Thursday, September 18, 2008

SBS and RABS breaking new grounds

Sea Tiger small boats
The Sri Lanka Navy, taking a leaf from the Sea Tigers cap, launched an operation against LTTE boat movements supporting the Nachchikuda-Akkarayan defenceline today. The engagement lasted several hours during which time the SLN managed to surround and destroy 10 vessels of the LTTE, including seven lightly armed small logistics craft and three patrol crafts.

The SLN's Rapid Action Boat Squadron, manned by three men each provided much of the firepower while the Special Boat Squadron engaged in strategic maneuvers against the cluster of LTTE boats. This is the third successive joint operation launched by the SBS and the RABS in recent times.

The RABS boats are an improvement of the fiberglass boats manufactured by the SLN, which was further developed after the Tsunami. The new boats are similar in maneuverability to LTTE Sea Tiger boats with a light hull and outboard engines. The boats can fight close to the shoreline and in shallow waters in the northwestern coast. Standard infantry weapons such as MPMGs and LMGs are used for enhanced firepower.

Their development is due to the realization that the heavier Dvora FACs were no match for small, fast moving and lightly crewed boats of the Tigers in shallower seas. The Special Boat Squadron deployed in Combat Rubber Reconnaissance Craft (CRRCs) suffered heavy casualties against faster LTTE vessels upon detection in the past (i.e. Mannar 2006).

The fast moving RABS seems to have complemented SBS operations giving an extra layer of protection and cover to the elite sailors. So far the joint performance of SBS and RABS has been admirable, specially against small and medium sized boats and will become a tremendous asset to ground forces in combating infiltrations, logistical movements etc of the Tigers through recce and detection, close inspections and rapid engagement.


perein said...

Thank you.

Brave forces-
wow... What a performance... Army .. Navy... Airforce ...

Peratama Yamu Lankaaa.. Lankaa...
Ippadunaa Apaa Hadda Lakee Polaweee...

Unknown said...

great job

chamal said...


"The RABS boats are an improvement of the fiberglass boats manufactured by the SLN, which was further developed after the Tsunami."

Arrow boats, or IPC's?

අහිංසක said...

Still there is no comments from TamilNut..... sure their damage is huge ......

Great tactics ....!

Welldone boyzzzz !

Vanni Tamil said...

Theres some update on but its the same grap

Unknown said...

This one called ass something reminds me of an old proverb.

Wandurata delipihiya dunna wage..
Imagine a wandura given access to a weblog. It's monkey behaviour you are seeing.

Sam Perera said...

There is a new orbat map at

Maverick said...

Thanks for the update. Tamilnet has only a passing remark about this event, so this must have hurt them badly.

Good to know that our Navy studied their limitations and shortcomings, and adopted strategies and tactics to overcome that accordingly.

Long live our brave hearts !!!

Infinity said...

Daily News, Defence Column: Cadre shortage hits Tigers as Forces eye Kilinochchi

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Another stretch of land in Karambakulam area falls to SLA. Wanni Operation 18 th September 2008

මොරටු සමන්
ෂ්‍රී ලංකා
අපේ සිංහල කොල්ලන්‍ට ජය වේවා!
කිලිනොච්චියේ සිංහ ධජය නංවන දිනය ළඟයි

Anonymous said...

SLA cheif speaks-he knows the reality so well

Must read: Interveiw of GenSF (from TSL) and DailyNews defence column (from infinity.)

//"There are over 3,000 cadres, and I don't think they will fight to the last man. When it comes down to a certain level, they will try to go and mingle with the people or resort to other tactics like they are trying in the east," Fonseka said.//

//"Just now they are fighting face-to-face, because we are fighting the Kilinochchi defence line, so the killing rate is very high. So I don't know how long they can afford to resist like this," Fonseka said.//

//Lieutenant-General Sarath Fonseka also said he had no clear timeframe for retaking territory held by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), because his aim was killing all of the insurgents rather than seizing ground.//

He said earlier an insurency will last for number of years even after the end of war. Also 11,000 cadres are dead from MavilAru to now. In the way he talks it is very clear he see the full picture in large time scale and for sure he has a master plan.

Wanni civilian movemennts

Civilians in is the crucial factor in this war in next few months. Once GSL get all the civlilians to Vavunia the victory is pretty much sealed. Following is the bad news.

DaillyMirror reported a picture of few civilians moving from K'chi to Mullathiv. I don't know how many do that. If these civilians move further into LTTE areas rather than to Vavunia, even after INGO withdrawal that means
1.Those civilians are very loyal to LTTE OR
2.They have no trust on SLA/GSL OR
3.They are totaly brainwashed by LTTE OR
4.Some other ridiculous reasons.

TN reported 7 deaths in northen seas. I think this is the same incedent dailly mirror reported few days ago. Still the question is why "refugees" from tamilnadu coming to wanni where a war if faught an increasinly dangerously and the place they left due to safety when the war was not that bad at that time there? Can this be another LTTE trick for tamilnadu factor?

SLN success story

We observe now SLN is doing well in shallow water as well, after truimp in blue waters. What they have done is a simple development. Manufactoring small boats which can be used in shallow waters. In this war it doesn't matter whether you wear bata slippers or boots as long as you can kill the enimy. Some people didn't like SLA's small team tactic which delivered all the victories so far, in the begening, saying its a traditional army degrading to a guarilla outfit. If SLAF think in the same line by now all the zlins are down without thinking about expensive MIG29s.

