Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zlin attack in Colombo and Mannar-Updated

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam Zlin 143 planes launched air attacks on Mannar and Colombo today. The Air Defence Systems are still active as we speak. Two gravity bombs have fallen near Kelanitissa thermal power plant damaging a cooling unit. A minor fire caused by the blast was subsequently put out by the Fire brigade.

An attack by Zlins on Thaladi camp in Mannar was reported prior to this attack. The blackout in Colombo was imposed only after this attack. The attack on Colombo commenced shortly after 11pm.

The Zlin 143 planes have escaped without damage. They are said to have come from an unknown location in Mannar and had avoided the SLAF radar at Vavuniya by flying very low, SLA Air Defence Unit told DefenceWire. Further details will follow.

The attack once again exposed serious defensive failures on the part of the SLAF. These defensive incapabilities were limited to the ground prior to Katunayake attack. However, with the emergence of TAF, the incapabilities extended to SLAF's own domain-- the airspace over the nation. Unlike the SLA and the SLN, SLAF has demonstrated it is incapable of fulfilling its role to the level expected.


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Sun Tzu's disciple said...

Thallady fine.. but Colombo??

It means the radars in Vavuniya not working/Indians pulled out?

Even if so SLAF has lot of time to chase and overtake??

LKDOOD said...

any planes down ?

Ogre said...

wait for update ! ! !

Raves said...

Today the skies are somewhat clear over colombo. Chance for another interception!!

Bhathiya said...

Seems like a suicide attack.. not sure..

tata said...

Both targets seem to be of not much value wrt what LTTE's in right now.
So, I am sure this is to confuse AF. There must be something else going on somewhere else.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Check Katunayaka Airbase, Hingurakgoda Airbase etc Commando attacks.

Corey said...

Critical mistake. Now the SL govt has all the ammunition to tell India "See, we told you so"

ltte would have done better to have played the innocent lamb at this stage of the game.

Gayansphotography said...

agree with corey

Defence Column said...

perhaps the weather prevented them being detected.. hope our birds will get them down....

LKDOOD said...


A rebel Tamil Tiger aircraft dropped bombs near oil storage tanks in the Sri Lankan capital on Tuesday after another raid 250 km north targeting a military base, military sources said.

"The aircraft dropped bombs in Colombo near the oil storage tanks," a military source said on condition of anonymity. Another source confirmed it and said it was under investigation.

Defence Column said...

we got to get at least one down this time as well....

Thambapanniya said...

RADARS?!!! where art tho?

Unknown said...

This is nothing, wait for more... this is just a warning for you all for Bombing our Hospital and near by school.

Pasan said...

So that's what the ruckus was about. Bloody ack acks woke me up :(

mulathiev TARZEN said...

zlin attacked..? "sin" anee!

...ammapaa, this must be the work of la-af, b`cos all the zlin of ltte downed by gontaabaya! beside who is there to fly them after gontaabaya kill the one and only white-pilot over a school in wanni!!

History said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Tamilnut had a story about SLAF attack on IDPs.This shoudv'e been foreseen.

Ogre said...

yako your hospital staff paid with my tax money, your food, your medicine all my tax money...what the hell your call yours...

stealing mother F@$#$$ now turned bunch of mafia cartel trying to rip off the poor tamils!

you want to create a cyprus - all you get is the word eelam NOTHING you get nothing...today I am going back to the front...i will sure kill at least another 100 more GOD forgive me...but at least another 100 more from my company

Guns&Roses said...

[we got to get at least one down this time as well....]

Bambuwa thami
all i can say is our air forse is USELESS

Unknown said...

Air Raid
29 Oct, 2008 00:09:11
Fire in Sri Lanka power station after air raid
Oct 27, 2008 (LBO) – A fire broke out in a key power station in Sri Lanka's capital Colombo soon after lights were doused on warnings of a Tamil Tiger guerilla air raid, officials said.
A lubrication oil cooler connected to the gas turbine plant GT7 in Kelanitissa was burning, officials of the state-run utility Ceylon Electricity Board said.

The fire department was already on site.

Anti-aircraft fire lit up the night sky soon after power was cut to the capital when Tamil Tiger guerilla aircraft were detected on the western coast of the island.

Military spokesman Udaya Nanayakkara said Tamil Tiger aircraft had dropped two bombs near the Mannar area police headquarters around 10.30 p.m in northeastern Sri Lanka in another raid.

Tamil Tigers had previously raided petroleum installations in the capital Colombo using low flying light aircraft.


Ogre said...

I will make the whole vanni soil polluted by those who call LTTE with their blood we will feed the dogs

you got it man... we will make them PAY like DOGS

Pasan said...

I heard 7 of our birds went up but had to return soon after because they were low on fuel.

Guns&Roses said...

what a stupid AirForce we have
they cant even deal with a Slin

Defence Column said...

# Tamil Tiger air raids hit Sri Lanka capital: military
Click Here

Unknown said...

far less flack this time..but the fire was consentrated.

Unknown said...

" guns said...
what a stupid AirForce we have
they cant even deal with a Slin"

Well to tell the truth, a lion can easily kill a larger enemy... but its much harder to kill a mosquito..

Defence Column said...

What was wrong with the radar's. was it due to bad weather or were they really damaged due to the vavunia attack

mulathiev TARZEN said...

oowa okkoma boru, we do not have a army camp in thalladi.! so do not listen to rumors of loosing tigers..ok! kollonee!!
thawa tikaai, thawa tikaai!..mama "u s a" gihin magee "green-card" eka "re-new" koragena aawa gaman, mama kilinochchi-ya allalaa pennannag, ok..kollanee!
you boys have to trust me on this ..ok boys!!..as u know we had all tin-cans down by our air-force, there cant be any air strike by tigers, but it could be some "parippu" packets from Indian air-force,and that`s cant be rule out!
in Colombo, i also heard some noises, but it also cant be a air attack,b`cos ...u know!
...defence secretary sri lanka--gonta!

Peter said...

Earlier, when I said good time to buy bus tickets I had made a mistake. Accept my humble apologies. I had meant: good time to buy air ticket.

Modaya bought radars.

Modaya bought F7s.

Modaya bought anti-aircraft missiles.

What will modaya buy next?

Malin said...

I saw habour fireworks for the second time... hope they got at least one down.. power is back so i guess minimum or damage to the powerplant if they were bombed..

IntelAttack said...

No damage to generators in Kelanithissa and no impact on electricity supply

Only 2 cooler fans damaged in the LTTE attack.

Unknown said...

We were all under the impression that TAF could not attack Colombo and get away without any damage.

If they get away without any damage this time, then surely it’s time for air chief to step down. NO MORE EXCUSES!

Rover said...

LTTE is asking us to bomb them. Should we oblige? What is the catch?

I think they want a large number of civilians to be accidentally killed by our AF. So that they can call upon their saviors in TN.

I say, don't change the strategy, just go at LTTE combatant concentrations and the leadership, based on valid Intel.

Please don't walk into their trap.

Anyhow, a plane sneaking into Colombo is unacceptable. Our asses must have been sleeping again, or was it another loophole in the security network?

Malin said...

Modyas will buy tamil lands next peter.. you wait and see LOL

Malin said...

if you fly very low specially over the sea i guess u can go unders the radar..

Unknown said...


Minimum or maximum damage, it doesn’t matter. The truth is that they managed to drop bombs on one of our most important installations in the heart of Colombo and managed to get away (that’s assuming that they did).

Some serious action need to be taken and I don’t mean buying more equipment!

Defence Column said...

Peter mother fucker...

Your tin cans are just a nuisance. enjoy the night today as you may not have many nights left to rejoice

Wicky said...

Sapugaskanda is not attacked...i live very close to Sapugaskanda..

KelaniTissa power station was hit by 2 bombs. we heard a sound of a small plane flying and the sound stopped suddenly. the firing from Colombo side was during this time.

Peter said...

I am going to help out DefenceLK.

Today in the wee hours two terrorist planes tried to bomb humanitarian facilities in Mannar and Colombo.

Vigilant troops returned fire at both flying terror planes which ran off after their dismal cowardly failure.

Intelligence reports said that one terror plane was shot down over Mallawai in Wanni. Civilians said they saw a massive fireball and LTTE terrorists running into the thick jungle to remove the downed plane.

The second plane was downed over the sea. Civilians engaged in fishing said they saw the plane go down in deep sea.

Tiger terrorists have four planes. One was downed after Vavuniya attack. Two downed today. We will blame the forth plane for the next attack.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Just because LTTE succeeded in dropping few bombs, why should Airchief resign?

Any war has victories as well as defeats.

We have to assess overall success against failures and see where our Chiefs are standing.

