Tuesday, September 2, 2008

LTTE counter-attack at Vannerikulam thwarted

Pakistani ATGM Baktar Shikan (Same as Chinese Hong Jian HJ-8E ATGM)
LTTE units frustrated with the dismal defense of Mallavi, last evening launched a counter attack at Vannerikulam killing 12 soldiers capturing 7 bodies of soldiers in the fight. LTTE lost 16 fighters in the counter attack. As stated earlier, the SLA does not mind these skirmishes.

The counter attack cames as part of the LTTE's last ditch effort to save Pooneryn. A mini hell was created for LTTE from Nachchikuda to Akkarayankulam for days now by the Army and the Air Force. The FDL is considered the last true FDL of the Tigers.

SLA Artillery batteries fire incessantly on this FDL day and night. Each Battery has 12 howitzers and gunnery crews operating on them continuously. In addition to this, MI-24 helicopter gunships, MiG 27 and Kfir jets and mobile Multi-Barrel Rocket Launchers are pounding the 18km long FDL day and night. As a result, several kilometers of the FDL have been destroyed and subsequently abandoned by the LTTE.

In addition to these the Army has special teams that operate Chinese Red Arrow HJ-8E (Hong-Jian) Anti Tank Guided Missiles (High Explosive Anti-Tank HEAT) and Bhaktar Shikhan Pakistani Missiles and its variants for destroying LTTE strong-points. The Bhaktar Shikhan uses the same Red Arrow technology and both missiles have variants that are used against tanks, bunkers and other structures.

Watch Video of Red Arrow Missile Attack by SLA in Mannar

Red Arrow ATGM Demo


Defencewire said...

Someone asked in previous thread about 56 Div. This Div is NOT in Muhamalai. It is currently at Vavuniya.

TigerKiller said...

Thanks for the update DW .

ohoma Yamu . Thawa Tikai ...

mulathiev TARZEN said...

ANY THURTH about tn claim over 75 killed and 100 sla wounded?..

mulathiev TARZEN said...

...why tn not publishing any photos of collected sla?
dw, is there any truth on tn claim????....

mulathiev TARZEN said...

..anee kiyanna kooooo??

LKDOOD said...

tamilnet has posted some pictures they say of SLA

LKDOOD said...


thanks for the update

LKDOOD said...

heavy fighting was expected & that is what is happening

mulathiev TARZEN said...

lk dood,
"that is what happening"..??
whaaat..??do u thing this is a game?..if u expecting heavy, is this the way u preparing for fighting..?? u being a MI officer at the front line u fail to detect this attack earlier, and what it says about u??..!!
u at least did not try to recover those dead heroes did u??..
u simply waiting tiger to deliver them via oomaanthai??..
no..more excuse!! u done this kind of gross negligence too often, this is also embarrassment to your mi unit...
so tomorrow morning u should resign u r post immediately..!!

mulathiev TARZEN said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ruwani said...


I think it is time to throw a lifeline at the tigers now. What I mean is, we need the tigers to survive for another 5-10 years at least. That is the best way for us to demarcate HSZ areas and eventually colonize them.

There can only be one winner in this war. That is the people of hela diva.

silentknight said...

@ ruwani,

ru mad??.........throw a life line to the tigers??

LKDOOD said...


are you ok ?

did you have a few drinks ?

after reading your comment i need a drink


Ruwani said...


Yes, thats what I meant. Remember we are yet to see the East Vs North dog fight too. We got a glimpse of it during the Verugal battle. But we are yet to see it in real. I want Velupillai to Challenge Pillaiyan and then pillai to send the stupid Jaffna vellalas into eelam.

Defencewire said...

75 SLA KIA? Are you crazy?

lankanews said...

75 SLA KIA? Are you crazy?

nice way to reply. :D
Tamilnet gone crazy.

Unknown said...

Bolan kollane Tamilnet eka podi lipe line ekak damma unge die ass pora ekata ekai ban 75KIA. nathnam kohomada ban Liberation Tigers of Tamil Extinct (LTTE) eke maha ekage lamai Ireland wala isskole yanne.

Ruwani said...


The way you speak is soooooooooooo funny.

mboi said...

tamilnet has watered it down to 50 now. but still claims 10 bodies have been recovered from nacchikuda. is this vannerikulam anywhere near nacchikuda?

defencewire, how about marking this place for us on wikimapia?

Gringo said...

[75 SLA KIA? Are you crazy?

Hey... hey... who is trying hijack our hat collection?

It's not 75... it's 275!

Nihara said...


Nihara said...


Moshe Dyan said...

thanks DW. this partly explains my concerns raised yesterday.

but still i think we don't need not waste half the artillery and SLAF flying hours, if we had better planning. you don't need to shell 12 howitzers at a time continuously for days to kill the tigers in this theatre and destroy their fortifications UNLESS we are MAINLY intersted in chasing away the tigers (and destroyign theit fortifications) NOT harvesting them.

we will have to face them eventually.

Anonymous said...


Have you a found a method to fight a war without own casualties? If so please inform to Gen.SF ASAP. Also, Do you think it is better to sacrifice lives of more troops to get dead bodies?


//I think it is time to throw a lifeline at the tigers now.//

Slow death to LTTE may kill more caders than in a sudden death. But giving lifeline to LTTE is not the way.

75 SLA KIA/ 100 WIA - Tamiznut

This shows how bad they feel about fall of Mallavi (also, 22 bodies were to be handed over to LTTE, yesterday from Omanthei.) And this is for daispora and not for us. (We were not upset of fall of Mallavi and waiting for some pain releaving message from LTTE, right?)

When SLA took Jaffna LTTE took Mullathiv. When SLA took Mankulam LTTE took K'chi. Thus this is common LTTE tactic when they were defeated in front they attack in another front. I think they tried same after loosing Mallavi and managed to get just 7 (or 10) bodies.

