Monday, May 18, 2009

The last stand of the cowards

Prabhakaran's death is established primarily through circumstantial evidence. The remains of an individual with very similar physical structure to Prabhakaran has been discovered and tests are being performed to establish his identity beyond reasonable doubt.

The Army needs no testing to establish the LTTE leader's death. Certain sections of the media have misreported the circumstances surrounding Prabha's death. We wish to correct these records with the following account in chronological order with certain sections left-out for obvious reasons.

Prabhakaran's final hours

Only 3 LTTE leaders, other than Prabhakaran and his wife, knew of his whereabouts. Other than his son Charles Anthony, the only other LTTE leaders who knew where he was was Poddu Ammaan, the Intelligence Chief and the head of the LTTE's Medical Unit, Reagan.

The latter was taken in and detained for days until Military Intelligence got hold of him. Until then Regan had pretended he did not know Prabhakaran's whereabouts. Thanks to Reagan's information, MI officers had clearly identified Prabhakaran's lair by 16th evening/17th dawn.

They uncovered an elaborate plan by Prabhakaran and gang to breach the 53 FDL. The plan was to cross the lagoon to Mullaitivu-Weli Oya Jungles, from there to reach the Eastern Province (Batticaloa/Ampara) via Trincomalee, where 'Colonel' Ram's team was waiting.

Within hours of this warning, on 17th May at dawn, Tigers had started their final operation. A daring sea borne operation was launched. All Army Divisions, forewarned, reacted swiftly but the Tigers managed to breach the FDL of the 53 Division at its weakest and take-out several bunkers killing 15 SLA. They also seized an Army Ambulance.

Moments later, the 53 Division retaliated. A hail of RPG HEAT/Thermobaric rockets were fired. Around 200 LTTE cadres had died in the attack. 30 bodies were reduced to ashes. Limbs of the LTTE's best were scattered all over the place. The captured ambulance was also hit in the melee and burnt swiftly.

It was upon investigating the ambulance that 3 bodies, one of which resembled Prabhakaran's body structure was discovered. The body was blackened and beyond facial/physical recognition. But the Army knew it may very well be Prabhakaran. There was no other way for him to escape.

Prabhakaran should have been killed either in the box-in by the Special Forces, the retaliation by the 53 or he should have died injured somewhere along the lagoon. The closest to his remains have been found only inside the charred ambulance.

One of the hardcore cadres captured alive in the attack claimed Prabhakaran was shot and injured in the fight. But he had heard it from an eyewitness, another hardcore cadre who was killed.

The charred bodies, including the one believed to be Prabhakaran were captured by the 53 Division, but were taken away by another Division.

Some 400 bodies were captured by the Army. 1,2, and 5 Special Forces led the clearing operation. The remains may include, in future, missing leaders from the list publicized by the government such as Lawrence, Karikalan, Papa, Ilanthirayan etc.

The remains of top leaders like Poddu, Bhanu and Soosei were identified. Soosei was fighting till 17th evening until the Special Forces rid him of his mysery once and for all. He and Swarnam were the last brave LTTE leaders who held their ground and fought while others were trying to flee the scene.

The fate of the 'missing' tiger leaders from the publicized government list will be 'filled' in due course!


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Hawkeye said...

Well done lads!

POLGONA said...

this is funny !!!! you are a good story teller DW

දේශපාලුවා said...

Lets not forget that Tamil terrorism is the pinnacle of evolution of Tamil racism in Sri Lanaka. The British baptized Tamil racism by special treatment, Chevanayagam said Sinhalese are not good enough to rule Tamils. Ponnambalma wanted undemocratic 50-50 representation.

Racism , separatism and terrorism is the order of evolution of misguided Tamil inspirations in Sri Lanka.

Peace will come to Sri Lanka when we defeat Tamil separatism and racism.

Now that the use of these blogs are coming to an end we should stat new blogs or convert these blogs to expose the myths like "discrimination of Tamils", "second class citizens" "Tamil home land in Sri Lanka" etc.

දේශපාලුවා said...

Gordon Brown was furious after being delivered the news about Prabakaran

දේශපාලුවා said...

[He (Soorai) and Swarnam were the last brave LTTE leaders who held their ground and fought while others were trying to flee the scene.]

Dont forget they were hiding behind womens' skirts.

nuclear said...

Thank you DW,

This is what people were waiting to hear.

What can MR tell tomorrow at the Parliament for not telling this story to Media? Or is he going to tell this tomorrow. Should not leave room to tell a word by UNP

People love to hear how the 1st citizen goes at last. Everyone was waiting to hear that VP is gone. How come somebody hide the way he died.

There is no reason to hide this fact!

nuclear said...
Senior military officials said troops closed in on Prabhakaran and his final cadre early Monday.
He and his top deputies then drove an armor-plated van accompanied by a bus filled with rebel fighters toward approaching Sri Lankan forces, sparking a two-hour firefight, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.Troops eventually fired a rocket at the van, ending the battle, they said. In addition to Prabhakaran, the attack also killed Soosai, the head of the rebels' naval wing, and Pottu Amman, the group's feared intelligence commander, the officials said. One of Prabhakaran's sons was also killed, the military said.
Suren Surendiran, a spokesman for the British Tamils' Forum, the largest organization for expatriate Tamils in Britain, said the community was in despair.
"The people are very somber and very saddened. But we are ever determined and resilient to continue our struggle for Eelam," he said, invoking the name of the Tamils hoped-for independent state. "We have to win the freedom and liberation of our people."
But in Colombo, which had suffered countless rebel bombings, people set off fireworks, danced and sang in the streets.

Unknown said...

I am proud to be a Sri Lanakan and i love my country. First off i would like to thanks our brave soldiers who sacrificed their life's for the better of our country.
I have witnessed the U.S army go to war with Vietnam in the 1960's, the result was catastrophic. The U.S army came back to their home land crumbled and torn into pieces. Now they are at war with the Al-Quida, the result is quite similar to that of Vietnam. It is an embarrassment to call such an army the best army in the world, with the latest of technology and strategies they still struggle to hold a position in Iraq. This is where countries such as the U.S, U.K and developed countries can learn something from us.
What i am trying to stress here is, its not technology that drives armies to victory but the people that fight the war to victory.

justavisitor said...


If this report is true, then your report you posted on 17th night must be incorrect.

"Breaking News: Prabhakaran missing

Prabhakaran and his clan are nowehere to be found. Clearing operations started in an area 200m x 200m by the Special Forces. If Prabhakaran is hiding in this last uncleared patch or his remains are in the area, they would be found."

Anonymous said...

DW, you are a drama queen!!!

ak47 said...

What happened to COl Ram's team ? Also why do you think Praba and gang kept it so late to escape ?

onecountry said...

dw is shooting in all directions.

3Sinhala said...

A job well done by the Sri Lankan forces.

Thanks for the info DW.

Sam Perera said...


I hope that SLA is already after Ram? Of course, we have lots of resources at our disposal to go after Ram. Hope that we can send Ram to Eelam soon.

Defencewire said...


I don't see any problem with that report. If you do, point it out.


Ram's team is still in Ampara-Batti. Why Prabha took so much time? No idea. Have to ask him (but can't). I'm guessing because they were sitting ducks if the SF came in and had to at least try.

Defencewire said...


There's a VERY ingenious plan being hatched. You will see results in due course.

Sam Perera said...


I am sure that SLA is aware of computerized facial reconstruction using the skull dimension. We should be able to create decent 3D view of the man in this way.

Dilan said...

"The charred bodies, including the one believed to be Prabhakaran were captured by the 53 Division, but were taken away by another Division."


Seems like a divisional feuds are ripe again. May be Shav's 58th stole the price of 53rd. Typical Sinhalese ways, both in doing it and reporting it without names.

Anyway I'm just speculating, you are the boss. :)

Defencewire said...

No 'Divisional feuds' in the Army. There is however a 'problem' with some officers. Since people don't want to go that deep into these issues, we shall remain silent on the topic.

3Sinhala said...


As of now, who is the most senior leader of LTTE that is still alive in Sri Lanka? Are any of them in the custody?

Is there any other known LTTE leaders (other than KP) live abroad?


justavisitor said...


According to your latest report, the last battle that killed(burnt inside a Ambulance) VP happened at dawn on 17th.(yesteday morning). Yesterday night you said "Praba is missing" and SF were searching for him.

Anonymous said...

[Defencewire said...

There's a VERY ingenious plan being hatched. You will see results in due course.]

DW you speak volumes!!!

Saul said...

DW sais: .

Soosei was fighting till 17th evening until the Special Forces rid him of his mysery once and for all. He and Swarnam were the last brave LTTE leaders who held their ground and fought while others were trying to flee the scene..


*Shakes head sadly*

Even to an outsider like me...


Defencewire said...


No comment. Can attempt your question again in 24-48hours.


True. So tell me what the problem is.

Anonymous said...

You dont need butta who is puk... to verify what you say man....

You are not truthful............ I am so dissapointed.

Anonymous said...

DW, lets leave aside petty politics....

War is over.. and we all can drive to colombo without anymore road blocks and kid will return home safely after school!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!!!

Saul said...

Oh by the way DW, there was a suggestion in a previous thread to reveal your identity.

In case you haven't already decided, my suggestion would be not to. Passions are running high around here.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


For the sake of records let's speculate why your late leader took so long to escape.

1. Hope of Indian elections. Well, there was all the predictions for BJP victory and he could finally get Jayalalitha in his control.

2. Western mediation, or so pretended. Your camp in west were outrageous and out-screaming. The western politicians never cared for anything in SL, but they were compelled to do something. We're not clear whether it was a genuine effort or a fake to satisfy diaspora. Nevertheless it came so late and so small. While the west debated the ops were over.

3. Toying with probability of naval escape. Giving up in the end as Soosai family got caught.

4. Hoping for an unknown, perhaps a high profile asasination, whatever that never worked out for him.

AK47, I'd like to see your analysis. You guys have been firing vulgar most of the time. Give us a break.

3Sinhala said...


I understand. There are things that need to be done in certain way - specially in a situation like this.

Defencewire said...





mottapala said...

I understand everybody wants to know how he died. The brave stuff our boys did. Whatever the way he died the bugger is dead. Thats what matters. Shall we just wrap it up at that. Everything was done by the book, according to the international law. It will be very difficult to identify his body.

They were on the run, retaliating strongly. Plan nearly worked. Thank god our boys were good.

Thats what happened.

If you want more juicy details meet me with a 1ltr of Glenfedditch and a roasted chicken. Oophs sorry.
bottle of old arrack and pork devel + 20 B&H.

Anonymous said...
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justavisitor said...


:) OK When was VP killed? on 17th or 18th

Anonymous said...
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Push said...

Thanks for the update. We know that it's too early to post some facts.

So do it in your way. We can wait and see.
We have waited so long to finish this. So, it's not a problem to wait few more days just to know What really happened.

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Defencewire said...


If the charred remains are indeed Prabha's then on 17th.


Well, on this case, if you know what 'really' happened, why don't you tell us? I would like to know. You are the same guy who said 58 has an SF platoon and that it was clearing Farah-3 right?

Push said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...

Puk Batta claimed to be Nishan Sumanadeera.

Don't do stupid things. Even if you did there is no absolute way to verify who you are. :) :)

Sam Perera said...

sl power

I prefer Rathnadeepa to be our national anthem.

justavisitor said...

Puk Batta thatte gaawada thatte paadilada!

Push said...

අද වැනි දවසක ගැයීම සදහා නිමැවුනු මෙවන් ගීත සදහා දායක වූ සැමට අපගේ උපහාරය.

රත්න දීප ජන්ම භූමි
ලංකා දීප විජය භූමි
මේ අපේ උදාර වූ
මාතෘ භූමියයි
මාතෘ භූමියයි//

ආදි සිංහලේ වීර මී මුතුන් ලෙයින්
සාර වූ උදාර වූ
මාතෘ භූමියයි
මාතෘ භූමියයි

මානික්‍ය සේ පොලෝ ගැබේ නිධාන වී
ඇත්තේ ඒ අතීත දූ පුතුන්
ජාතියේ නාමයෙන් සංග්‍රාම භූමියේ
ජීවිතේ පුදා හෙලූ ලේ කදයි

රත්න දීප...

