Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fighting escalates in Weli Oya Sector

Fierce fighting erupted at Weli Oya following operations to capture the tranchline and bund from Tannimurippukulam to Nayaru lagoon. 9 soldiers sacrificed their lives in the confrontations. 53 others were injured, mainly due to booby traps. Casualties to the LTTE is unknown.

Meanwhile LTTE's mouthpieces have claimed it killed 62 SLA in one day's fighting at Akkarayan and Vannerikulam recently. This is completely false. As it stands, LTTE units are incapable of launching a massive attack simultaneously in two areas. Troops are also extra cautious now, since they are at the outskirts of Kilinochchi, which is meters away from them. Small teams of Special Forces have started to infiltrate Kilinochchi town from at least three directions.

Meanwhile the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol unit of 2 Commando Regiment, operating north of Nachchikuda, inside LTTE controlled area, eliminated another obstacle in the 58 Division's path when they ambushed a double-cab three days ago killing Chelian, the Deputy Leader of the LTTE's Sea Tiger unit.

Chelian was in charge of all Sea Tiger activities in the northwestern coast at the time and was also instructing the LTTE's defences against the 58 Division from Nachchikuda to Pooneryn. 2 Commando is operating under the guidance of 58 Division CO Brigadier Shavendra Silva who is the Colonel Commandant of the Commandos.

In another incident, a team from 3 Commando Regiment ambushed an LTTE bus carrying reinforcements in Nedunkerni north area killing 5 LTTE cadres. These teams are operating ahead of the current FDL in areas of strategic significance.


mulathiev TARZEN said...
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TigerKiller said...

Chelian was in charge of all Sea Tiger activities in the northwestern coast at the time and was also instructing the LTTE's defences against the 58 Division from Nachchikuda to Pooneryn.

Ohhh , another Dog attained PEELAM .

Well done LRRP !!

Thava Tikai !! Ohoma Yamu

TigerKiller said...

assassinrajive ,

All these are lies . Don't visit this site . Please let us to eat Puanakku to these Singala modaya's :):):)

bye bye PEELAM

TigerKiller said...

DW ,

if you have sometime , and If you know please enlighten us how TamilNadu , India show is going affect for the war . Will India coming for another Parippiu drop . I am 90% sure for what hear from around they will not . but is there any slight chance ?

Unknown said...

Thanks DW

mulathiev TARZEN said...


merva asaranaai!
sakvithi pihitaa!

samata weeeewaaaa jayaaaaaa!

apita mukuth liyanna bahanee mee blog ekee!
kisi kenekuta apahaasa koree naha!
kunuharupa keewee nahaa!
boru leewee nahaaa!
aiioo!!..magee "comment" "delet" kolaa!
kisima heethuwak nathivaaa!

hari saadaranaai!..
ammapaa umbalata mervinla wadi wadi yen labeewaa!

mulathiev TARZEN said...

dw, dw, dw!
nikan ma inna ekee meekath makalama daana!
oyaa weerayanee eewagee "ahinsaka" wadawalataa!..
meeke boru kiyana eung emataai!
kunuharupa liyana eung wahi wahalaa!
anunta banina/apahaasa korana eung pirilaa!

unta mukuth naha! mama wagee ahinhaka ekekuta allagena gahapiyaw!
ammapaa! umbala thamai weeeerayoo!
merviyaa buduh weewaa!
maalaka slvaa deneewaa!

mulathiev TARZEN said...

dw dw dw dw !
from now on i will praise u no matter how "dumb"u r articles are to avoid being deleted..OK!!

what a great article! what a accurate analysis! one write like u! no one have understanding like u have! ammapaa! u mesmerize the whole wold!
who take advice from u Kremlin , pentagon?..ammapaa!

Bhairav said...

[One more thing. If tamils are so intelligent, why do the Indians take Tamilnadu as a leser educated and lesser civilized state? ]


You have blew it right here. TN is the topmost industrialized state in India, and contributes to the one third of Indian economy. I'm sure you are familiar with the G7 countries term, if you want to call one of the Indian states in G category, TN is G1. Until late 90s, students of other states were flooding into TN universities since lack of institutions and infrastructure from their states, most notably, Andrapradesh folks migrated to TN for jobs and education. Due to the IT boom, other states realized the importance of higher studies, and they started to build it in numbers. IIT of madras is used to be full of Tamils, then so many Telungu students started to flood over there. Then comes the changes in Andrapradesh where they started to build universities equivalent of ITT in the name of NIT, i believe the the name is correct. If you compare IIT of India in the ranks of MIT,Harvard,Cambridge and Oxford, NIT is not far behind.

The problems with the Southerners are that they can be good architects of the product, but they cannot sell it- that's where Northies came to picture and become the spokesperson of the product of Southies. Northerners started to get more credit for what Southerners did. Eventually they claimed the superiority over Southerners. Mind you, IT hub of Bengalore used to be fully Tamil city even though it resides in Andrapradesh. I regularly interact and coordinate my onshore team with the offshore team in B'lore for my current project, and surprised about the number of Tamils work for this global company.

The problems with the TN Tamils are lack of leadership qualities. They always tend to worship something from outside.

Stop undermining Tamils bcoz they are Tamils.

Bhairav said...

[You are born like this, as most tamils, I am not telling you are a idiot.. but if you like to learn the lesson that FF learnt. I am more than happy to repeat the history, because it is my way.]


I'm up for any game. Just tell me what kind of game you want to play whether an offensive game or conservative style of defensive or counterattacking. Whatever it is, i'm sure, you will give away enough fumbles to the opponent to score just as what Sujeeva did earlier who engineered the most time consuming drive from his own zone then fumbled at the 10 yards line of opponent by calling TN as backward state.

Anonymous said...


