Sunday, September 21, 2008

Civilians forced to stand in the way

A civilian crisis is looming in the Wanni as we speak. The LTTE is trying its best to retain civilians as a human shield as the Army was 4km south of Kilinochchi town periphery by last evening. The Army has reduced the pace of operations towards Kilinochchi Town and has so far withheld artillery attacks into the town area, even at identified LTTE positions for fear of hitting civilian settlements.

Mounting pressure could see civilians rebelling against the Tigers, eager to get out of harms way and the Tigers giving way to pressure from its own people. The Army believes that this is inevitable and that the Tigers may wage a house-to-house urban guerrilla warfare once the civilians leave. The military is however certain that eventually the guerrillas will have no option but to leave Kilinochchi themselves.

The Army estimates around 275,000 civilians are being forcibly withheld in the Wanni by the LTTE. Latest reports indicate that 35,000 of these, who attempted to reach government areas following a leaflet dropped by the SLAF are being forcibly held at Omanthai.

The Army, within the next few hours, will take control of the A9 highway at Mankulam and Omanthai, further south. If an indication is given by the LTTE to release the civilians in its custody plans have already been made by logistics units to transport them in batches to identified locations in Vavuniya.

Large tracts of land have been earmarked by the government in Vavuniya for temporary settlements to house these civilians and aid agencies and NGOs have been asked to provide care for them while the Army and SLAF bases in Vavuniya will provide the necessary infrastructure support to feed the IDPs. Some schools in the area maybe temporarily acquired to house these IDPs as the number maybe too large to house in a single location.

Given its previous experiences, the SLA, together with the police have made arrangements to register the IDPs systematically to ensure their protection as well as national security.
Sources told DefenceWire that the IDPs would have to remain in camps until permanently settled/resettled due to security threats. In our inquiries it became evident that such a move was inevitable.

Some of these civilians from areas south of Kilinochchi, Vavuniya north and Mannar District will be resettled first. But this too will take time time due to de-mining operations and other security concerns.


tata said...

I have no worries.
We have the expertise to handle this situation.
Afterall we've been doing it for the last 30 or so years.
Also we have the tsunami as an extra qualification.

Defence Column said...

Yeah.. The LTTE will have to give in to pressure sooner or later. The pressure has to be maintained without giving any single let off.
Hail Sri Lanka!

Defence Column said...

The United Nations said Sunday its offices in the rebel-controlled north of Sri Lanka had been looted after aid workers were evacuated last week.
Poor UN. wonder if was really looted??
Have a look.
UN says Sri Lanka offices looted

Mohammed Zubair said...

Another article by this crackpot. I wonder how much he gets paid by the Pro LTTE diapora.

mulathiev TARZEN said...
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Sam Perera said...


Brainwashed Seneviratne is somebody who should be ignored. Not having lived in Sri Lanka for 3 decades or more and getting his brain fried by LTTE propaganda, he is totally disconnected from ground realities. If anything comes out his speeches and letters, he is admitting his looser status in his homeland. I further believe that he suffers from an acute form of dementia. May he get another chance to see a terrorist free Sri Lanka.

Kithul said...


so the A9 is being taken finally and at Omanthai and Mankulam as DW says.


would it be favourable to the IDP's

Sam Perera said...


This is my personal opinion. It is all great to make sure that civilians are safe. That is the right thing to do. However, all these fine things should be done at no cost to my brothers and sisters who are ready to give their lives to save my homeland. I value my military brothers and sisters lives more than many things else.

Sam Perera said...


When the whole country except for LTTE terrorists is lined up behind the armed forces, some sorry full writers of “Sunday Leader” like Ranjith Jayasundera and Sonali Samarasinghe are doing the exact opposite. While Sunday leader and these senseless writers have all the rights to publish any garbage they like, they will be judge by the people of Sri Lanka under extreme negative light. The government need not to do a thing, just let these sneaks spew anti-Sri Lankan venom as much as they like in this crucial moment. People will judge and put them in their righ places, i.e. garbage bins of Sri Lanka history. However, somebody need to expose if these social cancers get any money from any anti-Sri Lankan sources.

BlackPanther said...

Dear Sam

We shouldn't worry about Sunday Leader because no one wants garbage. Garbage is always discarded.

IntelAttack said...

"Mounting pressure could see civilians rebelling against the Tigers, eager to get out of harms way and the Tigers giving way to pressure from its own people."