SLN recent battle shows now LTTE sea tigers who once dominated in shallow waters are now crippled. At the same time we see LTTE sea tigers are still able to fight with SLN for hours, though finally they were defeated. (i.e. They still have considerable amount of resources.)

Commander in a meeting in Wanni SFHQ which was raised to dust by black tiger attack

Despite tamilnut claim of 4 SLA bodies recovered no body was handed over to Red Cross so far. As they can play with photoshop, putting old pics or own cadres dead bodies as SLA's pictures on the web may not be the best way to confirm such a claim. But when they habd over the bodies and acceptence by GSL will confirm such a claim and even after 3 days nothing happened. Thus we may conclude the so called captured whepons also their own ones. They have recaptured their own whepons just to keep the inteligent diaspora happy.

TAF what next?

I think LTTE send the tin cans agian soon. Probably for short tours now. Probably for some where fighting is going on, targetting SLA ammo, artilary, MBRL or top commanders. Such a move may not be detected by Vavunia radar and SLAF also will not have time to intercept. Thus the best response would be to make sure ground troops downing it using AA fire or SAM or some missile. They just need to make sure they will not fire SLAF in any case and proper cordination required. SLA better have a seperate until deployed in suspected areas with high training in this job rather than just firing to the sky every where when they see the mosqito.

Can some one answer these?
1(a).Should SLAF momb civilian settlements?
1(b).IF SLAF knows/suspects vezapillai is staying in a house in a house in a town/villege (so he is in civilian sttlement) should SLAF bomb that house?

2.What should GSL do about the INGOs who left their heavy vehicles/ high tech com stes in wanni?

3.Much waited KAB/AAB type attak took place. Its the black tigers bad luck of finding SF troops make it "Vavunia type". Waht next? Since tigers gave cordinates to srtilary units how good is to continue the same location? How likely it is LTTE direct artilary fire when there is a top commanders meeting?

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Ninja nice post...

Should SLAF mob civilian settlements?

No, not yet...doing that we won't gain anything...and LTTE may want us to do it, but not yet...

We must remember we are fighting with a thinking enemy.

Use more and smaller team s to gather information - but don't get them involve in heavy fighting...

Go slow we have time...and we going to make it...

SF it the best and GR will support him...

We must forget about personal grudgers and fight LTTE

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

(b).IF SLAF knows/suspects vezapillai is staying in a house in a house in a town/villege (so he is in civilian sttlement) should SLAF bomb that house?


also deploy some troops in Mullathive Jungle - let them hunt hiding LTTEs..

use urban warfare tricks when you are in Killinochie...

then speed up everything... don't let them sleep....

screen and finger-print every tamilian. be sure to store them in large oracle kind of database

otherwise they will move to towns then we going have a nightmare...PITA identifying them.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

"2.What should GSL do about the INGOs who left their heavy vehicles/ high tech com stes in wanni?

3.Much waited KAB/AAB type attak took place. Its the black tigers bad luck of finding SF troops make it "Vavunia type". Waht next? Since tigers gave cordinates to srtilary units how good is to continue the same location? How likely it is LTTE direct artilary fire when there is a top commanders meeting?"

Give them a chance - to Surrender, and tape record it and show that to UN and IC ... bla..bla..

don't put your guard down - keep eye on them 24/7 - if they fire a single bullet...then...then...

Blast the whole friggin place to dust...say so..sorry about that.. done deal.

TropicalStorm said...

Even if there is civillian death, in the process of a 'decapitation strike' on the tiger heirarchy, the world protests (if they happen) will be short and end in a week. There are bigger worries out there for world leaders right now, like a complete economic meltdown of historic scale.

The present 'worst case' scenarios are; (a) 1929 style great depression, (b) 1979 style stagflation (c) 1999 USSR style total economic collapse. It could also be a combination of more than one.

Opportunity has come knocking..

Unknown said...

Tropical storm -

Yes opportunity indeed has come . That is why we need to decapitate this beast without delay .

Also the Navy always had a very strong tradition of good engineering .

Unknown said...

The Hindu is anti LTTE

However, a Special Forces soldier in the northern war zone told The Associated Press on Wednesday that a group of his comrades were hit by what appeared to be a burn agent loaded into a shoulder-fired rocket during a battle in the Kilinochchi district on Monday.

The soldier, who refused to be identified because he was not authorised to speak to the media, said he had seen the bodies of several of his comrades who were killed in the battle and they looked as if they had melted. Many of them were so badly disfigured they had to be buried in closed-casket funerals, he said.

Unknown said...

I guess Sarath has to say what he needs to from his bosses. Mahindha and his family aka 3 Amigos know that the economy is being brought to a standstill in Sri Lanka and keep giving shifitng deadlines.

Sri Lanka needs to survive the credit crises else in a few months the economy will become bankrupt. I guess now blog wants to highlight Gota's Stupidity. It goes to show Raman could be right. After all the Pro LTTE web sites take one group for a ride the other Pro Goverment websites need to take the rest for a ride.

So I expect the death counts reporting to increase on both sides.

Moshe Dyan said...

