Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Military or Diplomatic Action is the question

There seems to be an interesting tussle developing between military action and diplomacy in Sri Lanka. The main proponents of the two stances, incidentally are members of the Sri Lanka government.

DefenceWire's sources indicated that Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse is pushing for an immediate clean wipe-out of the LTTE surrounded in the NFZ whilst President Rajapakse is more in favour of a diplomatic approach to precede military action in this final phase.

This does not mean that the President is not in favour of wiping out the LTTE, but is more sensitive towards existing diplomatic alternatives before exploring the military option in full. While both approaches have their merit, a few senior military and political advisors are arguing for a mixed approach.

While planning for a military onslaught continues, field commanders emphasized the need to drain out at least another 50,000 civilians from the NFZ before any military action is to take place. This they say could happen within the next few weeks. A government delegation is to leave for Kilinochchi shortly to examine the capacity of the security forces to welcome such a large number of civilians.

Meanwhile diplomatic relations between Norway and Sri Lanka has been strained particularly over a recent attack by LTTE supporters on the Sri Lanka Embassy in Norway and also due to concerns expressed by the security sector that certain diplomatic missions are misinterpreting or spreading misinformation regarding recent military actions. If these strains are to continue, the activities of local human rights lobby groups who are on the payroll of these embassies could also be investigated.

A particular group in the government is pressing for the severing of diplomatic ties with a few of these countries while others expressed a more cautious approach. The military pointed-out that it had all the international support it needs to continue from countries like China, Pakistan and Russia. Political entities highlight the need to also engage the powerful countries not fully backing the operations to avoid international (western) isolation.


Unknown said...

UN Security Council President says Sri Lanka's Statement is not accurate - 13th April 2009

LRRU said...

It seems that all Leaders make the same mistake & do not learn from previouse ones.

I thought Mahinnda was an exception but he seems to be in the same boat.

Can't we make Gotabaya the President at least for a Month to wipe out these bastards.

What Diplomacy with LTTE fuckers & their White Masters.

I'm loosing credibility of Mahinda also, one he declared ceasfire, two his Diplomacy at the last phase if Defencewire reporting is accurate,

Sam Perera said...


I agree with you. MR is doing a mistake by letting LTTE to keep hostages in the long run. There is no diplomatic approach we can try with LTTE. They need to be wiped out without a delay. The sooner we remove VP, the lesser the pains the civilians have to go through. Could US have saved the ship captain if they let diplomacy to take place? In any case, what kind of diplomacy are we talking about with a ruthless killer and mass hostage taker? I hope that the common sense will prevail here.

Unknown said...

Hi All,

(1) To take 50000 civilian out of region = assume 1000 per day = requires 50 days = around 2 months

(2) International and local pressure may be dangerous during those days.

(3)Possible escape of LTTE leaders, plenty of time to re-organize here and out of country.

(4) Possible effect of the mental condition of the soilders

On the other hand there may be a large number of killing of innocent tamils during the operation, that may be a problem.

This is a difficult time for us. However SLA will somehow overcome it. Just because, SLA has


CASC said...

I understand that only 18 civilians escaped on the 13th while the ceasefire was in effect. The LTTE will not let the civilians go for very obvious reasons. Time is not on our side. The readiness and momentum of the SLA formations can't be maintained for an extended period without serious consequences. Hopefully the lull is temporary. The last time we had this opportunity was in Vadamarachchi, and Prabhakaran played his cards well and survived for two decades.

LRRU said...

Oh Shit,

I was counting 48 hrs to finish eagerly thinking that Military will go for an onslaught.

After reading defencewire my dream was shattered some what; now I can't even sleep????

Renegade! said...

DW or is it Mr Sagara Lakmal?

Thanks for the updates!!-Happy New Year!!

WOW!!..what made you blow away your blog cover dude?..and putting up your pix as well?..i aLWAYS HAD A FEELIN that you were serving in the forces..seems like not just the forces,but the SF!!..

Corey said...

The Army has done its job. It is now the time to do our job: To counter the false propaganda of the ltte, which is now amounting to blatant lies.

Many Canadians and Europeans are getting pissed off at the protesters who are blocking streets, and now defacating on the streets.

I read a 'comment' from a Canadian who accused those who 'protested' for five days in Toronto of " getting to the greener pastures of Canada through pretended 'genocide', going on welfare (Canadian Tax-payers money) and promoting a banned terror organization.

The tide is turnig on the peelamists' propaganda machine. But for the next six months, we wll need to get together and do our part. Write to foreign politicians, newspapers, editorials. Even posting our side on a 'cooents' section of a web article helps.

Please - let's get together and spend 15 minutes everyday, to write something, somewhere, against peelam lies.

-It is our duty on behalf of our motherland.

In the previous blog, I have pasted some statements I have made to newewriters etc. Please take a look and modify as you wish.

Subha Pathum

Thusitha said...

The government should make it clear, the Tamil civilian lives are the responsibility of the LTTE and the diaspora who supports them. The LTTE going to blow huge ammunition dumps are just myths, if they do, that would be the end of the LTTE as well. So continue the operations and destroy these guys. The cost of the war is very high and we should end this war ASAP.

Corey said...

We got $500 million from Libya, Now ADB gave us a loan of $150 million.
Thanks, guys.

Peelamists - go eat shit!!!! - The smelly ones you defacated on the streets of Ottawa!!




Zombinowski said...

Stopping offensive operations is not good. Even for the diplomatic efforts to work, militarily the thugs have to feel completely helpless.

There is a looooooooong track record which says diplomatic solutions will not work with these vampires.

Snipe anybody who is carrying a gun on the border of NFZ.

Hope the beechcraft catches the terras killing civilians on video. Will be good for further support for military action. If the army has any such videos so far, should release them. Will be gory, but will go a long way to counter genocide propaganda by the rats.

Thusitha said...

In very near future, every man, women and dog in US and Europe would be working to pay off their debts to China. Therefore Sri Lankans, we need to get rid of our mentality of Almighty west and the continuous sucking up to the old Colonial Masters Continue our struggle to get rid of this LTTE menace.
No more Cease Fires!!!!!

Unknown said...

this is totally out of topic but is that a silenced mp5 with the rider? and why are they riding a bike in a diving gear? and how do you differentiate ranks in those combat suits? that green patch above the sf emblem mean anything?

Diyasena said...

Anandasngaree could be an LTTP/TNA mole sent to sabotage the government efforts from within..The LTTP succeessfully got rid of Kadira and got close to Dougie on several times..The above had lot more tighter security..Yet not a single attempt has been made on A'sangaree? Besides what has he done apart from writing an occassional letter to VP?

Suranimala said...

Does Mahinda want to go to hell by stopping the victory .It is just knocking to the door . 30 years we spent our lives by hearing about the war every day,at least one solider was killed by peelamist some where in the country.
Come on we should think about our next generations .Will we let them also to spend their lives by hearing the bullshits of peelam.
This is the time .History has given the opportunity and produced the men who are capable to do the job.So are we going to waste all the sacrifices made by them to come to this stage .if yes ..peter is correct we are modays ..

Thusitha said...

Gringo said...
If we hesitate to take calculated risks, all sacrifices made so far by our troops would be in vain.

Plus all the sacrifices made by fathers, mothers, wives and children.
No more Cease Fire. No more NFZ. Enough of that BS. SLA, lets get on with the programme. We support you all the way.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright said...

" Mailaravana,
Thanks for that analysis about the 100000 in 10 sq miles. I just did a cut and paste on a London news website without attributing it to you... Hope you do not mind.
Was helpful as these tiger supporters are making a big noise here these days..."

