Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Heavy casualties to both sides at Sempankundu Villu

Heavy fighting was reported last evening between the Sri Lanka Army's 58 Division and the LTTE at Sempankundu Villu. Reports indicated 30 Sri Lanka Army dead and another 50 injured in this fight as troops edged to within 2.5kms of the Pooneryn-Paranthan road.

The firefight occurred in open terrain and 11 SLLI troops fought against defended LTTE positions killing at least 30 cadres. LTTE supremo has appointed Stanley, a field commander that served under Karuna who is also a Jeyanthan 'Brigade' Cadre and a group of LTTE 'Commandos' from Batticaloa to guard this area from the Army.

Stanley was heard informing his cadres that this fight was a do-or-die situation that could either make or break the LTTE. But 58 Division Commanders were confident of reaching the Pooneryn-Paranthan road within the next 7 days.

Meanwhile troops of the 59 Division today captured the strategically important village of Kumulamunai situated in the general area northwest of Nayaru. From Kumulamunai, the buildup areas begin and span all the way upto Mulaitivu Town. The drawbacks of fighting in a buildup area is the limited artillery support. But the Army is glad to leave the jungle behind them as the Malaria season draws near.

It is likely that the 59 Division will now march eastwards to Alampil and then to Mulaitivu--a 13km journey. The LTTE still uses Alampil for sea Tiger activities. The advantages of fighting in a buildup area is that the Army now has access to an elaborate network of roads. As a result, the mobility of the 59 will increase drastically. It is also difficult for the LTTE to bury large numbers of mines and booby traps in buildup areas, like they did inside the jungles.


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Peter said...

Better we keep reading this:


Peter said...

When we get bored, we can read the modern version:


Mohammed Zubair said...


If you don't shut up, we will soon be reading your entrails. When are you going back to your "oil rig", are you missing your Filipino lady boys, you must be frustrated, I guess they look better than your wife even with male genitals.

peter ponnaya said...

Now we can read this

peter ponnaya said...

We can watch this also

Colomblogs said...

"Nice try defence.lk. Dress some fugly dark SLA women as female cadres..."

Truth is, even for a cookup we can't find such a disgusitng looking, ugly, black "Tala tel" Badu.

That is why they ended up nicely in SLA dinning room, rather than in a jungle bed with boys. Prabably Mongala/Ranil may be interested on them.

In couple of weeks, when they publish your mother's and sister's photos after liberated from LTTE you can say the same story.

Mahen said...


I thought Ranil and Mangala were interested in each other?

Rover said...

"Environment Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka yesterday told parliament the security forces were marching forward victoriously on seven fronts in the Wanni operations, and their performance was much better than the US army’s fight against the guerillas in Afghanistan. The minister who spoke during the Budget debate said nobody could stop the

forward march of the security forces. He said the United States with a defence budget of US$350 billion had failed to crush the Taliban guerillas with their artillery guns and aerial bombing but our security forces were successfully blunting the military prowess of the LTTE"

Someone should tell this Ranawaka moron to shut up. Needless comparisons with the US army at this point. As I said earlier, he is starting to show his true colors, MR should get rid of him before it is too late. Hardliners, facistst and theocrats should not have a place in a democracy.

Historians will analyze the war more lucidly and profoundly if and when the LTTE is truly finished.

Rover said...

Ranawaka depicts himself as a brilliant guy with a first class in Eng. But he dropped out after his first year from Katubedda, getting too involved in Nationalistic politics.

Even if he is a first class eng. graduate, he should not be a part of a democracy if he is a fascist.

DaraSingh said...

Shit Peter

You buggers do not have any history to speak of except that written by the spin doctors of the "tamizh nation"

You have however managed to make the word "tamizh" so abhorred that at each and every air port or entry point anyone bearing a "tamizh" sounding name rarely escapes a strip search.

So you can look back and say you have made history.

peter ponnaya said...


you have forgotten about this couple

DaraSingh said...


Agree with you 100 p.c mate.

These buggers should be given a crash course in managing the world press - a good dose of Israeli P.R in Gaza should point the way

Rover said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rover said...


N said...


Why are you so tempestuous about Chapmika Ranawake? This comment has no significant value and the USA is going to get cross over this. The facts are true anyway. Were you so mad when Robert Blake made comments about Sri Lanka interfering in our internal matters or when the TNA MPs made public statement in favour of LTTE? Remember Chamipke Ranawake is on our side; your finger pointing and insults giving extra ammunition to these LTTP numbskulls. At this point we should be united instead of fighting with each other.

