Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Divisions, Brigades and Squadrons for Tiger hunt

Commando Regiment Recruitment Posters (Old Version)
Troops are planning a major showdown in the coming weeks. Further details of this plan have to be withheld for obvious reasons. The new operational engagement will span all areas of current operations.

The Army is also preparing to raise Task Force 3 following requirements for another Holding Division. Task Force 3 will be semi-offensive and will be deployed in newly captured areas, most likely in the northwestern theater of operations. The decision was made at the last Security Council Meeting headed by the President.

The original plan was to increase the strength of the existing Offensive Divisions to four Brigades each and to supplement the additional needs with the SLN and SLAF. All three branches of the Armed Forces have experienced unprecedented success in recruitment lately. Army basic training has also been totally revamped with freshers being trained to operate in small teams.

The SLN will be deployed in strategic areas of naval significance such as Vidattaltivu and once secured at Nachchikuda, Pooneryn, Alampil, Nayaru, Chalai etc. The SLAF will perform a specialized role in both defensive and offensive formations in support of the Army in newly captured areas.

The first recipient of a 4th Brigade was the 57 Division. In the coming months additional Brigades will be raised and subsequently deployed under the 58, 59, 61, 62, 53, 55 and 56 Divisions, based on need and priority. This will result in the addition of at least another 15,000 troops to the Army.

Special Forces Recruitment Posters (Old Version)
Regiment 4 Special Forces, operating out of Weli Oya will also become a fully fledged Regiment in the coming months. Established originally with only two Squadrons of 153 Special Forces each, 4 Special Forces now has 3 Squadrons and requires only one more Squadron and an Administrative Squadron to complete its status.

The 3rd Squadron was added recently by combining experienced men and freshers who passed-out from the Maduru Oya Special Forces Training School on 28th June. 4 Special Forces has been very active lately. Its troops ambushed an LTTE bus killing 7 hardcore LTTE cadres injuring another 12 at Puliyankulam yesterday.

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TigerKiller said...

Wait LTTE .. Our Heros are ready to punish You what you did to our country . Now after killing our Hero Honarable Janaka Perera , You will have no mercy

by bye TTE

MrBrown said...

SOunds like SLDF facing tough task now..Otherwsie no need these kind of development. Just to eleiminate 3000 child soldiers..250,000SLDf..shame on you sinhalese..

TigerKiller said...

DW ,

thanks for this article . Do You see any battle plan changes after india raising their concerns ? it would be great if you write a article How India ( Actually TamilNadu ) can change the course of WAR with their influnce

MrBrown said...

sound like u have got white arse...it is curse to ur mom only.. no wonder ur mom remove her pany for a white arse. LMASO

josua M said...


You should understand a government army and a terrorist group are 2 different things.

A government has to do a lot more than just killing ....

Anonymous said...

Do not think of why we have so many, just imagine the carnage your money will fund, as you say nearly 250,000 well armed, well trained, better weaponry,better equipped, gosh I hear you cant buy them even shoes, while you might be wearing a fancy pear of Nike or Reebok in some far away country!HA..HA..HA

Unknown said...

"A government has to do a lot more than just killing ...."

yes, raping children, girls and even elderly, then putting a bomb in the place where their dick has been, looting and packing stuffs from Tamils homes and sending them back to south, and then running away from the army :)

hehehe... keep it up!

Anonymous said...

No. 4

No you insignificant Bastard, your Ratha and Charles Anthony are quite smart at that, come on there are videos of it on the internet, get real, you see are your bastards awarded the UN Peace Keeping Medal for the commendable Service, rather end up your guys end up on the top list awards for the best porn video of the century..ha..ha

Peter said...

If you call back the ladies from Saudi, Kuwait, etc., you can even have five new divisions.

Last time, LTTE waited till the lazy SLAF boys were deployed at Mankulam before hitting the weak point. Thanks for making the same mistakes again.

Modaya will be Modaya.


Unknown said...


Can you shout HEE-HAW HEE-HAW HEE-HAW?

As dumb as an eelamist.

Unknown said...

To All SLA die hearts!

a kind request!

please all of you take a break and look back at your history of the operations conducted by the SLA in the Wanni region.

and please give us a success rate will you?

Anonymous said...

So Peter Pan

Charlie Chaplins cuz aswell as Charles Anthony step bro is back, man u suck, we will see how long your petty little games last, what do you say ha..

Anonymous said...

No 5.

Well this time you are nailed,we are going to take your capital, its just a matter of time, with the new recruits comming in to play and further, this time the army is making sure they smash you like a bug!

Unknown said...


Who is a she-male? anyway, whatever that means this fellow Mr Brown should be placed on a Kelani Radial, burnt and cannibalized for being the Naadu Animal he is.

PHANTOM-X said...

PAT PIGS PEELAM is just around the corner...Ha Ha Ha : )

Political Observer said...

The SLA needs more of these Special Forces units. In the mobile warfare to come, only such units can keep the LTTE down over the long term. In the past, without Special Forces the LTTE got away into the jungle, now that option is not available, as the jungle suits the Special Forces better.


Corey said...

From a 'top' person in the USA: The Indian govt yesterday issued a 'big' public statement just to appease the people and especially politicians in Tamil Nadu. The Indian govt is said to be behind the SL govt 100%. Karunanidhi and Co. will scream at the top of their lungs to get more votes for next year's election. It is just political propaganda it seems, and apparently they (karunanidhi etc) don't give two hoots about SL Tamils!

Unknown said...

Recently we went passed a Tamul Hindu temple and heard some eelamists inside the temple shouting HEE-HAW HEE-HAW HEE-HAW. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Well Well

Seems that today is done,and tommorow will reside another day of battle,I pity the child soldiers being dragged from there homes against their will,given an ak47 and told to go to battle, half equipped,untrained.in a battlefield anyone pointing a gun against you is an enemy,and has to be dealth with in that manner.

If those Di-Ass-Poras wake up and stop killing Tamil Children from the death that can be prevented, by realization of one Lanka, till this happens I will hunt down with every means possible.

Peter I want you to look at your son in the eye, would you let him be taken from you,given an AK47 and told to die,when this all can be avoided.

SunGod V.Pirbakaran (prabha) said...

Mr Brown,

Anna andavane aiyooo apooo singala army killing innocent aiyooo human rights vanga

human rights vanga
human rights aiyooooooo

This is the liberation song of Sakkilli TTE and it's members these days. Wherever they go only word coming out from their mouth is "HUMAN RIGHTS". If you read Taqmilnet you can find human rights word 200 times in a 215 word article. But when they defeating Sri Lanka Army decade ago always heroic tigers.

Why now zakkili army cannot fight Sri Lanka forces, Come forward and face us. When counting numbers Zakkilis are millions and comparing to sinhalese. We recruit our compatriots to build world greatest Army to defeat World most ruthless , horrific amma fucking Zakkili terrorist.

Shame on Zakkili come forward fight us. There are great tamil people but I use word Zakkili just to describe amma vuka terrorist.

IntelAttack said...

Today 'Ranil Wickramasinghe' told media that a person who had been in UK jail and who can't even visit some countries (due to his past actions) is now in SL Parliament and it's a shame! He told that Karuna should be in Jail instead of Parliament.

The same Ranil Wickramasinghe signed a MOU with LTTE terrorist leader Prabhakaran that gave an international recognition to terrorists and the first step towards separate state!

How on earth he can make this claim about Karuna now?

Why Sri Lankans can't remember this?

Unknown said...

[Anna andavane aiyooo apooo singala army killing innocent aiyooo human rights vanga]


That is funny. But even better is Devinda ayya's HEE-HAW HEE-HAW HEE-HAW. lol!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

It is true that we shud not take up the ride granted by tamil diasporah here. But they come here and make us reply them every now and then. Also we find it rather boring if they do not take part in this discussion.

Therefore I'd like to see the tamil diasporah in a diff eye, not to shoot the rude words, but to take them as good study matreial.

Let's take the opportunity to study them and talk about them [instead of talking to them] as this important component who cause the bloodshed in SL, trying to architect a tamil genocide, should be studied, if you are interested in the proceedings of this war.

Tamil diasporah is obsessed with hatred, anger, and eye-for-eye [well 100 for one] revengeful madness. They take the unfortunate event of 1983 as such a major reason to fuel killing sinhala. Right now 1983 is ~25yrs ago and most of whose death they sponser, were not even born that day, set aside participating in the riots.

So why? It is because the diasporah is separated from the world due to a mind barrier. They are still living in 1983. They hav not really set foot on any grounds either in the land they live or SL. They do not KNOW the SL tamil of today, nor the other parties with whom they live. Did anyone notice that these lads are so closed and silent - a good symptom of social alienation. Even a Jew can sit together with a german, but not the diasporah with sinhala. What a crime was it? Less than 1000 killed by thugs and they still bother for that. Sadly it is a hardship for themselves, to think about a never soothing wound for 25years. It is a suffering.

And the reason for 25years of this suffering is the desperation. It is a dream that will never be true. If you tread in teh wrong direction in a desert, the intelligent turns back upon realization. Idiot tries to prove that he's right and end up moving further into desert. Diasporah miss-calculated the revenge in teh aftermath of 1983, and too arrogant to accept it.

And they are trying to create a Tamil genocide. Why? because the tamils who were left in SL are lesser to them. So the poor souls deserve to die in making the dreams of diasporah true. Take the Islamic millitants. They left teh first world comforts to fight for their ppl [right or wrong]. Can you find one of tamil diasporah who left first world comforts to fight for tigers?

And they think they can beat SL millitary. Why? Anyone with common sense can understand that however much they send money, it is impossible for a bunch of terrorists to have a separate country. Thanks to two weakest rulers [CBK, Ranil] they got to run a clandastine terror camp. But from there to be a free nation there is a long way to go. They fail to realise taht it is impossible, since it is an addictionn. They are like drug-addicts.

Diasporah sponser this war. Now when you start a war instead of discussion, you ought to bear the outcome. But when they loose they start crying. The illusion had made them the little kids who cry when you loose.

And they rejoice the tiny victory of theirs. Death of a great military leader is a sad event. But 28 deaths, in teh eye of a military man, is just equivelant to the "harvest" of any good day. Diasporah rejoice teh little pinches of pussycats as if they over-ran an entire military division. It is another symptom of desperation. When the game [of cricket] is lost for sure, you dance to high heavens when your No 11 hits the ball out of the park. It is a temporary satisfaction for the gloomy hearts. Sadistic.