In my books, they are doing a pretty damn good job under the circumstances.

LTTE will fly for few more months. But I am pretty sure that by next year this time, only the flies who born from LTTE dead bodies would fly.

History said...

Is that true that Colombo Habour also been attacked?

Anonymous said...

Hak hak ha this is the diaspora party time. It is confirmed 1) zlin came to colombo 2) zlin came to mannar 3) dropped the mombs 4) bombs exploded. So better to have a party before SLAF down them if SLAF woke up haha.

LKDOOD said...

Blogger History said...

Is that true that Colombo Habour also been attacked?

not true

Malin said...

Habour fireworks got started but only the powerplan was bombed (I think )

mulathiev TARZEN said...

..i already ask this air mis-chief marshal, to go home!!..
..ethokota meeyaka puduma kathaa-wak ne kiyanne..!
he said if i can resign once he will resign 10 times..ammapaa, dee panko u-th-thara!!
so then i deside to keep him on..umbala tharahaa naa needa kollenee.??

Unknown said...


“Just because LTTE succeeded in dropping few bombs, why should Airchief resign?”

Well mate, one of his main responsibilities is to defend Sri Lankan airspace. Needless to say, he has been awful in that respect. This is not the first time.

Also, he should’ve taken responsibility for lapses in other incidents like AAB attack.

Let me ask you this…what next?

If they managed to bomb a vital installation like Kelanithissa, what stops them from bombing other important places?

What if they managed to bomb a political meeting that president is taking part in?

What if they managed to drop a bomb on a place frequented by GR or SF?

This is a severe security lapse and he’s responsible for it.

Also, I personally don’t believe that SLAF is delivering value for the money that we spend on it.

What do you do when you have a guy who’s not doing his job properly and his lapses put the whole country at risk?

History said...

As I told you all yesterday.. there comes all the keyboard heros..

This mean obviously they have done something big (at least they think they did something very big), when they are rarely seen here.. that mean we are doing great in the front.. when no one is seen here.. that mean we are doing super great..

So today, LTTE is just having the upper hand.. At least they think they have the upper hand..

LTTE, and die ass poras you all are in a Anaconda grip, no matter how hard your try, the grip will get tighten slowly but steadly..

Unknown said...

Pretty sad to see the situation with our airforce. Either we are not using the RADARs or they have some problem. We should at least get some tiggers or a damn phone call from Mannar.

Peter Buruwa scvenging the tiny piece of crap thrown from the air.

LKDOOD said...

firing & smoke in Kotuwa & paliyagoda

firing in Katunayaka


Defence Column said...

# 'Tiger air attack' in Sri Lanka - BBC
Click Here

Annonymous said...

Desperate tiger supporters found enough rotten meat for another few weeks. Let me summarise the week and see your victory and ours.

- Vaiko, the great inteligent tamil leader made a blunder in calling Tamilnadu separation. He single handedly betrayed the tamil nation and left Karunanidhi naked in Chennai.
- Capitalizing on the opportunity Basil R secured a great deal with India
- India who spoke about "political solution, not military" changed tempo into "joint measures to curb terrorism" and "continuation of military support"
- Forces made further land capturing in wanni

- Two tin can raids and some property damage
- [maybe] another few bombs measured in mere grams [less than 1kg]
- [maybe] few more suicide attacks only killing the attacker [which is a mere waste of exploives again as you'd have done it with gramaxon]

So it is essential and unaviodable why tin cans attacked today. Tigers are in such a hopeless position for the monthly targets for October. And they achieve it by pointless air raids. International tamil community is once again brought to orgasm by "wasting" some explosives airborne. So much for the great intelligent race.

So much again for your great race to loose the supporting hand of India by biting it again. You senseless species always get carried away. And your arrogance fuel nothing but vengence. Vengence is the most immature mental drive in diplomatic circles. I pity your great intelligent superior race.

Your anger against Rajiv Gandhi make us laugh [as we dont care for your feeing on him] but make the rest of India outrageous. Your endless call for seperate Tamilnadu makes us feel sympathy on you [for it is fittingly your homeland, but how unrealistic are you now] whereas it makes Indians chain you stray dogs.

The good thing about battling with you is, we just have to hold on. You're so "intelligent" that you commit suicide. Looks like your race is as good as your suicide bombers. You waste C4, mere weedicides can hep you.

Keep up the good work. And enjoy your "great" victory, as we share our laughter with you. Hope you're not "modayas" like us to understand what I meant.

san said...


Defence Column said...

we cant expect good news all the time... so lets eat this thing up and keep going..

Ra said...

Indians have pulled out...

Radars are not in operation. All AF maintainace work halted, so only limited air raids..

Tell me I am not seeing a nightmare!

History said...


I am with you, when we lose Aravinda we thought our cricket is over, for him we got Mahela, when we lose Denzil Kobbakaduwa, we thought our war is over, for him we go SF, I have many such other examples to prove that this country is capable of producing enormous talent given its size..

I am sure that there are officers below our Air chief, crying while looking at these attacks that happen over and over. It is a shame man.. Yes, I know the difficulty of getting them down and also the associated problems, but things like these are what make you stand in winning or losing side.. So Parakrama, I am with you.. it is too much talking by Air chief with less works..

History said...


That Lankadeepa news is what triggered my question.. do you still say NO??

Unknown said...

guys don't blame anyone without knowing all the parameters.

When we have a good idea about the lapse or otherwise that caused a zlin to come to colombo then we might be justified in throwing a few accusations.

Defence Column said...

Guys guys.. come on... one lay off does not mean we are lost... Lets get this aside and hope the Air chief will take effective measures not to let this happen again. Lets not talk about negative stuff...

Get you mind off this incident people.. here.. give your opinion on this Should the Sri Lankan Government disclose military casualty figures?

Corey said...

Defence Column,

What's more important is: due to this, will Sri Lanka get back the Indian support?

Pasan said...

Google maps still isn't accurate enough... They'll get there though.

LKDOOD said...

Blogger History said...


That Lankadeepa news is what triggered my question.. do you still say NO??

no reports of a attack on the harbor

Annonymous said...

For those who call for the countless actions after the "failure".

- It is not easy to track the mosquito
- No doubt SLAF is a big farting sleepyhead who knows nothing about "alertness", but they were worse before. Now atleast they engage targets right.
- As long as tin cans fail to achieve a great target like airport, harbour, MahindaR, GotaR, SarathF, 57th, 58th or 59th divisions etc, these air raids are political blessings. It opens the sleeping eye of SLDF on defence and scores points on war against terror. And it brings India closer to us everyday.
- The actual win will be when we realize that the battle is not against chinese dragoins but mere mosquitoes. We shud plan accordingly. 10years ago we marched in WWII like flanks and got beaten by terra. Now we operate small teams and beat the hell out of them. SLAF is yet to realize the basic operational units of the need. Time will bring the bright ideas.
- If Tin cans fly another 5 yrs, we will have a great air force and air defence system, just like how we possess perhaps the best army against terror.

Till then little tin cans will occassionally waste explosives and fuel and risk the crafts and mercenaries in coming all the way from Wanni to drop a craker here and there.

W/o blaming we ought to realise this ground truth.

Unknown said...

Well,no need to say It is a failere of our SLAF. But those things happens when war is there. No need to resign our Air Cheief. It is said The most defended country USA, attacked - World trade centre - even they knew those planes were missing before half an hour. In USSR - a two engine small plane mnaged to landed in the red Cresent?? without being noticed to Air force. Those are sec. lapses & it happened. We should learn lessions from these & will marched forward. Let LTTE terrorist enjoy today - & we will make them Cry. Our war heroes - May tripple jem bless you all. Your are winning the war. That means our motherland winning.

History said...


A correction

due to this, will Sri Lanka get back the Indian support?

better to have it this way..

due to this, should Sri Lanka get the Indian supports back?

Unknown said...


Well said mate!


I know what you are saying. There could be many hidden things that led to this attack. We probably will never know the whole truth.

However, if Lt. Gen. SF managed to transform the army to it's current standards, then I expect the air chief to do the same.

Defence Column said...

Ya buddy.. but let this run for a week since it is already started.. there were many votes on the previous vote regarding india. but this one is moving slowly

History said...

This LKDOOD bugger is talking like Kehelia's media releases..

You cannot get anything out of it..


Yes it does not says about a attack to Colombo Habour, but what is the fire that was seen in Pettah.. is it anty air craft guns firing or something else?

But I had enough from you so don't bother to answer me..

Defence Column said...

Mates.. time to catch some sleep.. see you all tomorrow. Hail Sri Lanka....

Unknown said...


"As long as tin cans fail to achieve a great target like airport, harbour, MahindaR, GotaR, SarathF, 57th, 58th or 59th divisions etc, these air raids are political blessings."