It seems LTTE small teams are active in east, specially snipers. This is some thing SLA need to work on.

Given the desperate situation, LTTE may try to attack some areas in Jaffna using sea-tigers, tin cans and artilary, combined.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Ruwani sounds like another LTTEr in disguise here.

Sri Lanka belongs to everyone and anyone should able to live anywhere in the country- and this colonisation is only an LTTE created tribal thoughts.

Rover said...

"we will have to face them eventually."

Agree with Moshe about this.


I also strongly believe that we need to lure and engage the LTTE in the barren lands way from the civilians and their infrastructure. Meanwhile, the LTTE will want to lure us to fight where there are civilians. Nachikuda area (the Eastern coastal area in general), en route to Pooneryn, is an ideal place for us to implement what I said above.

This is accessible ground, to both groups and in such ground the need to carefully guard line of supplies exists. LTTE knows this, and contributes towards the lure.

Ground that is easily abandoned but easily captured can be used to entangle the enemy, and LTTE knows this as well. This is the reason for the newly constructed bunker line, from Nachikuda towards Kili, that is designed to prevent our army from entangling the LTTE. To prevent excessive loss of soldiers, we have started this bombarding of the the FDL using heavy weapons.

In short, the existence of Pooneryn changes the equation. It polarizes the battle. So we can use Pooneryn (together with the easily traversable terrain) to lure them.

Sun Tzu (in Art of War) said "Regard the soldiers as your children and they will follow you into the deepest valleys. Look upon them as your own sons and they will follow you even on to death"

The commanders of the forces that are currently leading from the front have this kind of respect from the soldiers. It is part of the responsibility of the commanders to treat their subordinates in a way to reassure them that the commanders are smart enough to achieve the objectives to help the motherland. This reassurances motivates the soldiers. The blasting of the LTTE FDL, though expensive, hence have several other uses as well.

LKDOOD said...

Blogger Nihara said...


September 3, 2008 3:49 AM


in the picture there are 7 bodies not 5

Shyam said...

You guys seen only 7 bodies ....? here are the another 10 who killed in Vannerikulam


Apino Dannachess said...

Shyam, somebody needs you teach you how to count Man, what 10, its only 7 bodies, the link you have given, shows the same 7 bodies from different angles ( notice the news paper covering the groin area of the left most body and a piece of white cloth/ paper on the knee of the 4th body from left...they appear in both photos. LTTE propaganda is famous for "Eka Deka Korala Kiyanna"


Unknown said...

i see you guys started counting already ...

Apino Dannachess said...

To Ruwani ref your comment" I think it is time to throw a lifeline at the tigers now....
Monawada me baila kiyanne? Poya lang welada? Such archaic attitudes have taken our country to this current shit-hole we are in. Whats the point of giving the blood suckers a second lease of life after sacrificing so many gallant solders....( or you think we have a limitless supply of sons of Appuhamis' Sopi Nona's, Kusumawathi's sons from places like to Kahatagasdigiliya, Mahiyangane...to train and send to war while Colombo crowd sends their sons to OXBRIDGE/ Yale etc. ?) Not a solders life should be expended than its necessary...Finish the tigers once in for all...by using whatever means ( conventional, non-conventional, covert, overt...and anything else we can think of)...and ask the bishops, HR activist, NGO's..NO-WAY-GIANS and UNHCR to stuff their middle fingers in their posteriors . Few innocent civilians lifes will be lost on both sides...call them collateral damage like the Americans do.

Then economically engage the affected areas rapidly....give the youth no reason to go and blow themselves up again. We will not get this chance again.

Its better to annihilate a 1000 now and save few generation of young on both sides. Whats the fun in killing people, sinhala, tamil or anybody for that matter ( have you ever killed a person yourself???). This goes out to hate mongering laptop wielding city bound NET GENERALS, WEB SOLDERS, ONLINE EXPERTS...who makes crazy comments

Apino Dannachess said...

To Kaavalan,

Yes, its our job to count and account for each lost solder....and some more solders will be lost too. Its a lost we have to icurr to wash and expose the pussy-cats underneath all that stripes....

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks for the analysis mate.

"I also strongly believe that we need to lure and engage the LTTE in the barren lands way from the civilians and their infrastructure."

cannot agree more.

we discussed how to lure or bait tigers.

unfortunately there are few baits. attacking or laying seige to kili is one bait.

blasting LTTE FDL is essential. but we don't need so many arti and SLAF flying hours to do so. clearly the SLDFs are ALSO (in addition) using these to push tigers away from the surrounds of nachchikuda. this type of arti attacks some times take place in muhamalai too.

TN reported that their offices have already relocated from poonaryn. they know they cannot meet us head-on.

Apino Dannachess said...

Hi Kaavalan......

And soon the bushes in K'Nochi, M'Tivu will be shaken and what do you expect to see leaping out of these bushes??.....Indomitable Tigers...no my friend....Putty Tatts...teeny weeny Pussy Cats.
Actually some have already sneaked out and started resorting to what they know best....hit & hide attacks...

Moshe Dyan said...

re: GSP+ verses war discussion in the economist.

our friend posted a comment at the site which has been echoed by a US expert. chances are that SL will get GSP+ much to the misery of tiger crappies.

his comment:

"If Sri Lanka doen't lose GSP+ on this matter, it will lose it on another count. This is a carrot that has been used by the EU to get things done. However, EU has failed to realise that if it drops GSP+ for Sri Lanka, it loses it's say in the country's affairs.