PHANTOM-X said...

I think Sunday Leader and Irudina get money from Norway.

PHANTOM-X said...

Writing anti-Govt comments is long as they dont write military sensitive or anti-Sri Lankan reports.
(1).They want the UNP in power and in the process they are writing anti-Sri Lankan, Pro LTTE reports. that is like killing your own mother...!!!

(2). International Media Awards...they will do any shitty thing to get an award or two.

This is a critical juncture so everyone should act responsibly...specially the media...!!! they have a huge role to play...

Unknown said...

How could UN says its Offices looted? What government asked them to do was bring everything to Vavunaiya.M....F.."s.They left many things and i am pertty sure they have shown it to LTTE bastards and asked them to wait till they reach Vavuniya.They must have given keys to this bloody LTTE fuckers or left the the offices unlocked.

This is what they have done for so many years.UN partial bastards you don't have balls.You IC cock suckers.We should have kick them out from the country.We are keeping you for some reasons. You bloody idiots thought you can control our country. Remember you cock suckers world is changing.

Your days also numbered.You wail till we start night bombing also.

What we have to do is hunt down every single LTTE m..f..'s unless they surrender. What King Dutugamunu( not fucking Mervin) did,we shoul not do.He liberated the country from King Elara,but end he didn't chase these blood suckers to India or kill them all.Doesn't matter even if it takes another 2/3 years.We have to finish them off.

And political solution sould be equel rights to all not for one race. And sinhala and muslims chased away from North and East should be resettled. Thesawalame law should be scrapped.Every one has a right to leave anywhere they want. If fucking Tamils can buy land/houses from south of the country, why not sinhala and Muslims cannot from north and East.

As i a;ways mentioned,we fought for our mother land for more than 3000 year.We can do another 3000 years. We have traitors like Ranil ponnaya through out our history. But brave bros/sis we are with you.I have seen the lion flap howisting in Jaffna. We can see it in Killinotchchi and Mullative. You bloody Tamils remember this if you want you can live with us peacefully or find anothjer place. Don't destroy this beautiful country.Remember this also Sri Lanka is the only country fed terrorists.

mulathiev TARZEN said...
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Thambapanniya said...

my problem is that this could be used by LTTE to their advantage to remove their cadres undercover out of Wanni in to GoSL held areas ?

and carry out attacks behind the lines? and disguise themselves as civilians?

isn't this a dangerous situation?

Prasanna D said...

checkout this lakbima paper head line (21st monday paper), do u know what kind of a meeting this is going to be?, and what would be the out come of this to the ongoing war?
im worried last minute they might f***** up the whole thing

Moshe Dyan said...


we knew this was going to happen a week ago.

although A9 will be cut-off from a certain point northwards, i don't think the stretch from omanthai to that point (may be kokavil or mankulam??) and the surrounding area will be taken by SLA.

but that will be a severe blow to tigers. as we discussed omanthai entry/exit as it is now has little worth for humanitarian op.s

as we were demanding the WHOLE stretch should be taken forcibly from tigers and FORCE another entry/exit further north.

its a good move. although UNEXPECTED, i was praying for this as you know. at least after the vavuniya attack this is happening!

Widana said...
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මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...


"moshi, ammapa umba nodanna deyak nehene? umba kiyana widiyata okkama karanan yudde melahata iwarai. hitapanko ranil mama aye awahama mama umbawa depens sacatri karanawa"


macho...umbay moleayth Echarama naraka naa..baun

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

now we'll have to make more paan cakes...Civilians are on the Way....

At the moment SLA and LTTE s are fighting in the same bunkers...which built by LTTE pangara Nattass.

4km to Mankullam - way to go brothers.


Jambudipa said...

If Kilinochi falls, would LTTE withdraw towards the East or the West? Sunday Times reports civilians moving towards the south east of Mulativu. LTTE always try to maintain a civilian curtain. This probably means LTTE abandon Poonaryn in favour of Mullativu. Mullativu is connected to EP over the narrow isthmus making one contiguous region. Their air assets and the last significant naval base in Chalai are also located in the East coast. They will make their last stand in Mullativu jungles.

