Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Prabha's body found but Poddu's corpse no show

The Sri Lanka Army's 53 Division today recovered the remains of LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran. The body was in tact, except for a part of the head and skull missing/blown off. Images show the corpse being inspected by the 58 Division Commander at Nanthikadal.

Although the battle on the banks of Nanthikadal lagoon took place on 18th dawn, the remains were largely identifiable, probably due to the effects of the sea. The remains of Soosei's corpse have also been recovered.

The remains of Poddu Amman, the mastermind of the LTTE, has not yet been recovered. We can only predict that his and the remains of a few other senior leaders will be recovered in the same way in due course.

Until this mornings recovery, Prabhakaran's fate was unclear and evidence inconclusive. The estimate given by the Army was that his remains should be found from either the boxed-in area now cleared, the Nanthikadal lagoon or from the destroyed Army ambulance.

It is only fitting that the recovery of Prabhakaran's mortal remains were discovered after President Rajapakse's speech this morning, which was made after Army Commander Sarath Fonseka's confirmation that terrorism has been wiped out.

It was obvious from President Rajapakse's statement prior to departing Jordan that he was indeed returning to a country which was already free of terrorism.


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Caveman Velu said...

Why is this then? It mentions Pottu at the top of the list. DW is sometimes confusing...


Anonymous said...

thanks dw. defence.lk confirms from Karuna and Daya master that he is the real one. i am not suspicious, but have they repaired the face so that it would not look really bad?

Defencewire said...

caveman velu,

But no body was shown. He is afterall #2, right?

Defencewire said...

There are some things best left alone so let's go with this theory and call it a day, shall we?

onecountry said...

"We can only predict that his and the remains of a few other senior leaders will be recovered in the same way in due course."

You making me laugh defencewire. Keep up the good work.

Apino Dannachess said...


U nam maara pora thamai....

No need to know the details as long as Hogzilla and his fellow piglets are accounted for .....

What are your plans..?..plan to fade away..?..mona pissuda....we have more work for you...don't you dare....

Cheers Bro/s

razor lk said...

"We can only predict that his and the remains of a few other senior leaders will be recovered in the same way in due course."

Yeah we will...but it'll take few more days to see pottu s dead body..because army s 'backing up' his brain. hikz............

Srilankan said...

Our war is far from over..now we have to handle these LTTE di-ass-phora elements.we need info on these guys to ban them from ever visiting SLanka ever agian.Surely if you have lived in "paradise" for 30+ years why come to SLanka ever?..there is simply no need..
I am very pleased what the president said.." from now on there are no minorities in SLanka..only patriots and unpatriots"

Defencewire said...

surprised to note he was still clean shaven too

Unknown said...

test 123

onecountry said...

This is from editor Badrinath. Hilarious.

KP is busy telling people Prabhakaran is fine and in a safe place. Please explain about this safe place. Just a few days ago Nadesan was telling everyone how we are winning the war and the Singhala armies are being decimated. It was only a matter of days before their forces would be broken and pushed out of the Vanni. A couple weaks ago he said the same thing. In fact everyone has been saying the exact same thing, while the lines kept being pushed further and further back. You may accept everything on Tamilnet as 100% truth, but both sides have been using propaganda, and the full truth is rarely presented to the public.

What has happened is a terrible tragic loss. You may want to accept the polished version that everything is alright, but its not true. There has been irreparable damage to the Tamil struggle. Thousands of heroic fighters have layed down their lives, and all of the leadership has been decimated. There is no acceptable explanation for how this is possible.

You may still be trying to convince people that Deepan and Amuthab are alive, but the fact is every single one of the leaders are dead.

Sananjayan kumar said...
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Sananjayan kumar said...
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BlackPanther said...


We have won the war but now for something even more difficult.

We have to win peace.

Sananjayan kumar said...
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gamekoluwa said...

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Sananjayan kumar said...
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Tim said...

DW, there is a rumour floating around that LTTE key leaders were convinced to surrender to a 3rd party and when they did, it all turned out to be a hoax.

The sources say Prabaharan was tourtured and held captive for a day (his hands are crushed in the photos) before being shot and Pottu is still in custody but been tranfered to an Asian country for further interigation. Can you tell us how far this is all true?

Defencewire said...


All baseless lies.

prabath said...

Ayubowewa Maha Rajaneni - Victory Tribute


Tara said...

I heard that Prabakarans' youngest son's body also found.

DeeFdeeO said...

Defencewire said...


All baseless lies.
May 19, 2009 9:48 PM
Dare you to elaborate, Sir. Let us face the truth, the hard truth. Don't delete this !!

NOLTTE=Peace said...

It is not important "How the LTTE leadership died"!

It is paramount importance that the LTTE leadership is either no more or in GOSL custody!!!!

Tim, do not listen to fairy-tales!

NOLTTE=Peace said...

One of the LTTE goons whom I want in the list of captured/dead is not there yet.

It is the Head of International Finance "Castro"..http://www.lankalibrary.com/images/sami4.jpg

GOSL should put lot of energy to capture this terrorist, if he has not been captured or dead yet.

He may be hiding among refugees as he has lost both his legs, pretending to be a disabled elder.

We need him badly to get all the insights into LTTE finance and procurement network!

Unknown said...

Hi Defencewire,
I can confirm the following DNA test results confirmed by Indian Authorities (Delhi)

DNA results (the chromosome comparion)

(1)Blood from Praba (india police around 80's)
(2)Suspected body of praba
(3)Suspected body of Charles Anthony
(4)Suspected body of Pottu Amman




This puzzels SLDF. Further inverstigation continues...

Defencewire said...


Do you really think Prabha is that foolish to surrender like that knowing fully well that he could very well be killed by the Army?

Unknown said...

Thanks DW
What happen is happen. Every one should celebrate this without questioning. There are people working day and night to do what best for this country..

Trust me best day of my life...

DECOY said...


Your recent posts have been highly controversal. I thought MOD has already identified the body of Poddu, according to defence.lk.

Nishanthe said...

This event showed us that all these "baka pundits" including DW are playing a guessing game with randomly picked information and stuffing it. If things went according to the speculations, make a big cry, otherwise bury it as nothing happened.

kevin said...


Yes Castro has to be found as he may be the one who is causing the riots and future terror being one legged will make him bitter.
I think VP was virtually a prisoner in Vanni perhaps executed by their mentors as his usefulness was over. Just pass this on…Since Bala’s death Diaspora Mafia was running the show keeping VP in close watch that’s why he never spoke to outside world. If this guy is a fake then VP is gone during the Tsunami.
How does the gosl dispose of his body without any consequences are the question that has to be answered by the gosl.Emotions are running high at the Parliament Sq which might spill back to SL.I think proper DNA check is vital as eye witnesses can’t be accurate since he had been away from these people for a decade.I hope Pottu is found who is the most dangerous person in the outfit.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


Nice DNA results!