සින්ධූපමාන වැව් තලා මතින් ඇදී
පත්ම රේනුවෙන් සුගන්ධ වී
රන් කරල් නමා නමා
සිත් ප්‍රබෝධයෙන් පුරා
එන්නේ උන් හෙලූ ප්‍රාණ වායුවයි

රත්න දීප...

ගංගා තරංග රාව දී රිදී වනින්
මල් පිපී කුලෙන් කුලේ හැපී
ගායනා කරන්නේ ආකාසයේ නැගී
වීරයන්ගේ ඒ යසෝ ගීතයයි

රත්න දීප...

ආදි සිංහලේ වීර මීමුතුන් ලෙයින්
සාර වූ උදාර වූ
මාතෘ භූමියයි
මාතෘ භූමියයි

BlackPanther said...


This may receive may adverse comments.

We fought with dignity. Our Brave died with dignity.

The LTTE leader showed the world that he did not have any dignity by keeping civilians as sheilds.

In victory we as a nation should have dignity. Lets show it by giving the dead a decent funeral. The same way King Dutugemunu respected Elara though he was much more honorable that Prabakaran.

Lets rejoice in silence. Not vicroty but peace. 800000 perished. Lets remember them. Think of the 15 who died yesterday. They would have been amongst the happiest today.

This war has taughts us many lessons. We need to go forward to a better tomorrow.

Push said...


These are very sensitive issues. Some People may not tolerate change of National Anthem.
I see no energy in current NA when singing it. But this has.

I don't think gov't will try to do anything like that at this time since there will be row of elections to come.

justavisitor said...

Thanks DW

Push said...

I think we all can arrange Bodhi Poojaa in everywhere at a certain day/time to uplift the soul of fallen heros.

ReallyCold..... said...

Post LTTE era on DW:

Guys, isn't that obvious now that our main focus has been eliminated, we are trying to nitpick the details and exploit conflicts within ourselves.

Human beings are naturally selfish and work for their own benefit unless there is a strong leadership.

Our internal conflicts have been overshadowed by the magnitude of the enemy we were fighting against.

Now that this enemy is gone, we need to develop some sort of self discipline not to go after issues that we feel not right among us.

BlackPanther said...


I will want to tell my children the story of this victory.

Please let us know the untold bravery of those who laid down their lives for us. Those who marched forward knowing they would die. Those who will never speak but whose voices will linger in the air for many generations to come.

Let our children hear these stories for that this chapter of misery will never be opened in the Sri Lankan history.

May all Sri Lankans who laid down their lives for this war find peace. Let they be born in a peaceful Sri Lanka.

DECOY said...


Thanks for the narration. I was all but confused about this 'ambulance story' when it first went on air over radio. 'Capture & kill', quite typical of dealing with the underworld figures was written all over the news. Now at least it makes sense. Thanks mate.

BlackPanther said...

SL Power

Agreed. We need a National Anthem with pride, strength and vigour.

WipeLTTE said...

Congrats our Brave SLDF for a marvelous accomplishment even Americans cannot do in Iraq!

tinker said...

CPA,FCE,NPC,FMM,CHA&INFORM is to have a candle light vigil at Alexandra Place to remember late Mr.V.Prabakaran's life and times as a Peace Activist in Sri Lanka and abroad.
please contact Sanjana/Bhavani/Lionel at CPA or any other prominent Flower Road,Col 07 based 'Human Rights' activist for further details.
pls share this with all!

WipeLTTE said...

What is the possibility KP regrouping and comming to Srilanka from Malaysia for setting up more roadside bombs?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...



But we can make it close to 0% or even 0%.

But... not by disco under street lights.

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

OK Guys, it is done... all those pain in the buts are gone...

SLA,SLN,SLAF - MR - GR - SF every Sri Lankan GOD Bless you all for forever....

sachith said...

Wow finally we got what we needed. Thanks to all the men & women in Srilanakn armed forces, hon Mahinda Rajapakse & Gotahbaya Rajapakse. Because of u we have a better tomorrow. Thank you for all the heard work.

sachith said...

Wow finally we got what we needed. Thanks to all the men & women in Srilanakn armed forces, hon Mahinda Rajapakse & Gotahbaya Rajapakse. Because of u we have a better tomorrow. Thank you for all the heard work.

Tim said...

Guys, now that the govt has wiped out the ltte more or less, I'd like to see how many of you will agree to this:

1) One of the root causes of the formation of Tamil insurgency stems from Tamils being treated as 2nd class citizens for a very long time by successful Sinhalese governments. There is and has been a legitimate Tamil grievances. We must work together in eliminating this and treating Tamils as equal to Sinhalese.

2) In the post LTTE era, the govt of SL should give extra care to those from North and East from education to development if it truly believes in integrating this war torn society. I am prepared to see my govt spend additional resources into North and East to reintegrate this society.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


CPA,FCE,NPC,FMM,CHA&INFORM is to have a candle light vigil at Alexandra Place to remember late Mr.V.Prabakaran's life and times as a Peace Activist in Sri Lanka and abroad.
please contact Sanjana/Bhavani/Lionel at CPA or any other prominent Flower Road,Col 07 based 'Human Rights' activist for further details.
pls share this with all!

You missed their numbers!!!

Achi said...

Mission accomplished!!!!!

Unknown said...

Al Jazeera (English Version) TV LiveWatch Rupavahini Live on Tuesday 9:30am Srilankan Time for Presidents live Speech to Parliament.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Guys, now that the govt has wiped out the ltte more or less, I'd like to see how many of you will agree to this:

Your questions makes no relationship to the conclusion of the territorial warfare. And this is not the first time they are asked. It is a million times failing propaganda repetition.

1) One of the root causes of the formation of Tamil insurgency stems from Tamils being treated as 2nd class citizens for a very long time by successful Sinhalese governments.

Most tamils enjoyed more power and privilege that Sinhala before the war.

It is their fear of loosing the limited first class seats that scripted the war. Even today, the battle scripts are written and directed by the remains of once first class SL tamils who live in first world comforts.

There is and has been a legitimate
Tamil grievances.

There had been legitimate Sri Lankan grievances. There were nothing specially effecting one race, nor were they results of their interaction. Most of the grievances were common and caused by external factors.

We must work together in eliminating this and treating Tamils as equal to Sinhalese.

We must work together in eliminating obstacles for equality and oneness and treating everyone equal and indifferent.

2) In the post LTTE era, the govt of SL should give extra care to those from North and East from

extra care and priority to all thoise who lagged in their life, lost suffered and alienated, due to the worthless mayhem. Strictly equally.

[You talk of equality in first point and jump on to race based special treatments in next. THIS is one major reasons for all the conflicts. As long as one side is dishonest and opportunistic like this there will never be an agreement]

education to development if it truly believes in integrating this war torn society.

Integrating a society cannot be achieved by treating either side with specialty. True integration will be achieved only if you remove those obstacles that segregates communities regionally racially or economically.

I am prepared to see my govt spend additional resources into North and East to reintegrate this society.

Me too.

Unknown said...

DW's story, though very nice, does not fit facts. The key to the mystery is the call that MR got on the 16th while he was in Jordan, which made him grin from ear to ear. The weakness of DW's story is that it doesn't connect with this clue. MR flew back on the 17th after declaring the end of war. It would be obvious even to a moron that MR wouldn't do that had the Fat Pig not been captured or killed. It is obvious that this happened prior to the 17th.

DW's story takes place at dawn on the 17th and therefore, does not make sense. However, why he has posted it, knowing that he would be caught is not clear.

Though his story is captioned 'The last stand of cowards', it glorifies Soosei and Lawrence. As someone pointed out they were cowards who hid behind womens' skirts. In fact all of them did. There were no brave people in the LTTE. If there were, the civilians would not have been used in this appalling manner. The fat pigs brutality ensured that only zombies and cowards who never questioned him were left around him.

LTTE lost its heroes a long time ago. That is, if ever they had any.

Unknown said...

Watch latest War News:
Ranaviru TV Live.

Unknown said...

It is also funny that DW glorifies Soosei and Lawrence while not writing about our hero Shavendra de Niro Silva.

Ananda-USA said...

Sam Perera said...

[ Please hang on, don't go anywhere. Our warriors have carried the torch to one major point and it is ours to carry it on from here. We have a few more battles to fight in the internet front. ]

Exactly Right, Sam!

The POLITICAL BATTLE to carve out an autonomous Tamil province in Sri Lanka will now BEGIN in earnest.

The Indian Govt, STRENGTHENED at the recent Lok Sabha elections, the US Govt with Obama and Hilarious Clinton, and ALL other DO-GOODERS will NOW TRY to IMPOSE a "Political Solution" on Sri Lanka, IRRESPECTIVE of WHAT WE WANT, or THINK SHOULD BE DONE.

We believe any such remedies to residual ills must be formulated only BY the PEOPLE, FOR the PEOPLE, and OF the PEOPLE of SOVEREIGN Sri Lanka, and No OTHER.

We, the Patriots, will have to GIRD OUR LION LOINS now to HELP the GOSL resist that International Pressure, so that our SOVEREIGN NATION can IMPLEMENT a SOLUTION of our own that will GUARANTEE peace and tranquility in Sri Lanka, consistent with OUR HERITAGE and OUR SENSE of JUSTICE and FAIRPLAY.


The "Military War" has been WON; but the "Political War" is YET to be Don't GO brothers and sisters.

PATRIOTS, Bravehearts ALL, Sharpen the SWORD of your WIT, Polish the Rebuttals of your VIRTUAL SHIELD, and RALLY ROUND with your KEYBOARDS, at THE BALANE' PASS to REPEL the Invading Hordes!

Sam Perera said...

" tinker said...

CPA,FCE,NPC,FMM,CHA&INFORM is to have a candle light vigil at Alexandra Place to remember late Mr.V.Prabakaran's life and times as a Peace Activist in Sri Lanka and abroad.

please contact Sanjana/Bhavani/Lionel at CPA or any other prominent Flower Road,Col 07 based 'Human Rights' activist for further details.

pls share this with all!"

tinker, who is this peace activist V. Prabakaran? It his the same guy who got BBQed yesterday. I am not surprised if FMM/CPA/Sirasa/Sunday Leader etc will have this candle light vigil indeed.

I hope that they wouldn't have too many people for Saint V. Prabakara candle light vigil.

Ananda-USA said...


Brother, nice post.

One point though, MOD/SLA had announced much earlier the death of Ilanthirayan in the company of one or two others. Their pohotos were published. Did you make a mistake including him among the dead in your write up, or am I mistaken?

Defencewire said...


Cannot comment on Ilanthiraya (or Lawrence, Karihalan, Papa etc).

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Ananda, Sam;

Looks like that bottles have done the trick. Victory is a vicious spirit, and an overdose can be lethally toxic.

Today's is a night that Pussycats would take on to retaliate on us, in all forms of real and virtual warfare. That is only if their wounds are licked enough.

Euphoria which erupted, for all the right reasons, was wrong. And I stand by it. I cannot think of any otherwise.

And we're not there. We're nowhere near. Not even found the right direction. Scattered attempts and fading vigor.

Time to think afresh. Time to act afresh. All what we lack is a strategy, all the way, from bottom to top.

Pathetic, am I?

Vibe said...

The battle is won but the war is not over. The next battle will be against foreigners trying to force a political solution.

Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ananda-USA said...

Tim said...

[ One of the root causes of the formation of Tamil insurgency stems from Tamils being treated as 2nd class citizens for a very long time by successful Sinhalese governments. There is and has been a legitimate Tamil grievances. ]

Here you go again...harping on "root causes" of the fictitious, manufactured, non-existent "Tamil grievances". Trying again to set the stage for a separatist struggle, eh?

Sri Lankan Tamils never had any "Tamil grievances" except those that they blew up from molehills into mountains to carve out a separate state egged-on by the prescence of Tamil Nadu and India, and the abject military weakness of Sri Lanka.