"When it comes down to a certain level, they will try to go and mingle with the people or resort to other tactics like they are trying in the east" - SF

that's why we need counter terrorism measures such as "WHITE VANS", detention, interrogation, vigilante groups and para-groups operating throughout the country. these methods/groups will be UNHINDERED when LTTE resistence collapses.

end of the war is not the end to killings, but a start of a different form of killings with a DEFINITE advantage to the WINNER of the war. GOSL should never be inactive as previous governments did from 1976-1983.

little-by-little these guerilla operations of tigers will reduce and one day disappear bcos even these operations need bases to store explosives, train terrorists, transport explosives/terrorists, safe hevans for leaders, etc. which would not be available.

Unknown said...


Sri Lanka will survive the credit crisis just fine . none of the countries suffering from it are major donars any more . When the LTTE is capped off there will be a huge opportunity to all Sri Lankans .

Moshe Dyan said...


with military victories a VERY LARGE amount of resources PREVIOUSLY UNTAPPED comes at the TOTAL DISPOSAL of GOSL in VANNI, etc.

EXPLOITATION of these can certainly cushion the bad effects of economic doldrums. pretty soon ppl will start DEMANDING these economic benefits.

GOSL plans to ban almost ALL agricultural produce imports in 2 years time. for this to happen VANNI MUST BE PUT UNDER THE PLOUGH IN A MASSIVE SCALE NEVER SEEN b4.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Divide and rule,
create more grater casts in wanni, (like udawaran) give them a set of Air condition prados, land crusers – give them more rights than others, let tamils fights with tamilians.

move Buussa Camp to Mullathive Jungle, deploy more white or even Black vans...

Open Night clubs in Killinochie and hire Thangachies...

it won't take 3,4,5,6 years to finish LTTEss.

don't let tamilians stand up where they can see another day dream of Eeelam.

Foxtrott said...

Sri Lanka.........will not get seriously effected by the so called US and European credit crisis thing because we didnt go ahead with the plan to convert all cultivating land in to factories and didnt get our small farmers to be absorbed by the multinationals for quick gains as all the World bank and IMF ....big boys with international experiance and Harward.....Stanford degrees see what has happened .......They are boiling in their own soup..........
LEHMANS down and out.....AIG in life surpport.....Merryl Lynch ..gone ........Golmans and JP morgan will hit the road next week................

Rajaratasurfer said...

This is awesome fellas ! Finally, SLN got the kohones whack the ltte !
BTW :Abt the INDRA II radars, why did Iqbas Athas make up this BS abt. the radars been named after Indira Gandhi ? He's DA defence Analyst in Lanka or is he a phony just wants publicity ? But, he looks stupid in his last report on ST.Also he miss ID's props & jets all the time !

koombiya said...

Good work Navy

Unknown said...

Friday Defence columns from Daily News and Daily Mirror plus more news

Unknown said...

Yep we have to give them a shot of their Own Medicine..
Small Combat Groups to fight the Small attack formations that they fought...
Small boats to fight the ST small boat sets...

These have given us the same leverage with their style & as our troops are Best at things they get the upper hand.
*SL AIR FORCE> ...............

Only if the Air Force also go with same lines and get smaller planes to be lift off near FDLs to counter the Takaran planes, then engage with a dog fight and get them down before it unloades. Currently we have only the slight advantage of engaging it on its Return Flight..( Next time they could be planning only Comming & hitting a Dam or a High riser...)
Still have the time...

Unknown said...

Thank you Defencewire for an excellent update...yet again :)
I've seen these boats up close, the Arrow boats and they are heavily armed. got two 200hp OBM's and for a boat that size and shape...that's a lotta muscle...
Great to hear that RABS is doing great. SBS and RABS must be one of SLN's major upgrades in recent years in addition to bluewater capabilities
SLA, SLAF, SLN, STF all seems to be clicking pretty well now...

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

As I know they are powered with 250hp engines..
( I only saw from that Documentry on TV about making of these boats..No close views.. :) )

Correct me, if Im wrong...

R*fard&C*ble said...

KAB, AAB, Vavunia.... what's next?

It is the Maduruoya SF camp.

There is an LTTE team closing into Maduru Oya SF training camp...!

Get the acts together!

Anonymous said...

//It is the Maduruoya SF camp.//

This is not unlikely guess. Another obvious gambling possibilty. Combined with tincans, killing 100s of those who going under training, propaganda on attacking a SF camp, moral boosting, diaspora funding...every thing is there. LTTE just need to sacrifice 20+ black tigers. Even failed attempt give pretty much wha they want. Alternatv iely they might do the same for SLDF training camp/ logistic base in deep south.

BTW, what happened to food poisening (cyanide) incedent?

shay said...

"It is the Maduruoya SF camp."

There is not much damage a black tiger group can do against a SF training camp. Once the firefight starts, the soldiers are not going to stand there waiting for black tigers to come and shoot them. If they send 10 tigers, they will be able to inflict about 10-20 casualties max.

The danger from black tigers is to military installations where we have valuable assets such as KAB, AAB, Vavuniya etc.

IntelAttack said...

Check The most accurate defence map of Wanni Battle.

Hiranthe said...

Thank you DW.

It is great work by our brave forces.

I have a small question. How come we have allowed them to tow away the last four damaged boats. They are all terrorists and why did not we totally eliminate them. If SLAF support was sought, would that be an added help??

Defencewire said...


