Thursday, April 16, 2009

48-hr unilateral cessation of hostilities over

As the 48-hour unilateral cessation of hostilities enforced for the first time since the humanitarian operations began came to an end this morning, the first skirmish against the LTTE was led by Major General Kamal Gunaratne and the 53 Division. 5 soldiers were killed in the fighting while 30 others sustained injuries. 5 Bodies of LTTE cadres were also recovered.

Ground sources reported that the battle from the LTTE-side was led by Velavan, the head of the Imran Pandian unit while senior LTTE leaders were nowhere to be seen. The LTTE has gone completely on the defensive having buried vast amounts of AP "Batta" mines and operating from behind the mine fields.

With this latest offensive, the objective of the Sri Lanka Army, led by Major General Gunaratne is becoming clear. This mornings fighting was along the A-35 Paranthan-Mullaitivu road. A few kilometers towards the sea and the 53 could effectively disect the NFZ by separating Mulaitivu South from Mulaitivu North, thus creating the groundwork for a hostage rescue operation and further limiting movement of the LTTE.

As reported by us two days ago, the high powered government delegation led by President Rajapakse was in Kilinochchi today. The President's visit is seen as a precursor to a tactical operation to rescue, rehabilitate and resettle large numbers of Tamil civilians from IPD camps and the NFZ.


DECOY said...

Thanks for the update DW. Glad to hear that something is happening.

DECOY said...

Thanks for the update DW. So glad to hear that things are happening again

DECOY said...

Thanks for the update DW. So glad to hear that things are happening again

DECOY said...

Thanks for the update DW. So glad to hear that things are happening again

Unknown said...

see what has happened today. More than 1500 civilians came becase terrorists are busy fighting with ARMY.
We should go along the coast line to increase the perimeter, so that tigers will be fully busy engaging ARMY and civilians easily can escape.
even window for escape for FAT-PIG also become narrower

Ranaviru Fund said...

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Subhahu Karunarathna said...

DW, will this end before the conclusion of the Indian Elections?

Unknown said...

im not sure if my last post got through. sorry if its a repeat ew to the column. But was saying that its a very interesting report. Bit different from the usual war casualty reports but nevertheless very good. I also read a very good article titled "Tamil Homeland versus Sinhalese Homeland". Have any of you read it. If so I would like to know your opinion on it. You can find it on

keep up the good work

WipeLTTE said...

I found cool page to watch latest battle field news:
Ranaviru TV Live

SL said...

Britain and France Criticize Sri Lanka Rebels
New York Times...
We are moving in the right direction!!

SL ASSHOLE said...


Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Through the paddy lands of Pokkanai It's happening...

Gringo said...

[H.E the President and Commander-in-Chief, Mahinda Rajapaksa visited the recently liberated Northern Town of Kilinochchi today (April 16).


I'm so happy to see this.

This is a crystal clear message for both Sri Lankans and foreigners that… when it comes to our troops, security and integrity… we are not going negotiate with anyone.
MR is leading by great example… and I hope our budding leaders will take note of this.

Now I would humbly request the president to put in place overt and covert methods, systems and operations to make sure that THE WHOLE COUNTRY... including the North and the East are available for ALL SRI LAKANS to live, work, play and die… and the discrimination against the SISSLs is jettisoned.

Else... we are not only leaving this claim for a 'Tamil homeland' to rekindled… but also would allow greedy foreign vultures to tinker with our security, UNITY and pride.

Let’s walk that extra mile.

LankaTruth said...

folks, also visit

Use the search word 'Tamil' and try to educate Canadian public.

I have also done lot of damage to these motherfuckers.

Let's go to their neck, grab and eat their heart out.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


I think it is time to switch off moderation!

The Puligal has been sucked up by MonkeyNet™ and there are many dissolutioned Monkeys are wondering around to plug in back to Defencewire and Defencenet. Please think about these losers sympathetically and open the gates.

After all “Monkeys are Fun Too©”!

Thusitha said...

U.S ask for an immediate cease fire.;_ylt=Ar7osafgCkF9IR13hI1oSoQBxg8F

Is there a good cop bad cop thing happening here. As soon as U.K. France stop criticising us, U.S comes and try to stop the war. Can this be a planned thing? It seem like some one is always pressuring us to stop the war.

Give China half the country if they want, but do not stop the fighting till the flat pig dies or flies.

WipeLTTE said...

Patriots Read this (from AsiaTribune):

Robert Blake is trying to allow UN Directed LTTE leadership Escape Plan "By Ravi Ladduwahetty – Sri Lanka Editor – Asian Tribune

• US Ambassador Blake known to have frequented social functions and US Ambassador Robert Blake US Ambassador Robert Blake parties of LTTE supporters and sympathizers in Colombo, but Ambassador denied association with LTTE supporters and intermediaries

• Attempting to bring UN Peace Keeping Force for LTTE leadership to surrender and escape

• Norwegian envoy in Colombo Torre too linked in the manipulations

Colombo, 16 April, ( Top international diplomatic source revealed that the LTTE has established contact with the United States of America through Norwegian facilitation to get safe passage for the LTTE Leaders by way of a surrender, through the United Nations.

The surrender of the LTTE through the United Nations has been a move which has been suggested by the current LTTE leadership and has been endorsed by Robert Blake, United States Ambassador in Sri Lanka, who has been actively persuading the Government of Sri Lanka to allow the LTTE Leadership and cadres to obtain safe passage to another country using the good offices of the United Nations.

It now appears that Ambassador Blake is now only interested in creating a safe passage for Tiger Supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran, his son Charles Anthony and his most vicious intelligence operative Pottu Amman and other senior leaders who are collectively wanted for genocide and other crimes against humanity in Sri Lanka.

The 48- hour ceasefire that was negotiated and agreed upon by the Government, at the insistence of Ambassador Blake, on the sidelines of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year on the 13th and 14th April in Sri Lanka, has not yielded a single trapped civilian from moving from the ‘No Fire Zone’. Even Ambassador Blake is known to have told his associates that the LTTE will “never release the civilians” during the ceasefire, and thus the question being asked is why did Blake then champion a ceasefire? The fact that the ceasefire which was brought about by the pressures of the international community has not yielded the proper results is causing the Military to suspect a conspiracy to enable the LTTE leadership to escape.

According to senior Sri Lankan Government officials, the fact that Robert Blake has got direct contact with the LTTE via intermediaries via a known arms smuggler and money launderer – “KP” K.Pathmanathan, is deemed as an affront to the international ban on the LTTE which has been placed by many countries and especially Blake’s country- the United States.

Moderate Tamil Leaders are now asking Ambassador Blake to refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka and have now conveyed their displeasure through intermediaries, that his actions are not helping the trapped civilians and instead, his actions reflect his blatant and crass disregard for the safety of the Tamil civilians who are held as hostages by the LTTE.

For Ambassador Blake to be championing the safe passage for the LTTE Leaders and more so of Prabhakaran, who is also wanted in the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and slain Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa and other Sri Lankan political leaders along with thousands of innocent Sri Lankan civilians is a matter that has puzzled both Sri Lankan and international observers of the current conflict in Sri Lanka.

According to top official sources, Ambassador Blake has been influenced by top LTTE supporters and sympathizers in Colombo and Blake has been known to frequent social events and parties hosted by these terrorist supporters and has compromised his nation’s ability to play an impartial role in a very sensitive and grave security matter pertaining to Sri Lanka which has been struggling over the last two decades to end and be able to usher lasting and durable peace to all her 20 million citizens.

Ambassador Blake has been taking advice from these LTTE supporters and had been verbatim repeating their requests to the senior officials in Government and thus he has emerged as the unofficial mouthpiece of the LTTE terrorists within the Diplomatic Corps and the international donor Community in Sri Lanka.

The fact that Blake has violated his own country’s ban on speaking directly or indirectly to any terrorist group which has been banned in his own country, the United States has demonstrated duplicity and double standards that no other Ambassador has shown in conflict areas in recent history.

The Sri Lankan Government which has assisted the United States in her fight against terrorism and which has been a signatory to all international conventions and protocols banning terrorism and has not been a party to be used to wage war against any other nation, or now allowed its territory, its banking or legal systems to be used for terrorism, is now concerned that there is an international conspiracy precipitated by Ambassador Blake with the support of Norway to give the LTTE leadership an opportunity to escape from imminent defeat and to provide safe passage to a neutral country for Prabhakaran and his senior leadership.

A senior Government official queried from Asian Tribune as to how it as possible for Ambassador Blake to pick up the phone and get in touch with “KP” who is evading arrest from Interpol and countless number of international arrest warrants, blatantly disregarding his own Government’s directive not to engage with terrorist groups.

Would Ambassador Blake, who is expected to be appointed as United States Assistant Secretary to South Asia after he returns to Washington when his term in Colombo ends, be asked questions by both the US Congress and Senate Committees as to what business he had, to be directly communicating with the LTTE?

It also appears, according to top official sources in Colombo that Blake has practiced a brand of diplomacy that is symbolic with the age old axiom- ‘Running with the hare and hunting with the hound’!!

Currently, the LTTE leadership is cornered by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces and any hope that is extended to them by the likes of Blake to the LTTE leadership, that they will be able to escape, the fate of their option to pursue a military solution has caused the moderate Tamil population to question as to whether Blake is more concerned over the protection of the Tamil civilians who are held hostage or whether he is more interested in protecting the LTTE Leadership!!

For Ambassador Blake to use his office as a senior diplomat in Colombo and to rope in the Norwegian Ambassador in Colombo Torre who is engaged with the LTTE directly is a phenomenon that even his former President and current President have informed their officials that no democratically elected Government should be engaging with terrorists

Any diplomat, who is advocating directly or indirectly communicating with a terrorist organisation, is suffering from a romantic illusion that a mass murder that is responsible for crimes against humanity over the last two decades can be persuaded to let go of 60,000 innocent civilians whom it is holding hostage.

This has been deliberately done over the last eight months to force the current humanitarian operations conducted by the Government of Sri Lanka through the Armed Forces to a halt by Ambassador Blake’s own candid admission that the LTTE will never allow these Tamil civilians to enter the safe areas controlled by the Government.

Blake knows only too well that the LTTE will never surrender to the Government of Sri Lanka or to the Armed Forces and all attempts will be made to find ways to escape from the imminent arrest that they would suffer from when the military achieves its objectives.

Therefore, Ambassador Blake asking the Government to extend the Ceasefire to beyond the 48- hours stipulated and which ended on the 14th midnight, and to be directly canvassing for the United Nations to be the third party to accept the surrender and to act as the international institutional army- the United Nations Forces that would handle the surrender of the LTTE cadres is an attempt by Blake to “internationalize” an internal conflict of Sri Lanka and to bring about a presence of permanent UN Peace Keeping Force to Sri Lanka!!

Top intelligence sources have indicated to the Asian Tribune that socializing parties which have been held in Colombo by LTTE sympathizers using all types of alcohols and designer drugs have been frequented by Ambassador Blake and also his family members and perhaps he was compromised by some of these LTTE supporters who may have information that they can use against Blake that is making Blake the saviour of the LTTE leadership.

They also disclosed told Asian Tribune that many of these high society socialites whom Blake and his family have been seen with are also on the Narcotics Bureau Watch List for being frequent abusers of esoteric substances and designer drugs such as the “e” tablets. However, Blake in a detailed question and answer session with Asian Tribune, denied it.

A recently arrived Ambassador in Colombo from a western capital had also told Sri Lankan Government officials that he is appalled and aghast at the manner in which Blake is doing business in Colombo and that business is best done on the sidelines and behind the scenes and quietly ensuing that the LTTE is defeated and the trapped civilians are freed.