Forget about it, get off this "perpetual victimhood" mentality as a way of getting extra won't work ANYMORE! Sri Lanka Tamils will be guaranteed EQUAL RIGHTS, as they had in Sri Lanka before these demands for "Tamil Aspirations" that go beyond the "Common Aspirations of ALL Sri Lankans" began.

In RETURN for these EQUAL RIGHTS, that they ALWAYS HAD in SSri Lanka, Sri Lankan Tamil citizens will have to fullfill their EQUAL RESPONSIBILITIES to the Nation that ALL other Sri Lankans are expected to discharge: unwavering loyalty to ONE INDIVISIBLE NATION, committment to ONE INDIVISIBLE Sri Lankan PEOPLE, and to ONE INSEPARABLE national DESTINY.

aqua said...

Thanks DW for your blogging.. !
this has been a most important source of information!!

keep up your good work and may you grow from strength to strength..

silentknight said...

a German heavy metal song for you not so golden oldies in this blog,

it translates into "Fire at will"

particularly good when your reading a news article of the war!!!!!.

Anonymous said...


How the West was sidelined (for the moment)

A couple of years back, in Geneva, the British ambassador tried to have a resolution critical of Sri Lanka passed in the United Nations Human Rights Council. The previous year such a resolution had been proposed, and after negotiation, as I understood, it was kept on the table, so that it could be taken up if agreed.

In 2007 Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka decided that he would not accept a resolution. He also refused to negotiate on the terms of a Presidential Statement, which was then proposed by the British ambassador. He refused even to accept a draft text, since that would have been tantamount to agreeing that some sort of action was necessary.

Dr. Jayatilleka’s view was that there was no need of any action with regard to Sri Lanka, but he also recognised that, with the adverse publicity against the country coming from various quarters, it was necessary to make our position clear. He therefore ensured that a delegation from Colombo briefed regional groupings as well as individual states on the actual situation. The result was that many, who had previously heard only one side of the story, understood the efforts we were making, and agreed that any action against the country would be inappropriate.

The danger passed, though we had to deal with repeated criticism of Sri Lanka, from a few countries and from a plethora of Non-Governmental Organisations. Some of these were international ones, such as Human Rights Watch, which had fired the first salvo in the attack on Sri Lanka when, fraudulently, it accused us of indiscriminate attacks on civilians. There were also some local ones, though we found out soon enough that many of them were funded precisely by those countries that wanted us subject to criticism. The most appalling example of this came to my notice when the head of the Berghof Foundation, Norbert Ropers, informed me that they had funded one such organisation, which they recognised was a surrogate for the LTTE, but this had been done in good faith when they thought that the LTTE could be democratised. My understanding was that they had now ceased to fund this organisation though, when I found out later that this was not the case, Mr. Ropers wrote to me from abroad to say that I had misunderstood him.

Those were the days when the anti-Government press in Colombo was claiming that the Government was about to be defeated on the budget, and when it was declared that the whole world was against Sri Lanka. When there was no motion in the Human Rights Council against us, it was claimed that we had been saved by rogue states. Those were days when the opposition claimed that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights was going to insist on a UN Monitoring Mission in Sri Lanka and nothing would stop this, when her sidekick tried to persuade me that the UN would do a better job than the Scandinavians, and when a very sweet Amnesty International worker in fact told us that she had been asked by UNOHCHR in Geneva to pack her bags and prepare to come to Sri Lanka to be part of the UN Mission. Entertainingly, Amnesty, in asking that a delegation be allowed to come to Sri Lanka now, suggested that that lady be part of it, though unfortunately their London office had meanwhile sought a visa for the much more prejudiced Yolanda Foster.

When it became clear that there would be no resolution against Sri Lanka, and that the attempt to denigrate the Government through this manoeuvre had failed, the British ambassador told me that our ambassador thought he had won, but we should wait and see. He did agree with my suggestion that, since we did want to improve our Human Rights situation, the British should help positively instead of simply pointing fingers, and promised to tell the High Commissioner in Sri Lanka to look into the matter. Those however were the days of Dominic Chilcott, who ignored my requests, and tried to tell me that, while he thought some elements in the Government were sincere, others were dreadful.

But Dominic Chilcott went away, to Washington and the Human Rights paradise of the Bush Presidency, and there was a new British ambassador in Geneva too, and it seemed things were better. 2008 passed without incident, except for a few squawks in the British Parliament, and we thought that in fact the British were now more genuine in their dealings with Sri Lanka.

We were wrong. Perhaps because of the determination of David Miliband to stamp his mark upon British Foreign Policy, we had a flurry of adverse commentary, with what seemed avuncular encouragement of Tiger demonstrators in London. And the determination to break loose from the international consensus that the Tigers surrender, exemplified in the Miliband refusal to answer the question put to him twice by the BBC, was accompanied by more plotting in Geneva.

Dr. Jayatilleka discovered early in May that the British, together with some other Western nations, were trying to invoke a special session of the Council on May 14th, to discuss the Sri Lankan situation. Whether they were genuinely concerned was a matter for doubt, since the Western Europeans alone of the regional groupings had refused to meet with the Sri Lankan delegation in March, when we offered briefings on the current situation and the opportunity to ask questions. It should be noted though that some European countries did give us the opportunity to discuss matters with them, and we were able to disabuse them of some of the more extreme examples of Tiger propaganda.

The European masterminds behind the move were very secretive, and went ahead without initially consulting the other regional groupings. They must have assumed they would have no difficulty in getting the 16 signatures required, since they had about a dozen themselves, and had managed to persuade one Asian country to commit itself.

But Dr. Jayatilleka then went into action, and convinced all the other groupings that the Western European move was manifestly unfair. As happened in Sri Lanka, where briefings were held with relevant diplomats, one obvious question was the timing of the move, which seemed obviously designed to assure the Tigers, fighting what should have been their last battle, that they had world sympathy. Mr Miliband’s failure to insist on a Tiger surrender, which had been remarked upon also by others, gave credence to the view that the whole move was disingenuous, nothing to do with humanitarian concerns but rather an obvious political ploy.

How intense the effort was became clear when hosts of NGOs, many of them funded by the countries most keen on the move, weighed in with their requests, and when Special Rapporteurs who had not been especially interested in Sri Lanka previously, issued a press release calling for an independent inquiry into the situation in Sri Lanka. One of them claimed this had been done because they had not had a response to their letters, but since the letters had been sent in the last few days in May, and the reply went ten days later, their haste in issuing a damning release on May 8th seemed positively indecent – recalling a similar release by the High Commissioner for Human Rights, sent out when some Western Europeans were canvassing for a Presidential Statement on Sri Lanka at the ordinary session of the Council in March.

Meanwhile the campaign of the Tigers was reaching fever pitch all over Europe and in America. Following the successful escape of nearly a thousand civilians on the 9th of May, the Tigers shot at those trying to follow on the next day, but the deaths were then used for intense propaganda that attributed responsibility to the Sri Lankan forces. Simple induction was beyond all those implacably opposed to the Sri Lankan state, the fact that we had got out over 100,000 with minimum civilian casualties in April, that the flood had been dammed until we succeeded again on May 9th in getting people out without civilian casualties, and it was precisely to claim a catastrophe that the Tigers had kept these civilians for so long.

The self-righteous Europeans must have thought then that their campaign could not fail. They could not believe that the efforts of Dr. Jayatilleka and his dedicated team at the Mission in Geneva would turn back the combined efforts of so many wealthy and determined countries. Knowing the trust his colleagues in Geneva had in him, they raised the matter in capitals all over the world, only to find that the ambassadors in Geneva had very different advice to offer.

Dr. Jayatilleka was helped in this by the work he had done with the other regional groupings over the last couple of years. In particular, the Non-Aligned Movement proved a rock of strength, with both its current Chairman Cuba, and the next Chairman Egypt, being categorical in their view that this singling out of what seemed vulnerable individuals was contrary to the spirit in which the Human Rights Council had been established. But the support of our immediate neighbours, Indian and Pakistan, and also Bangladesh, all of them respected members of the Council, also proved invaluable, along with the positive input of Russia and China, with their added prestige as permanent members of the Security Council.

There was a briefing on the 12th on the humanitarian situation in Sri Lanka, arranged without reference to Sri Lanka, though fortunately Dr. Jayatilleka had been working late in his office on May 8th, and had received the notice before he went home, so that he was able to ensure input from Sri Lanka. Otherwise it is possible that the session would have been used for critical comments, as were made by the British, based on the visit of their beloved Miliband, but apart from that we had only very generous inputs from the Japanese and others.

At a dinner that evening, even though there was still a danger that the Western Europeans would continue with their hunt for signatures, a number of ambassadors made it clear that they would not stand for this type of selective criticism. It was also understood that, even though the Europeans would not get the sort of resolution they craved, it would not do to be passive, because then the media would present a Western viewpoint, to the effect that Sri Lanka had been saved from condemnation by just a few countries who could conveniently be demonised. Any session for which signatures were obtained would then have to lead to a resolution, which would make clear the determination of the world at large to deal firmly with terrorism.

On the 14th a number of what seemed LTTE surrogates were seen coming into Geneva, perhaps having relied on assurances that they would get their lifeline that day, with a jamboree which would have been widely reported as proving how inhuman the Sri Lankan government and forces had been. But, though the quest for signatures continued, with more statements piling in, the week ended with the real international community resoundingly rejecting those who had tried to dragoon it into selective criticism.

A number of lessons should be learned from the whole episode. Firstly, making the West the cornerstone of our foreign policy is clearly a mistake – or at any rate the old West about which we still continue sentimental. If for instance we had voted not for Britain (which we did unconditionally last year) but for Spain, the latter would have been elected to the Council instead of Britain and we would not have had so many headaches. Secondly, whilst of course we must still continue good relations with the West (for they too have decent politicians, who will not all promote terrorism for political considerations), we must work more concertedly with our neighbours and also the regional groupings which share our interests.

Thirdly, we must also endeavour to satisfy the idealistic expectations of these our friends. All of them asked about the intended political solution to the political problem and, while they were steadfast in accepting that terror had to be dealt with militarily, and dealt with conclusively, they will also all expect a decent package that exemplifies the pluralistic nature of Sri Lankan society. They could understand delays while the terrorist sword hung over us but, now that is no longer a major threat, we must fulfil their expectations about the essentially democratic dispensation our government has defended so ably.

But at the same time there are also lessons the West should learn. The anger at obvious double standards was palpable amongst all our friends. Obviously we do not expect even the most idealistic country to abandon its own interests. But in sticking to them ruthlessly, the use of sanctimonious pronouncements to reach other ends is abhorrent. It is especially important that the Obama administration, which came in with such high hopes, should not be seen as just another cynical mixture as before.

Secondly, the West should not take the rest of the world for granted. Its failure to consult at all was surprising; its failure to consult neighbours who obviously have a stake in a stable neighbourhood was astonishing. The impression could have arisen that stability in our areas is not to the interest of the West, which would prefer a plethora of weak states, to allow it to maintain more easily its current hegemony, political as well as economic.

And thirdly, the West should think about the message it is sending, in seeming to want the Tigers to survive in some form or another, particularly in the light of its past blunders. After all the horrors we are witnessing now, which are attributed largely to the West, spring from its own encouragement of Taliban terrorism during the Cold War. Whatever its purposes then, there is no doubt they could have been achieved without worrying consequences had there been at least a modicum of adherence to basic principles.

Sri Lanka may for the moment have escaped the worst the West could do to it. But we need to be constantly vigilant for the future. We should do this with greater dialogue and discussion with our friends, and more forthright discussion with the West to enable them to achieve their own goals without irritating so much of the rest of the world. And we should use the intellectual and social capital of Dr. Jayatilleka and his staff in Geneva to develop solid guiding principles for international relations in the current world context.

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha

Secretary General

Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process

Courtesy: SCOPP

gladiator said...

God bless brave hearts
God bless commanders
God bless Sri Lanka

Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ananda-USA said...