What is wrong with some bunch of well educated, grown up humans. I find that alienation, addiction, desperation, arrogance and self-righteousness has over run the reason in their brains.

I pity them. They need some counciling. Nobody but themselves can help them out of this pathetic psychological pit.

[I hope you'd join me in teh analyze instead of wasting lots of rude words on them. I hope at least some of them would find our analysis of great help to find the sense, reason and morale of life]

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

For Ranil I hv a diff view.

Ranil is an important component for the victory of the war. His presence in teh top seat of most powerful UNP, is the main reason how Mahinda was capable of winning elections and securing power. On the day that Ranil retires, Mahinda's chances will be reduced to be re-elected.

Ranil is not a cunning game player. He speaks out teh rot in his heart. He is very easily recognizable. Public see him for who he is and reject him at every given opportunity. Imagine if we had a cunning politician in Ranil's shoes, who'd talk against tigers to win the election, and work for elam then after.

So rather unwillingly Ranil plays a key role in the war for peace. We shud preserve him for at least another 10yrs as the leader of UNP.

josua M said...

totally agreed with you Shooter.

Even some sinhala guys were told me that the army can not fight with TTE those days.

So a big image were created and now they r running like dogs whose tail between legs.

Sam Perera said...


There was the Sunday Leader scum bag with the handle "lasantha" a few days ago talking about how Ranil should get credit for breaking away Karuna from LTTE. I hope that garbage man can read what Ranil says about Karuna now. This is another good piece of evidence to show how incompetent Ranil is in handling matters pertaining to national security and politics. Current leadership of the UNP are the worst hypocrites I have seen so far when it comes to defeating LTTE. In one end the scream out loud about engaging LTTE politically. In the other end, they say that people who gave up arms to join the main stream Sri Lanka should be put in jail. If that is the case, my question to Monkey Wickramasinghe is how to handle Prabakaran if he gives up arms today and agree on a solution within a united Sri Lanka.? Despite all this barking and yapping, is going to imprison Prabakaran after a political solution. However, the real truth is that Monkey Wickramasingha has no defined policy in solving the LTTE problem other than surrendering the country to LTTE. Nevertheless, I would like to hear what “Lasantha” says about Ranil’s latest stance on Karuna.


Please feel free to chime in if you are around about Ranil’s position on Karuna. Please come expecting a few punches on your face.

TigerKiller said...

So rather unwillingly Ranil plays a key role in the war for peace. We shud preserve him for at least another 10yrs as the leader of UNP.

This is exactly Right . We need to keep Ranil as UNP leader until TTE is finished

Rover said...

Sujeewa Kokawala,

Well said mate (especially on the first account), we need more people like you here.

TigerKiller said...

Sujeewa Kokawala,

I read your first Article now . I am not sure how did you articulate those so accurately . I had some thoughts around that , but never to the extent you have described it . well said . You are a mind reader .

Rana said...

Thanks DW for your update about new deployments!

Shall we have some situation report also.

Die-A$$-Pora is swallowing their own saliva hard, why? they were forced by extortionist to give their hard earned money. Now they want something in return but getting none.

Let them bark forever!

Gringo said...

[Our striped friend in the Vanni must be a worried man. He has to swallow his pride and run for dear life in the jungles, while his bête noire Karuna is going places in Colombo. On seeing the smartly dressed Karuna rubbing shoulders with the powers that be on TV, our friend sporting a cyanide capsule in a godforsaken corner of the country might even burst a blood vessel. ]

Boink.... boink.... boink...

What a loser! I miss the days when Karunas boys were burning the LTTE pigs alive... Hope we can go official now... by having an Eastern Division... full of Batti Tamils... zeroing on the heads of LTTE.

Man... what a genious is MR!

TigerKiller said...

Sujeewa / Ninja ,

I am not exagerating someting here or I am not trying to downgrade any race here . just speak to any non-Tamil indian person you kniow .Anyone don't like tamils in genaral . even other dravidian people ( I had couple of non Tamil Dravidian people ) don't like Tamils . Actully they HATE Tamils much more than we think of .When we were discussing LTTE issue , I am amazed one time a Indian Tamil looking friend ( Acually I thought He was a Tamil but He is Kannada or Malayalam ) wanted to Kill them all ( means Kill all Tamils ). I said we don't have any issue with the Tamils in General but with LTTE terrorists who are Tamils . but He said they are very angry with Cunning Tamils .it is amsed me that All my non Tamil Indians have same kind of openion .

Again I am not exegrating anything here , and but repeat something I have experince in the first hand . Just talk to a non Tamil Indian if you guys get the same experince

Anonymous said...

UNP and AI ctitisising Karuna/MR. Ironicaly they find nothing wrong with vezapillai or LTT.

Peter said...

I am sure that an MP seat in the modaya country is so prestigious.

Click Here

Anonymous said...


You are probably right. Think about whats going on in tamilnadu. How other non-tamil indians think about this. India has enogh militant groups and terrorist prblems in India. Yet these TN politicos biggest problem is some problem of non-indian citizens.

Gringo said...

No one can touch our president and our constitution... but everyone has the freedom to issue statements... from New York to London to New Delhi to Timbaktu... he he he.

Similarly our president has no mandate to give anything to LTTE... except.. ah yes... DDT!

The fake Tamil issue which the LTTE coolies managed to internationalize over these years has been WHOLLY localized... to the sheer amazement of onlookers!

Thank you president... thank you... You are incredible!

As far as the sad faces of the LTTE coolis are concerned... I cannot stop laughing!

hooooo.... hoooo.... hoooo...

Excuse me!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Thanks guys for the apprciations.

And about the history [not that it matters] they're also cheated of a pure race story. A race which lived from even before aryans until today, w/o mixing at all, but right in the centre of south asia [lol].

But the truth is that they're an expansion of the population eruption of South India under teh prosperous chola kingdom [1000yrs ago].

I blame our pandits more than them since they kept on arguing about an Aryan origin Sinhala. Well, the feeling I hv is that whoever lived in SL for the first 1500 yrs and whoever joined them as small groups made up the one composite Sinhala nation. The chola inader/immigrants, Muslim traders and Dutch/English administrators did not mix to the compound [sinhala] and hence they are still separate ethnic groups. The composite rest is Sinhala - as you cant avoid them mixing to teh main race.

Now until we come to some pragmatic basis like this, we're leaving room for future fiction writers to influence the mass on hypothetical concepts like "homeland" etc.

Of the depression for lack of a country for 60million ppl; well ~55 million of them in tamilnadu controlled the feelings [which erupted after India's independance]. Our tamil lads are showing baby faces and crying for it, since they think that they have a soft spot here. Why cant they follow Indian tamils who work for the future of India, not Tamilnadu?

And what I am puzzled is why the diasporah never understand that world is multi cultural. If they're purists, then they shud first leave where they live, leaving it for the majority there. No, there is a certain cheating of themselves by them. They think that they gotta be racist, just in the same way they think they can have an elam. Cheating, illusion.

Diasporah is the cause of all. The diasporah has to recover from its mental sickness and addictions, in order to avoid the true SL tamils from the destruction which diasporah is ochastrating. SLDF and nation SL is the machine they use for it. We're helpless but to make it happen until the diasporah [makes VP] send innocent kids forced with weopens.

It is diasporah who has to change, nobody else.

Until then, we can manage jolly well. Occational cracker goes, but, as a whole we're just fine. Poor kids of Wanni are teh major victim.

TigerKiller said...


one issue that I know that ( from my friends ) for sure that all other non Tamil Indians with Indian Tamils is Tamils hate to speak Hindi though they knew it though it is their national language . but any other non tamils Indian ( thouugh some belongs to Dravidian familily ) no problem at all with Hindi .

Peter said...

Blah, blah, blah.

Tamils live happily in all other countries, but not with the modayas.

Still modayas can't see themselves as being the anomaly.

Modayas try to live out a medieval fantasy, ranted out in the murder manual Mahavamsa.

Click Here

Rana said...

Ninja mate,

People like Peter, always use words modaya, punnakku to degrade other races and cultures. They think they are very smart.

Howcome thse smart people became refugees, or third grade citizens in other countries. They are so smart, they can't even get equal rights for their langauge even in India.

We have a great culture and our upbringing is so good, we will never go down to the level of insulting other races or cultures.

All those racist tamils will be kicked out from other developed countries very soon. It is enevitable and you all will be countryless beggers for ever.

Sinhalese will always enjoy respect and equal status from all other races just because we respect others.

TigerKiller said...

Sujeewa Kokawala

"It is diasporah who has to change, nobody else."

Youn are on the spot buddy .

before 7-8 years I was under the impression Velapullai is the problem . but after reading LNP and otherblogs now I clerrly see the issue is Diaspora . Velupillai juts trying to satisfy them .

Rana said...


I would like to suggest a good article for you in order understand, how to become a respectable person.

Go and read today Sri Lanka Guardian with the article by one of respectable tamils, called Thomas Raj Johnpulle.

Read it carefully three - four times and try to grasp his wisdom of expresssion!

Rana said...

Further, our president has done a great service to tamil langauge by being the first person to address UN general council in tamil.

Therewere so many Indian prime ministers but non has thought about it. It is not what MR said in the UN, it is the gesture he made is important to tamils.

That is what MR's culture and his upbringing!!!

Anonymous said...


yes in india tamils hate hindi. in sri lanka they hate sinhala. so now what's the problem? who is the problem?

LNP and even these two blogs should be good resources for some one who does a research on diaspora.

of course after liberating north MR/GSL have to work on IC to take legal actions agains all diaspora who funded LTT. You give money to kill some one and you think you will be fine after that, you are wrong.

There may be good innocent diaspora tamils who didn't fund LTT. It is unfair to them if we blame on diaspora in general for funding LTT. Respective governments should find each and every person who funded LTT and take legal action. GSL must work on this soon after ending the war.

Peter said...

Modayas, keep ranting.

Any modaya uttering even a word in Tamil makes me physically sick. not surprised about the king modaya trying his luck with a few words.

May be in his heart of heart he wishes he was a Tamil. As does every other ..............

Anonymous said...


modaya kiyala maranda da? ... onna ohe burapu den.

Rana said...

Smart refugee who address others as modayas. You are exactly like murderous thug VP. However, we are luky b'cause there are only few other like you and VP. Many tamils know better than that and do well with sinhalese.

Vigilante said...

MrBrown you sounds like a real moron. Sorry to say that.

