Monday, October 27, 2008

LTTE passing gas in hopes of avoiding annihilation

A rumour is spreading rapidly, both in Sri Lanka and abroad, of a poisonous gas attack in the front lines killing hundreds of SLA officers and men. This claim is completely false. The only gas attack launched by the Tigers so far has been canister after canister of CS gas directed by retreating LTTE units from the Akkarayan bund.

A huge CS gas attack was launched by the LTTE two Saturdays ago and again today in the general areas Therumurikandi North and Kokavil North. Two battalions, the 4 SR commanded by Lt. Col. Subhashana Welikala and 8 SLLI commanded by Lt. Col. Iksith Dissanayake who are the front line troops of the 572 Brigade came under attack while overrunning this bunker line. At least two Platoons were affected by the gas as the fumes got mixed up with the breeze. Soldiers who were exposed at the time were affected and some had to be hospitalized.

Currently suitable gas masks are being made locally to counter the threat. The masks use a form of Activated Carbon. AC is used for industries and applications such as gold recovery, air purification, gas purification, water purification, wastewater purification, process treatments, cigarette filters, pharmaceuticals as well as nuclear and military purposes.

These masks are being completely manufactured in Sri Lanka and are being distributed to officers and man as we speak. The Pakistan Army also procures this product from the same Sri Lankan supplier. The raw material for activated carbon manufacturing is charcoal obtained from Coconut shells. The removal process of harmful gases is called " Adsorption" (NOT ABSORPTION).

Any toxic gas could get adsorbed on to these surfaces and get removed and the air purified. The products used for military applications, such as for respiratory masks, are specially formulated using basic activated carbon. A special chemical is impregnated on the pore surface by use of advance technologies in oder to give the removal properties of such gases.

This local product has been used to defend against recent CS gas attacks and have had the capacity to hold on for approximately 20 - 25 minutes which is well sufficient to take any remedial action. The initial quantities were given free of charge and the rest shall be ordered and is to be purchased by the Army. The Army's medical department is overlooking this part.


Unknown said...

Common DefenceWire...! There is nothing important to read here.

Unknown said...

What is the newest updates on battle frount?

Unknown said...

so what is happening to the "Race"?
:D was there enough supprises? I know you all made fun of me when I told you that, what's now? who is the fool now?

loosers, when are you going to learn? get ready for a race again, this time towards your singala ass villages.

on your mark, get set, ....

Hon.VP said...


Who asked you to start the race, I am not ready yet, still thinking about the destination. So wait until I give you orders ok. Don’t try to be too smart. I think you got the message.

Gringo said...

[on your mark, get set, ....]

...and daydream!

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

passing gas= flatulence:))

Anyway ,if true this would be pure psychological warfare: given the vast open terrain , thick vegetation,rains and the mlitary tactic of spreading out I doubt it has any discernible physical effect. Even in riot control where the crowd is massed-up in narrow lanes it is only designed to temporarily stun.
No doubt many fellas would use it as an oppurtunity to get out of the hot water(happens in all wars, nothing special here).

Unknown said...

Thanks DW,

This is good news, Glad to see local industry moving in towards defence sector to fill our needs!

Gringo said...

[These masks are being completely manufactured in Sri Lanka and are being distributed to officers and man as we speak. The Pakistan Army also procures this product from the same Sri Lankan supplier. ]

Great to hear this development. Sri Lankan leaders need to encourage these defence related industries to grow and prosper and proud Sri Lankans everywhere must consider investing part of their welath in these industries.

After all there's a good portion of Tamil terrorists and separatist cooliess still lining up (just like waiting at the dentist)... to be Eelamized. Oh... let's not disaappoint them.

Kill more... achieve more!

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


What is special about this place in Amparai "Kagnchikudichchaa'ru" that Tigers seem to have an open run here? Where exactly is its geographical location-- i cant seem to find it in maps.

Achi said...

Talking about the rumours one of my friend told,one of his friend who is a army officer in North told him there are rumours within the army that many soldiers died recently in fightings, dont have even a scratch on their body.If DW is right it shows there are some people within the army who spread these rumours, may be working on LTTE agenda.I think army has to take a stiff action against the people who spread these rumours.Bcz it doesn't do anything good for moral of the soldiers in the battle field.

Peter said...

"The initial quantities were given free of charge and the rest shall be ordered and is to be purchased by the Army. The Army's medical department is overlooking this part."

Sounds like DW is vexed with the army's medical department for overlooking this issue.

Perhaps, the only purpose of this post is to get the hooters to complain to the relevant ministry.

sldf said...

What can you expect from cowards who hide behind their women and children. Hope Army takes steps to send enough masks to front lines to counter this threat.
DW, I have not heard of SLAF attacks on LTTE positions recently. I believe this is due to worsening weather conditions plus GOSL do not want any undue publicity from such attacks. However, this is the time we need maximum support from our Mi-24/35 gunships to advancing troops. Hope the weather improves.
Many here say we army have "bogged down". Can this well be strategy?. I see LTTE leadership is trying to resist and hold Killi defenses. But for what reason? Since the fall of Paranthan and Killi are inevitable.

WipeLTTE said...

I came across LTTE funded Obama supporting website:

We got to go after those guys trying to get favors for LTTE with a Obama Administration.

WipeLTTE said...

This Indian Relief effort to Wanni sounds like LTTE help to me!

What you all think of it?

TheTruth said...

Battlefield updates aside..its really heartening to see local products being utilised to defend our nation...

This MR administration might have it's short-comings but you have to applaud their drive make lanka 1st from defence contracts to day-to-day consumables.

perein said...

Thank you DW for the latest posting.
Looks to me end days are closer for LTTE.
Let's complete the mission, then we can get the news out.

Corey said...

Don't worry about tamilsfor obama. High-ranking Sri Lankan people have notified Obama, as well as others here - they are well aware of what this group is. The donated money will not be spent by Obamas campaign.

Corey said...

DO the gullible masses in Tamil Nadu know these?:

Sri Lanka Navy has rescued 19 civilians including 3 children fleeing from LTTE tyranny in Wanni this morning (Oct 27). According to the Navy sources, Navy inshore patrol craft (IPCs), have rescued the civilians while they were battling against rough seas onboard a locally built fishing vessel (Vallam) in the South of Mandativu islet. There were 11 females and 8 males belonging to 6 families, the sources said.