No worries Bro!

"at least 50000 people? I don't think so, as I have said before. However, if that is the case then it would make it very difficult for even snipers to take action. On the other hand, surely the SF's can mingle and assassinate the heads of LTTE in one fell swoop. Time to do this is now!

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

"A particular group in the government is pressing for the severing of diplomatic ties with a few of these countries while others expressed a more cautious approach"

I note that my post advocating taking the maximum extent of the law to prosecute countries, NGO's or individuals who have supported
"Crimes against Humanity" in Sri Lanka appears to have not been permitted. So either,

a) it was missed or deleted by mistake
b) the extra information I provided was too valuable to be in a public forum
c) or you considered me a "f*@&wit" for posting something that may offend "friendly" countries.

Glad to see disagreements occur even in SLG. It's only GOOD FOR DEMOCRACY! Heh heh heh.

Colomblogs said...

Time to time DW coming with fairy tales:
- RAW plotting Prabha's escape?
- 58 was incapable division
- LTTE waits for Vaiko as Special Forces do their...
- SF hunts LTTE team as plane lands in Visuamadu

This is anothr one. Probably he/she trying to check the public opinion against stopping the war. Or spread a flase info to hence creating strong opinion against stopping the actions.

It is good you update the blog. But this month award goes to D.B.S Jeyaraj for that masterpiece!

Rajaratasurfer said...

DW, Can ya please explain how the heck the norwies go into the safefire zone ? Or am I jumping the gun here ?

Also, ltte idots are trying to get on Oprah Winfry show in Chicago on march from Toronto.

Can ya let our folks to let the US media know who these clowns are ? We need all Lankans in Continental US to band together please ! We have a petition going arounf the here in the US right now !

SLA get the Fatass VP !

BlackPanther said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Apino Dannachess said...

Hey Carl Malli,

"and why are they riding a bike in a diving gear?"

You make me laugh ....and its a good thing to do early in the morning ....

Yes, it looks a MP5: look at the gun at the bottom of the pic(http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://fragcdo.files.wordpress.com/2007/12/mp5a4_sd5.jpg&imgrefurl=http://fragcdo.com/2007/12/07/mp5-series/&usg=__78zn2tJ3k5DVLAiv3FcnPvjkLA0=&h=338&w=450&sz=26&hl=en&start=17&um=1&tbnid=3zOl8EGU36Dl9M:&tbnh=95&tbnw=127&prev=/images%3Fq%3DMP5%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN%26um%3D1)

But its definitely not Diving equipment. The rider in front ....these goggles are used by riders of bikes, jet-skies, ATV's & snowmobiles ....well it looks like diving mask too. As for the guy in the pillion, he is wearing a gas mask sans the 2 filters....not that its going to do him any good except keep dust out of his eyes. May be just for "Pada Show"

Have a good day mate

Romeo said...

Guys, I have said this before and would like to reiterate:

We cannot afford to have stale mate condition with LTTE due to civilian factor. We must act without delay and wipe out LTTE leadership before it is too late.

To do the above, we need a plan to outsmart LTTE.

Plan must include following out comes.

1. Keep LTTE leadership away from the sea.
2. Bring civilians into an easy to attack area.
3. Completely eliminate tigers without a major threat to civilians.

How can we achieve the above?

Select a open area without buildings which is clear from buried arms, trenches and earth bunds closer to present NFZ.

Declare that area as the new NFZ and withdraw SLA forces from there with water tight defensive guard. Ask all civilians to move to the newly demarcated NFZ.

Attack ferociously to old NFZ from north south and east of Nanthi Kadal that way civilians are forced to move out. LTTE and leadership will also move with them. Then box LTTE and leadership without giving them access to the sea or lagoons.

LTTE will resist to move or let civilians to comply. However, with superior fire power and numbers SLA can dictate terms.

During this transition more civilians can escape terror clutches.

What do you all think?

--- Rana ---

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks for the update. agree with you. this strange thing was brewing up behind the scenes.

always it was politics that saved vezapillai, NOTHING else.

ppl should reconsider whether they want to bypass REPRESENTATIVE democracy in favour of DIRECT (old greek style) democracy for this instance only.

if the president is unwilling, keep him in house arrest and proceed with the war. MR is fearing his skin. he is playing dutugemunu too early!!!

i'm 100% sure ppl will support such a temporary move.

this will also send a powerful message to the IC that WE ARE FCUKING serious about what we are doing.

Hiranthe said...

Thank you DW for the update…You seem to have adopted a diplomatic approach to your posting too….

I have an important point to back what Corey said…..

Corey said...
The Army has done its job. It is now the time to do our job: To counter the false propaganda of the ltte, which is now amounting to blatant lies.


I totally agree. We as a country has to show the world that we are not barbarians and LieTTE bastards in their false propaganda had made Sri Lankan Buddhists as killers of "innocent Tamils"

Our Navy has to deploy some more fool proof technology to detect any LieTTE bastard escaping by sea..on surface or underwater. In the mean time our ground forces will continue their good work done all these months including the Madu church operation which is similar in diplomatic aspect. MR has done the right thing. These two days lost to us is a gain in the internationally. Now the whole world knows that we have given two days truce and LieTTE bastards were exposed again...

Now let the party begin...Let our boys continue some harvesting.

As Corey said, we have to do a bit of hard work in the Electronic and media warfare. We will have to write and expose these bastards LieTTE to any one who could change the mindset of the world at large. Tamil Diaspora has done this for the last 30 odd years and we at least now should start going in to every corner of the Earth.

For those who are living away from Sri Lanka, even while travelling in busses or trains, in professional gatherings, talking to strangers, we should tell the truth of what is happening and the true picture of LTTE to be exposed. I have been doing this for years…even with the cab drivers. We all should do the same. If we do not do that, we should be feeling guilty that we are not supporting and helping Mother Lanka in this dark time. This is what Tamil Diaspora had done to change the mindset of the west. Otherwise to them, we all look the same and they find it hard to distinguish between a Tamil and a Sinhalese.

In addition we should write to news papers in opinion columns, at least a few lines…to keep the momentum going in all the fronts.


Moshe Dyan said...

OTOH MR may be aiming for the WPC election that is just around the corner.

in WPC election, tamil votes are significant and UPFA stands SOME chance of getting some of those votes IF there is no ongoing fighting.

if there is fighting there is a VERY slim chance of getting tamil votes.

this MAY be the case.

lets wait and see.

Ranaviru Fund said...

We have details of 200 children of fallen/disabled soldiers. Please show your gratitude by sponsoring their educationWe have details of over 200 children of Sri Lanka armed forces members who have either laid down their lives or have suffered physical disability while defending our motherland. Please show your gratitude to these heroic men and their families by sponsoring the education of their children.

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* Your donation will go directly into the child’s or guardian's account.

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* Bank account number and the contact details of the child and the family will be provided by the SLAF Seva Vanitha upon submission of application. If you wish you can contact the family and verify the details before starting contributions.

Please visit www.ranavirufund.org/ranaviruchildren.html to download the application form and a detailed description of the procedure.

Pinbara said...

Make LTTE busy. Then civies can come out. Im sure SLDF have enough ways to make this happen.

If the govt is going to sing same old song we will see this war for another decade. Just calculate how many lives will be lost and the impact on our economy.

Also do not forget that these civies are not 100% hostages. They had enough opportunities to come into govt controlled areas during the first phase of the war. There are lots of Mahaviru families that got all the benefits from the LTTE movement. They stick with LTTE, because they thought that LTTE can come back. So let them pay little bit and lets care for those who are actually go against LTTE. Do not let them to live in camps for ever. Finish the war and start the re-settlement.