The surge is not for this war, it is for the future to keep the country free of terrorism.

Most recently NATO commanders are calling for more troops to Afghanistan to exterminate the Taliban who are not more than 10000. In Iraq this has prooved too..

Your childish brain is not capable of understanding the simple logic.

mrbrown, is mr stands for Moron?

Enlighten us.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Top of the morning to all! Good to see bit of calmness after another bloody day orchestrated by mentally handicapped VP! Here is something to ponder !!!

Ravana the genius play-boy king, Rama the ugly black king, Indian Attitude toward Sri Lanka, Hanuman and Tamil Terrorism : Analysis by AmmaGahai

(New blogers who may not familiar with my style pls read my earlier posts before past judgment)

There are ample of evidence from the prehistoric period that Indian attitude towards SL was not much different to today to what it was @ the time of king Ravana.

Quick analysis of Ramayana could give enough evidence how India halts the progress of SL with the help of Tamil Terrorism. Every time when SL going through a prosperous and peaceful period IND would systematically destroy longevity of it by creating unrest in SL with help of Tamils Terrorism.

Rama means “the dark one” or the “the black one”, in simple terms “Ugly black c@nt”. He was such fcuking bad king he could not shoot an fcuking arrow properly. Hilarious? yeh…that’s the last thing a king wants to mess up! Bugger once broke a one of old dude’s antique Bow trying to shoot an Arrow! ha ha ha No wonder Sita wants to shag Ravana who was a genius and a play-boy with his own private Jet. Ravana was a well educated, broad minded and a lateral thinker. Ravana was a brilliant sportsman, fearless warrior and an artist who ran the country with equal opportunities to all citizens.

By the time Rama married Sita (it was a proposed marriage by parents… typical Indian), Rama knew Sita already had a fling with Ravana and even joined the “Mile High Club” (s@x in the plain while on board ex. Ravana, Richard Branson, Ralph Fiennes, AmmaGahai ect…) few years ago. But he married her knowing this will give him a chance to destroy SL which was going through an economic and technology revolution.

When Rama was @ kovil with poosary as usual (he was a religious fanatic extremist like Talibans) Ravana took Sita for a “quick fcuk” and Rama played the old trick in the book by declaring war against Sri Lanka claiming Ravana kidnap his wife (actually they were shagging in a nice hotel in Nuwara Eliya). And guesses who came to Rama’s help?? Fcuking monkey, Hanuman! A terrorist leader from Tamil Nadu. He must be a Tamil??? Not 100% sure!! Even Valmiki was unsure of this!! Or may be Valmiki didn’t like people of Tamil Nadu and deliberately portrayed them as monkeys! May be they were not civilized enough! Don’t blame me for any of this! It was Valmiki’s fault!

Hanuman (must be one of the few Neanderthals’ survived in this ancient time) who was from Tamil Nadu was the first one to send to SL to do the spy job because of his knowledge of this area and the north part of SL. He was very good at sabotage and terrorism, part of the job was to plant few Bombs in the capital and to kill many innocent civilians. And also Hanuman is the one who pin-pointed Rama the shallow “sand bench” that stretches from Tamil Nadu to SL and that confirms his local knowledge as a native Tamil Nadu hanuma/monkey.

Even before the war begins with the help of intelligence agency RAW (Rama’s Analysis Wing), Rama managed to bribe one of Ravana’s brother (there is always a black sheep in any family) with the promise of making him SL’s puppet king of India. But on the war front, it didn’t go well for the Indian army.

In the Jaffna theatre of operations: Forward defense line of Sri Lankan army was commanded by the king’s favorite brother Kumbe (who was the Mr. Universe at that time) destroyed half of Indian army and many terrorist monkeys and almost killed terrorist leader monkey hanuman.

King’s son Ajith, who was commanding the DPU attacks penetrated Indian army lines with 3 more brave harts and laid a surprise attack on Rama and his generals of Indian army. The attack was so devastating Sri Lankan DPU boys killed many generals, terrorist monkeys and almost killed Rama. Rama was put in to a “medically induce coma” for several weeks and was living attached to the life supporter.

King Ravana himself an experienced fighter jet pilot commanding Sri Lankan Air Force attacked Indian army and annihilated units and brigades of Indian army, terrorist monkeys and killed many generals of Indian army. King Ravana was unstoppable and it was a real technical and ethical war-game played by the Sri Lankan army.

After about 10 unsuccessful attempts to breach Sri Lankan defense line, Rama went for the mother of all weapons. A nuclear missile, “Brahmastra” (equal to Agni-3 of modern day nuclear missile use by Indian army) was fired. Un-ethical? Bet yeh..!! It just shows India’s grossly attitude towards region and they always lacked the moral and ethics. The nuclear missile caused havocs.

King Ravana and many fearless warriors kissed the beloved mother land for the last time! The golden city planed by the best architect of all time fell in to the hands of religious-extremist ugly black king Rama and bunch of terrorists’ monkeys!

That’s how India’s dreadful attitude towards progressive Sri Lanka and Tamil terrorism (figurative in monkey shape) hand in hand and time and time again destroyed this lovely country Sri Lanka. That’s what we are fighting against! All the best to Sri Lankan Army! All the best to SL politicians who are negotiating with Indian politic morons and monkeys in Tamil Nadu!


P.S. Sita was moaning in Nuwara Eliya hearing Ravana’s death and Rama threw her to a bonfire (typical Indian macho attitude towards women). Fortunately V.V.S. Lakshman was there to rescue Indian dignity and saved Sita from the fire. Doctors confirmed that she was few months pregnant too. Rama banishes Sita after destroying SL as no use of her anyway.

Any tight ars@, LTTE di-ass-pora or Tamil terrorists who wants to have a go at me take 5! Stop and think back! U guys have been nothing but pain in the ars@, sabotages and terrorists from the dawn of the man kind! Change ur attitude morons! Before start calling others modaya think twice, U r the real modayas! No wonder u can not run or have ur own joint. U don’t have management skills! Only thing u good @ is destroy things! That’s why u have to leave ur habitant and go to SL or Singapore or Malaysia or SA to shine! U r good at following orders but not well at lateral thinking! When ur on ur own in ur own joint u r like “pigs in a sh#t hole”

Any idiot thinking to start a reply “Ravana was a Dravidic king…” go jump to an open pit toilet. Anyone wants to say that I am dreaming, and then Valmiki was dreaming too!

Do u think I have exaggerate things? Then what the fcuk Valmiki did? lol

Anyone wants to give me a “history lessons” go jump too! I know the history!!!

Jambudipa said...


May be in his heart of heart he wishes he was a Tamil.

I have read few of your articles(s) in Tamil Sangam (chankam?) and Tamil Guardian and so on. I was not left with any feeling I learnt anything new after reading all your work. I mostly looked as if it was plagiarised work. This seems to be symptomatic of all Tamils who publish articles in these sites. For nearly 3 decades, you have not been free to think for yourself. You have been forced, coerced and cajoled into a one track mind by racist propaganda. That is perhaps why every Tamils writing looks the same. I hate to generalise but, it gives the impression Tamils are boring, colorless and dumb. However, I know this is not true. I think its partly because most of you are not clever enough to analyse any complex problem. To you 'Mahavamsa mindset' answers all your questions. This is why many of you seem stupid but I know you aren't.

In ancient Choala times Tamil race went through a similar process I believe. They were also violent terrorists. The dumbing down process your race went through made you ideal slaves (coolies) later for the EU colonials. That is why many of you were herded all over the world as cheap obedient laborers just like the African Negroes. My fear is you are again set to go through a similar fate with LTTE. Perhaps you wont, but I am still not confident this will not happen.

I think your assertion everyone wishes to be a Tamil is false. I mean who would want to look like a fool?

Rana said...


Amma G/G well done boy. Ha ha ha he he he ho ho ho.

Sitha was a woman and look at Rama's pictures, he is also like a woman. Rawana was tall, dark person with balacava, any womens dream boy. It is no wonder Sitha fell for Rawana b'cause woman need a real man not powder boys!

Rana said...

Ha ha having sex inside "dandumonare" while flying! Yes machan, tamil girls very much like to open their legs widely, when they were handled in right manner. Infact sometimes demanding to get finger inside.

Ha ha ha he he he ho ho ho!

Moshe Dyan said...

amma G/G,

"Ravana took Sita for a “quick fcuk”.

thereafter they had their HONEYMOON in the island of SL.

there are tamill elamists who ridicule the lion story BUT they DON'T accept that IN MOST LIKELYHOOD ravana fcuked sita.

how hilarious it is for such a masculine wild character like ravana NOT to fcuk sita???

they may even had plenty of kids that sita took back with her to india.

even hanuman would have banged sita on the way to india with fire in his dickk!!

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Panhinda : mate, u r reply to Peter, that’s one of the best “tongue on cheek” ever posted in this site! And also lot of facts too ! : )) Keep it up!

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Rana and Mosh: ha ha thanks for the quick feedback! Yes, Sita got the Mile High Club membership! Yes, Sita was pregnant by the time rtn to India (according to Ramayanaya) and ofcoz Ravan bone her! And may be fcuking monkey too! lol

Peter said...

Mahavamsa over, now Ramayana.

What is it with modayas and myths?

good night :-)

Rana said...


Tamilnut claims 62 soldiers dead within last two days in three major fronts.

Could you give us the correct figures, please?

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Peter, Tamils like u who are the real modayas who don't read anything else except Eellam propaganda! Have a wet eellam dream peter! make sure u wear a "nappy" before go to sleep! I know eellam dreams are very wet!

Jambudipa said...

amma-g, cheers matie!

peter, I will chat to you later. Good night!

Anonymous said...



## Rama played the old trick in the book by declaring war against Sri Lanka claiming Ravana kidnap his wife (actually they were shagging in a nice hotel in Nuwara Eliya).

## And guesses who came to Rama’s help?? Fcuking monkey, Hanuman! A terrorist leader from Tamil Nadu. He must be a Tamil??? Not 100% sure!! Even Valmiki was unsure of this!! Or may be Valmiki didn’t like people of Tamil Nadu and deliberately portrayed them as monkeys! May be they were not civilized enough! Don’t blame me for any of this! It was Valmiki’s fault!

## intelligence agency RAW (Rama’s Analysis Wing),



//I think your assertion everyone wishes to be a Tamil is false. I mean who would want to look like a fool?//

Man, please don't ask difficult questions from our very inteligent diaspora.