The refugees have told the Navy personnel that they had got onboard the Vallam from Murukkandi in Poonaryn. They have further revealed that they had left their homes due to the inhumane harassments committed by the LTTE terrorists. According to the refugees , a large number of civilians in Wanni are desperately expecting that the security forces would soon liberate them from the terror clutches.

The Navy would provide food, medical facilities and other basic needs of the refugees until they are being handed over to the civilian welfare authorities, the sources added.

Gringo said...

[According to media reports, Blake had rejected Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s view that political talks could take place only after the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was wiped out or disarmed.

‘A military solution is going to be very, very difficult,’ Blake reportedly said, while urging everyone in Sri Lanka to accept a political solution to the conflict.


Looks like Blake has a FEAR that we Sri Lankans indeed are getting closer to say and MEAN... 'Mission accomplished'... unlike his president's pre-matutred declaration.

Stick to your job description. We proud Sri Lankans are the experts in our affairs!

Sentiments excepted!

Peter said...

If only proud Sri Lankans can ditch the age old Buddhist tradition of begging.

Gringo said...

[If only proud Sri Lankans can ditch the age old Buddhist tradition of begging]

he he he ... who has time for whims and fancies of a rapidly vanishing coolie-breed?

Add that ingredient 'failed state' to your daily double... and you got your today's special!

Corey said...

"If only proud Sri Lankans can ditch the age old Buddhist tradition of begging".

That's an indication of how cheap your views and thinking have become.

All you seem to have left in you is to make degrading comments of a supreme philosophy (religion).

Get a life!

Raves said...


Any idea where the LTTE are getting the gas from? Are they producing it by themselves? Or importing the ready filled cannisters?

Gringo said...

If ANY two words these all-PERFECT LTTE coolies hate more than any others on this earth and beyond... are the words

['proud Sri Lankan']

It really boils their blood!

A smart cookie can think of the reason why.
( I have given it below)

!yrtnuoc a evah t'nod yeht

he he he! Keep on giving it to them baby!

IntelAttack said...

Bro Sun Tzu's disciple,

"Where exactly is its geographical location"

It is located just behind your toilet! :O :) :) :)

Do you know where exactly is Kilinochchi and Mulathive?

If YES, thats enough! ;)

Ares said...

Gringo said...

[we need to do something against tamils for obama... ]

Relax... Bruce Fein is already advising Obama... on how to take the stupid LTTE coolies on another expensive wild Elaam chase....and pocket in cripsy $$$$.

Let that happen please...

Anonymous said...


Great post. What about battlefield?

Peter said...

Chenkalady TMVP camp attacked:

4 killed, 6 captured

Rana said...

Thanks DW for nothing,

It seems our DW team have exposed to a load of CS gas and lying in the military hospital!

Therefore, they are not in position to give us actual action, situation or analysis report.

So we will read about gas masks for the moment.

Every day early morning, I click this blog to read interesting situ/analysis articles. However, recent past only got dissapointed.

What do you all think?

Has this blog being usefull to us lately?

Do we have to waste our time like this?

I will be patient for another week perhaps!!!

Sinhaleyus said...

Or has some higher authority instructed DW to tone down on updates? If that's the case, it's only right you spill it out rather than talk about the history and production of gas masks. Surprisingly (probably the first time)DN has a better update than you.

And DC, your surveys, what good purpose do they serve? Or are you into a money making scam from the banner ad folks?

DW, DN, DC thank you for your time and effort in honest and patriotic reporting but if your blogging agendas do change, at least give us a hint not to chase after you guys..

Moshe Dyan said...

using tear gas in warfare is against the conventions of war.

SL must follow suit.

1. last time when tigers did that we retaliated with fuel bombs. unless we retaliate tigers are going to use it more and more. and they will mix poisonous agents into it having devastating consequences.

2. we should understand the effect of CS gas in the battlefront. many seem unaware. the effect on soldiers is one thing. the effect on the war effort is another. LTTE cannot face the numerical superiority of SLA. but this sueriority EFFECTIVELY is taken away at certain places when CS gas is used. get it???

this is why we should take the CS gas matter very seriously and counter it. SLA may not use CS gas but they can use agents that can drive the message home.

3. unless we retaliate and put an end to this, we have to waste another few million dollars are buy gas masks. this is insane. we are good at damage control, bad at nipping it in the bud.

4. frequent use of SLAF could have replaced casualties (including temporary ones) on ground VERY EASILY. now that is also not there.

5. october will be the month with the lowest number of SLAF raids in alomost a year. my contact who lied about Mig-29s (at that time his accuracy was 75%; now down to 50%) says SLAf has grabbed the good opportunity (of bad weather, etc.) to do planned maintenence and upgrades. as a result further delays are expected. this cannot be 100% true bcos it is stupid not to have ACTIVE back-ups. BS! may be the govt will come up with this excuse.

BTW i continue to write to MOD to recommence daily SLAF attacks SOON.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Rana said...
“Thanks DW for nothing”

Do u have any other worthy news from the battle front? I bet NO! So, I rather read DW!

“What do you all think?”

I think u r a moron! Sorry mate, but lately u have been a moron when it comes to the way u address DW. I don’t mind stupid LTTE fcuks trying to talk down DW as that’s all they can do and that’s all they want to do. But u? what’s ur fcuking agenda?

“Has this blog being usefull to us lately?”

To me yes, because I don’t visit DW to see how many LTTE fools got killed! If it is not useful to u why not fcuk-off to a useful site !!

“Do we have to waste our time like this?”

No u silly, u don’t have to. Unless u don’t have anything else worthy attending! Don’t come and tell me that ur some big shot and blah blah… I give a rat’s ars@ about it.

“I will be patient for another week perhaps!!!”

What do u going to do after a week? Sneek up here with another name? Mate get real, if u want to criticizes DW then be constructive. Don’t just dribble some stupid and “I am the man “statements like stupid LTTE fcukers do!

I am sorry to address like u this, but ur last post noting but a disgrace! No wonder Intelligent Tamil Race call us modaya!

