Saturday, November 1, 2008

A second suicide attack averted

SLN reconnaissance craft from the Special Boat Squadron spotted an LTTE suicide boat infiltration south of Point Pedro early this morning. The movement's location was off the coast of Nagarkovil.

SBS units called for Rapid Action Boat Squadron reinforcements from PPD to engage the boats effectively. Four suicide boats were surrounded, disabled and completely destroyed by the SLN. Casualties to LTTE is unknown.

Naval sources told DefenceWire that reconnaissance operations were stepped up in this area following the failed attempt on MV Nimalawa and MV Ruhuna a few weeks ago. All three suicide boats that engaged in this mission had been launched from LTTE controlled areas south of Nagarkovil.

The outer hull of Nimalawa was damaged and the inner hull cracked in one place in the suicide blast but the ship's chief engineer managed to drain out the water using several water pumps. The ship, owned by a civilian company is being repaired at a cost of Rs. 1 million.


TigerKiller said...

SLN rocks !! . Way to Go

Thanks DW for update !!

samantha said...

tamilnet says hovercraft & dovra sunk?
whats the truth?

Unknown said...

Thanks DW,

what is this tamilnut says they destroyed a Dovra and hovercraft.Anything??????

great job SLN.

Anonymous said...

Here is the truth;

/Sea Tigers sink Sri Lankan supply ship
[TamilNet, Wednesday, 22 October 2008, 08:10 GMT]
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) Sea Tigers on Wednesday claimed that they carried out a Black Tiger attack on Sri Lankan ship MV Nimalawa, which carried military and other supplies, in Sri Lankan naval harbour in Kankeasnthu'rai in Jaffna Wednesday morning around 5:00. The supply ship was sunk and another vessel, MV Ruhunuwa, sustained heavy damage, the Tigers said.

The Tiger mission was led by Black Sea Tiger Lt. Col. Ilakkiyaa, the deputy commander of the Sea Tigers' female wing, who sacrificed her life with Black Sea Tiger Commando Lt. Col. Kuperan, LTTE officials told TamilNet./

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

If suicide boats were operating independently as the report says , and were surprised and surrounded by navy Gunboats there is no way 5 naval sailors would be injured.
suicide boats are sitting ducks against the much faster navy gunboats, hence only sneaks in during battle under cover fire.Alone they can only attempt to sink unguarded liners.
I think both parties are not telling the full story here?

Saman said...

Thanks DW. Timely new posting.

SLN did their job unlike SLAF. says 4 LTTE boats destroyed and 14 Terrorists killed.

Ninja, you confused me with your posting "here is the truth" - must be a sacastic comment, I guess.

Gayansphotography said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmm............. I must say, tamilnet and defencewire has never been so drastically different.....

I remember the days when the two sites were only marginally different, that too, often on the number of killed(injured)...but now as time has passed, the differences have become wider, and starker.

TigerKiller said...

I think both parties are not telling the full story here?

How come ? :):)

LineNet never lies :):)

Anonymous said...

Operation "Illan kamei" aka CFA;

=> Prohibit civilians to go to Vavunia (human shield)

=> IDP issue propaganda (food/health issues - pro-LTTE BBC/ int media)

=> TN influence to India (political-K'nidi, vaiko etc/ social-fishermen, artists, etc)

=> India influence to SL (stop the war)

=> SL offer (stopping air raids, censering casualty details, less propaganda)

=> Mis-information campaign (diaspora moral boos expected, UNP/sunday leader help expected, SL public interest reduction, reducing recruitment expectd)

=> Moral boosting of tigers (few major attacks, then ceasefire)

NOTE: RW said CFA is the way. (lankaenews)

Kithul said...

bravo SLN

Asithri said...

[tamilnet says hovercraft & dovra sunk?]

According to Tamilnet, SLA is still bogged down in Mavil-aru!!!


OaO Asithri

Sri Lankikaya said...

yellow fever

why don't you tell us the full story

Asithri said...

[yellow fever

why don't you tell us the full story]


Well said my kithul-pani brother!

:)) :)) :))

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

[Ninja, you confused me with your posting "here is the truth" - must be a sacastic comment, I guess.]



OaO Asithri

Anonymous said...

Tamilnut editors recent perfomences;

1. MV Nimalawa sunk
2. MV Ruhunuwa (still sinking)
3. MI-24 damaged (to the paint by dust of TAF attack)
4. Bell damaged
5. Dovra sunk
6. Hoover craft sunk

Anonymous said...

/Ninja, you confused me with your posting "here is the truth" - must be a sacastic comment, I guess./

Saman, is this a sarcastic comment? lol

Actually I replied to samantha; /tamilnet says hovercraft & dovra sunk?
whats the truth?/

Rana said...

Thanks DW,

Well done SLN boys, you are doing your part fine.

SLA and SLN boys are real lions who make tigers run with their tail tuck into the arse.

hoooooray, hip hip, hoooooray!!!

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


I request you to post in your more decent alter-ego AmmaGahai;))
You can be justifiably proud of singlehandedly spoiling DN and chasing out all the serious posters from there;))
Have a goodday .

Asithri said...

Actually 5 Dvoras were sunk by the LTTE sea tigers...just got the is the link:

:( :( :(

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

STD - Sexually Transmitted Disease

[You can be justifiably proud of singlehandedly spoiling DN and chasing out all the serious posters from there;))]

Aha, "serious posters" ....yep, LTTE motherfcukers...there were some of that kind there too...I will swear on the very louse that's biting your scrotum right now...OaO Asithri will chase away such "serious posters" with unmitigated glee...get it scummie?


OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

OK have fun boys...patriots herein, pls. castrate the LTTE MFs - "with extreme prejudice" as OaOA loves to say...

I got to run...this time for sure!

:)) :)) :))

OaO Asithri

B#1 said...

Where is that Championpattu located??

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

".I will swear on the very louse that's biting your scrotum right now..."

I could not help but smile there! you made my day:))
If you dont use too serious language you can be highly entertaining, a la Qrious.

thiru said...

looks like another huge blow to the SLN, the sea tigers are showing their true strength again...u modhayas always make the deadly mistake of underestimating the ltte, look what happened by underestimating the air tigers and u have done the same with the sea tigers in the last year...the sea tigers were preserved all this time and are going to attack the SLN even more ferociously than in the's going to be interesting to see how many modhayas perished in this attack.