Unknown said...

Something Sri Lanka could follow

In his memoirs, Lee wrote that he "was convinced that if every family owned its home, the country would be more stable".

Mindful of bloody racial riots that scarred Singapore in the 1960s, the HDB has sought to bolster ethnic harmony within public housing estates.

Every estate has a quota for the various racial groups. Once that quota has been reached, a prospective flat buyer has to seek accommodation in another neighbourhood.

Singapore is a multi-racial country where ethnic Chinese make up about 75 percent of its resident population of 3.64 million. Ethnic Malays account for almost 14 percent and ethnic Indians about nine percent.

The integration policy has helped Singapore avoid the ghettoes commonly found in other countries, Tay said.

"I say that this is a very successful policy because if you look around the world, there is always a tendency for the different ethnic groups to congregate among themselves."

Unknown said...

Well looks like not every blog has the latest information on the internet. If ROhan had warned Janaka earlier why did no defence blog put it. I guess its because he was a UNPer then. Now he is dead, he is cleanesed. This is shameful and shows the kind of attidute that prevails.

Example McCain is a War Hero, even if the democrats do not like republican politics, they still do not put him down or humuliate him like what the SLFP did.

I guess the LTTE had all the reasons to kill him. However by being lax and reducing his security earlier, a common tactic Mahindha, Gota do, eg (Iqbhal Atthas) they tried to indimidate him.

Unfortunately for Mahindha mama and company, Janaka is a career soldier not a stupid politician. He had his pride. He did not want to be pitied, getting a court order to reinstate his security was to justly get what he rightfully deserved. He turned it down because he was an ex commando general. How does it look to his surbodinates who served under him that he is hiding and being pittied by the courts for his security. He did not become an American citizen betraying his motherland or run a 7/11 shop.

In some countries like Singapore, the Commanding Officer of the Commando Group, lines up with his man to get his food from the cook house. Normally in other groups, the officers are served food seperately. This is to show every man is equal.

Give the LTTE the opportunity and they will take it. However there are doubts in the Karuna angle.

Finally this exposes the duplicity and workings of the sites like warheroes where all this is a show and a propaganda outlet. Somebody said that Raw was lousy. Really, look at the record of the Sri Lankan Armed forces inteligence in protecting its leaders.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Ninja: "Man, please don't ask difficult questions from our very inteligent diaspora."

yes, ha ha ! they are too intelligent! that's the problem. Their brain taken over every other important organs in the body. All they do is "think", but no work done!

V4Victory said...

Agin here
You see here what we have lost as Per PM statement.....

each day in September alone 6.66 soldiers killed and 32.33 soldiers wounded.

That is why we hate the war, we need to find negotiated settlement, otherwise death and destruction bothside.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Looks like lately DW has become a victim of its own success-- better articles have attracted more readership--including all the loony scum and detritus from DN who have migrated to DW enmasse.

When is moonsoon due in Wanni?

Rana said...


Don't you see this, we have no one to negotiate. The fat arse is holding every tamil to ransom. He is still in the not negotiable state. Therefore as long as he lives, peaceful settlement is a dream.

Only way out is eliminating him permanently then we can negotiate.

Pottu will never get pardon too, he must be eliminated too.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

STD: sexually transmitted diseases guy!

sexually transmitted diseases guy (STD) asked:

When is moonsoon due in Wanni?


Once in every 4 years! just as same as ur chances of having S@X!! ( real s@x with a chic, not ur every day monkey business)

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

හදවතින් අපි යූද බිමේ ඹ්බ තනී කලේ නැත කිසි දිනේ


Thanks DefenceWire...

It is time now, kick da ltte a55

අපේ සිංහල කොල්ලන්‍ට ජය වේවා!
කිලිනොච්චියේ සිංහ ධජය නංවන දිනය ළඟයි

History said...


Not only Vellu this V4Victory himself is not negotiable, he is already committed to die fighting with Velu..

History said...

I am honored to see Sun Tzu here.. the general who wrote the legendary book named "Art of War" around 6th century BC in China..

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Navindran, I know it is pretty sad to see
"American citizens betraying his motherland or run a 7/11 shop"

Booring ltte Butts...reall good..

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moshe Dyan said...

STD (sexually transmitted disease) accronym came first.

then it was carefully used to link to military matters. that's how the crap name was formed.

BTW signs are everywhere that the grand showdown will take place anytime now. fake concerns air by narayan should not stop SLDFs. this is war and IN ALL WARS of recent times, CIVILIAN CASUALTIES have been HIGHER than combatants. narayan should be happy that SL is an exception!!!

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

He who is sex-starved is obsessed with sex :))

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

ditto for you:)

*Pl dont yell in your posts..we know which point to emphasise; not that it makes much sense anyway;)

Anonymous said...

You can see SL side has many different veiws even regarding VP; kill now, kill later etc. In these blogs all of LTTE side just say the same thing, repeatedly. 56, 83, genocide, peelaam etc. Only difference is majority straightly say it few others use civilized langauge. Reason is SL has a complicated constitution. LZTP constitution has just two rules.

Rule 1. Vezapilzai is always correct.
Rule 2. If you think vezapillai is wrong read the rule 1.

Monsson, global economic collapse, COL, inflation, UN intervention, war crimes againsft SF aka bruze fien (BTW, where is he now? what happened to diaspora money?), sanctions, GSP, Obama, tamilnadu,.... whatelse is there on the list?

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

STD (sexually transmitted disease): He who think a "Defense Specialist" waiting for "fcuking monsoon"!

What do u think? All the SL army going to get infected with Influenza by the rain? Ha ha ! u r such waste!

May be ur in the LTTE think tank. U must have given orders to LTTE carders !!

“ Ok boys, we are going to finish SL Army. But we have to wait for Monsoon! Because, we are still fighting like we were in 1940’s! So until monsoon u can hump a T56”

Mate, it is fcuking monsoon, not fcuking Russian winter! Move with the time idiot! U r still bog down in 1940’s!

History said...


man.. You are so funny as well as absolutely correct

Sun Tzu's disciple said...



Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

"moonsoon"??? monsoon!

mate, grow up!

tata said...

"When a finger points to the moon the imbecile looks at the finger"

ps. Most STDs are curable. Get a jab.

Moshe Dyan said...


you were the YELL-LOW policeman here, remember?

now you can't bear the rapes in the battlefiled that you try taking on the bloggers.

you will end up with a BIG tummy.

good luck!!

Anonymous said...


You talked about Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu was the chineese military leader who wrote the book "art of the war".

But please be informed that he didn't write any of the following books; "art of justifying terrorism" or "art of licking arses of terrorst" or "art of supporting terrorism in civilized english langauge".

Unknown said...

This is the plan. Hon Janaka Perera's funeral will take place at the Borella cemetery on Saturday.UNP will stir sentiments until then to create enough emotions to flame some trouble soon after the funeral.Some goons will be mingled with the crowd to lead the troubles.
The chaos will be turned in to anti government and anti Tamil riot and properties belonging to the government and Tamils will be attacked.
Everything will be captured instantly and beamed immediately to the sensitive places such as South India,Canada,US and the UK interpreting this as Sinhalese attacking the Tamils thus demonizing the Sinhala people and more importantly the war.
The ultimate objective is to influence International community and the Indian government to be pushed into a stance where they will force GOSL to halt their military action immediately.

Are you prepared to take proactive decisions to nullify this carefully orchestrated plan by Pottu Amman,Ranil Wickramasinghe and Lasantha Wickremathunga?

Anonymous said...


You have a point. email to gota.

Ogre said...

As I said before in my previous posts....New Divisions are pending at least another 4 more divisions...

The Sri Lanka Government has allocated equipment and salary for 200,000 + Army with many infantry brigades and strike forces.

LTTE now will need many more body bags to hold up this offensive...

Other countries will soon find themselves in the economic mess of western countries (india also) so they wont have time to deal with sri lanka ! ! !

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


Thats a typo, but thanks anyway. Yours was not, as I've seen it in past.

Other scum--Low lifes jerking off on others sacrifices( SLDF/LTTE).Pathetic.

tata said...

Weldone Dulith!

This sort of early "vaccination" by you and similar thinking people will surely prevent such things from happening (hopefully).

History said...

Once in ancient Greece a battle was won by King Leonidas backed by 300 Spartans with a team of 7000 against a two million army (~2,080,000) of Persian Empire..

Give it a try, here we have a 15 000 cadres backed by 77 million Tamils against 75 000 soldier backed by 2 million Sinhalese..

During monsoon or what ever, just pick it and give it a try.. but that will be your last stand for this century..

Unknown said...

Mahindha Mama looks to be LTTE's best friend. If Karuna who kills 600 policeman can become MP. Of course he has had people's support. I just can't help laughing with the Sri Lankan system. No way in a direct elections would Karuna have ever won. Maybe Prabha should ask for the Prime Minsiter's post, after all he has a higher killing record.

A Sri Lankan war hero gets treated like dirt (BANNED FROM MILITARY CAMPS) while his nemsis Karuna gets a parlimentary seat. God Sri Lanka is becoming the biggest joke under Mahindha Mama.

Spin doctoring blog trys to come up with words like this yet when one of the best officers was being humuliated by the SLFP, they kept silent. No Blog rose to his defence. I do not agree with critizing any organisation that you leave but what happened in Sri Lanka is shameful.

"Sir, soldiers join the Army to die in the battlefield and not to fall off a coconut tree and die! To us, there's a difference in the way we end our lives and we have chosen the former. Our Army never grumbled about fighting when it lost 1,500 men in one night. We will not grumble now. If 4,000 of us have to die to take Kilinochchi, I am happy to be part of that 4,000 for this is why we are in the Army"

History said...


When you all are angry, we know that MR is just doing right..

So you better shut up!!

Jambudipa said...

Dear Dulith,

Viz-a-Viz this Tamil bashing thing. You are correct its not a smashing idea. I hope the police are ready. But the police only does things when its politically interfered with. So political goon needs to tell them there is a riot going on. Another political goons also needs to tell them riot has ended. If we dont tell them to stop, they will go bashing innocent people and asking for bribes needlessly. We have to remember its very hard for this police to do anything useful unless someone tells them.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

amma gahai/gahawi,

Heh Heh. Thanks for acknowledging my young brother's exploits. You did make one mistake though homeboy!
Rama wasn't black. He was a plae shit.
But that Sita certainly liked a big black Lankan c.... Give me white black, Lankan or Indian. As long as they have delicious pears. That Sita was delicious!
By the way you thought that it was my brother who kicked the goal. Heh Heh. (He just did the conversion.)