What EU should do is to keep the GSP+ system for Sri Lanka and pressuerise it to toe the line on human rights."


expert comment:

The European Union (EU) could renew Sri Lanka's GSP+ trade concessions but then put pressure on the government to improve its human rights record, a US trade law expert said Monday. Kevin Kennedy, a professor of law at the Michigan State University in the USA, said the EU may extend the concessions under which Sri Lanka's exports clothing duty free to European markets in a 'carrot and stick' approach.


the days when tiger shit won the propoganda war is ALSO comming to an end. they used to have walk overs a few years b4. not any more.
thanks to all patriots.

TropicalStorm said...


Soon GSP+ etc will be unimportant, as the regional economies keep growing. Over the next 3-5 years the global slow down will be over, and there will be an unprecedeted Asian revival. SL is taking its chances at the right time.

Screw the EU, we will have enough business locally. The EU is referred to as the 'hind tit' by the Americans already.

India's planned 15,000 tank military is also a word of warning to the europeans. They've pointedly explained to them that India now possesses the ability take out ANY EU nation either in a conventional or nuclear war, with little effort. China has had that ability for over a decade.

hemantha said...

wanni operation 2nd september 2008

click here.

Unknown said...

" ruwani said...
I think it is time to throw a lifeline at the tigers now. What I mean is, we need the tigers to survive for another 5-10 years at least. That is the best way for us to demarcate HSZ areas and eventually colonize them."

I also agree with ruwani for some extent. but the timeline should be like 3-4 months. If we could cut the supplies to the LTTE by securing the western coastline the LTTE will eventually get tired. the battles in the 1-4 bases will gradually become much easier due to the lack of morale and ammo/weapons of the LTTE. we could use suprise night attacks and bombing of course. But the main thing is that it would empty the LTTE armory and they will be forced to surrender. But we should not let the LTTE take advantage over HR issues. The GOSL should send food and medical supplies to the civilians. After about 3 months our Army can start to attack them without stopping until we find their last base

hemantha said...

Rana Bimen - 02/09/08 Wanni Situation
click here.

admin said...

Tigers' backs to the wall - Asia Times- 2008/08/03

B#1 said...

Virus alert said...

[I also agree with ruwani for some extent. but the timeline should be like 3-4 months.] LOL :)

Suitable partner for Ruwani...

Apino Dannachess said...

Another nail in the coffin of Pussy Cats

LTTE Asian propaganda channel terminated

The Hong Kong based management office of Asia Sat Telecommunication Company has informed the Sri Lanka Embassy in Beijing that they have terminated the transmission of Tamil Cultural Programme TV Channel through their Asia SAT 3S Satellite.

The Tamil Cultural Programme TV Channel beamed toward Asia, Middle East and some of the Central European countries broadcast LTTE propaganda programs in Tamil language.

The Government of Sri Lanka took up the broadcasting of TCP program with the Asia Sat Management Office in Hong Kong and requested them to terminate the facility. The Government pointed out that the LTTE is a terrorist organization outlawed by a number of countries and transmission of the propaganda material of this organization would harm the good image of AsiaSat management as well as the Governments of Hong Kong SAR and China.

Courtesy : Daily News

Nihara said...



Moshe Dyan said...


i too like to see EU getting SCREWED.

anyhow GSP+ is VERY VERY important to SL TODAY. imagine losing 2% (according to some estimates) of the GDP THIS YEAR + unemployment + trade deficit expanding + MORE instability of the rupee + further inflation+++++

this is the last thing we want at this stage of the war. TF we have to do whatever it takes to protect the GSP+ for the time being.

i agree that it WILL be irrelevant in future when SL developes. when a country develops, "SLAVERY" based industries are the first to go.

Rover said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rover said...

Sure Moshe, we need to do the bombardment efficiently, that is always good.

Hearing the whimpers/screams that emanate from excited LTTE foot soldiers and secondary leaders who man the FDLs and the panicky advise that they get in return from their superiors in the rear will demoralize the LTTE, and will be a moral booster for our forces. Incessant bombardment (especially efficient bombardment with heavy weapons would cause this).

Battle planning and coordination of men and material requires a high degree of discipline and organization. This is proven again and again mostly by the increased LRRP activities. This also build confidence among our soldiers to fight well.

A long time ago, a general in the Chinese army called Wu Chi was thoroughly respected by all his subordinates. This is because he carried his own battle pack, refused to use a horse when everyone else walked and mostly because how he treated them. Once, famously, it is said that he drew out "poison" from the wounds of one of his soldiers (usually it was the practice to apply the mouth to a wound to suck up all the pus, bacteria and the toxins that prevents healing, this would also causes fresh blood containing antibodies and macrophages to flow into the wound, which hastens healing). Hearing of this, the soldier's mother had started wailing and crying. Inquired why she was crying, she had said, that Wu-Chi did the same to her husband as well, and since then, the man had followed Wu-Chi like a faithful dog, fighting in every battle until he was eventually killed (so the women knew that her son would do the same and get killed at the end). But then she started laughing, and when inquired why she was laughing, she said, that it would be the best thing to happen to the motherland (the laughing part, I think is a later addition!).

In the current setting, it would boost the moral our our soldiers tremendously when they are sure that the commanders are not sacrificing them needlessly, rescue missions (like the one we saw recently) ect.

Anonymous said...

hi newbie here...
have u'll checked out this map it's cool..


Apino Dannachess said...


Fully agree and thanks for sharing the story of the Chinese general.

While we intensify the military push, responsible authorities should also engage the LTTE on many other fronts: a) Economically ,b) Logistically c) Counter propaganda wise, d) Diplomatically.

In short overwhelm them on all fronts.

PS. are you a landrover fan, if so me too.

Moshe Dyan said...

agree rover.

however, sun tzu places limitations as well.

under the topic of NINE CHANGES he says,

"Therefore, there are five dangerous traits of a general:
He who is fond of the people can be worried.