Unknown said...


look at the pic's on tamilnut.Something wrong with vazapillay,He is becoming pinkish.Are these real photo or a photo shop work.Whatever it is,i am sure he got SOHON LAKUNU on his face.He got a really scared face.He hasn't got a good sleep for weeks.
Haah kiddy pilots also.

Blistering banacles.

mboi said...

well it's only defencewire saying they were suicide boats.

Unknown said...

hey fools, just remember its the Sri Lankan government that has the censorship on the military news and recently they have decided not to release any casualties... if they are doing so well as you claim it, why would they hide it? And what is there to hide?

you guys actually believe that your government is telling you the truth? How long are they going to fool their own citizens? DefenceLier, keep it up, good lies …

Anonymous said...


I don't know it was photoshoped or not. If it was edited that means things are even worse!

However vezapillai is now a riskless-asset to GSL.

vezapillai dead => LTTP collapse
vezapillai living => wepon against india

BTW, SLA should expect some thing massive in north unless LTTP pans to withdraw tacticaly from poonaryn peacefully. (If SLA cutoff poonaryn-paranthan road poonaryn will be boxed!)

FreedomFighter said...

DW is total lier, cooks good storys about the bravado of the lankan army and navy. He's reports sometime total insult to even average sihalese people. Any way if SN has over powered the Sea Tigurs then where is the pictures ? Also if its just 4 swicide boats it would have been easier to estimate the casualties. 4*2 = 8 black tigurs. Its looks clear that you
lost FAC and hovercraft and oanother one of you big boats got dameged. So its a very succesfull mission my the Sea Tigurs

FreedomFighter said...

Since these action of ltte

1. MV Nimalawa sunk
2. MV Ruhunuwa
3. MI-24 damaged
4. Bell damaged
5. Dovra sunk
6. Hoover craft sunk

Lankn's moral should be at low point, i can see even in the forums and blogs. Looks like tigurs are starting turn the screw on the govenment foraces. It will get
worse for SL. Be ready for Red November or Red Bird or what ever its going to be called. Its going to be red with blood of lanka's racist son's of budtha.

Shyam said... claims that have destroyed 4 LTTE suicide crafts ....hahahahah what a funny joke... in the battle the sea black tigers sails the suicide crafts and ram them on the SLN crafts and blow them and destroy the enemy and them selves .... Once again cheer up Modayas .... DW tell us about the SLN casualties ......

Rana said...

Flip Flop Fighter(FFF),

One by one tiger assets go down, day by day peelam getting smaller, 30 by 30 daily goats called themselves tigers go to hell-lam with their calfs.

What a tragedy!

When they were starving in T'naadu (23 million under poverty line in 1970), we gave them safe heaven to live, the moment their bellies full they start their usual self destroy (self determination) strugle.

Now, they are making our soil very fertile with grave yards for our next generation.

This what we call "instead of kissing the hand which fed you all, your trying to eat it too"!

Guns&Roses said...

Shyam Gona
SLA has only one hoover craft and that stationed in colombo Harber

keep eating punnaku

Malin said...

When tamilnut said LTTE sunk MV Nimalawa all these goons jumped up and down but later kept quite when SLN showed it’s still operational but damaged.

We modays know that maybe SLN may have suffered few casualties in this fight but we averted something bigger. SO it’s a win for us and lost for LTTE. That’s the hard truth.

If we failed to detect and engage the enemy then we would have let them take another chance to attack a larger craft. Which could have been a major loss? SO where we stand this is good work by SBS they should be commended.

Moshe Dyan said...

i said 23 october,

"SLN repulsed the barbarians BUT the danger is still real. if supplies are affected, outsiders will have more reasons to intervene.

STs will again and again try to disrupt supplies to BOTH troops and civilians."

buggers wil YET AGAIN attack along the same lines.

SLAF also should be calld in.

if 5 out of 20 ST crafts were sunk, that is a failure rate of 75%! success rate of 25%.
would like to see this improve.

CriMeWatCh said...

MD its 4 u

since govt is banned war front news we cant believe everything who ever says. hope u are tamil

eg: the day before TAF attack colombo, ITN news showed few tamils who surrunded/reached to navy on an island. and the tamils talking about their deficulties in vanni and prices of food carocene iol ect in tamil which is very clear, and the sinhala translation was "the ITN news reporter saying LTTE was not allowing to go out of kili, they hit us that and this bull shit"

its clearly showing that the ppl in this country are "Modayas" cos what ever ITN rupavahini says these ppl believe without a second thought. same at our home cannot argue..

pointless and u do believe everything..

on my view. both parties are not perfect. GOVT have to lie otherwise they loose the ppl strenth believe it or not.


CriMeWatCh said...

enjoy da day guys..

Unknown said...


If you go to defence lk map you could see where is championpattu is????? It is in Muhammalei area.

Rana said...


as the legend goes.....

Once up on time, there was a little island, called "SERENDIB". In this island there was major tribe called "Silsilas" and a minor tribe called "Thalathelas".

Silasilas were modayas and never speak truthfully while Thalathelas are very smart and always truthful.

One europian guy connected to UN, wanted to test this ( they always think it is their duty to test and advise miserable people in other places) legend.

he came to the island and randomly picked one from each tribe for his experiment. We will call these two A and B.

Following a short interviews from both A and B, the white mighty god ( what he think, he is), he noted down:

A said: I have no problem with other tribe but they can't be dictating us all the time here.

B said: I will decide my own destiny and don't like the other tribe which is asking us to be sub servient.

As usual uneducated europian (they are only good at show off) fellow couldn't find who is who or which tribe they belongs to!

Can you? decide who is from which tribe?

Rana said...

Moshe machan,

Success rate 25% failure rate 75%, becuase when things go wrong pussy cats run for their life, man. It seems about 20 boats came for a big attack but when failed bolted like rabbits into potta amma's den!

Unknown said...

Good one.Whole history in short and sweet.


Blistering blue barnacles.

B#1 said...

Thanks Gotymbara.

Crimewath is still alive :( ha?


extreme said...