Fcuking ammagahai

Moshe Dyan said...


don't blame DW for publishing news TWO SATURDAYS old. that is roughly the time when something happened and as a result the following UNEXPLAINED things happened.

1. SLAF stopped attacks
2. war casualties and even details of battles stopped coming in as b4
3. a series of attacks in the east happened (and happening) with higher frequency.

sorry for looking at the shitty side of things. there is a good side too but we must address the shitty side in priority.

Raves said...

Amma gahai,

Completely agree with you. It is because of these kind of frustrated individuals the SLA and politicians rush things and mess all up. We sri lankan NEVER appreciate anything especially FREE stuff we get for granted. DW and other blogs are doing a fantastic job with their time, effort and possibly even the neck in the line and yet these buggers fail to appreciate.


Rana said...

Amma G/G,

I know you are pissed-off by my comments.

I also got pissed-off with DW. Look at DN today, at least, ther is somthing to read.

I do not have any ajenda, mate. However, I am a independent guy who has guts to criticise anybody as I see it. I belongs to no camp, mate.

What I need is latest situ reports with some sort of expert analysis.

I would like to fuck-off to a useful site but there is non to my knowledge!

You might be able to help me, if know a better site!

Don't be sorry mate! you said what you believe and your position regarding DW and me. I appreciate that.

Similarly, if you can appreciate my position and what I believe, that also nice.

Either way life will be same, bro.

Rana said...


You are correct and agree. Still I think DW could do a better job to keep us actively alive by posting situ report, even if ther is nothing much. He also should be able to explain why ther is nothing much.

mboi said...

air attacks stopping may have something to do with india.

Rana said...


LTTE is not following any conventions laid down by and standards. Only convention they know is what VP asked them to do.

They might do even more unconventional things in future when things go against them badly.

If he worries, it will only be impression of IC. However, if they going to get killed, they will do anything to save their arses.

On the other hand if SLDF do something uncoventional or unethical, whole world will come on to us.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Constantin Demiris :

Exactly, (most)Sri Lankans (yes, including intelligent Tamils) are very good @ taking potshot @ people who reach out to do something for the common good.

Most irritating part is when they criticize they take potshot @ them with some stupid statements and “I am the man” attitude and “I can do better job” mentality.

They never do a constructive criticism because they think “I know everything and u don’t know jack”.

Rana mate, there is nothing wrong criticizing! If u can do a constructive criticism of DW and not go to the LTTE fcukers level then it would be wonderful.

I understand where u coming from and appreciates the honesty and good to c ur in the middle path! : ))

Rana said...

This is what Hindustan Times say:

"In the latest fighting on Sunday, the army captured and destroyed several rebel bunkers in "massive" attacks, the military said in a statement.
Soldiers captured three rebel bunkers and three trenches in the village of Andankulam in Mullaitivu and several more bunkers in other areas, it said.
A bunker in the village of Kokkavil was destroyed, as was another in Nachchikuda village near Kilinochchi, the military said. It said soldiers inflicted heavy casualties on the Tamil Tigers in all the attacks, but did not give casualty details in line with a new government policy."

"Government troops have made dramatic progress in recent months, seizing a series of rebel bases and chunks of land, but the rebels have put up stiff resistance."

I am expecting DW to report something like above as it happens, if possible with his expert analysis.

That is the responsibility of a defence columns like DW or DN.

Any way that is my opinion, though some may disagree!

History said...

no body can say rana is wrong on his comment about DW..

But from the other hand, DW writer may have some other priorities too.. so let's give him a break

Rana said...


Agree mate, It is just sheer frustration about the current situ about the battle line info, or rather lack of it.

Amma G/G,

Thanks, mate. Don't worry, I will come around. Most important is, I can take a punch or two from guy like you without crying, man.

BTW, 3rd test between Aus and Ind will start tomorrow, that will occupy me for the dry period.

History said...

Sri Lanka was a producer of weapons, but I think with the introduction of Buddhism we stopped that..

- Garments – We were famous for high quality garments
- Naval – We were called men from the sea, we built big ships, and equipments for them
- Weapons – Our swards were the most expensive and highest quality, only the prices wear them
- Seasonings – We second to none in ancient world
- Gems and other wealthy Jewelries – We had the finniest of all the gems. Our tusker elephants are the biggest Asian elephants and the ones with the longest tusks.

Now again, we are building a name for garments in the world, and are heading toward the right direction. Above five together with IT (Software Industr) has to be our main focus.

Farming needed to be encouraged at all cost as the plan B.

So as a result of the war, ancient dynasty is blossoming up again..

Lankapura said...

Sinhaleyus and Rana are right to a certain extent.
If DW is truly independent there is no harm in letting everyone know that circumstances have changed. At least then we wouldn't expect much.

Saman said...


1. DWs posting is of no value, I am afraid.

2. Guys, we must not go at each other unless for a constructive debate. rana has been always passionate about what he says.

3. Moshe, I do not think we should even think of Gas one form or another. Remember, large number of civilians are there at no fault of theirs. This may be playing in to what LTTE wants - a similar scenario so that they can bark and make comparisons with what Sadam did to Kirds.

4. There is some news that TNA has started a "tamil relief fund". I wonder what that for, how it finds way to SL and more importantly who would get it.

5. Also, it seems the agreements with BR indicates some relaxation in indian fishing folk in our waters. That may be good news to LTTE.

6. East is getting unhealthy symptoms.

Anonymous said...

// It is because of these kind of frustrated individuals the SLA and politicians rush things and mess all up.//

I happily think now that time is over. I am very much impressed with SLA advance. They show absolutely no hurry. No panic due to any TN/IC whatever reason. This reminds me how Gurusinghe and Aravinda bat 'sensibly'...head hurry...1 run, 2 runs...eventually victory!!!

As we believe DW/DN do volunteer service. You can get usual battle field updates from public media. (After GSL decided to stop giving casualty details now that part is hidden.) DN/DW gave true news when GSL/LTTE hide in the past and that's why we are here. But at the same time DW/DN has responsibility regarding info.

Finally, the utimate target is to annihilate LTTE and NOT to please some individuals. Rana's frustration or whatever is completely his problem not SLA's or DW's.

Rana said...


