Monday, April 13, 2009

The fate of the Tiger looks sealed

The LTTE has started running out of ammo even for their small arms, ground sources informed DefenceWire as the 48-hour deadline to recommence operations approach. The Tiger leadership has ordered its cadres not to fire any bursts even on their T-56 rifles.

LTTE's intelligence leader Poddu is coordinating the remaining group of LTTE cadres as the other "colonels" have either been killed or injured in battle. How, when and where they would face a military onslaught to rescue the civilians is weighing in on their minds, electronic warfare sources indicated.

Sources in the Army were slightly unhappy with the choice of the terrain where the current NFZ was established since it opens-up to the sea on one side as opposed to a land-locked alternative. This they claimed could limit the Army's complete control of the situation.

For the time being, the Tigers seem to be waiting for a political intervention to save their skin, which in these circumstances would not be forthcoming. China, Pakistan and Russia have committed themselves fully to Sri Lanka seeking a military solution. The United States is not that far behind as long as the government makes every attempt to secure the safe return and rehabilitation of the civilians.

The only countries that the LTTE has a chance of garnering some sympathy remains to be India and UK. But with all the odds stacked against them, India and UK would not be able to ignore the dominant party in Sri Lanka, albeit the emerging Champion, which is the Sri Lankan government.

In many ways and with each day passing, the LTTE looks more like the loser or the hostage taker and in many ways it is. The pressure seems to be mounting on the group through its known international operatives and from its foreign sympathisers.

The LTTE leadership escaping and surviving the war can and will not have much influence. Can an organization win from exile a war it waged and lost from the ground? The conditions that created the LTTE back in the 1970s have changed drastically and exist only in the imagination of a few Diaspora Tamils. The rest await their applications for legal residency or citizenship and in their haste are committing horrendous acts of sabotage in full view of the western public.

Today the realities on the ground are different. Gradually, the world is warming up to the idea that a terrorist outfit which existed for 30 years has been destroyed in 3 years. The government on the other hand looks increasingly confident and powerful, which is encouraging to the International Community.

DW & dA


tharaka said...

Hi DW,
Thanks for update
the news of lack of Ammunition is well received and hope this bloody mess be over in no time
As of Norway culprits who attacked the embassy (there by providing us the oppurtunity to do what we were dreaming for so many years !!) why can't British and Canadian tamils to be more active !!
Suba Aluth Awruddak Weva !!

podi eka said...

Thanks for the update.
Due to the continues downpour, would it be possible for Velu to hide in an underground bunker ?

SL said...

I hope that DW and DN get the propper recognition for the service you do, ofcourse when all this is done!! (in couple of days:)). We hope we can get to know who you guys really are!!
Thank you!!

Ares said...

every thing doesn't look good. we are broke! our brave men and women in the forces did their job. even gotabaya accomplished his task royally. our foreign service and economic front we are loosing. i hope that the forces will be able to force the ltte out before we hit this pit fall. its gonna hit us hard fellows!

who ever thinks that the economy will improve as soon as the war is over is also mistaken. well certain sectors will certainly improve, but most of the money spent by the government on defense are wages to armed force personal and these cost will be the same on the long run.

ReallyCold..... said...

DW &Da

Thanks for the update.

Sri Lanka has the right to intervene and liberate the hostages just like the order Prez. Obama gave to U.S. Navy SEALs to liberate Capt. Richard Phillips.

We have been said 'NO' to many things and if we listened to any of them, LTTE is no longer cornered and reduced to a few.

I'd say, keep marching.

Anonymous said...

very professional analysis.
thanks dw and da!

Anonymous said...

very good analysis and info. thanks!

IntelAttack said...

This is what we wanted and this is what we said years ago in this blog, when we commenced counter terrorists ops. LTTE supporters said its a dream.. Look what has happened now?

We told ya.. ;)

Lanka Dakshina said...






Unknown said...


Karunakarala matath aradanawak evanna, Sri Lankapatriot blog eka kiyawanna. Mage widuth lipinaya :

Though I usually don't comment in DW OR DN due time constrains, I have been reading both blogs for last several years. Group of our friends always assist poorest of the poor in our mother land and our war heroes. Probably we can gettogether and do certain projects.

Mage Mauwbima

lankaputhra said...

Happy new year to you all without LTTE sakkili for 2009!

is there any chance that VP would escape with Nor-way help?

I do not think India will back cease fire? and congress would come back for power!

But as normal UK will back ..we all know UK back all the terrorists in the world!
If UK labour party will loose next election (90% positive) and it's good for SL.
By the way it's good decision that GOSL droped Nor-way as a 'Facilitator'

Unknown said...

Unknown said...

Happy and LTTE free new year to all Sri lankans!!

NOLTTE=Peace said...

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GY said...

first comment.. any news on the LTTErs who are still attacking in buttala and those areas?

AAA ABS CDO said...


Thanks for the update. BBC is saying that the Govt kicked out Norway from the peace process / negotiations.

Yes, the location of the NFZ is not ideal since it gives the kotiyas the option of using the sea / sea tiger assets. But the question is what can we do now?

Thusitha said...


And subha aluth awurudhak to all patriots.

DW, what did you mean by

Sources in the Army were slightly unhappy with the choice of the terrain where the current NFZ was established since it opens-up to the sea on one side as opposed to a land-locked alternative

Didn't army choose the NFZ themselves?

Caveman Velu said...

Civilians caught in NFZ are the guinea pigs of LTTE and diaspora both. For remaining LTTE, it saves their lives (atleast for now). For diaspora they are the exhibits to the world why their asylums applications in western countries should be granted.
If SLA make the move to go into NFZ, LTTE will fire and kill as many as possible innocent civilians to leave as many dead bodies as possible for diaspora to call it a massacre. Pinpointed attacks (with minimal casualties to civilians) on LTTE leadership will be the least damaging. Time for intelligence and Covert ops.

Jay said...

I was under the impression the LTTE terrorist were surrounded in the NFZ.
I'm baffled how they got around to attacking civilians in Buttala.
Is this the kind of warfare we would expect in months and years to come?

DW perhaps you would like to comment on this.

Norway 'no longer peace facilitator'
Again, i did'nt realise Norway still had that position after the CFA was kicked to touch.

Zombinowski said...

Running out of ammo would also help for more civilians can escape. If the retards are saving them to shoot themselves in the heads, that is.

Any news on explosive devices like RPG/claymores?

Anyway, be careful with the lack of ammo, could be false info to lull the boys into false confidence.

Ananda-USA said...

SL said...

Thanks bro, you can e mail at

SL, I e-mailed you the invitation to SLPatriots Blog. :)

පංකාදු ලංකා said...


සුභ අලුත් අවුරුද්දක් වේවා!

I could believe the LTTE are running out of (willing) fighters, but sorry I cannot believe they are running out of ammunition. Are you sure your sources are as reliable as you think?

My gut feeling is that they have enough consumables to outrun their fighters.

Time will tell.

Ananda-USA said...

Mage said..


Karunakarala matath aradanawak evanna, Sri Lankapatriot blog eka kiyawanna. Mage widuth lipinaya :

Done. I emailed you an invitation. :)

Suren said...

Thanks DW
Why not engage 57 etc to get the maximum force to finish it off?
The more we drag the more chance the diaspora can poison the IC
How long do you think SL think it would need to complete the mission after the new Year?

Suren said...

Thanks DW
Why not engage 57 etc to get the maximum force to finish it off?
The more we drag the more chance the diaspora can poison the IC
How long do you think SL think it would need to complete the mission after the new Year?

Rajaratasurfer said...

