils are living in Colombo in peace with the other communities. Based on 2001 census, the Tamil population in Colombo district is 12.1% (see 2001 census). So, who is discriminated ? Tamils or Sinhalese? Do you need more evidence ?’

Thanks for the excellent short & sweet analyses of the real situation. This is one of the best I’ve ever seen, thanks again.

wijayapala said...


I don't care much for anti-Tamil racist crap that springs up in these blogs every now and then, but you don't exactly help things much when you resort to similar language.

I haven't yet met an LTTE supporter who could defend his views without eventually pulling out his hair and bleating expletives. Why don't you try to prove me wrong?

"If the LTTE was fucking around it wont be as successfull as it is now."

Why don't you tell us what the LTTE has succeeded in doing for the last 2 years? Has life for the average Tamil got better or worse over the last 25 years?

"by capturing Killinochi do you think GoSL going to solve the problem of Srilanka?"

You are correct that simply capturing Kilinochchi will not end the war. But then, this war from the beginning has been less about simply annihilating the LTTE than deflating the LTTE. It has been a very long time since I've seen any press articles about the LTTE's "de-facto state" and losing Kilinochchi will not reverse that trend.

The Fat Ass of the Wanni once said that the road to Tamil Eelam is like a pada yatra- it is a long journey which requires periods of rest and activity. We could turn that argument around and say that the SLA is embarking on its own pada yatra in the the ithayabhoomi, and Kilinochchi is just one rest stop on the path to shoving Fat Ass's fat ass into the ocean.

"this wont be solved by any fucking Srilankans until you all realise what damage you have done to the country and its people."

I agree that we all need to open our minds, get rid of racist thinking, and focusing on rebuilding. I think we'll have a better idea what damage has been caused after we're allowed to tour the Wanni and see for ourselves.

"dont comment on this blog with your fucinkg broken English."

The next time you comment on someone's English skills, you should remember to use the proper apostrophe mark for contractions (don't) and spell verbs such as "fucking" correctly.

"we will never let down the LTTE or the tamils living in north and east of the country."

Sorry to rain on your parade but so far it seems you have let everyone down by sitting at home and writing on these blogs instead of growing some balls and joining the battle in the Wanni.

"we will be with them till death."

Whose death- yours or theirs?

"How many leaders you have seen in the past 25 years you dick head. now uare licking Mahinda's arse.before you all tasted Chandrika's pussy.after 2010 there will be another dick head in Colobmo asking you all to lick again and you all will be happy to do that. isn't it?"

Yes, this is called democracy where one leader replaces another by election every several years. We don't have the luxury of having one Thalaivar/Fuehrer to concentrate our "ass-licking" on. When Thalaivar is dead, whose ass will you lick?

Unknown said...

Amma Gahai/Gahawi,

awsome stuff mate! had a good laugh! part 2 is better than part 1 i think.
looking forward to see more stuff like this from you

Jambudipa said...

po and moshe,

The LTTE hierarchy is unconventional in the sense there is no strict command chain. Its command structure has a lateral spread as opposed to long deep hierarchy we are used to in the military. Vezha lives in the first tier and bulk of the power is in the second tier in the hands of "Colonels" and "Special Commanders". The "Colonels" work independently and their roles and tasks aren't really governed by organainsation wide policies or long term goals. To give a few examples, few ceasefires were broken by Colonel Karuna amman which seemed to be unilateral decisions. There did not seem be any endorsement by the orgainsation although they all went along with it. Then theres Poddu and Soosai who are essentially independent warlords with their own intelligence and fighting units.

The re-resort to mobile tactics by the LTTE is just about to begin.

If and when LTTE breaks up, the danger remains one of these warlords go underground with their autonomous groups and once ready start fighting again. The mobile phase of LTTE may probably be one or two remaining "colonels" running amok with their carders.

This is where the law-and-order system of the country must kick in and and take over from the military. The bulk of the work will be in the hands of regional police units back up by STF. The success of handling this phase is governed by how effective the police becomes handling law-and-order. The police therefore must be a strong incorruptible unit that is able to work independently without any policial interference with the judiciary.

Unknown said...

Well seems that small ltte group in YALA has fired upon the SLDFs..

A soldier is said to be injured & taken to hospital.

Mosquito bites continues...
But has to be CAREFULL...

Nihara said...

Amma Gahai/Gahawi

hey man!!
what an ending to your story.( Or does it still continue?)
Enjoyed every bit of it...!


Rana said...

Iqbal Atha is a triator who is slinging mud to defence forces to demoralise our brave soldiers. All patriots must avoid reading his articles and boycott Sunday Times and Lankadeepa.

Unknown said...