You missed few very important commodities like, "TEA" and SPICES which is world famous.

We also lacking in marketing our local beer and high quality arrack into the international market.

Ther is also good market for higher education to attract foriegn students though latey our standard has been gone down.

Rana said...

Hellow Ninja,

Yes, mate. It is my problem, that is why I thought might better to share it with DW!

Thanks for your contributions, I always enjoy reading your and other patriots postings.
That why I am still here!

Moshe Dyan said...


i think you got me wrong. we cannot use CS gas or anything similar. then we are down to same shitt; we need to buy gas masks, etc. and all the expenditure, trouble, etc. etc.

we should use fuel bombs, thermobarics (as we did), and the like in response WITHOUT DELAY from the time of LTTE gas attacks.

Rana said...


Thanks for your comments. Amma G/G is a great guy and getting along is no problem.

Your No. 4 is a real worry. They will pass this money to LTTE, not to civilians and most probably it will not be in relief form, it will definitely go for military assets.

Rana said...


Using thermobarics may create disturbing photos and videos. Have you seen the video that LTTE has given to TN reporters?

What they do is get photos and videos of burnt small boys (child soldiers), ther will be plenty , if we use Fuel bombs/rockets
and publish them in their web sites.

Whole world will cry and shout at us.

I have seen, one child with second degree burns in tamilnet. Those things not going to help us at all.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Rana, good to c u don’t have a glass-chin! : )) that’s exactly what (glass chin) we don’t need when inside the ring with LTTE fcukers!

I think we all need to read the situation with caution. We are in such a strong position even the biggest MF of all time, VP have start shaving puke-mile hoping IND and monkeys in TN will shove much needed Political Pressure up in there!

Our politicians have been famous for short sight! By the time of Premadasa, they should have realized that we are in for a long battle and so to develop long term strategies. I am glad to see we make our own “Gas Masks”, but after fighting 25 years with LTTE fcukers we should be making our own bullets and guns and bombs by now not just Gas Masks. Best brains in SL universities should have been encouraged and made use to develop home grown technologies to annihilate LTTE terrorists. Guesses to late now!

Yep! Why? Because, even SLDF didn’t crush LTTE completely this time they won’t be fighting for another 25 years as some of the die-ass-pora fools think. World has moved from romanticism of Revolution and Freedom Fighter concept.

I think the best thing happened to MR is his brother’s time in US. GR, educate himself to be pro-active, influential and mastered the political craftiness for some extent. GR has a totally different attitude to other SL politicians and I think that is the different. I am not a political ars@ kisser or MR or GR worshiper but to me the most important thing is attitude!

Ninja, yes agree! War is not an ODI but Test Cricket to me! 5 days! Long way to go! We should be patient, steady and use all the strategies including mental advantage or sledging! lol

Saman said...

worth reading

Rana said...

Amma G/G,

"Rana, good to c u don’t have a glass-chin! : )) that’s exactly what (glass chin) we don’t need when inside the ring with LTTE fcukers!"

Mate, my chin is made out of steel with granite hard knuckles but I used them carefully and only when it is absolutely necessary.

You talk about one dayers and 5 day tests. Don't you know that some times a 5 day test can have series of one dayers too.

Moshe Dyan said...


"Using thermobarics may create disturbing photos and videos."

potentially, yes. but it got to be done while minimising civilian casualties. ultimately there will be significant civilian casualties as they are trapped in vanni. if not of thermobarics, they will die of arti fire, claymore attacks, land mines, snakebites, cholera, malaria, gunfire, suicides, hunger, enforced hunger strikes, attempted escapes via sea, etc., etc.

there was a vid link provided by panhinda(???) where there were insignificant number of images on thermobarics. it MOSTLY highlighted claymore attacks (supposedly by "DPU") and SLAF attacks.

anyway SLDFs have never used thermo.s near civilian areas.

the fuel bomb attack (there is a small difference between the two) had only 1 dead and a few injured with VERY minor injuries according to TN. this is nothing compared to what happens everyday.

if we want to avoid civilian casualties we should stop the war. even then LTTE will kill them!

the right weapon should be used at the right time no matter what. else we are unnecessarily burdening ourselves with things that cannot achieve. in all modern day wars MORE civilians have died than COMBATANTS. if SL tries to be different, we will never win the war.

Saman said...

Moshe bro. Sorry. Yes, you were talking fuel bombs. We must find one to stick on VPs mile less ass.

Rana raised a valied point. Rmember the world famous photo which changed the American openion on Vietnam war (it was a different attack but affect could be dramatic)

History said...


TEA - Yes, Tea will have a future as world (specially Americans) started to realize that tea is lot healthier than coffee. But in either case farmig is a too risky to recognize as one of the main export items. In farming until you get it, you never know whether you will really get it. So for a country to rely mainly on farming, that is a NO NOO..

Spices - comes under seasonings

Rana said...


Totally agree bro, Last time I saw them using fuel/air rockest to get Bhanu around Mankulam area.

If we can get some important target or make things easier for our boys, yes, we should use it in controlled manner.

The only problem is LTTE has child soldiers and women cadres. Once take out the uniform, they innocent civilians to photographs and videos.

That is where I am worried. There are millions of readers world wide looking at web sites that publish sri lankan situ.

Going slow may even better than stopping the war completely due to external interference.

Don't you think so?

Rana said...


Point taken bro,

If you know how popular is Dhilma tea in western world, it is a pot of gold for Fernando's. The brand "CEYLON TEA" is known every where. We need to develop that and once the war is over tourisim will also catch up like nothing with all publicity we have got due to current conflict. Foriegners will come to SL just to see north and east battle grounds + beaches like Nilaweli and Pasikuda.

I am sure, if we can finish this LTTE cancer sooner, we will not have much problem with economy.

Apino Dannachess said...


I was reading all the recent comments, and I can clearly see this blog descending in to something that resembles our good old Sri Lanka……

I believe there are valid reasons behind the current hiatus of hot news. I think DW got its priorities right, that is to serve first to the country and then to any news/ entertainment starved guys like “US”. I keep reminding myself that this is a pro bono services and DW owes nothing to “US”.

However I also believe that DW should not publish any crap, just to keep us entertained.