I know Crimewatch, what you will do next. Don't be hurry. Think about your dependents too b4 take a decision. :) ]

What are you talking mate?

Do you think this filthy bastard Crimewatch brave enough to do anything like suiciding ? He is so scary shit out of him !

October 22, 2008 3:32 PM


Extreme what you said is correct. :)

Moshe Dyan said...


agree on the propaganda element. it is a sad reality of war; especially the SL war. i strongly believe that we should have not stopped media from reporting the war as long as facts are reported. media should be given independat access to the north, etc.

but with the available information, the following facts are clear.

1. there was a clash near nagarkovil
2. not all tiger boats were destroyed.
3. SLAF was not used.

Moshe Dyan said...


true. but that IS the challenge.

remember they escaped in sri lanka!

they were allowed to live and fight another day as someone said.

we get the opprtunity to harvest these highly dangerous barbarians ONCE IN A WHILE. we MUST grab that opportunity.

otherwise, the SAME escapees WITH EXPERIENCE launch other attacks.


Moshe Dyan said...


please read what PBS HEmachandra has to say in the lankaguardian.

it is fcuking sad and pathetic that SLN officers of that calibre are PUNISHED let alone unrewarded.

according to him the success rate of SLN operations in early 1980s was 5%. may be we have improved a bit. BUT there is a LONGER way to go.

B#1 said...

What is the reason for recent failures of Sea Tigers???


LTTE should have think twice(?) before killing the Sea Tiger leader Soosai' son.

Rana said...

To Moshe and B#1,

The truth is sinhalese are buddhists, we do not think abot war and killing but barbarians like LTTE tiger waged inhuman war against us. We took some years to shed our compassion and "Maithree" and now learn fast. Very soon our boys will be the masters of their own game, by the time LTTE is anihilated and we will go back to our compassionate life again.

B#1 said...


Yes. We must. Otherwise "Avi gaththo aviyenma nasee"

Peter said...

New rule on not giving casualty numbers didn't last for long.

Peter said...

I think only "minor damage". Like at the power station.


Hoot! Hoot! Hoot!

B#1 said...

Earlier LTTE used to say
"Didn't lose the land"

and then they said
"Tactical withdraw"

and present they got stuck & searching the dictionary and still searching....

Peter, if you have extra time please search a word from Dic and let them know. :)

Unknown said...

friends !
did u see the tamil nut foto featuring Vezupillai awarding Zeros of wanni operation ? who could it be on the wheel chair sitting next to him?

Peter said...


Similar attack to the one of 22 Feb 98.

Of course SLN would not have suffered any damages. Even the fire at the power station, which put two generators out for six months, only caused "minor damages".

Even TammilNet reports that 7 Black Sea Tigers died, which means four Black Tiger crafts exploded. Three front-line ones manned by two each and the a back up one.

Black Tiger crafts go into battle with the aim of exploding. How much credit SLN can take for the sunk four is questionable.

Then again, there are modayas who claim tht Premadasa killed a Black Tiger.

Rana said...

Peter, the gon naamba!

either you should do something for your self or keep f****ing mouth shut.

waht you are trying is "to uplift down falling mass". This is the function of a brazier to a old woman. You are exactly like that, a bra to LTTP, get a life man b4 your wife goes away with sombody else moron.

You know why, if that happens, we will have to deal with that problem too.

Rana said...

It is time to have some sleep, wife is wating, good night every body!!!

Sri Lankikaya said...


it's kithulhakuru

Sri Lankikaya said...

the one with sexually transmitted diseas who hasnow got yellow fever is now seeing red and mumbling nonsense....

in the wanni seessees huge areas of open terrain thisck with vegetaion....

says a lot about the terrain in east and now wants to know where kanjikudichchiaru is...

we are still awaiting your full story and the slanted interpretation of the sea battle (the one that the sea tigers got whacked early today)

let me remind you what you say back in may 1st ... the sea tigers always give a licking to the navy... now you can lick you know what..

Sam Perera said...

I was under the impression that the only hovercraft we had was not in service for the longest time. Anyway, LTTE has sunk one of our Los Angeles class submarine also, of course we never had it.

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...

This is another doctored image. Who is there in the wheel chair?

lankaputhra said...


Meanwhile, pro-Tiger media said that the Sea Tigers engaged in a major clash with the Sri Lanka Navy gunships in the seas off Nagarkovil Saturday morning from 5:15 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., sinking an SLN Dvora Fast Attack Craft (FAC) and a hovercraft. Sea Tiger spokesman told that 20 of their attack crafts took part in the mission and seven Black Sea Tigers were killed in action.

Those reports said that a jet vessel of the SLN sustained damage in the sea battle and it was being towed by Navy.

When Lanka-e-News queried about the report from the Navy spokesman Dasanayaka, he said that Dvora was not involved in this attack and Navy's only hovercraft is now in Colombo.

well done SLN

Vigilante said...

Looks like Velu is thinking about paralysing Jaffna before the fall of Wanni.

I remember telling that 2 November LTTE will launch a massive attack..

It came day early..

Peter said...

Can't expect modays to understand the difference between a raid and an ambush.

Raid is when two or three Black Tiger crafts, with low radar signature, sneak into a harbour and crash into a stationary vessel.

Ambush is when multiple Sea Tiger crafts engage a convoy of SLN vessels travelling between Trinco and KKS. Gunboats distract while Black Tiger crafts smash.

22 Oct was a raid. This morning's one was an ambush.

A similar ambush took place on 22 Feb 98; same place, similar scenario. Four Black Tiger crafts exploded, 11 Black Tigers died, and two SLN vessels were sunk while another was damaged.

Modayas' ignorance is often abused by their defence ministry and experts. This post by DW is a classic example.

Infinity said...

Part of Tiger Defence Line East of A-32 Breached

15 LTTE bodies recovered.

kappetipola said...

Thanks for the update DW.

looks like SLN officers didnt leave at 5 pm right !

Saman said...

Thiru, Kaavalan, Peter and other Pealamists,

You always refer GoSL as "your govenment". Why?

Time is right to get used to it. "We are governing you MFs", whether you like it or not. As, I said before, you will live by our rule - as you have been. You may cry but no lollies in future my babies. You will be canned if not behave as we ask you to.

