Tuesday, January 6, 2009

LTTE now only in Mulaitivu

The narrowest battleground in Sri Lanka where hundreds fell in previous operations, Muhamalai and Kilali, were captured this afternoon along with elephant pass. Palai still remains uncleared. The 53 and 58 are squeezing in on Palai. LTTE seems to have abandoned the area and retreated.

The 53 Advanced into a 500m2 area initially at Kilali and Muhamalai without much LTTE resistance. The 58, by that time, had reached the lagoon area at EPS.

Meanwhile resistance in Mulaitivu is growing. On 1st January, a massive counter attack broke the 59 Div FDL. 24 Ratha Regiment cadres were killed and another 8 captured, who also later died. 18 soldiers were also killed.

The police Special Task Force and members of the now 41,000 strong Civil Defence Force were deployed to guard the rear of the 59. Fighting is expected to intensify in this area.

TF 3 and 4 are also advancing steadily towards Iranamadu, Puthukudiirippu and Mullayaveli. They will join the 59 in further trapping the LTTE, which is probably 1,000-1,500 strong in Mulaitivu now.


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Harsh said...
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Sanjeewa said...

on the verge of complete control of A9.. AWESOME!!

Observer said...

Super Duper !!

Thanks DW for the update !

Observer said...

Why not NagarKovil ?

Ananda-USA said...

Mahen's blog makes this incredible statement:

[Military and Human Rights conventions allow for the safe withdrawal of combatants in the face of enemy advances, however, the SLA did not adhere to these conventions and indiscriminately fired on the withdrawing guerrillas.]

What NONSENSE! Only people covered by the Geneva Convention are troops who lay down arms and surrender.

He is dreaming; making up rules as he goes along!

Cobra said...

DW, Thanks for the update. But please add more details....

Ajantha Jayasinghe said...

hey hey

where is the Mr Peeter?

Moshe Dyan said...


"Velu paetaw gaehuwath boru kamata naethi
Eka pita ekak digatama api thabana wedi
Puke gahang biyagulu koti ballalu
Bala Ali mankada Sakkili duwana haeti"

excellent, mate!

EPS fell yesterday.

Harsh said...

Great guys .Is Nugera in the action ?
now the time for mech infantry.
first time in our history this type of game . thanx lot for our heroes

Strategic Thinking said...

any ideas on the casuality figures?

Unknown said...

Brave SLA soldires
we salute you

where are the dumb pussycats now?
meaw meaw

Peter said...

Good morning patriots.

Unknown said...

No Capitol
No Land
Still a country?
No sh!t

Peter said...

Any fireworks planned in Colombo for upcoming Tamil New Year?

obama said...

Why are we still pushing them away. Its time to trap them and kill them in whole sale. We are asking for trouble if they surrender. Then we have to spend money on rehabilitation and what not. All the NGO and IC will descend on us. No POW's please. Kill all and dont allow them to fight another day.

Calvin said...

well done!!!
My beloved brothers!!

Unknown said...

Loosers will always be loosers

LTTPussies You never will amount to anything, you never were

deal with it

duzz said...

good news.. capturing EPS and NMK axis of evil is also a big milestone.

but im more concerned about the damage done to the terra outfit. LTTE casualties,arms captured etc..

if they just retreated with their cadres intact the threat lingers on. what happened to the 500+ cadres who were boxed in by the 58th and the 53rd?
if they just fell back to Puthu areas via chundikulam thats something to worry about cuz our forces will have to face a regrouped and rearmed force(who managed to flee NMK) in the coming months.And the 150000+ IDP count who are used as a HUman sheild makes the JOb harder cuz we wont have the privilege of using our 130mm's. The bottom line is we should take the opportunity to inflict maximum damage when we can without leaving it to another time. The theory of eliminating LTTE Manpower was probably what took us here and what gave the army the upper hand after 3 decades of fighting. we must stick to that.

Peter said...

LTTE started in '79 with the entire Tamileelam under Tamil administration. JRJ sent his forces to win the land bit by bit. After 30 years, JRJ's men have almost got all the land.

Observer said...

Sri Lanka guardian appears to be a very "cheap" site. I heard that its run by RAW agents ..but dunno the truth..

They are copy/pasting from all the blogs without even mentioning from where that was taken.

Today it has fallen to a pathetic low by publishing Mehen Jokers story of rescue mission and war convention lies.

duzz said...


my thoughts exactly!

Raptor said...

Peter Ponnadurai, go and write some trash on your stupid blog saying you tactically withdrew and will be back bla bla bla.

And Mahen has some hope that retreating terrorists still bearing arms are covered by the Geneva convention. Its a case of pot calling the kettle black, the LTTE continuously engaged withdrawing SLA soldiers during EPS 2000.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Wonderful news. Such a treat to eyes when you’re bored with staled news full of worthless debating whether to have rice or bread for dinner [or some other things like that].

Yesterday Rama reported from the abandoned bull dozer where Gamini Kularatne sacrificed his life. SoEPS was just at eye sight. Now it seems that they have reached there. As K-M-N has pushed the enemy to Pallai, my guess is that gap is at maximum 5km between two fronts. And this means there can’t be many sandwiched in between. Whoever was there must have fled via Iyakachchi which is another 1 km or two from EPS. I hope EPS will be mere consolidation in another so called “ghost” town. However still we should be extremely cautious.

It is obvious that they all gather to one place. I’m sure at least some of the guns were moved to Chundikulam [specially during night]. Death for pussycat movement in imminent but only concern is at what cost to our brave hearts. Very important how they manage the toughest task of all.

Who will be the first to get there? I guess Shaveendra & Co will reach the final battle ground first.

With every blessing, victory to SLDF !!!

Kasun Tharaka said...

Thanks DW

Looking forward for more details...

All Hail for SLDF

Peter said...

SLG published some homosexual reports and put writer's name as Peter Ratnadurai


Unknown said...

Harsh. I think Col.Nugera is still out of action.DW earlier reported that Mech's are led by Col.Nugera's second Udaya Herath.

DW please quote on this as I was trying to search more and more about the Mech unit.

P.S - Mahen's blog stated that Mech unit was lead by some 1 who is not so experienced since Nugera was out,and Army Commandment is in some doubt to deploy the Mech's.
DW need some answer's.

1 thing will be sure..Col.Nugera will be back... And he will be back in a mejestic way to end 4rth ELAM WAR.

duzz said...

@ peter

"LTTE started in '79 with the entire Tamileelam under Tamil administration. JRJ sent his forces to win the land bit by bit. After 30 years, JRJ's men have almost got all the land."

after 30 years of meaningless war and after 70000 deaths what did u achieve?

Peter said...

after 30 years of meaningless war and after 70000 deaths what did u achieve?

Observer said...


"after 30 years of meaningless war and after 70000 deaths what did u achieve?"

Go in front of a mirror and ask yourself

duzz said...

we are achieving freedom from a ruthless bloodthirsty pack of inhumans lead by a psychopath.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Guys, how can they "Trap" anyone in EPS as long as there is an alternative road starting right from the middle of it [Iyakachchi-Chundikulam]?

EPS can never be a harvesting ground. Best two harvesting grounds were Kili and Mula. We lost one as we won the town, and other is still at large, but we need to box them from Puthi side and TF3/TF4 has to move there first.

My ideas is that we should leave Mula as their dilemma and try to tae Puthu soon. That will divide their force and reduce our casulaties.

Anyway, soon 53/55 super powers will join the fireworks.

Prabu said...

ela ela ela A9 is open now

Unknown said...

Yo LTTPussies who taught you how to fight? Paris hilton would do a better job.

sad sad bunch

Banuka said...

Hats off SLA.....
DW more info please..

duzz said...

@ sujeewa..

i thought only the 53rd was moving south.. i expect the 55th to be stationed for defensive purposes. I think its a good move cuz we must not let any error that would jeopardize the security of jaffna. im not saying that LTTE will retake jaffna.. but even a failed attack would severely effect the psycology of the civilian population.

duzz said...

@ pussytiger

"Yo LTTPussies who taught you how to fight? Paris hilton would do a better job."

lmao dude... Paris hilton!! thats priceless.. :D:D

im gonna use that phrase from now on like i made it up myself :P :P

Ajantha Jayasinghe said...