What are the implications of this? Main components of their defence will now get relocated to the East coast. LTTE artillery at k-point, their military top brass and Special Forces will move to Mullativu making Nachikuda and above much softer. This also means, Pallai airstrip is now safe from LTTE artillery. Uninterrupted supplies and casualty evacuation is assured if northern forces decide to take on LTTE Muhmali-Nagarkovil defences. I estimate LTTE defences around Muhmali to be around 35-40% weaker than it was during last offensives. However, artillery threat remains and flanking opportunities are not there as with other areas. During the last offensive on Muhmalai, they had artillery around Sornappu few km south of Muhmalai.

59 at Weli-oya and 56 will need beefing up if they move bulk of their forces to the East. The performance of 56 in particular has not been that great. We need to consider if command can be given to someone more competent. Oddusuddan area coming under purview of 56 is one area we fucked up during Jayasikuri. Karuna of course was a major factor. However, we need to be extra careful since we don’t know if the terrain around there helped LTTE.

Nisal said...
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Nisal said...

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Moshe Dyan said...


welcome to the KILI-MULA debate.

LTTE's military capital was ALWAYS mula. kili was the political capital.

1. a LARGER area in mula was never captured by SLDFs/IPKF

2. #1 above made mula VERY safe for LTTE to have their immovable (and easily not movable) fortifications and assets.

3. even during the time of the surrender (2002-2005), LTTE guarded mula VERY WELL whereas kili was exposed. i have been to many areas around kili during that time many times (some with additional approval). but was always refused entry to the mula area.

4. all LARGE weapons shipments landed in the mula area FIRST.

5. if you analyse SLAF attacks, apart from CAS (and AS) missions and attacks on MORE 'administrative' targets, MOST other targets were in the mula AREA including mulativu, puthukudurippu, vishvamadu, etc.)

VoT, x-ray base (supposedly a medical facility), pottu's 'OFFICE', communication/IT centres, the OLD civilian airstrip were bombed around kili BUT weapons dumps, tamilchelva's hiding place, the NEW airstrip, sea movements, many leaders' gathering/hiding places, etc. were targeted in the mula area.

6. mula and surrounding jungles provide an ideal landscape for the LTTE. conventional, semi conventional and guerilla warfare are ALL supported by this terrain for the defenders.

7. tiger leaders have escape routes from mula than from kili. kili has no escape routes to real safety.

although more difficult i would have preferred mula b4 kili. but the way it is, almost all offensive div.s will be used to battle mula.

Defence Column said...

ATTHAS, How credible is he?
Culprits Beware

Jambudipa said...

touche moshe,

I suspect Mulativu area was special for them for a number of reasons. The protected bay in Chalai was a perfect landing point for weapons from far east. The thick jungle provides good cover for their underground facilities. Good access to northern and southern frontiers. Indeed, a key component of their attack of EP came from Mullativu over sea I believe.

We need to pull out all data pertaining to this area. i.e. how they defended and past mistakes we made etc.

One advantage I see for us is, they will not be able to take civilians with them into the jungle as a shield. In this respect, Mulativu will act as a good filter to separate civilians from the LTTE.

Moshe Dyan said...


any news about MiG-29s?????

TropicalStorm said...

US Defence establishment considers the SL anti-terror effort to be the first ever successful anti-terror operation in the history of conflict, according to a US military expert.

Needless to say, the level of military academic interest in the way it is conducted is being studied very carefully, by a number of nations.

The amount of detailed information available to them and the analysis being conducted was surpringly much more than what's generally known by the average Sri Lankan.

There's also speculation that the Obama campaign has been successfully infilterated by University based eelamist activists. Lkelyhood of an immediate ceasefire demand by a Obama led government is said to be very high.

Anonymous said...

Likelyhood of Obama going home also getting high.

Unknown said...


You are righr,Obama is not going to win.He made few mistakes,first and disastres one was dropping out Hilary as his VP.He didn,t realize all red neck Americans who are around Clinton going against him.If 2m out of 17m of Clinton votes goes against his,he will be history.

MIG 29's Hmmmmmm LTTE's night mare.Our boys had simulator and some on hand training on these powerful birds.It's a beauty.

Guys this time we are not going make the same mistake our great king Dutugamunu made.And for AId group, hmmmm don't think they are that stupid. You know if they try bulling us all remainig oil and mineral deposits will end up in our friendly Chinese hands. So do they want it to happen??????Naaaah Now they are having a meeting discuss how to avoid that. Specially Japs.
They want all our Paranthan and Pulmodai minaral diposits.
And still India s silant evev America is not dare much.