Thanks DefenceWire for the update :)

Moshe Dyan said...


our fears are CONFIRMED!!

and i'm sure the writer of the article in TN reads DW & DN.

we (i) SUSPECTED that the term THAMIZ EEXHAM is used to BULLSHIT the world that tamils in SL are different to tamils in tamil homeland (tamil nadu).

we guessed right.

there is a new article in TN by that same AKAZAAN which i bashed here a few months ago. BTW his correct name should be akalan.

he says,
"The instances cited above imply that in the earliest available Tamil usages the word Eezham not only stood for the geographical identity of the island but also denoted the ethnic and cultural identity of the Tamils coming from that island, differentiating them from the Tamils of the mainland."

what fcuking bastards are these tamilnett toilet cleaners???

in their fcuking logic, tamil nadu is the homeland of tamils BUT thamiz eezham is the homeland of thamiz (SL ones) who are different!!!!!

screww thamiz eezham to such an extent their zeds become els!!!!!!

Sithsala said...

Here are the links to what Moshe is talking about


TamilNut - Anonymoused

Boneheads that couldn't eat their own words are trying to justify Thamizh Eezham.

'Thamizh Eezham is a geographical as well as political term. It indicates the geographical regions belonging to Tamils in Eezham, the Tamil homeland in Eezham and the political goal of nation state aspired by the Tamils of Eezham.'

Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jambudipa said...

Hela - Ela - Elam - Eelam - Ezham

In Tamil script there is no 'H'. Without the 'Ha' phoneme, Tamils pronounce Hela as Ela. The term 'Ela' then evolved into Eelam.

Hela - Sin(hela) - Sinhala
Hela - Sinhela - Ceylo - Ceylon

Hela (Sinhala) is essentially anyone who lives in the island that have embraced the language and culture. Therefore, technically a Tamil, Malay or Moor is a Helaya as long as they can speak Sinhalese (not exclusively) and have embraced some cultural aspect that is unique to the island.

Unknown said...

These Eelamists made an atronomical cock up by using "ilam" as the name for their dream land, which, actually means the "land of the sinhalese".

Looks like now they are trying to cover their nudity with a letter "z".

PHANTOM-X said...

Dilan said...

[But] I have to say that Tamil population is highly localized in the south to few areas around Colombo. While we have been compassionate and accommodating of other ethnicities, it is clear that Tamils don't feel all the comfortable living in others areas and so do we in Tamil dominated areas.

My commnet...

If we take a country like Australia, many Sri Lankans have chosen Melbourne as their second home, in singapore you get a place called little India, In U.S.A and allover the world there are China Towns where Chinese people is the majority. In Sri Lanka you get Wallawatte and Kotahena.

so whats the big deal...?
that is happening everywhere not only in Sri Lanka.

Mohammed Zubair said...

The SLA is at the doorsteps of Kili and Tamilnut is blabbering on about the etymology of Eelam, what great timing.

lankaputhra said...

Inside Sri Lanka: Part 3 of our invesigative series
Stewart Bell, National Post
Published: Monday, September 22, 2008

TRINCOMALEE, Sri Lanka -- Supreme Commander Pillaiyan has spent most of his life wearing the jungle camouflage uniform of the Tamil Tigers.

He joined the guerrillas at age 16, angry at the hardships faced by Sri Lanka's Tamil minority and the rough way they were treated by the country's armed forces.

But four years ago, disillusioned with the Tamil Tigers' longtime leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, he was among thousands of guerrillas who defected to the government side.

He now wears a beige safari suit and black loafers and serves as Chief Minister of Sri Lanka's Eastern Province, although he still answers to his nom de guerre, Pillaiyan.

In an interview at his ultra-secure headquarters on Trincomalee harbour, he said that Tamil Tigers supporters in countries like Canada are misguided and should stop sending money to the separatist rebels.

"A lot of these people who keep shouting ‘we want a separate state' are not aware of what the conditions are here," said Pillaiyan, whose real name is Sivanesathurai Santhirakanthan.

That view was echoed by his former commander, Colonel Karuna Amman, who also left the Tigers to help the government.

Colonel Karuna said money sent from abroad to help civilians in guerrilla-held areas was routinely used to buy arms. He called Canada the number one source of external income for the guerrillas, followed by Switzerland.

He said while Canadians might believe the money they send to Tiger-controlled areas is being used for humanitarian aid, Prabakaran uses it all to buy military hardware instead.

"They use all the money for the war," he said, the first senior guerrilla to speak publicly about the Tamil Tigers' reliance on cash from Canada. "They didn't give anything to the people."

The money from overseas feeds not civilians but a procurement network that buys weapons, often from former Soviet countries, and ships them to the island, he said.

"They have a lot of money. They bought many ships for smuggling arms," he said. "Diaspora people, they don't understand what is happening in Sri Lanka."

Trincomalee is a northern industrial city with a deep water harbour and long white sand beaches that were hammered by the Asian tsunami of December 26, 2004.