You said chelian was eliminated in Nachchikuda. But DN said he was targeted in Mulathiv. Thissa RP (rivira) said LRRP made a jeep into dust in Mulathiv but target unknown. Any comments?

Bhairav said...

I'm hearing 3.5 km for weeks, but no result yet. DW..what happened to your 3.5 km story?

hemantha said...

I am no economist. But...

Global recession is good for Sri Lanka. Oil prices are forecasted to drop down to 50-60$. If oil stayed at 150$ Sri Lanka was to spend 300 billion rupees for 2009. But now it would go down to 120 billion rupees. The difference is a huge fraction of our small economy. This is just a one factor favoring us. There are many more.

Anonymous said...


I like to see your analysis on India/Tamilnadu factor and IC/global economic crisis and war.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Firstly about your G1 TN state, pls explain me why the majority of this well developed state live the most stupid state of life. It may have produced good brains but it has a very low standard for life. Why? Why do they do the totally stupid acts they are famous for. Ex: burning living animals after election due to party symbols. Making shrines for Brazilian soccer players. etc

And I never stated that intelligence is linked with race. I was stating that no race is special or extra intelligent. Every race has intelligent and non-intelligent ppl. So you dont need to advice me on undermining tamils for the race. I did not.

You are suffering from the superiority complex. You stated that TAMILs are intelligent. It is wrong. Race has nothing to do with it. You guys have been calling sinhala modayas. Again wrong race has nothing to do with it.

All in all my acusations on Diaspora stupidity is left totally unanswered. Like man other things you found something out of my reply and try to prolong the debate for no reason. And there are so many major points which you ignore for ease. Cheating - how long can you do it?

In short do you think that their input to tamil fight for a separate country is right? I think they have been suffering from 101 mental defects and cumulatively doing absolutely stupiod things. And they not only ruined the chance for some tamil self-autonomy via democratic means, they are almost successful in a total genocide. The dividends you got via colonial bootlick over three centuries were fully wasted in less than three decades and right now, the poor ppl of wanni are dependants of the food quota of the govt they're forced to hate. You call this intelligent?

And for this stupidity I call most of pro-pussycat diaspora is definitely stupid [may be educated tho] and they seriously need some counciling for the sicknesses that make their minds suffer.

Finally again, race is no indicator to measure one's intelligence, education or sense. If you dont find me replying this then it is not because I have given up, but because I dont keep on wasting DW space.

Red_Alert said...


I'm guessing this question came from the Daily Mirror poll.. I'm no expert but here's my take on it. Agree with you in the fact that lower oil prices will have a big positive effect on Sri Lankas trade balance. However, as is always the case in economics there are other variables such as shrinking credit which could possibly have effects on Sri Lankas national debt, increased costs of servicing debts etc. Also, just read somewhere that the Galleon fund was pulling out of JKH.. again shrinking funds available for business.. also have to consider the effects on consumer markets in developed countries.. would that increase cost pressure and drive firms (e.g - textiles) towards more low cost locations... etc.

So I'm sitting on the fence. Short term there's more benefits and less direct problems although long term poses a few more questions.

සිසිර කුමාර said...

moda chun assholerajiv,

join us at there is an exclusive editor post waitin for you.

Red_Alert said...
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Red_Alert said...

Bhairav.. going 3.5 km to what is arguably the most strategically important township at present to both LTTE and the army (especially considering the media attention)isn't exactly going to be a cakewalk! The army is right in consoldiating its positions and infiltrating enemy lines in order to selct appropriate tactics.

perein said...

IT hub of Bengalore used to be fully Tamil city even though it resides in Andrapradesh.

That's a lie.
Kanataka ppl are not same as tamils.

perein said...

Thank you for going for the extra mile to get done the new article.
I'm expecting to see a article with Sri Lankan flag in DW main page soon.

That will indicate the end of the terror for all Sri Lankans.
Theruwan Saranai.

TropicalStorm said...


Though politicians and the tigers claim convenient kinship, they have little in common, if any at all. I've travelled extensively in T'Nadu and have experienced first hand the dislike the TN Tamils have for SL Tamils. They prefer to do business with the Sinhalese and quite a lot of them speak some sinhalese as well.
That is the very reason that irrespective of jingoistic circuses from time to time "in support of cousins in SL" they've never really helped in any meaningful way. The TN tamil politicos know fully well a divided SL could lead to a divided India and that would not be good for them.
Prez Mahinda also has direct links with the lesser known puppet masters of TN politics. These are shadowy power brokers who will play his game since that it the game New Delhi wants to see happen. Right now, it is to put some pressure on SL to make sure we remember who the area's real bad boy is when the dust settles. SL would do well to make strong ties with China and Pakistan but always be allied to Indian political vision.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

No hurry to go to killinochie, lets go slow...and be sure to take all bad LTTE parasite..

ohoma yan

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Thankyou DW,
Tactical silence is understood. However, predictable events are occuring. Hopefully Paranthan will be taken in the not too distant future. I guess the forces can sit back then and let things cook.

BTW, I have splet my name in a Latin-phonetic format. In Latin-Sinhala it should be Mayil-Ravana. My appologies. Addo brothers, it does not mean that I am just hairy arse. Mayil means Peacock (think about deep south).
It is time to turn attention on the Dieasspora.

Two are present on this thread up to my posting.

Let me see:

1) Self-styled assasin of Indian PM. Narcissistic yes. Has some command of Sinhala. Wonder why he wants to learn the Modaya language? However, beyond attempting to perseverate the same terms he says very little. His whole aim is to disrupt the procedings and attempt to distract like a toddler. He does this first because his cognitive capacity does not extend to the adult level and secondly he needs to be in denial in these last days. To an extent he reveals a certain psychotic element. I suspect he is very damaged. Wonder what is father/uncle did to him. However, he may be entertaining to have hanging around, like a pet poodle, until he decides to shag your ankle, in which case you have to kick him in the ribs or nuts.