Also there is a fourth one..!

Taken from a Pig with Swine Flu

4.) xxxyyyxxyxxxyyxxxx

The results are as follows,


Defencewire said...


Did someone see/show the body? Maybe its there. Maybe it isn't. Who knows.


Confusion isn't necessarily bad.

Unknown said...

Defencewire said...
"There are some things best left alone so let's go with this theory and call it a day, shall we"

This is the confirmation that you bloggers need and the one i was looking for...the story is out there. ppl are afraid of talking abt right now in public bcos they are protective of their new sources.

rest of the story will reach you over the course of time so leave it like he said. after all we know how vijewira died and there can be similarities..:o)

lankaputhra said...

Dead pig was recognised by his mate!


In Memory Of Bulta (SLAF) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
In Memory Of Bulta (SLAF) said...

DW, The special ops carried out by LRRP/DPU units, any chance we can sniff into some info on how our boys carried them out ?
Folks, Ottawa CA die-ass-pora goons have started wearing black arm bands and started a death-benevolent fund raising, cometh the hour cometh und utter crap!

Ra said...

DW or anyone,

Looks like Prabhakaran was shot right in the middle of his forehead. Any expert comments?

Unknown said...


GOSL in big trouble. The DNA results of the killed leaders have passed in to the hands of the Interfering Community. All including Praba's have been found to be CIVILIAN DNA!!!!!

Jadhu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

(Hint) The injuries on the bodies of all LTTE leaders show that they were sustained by close range gun battles.

Tim said...

more rumors coming from Sri Lanka..A conspiracy?

"LTTE top leaders made contact with a 3rd party party and GoSL arranged for their surrender provided they release thousands of civilians. It happened around the time MR was in Jordan. Upon release of the civilians, top brass of the ltte was released to the 3rd party. The 3rd party basically handed over the leaders to GoSL, double crossing ltte. This explains why Pottu was not there, as ltte could have gotten a little suspicious, or may be Pottu was released and still in custody? Praba along with others were captured, interrogated and then killed. I believe this for many reasons. I strongly believe Praba was killed after the capture and here are my reasons:

1) Only Praba's head has a gun shot- very similar to an execution style killing. No burn marks of any sort.

2) MR had declared the victory days before the death of Praba was released. It's likely it is during this time Praba was being interrogated.

3) Keeping Praba alive is the biggest mistake for MR. A living Praba could mean tribunals, international intervention, and worse, a LOT of the dirty secrets from the last 25 years will come out.

4) Going back to #3, it is rumored that MR won the election by paying millions to ltte. If you were MR, would you ever want this to get out?

5) It's likely MR ordered the killing of Praba.

Putting the pictures, the events and the stories , I am getting convinced there must be some or all truth to this.

Caveman Velu said...

"Srilankan said...
Our war is far from over..now we have to handle these LTTE di-ass-phora elements.we need info on these guys to ban them from ever visiting SLanka ever agian."

On the contrary, the best thing we should do to deal with diaspora is the start a big propaganda to say "All Tamils please return to your mother land. We need you. You are welcome here".
This will cause hundreds of thousands of refugee status applications to western countries being rejected.

Defencewire said...

The gunshot to the head has disfigured his face. Would any assailant risk disfiguring his face?

A direct hit from a projectile to the top of the head is NOT unusual. The rest of the corpse is not shown. Perhaps there are other gun shots.

Ok, so let's say Prabha surrendered/was captured (just a hypothesis). What are you asking the government to do? Put him up at a comfortable room at Welikada and keep feeding him?

දේශපාලුවා said...

Dear friends please read my analysis and tribute.
Prabakarans Died like an Inexperienced Soldier.

CASC said...

Defencewire said,

"Confusion is not necessarily bad"

True. I agree with you. Look what it got KP. He is now totally discredited. He wanted to be the new high priest and continue raking in the money from the gullible diaspora. No one will believe a word he says in the future.

Ra said...


/What are you asking the government to do? Put him up at a comfortable room at Welikada and keep feeding him?/

Of course NO!

But I feel that he didn't suffer enough :-(

Mathivathani said...

Dear Mr. Tim,

Your Q. Pottu is still in custody but been tranfered to an Asian country for further interigation.

Yes I too came to know about the same story independently.

My husband had to reveal some of the top international people’s name when interrogating.
I am afraid anne சன்முகலிங்கம் சிவசங்கரன் alias Pottu may reveal more names.
Please tell our Tamil virtual nations organization, not to use Sri Lanka Tamils, but to use some others.

My husbanda told that MOD torturing is worst. He said if he could have gone trough the MOD torturing procedures before, could have won the Eelam.

That is why my husband always advice black tigers to use the capsule before capture. BTW I am not talking about the capsule used to given to all the suicide female carders after their last night dinner with my husband.

Mathi.. Prabha..

Unknown said...

so the conspiracy has already reached all corners of the world, which can well be the truth.

Guys i say patience, but the answer is right there in the main DW article.

"Box in by the special forces".. so who knows what happened inside the inner circles..;) of the Box in.

gamekoluwa said...

you are the man....

i salute you sir!!!!!!

ReallyCold..... said...

It looks like a story is being pulled out. Hope ultimately something makes sense will come out.

Bottom line is LTTE is done and Prabha is dead with his deputies.

What happened to his wife and children?

Ra said...

Yer another interesting question for DW or anyone.

Was Prabhakaran wearing a CN capsule? There were rumors that its a starch capsule.

gamekoluwa said...

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Ra said...

Really Cold,
/What happened to his wife and children?/

You are not serious are you? LOL

CASC said...

Defencewire said...
The gunshot to the head has disfigured his face. Would any assailant risk disfiguring his face?

The gun shot wound would have disfigured the head and caused some trauma. The sea water would have cause the body to bloat.
The man looks perfectly normal in all respects, especially the eyes and face. It looks like a mortician from Barney Raymonds or Jayaratna Funeral Parlour did a nice job shaving his face and making his eyes pop out as if he is still alive.

Unknown said...


Me Maradankadawala Jamis. Sorry boss. Not understand what you talk.

What mean DNA?

Dabal Something Arakku?

Boss, not worry. Koti Pora finish. Arakku test not need. Me know boss. Me give works to too much Poras and me know when Poras dead.

Sorry boss. But Pora too much bad. But small tear come to my eye boss. Because boss me too family man.

Small matter have to tell boss. Look like Army mallis give koti pora little works before dead. Me know these little somethings boss. Cannot say Army Mallis wrong also boss.

Me also not too much good man boss. Boss you go Maradankadawala and ask any one. But me good to good and bad to bad. Koti Pora not same boss. He bad to good and bad to bad.

Him dead good for every mans boss.

Unknown said...

My little intelligence tells me that prabha was unfortunate to see his son die before him.