The city sits at the top of the Eastern Province that encompasses the coastal fishing villages along the warm Indian Ocean. While many in the east are Tamils, there is also a large Muslim population, unlike northern regions such as Jaffna, which are almost exclusively Tamil.

This used to be Tiger country.

It was part of the crescent-shaped swath of Sri Lanka where the Tamil Tigers controlled territory they envisioned would become part of their independent state.

All that changed in 2004 when Colonel Karuna, who was the eastern commander of the Tamil Tigers, defected to the government and took his 6,000 rebel fighters with him.

It was a devastating loss for the Tamil Tigers. With Karuna's departure, the guerrillas lost the entire eastern branch of their territory.

It has also cost Karuna; he is almost certainly near the top of the Tamil Tigers' list of assassination targets. To interview Karuna, the National Post was taken by van to a secure location in Colombo.

Colonel Karuna is a controversial figure in Sri Lanka. He only recently returned to Colombo from the U.K., where he was briefly imprisoned for entering the country on a fake diplomatic passport he says was supplied by Sri Lankan officials.

Britain deported him this summer, although human rights groups had urged the government to charge him with war crimes. His faction is allegedly responsible for murders, abductions, intimidation and child recruitment - allegations he denied in the interview.

Karuna, who spent 22 years in the Tigers, said he broke with Prabhakaran in a dispute over Norwegian-brokered peace talks. Karuna thought there was a good deal on the table but Prabhakaran wanted to restart the war, he said. So Karuna announced he was leaving.

"He got angry with me, but he's a very angry person," he said. "I told him, ‘I don't want to fight with you, we are brothers and sisters.'"

Nonetheless, clashes soon erupted between the northern and eastern factions of the Tigers. The Sri Lankan military and Karuna's faction of ex-Tigers teamed and cleared the eastern province of rebels. Today the region is in government hands and development projects are underway.

Karuna has since formed the Tamileela Peoples Liberation Tigers (TMVP), which in addition to being a paramilitary group, registered itself as a political party.

When the government called a provincial election in the east in May, the TMVP fielded candidates and fared well enough that one of Karuna's commanders, Pillaiyan, was appointed chief minister.

"Prabhakaran had no political vision," Pillaiyan said in an interview. "If the Sri Lankan Army hits, he wants to hit back. He really relished hitting back, fighting, rather than thinking politically, where do we go from here?"

Pillaiyan knew where he wanted to go. He not only abandoned the rebels, he also entered politics. That a former child guerrilla is now in charge of one of Sri Lanka's most needy provinces has unnerved some. But others see it as a sign of hope that Tamil rebels can abandon the war and pursue their goals through other means.

Pillaiyan, who has a Grade 8 education, said he was among a group of about 130 youths who joined the Tamil Tigers in the eastern city of Batticaloa at about the same time.

In 1993, he was sent north to the Wanni for arms training. He spent the next four years with the rebels in Wanni and Jaffna before returning to Batticaloa, where he spent a year before going back north in 2000.

His idealism began to wane when he noticed that guerrilla cadres from the east were doing most of the hard fighting, while northern Tigers like Prabhakaran seemed to stay safely away from the front. "There was this feeling among the cadres in the east that they were being used as cannon fodder," he said.

In 2002, the Tamil Tigers entered into a ceasefire agreement with the government, but Pillaiyan said Prabhakaran simply used the lull to prepare for the next round of war.

"The LTTE members of the east, since they had sacrificed more cadres, they were not keen on another fight and they felt the leadership was not leading them to any worthwhile point," he said.

The east is no longer an active war zone but it has problems. Although a legitimate political party, the TMVP is still an armed faction with a militia that carries AK-47s. The TMVP has also been accused of election violations, forcible conscription of children and abductions of opponents.

In addition, the Tamil Tigers have re-infiltrated fighters back into the east to attack TMVP supporters and security officers. Earlier this month, the Tigers bombed Trincomalee using a small aircraft.

But the Tigers appear to have bigger problems than Karuna and Pillaiyan right now; an aggressive military advance has them backpedalling in their northern stronghold and possibly close to total collapse. Should the Tigers fall in the north, the government says it intends to replicate there what it has done in the Eastern Province: clear the region of any remaining guerrillas, hold elections and begin development work.

"We will restore democracy, as we did in the east," said Palitha Kohona, the Sri Lankan Foreign Secretary. Funding for reconstruction and rehabilitation will quickly be made available, he added. "The goal is to give the young an alternative to violence in mosquito-infested jungles."

After that, the government will try to address some of the long-term problems by giving the Tamil-dominated regions more autonomy, he said. "The idea is to devolve as much power as possible to the provinces."

Just how much power can be a touchy subject: Tamils have been subjected to decades of repression under Sinhalese-dominated governments and want some degree of autonomy; at the same time, hardline members of the country's Sinhalese majority want to keep a strong central government and do not want to hand Tamils a de facto state.