Also, we will hunt you down, one by one. Di-ass-pora who servived last 30 years - licking white man's boots, by steeling, drug-trafficking and ransom money in the west - are advised to apply for TN citizenship as you will not be given Visa's to "Sinha-le" - that blessed land. Not only Vesa-pullai but many of MFs tryed to grab parts of this beautiful land over thousands of years. Always, without fail, sinhala worriors defended it. What made you to believe VP can do it. Of course when you were hit you hid under Indira's sari, begged western world sympathy "playing and shaking like the lamb ready for slaughter" and openned your back sides to be screwed by TN polticians. Your so called struggle was founded on cowerdness. In fact suicide is not bravery - a mark of stupidity. We not only kicking you asses but brushed aside the screens behind which you hid in the past when beaten.

Just be aware.

Peter said...

Saman, you've given me a good laugh.

Now, get back to begging for wheelchairs!

Infinity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Infinity said...

Peter, the mines LTTE has placed will kill and maim tamils in the former LTTE territories for decades to come.

It is like everything the LTTE has achieved. Much more damage has been done to the tamils by the LTTE than it has done to the government.

All so that VP can get his own dictatorship to pass on to his son.

Saman said...


Now, that shows we are a greateful nation. That's all.

All you Vesa Pullai does is grab kids around 14-15 from their parents, put them in katu kambi cells until they piss in their pants and give them a gun, Yes? I heard 9000 child soldirs are being trained stolen from 200,000 IDPs, Yes? Then send them to battle hardened Sinhala worriers, Yes?

No wonder why you do not need wheel chairs.

BTW: Who is next to Vesa Pullai in that photo being circulated in this blog from Tamil Nut.

Get a life man. You definitely need visas to enter mother Lanka - The land of Sinhalas. In fact it eas called Siha-Le. If you idiot knows what it means.

I better get to sleep. Sweet dreams where you visit smelly Ealam with lots of Thala-thel, and bad looking tamil chicks.

Saman said...


I thought you Mother F***** do not want to be governed by SL. We are at the moment just giving what you have asked for.

I can't be around to give you a hug or chamge your pants.

On one hand you want to fight us. On the other hand you want us to feed you scum, massage you and change your pants. Yes?

We are the only nation who feeds you scum with Sinhala tax payers money. That is why we want to finish you off soon. Also, now Vesa Pullai made you not only cowerds but beggers too. Tamils where koolies since Indu Dravedialns were chased out from Mohamdajaro - Harrappa era. Do you know when and where they first existed - don't read Vesa Pulles history. He has gone to grade 5 only. Read the correct history (5000 years ago - the area is in East Pakistan today - UN heritage). They ended as untouchables in their own society @ push further south of India during mogal era.

Do you know, during the era of British empire, out of all races they sujugated - only fucking Tamils who licked white mans boot and were prepared to go as slaves (Koolies they called). Non other. Tamils. Why? Every country on the planet, which was a British colany, you have Tamils taken as slaves. Do you know - when proud sinhalese never prepared to be servents to British, white basterds brought enough Tami from TN, to do slavery in the land grabed by British from our people. Even in modetn India 99% of street swepers are Tamils. Do you know apart from Africans, who were the most convertable race by the Church. Dravedians (Tamils are a sub set of Dravedians). In late 70s - TN indians swam/smuggled to Jaffna, Manar which we called Kallathoni. Now they want part of this land.

How far south they want to come you scum. Sri Lanka. Fuck off mate.

Either you live by our rule. Or piss off to where you came from.

koly said...[Photo:%20LTTE]

At least 2 TAF pilots either escaped or died. Otherwise they should also be awarded.

koly said...[Photo:%20LTTE]

Saman said...


Following is an extract from an article form LankaDesent. If this is true, all hard work can be undone. (JVP predicted something similar soon after BRs visit to India). There are some killer fine print I gather from the text.

Also this may explain - why we are not heading straight to Killi rather circling around it. Personally, I do not like the smell of it (but I have no idea how true is this).

A special Indian emissary is to arrive in Sri Lanka shortly to advise and supervise the recommendations of All Party Conference to resolve the national issue, ‘Irida Lanka’ reports.

Citing political sources, ‘Irida Lanka’ says the responsibilities of this Indian emissary would be to advise the APC on the formulation of the proposals aimed at a political solution for the East and the Northern regions, while ensuring the full implementation of the 13th Amendment.

Sri Lankan envoys who were in New Delhi recently had agreed to India’s request to send an emissary for the above purpose, it adds.

‘Irida Lanka’ adds the Sri Lankan government has also agreed to India’s requests to suspend military offensives after the capture of Kilinochchi and or devolve power beyond the 13th Amendment if military offensives are to continue.

At a meeting with Indian Minister of External Affairs, Pranab Mukherjee, visiting Senior Presidential Advisor, Basil Rajapaksa has informed of this, it adds.

‘Irida Lanka’ news report adds that Mr. Rajapaksa has also pledged to implement a political solution under an unofficial MoU with the LTTE.

Saman said...

Is SF around.

Annonymous said...

Few Die-ass-buruwah idiots are mumbling the brain-washed terms and details of their day-dream. Maybe it is time to discuss what will become reality for them in few years to come.

Maybe your superior intelligent brains can correct where I go wrong. But explain with proper facts. Do not expose bull shit such as;

The last battalian of tigers will kill all SLDF
There is a surprise waiting for you.

Be pragmatic in your reply.

Die-ass-buruwahs, my point is for you to stop uttering bullshit and accept the truth if you cannot disprove me. We know that you are so eager and motivated and give anything for Eelam, pity that you live elsewhere. So accept the truth in the place where it matters OK?

Here are my facts;

- In a short period of time Tigers will not hold any villages or towns under them. They will be limited the regions in jungle, which they can call as the stronghold making few elephants unhappy. We will hunt them in their jungle hideouts.

Reasoning: SLDF has done this in East. SLDF has proactively cleared almost all the areas west of A9. The tiger's biggest retaliation has been trenchlines, which just slowed the progress [what more can a pile of soil can do?]. So it is a matter of time

- Tigers can not retaliate effectively, and win battles constantly.