Sujeewa said..

[ Looks like that bottles have done the trick. Victory is a vicious spirit, and an overdose can be lethally toxic. ]

Why, has ANYTHING untoward happened?

If it is the firecrackers & kiribath events, don't be alarmed...that is the relief and joy everyone of us patriots feel.

Now we have to, like Lincoln said, BIND UP THE NATION'S WOUNDS and move forward.

As long as no one becomes foolish, and forgets that this war was waged against separatist terrorists and not against the Tamil people, we will be OK.

I am VERY OPTIMISTIC that, with Wisdom and Perseverance, ALL WILL BE WELL. We have to keep our GUARD UP, remain UNITED, and ANTICIPATE the political difficulties that lie ahead of us, especially those created by foreigners preaching political solutions to us.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Eelam War V started in Sydney yesterday.

All Sri Lankans in Australia have to join and make an army to battle LTTE terrorists living in Australia.

They have already launched an attached on innocent 2 students and one is in critical conditions.

Unknown said...


Like Shylock, the tamils will keep on demanding the pound of flesh that was initially demanded. Even in this condition they are not going to compormise. It does not matter if the body perishes when the pound of flesh is given.

Having demanded a separate state they have also gone on to decide where the borders should be.

I have seen similar demands being made by the devils who occupy human bodies. When the exorcist is brought in, the devil keeps on demanding a Billa and insist that he will not leave until that is given.

What are these legitimate rights they still demand and what is the justification for these?

I also have legitimate deamands. One of them is would they give up Thesavalamai to come on par with others?

Rajaratasurfer said...


Broke out of 53rd Lines Comeone's that possible ? Ya have hundreds of troops surrounding the damn combat can ya break out to reach Col. Ram ?

Any map of this breayout mate ? So...DW did SLA get FatAss VP or what ?????

Talk to me son ? Pottu Amman does SLA a have his body ?

Loved all ya post !Good Work SLDF !

BTW: In london this jackass ltte fool....told Reuters...he doesnt believe of these happened ! ha ha ! Also, why Gordon Brown mad that VP is dead ? What ?

MathaMathica said...

Tamil Folks,

It always hurts me to see many a Tamil owned shops in SL still having warped sign boards :

Big English line at the top , small second line in Singhala and Tamil.

It shows that the Brit slave shackle is still stuck in your brains.

Folks, show your commitment to Sri Lanka.... I don’t mind Tamil at the top, second Singhala but assure that the English is the last.

Having said this, it is also the duty of all Sri Lankans to master the English language perfectly. Languages are useful tools, specially the English.

Goolge said...

Congratulations to SLDF, MR, GR, SF on a brilliant victory - and honour is due for the fallen soldiers. Well done to people like Dr. Jayatilleka who fought the West.

DW, 5SF?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Nop monkeys and savagery was never in our metropoli unlike 1983. But I am all offended for the typical euphoria.

It is no secret that most who danced on streets in 1996 WC were those who had no idea between a wide and a no-ball. Same happened here. I'm sure today the dancing league is the once who voted to Super-Star mania and found it disturbing that a war reports telecasted elsewhere.

Genuine heroes lay on hospital floors. Remains of those who sacrificed are not yet received by their crying loved ones. Euphoria does not heal them. It just tells them that common scoundrels will simply forget them.

Most did not know what exactly they did. Just that they smelled alcohol.

And it is a time where the elements of evil close into their target. BBC were providing baba mortar launching pads for a cold blooded murder. Sydney attacks, EU notices.

And everyone is asleep.

KB said...

Bugger! Breaking news on BBC that a huge backlog has built up at the entrance to hell where the line of LTTE terrorists waiting to check in is stretching for miles. A fat man is stuck going through the entrance as his obese frame got stuck between gate posts. But, nothing to worry BBC says, former constable Padesan is directing traffic at the entrance.


Ananda-USA said...

NOElamSL said..

[ Must Read: How the West was sidelined (for the moment) ]

Great Article with Insight into the Inner Workings of the Western countries arrayed against us.

I posted it at SriLankaPatriots blog. Thank you! :)

Caveman Velu said...

Full marks for our forces for their brave and steady operation.
Guys, now SL should focus on PR war. Sri Lanka should come out up with a PR strategy to give enough baits for foreign media to keep them happy. They need eye-catching pictures, stories of how LTTE shot at them when IDPs tried to escape directly from those got shot by LTTE bullets, how fed-up IDPs are with LTTE, how nicely our SLA treated IDPs etc. etc.
British tabloids need them to sell their papers in this internet age and sagging economies. Just after war don't leave an information vacuum. LTTE supporters will fill it if we don't.
Someone has to do this dirty work...

MathaMathica said...


It will be interesting for SLA to study the self sufficient Indian military settlements, the cantonments. They are found all over India at strategic locations. They are veritable cities with schools, colleges, industries etc etc.

SLA may setup such settlements along A9 and other key national routes.

CASC said...


You need to write a book on eelam war IV. If you want to preserve your anonymity, you can always write under a pseudo name. As POLGONA said earlier, you are a fantastic story teller !

You have numerous readers of this blog who will readily buy a book penned by you.

Sri Lanka travel info said...


have look at this video clip from
SKR, realted to DW updates.

Miss Information said...

SARA said...


Like Shylock, the tamils will keep on demanding the pound of flesh that was initially demanded. Even in this condition they are not going to compormise. It does not matter if the body perishes when the pound of flesh is given...

Not sure what you have a poorer grasp of... Sri Lankan politics or "The Merchant of Venice" but either way that is a very odd take on the situation.

Shylock actually had a contractual agreement that allowed him to take legal recourse in getting his pound of flesh. The Tamils of Sri Lanka have no such contract, fair or unfair as the contract with Shylock was, with the rest of the country.

Tamil separatist demands are not in keeping with any agreement, tacit or otherwise.

Ironically, the only apropos part of your clumsy reference would be the question of whether or not the quality of mercy in Sri Lanka is or is not strained and that remains to be seen.

Perhaps the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune have not been kind to many Sri Lankan Tamils in the North and East but there is blame enough to go around for everyone and now is the time to rejoice that VP's desired horse was never traded for a kingdom that was never his to barter.

Will the deeds of mercy be rendered is the question now facing MR and the GoSL.


Sniper said...

"Sasara wasana thuru
Niwan dakina thuru
Pinketha hela ran derane
yali upadinnata..

hethu wasana wewa
hethu wasana...

.Pandith Amaradeva.

gambit said...

Some of you might wanna read this. Written in 1998 but interesting facts.

TIME Magazine 1998, Sharpened Claws

gambit said...

Guys I watched this video in Youtube

Sri Lanka:Caught in crossfire

The guy laying dead in front of a doorway @ 1.55 is the same guy who is laying dead in the middle of the road @ 2.38 you can verify this by checking the clothes his shirt and sarong. Why would you drag a body on to the road for reason unless this is a staged video?

Mahen said...

KP is claiming that VP is "alive and well", new article in Tamilnut.

NO-PonnaSeka-2010 said...

Gambit, That motar bomb heist - the story was we were double crossed by the Zimbabwe guys.

I think some traitor at that time in the defense ministry sold the information to LTTE and theron LTTE started the heist. But it was the time of Deshadorhi's all over- who would sell their mother for anything.
With MR, GR and SF etc - I am very proud of the country. We owe it the brave SLDF - so many have been killed, maimed to rid the country of this cancer.

tgg said...

Dear Brig De Silva Prasanna,

As one, whole country give you our dearest thanks to a job done very well!!

Keep it up, last big battle may be over, but not the war and the healing. That will be the most difficult part. But we are sure our brave sons of the soil like you, will face that courageously!!

Good luck and take care!

Anonymous said...

Ananda USA,

"How the West was sidelined (for the moment)" - Prof Rajitha, Dr DAYAN JAYATHILEKA

"Great Article with Insight into the Inner Workings of the Western countries arrayed against us.I posted it at SriLankaPatriots blog...",,,


Our Great commanders and soldiers did their duty on the battle field. LTTE is militarily defeated.

But there are lot of things going on outside sri lanka. We have to be vigilant. Sinhalese need to coordinate and be well informed about Tamil diaspora lobbying in Europe and other places.

We must also recognize people who have done a tremendous job behind the screen. Without Dr Dayan, Prof Rajitha and Min samarasinghe we wont be able to continue the war until today. They did a great job, defending the nation in the international arena. Those were key persons to my knowledge.

We cant let Tamil diaspora to influence other states to make decisions on Sri Lanka. Europeans must stop Diaspora. They try to make Sri Lanka unstable. We need to stop foreign interference if we need peace in sri lanka. They will try to create problems through HRW, MEDIA, humanitarian helpers and NGOs. EU wants GOSL to fail or even to bring GOSL to war tribunals. Then bring Ranil to power and then go for two states option.

We must be more united than ever, and take actions crippling Tamil diaspora protests. Sinhalese need to be awaken in the coming months and years.

Dilan said...


Dan ithin kade wahanna thamai wenne. Time to close the shop. :)

SL ASSHOLE said...

Which traitor double crossed which traitor


SL ASSHOLE said...


The option doesnt suit

Even if TIGER was killed,he died like a tiger

Facing the enemy and fighting till his last breath

Even an ignorant dumb ass can understand this




Saman said...


/I prefer Rathnadeepa to be our national anthem./

"Rathnadeepa Janma Bhumi" has been tipped by many over a long period of time as one of the best songs to be considered as the National anthem.

However, a national anthem should represent all citizens and stay away from identities.

"Adhi Sinhale weera du puthun leyin sara wu udara wu mathru Bhumiyai"

True, it may be, yet we must be tactical in our ways.

SL ASSHOLE said...

Saman Asshole

How long u guys can fool the world with ur biased media and white van abductions

Truth has to come out one day

Dont worry tigers will not be born they will be cloned in future

Everyone know that u racist sinhalese will not even leave pregnant mother in peace

Saman said...


Yes, I agree the next battle to be fought overseas with Diaspora.

We must gather tamil population data of the constituancies of vocal western MP's to establish why they go shoping for ealam.

Which is obvious.

Analyst said...

At last sweet victory!

ak47 said...

Just saw your comment mate "My late leader!" hehehehe, gosh how you guys conclude things one one question.
The reason i asked the question was i was a bit paranoid whether they actually got praba! After all the mastermind of 25 years of struggle surely had a plan of escape? Forget the Indian election or IC involvement. I didnt think he would go down that easy.
So next time you make a conclusion tikkak hitala balapan, api okkaoma eka pattey!

ඉයන් said...

Monky Moon coming, USA says loan will depend on 'recociliation'

EALAM WAR V has started. Now the combats are western world. read Below

Asked about the issue Monday, spokesman Kelly indicated the possibility of a U.S. loan veto remains - saying the United States will watch closely in the short-term to see how Colombo authorities treat the displaced Tamils and begin a process of reconciliation Read the full article

Unknown said...

It's a pity that this site will not be active again. there were lot of serious and fun discussion which i have enjoyed. specialy peters answers (even fake) for any blame and some well matuared comments by Sujeewa is really interesting. There were many more inteligent comments. keep it up guys still we have more things to discuss in future.

Analyst said...


KP is just trying to continue fooling Tamil Diaspora for funds. They will cook up new projects as long as to keep $$$ coming.

Project A: Try again ealam in TN!
Project B: Canadian ealam!!
Project C: Norway ealam!!!
………etc etc

Project P: Continue to violate law and order in SL.

Keep going….. monkeys !

Rawana said...

Now is the high time for Tamil Diaspora to start the struggle for a separate state in Canada or Norway. You can taste the Human Rights which they are advocating for.

Nilambare said...


I just have a feeling that something fishy has happened with Susai.

His name is not yet confirmed as dead. Also when you analyse the stories, his wife and children came over a few days ago to army. It may be that she might have brought and disclosed some info in exchange of something for her husband.

I guess we will never find out. If true, he may even get a new identity if that info was so useful for the final battle.

I just fee soothing is not adding up..

ඉයන් said...