No terrorist group should be given any hope of offering escape mechanisms that they would be otherwise by unable to obtain and no diplomat should be given the opportunity of directly or indirectly engaging with a terrorist group which goes against all known norms of diplomatic behaviour or conduct, the Western Ambassador had told Sri Lankan Government officials.

It was only last Sunday that the LTTE terrorists vandalized the Sri Lankan mission in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, which could have been prevented if the Norwegian Authorities ensured proper security measures and adhered to proper international protocols of ensuring that there was proper security for the Oslo based Sri Lankan diplomats.

Despite the fact that the Norwegian Government being absolutely unpopular in Sri Lanka due to its known support of the LTTE, all demonstrations conducted against Norway outside the Norwegian Embassy in Colombo, they have been carefully protected by the Sri Lanka Security Forces and the Police ensuring that no harm or threat had been posed to the Norwegian Diplomats in Colombo.

However, the fact that the Norwegian Government allowed the LTTE sympathizers and the supporters to enter a building freely and go up to the fifth floor where the Sri Lankan Embassy is situated and have it vandalized was a clear indication of the Norwegian Government’s tacit support of the tragedy to occur.

Mesmerized Sri Lankan Diplomats are now asking the question as to why the Norwegian Government security could to stop or prevent such a dastardly act.

In all fairness to Ambassador Robert Blake, Asian Tribune took the questions governing the allegations and these are the responses he made.

Asian Tribune: The international community is crediting you for the recent 48- hour ceasefire that was successfully negotiated with the Government of Sri Lanka and it has been said that you wanted a week-long ceasefire, but the Government only accepted a short duration ceasefire. What are your comments?

Ambassador Robert Blake: The U.S., other Co-Chair countries, India, the UK and others have all advocated for a humanitarian pause and continue to do so. Such pauses are critical for trapped civilians to safely leave the conflict area, including those who have been wounded or injured.

Asian Tribune: Do you think the ceasefire was a success? Did the LTTE release any civilians or did they actually prevent innocent Tamil civilians held as hostages from leaving as that would weaken their human shield?

Ambassador Robert Blake: It was a good first step. There were far fewer civilian casualties during the 48-hour period. But only a very small number of civilians were able to leave the safe zone. We are disappointed that the LTTE didn’t allow more civilians to leave. We continue to urge both sides not to fire into or from the safe zone, and to extend the no-fire period.

Asian Tribune: Did you ever think that the LTTE would let the civilians leave during the ceasefire you brokered?

Ambassador Robert Blake: Our hope continues to be that the LTTE will allow civilians to leave.

Asian Tribune: We understand that your strategy was to actually use the ceasefire to get the LTTE top leadership to surrender and thereby have the civilians freed? Is that correct?

Ambassador Robert Blake: We continue to explore ways to find a peaceful outcome to this crisis. The United States and other Co-Chair countries have called on the LTTE to lay down its arms, renounce violence, and participate as a political party in a process to achieve a just and lasting political solution. Following the Co-Chair conference call on April 13, the Co-Chairs welcomed the 48-hour halt to military operations announced by the Sri Lankan government on April 12, urged the LTTE to allow civilians freedom of movement, and expressed our hope that the fighting can be ended without further bloodshed. The Co-Chairs urged both sides to facilitate the immediate shipment of urgently needed food and medicine, and facilitate the immediate evacuation of the sick and wounded.

Asian Tribune: We also understand that you have been speaking to the UN officials to get them to intervene in the situation and act as the third party to handle the surrender of the LTTE top leadership and their cadres as you have publicly stated that LTTE will not surrender to Government troops. As the architect of this UN Surrender Plan, do you think that the LTTE will accept that proposal?

Ambassador Robert Blake: There is no “UN Surrender Plan" at this point but we support all efforts to achieve a peaceful solution.

Asian Tribune: Have you had any discussions with the Indian authorities about your plan and have they agreed to it?

Ambassador Robert Blake: We have frequent contact with the Government of India on our policies concerning Sri Lanka.

Asian Tribune: We also understand that you have been in touch with “KP”, the LTTE international arms supplier through Norway, and what did you achieve through that contact?

Ambassador Robert Blake: The US has not been in touch with “KP” or any other LTTE intermediary.

Asian Tribune: Have you had contact with Prabhakaran or any of his senior leaders during the past two years as Ambassador in Sri Lanka, and why are you now not able to get in touch with them as before?

Ambassador Robert Blake: The US has not been in touch with any LTTE official or intermediary.

Asian Tribune: There have been many LTTE supporters in Colombo who have been known to associate with you at public events and at social dinner parties, and amongst them you are known to be in contact with Mr. Rohan Ponniah and other very vocal supporters of the LTTE and other anti-government propagandists like Sharmini Boyle. Is that correct?

Ambassador Robert Blake: Like most diplomats, I meet a wide variety of individuals, even at public functions. As I said, the US has not been in touch with any LTTE officials or intermediaries.

Asian Tribune: Are you for a federal solution in Sri Lanka based on ethno centricity or are you a pluralist state where all communities can live in harmony in any part of the country?

Ambassador Robert Blake: The U.S. firmly believes that a lasting peace in Sri Lanka will only occur under a system of government whereby the rights of Singhalese, Tamils, Muslims and all other Sri Lankans are respected, promoted and protected and communities can decide on issues important to daily life in the areas of Sri Lanka where they predominate.

Asian Tribune: Do you think your brand of diplomacy has worked, where you publicly castigate the Government instead of quiet back room diplomacy?

Ambassador Robert Blake: I think you’ve mischaracterized my brand of diplomacy. Ninety-five percent of what I do takes place behind closed doors in meetings with government officials and others. Sometimes it is also necessary for me to speak publicly to explain U.S. policy and to express the concerns of the Obama Administration, U.S. citizens, NGOs, Members of Congress, religious groups, and others.

However, there were four questions that Blake refused to respond and these questions were as follows:

Asian Tribune: After surrendering to the United Nations, do you expect to organize safe passage for the LTTE top leadership to a third country like Norway?

We understand that Prabhakaran’s wife and the other son have fled to South Africa and that Prabhakaran has indicated his preference to go to South Africa. Is this on the cards?

Asian Tribune: India has wanted Prabhakaran for the murder of Rajiv Gandhi, their former Prime Minister, and also Pottu Amman and their international arms supplier KP is wanted in the connection of that assassination, and do you think India will accept your plan to give safe passage to these wanted criminals?

Asian Tribune: Do you think your impartiality is affected by your regular contact with such individuals and others who are known to influence your thinking about the LTTE?"

- Asian Tribune -

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

"Now I would humbly request the president to put in place overt and covert methods, systems and operations to make sure that THE WHOLE COUNTRY... including the North and the East are available for ALL SRI LAKANS to live, work, play and die… and the discrimination against the SISSLs is jettisoned.

Else... we are not only leaving this claim for a 'Tamil homeland' to rekindled… but also would allow greedy foreign vultures to tinker with our security, UNITY and pride.

Let’s walk that extra mile."

Gringo - Well said and thanks!!!

Ela Kiri...

Romeo said...

Dear Friends,

I have just read and signed the online petition:

"Oprah Winfrey, Say No to Tamil Tiger Terrorists"

hosted on the web by, the free online petition service, at:


click here I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing yourself.

Best wishes,

--- Rana --- Romeo ---

Gringo said...

Some Sri Lankans have unnecessarily assumed a fear that US / IC / India etc. would come to assist LTTE.

That fear is understandable based on our former leaders', behavior, inaction, weaknesses and lack of a strategy in fighting fire with fire.

The situation went totally out of hand in early 2000s when petty truck drivers etc. were appointed as western embassy officials, who drove in SUVs to Vanni to party with Tamil terrorists and made 'declarations' and 'statements' against our country. They were going to shape our destiny!!! So many Sri Lankans were wondering whether Sri Lanka needed to import a strong statesman!

The HISTORIC U-turn came in when a real Sri Lankan leader took control of the wheel. The rest is history.

From Wanga Machaan ship to ceasefires, peace talks… there’s no more room for Tamil terrorists or any foreign party to dictate terms to our government. That’s why agents of the Tamil terrorists are looking to internationalize the conflict through KILLING OF CIVILIANS. Don’t be surprised… It will happen.

The solution lies only in hunting down all remaining Tamil terrorists. That will definitely restore peace, law, order, respect, and due place for all Sri Lankans in the world arena.

Moshe Dyan said...


we have to stop this blake MF.

he carefully avoided ALL IMPORTANT questions.

Moshe Dyan said...

MR's visit may be ok, though risky but dragging ALL our BEST leaders into it is not at all wise.

anything can happen. these guys should NEVER be together.

Nilambare said...


A good article by the Mackenzie Institute on LTTE terrorists, a prestigious institute in Canada, in diaporas's backyard. Worth reading. LTTE is getting hammered everywhere. Good ..

Unknown said...

when you write to blogs, please always use "tamil terrorists" insted of tigers og LTTE.

King Gajabha said...

Is it true that Charles Anthony and Sornam have escaped to Malaysia ?

Jaya2008 said...

As per Tamil net:
All witnesses out, IC winking, India abetting and international media failing in its duty, the civilian massacre and subjugation can be completed with much ease, Colombo observers said.

“It is now a genocide openly perpetrated by the IC”.

Directly or indirectly everyone has now conceded that the LTTE is the sole saviour of the Tamil civilians, they said.

This should change to:
Directly or indirectly everyone has now conceded that the LTTE is the sole destoryer of the Tamil civilians.

LRRU said...

I'm Suprise of Defencewire accuracy about a high Power Delegation to Killinochchi.

Pls defencewire keep us informed about the NFZ operations.

Atleast that something is going on; if U have restrictions on details

Defence wire; Are we On Track????

Unknown said...

[Romeo said...

Dear Friends,

I have just read and signed the online petition:

"Oprah Winfrey, Say No to Tamil Tiger Terrorists"

hosted on the web by, the free online petition service, at:


click here I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing yourself.

Best wishes,]



Sri Lanka travel info said...

As terrorist groups go, it has quite a résumé:

Perfected the use of suicide bombers;
Invented the suicide belt;
Pioneered the use of women in suicide attacks;
Murdered some 4,000 people in the past two years alone; and
Assassinated two world leaders—the only terrorist organization to do so.
No, it’s not al Qaeda or Hezbollah or even HAMAS. The group is called the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) or the Tamil Tigers for short.

Apino Dannachess said...

What a way to give the middle figure to Fat Prabha, the LTTE and to the Diaspora!!!!

Our precedent celebrating new year with our gallant solders ....right there in the so called Peelam Capital....eating our Sinhala sweet treats...while Fatso is stuck in a sandpit by the a wee little crab taking shelter from oncoming waives.......

Take that you terrorist boot licking Diaspora....

Take that.....

Who's laughing now!!!!!! :):):)

Sinhala patriots....what a way to celebrate the new year


Down with the Thalathell Clan....Down with the ever smelling monkeys....

Unknown said...


can you tell us what exactly happend here,

it seems that, Tamil boy had been injured by LTTE anti personal mine (Jonny Mine)

Nilambare said...

Take the moderation off Pl. It takes time to read comments and it also does not allow us to see what the LTTE rats are crying for.

Atleast do selective moderation or delete wnwanted comments if they are going in a chain on bullshit arguments.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Can someone shed some light on this disturbing news .

Someone [was it Moshe?] has raised this possibility in the forums about few days ago.

It will be harder to find the Fatpig elsewhere than in NFZ. And surely he can flee as he wishes.