Don't worry guys. Be positive. Anybody wants to join me in Killi for a Thal ra and sexy Thangachchi. When this shit is over you are welcome.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Moshe is spot on Mulathivu - right on Man...

I have told this so many times and last week too...

I think / hope, our guys are already in Mula Jungle... we must drag all ltte suckers to that place... like Panhinda saying...nice filter indeed...

again LTTE might hang on to civilians - then we will have to use urban tac tricks (one of the most hardest fighting)

we must harvest as much as we can now and before they move..elsewhere

use Mig29 or whatever...go get them tiger.

sorry about my singlish.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Somebody must come up with a plan to create a horrendous problem within LTTE and its Civilians...

Once Civilians are out - do not getting in to urban war action... get out everybody...


Lankapura said...

As I said before - die-ass-pora wasted their money on Clinton first, now they are wasting it on Obama :-D

Lankapura said...

I think the way this 'registration of ethnic Tamils' could have been planned much better. It should have been a registration of everyone who entered Colombo in the past few years. Obviously in the next stage of risk assessment certain groups will be seen as low-risk. Even such a minor change could have portrayed the whole thing differently.

guna said...

i agree with you.
Mula.. is the tactical hq of the ltte where maximum heavy weights of the ltte would be hiding. our govt is aware and i guess by targeting kili they are simply flushing the leaders into mula.. and then start the fire works.hope the day come soon...........

guna said...

i agree with you.
Mula.. is the tactical hq of the ltte where maximum heavy weights of the ltte would be hiding. our govt is aware and i guess by targeting kili they are simply flushing the leaders into mula.. and then start the fire works.hope the day come soon...........

Infinity said...

Regarding Kilinochchi/west coast vs. Mullativu/east coast

1. The LTTE, being a parasite dependent on foreign military imports, does not have any large scale military factories that cannot be easily be moved. So if the main attack had been to the east they would rather easily have moved what was needed to the west coast. For example to Vellankulam which would then still be Tiger occupied. Taking Mullativu by itself would thus not end the war.

2. The west coast is much more difficult to blockade due to shallow waters and proximity to Indian water and fishermen. The Navy has stated that what supplies now reach the LTTE comes from the west coast. The east coast is now blockaded. Before the western offensive very large amounts of fuel, explosives, etc arrived from India.

3. Once the west coast is cleared many naval and other units stationed to prevent sea tigers smuggling, raids, and massacres can be moved to the east. May apply to a lot of units now stationed for example in Mannar Island, Mannar, Delft, Mandativu, etc.

4. The psychological and moral impact of taking Kilinochchi is much larger than that of taking Mullativu.

5. As long as the Tigers have Pooneryn they can launch large scale artillery attacks or outright invasions in the rear if the troops in Jaffna makes a large scale offensive against Elephant Pass. Pooneryn also allows continuous small scale infiltration and sabotage attacks against Jaffna which again binds large amounts of troops. Taking Pooneryn would allow the two offensive divisions to much more easily make an outright offensive either directly against EP or by moving one or two across to Pooneryn.

6. If the west coast was the last to fall the LTTE may have launched to large scale artillery massacre against the civilians in Mannar as a final act. No similarly large city within reach on the east coast from Mullativu.

7. Taking the west coast stops the easiest escape route for the LTTE. Again, before the western offensive there were lots of people moving rather easily to India. If the west coast was the last to fall many LTTE leaders may escape.

CriMeWatCh said...

Thanapadi Budhida? Foreign Minister Gonaganawadooo?

CriMeWatCh said...


Good Analysis...

Unknown said...

Hi Infinity

As you say, Pooneryn is vital,thats why there is a very steady defence from the LTTE at Navatakulama,as defence analysts from the government side say,if Navatakulama falls,Pooneryn will fall inturn, if this is reality then Kili iis just a trophey, will be a long gruesom battle, and give time for the LTTE leadership to leave via Pooneryn, Mulaithivu is bound to fall, with the existing military presence,but I feel the fall of Pooneryn is a must,as the LTTE will use kili as a bate

Anonymous said...

//if Navatakulama falls,Pooneryn will fall inturn//

Well, not really... it may be or not... more correctly, if nachchikuda doesn't fall Poonaryn will not fall. In other words to get poonaryn SLA need to take Nachchikuda.

V4Victory said...


Is Makulam captured now as you sttated?

IntelAttack said...


Wow! I see around 5000 diaspora there in pictures.