This section of the report on hindu is fabricated. Firstly we have no reports whatsoever that a serious nerve agent was released to have 'melted bodies'. Secondly, SF SOLDIERS cannot be interviewed by foreign or even local journalists just like that. They will not talk such crap. Several cans of empty CS gas were found from the area later.

Long - Ranger said...


The weapon the article mentions sounds more like the result of a round of RPO-A Shemel.

Interestingly the Tamil Tigers DO consider this weapon to be of a chemical type. This is what I said with regards to chemical weapons by the Tamil Tigers to fellow blogger Pasan some weeks ago:

"Tamil Tiger chemical warfare runs back to as far as 1989 when the first recorded incident has been when some members of the EPRLF were poisoned using cyanide in their food. More incidents are scattered during the same period such as cyanide poisoned knives, food and other boobytraps.

The type of chemical attacks the former rebel commander mentions would be some form of a chemical gas which can be dispensed via cannisters like they did in 1990. The other method would be an attempt to use them through its mortar/arti units as they did twice against two army outposts in 1995. (ie the same way smoke screens are dispensed). The other possibility would be dispensing these 'chemicals' via their aerial assets. In all these incidents chlorine gas was used, with minimal impact. However, our tri-commanders I am sure will not be complacent, since Chlorine gas is a choking agent and when inhaled can cause intense pain, organ damage or even death if inhaled in high amounts. In recent months Iraqi insurgents too have been using Chlorine gas filled cylinders in IEDs and tankers although the casualties are much lower to that of conventional suicide bombing and IEDs.

Despite the allegations that the TamilTigers may resort to such an attack in the future the only piece of evidence the GOSL managed to provide in this regard has been the truck that was transporting 3600L of Sulphuric acid on August 12, 2007. However with interrogation the captives revealed it was for manufacturing explosives (most likely TNT) either as an end-product or for subsequent mixture to produce other military explosives.

The 3600L truck has been the only primary piece of evidence to say that the Tamil Tigers are working on a chemical weapon but their activity thus far during the conflict (2006-2007) fails to give any credibility towards this allegation.

It is also possible that what the Tamil Tigers mean by chemical weapons or Special weapons (as the Tamil Tigers have mentioned in their propaganda) may well be thermobaric weapons rather than classic chemical weapons. These are known to suck air from its targets generating high blast overpressure. Only time will tell…"

Unknown said...

The arrows up grading is big step for the Navies R&D! It’s a great achievement, but I have my doubts in why the navy mounted a 23mm on one of them.

The use of small boat tactics utilizes high speed, rapid maneuvering and the principles of swarm attack.

considering the recoil of the 23mm round and stiff/crude gun mount which is a welded, and the crude iron Anti air craft type sights used and the constant bobbing as the bow pierces the waves and the wake left by others, I find it hard to believe that the 23mm would be of any significant combat use unless the boat is brought to a stop position and the gunner given ample time to adjust his aim..add to this the low rate of fire possible from such a platform for a weapon of such a caliber. And the limited number of 23mm rounds (which means accuracy matters but cannot be achieved to a level needed because of the mentioned issues) that can be carried and the restricted area for the gun to traverse makes it a cumbersome gun to place on such a small craft. The 14.5mm or even the old Oerlikon 20mm’s would have been a better choice, but I guess as the battles unfolds the necessary changes will be made if needed.

Unknown said...

Good one long ranger

Widana said...

aaaney aththada me?
kiyannako aththa aney..

kotiyata paara wadinakota mata hari amaaarui meya. ekai mama kata piyagena hitiye.

ranil mamatath hari hithata amarui kotiyata wadinakota. ethakota ithin paksheta honda nehene. ranil mama hithe amaruwn dan mata gul kapanneth nehe.

Sithsala said...


Wouldn't it be ok to have some arrows fitted with 23mm, to provide additional firepower.

If every arrow is fitted with 23mm, that could be a waste as high speed maneuvers will render them useless.

Tigers must be hell bent on capturing a arrow these days.

mulathiev TARZEN said...


MERVIYA saranaaai!

GONTAABAYA pihitaai!

ammapaa! umbalagee melee thamai molee!

..thopi roth-thama wada-koranne kothalaawala D A, ekeeda?

ammoooo umbalata hithenaa deeewal ammapa!

Unknown said...

sala salang,

"Wouldn't it be ok to have some arrows fitted with 23mm, to provide additional firepower.

If every arrow is fitted with 23mm, that could be a waste as high speed maneuvers will render them useless."

It is because of the limitations of the cannon (23mm) on the arrows and their possible ineffectiveness that i don't think they should be mounted on them, a few 40mm AGL's or few 20mm Oerlikon's might stand better.

as for additional fire power which is a undoubted needed and stand off range too sometimes we could have a few IPC's (the MKII family) with 23mm working the swarms with the RABS & SBS lads,

What could really cut its teeth in to the sea tiger craft in this type of engagements where you mix it fast, up close and in swarms are a few GAU-19s to saturate high speed targets with volume fire with the like of Mk211 API or NM160 MP-T (the latter might be hard to obtain because it’s made in norway). Just a thought :)

Widana said...

nikan ahuwe aa, ganan ganna epa.

mamanung samahara welawata sirase, samahara welawata sirikothe, ehema thang thang wala wesikili sudda karanawa.

me dawas wala mata nikan schizo wage.