Antonia said...

stopping war its not about the LTTE , people who have any humanity would want to stop the fight, we are not here to talk about the terrosrit but about the civilians, if the LTTE are keepingt he people as human sheilds then its the governments resposibilty to protect them not shelling them.God the way the childrens are dying in our counry is horrific.This will not be forgotton.Why cant all of see the reality.Its all about crushing LTTE, but what about the civilians/The children.I hate my country.How can all us allow this.LTTE is terrorist,I am not justifying this but this is the way to crush them, then I dont agree that.What has the people have done.Is anybody seeing how the people are dying there,loosing their limps, they never wanted this, Its the LTTE.But how could we do this to those kids.PLS I BEG people to ask the govermant to pause the fight for the sake of innocent civilians.Has any body got any idea how it will be in a war zone.I pray everyday to god that he will do something about it.Its beyond our call.We can talk baout this for months but everyday living there its a nightmare.

Gringo said...


[when you write to blogs, please always use "tamil terrorists" insted of tigers og LTTE]


Let’s do a scientific analysis.

LTTE is a label that has been thrust upon us by sponsors of the Tamil terrorists, so that there would always be TWO PARTIES to this conflict... LTTE (he he he) and GOSL!

That’s why foreign vultures continue to ask us to accept LTTE as a party to ‘a conflict’, so that the first step of controlling us has been achieved.

The proven fact is that 99.99% of the Tamil terrorists are Tamil, and that no one knows for sure where these Tamil terrorists come from (some of them have been proved as Canadians). What is % of them being Sri Lankan?

Therefore Tamil terrorists' insistence that there is a LTTE must be rejected.

Why should we accept existence of LTTE? Because they keep telling us to do so?

Our job save all our time and resources in our noble duty to kill or facilitate killing of Tamil terrorists.

Corey said...

Here is a response frm Blake:

"First, allow me to assure you that accusations that I or
> any other American official is working to free LTTE leaders
> are completely false and baseless. I have not had any
> contact with LTTE officials or intermediaries and I am not
> working toward nor have I advocated the safe passage of LTTE
> leadership to third countries. I agree with you that
> LTTE is responsible for terrible crimes against Sri Lankans,
> Sinhalese and Tamil alike and I remind you that the US
> designated the LTTE as a terrorist organization over ten
> years ago.
> The focus of the United States, the Co-Chair countries, and
> others has been the humanitarian crisis in the North.
> The situation is dire. Numerous civilians have already
> been killed or injured by the fighting and tens of thousands
> of Sri Lankans are trapped in the 'no-fire zone.' My
> diplomatic colleagues and I have been calling on the LTTE to
> lay down its arms, allow civilians to leave the conflict
> area, renounce violence, and make the transition into a
> peaceful political party. We have also urged the
> Government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE not to fire into or
> from the safe zone, even if fired upon. The Government
> has a particular responsibility to demonstrate restraint and
> protect the welfare of its citizens, including those in the
> no-fire zone. You may be interested in a statement the
> Department of State released yesterday regarding the
> situation in Sri Lanka. I have copied the text in
> below.
> Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to clear up the
> record and share my country's perspectives."
> Bob Blake
> US Ambassador to Sri Lanka
> Office of the Spokesman

-What do you think of this? Top diplomatic source told me that the US politicos are doing "just what any politician would do" - they issue statements to "calm" their "worried" campaign donors and voters (aka peelamists). But they are working with the SL Govt..." :)

So, Don't worry about this too much.

No_MESS said...

Thanks hpbd.

Tamil Tiger guilty of terror charge

Add your comments Evening Standard

Corey said...

Peelamists Getting Hammered All Over the World!!!

Court convicts UK Tamil Tigers head

A London court convicted a man described as the head of the Tamil Tigers in Britain on two terror-linked charges, including supplying bomb-making equipment to the Sri Lankan group.

Arunachalam Chrishanthakumar, 52, was found guilty of coordinating supplies of material to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Jurors failed to reach verdicts on three other charges against Chrishanthakumar, also known as AC Shanthan, plus one charge against another accused, Jegatheeswaran Muraleetharan.

Chrishanthakumar, described as a "very prominent figure" in Britain's Tamil community, supplied electrical components for the LTTE, some of which had "an obvious terrorist purpose," the court found.

He was also convicted of receiving documents for the purpose of terrorism, after a trial at Kingston Crown Court, southwest London.

The LTTE has been fighting to carve out an independent homeland for the Tamil minority in north and east Sri Lanka since 1972. Tens of thousands have died on both sides of the conflict in the Sinhalese-majority nation.

Kumaran, LTTE leader of France arrested

(Lanka-e-News, April 17, 2009, 3.00 PM) 'Lanka-e-News' learns that a prominent LTTE leader in France has been arrested by anti terrorism police of France on the information provided by Italy. The suspect was later handed over to Italy. Reportedly, latest information on LTTE has been downloaded from two computers that were in his possession.
The anti terrorism police of Italy has taken two more prominent leaders of LTTE from Germany.

Corey said...

Peelam Ivarai!!!!! (I see our friend peter frantically trying to repair the damage by writing (lies) in the comments:

The National Post Of Canada Says Cowardly LTTE Fighters Are Hiding Behind Women And Children And Killing Fleeing Civilians

By Walter Jayawardhana

In a hard hitting editorial Canada’s national Post said that the cowardly fighters of Tamil Tigers like Hamas in Gaza are hiding behind women and children and killing fleeing Tamil civilians , something even Hamas did not do on a large scale to save itself.

The editorial appearing in the issue of April 16 said, “Like Hamas in Gaza, cowardly LTTE fighters are hiding behind the women and children they claim to be protecting. (In fact, the Tigers are actually killing civilians who try to flee the combat area — something even Hamas never did on a large scale during the Gaza combat.) The Tigers’ goal appears to be saving itself — and we would not be surprised if Pirapaharan staged his own massacre of Tamils as a means to discredit Colombo and force a ceasefire that allowed him to escape.”

Referring to their allegation of genocide the editorial said, “This is preposterous: If government troops truly wanted to stage a genocide, they could have done so weeks ago. The only reason that the siege has drawn out this long is that Sri Lanka’s army wishes to avoid unnecessary slaughter. Indeed, the Tamils who have managed to escape the Tiger area report being treated better by Sri Lankan troops than they were by the LTTE.”

The National Post said hoisting the LTTE flag on the Canadian soil is nothing short of revolting and added that flying it with the Canadian flag is an insult to the nation of Canada.

The following is the full text of the editorial:

“The ongoing Parliament Hill protests and hunger strikes by Tamil Canadians are meant to stir our lawmakers into action against Sri Lanka, whose government is waging a successful military campaign against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), better known as the Tamil Tigers. If anything, however, the protests have had the opposite effect: Just as radical Canadian Muslims attract disgust when they raise the flags of Hezbollah or Hamas, so too do Tamils who fly the flag the of the LTTE, a terrorist insurgency that once controlled much of Sri Lanka. What’s worse, the protesters have flown the LTTE flag alongside the Canadian flag — an insult to our own country.

“As we have written several times before, we are not without sympathy for the cause of the Tamil people, many of whom have been treated as second-class citizens by the Sinhalese-dominated government in Colombo. Indeed, the Tamils would have had a rightful claim to the world’s sympathy — if the LTTE, which fights for an independent Tamil homeland, hadn’t itself adopted such inhumane tactics since its formation in the 1980s. The Tigers perfected the tactic of suicide bombing, deploying explosive-wrapped killers by the dozens even before the practice had caught on in the Arab world.

“The LTTE has also press-ganged children as young as 10 into military service and, following the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, they cleared out orphanages for foot soldiers and interdicted relief supplies to feed their adult insurgents and fund terror campaign against the Sri Lankan government. The sight of this group’s flags flying in Canada is nothing short of revolting.

Canada is home to the largest expatriate Tamil community in the world. Despite the Conservative government’s decision to declare the LTTE a terrorist organization in 2006, many of the most prominent Tamil groups in Canada remain fronts for the Tigers. Much of the money for the LTTE’s terror campaign has been extorted from Tamil Canadians, who have faced harassment if they show insufficient enthusiasm for the Tigers. Family members back home in Sri Lanka have even been held hostage until Tamils here pay hefty donations.

“The reason that Tiger supporters seem so desperate now is that, after nearly 17 months of bloody fighting, Sri Lankan troops have the few hundred remaining Tiger fighters pinned down inside a few square kilometres in northeast Sri Lanka — including, possibly, the group’s sociopathic leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran. The only thing preventing Sri Lankan troops from finishing off the Tigers is the presence of thousands of Tamil civilians, whom the Tigers are using as human shields.

“Like Hamas in Gaza, cowardly LTTE fighters are hiding behind the women and children they claim to be protecting. (In fact, the Tigers are actually killing civilians who try to flee the combat area — something even Hamas never did on a large scale during the Gaza combat.) The Tigers’ goal appears to be saving itself — and we would not be surprised if Pirapaharan staged his own massacre of Tamils as a means to discredit Colombo and force a ceasefire that allowed him to escape.

“The Ottawa protesters — and others in Sydney, Australia — insist the Colombo government is readying a “genocide” against Tamils. Many journalists are even getting e-mails from Tiger supporters claiming that the Sri Lankan army is preparing to use chemical weapons.

“This is preposterous: If government troops truly wanted to stage a genocide, they could have done so weeks ago. The only reason that the siege has drawn out this long is that Sri Lanka’s army wishes to avoid unnecessary slaughter. Indeed, the Tamils who have managed to escape the Tiger area report being treated better by Sri Lankan troops than they were by the LTTE.

“If the Tiger supporters in Ottawa truly had the best interests of innocent Tamils at heart, they would be pleading with the Tigers themselves to release their human shields, not declaring their undying support for a terror organization.

“Our advice to the Ottawa hunger strikers is: Eat up. To the extent anyone is listening to your message, it only serves to disgrace your members.

SLSolar said...

Hunger striker's Sisters were LTTE membersSee 1:30 into the clip - His sisters were Ltte members.

Corey said...

peter/mahen and other peelamists:

In case you are still visiting this site: Peelamists have essentially labeled themselves ad the "Pariahs of International Terrorism" (This from a Tamil Satchi S), and have displayed your true colors to the intl community.

The intl community was a bit puzzled, but they are not fools: now they have seen through your lies, and ARE SICK AND TIRED OF YOU!!!!!

End of support!!!!

Antonia said...

I really dont know why we all are talking about killing, there is no justification for any killings.We live in this world for a while and why cant we live happily.Ok for what ever reason LTTE started fighting but now the time to leave the differences for the sake of innocent people.So sad to see people want to wipe people out.all along the whole conversation is LTTE is killing, fine we all know LTTE is terrosrit but the goverment suppose to be safeguarding the own people.This is wrong, the goverment should negotait with LTTE to get the people out.What would be the sitaution if the LTTE takes people of south as human sheild,do you think that we should go and crush them by crushing the people.I thought all these time this is my counrty too, not any more.I know LTTE is bad but what did the civilans did, the littel children dying in blood every day.

Bhathiya said...

You have mentioned and highlighted some important thoughts in your comments.. We need people like you to sort his problem out...i will write to you later ....coz i'm bit late to go to office..
this is your country too,,, this belongs to all of us...

Antonia said...

This is for Corey, leave the int community,do you actualy see whats happening there.LTTE is the terrorist but you cant go and fight with them when they hold people as human sheilds.Even if the LTTE is horrible we have to talk to them for the same of the people.what would you do if you kids are traped,wouldnt you encourage the forces to go for talks.its so sad to see every body is talking about crushing LTTE.

Gringo said...


Is your last name Rip Van Winkle?
Or are you a weeping crocodile?

Being Nobody said...