Reasoning: It is not that tigers withdrew w/o a fight. They did give a fight and ended up withdrawing when they cannot hold onto the battle. The glorious term they coined as "ceaseless waves" was disproven by them, now their waves always cease after a bit of a flurry. Surprise waiting today at some place is revealed as another surprise waiting at another place. i.e. The surprise waiting at Mallavi turned out to be that there is a surprise waiting at Kokavil, and so on.

- No support for tigers in international community

Reasoning: If so it has been very much timely for it to come. Except for one or two ppl mumbling tiger agenda, world as a whole denies terrorism and hence they would denounce the most ruthless outfit for sure. Tell me a single country other than Erithrea that will publically state support to tigers.

- Neither India, nor TN will help tigers officially.

Reasoning: Last time in 87 they received the friendly help from Rajiv. They turned and bit him back. Anyone with a sense will never put their hand now. TN is very much divided with one prominant political leader and few other mainstream parties opposing them. Even now India finds tigers as very hostile as their supporters in India conduct acts and speeches against its unity.

- Military supplies will be sparse soon.

Reason: Tiger supplies heavily depend on Pooneryn and after its fall, they will have to smuggle thru the SLA controlled regions. Although they have money, Tigers can no longer use the floating supply stores in a big way.

- Black Tiger accuracy is heavily deteriorating.

Reasoning: At the start it was morale. In the middle it was momentum. In the end it is just the ritualistic duty but no real force behind it. Suicide bombers are proving that they cannot take targets as often as before. Those who try prove that it is only them who get killed. And so many black tigers get caught, desert and even betray the outfit. Big ranks are called as the juniors are failing. SLDF stepped up its skill by a level and black tigers arereally ineffective now.

- Tigers cannot face the new weaponry of SLDF. i.e. the scary words, MBRL, MI24, Arrow boats etc

Reasoning: None of these were involved in the battle in a big way, when they last faught a major war [late 90s]. Wars are won by weaponry, not by photoshop and bandwagon.

- Tigers cannot win a war, although they may win a battle here and there and conduct terrorist type acts.

Reasoning: Tigers have never won a major war except for their wanni wars during late 90s. And now everyone knows that Karuna was behind it, whereas the most corrupt regime of our time ruled SL then. It is proven that a terrorist group cannot win a war, unless the mass of the conflicted nation support them.

Die-ass-buruwahs, I am waiting for your opinion.

Infinity said...

Saman, just JVP/other opposition's usual attempts at conspiracy theories and rumor spreading, like claiming that LLTE's political HQ in Kilinochchi would never be bombed due to a secret conspiracy with MR etc. Proven false.

Moshe Dyan said...

tomorrow is the first anniversary of killing that cripple.

to commomorate the bastard, LTTE may carry out barbaric acts.

Infinity said...

Annonymous, good points.

mulathiev TARZEN said...

...jaaaathika weeeerayaa!
roshan goothilaka!
...jaaathika ponnayaa!
jaraa pakshaa!
....vijaaaathika mooodayaa!

anee i-thing thopi roth-thata mee thung saranee saranaai!
..national question is..
why cant we shoot at any thing that fly!?? joke eke thami tin-can walata wedi thiyaa ganna bari ekaa!needa "dady"?

mulathiev TARZEN said...

nakadee pusee, needa "dady?"

Anonymous said...
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Ares said...

1 million displaced and now it makes to cnn (international community).

in our country its 250,000 displaced but provided food by government and its big news! i blame our diplomatic missions...

Peter said...

I am a little bored; so, I'll respond to a long winded comment above.

Area under control – Tigers have proven time and time again that they only need a third of the areas they now administer in order to be able to regroup and launch offensives. i.e. 1989 / 1999


Affective retaliation / no surprise – A surprise is a “sudden unexpected event.” If something was expected in Mallavi or even Nachchikuda, then getting that something would not be a surprise. 19 months after 57div made first move, half of Vanni has not be secured and the main Pooneryan, Elephant Pass, Killinochchi – Paranthan and even Mankulam are still under LTTE control.


International Community / terrorism – US and India banned LTTE before 1997. Canada and EU are the new additions. Yet none of these countries actively chase LTTE. International relations is one of national interest and not any sentiments i.e Russia went to war with Georgia to secure independence for South Osettia while ruthlessly cracking down of Chechneyan separatists.


TN/ India official help – India withdrew official help in 1987. It is not a new factor in IV. However, given the passage of time, local opinion in TN has changed and that provides space for establishment of small cells and supply lines.


Military supplies via Pooneryan – This is the stupidest thing I have heard in awhile. Close proximity of Mandaitheevu SLN, and being within artillery range from Pallali has always made Pooneryan an unlikely base for supplies. I think most sane modayas would agree that Mulaiteevu has been LTTE's supplies base since 1996.


Black Tiger accuracy - Not all Black Tiger missions have ever been fully accurate. How many attempts have been made on Devanda over the years? But when they do it, they make a difference. Last one, JP, had anybody who is anybody in Sri Lankan politics / military screaming for commando body guards. Previous failed Black Tiger attacks include Colombo Sea Port.


New weaponry scary words, MBRL, MI24, Arrow boats etc – The only real new edition is the MBRL, which the army even used when it tried to recapture EPS 2001. MI24, Kfir etc have been around since 90s. Anyhow, SL's access to weapons have always been several folds above that of Tigers. When Sea Tigers had fishing boats, SLN had Water Jets ; when Sea Tigers got Water Jets (at Pooneryan 94) SLN got Dvoras. War isn't just about an inventory list. It is about how, when and where the weapons are used.


Winning war / Karuna – Karuna was the military commander of Batti-Amparai district from 2001 onwards. During late 90s he was field commander in the Vanni. To say he was the main commander in charge of UC1, 2 and 3 is going a bit too far. He always reported to commander of the land forces (94-98 Balraj 98- Dinesh). While Karuna was an able cadre, and I do have immense respect for him, he was never involved in planning or overall operational command. While his lose would be felt, it is no where near previosu bigger loses like Kittu and Mathaya.

peter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
peter said...

#GONTAABAYA# said...

nakadee pusee, needa "dady?"

Humm.. humm..

pawma thamai!! ne

peter said...