Widana said...

nemesis aiye, umba malu karayekda? bottu gana godak dannawa wage?

Renegade! said...


are the current Arrow boats fitted with 14.5mm guns and just one has a 23mm cannon,rite?

Renegade! said...

I also agree that a 20mm Oerlikon along with a few 40mm AGL's would be more efficient,.but isn't the 20mm gun manually controlled and sighted?, the same as 23mm..

When are we getting those 2 new missile boats from serbia anyways?..also,is the Gabrial missile on our SAAR-4's operational or still not working?

perein said...

Very detailed Zlin article present in LNP.
Worth taking a look at...

Sithsala said...


Yes, a proper mix would always be better than just one type of crafts.

It would be a scary sight to have two or three IPCs with a swarm of arrows darting through the waves.

I think sea tigers used a similar combination of crafts in the past to achieve better results.

Sithsala said...

rena - gade

Why don't you call MOD and ask?

You always seem to be interested in exact details.

Vigilante said...

This is from the Chechen war..
Russian Army identified the Chechen terrorists from Chechen people by checking their INDEX FINGER of each hand.

The reason, that is the finger anyone use to pull the trigger of gun.
If anyone with a over used Index Finger, they must be throughly interrogate.

Widana said...

aaa renegade, umbey molee thamai molee.
aney me, umbata mokada anunge batawala centimeter gana? umbe eke centimeter gana balagena chuu karala nida ganin.
nemesis aiya, oya kiyanna epa centimeter gana honde?

shay said...

Excellent post as always from nightfox. Better than most of these so called defence analysts.

Interesting. He says we used a PL-8 missile and not a PL-5 as I might have suspected. Looks like the boys now have some top quality toys.

kappetipola said...

Puppet Mask said...


How do we know accurate harvest (27 in this case) of Sea Pussy Cats?

Puppet Mask said...

I mean how do we find out figures from a sea battle, when they must be 'pearl diving in hell' now?

Vigilante said...

Wellcome back Rfard.

Corey said...

Great show of compassion at this time of extreme hatred by the LTTE and some of its brainwashed supporters. Please read guys:

kappetipola said...

guys ..if u wanna see Sri Lanka as Singapore kill all
1% of sinhala racist ,1% of tamil racist & 1% of muslim racist

Unknown said...


but may some might have the 250hp ones as well since it's just a simple swap :)

lankanews said...

remains of a plane engine and parachute found in nachchikuda

Anonymous said...


Renegade! is talking about mm not cm !!! (there are two renegades. Renegade! and Renegade.) Renegade! is doing an audit of all SLDF whepons. Both fake and real assasinrajive, keep posting. Original one, please avoid repetetion. Both of you are so funny. We like your comments. (They are like annoying buy funny ads in a importent TV program.)Good job.

Anonymous said...

Api Venuven Api Please See and Contribute

mulathiev TARZEN said...

umbalata merviaaa saranaai!
gontaabaya pihitaai!

u shot the tin can over mannra and pilot saw it droped it to mulathive>..anee haara modak! forign cattle/rata harak...! now u find it in nachchikudaa! hak huk hee....soon u will find thalivarrs on gontaabayas wife! aiooo, haaaaamirak!

umbalaa newzeland harak-kiri beela harak pataw welaa! ammapaa!

Mohammed Zubair said...

Ass In Rajiv: I seriously think you need to get laid.

mulathiev TARZEN said...


mulathiev TARZEN said...

KOLLOO! there are 2 of rajives!
1/ assasinrajive= with 13 letters!
2/assassinrajive= with14 letters!

2nd one is the real one, the first is the improper/proxy! it??

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

shit load of LTTE carders are in killi hospital...naka dee pussie

Corey said...

Dear Assasinrajiv,
I did not have any clue to what you are saying, but it was translated to me (it cost money!). This (DW) is an important source of real-life info, and me and my colleague's research on terrorism (and our theses) have been greatly been facilitated by this. You seem to be going berserk as seen from this blog. We have a question for you: you seem to support the LTTE cause, but apparently, you write (or speak) very good (or very vulgar) Sinhalese. What exactly are you? Would you be willing to answer a questionnaire we have made to cover our research interests on terrorism, and how it effects the mind of family, friends and supporters of cedrtain 'causes?' We will compensate you (with not much - we are grad students). But, would you be willing?

Arsath said...

When opponents present openings, you should penetrate them immediately. Get to what they want first, subtly anticipate them. Maintain discipline and adapt to the enemy in order to determine the outcome of the war. Thus, at first you are like a maiden, so the enemy opens his door, then you are like a rabbit on the loose, so the enemy cannot keep you out.”- Art of War - Sun Tzu

Following.. this famous saying from the book Art of war.. I think LTTE is asking and eating.. way to go SLA,SLN and SLAF all the best. Lets wipeout these low life MTFs. If it is not for the LTTE we would've been the worlds most prosperous nation.

Unknown said...

yep that can be true.

It would have been great if you add a photo of a Arrow with Navy personnal Hmmm... Like the Photos of the STF guys on the bikes, would be just Perfect than the Sarong Brigade of ltte..

kappetipola said...

Suspect : Retired Foreign Army General(s) Behind the LTTE (with fat pig).they are highly paying by international LTTE funds.

Jambudipa said...