N said...


Sorry mate, correction; ...USA is NOT going to .........

tata said...

I too believe (as someone else pointed out some time back) that JHU is a natural consequence of LTTE.
I also believe that JHU was a major catalyst in creating current support for the war effort.

I also believe, whatever they are, all religious/racial political groups should be banned in the new Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

Peter Pan of Neverlands here again, hmm..didnt VP give in your ass last night, oh bad..bad..gues he was too busy working out a strategy to save your neverland that he couldnt do it.

Rover said...

n, mate,

"Why are you so tempestuous about Chapmika Ranawake?"

Reasons were given. He is a fascist (this in itself is enough justification, but will continue). We can't really make the Sri Lankan Tamil and Sri Lankan Muslim populations to think as Sri Lankans as long as theocrats and fascists are within the ruling party.

"This comment has no significant value and the USA is going to get cross over this."

It was made by a putatively responsible minister from within the walls of our parliament. And this is not the only comment he made. He made incendiary remarks against the Muslims as well.

"The facts are true anyway."


"Were you so mad when Robert Blake made comments about Sri Lanka interfering in our internal matters or when the TNA MPs made public statement in favour of LTTE?"

Yes I was mad. Two different episodes, needing two different reasons.

Robert Blake - I was mad for our incompetence in still not fully being able to convince even this decent guy to think otherwise. Anyway, he gave us a forewarning of things to come, and that we should adapt to the new global political perspective on carrying out wars against terrorism. In this way, I respect him for suggesting as to what we could be doing (he didn't force us to do anything did he?). After we win the war, we will need to do something to prevent another terrorist problem. This is what he said, diplomatically. Nothing wrong with that.

TNA statements - These guys are the LTTE. And I consider them another facist, racist, terrorist group. And as long as LTTE uses terrorist tactics to get at a political goal, I will support anyone to defeat them.

"Remember Chamipke Ranawake is on our side;"

This is the problem. He should be relegated to being on his own, with his fasicist ideas. New Sri Lanka does not need this, we have seen enough blood.

"your finger pointing and insults giving extra ammunition to these LTTP numbskulls."

I don't think so. LTTE could very well say, citing Chamipka as an example, that PA (run by MR) is a fasict party. This can hurt us very much more than a lone blogger's tired writings.

Why doesn't LTTE target any of these JHU guys, but try to kill people like Gota, SF, and MR? It is because, these are the people who are really hurting the LTTE. Not people in the JHU.

Facists with opposing ideas should be made to battle it out themselves, if they really want to or someone should make sure that facists exist in very small numbers. But right now, everybody is paying for problems of fascists.

Not only are JHU making Sri Lankans look bad, but they have hijacked Buddhism to justify their fascist agenda. LTTE supporting diaspora is already denigrating us (and Buddhism) citing JHU tactics.

"At this point we should be united instead of fighting with each other."

Exactly. Not only Sinhalese, but all Sri Lankans (and the whole world) should unite to fight the LTTP. People like Ranawaka make it very much harder for that to happen.

GoldenEagle said...


How could you guys be so stupid?

Don't respond to the LTTE coolie morons who post here.

They are just trying get you guys mad, you can never change their brainwashed minds no matter what you say.


Don't take the bait, stick to defence related discussions.

Riyaz said...

Thanks DW for bringing us news which I feel is balanced reporting.

The western Kili front is rapidly changing now. can anyone tell us whats so signficant about Devil's point? Is it so because it has a great viewing point or is there more to it? and the way things unfolding DW will have his work cut out posting new articles almost everyday.

Sandun Dasanayake said...

Pillayan's secretary Kumaraswami Nandagopan shot dead in Athurugiriya.

- Daily Mirror

Sandun Dasanayake said...

"The chief minister has also been criticised for having a secretary who allegedly has links to the LTTE.

The TMVP suspects that this secretary has been planted by the LTTE to spy on party activities and create problems, sources said." (DailyMirror 2008/09/26)

So... This is a work of Karuna's men ??

Vinod said...

The accompanying photograph is labelled 'BMP.jpg', but the APC in it is in fact a BTR-60.

DoDo said...


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