Some reactions of LTTE sympasthisers reminds me of the following exchange of posters

Recollections from 1989.

After the JVP leader was killed in 1989 posters appeared to say

-Lord Jesus was killed but Christianity remained, JVP

In response there were some posters to say

- -There are more stocks of old tyres, SLA

LTTE is over, now the Tamil Nationalistic movement will work with the west to get by defeat what they couldnt get by war and winning.

If we had the guts to GFK(Go Fly a Kite) to the west on the 'demand for ceasefire' stage, if they unfairly pressurise GOSL for federal we should say GFK and also supply some kites from Galle Face.

Equal Oppertunities and legislation to ensure that is the maximum and no ethically demarcated devolution.

Analyst said...

Eric Solheim, Hilary, Miliband and Kouchner with many others are licking their wounds. They may try to discredit SLG and punished for being disrespectful towards west.

We may have to watch our back carefully and stand firmly next few months. They have no rights to advocate on internal matters and governing of Sri Lankan state.

Pandula said...

Blogger Miss Information said...
SARA said...
use of words and expression - 100%
getting to the point - 1%

thou shalt raise the sarong, and convince the fellow bloggers that pulli does not exist anyware in the bum might help to understand you better.

Pandula said...

Blogger Ananda-USA wisely said...

I am VERY OPTIMISTIC that, with Wisdom and Perseverance, ALL WILL BE WELL. We have to keep our GUARD UP, remain UNITED, and ANTICIPATE the political difficulties that lie ahead of us, especially those created by foreigners preaching political solutions to us.

Wining WARs are simple, comparing to what you have said.

Nihara said...

All the patriots and expatriates!!

If you want to do something in return for the Defence Forces, please donate an artificial limb for a disabled soldier.

It’ll only cost you sum of Rs 10,000 per limb.

The donation(s) of the artificial limb(s) are carried out on every Poya Day of each month at the premises.

You can participate or your relative can participate on behalf of you (if you live overseas) personally, at the premises on that day for the donation.

Please help those brave men & their families who stood up & scarified their lives to defend our Motherland

It’s guaranteed, that your money is well worth spending for this good cause.

If anyone’s interested,

Please contact : Maliban Aramaya
Ven. Thero Hedigalle Pangnasena
Pitakotte Kotte
Ph: 0112863125

Moshe Dyan said...

the rollaer coaster ride is not really over still.

now i'm only 80% convinced that vezapillai is dead.

until we have positive confirmation of his death, the hunt for him MUST continue.

Pandula said...

Sri Lankans,

Are there any bonus, job-well-done payments for the armed forces ?

KSF said...

Everyone after remains of Prabha. All wants to see his dead body. KP terrorist already said he's alive and well. According to some decent info I got from reliable sources also said Pirbha is alive. But he is in the hands of the Army. SF who went a suicide DP mission caught him alive.

Fate of captured Pirbha still unknown but real picture of his remains will reveal in due course.
Maybe no one will hear anything. According to Army sources he's already died. Now real issue is not Pirbha as long as Army will handle evrything about him. Perhaps by this time he is vanished to ashes.

Only matter left is how to wash remain terror ashes from motherland. There is no any single possiblity to LTTE to regroup and awake like before. Army's job is finished completly or mission accomplished. Now the new job, new task left for government fulfill and create politically united Sri Lanka.

KSF said...

If you did not hear anything from Ilanthirayn or Lawrence, Karihalan, Papa etc).

Consider they have kissed the soil of Nanthikadal lagoon.

Anonymous said...


Tamil Peelaam ass hole will be back with another handle. Don't use shyam, suresh, pecko, sharp, bandara etc. hikz

Anonymous said...

GSL can announce that the entire island is now under GSL control. Its not practical to expect a true detailed report from GSL on all last events, right now.

Moshe Dyan said...


your list from a) to s) is very good.

but mate, the strategy is 2 pronged.

1. win the winnable tamil ppl
2. destroy tamil national aspirations.

what is MOST imporant is number 2 not number 1.


bcos even now tamils DO HAVE equal rights. this struggle is about MORE-THAN-EQUAL rights. it is about tamil elam which is older than 1948.

so priority number one should be to FRUSTRATE the tamil elam movement. this can be ONLY done through COLONISATION.

it MUST happen ASAP. only when the north & east are as diverse as colombo will the tamil elam demand will be dropped. that too, not willingly. they will be FORCED to drop it as there is no point in fighting for a SINHALA ELAM!!!

so while category 1 is implemented it is MORE important to run category 2.

now you will tell me that implementation of 2 will partly affect the implementation of 1.

yes. it cannot be hlped. it is like war. this is the process of giving them EQUAL RESPONSIBILITIES in SL not just equal rights. this is what was missing.

sanath said...

I am happy afterall since the SF achieved the goal for every peace loving Sri Lankan. that was commendable. i salute all those involved in the heroic journey from WEST/NORTH to SOUTH.

But i was really wondering the way you mislead us at the last moment with a suggestion that VP has escaped and it war very hard to digest since we had a high regard and reputation on you for your comments.
Apart from that you again showed your grudge against 58 and SS by bringing up an issue of "stolen body by a different division".

I know, as i have reminded few occasions before this is not mainstay journalism and bloggers like yours may be partial very indecriminately at times. But i appreciate the good work of you and i was nervously waiting for a post from you many days.
thank you DW,
good job!

GutiKewa - ගුටි දෙනවා said...

Sam Perera said...

Please hang on, don't go anywhere. Our warriors have carried the torch to one major point and it is ours to carry it on from here. We have a few more battles to fight in the internet front.

Well said bro, to the point. This is the start of new era.

Moshe Dyan said...

sam & slpower,

i want HELA JATHIKA ABHIMANE to be the national anthem.

it links the GLORIOUS past to a GLORIOUS future. it is about economic prosperity, heroism and MOERE THAN ANYTHING, RESPONSIBILITY towards SL, not what fruits, education, etc. we can GET from SL!!a small modification may be required to replace one buddhist concept with an all religion concept.

it can be translated to tamil as well. hela ---> elam

Unknown said...

1. win the winnable tamil ppl
2. destroy tamil national aspirations.


you do #2

LTTE2 will rise to power

i hope SL govt learned the lesson from LTTE1

Wild सूअर said...

Do I smell Pork or WildBoar?

Anonymous said...

Breaking News

The leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Mr. V. Pirapaharan is alive and well and he is playing hide and seek with 25,000 civilians in V'kal, Mr. Selvarasa Pathmanathan, the head of LTTE's international relations, told TamilNet.

Anonymous said...

/LTTE2 will rise to power/

Tell LTTE2 not to close slice gates any where, specially the one at Mavil Aru. hikzz

Analyst said...

MR has promoted all big guns in defence forces which is good. What about all other defence personals?

They all should get promotions to next level!

SLA still has to carry out mop up operations to flush out those who are hiding in Lahugala area killing innocent farmers. Also there are many other LTTE stooges are operating in SL waiting for chance to create mayhems. They all need to be liquidated before they start self styled attacks on unsuspected civilians and security forces.

Mahamaharaja said...

Someone please tell me how I can watch MAHINDA the GREAT's speech tomorrow live on the net?

I think Rupavahini stream is AUDIO ONLY.!!!!

Is ITN video also????

onecountry said...

Amazing that some fidiots still think pottu, soosai and velu are alive.

Geronimo said...

The hard truth:

Moshe Dyan said...


no. the oppositte.

LTTE1 rose to power on the platform of the tamil elam movement, nothing else.

if no2 is done, there is no chance of LTTE coming back. it loses ALL its breeding grounds.

the war has ALOT to do with colonisation. palali, welioya, mavilaru, the east, etc, etc., provided a VERY strong platform for SLDFs to stage the MOST CRITICAL initial assaults.

that will also do what is known as ETHNIC INTEGRATION in places where it is needed most - north & east.

at the start of the war some jokers said, if we go back to war, sri lanka will be surely divided. the opposite is now proven true.

don't give tamil national aspirations ANY chance. kill it. there should be ONLY sri lankan national aspirations in SL.

TigerKiller said...

Thanks DW

Analyst said...

KP is just trying to keep the fire burning!

We will wait and see, how long he is going to do that!!

SLG should ask Malasian govt to arrest him by a covert ops and deport to SL.

Analyst said...

Those who keep on talking about Tamil aspirations must remember other Sri Lankans also have their own aspirations.

KB said...

Bugger! When the gun runner KP was interviewed by that rotten channel 4 outfit, the bugger couldn't put together a coherent sentence or even pronounce the word ceasefire. Now take a look at his answers in the Toilet Nut ineterview.

Toilet Nut

Looks like this was written by an English educated Diaspora cat, not this uneducated gun runner. Gin & Tonic anyone?


NOLTTE=Peace said...

Watch Sri Lankan TV Live!

Srilankan said...

Hope this helps

Sniper said...

.Reflections at dawn of ‘post-LTTE moment.

.In this post-LTTE moment, in this ‘non-LTTE time’ let us also remember that the more arduous task of rebuilding our nation, resolving the problems of poverty, drugs, crime and political violence and creating a more democratic, tolerant and hard-working society has begun.

Let us remember to recall the common humanity of all communities, the essential goodness of all religious faiths and the splendor of all cultural traditions and create a space for all these things to thrive in harmony.

I believe we fought the necessary fight, we fought it well and we have come through scarred, crippled but unbowed and with our ability to slay our ghosts intact. We have come through the long tunnel called a 3-decade war.

It is time to welcome the dawn, the post-LTTE dawn -- with pride, a sense of self-worth, with pomp and pageantry if necessary, but most certainly with reflection, humility and compassion.


Nilambare said...


A little off the topic. But, as part of the next campaign, the issue of dual citizenship is important. I want all of us to look into this and perhaps request the Government to act on this. I honestly believe that this will have tremendous benefits to Sri Lanka in the long run. Foregone revenue will be recovered in many folds.
Have a look at this link.


This is an area which require immediate attention at this time. What are your thoughts?

Miss Information said...

Moshe Dyan said...

...priority number one should be to FRUSTRATE the tamil elam movement. this can be ONLY done through COLONISATION.

Given the troubles Sri Lanka has faced due in part to the failings of its own former colonial masters, I think a predetermined course like this is not only a recipe for failure but surely it will only serve to flame the fires of diaspora mistrust and thusly embolden them when in fact, as you so argue yourself, the diaspora separatists and their Sri Lanka counterparts need to be marginalised and removed from the equation.

A slower, more natural integration of all Sri Lankans throughout the country is certainly a reasonable and achievable long-term aspiration but forcing this kind of resettlement is precisely the sort of approach that will further alienate both the diaspora and the western governments whose help in dealing with the diaspora is essential.

Asking western governments to clamp down on the diaspora is not made easier by proceeding to do that which is part of the platform of diaspora reasoning.

The Chines and the Russians, two recent friends of great convenience, have both seen civil strife within their borders by doing just what you suggest.

In Chechnya the predominant peoples of the region found themselves under the thumbs of non-native Russians who were brought in by design and this precipitated a massive uprising that found its way to the very doorsteps of Moscow.

In Tibet the same problem has arisen as non-native Chinese were brought in to dilute the Tibetan population and cultural influence.

The results there have been catastrophic and we have recently seen bloody uprisings and an iron-fisted violent response that only serves to illustrate both the failure in such policy and the brutality of the Chinese communist regime.

I think the better option is for the GoSL to make a herculean effort towards first getting the former hostages back into their homes and villages and then bring a massive rebuilding effort to the infrastructure of the North and East. (It would not hurt to get Karuna's paramilitary forces out of the picture as well... but that is another part of another problem)

If Sri Lanka is to return to the democratic principles it has somewhat abandoned over the last few decades it is imperative that the GoSL hold its nose to some degree and move towards rapprochement with the west.

It is also imperative that the western nations in this discussion reconsider their approach to Sri Lanka and remind themselves that many of the recent failures of the GoSL are easily found in the reading of their own histories.