Another thing. It wasn't a nuclear bomb. But something worse. Little bit of radioactive crap can't touch us.Think Dark Matter. Never mind. The Brahminis thought they got rid of us but we are still around Bro! (except for that bastard Vibhishana who got what was coming to him).
We are in time and space and in Lanka! We are giving the bloody Nagas (I think you call the Monkeys LTTE now) hell too.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...


My one was a typo too! Yours tiny! I have seen tiny ones like urs in the past! Tiny Yellow ones!

History said...


you better remain silent..

We are in time and space and in Lanka! We are giving the bloody Nagas (I think you call the Monkeys LTTE now) hell too.


This is what happened when people who just read the history start to talk about it..

Moshe Dyan said...

ANY form of racial or other violence should be quelled VIOLENTLY so that the message is loud & clear.

what shit the 1983 one created! certainly should be no room for another.

if dignitaries (military & political) are going to participate, tigers will make use of that opportunity to kill more.

Unknown said...

One way Mahindha Mama has helped the LTTE is by putting pressure on their organisations fundings in the west. Little did Mahindha Mama know that there would be a financial collapse comming. This forced the LTTE to move funds out of the western world.

Now the Sri lankan Central bank wants to borrow money in USD, i guess many base points above LIBOR. With lower remitance, friendly nations sooner or later forcing repayments of loans to cover themselves, Sri Lanka will have a bigger problem then the LTTE in the comming months.

Will it be a JVP uprising part 3, will there be even a munity in the armed forces. The LTTE has played its cards well and now that Indian is planning to ink the nuclear deal, the DMK is threatning to withdraw from the alliance. If they do the congress government will fall. Even anti LTTE Jayalalitha has joined the bandwagon. of course she was only anti Ltte because she was in the opposition when rajiv was killed.

Hence India might do another poomalai. Obama spoke in his second debate and is thinking of attacking pakistan if they do not help kill Osama. Its a clear split in pakistan between the politicans when the President says Kashmiris are terrorist and when the army and ISI are playing double games. Looks like the US under the democrats is not stupid anymore to trust the pakistani army or inteligence.

Sri Lanka should play its cards well. Obama's spokesman who will become a minsiter (a secetary of ... in the US )Hari Sevugan is from tamilnnadu probabily a chetty.

History said...


Yes I was talking just about that great general with the name sun tzu..... not the who uses that name here

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...


We Rakshas are pre-History man!
We were here before you and we'll be here after you!

Read your history about "Tamil".
How was the term invented?
Come back and tell us and I'll make the corrections!
(Hint: Aryan v Dravidian, Nazi v Tamil)

Anonymous said...

//When you all are angry, we know that MR is just doing right..// LOL

Did karuna kill 600 cops by himself? or
Did others kill 600 cops under karuna's orders? or
Did karuna or others under him kill 600 cops under VP's order?

Did RW kill xxxxx youth in batalanda by himself?
Did others kill xxxxx youth in Batalanda under RW's orders?
Did RW or others with under him kill xxxxx youth in Batalanda?

Both karuna and RW are MPs now. Both were accused of killings. None of them aere proven guikty. I hope IC/AI etc will treat in the same way for both karuna and RW.
(But of course, LTT supoertes don't need to.)

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

History : ))

MailRavana or Udu Ravana? lol Anyway, that’s kool mate! I was going by the book! Book says “Rama” means the “Black/Dark one”

History said...


if you know your math you know that

infinity/ 2 = infinity
infinity/infinity = infinity
infinity * infinity = infinity

beyond infinity = infinity
pre infinity = infinity

the list can go on till it make sense to you..

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


nobody can make or break LTTE except itself. If it beats SLA it will survive. If not it is history.Obama, India, Economy, UN etc will come into play 'against'SL only if SLA is loosing badly or trapped in Jaffna --by not bailing it out .This I dont foresee as of now. None of above is going to do anything 'for' LTTE come what may.

OTOH SLDF is on firm ground.It can always count on anti-Western nations Pak, Iran, China etc to bail it out if it goes in trouble--military , economic, or political, in that order of consequence. So SLDF can afford to make mistakes, for LTTE it is all or none.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Lasantha and other guy (LTTE moles) had a conversation to try and inflame patriots against each other. They seem to have disappeared. But Navindran's back. No need to fall for the same trap twice. Ignore him and RW. The latter is better placed where he is as some else said. As long as he is there MR will remain in power. This is most important for Lanka now. Remain focuisses on who the real enemy is: LTTE (Thambi), Diaspora (Anna)

sudu271 said...

I think Task force - 3 must b a offensive division. I mean we hv a weak point in d middle of 62 DIV & 59 DIV... So the 63 DIV must be offensive & should aim Nedunkerni & Oddusudan areas. Then holding divisions like 56, 61 & we can even use 21 DIV to form a strong defense line that will cover up all the way from say Veddithathathivvu to Nayaru lagoon... By the wy, guys.. dont worry about stupid tamil fools fighting a war using the keyboards..
Just wait till our forces kill all the LTTE bastards & then those fools will get the truth...

History said...


I just noticed that you have no clue about mathematics..

We Rakshas are pre-History man!
We were here before you
and we'll be here after you!

This first part of this sentence contradict with the second, which mean it has to be either

true and false
false and true

which at the end resulted that your sentence is wrong..

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...


x/0 = not defined

Tell us about who discovered zero.

(Hint: Anicca, Annatta...)

Tell us about what came after zero.

(Hint: Bombelli, Euler, Gauss, Riemann, Einstein, ... ?)

What comes after i?

(hint: Mailravana's last theorem!)

BTW, AryaBhatta, the one inspired by the "Lord of Light" loved Lanka too. Read some of his writings. he talked about the meridean of Lanka.

He cannot be allwed to be reinvented as member of the "Tamil" nation. A nation which never existed on this earth (until Bishop Caldwell).

History said...


Can you just tell me which side you represent.. my answer heavily depends on that??

wijayapala said...

Peter, welcome back to DW. I assume you were gone for such a long time reading up on Tamil history, after I showed everyone here how little you knew. Unfortunately, you don't seem to have learned much in your absence...

"Poor diaspora are still believing LTTE lies that only 200 odd cadres died and that Pottu Amman is still alive."

Actually it was more like 400. Weli Oya was the worst defeat in the LTTE's history in terms of the ratio of enemy killed to friendlies. I have come across LTTE accounts of defeats at Elephant Pass (1991) and Jaffna (1995), but I have not come across the LTTE's explanation for what happened at Weli Oya in 1995.

As for Pottu Amman, I believe that he is the single greatest liability of the LTTE. I hope that he won't be killed too early.

"Last time, LTTE waited till the lazy SLAF boys were deployed at Mankulam before hitting the weak point. Thanks for making the same mistakes again."

In this case, the LTTE will have to wait until it gets pushed into the sea for the SLAF to be deployed at Mankulam, given the current rate of recruitment into the SLA.

Then again, the Tigers are getting killed at such a terrible rate that there may not be any left to be pushed into the sea. Remember dear Peter, there is no Karuna nor eastern boys to hit at Mankulam this time.

"Modayas try to live out a medieval fantasy, ranted out in the murder manual Mahavamsa."

Sheesh, do I have to remind you again how little you know about either Sinhala or Sri Lankan Tamil literature??

Tiger-The-IntelliGent said...

An Inch

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Airstrikes continue as troops inch closer to Kilinochchi - DN

every 10 days a load of fire power from Pak, and from other countries + 250000 (split in to two just engaged in shit basis) odd troops + air strength + sea strength + UAV's + Tank strength + political strength + Bn$ money + enough fuel + food + medicine + hospitals + enough transportation's + Missed stuff


3,000 odd - p1 injured (split in to two just engaged in shit basis) cadre's (as per SF) - no supplies - no food - no fuel - lack of medicine - no international support accept (use less Tamil-nadu) - NIL sea support - half of them child soldiers - inexperienced cadre's - few liters of fuel. - No cement to build further bunkers - no ppl support + one or two tin can/s + bakal lorries and tractors + MBRL (12RL at once - few of them broken) + few ammunition (say less then 2 tons)

Who is powerful? and can any one convert an inch to KM pls (may be i misses SLPF's capabilities /equipments)

MD (expert) this is over to u

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

wijayapala said...
As for Pottu Amman, I believe that he is the single greatest liability of the LTTE.

Mate, if u have time can u pls explain this bit more ? Just for my information anyway!

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...


Raksha = Sinhela


Anonymous said...

History---history from wijaya !!!
mailravana---history from ravana !!!

This is my guess. Feel free to write.


You gave many good replies. My worry is now peter etc will dissapear again.

VP formula for JP killing

drag war
=> COL
=> sweet UNP goverment
=> JP (scary !!) JP help recriutment too.
=> kill him
=> Blame game (UNP vs SLFP)

Tiger-The-IntelliGent said...

Further, our president has done a great service to tamil langauge by being the first person to address UN general council in tamil.

Therewere so many Indian prime ministers but non has thought about it. It is not what MR said in the UN, it is the gesture he made is important to tamils.

That is what MR's culture and his upbringing!!!

MR is trying to get Tamils support... Else, if MR doing the right thing without any doubt.. Tamils and the nation will be with MR for sure.

truth hurts. MR Ballata wetuna thamils idiriye - Any toilet hodana Tamil wesawo mawa ehenawada? mama oyalata therena basawen demalenuth loke emathuwa.. mokada me inna anith ewunta demala therenne nethi nisa. ane mawa anumatha karanna (pawam sinhalam) sodikkada da please.

Idu thewaya?

Anonymous said...


//As for Pottu Amman, I believe that he is the single greatest liability of the LTTE.//

This is two side issue. As long as either VP or Pottu alive it makes things easier for GSL when deal with India. It makes things easier for center when they deal with tamilnadu/TNA. OTOH removing any of those two military wise good for SLA.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Sujeewa Kokawala,
Thanks for commencing the psyops.

In analysing the Diaspora it might help to put it in relatively simple terms:

Inadequacy (sexual, territory etc)

leads to

Envy (penis etc.)

leads to

Oedepus Complex/ Castration anxiety

leads to

Patricide (killing the father is simply not possible- it is more likley that he will kill you. see South Indian Mythology)

so displace Patricidal Feelings to Fatricidal ones (kill your brother).