Do not forget that IC is not the entire population out sode SL. All these allegations are coming from very few sources. Especially norway and some NGOs. They have done nothing but to prolong this war. We have enough evidence to prove what activities they have done and what intentions they had. Our diplomats need to work more than this. Be offensive instead of defensive. Let them feel the pressure too. Let the media to pick the heat. Pay some good movie directors and create documentaries. People like conspiracy theories. Broadcast them on internet. No need to BBC, CNN for everything. Expose them too if required.


Saman said...


In your last post you implied that things were under control and government’s stands powerful in the face of IC pressure. However, you have contradicted that view in this post.


In my view, the tied being shifting towards where we are now since mid March. It drastically changed since the last debacle of LTTE loosing over 700 hard core fighters. We must note that it appears our great success above was quite accidental and an irony. That was the first time we bagged as many terras in one strike. I thought we would have marched straight in and bagged the rest. LTTE were in total disarray and their moral and structure would have been at the lowest ebb.

I can not believe what I am reading now and what MR’s strategy here is. I am sure most of us feel the same. Until and unless top layer LTTE is taken out future of the country is doomed. Even Anandasangaree cat is out the sack. (I always believed him having a humanist-separatist agenda).

Developments are extremely concerning,

1. I am of the view India/RAW worked overtime moving and planting the epicenter of Dravidian separatism in the North-East of Sri Lanka (in 80’s).
2. The modern diplomacy is nothing but passing their headaches to other soft targets. They do it by first crippling the target nation by political, social and economical strategies. Then they hang couple of carrots knowing the soft target has no where to go.
3. The agitations India felt (separatists able to create) in 80’s now happening in Oslo, London, Australia, Norway etc in 2009. West is many a times less tolerant having to bear some one else’s headaches. That means they will be hell bent to bring the epicenter of Tamil homeland back to a soft country. Which is, in my view, happening as we speak.
4. Scums like Anandasangaree have sniffed it. That is why he is changing the colour.
5. USA state department has dictated, on record, that Sri Lankan political settlement to Tamils must incorporate Tamil Diaspora. What a statement. (it has all the whole marks of creating Israel). LTTE never claimed North-East is “SRI LANKAN TAMILS” traditional home land. Did they? But they claimed Ealam is the Traditional Homeland of Tamils. Now that next generation of Tamils (some are not even citizens of Sri Lanka the rest do not want to loose refugee stated for economic reasons) are fasting in these capital cities.

Well, if MR and GoSL decide the diplomacy is the way to go – time has come to reinstate fucking Ranil as a patriot too. I still have lot of respect for MR/GR combination. But if what DW is telling is true (which I suspect so) then Time has come for a Sinhalese uprising and our crack commandos must lead a reactionary army. I wish to know any other alternative.

Unknown said...

Please distribute leaflets offering Rs 100,000 as a resettlement allowance for each civilian who escapes from NFZ from today onwards.Please request all Lankans to contribute for this purpose. Money talks.

Thusitha said...

Britain condemns LTTE massacre in Buttala


David Millabrand condemns the attack. Don't fall into this guys fuc**ing BS. The only reason he condemns is because, he wants to get something out of it. Yeah, he want the cease fire to continue. Do not fall in to British or any other Western Bullshit. Only thing they want is for LTTE to survive.

GR, SF, please continue the fight and finish these M** F** off.

onecountry said...

I was furious about this 48 hr truce which resulted in NOTHING. This will only lead to more lives lost in both sides. Now, the stalemate is gonna continue. What the govt must do is to resettle the IDPs fast and show that to the world while taking out NFZ. No point showing these news and video clips in sinhala. We need english speaking reporters in frontline.

koora said...

This is f'king pathetic situation... I think now we need Karuna's help. give karua 1 billiong dollar check and let karura to take some forces and enter NFZ. Make it happen like natural thing that LTTE fractions are fighing each other....

sinhale said...

are you on our side(Sri Lankan) or the paraya side(dirty Tamil Tiger Terrorist)? I guess you are on the other paraya side.
We will find you, skin your tiger hide and settle old scores

koora said...

I knew this will happen... Diplomatic drama will come to seen. But I also know MR will not betray the country. Guys.. be cool.. MR will turn the table around. He has the best combination of all. if he cannot do it, then no one will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOLTTE=Peace said...

The fireworks has begun!

koora said...

other ways try to infliltrate the ZFZ, we must send LRRPs everyday to many different parts of the NFZ.
**** also see whether we can use few of those captured LTTEers... either by threat or treat see their release would help, if they promise to LTTEers once go back... will this work? some frighten carders may try... if not take some karuna peope and try to impersonate as fallen or Killed LTTErs and go back to NFZ.. haha...let's think differently...

onceinawhile said...


You should stick to reporting military matters instead of political matters of which you MAY understand little about due to limitations of your sources or what ever. Your intentions may be noble but outcome might result in unreversable damage. (I would like to remind my fellow bloggers about the article published by DW about 58 div and Brig. Shavendra.)

No offence DW

Unknown said...

"DW or is it Mr Sagara Lakmal?

Thanks for the updates!!-Happy New Year!!

WOW!!..what made you blow away your blog cover dude?..and putting up your pix as well?..i aLWAYS HAD A FEELIN that you were serving in the forces..seems like not just the forces,but the SF!!.."

Renegade, i dont think this is correct.

Read the following,


I think it was merely a photograph taken by him, that has been posted on DW.

DW, it was indeed a silly move to post a picture like that with copyright info, this might even put unnecessary risk to the gentleman who took the photograph...

koora said...

we also can plant tohousands of land mine where we think LTTEers will try to infiltrate or escape.

land mining and sea mining both..
but we have to do this with certain tracking records. once the war is over we can remove them immediately.

koora said...

DW, you are taking too long to publish our views. we feel bored now, we cannot continue a discussion this way. Please either employ enough staff or you work little hard to satisfy our needs...

nuclear said...

Am sure MR should know that diplomacy should be with diplomats. Hope he do not wish to lose Western Provence.

Chinthana4Lions said...

MR must be on DRUGS if he wants a political solution.....I dont think that gonna happen though, Until Sarath F and Gotabaya is in power MR wont do stupid things.......

If he do I will KILL Mahinda R by my self......

Far out we need to get rid of lttp soon, guys who can write properly please contact our Defence ministry and give them what we stand for.....

Chinthana4Lions said...

Best 5 countries in the world...

Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China, Czech Republic and Israel.

THATS IT....get the hint?

We dont want fukcing USA...lets finish this war........

Srilankan said...

I think the forces are giving the tamil civilians time to ecape this LTTE monstrocity

san said...

If we stop military operations in this stage that means all the moral of the soldiers going and it's also moral support for all the ltte diaspora they think this is a result of protests they did in western countries.
another thing if we give more time to ltte prabakarn and senior ltte leaders have more time to do & think.

Ananda-USA said...

Terrorism Sponsored Abroad Comes Home to Roost: Similarities Between the Taliban and the LTTEPatriots,

There is a close similarity between the Taliban taking over the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, and the LTTE taking over Tamil Nadu in the Future. Please consider the following facts:

TALIBAN:1. ORIGIN: Pakistan Govt. through Pakistan's ISI Intelligence Organization created, trained, funded and supported the Taliban against the Soviets and subsequent Afghan government.

2. RISE TO POWER: After the Taliban seized power in most of Afghanistan, the ISI (and Pakiston Govt.) continued to support the Taliban against the Northern warlords.