These five traits are faults in a general, and are disastrous in warfare. "

a balance is required and we are doing it well.

Unknown said...

hmm.. some blatant advertising eh?

However we like the map.. except for some inaccuracies as Defencewire also pointed out.

B#1 said...


Well come to the blog. :)

Thanks for the Link. Its really cool. "Watenma kanawa" .. :P

Unknown said...

What Ruwani said has some truth in it..

Say we finish the LTTE and when we come to the political solution phase we may lose all this advantage. New separatist incarnations will start to manifest themselves.

Whatever the political solution needs to encompass the following among others.

- All Muslims evicted from North / East must be resettled or given inheritance.
- All Sinhalese evicted from North / East must be resettled or given inheritance.

- All communities should be allowed the purchase land in all parts of the country including North and East and any racist laws (Thesawalamai ?) must be abolished.

- All places of Sinhala / Buddhist heritage in North and East must be accessible to Sinhala Buddhists for pilgrimage and visiting.

Sorry for going off the theme. This is my opinion and I will not respond again to this.

MrBrown said...

[ Defencewire said...
75 SLA KIA? Are you crazy? ]

Defence wire do u have any prove to refute with their claim? Eevn in the last Muhamalai battle Tamilnet reported over 100 KIA. But later SLA went on accepting 165KIA. U cant simply say that just to satisfy us. there may be some truth and SLDF downplay their casualties.

MrBrown said...

Eeven in the Trinci harbour attack, SLDF initially announced only 4 slighlty got injured. But u know the finaly casualty figure. Truth is SLDF is downplaying their casualties very well just to keep the slodiers moral very high and for political advantage in the south

Unknown said...

When DW said 10 killed in Trinco air attack you accepted it. Even Tamilnet has not reported such an amount? (According to my source it was 5 dead. So actual must be between 5 and 10)

Now when DW ridicules 75 SLA killed you want to dispute him? I only see LTTE logic in that.

DavidW said...

What MrBrown saying is correct.. These modayas only believe DN & DW s bullshit. Now only the war has began.. and you will feel it soon...

Malin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Malin said...

@Shyam & @MrBROWN

I would take DW and DN word over TamilNet anytime. Because DN and DW has been telling mostly the true figures. Even at time SLA is in the losing side.

We have to understand that sometimes actual figures might not given since of security issues.. But they have always reported truth when they can.

But TamilNet just brag and defnce.lk under report on the losses.. So we know more than defence.lk and even more than TamilNet DW and DN provide us with true info.

WE moday’s don’t mind reading this blog. So please you HIGHLY INTELLIGENT PEOPLE who don’t believe please go and satisfy your self’s in Tamil Net.

Rover said...


"In short overwhelm them on all fronts."


Got some free time today, so here goes.

It is good to see SLDF making rapid progress in defeating the terrorists. But at the same time, we need to remember that we can't have a military solution for the ethnic tension (the lack of trust and respect between the races).

To digress and bring in an analogy to explain this further, consider the JVP. There was the uprising in the 1970s and everyone thought that JVP was done for, but we had to face an even more violent uprising in the late 80s. Again, everyone thought, as Wijeweera and most of the politburo members are dead, that we can now continue to live like we used to live, totally neglecting the social issues that the JVP fought for. But again the JVPers are becoming more and more violent. This is because there is tension among the use that JVP can exploit and feed on to make its own agenda. There will be many more uprisings unless the causes of unrest that exist among our youth is curbed. Still, there are unemployed, frustrated youth (some of them are even university graduates) in all those villages in the south, watching, for instance, BMWs, Benzes, and Monteros (I won't put Land Rovers in this category as they are vehicles for people to actually go in the field!) speeding through their hamlets, while they starve and yet try so hard to reach the same level of status.

The ethnic problem, I believe, have similarities, but in a more profound sense. Unless prudent leaders identify the problems that the reasonable Tamils face and find reasonable solutions, we may again face another terrorist menace after a lull of a couple of years/decades.

I say this because throughout history, there has been a oscillation between calm and strife between Tamils and Sinhalese, and it won't change significantly, unless someone does something substantial to address the origins of these tensions. These historical tensions are the pretty much the very same ones currently being manifested in various forms.

At this point in time, I see the necessity to push forward with the military solution up to a point (and as Apino said by using other means as well), to weaken the LTTE (to capture/kill VP and the top guys) which tries to attain a political goal through terrorizing civilians. Historically too, we had to fight it out when we outstandingly disagreed. But I don't believe that we can find a lasting solution to the ethnic tensions through the military maneuvers alone.

We should only use the military option to show that the path that VP and the gang took was wrong (you can't really do anything useful with a rabid dog, but kill it), and should make sure that the civilians of North are not totally denigrated (so far our SLDFs are doing this, but the LTTE will try their best to change this, so we need to be careful).

Are we going to accept this calm-violence cycle or are we going to do something about it? This is the big picture question that a very smart (or should I say courageous?) politician would need to address.

Yes, I am a Rover fan; actually anything that can go off-road. My favorite are Tatra (not Tata!) trucks.

perein said...


What MrBrown saying is correct.. These modayas only believe DN & DW s bullshit. Now only the war has began.. and you will feel it soon...

Orr... Look who's talking..
It's Mr. One Ball Shyam....
You are absolutely right. We all only trust TAMILNET.
One other career Tamilnet writers can work as cricket commentators. Figures are often closer to cricket totals. Infact only one side bat too.
Shyam, Does LTTE still pay you to waste your time / life as well as our time?

Unknown said...

jaffna, weli oya, killi fronts have been active today.. heavy fighting reported...

completely with you mate. this time around we should find a permanent solution to this so things of this sort will never plague this country ever again... military defeating tigers wont be enough but it's one helluva a good start :)
btw.. i'm too in to offroading :)
check up AL...the local automotive site :) lotsa offroaders there..
love tatras too but don't see ever getting the chance to drive one :(
some good videos on youtube though

Achilles said...