Peeter You loos, Gota, Mahinda, Sarath Fonseka won :)

Mahina is the Great,

Great Parakramabahu become after finishing 14 year war, but Great Mahinda Rajapaksha will come after defeating 30 year war,

so that is why Mahinda is the Great.

Sam Perera said...

According to Stoptero at LNP,

"EP now being captured, RAW plane scanning North - west - east coasts, Indian Navy special ops in Trinco, Kachativu - court says give it back, Tamil Jokers concerned of all the indian activity in North."

Finally, Indian Navy joins the foray. What about little bit of support from IAF to smoke out the remaining rats?

Hiranthe said...

This is great stuff.

Ohoma yang Rana Wiruwane!

We are all grateful to you all

Thank you DW for the hot hot update

GutiKewa - ගුටි දෙනවා said...

Observer said...

"Why not NagarKovil ?"

According to Army.lk map, it's been liberated. You will see pink dot there.

ICT Consortium said...

Great News, Well done SL Army,

Pls any one let me know who is CO of Special force,

Is that Brigadier Savendra Silva ?

duzz said...

special forces soldiers are commanded by the CO of the division they are attached to

ICT Consortium said...

Thanks duzz

Observer said...


"Also great work regular forces who holded :) muhamalai with small arms all this time.

I'm sure they will be holdeding to their current hiding place for some time until SLA arrives and the great leader gives orders to systemetically vacate"

Must admit this is classic..!!

NOLTTE=Peace said...


I personally know Udaya Herath, and he is one of very capable persons. He is one of the most determined and sharp persons I have seen, who never gives up on anything he undertakes. He wants to deliver, and surely LTTE will feel his delivery in absence of Col Nugera.

In person Udaya is witty as hell and a master of Sinhala Literature, History, etc and a good debater, which you do not expect to find from a hardened military person.

Certainly, Udaya Herath will do a great job.

ReallyCold..... said...

Victory march for EPS and Killi liberation - shameless.

" Jan 06, Colombo: Sri Lanka's main opposition United National Party (UNP) urged the people to gather at Hyde Park grounds tomorrow to pressure the government for another price reduction in fuel.

Tissa Attanayake, General Secretary of the party said that this is the most valuable moment to reduce the fuel prices again as the forces are reaching the end of the battles in North. "

Mohammed Zubair said...

Good morning patriots.

Mohammed Zubair said...

How many miles to EPS?

Mohammed Zubair said...

How many laps?

Mohammed Zubair said...

That was one heck of a mile.

frackster said...

[after 30 years of meaningless war and after 70000 deaths what did u achieve?]
1.made sure you and others work in the toilet business

2.made sure that your toilet money was wasted

3.made sure your next generation is bitting the dust

4.made sure to bust your eelam dream right in the center

5... made sure that what you paid for and others died for never to come true and push it back to square 1

now think before you talk, and if you say history will repeat :) then son from your own logic ... 30 yrs from now you will be in square 1 again :)

Mohammed Zubair said...

Where is our counting monkey gone today? Peter, I just did you job for you.

Ra said...

Who gives internal details to RW ponnaya?


Defence Column said...

# Naval troops intercept with LTTE group, an LTTE body found
Click here

# 67 civilians flee from LTTE tyranny; seek protection with security forces - Wanni
Click here

# Troops overrun LTTE's 2nd line of defence at Muhamalai: Scores killed in fighting- Jaffna
Click here

# SPUR salutes valiant soldiers over victory of Kilinochchi
Click here

# Sri Lanka seizes key rebel defense line in north
Click here

Chinthana4Lions said...

Ok what happend to the 500+ tigers were trapped in EPS? they escaped, or did we killed them all?

its so unclear...please some one shed some light on this

Mahen said...

Hey Mr Chintana,

Many Tigers safely vacated from EPS. Very few casualties.

Infinity said...

"On Tuesday, government forces took full control of Muhamalai and forced the rebels to fall back about 600 yards (meters) to another defense line, military spokesman Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara said.

The rebels offered less resistance than usual in the area, he said.

"They are withdrawing step by step," he said."


So I guess that the 3rd line is still under LTTE control. It is an advance, not a rout (yet).

velluprabhakaran said...

yea, escaped to hell with the help from SLA.

Mahen said...

Hey Madams,

If you claim that its a rout, where are the bodies eh? In fact where ARE the bodies from the "victories" in Kili, Nachchikuda, Pooneryn and Paranthan? SERIOUSLY, where are they???

Show us the evidence before you make empty claims nitwits.

Defence Column said...

# Opposition Leader belittles Kilinochchi victory
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# Pillaiyan’s Trgedy
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# Preserve every piece of information found in LTTE Peace Secretariat
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# Battle for Eelam shifting to battle for Tamil Nation State
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# Thirumavalavan blasts New Delhi for sending Indian Naval Personnel to Mullaiththeevu
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ReallyCold..... said...


" after 30 years of meaningless war and after 70000 deaths what did u achieve?"

This is the wrong question.

The right question should be,

" after 30 years of meaningless war and after 35000 deaths what did u achieve?"

Killing 35,000 of yours since it takes two hands to clap and both sides are guilty of killing.

Unknown said...


Watever traps have maken by SLA, LTTE will escape.


Finally SLA captured or to be captured LTTE FDL in the Kilali - Mukamaalai - Nagarkovil FDL.

The fighters were in that FDL already moved to Wanni. These fighters will come back soon.

Chinthana4Lions said...

No news about Colonel Ralph Noguera yet, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr nothing i can find about him recently....

ReallyCold..... said...

Hey Madams,
If you claim that its a rout, where are the bodies eh? In fact where ARE the bodies from the "victories" in Kili, Nachchikuda, Pooneryn and Paranthan? SERIOUSLY, where are they???"

It is like you are in a long boxing match and you have been knoked out at the last round.
You touch your nose and show the hand to the opponent and ask, "dude, where is the blood?"

You have a severe disease in your brain and it is contagious.

Chinthana4Lions said...

ya may be we let them escaped, in to one tight spot, so we dont have to spare much ammo to kill them, one 122mm shot, bang............we have hundreds of dead ltte carders :)


Chinthana4Lions said...

its the matter of mech unit comes in to action, then the big fireworks begins

Mahen said...

Mr Chintana,

Your mech unit is refusing to come the party. Ever since Ralph Nugera was put out of action by the LTTE, the mech unit is too afraid to go into battle without him. He he he.

Chinthana4Lions said...


Thats big negative, no one is afraid here, we are just waiting for the right time, mech unit is in reserve..

What we learnt is ltte like surprises, so we are going to give ltte a big one, when the time is right...........

Bhairav said...

Mahen Shut the F**k up. You idiot we lost EPS, can't you understand. typical europian Tamil.

Raptor said...

Mahen my furry little friend dont you worry, even without our 'scared' mech infantry we are coming for Thalaivar and you and the rest of your friends.

And there are no bodies of your friends to show cuz most of them were blasted to pieces when they were hit by and assorted mix of MBRL rockets/tank shells/Mi-24 attacks and MiG/Kfir bombs. Cant show fingers and toes no!

Raptor said...

Hahahaha Ponnadurai and Mahen are fighting!

Pundeyeelam said...

Peter you are the Idiot. Typycal UK gay tamil.

Defencewire said...

Nugera was injured some time back and now at a base near Colombo. He has a carbon copy, a younger version. His name is Udaya Herath.Excellent officer

Bhairav said...

Our camps are falling to singala chenna boys and you are not sirious.

velluprabhakaran said...


updated defense.lk map. LTTE area shrinking faster than prabha's balls on a cold day.

Pundeyeelam said...

No wonder singala racists call us toilet cleaners.

Peter said...

Best solution is to have Charles anthony as our leader.

Mahen Peter stop fighting. Fall of EPS is nothing to panic

Defence Column said...

# Colombo shows the way
Click here

# Better late than LTTE
Click here

Chinthana4Lions said...


Thanks for the update. Col Nugera wont be returning to action soon then......

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot, NOLTTE=Peace.
I didnt try to down grade our CO Udaya Herath.
I just quoted from Mahen's blog.Our Leaders are million times better than these Rat's.