3. EJECTION FROM HOME COUNTRY: The Taliban was kicked out of Afghanistan by the US forces, assisted by the Northern warlords.

4. GOING ABROAD TO ROOST: The Taliban then moved into NWFP of Pakistan where a large number of co-ethnic Pashtuns live.

5. HIDDEN GOVT SUPPORT: Pakistan's declared policy is to oppose and defeat the Taliban and Al-Quaida, yet there are significant residual elenets within the ISI that support and aid the Taliban, contrary to National Policy.

6. FIRST STEP TOWARDS DISINTEGRATION OF SPONSORING COUNTRY: Today (April 14, 2009), recognizing their inability to enforce Central Govt rule over the Swat Valley in the NWFP, Pakistan Govt signed an agreement ceding power over it to the Taliban, and agreed to the Imposition of Sharia Muslim Law by them in that district. The Swat Valley is quite close to the Capital Islamabad and the military center Rawalpindi!

LTTE:1. ORIGIN: Indian Govt. through India's RAW Intelligence Organization, aided and abetted by Tamil Nadu politicians, created, trained, funded and supported the LTTE as a part of Indira's Gandhi foreign policy against the move of Sri Lanka away from then-socialist India towards a capitalist-leaning freemarket economy, and alliances with western countries. principally the US.

2. RISE TO POWER: After the LTTE seized power in the Sri Lanka's North and East, the India, Tamil Nadu and RAW continued to support Eelam against the GOSL.

3. EJECTION FROM HOME COUNTRY: Now, the LTTE has been defeated militarily and is posed on the verge of total ejection from Sri Lanka, by the Sri Lanka Defence Forces.

4. GOING ABROAD TO ROOST: The LTTE activists are now working all over Tamil Nadu to capture political power in Tamil Nadu where a large number of co-ethnic Tamil live. Their strategy seems to be to drive wedges between the various communities in Tamil Nadu, to exacerbate existing divisions and create new ones that will serve that purpose, AS THEY DID IN SRI LANKA. To this end, I am expecting not only acceptable political techniques, but also the emergence of violent incidents to provoke reactions that can be used against groups opposed to them...as they dis in Sri Lanka. Also, these will be increased levels of fund raising in Tamil Nadu, including Bank Robberies, Extortion, Credit Card Fraud, etc. I expect them primarily to displace and replace the current crop of communal political allies (Vaiko, Ramadoss, Thirumavalavan, Karunanidhi). This is equivalent of the the Talibanization of the NWFP in Pakistan, but unlike in the case of Talibanization, these non-LTTE communal leaders will not physically survive takeover by the scorched-earth LTTE-ers.

5. HIDDEN GOVT SUPPORT: India's declared policy is to oppose and defeat the LTTE, yet there are significant residual elements within the RAW that support and aid the LTTE, contrary to National Policy of India. Most of these operatives are Indian Tamils who were selected to interface to Sri Lankan Tamils during Indira Gandhi's era. As such, many RAW agents will be driven by ethnic agendas, while others will be driven by a national interest with regional hegemonic attitudes focused on trying to control instead of befriending Sri Lanka. Many RAW agents, former and current, have written publicly available articles bemoaning the "loss of the LTTE" as India's lever for controlling Sri Lanka. Recall that this attitude is a merely a continuation of Indira's Gandhi's policy towards Sri Lanka that precipitated this problem in the first place.

6. FIRST STEP TOWARDS DISINTEGRATION OF SPONSORING COUNTRY: Today LTTE activists are agitating in Tamil Nadu, developing constituencies and trying to forge links to other Indian politicians, such as Mayawati, the Chief Minister of UP. They are competing for the same powerbase that their erstwhile former allies Vaiko, Ramadoss, Thirumavalavan command now, but will lose to the pro-LTTE forces in the future. These are largely the population segments consisting largely of the disenfranchised in Tamil Nadu: low-castes and dalits outside the caste system, politically active students, the poor, the illiterate, the jobless and the landless. They will not capture seats in the Lok Sabha in the upcoming elections; but are likely to do so in overwhelming numbers in the next, UNLESS the established politicians and the Central Govt recognizes what is happening, and moves quickly to nip it in the bud. I very much doubt that they will have either the vision or the will to do so. This could well become the first successful state if India to secede from the Indian Union.

The primary victims of the scenario I paint here, will be the people of Tamil Nadu. But, their safety is the concern of India and the unstable foolish leaders of Tamil Nadu.

The safety and survival of Sri Lanka is my sole concern. It is upto Sri Lanka to put its own house in order, and to ERECT A POLITICAL, ECONOMIC AND MILITARY FIREWALL that excludes the pro-LTTE-ers, in particular, and Indians in general, from exporting their diseases to Sri Lanka.

We must prevent all influxes of Greeks Bearing Gifts of Trojan Horses from India to Sri Lanka.

Max Headroom said...

LRRU you are dead right on that!

I am a PAYE tax payer: my father bankrolled my education in the States and had to return home to take care of him and work in this country. I have been a honest citizen; diligent tax payer and I do not enjoy a single perk that some of my fellow citizens enjoy being government servants.

I am prepared to pay my taxes and undergo any hardship to see this country go forward in the right direction. I thought MR had the guts to do it - finish the war; make peace and then make our society emulate Singapore in word and deed.

It looks like MR is getting butterflies in his stomach - what could he tell China and Russia? What is he going to tell those brave soldiers who sacrificed their life and limb to come thus far? What is he going to tell this honest tax paying citizen?

It is gradually dawning on me that to be patriotic is to be a two legged donkey. It looks like there is a better deal being a third class citizen of white man's country because the white man has the balls to do whatever to overcome the obstacles in his path. What did President Obama do with Somali pirates? He gave them the best diplomatic response: stone cold silence and the fireworks in the night! Mr. President, learn from that young President of the USA. If you can't do the job get away and give it to your brother; take it back if he gives it back to you but I doubt if we would favour a man who does not have the XXXX!

koly said...

Moshe & Others,
Guys be patient. MR is doing a great job. We won't be having everything in our way. What can GoSL do if US (or for that matter UK, Canada or Germany) send their ships to Seas off Puthumathalan for a rescue mission.
there is a delicate balance between diplomacy and war. Thank god HE is good at that.

LankaBoy_007 said...

Don't Kill Innocent people..
Don't wage Genocide.


Sri Lanka travel info said...

guys check this out.

Canada should know by now when they sleep with dogs (I mean LTTE) they have to wake up with Shit...

Upon learning there were complaints of people defecating in the World Exchange Plaza's parking garage over the weekend, a spokesman for the Tamil protesters on Wellington St. went on a speaker yesterday and reminded demonstrators to respect local businesses


Unknown said...

I do agree the 48 hours pause should not be extended.

Unknown said...

I do agree the 48 hours pause should not be extended

Unknown said...

the 48 hours pause should not be extended.

Corey said...

pottu amman's driver and brother-in-law also fled peelam clutches!!!

Need we say more about the situation for the peelamists!!!

Well done Sri Lanka Armed Forces!!!

Defencewire said...

I want to make a couple of statements.

comment moderation

we have been trying the delegation of comment moderation among our team but this work is done purely on a voluntary basis so I cannot force anyone to do it as a must.

diplomatic focus

there is a lot of politics going on at the moment and its trickling down into defence establishment like in any functioning democracy. we have guys who are experts in this and have their eyes and ears to the ground. we have to report some of these developments because they are inter-related.

the picture

No that's not me or any of us. This picture had been taken by a well known photographer and it was sent to us by one of you. We didn't crop it to remove his name because he deserves credit. since it is not for commercial use, we do not think he would mind.