2)Bhairav- Taking on the name of a Yakka (Ancestor)is interesting. Hmmm. Why would a superior Aryachakravarti take on such a name? Well I suspect that he is not a Vellalar or does not consider caste to be important. I also suspect that he secretly wants to be considered sinhala (Only the sinhalas, as far as I know call each other Yakka/Yakko; we never call others that do we?). His coments are alsos fairly intelligent. He wants to interact.

These two are good examples of the two extremes of the forward scouts of the LTTE emanating from the dieasspora. The first is not worth converting as he is not a good asset (damaged goods). But Bhairav, now he is a good asset. With DW's permission I would like to commnece the process of therapy with Bhairav. I will switch from 3rd person the second person with him now.

Bhairav, I detect your need to belong. It's a good thing especially if you are Sri Lankan. But I am perplexed as to why you have to defend TN? In your comments did you consider the liracy rate of TN (cf Kerala). Have you considered why they shit on the streets? And worse when something is offered on a platter, why do the Sri Lankans who call themselves "Tamil" shit on it. I don't know of any other group which has done that.
Bhairav, I know that you have made arguments that would be very well received at a high school debate. But it is only one side brother. (You do want to be a brother don't you?)
I suspect that you are hiding a deeper hurt underneath your intellectual exterior. What did the sinhalas do to you. I want to hear. For, like you, I am the enemy of any sinhala racists, especially when they direct it at our own people. As a proud sinhala, I can do no less than condemn such action. So, brother I really want to know your hurt. Please share it with us like Amma Gahawi shared his nostalgia for the Muslims.

Vigilante said...

perein said...

Obama or any one else, now rest of the world has a biggy to worry about. That's the credit crunch.... No longer LTTE terror funds are safe either and those big countries cannot afford to let money flow out side country.
This will be a big hit for most of the LTTE funds.

perein said...

MailRavana -
Simply a beauty mate...
I personally thinks Bhairav's sh***y behaviour is due to LTTE screwing up his mind.

perein said...

Not sure how media got hold on to this news...

LTTE arms ship sailed from Kampuchea

hemantha said...

Red Alert,
I have given my two cents, mate. Nothing left with me. I have just converted a feeling I had in to some words. Other than that I have no knowledge of economics to have an intelligent conversation.
But I would appreciate if you or somebody else could elaborate about the factors you have mentioned and the effects of these on the economy.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

No worries, mate.

Just wanted to share some ideas about future strategy in psychological terms. Defense of Mother Lanka is always an imperative.

If I may hark back to about a 1000 years ago. The Sri Lankan (yes a King actually called it Sri Lanka not long after this) establishment made a strategic decision. This was that the Cholas were going to be an ongoing threat and had to be destroyed. Parakramabahu and Vijayabahu attempted and completed this process by an alliance with the Cheras and Pandyas. Pandyas briefly had an empire (Vijayanagar) after this and some of their Nayakkars ruled in Kandy as well long after this empire was destroyed by the Muslims. While the outcome of our overt overseas adventure was ultimately not to our benefit (it destroyed our reserves), covert operations are much more resource efficient.

I would suggest that we have to consider the dieasspora and particularly the Dravidianist World Tamil Movement as always a great threat to the integrity of SL. History (mate) will tell us that the "Tamil" and "Dravidian" identities were created about the same time as the Aryan. The latter lead to Nazi fascism but was thoroughly destroyed by the West. The West has preferred to keep the Dravidianist, Tamil fascism's fires stoked to keep the South Asians down. Most Indians including Malayalis hate "Tamil" with a vehemence that the Sinhalas have never expressed.
However, the WTM has considered the sinhalas as a convenient set of modayas to lend their attention to. They have attempted to destroy our identity, history and acknowledgment of our heritage. While it is not a god thing to be hung up on history "Those who forget history are destined to repeat it". It is also important to for our continuity of self. No other people in the World can have such a strong sense of historical continuity. I believe that there a degree (a great degree) of envy in this attempts at pulling down our historical continuity. Why would the poor "Tamils" in TN be envious of us? Well I think it is because of a displacement factor. Our "brothers" in SL who speak their language gave them this. So why are they envious? Well, firstly, they were fathered by South Indians mercenaries settled here by the Sinhala king. This meant that they had foreign sounding names. But that has never been a barrier to the Sinhalas (Look at DeSilvas and Pereras; some of the braves hearts of Mother Lanka). However, a barrier has been created when these descended failed to assimilate and maintained thier Ghettos and through a separate language. Even language is not a barrier for the Sinhalas. Just look at Burgher and Sinhala coalescence.Culture certainly is not (Sinhalas will accept and assimilate any culture).

However, there is one thing which is anathema to the sinhalas. That is any group which attempts to be elitist and prevent any man of the soil from rising to the top. The tradition of Kingship permitted the strongest to rise to the top but was subverted by the Kings from NissankaMalla onwards. The Nayyakars particularly took advantage of it. The sinhalas labelled them "Demala" (form Damilla- enemy of the Dhamma). Any perceived enemy of the land are were labelled as "Demala" by the Sinhalas. I suspect that given the "Weediyabandara incident" there was a lot of ill feelings of the people of the south towards their cousins in the North. I suspect they were called "Demala" by the Southerners for this reason along with the fct that they preferred to speak different. This disenfranchised this section of the population from having a sense of belonging and owning our great hertiage. Hence the envy and all "sh*t" we have put up with since 1919 (Declaration of Eelam).

The rest is (over to) History.

We can be as sorry as we can for "othering" our own brethren but they in their transgenerational grief of being regarded as strangers in their own land have unending rage towards us. Ofcourse they do the othering better than us any day.