"The other question is how will the LTTE respond now as its domain is shrinking? In the past the LTTE had leveraged the criticalities of India-Sri Lanka relations to its advantage to survive and rise up once again to carry the battle another day. Can the LTTE, with its hands tainted with the blood of Rajiv Gandhi, go back to the same ploy? It is true there is loud public outcry in Tamil Nadu against the sufferings of Tamils in the war zones. But at the same time it is equally true that the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi has made it clear that this sympathy should not be equated with sympathy for the LTTE."

(October 21, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) There is a lot of excitement as the Sri Lanka security forces are inching towards Kilinochchi from the southwest on multiple axes. The political tensions in Tamil Nadu over the plight of Tamil civilians in the war zone have added a bit of nervous expectation in Sri Lanka to the war scene. Broadly the security forces have enlarged the forward line roughly by eight km on the west of Kilinochi, isolating the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) stronghold of Nachikuda on the western coast. Task Force 1 which had bypassed Nachikuda, captured Manniyankulam and Vannrikulamon its advance along the A32 route to Pooneryn. Thus the LTTE access to sea routes to Tamil Nadu from the northern Mannar coast will probably come to an end shortly with these developments.

The57 Division, earlier locked in battle at the key road junction of Akkarayankulam (which leads to Kilinochchi in the north and the A9 highway in the east), has "pierced" its defences. According to the security forces this was the last of the LTTE strong points defending Kilinochchi. It has not been a cakewalk to the security forces as the LTTE had put up some resistance at selected places. The breakthrough in Akkarayankulam, in particular, has come after a lot of blood shedding. The defence spokesman has admitted losing '33 soldiers during the clashes in the weekending Sunday Oct 19th; 48 were injured and three were missing. This was perhaps one of the biggest losses suffered by the security forces. On the other hand the LTTE appear to have lost 12 cadres.

However, overall the LTTE had not been able to inflict such losses more often as the security forces advanced. While this could be for reasons of tactical withdrawal, it is clear that the LTTE efforts so far have lacked strength and firepower required to blunt the offensive. Though the fall of Kilinochchi looks imminent, in tactical terms its capture might not be essential. In any case, it would probably come within the security forces' heavy machine gun range in the coming week, making it untenable for the LTTE to hold. Capture of Kilinochchi, the LTTE's administrative capital till recently would certainly be a big loss of face to it. For President Rajapaksa it would add yet another feather in the cap after the 'victory' in the east. And that could make him politically stronger than ever before.

As the Task Force-1 advances to Pooneryn, it would be possible for the security forces to create an anvil extending from the western coast to Kilinochchi so that the hammer of 53 and 55 divisions operating along northern frontlines could be brought down upon the LTTE strong points in the crucial Elephant Pass/Nagarkovil bottleneck. The skirmishes reported in Muhamalai on Oct 16th were probably a probing attempt of the security forces for such an offensive. This option would also provide relief to 57 Division troops which had been on the offensive for three months now. A northern offensive could make the LTTE fight within a narrow strip with only one exit route open on the east to LTTE's Puthukkudiyiruppu defence complex.

If and when that happens, the LTTE domination of the A9 highway would probably end. It would also render both Nachikuda and Pooneryn defences meaningless unless the LTTE can quickly launch a counter stroke. But the moot point is does the LTTE want to launch such an offensive west of A9 highway at all? Their defensive pattern so far would indicate such an intention might not be there at all.

This is only one of the many ways in which this operation can be progressed. With the imminent fall of Kilinochchi, the Army Commander Lt Gen Sarath Fonseka has more options now than ever before. The monsoon is on and close air support could become tricky and mobility and visibility would also be affected. But weather gods are neutral and affect both sides. As the war in Wanni would involve jungle bashing, at best monsoon would slow down the operation on both sides and not stop it.

Understanding the LTTE strategy

So far in the areas west of A9 highway, the LTTE's conventional defence strategy appears to be based upon a series of strong points with bunds and ditches stretching for miles between them. The bunds along the expected axes of advance have been constructed to slow down the advancing troops and attack them at selected points when they try to break through the obstacle.

This is a strategy of the First World War vintage that became obsolete with the advent of increased battlefield mobility, greater depth and density of fire power, and enhanced battlefield reconnaissance capabilities. Unless the bund is protected by fire power and layers of obstacles, modern armies can reduce their effectiveness with no great difficulty.

In modern conventional warfare the technique has morphed into mobile defence based upon strong points that dominate the gaps between them with hard hitting armour based mobile teams. This technique is useful when a large area is to be defended by smaller number of troops as in the case of the LTTE. This strategy if successfully applied would lead to a lot of bloodletting and discourage advancing forces from launching the main offensive.

The LTTE had perhaps adopted defences based on strong points for this very reason. It was fighting against an opponent who outnumbered it by at least ten to one. On hindsight, last year the LTTE probably allowed a comparatively free run to the security forces to occupy areas south of road Vavuniya-Mannar along the Mannar coast so that the troops would be drawn into fighting the strong points further north. After that starting with Adampan in May 20008 there had been a series of LTTE strong points - big and small - forming layers of defences –Adampan-Nedunkandal-Andankulam, Madhu-Palamipiddi-Periyamadu, and so on.

But the LTTE had neither the required mobility nor fire power to dominate the gaps between the strong points to stop the security forces that had superior mobility, fire power and numbers. So probably it took recourse to constructing miles of bunds between strong points. And the security forces have been breaking the inadequately defended bunds regularly. Moreover, the LTTE strategy had seeds of failure as the axes of advance from south to north fanned out over increasingly larger gaps between strong points as the war progressed without a matching increase in troop strength. This is borne out by the LTTE inflicting heavier casualties on the security forces only when their axes converged on Kilinochchi.

The LTTE's performance so far has demonstrated the limitations of insurgency forces in carrying out conventional operations. Being light outfits with limited artillery support they were better suited to tackle company level tactical operations. In order to maximise the impact of conventional operations of insurgents, guerrillas have to be employed in tandem to hit rear areas and gun positions to destabilise the conventional opponent. The LTTE had not been able to carry out such commando strikes effectively so far in Eelam War-4.