Please have a look at the statistics of civilian arrivals during the 48 hour ceasefire period and the arrival statistics before and after the unilateral ceasefire. Just calculated the mean/ median for the before/after/during periods and compare them. This will give you a jolly good picture regarding the relationship between peace-conflict and hostage rescue.

ANTON I A, The LTTE want let go of its civilians. Unless we keep the pussycats busy they are gonna marshal the civilians and prevent them from coming to gov. controlled areas. Why is the LTTE so concern about civilians? Militarily, civilian population is the LTTE'S life insurance policy. Politically, civilian population is LTTE's critical factor. Where would a de facto state be without its populace? Therefore civilian population will decide the LTTE's military and political survival.

Think about this man, why did the LTTE leadership after loosing the Jaffna peninsula, withdrew with more than 50% of the Jaffna's population? Throughout this 33 years it is civilian support that had kept the LTTE alive. This is the difference between the LTTE and the JVP. This is the difference between the Ltte and the other mainstream tamil political parties. LTTE succeeded in brain washing its civilians. If they have no civilians under their control they will parish! It is simple as that.

If the same hostage situation happens in the south we should not negotiate with terrorists. Did America negotiate with pirates and terrorist?? Did Russia negotiate with Chechen hostage takers? The answer is NO. We will not negotiate with terrorists. No matter how many of us get killed the government should not negotiate with terrorists.

Gringo said...

[Canadian foreign minister refuses to meet Tamil protesters ]

Even if he meets, who cares. He can surely continue to buy / collect or keep Tamil terrorist garbage in his house called Canada.

But we keep things simple. If we find any Tamil terrorist garbage on our soil we'll just compost them.


Unknown said...

Senator Bob Brown addressing the protest in Canberra - 17th April 2009

Suren said...

Time is of essence.We should look at all the possibilities;is it too risky to attempt to have a parachute landing in the night or
to dig long tunnels to surface in the NFZ

NOLTTE=Peace said...


We are going to use a giant Vacuum Cleaner and suck all the civilians out of the NFZ.

It is so automatic that it has a separate collector bin for Tamil terrorists, and swoosh they go into that.

Suranimala said...

SL solar . Ya. his sisters were Lttp. So he is fighting in another manner .He wants answer but his question is having the answer .All Srilankans will stop crying when lttp wiped out by our boys .

We have to tell to the world his sisters are lttp and he is fighting for them .
Will uk let a brother of al-qaeda member to do the same ? Do they think our terrorists are killing just mosquitoes ?

Suranimala said...

Bros & Sis
Go and comment .

perein said...

Suranimala,Thanks for the Oprah link.

We should submit the video clip which shown, LTTE cut off innoncent civilian's legs.
(Was on youtube and it's no longer active).
If some one has that clip, please send that to Oprah.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Antonia said (among other things):

"PLS I BEG people to ask the govermant to pause the fight for the sake of innocent civilians"

Guys, ignore fucktonia. It is typical of LTTE moles to dress up thier black hearts with tears. "Kimbul Kandulu" is right.

The fact is SLDF is doing precisely what I would want it to do in rescuing our relatives. They are taking out the terras bit by bit. As someone pointed out, when the terras are engaged with the soldiers, it gives opportunity for civilians to get out.

The situation in dealing with terror is not as simple as Fucktonia tries to make out. Such simplistic projections are typical of terror supporting racist filth (read the McKenzie report from Canada). Aside from providing means for hostages to escape LTTE clutches through the hail of LTTE bullets and morass of AP mines, the protectors of the land have to also consider the thousands of Mahveer family members who would make good sleepers for a future terror campaign.

These people have to be screened and identified. Either they should be placed under permanent surveillance or assisted in seeking asylum in Norway or Canada. The surveillance would be purely for their protection ( ;) ) because they would be at risk from all those people in SL who have lost family members through their terror.

Fucktonia's (aka VP's Laxative) agenda is to foolishly attempt to persuade patriots to pressure the GSL to let murderers go. Why is this tiger wasting its fingers typing on this blog?

BlackPanther said...

Dearest Antonia,

Please let me disagree with you with all due respect.

We have given the LTTE enough chances to discuss their problems in peaceful forums. They have not used them to genuinely solve their problems.

How do you propose to negotiate with them? In negotiations we have to give in. The question is what. What will their demands be? Eelam? Are you ready to give it? Are they asking for anything less? We all know the answer.

If know about treating cancer, docs don't negotiate. Treatment needs aggresive and radiacal treatment to save the life with the minimum possible sacrifise to the body.

I m sure all those who want the LTTE to be eliminated want the civilians to be saved. Our thoughts are with them. But in reality is there any other way? If you could propose a magical method to do it...........

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Rohan Gunaratne in an AT interview says:

"If the current degree of pressure can be maintain in the next one and a half to two years, the LTTE can be dismantled completely. The LTTE international network will survive for about a year after the LTTE domestic network has been crippled. With the seizure of LTTE computers in Vishwamadu, the government is in possession of names and details of those who work and support the LTTE network overseas. Working with foreign governments, Sri Lanka should help foreign governments to investigate and prosecute those who support the LTTE."Fantastic! I had suggested this many weeks ago as an important goal. Obviously, the boffins at Defence HQ thought the same. I am very happy to hear this news as I was afraid that the Tigers would have managed to destroy evidence before the forces got there. I suspect a defence mole among the LTTE.

This is great news. Time to set into motion the next phase of wiping out the World-wide mono-ethnic racist movement called the World Tamil Movement which expects to establish a World Spanning Nation for the special "Master Race".

Sri Lanka and its people be blessed!

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks for the warning.

Moshe Dyan said...


mate, that is reassuring. but i think US is serious.

blake is not alone. he is backed by the US govt. CNN reported a statement made by US govt ysterday.

it essentially gives away what blake is trying to do.

toiletnet didn't report any offensives yesterday. this is worrying too. govt MIGHT go for undeclared pauses which is very dangerous.

Unknown said...



SL boy said...

I was able to sponsor 4 children from the SLA Seva Vanitha just surrendering the cash value of my insurance policy in SL. Each child needs 48000 for 4 years of support.

I know there are many people became citizens in Australia , UK and US where they can afford to make this kind of donation. It can be an Insurance policy or a retirement fund account stuck in Sri Lanka but they can make use of it for this purpose.

Please promote this idea among our Sri Lankans.

Karunabudhi said...

Sri Lanka rejects UN truce appeal

nuclear said...

Do you get info on LTTE captives thinking on their movement?

Some of the carder would have surrendered to out brave SLDF. And they may have spelled their thinking. Sure they are being fooled by the leaders and the Diasporas for their benefits. What is coming out in SL TV channels are not much. It just emphasize on; young are been drag to the organization, ill-treating etc. etc. Is time to break their main points with good counter-reasoning. That will minimize further strengthening in man power to LTTE.

Good to publish VP’s album to public so that all know the true state of this so called Tamil’s savior.

I too feel that VP has now left the battle field deceiving the supporters by telling “I must live to take the struggle further”, leaving the supporters to breathe their last breath.

SL Government had vowed to kill VP. But these days most of the time top speeches are to liberate trapped Tamil people and the land captured by LTTE. Liberating every inch of land separated by VP alone, without separating VP’s head is going to be the same mistake as of Wijeweera’s captivity and not separating his head where the revolution seed was hiding. There is an ambiguity in the top. Do we know whether VP is liberated from NFZ? I am afraid all the work done by our heroes is going to be in vain!

Suranimala said...

I will try to find it .
In you tube there are so many but some were removed due to complains of peelamists .
we should do the same for lttp shits in you tube .just to flag it and give the reason

Amavi said...

Dealing with VP, Pottu and KP is crucial if we are to finish this LTTE issue for good.

The GOV should encourage the remaining cadres in NFZ to surrender together with their families and relatives. (Continue with the leaflet droppings etc and make them aware of the pardon)

The high ranked carders should not be given any pardon.

In these difficult times our foreign diplomats should brush up on their skills to counter the LTTE propaganda.

Found a nice Interview with Prof. Rohan GunaratnaWe have come this far! And it is in these last moments that we need to keep/improve our efforts in order to overcome this final hurdle.


Ananda-USA said...

Others Are Echoing My Conclusion Regarding the Taliban Threat to Pakistan's IntegrityThe Parallel LTTE Threat to INDIA will not be Far Behind.

Pakistan's break-up will threaten US, India: ExpertsIANS, Washington
April 19, 2009

US officials see little hope of preventing nuclear-armed Pakistan from disintegrating into fiefdoms controlled by Islamist warlords and terrorists, posing a security threat to both the US and India, according to a leading newspaper group.

Such a development would pose a 'greater threat to the US than Afghanistan's terrorist haven did before 9/11', third largest US newspaper chain McClatchy Newspapers reported, describing it as the conclusion of a growing number of US intelligence, defence and diplomatic officials.

'It's a disaster in the making on the scale of the Iranian revolution,' an unnamed US intelligence official with long experience in Pakistan was quoted as saying.

Pakistan's fragmentation into warlord-run fiefdoms that host Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups would have grave implications for the security of its nuclear arsenal; for the US-led effort to pacify Afghanistan; and for the security of India, the nearby oil-rich Persian Gulf and Central Asia, the US and its allies, it said.

Pakistan's army, meanwhile, is hobbled by a lack of direction from the country's civilian leaders, disparaged for its repeated coups and shaken by repeated defeats by the militants.

It remains fixated on India to ensure high budgets and cohesion among troops of divergent ethnic and sectarian allegiances, US officials and experts cited by McClatchy said.

Many officers and politicians also oppose fighting the Islamist groups that Pakistan nurtured to fight proxy wars in Afghanistan and Kashmir because they think the US is secretly conspiring with India to destabilise their country.

Several US officials cited by the paper said that the Afghanistan-Pakistan strategy that President Barack Obama unveiled last month is being called into question by the accelerating rate at which the insurgency in Pakistan is expanding.

The plan hinges on the Pakistani army's willingness to put aside its obsession with Hindu-dominated India and focus on fighting Islamist insurgency.

It also presupposes, despite doubts held by some US officials, that sympathetic Pakistani military and intelligence officers will sever their links with militant groups.

McClatchy cited the experts it interviewed as saying their views aren't a worst case scenario but a realistic expectation based on the militants' gains and the failure of Pakistan's civilian and military leadership to respond.

'The place is beyond redemption,' a Pentagon adviser was quoted as saying. 'I don't see any plausible scenario under which the present government or its most likely successor will mobilise the economic, political and security resources to push back this rising tide of violence.

'I think Pakistan is moving toward a situation where the extremists control virtually all of the countryside and the government controls only the urban centres,' he continued.

'If you look out 10 years, I think the government will be overrun by Islamic militants.'

Anonymous said...

I say the armies strategy of breaking the safe zone to 2 parts is brilliant, that would leave about 300-400 LTTE cadres maning one side of the line, meaning approximately 300-400 cadres maning approximately 30-40,000 civilians which would bolster them to break free, now is the time for the LRRP units to sneak in among the civilians and do there thing.

Ananda-USA said...

LTTE Boat Manufacturing Yard in Phuket, Thailand has Submarines Under ConstructionHow can Buddhist Thailand be so insensitive to the Security of Sri Lanka? Don't they know that separatists in Southern Thailand will exploit these capabilities also?

VIDEO: LTTE BoastYard in Phuket, Thailand

Suranimala said...

Why cant Tai government finish this ?

Unknown said...

Being Nobody said...