We need to have strategy of firstly isolating the "Tamil-Dravidian" secessionist trends within India and wake the Indians up to the great danger from them. Secondly we need to attack our own dieasspora and destroy their identification with anything other than a Coomon South Asian, Common Sri Lankan one.

The dieasspora elders have already done much of the work with the lies they have spun for 30-40 years. I have lived amongst these lies for almost that long. BTW the dieasspora includes not just "Tamil speakers". Because of the lies they have spread not only have the White Modyays bout it, but so have their children and grand children. These kids do not identify with Sri Lanka anymore (thank goodness). However, while the LTTE have done enough damage to blacken the "Tamil" name already (mind you it had always been a "black" name by definition) it only leaves a liitle more psyops to ensure no body wants to known as "Tamil" anymore than they want to be known as "Nazi". The great "Tamil terrorist" hunt must begin.

In order to achieve this I hope the SLG has developed a strategy of acquiring the fastidious record keeping of the LTTE with the names nd identities of all the contributors to its coffers over the years. They must be our next (legitimate) target. Ofcourse I realise that a majority of these would be essentially innocent. But the Big Wigs will be netted through this.

There ought to be a programme like that of the Jews post WWII. DW, we must find an Umbrella Organisation which will assist all the victims and their families to pursue class-actions against the dieasspora. No stone can be unturned in this process. When they should have let sleeping dogs lie they have repeatedly beaten us with their sticks and now we are awake and barking and hunting. We will not rest until every rabbit in Tiger skin is caught and dealt with. Those among the Sri lankan "Tamil speakers" who want to belong again and own our great heritage must be encouraged and permitted to do so, without inventing false "Tamil" names and identities.

Remember the fate of the Cholas!

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Sorry I can't continue our therapy session for a wee while. Make an appointment or a post I'll say something soothing later.

Anonymous said...


//When you say that "SL belongs to the Sinhalese", what exactly do you mean?//

If one says Japan belongs to Japaneese or China belongs to CHineese or France belongs to French what does that mean? It means (for me) you identify the people living in that part of the land have build that socaity, langauage and culture for long time. Due to British rule it sounds different when we say tamilnadu belongs to tamis or Sri Lanka belongs to sinhalese but it also means the same thing.

Now this does not mean sinhalese are original inhabitatnts. It does not mean other people can't stay or didn't stay in SL.

I am out time to write a detailed answer now. Nut me and others have written many good comments on the same topic. I write a detailed answer for you later.

hemantha said...
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Peter said...


Brig. Chellaiyan was Commander of Sea Tigers. Col. Vinayagam is teh deputy commander.

DefenceNet said: Saturday, October 11, 2008
Deputy leader of sea tigers killed in LRRP attack

The incident occurred today at 6.30AM, deep inside LTTE held territory in Mullaithivu.


So DefenceWire has to do one better. It happened 3 days ago.


Peter said...

Iqbal Athas is plagiarising my blog posts.

Just read his Situation Report and fed it though SPSS. High percentage of it appears to be lifted from three of my blog posts lastweek.

Of course, just as likely is that we both think alike.

Defencewire said...

I'm afraid, according to our information, reports of the attack taking place in Mulaitivu is inaccurate. He was killed north of Nachchikuda, general area Pooneryn.

hemantha said...

I think the following is a pretty informative article.

Political Column-The Island
Capitalizing on tragedy.

V4Victory said...

If Cheliyan was killed in DPU attack, It would be a good victory of SLA in the on going war.

If Cheliyan was killed, he should have been promoted to Colonal based on LTTE hierachy.

If such top cardre was killed, it is impossible to hide the story by LTTE.

The conclusion is DPU might have been targeted someone else, but not Cheliyan.

hemantha said...

Time is right for Bhanu to defect and save lives
– Analysis of the Sri Lankan Conflict

click here.

Anonymous said...


Thanks. (That's what ITN said.)

Apino Dannachess said...


thanks for your latest post.


Good forward looking approach. I only hope our politicians thinks on these lines.

And well said on the analysis of the DiAssPora guys appearing here.

Cheers All

Anonymous said...

//I'm hearing 3.5 km for weeks, ..//

SLA is 2km behind K'chi. Funny thing is diaspora worrying about SLA staying 3.5km for weeks but they forget SLA was 60km away from K'chi one year ago.

About our "modaya"--

SamP and others, I think may be you have misunderstood our famous 'modaya'. May be it was how he was toght by his parents, so he keep saying hs loving word all the time.
Peter's mom: Modaya, come and eat this thosai.
Peter: (to his dad) Modaya, give me 10 rupees to get ice packet.

So if his background was like this we should not take his words seriously. (modaya kiyala maranda ya)


We can see your crap all over the blog. Why are you crying after long time? Your crap is like stupid TV ads becuz they are all same and BS. But keep posting we like it.

reasonablytreasonable said...


"If one says Japan belongs to Japaneese or China belongs to CHineese or France belongs to French what does that mean?"

Yes, but anyone can be Japanese or Chinese or French. If I went to China and became a Chinese citizen, I could call myself Chinese. It has nothing to do with race.

Perhaps you meant the Han Chinese ethnicity? In that case, no one is saying China belongs to the Han. If a Chinese military leader said that, he would probably be sacked the next day, since there are >50 ethnicities in China, and the official position is that China belongs to all of them (not just the Han).

If you had said 'Sri Lanka belongs to the Sri Lankans' I'd be more inclined to agree with you. But that does not seem to be what you believe - you believe it belongs to one particular ethnicity.

According to your own logic, does not Jaffna (and other regions in the North and in the East) not "belong" to the Tamils, since Tamils have heavily contributed to the development of those areas (especially the North, where Sinhalese influence in the last 500 years especially has been minimal)? At the very least, does not Jaffna "belong" to the Tamils?