It's really dumb to let coastal access to the ltte ! Knowing these clowns never keep thier word... who made that decision ? Also, Norway, as I have said before, are thick & thin with the ltte from the get go ! So was it a suprise fellas when the ltte idiots attacked the Embassy in Oslo ? Give me a break Norwies had ample time to provide security to our embassy. This is BS !!!!!!!!!

I just hope VP,Charles & Pottu get wipedout folks ! Cuz, if ya leave wnyone of 'em alive......this keeps poing on & on ! I know there are serious pressure been put on MR by International community to let them slip thru ! Well, it's Sri Lanka.. that will always will suffer !

Let get rid of these terrorist....once & for all !

SL said...

Mage and others,
To piggy back on what "mage" suggested, I agree it is time that we Sri Lankan expats do something for our country in a more organized manner. Not for "brownie points", but to really help out our country.
We live in "developed" countries and sit at our computers and type stuff while our brothers are fighting the LTTE. I'm not saying that we are wrong for doing what we do, but we can do a little more for Sri Lanka. As the more "able" bunch, we can use this blog and other blogs like this to start up a grass root campaign for community organizing. Getting together for a cause, couple of $$'s might not be much for some of us, but it can go a long way in Sri Lanka.
The "LTTE" raised so much money,even though it was a total waste!! They did have a better sense of community, they worked towards a goal and almost accomplished it.(emphasis on almost!!) We can do the same, but first things first. A management that is corruption free!! I sounds too good to be true in Sri Lanka, but we can try!! and we can help out the fallen soldier's families, veterans and then eventually all Sri Lankans. I might sound too hopeful, but I think it has to start somewhere!! What do you guys think about it?

Anonymous said...

/Jay said...

I was under the impression the LTTE terrorist were surrounded in the NFZ.
I'm baffled how they got around to attacking civilians in Buttala.
Is this the kind of warfare we would expect in months and years to come?/

Sure. Hundreds if not thousands of LTTE cadres including elite level and leaders are inside jungles in east and wanni and also among civilians. This kind of attack will continue for several years. Surrounding LTTE to NFZ means limiting LTTE conventional warfare not the terrorism. LTTE terrorism will be there all around the Sri Lanka and even in Oslo, Ottawa, Paris and Melbourne for many years. SO PLEASE DON"T WORRY. LTTE WILL KILL MANY MORE SINHALESE. YOUR SATISFACTION WILL BE GUARANTEED BY LTTE.

wanig said...

Thanks DW
You guys are doing an excellent job. Pl. keep it up. Look forward to read more insights in to the situation sooner.
Thanks again

Unknown said...

machan front page pic eke inne dw and dA liyana pudgalayo dennada?

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks for the update.

disagree on the following ONLY.

"The LTTE leadership escaping and surviving the war can and will not have much influence."

it CAN create hell of a lot of trouble IF survived. may not be in the short run but as time passes, the desire for a tamil nation is going to be strong again. i believe for very valid reasons, this desire will NEVER die. the only way to handle it is by FRUSTRATING it.

in that event the desire will be there but no one will pursue it bcos they would know that it is futile.

never forget vezapilai exile himself to tamil madu in most part of the early war times.

LTTE has MANY MORE opportunities today than it had in 1970s and early 1980s. money, access to weapons, more deadlier weapons, networks, established front organisations in rich/powerful countries, etc. are much better than in 1970s.

only constraints are manpower and a ground to operate. until recently (even after the indian coast guard got tough with them) LTTE was smuggling in diesel, weapons, ppl from tamil madu. this will INCREASE after the war. why?? bcos fishing restrictions will be lifted off after the war.

there will be trouble makers planting bombs here and there, attacking SLDF patrols, killing govt officers/their family members, etc.

vezapillai's garage operation is very much possible again.

my point is, we MUST accept this reality and BUST it than refuse to accept the reality.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

DW, thanks for the up-dates and gr8 work! pls keep us up-dated as it hapense if possible.

DW team and all the Sri Lankan, obata suba aluth awrudu wewa!

Monkeys, eat the last Mango and jump to the river! ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Damn... so this means there is a possibility for the LTTE to escape through the Sea because there is a No Fire Zone area?

CASC said...

DW and DN,

Thanks for the analysis.

The battles thus far have been lead wholly by the SLA which is the dominant service arm. Not sure how inter-service cooperation works. Hopefully all the services will come together in this grand finale, including the navy that could play a major support role if any kind of sea landing is attempted.

KB said...

The Norwegian Government, being fully cognizant of the modus operandi of the LTTE and in constant contact with its international network as well as its leadership in the North of Sri Lanka, ought to have ensured the provision of adequate security to the diplomatic premises and agents of the Sri Lanka Government as obligated by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 18th April 1961. Article 22(2) of the Convention casts a special duty on the receiving State "to take all appropriate steps to protect the premises of the mission against any intrusion or damage and to prevent any disturbance of the peace of the mission or impairment of its dignity."Bugger! By providing the means and opportunity for a terrorist group to attack an embassy of a 'friendly' country these Norwegian buggers have themselves become state sponsors of terrorism. Remember what the former US president said: you are either with us, the civilized world, or you are against us on the side of terrorists.


Kings said...

Happy New Year to you all!

Guys, my worst fear about to come true...I always wanted to fininsh the job ASAP. now this f'n India and Uncle Sam trying to change the tone... very very serious....
- I think we should seal out the coastal area at any cost, let's say 10KM line with 100 boats in appearable distance... and give LTTE an ultimatum it they attack or try to attack any of those boats, we will take the law into our hand. Never let any LTTEer to run away either by land, sea or air.

Anonymous said...

cool! anyone knw whts the prize tag for dead for alive of Pukaharan? Head will be preserved or sent to diaspora?

Ananda-USA said...

Moshe Dayan said...

it CAN create hell of a lot of trouble IF survived. may not be in the short run but as time passes, the desire for a tamil nation is going to be strong again. i believe for very valid reasons, this desire will NEVER die. the only way to handle it is by FRUSTRATING it.


LTTE has MANY MORE opportunities today than it had in 1970s and early 1980s. money, access to weapons, more deadlier weapons, networks, established front organisations in rich/powerful countries, etc. are much better than in 1970s.
Moshe, I cpounldn't agree with you more on the points you raise above.

OUTSIDE the country, the LTTE is MUCH BETTER ORGANIZED than in the past.

Taking OUT VP and the next level of LTTE leadership NOW is ESSENTIAL to Sri Lanka quickly stabilizing the situation by FRUSTRATING the LTTE Diaspora, UNIFYING ALL OF ITS PEOPLE within the country under a single standard as ONE PEOPLE, and moving forward to a great future.

Asithri said...

“Sri Lanka dumps Norway as peace facilitator after embassy attack”

What a “wondurful” world this is!

I will surely open a bottle of Champaign from my special collection today…I have been waiting for this day for over 8 years now…since I was convinced the fucking filthy (ff) Norwegians were only in Sri Lanka to help LTTE whorebitches form that…fcuk, what was it called…I forget already…was it called some shit like “thamileelam” or something…anyway, that’s what it was…

yes, the ff Norwegians were out to fcuk us but our stupid, docile CBK the Cow and RW the Ponna didn’t see it…I am sure MR GOSL saw it, but it did not have an excuse to kick the ff Norwegians out of the “peace facilitator” role, but thanks to some para-sakkili thalathel reeking LTTE Tamil whorebitches in Oslo, the indisputable justification was presented on a platter! How nice!!!

Bravo MR GOSL for showing you have a backbone (unlike CBK the stupid docile Cow & RW the hi-fi Ponnaya)…this is our GOSL…GOSL is us…GOSL is our servant..yes, we call the shots and we RULE – that is what is known as DEMOCRACY!