A Review of Wanni Operations

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

srilankanlion Thanks for your great work :)

DavidW said...

MR Expecting everyone to follow up him...

SLBC slams BBC Tamil Osai for bias reporting


BBC Tamil Osai is the only media that Tamils were believing... MR need stop that also..

DavidW said...

75 SLA Dead, 19 Bodies recovered.


perein said...

One ball Shyam..
I do believe now tamilwin.com too

Apino Dannachess said...

Hi there Rover,

Well said and very relevant historical analysis, I only wish gentleman like you have something to do with SL national policy making ...if there is such thing.....

When I say use all means possible to win the war, I say that not to be Macho, but because NO war was EVER won by ANYBODY playing by the rule books. The so called enlightened first world countries who are busy preaching us Sri Lankans human rights, were the worst human right violators and continue to do so to date when it suits their purpose.
Agreed, political engagement should go hand in hand with military gains, to ensure we keep our Noth/East Sri Lankans preoccupied with empowerment in right proportions, commerce,rebuilding supplemented by a good dose of self respect. That way they will be too busy to think about Eeelam dreams and fall pray to these Primates who are still lost in the past. I can see some of it happening and like you said, wish our politicians have the balls to implement it, rather than playing to the gallery.

Glad to hear that you are rover fan...but don't know much about the tatra. Ironically, since I bought the landrover, I have been out of SL, but did some off roading in Sumatra on Ford Everest/Ranger...not a serious off roader though.

DavidW said...

DW is not available immediately for comments ...

Lets see if DN is available...?? :)

perein said...

Try our best buddy Rasiah Ilanthiraiyan.

garrett said...

Has is the map. DW confirm ?


perein said...

mango -
From pervious article... (sorry I missed out till now mate)

You have to sympathise with VP (His Royal Fatness) as you would with the CEO of any large company. It's so difficult to find the right people for the job, so you end up with second best :)

Perhaps we should place an advert for a new spokesman, in jobs.com on VP's behalf?

I'm not sure Rasiah Ilanthiraiyan is 2nd best of 2000th in rank :) ...
you are right could try jobs.com... On other hand Shyam could be better...
Shyam, would you take the job offer?

perein said...


Has is the map. DW confirm ?


FYI, DW has given his feed back on earlier thread.

Jambudipa said...

They came out of underground bunkers surprising the soldiers breaking through after FDL was pulverised. Is there a better way to do this?

When breeching FDL, pick a spot and fire artillery at around 10 sec intervals. Co-ordinate with the gunners to stop firing after a number shells say 10-15. The LTTE will know shells are going to fall every 10 sec but will not know when firing is going to cease. It will take them at least 10 more seconds to realise there is a break in firing. This opens up a window of 10 seconds to break through their FDL and take cover.

DefWire, Thanks for the photo of the Chinese Red arrow. For larger bunkers, AJ-HE to blow the roof of followed by 60 mm mortar. For smaller RPG obviously.


How hard would it be to for task force II to reach striking distance of Mankulam? It does not look that many towns on the way. How strong are the LTTE just parallel to west of A9? I think this will help 57 div.

garrett said...

I couldn't find the DW comment on it. Which thread was it ?

perein said...


Try this please..

Search the word defencwire and you should see the following comment.

defencewire said...
This map is inaccurate. 56 is not at Muhamalai. It is however a good attempt.

September 2, 2008 6:00 PM

I would assume area shown in map is correct apart from the minor twist of which team hold the area !!

Renegade! said...


How can you simply downplay the SLA's casualties AND also claim later on that the SLA "does not mind these skirmishes"?..I'm not saying that Tamilnets figure of 75KIA is necesarily correct or true,but remember the earlier battles fought? where the SLA itself gave higher casualty figures of SLA KIA in comparison to tamilnets Numbers?..

Of late, I have noted a subtle and sudden change in your style of reportage..it's more like a cleverly disguised government propaganda blogsite nowadays,in comparison to when u first started the blog, where reporting was more analytical and well balanced..i don't post much these days, due to time constraints although i do read DW AND DN'blogs frequently..

mulathiev TARZEN said...

lk dood and SW..!

is it true, that lttp have breach our fdl in 2 places and and puring in their carders? according to lankaEnews..????..
plc.. kiyannakooo. ath-thaa?
cant wait this long!!

mulathiev TARZEN said...

..lk doos..!!

r u still working??
kiyanakoo aththa anee, aida inne thawama balaaa??

Moshe Dyan said...


what do you mean 'balanced'?

is it,
(government propoganda + LTTE propoganda) / 2 ??????

if so it is bullshit. you can get this by reading BOTH defence.lk and tamilnet. there is no need to read DW or DN.

truth is NEVER balanced between two (or many) conflicting claims. it is DIFFERENT to all that and doesn't care about pleasing the claimants!!!!

hiru said...

LTTE attack craft destroyed
Air force Jets completely destroyed a large LTTE attack craft and damaged another craft at the Alampil beach in Mullaitivu today.

"Daily Mirror"

Rover said...

Ranil. Thanks for the information about off-roading links in Sri Lanka. Yes, I have seen those videos (awesome), and in fact have driven two models.

Apino, check this link for a video clip on Tatra.
Introduction to Tatra

Many weapon platforms are mounted on Tatras (and Oshkoshes), infact our Multibarrel Rocket Launchers are mounted on them. Tatras also make fine fire engines (usually retrofitted), and are great to tackle forest fires.

There are also people who use these machines recreationally.

I usually try not to do serious recreational off-roading now due to environmental concerns/guilt. But use a Rover only when I need to go over rough terrain.

kappetipola said...