Come on, just think about what you are saying...."as long as they fail to achieve...". So do we only take action once they achieve a success?? What if that success is president himself? Will that not be too late then?

Also, you say "great target like airport, harbour"...is Kelanitissa not a great target?

Do we have to wait until they kill a VVIP before we take action? What about the lives of those who died in Wanni SFHQ, AAB etc. attacks?

As a nation, the worst we can do right now is not to admit our weakness.

We have to admit our weaknesses, only then we can move forward.

Unknown said...


"We should learn lessions from these & will marched forward."

Well, I hope so too.

However, it doesn't seem that we are "learning". How many times have they done exactly the same thing and got away? How many times do we need to "learn" before we can put our "learning" into practice?

Nachikuda said...

This is rediculous, what was SLAF doing till LTTE air craft travelled from Wanni to Mannar and Colombo !!!

Comeon guys where's our vigilance?

What if they bombed Rajapaksa residence? This is humiliating, we need to get Pooneryn and Kilinochchi ASAP.

Pasan said...

The stuff near petta, peliyagoda and katunayaka were all probably the ack acks. I was woken up by the ones in battaramulla. Smoke is always evident after firing them, and the tracer rounds especially create quite a bit of smoke.

thiru said...

what happened guys, i thought the radars in vuvuniya were completely intact and TAF planes couldn't reach colombo and were only confined to a tiny area? Did the SLAF shoot down the plane again guys and did it go down in a ball of fire where eye witnesses claimed it was ukrainian pilots again or maybe this time it was indian pilots hired for money to fly ZLINS to colombo...it's going to be interesting to see the story that the modhaya mind creates!

Unknown said...

LTTE air strike in Mannar and Colombo: Military
2008-10-28 23:26:13

An LTTE aircraft has dropped two bombs in the Thaladi army camp in Mannar and at the Kelanitissa power station shortwhile ago, military spokesman Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara said.

He said details of the damages were not knwon immediately.

But, the Defence Ministry in a statement released later said no damages had been caused to the premises.

As a precaution lights in some areas in Colombo were switched off, but within an hour power supplies to all areas were restored.

Journalists outside the power station awaiting security clearance to enter the premises said they did not notice any major fire and on any damages caused.

However they said that they could confirm whether any damages had been caused to any of the machines.

Residents in Wattala said they observed a low flying air craft and thereafter a loud sound of an explosion.

The air defence system was activated and the night skys were lit up, but there were no reports of any damage caused to the LTTE aircraft.

The Defence ministry said at Thaladi, at around 10.20p.m., three bombs were reported dropped from LTTE air craft , but no major damages were caused due to the explosions.

Meanwhile the pro-LTTE Tamilnet website said that according to reports from Wanni, Air force fighter jets were seen over Kilinochchi town, Visuvamadu, Iranamadu and Murasumoaddai areas between 11:00 and 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday, soon after the air raids by the LTTE.

The SLAF aircrafts were using para lights in their search mission over Wanni.

Residents in the north said that they had observed two air crafts returning after the attacks and seen them flying towards Mannar.

Foxtrott said...

The Zlin seems to have taken the same coastal route up to Wattala they took earlier, and cut across to Kelanitissa and turned again over Wattala back to the sea......
They may have studied our radar coverage well before deciding on this target.

It may not have had survived if it flew over the harbour or anywhere beyond that......If its so easy they would have gone to Kolonnawa....they stratergy seems to have been to spend as less time over land before the retreat.

Desparate action to convince the Diaspora........and the funding...........Well its seems that it will have to be the ground troops that will have to take on the Zlins!!!!!

However small the attack.......now it opens up a new threat of an aerial suicide attack of much greater magnitude on a key economic or political target!!

Having said that the defence too will be improoved to counter this scenario now......

Annonymous said...

"As a nation, the worst we can do right now is not to admit our weakness.

We have to admit our weaknesses, only then we can move forward."

Agreed. But the ground truth is, that it takes time. It is not as fast as many outsiders hope, that it will happen.

Upon the impulse reaction we call for resignation of Air Commander, acceptance of failure, "shoot them ASAP" etc. I think we ought to take a good look back and find the innovative way. Traditioanl aerial defence does not support the need of ours. It is ought to be researched - and invented.

The type of radar-defence to cover the full island and its waters is very expensive. Still it is unable to catch low-flying mosquitoes. Nobody bothered about such detection a they were harmless anyway.

And shooting them is equally hard. Note that SLAF cant make a meyhem over missing and hitting them. Sleeping under are the population anywhere you catch them. So it is a tough ask than it looks.

Yet I agree with you about lack of Alertness, and also the fact that current air commander gets used to it as a normal thing. This guy did some restructuring in SLAF for them to hit targets right, but needs more responsibility here.

Again I agree that tin cans shud be dealt with before they make some big loss. "How?" is the question.

Prasanna D said...

defence column and other,
dont be shit heads and say SLAF has stopped their missions due to bad eather that is bull sxxx; cafirs and migs are made for any weather condition even in snowing... this is purely because fxxxxx indas influec look what happned now.....read the 10th reply that defence column stated in this blog... who ever u are ppl are not damn stupid like u... weather is not the problem ... they dont have a spin to get on their balls cos of inda thats the reality

Corey said...

Hi thiru,
what do you think the Indian govt will do now? Do youthink they will give back the radar operators tp the Sri Lanka forces?

This seems to be a mistake on the ltte's part, since they appear to have achieved nothing, but seems to have given the Sri Lankan govt a big chance to gain support. I may be wrong... but it is hard to see what goes through a terrorist's mind.... but all rational thinking points out to this being a mistake.
Tell me what you think.

thiru said...

The all mighty SLAF can only target a school in paranthan, yet the ltte replies back without touching a civilian and attack an oil tank and an identified military base!....tell me who the real terrorists are in sri lanka, if the ltte wants they could have bombeb in a crowded part and caused immense casualties to the singhalese but they chose not to! Puligal en thaagam, thamileelam thayagam!

Prasanna D said...

all viewers sorry abt my grammer in the previous note...
i just saw the article and gone nuts.. .but still i think the idea is clear to anyone who has a common knowledge; if someone is not clear abt what i have said pls tell me will explain it again. Apology again for the spellings and grammer

Unknown said...


I agree with you that it takes time & that SLAF can't create havoc as they have to think about civilian casualties.

Two points that I'd like your (and others) opinions on:

1. I agree that it is expensive to have a RADAR net that covers the whole island. However, it takes LTTE well over an hour to fly from Wanni, attack Colombo and then fly back to Wanni. Is that not plenty of time for SLAF to react even without prior warning from a RADAR system?
2. I agree that it takes time to implement changes. However, SLA & SLN (to a lesser extent) has been transformed into devastating forces in a matter of few years. Why can't SLAF do the same?

perein said...

Thiru you are a such a "Thaka Thiru".
SL has made sure ppl in up north celebrated Dewali in peace. Now LTTE has taken that away from them.

Now there is no way back for terrorists in SL.

Anonymous said...

# Me "TAF raids" vala dan nan kisima gathiyak na. Dan apata ganakwath na avith giya kiyala. (Thama unta hariyaka target ekata danda bari hinda hondai) Bima dammoth itharai athal eka.

# Diaspora athal ekath soda bothale vage. 5 mins - gone.

# It is so obvious that LTTE have to use these tincans before SLA advance and get or destroy them. (nil=kan thiyan indala monava karandada?) Bad part was SLAF failed this time.

# Why SLAF didn't attack last two weeks was due to indian/TN drama. (I don't think 2 weeks holiday was due to whether.)

# Also main reason why they didn't detect was due to Indian radars. GSL should send back those radars to vaiko and buy chineese 3D radars. This was the reason even earlier pilots couldn't detect TAF in 3D space using 2D radars.

# Even if SLAF cheif resign it will not fix the SLAF problem. What SLAF has is a major issue within their processes, people, their mentaility and behaviour. Removing one person will not fix these; there will not be quick change. SLAF need to work long term on this. First step would be to recruit from villages like kabithigollawa, siripura, hingurakkgoda etc and fix the english (langauge) problem.

# Also, we can't expect a war without own damages. LTTE will do some thing as they can.

# As rovwer said be patient and move on as we did. One year ago who thought SLA will be 2km to K'chi?

thiru said...

parakrama, u think the SLAf thinks about civilian casualties, explain to me why they have bombed near a school in paranthan today before the TAF attack, or are all schools identified ltte targets to you barbarians?

tata said...

Agree with you.
I think SLAF lack innovation. They totally depend on foreing technology and training.
Whereas SLA and SLN have shown some innovation in the recent past.

Unknown said...