Second large weapon cache in recent times intercepted in Trinco. This one includes 3 AA guns.

Are they smuggling in weapons through Trinco now? They may be using local fishermen for smuggling through unsuspecting naval guards.

Unknown said...

Hey Guys,
Yesterday in "Wanni meheyuma" the Kokavil Rupavahini Antenna was shown. (Captured and used by ltte from 1990 onwards..)

The troops were on to Kakavil and was on what seems like a road.
Is this the Former Rail road?
In maps the rail road do take a turn to the West before Kokavil and then goes on a bend to Reach Kakavil..
Seems a Good entry point to A9 & cutting down supplies to Mankulam (If SL forces are to cut through A9..)
Any one with an Idea?

Pundeyeelam said...

Debris of an aircraft and a abandoned parachute were found in the Nachchakudai area by the 58 divisions attached to the Sri Lanka Army. Among these were engine parts, the rear part of an air craft and a parachute which was hanging on a tree were discovered during a search operation in the area, SLA sources said today.
DN can you verify this please.

Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...


I do not know the numbers and Order of battle for the RABS & SBS boat units. No news on any of the new orders too.

Jambudipa said...


In maps the rail road do take a turn to the West before Kokavil and then goes on a bend to Reach Kakavil..
Seems a Good entry point to A9 & cutting down supplies to Mankulam (If SL forces are to cut through A9..)
Any one with an Idea?

Cutting off a9 from Kokavil wont entirely cutoff Mankulam from Kilinochi. They still can make it through Mullativu on the A34 and I suspect through other dirt roads. However they will find it hard to reinforce both ends of A9 (Mankulam and Kilinochi) using mobile forces a quickly as they did before. Currently they would quickly dispatch additional forces and artillery to Mankulam and vice-versa since A9 is under LTTE control. This convenience will not be there anymore for them.

Jambudipa said...

If 59 is able to move further north within the next few weeks, A34 can also be cutoff. This will seal off Mankulam from Kilinochi. 59 is now in open terrain after clearing Mullativu jingles. The advance may not be as hard as it was before in thick jungles.

Mark Jayaweera said...

Well Done Brave Sri Lankan forces!
Doing a great job wiping out the fascist scum of the Earth the demonic LTTE. I have waited 25 years for these moments. LTTE leadersip is collapsing and crumbling like a house of cards. I am convinced within weeks they will be totally defeated and Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan people can finally have their country back from these fascists.
Well Done SL Army, Navy and Airforce!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

However they will find it hard to reinforce both ends of A9 (Mankulam and Kilinochi) using mobile forces a quickly as they did before.
But about 59 I have doubts.I mean they are facing stiff resistance & I dont think they (59)would be able to cut A34 in Very near Future.
But when We cut through A9 at Kokavil(It have to be done at one point..), This Opens Lot of Jungle paths to be explored & to interupt A34 and A35 also.So a whole lot of possibilities than depending on the difficult forward march for the 59..
Just my thoughts..

mulathiev TARZEN said...

MERVIA saranaai!
GONTAABAYA pihitaai!

AMMAPaaa! umbala "research" koranna meekata enewada?

what happened, at KDA nothing to research? wander u cant shoot a flying objects!

anee umbala samataa, shel-gas,preema-pity,pawsy-ge-oil, pohitaai!

Anonymous said...

LTTE plans to respond INGO withdrawal by mass fast unto death. deadly plan

//“I think Tamil Eelam does exist already. It exists in the hearts and minds of every single Tamil expatriate. It is a reality.”//

Well we don't care elaam exists in heart or aresehole of tamizhs as long as it is not in SL.

//..told this at a book launch event in Oslo, Norway. The book “Tamils in Sri Lanka - A Comprehensive History (C.300 B.C. - 2000 A.D.)” ..//

Actually 300BC to 1700AD they were empty pages.

The person who make vezapillai a hero within 24 hrs to the IC by her infamous interveiw now says what tamiz can do for elaam “It is your excellence. Whatever you do,..".

Tamil Eelam does exist already - Anita Pratap

A 'concerned tamiz' is worrying about not having a written history for Dutugamunu Elara war from tamiz side. He was wondering while modayas has written the history from thier side how come much superior tamiz were unable to write down it. So he needs history of current war to be written in tamiz side. History, it is said, is written by the victors..

An interview with former Black Sea Tiger in the LTTE naval Wing

(part 2) Q.Do you think V. Prabakaran can win Eelam? A.No. It is just a dream.

sama sabapathila upset ekelu..-Rivira

CFA time MOD didn't know even how many NGOs went to north (not what they took)

Black tigers had sex as 5 couples... Actually in Colombo you can see couples under umbrellas. LTTE can use this to planning, messeging etc..Rivira defence column

unfortunately Thissa Ravindra Perera didn't find 60 LTTE KIA.

Unknown said...

Where is the source for this weapon haul with 3 AA guns?

Unknown said...

Black Tigers had sex during the apporoach towards Vavunia Air Force Base...

Good for them! Is this a normal Black Tiger ritual? Can't be. Vesapolle PukaAbaran wouldn't want to take any risk on the endurance of his supposedly elite cadres.

So I guess this was one instance of covert rebellion against VeePee.

I guess those ten Black Tigers didn't lose in this particular battle. Only the LTTE and VPee did. The cadres probably got the reward even before they started the operation.