For the moment, Pillaiyan has more practical matters to deal with like what to do about the thousands of former Tamil Tigers fighters struggling to adjust to civilian life.

"We have one major problem. That is how to take care of the cadres and their families...because not all of them have an education," he said. "The highest priority has to be given to that because they also bought into this."

Another priority: resettling the thousands of families displaced by the fighting. On top of that, abductions and disappearances remain "a very serious problem for us," he said.

Pillaiyan believes if he can succeed in the east, Tamil guerrillas will realize there is a better way, but he holds out no hope that Prabhakaran will surrender his dream of a Tamil homeland called Tamil Eelam.

"Prabhakaran will not give up his thought of a Tamil Eelam. So long as Prabhakaran is there he will always want people to believe that he can deliver Tamil Eelam, and Tamil Eelam in his vision includes the east as well."

But he believes the Tamil Tigers are almost finished, bottled up in the north, having lost 60% of their territory and running out of fighting men and women.

"He can't go on like this because there is a limit to the manpower that he commands," Pillaiyan said. "Just by shortage of manpower he will lose."

lankanews said...

Heavy fighting irrupted in Kokavil,Mankulam,Akkarayankulam.
41 LTTE carders killed. 10 bodies recovered.

Katch said...

Any news about Mankulam?

PHANTOM-X said...

yeah...B Raman is a loser...!!! My father is a kapuwath kola type UNP, so he buys all the shitty papers (Sunday Leader and Irudina),This B. Raman charachter is the official Defense annalist of Irudina. I get to read the translated version of this assholes annalysis. As you know, these papers are against our troops and Lasantha Wickramathunga will not hire a man who will praise our troops.

IntelAttack said...

"differentiating them from the Tamils of the mainland."

Difference = Less brain factor compared to Tamils of the mainland.!

How can India become their MainLand if they are a different ethnic species! :)

mulathiev TARZEN said...



Ammapaaaaaaa, how fare yet to kilinochchi?
3km-DW, 4 1/2km--IQBALL at aas, 5km-defenselk,,
3+4 1/2+5+4 = 16 1/2km! bhudu ammoo prity close.. no!

Katch said...


Did a big guy go down in Mankulam?

Lankapura said...

Nice interpretation of Hela. I tried to promote the same thing before at DN, and was attacked by people who thought Hela should be tied to ethnicity. I think your interpretation is the way to move forward and the way to long-term peace.

IntelAttack said...


Yes. and 1 KM to ur place too! :D

Achilles said...

Supreme Sri Lanka Army Start Front in Muhamale
Watch video

Unknown said...

Has the avalanche started?

Apino Dannachess said...

Bless you Panhinda...for putting it very nicely.....fully agree with you

.....Hela (Sinhala) is essentially anyone who lives in the island that have embraced the language ......

You said it so well, and something I was meaning to write here.

This is the kind of thinking this country needs......

God bless the SLDF too....
ApiNo dannachess

Unknown said...

Sea Tiger's Passairei camp stormed and captured

What is a triangular bunker?

Vigilante said...
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Vigilante said...

Funeral of Lance Corporal Dissanayake.

click here

shay said...


The specialforce guy on LNP says heavy fighting has broken out on the Killi/Vavuniya front with about 70 kiled.

Any updates on the situation?

perein said...

Sri Lanka president in talks with Norway peace brokers..
any of you aware of this...

Vanni Tamil said...

Agreement to halt military operations in North? President meets Solheim –

Widana said...

Aney ammapa me Solheim karayata lajja nethi hati? Apey Ranil mama inna kale oota kochchara salakuwada? Dan ithin balu wela eth enawa sakachchawata!

kappetipola said...

Channel relief to North through Government - Sri Lanka to Norway

wow fantastic ! good PR skills . good point for this moment. thats the way screw LTTE back.

kappetipola said...

pulenthi ammaan

i seen it like Agreement with Norway to provide Main Battle Tanks + Sea Petrol Boats.

thats just the way it is. we know pain the pain in LTTE Ass. :))))))))

Unknown said...

Is Sri Lanka China’s Georgia?

September 22, 2008 at 12:00 pm · Categories: Colombo, English, Peace and Conflict, Politics | by Chithirai

Seven years after 9/11, we’re in between world orders.

And winds of systemic change grip all nooks of the globe: the overstretch of America, geopolitical quicksand which is the Middle East, the benign growth of Brazil and Japan, rise of China and India, resurgence of Russia, expansion of EU and NATO, petrodiplomacy of Venezuela, nonviolent nuclear politics of Iran and North Korea.

In this changing world order, for whom is the geostrategic asset of Lanka more important: China or U.S.-India? If Eelam IV’s end date pushes well into 2009, is U.S.-India intervention plausible?