And why dose DW keeps deleting posts like never before.

so its all a conspiracy, Guys isn't it a good ending leaving out one.

So lets forget it and have fun..!!

I can assure u all that NO1 terrorist Paid a huge price before it all ended.

ReallyCold..... said...

I am trying to put together two statements below by DW.

If you stretch it, they will be self consistent.

Monday, May 18, 2009
The last stand of the cowards

The charred bodies, including the one believed to be Prabhakaran were captured by the 53 Division, but were taken away by another Division.

Posted by Defencewire at 9:53 PM


Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Prabha's body found but Poddu's corpse no show
It is only fitting that the recovery of Prabhakaran's mortal remains were discovered after President Rajapakse's speech this morning, which was made after Army Commander Sarath Fonseka's confirmation that terrorism has been wiped out.

Posted by Defencewire at 8:38 PM


ReallyCold..... said...

Last Mile

We know Charles is dead and daughter is a med student somewhere (where?).

Is there another Son? How old is he and what happened to him?

I heard his wife was in South Africa, there were some reports she was with him.

Yes, I am serious since haven't followed details.

3Sinhala said...

There was not a single chance that Pottu could have escaped while all of his buddies getting caught and/or killed. He (or his remains) is probably still "trapped" or to be found at a later date.

After all, he is the "Head" of the LTTE intelligence unit. There have to be a whole lot of things in his head.

His remains will be recovered after clearing the "Conflict Areas".

DW will let us know when that happens.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


VP has another son call Balachandran who is believed to be around 16 or 17 years.

Also there is a rumor that they have one more younger child.

No_MESS said...

Sagarayak Meda, Punchi Rattak Atha/
Ehema Rattak Thawa, Lokeya-wath Natha/

Punchi wunath ratta, MAHA WEDA kara atha!

We as a nation are grateful to our brave soldiers and courageous politicians for this achievement, especially within a climate of intense international pressure.


KB said...

Bugger! Why are we subjected this cruelty? I will never be the same after seeing the fat horror in a thong.

defence.lk new photos


Unknown said...

who is the commander holding Shavendra silva's hand, while SS was talking to SLRC. SS even kiss his hand..

NOLTTE=Peace said...


Shavendra has a habit of touching/scratching his own face when he is emotional. It is a known thing in the Army. He can not avoid it.

Miss Information said...

Defencewire said...

...Ok, so let's say Prabha surrendered/was captured (just a hypothesis). What are you asking the government to do? Put him up at a comfortable room at Welikada and keep feeding him?__________________________________

There certainly are times, though few and far between, when an expeditious and viscious interrogation followed by a summary execution is the correct course of action.

I think if he was in custody of the GoSL they have every right to shoot the bastard where he stood as it pleased them.

He long ago threw away any right to be treated as a normal prisoner of war let alone as a human being.

Fuck him and the horse he rode into town on.

All that said I doubt he ever surrendered or ever even considered it as he did not have the testicular fortitude to man up and face the music.


ak47 said...

Reading all theories ..
1) Will Prabakaran ever risk being captured alive ? Thats hard to beleive.

2) If Nadesan and Puliadevan surrendered .... what was praba doing ? Did they just let them do it ?

Anonymous said...

it was clean head shot by SLA and you can see his naked body on


no other gun shots in his body..

Dilan said...


Somebody brushed his body with mud. He was sooooo ready for a party with a nice shave and a neat uniform.

This is soooo unfair .......

You stupid SLA.. :P

Maila said...

Praba met Anta at Avichi, poddu yet to come!

KSF said...

To Patriots

Prabhakaran is not died as stated earlier. He was captured alive by 53. Pottu and Soosai still alive. But their remains also will shown to public in due dates.

Our heroic President declared the war is over from Jordan when we got what we wanted most.

දේශපාලුවා said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
දේශපාලුවා said...

Call the embassy and get the photos down from defence.lk, I did, looks like even they dont care. we dont want to give a free bonanza to pro LTTE media.

Unknown said...

තිස් වසරක ත්රස්තවාදයේ අඳුරු සෙවණැලි පහව ගොස් සිංහල, දෙමළ, මුස්ලිම් සහෝදරත්වය ගිනි තබමින්, ඇවිල ගිය ත්රස්තවාදය අවසන් විය.

අපගේ උත්තමාචාරය

ජනාධිපති මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ ඇතුලු රජයටත් ආරක්ෂක ලේකම් ගොඨාභය රාජපක්ෂ ඇතුළු ත්රිවිද හමුදාවේ සේනාධිනායකයින් ඇතුළු සියළුම රණ විරැවන්ටත් අපගේ උත්තමචාරය මේ මොහොතේ පිලිගන්වනු ලබන අතර මේ නිදහස අපහට ලබාදිම සදහා දිවිදුන් සියළුම විරැවනුත් අප මේ මොහොතේ ගෞරවයෙන් මතක් කල යුතුය.

It is right time we all unite and rebuild our nation together through reconciliation. Never again should such injustice take place in any country or for its citizens. I Salute all the Brave elite soldiers of the Sri Lankan Military and all those who sacrificed there lives and the Nations that supported us to bring this historic victory to reality.

Also We have to salute all the war heros who have sacrificed their lives due to this war over 30 years.

The first soldier who was shot in the 1st 13 soldiers in 1983 is an Anandian.
Since then large number of Anandians have sacrificed their lives to save our mother land from LTTE. All the Commanders of the forces and the government officers are listed as follows who contributed lot to our victory.

~Old Anandians and Nalandians who put an end to the war in Sri lanka~

Priminister of sri lanka-Hon Ratnasiri Wikramanayake(Anandian)
Secetary of Defence-Gotabaya Rajapakse(Anandian)
Army commander-General Sarath Fonseka(Anandian)
Navy commander-Admiral-Wasantha karannagoda(Anandian)
57 division commander of SLA-Major General Jagath Dias(Anandian)
civil defence force director-Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara(Anandian)
53division commander of SLA-Major General Kamal Gunarathna(Anandian
55 division commander of SLA-Brg.Prassana Silva(Anandian)
Commander for 2nd commondo battalion of SLA-Brg.Chagee gallage(Anandian)
Commander for naval east- Rear Admiral Ananda peiris(Anandian)
krnel Rubukpotha (Anandian)

and Ministers like

Mr.Basil Rajapakshe (Anandian)
Mr.Rohitha Bogollagama(Anandian)

May the blessings of Mother Ananda will be with them.

[anyone aware of any commander which is not in this list, feel free to update]

"With You Always - Never Letting You Fail"
Old Anandians 2005 Group

pete999 said...

My Dear Mahinda maama,
You can fool some people sometimes, but you can't fool all the people all the time.