Political Observer said...

The SL President is right.

The LTTE will win the propaganda war if there are civilian causalities.

Therefore it makes little sense to play the game the LTTE wants. Also, consider the long term effect: if the SLA is involved in such an Op, it will undermine future political reconciliation, which is essential for Sri Lanka.

There are many who think going in and getting the LTTE among 50K civilians is easy. That is very foolish.

I have mentioned before the evacuation of civilians via landing craft, as there are four of these vessels. They can threaten to take about 1000 refugees together at any one time. More of these vessels can be "borrowed" from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, etc., giving the Op a legitimate international dimension.

Even BBC TV crews can be put on the "Mercy" landing craft so the LTTE can say "Hello" to them with an AK burst or even a mortar round, and the BBC can report this action of murdered Thamil civilians to the loving Diaspora live. If that happens, the GOSL will have all the political capital needed to storm the NFZ from all sides.

If the GOSL tries to rescue the civilians from all sides, including the sea, it will be harder for the LTTE to fight back, as the cadre have to be on the offensive at the very edges of the NFZ, and thus open to SLA snipers. The key to military action is to degrade these forward line cadre holding back civilians.

Now that the US Navy Seals have done their bit, I can openly say, that the SLN Special Forces can do something similar. They can get closer to the NFZ and pick off the LTTE cadre one by one. I suspect the SLN are already at it.


Anonymous said...

I agree with LRRU on some points. Indeed, it would be a waste if all resources invested on this war has to end without completely accomplished and if we give in to terrorists last moment. WTF and other pro-tiger groups are trying their best to influence IC. MR is under pressure wondering if something goes wrong but we should not give in to these terrorists.

IC has a moral obligation to protect a civil society from a terrorist group.

They must pressure LTTE to lay down arms and trapped civilians let go. GOSL must strengthen diplomatic mission with IC and convince them to stop funding and supporting LTTE. Srilankan Diaspora must protest in their countries and ask for explanations from their Politicians why they support LTTE. IC must be convinced solution to problem is not a separate state as EU, Norway justify. The issue is not ethnic violence. Tamil Grievances are false allegations to justify their cause of terrorism. The IC doesn’t realize the truth. Who is right who is wrong? So diplomacy is necessary but shouldn’t give in to terrorists! What we can do is support government and military to finish this war as soon as possible to avoid further escalation. In that case I agree if Gotabaya or General Fonseka become president :)

Do what you can do to the country, without waiting government do it for you.

Pop in to popular websites like You Tube and type "Sri Lanka", "Sri Lanka News". Then you find many Tamil Diasporas shitting about this war to win sympathy of IC. Give your opinion about Sri Lanka War. What think about LTTE? Tell how they traumatize, terrorize people.
There millions of Tamils on the streets of EU, USA, Canada, UK, Norway pushing Politian’s for a ceasefire. Politian’s need Tamil vote they pressure Sri Lanka.

They cant have double standards on "War on Terror" just because of Tamils vote.
We have to make our point clear!!!

Unknown said...

Dear Mr Obama,

Imagine the following scenario...

A bunch of second and third generation cuban-americans have decided that south florida wants to be a separate country with its own army, police and spanish speaking administation.In fact they want to be part of Cubeelam.

As there are Latinos both legal and illegal living in the following states, they want Georgia, Alabama Arkansas,Texas,Arizona and California too.
To achieve this they have bombed the rest of the country with suicide squads.Your strong work has cornered them in South Florida between Miami and Key west where they are holding the population under the gun.

The United Nations say you must negotiate. Thousands of hispanics in the Americas and Spain go beserk,go on hungerstrike and jump off bridges as their investment turns sour.Norway offers to be a middleman as oilexplration off the florida coast looks good.

What do you do ?

When you need a friend, Sri Lanka will back you up and show you the way.

Unknown said...

Dear Mr Obama,

Imagine the following scenario...

A bunch od second and third generation cuban americans want to separate off south florida to a part of Cubeelam and want a separate spanish speaking administration, army and police force.

In fact as there are legal and illegals living in GA, AK, Tx and CA, they want that too. Suicide bombers have been unleashed on the rest of the country, but your hard work has pushed them back to Miami and onto KeyWest where they are holding the population at gunpoint.

Thousands of lations are taking to the streets with hunger strikes and jumps off bridges as their investment in a separate state turns sour.Norway offers to be a broker as there appears to be oil off the florida atlantic coast.

The UN says you must negotiate.

Which is the way to go chief ?

Answer... Sri LAnka will stand by you and back you up if this ever happens.

TAAN said...

Hey DW,
earlier we heard that 58th division troops are almost near to the NFZ(75m)cant we send SF teams to NFZ through that point

Sam Perera said...

Wow!, DefenceWire is featured at MCNS.


Sujeewa Kokawala said...

I think we are too much depressed about the cheese fire. Cheese fire is given for the piece lovers to bite. Genuine peace and cease fire will soon be delivered when SLDF end the most ruthless terror outfit.

Even if he wants MR will be unable to make a halt to the offensive. Momentum, that is called.

And I don't believe that there is so much pressure on GOSL. There had been pressure but the matter is not even raised in security council yet.

If there is a pressure that should be from USA for sure. Also there must be pressure that Indian elections would bring negative impact. But seriously these are minor compared to what they faced.

Can't that be a pussycat propa trap. The whole pressure->cheese fire story.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

A patriot with balls huge than Australia itself!


මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Well, once you hold that tiger's tail, you can't let go, either you must kill the bugger or should be able to run faster than the bugger.

Do Not stop now, no 2nd guess - Dear GR and SF sir - please continue... your way.

Get pussy cats to fight - and BAMM BAMM...BAHMM

Thanks DefenceWire....your web site is my 2nd Home.

Corey said...

Thanks for the support man! Together we can do this.

I spend at least 30 min every day, going over important articles from Canadian, European and US newspapers, and I have a set of responses in a MS Word document. I just cut and paste.

Here is one of them:
"The ltte terrorist supporters, megalomaniacs, are on a desperate run to spread false rumors, to save the psychopathic terrorists from complete elimination. They are bribing, begging, crying, and most of all, lying to gain time to regroup the terrorists.

The ltte terrorists, who are holding their own people as a human shield, are killing their own who try to escape. They are shelling those who try to escape with artillery and blaming it on the Ari Lankan Army.

The UN Deputy General was invited by the Sri Lankan govt, and he saw for himself, the REAL situation: he appealed to the ltte to release the human shield, and to stop killing those who try to escape.

Canada and the World: It is time to see through these psychopathic terrorists and their brainwashed supporters. THE SEEDS OF TERRORISM ARE BEING SOWN IN YOUR COUNTRY, and future generations of Tamil children have effectively been brainwashed. The time is not too distant when lawlessness and terrorism will be common in Europe due to these people who have pretended ‘discrimination’ to come to the greener pastures of your countries, get your welfare and tax-money and to spread terrorism."

- Please do something like this - The Canadians and Europeans are getting sick of the peelam demonstrations (the peelamists have clogged up all toilets at businesses nearby), and the Canadians are really pissed because law-enforcement and emergency crews are spending enormous amount of tax-payers dollars to 'look after' these idiots.

Also, they know that the peelamists claimed a pretended 'discrimination' to come to their country and now are living on welfare, also from the tax-payers money. The Canadians must be made to realize that their tax money is actually going to support terrorism, and these peelamists are "sowing the seeds of terrorism" in Canada and the world.