Fire in Sri Lanka power station after air raid
[ LBO ] - [ Oct 28, 2008 20:25 GMT ]

Oct 28, 2008 (LBO) � A fire broke out in a key power station in Sri Lanka's capital Colombo soon after lights were doused on warnings of a Tamil Tiger guerrilla air raid, officials and the military said.

A lubrication oil cooler connected to the gas turbine plant GT7 in Kelanitissa was burning, officials of the state-run utility Ceylon Electricity Board said. The fire department was already on site.

The GT7 is a 110MegaWatt plant which was currently not being used due to its high cost.

Power was restored to the capital around 12.30 am on local time Wednesday.

Anti-aircraft fire lit up the night sky soon after power was cut to the capital when Tamil Tiger guerrilla aircraft were detected on the western coast of the island.

Military spokesman Udaya Nanayakkara said Tamil Tiger aircraft had dropped two bombs near the Mannar area police headquarters around 10.30 p.m in northeastern Sri Lanka in another raid.

Tamil Tigers had previously raided petroleum installations in the capital Colombo using low flying light aircraft.

They are using a 'Bed check Charlie' strategy successfully used in Korea by communist forces against the United States.

Some of the 'Charlies' were as old as the Polikarpov bi-planes dating from before the second World War.

The slow moving aircraft slipped under American radar, dropped a few bombs and flew away, leaving faster North American F-86 Sabre jets helpless.

Similar tactics have also been used in other wars, including in the second world war and separatist wars.

Sri Lanka's air force has claimed one kill of guerilla aircraft so far.

perein said...

Was it one plane attacked the both location or few?
Any idea about the airborn location?

Annonymous said...


"The all mighty SLAF can only target a school in paranthan, yet the ltte replies back without touching a civilian and attack an oil tank and an identified military base!"

The problem is that the schools in Paranthan maybe ploys to hide tiger activity. Your lads use everything under the sun and moon for the purposes of their daydream. Remember your false claim that Sencholai is a orphanage. You guys have double standards to mis-use every known civilian structure for military purposes and call for rights violation when they are engaged.

Nevetheless, the claim of school attack is only found in Tiger media. Do you expect me to trust that? What about the countless lies they publish every day in past many years then?

"....tell me who the real terrorists are in sri lanka,"

Terrorist is decided by the intention. SLDF never target civilians deliberately. Tigers use civilians [of both sides] as pawns to achieve their maniac dreams. You cannot change the genre of tigers which they defined in past three decades. So you complain, but what is the point? Everyone, including the godfathers in India take them as terrorists.

"if the ltte wants they could have bombeb in a crowded part and caused immense casualties to the singhalese but they chose not to!"

They cant. That is the truth. The little content of the tin can can take away a family or two, and it is not worth flying all the way risking resources.

But they will oneday. Day by day the quality of tigers deteriorate. The demon tactics which they achieved to some prcision seem to backfire on them now. So there will be a day that Tigers will waste fuel and explosives and take the risk of loosing the hard earned tin cans just to take away an innocent family. Desperation has no limits.

If you still cheat you/us on this justification of tiger menace tell me, why would they walk into a village and cut little children to two? Is that so noble?

"Puligal en thaagam, thamileelam thayagam!"

Yeah, "tigers are loosing. Tamil eelam will only be a dream", [ugh, rather a nightmare]. Good on you buddy you realised it on your own.

Mohammed Zubair said...


How is your "investment bank" doing? Have you been laid off, is that why you are spending so much time on this blog?

While your "boys" are engaging in publicity stunts, Nachchikuda has been captured.

mulathiev TARZEN said...


aoii!umbala assaranaai!

mama thamaai meerata aaarak-shaakoranda inne, mata kisi ladjaawak nathoo!..DS gonta!

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thopita kadjaaa naddoooooo!

perein said...

ITN News with some details and AA fire clips

mulathiev TARZEN said...

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"air marshel" wa rakapiyaw, ooka jaathika weeerayek!!

hooooooo.hoooooo. hooooooo,!

air-marshel ta jaya weewaa!
gotaabaya raja weeee waaaa!

hoooooo, hooooooo, hooooooo!

Nihara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
perein said...

Easy bro.
Take a deep breath. We need to keep the cool and make sure address the final target.
No dought they will be paying for this event. SOON.

Annonymous said...


"1. I agree that it is expensive to have a RADAR net that covers the whole island. However, it takes LTTE well over an hour to fly from Wanni, attack Colombo and then fly back to Wanni. Is that not plenty of time for SLAF to react even without prior warning from a RADAR system?"

Let's say we are aware of a coming plane. What is the next action? Fighter jets always travel towards a target and engage it. So for them to take the tincans we ought to see the tincans all the way, which is not the case.

We could have made few choppers air-bourne in the look for these tin cans. But where? Now we know that it was aiming Kelani tissa in Colombo. But it cud have been anywhere. A reservoir, army camp, harbour etc. Until we have a way to consistently detect the full path of the tin can we cant do this.

On top of the operational issues is the lethargy and lack of alertness. But note that it will only be fixed by further tin-can attacks and inability to stand it anymore.

"2. I agree that it takes time to implement changes. However, SLA & SLN (to a lesser extent) has been transformed into devastating forces in a matter of few years. Why can't SLAF do the same?"

My ideas for reason:

- changes are expensive
- Since more money is involved higher chance for corrupts to exist
- Lack of faith in local skills since AIR operations are higher in technology. Hence believing in foreign products too much [ex see navy's arrow boat for good local product, but have we designed anything like a helicopter yet?]
- Similar kind of leadership over the time. High seats of SLAF is still occupied by ppl of one social background. It is not to say that they shud be chased. But variety, of all things, sorts out residual defects.
- Technical limitations. i.e. lack os radar support for detection, inability of conventional warplanes to target the mosquito.
- Inability to innovate.
- Even at world picture, is there a solution to detect a low flying tiny plane which takes sea routes?
- Not battered enough yet. Note that SLArmy lost a great deal before innovation came. SLAF has to feel it to change. Tin Cans are not doing enough :)

Annonymous said...

Furthermore, as our "intelligent" friends celebrate the sudden orgasm delivered from nowhere, I join their smile for giving us another reminder for us to improve. I'm glad as it came at a cost of some cooler in a plant and one injured man. If not for this occassional batter SLAF will never change. That change is the most important outcome looking at next 10yrs.

See the positive side;
Will we get better radars now?
Will we re-start aerial attacks?
Will we get more support from other nations [since no one is comfortable with terror maniacs flying tin cans]?

Any would be great for us. Intelligent race can take the broken cooler and keep it as a servenior.

Fourier said...

Although we sri lankans are little frustrated about this news, we will have to look at the bright side of this event.

Anonymous said...

Finally this tincan show did nothing for LTTE except 5 mins diaspora moda choon as no big damages and SLAF now can restart raids. Its true SLAF failed but so as TAF.

Nihara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nihara said...

gama galla,

what's your so called "Bright side" of this event?

please explain!!

Unknown said...


"So for them to take the tincans we ought to see the tincans all the way, which is not the case. "

Not sure about this...I was under the impression that F-7's had their own radar which is capable of locating other aircraft. Mi-24/35's also have this capability I think. So, once we know that they are in general area of Colombo, if we were alert enough, we should have been able to track at least one of their aircraft.

Anonymous said...


gama galle is correct. As long as TAF don't hit a big target and no matter SLAf fails TAF tours are disadvantageous for LTTP. Vezapillai should be so stupid to go for TAF gambling. Now GSL got an golden oppertunity to nulify tamznadu, restart air raids, and fight the war even better.

From every failed TAF tour GSL get bonus of replying to IC/HR fronts crying about 'civilian issues' with renewed trrorist certificate of LTTE.

Peter said...

SLAF raids had restarted almost 12 hours earlier.

Unless modaya used some Mahavamsa magic to travel back in time and bomb Paranthan High School half a day before the TAF raid.

Nihara said...


Rana said...


My concerns are as follows:

1. small plane flying low altitude in sea route is difficult to detect even by a good radar.

2. Our experts in SLAF should have known that long ago.

3. By knowing above, they should have taken necessary action to safeguard vital installation in rest of the country.

4. Even if it is difficult to attack and destroy these tin cans before they attack us, SLAF should get these tins off the air before they return.

5. We do not know yet full details, so we wait for info.

6. If these tin can or cans gone back safely, then some heads should roll.

7. SLAF chief should step down him self giving the reins to able person below him.

8. Any retaliatory measures should be taken after careful deliberation for possible consequences and fallouts.

9. Step up ground fighting with air/fuel rockets. Start up more fronts to thin out tiger force. We have enough cadres to do that.