OaO Asithri

p.s. "majority will" in this context is about the "majority of Sri Lankans" (from ALL communities) and not the "majority Sinhelas"...that is matter for another topic/debate...what is important here is to realize that majority of Sri Lankans have successively voted for this populist, MR GOSL! For pete's sake, even some of my own die-hard UNP (I call them UriNePee) relatives have now started coming around and rallying around this MR GOSL, much to my sheer joy!

Ananda-USA said...

SL said...

To piggy back on what "mage" suggested, I agree it is time that we Sri Lankan expats do something for our country in a more organized manner. Not for "brownie points", but to really help out our country.SL,

That is precisely the purpose of the SriLankaPatriots Blog (WEB: or ; E-MAIL: )

That is why the SLBlog was formed: to help DEFEND Sri Lanka in countering LTTE Propaganda in the future, assist in its general ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, and grow its MILITARY STRENGTH & SELF-RELIANCE through bringing Military R&D and Manufacturing Technologies to Sri Lanka.

However, only a few people are actively volunteering to work towards that purpose. May I humbly ask, WHERE ARE ALL OF YOU PATRIOTS?

Ananda-USA said...

Norway's Role as Peace Facilitator Suspended by GOSLI am ecstatic that FINALLY the GOSL has moved to remove NORWAY from its former role in Sri Lanka's internal political matters.

The reason given by the GOSL was the failure to provide security by the Norwegian Govt to the Sri Lanka's Diplomatic Mission in Oslo.

But the real reason why NORWAY SHOULD BE SUSPENDED from that role, and even breaking diplomatic relations with Norway, is that Norway has indulged in many activities INIMICAL TO THE NATIONAL SECURITY of Sri Lanka.

For example, Norway has:

1. Not proscribed the LTTE in Norway. Norway continues to provide assistance and sanctuary to the LTTE, and allows Norwegian INGOs and citizens to collaborate openly with the LTTE. The Norwegian Govt is completely infiltrated by paid-agents of the LTTE, including members of Parliament and Govt. Officials. There is no hope that they act impartially in matters concerning Sri Lanka.

2. Favored the LTTE and provided the LTTE diplomatic assistance in its war with the GOSL, and the effort to partition Sri Lanka

3. Provided,. under various pretexts, Norwegian Govt funds, military equipment, and military technology for use in the Wanni.

4. Acted against Sri Lanka in the deliberations of the Sri Lanka Aid Group. Sri Lanka should request the removal of Norway from this Group.

5. During the current phase of the conflict in Sri Lanka, Norway has maintained clandestine communications with LTTE leaders in the NFZ to provide them communications assistance and access to the worldwide media

6. Finally, offered sancturay to LTTE leaders, principally Prabhakaran, without consultation and/or approval of the GOSL. This offer has reportedly been accepted by Prabhakaran.

Any ONE of these acts constitute an UNFRIENDLY ACT, inimical to the national integrity and security of Sri Lanka. Any ONE of these would be SUFFICIENT reason for breaking-off DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS with Norway.

I hope, the GOSL would take this opportunity to expel Norwegian Diplomats, and all Norwegian INGOs from Sri Lanka.

No other country has played such a duplicitous and treacherous role INIMICAL to the people of Sri Lanka.

King Gajabha said...

Thanks for the update..great analysis!

And I love the new Logo..where did you find it? Two BadAsses.. :) , what personality..

onceinawhile said...


Dont worry so much about the salaries and wages for defence forces. They can be effectively utilised in rebuilding work which will last for ateleast 3-5 years. Given that the Gvt will have to cut down on CAPEX over the next couple of years abundant labour will come in handy.

What we should worry about is the corruption within the Gvt. If we can eliminate that and ensure the competent people get the right places within the Gvt (like it happened within the military) we will make a strong come back.

Saman said...


A good article. I am sure some of you may have already read. For others,

Analysis from D.B.S. Jeyaraj

(Lanka-e-News 11.April.2009 3.00PM)

-by D.B.S. Jeyaraj-

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) organization has experienced
many major setbacks during the course of its 33 year old history.

Despite misgivings expressed on these occasions by prophets of doom, the
movement has always managed to withstand these blows and continue on its
politico-military journey.

Nevertheless the debacle it suffered in the Aanandapuram area of
Puthukkudiyiruppu AGA division, during the first week of April seems to be
different both qualitatively and quantitatively.

In what may very well be the defining moment of the on going war the
tigers have lost a vast array of illustrious fighting commanders as well
as large numbers of cadres in a single battle.

More than 625 bodies of dead LTTE fighters have been recovered and a
special military intelligence squad was busy identifying those killed.
Some details are being revealed in stages.

The LTTE keeps "official silence" over the debacle and its propaganda
networks keep "mum" but the bad news is spreading slowly yet surely.

LTTE stalwarts are contacting close relatives of the tiger leaders who
died at Aanandapuram and informing them of what had happened. The
relatives are told to conduct religious rites and funeral ceremonies on a
low-key level.

Likewise different tiger officials are informing close family members of
the other tiger cadres also about what had happened to their departed

Among the fallen tigers "Col" Theepan (presumably promoted posthumously as
Brigadier) is perhaps the single biggest loss to the movement.

This LTTE veteran with 25 years of experience hails from Kandawalai in
Kilinochchi district and served as overall commander of the LTTE northern
front fighting formations.

Sivatheepan Thavabalasingham alias Theepan was also the de-facto deputy
military commander of the LTTE after the demise of Kandiah Balasegaran
alias Balraj.

Theepan's communications codename was "Tango Papa". He is married to an
ex-tiger woman fighter. They have no children.

Along with Theepan, the top four woman fighter commanders have also been

Vidhusha , special commander of Maalathy regiment, her deputy and Maalathy
regimental commander Kamalini, Durga , special commander of Sothia
regiment and her deputy cum Commander Mohanaa have all been killed.

An unconfirmed report states that womens wing political commissar
Thamilini has also been killed.

Among other senior tigers killed were the special commander and commander
of the Jeyanthan infantry brigade, Keerthi and Nagesh.The Jeyanthan
brigade is raised from Eastern province cadres.

Manickapodi Maheswaran alias Keerthi is a native of Arasaditheevu in
Batticaloa district and served as intelligence chief for the east earlier.

Selvaratnam Sundaram alias Nagesh is a native of Periyaporatheevu and has
served as district military commander earlier.

Both remained loyal to Tiger supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran and despite
being eastern sons of the soil opted to fight against Vinayagamoorthy
Muraleetharan alias Karuna after he revolted against the leadership citing
northern hegemony.

Another huge loss is that of Gaddafi also known as Viduthalai and Amuthan.
This Native of Kotraavathai in Vathiri, Vadamaratchy was at one-time a
bodyguard of LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran . When Prabhakaran
delivered his famous speech at Suthumalai after the Indo-Lanka accord was
signed, Gaddafi was one of the two bodyguards standing behind the leader.

Gaddafi was later a commander of the Imran-Pandian regiment. He was in
charge of an RPG unit at one time. Gaddafi was one of a ten-member squad
trained by the Indian government in firing anti aircraft missiles.

Later when the LTTE acquired some SAM-7 missiles in the nineties of the
last century, Gaddafi became the specialist in firing them. Gaddafi has
brought down several aircraft of the Sri Lankan air force through his
shoulder-fired missiles.

He was also a weapons expert and spent some months in Europe undergoing
special training.Currently he was in charge of the tiger training academy
for special forces.

The LTTE's elite special forces division is named after former tiger
leader Harichandran alias Radha. This special force was led by
Silambarasan. He was killed.

The deputy-commander of Radha regiment was Anbu. He was seriously injured
and captured alive.

Likewise Asmi the leader of Ponnamman mining unit was also seriously
injured and captured alive.

The fate of these two is unknown

The leader of "Kittu" artillery unit, Manivannan and chief of 'Kutty Sri'
mortar unit Gopal were also killed.