Given that the Sinhalas are the closest brothers that those who imagined themselves to belong to a fictitious "Tamil" race can have why not start with the Sinhalas.

The inadequacy also causes another complex called "Narcissism" in which one develops a false sense of self-importance. This also appears to have happened to the diasporic elements.

It all began with first denying that Sinhalas had a right to rule the island. Next came declaration of Eelam (1919); then opposing Universal Franchise; 50%-50%; Tamil State Party; Oppose native Languages Act; Rig University Admissions; Vaddakkodai Resolution; Engineer July 1983.

Rest is (over to) History.

Tiger-The-IntelliGent said...

Ei mehema thamage ethota salakanne?

Opposition Leader of the United National Party in North Central Province, Maj. Gen (retd.) Janaka Perera and his wife, a former Sri Lanka Army officer, were killed in a bomb blast in Anuradhapura Monday morning around 8:45. Around 28 persons were killed and 80 wounded in the blast, Police said. An attacker, strapped with hidden explosives, embraced the former commander killing himself and several others, initial reports said. Janaka Perera was the UNP candidate for the Chief Minister post in 2008 Provincial Elections in North Central Province, which was marred by violence.
During Eelam War III, Maj. Gen. Janaka Perera played a major role in Jaffna and in Manalaaru (Weli Oya). After the fall of Elephant Pass Base (EPS), he was appointed Overall Operations CommanAnuradhapura district organiser Dr. Rajah Johnpulle, a Tamil UNP activist whose home and dispensary were set on fire by UPFA supporters in August, his wife, and several UNP activists were also killed in the blast. 15 of the 80 wounded were in critical condition, according to medical sources. 300 participants were at the site of the blast.

Janaka Perara was participating in an opening ceremony of a new UNP office close to the old bus stand in the town.

During Eelam War III, Maj. Gen. Janaka Perera played a major role in Jaffna and in Manalaaru (Weli Oya). After the fall of Elephant Pass Base (EPS), he was appointed Overall Operations Commander (OOC) when Major Sarath Fonseka (now Lt. Gen.) was Security Forces Commander in Jaffna.

He retired from the military after being sidelined from becoming the Commander of the SLA and appointed as the High Commissioner for Sri Lanka, first in Australia, and then in Indonesia, following his retirement. Sri Lanka was forced to withdraw his controversial posting to Sri Lankan High Commission in Canada, following diplomatic pressure on Colombo on his poor record on Human Rights in his carreer. More than 600 Tamils were forcefully disappeared during his tenure as Overall Commander of the Sri Lankan forces in Jaffna.

A Tamil village, Mankindi-malai in Manalaaru region, was renamed Janakapura, after the SLA evicted Tamils from their village in 1984 and established Sinhala colonies there. Maj. Gen. (ret) Perera (then a brigadier) was posted for two years in Janakapura as the commander of the SLA s Special Forces with a key camp at Janakapura.

Janaka Perera, one of the SLA s most celebrated officers, was barred from entering SLA camps in April 2008 by the military hierarchy after he criticized the present SLA Commander and the Rajapaksa government for their conduct of war with unrealistic deadlines.
der (OOC) when Major Sarath Fonseka (now Lt. Gen.) was Security Forces Commander in Jaffna.

He retired from the military after being sidelined from becoming the Commander of the SLA and appointed as the High Commissioner for Sri Lanka, first in Australia, and then in Indonesia, following his retirement.

A Tamil village, Mankindi-malai in Manalaaru region, was renamed Janakapura, after the SLA evicted Tamils from their village in 1984 and established Sinhala colonies there. Maj. Gen. (ret) Perera (then a brigadier) was posted for two years in Janakapura as the commander of the SLA s Special Forces with a key camp at Janakapura.

Janaka Perera, one of the SLA s most celebrated officers, was barred from entering SLA camps in April 2008 by the military hierarchy after he critisized the present SLA Commander and the Rajapaksa government for their conduct of war with unrealistic deadlines.

සිසිර කුමාර said...

For everyone's info:

Two blogs DN and DW are full of punnakku.

So Peter and I have started a blog. We offer talaivar thalathel juice for everyone.
Puli, Shyam, Brown and other intelligent species have already contacted us for vacancies. So they won't be posting on this blog ever again.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Those who speak the Tamil language but see Sinhala as just another sister language and Sinhelas as brother and sisters do not have a sense of inadequacy. They I suspect are the majority of the Tamil speakers of the island. Now that MR has broken the ice, perhaps the Tamil speaking brothers and sisters can commence the project of poiting out the common features of Tamil and Sinhala and the common ancestry of both cultures. They may also need to aknowledge that while speaking a neighbouring language they are sons and daughters of the soil.
This would be a difficult thing to do for the inadequate elements.

Tiger-The-IntelliGent said...

hmm...thousands of sites are pro-ltte
few hundreds or less pro-govt

its hard to locate shyam-kuttu-thiru right now... may be eating punnakku all over for FREE

since the nation is in ration shop. The cheaper bread (less than a pound) is Rs.43 rite now.

Moshe Dyan said...


i'm no expert.

in terms of ratios, a GENERALLY conventional army or even an unconventional one trying to achive conventional objectives (law & order, public administration, etc.) needs 3 to 22 times more manpower than an insurgent - guerilla force. when it comes to equipment, this ratio is MUCH higher.

therefore if you want to do a competitive comparison, you have to DIVIDE the capabilities of the conventional army by a factor of 3 to 22.

for combatants:

SLDF = SLDF x force multipliers achievable / 3 to 22

LTTE = LTTE x force multipliers achievable

IF after doing that SLDFs emerge larger than the LTTE, then that is a REAL concern.

it means that SLDFs are more powerful than LTTE and it is sustainable.

if the converse is true, SLDF gains will be short term.

plus, there is the issue of guerilla attacks outside battlezones, politics, economy, etc. that can change the balance.

deborak said...


What about the report appeared regarding the 62 soldiers in Tamilnet...any truth about this?

V4Victory said...

Yes Deborak,

Our brave valiant forces were trapped by terrorists. but our commanders made surprised attempt to widthdrow troops at the correct time which left behind 3 soldiers. So Ltte was only able to kill 62 of our sons.

However we killed 123 LTTE and wounded 159 in which 89 was in P1 condition. Which is really good news rite?

සිසිර කුමාර said...

v4 thampi,

this is no place for you!

join us at:

Louie Jacques said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiger-The-IntelliGent said...


it means that SLDFs are more powerful than LTTE and it is sustainable.


don't challenge in Muhamalai/Nagarkovil? Mandha Pama?

on my view (don't Miss understand me)SLA is capable of using full fire support and moving forward when they (LTTE) withdraw. but SLA don't have a self confidence to face LTTE's counter attack in full strength, with out any doubt SLA leave the stuff and withdraw.

also i would like to point out one thing, which is the main AIM OF GOVT / SF /Hon GOTA is failed through out the EW4.

AIM is not the land but Killing more Cadre's. but by now the plan is running opposite as well as majority have forgotten the target and jumping up to LAND.

MD/DN/DW do u think (personally) that LTTE the Sakkili don't have capability of counter attacking or defeating SLDF the super humans? or they are weak?

IF the SLDF is the best and they are the very best... while the SF (best of the best) was the army commander what happen to A'pura base? Still they didn't release the losses or the true stories to the WAR loving PPL. Ponnawahini and the ITN the modayas (ppl) channel news said air force manage to kill 21 cadres and manage to stop huge loss... and showed the naked body in public and officially dined. and the ppl in sl Belive what they show and report.

Kemaththakin ho akameththakin U have to accept that the GOVT is misguiding PPL in total

Louie Jacques said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moshe Dyan said...

TN crap is reporting 62 SLA dead. most likely unture.

but we have been bogged down in kili for too long. i know it is better to KILL the MAX than take land. but that is also not happening.

SLA is employing same chase away tactics. LTTE cadres run away when MBRLs are fired. but come back when the infantry gets going. so SLA has been unable to make sizable advances now.

i guess it will be better to attack the area LTTE runs (EAST of kili) when the immediate front path of SLA is bombarded.

Louie Jacques said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiger-The-IntelliGent said...

heh heh heh... very sad may be true

copied comments from other sites

meikandan ..

The SLA goons might still end up capturing Kilinochchi at high cost, but their end game could be any time now. However, it looks like the goons are going to be battered very badly before they will be trapped fully.

ttpian ..

it seems SLA r keeping their LION flag in their hands to wave it in Vanni:anyhow,the same lion flag may be rolled on their BODY

I dont know how true it was

Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) officials in Vanni told media that their defensive formations put up stiff resistance against the SLA offensive units that attempted to advance on three fronts in southern Ki'linochchi district from 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday. 26 SLA soldiers were killed in Akkaraayan - Mu'rika'ndi sector, 16 in Vanni Vizhaangku'lam and 20 in Vannearikku'lam. The SLA offensive units were pushed back in all three fronts the Tigers said claiming that 49 SLA soldiers were wounded in Akkaraayan and 23 in Vanni Vizhaangku'lam. The Tigers also claimed to have seized arms and ammunition in the clearing mission in the evening.

Louie Jacques said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moshe Dyan said...


you got some good points there.

and we are also bogged down in nachchikuda as well. time is running out, not bcos monsoon can stop us; it cannot. but it can make things nasty for us.

Moshe Dyan said...

"due to mishandling of a chamical wepon given by Iran"

SL doesn't use chemical weapons.

Louie Jacques said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Louie Jacques said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiger-The-IntelliGent said...


Suicide blast an inside job

By Sahan Basnayake
Following the blast on Monday it was speculated in Anuradhapura that a short and plump person was responsible for the suicide attack. However, through the intervention of the Police, it was later discovered that the person in question was innocent and very much alive.

According to the hospitalised victims and investigations carried out by the Police, it is suspected that the explosion was committed by a suicide bomber. However, people are of the view that this deed would not have been possible without the assistance of someone living in the city or suburbs.

The explosion occurred in a bylane near the former bus stand, about 200m from the main road. Just minutes after the explosion, hundreds of casualties fled the area, according to eye witnesses. The vehicles parked nearby were not sufficient to carry the wounded to hospitals, they said.

However, amidst this carnage, people were seen looting the possessions of the wounded. Eyewitnesses report ed that most of the victims’ valuables such as mobile phones, jewellery and wrist watches had been removed from bodies.