10. Start disclosing info that is not threatening to national security.

Brothers, any other thoughts?

Unknown said...


I really don't see the logic in waiting until you get battered to find solutions to problems! We should be more pro-active. Also, I think the amount of money that we spend on our air force is plenty to deal with TAF threat. However, the problem is bad management. Cannot do anything productive when you have bad management!

Unknown said...


I'm no military expert, but I agree with your reasoning 100%

Corey said...

This from a 'senior' ltte friend in New York:

India had notified the Ltte that their radars in the central part of the country have been decommissioned. So this attack was only a 'test run' by the ltte to test the air defences. A new attack will occur almost immediately, on a 'significant' target!

BTW, he was groaning too.... with this victory for the Ltte, he now will be called upon again to go on a round of collecting donations from the US and Canadian Tamils!

What a world!

A.K.Paranthaman said...

The air tigers would not have hit anything yesterday... This may be a play by the SLDF to minimise the effect of the Paranthan bombing. The intelligent MR is playing the cards very cleverly.
Any common man had seen the planes on the colombo airspace?
During the last air raid over vavuniya, F-7 had taken off from colombo and shot it down. But when the TAF attacks in colombo can't the same F-7 shoot it down en-route to wanni. That even this time there were 7 flights air-borned.
So, there was no air raid by tigers. If there was a air-raid, LTTE would have used it for their propaganda. Its the statement released by the government. They would have sent some air crafts and would have created a small fire in the power station and calling it as bombing.
In mannar there was no bomb sound heard.
MR is just fucking his own people and the world. Understand this.

A.K.Paranthaman said...


LTTE is also asking the same - asking india to get out of SL matters. It india gets out, SL is out. Please understand that. Do you know that all the vital intelligence reports like, ship movements, large scale manpower movements, boat movements are given by India and the SLA of Navy goes there to the surprise of the LTTE and attack them?

India has one of the powerful sattellites in the globe and they can see you walking on the road if they want. India's satillite technology is one of the best from 1970's itself. They might be catching up with the rocket technology with the other 5 countries now, but as far as satillite is concerned they are one among the best in the world.
So, if india washes its hands, SL is almost come back to the 2005 position in 1 month. You can bet on that. Thats why Basil went with the begging bowl to Newdelhi.

Moshe Dyan said...

fantastic! excellent!

at least now SLAF should awake from their fcuking deep slumber.

Corey said...

You must be one of those who in Sri lanka capable of imagining bizzare things and evade the realms of reality. But, apparently you are smart enough to realize that this was a big mistake by the Ltte. Even the Tamilnet reported the attack. But trying to put the blame on the defence forces is a crafty work of (yet again, bizzare) imagination.

Rana said...

F**k off Paranthan paraya dog without trying to gloryfy LTTE MFs and Indian MFs.

After one tiny incident they all come here like vultures, go back to your hybernation and enjoy f***ing wet dream of PEELA, you basterds.

Sri Lankan matters for Sri Lankans not for toilet cleaning diaspora beggers spreaded around tyhe world.

So F**k off from the blog.

A.K.Paranthaman said...


You are the bastard and not anyone else. You are the MF...ing bastard.

You are not even able to digest different perspective. The country is in shambles because of bastards like you who are not ready to tolerate others views. Even LTTE learned this from you bastards.

A.K.Paranthaman said...

Do you know one more thing my dear Rana!!!!!

Only because of the toilet cleaing diaphora sends money back to the home country, today SL is able to weather the economic storm. Otherwise, it would have been blown off. Do you know this? Ask the Central bank
Governor or any good finanace manager of the country.
And not only that, now a days more SL people are going out for job its not only Tamils but more of Sinhalese.

Rana said...


You didn't get it or you can't intelligently comprehend what I said.

Noe listen carefully VP's arse licking bigot!

we discuss SL matters here, not fucking australian diaspora things.

Therfore fuckoff and don't even think about replying to me b'cause I will not bother to read your fucking posts any more.

Time wasting moron!

Lankapura said...

I don't know guys.. to be honest Paranthaman's theory did occur to me too before I read his post.

thiru said...

rana, did ur modhaya dream get bursted all of a sudden or did the sound of TAF bombs make you so sexually dysfunctional that ur wife had to sleep with ur neighbour...i understand that when u realize that u must be hurt after finding out that ur mahavamsa king Rajpakse has been tugging u along for a ride all this time and also dinding out that ur media ain't nuthing but a bunch of lying bitches....u modhayas claimed the vuvuniya attack was foiled and the radar was intact, this attack proves beyond a doubt that the indra radar placed at the vuvuniya base was destroyed....i know the truth must hurt, can't wait for defencewire's next post about his mom seeing the "ukranian" pilots with a set of binoculars!

Moshe Dyan said...


please undestand that what matters in anti-terrorist warfare is UPPER HAND, ACTUAL & PERCEIVED.

by not maintainaing regular air raids, SLAF (and SLDFs) lost it to an extent in the past 2 weeks. this is the dumbest thing SLAF could have done. IF civilian casualties were the concern, SLAF should have bombed during this 2 weeks time LTTE positions in kilali/nagarkovil/mahamalai/poonaryn, etc.

if SLDFs SEEMS to have lost the upper hand even for a day, tigers will plan a field day.

at least now SLAF should carryout DAILY raids.

the only way to get out of this is for SLAF to attack again and expect TAF crap to come, ready to confront them. if they come, rape them in the air (or on ground). if they don't, we have got the UPPER HAND again.

so the remedy is clear - start daily raids NOW. celebrate the anniversary of the killing of that cripple. plan it DAILY & bomb them to oblivion.

Rana said...


Zlin can only take pay load of 1000kg (2200lbs). They can carry usually two bombs (500kg) but if modified they can carry 04 smaller bombs (250kg).

They cannot do much damage any way. This is purely a propaganda stunt. Nothing more.

LTTE wants to keep f***ing diaspora happy to get their money.

The other thing is, Zlin has to come from somewhere between KILI and Mulative and Mankulam. Our FDL guys should hear/see it. Why can't they inform SLAF, when Zlin cross our FDLs?

SLAF has lot to explain after this!

Once we know the extent of the damage and fate of Zlins after alleged attack, we will know for sure, alertness/readyness of SLAF.

It seems they have flown 07 air crafts around 11 to 11.30PM, over KILI and Mulative area.

if Kalanitissa is bombed at 10.30PM, Thalldi must have attacked around 10.00PM, it is interesting to know what SLAF were doing inbetween!!!

I said this before too, SLAF accuracy is very poor to me and as somebody else said, we are not getting good payback from SLAF for the money we spent.

A.K.Paranthaman said...

The speed of Zlings is approx. 240 km/hour. So, SLAF had almost around 3 hours to destroy the Zlings if thye got detected. Even if its low flying and did not get detected until it came off only at Colombo, SLAF had a good 11/2 hours. The kfirs and Mig 27s can fly far higher time than the Zlings. So, saying that kfirs and migs ran out of fuel during their run to Wanni to detect the Zlings falls down. So, whats the truth?
1. They could not detect the zlins - That means as Thiru said, the vavuniya radars had been destroyed during last raid.
2. Even after the attack they could not chase
3. Kfirs and migs have very powerful radars within themselves and their missiles are radar guided.

So, my question is with SLAF is ready for any eventuality, why they could not shoot the zlins down?
May be because, there was no air-raid and only to cover the ass up of MR this entire drama had been tlaked about.

Rana said...


I agree, they can always find tigers without civilians around, if they are looking for it.

Accuracy is something else. After so much bombing on arti and MBRLs LTTE should not have any left by now.

That is why I say SLAF accuracy is qestionable under lot of info we see.

Moshe Dyan said...

if anyone of note at the MOD reads this (i'm sure they do), please listen to some ppl who are educated in defence matters (although they are not experts) from some of the best available uni.s in the field (not necessarily in military matters).

BTW military and defence are two different matters.
MOD, etc. are the EXPERTS in military matters and very few avenues are available for non-military persons to learn in detail military matters.

but not so about defence matters. counter-terrorism warfare is the fasted growing knowledge stream in defence. SL authotiries must keep pace with latest knowledge.

and SL must stick to those counter-terrorism methods that worked WITHOUT experimenting their relevance.

e.g. involuntary interrogation, displacement of suspects, extra judicial means of handling suspects/terrorists, use of regional politico-military groups/ arming them/ pardoning them for crimes/giving them "licences" to do otherwise criminal acts, constructive restriction of food/medicine/doctors to the enemy, etc.

of course there are limits but there is a HUGE space b4 reaching the limits.

i (not at all a military expert) have been sending email after email to mod to restart air raids. at least read what a taxpayer has to say.