Guys..when we discuss propaganda. just look around other countries in the world dont just act like this is only in Sri Lanka and we dont need that. Government should have their own propaganda parallel with Sri Lankan Army propaganda.get the Example for US,UK,AUS,Canada,China,India .just read the international news what they doin. we have terrorist problem last 30 years it is not in Iraq or Afaganistan.it is inside our own country.lets get together and build up our own country (sinhala,Demala,muslim) country of all of us.

Achi said...

[Defence wire do u have any prove to refute with their claim? Eevn in the last Muhamalai battle Tamilnet reported over 100 KIA. But later SLA went on accepting 165KIA.]

Nice twisting of the history.Tamilnut told 150+.SLA never told 165KIA.

PHANTOM-X said...

i think Ruwani is a LTTE'r in disguise...!!! she wants to show the world that sinhalese people are Barbarians...!!! she s a hired blogger...and a part of Tamil diaspora...!!!

PHANTOM-X said...


perein said...

Well said.

Katee Masuran Danna Watinawa.

dhinuksha said...

Found some interesting map


Jambudipa said...

Periscopes may be useful if they are taking cover behind this 10ft wall they have erected.

Example here

Unknown said...

["does not mind these skirmishes"]

i think DW was implying the fact that SLDF and rest of SL for that matter knew that higher casualty counts were always in the horizon...
LTTE won't roll over and play dead...
as sad as it is... coming days would be even more bloodier unless we find a way to break LTTE morale really hard they will loose the will to fight...
I'd guess this is the same thing LTTE would be trying their level best to do to SLDF...
kill 100's upon hundred of your opponents and you're in the driving seat...

MrBrown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MrBrown said...

DW and other guys...
check Tamilnet LINk...how LTTE find 29 dead bodies..when 12 KIA...what bulshit..

Rover said...

Hello Apino,

"The so called enlightened first world countries who are busy preaching us Sri Lankans human rights, were the worst human right violators and continue to do so to date when it suits their purpose."

Yes, this could be easily understood if we consider the why we fight wars. There are about seven major philosophies. But I will only talk about the major three.

First considers that war is Rational. Sun Tzu and Machiavelli's way of thinking was this. They consider war to be somewhat like a game of strategy. If the benefits outweigh losses, they do battle. This is quite evident in the "Art of War". For example, US considered the benefits (political, ideological and economic) against the loss of men and material and thought that waging war will benefit the US, and went to war.

Second considers war to be inevitable. For example, some believe (especially the Feminists), that men want to look more attractive to entice the opposite sex and to hoard resources, and that this behavior is also seen at a macro scale in governments and kingdoms (where men often control).

Third considers that war is necessary. Aristotle and Mao thought that we make war in order to make peace. Currently, many Sri Lankans also think along these lines. Even the UN which oversees world peace, use war to make peace. This is why they have a peace keeping force.

But finally, what I believe is what George Santiana said - "Only the dead have seen the end of War". This meanse as a human race we will always fight wars, and only the reasons will change. As long as we fight for a good reason, under the rule of democracy that we strive to follow, like against a group that terrorizes civilians to attain a political goal, I think it is ok.

Defencewire said...


Are you illiterate and blind? The article does not state 29 bodies were recovered from Vannerikulam nor does it have any pictures to show this '29 bodies recovered'. Its the same old photo with 7 SLA bodies posted yesterday. Anyway, don't you think the Army knows how many people they lost?

Ruwani said...


Let me tell you in a very nice manner dear, that I am a Sinhalese/Buddhist girl from a very respectable and a industrious family in Colombo. Those who know me from Lankanewspapers know that I possess a vast knowledge about this ethnic war and that I don't hesitate to call a spade a spade.

Now don't on my nerves here, as I can assure you that you won't like it when I get annoyed.

MrBrown said...

wow..DW...LTTE claims 21 out of 29 were recovered from vannerikulam..
varify with ur source..:-) soon u will hear or see handovering of total 29 bodies.

MrBrown said...

Defencewire said
[ Anyway, don't you think the Army knows how many people they lost? ]

what a joke DW..
even they knew how many died and injured in Trinco. why did they tell u 4 slightly injured.. i thought u r smart.. sounds like anothe dumb:-(

Ruwani said...

Hi Brownie,

How are you? I suspect you are the real brownie of LNP. Regardless, the point is you seem to be very happy that 29 of our soldiers have died.

You can mark my words here that this war will never end until the SLDF adopt a 1989 style of war strategy.

Extra ordinary problems need extra ordinary solutions. When eelamists end up burning on the roadside just like what happened to JVPers in 1989, it will send shivers through the other eelamists and Vezzupizza will voluntary come out of his rat hole.

Unknown said...

Folks I usually stay out of all these extraneous conversations, but I don't like to see people taken for a ride, so I will say this much, this person Ruwani, if it is the same person, looking at the style of writing it appears to be, was a MAN who at lankanewspapers carried on with much the same style of race baiting and over the top comments. He was eventually found out to be a man, after having posed as a woman for many months, even using some unsuspecting girls photo as her own. So be aware, not sure what his game is, whether to paint Sinhalese in a bad light or what.

MrBrown said...

Hi Ruwani.
Hmmm I am already very much disapointed after seeing ur cock in LNP..any way ur idea of adoting 2989 strategy is really worth..and that might bring an end to this conflict. Perhaps you can supply some old tires and..may be some old leathers to burn LTters and Tamils.:-)

perein said...

Value your comment mate.

As long as every one just stick to the points and discuss the main aim of getting rid of terror out of Sri Lanka, does not matter the person who submit comments is male or female.

MrBrown said...