An unconfirmed report states that S. Thangan , the deputy-political
commissar and administrative officer under SP Thamilselvan is also no

Seralaathan who was in charge of the Tiger TV "Nitharsanam" was also killed.

Among other senior tigers killed who have been identified are Ruban,
Panjan, Nehru, Anton, Maankuyil, Amudha, Iniyawan, Aadithyan and
Chitrangan. A senior sea tiger Mahindan has also been killed.

All these top tigers were killed in the first week of April. But the
military hostilities leading to their death commenced on March 30th.

Another two senior tiger leaders were killed on March 31st. They were
Gopith the Charles Anthony infantry brigade, special commander and
Amuthaab , the commander of Charles Anthony brigade.

There is much bewilderment about how so many top tigers could get killed
in a single battle and why so many top commanders got caught up in a
single location.

To understand what had happened a brief re-run of preceding events is

The LTTE has been suffering a series of military setbacks in the recent
past. It has been a case of the Army advancing and tigers retreating
because the security forces enjoy an overwhelming superiority over the
LTTE in terms of manpower, firepower, air power and armor power.

The military juggernaut has rolled forward relentlessly and the tigers are
currently confined to a small littoral strip of territory located between
the A-35 highway (Paranthan-Mullaitheevu road) Nanthikadal and Chalai
lagoons on one side and the Indian ocean on the other.

Soldiers numbering more than 50,000 from five divisions and three task
forces have besieged the LTTE. The tigers have been trying desperately to
break out of this encirclement and drive the forces back.

The LTTE registered minor success in late March when it launched a
counter-strike led by senior commanders Sornam and Lawrence. The LTTE
pushed soldiers back by about 600-700 metres from their forward defence
line positions and then proceeded to the north for about 8 km.

The soldiers however rallied and fought back. They managed to beat the
tigers back and regained original positions. Both Sornam and Lawrence
sustained injuries. Also, Prabhakaran's eldest son Charles Anthony also
received minor injuries on his back and shoulder.

Against this backdrop the LTTE planned to launch a massive
counter-offensive against the armed forces. The idea was to conduct a
meticulously planned operation that would deliver a crippling blow to the
security forces.

Apparently the tiger leaders were holed up in Aanandapuram along the
Puthukkudiyiruppu-Iranappaalai-Puthumaathalan road busily planning a major
counter-attack on the armed forces.

The road to Iranappaalai proceeds eastwards from the Puthukkudiyiruppu
junction on the A-35 highway. Another road starts out from Iranappaalai
east to Puthu (New)maathalan along the coast. There is another minor
junction on this road at Pachaipullumottai from where a small road goes to
Palam (Old) maathalan.

Anandapuram and Iranappaalai are part of the Puthukkudiyiruppu AGA
division, Other areas belong to the Karaithuraipatru AGA division.

More than a thousand tiger cadres converged at Aanandapuram to prepare and
launch a well planned counter attack. The defences in and around the
Puthukkudiyiruppu-Iranaippaalai Puthumaathalan road was in the hands of
the Charles Anthony infantry brigade.

What happened however was that the 58 division commanded by Brig.
Shavendra Silva, 53 division led by Gen. Kamal Gunaratne and task force 8
led by Col. GV Ravipriya mounted a successful military operation on March
30th that yielded quick results.

The 58 proceeding south by south-east from northern Puthukkudiyiruppu and
the 53 & TF 8 proceeding north by north-east from Southern
Puthukkudiyiruupu advanced rapidly and linked up at Pachaipullumottai
junction along the Puthukudiyiruppu road behind LTTE positions.

There was very heavy fighting at Pachaipullumottai where tiger resistance
was spearheaded by the special commander Gopith and commander Amuthaab of
the Charles Anthony infantry.On March 31st both Gopith and Amuthaab were
reported killed.

The Aanandapuram debacle was preceded by this incident which proved to be
a major loss to the LTTE.

The loss of these brave fighters Gopith and Amuthab who had a demoralising
effect on cadres.

"white phosphorus bombs" not banned from usage on the military front

This loss of morale is attributed to be the cause of weakened tiger
defences which in turn led to rapid breaching, linking and encircling by
the armed forces.

The LTTE cadres in Aanandapuram who were engaged in preparing for the
major assault were suddenly and unexpectedly "marooned" on land.

Realising that top tigers were stranded in Aanandapuram and suspecting
that Prabhakaran himself may be there the army moved swiftly and encircled
tiger positions. A siege was in progress.

Prabhakaran was not there as he had left the place on March 26th.But the
other important tigers were ensnared.

The 4th, 6th,8th, 12th,14th and 20th Gajabahu battalions, 5th
Vijayabahu,9th Gemunu Watch, 11th and 20th SL Light Infantry along with 1
special forces and 2 commando got into action.

Meanwhile a footpath from Ambalavanpokkanai to Pachaipullumottai used as
an emergency supply route by the LTTE was also interdicted.

Thus more than a thousand tiger cadres and leaders were trapped and
encircled in a two sq km area consisting mainly of coconut plantations and
palmyrah groves.

In a desperate bid to break the siege Sea tiger special commander Soosai
sent a contingent by sea to aid his beleaguered comrades at arms. These
boats began sailing from Valainjarmadam and hoped to beach near Pattiaddy
and fight their way through.

This did not materialise as the Navy maintaining strict vigil engaged the
flotilla and beat back the sea tigers., thus preventing the boats from

The tigers also sent 120 cadres as reinforcements under Lawrence who was
already injured. The army using lethal devices, scorched and destroyed two
buses and a truck.

Most occupants in the three vehicles were killed and the vehicles
virtually reduced to cinders. A few survivors escaped along with the other
cadres in the two remaining vehicles of the convoy.Lawrence also returned
to safety.

Eventually on April 3rd a sizable number of cadres led by "Col" Bhanu
succeeded in penetrating the cordon and escaping to safety. Bhanu himself
was injured in the process.

Theepan, the de-facto deputy military commander of the LTTE had an
opportunity to escape along with Bhanu. Apparently Theepan was injured
twice on both April 1st and 2nd.

Bhanu who goes a long way back with Theepan wanted to carry Theepan along
with him. But Theepan the courageous fighter known for leading from the
front refused.

He said that he wont desert or abandon his fighter cadres and seek safety.
"If I come out I'll come with the cadres. Otherwise I'll die with them" he
told Bhanu and later informed Pottu Amman.

The military intercepting this were amazed at Theepan's sense of loyalty
to his cadres and his readiness to die willingly. Theepan's conduct came
in for praise among several officers from the Army's upper echelons.

Another intercept was an exchange between Intelligence chief Pottu Amman
and woman tiger leader Vidusha. She was heard pleading for reinforcements
and supplies urgently.

A thoroughly upset Pottu was virtually choked up saying all his efforts
had failed and that they could not penetrate the blockade.

The writing was on the wall for the besieged tigers.

Despite his commitment to cadres, the rest of the tigers under the overall
command of Theepan were not lucky as those who escaped with Bhanu.

Despite the dangerous situation the tigers led by Theepan continued to
withstand the three day siege. The tigers were deprived of food, water and
medical supplies.Nevertheless the beleaguered tigers did not wilt.

Appeals were made in Tamil through amplifiers to the tigers to surrender
but the majority of the tigers refused to heed the call to surrender.

116 tigers surrendered to the army in small groups at various times. But
the others in the courageous tradition of the LTTE fought on against
overwhelming odds preferring to "die on their feet" rather than to "live
on their knees".

From midnight on April 3rd the nature of combat changed.Massive aerial
bombardment through planes and helicopters was done. Continuous artillery
shelling was also done.

It appears that more than 30,000 shells were fired throughout April 4th.