This is not what I believe, but according to your own logic, it is what you should believe.

Moshe Dyan said...


this needs to be put into the right perspective for the record ONLY.

if he is around 55-58 years old, he would have been AROUND 5 in 1956-1959.

in 1956, 1958 possibly in 1957 & 1959, there were sinhala-tamil riots.

many people suffered, mostly tamils NUMERICALLY.

therefore, what happened to SF is not something different.

i would have appreciated had he used CALANDER years so that there would not have been ANY suspicion.

anyway it is great that apart from the SAKKILIYA this statement did not have any adverse impact on anyone. way to go.

please pardon my french. i recon the fact (1950s) is important to highlight.

Bhairav said...

[All in all my acusations on Diaspora stupidity is left totally unanswered. Like man other things you found something out of my reply and try to prolong the debate for no reason. And there are so many major points which you ignore for ease. Cheating - how long can you do it?]


When you can fumble in the neutral issues like TN, your arguments against Eelam Tamils can also become invalid too. If you want to hold onto cheating topic, you're going to become another nut case. Cheating happens in every society and country - wife cheats you, family members cheat you, politicians cheat etcetra- It's problem of that individual, not the specific race.

Well, lately Sinhalese are claiming themselves as intellectuals, I would like to ask those of you, what is your contribution towards the innovation aspects for science or IT in last 68 years?

V4Victory said...

Karuna is still fooling SL governement.

1. When he broke away, he said he was going to fight for Tamil Eelam under direct instruction of VP, but seperatly, which meant not involving Pottu or someone else.

2. Then he started TMVP which was actually meant as Thamileela Makkal Viduthali Puligl. He dropped Thamilleela and changed to Thamil.

3. After that, he though he was sidelined and fly to UK where he learnt that he cant live in foreign countries.

4. Now, he wants to drop tiger symbol not to be identified as tiger by having similar symbol as ltte.

Until this ponit of time, he has showed us and strenghten the fact that VP is the right leader for tamils and ltte specially. Though Ltte was weakened by the split in terms of man power, it strenghten VP's position in many diamension internally in the movement and outside.

Bhairav said...

[Bhairav- Taking on the name of a Yakka (Ancestor)is interesting. Hmmm. Why would a superior Aryachakravarti take on such a name? Well I suspect that he is not a Vellalar or does not consider caste to be important. I also suspect that he secretly wants to be considered sinhala (Only the sinhalas, as far as I know call each other Yakka/Yakko; we never call others that do we?).]


Being very religious, I thought bhairav is good name since it means god "Siva".

wijayapala said...

"It seems we both agree that the LTTE, and Tamil militancy more generally, had its origins in legitimate Tamil grievances, vis a vis state discrimination."

No, we do not agree, especially with regard to the LTTE. State discrimination was only one among many things that led to popular acceptance of Tamil nationalism. Another factor was power-hunger (not very different from their Sinhala counterparts) and a sense of relative deprivation from Tamil leaders who were used to a privileged position in the colonial era. Tamil militancy was at least as much a product of the failures of the elder generation of Tamil leaders, very similar to the JVP. In fact, the Tamil student militants of the 1970s (NOT Prabakaran, who was not a "student" militant) took inspiration from both the 1st JVP uprising and the establishment of Bangladesh (the latter of which Indian intervention played a key role, as noticed by the young Tamil militants).

"It seems strange then that Fonseka, a proponent of that very chauvinistic outlook, could be the man best suited to ending the LTTE."

So who would be a better man to defeat the LTTE? Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu?

"Fonseka himself said in an interview that some level of insurgency could continue forever; this would not surprise me, if leaders of his ilk continue to alienate minorities with their comments and actions."

Retaking territory is necessarily the first step toward defeating the LTTE, and that is where Fonseka is playing an indispensible role. You cannot target a hearts-and-minds campaign towards people whom you can't access.

" Unless the Sri Lankan government is incredibly naive politically, they would have briefed him beforehand on what face to present to the rest of the world."

The Rajapakse govt. has quite clearly taken a "hands-off" (laissez-faire) approach to Fonseka. My guess is that the Rajapakses have assessed (accurately) that the int'l community can never be roped in to help in a significant way to defeat the LTTE, based on the experience of the last 25+ years and especially the CFA.

Please note that the Rajapakse govt. is not conducting a US-style presidential campaign, where everything is scripted and handled to the extent of utterly negating the personal factor.

"I take it as assumed that Ninja, and others likeminded, are none too pleased that Prabhakaran claims that the NE belongs exclusively to Tamils, since they believe those areas "belong to the Sinhalese"."

You are digressing. The point is that the "conflict resolutionists" would insist that Prabakaran and his ilk have the legitimate right to believe that the N-E is the Tamil homeland, but Sinhalese people do not have similar rights to make ethno-centric statements. There is a double standard and that was the point.

"It is not just Athas and Noyahr, of course, but a huge speight of attacks that now make Sri Lanka the 3rd most dangerous country in the world for journalists. And, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, the country with one of the highest number of missing persons in the whole world. It is not just journalists who are targets of extrajudicial abductions and killings by the government forces and its lackeys, but civilians too."

And this is all in a context of an unfair war against the LTTE which is a harmless group of kids holding hands and singing songs. Why don't you tell us a country which is in a similar situation, facing an enemy comparable to the LTTE. Do you know what the LTTE is?

"I certainly would not consider the Eastern Province elections as anything resembling democracy, characterised by they were by wholesale voter intimidation and fraud"...

…and what would you expect for a region that had its first election in 14 years after being occupied by a fascist armed group?

Why didn’t you mention the 2004 election in the N-E, particularly Jaffna, where the TNA got 22 seats through even more intimidation and fraud?