To others about our commanding officers.
TF1[58 division now] - Brig. Shavindra silva
TF2-Brig. Rohana Bandara
TF3-Brig. Satyapriya Liyanage
TF4-Colonel Nishantha Wanniarachchi
57th Division - Maj. General Jagath Dias
59th Division - Brig. Nandana Udawatta

I want DW to fill in 53 and 55 Div's,
Since it changed during sometime last year,

And DW, thanks for the Details about Col.Nugera. He will be back..... mark my words.:)


Chinthana4Lions said...


Thanks for the info, ya lets hoe Col Nugera's return soon...

Unknown said...

congratz and hats off for our sinhala heros!!!!

there was an attack on 'koti sirasa' at depanama. good job for the moment who ever did that.

but the big target shud be capitol maharaja, the big cash pump for LTTP.
we can knock him out in a similar way people did to seylan bank.

Unknown said...

hay mahen ,
go to your own blog and check what has happened.. ppl are laughing at you for u r genewa conventions and rescue of 500 carders from a single boat...ha ha ha !!! and u are trying to hide here...
comom man answer the questions in u r own blog before posting here !!!

Unknown said...

1 more thing...
I should say these leaders are the best,I mean the best out of the lot.In the past we had good Leaders in war(Remembering Maj General Denzil Kobbakaduwa),but certain dark force's didn't wanted some other ends.Its the past.

But what matters now is All our guns are blazing.... Politics + Armed force's Are going to the same Goal.
And beleive me These are the best leaders at the correct place doing their job.I know this personally from sources who work in the Armed force's.
ex - Brig Shavindra Silva & Maj Gen Jagath Dias have Shown what we Srilankans are made of.
This Vid is a tribute Our Heroes.



Mahen said...

STF and CDF gaurding the rear of the 59th! Ha ha ha ha ha, LOL, LOL, LOL. LTTE will retake the areas sooner than you think with these clowns in charge.

Bhairav said...

Last few posts from Mahen and Peter are from fake IDs.

Bhairav said...

These blogs are quickly losing the credibility bcoz of the fake ids.

Pundeyeelam said...

Get out you fake Bhairav.
go and listen to your singala tv.

Strategic Thinking said...

There is a nice interview with Gen Sarath Fonseka on swarnavahini right now... he is tearing the UNP jokers arguments to pieces..one by one...


Bhairav said...

I was just trying to help you moron(Mahen)

Unknown said...

Mahen, Oh Mahen... Brother,

You missed 1 part of in your last post. Last time I checked the original post said 41000 Troops Of STF and the CDF.So please when your quoting something do it properly.

Gosh your beginning to sound like a politician.But keep em' coming... makes this blog fun.Because we are enjoying our triumphant s.

Bhairav said...

oh man chena boys are into role plays after hacking into IDs.

Pundeyeelam said...

Idont want your help. you go and help Our EPS bros. for other you can chek my new updates at my blog.

Unknown said...

And Mahen do you ever thought of the strength of 59th division?.
I'll just give you a HINT.Thats the Biggest of our Divisions.

To Go through the 59th......... not in this infinity...im not kidding!!!

elakiri said...


Machan, umbe blog eka Ela blog eka ooi.
Please carry on...
I'm visiting tamilnet.tv for my daily dose of laugh. But once your blog came to life I never went there! (What an achievement).

Die ass pora guys,
please go to mahen's blog machanla. Please put more suger into the cake stories and let us enjoy more and more!
I'm reading all comments... wow !

Ela pawsi.........

By the way... Bhanu maalu baana picture ekanam maru ooi..
Please don't change that. First impression is very crucial.

Bhairav said...

For the fake Bhairav, stop this ok.
After taking over Kili and EPS now taking over our ID's as well. typical Ethnical cleansing.

Peter said...

Hey Singala boys check out the evidence. This is how our female brigades treat your Chenna boys. ha..ha...come to mulaitive our girls will treat you like this.

Latest Video

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Agree. We ought to keep one unit at K-M-N. Ending this is not necessarily a matter of days for us. We waited 30yrs and we can wait for another couple of months. What we need is no room for foul play.

Although they can not win or hold anything, Pussycats will try any opportunity to comply the amount of bloodshed to be shipped to diaspora via punnakku news in order to get the funding for next year. Whatever result they gain in reality, there is the PhotoshopTigers and diaspora henchmen [like Mahen] to create Punnakku news out of that. SLDF should be very careful.

Blucher said...

Ralph Nugera seems to have the unfortunate strait of attracting artillery strikes. I remember he was injured in an arti strike made at the inauguration of Mech Infantry Brig.

He maybe a good commander but perhaps he is not a lucky one and that as Napoleon said is the most important thing. After all we don't need to look beyond Fonseka to see the importance of luck.

elakiri said...

ooi upul ...

Thamuse maara weda ooi karanne...
mamath mee haraka wage redtube link eka open kala new tab ekaka... Office eke indan
Puka denawa...!

Ayeth me wage links daanakota OWC kiyala daapan!

Brave1 said...


I wana use your words...and I like those words.....let me see

LTTE MF is Fucked....ass fucked...

mater pater...sis...bro of LTTE all fucked...ass fucked....

Time to hit the VODKA+kahlua

must give the tamil servant I have at home a freeday...


I want the b

Gringo said...

[24 Ratha Regiment cadres were killed and another 8 captured, who also later died]

Now that's, my boy, is the way to go.



Brave1 said...

actually I have three tamil servants...one cook one to clean..one for the garden...

Cheers...black rusian....wooow...

and may be "long Island" tomorrow..

Gringo said...

I don't find words to describe the amazing achievements by our world-class troops.

How on earth they can dismantle a 25 year old de-facto state, fighting a golden-globe award winning, fearsome 'fighting' force... within just 3 years????

Man... this operation is truly going into not only Mahawansa... but also to military manuls.

Take a bow, SLDF... you are our ALL TIME HEROS!

But... wait.... "Kill More... Ahieve More!"

perein said...

Can we please start to publish some greate songs / Kavi etc. like below?


There is no better time than now for those.

Brave1 said...


there was a time...there was a period...

where....in one leading MBS program they used LTTE & Praba as a case study....

That MBA is also fucked...


Look at the yo yo.s
Money..for nothing...LTTE Chicks for free....

We got the armies...
we got the land back....

VP should have learnt to play the HMG....
That didn't work...

we got the armies...star armies...

(sorry guys...don understand my jubilations)

Mahen said...

Ralph Nugera is ravving up his life support engine in a hospital in colombo!

Modayas will always be modayas.

KillerT said...


Sujeewa Kokawala said...

ReallyCold: On UNP march

UNP has gone mad. Seriously they were not this crazy ever. In fact they have found Mahinda too big for them and don't see anything beyond Mahinda. Since Mahinda is the president of SL, they attack SL shamelessly thinking that is a way to attack Mahinda.

Nevertheless, in my view, RW should be protected and defended as leader of UNP. Thanks to him all the patriots gathered under one flag. Thanks to him we realized the value of winning the war. Thanks to him the little supported MR could build a strong govt. And as long as he's in the leadership of UNP, he guarantees that UNP is in opposition and he will indirectly strengthen the patriotic camp very much.

To realize the value of freedom you ought to live under slavery, to realize the value of victory you have to be defeated first up. In 2002 RW brought defeat to us via CFA and started a semi-slavery [especially for SLDF] where they had to bear up harassment and provide transport to likes of Anton Bala, Thamilselvam etc.

RW, thank you very much for opening the eyes of our nation by throwing cold water into the sleeping nation.

KillerT said...

Guys ,
Does SLA posses that kind of sophisticate equipment to call for air support?And what do you guys think about Mahens latest invented infiltration attempt??

Nirmana said...


Can any one access Tamilnut....?

Seems silent for a while...!

sach said...

Nice work by the SLA !
I was thinking about our previous attempts at Muhamalai and was wondering whether those previous high casuality operations were really necessary in the long run, and whether it would have been better to have concentrated on small team tactics till EPS fell ?

Brave1 said...

NOW..NOW.why do u need fucked up Tamil NUT....

Hit the bottle frnd

U want to have a glass of Black Rusian....


Blucher said...

"I should say these leaders are the best,I mean the best out of the lot.In the past we had good Leaders in war(Remembering Maj General Denzil Kobbakaduwa),but certain dark force's didn't wanted some other ends.Its the past.

But what matters now is All our guns are blazing.... Politics + Armed force's Are going to the same Goal.