As for us DW fans, lets be patient

Good job DW

Rana said...

The other thing is, if we can wrap up this conflict successfully, our war heros, captains, colonels and brigadires will get lucrative jobs in other countries to help them out in combating terrorists!

History said...

From Defense Column's article list I saw a interesting one..

#Prove LTTE is a terrorist outfit – Aussie prosecution

Click Here

Why don't they prove that LTTE is not a terrorist outfit.. Rather than asking us to prove something obvious.. lol

Nachikuda said...

It seem that the Indian pressure is working on GoSL.

I can understand why the SLDF operational detils are not given, but what about the Air Strikes, have they completely stalled?

Wouldnt the ground forces need these to be successful?

සිසිර කුමාර said...

Information hiding (news censorship) is not usually a part of the war game but political game. In political arena it is part of cheating they always do. Lets hope this time it is for good of our country.

Earlier people were thinking inflation was due to the War in North. However when War related news gets dried up people will think War is not progressing. And attribute inflation to corrupt politicians. This might cause an unrest in south.

I believe War is paused at the moment for some unexplained reason. Even Tamilnut follows a story on tamilnadu for past week. If that is the case then I am ok with DW for following a story on gas masks, weather reports, obama etc. At least that would help keeping community together. ;-)

History said...


Information hiding (news censorship) is not usually a part of the war game but political game

I said this before too, when a war is being fought, it is said that the first casualty is the TRUTH.

Have faith in SF, that man was reborn to end this war..

I am sure that, SF is having a much bigger plan. Look at him, when obstacles throw at him, the man seems to get around them quite quickly..

SF is the one, who beat the death, so the man who hides in the rat hole is who??

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Ha ha Rana, r u on “Red Bull” early in the morning? Yeh, I know “5 day test can have series of one dayers”! that’s a good one! I lost for words!

I know most of the time when SL play Test Cricket we do plan for 5 one dayers instead of a 5 day Test Cricket and we lose.

Last time when SL played in AUS we had trouble getting early wickets even though we had a good bowling attack (not playing Maharoof in the first Test made it worse) and Ian Chappell said “ SL need to be patient here… seems like they are loosing confidence and trying too hard with out any luck”

Yes , Ian Chappell had many” foot in the mouth “ situations and I do agree just like any other expert he got his share of bad judgment. But I like his “go jump to the lake “ big time : ))

Going steady may not work in all situations and yes, in some cases we need to be aggressive and attack. But, LTTE in a do or die position and so why not let them do and die??

Apino Dannachess :

”I was reading all the recent comments, and I can clearly see this blog descending in to something that resembles our good old Sri Lanka……”

Beauty! Yes, Peter & Company is trying to sabotage, Moshe & company attacking and Wijayapala & company trying to amend things while die-ass-pora, extreme elements and some International clowns making it a mess!

Rana said...


The article in asiantribune which you have pointed out is a dynamite mate.

Who is this Dimuthu, first time I read an article from him.

Excellent bro. Thanks!

Moshe Dyan said...

saman & rana,

thanks mates for the valuable input. i've seen that vietnam clip. yes, we should avoid those as much as we can + a little bit more!!

but this war will take a lot of civilian lives unfortunately mainly bcos LTTE leaders are the biggest cowards in the world.

in congo violence has erupted again. but most civilians in battlezones are allowed to flee. only in SL you get liberation cowards who have to hide inside sarees, sarongs of civilians to save their sorry arses. but imagine what would happen if we fall into their human shields trap?
they will repeat it again and again.

any creative ideas how we can chase the civilians away from LTTE contraolled areas????

we tried leaflets, diverting food trucks.....

Rana said...

Amma G/G,

You got it wrong again or I didn't write it clearly enough.

What I said is 05 day test game some times have number of built in one dayers (I mean excitnig sessions) which are much better to me than onedayer itself. I am a test cricket lover. Only in test cricket one see strategies, plans and counter strategies clearly. When test game hots up it is much more exciting than even 20twenty!

War game also similar it has dull moments as well as exciting times.

The question is can we look elsewhere when it is dull.

To me in cricket every bowl is a potential wicket, boundary, six, dot or catching chance etc etc..

I don't like to miss a bowl when I watch cricket. It is same with our on going war too. I don't want to miss something important b'cause we are living far away.

සිසිර කුමාර said...


Agree with you. I am sure we can count on SF to get us thru this historical sh@t hole.

Rana said...


LTTE is holding into civilians is bad for us in many ways. I don't have to give details to any body here.

That is the real reason they are keeping civilians. So we can't blame them doing something to take additional advantage. Remember LTTE is a ruthless terrorist outfit, they don't care about anything or anyone as long as they can win!

Anonymous said...

//Sri Lanka was a producer of weapons, but I think with the introduction of Buddhism we stopped that.//

ammata udu? ethakota dutugamaunu kumaraya udda kare ---enda?

Even in 1500AD Rajasinghe11 had artilaary against prothugeese. (Yep, better than theirs and best in asia.) It is British who made us a service nation. British discourage all local production except what they need (tea/coffee etc). After independence none of our leaderes were brave enogh to start production of own weopons. They even couldn't say they are afraid of go against former masters rather implied they were following some 'buddhist principles'. bambuwa thamai!

History said...


Buddy.. I was talking about exporting weapons..

History said...

Seems we are doing very good in the battle front, that is why we don't see those die-ass-poras now.. lol

Will see how long they will take to create the next wave..

Ogre said...

my dear brothers

the going is tough but we are in high morale and ever more ready to kill these animals of LTTE

we harvest large quantities of these things mostly in bits and pieces

LTTE is now moving out of killi and enforcing defenses south of mulativu

the big guns have now moved south of parathan

LTTE is running short of men as we harvest their dead daily

DPU teams getting spectacular intel and hits

LTTE is also finding difficult to build any more bunds lots of the bunkers they built are now flooded

a large bund broke and killed at least 15 LTTE who were taking cover in a bunker few days ago

We are still scoring against them
but enemy life is 1000 times harsher


Ogre said...

again i am in colombo for my break could be leaving in 1 week

another 12000 strong div will back us soon

in addition another 12000 lined up to train

total 200.000 in army alone

we should be just fine

Lankapura said...