It is my opinion that further Sri Lankan isolation from the west is harmful for all concerned but more so for Sri Lanka and as such MR needs to take a firm but conciliatory stance with his Government's critics both at home and abroad.

It is the next phase in Sri Lankan history that will define the real success of MR and his Government and he has a chance to dictate a positive and enviable narrative to that history by avoiding the wrongs and mistakes of the past.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tim said...


I thought you were a smart man with some education to know the rights from the wrongs. But I take everything back now. You are a modaya like the very Sinhala thugs that caused this shit to blow up to an armed struggle. SL will unite the day every Sinhalese recognize the wrongs their govt did to the Tamils. Likewise, Tamils too need to learn to forget and forgive.

Analyst said...


Don’t say that to Ananda because he is supposed to be the one who knows everything. He has manipulated the blog and its vociferous teen agers very similar to Prabhakaran’s past actions.

In short “Don’t say king is naked in public”

NO-PonnaSeka-2010 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moshe Dyan said...

miss info,

natural integration has too many obstacles and it cannot happen as fast as it is REQUIRED.

colonisation in the past was NOT a mistake or a wrong. it was a VERY good step. those who argue that it failed, don't see the big picture.

look at the colonisation projects. they have been REMARKABLY SUCCESSFUL. ppl stayed backed despite LTTE attacks. why???

bcos they had established themselves there.

north has a VERY VERY LOW population. MASSIVE extents of free land is there for use that can start an economic miracle driven by the MOST financially vulnerable ppl!!!

SL has no future without this.

until the 13th century SL had NO issue of seperatism. invaders were quickly RAPED and chased away. but after the 13th century MAJORITY sri lankans stopped using the land in the north and parts of the east.

the use it or lose it concept applies MORE to land than it applies to anything else.

this was the start of seperatism, lack of development, etc.

it is this 750+ years old MISTAKE we MUST reverse to bring back the days of UNITY BY DEFAULT.

it has an ADDED incentive - it solves the MOST pressing problem of SL - land (highest number of disputes are over land), unemployment, HUNGER, malnutrition, ethnic integration (physical and humane).

more than anything it frustrates TAMIL ELAM.

IF the north was as diverse as the south, can RACIST political parties like lanka TAMIL nation party, TAMIL united liberation front, TAMIL national alliance, lt TAMIL tigers win elections???

what bullshit.

that is the democratic way to KILL the tamil elam struggle by FRUSTRATION.

Sam Perera said...


"SL will unite the day every Sinhalese recognize the wrongs their govt did to the Tamils."

Please elaborate these wrongs for my understanding. Can you please list these wrongs?

"Likewise, Tamils too need to learn to forget and forgive."

Are you saying that Tamils don't forgive? Are you talking about one particular group of Tamils of Tamils in general? Is there any reason that Sinhalese should learn to forget and forgive? Please elaborate.

Unknown said...

Sri Lankan Independence in the 21st Century.

Few days ago Sri Lankan history was in the making and now we have added a new chapter in our Mahavamsa, which the future generations will read with greatest pride. It would not be a surprise if there were questions based on this great achievement in the Ordinary Level History exams. Sri Lankans world over watched impatiently, some even speculated, imagined the unthinkable even before the actual battlefield news unfolded, such was everyone’s enthusiasm to see an end to this cruel war against terrorism.
This futile war has brought nothing but misery to millions of Sri Lankans and many like me lived everyday for the last three decades hoping to see an end to this conflict during our lifetime. We would not have achieved this historical day if not for the selfless effort of our armed forces, the Sri Lankan government and the patriotic citizens of Sri Lanka. Our armed forces, second to none, and possibly the most disciplined army in the world which has made all of us feel proud to be Sri Lankan all over again, has set precedence to all other armed forces on how to combat terrorism with restraint while considering the human element caught in the middle.
Often these soldiers had to endure the most dire conditions, willing their bodies to the human extreme. Running into enemy fire, knowing injury or worse was only a split second away. That requires an almost superhuman effort, both physical and mental, and extraordinary courage, one that no average person can even begin to comprehend. One such soldier was engaged in a surveillance operation where he was positioned in water for days – resulting in his soles being physically attached to the inside of his boots when he returned. Such was the dedication of these men. Their confidence in victory was total. Their commitment to the cause was absolute.
The fight against LTTE was not only fought in Wanni but also in foreign lands where the Pro LTTE Tamil Diaspora had been reaping the seeds of hatred against the Sinhalese from the comfort of their conflict free developed nations. Fending off all the Pro LTTE propaganda and being answerable to the international community either being duped by Aid agencies, world bodies that had LTTE sympathizers working in them or had influential world politician in the pay roll of the LTTE, has certainly not been an easy task. This battle is yet to be won. Having said that, if all patriotic forces stay united as Sri Lankans this too can be won.
Innocent Tamil civilians who escaped from the clutches of the LTTE defying their orders should also be remembered for their bravery. It is reasonable to state that when the civilians attempt to cross over to the government controlled territory at least one tenth of them either get killed or injured. They die so that their loved ones can escape the unthinkable suffering they were faced in the hands of the LTTE.
In the past, one would have thought the ideal way to end the military campaign against the terrorists would be one in which India continuously denies help but does help Sri Lankan government, and SLA kills Prabhakaran and all news about him and his remains are made a mystery. This would be the solution which makes both nations happy, and keeps the lunatics, cult worshipers at bay wondering what happened to the devil himself.

The Eelam Limited.
A large profitable organization with many buyers and beneficiaries all over the developed nations.
This well established industry run by businessmen who are making money and selling one product to the world, the Eelam. As long as this product is available the Tamil Diaspora and their sympathizers would continuously support this futile cause financially. And with the these large sums of money collected at the expense of innocent suffering Tamils in Sri Lanka, the Ealam Company would also buy over support of politicians, academics, AID agencies in the West who may also have an unaccountable finance benefit for their effort in keeping the Ealam dream alive.

To these conniving Eellamist the legacy of this cult figure (VP) was paramount and I hope they will now give up on this Ellam business and go into legitimate ventures as enough blood had been spilt. These misguided and even corrupted politicians in the West had undermined the legitimate rights of a democratic country which is upsetting to the professionals in their own countries who are upholding the law and order.

What actually happened to Prabakaran ?
We might not know the answer to this question without any doubt. The conspiracy theorists worked overtime last few days coming up with many theories, some practical while the others were only good to be seen on a movie.
But one thing remains certain. His existence or demise has become irrelevant. A freedom fighter to all the mislead, corrupt LTTE sympathisers and a cold blooded murderer to all the innocent civilians will never rise again during our lifetime.
As compassionate Sri Lankans who would even mourn the death of our enemies lets hope that Prabakakaran, Nadesan, Pottu Aman, Soosai, not to forget the early departed Thamilselvan, Balasingham and all the others have finally begun their new life in Eelam. A place like no other, a place which every grieving parent, child, friend in Sri lanka wished for LTTE when they killed their innocent loved ones over the last three decades.
My mind goes back to my Physics class where I learnt of Newtons third law stating ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’ which is closely related to the Buddhist philosophy where the Buddha said that ‘all the bad we do in our life will follow us around like the cart wheel following the bullock’. There can be no greater example of this than this victory.

A New beginning
After three decades the sun has shun in Sri Lanka bringing peace to this paradise nation. From now on it is going to be a peaceful coexistence between all races in Sri Lanka. There is no time to waste, we have to regain what we lost. After the clearing operations are completed, resettling all the IDP’s and satisfying all their basic needs should be the top priority.
We never completely recovered from the complex issues that Colonisation left us with, but this victory has given us another chance to start all over again. We are wiser now than ever before and the path to success and prosperity has never been clearer.
Sri Lanka mourns the death of all the valiant heroes that fought fearlessly, sacrificing their lives on behalf of all Sri Lankans and prays that they find their way back home to enjoy the calm that prevails now due to their sacrifice. Your name will live on forever in our hearts.

‘May the triple gem bless our great Island Nation’

Sniper said...


.every Sinhalese recognize the wrongs their govt did to the Tamils. Likewise, Tamils too need to learn to forget and forgive..

LOL....this is really funny..

I mean the sounds like only Sinhalese did the wrongs and Tamils should forgive...hak hak

were you in a coma from 1983 till Today??...where LTTE caused lot attrocites against innocent civilians during all those years...

after seeing what happened to the peelam struggle, at least now you should understand to live with Sinhalese with harmony...just like the majority tamils who doesnt live in north and east do...

NO-PonnaSeka-2010 said...

So Tim you are the judge, jury and the jailer.
Listen buddy, We have been called worse than Modaya's.

Sri Lanka should be for every Sri Lanka - no special treatment for any group. The Government should be vise to move to common Sri Lanka identity.

We should never let Diaspora interfere in Sri Lanka affairs- after all what right do they have dictate and decide for the tamils living in Sri lanka. that should be done by the Tamils and the Sri lankans living in Sri Lanka

[Blogger Tim said...


I thought you were a smart man with some education to know the rights....]

Analyst said...

Ethnic integration as quickly as possible in all areas is the best solution to achieve long lasting peace and harmony. Ethnic integration will take away distrust and develop confidence among all Sri Lankans.

We must see that separatism will not raise its ugly head again through ethnic integration and eliminating cast system.

ServeSL said...

Hope all what you are saying now is in the best interest of the nation. If so I can accept it.

Analyst said...


You are forgetting hundreds of Sinhala Diaspora writing here what they think is the best for SL. Therefore don’t deny Tamil Diaspora the same.

Lets have a healthy dialogue between all interested parties and stake holders in order to achieve the best for Sri Lanka’s future.

vaniji said...

good story teller

NO-PonnaSeka-2010 said...


I am not in Sri Lanka too. We can suggest, but we cannot dictate.
But I agree with you, when I said Tamil Diaspora - I really meant the Parading LTTE gangs. They should not poke there mouth at all - as all along there interest was to get sungoat out of the harms way - not the innocent civilians.

Otherwise, all Sri Lankans should be involved.

CASC said...

I am sure that the Gandhi family is sleeping well today knowing that the person responsible for killing Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi's father and Sonia Gandhi's husband is no more. Amongst the moumental blunders committed by Prabhakaran this must rank the biggest. Both the Congress Party and the BJP are very pro-western in their foreign policy. The Congress party is now even more pro-western after the recent elections after the left parties were thrown out. Had Prabhakarn not blundered by killing Rajiv Gandhi the Indian establishment would have joined the western bandwagon.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Most of the BBC Sinhala and Tamil Services , and AFP's Ravi Nessman would be wondering about the next month's extra paycheck at this moment.

Perhaps KP may able to help them!

Miss Information said...

Moshe Dyan said...

miss info,

natural integration has too many obstacles and it cannot happen as fast as it is REQUIRED.

colonisation in the past was NOT a mistake or a wrong. it was a VERY good step. those who argue that it failed, don't see the big picture.

Perhaps we differ on the meaning of colonisation. I suggest that when the British colonised Sri Lanka they introduced some good as well as some bad and that part of the problems that currently beset Sri Lanka can be attributed to poor British decisions such as the divide and conquer strategy that set up additional tensions and exacerbated previously minor tensions between Tamils and Sinhalese.

Insofar as better utilisation of Northern lands is concerned, I remind you that a good portion of that unused land is, in comparison to much of the rest of the Country, less viable in many traditional respects such as agriculture.

To a great degree that is why, after thousands of years of civilisation including sophisticated and enduring water management schemes that still function today, that land remains much as it has for centuries.

Not to be cute with you but have you ever driven up the A9 from Vavuniya to Kili and out towards Elephant pass? Surely that is some of the least productive land in the country and for good reason.

Besides... a massive infrastructure commitment to the North as an initial statement to the locals and to the world has the added benefit of enabling the type of hurried resettlement you are promoting and let's face it... why rush people into an area that in many ways can barely support the number of people who presently rely on it.

Better to prepare the lands for development first and then decide if this colonisation you speak of is an appropriate response.

Showing the Tamils and Muslims of the North that the GoSL is firstly committed to diluting their traditional population landscape is far more stick than carrot and the time for sticks ended with the decimation of the LTTE.