Oh! I got it! The cameraman was unable to capture all the supporters in to the pictures right?

The diaspora seems to be using all the money left in their accounts for hiring planes and all the funky stuff.

Good good! Continue the good work!

But next time, try to get more supporters! At least hire some people!

Unknown said...

stand to be corrected Nachchikuda, well if Nachchikuda falls,Pooneryn falls then the 2 battalions from the north take elephant pass, that way Kilinochchi is surrounded and resources and efforts can be placed to restrict and take out Mulaithivu, if too much focus is put on one location there might be a lapse, we need to close entry and exit routes for tigers.

Unknown said...

Landesi Thanapathi Aarakshaka lekham haa suhada hamuwaka..

I don't like her body language. Was this a courtesy call or a nagging finger poking call?

Vigilante said...

This former colonists is the one really against the GOSL.

I can tell that much..

One of the countries that blocked many EU resolutions against the LTTE.

Riyaz said...


What is the update on mankulam front?? We dont see any news yet!!

Defence Column said...

Matale seems t be having a lot of LTTE presence. People be on the alert!
Two LTTE suspects taken in

Unknown said...

Saman you Fucking Kunt!

dont you fucking know there is no minarels or deposits in Paranthan.

you showed your dirty mind like every sinhala assholes, you want to come to Killinochi not to liberate the innocent people but to fuck around.

that will never happen. dont you ever manipulate the history of the land.

the contry belongs to tamils as well. dont fucking forget that. if you have any reservations about that go and dig your school bag again.

never ever come to this blog with your shitty arse again you cunt.

Unknown said...

yo brothers, this war started with people claiming this peice of land belongs to me nd the other doing the opposite, if you wana solve this war your gona have to give up these claims, thats why before you become a Sinhalese or Tamil or Muslim or Burgher or Malay, dude you are Sri Lankan, then be one...Paranthan is a part of Sri Lanka, so if anyones going to take a peice of it he has to go over the body of every Sri Lankan race,not only tamil.

Moshe Dyan said...

vanni west coast and vanni east coast...

west coast is definitely more important. but that doesn't in anyway reduce the EXTREME stratgic military importance of mula.

poonaryn is in an intersting fix.

it is on the eastern side and within reach from 55, 53 and 58. i'm sure LTTE has already dismantled SOME of poonaryn's weapons.

Vigilante said...


This will break your heart..

Fallen Tamil hero...

kappetipola said...

seen this .. i am asking these people live in Canada & UK , anybody able to enter to those countries without registering .. not even register they will get your medical tests. those Sri Lankans from kilinochchi lived as Prisoners like frogs in past 30 years .they are coming to see out side of the world they dont register anywhere in the world.any government in the world in this situation will register them..yes of course. this for give them a Government facilities + concessions..etc .if GOSL not register them that is the beach of human rights ...they are Sri Lankans ! this Bitching Wankers living in rich countries use Sri Lankan tamils Speaking ppl as their Slavers. this will finished forever .just remember they will no longer wipe you ass. dont make these poor innocent Sri Lankan Tamil speaking women as suicide cadres.use your mother or sister. dont fuck their rest of life. fuck ur self ! GOSL will not make them as Suicide Caders,GOSL will not give them T56 . GOSL provide them food,shelter & rights to speak right to criticized & right to live & work anywhere in Sri Lanka.i repeat they like to live like you guys in overseas.

Moshe Dyan said...


agree with you. one other thing....

routine registration was there from those days.

IF CBK ovt tried to do what is being done now, i'm sure all racist political parties would have got together and STOPPED it.

now the order is "imposed" by "other" means. ppl know if they try to be too smart against the law "white vans" will look after them. ppl prefer a formal system.

anyhow NONCONVENTIONAL COUNTER TERRORISM operations (including white vans) MUST continue. those are the only tried, tested and proven methods of counter terrorism.

Kithul said...

MIG 29's arrive

Moshe Dyan said...


so TS also reports it. but he was silent here.

i came to know from an SLAF source; TS also claims so. may be a rumour stemming from the same (or connected) source????? may be not??

hope our discussions won't endanger these expensive assets.

Kithul said...


yep, get your point

Jaya2008 said...