Thanks for the update Ogre! Good luck to you and your brothers.

Saman said...

rana, I also read that author for the first time. He seems pretty well informed isn't he?

Moshe, I wonder GoSL and SLDF are slightly changing their stretergy for the same reason - to get civilians out as much as they can. Lately they are circling around the peripharal villages rather than going straight. If we can get them out "Game is Over". The other thing is the people who are trapped are the most impoverished people. They may not have travelled more than 50km from where they lived. All the able and influetial tamils have already left these areas I presume.

As much as I want this war to end by crushing LTTE, I feel for these voiceless masses. They have become puppets of LTTE regieme. Have you seen the small "katu kambi" cells LTTE has invnted. That tells volumes. Remember, if couple from a family escape to even seek help, rest of the family is punished. Put our-selves in to that situation we will understand the plight. Our biggest chellenge is to get them unharmed. I think GoSL knows this. They managed to do it in the East but Norh seems a different ball game. This is where indian influence could have come handy. I was dissapointed that it was not part of the deal. Instead, 800 tonnes of cargo. BS.

Guys, how does the pact between India and BR on fishing folk allowed accross international waters between India and SL affect the on going war. Good to have some analysis from DW some one who knows these stuff.

ape lanka said...

DW & Patriots

Just a thought that
LTTE might use CS gas against us, civilians in South! because they will use and do anything of killing everyone inlcuding them to get there dream..(which they will never get..haha)

we must be alert and careful!

best wishes for our SLA forces and keep going.

Moshe Dyan said...


good point, mate. probably thats what they were doing.

but there is mulaitivu which will be a bloody and LONG battle unless we resort to large scale buring of forests when only tigers are trapped. we can regrow forests and better still settle ppl with readymade farm lands!!


great to hear that the harvest has been good. harvest them like a japanese trawler harvesting fish!

g`d bless all our harvesters and bring them back home in good health.

ape lanka,

cs gas cannot be used in large scale to kill. but LTTE may use other shitt for which we should respond RELEVANTLY.

Moshe Dyan said...

lankaguardian seems to carryout a campaign to discredit BR. BR implied that ALMOST ALL civilians have left the kili battlefield area which is true. there may be civilians in parts of the BIG kili district that are not directly under attack at the moment.

civilians also have a fcuking responsibility to co-operate with the SLA.

Rana said...


Good to hear about high harvesting rates from a guy from the front.

Thanks, mate!

God bless you and your friends.

"Thunuruwangema pihitai"

"Pas pidak gilihee noyannata ran watak etha siv cone"

Just a verse from most popular song by Sunil Edirisinghe abot our brave boys.

English translation

To save every inch of SL, we have got a golden fence for all four corners (SLA, SLN,SLAF, SLP).

Saman said...

Ogre, rana

Hadawathin api yudha bime
oba, thanikale natha kisi dine.

Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bhairav said...

Happy Diwali to all!

perein said...

Happy Dewali Bhairav & family, to all those in North, south, west and east.

Wicky said...

*** India Can Never Solve SL Problem ***

Hi Friends - Pls pass this over to as many of your associates here and

Below are the points.

1) They may be strong in armed forces but still they can't find a proper
solution to Kashmir Problem (neither military nor political).

2) No matter how strong they are they still have terrorism problems like
Chain Bombardments in Dilli and attacks even inside their Parliament.

3) With all the technology to win space and with all the high tech gadgets
in nuclear weaponry they took more than 30 years to capture a single jungle
thief Veerappan.

4) As a nation, collectively they are unable to derive a proper political
solution to have a good relationship with Pakistan for more than 6 decades.

5) Their politicians are still unable to convince Indian Muslims and Hindus
to live in peace and harmony.

6) India had to draw back their RAW (Research and Analysis Wing - Indian
intelligence) wing due to their unsuccessful interference in SL that
resulted in sacrificing their prime minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. So they have
been unsuccessful in this matter once. SO their predictions are not always
correct even though they pretend to think so.

7) India is one of the major parties who aggravated this problem. They
trained LTTE terrorists initially in south India including Prabakaran, Pottu
Amman and Karuna Amman. They air supplied food stuff in the past to LTTE
when were terribly in need. South India continuously smuggle combat stuff to

8) As a nation no matter how hard they try to display a big image of their
selves they have critical issues in thier own country. They have racial
issues, religious issues, economical issues, social issues and political
issues. It is not the country we see in Bollywood films. Besides it is
highly unethical to interfere the matters of another independent nation
because we don't ask them what to do next. India simply don't have rights to
do that.

9) South Indian politicians can come to SL and travel through out the
country to see where ethnic cleansing is. All the southern cities and all
the offices there have Tamils living and working in harmony. But any of the
nothern cities don't have a single Sinhalese. So where is ethnic cleansing?
So better not use unknown matters for their personal political gains.

10) We Sri Lankans don't have any other country to live in other than SL. So
if anybody wants to give Tamils a seperate country please seperate south
India(Tamil Nadu) from what we currently call India, just like Pakistan and
Bangladesh, and create a separate state for Tamils in the world. Tamil Nadu
has all the necessities for them.

Spread Out the Word...!

Bhairav said...

Thanks to Perein, you too happy Diwali!


Saman said...


We understand. Sure, babarians can not interprit refined cultures. Especially, if they are stupid enough to pour milk to Siva's linga, made out of stone, for furtility. How the hell that works. Must be pretty rough out there, isn't it.

Also, you ass holes worshiping cows and a God loking like part elephant and part Prabhakaran. What is his name?

Happy Dewali to - Jafna and East only (Killi and Muleithiwu Dewali cancelled until 2009, by GoSL).

Rana said...


I know brother, this is my favourite song along with the song:


Dear Soldier, you didn't die, you were blossomed in our hearts like a flower.

verse given by Ogre:

"Hadawathin api yudha bime
oba, thanikale natha kisi dine."

For the sake of Bhaira and crowd the translation of the above verse from the same song:

From our hearts, we have never ever deserted you in the battle field.

If any body interested I will write the whole song here and translate it too.

Saman said...

rana san,

I wrote to Ogre,

"hadawathin api...". Not Ogre. Thanks for the translation.