And beleive me These are the best leaders at the correct place doing their job.I know this personally from sources who work in the Armed force's.
ex - Brig Shavindra Silva & Maj Gen Jagath Dias have Shown what we Srilankans are made of."

We have always had great combat commanders such as Denzil Kobbekaduwa, Vijaya Wimalaratne, Lucky Algama, Janaka Perera, Sarath Fonseka, Percy Fernando (Deputy GOC of 54 Div at EPS who died fighting unlike Egodawela who managed to escape).

The problem was that the army commanders - Cecil Waidyaratne, Gerry Silva, Rohan Daluwatte, Srilal Weerasooriya and Lionel Balagalle were absolutely useless. Shantha Kottegoda was entirely during CFA so it is unfair to comment on him. Not to forget Field Marshall Von Paulus Anurudda Kora Ratwatte as Military Masterfool

Sarath Fonseka is the first commander in a long time who has had the confidence to put the best commanders in charge of troops and let them get on with the job rather than keeping them out of the way in admin jobs. If Srilal was in charge today, Jagath Dias and Shavendra Silva would be in charge of Cooking and the Marching Band.

In the traditional manner of the SLA, Shavendra Silva has no right commanding a combat division as he is 45th in terms of seniority. Remember the newspapers who accused Fonseka of favouritism in choosing his commanders. Well he chose on ability not seniority.

KillerT said...

Do u guys believe the statement that LTTP strength is 1000-1500 cadres?

Blucher said...

Guys please give RanilW credit for one thing about the CFA. It made sure that the last 3 years of Lionel Balagalle's time as Army Commander was free of conflict. Otherwise our FDL may have been pushed back to Anuradhapura.

Unknown said...

Special forces work under their attached division commander.But special forces commander is Brigedier Niumal Dharmarathna.Was a Good ruger player from Kandy. Brig.Shravendra silva also from Kandy.

In a division there are so many regiments fight. Signal,Commandos,SF,Infantry,Arty,
Armered tanks,engineers,service corp,Medis,Transport,ordenance,...etc.

Now you are talking about lttp commandos.Hmmmmmmmmmm earlier you were talking about imran p,charlce a,......etc.What happened to all.Every time another testical withdraw men.
How you became an expert about Geneva convention.I think you are really great when you are sleeping.Worst case is when you wake up you start writting all dreams you saw.

What to do my friend??????

Thundering typhoon.Blistering barnacles.

Pundeyeelam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gringo said...


[Why are we still pushing them away. Its time to trap them and kill them in whole sale. We are asking for trouble if they surrender. Then we have to spend money on rehabilitation and what not. All the NGO and IC will descend on us. No POW's please. Kill all and dont allow them to fight another day.


Now that's words of wisdom. Only trouble, pressure and cost will come our way... if we take POWs… try to talk to mad dogs.

They must be killed... or 'arrange' accidents to be killed.

Do not repeat past mistakes... please.

Always remember the 'Camel in the tent'* story when dealing with unfaithful Tamil terrorists and separatists.

* We learned it in Kindergarten, right?

Brave1 said...


some one is trying a long shot to give credit to RW...


keep it up...u have a uphill taks

Brave1 said...

...is there any more people who want to give credit to RW...

I'm going to order some REDBULL for you guys...so tell me fast...may be you need some thing more potent...

tell me...I'm in a mood to be hepfull.

Strategic Thinking said...


I would think the ground troops will communicate with the central site (command center) before calling in the airforce bombers... there probably is some military protocol that dictates the need for someone at the command center to approve the drop ?

but maybe i have watched to many movies... :) maybe someone who has first hand experience can enlighten us all?

Mahen's seems to be dreaming up these stories while waiting for clients to come and ask him about a house to rent...

with the housing market down in the dumps...he has a lot of time to day dream...

Sam Perera said...


Blucher made a sarcastic comment. Take it easy.


Unknown said...

Blucher ,
well said bro.I want to add 1 more name to the Our Hroic Leader's list Maj. Laki Wijeratna.Who died at Trinco in 92.

P.S - I have little doubt whether we should add Maj Gen Vijaya Wimalaratne in that Group because of some facts regarding the death of Lt-Gen Denzil Kobbekaduwa. Lets keep that aside as i dont want to comment about those things in a public forum.

As i said earlier we had some dark patch's in our past, But what matters is we are ever so powerful now and we are in our A game.

Mohammed Zubair said...


Yes, we do possess equipment to call in air strikes. That is the job of forward air controllers and spotters. The technology to call in air strikes has been in place since WWII, there is nothing sophisticated about it! Although I am almost certain that we have the equipment to call in air strikes from rotary winged aircrafts (helicopters), I am not entirely sure whether we have the equipment to call in strikes from fixed winged aircraft. Rotary and fixed wing use different methods of communication. In any case, the controllers can call in any type of air strikes by communicating with the command centre who relay it to the SLAF bases. It gets interesting when the guys on the ground call in strikes from loitering Mi-24 gunships (it happens frequnelty)!

Unknown said...

And I highly believe if Lt-Gen Denzil Kobbekaduwa RWP RSP VSV USP was alive this war would never be in year 2008, infact this war would have been finished in late 92 or for sure in 1993.
Again saying what matters is the present.Lets hope for a better tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Lt Gen Balagalla had to stay away because of the CFA and he had to sit alone with lttp MF's because of RW and then Def sec who took a bag of apple to see terrorist pulidevan.

But i have great respect for him and MI Director Maj.Gen Hendrawitharana.They are one who initiated LRRP teams/Ops.During those days only vesapillei first started shitting on his panty.

Mahen said...


Ha ha ha ha ha, lol, lol, lol! Only two bodies found in the Muhamalai front and only one confirmed kill in Killaly. Seriously madams, where are the bodies, where are the casualties???!!! The MKN fronts are manned by 100s if not 1000s of cadres, when I said that they all got rescued or withdrew safely you were laughing at me. Even your own propoganda site is mentioning only 3 confirmed kills! Now who is giving accurate info eh?

Gringo said...

Yako failed state ekak kohomada mehema gahanne?

Aiyyo Mommy... Mommy... who is shrinking our cute little Elaam?

Peter puthey... Give your ar*se more and more to B Fein... he will sue Sri Lankans ... and get us our banana republic.

Give... Give...Give...

Or else....

Brave1 said...


Heroes...man...heroes galore...

From the soldier..carrying weapons..to their loved one at home...all are heroes...

What we can do is to feel humbled..with that this type of magnanimity....

As I said before...it is increasing becoming our turn...our turn to safe guard the hard won freedom....as this vistory could be squandered within a night..by our ponsy leaders...

So we need deterrence...like deterrence used during the COLD WAR...our set of ICBMS...

We need to look for them.and safe gaurd them..

hemantha said...

Some Information About Lt Col Ralph Nugera

From June last year until recently he was commanding TF 2 in Vavunia (not Mech. Inf. Regiment in Muhamalai as Mahen indicates). Yes, he was injured but in 2007 due to 130 mm artillery fire. He had to undergo some operations time to time. There is no evidence to indicate that he is injured again.

“The SLA expected the mechanized infantry brigade to virtually walk over EPS, however the mech brigade's leader - Ralph Nugera - was seriously injured by LTTE arti fire. With Nugera convalescing in hospital, the mech brigade has suffered a severe blow as the new leader has very limited battle experience, therefore, the mech brigade is being kept out of action for fear of major setbacks due to inexperienced leadership.”
Mahen’s BS

“The Task Force I was deployed on 23.09.2007 at Silawaturai under the command of Brigadier Chagi Gallage and now has advanced to Poonaryn under the leadership of Brigadier Shavindra Silva, while the Task Force II which began on 14.06.2008 from Vilayatikulam, under Colonel Ralph Nugera is now in Omanthai under Brig. Rohana Bandara.

Bottom line 12/31”

“Army Task Force II to Open New Battle Front
AS GROUND TROOPS continue the military thrust on the Wanni defences the Sri Lanka Army is planning to further increase the pressure on the LTTE, mooting plans to form Task Force - II to open a new battle front from the East of A-9 road from the Mundimurippu area.
Initial steps have been taken to from this Task Force appointing Brigadier Ralph Nugera as the General Officer Commanding of the Task Force - II. Seven battalions have already been allocated for the Task Force -II.”

Lanka Dakshina said...