During the war in Elephant Pass in 2000 the LTTE was able to overcome its weakness in conventional capability through superior battlefield leadership, high morale, and psychological advantage against the opponent who lacked them. The security forces then lacked the single mindedness of purpose they are showing now. In the Eelam War- 4, clear convergence of political and military focus on military objectives untroubled by other issues has resulted in the relentless pursuit of the LTTE.

The overconfident LTTE leadership is probably paying the price now for ignoring the two important developments in the security environment since the last Eelam War. These were the impact of Karuna's defection and the subsequent loss of east, and the qualitative and quantitative improvements in the Sri Lanka armed forces. This overconfidence of the LTTE gave the security forces a head start when they launched the offensive. The self defeating technique of suicide bombings has also deprived the LTTE of potential junior leaders, though they brought short lived glory.

Future portends

The tactical conjectures discussed so far might be of interest only to military minds. The question in everyone's mind is probably 'when' – in what time frame –Kilinochchi would fall and the A9 highway would open. It is not easy to answer this question. And there are always the imponderables of battlefield that affect the best laid plans.

The security forces had entered Kilinochchi district on July 31, 2008. They appear to be in no hurry to rush forward to overcome the LTTE strong points as they advance. Instead they have focused on inflicting maximum casualty on the LTTE. They have neutralised only those LTTE strong points that mattered on the way and by passed others. This perhaps tied down the LTTE to hold on to all its defences in anticipation.

But now as fall of Kilinochchi looks imminent, political and humanitarian crises are building up in the horizon. These could take the time plan for conduct of war out of the hands of the military. So far President Mahinda Rajapaksa appears to have given full freedom to Gen Fonseka to progress the operation in his own fashion. President Rajapaksa is coming under increasing pressure from India, where Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is facing flak from his Tamil Nadu coalition partners. So both the President and Gen Fonseka might decide to speed up the operations to get the A9 highway opened up and bottle up the LTTE within the Mullaitivu district. This could result in the security forces suffering more casualties than they had bargained for. On the other hand it would give a semblance of normalcy and relieve some of the pressures on the President. Of course it would reduce the plight of displaced civilians caught between the warring sides in the area.

The other question is how will the LTTE respond now as its domain is shrinking? In the past the LTTE had leveraged the criticalities of India-Sri Lanka relations to its advantage to survive and rise up once again to carry the battle another day. Can the LTTE, with its hands tainted with the blood of Rajiv Gandhi, go back to the same ploy? It is true there is loud public outcry in Tamil Nadu against the sufferings of Tamils in the war zones. But at the same time it is equally true that the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi has made it clear that this sympathy should not be equated with sympathy for the LTTE.

Of course the easiest option for the LTTE is to inflict maximum possible casualties, cut loose, and pull back its assets deep into the Wanni jungles. Then lie low for a while, shed the conventional uniform and go back to the guerrilla mode. That would mean further suffering and agony for everyone with more suicide bombings, blasts and mayhem everywhere including areas outside the war zone. A more logical thing to achieve a win-win situation would be to sit with Tamil politicians, evolve a face saving political formula to find a democratic solution. But can Prabhakaran, whose strong point had never been logical reasoning, pull such a surprise? I doubt it. And I like millions of others would be happy if he proves me wrong.

(Col. R Hariharan, a retired Military Intelligence specialist on South Asia, served as the head of intelligence of the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka 1987-90. He is associated with the South Asia Analysis Group and the Chennai Centre for China Studies. - Sri Lanka Guardian

tikira said...

Puthe.... pawme thamai umba wage ekek wadepu ganei ekite keliye mamai...ane anichche

Peter said...

Another example of how modayas try to fool fellow modayas is the guy posting Hariharan's articles.

peter said...

gontayas dad,

sori ma thama, oyata veradila,
mawa wadepu ganei ekite keliye oya nemei ane ae thamai VP, VP thamai mage kuku thatha.

oya nikan boru kiyana epa. ethatama mgae hora thatha thamai VP

chuti petiya VP.

peter said...

[TamilNet, Saturday, 01 November 2008, 02:30 GMT]
Velupillai Pirapaharan, the leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE), on Friday conferred Awards of Valour for Tiger commandos who excelled in their performance in the LTTE operation against the Sri Lankan Forces Vanni Headquarters (Vanni SF HQ) and the Tamileelam Air Force pilots and operators who took part in consecutive and successful flight operations of attack against the targets in the South and the bases of the Sri Lankan armed forces.

Mr. Pirapaharan awards a TAF airman [Photo: LTTE]The LTTE's TAF airmen who carried out five consecutive successful mission on Sri Lankan targets received the Blue Tiger Award (Neelap Puli Viruthu).

The Air Tiger pilots who had participated in three consecutive successful air attacks received the Warriors Award of Tamil Eelam (Thamizheezha Ma'ravar Viruthu) from Mr. Pirapaharan.

Kiddu artillery formation received special awards for their performance on the joint operation against the Sri Lankan Vanni SF HQ on September 09.

Several commanders of the LTTE and senior officials took part in the event, at an undisclosed venue in Vanni, where the LTTE leaders and commanders paid homage to the Black Tiger Commandos who laid down their lives on the offensive operation on Vanni headquarters of the Sri Lankan military in Vavuniyaa.

Infinity said...
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Infinity said...
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peter said...

Sinhala modayas see how we are going to achieve our Ellam

thiru said...

There is evidence merging that Prabhakaran has specifically trained thousands of cadres over the last two years and no one knows where they are going to attack first! I can't wait to see the look on mdhayas faces just like in the late 90's except it will be twice as bad for u guys this time. Again i really don't care if u believe it or not but you will know when it happens.

peter said...

Do you need some more

History said...

Great.. That is the way to go SLN..

We desperately need to hear a news like this from SLAF as well.. They are missing that creativity factory and also proactiveness.. A change is eminent..

I gave this link before too, but to whoever missed it..

It is only by outsmarting our enemy that we can win here and not by buying new weapons or equipments. If you choose the second, we can delay the next attack but cannot prevent it.

TAF vs SLAF - A Real Analysis

peter said...

Yes Thiru do you want to see them here is the link

peter said...