Among the victims was journalist Rashmi Maharoof, who had gone there to cover the event, with his sister Jesima and her husband, Attorney-at-Law A.C.S. Hamid. Former Opposition Leader of the North Central Provincial Council, R.B. Abeysinghe said that, even during the time when Maharoof was admitted to Anuradhapura hospital, he was fully conscious and had recognised him. “I told him that he was not hurt and to be strong,” said Abeysinghe.

By evening, Maharoof’s relatives had flocked to his house. But even then, neither his 68 year-old mother, Aynul Shifa, nor his wife Nimsha, had been aware of what had happened to him. They had only known that Mahroof’s sister and her husband were hurt. The blast also resulted in the deaths of Maj.Gen. Janaka Perera, his wife Vajira Perera, and also Dr. Johnpulle and his wife Jenita Johnpulle.

Tiger-The-IntelliGent said...

Lasantha there u are... U R Right


V4Victory said...

Read this link to see why our brave valiant soldiers have joint for

Excerpt of that is followed for quick readers:

With his army salary, they built a two bedroom concrete house with electricity, running water, a telephone, a 21-inch color TV and a 20-foot (6-meter) antenna piercing the sky.

Her oldest son dreamed of becoming a Buddhist monk, but grew disillusioned with the clergy and joined the navy five years ago. Her next son, seeing his father and brother serving, enlisted in the army two years ago. Seven months ago, her youngest son joined the paramilitary home guard, which protects villages in the north from rebel infiltration.

I do not critize the soldiers but those who earn money from this war.

Anonymous said...

//kottiya fans some how got the information.. //

kottiya??? we know who is kottiya.

sajiv and lasantha are probably the same LTTE diehard.


You already allowed some LTTE terrorist pretending another to insult a war hero like JP. And hence diviating defence rerelated discussions to blame game.

Now please don't same people to use your blog for mis-information propaganda.

CriMeWatCh said...

Prime Minister A Liar

Prime minister says 200 dead 990 injured during September

Defense ministry's casualty is lower that that(May be poor in calculation)


CriMeWatCh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kithul said...

so the sexual transmitted disease aka the pretentious yellow skin has been treated for his std. the stripes always showed benaeth that pretentious yellow skin.

the scumbag wasn't man enough to admit who he was.

so the ltte is now looking for te gods to send the 'monsoon' to save their skin. don't they undersatnd that only the ltte uses kids in war, SLA has only trained men that don't need 'gods help' to complete a war that's won.

continuing the stupid comments the disease says nobody can make or break LTTE except itself. If it beats SLA it will survive. If not it is history. contradicting his own statement. is the fuc**** ltte beatig itself?

grow up ....

V4Victory said...

Hello CriMeWatch

What are u doing mate. do you javascript in the comment. When I clicked, everything was freezed. I restarted again.

Cyber attack. No man. that is not good.

V4Victory said...

I had problems posting comment didnt know what caused.

I hope everything is fine now.

CriMeWatCh said...

ya even me faced an issue in posting

Sry V4victory.. i don't know where that java part came in

B#1 said...

What will be the LTTEs next target???

01. Colombo Museum??

02. Ranjan Ramanayake??

03. Dehiwala Zoo??

04. Police station- Mirihana??

05. Chandrika Bandranayake??

06. Elephant orphanage in Pinnawala??

Be vigilant>>>

kappetipola said...

DW thanks for the update.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi gr8 job mate. thanks for learn us Ramayanaya we neve heard it..

yeh modayas ! never get alone in overseas ! heard so many times foriegn girls talking abt cute black guys ! so no wander why "Seetha was attracted and had fun before married .

anybody tell me why they blew them self to kill these moda people .

how weak their mind.will they get 7 virgins :)))


yes you are right . this could be happened.this could be the finale plan of this Assassination.

Katch said...

The defence ministry does not give a proper break up of the casualties in each battle so that vital intelligence will not be passed on to the tigers on each and every battle. However, an accurate no. of casualties are made known to parliament monthly. Does Tamilnet or any other tiger websites keep you informed of tiger casualties?
Aren't u worried about the no. of Tamil children being killed in the name of eelam?

lankaputhra said...

“LTTE does not represent Tamil community”

B. Muralidhar Reddy

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka has counselled India and others concerned about the situation in the island country and welfare of Tamils to ‘perceive marginalisation of the LTTE in the correct perspective’ and not to be ‘influenced by malicious propaganda’ against the military campaign of the government targeting the Tigers.

In a suo motu statement on the floor of Parliament on the assassination of the former Sri Lankan Army General, Janaka Perara and several of his United National Party colleagues by a suspected LTTE suicide bomber in Anuradhapura on Monday, Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama specifically referred to the move by National Security Advisor M.K. Narayanan to summon the Sri Lanka Deputy High Commissioner in New Delhi to express India’s ‘concern over the situation’ in the island country.

“It is very important that all those who are concerned about Sri Lanka, including the welfare of the Tamil community, should perceive the marginalisation of the LTTE in the correct light. LTTE does not represent the Tamil community in Sri Lanka. Therefore, military action against the LTTE should never be perceived as action against our brethren, the Tamil community. We are concerned about them and will work with them to ensure their welfare, security, and aspirations since they are our fellow citizens,” he told the House.

Reminding members about reports of Mr. Narayanan expressing concern on the situation, the Minister reiterated Sri Lanka’s policy of maintaining a close dialogue with India, with whom it has a ‘time-tested relationship based on mutual goodwill and trust.’

Mr. Bogollagama said the Anuradhapura suicide attack makes it clear that the LTTE is ‘firmly and irreversibly entrenched in the path of violence and terrorism’ and it is not the time for recrimination or finger pointing.

“No attempt should be made to whitewash the LTTE and throw it a lifeline, as it faces imminent and certain defeat at the hands of our valiant security forces. All political parties who subscribe to democracy should unite and join hands with the government to once and for all rid Sri Lanka of the scourge of terrorism,” the statement said.

The Minister argued that the onus is on other countries to support Sri Lanka by ‘taking concrete and tangible measures to combat terrorism’. He said that while the island country did appreciate significant steps taken by its friends who have proscribed the LTTE and helped in interdicting the supply of arms and ammunition to the terrorists, ‘much more needs to be done’ to pursue front organisations of the LTTE, posing as charities and humanitarian aid organisations, which openly engage in raising funds for LTTE’s war.

He complained that while the security forces were engaged in an operation to free people from the “fascist and dictatorial control” of the LTTE, critics of Sri Lanka and LTTE sympathisers were attempting to portray a “totally false notion” that the government was opting for a military solution.

Srilankan said...

Lets wait and see if your predictions come true.I am praying that it doesn't.I could be wrong you may be a close confident of members of the world bank/the banking community...that have ever so much clout in SLanka...I am sure your not saying these things simply for "tea/lunch break" conversation.
On a much happier note:A picture of an amicable meeting between the Hon President and commander Karuna..why is he not in LTTE fatigues??..i wonder..like some ever so "knowledgeable" idiot predicted in the past?..hey i forgot..he is wearing LTTE fatigues under his suit.

V4Victory said...


I got your argument. I understand it is vital information when you publish your casulaties. But it is only applicable for small number of forces like LTTE not for SLDF which includes around 150 000 soldiers.

Ltte released their casualities last week. This year alone they hav lost 1200 soldiers which is not good for LTTE having 5000 soldiers.

V4Victory said...

What will be the LTTEs next target???

01. Colombo Museum??

02. Ranjan Ramanayake??

03. Dehiwala Zoo??

04. Police station- Mirihana??

05. Chandrika Bandranayake??

06. Elephant orphanage in Pinnawala??

Be vigilant>>> */

None of these will be targeted. Chandrika was possible target, but she later asked apologies for what she did wrong and said I belive VP would forget me.

Only economical targets and politician who cowardly or actively (only militarily) go against LTTE.

B#1 said...


[1200 soldiers?]

What is the source? Is it including the suicide carders and the two pilots???

Moshe Dyan said...

"However, amidst this carnage, people were seen looting the possessions of the wounded. Eyewitnesses report ed that most of the victims’ valuables such as mobile phones, jewellery and wrist watches had been removed from bodies."

SHIT!. how cruel to steal the possessions of a dead person?barbarians. someone told me that some apes at hospitals screw corpses, i didn't believe. now there are more reasons to believe even that.

Moshe Dyan said...


defence.lk reports only verified battlefield losses as and when it comes to them.

unverified losses by that time are not reported; not reported when subsequently verified.
also those who eventually succumb to their injuries are not included in the defence.lk count.

that's why it is lower. it is not deliberate.

mulathiev TARZEN said...

dw dw dw dw dw dw!
greatings weewaaa!
merviya saranaai!
sakwithi pihitaai!

any truth over" 65 sl-a killed, 200, wounded, 8capturd" ..story on tamil net?

ammapaa, kiyannakoo aththa anee ai da inne thawama balaaa!

V4Victory said...


I dont remeber the source. but it is official information. SInce 1983, they said, around 21500 cardres lost including black tigers and Tamil parlimentarians and great men of tamils.

V4Victory said...

Hi assasin,

I learnt it is 6 captured alive. but it couldnt be verified.

B#1 said...


[I dont remember the source]

Send me your CV. I believe Irasaiya Ilantharian will die soon.

Unknown said...

But SF keeps on saying that the strategy is to destroy as many Terrorists as possible and not to capture land.

Are you/we not seeing this some how?

V4Victory said...

Hi B#1

Here my CV

It suspect that LTTE got support from Tamilnadu. These cardres look like indian tamils.

any truth?

V4Victory said...

If the strategy is not to capture the land why SLA has to do offensie operation. In the defensive only, LTTE would go as waves, then SLA can kill them if they are allowed.

It is just lame execuse to hide the defeats. See the photoes up.

More will follow

Unknown said...

mang umbata bulath dunne ne

Tiger-The-IntelliGent said...


Source.. Tamilwin.com/puthinam.com

it said 1509odd LTTE killed during past 8 months

Moshe Dyan said...


for the time being SLDFs are concentrated on capturing kili.

the maximum killing strategy has at least temporarily taken a back seat. tigers are not going to "tactically withdraw" from kili anytime soon. they specifically target infantrymen and run away when MBRLs attack them.

we are mainly moving from the south west direction*. tigers have many escape routes making it almost impossible to harvest the maximum.

a BIG problem for SLA is their unwillingness to breach the A9 road south* of kili. this is avoided to allow humanitarian supplies to kili and beyond.