The war is our Achilles’ heel. The chances of achieving adequate socio-economic prosperity rely on the cessation of hostilities between the warring parties. Ending the conflict through peaceful measures have not only failed but 'peace' itself in the sri lankan experience/context , has led to more conflict and hostility. This leaves us with just one option, that is to deal with the conflict by waging war. Warring equally weakens the socio-economic wellbeing. War or no war our socio-economic wellbeing will be compromised. This is our paradox.

The solution to the dilemma the paradox presents can only be sought after by making love to the East. Our love affairs with India,China,Russian, libiya and Iran antagonizes the jealous Westerners. The defiance of the east and its potentials of being a genuine threat to the western dominance inflames an unimaginable amount of jealousy.

Burning with jalousies, plotting and scheming (also known as silent diplomacy) continues behind closed doors and in private parties where the merry-making is done with ‘designer drugs’. They wait patiently for the time to ripe taking aim at the bull’s-eye. Yes, the bull’s-eye is our Achilles’ heel!!!

So don’t be surprised by the double standards. It’s just western foreign policy. To minimize the affect of it, understand and act prudently by exercising NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY.

Within the borders of Sri Lanka exercising of NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY is our BIRTH RIGHT.

Mr President, please don’t let anyone take our birth right away from us! Not even for a ransom of $1.9 billon

Anonymous said...

From Bicycle to Aircraft!

From Eelam to a United Sri Lanka!

Gringo said...

["48-hr unilateral cessation of hostilities over"

Now arrange playing 'Namo Namo Matha' inside the NFz through loudest-ever speakers 24/7... and watch how fast civilians escape while Tamil terroroists drop dead...

Let's attack the brainwashed terrorist mind too. THEY ARE WEAK.

'Maha Pritha' is option 2.

ReallyCold..... said...

Sign the petition if you haven't done already.

Unknown said...

LTTE's Suicide Boat Factory in Thailand

SL said...

Are you pondering what what I am pondering...??
I see these poor basterds going on hunger strikes, and pleading SLDF to stop killing Tamils. If they really do care about the fellow Tamils, why don't they ask the LTTE to let the civilians go???
I haven't heard of any instances where the civilians that escaped were being bombed??? May be its just me, but those civilians are alive and kicking in the government controlled areas, right??
This is what kills me about these spineless slugs, when the going gets rough, they go into "ass licking mode" and when they get a little chance they become "the unstoppable force".
These days all I hear is crying and bitching from these LTTE fagots.
Like I Bob Marley said..."get up..stand up...stand up for your rights...". But that with some dignity and consistency....if you never knew how to do that....shut the fuck up!!!
p.s. I am not against you going on hunger "diets", but please stick to them and die off...or just light yourself up like some of you dumb asses did. Trust me we won’t give a flying fuck!
The Sinhalese might just say, "ona pukak, preethi wesak"

gamekoluwa said...

Best ever video...
LTTE got talents...

SL said...

Ohhh...a bitch fest in my back yard??? I didn't even know about the LTTE support ralley in Time Sqare!! until I saw the pictures today!! I was wondering what that smell was when I was on my regular run in the central park.I bet the clean up crew is on overtime, to get rid of the stench!! oh..wait..the clean up crew is tamil, so it would be just cleaning up after themsleves, so I guess its not that bad!!
Sorry...nothing against the tamil race, its just that I really hate the LTTE and its two face bitches!!
Bro did you know about this...?? looks like we have to keep them in check!! creaping up in to our back yards!! you give them an inch..and you know rest.
Who let the dogs out....??

LRRU said...

Ya breaking the NFZ to 2 means that LTTE will have to safeguard more fronts. But they don't have resources to do so.

Civilians have more fronts to escape.

Leaders will be inside either of the two sections

No reinforcements possible from 2 sections

Guys, and it's easy cos the NFZ length is about 12 km & width is 2 km.

So going inbetween 2km seems to be ok; but ninthikadaal is the main barrier.

our guys will have to sneak carefully, MI 24 gunships will have to support

But that makes lot of noises & could be used as propoganda

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Re: Pakistan

Now those who preached the bullshit about democracy in Pakistan have to worry about the anarchy they unintentionally architect there. They did the same in Iraq too, where secular Sadam was the only hurdle that Islamic fundamentalists faced in that country.

Still the donkeys in west fail to see this. See how they try to establish Russia. But why? Cold war is over and Russia has no hostile feeling towards USA and west. Ppl like Putin are a blessing for America as they pre-empt any attempt of vicious forces raising their heads.

Anarchy, of all things, what west should be scared of. This topic is very relevant as the west has openly supported the anarchy and continuation of civil war in Sri Lanka by attempting a bail out for pussycats.

By the name of ideals west is planting seeds of poison, pussycats are one breed of it. I'm sure that some big assassination is on the cards in those countries like Canada, Norway, UK etc.

Re: India

It's the deserving return for India. They will bite their own butts for what they did. There is a saying "What you give will come back". I hope India will soon print it and hang in their Lock Sabha for all to see.

However I disagree that there is a chance of India breaking. Indian public are not so stupid or violent. Pussycat support base is a tiny minority there. What we see today is the misguided Indian public by that minority.

BlackPanther said...

The next obvious step would be to divide the Nofire Zone into two. However, since three fronts have converged on the narrow geographic corridor SLDF has the liberty to trisect the NFZ. 58 taking to the east along the southern lagoon and the 53rd to the along the northern lagoon.

More fronts more options, more confusion to LTTE, more chance for civilians to escape. This can box some in the middle.

Ananda-USA said...

IDEA: Release a VIDEO with copies of following VOICE Recordings of LTTE leaders to UN, HRW, ICRC, CBC, BBC etc Patriots,

The GOSL should use the following Voice Recordings of LTTE leaders issuing orders to prevent the escape of Civilians to Human Rights and Media channels, to EXPOSE them.

Evidence of LTTE Orders to Shoot Escaping Civilians Meanwhile a senior defence official said that the soldiers were well prepared for the arrival of civilians as they had accurately anticipated the situation.

" Since last night, there has been a great agitation among the junior level LTTE cadres speaking via radio channels. They were talking about civilians organizing to escape and informed their leaders that it would be difficult for them to hold the civilians if they come against them in such large numbers", he said.

" The LTTE ordered them to open fire at the civilians and prevent them escaping in to the cleared areas at any cost. Yet, we do not know the extent to which the terrorists have carried out that order", he added.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...


Operation Entebbe - almost about to start... Mr.Gotabaya told BBC...

ela kiri

What a country can do when its citizens were held hostage ?

Mr. Gotabaya told that they are ready arrest Velu Thambi Thalavara ground hog ... comes out of thet NFZ rat hole. SF (one of the best of the best team is ready to take action)

very bad news for Canadian and Australian tamil nutcrackers.

Link to wikipedia

Washburn said...

YAY! This is what should happen: if the civilianz get together and do things like this more and more, the LTTE won;t be able to contain them very long ... according to this, some of the LTTE even helped civilanz to escape ..
I bet the BBC will not put this up in a hurry:

Rana said...


Intersecting NFZ into two from Puthikudyiruppu road is good and logical approach. MI24 gun ships can help over Nanthi Kadal lagoon. Tigers will have dilemma which section to protect. Naturally they will opt to protect the section with the leadership. Then we could liberate all civilians in the other section quickly and concentrate on the remaining section to wipe out the leadership.

A sure way to go!

--- Rana ---

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...


Guys read this article by Rajendra Alwis in Canada, titled:

Spreading An Attenuated Dose Of LTTE Terrorism In OttawaHere is my comment on it:

"they are spreading the attenuated doses of terrorism in the country, blatantly abusing the democratic rights honored in the land"No better way to innoculate Canada against LTTE terror. Heh Heh HehAll jokes aside, all of you have to realise that the Tiger Supporters are themselves doing us a favour by going out and acting the fool in foreign countries. These acts will bring on the attention of authorities to the potential threat the Tamil Terror pose in their own countries.

We just have to watch on the side-lines and let this realisation dawn. Instead, in some countries like Australia (Melbourne), I have heard that some Sri Lankan students (Moda Jathi Ale Pa#ayas) have gone and invaded an LTTE meeting and 10 have ended up in Gaol. This has probably undone the "innoculation" in one fell swoop. Just when you think we have managed to control "Jathi Ale" w@nkers they come out there in other countries. If they want a fight, they should be out in Puthumathalan with the brave soldiers. Not besmirching the Good Name of Mother Lanka undoing the sacrifices of the brave sons.

Who ever has influence over the "Keera Kotuwe boys" overseas please heed this. There are better men than you ready to carry on the fight overseas. This will be done by expatriates (despite the ineptitude of some diplomats such as Balapatabendi- an insult to the noble name- of Australia) in the corridors of power, in Academic circles and through legal means.
Strategies include for example:

1)Writing a Book on British Crimes against Humanity and its intrigue (divide and rule)in Lanka while including copious amounts about Tamil racist treachery that led to atrocities by LTTE. Such a bok "British Crimes Against Humanity" will attract World Wide Attention and then people will be introduced to the true horror of "Tamil Racism" equating it with "Nazi Fascism"

2)Founding an Umbrella Organisation along the lines of the Jewish Nazi Hunters. Such an organisation will do the Civil equivalent of what GSL will hopefully do in hunting down Tamil Racists overseas. The same organisations may take NGO's and countries to task for aiding and abetting such racists.

3) Doing what Tamil Racists have been doing for 3 decades by cultivating allies in the highest corridors of power over the next decade and telling them the truth about Sri Lanka and "Tamil Racism" created by British agents such as Bishop Caldwell.

Such concerted efforts will be necessary in the coming decade to counter the threat to Sri Lanka from the "Tail Nation". This is nothing personal against other nations including "Tamil Nation" but a specific strategy to protect Mother Lanka. Other nations and NGO bodies must come to realise:

1) If they get hood winked by Tamil Racism again and attack Mother Lanka, they can expect to be attacked back (but in a civilised manner ala Dayan Jayathileke not by Keera Kotuwa a$$holes)

2)"Tamil Nation" = "Tamil Fascism" so that no "Tamil" will dare whinge about "Sinhala Racists" again (this is provided Keera Kotuwa boys are kept in check).

3) Offer a carrot with the stick. Demonstrate by example that you can be a genuine Nationalist (e.g. of Sri Lanka) and yet also be proud of your ethnic background (Sinhala). The Sinhalas have a chance to let go of demanding total ownership of SL and instead be Sri Lankan first and demand that from all other Sri Lankans. Doing this will free them to be "Sinhala" and interact as a World Wide Sinhala Diaspora protecting Sinhala Culture. "Tamils" can choose to follow this example or be labeled as fascists.

Rabble who give a bad name to Sri Lanka does not help. This is a time like no other for Sri Lankans to remain disciplined. The organisers of the demonstration in Melbourne against Hostage Taking by LTTE did well but it was not a good look to see the only News interest to be "Sri Lankans fighting each other on Melbourne streets". LTTE achieved its aim! Rein in the Dogs!

Moshe Dyan said...

LTTE toilets have taken a step backward!! LOSSERS!

carefully look at the photos of latest rallies.

there are no pix of vezapillai in his toilet uniform now!!

what has happened to these loosers???

NOLTTE=Peace said...

It is hicarious man! Very hicarious!

Naive British Parliamentarians have been publicly undressed!

Ananda-USA said...

Mayil Ravana said....

This is a time like no other for Sri Lankans to remain disciplined. Amen, brother. That is one of the keys to WINNING this game. Never lose CONTROL; use our BRAIN instead of only our BRAWN.