It was all over on Sunday April 5th and the soldiers began gradually
recovering LTTE bodies and identifying them.

By Monday around 525 bodies had been recovered and around 60 identified.

Many tigers had died by biting the cyanide capsule and swallowing its

By Tuesday a further 100 bodies were found.

About 60 of these were recovered in a bloated condition lying in a
field.Another 40 bodies were in charred condition inside two small
buildings where the cadres had sought cover.

At least 18-20 injured cadres were captured alive. Some of these are top
rung tigers.

Three girls were discovered hiding in a makeshift pit , covered by leaves.

The army released some pictures of the dead tigers including Theepan and

Some pictures of dead tigers laid out in rows were also released.

The state of the bodies shown in the pictures were in abysmal condition.

This led to much suspicion.

Allegations have been made by pro-tiger elements in the Diaspora that
incendiary bombs and chemical weapons including poison gas were used to
overcome the LTTE.

Some Indian Military analysts however were skeptical of such allegations
as the debacle seemed to be a classical example of a successful
outflanking manoeuvre.

Other informed sources ruled out poison gas but suggested that "white
phosphorus bombs" may have been used.

These bombs are not banned from usage on the military front but are
strictly prohibited from use against civilians.

They are used in "siege conditions" to overcome tenacious fighters who
resolutely dig in.

The US in Falluja, Iraq, Russians in Grozny , Chechenya, Israelis in
Beirut, Lebanon have all been accused of using these incendiary devices.

The US has used them in Korea and Vietnam while Saddam Hussein has done so
against the Kurds.

These are not classified as chemical weapons.

The pictures displayed of killed tigers indicate that these "White
Phosphorus" bombs referred to as "Will Pete" may have been used.

The hasty manner in which the recovered bodies were cremated has also
fuelled suspicion.

The defence establishment has flatly denied these charges. The reason for
hasty cremation was the deteriorating condition of the corpses it is said.

Apart from this development, senior commander Sornam has sustained serious
injuries while another leader Lawrence has received minor injuries in
earlier skirmishes.

The Aanandapuram debacle also resulted in the LTTE losing many weapons
including three 130 mm artillery, one 85 mm pounder, five 81 mm mortars,
four 12. 7mm anti-aircraft guns and a multi-30 mm Pedal gun.

This piece of equipment has proved very lethal in previous rounds of
fighting as it can be used both as artillery and anti-aircraft gun.

Four 30 mm barrels were fixed on this and they could be fired
simultaneously like a multi – barrel rocket launcher. It can be fired by
stepping on a pedal.

According to military analysts the Aanandapuram debacle appears to be the
major turning point in the defiant last stand being put up by the LTTE.

The armed forces had been expecting a major counter-offensive from the
LTTE for quite a while now.

Had the envisaged counter-offensive occurred as planned the army would
have received a tremendous jolt.

Ironically, the tables were turned and the expected offensive was thwarted
by the army in a military move amounting to a pre-emptive strike.
pre-empted and thwarted.

In the process the LTTE has been dealt a massive setback from which it may never recover.

Unknown said...

US & France commits genocide against Somali people? :- ) Innocent fishermen killed off the coast of Somalia -: )

Guys know what I mean ....

Unknown said...


Thank you bro for sending the invitation. I am sure we will be able to do a lot in the near future to uplift the lives of people in our beloved motherland.

In the meantime kindly browse "" for certain projects we Sri Lankan expats do. Since I am not directly involved in this organization, I don't want to take any credit for what they do. However, we assist them whatever possible way.

We do of course directly involve with foundation goodness of Murali's manager Kushil's charity. " ".

There is another charity we directly involve with is Capt. Elmo Jayawardene's AFLAC (not the insurance company based in US).

You will be surprised to know that when you find like minded group of people what can be achieved collectively.

None of us are rich people and we collect a nominal fee on monthly basis.

Last, there is no point in complaining about lethargic atitude of certain government institutions and not doing anything. There are several reputable charity organizations in SL headed by sincere persons like Kushil & Capt. Elmo.

We have to admire what they do silently. Just google " Kushil Gunasekera ", " elmo jayawardena ", read about them.

Attn: Brother SL

With refernce to your comments, Kindly read above. Murali, Vaas & Sanga are other trustees of Kushil's charity, Foundation Goodness. I highly recommend those patriots living abroad to visit Kushil's village in Seenigama if you happen to go to SL to spend your holidays.

Kindly view "

I am proud of Mage Mauwbima.

Max Headroom said...

I just do not want to mouth the same idea more or less stated by others. The latest analysis seems to be more like "analysis - paralysis" - are you guys/gals getting tired of all this?

The greatest mistake made by this Government is going to IMF. That act is so foolish that sacrifices made by our foot soldiers will be like the proverbial wood chopped in to the river.

If the President came on TV and told that the cabinet is going to be slashed and that the civil population has to "tighten their belts" for a few more months, then GOSL would not have had to listen to these jokers: US, UK, Canada and Japan. They would like to have this problem continuing to be "holier than thou".

All kudos to the GOSL for jettisoning Norway. Further there is some talk of finding video cassettes where there are southern politicos swimming in troubled waters with Prabha. When this war is over, those videos need to be played on National TV and if Dr. JJ is there he should be disenfranchised for life.

Best wishes DW & dA in "our" (or Sri Lankan) aluth avurudu - may you'll and all of us have Kiri and Pani later this year.

Unknown said...

Happy Sinhala & Tamil New Year to all.’s been a long time since my last comment. But I was always been reading DW(& DN) no matter how busy I was :)

DW & DA... I don’t agree with this statement (as moshe also indicated.)

"The LTTE leadership escaping and surviving the war can and will not have much influence."

I’m not sure why you have claimed so. But in my view, letting the LTTE leadership to escape by any means would be disastrous. Survival of Velu is the key to keep the dream of Eelam within LTTE diaspora. These maniacs have shown us how much they are blindly dedicated to pursue it. With VP alive, they wont stop no matter how damaging it to the SL and even their own Tamil race. Therefore we should put all our effort to finish VP along with the top LTTE leadership in order to shatter the Elam forever.

We cant let room for another ‘Bin Laden’ who plans terror attacks in SL from far away country like Norway or Canada with all the diaspora money flowing in again. Already the LTTE attack teams and suicide bombers in Colombo were operating under the direct command from London. So there’s no way we can take the survival of LTTE leadership lightly.

If this happens we’ll have no control on it in the same way we cant control LTTE monkeys hoisting Elam flag in Canada, UK or Norway. Not even China, Russia or Pakistan would be able to save us then. And it’s too risky to ignore Vaiko’s statement of VP being the ‘world leader of Tamils’ as a mere joke or propaganda.

However I have no doubt that our defence forces will finish up the rest in style as they did so far. But Navy will get more responsibility this time over the sea. Lets wait and see..

Anyway.. thanks DW for keeping us updated during all this time.. and thanks to all patriots for keeping up the battle with LTTE supporters in cyberspace. Greetings to all..

FreedomFighter said...

1) yes you sri lanka has boxed large number of tamil and tamil tigurs, now did not that sort of box which enabled the fall of elephant pass , which LTTE held for 32 days with 1000 tigurs.

2) you champion coutry is begging around for money, what that tells you is that country is broke.

3) IC opinior has changes about the conflict they calling for a peace full sttlement, not telling you to bomb civilions.

4) amo running out ha ? now then sla have not reason to fire sheels in this area no.

Rana said...


As the time goes by LTTE is getting unnecessary advantages which they do not deserve.

SLG and SLA should not play into their hands and demands. Pressure from international community is the demand made by LTTE.

Army should go in tomorrow and wipe out all remaining LTTE cadres and the leadership without further delay. Every additional day given to them is increasing our casualties.