Unknown said...

What is your source on this?

V4Victory said...


thambala said...
mang umbata bulath dunne ne
mona kehamalatha thune

V4Victory said...

It is reported in the media LTTE leader made a surprised visit and talked with the displaced people and instructed the relevent authoroties to take necessary action to reach the supplies for them.

Apino Dannachess said...

Dear Sujeewa Kokawala

Really good piece of writing on DiAssPora web hooliganism/ vandalism.

I strongly support your suggestion to study the DiAssPora brats, as it will help us to deal & heal them in Post LTTE era.


Apino Dannachess said...

Bro Amma Gahai/Gahawi

Entertaining piece of work on Ramayana with a new twist. I liked it so much I emailed it to all my patriot friends.

You are gifted person my friend.

And last but not least thanks X10 for your post script for the consumption of the DiAssPora vandals.

Cheers Mate

kappetipola said...

LTTE Commander Karuna Amman is next Prime Minister in Sri Lanka !

kappetipola said...

"It is reported in the media LTTE leader made a surprised visit and talked with the displaced people and instructed the relevent authoroties to take necessary action to reach the supplies for them."

its not surprised visit its vezapilla pukaharan came out from his rat hole for shit on the road .he has no place to shit people around so he must be shit him self ...

B#1 said...

[surprised visit????]

Why he need surprised visit?? Cant he believe even his own people? He is fighting for tamils' freedom(lol). When all the people around him are Tamils, why cant he go here and there without any risk in his home land??

Wekkam... Awamanam.. :(

kappetipola said...

"he will surprise visit Borella Kanaththa very soon"

Patriot said...

what is the strength of Lawrence's team???

Katch said...

The ltte is said to have sent some of the fighters back to their home bases recently and re-occupied/reinforced the national front. Could they have got reinforcements from somewhere? Like Tamil Nadu for instance? After all mercenaries would be available if the price is right. What better cause than to spend it to save K'nochchi?

Moshe Dyan said...


cannot reveal mate.

you understand, don't you?

re: mig-29 case. never wanted to reveal it, until someone hinted it here and i jumped the gun.

anyway i have no sensitive info. what we need is not info, we need MORE and MORE LTTE dead bodies.

Unknown said...

Thats good enough about the source.

What do you suppose we could do to improve on the situation?

TropicalStorm said...


There are many options for SLDF, within the non-conventional realm.

Do not worry too much about the so called 'bogged down' situations. They at worst are to rest the troops, consolidate behind the lines, and to strategize.

The SLDF has not deployed its full strength so far. Will not be needed, by the looks of it.

Peter said...

Hello modayas,

Please send me more copies of Ramayana, Mahavmsa, Bible and Quran

Achilles said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Achilles said...

Peter the fcuking terrorist,

[Please send me more copies of Ramayana, Mahavmsa, Bible and Quran]

try Google!

hemantha said...

"a BIG problem for SLA is their unwillingness to breach the A9 road south* of kili. this is avoided to allow humanitarian supplies to kili and beyond."

This is not the case. Humanitarian supplies don’t go through this rout.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ConspiracyTheory said...

Where is AI and HRW?

U.S. raid on Afghan village killed more than 30 civilians

Jambudipa said...

"The Eezham Tamils hoped that the solidarity extended by all the leaders of Tamil Nadu would transcend into a practically sound political support, the LTTE statement issued in Tamil further said."

It will be a mistake to think this is a sign of desperation. There is something brewing. Must keep an eye out for special military activity by them.

Jambudipa said...


BoneyM back with a twist!

Apino Dannachess said...

Panhinda Bro....Man I cannot stop my laughter....

BoneyM back with a twist! He he he...Twist alright....if this is whats going to happened to our north, man we need to fight hard to save our poor brothers....

Oh maaaan.....


Apino Dannachess said...

DiAssPora's Saambaru version of the BonyM classics......

He he he eh

Peter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I am Ma Bakerrrr, put yourrrr hands in de airrrr and give me all yourrrr money!


That was a real rib strecher!

Unknown said...

Had a look again...

HO ho ho!!!

what a stress reliever!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

I'm glad that some of you value the study into the Diasporah quite a lot. I personally think that LTTE [incl VP] were both culprits and victims of a major flop designed by the diasporah and hence I think the root cause of everything is in their hands. This is why we need to study them deeper.

Although we can eliminate/convince the 3000 odd serious tigers and say ~30% potential civilian supporters, there is no way that we can make a change in diasporah, as they are not with us. They will be suffering with teh type of psychological disorders which myself and you guys stated many times. Hatred, anger, avenge, dogma, superiority, arrogance, frustration, desperation, alienation, addiction, whoa the list is endless. If the past 25 years could not make time tick in their mind, I have little hope that it will happen after defeating pussycats. So the root cause of the terrorism will be alive at large, and will try further stupid ways and get killed further. [Again the poor faremrs' kids of Wanni will pay the price].

There is another significant fact which I missed in my previous analysis. We know that Russians revolted against Tsar, in the suffering of poverty. Many other nations did so too. If you study all these revolutions and freedom fights you will notice that the driving force of the fight was right in the middle of teh crisis. But diasporah, the engine of SL terrorism, is not suffering from any "injustice" they claim of. They are living a pretty good life [except for their own psychological sufferings]. This is one major reason for their failure. If all Bolshevicks migreated to some other land and tried to drive the russian peasants via phone calls, Tsar dynasty is still alive. Diasporah has tried another unrealistic impractical feat, not realising it due to the psycho-disorders. Further they fail, more they'll be poised as the same sickness bar the reason in their mind.

Now when I did a bit of reading into the writings of our diasporah pals here, I collect further insight of the same problem in their mind. Few things are repeated frequently by them;

- constant remarks of ancient books like Mahawmsa, Ramayan etc:

this is a proof taht our pals suffer from a serious stand-still of time. In an ordinary society only historians talk about such at this rate. We all respect and admire the ancient literature, but not many would even read them. Amma G/G can have a bit of a laugh at an ancient character like Ravana. We live in presence. We really dont guide our life as per ancient books. The ones who suffer with history-syndrome cant help but talk about those books. Guys, these books are not "holy", they're contradicted by half a dozen researchers every year [not in teh cunning synthetic way diasporah would want them, though]

- Constant call of Modaya: Everyone can understand that intelligence is not ethnically oriented, and no race is pure and isolated to have such different intellectual level to others. So, calling anyone modaya based on race itself is a huge show down of stupidity. And look who's calling others stupids? Those who chose savage and barbaric path for a separte country, thinking the ever civilizing world will accept them. Those who predicted that terrorism would blossom in future, and hence gave up every chance they got for dialog. Those who still think that even 500 strong last tiger batalian can always start a ceaseless wave and defeat 250000 strong SLDF. Those who pushed their little number of people towards the death, hence attempting genocide. Those who left and deserted their race, where numbers really counted.

Diasporah, sit back and think - no need for acceptance - but who is teh real fool?

And right now few better thinking pals are realising the inability for their baseless pussycat dream. Bhairav's mails changed the tempo much in past few months. Navindran craves for the gigantic US to collapse and save teh remaining arses of hopeless pussycats. I rem another lad stating taht they will come back surely in 100 years, hence postponing the dreams by 100years.

Glad to see some recovery, but teh root of your suffering is still in tact. Time has to start ticking in your rusted 1983-dated minds. It is you and only you who can make it happen.

All the best.

TropicalStorm said...

SLG and India obviously have a clear understanding of how to deal with TN hiccups. Even Karunanidhi is in on it, playing to the gallery and then resrting to 'masterly in-activity' later.

Indians will always be indian, The SL case is just a stepping stone to power for them.

Corey said...


Added to which, the following quote from the recent letter written by one Selva Gnanam a Tamil residentof Melbourne makes one wonder about the real motives of these bleeding hearts rushing in to resolve conflicts in distant lands such as Sri Lanka:

“I read of young girls (who had escaped from the Vanni) being raped by senior LTTE cadres and later offered to foreigners as 'entertainment' (these girls would later volunteer as suicide bombers because they were not 'pure' any more). Then I realized why so many Westerners came to the Vanni for 'direct negotiations' with the LTTE, and why they were backing the LTTE in Sri Lanka, while fiercely opposing terrorism in their countries. It was an 'erotic escapade' in an exotic island, far away from wife/husband and family.” Having seen some of the photos that leaked from NGO sources, I could not agree more with Mr. Selva Gnanam about the real motives of several of these do gooders who rush to places like Sri Lanka to engage in ‘conflict resolution’ and community development, because of the good remuneration and other perks bestowed to them by the Tigers in the Vanni.

Corey said...

Dear Tropical Storm,

I agree with you. Let me repeat: This is what I heard from a high-ranking (Indian source) inthe USA:

The Indian govt yesterday issued a 'big' public statement to appease the people and especially politicians in Tamil Nadu. The Indian govt is said to be behind the SL govt 100%. Karunanidhi and Co. will scream at the top of their lungs to get more votes for next year's election. It is just political propaganda it seems, and apparently they (karunanidhi etc) don't give two hoots about SL Tamils!

Rana said...

Well Well...

No teritory gain, not much of harvest too.

What is going on....

Nachchikuda, Kili axis must have atleast 5000 SLA troops against 1500 tigers. Kili, Mankulam axis another 5000 against 1500 tigers.

Mankulam, Palamoddai say 4000 against 1000.

Welioya area another 5000 against 1500.

That is only 14000 against 5500.

If LTTE is not engaging heavily, we should be able to march forward.

If they are engaging killing rate should go up.

This is puzzling me...

Why can't we change strategy, if things are not going our way?

Why not try other places like east of Mankulm-Omanthai axis?

After going up to almost Kili boundary, stalling does not make sense.

If TF1 has taken earth bund completely why we can't take Nachchi?

Why SLA not crossing A9?

I don't see any reason.

DW could you please give us a thorough analysis on the above.

Or any body else.....Please.

Rana said...

DW you are boring...

At least DN has given some explanation.

It seems we are getting bit hammered in south west of kili.

DN has said 20 SLA got killed. Tamilnet claim 26.

However, it seems going forward is tough.

Why DW is silent, team did not post anything worth while to read for weeks.

lankaputhra said...

well said Sanjeewa.

can you publish in defencenet please....

hemantha said...

This is from Defencenet.

"12 SLA soldiers were killed in these battles. More than 25 LTTE cadres too are believed to be killed and an unknown number have been wounded."

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