Moshe Dyan said...

lrrp, rana,

my comment in sf-3 blog. but this is not seemed to be happening.


how about we use a strategy to SPLIT/SLICE the LONG THIN NFZ that looks like a worm??

there will be NO (or less) RESISTENCE FROM the piece where vezapillai is not present. then consolidate that piece fully.

thereafter, SPLIT/SLICE the other one. this time it will be harder but again, of the new pieces, the one without VP will offer no (or less) resistence.

eventually, VP will be trapped with a lesser number of ppl and BINGO!

the problem with NFZs was tigers ran into them with civilians. when we split/slice the NFZ, there is no way tigers or civilians could cross from one piece to another.

to help us further, the NFZ is LONG but very THIN. ideal for splitting/slicing.

as much as possible we should split/slice along natural boundaries. then along areas of LESSER IDP shelters.

this will also confuse the tigers and some will be left without leaders to guide them!! that will be FUN.

one main obstacle is the water body that lies south-west of part of the NFZ. we should overcome this."

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන - good post Brother.

Moshie Dayan - slicing is a good idea.. Sir.

is there anything that we can use to Freez pussy cats in NFZ for a moment then get all those ppl out.

then Bingoo....?

one tiny note for Brothers in field:
බීම් බෝම්බ බහුල ලෙස අතුරා ඇත පරිස්සමින් ගමන් ගන්න

Rana said...


Don’t you worry boy! We have some best brains in the business for planning and execution; they know exactly what to do! We will wait and enjoy the grand finale in style.

--- Rana ---

Anonymous said...

You know

When reading and how the LTTE radio conversations, I have a feeling we ought to release it to the world, to show that the senior carders request the execution of any civilian who tries to go through the border, to close Vaikos gob o a mouth and to show the world another peice of evidence that Sri Lanka is fighting a hostage taking group, to show that civilians want to break free, to show that the LTTE has ordered junior level cadres to fire on any civilians approaching the border..

Washburn said...

The longer the SLA wait, the riskier and harder is gets ...

Anyone has any idea how the "special british" envoy to the UN is gonna affect all this? what can they actually do? it is F#$#@*ing UNbelievable that they STILL let ltte propaganda shove crap down their throats:

Jay said...


Keep on ranting and raving and those threats. My word i'm shaking in my boots. Think you need to try harder! I have been called worse by better people.
(ps- i will be landing in KIA on 2 May on a 5 day visit- please feel free to send a white van)

With reference to Asian Tribune, any legal counsel will advice you there is no point in taking legal action against a "blog" (its not an international journal as you erroneously claim. P O Box No in Sweden?). I should know this as i sought retribution for defamatory and libelous statements made against me and family members some 5 years ago.(prior to his departure from Thailand). All because i refused to fund his ventures nor introduce him to financial backers.
KTR is a modern day prostitute.

SL commented--Asithri,
Bro did you know about this...??
(LTTE rally in NYC)

SL - surely by now you should have realised its all talk with Assthri being brave behind a keyboard whilst the terrorist supporters are shitting on his own door step.

btw- the Rally was nowhere near Central Park. It was between 1st Ave & 2nd Ave, E 42nd St.

Jay said...

Interesting article and comments

Jay said...

Brings back memories of Robert Mugabe kicking out the BBC and Times journalist from Zim

Jay said...

Tamil civilians slaughtered as army shells 'no-fire zone'-

Go on Rajiva W! look forward to reading your re-buttal.
ps- Dont attack the writer as usual but stick to the facts and counter the accusations.
To accuse Western journalists of being bribed by terrorists is to throw fuel into the fire. One should realise that by now.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

This is how so called guardians or virtue and ideals show their butts to international community when they are challenged. I believe SL should make a case out of this when the west pressurizes again.

Best answer to Karuna-Budi .

Is this what Ban-Ki-Moon tried to stop by requesting further free-fire time for Pussycats . SL Diplomats should deliver this news all over the world.

Jay said...

Karuna interview with the The Economist.

I like the summary at the end of the interview.

Sam Perera said...

Scum of Sri Lanka (Jaathiye Paahara Ballo)

Featured Scums of the Day

Mano Ganeshan and R. Sampanthan.This video shows how blatant their anti Sri Lankan acts are. R. Sampandan is a traditionally a diehard Eelamist while Mano Ganeshan in Colombo with a monkey mask. They have violated the very oath they take in becoming parliamentarians to preserves Sri Lanka. Their anti Sri Lankan acts go way beyond the limits of Sri Lankan scum. Without saying too much, I believe that the government should prosecute these terrorists with a view to administer traditional traitor’s punishment at a public square without any delay. We can’t tolerate paying public money to support these terrorists anymore. In addition, any of Mano Ganeshan’s associates like Ranil Wickramasinghe, Rauf Hakeem, and Mangala Samaraweera shall be thoroughly investigated for any financial handouts from Mano and LTTE. Mr. President, I bet you take legal action against these terrorists.

Ranil Wickramasinghe
Lakshman Kiriella
Ravi Karunanayake
Vajira Abeywardena
Jayalath Jayawardena
Mangala Samaraweera
Rauf Hakeem
Wickramabahu Karunaratne
Kumar Rupasinghe
Jehan Perera
Sunanda Deshapriya
Sunila Abegunasekara
Mano GaneshanR SampanthanK Sivajilingam
G.K. Ponnambalam
other TNA sakkiliyas
Duleep Chikera
Pakiyasothi Saravanamuttu
Rohan Edirisinghe
Mithra Fernando
Tisaranee Gunasekera
Priyath Liyanage
Rayappu Joseph
Rosy Senanayake
Sonali Samarasinghe
Nimalka Fernando
Sirithunga Jayasuriya
Dayasiri Jayasekara
Iqbal Athas
Lal Kantha
Anura Kumara
Malik Samarawickrama
Lalith Kothalawala
S.B. Dissanayake
Brian Seneviratne
Sisira Jayasuriya
Johnston Fernando
Ranath Premalal Kumarasinghe

Sam Perera said...

This is the true face of USA. Now we know who wants to help LTTE terrorists despite all that show they had by banning LTTE. What a shameless act against the democratic will of Sri Lankans. I believe that the people should arrange mass protests against USA this time. At the same time, I hope that government will provide more security to Robert Blake.

May the blessings of triple gems with the President and the people of Sri Lanka in this moment of blatant pro terrorist aggression by USA

Asithri said...

So looks like the UK LTTE Tamil supporting whorebitches have now dropped the flag of the LTTE – the flag of snarling head of tiger surrounded by guns and bullets – at their protest rallies!


This is after the LTTE motherfuckers in the UK and elsewhere repeatedly justified using that flag by saying it is not the LTTE flag, but the flag of the “tamileelam” …!!! Wow!!!

So, you filthy whorebtiches, if that were indeed the flag of your “thamileelam” then why swap it now for an innocuous red & yellow flag?

ha ha ha …

Is it because the LTTE sympathetic UK foreign secretary David Milliband told you whores that you are making his job hard…his job to throw a lifeline to the LTTE with the Norwegians’ and US Ambassador Robert Blake’s help (of course, under the pretext of “civilian concerns”) and that when you motherfuckers keep raising that flag of a snarling tiger surrounded by bullets (the flag that the whole world recognizes as belonging to the LTTE, the banned terrorist org in many countries including in the UK!), you are royally fucking up his and his cohorts’ plans to throw a lifeline to the LTTE and that you should get rid of it, even if you have no choice but to wave a plain bed-sheet!!!

ha ha ha….this is truly hilarious!!!

Truly LMSSAO!!!

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

Jay the LTTE undercover-whorebitch

[ps- i will be landing in KIA on 2 May on a 5 day visit- please feel free to send a white van]

ha ha ha...good one! Yes, and I believe also in Santa Claus!!!

Tamil any case, the thrill is catching your type of terr-traitor totally unawares/unsuspectingly...that's when one see the true beauty of your type Tamil terrorism supporter...when the eyes enlarge in sheer "joy" to the point of them becoming the size of tennis balls - when they know they are about to take a totally unplanned white van ride (let's only say no, I did not dream this up!!!)


OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

Jay the undercover LTTE whorebitch

[Brings back memories of Robert Mugabe kicking out the BBC and Times journalist from Zim]

ha ha ha...whorebitch, so you really have a problem in that Times reporter being kicked out of SL by Gota uh? Figures!

Yup arsehole, just wake up and smell the coffee...yes, you need to realize that this GOSL is us and we ARE the GOSL...

This is what is known as the "peoples power"...yes, we can evict any motherfucker we want from our soil when we want and how we want...get it? This also called democracy as this GOSL was repeatedly elected by overwhelming support of the populace and we expect this GOSL to cleanse our soil of maggots such as that LTTE-mouthpiece UK reporter or for that matter, definitely a dog-poo squirming pathetic, traitorous, ungrateful maggot like you!

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

LTTE agents abroad, having access to the estimated $300MM collected/defrauded every year in the west, have been very successful at "wining & dining" journalists, NGOs, HR advocates, etc. in the west and basically "supplementing the income" of some these will-never-be-rich individuals in return for these individuals toeing the LTTE line.

This practice continues to this day and in fact lately it has taken a more vigorous pace as the LTTE agents have a vast reserve of such funds (that was really set aside for some deadly/sophisticated arms purchase for the LTTE bitches in SL, but as we know, that is a non-starter now given that even if they were able to procure such weaponry, there is simply no way to get it to the LTTE in the NFZ!) and want to throw it all into this do-or-die attempt to save the LTTE, at least they hope via this well orchestrated propaganda program.

Here is an example:

OaO Asithri

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Ja(il) Bird Sakkiliya said

"KTR is a modern day prostitute.."

I think I knew Jay's Appa. He was helping out Mugabe's men when they were fighting the good war against White oppression. The White PM Ian Smith came of TV and talked about "the White Man's burden". That was the attitude of these whites. Then Mugabe decided to give them a go (after winning the War), but the white farmers have betrayed him and his soldiers and have given nothing back to the country.

So this sakkliya now turns and stabs Zimbabwe in the back just to get back at SL.

Not only that he raves on about adding fuel to the fire in attacking "Western Diplomats". So I would say Rajiva Wijesinghe is doing the right thing if a Tiger is trying to give him the opposite advise.

"Western Journalists" are not the kind of straight journalists we used to have like Mahindapala. They are about selling media space or newspapers. Their jobs depend on it. I know of at least one Newspaper chain which pursued local businesses for "Advertorials" on thier papers. i.e. you can pay for what you want on the paper as "news". The other typical approach of these guys is to have sensational news, preferably about someone in another country!

I recall the BBC screening an item about the plight of the Tea Estate workers (1970's). They showed one man living in a latrine! This item was straight after Mrs. B nationalised the British Tea Estates. Years later I asked someone who was living in the same estate about it. He said that the man was "paid" to do it (i.e. lie in the latrine). Well we have our sources too.

So, I am not surprised if Rajiva talks about these journos being in LTTE pockets. Given the standard of ethics of journalists around the World (especially UK), I would be inclined to believe Rajiva. In my eyes it is up to a journalist (who has produced a one sided article) to declare their tax statements and all affiliations as initial proof that they are not in the pocket of the LTTE. We know that LTTE is quite capable of bribing all in sundry.

It is hilarious that the man who asks Rajiva not to attack journalists calls the guy on our side a "prostitute". Well he is our "prostitute" and we are keeping him. It must really hurt that after KTR produced the series "Sri Lanka, the untold story" (presumably for the LTTE) in mid 2001 (pre 9/11 heh heh heh- they were getting ready for the peace talks before 9/11- NY really f^@#ed them) he has now turned "neutral". Haa Haa Haaa.

The evidence we have is that if you attack a white fella long enough he goes into his shell.

