Monday, April 20, 2009

35,000 confirmed escaped. Thousands more follow

The much awaited hostage rescue mission which commenced around 2am today has secured the release of over 35,000 civilians as ground commanders say thousands more can be seen running towards the Army even as this report is written. The exact number of the escapees will be available only after a proper headcount.

At 2am today, 1 SF and 2 Commando Regiment breached the 12km earth bund constructed at Puthumathalang and plunged into the NFZ armed to the teeth and ready for any eventuality. As the troops moved in, Tigers did not put up any resistance. Shortly afterwards, thousands of civilians made a b-line towards the Army.

The SF and Commando operation was backed by 4 units from the 58 Division, which was the closest stationed Division to Puthumathalang. Ground sources claimed LTTE was firing at escaping civilians, some were being clubbed to death. These visuals were captured live by SLAF UAVs and shown to an audience of Ambassadors and High Commissioners live. President Rajapakse had also been there till this afternoon.

The LTTE launched 3 suicide attacks killing a number of escaping civilians this afternoon. Men, woman, children and the elderly came running with the clothes on their back braving the lagoon, marsh and LTTE automatic fire and suicide attacks.

Sources confirmed that the estimate of 35,000 civilians would swell by tomorrow as the Special Operations units hunted down Prabhakaran and clan inside the NFZ non stop. They were issued a deadline to surrender, which expires at 12 noon tomorrow. Casualties to either side is yet unclear as fierce fighting was reported until now and Tigers retreated to avoid the Special Forces and Commandos. Full-scale fighting could erupt tonight or early tomorrow.


KillerT said...

Thanks DW,

What do you mean by armed to the teeth?Can you please elaborate on the arms they used?

Can you give some details of the operation completed so far and what would be the nature of the future ops?

How long will it last?

thank you,appreciate your service

DoDo said...

Thanks for the update DW. Hope they use this UAV footage to kick that Terrorist scum Robert O Blake on his balls. This terrorist has been meddling in our affrairs far too much. The UAV footage much be shown to Blake's Masters in Washington and exposed for what Blake has been covertly supporting.

Gringo said...

Sweet smell of success.

Defencewire said...

The operation is expected to last maximum 2 days. SF and Cdo teams carried everything they needed for a drawn out fierce attack including suicide attacks.

Even the US Ambassador and UK HC had been shown the footage from UAVs.

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...


Any idea about the civilian causualties? co -lateral damage?

The British tamils are gone bersek... or going at least. The poor London cops are having a time.

Amavi said...

High ranked LTTE carders could escape (by sea) amid the chaos, be vigilant!!

All the best to our three armed forces. :-)

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

How many more civilinas (rough number) still with the LTTE?

CASC said...

Blessings of the triple gem for our noble soldiers of Sri Lanka.

As Rohan Guneratna has said, our Special Forces and Commandos are the best in the world. That also goes for the regular army.

Needless to say, speed is of essence in this situation before the humbugs in TN and the false do-gooders in the West try to save the terrorists.

KillerT said...


YOu mean everything will b over in 2 days?All area liberated?

Pls elaborate a bit more?


Gringo said...

[Even the US Ambassador and UK HC had been shown the footage from UAVs.

I hope the diplomats from other countries such as China, Pakistan, Libya, the Czech Republic and the likes... were also invited to be in the same audience...

They are our real friends... and should have been given the front row seats.

Unknown said...

Defence Column
Sorry for asking this here, but i cannot access Defence Column for some reason. It says link broken ! Is it only me or is sumthing wrong with the blog?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am glad that u r online finally for me to be one on one... come to the supreme courts of sl.... you deserve commendation for all your good work....

Kirigalpoththa said...

DW,Thanks for the update!
Let's see what Mr. miliband has to say now

Thareesh Kariyawasam said...
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Sam Perera said...


"I hope the diplomats from other countries such as China, Pakistan, Libya, the Czech Republic and the likes... were also invited to be in the same audience"

I hope that our friendly country ambassadors were there with the president, not among diplomatic maggots from US and UK.

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