Surprised to note he was still clean shaven too.

well in the name of karma which he will be punished as he killed thousands of Innocent Tamils, most dieing of starvation, putting barriers to international media, he expects the world to believe his bed time stories,

Anonymous said...

speculations ..speculations......when are u ppl going to end this..praba is dead... and it is a fact....pottu.....soosai...and the rest...wait till any one who know in SLA under 58, 53, 59 to return home and tey will tell you the story...

as far as I know he is dead..and 100% coz I have my course mates(KDA) in SLA, SLN & SLAF...so i donno wot u gona think...he is no more...

so DW, what is your Battle Field sources' openion?? or is he busy with the new situation? I know you have very reliable guy in there...(according to your facts in here)

Colomblogs said...

What is the name of Karma for "..putting barriers to international media.." ?

Unknown said...


The story starts again with the master strategist, KP (King Pig). It is a story that would make Machiavelli look like an amateur. That is how good KP is. Below I reveal the details of his diabolical plot, stepwise.

Step 1: KP promises to get the Marines to rescue the Pigs. Pigs keep on holding up though the pressure was becoming unbearable. Calls for surrender by GOSL are rejected. In the process pigs keep on using their ammunition drawing the stocks dangerously low. In the meantime KP has a grand time banging Thai chicks.

Step 2: Under the advice of KP, pigs agree to silence their guns. KP justifies this saying that in any case they would go silent because ammunition will soon run out. KP takes a short rest telling the Thai chick his ammunition is gone.

Step 3: KP tells the pigs to surrender to a 3rd Party who would arrive at a designated spot (let us call it X) in the NFZ at a designated time with the blessings of GOSL. Simultaneously, KP informs GOSL to be ready to go to X to capture the pigs. Some cash changes hands. KP's ammunition stock is replenished and he sends the Thai chick home and brings in the Malaysian chick.

Everything works like clock work. The pig leadership is captured lock stock and barrel and brought to a location, which shall remain unnamed for security reasons. Only thing I can say now is that it was not the Hilton. Under the technique of separate interrogation and threat of dire consequences if contradictions are found, the pigs start to sing.

After all the info is vomited out, the pigs are brought back to NFZ. The full details are not clear, but the pigs at this point make a move to dig out something from the ground. Perhaps this is part of the natural behaviour of the pigs who are generally known to dig the ground for tubers. Perhaps there were some grenades that they had buried there previously. One pig brings out something that looked like a grenade, which was later found to be a tuber of manioc. Whatever it is, the army did not take any chances and took the necessary action.

Throughout the process, SLA kept to the highest standards of behaviour and never even dreamt of resorting to torture etc. Actually there was no need to do so because in the usual style of the pigs they were too happy to sell each other once cornered.

Thus the great pig adventure came to an end due to a measly tuber of manioc.

At the time of going to press the Malaysian chick is said to be under tremendous pressure. No independent verification of this is possible as KP's bed room is out of bound to reporters.

lankaputhra said...

guys watch CNN

good programm

Colomblogs said...

Being an Anandian..I am truly proud and moved by the list by Solar.

But it was the Senarath Bandas from "dehiatatha Kandiya", Gamini Mudiyanses from "Pollonaruwa" and Saliya Silvas from Bentara who fought for this war for 30 years and they are the real winners..

And win for all the mothers and fathers in North..becasue now they can sleep wihtout worrying for LTTE abducting their sons and daughters..

Anonymous said...

It seems GSL lied about the end of LTTE and not only they lied they also wanted others to realize that they lie and they did it in such a way. As a consequence now we see many conspiracy theories and analysis from both sides. And I am enjoying it. SO there is some thing for us to think deep now. SO GSL end the movie a like a classic one instead of a hindi commercial one. HA HA

Colomblogs said...

Eelamists...if you know how cowardice and a "Traitor" your leadership in their last minute...you all should suicide..

SLA always have the respect for the Theepan and others for the way they fought and the way they died as Real Men and Women..

But all top leaders didn't have any idea on how to face even the new Privates of SLA. Thye were just businessmen tried to make a deal..(and smartly handled)

They were not fierce fighters..but cowards and family men...who killed other families for their family life..

As Mahen said (not the DW BS), it was a "Family Affair"

එක එක එළියට එනවා..මල විතරක් කඩාගෙන ගියා...ගහ පොහොට්ටුත් එක්කම පොළවට පස්වුනා...):

CASC said...

Excellent and well balanced article by former Indian Union Minister about the demise of the LTTE.


Get Real said...

DW , your blog was quite good, until the last few days , things does not add up ...confusing ! But well I don’t want to know any more ! anyway thanks for all your time and handwork ..I really enjoyed !!!even though I don’t write to this blog often enough like many others !!!



Rajaratasurfer said...

DW...it doesnt matter now If we have Pottu Amman, the snake...he is .....but, it's over now ! My only worry now fellas KP, that creep....did ya hear him on Channel 4 ? He cant speak good english.....how the heck did he sneak around the world like that ? ......I know....just like all Tamil Tigers.....they lied their wya thru life !

Good Job DW ! Any news on the 2 Robinson CHoppers Mate ?

Rac Rab said...



How come nobody else appreciates your humour?

Rajaratasurfer said...

Solar...u da man brother.....come join us at the Ananda College site....soon ok !

Lt.Waas who died in the 83' ambush we were in the class of 79'. Good man too ! Also,Brig. Mahinda Hallangoda.

Jagath Dias & I were classmates in 6th & 7th grade at Ananda... just too bad we lost so many talented classmates in battle !

FYI: Did ya know Dr. Rohan Gunaratna Anandian class 0f 79'

Thanka Solar !

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Solar Machang,

Re: Ananda

That's interesting but not the time to be bragging in public. It is not surprising since it is the largest and most prestigious school to which every one want to send their boys.

But don't forget all the other schools.
I know plenty of heroes who would have gone to schools like Dharmashoka, Mahinda, Richmond etc.

Sarath Fponseka himself went to Dharmashoka. Simlarly, I am sure there would be old boys (and gals- heh heh) from Royal, St.T, Trinity, Thurston, DS etc etc.

It's all good mate. Because they are all "Eka Mawakage Dharuwo".

දේශපාලුවා said...

we are better than this folks, I am disappointed.

කිරි කලයක් දොවල ගොම බි0දුවක් දෑම්මා වගේ

kevin said...

Thanks for mentioning Trinity.

A Tamil mob had attacked fried chicken shop in Crinkleroot in London but the owner had been fair to all three communities employing from all three communities. Looks like these people are blind and stupid to do so and the Police will be vigilant

Syler said...

දේශපාලුවා said...

Call the embassy and get the photos down from defence.lk, I did, looks like even they dont care. we dont want to give a free bonanza to pro LTTE media.


I completely agree with Deshapaluwa. This has already caused negative comments (here). If anyone is able to get in touch with defence.lk please try to get these pictures down before more damage is done. I think if we want to really honour the sacrifiese of our fallen heroes we need be more careful with matters such as this.