Moshe Dyan said...


to an extent, yes.

there is no reason to get excited, angered or worked-up now. SLDFs should stick to the plan. continue air raids, continue CAS.

if indians are leaving, develop local expertise, team up with paki/china/bangla/US, etc. there is a heightened awareness on modern day pirates. we can make use of that to screww STs. at the same time USAF is killing civilians from afghanaistan/pakistan/iraq to syria. we can rape tigers under this umbrella; there may not be a better time.

Defence Column said...

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Achi said...
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Defence Column said...

#‘LTTE must be annihilated for northern Tamils to live in peace’
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Achi said...

We need to have a air defence system which can shoots down Zlins at the time of the bombing.This shot gun airdefence system cant even kill a crow.And we should cover every part of sri lanka by radars.I think there were areas which were not covered.And LTTE looks like having a good idea of areas which are not covered.Also We should use mobile radars,then LTTE will not able to stick to a plan.

And SLAF should remember "u can fool some people some time but u cant fool all the people all the time".

Defence Column said...

#EU wants to examine GSP+ related issues and its is not for investigation, says EU Parliamentarian
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onecountry said...

"The Zlin 143 planes have escaped without damage. They are said to have come from an unknown location in Mannar and had avoided the SLAF radar at Vavuniya by flying very low,"

How in the earth can planes come from Mannar?????

Unknown said...

Can somebody explain to ho these fuckers tin cans can take off from Mannar ?

Defence Column said...

#Right to Reclaim – Part Two
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Bhairav said...

[i know the truth must hurt, can't wait for defencewire's next post about his mom seeing the "ukranian" pilots with a set of binoculars!]


wijayapala said...


"What is special about this place in Amparai "Kagnchikudichchaa'ru" that Tigers seem to have an open run here? Where exactly is its geographical location-- i cant seem to find it in maps."

To add to Petey's mindless fluff (which unsurprisingly didn't answer your question) Kanjikkudichcharu is an area west of Thirukkovil in Ampara District, near Rufus Kulam. Although Tamils form only 12% of Ampara District, they are concentrated in the Thirukkovil vicinity.

In early 2007, LTTE forces led by Ampara commander Ram kidnapped some kids from Thirukkovil and the TMVP was blamed. Then the LTTE actually admitted to the deed!


(Engkum Selvōm Ethilum Velvōm eh Dipsh!t Pete?)

Interestingly, this area is not very far from Madawalanda where Sarath Fonseka lived at a very young age, before entering school. He recalled how Sinhalese villagers had been attacked by their Tamil neighbors, probably during the 1956 riots:


"you feel happy your own countrymen are raped and executed ??"

UTHR is generally a highly credible source on the situation in N-E Sri Lanka, and its members have risked death at the hands of the LTTE to get the word out. I have no problem with them reporting on the government's human rights abuses because they're objective enough to show events on the LTTE side.

I would certainly take what they say any day over the MOD.

The problem with UTHR is not its reporting (which although not perfect is the best reporting available) but its politics. The UTHR as a matter of principle is anti-war, which is perfectly ok, but it errs in suggesting that the conflict can be solved through federalism, as if devolution will make the LTTE magically disappear.

This leads to the question whether the UTHR opposes Mahinda primarily because he's anti-devolution. I would like to think not.

wijayapala said...


"uthr.org lost its personality when Prof Hooley exiled owing to LTTE threats."

Not true. Rajan Hoole (and K. Sritharan) are still running the UTHR and it has not lost any of its personality. Maybe you are thinking of Prof Ratnajeevan Hoole, Rajan's brother who was threatened.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

G’Day all!

It is little bit disappointing! must stop theses flying tuk tuk’ s ! we got to find a way with or with out IND support and we have to do it ASAP. I bet a suicide flying mission is not far away!

LTTE don’t have enough guts or ability to hit a major target but they will try soon. My idea is to try something out of the box! Why not hire a Defiance Expert firm from US or Israel or Russia to help us? We need a fresh approach on this! Totally different tactics and procedures so next time LTTE get their flying brooms up SLAF can give them a MF..ing big bang surprise!

LTTE fools having field day again! Utter fools like thiru got so exited not only he w@nked like a monkey he actually w@nked a monkey!

Mr. A.K.Paranthaman , Dear Sir, how r u? did u crawled out of ur slippery hole last night? U must had a real wet day yesterday ha? Enjoy my dear sir! when ur wet then ur wet!

Intelligent Peter Ponayar asked : “What will modaya buy next?”

I am planning to buy prime real estate from Wanni and build a brothel like of “Daily Planet” in Melbourne. So, u r LTTE sisters won’t go jobless! And die-ass-pora can still kind of spend ur $ on LTTE or ex LTTE!

Few things I am going to offer to the clients:

The explosive duo – ex- 2 LTTE female suicide members will pleasure to the max

The Bust fcuk – ex. LTTE female suicide cases whose legs were blown up while testing a suicide belt will please u with some rhythmic upper body movements.

The Bunker orgy – a group of ex. LTTE female members perform s@x on a bunker used by LTTE

The Bunt bondage - ex. LTTE female member doing bondage s@x on the earth bunt built by LTTE on last Eellam war.

Potta s@x - ex. LTTE female member will blind fold u and take u to the Pottu Amman’s bunker and will please u with some gentle interrogated techniques.

S@x and the Kill - ex. LTTE black tiger female members will pleasure u in 3 designated stops in a route design to emulate the road to the SLA camp which LTTE black tiger female members once used for their “s@x first-suicide second” mission.

Ultimate Eellam Climax - S@x inside the fully air conditioned and sound proof VP’s underground bunker with Miss ex LTTE 2009. If ur a thrill seeker then u can order to have few land minds around the bed and few guns and RPG hanging from the ceiling.

Anonymous said...

/I don't know guys.. to be honest Paranthaman's theory did occur to me too before I read his post./

As I know zlins did came to Colombo. Paranthaman is wise enough to realise there is no point having "moda choon" after another failed TAF tour and thus credited MR.

/How in the earth can planes come from Mannar?????/

This is obvious. I am not military expert and I don't know how much range vavunia radar cover. I guess it may not cover mannar and DW didn't sat they took off from mannar; they came via mannar. TAF did't take off from mannar. But they can easily come to mannar crossing A9 without getting detected to vaunia radar then straight to Cololmbo. If LTTP knows where our radars located and how much distance each cover it is simple to find a way to fly avoiding radar.

Nachikuda said...

Kiri appata ballo penapi.....

Me parath kawuru hari jarawa kala wagey....

SLAF budida, meka wihiluwak,

Wedak ne wedak ne....

Kollane umbala randu wela wedak ne, wede denna one ewun budi, umbala nidi maragena BLOG eke fight....

History said...

India had notified the Ltte that their radars in the central part of the country have been decommissioned. So this attack was only a 'test run' by the ltte to test the air defences. A new attack will occur almost immediately, on a 'significant' target!

Test run?? bullshit,

Why wouldn't they try their main target at the first place? Why some one need to take a risk like this?

What if SLAF's random shot hit one of these "Kurummbatti machine"?


Don't buy in to them, that must be another marketing thing to cheat our die ass poras..

CASC said...

The SLAF needs someone like the Navy Commander, a service chief who is technically competent and who has a strategic vision. There are individual pilots who are performing yeoman service at great risk to their life but the SLAF leadership seems to lack the strategic vision to deal with the recurring threats posed by the LTTE planes.

History said...

Logically, yes a lion cannot eat a fly.. so a mig cannot effectively gun down a zlin.. Yes I know SLAF and all other millitery experts have their views and reasons to back this idea up..

But, let's go back to the history. When Japanies bombed the pearl habour in World War II. The experts had 1000 and 1 reasons not to attack Japan. Not only that experts said that if Japanies invade America right now they will invade up until Chicago before American Army stop them. So what was the response of President Roosevelt?

A young officer came up with an idea to bomb Japan.. You know the final result of that start..

We all know why we cannot, but are we willing to give it a try?

How many fucking MI 24s you saw in the colombo night sky?

If a MI 24 cannot track down the Zlin knowing that it is in Colombo, then there is a problem with our pilots.. They don't have that instinct.. or else they are not given the ownership of the operation, just like SF does..

Instinct - You just feel it, you don't know how or why, but you just know how to find

Lankapura said...

ninja, my thinking was based on how this attack was different from the previous ones - one would think that dropping bombs in Mannar and then flying to Colombo is suicide as it provides plenty of time for the F7s to get airborne. Which made me think if it was staged.

But then it could be that the attack on Mannar was a diversion so that our birds will be flying to Vanni while the Zlins flew South over the ocean. If so, dangerous but brilliant tactic.

Rana said...