Mohammed Zubair My Friend

Rotary wing air craft are used in west as a hobby for rich men to fly and do air dives.

Aparently the PTTE air "kurumbati force" was formed by sending some english speaking "tigers" and renting the light air crafts 200£ an hour in Oxford based Air entertainment company

and these offshore buffoloes call it an "Air Tiger Brigade"

Dont they look like a real PTTE >?

Unknown said...






Brave1 said...


Well said....

We faught because we were right

Gringo said...

Hey LTTE coolies... why don't you take some placards and stand on Scarborough, ON Canada... and ask the MPs who got your vote promising to send b-52 bombers to bomb Motherlanka.. and create Elaam?

Too cold, eh? -15C?

he... he... he... OK OK... wait for the next 20/20 cricket match to show your placards!

In the meantime... grind your teeth when see we beat you 'easily' in your VERY OWN GAME... TERROR!

Brave1 said...

In this moment I need to mention few people I believe continued the flame..of belief...

The these people always believe that Tamil Separatism was wrong and it was only a terror movement...lot of people laughed a them...

1. SL Gunersekara
2. Champika
3. Rathana Hamuduruwo
4. Wimal

..and the list goes on and on...

...their strong stance...their..strong belief...was instrumental...in all of this...

Once the war stared...it was smooth sailing.

Brave1 said...

"This moment in Sri Lanka’s troubled history vindicates Mr Rajapaksa’s decision to formally abrogate the ceasefire with the LTTE in January 2008; it also establishes the reputation of Army Chief Sarath Fonseka as one of the great Generals of the 21st century."

well said...oh yeah...oh yes.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

VP 149 KG's (as at 07-01-09)

VP's Pressure level 134 93

Mulla 1 Kissing KM
EPS 0.00 KM
Puthu 1 KM

Lalith Kuruwita said...

VP 149 KG's (as at 07-01-09)

VP's Pressure level 134 93

Mulla 1 Kissing KM
EPS 0.00 KM
Puthu 1 KM

Mahen said...

Nadula erikilla thalai wargaellai prachunai surukavei mudicgei poirum.
aporum nangal maruwa Yale Paname pudichi kurame.
Nengal aduth katai ningal eggoloadi nalla samageya errungal.

Syler said...

Iranamadu airstrip liberated?


Unknown said...

I have to do some correcting.Col.Nugera was injured during the inauguration of the mech Brigade,last year.I do agree with that. I agree that he was leading along side Brig Chagi Gallage's TF1, but that was before he was injured.
And after he sustained injuries it was very difficult to find some news about him.

What DW said about him in colombo should be true because Mech's[still not deployed] are lead by Col Udaya Herath..Because i truly believe if Col nugera was back in the front he would surely lead his Co:, Because he was the 1 who built it.

These reports you have read are the web articles which were written long before.Some web site's lack the detailed date's.
he will be back......

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

1. SL Gunersekara
2. Champika
3. Rathana Hamuduruwo
4. Wimal

Let me add most of JVP, NFF, Manel Mal, PNM, JHU, SU into the list.

Leaving behind my political differences let me state a good deed of them.

When SF was bombed and Nanda M was acting as commander Pussycats blocked the sluice gate. SL govt had only started tit-for-tat air raids after SF attack, but was in no mood of war. I've heard that Nanda M was a weaker lad and that is why Pussycats attemoted SF and late Parami K who were the ranks in either side of him, in order to make him Commander. Well he was the acting Commander anyway.

It was those patriotic nationalists who marched to Mavil Aru. I am sure it would have been foolish if they were allowed to walk in. But the fact they walked intending to open the gate unless SLDF would do it was the closest reason for Nanda M to initiate the operation. SF was not the one who cut the ribbon of this phase IV or whatever.

I'm sure that SF and GR were getting ready for war, but for whatever reason it was started as a pledge to the patriots who risked their lives to walk to the sluice gate.

Let me salute them, although I disagree with their politics.

SWij-USA said...

SF final statergic plan should be this:
(1) Push remaining LTTE pigs at K-M-N , EPS and Mulative to thin stretch from Mulative to Chundikulam
(2) Have cut off trops on N, SE and South of this thin stretch across Jaffna Lagoon- No need to chase them any further.
(3) Have SLN encircle NE and SW blocking all sea escape routes
(4) Cut fire lanes on N, SE of the thin stretch ( ChundiKulam-Mulative) to prevent fire spreading to main land
(5) Set fire to the jungle

LTTE pigs will unable to stand heat will simply walk into our cutoff troops or those who wish to stay put will get roasted themselves for the acts commited in Sri Mahabodhi and Kent farm massacers.

Can blame nature for wild bruch fire or accidental man made fire.

Can save lot of SF casualties and AF leathal Cargo.

Blucher said...

Non-Tamils can't buy land in the Northern Province? WTF...now that is a violation of fundamental rights.

Unknown said...

Well done SLA!!! You Guys rocks!

Btw, Please do not argue with Mahen, Upul and Peter...We should feel pitty fro them.
They all are going under a long hard time DIGESTING their leader's Promises and their
heroic idiotic sayings. So Its all Natural for them to Blame all of us in Return...:D

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Iranamadu airstrip liberated?

Domino indeed

Unknown said...


hemantha said...

He was commanding TF 2 (not Tf1) from June 2008. (That means very recently).
Mahen has no base for his claim about RN.

Unknown said...

What i meant was.... Col Nugera started the Fight{4th eelam war or "The WAR" we are going to kick some rat's arse's} along side {with }Col.Chagi Gallage's TF1,Yes i do agree that he led TF2.

Check this link,you will understand.


Check the Pic below.

Gringo said...

For the LTTE coolies and those foreign vultures having 'designs' for one of the most strategically located country, anyone standing TALL next to Motherlanka is a 'hardliner'... 'racist'... 'nationalist'... 'extremist'... etc.

Some scoundrals still refer to our president as a 'hardliner'...

These bast*rds target our mind... influencing us to insult the country and its leaders... and some of us fell into that trap.

Identify the objective of these words... Beware of their hidden motives.

Ananda-USA said...


Here you go, my friend..the best of Lanka in honour of our Bravehearts at the frontlines:

Ratna Deepa Jhanma Bhumi
Lanka Deepa Vijaya Bhumi
Me' Ape' Udaara Wu
Mathru Bhumi-yayi
Mathru Bhumi-yayi

Aadi Sinhale' Vira Meemuthun Layin
Saara Wu Udaara Wu
Mathru Bhumiyayi
Mathru Bhumiyayi

Manyakayase' Pologabee' Nidhana Vee
Aththe' Ae' Atheetha Du Puthun
Jathiye' Naamayen Sangrama Bhumiye'
Jeewithe' Puda Heluu Lay Kandai

Ganga Tharanga Raawa Dee Ridee Mathin
Mal Pipee Kulen Kulen Hapee
Gayana Karanne' Aakasaye' Nagee
Virayange' Ae' Yaso Geethayayi

Sindhupamana Wavu Thala Mathin Adee
Padma Renuwen Sugandha Vee
Ran Karal Namaa Namaa
Sith Prabhodayen Puraa
Enne' Un Helu Prana Vayuwen

ReallyCold..... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Col.Nugera was injured in 2007 feb.
TF2 was deployed in 2008 june-july as I rememeber.But I read{from DW} that he had to go through a lot of operations during that time.

So that should be the reason for his absence....
And as i heard{DW} his predecessor is a carbon copy of him,And a battle harden Leader himself.Col Udaya Herath. So he will do his Job.

Mahen... watch what'll happen..btw your blog is working its way to become the best Comedy of 2009.
And of course you the Best comedian.
So........work on that bro.

ReallyCold..... said...

Blogger ReallyCold said...

During early days, Tamil mouthpieces against Sinhalese were very loud.

When they used words like 'Discrimination', 'oppression', 'chauvinism', etc.. that sent chills along the spines of Sinhalese and made them speechless.

I remember reading SL Gunersekara writing (By the way he is not a Buddhist I believe) and getting inspired. He had the perfect arguments against Tamil diaspora.

Champika and Wimal disappointed me at the end even although they have contributed a lot.

Who is Rathana Hamuduruwo?

In this struggle, you need to really separate your real friends, patriots, and politicians.

Politicians always say the right thing for themselves. I believe SLG was a real patriot.