Maila said...

Velupillai Prabhakaran: May 18, 2009
Pottu Amman (Shanmugalingam Sivashankar): May 18, 2009
Colonel Soosai (Thillaiyampalam Sivanesan): May 18, 2009
Colonel Ramesh: May 18, 2009
Colonel Sornam: May 16, 2009
Balasingham Nadesan: May 18, 2009
Charles Anthony- the eldest son of LTTE chief V. Prabhakaran: May 18, 2009
Sasikumar Master: May 18, 2009
Kapil Amman: May 18, 2009
Colonel Banu: May 18, 2009
Marshal (lIrasaiah Ilanthirayan): May 10, 2009
Colonel Theepan (Velayuthapillai Baheerathakumar): 05, April 2009
Colonel Vithusha April 5, 2009
Colonel Thurka: April 5, 2009
Colonel Gadaffi: April 5, 2009
Brigadier Balraj (Balasegaram Kandiah): May 18, 2008
Colonel Charles (Shanmuganathan Ravishankar): January 6, 2008
S. P. Tamilselvan (Suppayya Paramu Tamilselvan): November 2, 2007
Lt. Colonel Akbar (Veerapathirar Pernibarasa): October 7, 2006
Colonel Karuna Amman (Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan): broke away March 2004
Colonel Raju (Ambalavanar Neminathan): August 25, 2002
Major Mano: in 2001
Colonel Shankar (Vaithilingam Sornalingam): September 26, 2001
Lt Colonel Appaiah (I. Rasiah): December 24, 1997
Sothiya (Maria Vasanthi Michael): January 11, 1990
Captain Miller (Vallipuram Vasanthan): July 5, 1987
Lt. Colonel Santhosham (K. Umainesan): October 21, 1987
Lt. Colonel Pulendran (K. Dharmarajah) October 10, 1987
Lt. Colonel Kumarappa (B. Ratnapalan): October 5, 1987
Lt. Col. Thileepan (Rasaiah Parthipan): September 26, 1987
Lt. Colonel Ponnamman (Yogaratnam Kugan): in 1987
Captain Pandithar (S. Ravindran): January 9, 1985
Lieutenant Sellakili (Sathasivam Selvanayakam): July 23, 1983
Lt. Colonel Seelan (Charles Lucas Anthony): July 15, 1983
Lt Colonel Ratha: late 1980

Calvin said...

May be Prabakarn got surrendered and then taken him to show some hidden guns?
And then He may tried to throw a grenade at Army, so they shot him dead. !

Familiar story I guess ?

So wtf, he is gone.! who cares how he died.

GutiKewa - ගුටි දෙනවා said...

දේශපාලුවා said...

we are better than this folks, I am disappointed.

කිරි කලයක් දොවල ගොම බි0දුවක් දෑම්මා වගේ

100% agree with you, this is absolutely unnecessary. Could anyone ask to remove this shit photos from Defence.lk?

gambit said...

I sent email regarding this to webinfo@defence.lk

ඉයන් said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pandula said...

Blogger Ian said...

A post by me in Puligal
This is the first time I am posting here.
Ian, thank you for your time

TropicalStorm said...

All those Colonels dead. If only Velu was around, he'd promote all of them to Brigadiers..

TropicalStorm said...


Greets from a '81 group member.

TropicalStorm said...


Today, US 82d Airborne and special forces are being trained by a guy from an ol' Ana of the '80 group.

Mano said...

CNN eke aluth poll ekak thiyanava. menna link eka.

Is the war in SL over?


Mano said...

Agree on the Velu photos. I think showing the top half would have been enough. Didn't see any naked pics though, not that I want to anyway! VP in his underwear.

Agree, Govt need to be seen to be the more respectable side here. The LTTE would have resorted to the same or worse tactics if the tables were turned and the monkeys will throw insults at blogs like this. We need to keep the upper hand and respectability in this military victory. We don't need the LTTE sympathisers judging us at this time.

Like the 3 little pigs story above, hillarious, but informative at the same time.

Ananda-USA said...

Someone asked how we are celebrating VICTORY....

First, I have run up the Sri Lanka Flag on my flagpole.

Second, I am made a traditional meal for all of my family and a few friends with KIRIBATH & LUNUMIRIS (my favorite), and many other traditional goodies.

Before eating, of course, we lit the brass OIL LAMP, offered thanks to the Holy Triple Gem for this DELIVERANCE from EVIL. Seth Pirith on CD will play ALL DAY in my house!

I live in a San Francisco suburb, and I have been inviting my neighbors to come in for a bite.

Anonymous said...

@ Photos; I don't know why defence.lk publish naked pics. Perhaps they wanted to convince diasspora donkeys. If you show the face they ask why don't you show the body? When you show the front body they ask why don't you show the back? When you show it from Mulathiv they ask why don't you take it to Colombo? If you take it to Colombo they ask why don't you keep it in Mulathiv?

So convincing diaspora may be hard but no need. They will have a nice time in their next stage for peelaam struggle with two assumptions; VP dead or not. hikz..

Matara Peramuna said...


"Blogger Mano said...

CNN eke aluth poll ekak thiyanava. menna link eka.
Is the war in SL over? http://internationaldesk.blogs.cnn.com/category/i-desk-poll/

May 20, 2009 5:22 AM

WE know the War is over, therefore I DON'T think we should waste our time on this Stupid Poll.

Sam Perera said...

Gods Bless Hon. Vinayagamoorthy Muralidharan for standing for a united Sri Lanka.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...


That's great. I thought SF is the most beautiful city in the World until I visited Paris.

Unfortunately I cannot afford a flag-pole but have a big flag which I have been searching to wrap my kids in. Kiri Bath and Lunu Miris sounds like a good idea. I might put a special request in with wifey who likes to cook SL food. Mouth is watering already.

Moshe Dyan said...

toiletnet approves my political solution!!

wow! thanks.

but they call it "structural genocide" which is no bid deal bcos they call the elimination of terrorism "genocide".

so in TN terms "genocide" means "solution".

we must start physical ethnic integration (colonisation) in north east BEFORE the next round of tamil racist political circus starts.

IF IT STARTS b4 that, we are stuffed again. the RICH LTTE diaspora with blood relatives in SL is DETERMINED to start it ASAP.

pete999 said...

Joke of the day

well in the name of karma which MR will be punished as he killed thousands of Innocent Tamils, most dieing of starvation, putting barriers to international media, he expects the world to believe his bed time stories,

Sinhalaya modya Kauna Kanna yodaya

Moshe Dyan said...


what's the opposite of karma??? good merit??

those good things will REWARD MR for saving tamil, sinhala, muslim, vedda, burger, malay, jewish, chetti, etc. sri lankans from LTTE terrorism.

according to LTTE IDIOTS EVERYONE (but not them) are at fault.