Well Said Kappatipola,

These Tamils who lives in Australia, Canada, UK and other Western countries do no care about their fellow Tamil brother and sisters because their kids get the best education in foreign soil, when poor Tamil sons and daughters were forcefully recruited by a thug (VP) and send to killed innocent people as suicide bombers. All these people are very quite at the moment not because their loosing the war because each person who contribute for Prime Real Estate (“Eealam”) has blood on their hands. Soon or later when the country is liberated, they (Tamil Diaspora) will be the first ones to visit Sri Lanka holding foreign passports without any fear or intimidation and that’s the truth.

PHANTOM-X said...

We, Sinhalese are not racists. We are not anti-Tamil but 99% of Sinhalese wants to see Terrorism eliminated (Fat Pig and Co killed)
except for she-males like Brian Senewiratne, Kumar Rupasinghe, Wickramabahu Karunarathna etc
These shit eating spineless cowards dream is a divided Sri Lanka.
Majority of Sri Lankans wants a peaceful country where you can co-exist.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

"Soon or later when the country is liberated, they (Tamil Diaspora) will be the first ones to visit Sri Lanka holding foreign passports without any fear or intimidation and that’s the truth"

We must issue a tempory travel document to them at Katunayaka - finger print, take DNA etc... then increase Air Port tax...that will minimize the threat level red to yellow.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Sri Lanka is not free any more, we paid a heavy price, get those tamilians to pay too.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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perein said...
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Kithul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PHANTOM-X said...

Attack relentlessly keep the momentum going...! dont let the pig raise its head...!!

come on SLDF...!!!

phaedrus said...

I don't think that's the real DW. His ID ends with 983.

Widana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Guys, this is Fake DW...

But this does not mean that some of those figures are false. This fake DW seems to be trying to play a double game.

Look at current news items. ~36 have been killed east/west of Akkarayankulam and West of Mankulam. This faker is trying to create doubts.

lankanews said...

Come on guys. it's fake Defencewire

lankanews said...

Original ID of DW is 06358848115700373983

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

I pity you.
So a bit of kind advice. Whatever you are trying is not working here. Why not put this time to some useful work?


lankanews said...

DOnt confuse with these blog id number since it depeneds on the Ip add of the computer you update.,....

It is a unique ID and doesn't depend on IP

perein said...

Now this given away whole game...

" Defencewire said...

DOnt confuse with these blog id number since it depeneds on the Ip add of the computer you update. So please dont confuse and misguide the readers.There is no way some one can have the same id like me. SO no worries"

Sam Perera said...

fake defencewire,

DOnt confuse with these blog id number since it depeneds on the Ip add of the computer you update. So please dont confuse and misguide the readers.There is no way some one can have the same id like me. SO no worries.

Please be don't confused about your gender, you are neither male nor female. However your IP will not change your shemale gender, that is the good side to it.

CriMeWatCh said...

But next time, try to get more supporters! At least hire some people!

Intel its not my business LOL..

MrBrown said...

I know This is fake defencewire. Eeven this orginal is a fake..:-) U guys better come to I will hire the original to write article there.

Mr Brown

Widana said...

ammapa thambala, oya boru defencewire karanne original assassinrajive kiyala matath hithuna.

MrBrown said...

I have many hotties in LNP..Tigy,Priya,Thivya,Daisy, Penn Groovy girl,Pulto Damayanthi, sweetlady..many many..sone of them are MILF... You can try to taste them. It depends on your talent..please come guys and see our hotties. I am annoyed to see this old Grandpa Berty and Lalith are hanging around them

Thanks MrBrown

Unknown said...

mr brown,

Go to hell with you and your stupid LNP. Only Devinda ayya is intelligent over there, the rest are ignorant numb skulls.

Unknown said...

Aahaaa real,

You are pissed off.Rihgt i can understand now.These thangatchchies only for LTTE guys to rape and then make suiside bombers or to give them to NGO white fuckers to enjoy.
Listen you Tamil fucker.You loosers getting pissed off because now you know you don,t have white fuckers around to suck.We sinhalayas didn't changed the history of our country. You fuckers tried but failed.We sinhalayas want to live/enjoy wherever we go/live.
We don't have inferiority complex that you guys have.We don't want to liberate you f...king ltte supporters. But definetly innocent Tamils,yes. We sinhalayas or GOSL will never ask you guys to be suiside bombers or ask you to take up arms.You fucking cunts doing it to your kids also.