Rana said...

Oooops Saman,

In a hurry to go for a walk, I missed your name. sorry brother.

Rana said...

Ever tamil brother, I wish happy Deepawali (called Deewali in here, festival of light). May light of wisdom really dawn on you all and have peaceful and prosperous week!

Saman said...

rana, moshe and others,

article on worth reading. Slap on US ambassador Robert Blake i guess.

san said...

according to SLAF inside informations Air Attacks over wanni stopped because of indian pressure.this means our soldiers have to sacrifice more.we must organise some rally infront of indian high commission against indian intervention on srilankan affairs

Rana said...


Machan I agree without reservation bro, You have a good eye and heart, mate. Your postings always wiase and inteligent to the ponit bro, take my salute brother, I do not hesitate to give credit where it deserved at any time. I think my time spent in this blog is worth vary much b'cause intellectuals like you brother, keep posting, I'll be with you soon.

Now I am closing my shop to have some sleep bro.

Good night!

Peter said...

kaatikuddupaan said...

Prabhakaran banned Deepavali from being celebrated because he said that Ravana was a tamil king and that Lord Rama , came and killed him

Peter said...

எங்கும் செல்வோம், எதிலும் வெல்வோம்

kaatikuddupaan said...

puligal engaim pohallam, endallum naan kaatikudupen !

Saman said...


Tnx mate. Also, thanks for reminding me that beautiful song.I have listened to "Sebalanani" couple of times through Miyuru gee, written down the lyrics, put the codes and included in the list of songs we normally sing along with my friends. Thats what I have been doing. Thanks for the lead. have a good sleap catch up tomorrow.

Peter said...

முஸ்லிம்களுக்கும் தமிழ் படிக்கத் தெரியும்

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Thanks to Intelattack's friendly advice I found out the location of "Kagnchikudichchaa'ru" which has gained notoriety of late. But the name required some tweaking b4 I stumbled on it, from an unlikely source via google

Though many get offended on pointing out the uncomfortable facts, we can see the Tigers moving from throwing grenades to claymore attacks, to pistol shots to now attacking camps and contolling territory in East.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saman said...


Yes. Ealam will be in Tamil Nadu except in your dreams not in SL. You are accepted to live in SL as long as you play by our rules.

It took 30 years. What have you achieved so far. Few kangaroo courts, attrition about 6% and a entire community without proper education (only child soldires), community notorious around the world for CC fraud, drug trafficking and communal thuggary.

Prabhakaran only did up to grade 5 in school. But his kids studied overseas. Who's money.

Get a life and convert to Sinhala. We have few vacancies.

Peter said...


Kanchikudichcharu is the Manalaaru of southern Tamileelam.

It isn't just a village. The name covers a fairly large jungle terrain and all areas bordering it from Kanchchikudicharu kulam to Sangamam kulam which is about 5miles to the north.

The people there have faced same problems as people from Manalaaru; so, pro-LTTE feelings are very high. If you remember, during the Easter Friday offensive a column of troops moved north from Amparai while Jeyanthan Unit crossed Verugal aaru. More than half of this region are porali or maveerar kudumpam. Karuna nor any other kompan can make us subjugate to Sinhala rule.

londonistan said...


Congradulations on making it to the MCNS. Lets hope the bigwigs take account of (and take steps to rectify) the criticisms as well as the positive developments.

mulathiev TARZEN said...



kollanee! kohomada kilinochchi wandanaa gamana..??
is it now 200 meters to klinochchi temple of buddha`s left tooth!!..aioo, ammoo!

kattiya wena kohedoo yanawai kilyalaa!

punnakku unahama mokada "free" nam, needa??..ammapaa!!

Peter said...

Rantnasri with wife and son :)

Unknown said...

Is this Tamils for Obama or Tamil Tigers for Obama???

here you go..

Unknown said...

Looks like these Tamils have already elected Obama as president...

"We urge the 44th president of the Unite States, Mr. Obama, to bring the Tamils and Singhalese to Canton, OH like we did with the former Yugoslavians, and force a solution on the Sri Lankans.".....

The 44th US president

V4Victory said...

Here one more time DW wasting his space. DW, you should not go down by exegrating small stuff to big ones. There is no evidence SLA was attacked with positionious gas. Only told this story.

In the battle field, Artillery units both side use smoke bombs. Sometimes it would be colorful. I think they use this smoke bombs to indicate the location or something else.

I think this is what some SL soldiers saw and feared for life. You should educate them and us. If LTTE ever used that dangerous one, GOSL must have used that to show the world how LTTE is dangerous. So there is no evidence. This rumor is counter productive for GOSL unless eveidence of such attack is exposed.

you should see the chenkalady as how ltte captured 6 ex-ltte alive. I am pretty sure that some ex goes without ex.

As I told earlier, you all see the race results soon.

Peter said...

Air strike started again. Good time to buy a bus ticket.

Gringo said...

[you should see the chenkalady as how ltte captured 6 ex-ltte alive. I am pretty sure that some ex goes without ex.

Superior 'Tamils' killing their own?

hmmm... man are you forgetting who is doing the killing? Shhhh... it's that great 'Tamil' cause. Keep it going please!

I love it... I love it... I love it!

Kithul said...


a word of caution when divulging information. very few in a blog know each other personaly. you only know people from the username they use and the type of posts.

some people may pose off as patriots (in this case) and make themselves known and can lead others to a conversation and elicit information.

There is sensitive information divulged here at times.

Do we know who others are when we are lead to a conversation?

people please be alive to this fact, sensitive information should not be divulged especialy at a crucial time when even the state agencies try not to.

frackster said...

story going around the Kalubowila / general hospital was asked to accomadate injured soldiers as something big went on this weekend ?????

with DW also so silent only news would come in "kata katha'mode and tamilnut only..ur silence just adds to the fire of lies of LTTE

Ammapaa! said...



kollanee! kohomada Karuna Nidige wandanaa gamana..??

is it now 2 meters to Tamil Nadu VP has left Killi!!..aioo, ammoo!

kattiya wena kohedoo yanawai kilyalaa!

punnakku unahama mokada Tamil Nadu nam, needa??..ammapaa!!

Defencewire said...