The tide is turning on th epeelam false-propaganda machine: please do your part and write.

Many Thanks and Best Regards.

Go Sri Lanka!!!

Corey said...

Canadians are 'sick and tired of peelamists:

See the comments on :


Please do your part: Write about the peelamists trying to deceive the international community.

Corey said...

How come none of you Tamils are protesting against the Tigers who are holding these people hostage?

See video below it's from Caritas the international aid group who along with the Red Cross are in the No Fire Zone or Safe Zone.


Corey said...

-Pls use this in propaganda

Rajaratasurfer said...

Romeo....ya got it right son ! They are many players behind the scene in this phase of this conflict now !
Norwies are on a full court press in Europe & also, idiots in UK...but, this gotta end soon.

Gen Fonseka has the right stratergy & I'm trusting him to finish this...by elininating Fatass VP,Charles,Pottu & Soosai.. folks ya cut the head off then the snake dies.

Also, I'm glad our embassy in DC has gotten all Expats to counter ltte propaganda in the US.

It's abt. time.But, I really feel for those poor Tamils been held as human shields by ltte.

Diyasena said...

Whilst making announcements for civilians to croosover, we should announce large rewards and amnesty to anyone who hands over the head of VP, pottu, susai and Kapil amman..I know the remaining LTTP cadres are mainly hardcore ones..But there faith must be shaken post Anandapuram..So its more worthwile than just aaking the cadres to surrender

Suranimala said...

If this story is true ,These police officers should be put out of the police
This type of people are a very big black mark to SL Police .

AAA ABS CDO said...

From Daily Mirror....

"An LTTE sea infiltration bid had been thwarted by the Navy this morning off the coast of Mullaitivu, navy sources confirmed. According to reports two LTTE suicide boats had launched the attack, one boat had been destroyed and one captured.

Navy believes that at least 10 LTTE cadres were killed in the clash and the captured boat had been fitted with C4 explosives to carry out the suicide mission."
The 48 hour diplomacy effort ended without any visible results. No mass scale influx of civilians, etc. So, it is time to revert back to what got us here; a successful military campaign!

Unknown said...

see this article from Ottawa:


[They should have been stopped!
Allowing supporters of a terrorist group, the Tamil Tigers, to take over downtown Ottawa sets a dangerous precedent]

Ananda-USA said...

Corey said...

I spend at least 30 min every day, going over important articles from Canadian, European and US newspapers, and I have a set of responses in a MS Word document. I just cut and paste.Corey,

Good Show! There are many more cut-and-paste passages available for all patriots to use directly, or modify and use, at the SriLankaPatriots Blog. (SriLankaPatriots.com or SriLankaPatriots.blogspot.com; email: SriLankaPatriotsBlog@gmail.com )

If you want access, post a request here to me giving your email address, and I will mail an invitation to you to sign-in.

TropicalStorm said...

Badu hari wagey...

Aandawaney!! thalaiwar seththupichchiiiii...!!!

Moshe Dyan said...

thanks DW for keeping an eye on developments.


agree with you. but at the same time patriots should keep a CLOSE watch over what is happening and NIP ANY UNDESIRABLE DEVELOPMENTS FROM THE BUD.

our country is TOO PRECIOUS to depend upon a single personality no matter how DIVINE he is.

no complains as the humanitarian operation has recommenced.

Moshe Dyan said...


a good analysis as ever. very timely as the diaspora has gone crazy now.

SL said...

Brother Asithri,
I dropped a line on Ananda-USA's blog.
SL army,kicking ass and taking numbers!!

Thusitha said...

One pissed off Canadian women said this. Haha



Carmen Luana from Ottawa, Canada writes:


I dont care what you are protesting about. It took me 3 hours to get my kids from school.

Now after I see the video below I am frothing mad! I'll run you over in my mini van if I have to.


Sam Perera said...


Can somebody educate me about Rohan Ponniah and Sharmini Boyle? Two very interesting characters.

Anonymous said...

# Tamizh DiASSpora donkeys genocide protests have worked finally.. HIK HIK HUK HUK..

UN: Sri Lanka rebels trapping 100,000 civiliansApr 16 (AP) The U.N. humanitarian chief accused Tamil Tiger fighters of keeping 100,000 civilians trapped in a Sri Lankan war zone during a 48-hour cease-fire, which he criticized Wednesday as too short a time to deliver much-needed humanitarian aid. John Holmes urged a longer pause in hostilities to get the civilians out and avoid "a bloodbath on the beaches."

FMs say Tamil Tigers using 'human shields'Apr 16 (AFP) The British and French foreign ministers said Wednesday that Tamil Tiger rebels in Sri Lanka are using civilians as human shields, which was preventing them from leaving the conflict zone. In a joint statement issued in London, Foreign Secretary David Miliband and his French counterpart Bernard Kouchner urged the Sri Lankan government to declare a new ceasefire to allow aid in and civilians out

Ananda-USA said...

NOLTTE=Peace said...

A patriot with balls huge than Australia itself!

Yes Indeed, Bro,

A Patriot with Mucho Instestinal Fortitude! WoW!

Reminds me of the Chinese student who stood in front of the advancing Main Battle Tank in Tien An Men Square in Beijing way back when!

WoW! WoW!

Ananda-USA said...


Another patriot (CASC, Suranimala or some oneelse) posted today at DW the Oprah Winfrey petition at

LinkI posted as #9524 , and before I could turn around it was at 9600, and increasing at a rapid pace!

Brothers, Lets us help make this work...Oprah is a great lady trusted by MANY! Please go there add your 2 cents to the effort...it takes 2 minutes!

Thank you whoever posted it HERE!

Ananda-USA said...

Indian general election beginsPatriots,

I think the GOSL is delaying the capture of the NFZ until the Indian Lok Sabha elections are over. This may be at the request of the Govt. of India.

Expect to see fireworks by the SLA soon after these elections end.

15 Apr 2009

NEW DELHI: Indians began voting Thursday morning to pick a new 545-seat Lok Sabha in the first phase of staggered elections widely expected to throw up a split verdict.

Polling centres opened at 7 a.m. in 124 constituencies across 15 states and two union territories amid tight security, Election Commission officials here said.

About 143 million of India's 714 million voters are eligible to exercise their franchise in the first of five rounds in 185,552 polling centres. A total of 1,715 candidates are in the fray.

Over 300,000 electronic voting machines are being used. Tens of thousands of election staff and security personnel have been deployed to conduct the electoral exercise -- the world's largest.

Kerala, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Chhattisgarh, Andaman and Nicobar Island and Lakshwadeep will see voting Thursday in all constituencies besides parts of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra, Manipur, Orissa and Jharkhand.

Simultaneous balloting began to elect state assemblies in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.

The main parties in the fray are the Bharatiya Janata Party (102 seats), Congress (111), Bahujan Samaj Party (111), Communist Party of India-Marxist (23), Nationalist Congress Party (14) and Communist Party of India (15)

The millions of votes cast in the April-May elections will be counted May 16.

Ananda-USA said...

One Voter expects BJP Victory to yield "Priority Status in Everything" for India's 88% Hindus1This guy is talking about DENYING EQUAL RIGHTS to minorities! ENFORCING equal rights for all is one thing, but DENYING equal rights is terrible!

I really hope that this is NOT BJP's platform. If BJP does such a thing, India may disintegrate quickly!