Sad thing is our experts in SLAF had more than enough time to get a fool proof technology and machinery to counter this nuisence. Their failure this time is inexcusable.

I thought couple of F-7 always ready to take-off in a case like this. If they were they had enough time to shoot down this flying cans.

They wanted MIG-29 too. To do what?

SLAF has become a laughing stock to the whole world.

Over 1000 air sorties in the area of less than 4000sq.km but most of the time stray bombing with Janaka Perea or somebody telling us target is accurately engaged!

If they were accurate enough LTTE wouldn't have any heavy equipment or guns by now!

I agree totally with DW, SLAF did not raised to the standard of SLA and SLN.

Air force chief must go, who knows, there may be number of guys better than him who can do a better job.

Unknown said...

It is not just the SLAF's issue . If they took off from mannar what was the SLA doing ?

Saman said...


1. Can we rule out it flew from Kerala via Manar?

2. Attack is big or small is not the issue. All, gurrila wars are fought on moral NOT on resources. The symbolic milage LTTE can achive, even when they are under the pump, should not go un-noticed.

3. I agree with may who said Air chief is answerable. Not that he should be punished or sacked but MR must put pressure on him for a "please explain" session. He must provide a full analysis and explain to the country what he learnt from this, what measures he propose to take and more importantly an assuarance to the country that strategic installations and personel are safe. I think MR has a right to call him. AM is accountable.

4. I wrote before, India wants this "beggers wound". Today, The Hindu newspaper article said that Indian Central government has promissed TN that (for the first time ever) they would consult TN politic in future when it comes to Tamil issue negotiations with GoSL. This we must reject out-right at any cost. I am keen to know GoSL response on this.

History said...


If they were accurate enough LTTE wouldn't have any heavy equipment or guns by now!

Yes they are accurate. But if SLAF wants 4 bombs with a one backup plane to destroy a one artillery, then???

Unknown said...

may be it is time to tell india - sorry but we have to and keep attacking . with the monsoon and the sloing down of operation we are going to be vulnerable to this shit as will as counterattacks .

History said...

Just for this mission alone, we need to pick a one good, brave pilot and a MI 24.. I think MI 24 is the ideal for this. The main goal of this pilot is to find and destroy these zlin, once it is reported to be air born..

That pilot should fully own the mission and he should be able to take decisions, and have freedom to dynamically adjust the mission goals according to his instincts..

If air chief going to stay, this has to be the Plan B..

WTF, you have the most advanced plane and were about to buy MIG 29 too.. but a hutu hutu plane comes/ attack/ go back. I am having a headache, I cannot understand this

Nihara said...



History said...


I don't know who you are, but your name is too innocent to match some of your untra aggressive posts..

Moshe Dyan said...

for those who think this was just a PR stunt,

not so mates. we cannot always protect our assets at the mercy of LTTE pilots. its just a matter of time till they strike big.

SLAF chief and other topguns at the MOD MUST explain what happened and didn't happen. but then again in a country ppl and taxpayers are not given a rat's arse, anything will go unexplained!!

Moshe Dyan said...


"That pilot should fully own the mission and he should be able to take decisions, and have freedom to dynamically adjust the mission goals according to his instincts."

we highlighted this tooooo many times. it will NEVER happen.

there is a LENGTHY procedure at SLAF and a series of approvals and authorisations. unfortunatey the pilot is not given any authority!!

last night they would have been told to 'seek-and-destroy' after TAF crap had landed!!

our planes and gunships are made for proactive pilots, though.

Nihara said...

well you don't know me,
sorry if I have offended you in any way. But before you accuse me of writing ultra aggressive comments, you better go through the some of other bloggers comments. Then you'll realise what i've written here is nothing compared to theirs.
My apologies anyway!

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...



Ohh, don’t shoot! I admit!

Rana, yeh, may be it is time Air chief to go! I would give him an almighty spray and put him on caution.

It is SL administration failure not be pro-active when we first realized LTTE have start assembling a Zlin. If our then administration had any long term vision then we could have used the ceasefire to buy powerful, whiz-bang radar system with out any IND or international pressure.

No point trying to re-active to LTTE terrorism now and Air chief and SL administration should follow SLA and SLN lead and try keep step ahead from the enemy.

Defence Column said...

Rajiv Gandhi’s murder : Did Prabhakaran commit a historical blunder ?

Click Here!

Defence Column said...

This is a bit strange!
1 Death reported on last nights air raid
Click Here!

Rana said...


you said "Yes they are accurate. But if SLAF wants 4 bombs with a one backup plane to destroy a one artillery, then???"

What you are trying to say, mate. I can't understand, can you rewrite the above?, please bro!


Why we keep air boss further, how many times he failed? Where is the guarantee that he will not fail again. Call for explanation is ok, but he should go.

This matter is more important than one guy, who ever he may be.

We have mig21, mig 27, Kafir, F-7, MI 24, bell what else he want to take down couple of flying cans.

see what LTTE is doing with their cans. I am totally pissed off with SLAF this time.

It is almost like we do not have a air force.

Bloody shame, mate.

Nihara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
History said...

Moshe Dyan,

we highlighted this tooooo many times. it will NEVER happen.

Okay, Then let's execute the plan A.. Go home chief..

TigerKiller said...

Guys ,

instead of blaming Air force please findout what are the solutions for identifying low flying air crafts

Read following article , it's a eye opener for us

Threat from low-flying LTTE aircrafts has changed radar option for India


TigerKiller said...

The AR is balloon-borne radar system tied to the ground and is an early warning and control phased array radar, which is designed to detect hostile approaching aircraft from long ranges, especially when they approach at low altitudes.


NOLTTE=Peace said...

Some good reading for you folks..


Calm down guys, these Acrobats are desperate moves.

History said...


If they were accurate enough LTTE wouldn't have any heavy equipment or guns by now!

What I meant was, SLAF may have done air raid just to destroy a single artillery at a time and might have issued media statement claiming that "Air Force fighter jets destroy LTTE Arms storage or something...". So in that sense SLAF is accurate, but is not effective.. I just added more fuel to your statement..

TigerKiller said...

more on Balloon-Borne Radar

SpecificationsWeight: 455 kg including mounting, gimbal, antenna,transmitter, receiver and power supplyFrequency: 3100 MHzRange: 150 nm (278 km) at 12000 ft altitudeResolution: (range) 500 ft, (azimuth) 1ºAntenna: rotating parabolic dishScan speed: 5 rpmEndurance aloft: 120 h normal, 143 h peakStatusOperational. In September 1986 Martin Marietta was awarded a contract worth $42 million to supply three sea-based aerostat systems for the US Coast Guard. They will be equipped with Telephonics radars, customised by Martin Marietta for sea surveillance.


Bhairav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
History said...


practice would make you perfect

So how long you need to get a accurate hit from your hutu hutu plane?

I know it is hard to hit a target without having the option of practising it before.. it applies to you/ us both.. so will see who wins..

Rana said...


Thanks bro, got it!

I am not a defence expert but I am a HV power system expert and working as a consultant to a american firm. If I do even a little mistake in a design, planning, modelling or calculations client will sue my company and company is insured up to $40 million (liability). Still I have to go home and nobody will give me a job again.

Now, I am talking about a Chief of air force commiting blunders during a most important war at a crucial time.

Can we afford to go on or not? When you are at the top, no excuses, you must deliver! and this chief did not deliver! Whole country is at risk of major blood bath with some important assets getting destroyed. This will not be like a military debacle but worse!

Am I correct?

Bhairav said...

I believe DW aunty got upset and deleted my posts now.


MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

It is interesting to see the peelamists go into attack mode here right on cue. Then there were those of you who react to that by having conversations with them.

The answer is not to demand resignations at the drop of a hat although considering facts and trying to learn from them is fine. If you are not experts and do not know the inside story then don't provide entertainment for the peelam boys.

The LTTE is teaching the SL establishment some valuable lessons as it laways had. Now the Army is the best anti-terror highly mobile army because of LTTE. The Navy is the most flexible Navy in the World with blue water and brown water capabilities to thwart a range of attacks because of the Sea Tigers.
And all this has happened under the very noses of the Inidan Defence establishment which had the capacity to just walk in once. I don't think they will try it now.

Same can happen with the Air Force. It does give impetus to produce more locally (e.g. why not Radars and nigh vision capabilities; why not home-grown IT). LTTE has certainly demonstrated that small planes can outfox sophisticated monitoring systems. Imagine what the Indian Air Force is thinking. A thousand small planes fying under the rada entering Indian Air Space would be a nightmare. On the other hand if someone is using WWII type contarptions then use WWII size contraptions to fight them. Except the potential for an established Air Force to be effective with a large force of small cheap planes would be greater than the capability of a Takaran Force.