I sjould have suspected ur gender very long time back when u refused to correspond me personally. Infact You are the only lady refuse to do so in LNP..My aim was to bring u in the bed. Thank god I saw ur cock in LNP before rbing u to the bed..cant think of seeing ur cock in my bed..would have got heart attack..:-(

Achilles said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ruwani said...

Mr Brown,

Your comments are disgusting and fully of vulgarity. If this entire forum is a vulgar one, it makes it very difficult for a young girl like me to participate here. I will not come here if this obscene trend continues.

MrBrown said...

SOrry to tell u My mom is in Nugegoda..Perhaps she might go to Nugegoda Junction not in ur moms place pettah. I doubt she will offer it for 2 Rs..she is not as cheap as ur mom..

tata said...

As I said before, mrbrown, Ruwani, et al. are here with an agenda.
Possibly to disrupt the blog.
mrbrown, Ruwani, et al.:
I invite you to prove me wrong by sticking only to defense matters.

Malin said...

Guys.. let keep a lid shall we.. this blog gets heated at sometime but we should not go down to level where bad words rule the day.

So people please mind what u said.. because only few poeple may post here but lots of poeple read this blog for information. I know this for a fact.

In my office so far i am only one who posts but there are many poeple who comes and check the blog out for info.. Even girls so lets behave a little please...

perein said...

James / Ruwani- Can you kindly stick to the defence matters please. Trust both of you will do a good job with out getting distractions from other parties.
People who support terror comes with lot of faces. So do not get them to get to you.

MrBrown said...


Ur mom might have seen perein's mom and confused with my mom. I promise u..my mom does business at Nugegoda junction and for 100Rs / head not as chaeap as ur mom and perein's mom..Trust me. I am in USA..any way Ill call and check with her now.. Probabaly she might be with any customer.:-(

Apino Dannachess said...

Hi Rover,

Thanks again for the enlightening insight in to the art of war etc.

Bye the way it seems like some adolescent ranting/ raving nuts have hijacked this blog talking from copulation to various reproductive appendages....

Need they be reminded the subject matter of this blog....I'm sure there are better web pages to vent their sexual excesses...for moment I thought I logged in to the wrong blog

And reading some post makes me wonder whether MR government has given internet access to the inmates of hospital for Mentally challenged as part of the rehabilitation program.

James said...

naah MrBrown, I'm pretty sure it's your mum roaming pettah looking for a good fuck and a 2 rupee bonus. She has been seen wearing a signboard on her back that reads "I am Mr Brown's Amma, 2 rupees a fuck, tricks for food." I don't think she realises she has white shit coming out of her pussy and dribbling down her legs. Tell her to get that pussy infection checked.

Achi said...

I doubt this Ruwani and Mr Brown are two different form of a same tiger moron.

Bhairav said...

Finding out the blogger's gender identity is irrelevant for what we analyze here. Usually handicap folks who always bring the gender identity crisis on forums to undermine others' views. From my knowledge, I think Ruwani is woman, well, does it really matter?

She used to talk lots of racial crap on LNP to ignite the fight with pro-Tamils such as throwing the Tamils on burning tires, stick a warped wire into asshole as interrogation methods etc. The most retarded comment ever from her arse was that her family hired poor Sinhalese girls on the name of housekeepers to satisfy her brothers' sex drive, so that their unmarried brothers will find food at home instead of going outside and get into STD troubles etc. If she enters into forum, you should know that she brings some form of bomb today. I believe this woman suffers from attention disorder problems. God have some mercy on her!

MrBrown said...

hahah.. I am sure you met some one else. I know she never take customer without condom.. there is no way that 'white shit ' coming from her pussy :-)lol. I told u..this might be some one else.. It seems ur mom spread rumors to get more customers.:-(

Apino Dannachess said...


Correct diagnostics as far as the sickness is concerned.

Apino Dannachess said...

Some here behaves like "Mada Kipichcha Ali"

While its not my business to judge others, this is but a humble request to maintain some sanity & decency here....Come on guys....

IntelAttack said...


Please remove all unwanted/ irrelevant/ crap comments by some jokers who have nothings to do but scream when LTTE's loosing the war [they wanted so hard ;)] day by day.

Note: This is not a blog to express your ideas about your parents scattered across the country!

Achi said...

No she is not the Ruwani in LNP.She is some crappy guy.Think how many women you know exposing their email in a public blog.(just see her profile).And how many married women are saying my husband is drinking ,in a public blog.Women are very sensitive and closed when it comes to these issues.I have no doubt these 2 accounts are running by a same guy who were recently thrown out from LNP.No wonder he was thrown out.:)

Bhairav said...

[75 SLA KIA? Are you crazy?]


As such a responsible analyst as you are, you should not show up the emotional side on your comments to satisfy some readers. If you do not have concrete evidence to back up your facts, just say so. As it happens, Tigers have already found 29 bodies of SLA, that means SLA suffered considerable loss here.

Achi said...

I don't beleive 29 yesterday they might be adding today's casualties to yesterday's casualties to prove what they told.Anywy haven't put photos yet.Lets see whether they can put those.

Jambudipa said...

I really hope the military have trauma counseling services for soldiers. This is where priests from all religions should be involved in soldiers welfare. Not just the soldiers but the immediate families who suffer pain as a result of this war.

Sinhalaya said...

SL Army Divisions

11 Division - Panagoda

51 Division - Jaffna

52 Division - (Jaffna District)

53 Division - Kilaly (Jaffna District)
Mechanized Infantry Brigade
Air Mobile Brigade

55 Division - Nagarkovil

56 Division - Vavuniya District

57 Division - Mallavi, Tunukkai (Mulativu District)

58 Division (Task Force 1) - Nachchikuda (Kilinochchi District)

59 Division - Welioya (Mulativu District)

61 Division - (Vavuniya District)

62 Division (Task Force 2) - Navvi Palamoddai (Vavuniya District)

21 Division - Trincomalee District

22 Division - Trincomalee

23 Division

54 Division - Elephant Pass

Tin-Tin said...