Comment at ExpressBuzz.com by V. Mehta

BJP has a wonderful manifesto and when BJP and allies win, India will become a superpower in 5 years time,with majority hindus becoming first class citizens as in any developed country and with end of the farce of christian and muslim minority of 12 percent ruling the hindu majority of 88 percent for the past 6 decades with the congress policy of splitting hindus and making minorities as vote banks like the bristish colonial rule.BJP must also promise later to rename india as hindustan and hindus must be provided priority in every thing in our country, education,housing, employment,etc.All special minroity privilegs must be abolsied and only sc/st hindus must be given special privileges.Let us make all indians equal and let there be only economic criterion Well done BJP for a really aggressive hindu-oriented manifesto.Now Hindus vote for BJP&save yourselves from extinction and terror. If the voters realise the true worth of BJP manifesto, the Nehru dynasty is due to be kicked out fro...

Suranimala said...


Being Nobody said...

Max_Headroom said...
"It looks like MR is getting butterflies in his stomach - what could he tell China and Russia? What is he going to tell those brave soldiers who sacrificed their life and limb to come thus far? What is he going to tell this honest tax paying citizen?"MR is just playing his cards right. The 48 hour truce was to show the world that no truce is possible with LTTE nor was it effective in removing the civilians.

The fireworks are on!

"SLA, SLAF intensify offensive targeting safety zone
[TamilNet, Thursday, 16 April 2009, 03:21 GMT]
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) intensified its offensive targeting to bifurcate so-called saftey zone Thursday at 6:50 a.m. with fire support provided by Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) helicopter gunships attempting to break the defensive bunds of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) for the fourth day. The SLA and the SLAF were deploying maximum fire power in the fighting. SLAF bombers began attacking the bunds at 7:40 a.m."

Master P, CA said...

If we let go Prabha, we will not create the conditions for moderate Tamils to be constructive in finding a solution. We don’t want this idiot and the Tamil Diaspora to dictate terms to our Tamils in Sri Lanka. Besides it is an insult to our armed forces. As long as this egomaniac is alive, the organization will be intact. When Comrade Wijeweera was taken out, we know how the rest fell apart. Let’s put this dog to sleep and save the Tamils from the misery.

Master P, CA said...

If we let go Prabha, we will not create the conditions for moderate Tamils to be constructive in finding a solution. We don’t want this idiot and the Tamil Diaspora to dictate terms to our Tamils in Sri Lanka. Besides it is an insult to our armed forces. As long as this egomaniac is alive, the organization will be intact. When Comrade Wijeweera was taken out, we know how the rest fell apart. Let’s put this dog to sleep and save the Tamils from the misery.

Master P, CA said...

If we let go Prabha, we will not create the conditions for moderate Tamils to be constructive in finding a solution. We don’t want this idiot and the Tamil Diaspora to dictate terms to our Tamils in Sri Lanka. Besides it is an insult to our armed forces. As long as this egomaniac is alive, the organization will be intact. When Comrade Wijeweera was taken out, we know how the rest fell apart. Let’s put this dog to sleep and save the Tamils from the misery.


Check this out..

MIA, Protest Rallies and LTTE's Diplomatic Front

Rana said...

It seems Norway has the severest pain in her arse on Tamil issue; therefore they should give a sizable portion of their country for Tamils. Next comes USA and UK they also can do the same without asking poor and smallest country like Sri Lanka to do so.

F**k with Norway, USA and UK!!!!!!!!

Our zero tolerance towards civilians who are trapped in NFZ is gone too far. I think it is good time now to forget about collateral damages and finished the job at hand as quickly as possible. Any further delay only will jeopardize our goal of achieving peace and harmony in SL.

--- Rana ---

Anjula Godakumbura said...

Hi all,

Do you all agree that we should stop referring to the LTTE as 'TAMIL Tigers'?

This is a time when the Tamils should detach themselves from the LTTE. But, when we continue to refer to LTTE as 'Tamil Tigers', we keep pushing the innocent Tamils back into the pack.

What do you think?
I just wrote to a Canadian author requesting him to stop useing the term 'Tamil Tiger'.

Sanesh said...

President visits Kilinochchi

President Mahinda Rajapakse made a surprise visit to the once elusive de facto captial of the LTTE today. He had inspected the area and spoken to the troops, according to sources.

Anonymous said...

I think it is time we stopped listening to crocodile tears of the US other countries.

These country commit crimes against humanity in places all over the world on daily basis and do see them thinking of civilians??

We fighting a war against the most brutal terror group in history and not Mary Poppins!!

Most the people who are their, are in fact the MahaVira families, who supplied the cadres that have killed our forces for the last couple decades in the first place.

It is nice that our prez took pity on them but time for action and time clean up our country of these mindless bas*ards!!

Unknown said...

There's a pretty well organized campaign largely driven by Canadian LTTE supporters, trying to get a voice on Oprah and make a last ditch attempt to save the terrorists in Sri Lanka.

• Please sign the below petition also to Oprah Winfrey to say NO to Tamil Tiger Rebels.


Thanks again for your support for the Sri Lankan cause.



• Go to this link:- https://www.oprah.com/plugform.jsp?plugId=220

so then you can directly tell Oprah how you feel about this cause.

• Special thanks for Rishini Weeraratne (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=517814603) for the information.

Dilan said...

busted !!!


dan ithin "no comment" thamai

Mango said...

Who's in charge of GOSL Press & PR in the West?Yet again, the LTTE's front organisations are dictating the media agenda in London and other Western bloc cities. They have been allowed to make the most outrageous claims of 'genocide' and civilian casualties.

The GOSL representatives in the UK are conspicuous by their absence on radio, TV and mainstream press (please correct me if I'm wrong).

We urgently need to get proven, articulate proponents of the GOSL's case. Professionals like Dayan Jayatillke, Mahinda Samarasinghe (who gave an excellent performance on BBC's HardTalk), Palitha Kohona and Rajiva Wijesinha, made available to instantly rebut LTTE propaganda.

Their calm manner will win over the ranting performances often seen from LTTE representatives.

I've said this before and I'll repeat it again. The gains made by our forces, paid for in lost lives and limbs are in danger of frittered away by a dismal performance of our representatives abroad. It is imperative that this is treated seriously and quickly.

As the LTTE loses its' military capability, it has switched its' struggle to the PR front.

Mango said...

Here's my take on diplomatic action.

Who's in charge of GOSL Press & PR in the West?Yet again, the LTTE's front organisations are dictating the media agenda in London and other Western bloc cities. They have been allowed to make the most outrageous claims of 'genocide' and civilian casualties.

The GOSL representatives in the UK are conspicuous by their absence on radio, TV and mainstream press (please correct me if I'm wrong).

We urgently need to get proven, articulate proponents of the GOSL's case. Professionals like Dayan Jayatillke, Mahinda Samarasinghe (who gave an excellent performance on BBC's HardTalk), Palitha Kohona and Rajiva Wijesinha, made available to instantly rebut LTTE propaganda.

Their calm manner will win over the ranting performances often seen from LTTE representatives.

I've said this before and I'll repeat it again. The gains made by our forces, paid for in lost lives and limbs are in danger of frittered away by a dismal performance of our representatives abroad. It is imperative that this is treated seriously and quickly.

As the LTTE loses its' military capability, it has switched its' struggle to the PR front.

Being Nobody said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
දිමුතු said...

See a great Sri Lankan


Unknown said...

April 08, 09. Human Carnage inside the Safe Zone. Report from PTK

Moshe Dyan said...

MR, GR, SF, DP, WK, SS,etc. all going to kili is not at all a wise move.

things went well and we are all thankful. but what if????