Vanni Tamil said...

Is it the LTTE air craft that went down??

Aircraft engine found in Nachchikuda.

Vanni Tamil said...

Is it the LTTE air craft that went down??

Aircraft engine found in Nachchikuda.

mulathiev TARZEN said...

.mervia saranaai!!

braking , braking and more braking news!

black tigers had sex!
just found out by MI,..

ammapaaa mung wagee harak raanak!
u found some condoms,and u think they had sex! so what`s the big deal, is it illegal to have sex in sri lanka?...
ammapaa mung buuru ralak!..
if black tigers know that they going to die tomorrow why do u limit the pleasure by using condoms?

ammapaa umbee molee thamai molee!
thoita gontaabeya saranaai!
thoita preethi pihitai!

mulathiev TARZEN said...

umbalata merviya pihitaai!
preeeethi saranaai!
gonta buhdhu weewaaaa!

pilot saw the tin can went down to mulathive jungle, and now u found the engine at nachchikuda?

ammapaaa munge molee, thamaai molee, anga puraama wagee!
u will soon also find thalivarr on to of sriyani rajapaksa!

ammapaa thopita !!

kuttu said...

Addo Assassinrajive

dekata nemila balapung ube walla thama tiyenawada kiyala, eka thama thiyenawanum, hodata atth deken thadakaragena peththaka wela hitapan Booruwek wage keegahanne netuwe

Ubata therunada

Infinity said...

Map of Western situation as at September 17
Map of Eastern situation as at September 17

wijayapala said...

Dear kapptipola

"guys ..if u wanna see Sri Lanka as Singapore kill all
1% of sinhala racist ,1% of tamil racist & 1% of muslim racist

That will never work- Mahinda will never dare touch his JHU supporters. Sinhala racists get out of trouble by calling themselves "patriots."

Unknown said...

That would not work.
Agreed. But NOT because President cant touch JHU. Just see Racists of all Races... They are all in the TOP of DEMOCRATIC PARTIES. Not only JHU is responsible.Just think what would the so called IC says if PROMINENT RACISTS of SRI LANKA went missing?
I also have a doubt about the Percentages as well.
For example Would you beleive the JHU to get a simmilar Power in a NEXT Election?
The Mind set of People also has to do Lot with this...
Isnt that so...

hemantha said...

"...kill all
1% of sinhala racist ,1% of tamil racist & 1% of muslim racist"

Above is a casual comment. I don't think even the author would believe his own words since it's suggesting of killing two hundred thousand people.
But look at the serious response given for that.

"That will never work- Mahinda will never dare touch his JHU supporters. "

Renegade! said...


Take ur para sinhala and get off this blog ok?.if you want to express ur ideas make it in english,alrite.unless ur from the gutter or shanties,that is.lolz..even then post decent comments..P.S-pls understand the differnce between mm and cm,ok loser?


there is only one renegade! (TM)
I changed from renegade to renegade! to stress and emphasise more-hehehe


thanks,i just wanted to clarify since currently all 20mm oerlikon guns are manually controlled and fired on dvoras and heavier 23mm and 30mm's are slaved to electronic sighting and fire-control systems..

Renegade! said... it out!! it..

mulathiev TARZEN said...


gontaabaya saranaai!

renegade! i bothered!..of u r request?..
u cant chaised people like that, just b`cos u don't like them!..u tried to to kill tamls just like`cos u don't like
ammapaa..! nakadeepuseeeee!

mulathiev TARZEN said...

...renagade! do wanto get personal?u r well come!

thopi ro-thata, shell-gas pihitaai!
umbalata punnakku samaga parana piduru labeeeeeeeewaaaaaaaa!

mulathiev TARZEN said...


R-U-BO-1 weeeeeewaaaaaaa!
"rena"-gade! nice nik!

naka deeee pu seeeeeeee!

kappetipola said...

kappetipola said...

I meant not kill kill . thanks for just get the idea. In my point of view we have 3 % of extremist racist people .And some Political Parties named as with the Race . Ex;- Sinhala ..Party, Tamil .. , Muslim .. . its time to banned these all names we could change all of these names .And there policies included they Serve for this Ethnic group and their problems. I believe, Sri Lanka has poverty in rural areas that didn’t specific to one ethnic group.
That’s mainly all the facilities not reached in rural areas. Specially Good Education system …continue

Nira! said...

Heavy fighting has broke out between the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) and the fighting formations of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) in the southwest frontiers of Ki'linochchi district, at Vanneari, Akkaraayan and the interior of Mu'rika'ndi at 5:50 a.m. on Sunday.

Exchange of heavy artillery and gunfire was reported simultaneously along the frontiers

Moshe Dyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NOLTTE=Peace said...

All the racist political parties should be withdrawn. Only 'National' parties should be able to operate in the country.

No more Muslim, Sinhala, or Tamil etc parties in the island. Every 'ethnic' party should be given the opportunity to convert to National Parties within the next 12 months.

No party should be allowed to use racial terms such as Tamil, Muslim, Hela, Sinhala, Eelam, Elar or Ezham etc. They should be asked change their party constitution too to avoid being banned.

No party should be allowed to register with any agenda of dividing the country. This country should be for everyone.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

If the allegations are true, these Police Officers should be given the maximum punishments possible under the law.