All these IC demands are spear headed by Norway and SL should severe diplomatic ties with Norway and withdraws our diplomatic corpse from Norway. We have enough reasons to do that.

Things are moving against us, mark my word. Delay will cost us dearly.

--- Rana ---

Ananda-USA said...

The Pot Caling the Kettle BlackReal Discrimination Rampant in India, not in Sri Lanka.

Woman panchayat president victimised for being a DalitBy G. Saravanan
April 14, 2009

The round table conference of Dalit Panchayat Presidents, organised by Human Rights Forum for Dalit Liberation (HRFDL) on Monday went into an eerie silence, when a woman Dalit leader burst into tears while describing how she was victimised by dominant cast after being elected to the top post.It took several minutes to console P Chinnammal, Jegathabi panchayat president in Karur district, by fellow leaders at the auditorium.Besides, facing severe humiliation in her home turf for being a Dalit woman leader by dominant caste people, Chinnammal was now served with dismissal order under Section 205 of the Tamil Nadu Panchayat Act of 1994, which allows the removal of a panchayat president by the district Collector.After winning the election, the vice-president of the Jegathabi Panchayat Sakthivel (from dominant community) did not allow Chinnammal to sit in the chair since she belongs to Dalit community. Though she filed complaint against Sakthivel’s attitude with the police, the case was not registered by them as well as by the district Collector since he belongs to a dominant community.Meanwhile, the panchayat president with the common fund conducted some of the works with the concurrence of the vice-president. But after completing those works, her office forwarded bills for settlement and in this point of time; allegation was made against Chinnammal saying that she misused funds against the stipulated guidelines.Based on the allegation, reportedly planted by Sakthivel, Chinnammal received dismissal order under Section 205 of the Tamil Nadu Panchayat Act. Since she was novice, Chinnammal approached Anbumani, Extension Officer of the Panchayat (EOP) to solve the crisis.In collusion with Sakthivel, EOP not only misled her, but also sent a written reply to the notice as if she will not repeat the mistakes done by her without explaining the details to Chinnammal. The letter written by the EOP has become a statement of acceptance of the allegation against her. Based on the notice and reply, the Tahsildar came to the panchayat for enquiry.Instead of asking Chinnammal to explain her stand for the allegation, the tahsildar just ignored her and wrote the resolution to dismiss the president and obtained signature from the members. Finally, Chinnammal received dismissal order on March 13. Though she appeals against the illegal dismissal order, the dominant community and vice-president Sakthivel forcing her to handover the power or face dire consequences.

පංකාදු ලංකා said...


It doesn't look like LTTP are running out of ammunition.

අහිංසක said...

Cheers ! to one and all SLA member and for all the patriots !

Oba semata Kiriyen Paniyen Saha Samaya uthurana Suba aluth awuruddka wewa !I'm back in Sri Lanka for the new year after 7 years !

(of course i was here in every June !)

Saw the war heroes cooking their "kokis" with LTTE 80 mm motar tails ! priceless !

Hey . . . . moda Die-ass-pora . . . . hoooooooooo ! your return of investment will not get effect !

Please burn the reciepts you got from the LTTE after giving all the gold you had ! hoooooooooo !

now the cowerds asking longer ceasefire ! where is the 100,0000 mody bags you've ordered !!!!! do you use them for your toilet pits ? ........ hooooooooooo !

Fat pigs is half BBQ'ed . . . . . not even dogs eat the that flesh !

SL ASSHOLE said...

I think this webpage is for srilankan sinhala fanatics only
There is not even one tamilian commenting in thie site
That tells a lot about ur narrow minded approach
Dont worry there will be 100 more prabhakaran if u continue the same attitude as ur previous generation
There are enough tamilians to burst srilankan ass all over the world
The trouble is there is no independent organisation reporting the war.Everyone are gov funded/gov run,because independent media gets massacred/killed
Everyone know that SLA is using chemical weapons against LTTE.Hope LTTE acquires a nuclear weapon and burst ur ass

Srilankan said...

DW..from what i hear from paradise U.K..some politician has agreed to provide an audience with a lot of important people worldwide if this recent hunger striker aborts his strike..the only person this hunger stiker will not meet is that fuicker "thaamilchellung" in heaven and of course god

veronken said...

FUCK!! the new title photo is SO dam cool... Looking at it brings a warm feeling to heart!! Nice one DW!

Unknown said...

Appreciate the updates.

Could you please shed any light on the following:
1.Estimated LTTErs left in the NFZ?
2.Army increased sniper activity - could this be part of a new strategy to take out as many LTTErs as possible(one at a time with minimal risk to civilians)before a possible move in? If so this could take a bit longer i should think.
3.Strategically what is the best case scenario for the LTTE? perhaps a high level assasination attempt!?
4.Is there a realistic expectation that all civilians will cross over? given that there is a probably a high concentration of Mahavir families in the NFZ.
5.Is there any Army LRRP activity in the NFZ?
6.Given the right intel, if the LTTE king pins are located- do you think the military would go for the the kill using the SLAF given the risk of collateral damage?
7. Is the treat from sea tigers, (be it attack boats,suicide boats,subs,sea mines etc) minimized enough to attempt any sort of amphibious landing in the NFZ using the the lagoon perhaps? Or is the trreat really from land to navy boats?


Hansel said...

"What we need to actively prevent in future is to make it impossible for these Tamil terrorist diarsepora to ever come back to Sri Lanka. One question on our disembarkation card should be: Have you ever actively supported the LTTE or the division of Sri Lanka. If the answer is Yes, then that person will find themselves on the next flight out. If some get through by lying on the card, then when found out subsequently, we have the legal basis to deport them immediately, regardless of their nationality."

This is one of the stupidest things I've read. The reason we're in this mess in the first place is because of dum ass things like that. We're trying to move on, not go back. Sri Lanka has already lost 30 years of valuable development time. If you disagree with the diaspora there are ways to prove them wrong, and that is by being inclusive and showing that all Sri Lankans have a place in post-LTTE Sri Lanka. Not with your idiotic ideas...

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Don't give me crap about over 100000 people in the NFZ (as claimed by some idiots).

If that is the case taking 20 sq km = 20 million sq meters we would expect one person per less than 200 square meters. I would tend to believe GSL estimates of half that number.

Given that the area is a narrow strip less than 10 km long, if observation posts are deployed at every 100 meter section along this strip, a thousand people should be visible (taking > 100000). If visibility is limited to 500 meter depth, observing soldiers should be able to account for an average of 250 people at any time. Thus if 50 people are observed by one post, then there should be 450 people observed from another post. If we assume that people are concentrated along the beach (let us say around 250 meter depth on average then the density would be about 8 times giving one person every 25 square meters. The beach should be swarming with people whether it is 100000 or 50000 people (easily spotted whether on ground or by air.)

My guess would be that there are 20000 Marveer family members in there. This is a headache for GSL. They are unlikely to cooperate.

Why is the UN lying so blatantly?

Can someone explain how so many people could remain unobserved or "under cover" in such a thin strip?

What's in it for these guys? Something is very fishy. I expect we will find out sooner rather than later.

If GSL and SLDF is going along with this ruse, then there is something very exciting being cooked up for VP.

Bell said...

Dear DW ,

Do you have any idea how we can eliminate small teams of LTTE that attacking villages. Do you think that we will able.
And what about charls anthony is he escaped ?


NOLTTE=Peace said...


Unfortunately, I have to disagree about the fact that LTTE have an ammunition shortage.

During the ceasefire period LTTE has brought in 18 shiploads of cargo to the North. They should have brought at least 10-20 containers of ammunition that would be enough for another 4-5 years for them.

Still, we have not found considerable amount of ammunition from them in clearing operations. Surely, they must have taken minimum of one or two 20' containers worth ammunition into the NFZ.