1. SL is at fault
2. india is at fault
3. china at fault
4. US at fault
5. IC at fault
6. UN at fault

this is a joke.

A FOOL SEES EVERYONE AROUND HIM AS FOOLS.but who has been fooled, scrwed & killed???? the fools!!!

Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Moshe Dyan said...

lankaguardian pissed off about vezapillai's body!!!

"The difference between professional soldiers and skilled shooters is how they handle themselves before and after battles. Professionals do not desecrate the dead and any organization (army) that claims to be professional and honorable and represents the nation should try and punish those who do not meet a high moral standard.Stripping the body of any person, even Prabhakaran, is a thug-like desecration, and soiling his body with dirt is the act of a gang, not a professional soldier or true patriot."

good that the photo didn't show the wounds in his arse caused by DEEP PENETRATIONS.

just get rid of this piece of shit without any more photos. every good thing must also come to an end.

Ananda-USA said...

Moshe Dayan said...

[ according to LTTE IDIOTS EVERYONE (but not them) are at fault.]

You hit the nail precisely on its HEAD...no pun intended!

But, "Super-Intelligent Thalivars", unlike us "Moda Bandas", are condemned to view all others as FOOLS making MISTAKES.

Until they GET OFF THAT HIGH HORSE, they are likely to keep falling off the saddle...and will ALIENATE EVERYONE.

Ananda-USA said...


Bro, you said a single bullet of .303 calibre can damage VP's skull as shown.

Yes, a single bullet can lift off a patch of the skull at the back where it exits, but the entry would will be a single relatively small hole; not a lifted off area as shown.

On the other hand, a couple of HMG calibre (0.5) bullets, or a shell fragment from a cannon shell, an RPG, or a grenade launched by a grenade launcher, can do the large area slicing that I saw, extending from front to back over the entire top RHS of his head.

What do you think?

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Thanks for the link Sam,

YA the MAN!

Notice the other bugger (was that bloody Daya?) almost let it slip that,
(LTTE), instead of fighting... (he menat the (sinhala) Army).. they were hiding behind civilians.

Ha Ha Ha, can't hide what's in your mind when Mayila is around!

Anonymous said...

They should have released all those naked pics of VP via other media not via GSL official media.

Ananda-USA said...

Super Intelligent Thalaivars ran amok Yesterday,

Today it is the "Revenge (or Triumph) of the Moda Bandas"! LoL!

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Yes I didn't think about the lack of an entry would. However, in the body I saw (it was a suicide) there was no entry site as the whole forehead had been blown off.

VP's face appears to have an intact forehead. Was it a shot from the side? Again gives the impression of a sniper attack?

Moshe Dyan said...

menon & narayan will be in SL today.

hope they will not start dictating terms to us.

tamil madu fellows and even LTTE supporters are furious over the malayalee connections that supported SL in the war.

1. menon.
2. narayan
3. dk anthony (defence minister)
4. nabiar (not the UN guy)

all malayalees!!!

funny thing VP also had malayalee connections!

Ananda-USA said...

India to seek evidence to close Rajiv murder caseIANS
May 20, 2009

[ NEW DELHI: India will seek forensic evidence from Sri Lanka to confirm the deaths of Tamil Tigers chief Velupillai Prabhakaran and his intelligence head to finally close the case on the assassination of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi 18 years ago.

Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman, who oversaw all covert killings in the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), were the last of two suspects still wanted in India for the killing of Gandhi, who was blown up by a woman suicide bomber at an election rally near Chennai May 21, 1991.

The LTTE initially denied killing Gandhi but in later years some of its leaders privately and otherwise voiced regrets over his death, which led to the Tigers being outlawed in India in 1992.

But the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), in what is acknowledged to be one of finest investigations in the world of crime, proved conclusively that Gandhi was killed by the LTTE, on the specific orders of Prabhakaran, the killer band reporting directly to Pottu Amman.

A total of 41 people were arraigned for the crime, 14 of them Indians and the others Sri Lankan Tamils.

Of the 41 as many as 12 - 11 of them Sri Lankans - committed suicide during the investigation, mostly by taking cyanide, the hallmark of LTTE. Twentysix people faced trial and three were officially declared proclaimed offenders.

These three were Prabhakaran, Pottu Amman and Akhila, the LTTE women's wing leader who was killed by Sri Lankan security forces in 1995.

The reported killings of Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman Monday accounts for the last of suspects in the Gandhi case who could never be caught.

The case is being pursued at the TADA (Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act) Court at Poonamallee near Kancheepuram, close to Chennai.

According to CBI sources, once the evidence regarding the deaths of Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman is made available, the court will be told that they are dead and the case will come to a final stop.

Gandhi, who as prime minister sent the Indian Army to Sri Lanka's northeast in 1987 to end Tamil separatism, was killed when the suicide bomber, who was strapped with explosives under her clothes, exploded herself while pretending to touch his feet.

The CBI formally registered a case May 24, 1991 and began its investigation. A chargesheet was filed May 20, 1992 and the trial began Jan 19, 1994.

On June 5, 1995, India formally submitted to Sri Lanka a request that Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman should be extradited if and when they were caught.

On Jan 28, 1998, a court sentenced all those who were tried to death. The only exceptions were Prabhakaran, Pottu Amman and Akhila since they did not face trial.

The Supreme Court modified the verdict in May 1999, confirming capital punishment only in four cases and sentencing three to life. The others were set free against time they had spent in prison.

CBI officers involved in the Gandhi assassination case still recall with pride how they pursued the suspects in and beyond Tamil Nadu, in the process decimating an elaborate network the LTTE had built for itself in the state. "We chased them on foot, on motorcycles, in cars, even by helicopters," one officer, who did not wish to be identified, told IANS. "There were nights when we slept in our cars on the roadside. Once I did not get to sleep for 12 straight nights. In the end, the LTTE was stunned by what we achieved." ]

pete999 said...

It seems more like lies, lies and more lies..........

The body of Vellupillai Prabhakaran is carried on a stretcher through a group of Sri Lankan soldiers at Nanthikadal lagoon


මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

fatty is finished -

all the best SLDF any every Sri Lankan.

anyone have good video about fatty kill - how we shoot etc...?

Ananda-USA said...


I posted two messages at DW (last section) on my AMAZEMENT as to why VP stuck around in Sri Lanka until he got cornered. I can only think he expected a different election result in India, as did most Political Pundits, and a rescue by India and the IC in the West.

Could you please read those posts, and give us your perspective on why he decided to do so? Thx.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

Moshe: good that the photo didn't show the wounds in his arse caused by DEEP PENETRATIONS."

Ninja:When you show the front body they ask why don't you show the back? When you show it from Mulathiv they ask why don't you take it to Colombo? If you take it to Colombo they ask why don't you keep it in Mulathiv?"

Ha ha ha good one boys!