Their Policemanship is not a license to terrorize and kill.

Moshe Dyan said...

elam or hela (same thing) are NOT racist/racial TERMS.

don't know about eezham though!!

koly said...

pl note; 1% of 225 = 2.25!

sandoc said...

give some comment about breaking fortified FDLs

Moshe Dyan said...

yep koly; thanks for pointing out!

10% of SL parliament (not 1%) are tamil ULTRA RACISTS of TNA!!

far toooo much.

Moshe Dyan said...


i also noted that.


JHU has only 9 MPs; TNA has more than 20 ULTRA RACISTS!!!!!!

Mohammed Zubair said...

The Eagles have landed ;-)

Unknown said...


Eagles are landing on VP's ass everyday.

Have a look at this article:

Some here were espousing the virtues of "multicultural" and "prosperous" Singapore. Looks like they are pissing of their minorities. Tamils were up in arms over the Sinhala only act, now they have another act to be up in arms about. Anyone for declaring Eelam in Singapore?

Moshe Dyan said...

MZ is refering to MiG-29s.

Dumindak said...

It looks Sunday Leader has got a new contract from LTTE. Today article titleed " General on the Loose'

can anybody guess how much money paid by LTTE?? I think at least $1m.
So according to Garbage Leader, winning general is a looser and lost generals are winners.

Unknown said...

@MD: What? Really, are the MiGs here yet, I thought they were due in late November?

Moshe Dyan said...


yes!! apparently a few stuff need to be assembled (by indian tech.s in SL) and the trainer is likely to fly AFTER a few weeks if not a month.

anyway its a waste of money, mate.

Moshe Dyan said...

source: a low ranked officer. everybody SEEMS to know at SLAF???

25% possibility of not being true.

pilots have already undergone training in india but will do further rounds in SL.

Unknown said...

@MD: I think you need to verify your sources. I don't think you can bring in MiGs unnoticed. Anyone in Katunayake can see them landing, and one doesn't need a SLAF source to say that they have come, any passenger waiting to board a plane, ground staff, security etc. can see these aircraft landing, how can anyone not notice 5 MiGs landing??!!! Assuming they were brought in when no commercial flights were operating, even then round the clock ground crews and a myriad of security gaurds and other ground staff can see them. Trying to hide a MiG is like trying to hide an elephant in a dog house. Are you saying they landed in another base? If so which one, I'd be interested to know what other SLAF bases can accomodate jet fighters (my sources say no other base apart from KAB and RAB can accomodate jets).

Unknown said...

no pictures or detailed news about vanni situation in tamilnet for few days! looks like air force took out VanniTec for good!

Unknown said...

The M230 has less recoil than the 23mm and can be mounted on a buffered pilet mount, Fire power wise the ATK M230 in a naval mount could be the ideal solution for the arrows & IPC's. It could be also used to compliment the FAC's armament and even be mounted on Naval rotor craft in a future fleet air arm. Cost & if it will be sold to us is a question. The M230 + GAU-19/M-134D combination could yield a real killer for small boat operations with the RABS & SBS in swarm attacks.

Just a though, open to views :)

Moshe Dyan said...

i have no info they were FLOWN (emphasis) in to KAB.

may be they did; may be not.
it must be KAB or RAB that will house them.

as i said i have a 25% doubt of the source. there is no way i can check the accuracy of the source as there is no other source!!

according to him, the news is OUT! which is not the case so far. i'm sure daily mirror, etc. would publish it IF it is so.

anyhow, still i place 75% confidence due to his credibility thus far.

mboi said...

friends pls write to the idiots at bbc and point out their title for this new article is blatantly incorrect. they r saying the gosl has ordered a 'tamil census'. gosl never odered a 'tamil census, rather they ordered a census of all persons who have traveled from war affected regions.

Unknown said...

Tamilnet is whining big time..

Check the article "Tamil diaspora representatives condemn International System Failure in Sri Lanka" there...

kappetipola said...


yes looks like they dnt have lack of electricity charge their digi cams.
and there satellite connections could be destroyed.

kappetipola said...

*yes looks like they dnt have power, lack of electricity .

kappetipola said...

"LTTE gunmen assassinate head priest of Koneshwaram Hindu Temple - Trincomalee "

here we go again..
so called freedom fighters .

Unknown said...

The Pictures WILL come..
They are Writing the SCRIPTS...
Well that where they are VERY GOOD at..
So They will have there Artilery shells from Pooneryn to fall into the IDPs & claim "See What the ARMY is doing!! HELP the People NOT ltte etc...."
They will always have a connection to the World.. (Hey If there is NO way then Comes NORWAY..& the ICRC Communication links can also be used if Everything fails...)

hemantha said...

"The United Nations said Sunday its offices in the rebel-controlled north of Sri Lanka had been looted after aid workers were evacuated last week.

A statement from the UN said that it suspected the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were involved in the theft from buildings it had left on the orders of the Sri Lankan government.

The UN did not disclose what was stolen, but local media reported that the suspected rebels took large stocks of fuel and electricity generators."

Why I am not surprised. UN, F-- you.

Unknown said...

LTTE loots Killinochchi UN office!

Could this be covert gifting to LTTE by UN local officials??

Unknown said...

Bloody UN!

We should conduct inquiries in to these incidents and punish if there has been free gifting to the LTTE!

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