My advice would be to be very cautious when getting information from SLA officers. There are many disgruntled ones who were overlooked by Gen Fonseka when awarding recent promotions.

Corey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gringo said...

Has anyone thought about the numbers of bankruptcies and unemployment of foreign citizens resulting from the demise of LTTE Mafia?

I would start with 'conseiderable'.

Will they give up without a fight?

Hon.VP said...

Adoo, what are you doing assassinrajive,

who asked you to change your name to fonceka#hikpula without informing me.
Now ponna assassinrajive has changed his name to ammapaa!, again without telling me.

I am waiting for you. Uba warenko mage Rat Hole ekata mama denam ubata hoda Red Bird treatment ekak. Warenko warenko ubata mama …..

Peter said...

Ane ammapaa!, ubata mokade une



dukama thami mona karannada ammapaa!

Infinity said...

Troops dislodge LTTE defences during steady advances in Wanni

Interesting map. When the army reaches that causeway the entire LTTE west coast and Pooneryn will be cut off.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Gives third-party highly detailed account of the war, from ground level. Makes very sad reading though, esp accounts from East.

NOLTTE=Peace said... lost its personality when Prof Hooley exiled owing to LTTE threats.

Now the UTHR has been hijacked by the LTTE.

Now UTHR is another gun used by LTTE.

hemantha said...

Battle progress map.

Infinity said...

SLA crush LTTE defences: fall of Nachchikuda imminent

Corey said...

I asked this beofre, but you were silent. Can you comment on the failed mission of ten suicide cadres who came to attack the army camp at Diyatlawa? According to sources in the US, an informant from Mulativu called the army, and these people were arrested.

(It is OK if you are prohibited from writing about this. We understand).

Gringo said...


[Gives third-party highly detailed account of the war, from ground level. Makes very sad reading though, esp accounts from East.

Why sad? Why worry? LTTE pigs promised they can deliver the Elaam pie through killing our proud troops...

Have hope... LTTE will win, the Elaam would arrive and you and your fellow LTTE coolies worshiping a fat-pig-ar*e hole would live happily ever after.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

"Now the UTHR has been hijacked by the LTTE.

Now UTHR is another gun used by LTTE"

This would have carried some weight if UN, HRW, AHRC, AI, INGOs, SLMM,IIGEP etc were not bracketed under the same heading...when not giving favorable news.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


you feel happy your own countrymen are raped and executed ??
Feel so sorry for you.Evil.

peter said...

Air strike started again. Good time to find a Rat Hole.

From TamilNut

A 50-year-old mother of three, a 38-year-old father of one and a 41-year-old father of two, were wounded Tuesday morning around 11:00 when Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) bombers attacked two civilian settlements in Ki'linochchi and Paranthan, medical sources at the Ki'linochchi hospital said.

Unknown said...


agreed on uthr, they have lost their credibility.

Gringo said...


[Feel so sorry for you.Evil.

I know how YOU 'felt' when great LTTE 'liberators' killed and maimed thousands in COLD BLOOD...

and how YOU 'feel' now... when you realize that they betrayed you...

Enjoy the how!

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


ok keep on enjoying if that makes you happy

TigerKiller said...

ok keep on enjoying if that makes you happy

Don't cry baby . SLDF will deliver Peelam within next 6-12 months.

be happy

IntelAttack said...

Compare both comments from "sun tzu's disciple" below;

"1. What is special about this place in Amparai "Kagnchikudichchaa'ru" that Tigers seem to have an open run here? Where exactly is its geographical location-- i cant seem to find it in maps.


2. Though many get offended on pointing out the uncomfortable facts, we can see the Tigers moving from throwing grenades to claymore attacks, to pistol shots to now attacking camps and contolling territory in East."

First he cannot find the place on Maps. Then the cat comes out from the bag.

WTF STD? Why can't you come straight to the point?

Fight like a man, not like your bro VP who kills innocent unarmed civilians!

Tigers do small attacks in East to create propaganda + fuzz. You are doing a great job by helping the same dying propaganda!

But taking over a small hut and controlling it for 30 mins won't help you to get the EELAM, will it?

Try to save Kilinochchi and Mulathive! your so called big shot symbolic cities. You can't! ;P

Gringo said...


In the meantime give my regards to that great military genius Velu.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

So predictable..ptui

Infinity said...

STD, whatever problems Sri Lanka may have with human rights they are far worse in LTTE areas.

Sri Lanka - LTTE
Elected government - hereditary dictatorship
Volunteer army - conscription and torture of deserters
Numerous government critical media and organizations - none
Freedom of movement - pass system keeping civilians in a war zone

tata said...

Folks it looks like LTTE air attack in Thalladi SLA base

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


I did not give any judgement, did I?
It was the low-esteem chaps here who made deductions . I just said loss of life is sad.

Peter said...

TAF raids MAnnar Thallady SLA base

Peter said...


Bad weather for MIG27 and Kfir

Good weather for Zlin

History said...

Sri Lanka Army base in Thalladi, Mannar came under an LTTE air attack a short while ago. According to available information at least 3 bombs have been dropped by LTTE aircraft. Casualty details or reports of damages (if any) are not available as of now.

- Fuck India..
- Let's grab the opportunity presented

Peter said...

Power cut in Colombo. No more modays to entertain us here.

Peter said...

Oil storage on fire in Colombo. Too many clouds. No one can see. No planes can fly.

Peter said...

Like with Vavuniya SLA will cook up a story about 5 planes downed etc., but we don't need to worry. They can only write about planes downed. Air Tigers will keep flying; in sun and in rain.

Weather can stop SLAF modayas but Air Tigers are a different breed.

Unknown said...

The handle peter is typical of LTTE terrorists.

Katin Baya Karala yudda dinannda hadanne.

Bhairav said...

[We have mig21, mig 27, Kafir, F-7, MI 24, bell what else he want to take down couple of flying cans.]

One proven Sinhala modaya would say that practice would make you perfect, so you should start your practice by shooting down your own fighter planes until you feel confident of taking on Zlins.

It's bit expensive trade of skill but worth a try. LOL!

Bhairav said...

defence column,

You have good poll topic of whether AF chief should step down or not.

1) Yes
2) No
3) Undecided

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