People and monkeys,

Can u pls make up ur mind how and when and where and wich side, naked or smi naked or with or with out mud of the fcukster's body u want to c and let DFLK know about it. That will make lot easy for them. perhaps DW can run a poll so we all can vote!!

Sam Perera said...


I believe that the MOD photos are well thought of. It is to bring closure to the story of Soorya Thevan. The sun god died in SLA fire and died like a coward. Then of course, just a few hours after his body was found in a mud hole like a pig with whatever left of his clothing. That is a quite step down from Sun God to a coward. Then comes the legendary warrior Brigadier Shavendra Silva, the commander of legendary 58th Division of SLA. After that former deputy of LTTE Colonel Karuna saying that he is 100% certain that it is VP. The ay photoes look, VP is worshiping SS and Karuna. After that the warm hand shake of SS and Karuna is to signify the unity of Sri Lankans of all creed in this great moment. In summary it brings down VP to level of a scum and symbolizes the right direction our country should go now on.

Thusitha said...


Can't you guys put Pressure on Malaysia to get KP? I think now LTTE is gone, that would not be a great problem.

Amma Gahai/Gahawi said...

For the all monkeys complaining about mud in SunGoats body:

Monkeys, have u ever tryied take cloths off from a chuby person? I bet no!

Once, I got this chuby chick into my bed and no time she was begging to hump her and doing all these moves and I was going ape to take her cloths off but it is not easy thing mate. By the time I got her cloths off all the ice-cream and jelly I got into bed for the foreplay all over her body and even he coffy on op of the side table and some M&M was sprinkled.

She looked like a B'Day cake by the time I got all the cloths off! ha ha ha

Anyway, my point is try getting SunGoat's cloths off from his FAT body while lying on the bank of the Nanthikadal lagoon with out getting any mud in his body then I'll give u the Chuby chicks number!

Ananda-USA said...

MayilRavana said...

[ I thought SF is the most beautiful city in the World until I visited Paris.]

Bro, Paris is MUCH more beautiful than SFO, in my view.

BTW, late last night, about the time that Final Victory over the LTTE and Reunification of Sri Lanka was announced, a flower pod on one of my cactus plants in the entry way of my house suddenly bloomed and openmed up into a VERY LARGE flower (10 in dia). This plant produces only ONE FLOWER per year. I will post a picture at SLP blog with an appropriate message.

Are the Hatara Waran Deviyo protecting Lanka also dancing in delight and making flowers bloom in our HOMES at the time they are blooming in our HEARTS?

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ඉයන් said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...


I believe that the MOD photos are well thought of. It is to bring closure to the story of Soorya Thevan. The sun god died in SLA fire like a coward while he was running. Then of course, a few hours later his body was found in a mud hole like a pig with whatever left of his clothing. That is a quite step down from Sun God to a shameless coward. Then comes the legendary warrior Brigadier Shavendra Silva, the commander of legendary 58th Division of SLA. After that former deputy of LTTE Colonel Karuna saying that he is 100% certain that it is VP. The photoe looks like VP is worshiping SS and Karuna. After that the warm hand shake of SS and Karuna is to signify the unity of Sri Lankans of all creed in this great moment. In summary it brings down VP to level of a scum and symbolizes the right direction our country should go now on.

Saul said...

Lots of tied threads still.. time will sort them out I guess. Or not. But I find Soosai to be fascinating.

How did his family escape when other LTTE families were presumably still in the area? Who allowed it to happen? Where was VP when it was happening? Why didn't he stop it? Could he have stopped it?

So many threads.

ඉයන් said...

Reading some of the posts in puligal I thought that these guys were ideologically passionate rather that terrorists. However reading the follwing posted by the puligal editor shows their intentions now.

quote---Present need is to get a federal solution through peaceful method, and then use the federal solution to get Eelam in the long run. But to make it work need to stop illegal Sinhala colonization. --unqote

The indians are coming and UN is coming and many others may come and demand for 'political' solution, and what is writen by the editor puligal will be the final outcome.

The president and others have acted with foresight on this issue that is not displayed by any other Sri Lankan leader except perhaps for Rt.Hon. DS Senanayaka.
Hence I sincerely hope that they will NOT fall for the calls for 'immediate solution', 'self determinations' etc. and only go for equal rights for everyone and my influential friends here have made this point to the decision makers. I hope Ananada- USA will use his eloquance to keep on writing fewmore emails on this highlighting the danger.

Moshe Dyan said...


you are not a slow learner i suppose???

just kidding. you are absolutely right.

we knew it LONG LONG b4.

that was the plan since 1949.

in 1949 a tamil RACIST party was formed by the name ILLANKAI TAMIL ARSE KACHCHI which means TAMIL NATION PARTY. it was CUNNINGLY translated to english as FEDERAL PARTY.


its an OLD OLD trick.

but the atmosphere is different today than 1949. there is FCUKING popular concept that allows regional/group self determination. these things make FEDERAL even more dangerous.

Saul said...

So many conspiracy theories, so little time.

Anonymous said...

quote---Present need is to get a federal solution through peaceful method, and then use the federal solution to get Eelam in the long run. But to make it work need to stop illegal Sinhala colonization. --unqoteVery well said and in three lines; easy to remember if you want to vote for UNP. If I add more, west (USA, UK, EU etc) and India for their own agenda will demand federal and we will see increased level of activities from both diaspora moneys and INGO coolies.

Much responsibility is now in the hands of intellectuals who love one Sri Lanka and mass when they vote. What we have to do is spend some time and put some effort with brain and this is nothing compared to sacrifices done by our boys in SLDF. We need SL economy to grow so that every one get benefits while ethnic based issues to be dissapear in long run. Both the direction and speed matters.

Unknown said...

Rac Rab Boss,

This Sara boss and me good friends and him and me very serious not joking. Thank you boss for your good talking. Come my house if you come Maradankadawala.

Moshe Dyan said...

and again it approves my LONG TERM solution which they call,

"illegal Sinhala colonization".

they know FCUKING well that colonisation can PERMANANTLY DESTROY all avenues of tamil elam.

that is EXACTLY what we should do. need not be sinhala only though. THE MORE THE MERRIER!!

Anonymous said...


Its little use trying to convincing monkeys that VP is dead. Let them dream as they like. They are slow learners and some still thinking SLA is at Mavil Aru, some still counting miles to Kilinochchi.

Its more important now to thin about future Sri Lanka.

# Post war issues

1. Finding buried weapons
2. De mining
3. Resettlement of IDPs

# Long term military issues

1. Welfare of SLA families
2. Recruiting more troops to SLA
3. Expanding SLN and SLAF

# Economic issues in both short term and long term

# Finding a suitable person for the position for opposition leader.

TropicalStorm said...

It is quite possible that we may never know the entire sequence of events in the last few days of the 'Final War for eelam'. But even for us who live half a world away from the action yet keep the ear to the ground, a timeline is not too difficult to construct.