I disagree with your explanation, if the following is an accurate summary: "the basis of Sinhala nationalism always was, and will always be the immutable reality that there is no other place on Earth where the Sinhalese had been able to survive as a civilization". This is an ahistorical position that fails to explain the definite origins of revivalism and Sinhala nationalism in the late 19th century.

If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that you and “academics” out there disagree with my explanation because it is too simple and straightforward.

Ethnonationalism is primarily a sentiment, not an ideology, and I can assure you that the above sentiment I wrote existed from at least the time that the Mahavamsa was written by Mahanama, a time when Buddhism was visibly disappearing in India and the Sinhalese realized that what they had in Sri Lanka was all that was left (a historical fact, not a myth). If you’re not a Sinhala it would be difficult for you to understand this sentiment, although not very different from how most Sinhalese don’t understand what it’s like to be a Tamil in Sri Lanka.

The outward manifestation of Sinhala nationalism has changed from medieval through colonial to modern times, but the above basis remains the same. When Christian missionaries launched a campaign to wipe out heathen faiths in the island through proselytization and state sanction, monks like Gunananda dug their heels in and fought back in venues such as Panadura because they were literally defending their beliefs from extinction. Then there were the Sinhala vernacular teachers and traditional medical practitioners threatened by the dominance of English education and Western medicine. When the British imported S. Indian workers and entrepreneurs to work the plantations and economically integrate the island with their empire, both Sinhala labor and capital closed ranks against these immigrants because they correctly believed that they would get squeezed out of their only habitat.

It should come to no surprise that of the 5 groups that the post-independence SLFP claimed to champion and protect, 4 belonged to the above groups (monks, teachers, Ayurvedic practitioners, workers; the farmers were the 5th group which did not acquire a nationalist bent in the colonial era, because there was no colonial counterpart threatening that group).

Your explanation is more or less the Marxist interpretation of Sri Lankan history which unfortunately does not take intangibles into account (a major flaw with Marxist history in general). Somebody had said that Kumari Jayawardena’s work is erudite, but not analytic.

My point is that the rise of Sinhala-Buddhist nationalism and its close coupling with the Sri Lankan state, was the driving force behind disenhanting enough Tamils to drive the LTTE and others into the mainstream.

And my point is that there’s much more to the story. What drove Tamil militancy into the mainstream was not Sinhala nationalism in general (contrary to what most “conflict resolutionists” believe) but a very specific event- the 1983 riots. Before this event, the critical mass of Tamils did not endorse militancy to the point that they would risk their lives participating in or supporting it.

I don't ascribe immense significance to Prabhakaran as an individual; here merely represents definite political currents.

Somone who doesn’t ascribe significance to Thalaivar probably does so without a very good knowledge of the history of Tamil nationalism and militancy. If Prabakaran had never existed, this history would have taken a very different turn. There would have been no LTTE and much more importantly no other Tamil militant group like the LTTE. I would argue that the experience of this particular conflict demonstrates that individuals matter, that one cannot explain history as simply a function of political theory and broad trends.

He may or may not have cared much about standardisation, but he would not have got very far if hundreds/thousands of Tamils who *were* effected by standardisation didn't flock to his arms.

But hundreds/thousands did not in fact flock to his arms. Prabakaran only managed to gather 30 recruits in the 7 long years between the LTTE’s establishment in 1976 and the 1983 riots. The total number of Tamil militants of all groups by 1983 numbered only 200, and the LTTE was the only active group by that year.

The influence of the TNA on UNP politics was and is negligible, compared to the influence that the JHU has on the Rajapakse government (see above). I do not think any TNA members were appointed ministers (compare that to the JHU).

The TNA influence was certainly not negligible. It was one of the factors that led the UNF to sign a highly-lopsided CFA and enter into a peace process that tied the government’s hands and allow the LTTE to consolidate its gains. The only reason that TNA ministers were not appointed was because they were not authorized by the LTTE.

Since you seem to be highly interested in the JHU, despite its low popularity/credibility among the Sinhalese, its nearly non-existent party discipline, and its single ministry, I’d like to hear your explanation how it won 9 seats in the 2004 election. What made the JHU into an influential force?

As we both seem to accept, this nationalism owes itself to more deeply entrenched factors than the LTTE

I think that before we continue, we should have a better understanding of what we agree on. The LTTE has moved from being a dependent variable (although even that could be disputed) to an independent variable- it is shaping/defining Tamil nationalism, as opposed to being defined by Tamil nationalism. That is basically why I argue that when the LTTE leaves the scene, there will be space for other Tamils to move this nationalism in a healthier direction.

A more likely scenario is that the LTTE will continue to fight indefinitely, blostered indefinitely by a steady recruit of Tamils angered by the SL government's policies, which stem from the entrenched ideas we have been discussing.

Au contraire, by 1989 the LTTE’s cause was mostly spent, and virtually no adults, even young adults wanted to join. That is why the LTTE came to rely on child soldiers. We can discuss this more later- I’ve already given a lot to digest.

wijayapala said...

whoops the above message was directed for echolalia.

Anonymous said...


'SL belongs to sinhalese' is true historically but when we look at future it should be SL belongs to Sri Lankans. So that's why I don't care about SF this single half-sentence but I don't know why do you find it most important thing to discuss among thousand other sentences of SF and other top people.

//According to your own logic, does not Jaffna (and other regions in the North and in the East) not "belong" to the Tamils, since Tamils have heavily contributed to the development of those areas (especially the North, where Sinhalese influence in the last 500 years especially has been minimal)? At the very least, does not Jaffna "belong" to the Tamils?//

It is true sinhala influence was minimal in north (Jaffna) in last 500 years. But whose influence was there last 500 years? It was prothugeese, dutch and british. Can you tell us what developments tamils have done in last 500 years in NE?