This should be time to consider innovating and invigorating the Sri lankan industry to back the Defence Force. After the Vanni liberation, SLDF must develop into a corporate body sponsoring local and off shore indistries which will feed its budget needs. It cannot be wound down. It must be maintained and constantly improved.

Bhairav said...

DW aunty,

Care to explain me why you have deleted my last 3 postings? Those were bit sarcastic posts but no offensive language involved.

Moshe Dyan said...


RG must explain. no two words about that.

but the lengthy approval process was laid by GR to maximise the effectiveness of every flying hour.

remember our crafts are 'limited' (not limited as such but require major overhauls) by flying hour.

it is a good procedure BUT there should be aveneues for MORE proactive stuff.

we should not waste any more money on radars, interceptors, etc. what we have is enough.

instead get our guys to attack deep into mulaitivu where TAF and other secret tiger infrastructure is located. monitor constantly; get intel; destroy them. TAF threat will die down.

hemantha said...

This a minor set back. But, yes SLAF sucks. They are repeating the same mistake again and again. Fortunately SLArmy is filling the vacuum.

58 division is moving rapidly towards Pooneryn and Nallur. Tuk tuk poop aren't gonna a stop them. LTTE will have to think of something else if it wanna survive. See how 58 is doing these days. I would say pretty fine.

click here.

57 div isn't doing badly either.

click here.

LTTE has to save it's own back yard. Tuk tuk poop will work for Tamilnadu and diaspora asses. Unfortunately (for them) it stops from there.

Rana said...


Agree, but I don't think our SLAF can learn from its mistakes. How many times they need to learn?

If you are a boss, you may not expert on anything and everything, but you can ask particular expert to work on that or hire a proper expert to do the job.

What happens next time, if they bomb defence ministry or SLA head quarters?

We must stop this, it is not going to cost so much to detect and prevent small plane violating air space over Colombo.

I also think we must avoid buying Indian equipment for security reasons. Specially when some guys from RAW is working for LTTE.

We must get proper technology from China, Pakis or Iran.

Anonymous said...

20 LTTE KIA. 2 bodies found. 4 SLA KIA. -K'chi.

Rana said...

Thanks hemantha,

Good to see those videos! 58 and 57 doing a great job.

Ruslan said...

No wonder.. Our F7s Only capable to detect up to 40 KM from their KLJ radar. so if the Zlin was away from the F7s Radar and it's bit hard to track them. like looking for a Needle in the night. so, we better get a good long range radar for the F7 or good ground based radar that has the range is far superior than current ones. until then we could see some more propaganda stunt flights from these mosquitoes!!

Rana said...


is ther any chance that the ZLIN came from south India?

Other thing is whether they can land/take-off from sea?

I think it is worth while to try some previously injured soldiers to stationed behing FDL at regular distances to detect low flying air crafts and inform SLAF right away.

History said...

Moshe Dyan ,

You seems to know a lot about what you are talking.. Yes.. there has to have some approval process for all general flight operations.. I am there with you.

But this has to be an exceptional case.. for this we need to pick the right pilot and has to make him the owner for the mission.. He may invlove with regular mission just like others do, but his main focus has to be to engage and destroy zlin..

Look how SF does the ground operations, he allow the leaders at the front take decisions.. and adjust the mission according the the upcoming factors..

So why not SLAF do the same to handle this special case..

The pilot has to be the key man here, if not, in the name of attacking zlin, he will destroy the whole colombo in couple of hours..

History said...

Moshe Dyan,

one more thing

If one says that MIG is the one to destroy zlin.. just kill him..

To me it has to be a MI 24, but I am not a expert on that matter..

Nisashi said...

I heard our TOP BRASS is contemplating, to create check points in the Sky? is that rihgt????????????????????????????

Saman said...


If SLAF can not beat it in the air why can't we take them on ground. I am not sure whether our guys know exactly where it landed after the so called mission. However we appear to know it came from Manar. There are quite a few theories on that too. I thought Manar is under our control now.

I fully agree with you, there is no point "horage ammagen pena ahala" - India seems to believe that we should not/can not get help other than from them. We may be the only country on earth, knowing they trained and fed LTTE, who can be subjugated to such deplomacy. This fact being verified/reinforced during latest round of discussions with BR too. Lately, there were speculation that top RAW operative is going around in colombo who, on record, has had a hand on many such attacks including the attack on Pakistan deplomat last year or so and assasination of key security personel.

I am pissed-off with GoSL not being able to stand tall on these matters, although I understand the geo-political reasond behind this.

We have to be careful with Pak's support though as they are facing more trouble than us and to some extent drifting away from major powers.

Manik said...

Does SLAF have the capacity to detect and shoot down low flying aircrafts at present? Is it true that they fly almost along the sea along the negombo, puttalam coast and on to Mullativu?

Unknown said...

-Each sortie done by the LTTE air craft are an opportunity to
bring them down.

- We need to have real good radar vision, 3D, a redundant array of
radars and any other detecting technology. To achieve this
all obstacles must be overcome financially, diplomatically, and
if necessary militarily.

- We must acquire a number of zlins and simulate various scenarios
on how to intercept, prevent acquision of intended targets etc.

- Initiate separate and specialised units to gather intelligence
of LTTE air capability and logistic information.

- Must look at non conventional methods of preventing or minimizing
vulnerability of critical targets. ( a wild example perhaps. Install
tethered helium filled balloons in random places near targets
so as to make it difficult to navigate those skies)

This is what I would start with.. These have been said
over and over. We must take action at least now.

ape lanka said...

Yes, agreed that the ex RAW guys who are in SL as per some reports surely helping LTTE..

we must not trust India they are the people who made this problem..and specially if we settle this issue ..india will be shamed internationally as they cannot resolve there own problems but small nation like us were able to solve the issue.

we must get proper technology immediately from China,Pakis,Iran
and teach these kurumbbatti good lessons

V4Victory said...

Hi guys,

Some of you say that LTTE plane had escaped from RADAR by flying very low.

Do you know that first attack was done 10.20pm. After 40 minutes later, they attacked in Colombo.

Leave the radar. If the flight came from Mannar where SLA has 100% control of area, how it is possible, even no SLA soldier is able to detect the suspicious plane and inform to the higher command accordingly.

And for those says just the cooler fan was damaged, dont you think that it is shame on you if TAF pilot still able to come over to Colombo and spit at the sky.

Two questions need to be verified:
1. do they still use ZLin or something else?

2. Did that come from Mannar or Rameswaram?

Nachikuda said...

Whatever said and done, LTTE was very smart to get to Mannar and to Colombo, drop bombs and dissappear without a trace.

The ever so destructive MIGs, F7 or Mi24's were not capable enough to catch even the tail of NAF.

Great work NAF !!!

ape lanka said...

why are the SLAF not taking enough precautions or preventing methods against TAF?

With world having so much of technology around the world ..we must be able to do something to oversome this issue..

AA guns are useless!

Best is to avoid any thing from india as they try to satisfy SL government and LTTE both at the same time

Good to get it from others(pakis,iran etc)

We must act atleast NOW...!

FreedomFighter said...

ho ho holy shit. Two bombing on same night..

Indian raders no good ? TAF acquired more goodies ?

Tonight raids proves the govenment is arong about its earlier claims.

Mannar arti base must have beem hit hard. Tottal media blockout is on.
The invading sihala budist racist burn in hell.

V4Victory said...


Unlike your story, Some people also were injured and one succumed to injury just one hour ago.

Nachikuda said...

Its time for do I die, all must come together to support TAF cause....

All hail TAF !!!

Unknown said...

An interesting question coming straight from the tigers mouth?

"2. Did that come from Mannar or Rameswaram?

Did it indeed???????????

FreedomFighter said...

must be getting jittery for Lankan govenment. Oooo what next ? or where next ? or who next ?

What a life for mahinda and brothers.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

V4Vaporized :

”Two questions need to be verified:
1. do they still use ZLin or something else?
2. Did that come from Mannar or Rameswaram?”

1. No, not Zlin. Now they (LTTE fcukers) use Harry Poter’s flying broom!

2. No, it came from VP’s ars@!

Unknown said...

"annonymous said...
We could have made few choppers air-bourne in the look for these tin cans. But where? "

We can always guard the first point we saw the Zlins. That way it will not be able to return home safely.

B#1 said...

I think the reason why the ground troops couldn't shoot down a Zlin yet is, the pressure, inexperience and the mentality of the soldiers who holding the AA guns.

Can any military expert here tel me what does this Air Defence System means??

I heard continues firing sounds from Colombo Harbor last night and thought all the soldiers with the guns are firing towards the sky without proper command.


And credit should go to TAF since the planes have escaped without damage.

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