This is specially for Mr Brown and James. You guys are too much. Please keep this blog only for defence related discussions and no one wants to see any vulgar languages here.

Bhairav said...

see this link for captured arms from SLA who suffered considerable amount of loss here

Unknown said...

Tamilnet says 19 bodies handed over to ICRC.

So we can say at least 19 and not 12 dead from SLA? What is your stand?

Tin-Tin said...

ICRC delivers nineteen mortal remains of heroic soldiers

see http://defence.lk/new.asp?fname=20080903_09

for more info

Unknown said...

Does anyone know from where to where this 18 km trench is in?

The LTTE seems to be favouring trench warfare. The ones in Muramaale seems to be favouring them. Now one in Mulladuva/Giranikke districts.

How does this trench war fare work with the LTTE?

In one of the pictures we can see green sacks placed on the trench. Probably by SLA to cross the trench. I guess we went in for some beating in Nachchikuda and Vanerikulam. But I guess the battle is not over yet. This is one we'll take a lot of damages from the looks of it but one of the more important ones to win.



Unknown said...


Tamilnet has posted "two" RPO-A launchers again :)

Unknown said...

To start off the topic where are the LTTE cadres stationed with regards to a trench.

- In the trench?
- Behind the trench? if so how behind the trench?
- In what concentrations?
- What are the tactics/weapons they use in conjuction with these trenches?
- etc?

Finally a big thanks to the NGOs and INGOs for contributing to make these trenches a reality.

Unknown said...

Hello Nemesis,
What do you mean?

PHANTOM-X said...

Ruwani...Mr Brown and james are all hired bloggers...!!! They all want to turn this blog into a "bog spot"...!!! Ha Ha Ha... : )

Ruwani said...


I too think Mr Brown and james are trying to disrupt this forum. But anyway I can't think of any of this right now as I am nearly in tears reading what everyone is writing about me.

They have even dragged my family into this forum.

I hate these people.

Unknown said...

Even defence.lk is reporting about the handover of 19 bodies by the LTTE. But it is implying that 12 bodies have not been identified yet...

Unknown said...

Guys, SLA snipers in action in nachchikuda..


battle has only started it seems..

Unknown said...

Guys disturbing happenings in the east taking place also..

We must keep control of the east. It is high time the country is put on a war footing. At least covertly..

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Re latest trends:

1.SLA is encountering more resistance again since Adampan days.
2.LTTE seems to have revved up harassing tactics in the rear--esp East, cleared Wanni and even occupied Jaffna.Whether this reflects a new-found confidence to take on SLA or a measure of desperation remains to be seen.
3.Army is reporting 19 bodies being delivered to it, yet other than 7, itself doubting the identities of the remaining ones while not rejecting it. This gives it an image of dishonesty in reporting casualties,or even callousness or cover-up( esp since it reported only a dozen deaths or so).
4.Tamilnets photos of arms captured are probably ' stand-ins' from its old stocks, rather than the actual ones captured(if true).While AKs( esp Chinese) are legendary for their ability to rust fast, the specimens are prob the ones being used by Makal Padai for practice.
5.For a force moving with such rapidity, the SLA seems relatively well dug-in.
6.Going by the number and constructs of LTTE defenses to date, it appears VP anticipated the type of warfare and wanted to expend as less cadres as possible?He must have started building these a few years back.

Defencewire said...

These are bodies captured from Mallavi, Nachchikuda. Akkarayankulam AND Vannerikulam. SLA lost only 7 bodies at Vannerikulam. Another 7 soldiers dies in the same confrontation, two of whom were reported injured but later succumbed to injuries.

Unknown said...

Ok guess I can still believe it given that the bodies were handed over at Omanthai, it would have been simple to take ones captured at Mallavi. Also the highly decomposed state of the bodies bears witness to this.

Would you care to comment on the trench warfare bit I posted?

Also, how about giving some details on that trench line?

Unknown said...

Also what did nemesis mean by that post with a smiley?

Rover said...

Hi Apino and others,

"Bye the way it seems like some adolescent ranting/ raving nuts have hijacked this blog talking from copulation to various reproductive appendages...."

Just ignore them. I have tried to argue with some of these morons, but then you get drawn into their foul thought process. Since there is no way to determine their identity, no one would seriously blame an entire race for their silliness. The only way these guys can get a bit of attention is by uttering filth. If it bothers you, just don't read any posts by these jokers.

If something needs to be done, the blog administrators would do it, since they are not overly concerned, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Unknown said...

I think at nachchikuda we need to evolve and find ways to tackling the situation.

From what I can "imagine" now nochchikuda still has supply lines open to Punranna (Pooneryn) and Giranikke (Killinochchi)

So supplies and cadres must be getting replenished at a good rate.
Good grounds for attrition.

Snipers look like a good idea. How about some amphibious landings and attack in the rear?

Is Punranna now deserted?

Unknown said...

"in battles which raged across the vanni battle front agroup of soildiers who were unable to link up with troops reported back a few hours ago. about 79 SLA lost their lives in the fighting in thier journey towords pooneryn.

the tamilnet article though dismissed by various sources as being an extension of its regular half truths,the latest report however was true.

but what the ltte did not report was that 67 of its cadres were alse killed on the same front.in the 18 unceasing waves which the ltte attacked with detrmined not to let the trench fall,the result of which will result in the inevitable fall of pooneryn and the western flanked attack on kilinochchi. "

- specialforce LNP


Apino Dannachess said...

Agreed Rover,

Best is to completely ignore the scum and never refer to their names/ reply to their comments.

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