Secondly, no matter what they may write these Western Journos have to convince us, the Sri Lankan expatriates. We are the ones that mater. Because we are the ones who are making the decisions to help SL at her hour of need. We are not only gong to help the mother land, we will be after anyone who is her enemy. The times when we were hoodwinked are over.

So, Go directly to Gaol/Jail, Do not pass GO! (Sakkiliya).

Moshe Dyan said...

moratu saman,

mate, that would be even better!

but 2,000 hectares is a fairly big area still. unless we target that to the area the WORST COWARD is hiding.

Moshe Dyan said...


sure mate. nontheless what i see is a bit disappointing. may be i'm missing something.

53, 55 and 58 (now) seems to try SEPERATELY to do things.

the chopping strategy needs a different approach from the present set-up of our offensive brigades and task forces.

Moshe Dyan said...


"So looks like the UK LTTE Tamil supporting whorebitches have now dropped the flag of the LTTE – the flag of snarling head of tiger surrounded by guns and bullets – at their protest rallies!"another excellent observation mate!! TE whorebitches cannot escape the OAOA hawk.

the previous day's rally was one step below. in that vezapillai's pix in his LTTE toilet uniform was not shown. now the dying tiger's flag has DISAPPEARED!

they are a set of LOSERS!

its a great thing that they are so DUMB that they down realise their gradual fall to total defeat.

Thusitha said...

This is the true face of USA. Now we know who wants to help LTTE terrorists despite all that show they had by banning LTTE. What a shameless act against the democratic will of Sri Lankans. I believe that the people should arrange mass protests against USA this time. At the same time, I hope that government will provide more security to Robert Blake.

It is bit difficult to accuse U.S. as a Terrorist state. But is there anyway that we can accuse U.K. as being a Terror States? There were few articles that says MI5 had contacts with LTTE supporters in U.K. With bit of imagination, we should be able to connect British Government with LTTE and accuse U.K. as a Terrorist State. Already Bangladesh is going in that direction. It is about time we publish articles accusing British Government of being a Terrorist State. Put bit of pressure on them.

Upul said...

Shit Lanka will soon bite the dust in the shit hole of history..... No one is here to help this shit hole country. Mahinda tried to be smart, very smart and trick everyone... Instead he and sinhala fools have only fooled themselves into thinking they can win.

The country is bankrupt, doesn't apparently have money for day to day operations. All remainning resources have been alloted to the military. Argentina like collapse is imminent.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

I suspect that someone (most likely be ignorant David Millband ) has severely screwed Obama's ears when he visited UK.

That may be the sole reason where US has turn a 'U'(K) turn!!!

The Des Browne guy is hurriedly rushing to the US to meet the UN too (my be under the advice of Obama i.e. saying "do not get LTTE sh*t allover in light of we are getting hammered by Alqaida -get this done through UN) hush.. hush!

All these antics to save the most ruthless terrorist of the world -Prabhakaran!

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

if USA want us to sleep with LTTE - We might as well die with them too..

why don't USA stop fighting with Al-Kida...

please keep your 1.5-Bilion - no thank you.

we must finish that prihiba ground hog.

Hon.VP said...

COLOMBO, April 20 (Reuters)At least 5,000 people burst ouf of Sri Lanka's tiny war zone on Monday, after soldiers broke through a long earthen wall the Tamil Tiger rebels built to stall their advance, the military said.

The wall of earth had blocked the widest land link to the coastal strip where Sri Lanka's military has surrounded the Tigers with the goal of crushing them and ending a civil war that has raged since 1983 and is now Asia's longest-running.

"Troops captured the earth bund and so far 5,000 people have been rescued. It is still going on," military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said.

The no-fire zone is a 17-square-km (6.5-sq-mile) area of coconut groves, where the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) separatists are fighting their last stand from among tens of thousands of civilians they have held there by force.

The Sri Lankan government has been under heavy Western pressure to call a ceasefire to protect people in the no-fire zone, since the LTTE has rejected all international calls to let them go and insists civilians are staying by choice.

Sri Lanka has rejected further calls for a truce after the expiration of a 48-hour pause last week, saying the Tigers only used it to bolster their defences and make it harder for people to escape.

The state-run Daily News said 15,000 people had fled on Monday, which Nanayakkara denied.

However, military sources told Reuters that the number was likely to climb later in the day, and that the 5,000 figure given only represented those people who had been checked and cleared by soldiers for onward passage to refugee camps.

Anyone approaching military lines has to be screened for weapons or bombs, since an LTTE suicide bomber in February blew herself up at a refugee screening centre and killed at least 28 and wounded nearly 100. (Writing by Bryson Hull; Editing by Bill Tarrant)

Moshe Dyan said...

toiletnet says,

"The Ministry of Health staff still working there is really worn out - these people are working for months now without any break, they work day and night. And medical supplies are lacking," Castella added."

at last they admit. this proves my theory. when LTTE MFs are mercilessly bashed, they become sri lankans!!

LTTE MFs, the minister of health is nimal siripala silva whom you MFs bombed 13 years ago!!

now his staff are attending to the mortar wounds in your DEEP ARSEHOLES day and night.

if i were a moh doctor, i would plant time bombs in your arses and stitch them up with barbed wire!!

shameless whores.

start appreciating the good the governments, armed forces and ppl of SL have done to you for generations despite you bombing them.

do it b4 it's TOO LATE!!
say a thank you and die.

Ananda-USA said...

FORWARD! Brave Sons of LANKA!LATEST INFO: 15,000 civilians rescued!

My Comment:

WAY TO GO, Sri Lanka Army! WE LOVE YOU! While all of our enemies are criticizing and denigrating your world class accomplishments, you are quietly without fanfare ACCOMPLISHING OUR NATIONAL GOAL of rescuing these fellow citizens, the unfortunate prisoners of the LTTE! There is NO ARMY IN THE WORLS that can match you for your PATRIOTISM, your SACRIFICE, your COURAGE, your SKILL and above all your HUMANITY towards the TAMIL CIVILIANS imprisoned by the LTTE. GO FORWARD and NEVER LOOK BACK, BRAVE SONS OF LANKA!Lankan troops rescue five thousand civiliansCOLOMBO: Troops stormed a coastal village in north-eastern Sri Lanka Monday and rescued about 5,000 civilians who had been prevented by Tamil rebels from going to military-controlled areas, military spokesperson Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said.

He said troops broke through an earthen barrier in Puthumathalan village, 390 km north-east of the capital, in the early hours of Monday and rescued the civilians, including a large number of women and children.

The civilians have been trapped in a 12-km stretch along the coastal area for the past three months, though some of the villagers have been able to escape against the wishes of the rebels, military officials said.

According to army estimates, some 70,000 civilians remain in the coastal areas where drinking water is scarce. The government has been sending shipments of food by sea into the area.

An estimated 68,000 civilians have left the rebel-held areas and are currently in camps controlled by the government.

The military says it is in the last phase of a military drive to crush the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Ananda-USA said...

FORWARD, Brave Sons of LANKA!Sri Lankan forces rescue 15,000 Tamil civiliansApril 20, 2009

COLOMBO: Sri Lankan forces on Monday captured a LTTE defence line and rescued over 15,000 Tamil civilians, who had been forcibly held by the Tamil Tigers in the government declared no-fire zone, officials said.

The troops took control of the three-kilometre embankment in Pudumathalan area in Mullaittivu early this morning and were able to open a safe passage for the civilians, they said.

According to the officials, this was the biggest single rescue so far.

Sri Lankan government has claimed that LTTE was using thousands of Tamil civilians, who have been trapped in the ongoing conflict between the security forces and Tamil Tigers, as a human shield.

Ananda-USA said...

Another FAMOUS FALSE PREDICTION!After Kilinochchi, is Rajapaksa awaiting Kalinga?This article is yet another DIRE PREDICTION OF DISASTER, by self-serving TAMIL TIGER fans. Yet another "KILINOCHCHI will be Sri Lanka Army's STALINGRAD" cry of the LTTE propagandists, the PUSILLANIMOUS PUNDITS of yesteryear. Yet another, NOT TOO SUBTLE, attempt by the NATTERING NABOBS OF NEGATIVITY to conjure up an image of DHARMA-ASOKA's bloody victory in KALINGA over two millinenia ago. But the results of that victory of that Noble Monarch are hidden under the proverbial carpet: It laid the basis for the GOLDEN ASOKAN AGE of INDIA. The eradication of the LTTE by leaf, branch, trunk and root from SRI LANKA will usher in ANOTHER GOLDEN AGE for SRI LANKA to President Mahinda Rajapakasa's ETERNAL FAME. It remains to be seen whether the LTTE will go down in human history as the most diabolical and monstrous of WOULD BE SAVIOURS OF A PEOPLE!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Over 35000 civilians escape Pussycats with SLDF military backing What an answer to all parties who wanted military operations stopped for civilian escape.

In the beginning of war the west preached us no war, but when SLDF started defeating the terrorists they started praising it. Similarly they were insisting on halting military operations to release civilians [my foot], but when the actual rescue happens, they will again start praising us.

SLDF and GOSL seem to be in a mighty hurry. Rather unknowingly, the sudden death of Pussycats was brought by diaspora, west and TN who pressurized GOSL too much.

Infinity said...

35,000 civilians flee Tiger area: President

dsk said...

troops enter no fire zone.3 suicide blasts...

Anaconda said...

This is a must see video... Finally an outsider with a clear view of the situation...

"Smile it's contagious!"

mikekilo said...

well it has begun we are inside the NFZ.. civilians are already coming in to liberated areas.. military onslaught still continuing...go SLDF.. way to go.

Nilambare said...


Come on! Remove the moderation as teh action has begun. Otherwise other blogs will have the fun. Remove it now..

nuclear said...

DMK President M Karunanidhi,
So you told,
'I don't see Prabhakaran as a terrorist'
"Prabhakaran is my good friend. I am not a terrorist,"

What else can you tell?

MK (Murderer’s King),
A friend in need is a friend in deed. Show your friendship and solidarity by going to NFZ. Your friend VP needs you there. If you do not go now, your life may be in danger. What is the use of a friend who just talks from far away?

It is an insult for VP and MK to call a terrorist
We all agree that VP is not just a terrorist but a fanatic, a lunatic, a murderer. Are you just a friend only to VP?
We thought your initials tell who you are to VP.

silentknight said...

@sam p,

dont be so quick to judge the US,........

when ur dealing with the "devils" of the IC, ....we need to choose the better one

ICTD&D said...

Breaking NEWS

World's largest hostage rescue mission becomes success; over 30,000 rescued
Latest reports received from the Sri Lanka Army 58 Division indicate that over 30,000 civilians held hostage by LTTE terrorists at Puthumathalan and Amplalavanpokkani areas have been liberated. According to the sources, several thousands of others are waiting them to be rescued by the armed forces. All hostages held in Ampalavanpokkanai and Valayanmadam areas have been rescued, the sources added.

The mass rescue operation reached a significant phase when troops captured the 3 km long earth bund built by the LTTE, on the western border of the No Fire Zone this morning (Apr 20). With this capture troop opened a safe route for the hostages to come out of the LTTE grip which was occupied by tens of thousands civilians seeking refuge with the soldiers.

Meanwhile, defence sources on the field said that LTTE terrorists have launched a cowardly attack at the Tamil civilians leaving their grip. special correspondent in the area said that three LTTE suicide cadres have exploded themselves killing dozens of refugees including women and children.

"The terrorists initially fired at the civilians on the causeway using heavy machine guns. When they stepped into the lagoon to avoid LTTE machine gunfire, three LTTE cadres ran on to them and exploded themselves", he said.

More information will follow...

gladiator said...

Wel done brave herts

adithya said...

DW, Why are you silent in this historic moment? Please give your observations

Antonia said...