Sinhala modayas have you seen a PIG recently if not press this

Sam Perera said...

peter and thiru,

You guys are psychotic, one day you are big LTTE supporters and now you have become the fans of Sri Lanka. What made you to change your mind? Nevertheless we accept any LTTE member who is willing to join the main stream by laying down weapons and admitting to rehabilitation center.

Bless the ship abandoning LTTE rats!!

Sam Perera said...


Thanks for showing the most recent photo of Velu. However, your sun dog seems to be half embalmed. How are you going to pin it? Is he suffering from cycles acute constipation and SLAF induced diarrhea. May be it is time for you all to converge to fitness the last moment of your leader.

peter said...

Sam Perera have you seen my father

Kithul said...

Vezapilla's photos on toiletnet are fakes, photoshop edits.

look at the pillai himself, the same glum face, only dofference is the colour change, again on photoshop. anyone familiar with photoshop can identify that the figure has been cropped, the outline cut is distinct.

for those who are not afmiliar with photoshop look at the pillai's hand holding the 'hembiliya' - its' the same position. Look at his bent arm in relation to the stripes on his uniform - it's the same position in every photo

so he doesn't come out of his rathole even to present awards..

Sam Perera said...


Your papa's face and outlook seem to be very grim. The recent statements by Congress and Jayalalitha may have reached his ears. Also,he may have heard of the recent induction of the 63rd division and upcoming induction of the 64th division along with reconstituting 54th. It won't be funny when 53rd and 55th start rolling down. With no hopes from India and SLA growing by the day, you should go to Vanni, I mean Eelam right now. This may be your last chance to see the ever shrinking Eelam also. by the way, when fly Sri Lankan Airlines when you visit Eelam.

peter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peter said...

Looks like the modaya using my name has actually fooled another modaya. Not sure to laugh or cry at this stupidity.

Anyway, Sam, why are you "reconstituting 54th"? What happened to it?

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Thanks DW - for Updates..

SLN wayto go brothers...Jayaweawa... Ela-kiri...

Tamil who think educated but no knowladge of any thing...its cherry pop time for you!!!

modaya kicking educated tamil a55

Sam Perera said...


Check the EXIF tag of the photo the entire group of teras. Specifically look at the flash tag.

peter said...

Sam, when you vist Eelam next time, don't worry about Sri Lankan Airlines, you can fly by Tamileelam Air Force (TAF)

Sam Perera said...


You are very psychotic. You most certainly need immediate medical attention. Perhaps, you can save some money for yourself if you stop sending money for Charles Anhony's video games and internet porn downloads.

Annonymous said...

So far I have only one response - taht of Peter. Peter you are day dreaming. Your explanation misses many major points.

- Although in history tigers have recovered from major land losses, that has happened with some stupid military leadership decisions. This is where tigers are suffering mostly today. No lapses. No way to come back. If they can retaliate why are they not doing so?

- Mullaithiv as a smuggling point is greatly flawed given thorough SLN patrolling and Indian support in the straight. Mullathiv was used to smuggle weapons from deep sea ships sometime back. But bringing supplies from India to Mullaithiv is as hard as smuggling them thru military controlled regions. In any case my point is that the cake walks via Nachichikudah, and Vellankulam are over and Pooneryn will be over soon.

- About Pooneryn, you intelligent miss that smugglers are not using grand ships and they can do it within offensive ranges using fishing boats. It is you who know whether they do it or not. We only see the possibility to use it as a smuggling point which will soon be over.

- Inventory and its usage points are both at their best in today's battle front. In fact this accurate thinking, planning and anticipation has been the key in winning the war.

- But my point is that however strongly-willed and skilled you are, with a shot gun you are no match for your enemy with AK47. And this has been the next important reason for the defeat so far.

- As you said nobody in International community cares for sentiments. And that was precisely my point. The big rescue which many expected from the bigwig nations never came.

- Again you're right that big nations think of their safety more. In fact that's one reason why they are after your lads often. They have found your monkey tails wagging too much in their lands and stepped up catching the cussard lot of yours. That is thanks to the absolutely normal and innocent activities such as credit card theft, thuggery, mob, murder, extorting, threatening etc which you people conduct freely there. Thanks for your "good" behavior. Job is double easy for our lads.

- The "sudden unexpected event" has been attempted so many times. How did it fail? As you said it was expected, or rather anticipated. Tigers tried "ceaseless" waves few occasions, just to find that they are ceased in a short while. If we failed, then you'd call it a "surprise". So far in this war the room has not left for a breach and opportunity was not given for a surprise. So tigers kept on postponing it from Mavil Aru to Kilinochchi, which you can extend upto Mullathiv jungles. THAT is the truth. You're like kiddie minds that wait to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus who will never be. Dream on your "surprise".

- For public support in India, we dont care whether few chaps here and there support tigers, as long as the big govt and the states do not support them. And thanks to the previous returns tigers gave them and also thanks to the absolutely "intelligent" behvior of tiger supporters, we can be sure that official help is not coming in tigers' way. Still India has not reduced a single bit of support to diminish your madness.

- Regarding Black Tigers my point is the failure rate - Specially considering the amount getting arrested and amount that left the assigned duties. SLDF is doing great in not only catching the black tigers but also catching their operatives.

- And for big war winning, how many big wars have tigers won except for the one that continued during 1998-2001 period? That is the weakest time of our military leadership.

You have just uttered the dreams you're pumped by tiger media. Your "points" are mostly futuristic - nothing that happens as at now. That's why we call you guys daydreamers. Stop planning on uncontrolled "if" and unknown "when". See things as at now. Realization won't be that hard then after. After all you're of the "intelligent" race.

peter said...

Earlier I used to go to Dr Bala for treatments but now he is dead, now I am going to Ponna VP, he used to give me his favorite Red Bird treatment.

Sam Perera said...

peter dude,

I heard that Dr. Bala is veterinarian. Now I know why Velu and LTTE sought treatment from Dr. Balla.

Unknown said...

Tamil Nadu traders’ chief held for forcing shutdown (Lead)


Anonymous said...

# SLAF opposed for a seperate air-unit for SLN

# SLAF opposed SLA to aquire UAVs and SAMs

-diavaina (balla piduru kanneth na - kana gonata denneth ne)

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