Most Sinhalese don't back these people. I find that very interesting. One would think if Sinhalese are so against Tamils, parties like JHU will be running the country.

I ask the audience here to be vigilant about who the right patriot is. Buddhism teaches you how to pick the right friend and use the word 'Kalyana Mithra'.

According to that definition, people like Ananda-USA, MaylRavana, and Asithri are never friends of you. They want to brain wash you like the way Tamilnet brainwashing you from their propaganda. The purpose of these three and their followers here is self promotion.

Ananda-USA is miss informing his friends calling me an LTTE agent. He thinks I am a threat for his ideology.

For me, that is brain washing his own Sinhalese.

The only way to defend your cause is by learning the real facts than getting angry and barking at the wrong tree.

When LTTE is broken down so that is no longer a popular movement, those who openly support them politically will disappear since it is not self-fulfilling for them.

That is why continued military pressure and our good behavior is very necessary.

The narrow minded Sinhalese racists are liability just like LTTE is liability for Tamil people.


The these people always believe that Tamil Separatism was wrong and it was only a terror movement...lot of people laughed a them...

1. SL Gunersekara
2. Champika
3. Rathana Hamuduruwo
4. Wimal

..and the list goes on and on...

...their strong stance...their..strong belief...was instrumental...in all of this...

Once the war stared...it was smooth sailing.

Sam Perera said...


"Ananda-USA is brainwashing others by calling you an LTTE agent."

You got to realize the difference between a cyberspace personality and real life personality. Your character here is defined by what you write. Out in the normal world, how you look, sound etc etc defines you character. In the blog, nobody knows you or me personally. May be we have met somewhere else but here we don't know each other. In addition, we are not under anybody's pressure to accept what one particular person says. Therefore, brainwashing is an unlikely scenario. Furthermore, there are enough LTTE agents here who want to spread disinformation which will cause to intensely scrutinize what anybody writes. There are well known LTTE supporters here like Bahirav, Peter etc and any association with them makes you suspicious. Therefore, you and I will be judged by what we say than what others say about you or I. Please don't underestimate the intelligence of the readers here.

Ananda-USA said...

[January 4, 2009 9:10 AM
Blogger Ananda-USA said...

ReallyCold said...

[I would like to cut down our military by 70% of so after the war is over. Last thing I'd like to see is another Parkisthan in Sri Lanka.]

Really? And leave our country defenceless again against internal and external enemies? It took us 30 years to build the SLDF we have now, to defeat a rag-tag group that we allowed to grow into a near conventional army.

The next time we are caught with our proverbial pants down, we may not have that much time to build an army, and SL may not survive intact.

I believe India is on its way to breaking up....and the first state to secede may well be Tamil Nadu. Then, SL will have face Tamil Nadu's 80 million people reaching out to create a Greater Dravidian Nation, with the first "Greater" part in Sri Lanka. As the boy scouts say, "be prepared"; it will be too late to do it after the horse has been stolen again! Prevention is much better than a Cure.

Why pick Pakistan as the model even though, despite Pakistan's poor record of governance, the Pakistani Army is the only national entity holding the country together in the face of both external and internal enemies?

Why not select Switzerland, Taiwan, Greece and Israel as the comparative models....all countries with large potential enemies among near neighbors? They all have large armies and universal military service, and have fended off, or are fending off, their enemies quite successfully.

To suppress any prospect of a renewed guerilla conflict, we will need many boots on the ground everywhere in Sri Lanka. If the US learned any lesson in Iraq, it is that a high-tech army configured to fight conventional armies, cannot suppress wide-spread guerilla movements...you need the preponderant presence of many boots on the ground for that; your own troops or those of allied locals. The second lesson they learned (in Iraq and Vietnam), is that foreign armies that must ultimately go home, and can't do it by themselves; you need the majority of local people to do it for themselves. Fortunately, Sri Lanka is our own country, and we are the "local people," and we can do it, especially if we homogenize the population countrywide.

When you are caught in a difficult situation, you have to do whatever it takes to survive; and a large Peoples Self Defense Force is precisely what we need.

Clever diplomacy is important, as I also pointed out in my post, but we have to rely on developing our own internal strength as the core/primary defensive weapon.

An oft quoted axiom of diplomacy is that there are no permanent friendships between countries, there are only permanent national interests. Every powerful ally we rely on will want its own pound of flesh in return...Sri Lanka's own history provides many examples (e.g., Use the Dutch to kick out the Portuguese, use the British to kick out the Dutch, until the British swallowed us whole). Therefore, we cannot rely solely on diplomacy; our continued existence as a people and a nation depends on it.

January 4, 2009 9:33 AM]

Brave1 said...


This shall not start a fight for credit...but...when acknowledging all who has contributed to the success...my list is my list... and good to know it has some commonality with your list..

SL was good but very soft..and was no match to the overtly and covertly aggression of the LTTE...

As such...I believe aggressive...nature of JHU, Wimal was instrumental in converting a belief to a reality.

As much as I respect your list....u need to respect my right to put out my list of non-military heroes....

Since someone uses gentle words doesn't mean that he.she has the right decide what is right...and as such...though u believe Asithri and like minded are not real patriots...I don;t believe so..and though u talk of being patriot I believe u r only a surfer..who rode the surf...

Any way....what ever it is...few more days.....

Our iron resolve shall not be dulled...due to smooth talking...supper patriots.

Cheers...now..now...where is the Kahlua bottle...

Ananda-USA said...

My post at Expressbuzz.com

[While Prabhakaran killed one Indian, Rajiv Gandhi, \he has blown to bits and hacked into pieces over 100,000 Sri Lankans. He murdered a Sri Lankan President Premadasa, Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, and every moderate SL Tamil leader who opposed him. Pray tell me, why we Sri Lankans should handover this monster to India, not valuing the life of our own President over Rajiv Gandhi's life, and over 100,000 of our own citizens above that of Rajiv Gandhi? I hope he has the decency to take his own life, or be killed by his own subordinates; he must pay for his crimes against Sri Lankans. India can have his body later, to draw, quatrer and hang at the Lok Sabha, if only to remind India of the consequences of inflicting terrorism on other countries!]

Ananda-USA said...

My post at Expressbuzz.com

[India "demanding" Prabhakaran is the height of hyprocrisy! India trained, armed, transported and funded these terrorists in Sri Lanka, intervened and blackmailed our government to partition our sovereign country in favor of the terrorists, failed to meet its obligations to disarm the terrorists, fought the LTTE when the separatist threat to India itself was belatedly recognized, retreated right out of Sri Lanka leaving us to cope with a much more powerful and numerous enemy than when the IPKF invaded Sri Lanka, Prabhakaran must first answer for the murders of over 100,000 people, including a Sri Lankan President, he has extrerminated in Sri Lanka first. India should hang its head in shame and apologize to Sri Lanka instead of making any demands! ]

Ananda-USA said...

Ananda-USA said...


On the basis of the following post made by you (see below), I have concluded that you are an LTTE agent, and will ignore your posts in the future. No patriot would say such things about Sri Lanka.

From now on I will just Collapse Comments on you.

ReallyCold said....

[Bhairav said...

" Well, if you look at "Srilankan"'s post history, you will see that he is real sellout."

The bottom line is both Tamils and Sinhalese have been sellouts. We both wanted the best for us at the expense of our underprivileged brothers and sisters.

Of cause, they are our heroes and brave hearts when they fight the war to keep our luxury life alive.

Sri Lanka is one of the most discriminating nations in the world regardless whether you are a Tamil or Sinhalese.

We discriminate based on race/religion/sex/skin color/what country we work/age/ and you name it.

I see two kinds of expatriates. The most troubling kind is the one who consider Sri Lanka is the heaven since they are the most rich and powerful.

The other kind is the one who struggle with every aspect of their lives.

The unfortunate truth is that those who fight risking their lives at the front line will never get to see the benefit out of defeating LTTE. The rich and powerful has their net already set to collect all the future wealth coming out of foreign investment coming after defeating LTTE.

January 5, 2009 10:42 AM]

January 5, 2009 11:01 AM

Sam Perera said...


"The next time we are caught with our proverbial pants down, we may not have that much time to build an army, and SL may not survive intact."