In addition, they should be having a ton or two C4 explosives, 400 -500 artillery munition, and considerable amount of mortar bombs i.e 1000 -5000 located in the NFZ.

They should be having at least 350 Sea Tigers, 150 of Prabhakaran's bodyguards, another 300 regular cadres, 50 snipers, and an auxiliary force of 150 -300 cadres left in the NFZ.

We should venture into the expectation of all of the following,

* LTTE has at least 1200 fighting cadres left in the NFZ
* They have enough hardware to mount a full-scale counter attack
* Prabhakaran can escape via sea using a Submersible
* They have set-up booby traps, massive in terms of destruction they can cause
* At least 100 black tigers expecting to blow themselves up when encountered
* Claymore bombs and Land-mines would be plentiful to encounter
* Need to neutralize the Snipers as the first priority

We should plan our operation into the NFZ with consideration of all the above as possible reality.

In a war, "ignorance is never a bliss!"

Nevertheless, we have to finish this off quickly and rescue the civilians. Speed is a huge factor of winning this war!

Thusitha said...

Have people seen this?

Some Tamils going on a a walk from Toronto to U.S. There is a poll. Only thing is how true is the poll. Second thing is by participating in it, would we make it more popular?

On a different note, I am not so sure about this cease fire thing. Hopefully we start again Tomorrow, otherwise it would be the biggest mistake we made.

Isuru said...

DW, SF@LNP and some other sources increasingly tend to prepare the minds of south for an exiled Velu, Charles Anthony and other top rung leaders.
I am not sure whether it is good or bad to Sri Lanka in the long run.

Max Headroom said...

Just cannot understand why you could not publish my comment.

I will take a bet with anyone, including DW & dA. After getting so much help from Russia and China, it is a downright stupid move by the GOSL to go to IMF to get that loan.

Now, this could lead to a ceasefire and then to some kind of deal that will allow VP, Pottu Amman and Soosai to fight this war for another day. As someone noted in another blog, Sri Lankan Sinhalese will have to work in Hotels: to serve food, wash clothes and cook meals and drive tourists - none other than our Diaspora friends - who would come here as foreign citizens because this war will be fought in a different dimension that could bring Sri Lanka down to its knees.

All credit to SL forces: SLA, SLN, SLAF and STF; Hon. Defense Secretary and to the President. Credit may be due to Karuna too. All that effort would be in vain, if the IC would make the GOSL go for a ceasefire or evacuation of LTTE top brass for a safe heaven in exchange for the IMF loan.

Please tell me what is unacceptable in my comment. I like to know!

Corey said...

Let the losers run, with their tail-between legs... Only the stupid diasspora is supporting them. They can build peelam somewhere else in the world (Toronto?), but never in SL again: the real innocent suffering Tamils will never allow this.

Bye, bye peelam!!!!

Rest in peace!!!

Corey said...

Just to let you know, our 'delusional' friend peter ratnam is going haywire on news sites, filling up the comments-sections with blatant lies.

Corey said...

The Army has done its job. It is now the time to do our job: To counter the false propaganda of the ltte, which is now amounting to blatant lies.

Many Canadians and Europeans are getting pissed off at the protesters who are blocking streets, and now defacating on the streets.

I read a 'comment' from a Canadian who accused those who 'protested' for five days in Toronto of " getting to the greener pastures of Canada through pretended 'genocide', going on welfare (Canadian Tax-payers money) and promoting a banned terror organization.

The tide is turnig on the peelamists' propaganda machine. But for the next six months, we wll need to get together and do our part. Write to foreign politicians, newspapers, editorials. Even posting our side on a 'cooents' section of a web article helps.

Please - let's get together and spend 15 minutes everyday, to write something, somewhere, against peelam lies.

-It is our duty on behalf of our motherland.

I am going to post several things I have posted as comments later. Please modify these and post, or write your own.

Subha Pathum!!!

KB said...

Mr. Obama, the US President gave the go ahead, and American forces shot dead 3 Somali terrorists and rescued 1 American hostage. Mr. Rajapakshe, the SL President will give the go ahead, and Lankan forces will shoot dead 300 LTTE terrorists and rescue 50,000 Sri Lankan hostages. Both will be recorded in annals of history as great victories in the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).

Bugger! Mr. Obama and Mr. Rajapakshe are brothers-in-arms when it comes to GWOT.


ConspiracyTheory said...

LTTE supporters in OTTAWA doing BOG in parking garage.

He heee

Business cries foul over public defecation; health of hunger-striking Tamils begins to slip

Thusitha said...

Anandasangaree urges President to restrain armed forces

What ever said and done, this guy is a Terrorist. He wants IC to intervene. What that means in the end is more pressure for cease fire. Please don't make that mistake. Go in and destroy the tigers. There is no other way, otherwise we would continue to do this fight for the next thousand years.

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

Thanks for that analysis about the 100000 in 10 sq miles. I just did a cut and paste on a London news website without attributing it to you... Hope you do not mind.
Was helpful as these tiger supporters are making a big noise here these days...

Thusitha said...

LTTE supporters in OTTAWA doing BOG in parking garage.

He heee

Business cries foul over public defecation; health of hunger-striking Tamils begins to slip

There is a poll there, make sure you says no to that.

Harry said...

Hello DW,

The LTTE is trying every trick in the book to save themselves from total annhilation. They have sacrficed so many innocent Tamil lives by indoctrinating them into believing that they are freedom fighters. They may have started as freedom fighters but they have turned out to be nothing but brutal murderers, smugglers and extortionists.
The Tamil civilian population in Sri Lanka and abroad will be well advised to sacrifice the LTTE leadership and negotiate a political settlement with the Sri Lankan government.
My appeal to the Tamil diaspora as well as the Tamil population in Sri Lanka is to stop helping those cowards.
Give up the cowards -Prabhakaran,Pottu Amman, Soosai and Charles Anthony.
If they were freedom fighters, they would not hide behind so many civilians. Why don't they come out and fight or swallow the cyanide capsule round their necks?

My appeal to the President and the Sri Lankan government is to finish the Tiger leadership off as quicky as possible.

The civilans have had every opportunity to leave the LTTE leadership. if they are still with them, they must be sympathetic to the LTTE tactics and should be considered by the government as being hostile.

Mr. President/Mr. Defence Secretary/The Commanders of the Armed Forces- please! please!please! do not wait any longer. It is time to walk into the safe zone and destroy the LTTE leadership and save the civilan population.

If any of you bloggers support my thoughts, please sign and with your comments.


NOLTTE=Peace said...

Perhaps 5% of the population in the NFZ are staying with the LTTE willingly. The rest is there because of fear of LTTE reprisal.

We have to liberate these people as soon as possible!

Max Headroom said...

I agree 200% with the comment calling Anandasangaree a terrorist. In another blog, mistakenly, I suggested that the Prez should let Sangaree talk. I am wrong and that is the reason why I am not the Prez!

Lately, Sangaree is turning out to be a schizophrenic. I wonder whether Tamils could ever be trusted. The best example is this lone ranger Sangaree. Ket them get closer to you and then quietly drive the blade into you.

Ananda-USA said...

Terrorism Sponsored Abroad Comes Home to Roost: Similarities Between the TALIBANIZATION OF PAKISTAN and the TIGERIZATION OF INDIAPatriots,

There is a close similarity between the Taliban taking over the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, and the LTTE taking over Tamil Nadu in the Future. Please consider the following facts:

TALIBAN:1. ORIGIN: Pakistan Govt. through Pakistan's ISI Intelligence Organization created, trained, funded and supported the Taliban against the Soviets and subsequent Afghan government.