Moshe Dyan said...

of course bulding a better life for former hostages is the first task of the govt.

talk about tamil aspirations to them and they will screw the MF talking about them now.

but as time passes unless physical ethnic integration happens, they will be again used by the RICH and powerful tamil elamists

Analyst said...


Agree, mate.

CASC said...

We have got a glimpse into Sri Lanka's nascent foreign intelligence service because of a recent incident. Vijay Nambiar, Ban ki-Moons Chief-of-Staff's phone was tapped (I presume) while he was making a call to KP from the Katunayake International Airport toilet. We need to monitor all foreign diplomats and their local agents, monitor their movements, and monitor funds disbursed locally. There should be no illusion about what people like Gordon Brown want in Sri Lanka. Its not that they care about the Tamil people. They simply want a stooge like RW, and to get a stooge like RW they will attempt to undermine the Government. From recent world history, with the help of a few quislings, we know its not very hard to stage these so called velvet revolutions, purple revolutions and orange revolutions.

Moshe Dyan said...

miss info,

i HAVE driven along a9 MANY TIMES from 2002-05.

the land by the side of a9 is NOT a reflection of the fertility of the area.

kili was the BIGGEST agricultural exchange in SL until 1970s that completely nullifies your theory.

we are not going to beat the population in the wet zone but utilising land to the MAX. still the dry zone produces ALOT of country's agriculture.

today we have drought resistent paddy and many improved low cost agricultural marvels that can even turn a dessert green. not harping too much on israel but it is ONE example.

also there are HUNDREDS of tanks (known as kulams) in vanni (if you followed the SLDF advance). these were NEGLECTED for hundreds of years. with repairing can be marvels.

fisheries is another MASSIVE industry. mining, another.

so there are ENOUGH industries.

now let me come to the MAXIMUM limit. there is no way the north-east can be populised beyond the sustainable level (which is true for anywhere). the sustainable level in the north-east is MUCH less than the wet zone. agree.

but it is MORE than enough to change the political outcome of a future election.

that is my point.

this is where the TAMIL TAMIL TAMIL racist politics can be CRUSHED for good and replace it with national politics. remember national politics has NO PROBLEM accomodating tamils.

so the DOUBLE losers will be TAMIL TAMIL TAMIl racist political parties.
this means we don't have to be 50:50 in present tamil only areas. 40:60 would do the job.

also from 1971 to now the population has relatively collapsed in the north-east. 1.3 million are in the tamil diaspora which is roughly 4% of the SL population (and the tamil population). these things make the achievement of 40:60 EVEN EASIER!!

if TAMIL TAMIL TAMIL racist parties were not as powerful as they were in 1947-NOW (1994 exception bcos our boy DD did an excellent job in kytes), the tamil elam struggle would have died a natural death. it may NEVER be a vote winner in the first place.

Nisal said...

A psychology lesson for you guys

The following phases describes the human behavior in an event of a death of a loved one. Our diaspora goons (including tamilnut) are currently in the second phase (denial phase). The third phase is more dangerous. Let's wait until the complete all the phases.

* The first phase is shock. Similar to learning of a terminal illness, the first reaction of a person who is told that a loved one has died is, "No." A feeling of numbness sets in. Some people simply say that life seems unreal.

* The second phase is denial. We are a death denying society. Even our language tends to deny the reality of death by using terms such as "passed away" instead of the word "dead." We want to deny that death has taken place. In the denial phase, people hope that it isn't true. They may feel like this is just a bad dream and when they wake up, every thing will be all right. However, healing from grief can not take place until the person is past this step and has accepted the reality of death.

* The third phase is anger. Once our minds accept the fact that death has indeed taken place, anger usually erupts. Again, this anger may be directed at God (which for a religious person results in a feeling of guilt for feeling that way about the Almighty) or it may be directed to doctors, medicine in general, another family member or even directed inwards ("If only I had"). Again, guilt enters. Anger may also be directed at the world in general. "How can everyone just go about their business when such a tragedy has just happened?"

* The fourth phase is mourning. This is usually the longest lasting phase. It can last for months or years. It may be characterized by feelings of depression, continued guilt, physical illness, loneliness, panic, and periods of crying triggered for no apparent reason.

* The fifth phase is recovery. Some would not call this phase recovery, because it can be said that one never "recovers" from a death. Death changes our lives forever. Things will never be "right" again. Although the pain of death will diminish in time, it never goes away. We will always long for a person we truly loved. But at some point, we usually find ourselves re-establishing our lives and moving on. That is seen in this phase.

Saul said...

The SL government's political response from here on will be a matter of intense interest to observers.

MR has shown to be a great war leader, now he faces the equally difficult challenge of becoming a leader who can win the peace.

The Indian model should have some examples for SL going forward; however, these examples can seem to be contradictory.

The federal solution, derided by so many here, has worked very well in large parts of the country. The division of states on the basis of language and culture has proved to be a successful experiment thus far.

At the same time we have Kashmir and the North East - the two biggest headaches to the Indian federation, regions that speak to our inability, thus far, to bring them into the mainstream successfully.

What's common to the two regions is the lack of ethnic, economic and social integration with the rest of India.

Just one example - Indians from elsewhere cannot own property in Kashmir and many parts of the North East.

This was originally done to preserve the 'special character' of these places. They were also distinct from other parts of India either in terms of their religious or racial composition.

An unintended side effect has been the isolation of these peopled - physical, cultural, social - from the rest of India.

In short, ethnic integration seems to be necessary, vital almost, especially when there are differences of religion and race.

However, ethnic integration can lead to perceptions among the minority that it is being 'swamped' by the majority, its culture destroyed.

Therefore, while integrating them into the national fabric, giving minorities an economic and social stake in the national pie is critical.

Very relevant to SL today, the Punjab/ Sikh insurgency failed in India primarily for this reason. The Indian Army actually entered, fought and killed insurgents in the Sikhs' religious/ spiritual core, the Golden Temple. This led to the assassination of Indira Gandhi.

Yet, over time, the insurgency petered out. Sikhs as a community were so successful within the Indian framework (business, military, culture, professions etc) that there was no valid underlying reason for the insurgency to succeed. The Indian government's response to the Sikh insurgency was spearheaded by - Sikhs.

Moshe Dyan said...


timely! thanks for sharing.

but what if the DENIAL stage continues?????? and the dead are re-awaken as zombies???? what if the dead are NOT DEAD???

tamil elam struggle is not dead. IMHO it will NEVER die. spooky!!

it is nobody's fault. don't blame anyone.

it is just a POWERFUL UNDYING aspiration of a group of ppl.

its REALLY unfortunate that it goes against others' aspirations.

i dearely hope that there will be a tamil nation (as demanded) somewhere else on earth, not in SL.

Moshe Dyan said...

miss info,

nice talking to you.

no violence. no filth. no abuse. no devil's advocate. (both ways.)

Unknown said...

thanks for ur grt service DW. time to say bye.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


A great posting about the phases!

Keep them coming!

Ananda-USA said...



Note the pro-LTTE TN Leaders threats.


Analyst said...

Obituary Notice Urupille Pirapiharan (27 Nov 1956 – 17 May 2009)
Aka Sun Goat aka Thalaweera aka Vesapille

Official husband of Madivadini beloved unofficial wife of Pottu Amman
Official father of Charles Anthony unofficial son of Pottu Amman
Alleged father of Dvarka and another son

Beloved friend of Vaiko-TN, Karunanidhi-TN, Eric Solheim-Norway, David Miliband-UK, Hilary Cliton-USA and Kouchner-France.

Fallen dead by roasting inside an ambulance due to thermoberic missile and gone to much anticipated ealam without saying good bye to his Tamil Diaspora fans and civilian hostages.

Sri Lanka is rejoicing his premature departure to ealam with his close comrades.

Our sincere commiserations on his timely death and subsequent unceremonious departure leaving only roasted carcass.

Watsala said...

I completely agree with Blackpanther and completely disagree with Deshapaaluwa.

it's time to move one as one country not scrutinize the past. There are more dangers to withstand than what Chelvanayagam or Ponnambalam did half a century ago.

Soon if we won't work properly we won't have a country to fight for only the tip of Piduruthalagala to say "once upon a time there was a country called Sri Lanka there. But now it's under water because of climate change induced sea level rising".

Miss Information said...

Moshe Dyan said...

miss info,

....there are HUNDREDS of tanks (known as kulams) in vanni (if you followed the SLDF advance). these were NEGLECTED for hundreds of years. with repairing can be marvels.

"Let not even a drop of rain water go to the sea without benefiting man".I realise this and have visited a fair number of them... the water management schemes of Bahu are one of the many testaments to the genius of the ancient cultures of Sri Lanka.

Point taken.


....from 1971 to now the population has relatively collapsed in the north-east. 1.3 million are in the tamil diaspora which is roughly 4% of the SL population (and the tamil population). these things make the achievement of 40:60 EVEN EASIER!!

By making one point you bring up another... if the majority of the diaspora, or even just a few hundred thousand, decide to return to their ancestral homeland you would, by your formula, need to introduce even more settlers to the area and again be looking at the issue of sustainability.

Again... the infrastructure does not presently support this kind of expansion and remember that both returning diaspora and any folks from the south moving north are going to be expecting at least the basic services they have become used to.

(frankly, I doubt many diaspora will ever return to the Vanni for both reasons of fear, fairly or unfairly, and because the lives they live in modern western countries is not something most are willing to give up after so many years of living in relative affluence.)

Either way I think the separatist movements can be overcome without resorting to tactics that will likely offer further encouragement to the diaspora elements who have funded so much of the LTTE over the years.


Miss Information said...

Moshe Dyan said...

"miss info,

nice talking to you.

no violence. no filth. no abuse. no devil's advocate. (both ways.)"

My pleasure as well sir. It is rare that I get much more than curses and death threats here!

Time to get back to some paying work so do me a favour and, as Golda Meir used to say when she would leave the country...

"Hey Moshe... keep an eye on things for me okay!"*snicker*


Dark Night said...


Can you please send me an invitation to the Sri Lankan Patriots blog.

My email is -

Thank you.

TT said...

Whiteman's hypocrisy

PARIS -- Pakistan finally bowed to Washington's angry demands last week by unleashing its military against rebellious Pashtun tribesmen of North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) -- collectively mislabelled "Taliban" in the West.

The Obama administration had threatened to stop $2 billion US annual cash payments to bankrupt Pakistan's political and military leadership and block $6.5 billion future aid, unless Islamabad sent its soldiers into Pakistan's turbulent NWFP along the Afghan frontier.

The result was a bloodbath: Some 1,000 "terrorists" killed (read: mostly civilians) and 1.2 million people -- most of Swat's population -- made refugees.

Pakistan's U.S.-rented armed forces have scored a brilliant victory against their own people. Too bad they don't do as well in wars against India. Blasting civilians, however, is much safer and more profitable.

Unable to pacify Afghanistan's Pashtun tribes (a.k.a. Taliban), a deeply frustrated Washington has begun tearing Pakistan apart in an effort to end Pashtun resistance in both nations. CIA drone aircraft have so far killed over 700 Pakistani Pashtun. Only 6% were militants, according to Pakistan's media, the rest civilians.

Pashtun, also improperly called Pathan, are the world's largest tribal people. Fifteen million live in Afghanistan, forming half its population. Twenty-six million live right across the border in Pakistan. Britain's imperialists divided Pashtun by an artificial border, the Durand Line (today's Afghan-Pakistan border). Pashtun reject it.

Many Pashtun tribes agreed to join Pakistan in 1947, provided much of their homeland be autonomous and free of government troops. Pashtun Swat only joined Pakistan in 1969.

As Pakistan's Pashtun increasingly aided Pashtun resistance in Afghanistan, U.S. drones began attacking them. Washington forced Islamabad to violate its own constitution by sending troops into Pashtun lands. The result was the current explosion of Pashtun anger.

I have been to war with the Pashtun and have seen their legendary courage, strong sense of honour and determination. They are also hugely quarrelsome, feuding and prickly.