I can feel the pain you are having now you looser.This country belonged to all Sinhala/Tamil/Muslim/Malay bros and sis's.You fucking Tamils don't have real history.As i have always said you guys can live in this country as long as you agrre to live peacefully with equel rights. There shouldn't be any differences to any race in this country.Same like Singapore.Or find a place to fight for.We care innocent Tamil's.This is why we asked them to come to liberated areas.Your so called Fucking ealam fighters are keeping them at gun point.Is this also done by Sinhalayas???. You vancut.You M...f.. live in south without any problems and telling us how to live.Who the fuck are you to tell me not come on this blog.I didn't. But I will be very frequently here after.Now you are trying to tell this blog also yours.See your fucking tamil mentality.You Tamils didn,t have written history,read Mahabarath.Then you realise where you were.

Yes MIG 29's arrived.Now we should start night bombings.This fucking fat pig and the murders should not get any sleep at all.

Anonymous said...

//Guys few quick battle updates

Two units of SF forces corssed A9 at Mankula and Kokkavil this afternoon. Heavy battle is going on around Mankula as LTTE is giving stiff resistance. As it goes, Iranaimadu will fall beofore Kilinochi since our forces in Kokkavil can easily move to Iranaimadu..
To be continued..

Large amounts of weapons and more than 30 dead bodies uncovered in Mankulam. It is not known whether Col Bhau was killed or injured.? but one of the heavy weight is gone in Mankulam

DOnt confuse with these blog id number since it depeneds on the Ip add of the computer you update. So please dont confuse and misguide the readers.There is no way some one can have the same id like me. SO no worries.//

No confusions. No worries.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Another massive LTTE graveyard found in vannivilankulam. Wanni Operation 22 nd September 2008


diaspora, now whcha gonna say, when the boom, boom come to ya..

mulathiev TARZEN said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mulathiev TARZEN said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Widana said...

ammapa mata ara rena-gayed ingrisi bahai kiyala bannata passe tution panthiyakatwath yanna hithuna. dan ithin ekath iwarai.

Malin said...

feel pity for those dead, at least our forces have loved one remeber them by, they have no one not even a post with there name. And diaspora want more dead.. they live happy while tamil youth in this country die for nothin.. at least we have realized that 25 year of war is enough its time to end this war with or without support from the minorities..

mulathiev TARZEN said...

above two post at 8;21 nad 8;25 is from real {A"sin"R]ALL others were from fake mother*&@%^$£)!"rrrrrrrr!

bye now got to go !

sadu saadu saaaaaaaaaaaaaduuuuuuu!

Widana said...

bye bye, ranil mama waiting for me

Unknown said...

Mr Saman Kunt

very interesting story from you. no one is keeping the people of wanni under gun point. its the properganda made by GoSL as the world knows.and the world is not gonna believe every thing you guys say. those days are gone.and people around the world are not modayas like the Sinahalese population living in Srilanka and around the world to trust anything comes out of the GoSL madeia.

If the LTTE was fucking around it wont be as successfull as it is now.and this the truth.

like any race in this world the tamils have their own cluture and history as you one can deny that. but only the sinhala Governments denied the rights and the freedom of the tamil people and we all are in shit now.

tell me one thing asshole!!!!!!

by capturing Killinochi do you think GoSL going to solve the problem of Srilanka? no mate. this wont be solved by any fucking Srilankans until you all realise what damage you have done to the country and its people.

You mother fucker!

dont comment on this blog with your fucinkg broken English. we will never let down the LTTE or the tamils living in north and east of the country.we will be with them till death.

How many leaders you have seen in the past 25 years you dick head. now uare licking Mahinda's arse.before you all tasted Chandrika's pussy.after 2010 there will be another dick head in Colobmo asking you all to lick again and you all will be happy to do that. isn't it?

you dumb head fucker "mang umballawe thakoth umballage pukke arinava karri balla"

Gringo said...

["Civilians forced to stand in the way"

Oh NO!... Very scary!

Is this that formidable weapon the nose-in-the-air Tamil terrorist barbarians and their ass-worms Tamil Diaspora boast about?

Bloody cowards!

What many on this beautiful world will never understand is what a goldmine this phony 'Tamil cause' has been to a selected few shareholders in the criminal organization called LTTE. Thanks to our great SLDF… now it’s pay back time... !

Once the last LTTE terrorist is hunted down and killed like a dog, our country will be called New Sri Lanka… marching towards peace, unity and prosperity.

I can only laugh at the pathetic anger shown here by LTTE ass-worms wriggling in pain!