IF shit can happen, it will. keeping as many leaders safe from harms way is the thing to do ALWAYS. safety cannot have a break.

MR MUST learn from RP, CBK, RG and JFK.

Unknown said...

very interesting report. Bit different from the usual war casualty reports but nevertheless very good. I also read a very good article titled "Tamil Homeland versus Sinhalese Homeland". Have any of you read it. If so I would like to know your opinion on it. You can find it on www.CeylonToday.com

keep up the good work

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

http://www.defencecolumn.com/ is not reachable, maybe from SL only.

Did DefCol play with some wrong news and got banished?? Or is it a Firefox issue?

WipeLTTE said...

LTTE f***ers are trying to get public opinion in the US turned against Srilankan Government via Opera Show.


Oprahgiveusavoice.com We have 400,000 Sinhalese in USA and Only 100,000 tamils. We can
make it.

88% votes for Oprah to have the LTTE supporters on the show

only 12% voted NO.


People should go to Oprah's website: www.oprahgiveusavoice.com and
vote "NO" because already the Tiger sympathizers have 88% vote for YES
for giving this group a voice and only 12% for not giving them a voice.

Please be patient - sometimes the website is slow.

monkey said...

As long as prabhakaran does not have an escape route since he is evil and selfish he will use the poor civilians as a human shield to save his own life with a high cost to the civilians while preaching to others to give up theirs.

Therefore the SL Government taking into consideration the large number of civilians suffering due to the crossfire and also the fact that the SL Government is responsible for the welfare of all its citzens should let prabhakaran escape to whatever country so that this war will then be finally over for sri-lanka and also the civilians who are caught up then will be free.

Appearently such a plan is being discussed.

If the president is thinking on similar lines, i support him.

monkey said...

let this moron prabhakaran escape to a third country without letting him use the poor civilians as a human shield with a high cost to them.

It is the SL Government who will be blamed for the civilian suffering otherwise and by letting this selfish and evil guy prabhakaran escape to a third country for good, the war will finally be over for sri-lanka and also for the innocent civilians being caught up.

if the president is thinking along those lines, I support him.

mcored said...

Come on! You can't be serious about this mahinða raajapakxa! Don't do the same mistake all other presidents did. You have obviously gone further than that winning all our hearts but let this last stage of the war go as we all expect. Finish it off!

Anonymous said...

Diplomatic furore in Colombo: US Ambassador Robert Blake attempts escape mechanism for LTTE through UN, Norway:


OneSpirit said...


Grow some balls before you piss in your pants.

Ananda-USA said...

It appears that Tamil Tigers can fool ALL of the people SOME of the time, but not even they can fool ALL the people ALL the time!

National Post editorial board: Sympathy for Tamils, but not TigersThe National Post, Canada
April 16, 2009

The ongoing Parliament Hill protests and hunger strikes by Tamil Canadians are meant to stir our lawmakers into action against Sri Lanka, whose government is waging a successful military campaign against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), better known as the Tamil Tigers. If anything, however, the protests have had the opposite effect: Just as radical Canadian Muslims attract disgust when they raise the flags of Hezbollah or Hamas, so too do Tamils who fly the flag the of the LTTE, a terrorist insurgency that once controlled much of Sri Lanka. What’s worse, the protesters have flown the LTTE flag alongside the Canadian flag — an insult to our own country.

As we have written several times before, we are not without sympathy for the cause of the Tamil people, many of whom have been treated as second-class citizens by the Sinhalese-dominated government in Colombo. Indeed, the Tamils would have had a rightful claim to the world’s sympathy — if the LTTE, which fights for an independent Tamil homeland, hadn’t itself adopted such inhumane tactics since its formation in the 1980s. The Tigers perfected the tactic of suicide bombing, deploying explosive-wrapped killers by the dozens even before the practice had caught on in the Arab world.

The LTTE has also press-ganged children as young as 10 into military service and, following the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, they cleared out orphanages for foot soldiers and interdicted relief supplies to feed their adult insurgents and fund terror campaign against the Sri Lankan government. The sight of this group’s flags flying in Canada is nothing short of revolting.
Canada is home to the largest expatriate Tamil community in the world. Despite the Conservative government’s decision to declare the LTTE a terrorist organization in 2006, many of the most prominent Tamil groups in Canada remain fronts for the Tigers. Much of the money for the LTTE’s terror campaign has been extorted from Tamil Canadians, who have faced harassment if they show insufficient enthusiasm for the Tigers. Family members back home in Sri Lanka have even been held hostage until Tamils here pay hefty donations.

The reason that Tiger supporters seem so desperate now is that, after nearly 17 months of bloody fighting, Sri Lankan troops have the few hundred remaining Tiger fighters pinned down inside a few square kilometres in northeast Sri Lanka — including, possibly, the group’s sociopathic leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran. The only thing preventing Sri Lankan troops from finishing off the Tigers is the presence of thousands of Tamil civilians, whom the Tigers are using as human shields.

Like Hamas in Gaza, cowardly LTTE fighters are hiding behind the women and children they claim to be protecting. (In fact, the Tigers are actually killing civilians who try to flee the combat area — something even Hamas never did on a large scale during the Gaza combat.) The Tigers’ goal appears to be saving itself — and we would not be surprised if Pirapaharan staged his own massacre of Tamils as a means to discredit Colombo and force a ceasefire that allowed him to escape.

The Ottawa protesters — and others in Sydney, Australia — insist the Colombo government is readying a “genocide” against Tamils. Many journalists are even getting e-mails from Tiger supporters claiming that the Sri Lankan army is preparing to use chemical weapons.

This is preposterous: If government troops truly wanted to stage a genocide, they could have done so weeks ago. The only reason that the siege has drawn out this long is that Sri Lanka’s army wishes to avoid unnecessary slaughter. Indeed, the Tamils who have managed to escape the Tiger area report being treated better by Sri Lankan troops than they were by the LTTE.

If the Tiger supporters in Ottawa truly had the best interests of innocent Tamils at heart, they would be pleading with the Tigers themselves to release their human shields, not declaring their undying support for a terror organization.

Our advice to the Ottawa hunger strikers is: Eat up. To the extent anyone is listening to your message, it only serves to disgrace your members.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

"let this moron prabhakaran escape to a third country without letting him use the poor civilians as a human shield with a high cost to them.

It is the SL Government who will be blamed for the civilian suffering otherwise and by letting this selfish and evil guy prabhakaran escape to a third country for good, the war will finally be over for sri-lanka and also for the innocent civilians being caught up.

if the president is thinking along those lines, I support him."


no - NO - No - then moran prabhakaran will operate from that third country so don't let the bugger out.

getting blame is not an issue - it is better than getting bullets.

Anonymous said...

US threatens to block IMF loan facility to demand ceasefire!!


Nandana Wijethilake said...

When the armed forces wipe out all the terrorists from our motherland, then only the real war starts. A war that will help all the civilians to get back into their normal day to day life, a war that will eliminate the "war mentality" from the civilians who were affected from this 25year old catastrophy. Mind you, as long political... Read More parties filled with extremists views such as Jathika hela Urumaya....we the Sri Lankans will never see the light at the end of the tunnel. its the reality. J.H.U is trying to separate all the races and create racials conflicts. Isn't that the reason why one of the MPs in the said party passed that so called "sound pollution bill". He bought it against the Muslim people, fellow brothers of our mother land. What was the final result, one of our prestigious monks had to stay in Welikada Prison. Jathika Hela Urumaya is pulling Sri Lanka into a ditch that will never let us climb through. The reason why I used the word "pulling" because J.H.U is already in a ditch.

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