One quickly learns never to threaten a Pashtun or give him ultimatums. These are the mountain warriors who defied the U.S. by refusing to hand over Osama bin Laden because he was a hero of the anti-Soviet war and their guest. The ancient code of "Pashtunwali" still guides them: Do not attack Pashtun, do not cheat them, do not cause them dishonour. To Pashtun, revenge is sacred.


Now, Washington's ham-handed policies and last week's Swat atrocity threaten to ignite Pakistan's second worst nightmare after invasion by India: That its 26 million Pashtun will secede and join Afghanistan's Pashtun to form an independent Pashtun state, Pashtunistan.

This would rend Pakistan asunder, probably provoke its restive Baluchi tribes to secede and tempt mighty India to intervene militarily, risking nuclear war with beleaguered Pakistan.

The Pashtun of NWFP have no intention or capability of moving into Pakistan's other provinces, Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan. They just want to be left alone. Alarms of a "Taliban takeover of Pakistan" are pure propaganda.

Lowland Pakistanis repeatedly have rejected militant Islamic parties. Many have little love for Pashtun, whom they regard as mountain wild men best avoided.

Nor are Pakistan's well-guarded nukes a danger -- at least not yet. Alarms about Pakistan's nukes come from the same fabricators with hidden agendas who brought us Saddam Hussein's bogus weapons.


The real danger is in the U.S. acting like an enraged mastodon, trampling Pakistan under foot, and forcing Islamabad's military to make war on its own people. Pakistan could end up like U.S.-occupied Iraq, split into three parts and helpless.

If this continues, at some point patriotic Pakistani soldiers may rebel and shoot the corrupt generals and politicians on Washington's payroll.

Equally ominous, a poor people's uprising spreading across Pakistan -- also mislabelled "Taliban" -- threatens a radical national rebellion reminiscent of India's Naxalite rebels.

As in Iraq, profound ignorance and gung ho military arrogance drive U.S. Afghan policy. Obama's people have no understanding what they are getting into in "AfPak." I can tell them: An unholy mess we will long regret.

clandestine said...

I still do not believe Prabhakaran in deceased. Will wait until positive identification and confirmation. Daily news and has yet to confirm his death. It is still speculation. KP on Tamilnet and Vaiko adds to the confusion and rumors.
Lets see what HE says today.

I will not sleep well until this matter is completely resolved. When you treat a cancer you want to destroy every malignant cell!!

Moshe Dyan said...

miss info,

"or even just a few hundred thousand, decide to return to their ancestral homeland"

have no fear. they will NOT!!

one reason is the better quality life in canada, etc.

in fact the opposite is true. now the emmigration of tamils from SL will INCREASE. already it is VERY high.

this reduces the number of planned settlers.

re : the diaspora

1. the diaspora has NO VOTES in SL
2. they will anyway struggle for tamil elam, NOTHING LESS.

therefore there is no point trying to please them.

frustrating their TE hopes is the way to go. that will convince them not to waste their hard earned money and waste their time on a "sinhala elam" (a bit exaggerated but you get the point).

already MOST ppl in the tamil diaspora have GIVEN UP on SL. it is actually a relative few who still struggle for it.

now TE is an even distance dream and the motivation is HIGHER to FORGET all about it.

nisal's phases will take over a BIGGER part of the diaspora now.

i have already (first hand) heard from a number of TE supporters of the diaspora that they have TOTALLY given up on SL!!!

Unknown said...

Mis Information,

Thanks for the info. Never heard of a contract to give a pound of flesh before. So this character Shylock appears in Merchant of Venice. Never heard of Merchant of Venice before either. Is he one of our SL guys living in Italy?

I don't care whether Shylock had a contract or not. If any stupid pig comes and demands a pound of flesh from me I will ask him to go and jump in the nearest lake (which in Venice means Lake Ontario, if my geography serves me right.)

As for any contract that he may have, I will shove it up a certain part of his anatomy that you would need a deep penetration patrol to recover it.

In similar style, if any bastard comes and demands a piece of Sri Lanka, however small, I will ask him to do the same thing and follow up with other more unpleasant things, if he insists.

Ananda-USA said...

Tim said...

[ Aanada-USA

I thought you were a smart man with some education to know the rights from the wrongs. But I take everything back now. You are a modaya like the very Sinhala thugs that caused this shit to blow up to an armed struggle. SL will unite the day every Sinhalese recognize the wrongs their govt did to the Tamils. Likewise, Tamils too need to learn to forget and forgive. ]


You are not going to get me to change my conclusions arrived at through careful study of events in Sri Lanka through many decades, and a committment to fairplay, just to win your praise as a "smart man." I am quite comfortable with who I am, and there neither praise, nor insults, are going to change I suggest you abandon those approaches.

What I can tell you is that I am committed to FRUSTRATING people like you who are trying to achieve in peace what you failed to win by war, by terrorism and by brainwashing people in Sri Lanka and abroad on a massive scale.

Sri Lankan Tamils will be accorded EQUAL RIGHTS accompanied by EQUAL RESPONSIBILITIES, NO MORE and NO LESS, whether they want it or not. That comes from who WE ARE.

What you will not get is a quasi-Eelam to start manipulating by OVERT and COVERT means towards a separate state in Sri Lanka in the FUTURE. We will PERMANENTLY block any possibility of thast from ever occurring.

If you have not learned by now why the majority people of this country fought for 30 long years, a war they didn't want to fight, were not equipped to fight, but finally felt compelled to fight to the finish, then my words are not going to change your mind; you have learned NOTHING about us then.

No amount of INTERNATIONAL PRESSURE, GUERILLA WAR, or BOMB BLASTS are going to change that. If devolution on the basis of ethnicity is your objective, you are then preaching a LOST CAUSE. You will only continue to ruin your community in the future, as you have done in the past 30 years.

Whether hiiden separatists like you approve or not, Sri Lanka will move forward rapidly towards a GLODEN ASOKAN Age. You can benefit from that if you overcome your griejf for a lost cause, and joing in supporting the aspirations held in common ALL Sri Lankan people, without pining away for separate aspirations of Tamil people in a mono-ethnic state.

Observer said...

At the moment Tamilnut is doing the same thing that MOD did with regard to news. Delayed release of News.

Ha Ha Ha

Moshe Dyan said...

KP the VP is busy uttering the mantra "VP IS NOT DEAD" than doing anything else.

if he is alive & well why does he need a spokesman???

does that mean he is well but gone dumb???

Cricket Fan said...

Everything is ready to The Historic Moment. President's Addressing The Nation is 30mins Away. Watch it Live,
Rupavahini LIVE:


Unknown said...



Good. I have got this insatiable appetite for pork everyday.

Moshe Dyan said...

killing Nadesan and S. Puleedevan is a crime against humanity!!


this is high fun!!

Nisal said...

according to hudson@SLBC kp ta vp katha karala thiyenne marenna kalin. kawuru aththa kiyanawada danne na.

ReallyCold..... said...

Prabhakaran is ALIVE!!!

Sri Lankan millitary and the government is wrong. He is not dead. He has been escaped for the 19th time.

He accidentally dialed my number and asked where is his insulin. He also said it is really dark in here.

Saul said...

IMO, this is the careful crafting of the VP 'legend'.

In the months and years to come, the LTTE leadership (what remains of it) will use the VP 'legend' to fund itself and recruit for the cause.

'The man who could never die', VP alive and well and leading the glorious revolution', 'VP playing the slot machines at Vegas', etc. Complete with sightings.

You get the picture.

Ananda-USA said...

Saul said...

[ The Indian model should have some examples for SL going forward; however, these examples can seem to be contradictory.

The federal solution, derided by so many here, has worked very well in large parts of the country. The division of states on the basis of language and culture has proved to be a successful experiment thus far. ]

Hey Saul,

Still trying to promote the federal model, with all your might, eh? Is this the STEALTH approach?

I have written at length to you and to the Indian on what I think about the "Success of the Indian Federal Model"....No thank you; keep it in India...and Good Luck to you..we will be watching your progress in the future with GREAT INTEREST.

India is a large country with highly disparate people...and you need some form of regionlized adaministration, with the attendant complexity and difficulties of maintaining national integrity. Wherever federal systems have been employed, divisions have set in. Examples are the UK, US, Canada, India, former Pakistan (East+West); some have fought horrific civil wars, and others are descending toward disintegration. Why should we import such a Swine Flu?

One of the few benefits of Sri Lanka is that we are a tiny country, that does not need such a top-heavy, inefficient, jury rigged system with all of its inherent centrifugal tendencies. Don't let anybody hear you telling me that size does not matter, that federal concept works at all sizes, or soon we will have federal systems in place within provinces, districts, cities, towns, villages, neighborhood streets, and indeed within individual homes. We, the people of Sri Lanka, just don't want further slicing and dicing of our country into satrapies; BUT, we will not object to whatever other people want to implement in their OWN COUNTRIES; just NOT IN OURS!

ReallyCold..... said...

Free 2 Say said...

"Obituary Notice Urupille Pirapiharan (27 Nov 1956 – 17 May 2009)"

Ado, don't make fun of dead people.

That was very funny!!

Nilambare said...

Saul said...
The SL government's political response from here on will be a matter of intense interest to observers.

MR has shown to be a great war leader, now he faces the equally difficult challenge of becoming a leader who can win the peace.


First you have to convince people(Sinhala and Muslim) what this "political solution" is really about.

To me and many others in SL, that question dos not arise. All we want is a united Sri Lanka where everyone can live peacefully with equal opportunities.

You do need race-based things. Race-based regions, positions and race-based solutions do not solve any problems.

At the end of the day, all Sri Lankans should be free to live, work and do whatever they want within Sri Lanka. Be 'Sri Lankan' first and everything else will follow.

If we find there are things in SL, legally or otherwise which prevent some people accessing them due to their race/ethnicity, we all want to find out what they are.

Other than that, all Sri Lankans are eligible to access anything. These Tamil diasporas are currently living in countries with similar set up, but are not prepared to accept in Sri Lanka. In that case, the best place for them is wherever they are.

One day hopefully we will have a Tamil President who is dedicated to Sri Lanka and has pride being a Sri Lankan. Closest we got to that was the great man Kadirgarmar. We know what happened to him, don't we? Who killed him? Thanks god, the killer is no more.

The only solution we need is that. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ananda-USA said...

Moshe Dayan said..

[ the rollaer coaster ride is not really over still.

now i'm only 80% convinced that vezapillai is dead.

until we have positive confirmation of his death, the hunt for him MUST continue. ]


you and I are of one mind on this. I studied all news reports today for some CONVINCING evidence that he had died. DW's post did not convince me, but I don't want to spoil the euphoria, so kept silent.

I need more convincing evidence. Something fishy is going on here, I say.

ReallyCold..... said...

Mullathiv, we have a Problem!

We overcooked the pig and nothing to serve for the public.

Can you send me a good plastic surgeon?

Nihara said...

Did you notice, our great leader hasn't been Congratulated by the western world?
His excellency's vitory over the terrorism is envied by these Westerners for sure.
He should be given utmost protection from these external forces (foriegn) who can operate from out side the country.

Saul said...

Ananda USA:

Still trying to promote the federal model, with all your might, eh? Is this the STEALTH approach?.

I'm not promoting anything. Why should I care whether you use federalism or not? Use STEALTH? That would mean I want something. Uh, uh, that's nada, zip.

Please note: I could care less what model you guys use, the presidential system, a federation, or one man votes five thousand times for a coalition of water lizards. Your success or failure matters little to me outside of the impact it has on my country. But I genuinely wish you the very best.I'm offering an example. Use it, reject it, it's all up to you.

Moreover, you seemed to have missed my words, even though you quoted them, i.e. the 'examples are contradictory'.

The main thrust of my argument is about ethnic integration, which I advocate.

As I said, in the end, it's all rock and roll to me. Lankans will decide what they want. You want to reject an opinion, feel free.

Cricket Fan said...

The Historic Moment is Only 5mins Away. Lets Watch Together and Hope for the GOOD NEWS guys.

Rupavahini LIVE:


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