World order changes imply a post-Bush II America, in addition to continuing its “War on Terror” in the Middle East, will seek to reinvigorate its engagement policy toward Latin America and South Asia to counterbalance the economic and political expansion of the China-Russia axis in Europe and Central Asia. Projecting American power in South Asia is likely to lead to increased U.S.-India engagement in Lanka. This engagement would test where the economic and political interests of China in Lanka stand in relation to those of U.S.-India. The nature of engagement would pivot on the status and optics of the military solution by year’s end. If Colombo’s “final battle” isn’t won by then, a protracted victory intersecting with U.S.-India engagement will internationally politicize Eelam IV in ways which will not reverse Colombo’s drift into Western isolation on the international stage.

Changes in world order, and great power dynamics in Central Asia, Europe, and U.S.-China, demonstrate a possible emergence of a post-2009 international climate incentivizing American engagement in Latin America and South Asia, and thus Lanka.

The world order is increasingly post-American. The Asias are rising in places and ways the West is not. Multipolarity has arrived, but it is incipient, rudderless. Three dominant features characterize the current world order transition from American hegemony to multipolarity.

First, the rise of new powers is flattening out the hierarchical orders which followed the end of World War II and the Cold War. The contemporary butterfly effects triggered by the overstretch of America on one front and the rise of China on multiple fronts is altering the structures of global power distribution such that the historical grip of the West, its aid, its arms, its human rights/democracy based conditionality underpinning intervention logic has been loosened in the Developing World. This effect is most pronounced in the Afro-Asian region, in part due to its distance from, and ineffective or disinterested engagement by, the main political centers of power in the system: America, China, EU, Russia. (India is a regional political non-player, operating within U.S.-China geostrategic competition). Momentarily liberated from what was a U.S.-led neoliberal order, Afro-Asian states, like Lanka, have been able to seek new economic and political alignment in between the old world order led by America and the new emergent one heralded by the rising Asias.

Second, the space between world orders there is an evident vacuum of global leadership. Global leadership, vision, authority, and power have become diffuse, de-centered. This departs from the ideology-guided orders of American-Soviet bipolarity and post-Cold War American hegemony demarcating the eras flanking the fall of the Berlin Wall. America led globally in the post-Cold War world. Now it is overstretched. In the post-America vacuum, no rising power has stepped up to lead.

The attendant redistribution of political authority in the system has been unable to marshal global consensus on global issues. Recent examples are: EU’s Lisbon Treaty and Ireland, global nuclear non-proliferation policy (India, Iran, North Korea), collapse of the Doha rounds, the defunct Kyoto protocol and post-Kyoto framework talks, Darfur’s genocide, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay, energy and food security, climate change and global warming, humanitarian responses to flooding in Bihar and Haiti and Burma, Russia’s invasion of Georgia. Global leaderlessness contributes to the international community’s non-engagement in Lanka’s war vis-à-vis its humanitarian dimension.

Third, the political economic dimension of global power has progressively bifurcated. In the transition to a new order, the world is increasingly defined by political unipolarity and economic multipolarity. Political unipolarity lingers from the shadow of post-Cold War American hegemony. Economic multipolarity has emerged due to globalization, the decline of the West, and rise of the rest.

The trend of economic multipolarity is particularly visible since the American hyperpower’s post-9/11 response and overstretch in Iraq and non-normative war. Since then, the international system has demonstrably multipolarized, with new centers of power emerging in the Developing World, namely: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Mexico (BRICSAM), and ASEAN.

Underneath the poles of BRICSAM plus America, Japan, and the EU are a subsidiary tier, reaching from Venezuela to Saudi Arabia to Iran to Turkey to Nigeria, and many states in between. This subsidiary tier contributes to China’s rise and the erosion of the American political order, by for example providing arms and aid to states - like Lanka - that have learned that Western isolationism in multipolarity is negated by the “China option.”

A post-Bush II America will try to reestablish American primacy upon the global picture described above, within an international system characterized by global leaderlessness, de-centered political power, and multiple emergent centers of economic power. Developments in three regions, Central Asia, Europe, and the U.S.-China sphere, will pressure America towards consolidating its influence in Latin America and South Asia to counter the dissipation of its power elsewhere.

In Central Asia, over the past several years, U.S.-Russia divergence and China-Russia convergence have increasingly supplanted U.S. influence in the region. China-Russia convergence enjoys bottom-up support from the Central Asian states which have leaned towards the China-Russia politico-security umbrella since the end of the Cold War. It has also been institutionalized. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), comprised of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), comprised of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, together form a multilateral tier of convergence. The SCO’s economic mandate, the CSTO’s political-military mandate as a post-Soviet security alliance, and the bottom-up support from Central Asian states, secures Central Asia within the China-Russia orbit, where American displacement of power is likely to increase as China-Russia cooperation does.