We do say sinhalese build 'kala vava' etc. But we do not say sinhalese/ tamils build rail road (even though sinhala/ tamil people may have worked as laborers.) We say Brtish build rail tracks, roads and schools etc.

I am not history expert but according to my school knowledge it was sinhalese who build tanks (vava), did farming and live all over the island. (Yes, they moved to south after some time and last 500 years they were fighting with western invaders, so they couldn't clear the north as usual as they did in history.) Where ever they live the only lasting structures they build were (buddhist) religious structures. Whenever you dig the SL soil you find ruins of such structures dated back to 10-20 hundreds years. From Jaffna (kadurugoda/ wallipuram) to Hambanthota and Trinco (Gokanna) to Kelaniya you find these. You find this buddhist ruins becuz sinhalese did build them there as they wanted to worship them. (Now please don't say like Balasingham they were tamil buddhists.)

Finally, for me it is more important our future- how to build SL as a SL nation integrating sinhala, tamil and muslim communities than the history. (Again, this is a short reply - I will write a detailed one for you later.)

//This is not what I believe, but according to your own logic, it is what you should believe.//

Please tell us what you believe.

Bhairav said...

true srilanka,

Are you lk dood?

wijayapala said...

Mailravana and perein,

"I suspect that you are hiding a deeper hurt underneath your intellectual exterior. What did the sinhalas do to you. I want to hear."

Bhairav's friends in Jaffna were terrorized by the SLA in earlier years of the war. I have heard the same from many Tamils everywhere I went in the N-E. I have yet to meet a N-E Tamil who has been unscathed from this war.

"Bhairav" is one name for Lord Shiva. I suppose because this fellow is religious, and because of the story he told above, that I am not hard on him like I have been with petey and shart.

What he said about TN is basically true- yes they still shit on the streets and their politicians are clowns, but their overall economy is booming and their future looks brighter than ours. They're doing far better than most of the N. Indian Hindi-belt states where the Naxalites are raising hell.

wijayapala said...


"It is true sinhala influence was minimal in north (Jaffna) in last 500 years. But whose influence was there last 500 years? It was prothugeese, dutch and british. Can you tell us what developments tamils have done in last 500 years in NE?"

If we were to go by your argument, then the whole island should still belong to the Europeans because they had the greatest "influence" over the entire island in the last 500 years.

Jaffna was already a well-established urban region by the time the Portuguese came there, coming close to if not equaling Kotte.

Anonymous said...

//If we were to go by your argument, then the whole island should still belong to the Europeans because they had the greatest "influence" over the entire island in the last 500 years.//

You are right up to some extend. Even today by economical, cultaral and political means westerners (US included) control SL (and many other post colonies). Little difference with legally not belong to them.

However I didn't say country belongs to whom made influence.

//Jaffna was already a well-established urban region by the time the Portuguese came there, coming close to if not equaling Kotte.//

I doubt the equal states to Kotte. It may be a city at that time. But can you ignore the other historical factors which implies sinhala (buddhist) living there? If sinhalese lived there probably they developed it initially and later tamils too developed it.

Jambudipa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
perein said...

True Sri Lankan-

Guys... Must Read this... !!!!
Velupillai Prabhakaran Will Die Soon: Hindu Astrologer Predicts!

Story might go like.... :)
Forces closed in and MBR landed got closer to VP. Could not take the shock and may get heart attack and will join TC !!

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Point taken about Lord Shiva. By the way Lord Shiva is the father of Lord Kanda Kumara (you guys might call him Skanda). He sits on a Peacock throne. My namesake is the elder brother of Ravana- Mayil (Myura= Peacock)- note the connection?
Sinhalas have no beef with Saivism except when the Cholas attempted to wipe out our culture. If you are devoted as implied by Wijepala then that is respected. But I have a problem with your identity crisis. Tamil (Demala) is difficult for the Sinhalas to pronounce because the latter virtually means enemy. Why is it that this identity emerged suddenly, in the 19th century when there had been other identities like Pandya and Chola? If you are a Hindu then I have to assume that you may indeed be Vellalar.

That is OK. I accept Vellalar. However, I cannot accept Vellalar supporters of LTTE/Eelam. If you are such then please declare it. I cannot have a dialogue with a Fascist. Instead I would be among the crowd who would be hunting Facsist-Tamils. If you are a good Vellalar, who does not claim Eelam, super-race and Dravidastan but merely want dignity for our (yours and mine) brothers and sisters in Vanni and the East, then it is worth having a dialogue.
If you really care about them then you would ask Bhanu to do a Karuna and split from the madness of Parabha.

Sithsala said...

lkdood is more of an observer these days, i think, and true sri lankan has taken up his job.

others that are new to bhairav,
bhairav is not braindead like most other head in the @rse morons. he will pull from the leg from time to time and enjoy the show when others go nuts.

anyway hes a good to have

mulathiev TARZEN said...


R-U-BO weeeeeewaaaaaa!

sakvithi saranaai!
maalaka pohitaai!

budhu ammoo, weeewaa! sorry sorry i mean "ammaa buhudu weewaa"..!!

dw dw dw dw dw dw!
nice article! nice to see u behaving like a gentleman! keep up good work!

btw! boys..!
who far to "ki-chi" by now!
let me update u in that issue!

"....we r now in ki-chi district some thing like 15km away from tiger heartland ki-chi town!"..---army officer to al jazeera(sunday times)--

"our last soldier stand 5km to ki-ci town we can see some buildings there.."----sarath ponsekaa..!--

.."..2.5km to ki-chi town"--kehella eliyee rambukwaala--

..."what ever the final distance is.."---iqbal athas(sunday times)

..." oops! ammata$%&*@~!..anee, aiyo..munge..+&*@$%!~!!---defence wire--

ammapaa! kollanee onna ath-thaa!

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

DW or anyone else,
What is the difference in terms of training, skills, and operations between commandos and SF in the SL army?