2. RISE TO POWER: After the Taliban seized power in most of Afghanistan, the ISI (and Pakiston Govt.) continued to support the Taliban against the Northern warlords.

3. EJECTION FROM HOME COUNTRY: The Taliban was kicked out of Afghanistan by the US forces, assisted by the Northern warlords.

4. GOING ABROAD TO ROOST: The Taliban then moved into NWFP of Pakistan where a large number of co-ethnic Pashtuns live.

5. HIDDEN GOVT SUPPORT: Pakistan's declared policy is to oppose and defeat the Taliban and Al-Quaida, yet there are significant residual elenets within the ISI that support and aid the Taliban, contrary to National Policy.

6. FIRST STEP TOWARDS DISINTEGRATION OF SPONSORING COUNTRY: Today (April 14, 2009), recognizing their inability to enforce Central Govt rule over the Swat Valley in the NWFP, Pakistan Govt signed an agreement ceding power over it to the Taliban, and agreed to the Imposition of Sharia Muslim Law by them in that district. The Swat Valley is quite close to the Capital Islamabad and the military center Rawalpindi!

LTTE:1. ORIGIN: Indian Govt. through India's RAW Intelligence Organization, aided and abetted by Tamil Nadu politicians, created, trained, funded and supported the LTTE as a part of Indira's Gandhi foreign policy against the move of Sri Lanka away from then-socialist India towards a capitalist-leaning freemarket economy, and alliances with western countries. principally the US.

2. RISE TO POWER: After the LTTE seized power in the Sri Lanka's North and East, the India, Tamil Nadu and RAW continued to support Eelam against the GOSL.

3. EJECTION FROM HOME COUNTRY: Now, the LTTE has been defeated militarily and is posed on the verge of total ejection from Sri Lanka, by the Sri Lanka Defence Forces.

4. GOING ABROAD TO ROOST: The LTTE activists are now working all over Tamil Nadu to capture political power in Tamil Nadu where a large number of co-ethnic Tamil live. Their strategy seems to be to drive wedges between the various communities in Tamil Nadu, to exacerbate existing divisions and create new ones that will serve that purpose, AS THEY DID IN SRI LANKA. To this end, I am expecting not only acceptable political techniques, but also the emergence of violent incidents to provoke reactions that can be used against groups opposed to they dis in Sri Lanka. Also, these will be increased levels of fund raising in Tamil Nadu, including Bank Robberies, Extortion, Credit Card Fraud, etc. I expect them primarily to displace and replace the current crop of communal political allies (Vaiko, Ramadoss, Thirumavalavan, Karunanidhi). This is equivalent of the the Talibanization of the NWFP in Pakistan, but unlike in the case of Talibanization, these non-LTTE communal leaders will not physically survive takeover by the scorched-earth LTTE-ers.

5. HIDDEN GOVT SUPPORT: India's declared policy is to oppose and defeat the LTTE, yet there are significant residual elements within the RAW that support and aid the LTTE, contrary to National Policy of India. Most of these operatives are Indian Tamils who were selected to interface to Sri Lankan Tamils during Indira Gandhi's era. As such, many RAW agents will be driven by ethnic agendas, while others will be driven by a national interest with regional hegemonic attitudes focused on trying to control instead of befriending Sri Lanka. Many RAW agents, former and current, have written publicly available articles bemoaning the "loss of the LTTE" as India's lever for controlling Sri Lanka. Recall that this attitude is a merely a continuation of Indira's Gandhi's policy towards Sri Lanka that precipitated this problem in the first place.

6. FIRST STEP TOWARDS DISINTEGRATION OF SPONSORING COUNTRY: Today LTTE activists are agitating in Tamil Nadu, developing constituencies and trying to forge links to other Indian politicians, such as Mayawati, the Chief Minister of UP. They are competing for the same powerbase that their erstwhile former allies Vaiko, Ramadoss, Thirumavalavan command now, but will lose to the pro-LTTE forces in the future. These are largely the population segments consisting largely of the disenfranchised in Tamil Nadu: low-castes and dalits outside the caste system, politically active students, the poor, the illiterate, the jobless and the landless. They will not capture seats in the Lok Sabha in the upcoming elections; but are likely to do so in overwhelming numbers in the next, UNLESS the established politicians and the Central Govt recognizes what is happening, and moves quickly to nip it in the bud. I very much doubt that they will have either the vision or the will to do so. This could well become the first successful state if India to secede from the Indian Union.

The primary victims of the scenario I paint here, will be the people of Tamil Nadu. Their safety is the concern of India, and the unstable incurably communal leaders of Tamil Nadu.

The safety and survival of Sri Lanka is my sole concern. It is up to Sri Lanka to put its own house in order, and to ERECT A POLITICAL, ECONOMIC AND MILITARY FIREWALL that excludes the LTTE-ers, in particular, and Indians in general, from exporting their diseases to Sri Lanka.

We must PREVENT ALL INFLUXES of Tigers Bearing Gifts of Trojan Horses from India to Sri Lanka.

Ananda-USA said...

Maoist Naxalites & Tamil Tigers are Natural Allies in the Coming Struggle for Tamil NaduDo you would think INDIA WOULD WISE UP? Nope, NO CHANCE! We have to look after Sri Lanka OURSELVES!

Maoists repulsed with minimal
Bhubaneswar, Orissa
April 14, 2009

The midnight swoop by CPI(Maoist) at Panchpatmali hills of Koraput’s Damanjodi, where Asia’s biggest bauxite mine is located, left 10 CISF personnel dead. At least four Naxal cadres, including a woman, were killed in the eight-hour long gun battle that shocked the entire state on Monday.

Eight CISF personnel were injured in the attack, whereas Naxals are believed to have suffered heavy casualties. ‘We have information that three more extremists have been killed, bodies of whom were carried back.

The number of injured too would be very high,’ said official sources.

However, Left extremists managed to loot only about 10 firearms and 50 explosive packets after the strike at magazine house of National Aluminium Company (Nalco).

Significantly, an explosive-carrying van, which they had driven away, was found abandoned with about half the materials missing. Later, the security forces, trailing the radicals, managed to recover 229 boxes of explosives after a fierce gun battle.

In Damanjodi depot, the security forces almost managed to thwart the strike but at a price. In 2006, a similar strike at NMDC’s Kirandol explosive unit led to loss of about 50 tonnes of explosives besides human casualties.

On Monday, the magazine house premises was a picture of devastation. The heavy exchange of fire between 22-men CISF unit and 250-strong Naxalites had left its bloody trail.

The army of Naxals, divided into five groups, had blocked all the routes to the hilltop before carrying out what they called ‘Operation Bauxite.’ The five men guarding the entrance were overpowered as the Naxals made their way into the depot.

They then confined about 50 employees in a room and chained other security guards.

However, the rest of the CISF men retaliated with their limited resources.

Reinforcement was not able to reach them in the night. The extremists hurled petrol bombs and grenades before barging into the administrative building,’ a police officer, part of the operation, told this paper.

The Naxal group comprised two units - about 50 hardcore members and a local militia unit of 200.

Three .303 rifles and a country-made revolver were found from the four cadres killed in retaliatory fire.

Police suspect the extremists were mobilised from Jhanjabati, Machhkund, Bashdhara and Koraput dalams of CPI(Maoist).

The injured CISF men were shifted to hospitals at Visakhapatnam and Koraput.

CISF DG Niraj Ranjan Das and Orissa DGP Manmohan Praharaj are camping at Damanjodi. Praharaj said the SOG and CRPF teams have gone after the Naxalites and are scanning the forests. Contact is being maintained with Andhra Pradesh Police. Two Indian Air Force choppers are also being pressed in the flush-out operation.

Mining work at Panchpatmali hills has been stopped by Nalco in apprehension that landmines may have been planted there.

ReallyCold..... said...

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