In Europe, American regional influence diminishes. Russia’s 5-day August invasion of territorial Georgia, though violating international law, was met with tepid international responses from America and the United Nations, ambivalence from Central Asia and China. In retrospect, the invasion and withdrawal conveyed Russia’s re-legitimatized paranoia that modern Europe’s changing Trans-Atlantic security architecture on some level still seeks to re-institutionalize Cold War bloc ideology in a post-9/11 world.

Also, Russian support of Abkhaz/South Ossetian independence could thaw other “frozen” independence struggles in the Caususes - Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan, Kabardino Balkariya, Tartarstan, Nagorno-Karabakh, Transitrei. However, the Russia-Georgia crisis had little to do with self-determination, and much to do with Western encroachment in Russia’s backyard. From post-1991 to present, Russia has witnessed progressive Westernization of the post-Soviet European space. This includes: the post-Cold War democratization of the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), the post-2003 Flower revolutions (Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan), the 2005 American supported regime changes in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, the Eastward creep of post-Cold War NATO (Albania, Croatia, Georgia, Ukraine), the expansion of the EU (Croatia, Ukraine), international support for Kosovo self-determination despite Belgrade-Moscow opposition, and recent agreements to place American anti-ballistic missile shields in Czech Republic and Poland to protect Europe and American allies from a nuclear Iran.

Russian resurgence and Western impulses to isolate Russia in Europe will in confluence continue to polarize and consolidate exclusionary U.S.-EU and Russia-China alliances from Europe to Central Asia, steadily displacing American influence on the continent.

In the U.S.-China sphere, China is displacing American influence globally. Containing China’s multi-pronged projection of multidimensional power remains enigmatic to the West. And aware of American pretensions of containment, China has been smart in its growth model. It has created a financial architecture outside of the Bretton Woods system, relying predominantly on hub-and-spoke bilateral agreements, instead of being tied down in Western created multilateral frameworks. It has built alliances with Russia, Germany and the EU, Asia, East Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Iran, India.

Furthermore, China’s maritime power is encroaching on America’s along sea lanes connecting China to energy resources in the Middle East and Africa. China has built a “string of pearls” through infrastructure projects, provision of military modernization, and diplomacy, extending territorially from mainland China to the South China Sea’s littorals, to the Indian Ocean, to the Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf littorals.

In the Indian Ocean region sensitive to Lankan security, between the straits of Hormuz and the Straits of Malacca, the string of pearls links ports in Pakistan’s Gwadar to Lanka’s Hamabantota to Bangladesh’s Chittagong to Burma’s Sittwe. China’s investments in Africa are also likely to lead to coastal bases on the continent, to further diversify energy supply routes for its growing economy and energy needs.

However, China’s Indian Ocean presence may become problematic. For American maritime interests from Hormuz to Malacca, the “string of pearls” could mature into a noose of energy dependencies held in China’s palm. By 2030, BRIC economies are expected to eclipse the rich economies of Europe and North America, which will stress energy security equations of every status quo and rising power. While the global media fixates on diminishing American credibility and the Iraq/Afghanistan/Iran conundrum, China is economically crowding America out of Africa, the Asias, the trans-Pacific, and Latin America.

Overall, the overstretch of America, rise of China, and broad-based multipolarization of the global economic system has created a global leadership vacuum within the international system. The political economic developments in Central Asia, Europe, and within the U.S-China sphere, have in aggregate, weakened America’s influence globally. Since America will likely seek to re-establish its primacy and leadership role in the system, this trend makes Latin America and South Asia viable candidates for the re-projection of American power in the early months of a new Obama/McCain Presidency in 2009 to counter diminishing U.S. dominance in China-Russia spheres of influence.

America can project power elsewhere, but these regions have fewer impediments. Latin America is attractive because it’s in America’s hemispheric reach, with only Venezuela to isolate, and an eager ally in Brazil, the world’s 5th largest economy. South Asia is attractive because U.S.-India convergence would feed off China-India regional competition, making the projection of American power, directly, or via India, sustainable and in American and Indian self-interest. The recent U.S.-India nuclear deal and smaller developments like the Hindu-Muslim riots in Orissa, flooding in Bihar, if a pattern, are harbingers of a future bilateral climate conducive to cooperative efforts in global issues such as counter-terrorism and climate change.

Consequently, increased U.S.-India cooperation in South Asia will increase the probability of U.S.-India engagement in Lanka. If the Tiger’s defensive war and Colombo’s scant regard for human rights persist to 2009, a U.S.-India axis impelled to consolidate influence in South Asia via Lanka to balance the China-Russia factor in Europe and Central Asia becomes more probable. Because U.S.-India engagement would arise from great power competition more than political considerations towards Eelam IV or human rights, issues of Colombo’s acquiescence and Lankan sovereignty would be rendered peripheral.