Nadesan said...


Malin said...

Well Looks to me as VP is preparing a escape plan.. You know disappear from the face of the earth.

Guess he has no other way out of it, instead living like osama, he can fake his own death and live a luxuries life with his family using the money of the toilet cleaners.

That the best deal he as.. feel sorry for those toilet clearners though..

Jambudipa said...

Dear assassinrajive,

If you insist of posting here, I urge you to condense all your crap into one post so that I can hide it with one click. There is really no point in posting that many because whatever you write are just useless and boring.

Thank you.

Defencewire said...


ITN is correct. Chelian was instructing LTTE lines in northwest coast.

tiger tiger burning bright,

The quality is the same but leadership was now, until now. Actually Commandos are trained longer than SF. SF is very selective in its schedule that encourages specialization in areas that are completely relative to the battle field environment(medium and deep battle-space operations, ranger, amphibious assault, etc). SF soldiers and officers are driven into the jungle the moment they join mother unit. CR used to handle the VIP protection side and still do. This hampered their focus. but with the establishment of 3 SF and new leadership, operations starting from Thoppigala have been very successful. CR, like SF is now working very carefully with MIC. MIC has gained confidence in CR for completing tough LRRP operations like the one against Chelian. So overall, things are looking good again for CR.

chamal said...

"So overall, things are looking good again for CR."

As it should be, I think. What's the use of spending millions on training them and not sending them into battle? Do the commandos and SF work together, Defencewire? I mean, any joint operations etc?

Defencewire said...


Like I said, leadership is the key. This is what was lacking for sometime in the CR. Yes the two units have worked together. SF LRRP and MIC helped CR LRRP to get better.

TropicalStorm said...

Hindu astrologers speak from a wanting to become known. many predicted doom on 2Yk, and on many other occasions, including each time there is a lunar or solar eclipse. People do crazy stuff in India based on what these guys say. A family married off their first born daughter to a snake, on such instructions.
It's all crap. SLDF will get to the pig roast one way or another.

Unknown said...

The southern commands of the Navy & air force are weak, in light of this fact; relevant steps should be taken to prepare for a repeat of a "galle" incident.

perein said...

Can some one help me to undestand the terms for below

Unknown said...


CR= commando Reg.
MIC= Military Int. Corp

Apino Dannachess said...

Gentleman some more news:


* Ten suicide cadres in Sri Lankan capital waiting for orders to attack, media reports say

Oct 12, Colombo: Sri Lankan media today reported that ten LTTE suicide cadres are in Colombo city waiting to hit more strategically important targets when ordered by the Tamil Tiger terrorist organization.

A recently captured LTTE intelligence cadre from Wellawatte has reportedly revealed this information. Media reports also claimed that 30 LTTE intelligence cadres have entered the Colombo city gathering tactical and strategic information for their next terror act. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

*School Teacher arrested with a book-bomb :: A female teacher was arrested by the Police in Bandarawela today with a bomb hidden in a book, made by cutting a hole in the book and stuffing with explosives.

perein said...

Thanks mate.

hemantha said...

"If India agrees, Tamil party ready to ask LTTE to go for talks"

This Shivaji who made this comment is a hardcore LTTER (not all TNA MPs are that hardcore). It looks like they are cooking something.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Tamil Democratic National Alliance says that Tamilnadu shud put more and more pressure on LTTE.

And I like to know what pussycat supporters have gotta say about this.

It looks like more of a tamil-tamil affair now, which it really is. We the state of SL reacting in the essential and inevitable way whereas the Tamilnadu affair is left with different factions of Tamils.

I have a bit of sympathy on pussycats being in the receiving end of this. Pussycats are a symptom - the big cancer of diaspora is hiding under their shadow. In the elementary level the conflict is between the migrant tamils and those who live in SL, whose life is taken over to military slavery by prior group. Pussycats are the paid mercenary who does the job for the migrant tamils. I wish the SL tamils will be free oneday, as you're our own nationals and we dont want foreigners [diaspora] dictating terms on you. We as the nation SL will defend you from them at our maximum capacity.


There was talk about the agenda of Bhairav. I have a first hand experience of his nonsense logic. See the proceedings in point form. This is another episode of revealing cunning and stupid approach of these lads. You can realize the kind of mental defects of them out of it.

- Bhairav stated that it was tamils who brought the civilization to sinhala aborigines [I like the last word, the only truth in the statement]

-I proved him he is talking about carrying the box as a servant, that belonged to the Europeans.

- I further asked him what the diaspora did to so called great tamil civilization. Dividends of >300 years of bootlicking is lost in <30 years of stupidity.

- I dont think Bhairav has an answer. I dont think he can even make up something other than either calling me Modaya or blaming mahawamsa.

- So he just commented on a side fact which I stated "if tamils are intelligent why is taminadu lesser educated and lesser civilized?" He ignored all the rest.

- And he tells me not to consider race when you discuss intelligence, look who's talking?

- And he wont reply my rest of arguments until I accept that Tamilnadu is the most educated and civilised state of India - which is another big lie.

- I am waiting for Bhairav to stop the dirty games and face the facts for what they are. I stand by all my comments including the fact that Tamilnadu is lesser educated and lesser civilized. And I assert again that it is not a way of stating intelligence is race based, but just showing a true fact.


So we are seeing the cunning pavement traders who hide behind the pile of comments when they are battered with right points.They use school-age type debate arguments in order to save their faces from eminent loss.

And they think that they are spoiling the blog here, but i think we ought to thank them for giving us this ride and also opportunity to explain the myth of theirs very well.

And personally, special thanks to Bhairav for helping my study on educated maniacs who cannot recover from a 1983 riot.

Jaya2008 said...

This how our forces treats innocent tamils who suffer due to these LTTE cowards:

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