Sin aney!

Warning to would-be terrorists and their coolies... if you dare even to think to harm the guardian angels of the proud Sri Lankan nation, we shall cut off your hands!

By the way, your Elaam is waiting... Go further north and find it in the North Pole!

Unknown said...


You got really pissed off.First of all i am not worried about my English language.This is my second language.Now you have proved that you are not only sucking western white cocks also Austrailian cocks .

Ane gon thadiyo, this what i told you, you fuckers have big time complexity problem.Otherwise nobody is comparing the language we use here.This is what happened to you fucking tamils.We are modayas.You think you fuckers are so inteligent.If so you fuckers when sit for the exams leave your papers to invigelators fill.You cheaters/bank robbers/drug and human traffickers/murderers/thugs/child soldiers.

Yes you can stay with tamils we have no problems. But look at you fucking tamils die ass poras have done to this country.It is done by you fucking tamils not by us.Every cent you given to LTTE spent to destroy your race.

You fucking tamils talk about history and culture. Why only you, all other races/nations have it.Remember this as long as i can convey my feelings i will be with this blog. This blog is belonged to DW not to you M..F.

You all tamils think threatning others could achieve everything.You have a another bad dream,other than ealam. To F... my ass. Try me.

And you have asked one more question you ass hole.Yes if we capture Killi and crush ltte along with extremists like you and other tamils who wants stay peacefully we can solve this problem.i believe it.

Whole world know you fuckers keep your own people at gun point.If it is not why the fuck UN asked ltte to let the IDP's to go.
You think about what you are doing.Yes that fat pig saw so many presidents and commanders. This would be his last.

You pathetis loosers.getting annoyed when talk about truth.We understand your frustration.Your good English is not going to help you bastard.You fucker must have got free education from Sri Lanka and now you are talking about all these bullshit against this country.You have 60 m tamils all over the world. We know that.But you will never get it in Sri Lanaka.

I am proud of liking Mahinda and Chandrika than liking white cocks you asshole.

I will remind you about you fucking history through this blog with my broken English unless you back off.

Your fucking ealam awaiting in the hell.Go to hell.

wijayapala said...


I don't care much for anti-Tamil racist crap that springs up in these blogs every now and then, but you don't exactly help things much when you resort to similar language.

I haven't yet met an LTTE supporter who could defend his views without eventually pulling out his hair and bleating expletives. Why don't you try to prove me wrong?

"If the LTTE was fucking around it wont be as successfull as it is now."

Why don't you tell us what the LTTE has succeeded in doing for the last 2 years? Has life for the average Tamil got better or worse over the last 25 years?

"by capturing Killinochi do you think GoSL going to solve the problem of Srilanka?"

You are correct that simply capturing Kilinochchi will not end the war. But then, this war from the beginning has been less about simply annihilating the LTTE than deflating the LTTE. It has been a very long time since I've seen any press articles about the LTTE's "de-facto state" and losing Kilinochchi will not reverse that trend.

The Fat Ass of the Wanni once said that the road to Tamil Eelam is like a pada yatra- it is a long journey which requires periods of rest and activity. We could turn that argument around and say that the SLA is embarking on its own pada yatra in the the ithayabhoomi, and Kilinochchi is just one rest stop on the path to shoving Fat Ass's fat ass into the ocean.

"this wont be solved by any fucking Srilankans until you all realise what damage you have done to the country and its people."

I think we'll have a better idea what damage has been caused after we're allowed to tour the Wanni and see for ourselves.

"dont comment on this blog with your fucinkg broken English."

The next time you comment on someone's English skills, you should remember to use the proper apostrophe mark for contractions (don't) and spell verbs such as "fucking" correctly.

"we will never let down the LTTE or the tamils living in north and east of the country."

Sorry to rain on your parade but so far it seems you have let everyone down by sitting at home and writing on these blogs instead of growing some balls and joining the battle in the Wanni.

"we will be with them till death."

Whose death- yours or theirs (since you're not actually risking your life...)?

"How many leaders you have seen in the past 25 years you dick head. now uare licking Mahinda's arse.before you all tasted Chandrika's pussy.after 2010 there will be another dick head in Colobmo asking you all to lick again and you all will be happy to do that. isn't it?"

Yes, this is called democracy where one leader replaces another by election every several years. We don't have the luxury of having one Thalaivar/Fuehrer to concentrate our "ass-licking" on.

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