U.S.-India would likely engage upon an anti-GoSL anti-LTTE platform promoting human rights and counter-terrorism, while endorsing that the protection of international humanitarian norms trumps sovereignty in certain cases. This plausible future is inherently dubitable. But a post-Bush II America will search for ways to re-establish itself as global leader. In this regard, the Lankan case is evocative for U.S.-Indian intervention which would also send a global message apropos Chinese expansion in South Asia.

Whether China will protect Colombo in this scenario remains unclear. The direction of Lanka’s human rights record, from the UNCHR rejection to the Defense Secretary’s recent request for removal of NGOs, INGOs, and the UN from the Northern theatre, is less so. Whether or not U.S.-India will engage, Eelam IV and its human rights albatross will likely qualify Lanka by 2009 as a place for U.S.-India engagement on humanitarian grounds, even in violation of Lankan sovereignty. U.S.-India engagement policy with Lanka would also test whether states like China, Iran, and Pakistan, will support Lanka not only in aid and arms, but also politically, in standing up against powers like the U.S., India.

America abandoned Georgia when Russia invaded.

What will Beijing do if U.S.-India engage on the island in 2009?

Is Lanka China’s Georgia?

Or is the China-Lanka alliance more than just an economic, military, and geostrategic marriage of convenience?

Dilan said...

To my comment to corey, phantom-x said:

If we take a country like Australia, many Sri Lankans have chosen Melbourne as their second home, in singapore you get a place called little India, In U.S.A and allover the world there are China Towns where Chinese people is the majority. In Sri Lanka you get Wallawatte and Kotahena.

so whats the big deal...?
that is happening everywhere not only in Sri Lanka.

That is a very natural phenomena and thank you for pointing it out. As you rightly said it is not a big deal at all.

Minorities all over the world like to live together with their own people. However, in countries in the west they choose to do so because for them culturally it is easy to live among their own. If they choose to do so they can live anywhere they want without any fear or feeling second class citizens because of the language or other factors. In western countries who promote immigration, social integration has a big emphasis in government agendas, so as to alleviate any possible rifts between highly localized homogeneous communities. If you think about the big picture in Sri Lanka isn't it the core concept of this "tamil homeland" bullshit?

Unknown said...

and you think you can actually win?

many more will rise up until you resolve the root course...

remember, LTTE started off with only handful of men...

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

yea..ya.yaa..u can win we can win...

however here is the reality:

wanni operation 22nd September 2008 තවත් එල්.ටී.ටී.ඊ මුසලයන්ගේ සෝහොන් හමුදාව යටතට Watch

Unknown said...

Hi all LNPers,

I have some sad news. It is revealed that Thivya (Vadivel Thivya, 23) of LNP has died in Jaffna. Please see the notice below. No wonder she cannot participate anymore at LNP.

May she attain the ultimate bliss of Eezzam.

Jambudipa said...

Lankaputha and Apino.. cheers.


Write to British Labour Party here

I wrote;

Re: Sen Kandiah

Mr. Kandiah quite rightly highlighted issues related to HR issues in Sri Lanka. He condemned the Sri Lankan government but stopped short of condemning LTTE. Cruel and deliberate attacks on civilians by LTTE whom he is associated with being a member of BTF (British Tamil Forum) a front organisation of LTTE is no secret. There are many Labour members who have suffered at the hands of LTTE from all sides. As I said before, please highlight rights issues. However, take a balanced stand as the Labour party owes it to EVERYONE from Lankan background who have been loyal and voted for it over many years.

If he feels Tamil people of Sri Lanka require a political solution, he should have demanded that LTTE comes forward and accept a political solution from the Sri Lankan govt. All he did was to make excuses and rationlising violence as a means of solving problems. I don't think his stand is compatible with Labour values or policies.

Gringo said...

moratu saman...


Ado kaavaian...

What you ate in 1983 won't help you to stand up today... look at what's on the plates of the LTTE dogs TODAY... and scatch your balls.

Admit it... the fat pig-ass you worship miscalculated the tolerance, smlies and patience of the great Sri Lankan nation... and their determination when the chips are down.

Still in doubt? Then get this from the horse's mouth...

The LTTE only left behind cemetries for the Tamil Speaking Sri Lankans. - Karuna Amman.

he he he.... 'Tamil' cause?
Only over the dead body of the 'Sri Lankan' cause.

Unknown said...

Norway again,

This is what we call Kapanna bari atha imbinawa kiyala.Ane ammapa This bloody Vikings no shame.Some or otherhow they want suck the things out.

Thank you.You have explained it well to real.

What is this nilavan's world order crap.I think all ealamists gone crazy.One day they are trying to teach about terminology to Brits and creat some words to Oxford dictionary and making new history.Wow you ealamists with complexity. Same like Germans with Adolf Hitler during WWII era.

We are feeling sorry about you guys.Look at Norway.They realise what's happening.