I repeat I am a strong proponent of your idea. When I proposed the same idea in late 2006, a few people talked against it. Some near sighted people think that things are going to go away with the fall of LTTE. We have to prepare for the war we will never fight. It is like buying an insurance.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


SL Gunesekara: A catholic/freethinker. A great philosopher great man, no political future, but a guardian against separatism.

Wimal: Politician, ambitious, but so far stood for the right thing. Bandwagon and sometimes bit too much. But a thinking brain, man with skills. Guardian against separatism.

Chamipika: Almost all the same like Wimal, but this guy makes racist remarks which wimal never did. Has stronger philosophy and knowledge. educated man

Rathana thero: Hardliner in nationalist camp, but makes sense. He is one of the generals who led the peaceful march to Mavil Aru. I rem him pushing against the then commander Nanda M to enter tiger area and open the gate. Note that they had no weapons, but the mass. This monk was instrumental in getting then commander to promise him to start the offensive right there [in front of TV camera]. By that time we never thot it will go ahead, honestly. We were fed up with Ranil/CBK Pisstalks and fat lies by military chiefs.

ManelMal/PNM: No political ambitions. Guardian against separatism. But sometimes racists flock together with them.

NFF/JHU: Politically motivated. Philosophically nationalist

JVP: Politically motivated. Philosophically marxist and/or nationalist and/or opportunist.

Some more good deeds by these ppl:

- JVP Walking away from CBK govt when P-TOM was forcibly introduced.

- When Ranil was marching mass parades running havoc in SL for president to go home, JHU monks filed a supreme court petition to prove that CBK should end her term 1yr before she planned, hence ending the speculation of next potential betrayal called P-TOM.

- Lawyers of this collective movement separated north and east again in supreme court, abolishing another JRJ bullshit [I hate that bastard].

Note that we cannot get 100% saints. But the ppl we have, human at their best, can be collectively used to gain a good goal. What MR did was that. MR borrowed the strength, morale and slogans of these ppl, and brought them to a pluralist framework. Today he's the only tamil speaking leader of a nation figting a war for peace and destroying racism for pluralism. I have my diff with his economic policy etc, but he is a great leader indeed.

Individually I do not agree with any of them. But I praise them for the good they did.

Sorry mate, I would not pay interest in your comments about other bloggers. I always say, none of these personalities entertain or haunt my mind [although I'm happy for their company], nor do their words echo in my ears. I'm only taking the meaning, ideas, and the concepts. If we all do so, we can cut the worthless comments and make this blog very much readable.

Ananda-USA said...


[Ananda-USA said...

ThoughtfulGuy said...

[Lets not get in to gon-paats like Royal Vs Ananda, what will be next Colombo Vs Matara? or Buddhisam Vs Hinduisam??? ]

I didn't get, and don't get, involved in those kinds of subjective comparisons, but this guy, and his yes man, was making all kinds of sweeping generalizations to degrade an outstanding school because they had axes to grind. I am glad I did confront them on that issue, because in that exchange they exposed themselves for what they really are: LTTE agents trying to initiate CLASS WARFARE among the Sinhala people, by pitiing them against each other oon each and every issue they can cook up, and destroy Sinhala unity, now that they have failed to win their Eelam in the battlefield.

There are about four of these guys now trolling the blog, and I have Collapsed Comments on them all. They will soon disappear when most people ignore them, and will reappear again under a another set of names to gain the trust of Patriots in a new disguise.

C'est La Vie.

January 5, 2009 3:18 PM]

Brave1 said...

"Our iron resolve shall not be dulled...due to smooth talking...supper patriots."

Wooow....I'm proud of my own words...

yeah..indeed...people who called a spade a spade.....who dared to stare at the devil...till the devil blinked...is NOW too brash...too harsh.....too raw for the smooth talking...supper..patriots...

...one thing is clear...the group which...held on to the belief that we are right in midst of every thing...every form of predicaments...wont blink...wont waver...due to someone's superior usage of language...

The bunch of people...who..converted an entire nations from..doubters...to a confident mass...is by no means... a set of pussy lickers...as these smooth talking supper polished patriots...are.

...and I believe..the role of the brash..harsh...raw..aggressive group will form the ultimate deterrence against future squandering of this freedom earned bit by bit..with supreme sacrifice.

..and supper polish..smooth talking...patriots..believe me..... raw..brash..harsh..has seen a lot..and has not blinked..so don;t think otherwise...

..and I know they'll be the ultimate deterrence...into the future.

Ananda-USA said...

Sam Perera said..


"The next time we are caught with our proverbial pants down, we may not have that much time to build an army, and SL may not survive intact."

I repeat I am a strong proponent of your idea. When I proposed the same idea in late 2006, a few people talked against it. Some near sighted people think that things are going to go away with the fall of LTTE. We have to prepare for the war we will never fight. It is like buying an insurance.]

Thank you Sam. I know you are an early proponent of a strong defense for Sri Lanka. You are a true ans wise Patriot.

Sam Perera said...


This is a minor detail. I believe that we are going to need a few divisions trained and equipped to do mountain warfare, which will include SF and Commandos who are specially trained for combat in mountainous terrains. I hope you can guess the reason for such divisions.

Brave1 said...


Good post....it has recent past in few paras and I have no hesitation to agree with you...all of it.


Moshe Dyan said...

SLDFs should take townships with hospitals now.

mula, tharmapuram, etc. should be taken. this way we can deny medical facilities to tigers. they may still have some though but would be far inadequate.

thereafter we should get into the HARVESTING mode ASAP. even now fleeing tigers can be attacked. according to a pro-LTTE site, LTTE managed to save a number of their trapped cadres. MoD doesn't say traped terrorists in the EPS sector were killed giving room to speculation that they fled to safety.

if i were vesapillai, i still would have MANY options. but all hinges on limited manpower and available assets.

it is like restructuring a company. a restructured company is easier to manage. tigers to mulaitivu jungles is like fish to water. we MUST seek them and destroy them soon.

Brave1 said...

Sam P,

"We have to prepare for the war we will never fight. It is like buying an insurance."

Golden words mate...golden words.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Re: The big army idea.

Count me too. But my concern is, how to fund the big army. One thing we can do is to start war related industry. From bullets to air crafts. We can build them all under a company earning for SLDF spending. It will bring money from weaponry exports, and provide cheap local products cutting weaponry imports.

The reason why Israel excelled is the same for us. We are experts on the needs of this type of war. We have live field for testing. We can be the cutting innovative edge for research on war against terrorism.

If the govt won't do this, entrepreneurs [like Ananda] also can.

Re: ReallyCold and others who debate on motive and definition of patriot

Let's reply/ignore them for ideas. I really don't know who they are. Let's be decent in replying meaningful comments, ignoring others, and pointing the mis-information if we see something which makes us think as supporting other side.

Not only for them, it applies to anyone including me.

Everyone pls let's not flood the blog again. After all it maybe the real motive of one mole among us.

Ananda-USA said...

Sam Perera said..

[I hope you can guess the reason for such divisions.]

Yes, Indeed, I can guess, Sam!

Colomblogs said...

Gotymbara said...
"Lt Gen Balagalla and and MI Director Hendrawitharana..."

- Probably the biggest breathrough of all of Eelam wars was done by these two. They've done the biggest damage to LTTE in a difficult time in a cunning way..

Brave1 said...


Good...let us know little bit more about it.

Rana said...

Good Morning Guys,

Wonderful news thanks to DW. It is great to see our mother land is gradually cleaned up by SLDF. The malign cancer called LTTP is steadily and successfully being removed by SLA with clinical efficiency.

My heartiest thanks to His Excellency MR, Hon. GR, Gen. SF and all other brave hearts and it goes like this;


Nation is a golden territory, Buddha Sasanaya shows the way like a glittering gem,
If there is somebody to protect it, it is you my son, no one else.

Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ananda-USA said...

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

[Count me too. But my concern is, how to fund the big army. One thing we can do is to start war related industry. From bullets to air crafts. We can build them all under a company earning for SLDF spending. It will bring money from weaponry exports, and provide cheap local products cutting weaponry imports.

The reason why Israel excelled is the same for us. We are experts on the needs of this type of war. We have live field for testing. We can be the cutting innovative edge for research on war against terrorism.

If the govt won't do this, entrepreneurs [like Ananda] also can.]

Welcome aboard, Sujeewa!

Yes, I have made the same arguments and have been proposing Military R&D coupled to Military manufacturing in Sri Lanka as a way to pay for the big Army in many previous posts.