Oh God,I never knew there is this much of hatred between the people.I hardly see any tamil writing with so much of hatred and telling people that they should be killed.the anger is humangous.I just wrote my view.I dont support any body,all I care about people, does not matter where they come from who ever it is.MayilRavan wrote really bad things about me.You dont even know me,how could you write things like this.All this time i thought why this LTTE is fighting, but now I can understand why.If you class any Tamil sympathy as LTTE's relative , then you are very SAD person.You are creating terrism.Where do you live.I would like to meet you.Out of 100 mail 90 is with lot of hatred.I see and meet Tamil people and they are making their stance without this much of hatred,i dont see this anger at all,I see them very humble and they seems very sad.But they are the effected parties.Do you have a family.Those poeple who are on these protest have lost their families.Just think about their feelings.Listen i dont have a problem,I can live anywhere.I came to this world without anything and go without anything.Even if they are my enemies I wont wish them die.Every body need a chance.Dont you MR MayilRavan sware on me.You are a disgrace to Srilanka.This war and divisons been there for more than 30 years.And I strongly belive this should be only solved by talking.Killing wont solve anyhting.i know LTTE was given many chances but now they are in weeker position its best to get them to table and make them usefull to the country.They are young Sri lankan men and women.Most of them who are in LTTE dont know whats life is all about.I do agree they have been brain washed.But its not their fault.The situation is such people come to different conclusion.But rather than killing them we can educate them.All are srilankans,They started this for a reason but its time to stop this crasiness and make peace.I tell the same to Tamil extremist as well.We all should change our attitude and leave this critising each other.And Mr MayilRana dont dare tell me not to write, i have all the right to say what ever i think its fair.I ignore you anyway, as not all sinhalse are like you,you get this type of people in both sides.We leave people like you to a side and talk like civilised caring Srilankas who cares about actual well being of Srilnaka.And Mr Bhatiya, its nice to see your mail,where are you based??Pople like us should do something.Talk to both sides and make a difference.Bring a Peacefull Srilanka,I know its a very tuff Task, but with Patinec anything can be done.

Antonia said...

Oh God,I never knew there is this much of hatred between the people.I hardly see any tamil writing with so much of hatred and telling people that they should be killed.the anger is humangous.I just wrote my view.I dont support any body,all I care about people, does not matter where they come from who ever it is.MayilRavan wrote really bad things about me.You dont even know me,how could you write things like this.All this time i thought why this LTTE is fighting, but now I can understand why.If you class any Tamil sympathy as LTTE's relative , then you are very SAD person.You are creating terrism.Where do you live.I would like to meet you.Out of 100 mail 90 is with lot of hatred.I see and meet Tamil people and they are making their stance without this much of hatred,i dont see this anger at all,I see them very humble and they seems very sad.But they are the effected parties.Do you have a family.Those poeple who are on these protest have lost their families.Just think about their feelings.Listen i dont have a problem,I can live anywhere.I came to this world without anything and go without anything.Even if they are my enemies I wont wish them die.Every body need a chance.Dont you MR MayilRavan sware on me.You are a disgrace to Srilanka.This war and divisons been there for more than 30 years.And I strongly belive this should be only solved by talking.Killing wont solve anyhting.i know LTTE was given many chances but now they are in weeker position its best to get them to table and make them usefull to the country.They are young Sri lankan men and women.Most of them who are in LTTE dont know whats life is all about.I do agree they have been brain washed.But its not their fault.The situation is such people come to different conclusion.But rather than killing them we can educate them.All are srilankans,They started this for a reason but its time to stop this crasiness and make peace.I tell the same to Tamil extremist as well.We all should change our attitude and leave this critising each other.And Mr MayilRana dont dare tell me not to write, i have all the right to say what ever i think its fair.I ignore you anyway, as not all sinhalse are like you,you get this type of people in both sides.We leave people like you to a side and talk like civilised caring Srilankas who cares about actual well being of Srilnaka.And Mr Bhatiya, its nice to see your mail,where are you based??Pople like us should do something.Talk to both sides and make a difference.Bring a Peacefull Srilanka,I know its a very tuff Task, but with Patinec anything can be done.

rebel said...


Where are you ... breaking news

Brave SLA boys did it once again

Antonia said...

Two people that I have seen in this blog with sence and humnity that is blackpanter and bhathiya.I do adore you both.Even though blackonather said that we need to fight,i can undrstand his point because the way he said it.He did not say with hatred.Thats importnat.I know LTTE was given many chances,I ask the same.This is a 30 year war, its not easy, lot of emotions are involved.I certainly dont agree spliting the country but dont you agree that they had every good reasons for the fight.The history its self explain the reasons.There is so much history.But Fighting or spliting the country wont answer anything.But now the cancer is week may be we can start the talks and solve this problem once and for all.but if we think that we can cure this cancer by war then thats not true.This will prevail.Unless otherwise this is solved politically our country will not have a lasting peace.We all want peace,booming economy,country growth, foriegn investments.but if this done via this terrifying war this will only last for sometime.End of the day we all human been and we need to love,care for each other.

Gringo said...

[Now US threatens to block IMF loan facility to demand ceasefire

Ignore this underhand feelers by the US to save leaders of the Tamil terrorists.

We should never offer another lifeline or AN ESCAPE ROUTE to Tamil terrorists.

Great to see that Sri Lanka has displayed the correct leadership by rejecting the US moves.

All countries see and appreciate the efforts by the GOSL to save our nation from terrorism. They see how much care the GOSL takes to rescue the civilians from the grips of Tamil terrorists. If the US cannot see that, it is NOT OUR PROBLEM, IT'S THEIRS.

Probably the US has concluded that $1.5 billion can buy our self-respect, independence, determination and pride!


Moshe Dyan said...

well done SLDFs.

this is without a doubt world's largest hostage rescue operation.

puthumathalan and amplalavanpokkani are towards the middle of the NFZ. so they did the trick the way we discussed. they have sliced the NFZ into 2 pieces now.


seperately 55 has rescued an additional 1,000 ppl from the northern front.

can't get any better than this.

follow the same tactic until the BIG FAT pussycat is busted.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Hey, DW, we need an update from you on civillian influx....

Gringo said...

[LTTE warns of dire consequences if war continues


Familiar song? When and where did I hear last hear it?


Go ahead... play that again.

SL said...

check out NY times.
Sri Lankan Troops Breach Rebel Haven

aahhh...the sweet smell of freedom for those tamil civilians!!

sneezemeister said...


"This is the true face of USA"

I can't read your link, but I did read there was a goofy (and stunningly poorly timed) statement from the US state department.

I hope you will accept that our governement (like many) is full of incompetents who can not do real jobs. And I am afraid that Sri Lanka quite probably gets assigned the bottom of that barrel. Please do not associate such statements with actual gov policy (which is clearly backing you), or general American opinion (which is appathetic to your situation).

What the general American (and Canadian) public sees of this conflict (and it is extrely little) they seem to be interpreting quite intelligently. If Mavril Aru was Parahabakan's (or however you spell it) undoing. These protests are the LTTE's overseas undoing. Because any unemotionally attached individual can easily sees through the yelling to the heart of this issue.
And it does not reflect well on the yellers.

Congrats on todays news. I hope the end is this outrageous conflict is now very close. said...

DW nidida? Anna SLA evacuated 35,000 from NFZ.

Gringo said...

[Tamils staging an ongoing demonstration in central London have broken through police lines and are blocking roads around Parliament. The Metropolitan Police said about 3,500 people had gathered in Parliament Square as MPs returned after Easter]

Not in Sri Lanka, right?

Then let the MPs who 'returned after Easter' vomit what they ate on the sponsors of Tamil terrorists.... demanding this and that and breaking law.

Make sure to keep that 'Tamil' garbage comfortable in London.... don't even think that they can ARM TWIST proud Sri Lankans.

Because if you ask them, all will tell that they belong to a the Mythical State of Elaam (MySE)... not Sri Lanka.

Did someone say MICE?

Antonia said...

You guys should go there and see, rapes and murder within the camps.The so called liberated east is still with Thugs,every corner you get thugs, this is what you call liberation.The solders are doing a good job at the stake of their lives,but you guys talk big talks.I see your profiles and most of you are could you write things like this.You should live in the war zone,then you would know how it is like.

Ananda-USA said...

Is This Another INDIAN Foreign Policy Debacle in the Offing?India alarmed as Nepal Maoists resume warKATHMANDU: When Nepal's Maoist revolutionaries waged an underground war against the state to end monarchy in the Himalayan kingdom, the Nepal Army
was their biggest foe.

Now, three years after the guerrillas signed a ceasefire, returned to mainstream politics and formed the government by winning a historic election, they have resumed their fight with the state forces, to the alarm of neighbour India.

On Monday, India's ambassador to Nepal Rakesh Sood met Maoist Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda after indications that the government was planning to fire the current Nepal Army (NA) chief, Gen Rookmangud Katawal.

Katawal, a graduate of India's National Defence Academy and Indian Military Academy, has had a stormy innings since he assumed his post in 2006. While human rights organisations accused him of atrocities during the insurgency, Katawal, who was adopted by deposed king Gyanendra's father king Mahendra, was also regarded as being close to the palace.

During his stormy tenure, Katawal has locked horns with Maoist Defence Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa, defied the Maoist government's order to stop recruitment to NA, and opposed the Maoist plan to induct guerrillas of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) en masse.

A fresh provocation occurred this month when the new government held the National Games after a hiatus of eight years.

Protesting against the last-minute inclusion of the PLA in the Games, the NA boycotted the programme, angering the Maoist top brass.

On Sunday, Prachanda met Katawal and reportedly asked him to resign.

Katawal's tenure will end in August. If he declines the sop of becoming the PM's security adviser or an ambassador and refuses to step down, the Maoist government seems poised to remove him.

The defence ministry has asked him to furnish an explanation within 24 hours, threatening to remove him if the explanation is found "unsatisfactory".

The Katawal crisis comes while the Maoist government is fighting a legal battle against eight senior army officers.

The feud erupted last month when the army headquarters recommended that eight brigadier-generals nearing retirement be given a three-year extension.

The government ignored the recommendation and forced them to retire, triggering a court battle.

The beginning of fresh hostilities between the two forces has revived fears that the government would not be able to effect their integration, which is regarded as a key step in the fragile peace process.

India, keen to see Nepal draft a new constitution within the stipulated deadline next year, is concerned that the new clash could derail the peace process. New Delhi has been asking the government to work in harmony with its coalition partners as well as the main opposition party to ensure peace and progress.

Ananda-USA said...

In Defence of President Mahinda RajapaksePUSILLANIMOUS PUNDITS unable to separate FACT FROM FICTION are trying to paint President Mahinda Rajapakse as a PROFESSIONAL MURDERER. On the Contrary, Mahinda Rajapakse is the ELECTED PRESIDENT of a THRIVING DEMOCRACY as old as INDIA's own. As US President ABRAHAM LINCOLN, and his disciple Nigerian PRESIDENT GOWON, did in the US and Nigerian civil wars, Mahinda Rajapakse is bringing a war of NATIONAL REUNIFICATION, waged against a diabolical enemy, to a sucessfull close. His is eradicating a monstrous movement of MASS MUDERERS seeking to create a racist mono-ethnic aparthied state by leaf, branch, trunk and root from our MOTHERLAND of SRI LANKA to preserve its UNITY and the right of its people to pursue life, liberty and happiness in peace. He will BIND AND HEAL the wounds of our nation in the coming years and usher in a GOLDEN ASOKAN AGE to SRI LANKA, as the Great Dharma-Asoka of old did in INDIA after the Kalinga wars.

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