Haha keep going.

ravana said...

hi all after long time...
just got the news...7 blaack tigers arrested from the hill country..even the two handlers.there are so much tey were of the best news to VP.
mean time SLAF hit to LTTE int. center shot evry other thing than the pottu and daya.unbelivable shot.recent uav's shown the place its like manhatten after the 11/9 atack.its vanished.
will update the story if i had the time

Corey said...

Dear Panhinda,
Please send this to the Labor Party. being in the US, I cannot register. It keeps asking for a postcode, and wont accept mine.

What is Really Happening in Sri Lanka Today?

A blood-thirsty racist group led by a group of Tamils called the LTTE is terrorizing against the Government of Sri Lanka and its people, irrespective of their ethnicity, with a purported intention of carving out a separate state that they can ‘govern’ according to their whims.

The truth is there is no conflict as such between the Sinhalese and Tamil communities in Sri Lanka. In fact, the majority of the Tamil community (which consists of 18% of the total population), live in peace and harmony among the Sinhalese (74%) and the Muslims (7%) throughout the country, apart from the Northern part of Sri Lanka.

The entire Sinhalese and the Muslims population that used to live in the Northern areas for centuries were either killed or chased away by the LTTE. At the moment, not a single Sinhalese or Muslim is able to live freely in Jaffna due to the fear of being killed in one of the ever-frequent ‘ethnic cleansing’ rampages by these terrorists.
However, many thousands of Tamils are living in Colombo in peace with the other communities. Based on 2001 census, the Tamil population in Colombo district is 12.1% (see 2001 census).

So, who do you think is discriminated? The Tamils, or, the Sinhalese? Do you need more evidence?

Sri Lanka:
According to the 2001 census ( ):
• Population: 19.7 million
• Sinhalese population: 74%
o Sri Lankan Tamils (not including the Northern Province): 4.3%
o Indian Tamils (not including the Northern Province): 5.1%
• Estimated total Tamil population (including the Northern Province): 18%
• Muslim (Moor and Malay) population: 7.0%
• Others (Burgher etc.): 1%
• Sinhalese and Muslims currently living in the Northern Province: 0%
• Tamil population living in the South: 12.1%

Political Observer said...

"Signs are the LTTE is planning for one last massive push before the Army breaks through to Kilinochchi. A number of counter attack teams have been assembled under LTTE leader Lawrence in the general area Akkarayan. Fighting could start any moment now between these teams and the 57 Division."

I had noted in my first post here that the LTTE would attempt a massive attack targeting a division, with the intention of blunting the SLA thrust, and turning things around.

The above quote from the DW confirms this.

I am especially concerned with the LTTE's attempt to blunt the 57th Div.

This is the key division so far that has been the vanguard of the SLA fight. They have been effective in ways many did not anticipate. I believe these are the same spearheads that took Vakarai: doe anyone know?

It is crucial that the SLA preserve its Special Forces components of the 57 Div ASAP. Using them on a defensive formation is not wise at all, they are best when moving forward, and such gallant men should never be put in harms way when the odds are stacked against them.

By the above, I mean moving the 57’s spearheads out of harms way and letting the regulars deal with it.

However, it far better to let the LTTE thrust forward and not lose SLA personnel at all. By properly preparing the ground for a phased full back, the forward moving LTTE cadre can be decimated.

(I did not see evidence of this sort of thinking at Nachchikuda, where the young men were left to die in the trenches, which is just unacceptable. I can understand the loss of 10 men to a surprise counter attack, but when dealing with mobile mortar units, the commander must pull the men back, as controlling land is not the focus.)

Of course we expect the usual cover from artillery and the SLAF's Mi24unit. I would be careful with the Mi 24 units as they LTTE will be using its entire inventory of anti-aircraft weapons in the coming fight.

I hope the SLA will also consider innovative tactics here. I think forcing the LTTE to hold a line at Killinochchi will provide the SLAF with a sitting line again that can be systematically decimated with the 120mm-155mm guns.

I would like to see the SLAF give the LTTE the line they desire, by pulling back. Once they achieve the objective of pushing the SLA, they will have their propaganda story. So be it. However their story without SLA bodies will be hollow.

In addition to pulling back, I would suggest using the entire wing of SLAF bombers on night raids on the gathering points. I would expect that the terrain is mostly jungle, though it is hard to tell with google maps, with the particular area not provinding the resolution they will have.

If there are civilians in the area still dropping leaflets will help move them away.

I watch with great concern.


TropicalStorm said...

The success of the SLSF comes from their offensive capability. Our guys have never been too good at holding ground, but are brilliant on a roll. The people who lead these ops are maestros at the game and know the terrain quite well, are loaded for bear and backed by total govt writ.

While it is too much to expect for the LTTE to roll over and die overnight, their ability to mount a serious and sustained challenge to the strike force coming at them does not even exist in their own wildest dreams. This game is over.

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