In addition, the SLDF can serve as a means of undertaking TRAINING of Sri Lankans, and DEVELOPING the country in civilian areas as well.

They are suited to these roles is because they have facilities, equipment and people that are largely unused during peacetime.

They can train machinists, welders, engineers, nurses, computer technicians etc at the low end, and even engineers, scientists, accountants, managers, doctors etc at the high end!

An example of the national development role, is the role of the US Army Corps of engineers in constructing dams, flood control structures, canals, roads, bridges and highways in the US.

If you are interested, you can read my previous, more detailed, posts on these subjects, at this blog.

Isuru said...

Sujeewa Kokawala, you are such a delight to read man. I share your opinions. I appreciate MR for his leadership that brought the war victories and "hope". But I have never been a good fan of him when it comes to economics and democracy. But considering the alternatives (or lack of them) I guess MR should serve both his presidential terms for the sake of the stability of Sri Lanka.

perein said...

Thank you bro.
Only "Sri Lankan Matha" can beat that.
Here is another trbute.


Sujeewa Kokawala said...


If you are interested, you can read my previous more detailed posts at this blog, on these subjects.

A personal response here. Time to start your own blog if you haven't mate. You write a lot of note worthy stuff. Comments are not the best way to archive :)

Yeah I did read some, but as I always say, 1000 comments in four days is hardly readable. Considering 50% bullshit in it.

BTW, using SLDF for disaster management and having a coast guard to safe guard tourists and other oceanic recreationists is a good idea, I think. SLDF does disaster management, but in an adhoc way. What we need is a division ready to be deployed to save lives.

These brave hearts can be used in many ways w/o being a burden.

Waru said...

All LTTE sympathizers are talking about Army has taken a Ghost Town(Kili). But no one is talking about how it became a ghost town.

Isuru said...

Does LTTE still retain the ability to launch an effective counter offensive? What I mean by offensive is not to reclaim land as I think that it must be beyond reach now. What I mean by effective is a one that can kill quite a number of our troops and give a glimpse of hope to the diaspora to send in thier checks for a future struggle.
If they are able to launch an effective counter offensive then what is the most likely target, do you reckon?

Brave1 said...

In a modern state coast guard disaster management are civilian affairs and these areas has their own professional specialties as supported by their own post graduate degree programs.

I believe SLDFs focus shall not be diluted with broadening the scope.

I believe the victory we are witnessing is a reason good enough to retain a retain a large army.

I believe evolving Asian supper powers and need to hob nob with them will demand even bigger investments into SLDF. I think we'll require to invest lot more into SLAF and SLN. SLAF shall be equiped with air superiority platforms and SLN shall be able to field platforms capable of responding to aggression by potentially belligerent India.

Unless otherwise SLDF is equipped sufficiently the deterrence against future form of LTTE will not there and potential aggressive countries will try to exploit our weakness.

I believe we should have be aware to this notion and shall not purely rely on good officers of our diplomatic community.

Ananda-USA said...

Moshe Dayan said...

[SLDFs should take townships with hospitals now.]

[thereafter we should get into the HARVESTING mode ASAP. even now fleeing tigers can be attacked.]

[we MUST seek them and destroy them soon.]

As you said, HARVESTING the LTTE cadres before they disperse and blend into the general population or hide in the jungles, is very important.

There will never again be a better opportunity to do that than now, when they are concentrated in a small area and running like headless chickens!

Brave1 said...

Another area we'll need to strengthen is the Intelligence. We should posses an intelligence arm sufficiently competent to conduct covert operations international and to infiltrate diaspora led separatist movements. Some of our current assets (man power and equipment) can be channeled to this important area.

Ananda-USA said...

Brave1 said...

[I believe SLDFs focus shall not be diluted with broadening the scope.]

If Sri Lanka has the money to sustain a large expanded SLDF without generating at least a part of the income required to support the SLDF, I would agree with you.

But, Sri Lanka is too poor for that. In peacetime, the SLDF will represent an overhead burden that must be supported by the tax payers. So, what can we do to somehow maintain a large SLDF which is essential to secure the country in the face of the threats we face now, and will face a 100 years from now?

We make it possible for the SLDF to generate an income. We give them an additional peacetime role in Military production and national development; that's how.

That is how Israel does it. The IDF is supported to a very large extent by military production. It also has the additional benefits of embedding those technologies within the country: no foreign source can cut off the arms needed to defend the nation.

Finally, it will bring the SLDF into intimate productive contact with ordinary people in a more positive way, and will help instill greater sense of patriotism among all of the people in the country.

I would like to see the dawn of a day in which every citizen of the country has served in the SLDF some time of their lives; that the notion of serving in the common defense of the nation is not a duty of the few, but of the many.

Rana said...

Moshi, mate.

Do not endeavour your maternal ancestor in the art of imbibing predestined chicken.


Similarly bro, I think, SF knows exactly what he is doing. By the time this war is over almost all the tigers will see the eelam 06 feets below the surface of Wanni.

Don't forget that SF has a blood feud against LTTP.

Brave1 said...


I have no issue in letting SLDF run its own defense industry like Singapore. As such the competencies and skill requirements match to a certain extent.

With respect to Disaster Management and Coast Guard...these area are purely civlian.

On top of that these areas will not generate income.

However much the economic pressure...short to medium term...downsizing of the SLDF should be a taboo.

When looking at IDF you need to remind yourself the extensive integration the IDF has with USDF. And this form a indirect way of funding IDF by USDF and such generosity will not be able to enjoy.

As such the bitter reality would be that...tight belt we have got use to wear should be there for the medium term.

Brave1 said...

On the other hand..when you consider the economic performance of SL....

We should not be too concern about the future...SL economy has been growing..even though the ELam wars were around.

Mid eighties GDP was 600USD and today it is closer to 2000USD and Western Province it is closer to 3000USD.

So...I believe our economic activity will take off and that in-turn would enable us to support a SLDF which is an excellent deterence.

Ananda-USA said...

Does anybody know why the MTV/MBC tv station in Pannipitiya may have been attacked by a gang? Who could have done it? Does this station have any particular agenda wrt the war?

Brave1 said...


Maharajah...related media institutions were always overtly sympathetic towards LTTE. and hence I have no pity.

Rana said...


As far as, I can remember, Sirasa TV station belongs to Shan Wickramasinghe who is closely related to Ranil Wickramasinghe. Sirasa has been anti MR, GR and SF for last 2-3 years. If you remember Mervin Silva several times attacked sirasa camera mans.

This may be the reason.

Ananda-USA said...

Brave1 said..

[Maharajah...related media institutions were always overtly sympathetic towards LTTE. and hence I have no pity.]

OK. I understand now. Thanks!

Ananda-USA said...

Rana said...

[As far as, I can remember, Sirasa TV station belongs to Shan Wickramasinghe who is closely related to Ranil Wickramasinghe. Sirasa has been anti MR, GR and SF for last 2-3 years. If you remember Mervin Silva several times attacked sirasa camera mans.]

Ah, more detail. Thanks!

Welcome back, Rana. Hope you had a great vacation. We have been killing the keyboards in your absence!

Brave1 said...

Ananda + Rana,

Sirasa is not in Shan Wicks media set up. Sirasa is Maharajah. so you guys are not in SL. :)

Ananda-USA said...


Thanks for the clarification. I am in the US, and Rana is in NZ.


Brave1 said...

...and Sirasa has been pro-LTTE and anti-anti LTTE from long time ago...and as a result Sirasa is anti MR because Mr is anti-LTTE.

Brave1 said...


Good...this new year is gonna be BIG.

This new year is BIG.

..and I know..I can tell my small ones and their small ones..that we lived when history was making...we live among brave hearts who took the bullet...

Man..quite an emotional..thing.

Rana said...


Yes, brother. I have been away for nearly 20 years.

That is why, I do not press on expanding SLA. I thought those who live in SL should decide on the future of SLDF rather than us expatriates of SL.

Rana said...


//Welcome back, Rana. Hope you had a great vacation. We have been killing the keyboards in your absence!//

Yes, Sir!

Very good break, I had few drinks with Amma Gahai and Saman, also missed a lunch with Mayilrawana by a whisker.

Though, I was on the run during last two weeks, read all posts from you, Sujeewa and Moshe and most of others.

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