As our forces closed in from all round, the pressure mounted, in particular as a result of the Indian elections getting close. It may have seemed like the life line opportunity the tigers waited for. Yet when the SLG didn’t seem too concerned about the fall-out on the Indians in Tamilnadu from the anti-LTTE operations in Sri Lanka's North east, the screws started tightening. This time it was the Americans who were joining the cacophony from europe. The pressure instantly became overwhelming, and even the Chinese and Russians are believed to have told SLG that they may not be able to hold off a UNSC resolution against Sri Lanka. SLG for once blinked, and asked the SL forces to go slow.

And then the 13th May rolled past and Indian voters ruled the pro-LTTE monkey circus in Tamilnadu out of style. The same Indian power bloc was back in the saddle and our part of the world rapidly started to look familiar. In the Wanni, the SL forces loaded their guns.

In India Manmohan spoke against the tamil tigers and Obama wanted them to surrender. UN’s Ban condemned the LTTE’s human shields.

Somewhere in Washington big brother reluctantly nodded.

And on a thin strip of wasteland in the north east of Sri Lanka, lights went out for the monsters.


ඉයන් said...

Thanks Moshe,

I hope the president or someone senior will call this bluff openly and state

(a) Federal is out as it will ultimately lead to cessation.

(b) We will address the equal rights through legislation similar to the first world etc.

In my view 13th ammendment is also too much as if fully implemented land and police powers to be given and hence this should be repealed (and Provincial councils) along with the introduction of equal oppertunity legislation. Meanwhile integretaion through resettlements should happen a.s.a.p while giving back the land of sinhalese and muslims that were ethincally cleansed by the now Late. SlumDog

BTW There are no slow learnes and fast learners but only patriots and traitors (haha just kidding)) :))

Defencewire said...


Email web editor under Contact Us and send email message. Start--

C/O Capt. C.Perera,

TropicalStorm said...


Soosai is said to have contacted MI and asked them to protect his family and told them he decided to fight to the finish. So did Swarnam.

Two men who were real soldiers, to the death. I think our guys will remember them with respect.

Unknown said...

We will never get good marks from the Interfering Community because everyone follows their own agenda. Similarly the diaspora will only have hatred for us whatever we do.

Thus the best thing is to do what you see as right for your country and not allow anyone to catch you violating the international law. That is what all these pontificators are doing.

I am pissed off with these media. After all that our troops have done for the civilians not a word of appreciation from any of them.

Indian said...

I can think of couple of reasons -

He seemed to remained in a state of denial throughout,just like the diaspora who believe he is stil alive now.Come to think of it.He has history to tell him that.He escaped from the clutches of IPKF.He was able to nullify Jayasikurui.He lived in the glory days of Oyaatha Alaigal.

He might have felt he will not get caught and SOMEONE will bail him out.I am sure he was assured by SOMEONE that things will be fine and to hangon there.Maybe it was a conspiracy by SOMEONE or maybe it was that SOMEONE genuinely tried and failed.

Now who this SOMEONE is - well I could think of 2,though I dont say its them,I wont rule it out.
1>KP \ Some high profile insider in LTTE - with VP goes the accountability and Billions of $ can change anyone or Some high profile insider could have done VP IN
2>RAW - the fringe elements in RAW which you said could be supporting VP and which I kept denying throughout.What if the fringe element in RAW,which VP thought were his aides turned out to be the otherway around - just like Kittu's case.Sweet revenge eh wink wink

The other reason,he has cultivated an image.Whether he did it on his own with careful nurturing or did it happen as it normally happens with reclusive terrorist's is hard to say.

Lets assume for a moment he had escaped while the rest had died.GoSL could have milked that situation.Here is a man who asked everyone to swallow cyanide and when his moment came,chose to run to save himself.That would have punctured a big hole into his cult status amongst the diaspora.Which is exactly the reason why I feel,the GoSL could have done this different.
They could have shown the corpse of all leader's killed including CA now except VP and used this for their propoganda.You know for sure he isnt coming back as you killed him - but why announce it to the world,when you have more benifits by not doing so.
I believe this is what India had been suggesting to Srilanka but MR chose to do it differently.I am sure he would have weighed the pro's and con's of both options before choosing this one.

My $0.02

Ananda-USA said...

Saul said...

[ How did his family escape when other LTTE families were presumably still in the area? Who allowed it to happen? ]


There were some reports a few weeks ago, that the LTTE cadre were splitting into two camps, one headed by VP+Pottu Amman and oner headed by Soosai. With his control over the Sea Tigers, and LTTE land forces cornered, Soosai had more independance of action by than the others. So, my guess is that he managed to get his family out unknown to the VP+Pottu Amman camp.

Saul said...

Tropical Storm, thanks.

Saul said...

Ananda- USA, cheers.

Defencewire said...


'My guy"? Why haven't you heard? Its apparently my father! (last time I checked he was a school teacher).

Saul said...

Indian, from your possible explanations, one thing factor is consistent. That Herr VP was a snake.

Whether he grew soft over time is a good question, and possible. More likely he just got double double double crossed somewhere along the line.

And give the devil his due. His son turned up dead; I don't know too many world leaders - forget terrorists - who are committed enough to put their children on the line.

All in all, I think a double cross somewhere along the line. And a big one.

Of course, regardless of the how he was taken, he was still going to lose. The SLA was going to win.

ඉයන් said...

SARA said...
We will never get good marks from the Interfering Community

I think MR and Sri Lanka has earned a new respect from International community. The leaders of the west will not admit it. But the respect of the people. A small country managed to dodge the intervention and carrots (approval for 1.9B) and work towards a goal and reach it. A goal no one thought possible.

One quote from public in a article in national post , canada said.

"can the SL army make a guest appearance in toronto"

another person said

"when I meet a Sri Lankan I only want to hear that he is a sinhalese"

I am sure that our diplomats and everyone would look with awe at the Sri Lankans they couldnt buy or intimidate.

In a way Late.Slumdog has done SL a favour.

Moshe Dyan said...



there is an added problem.

the bastard in charge of the APRC is a COMMUNIST!! that makes it easier for pseudo federal solutions to emerge.

equal rights a MUST.

MR's skills will be tested how he will use the equal rights thing to whack the federal BS.

yet, this is not enough bcos the LTTE diaspora and MOST tamil politicians in SL are hellbent on the federal--->tamil elam path.

colonisation (no matter how unpopular it is, like the WAR that started out of a ceaseire) MUST be done.

ONLY THEN the tamil elam thing will be IMPOSSIBLE and its supporters will give up.

at the moment, if the govt goes for a federal solution, that is suicide for the SLFP. JVP will rise from the dead and even the UNP (they will cite various petty reasons like in the case of PTOMS).

Unknown said...

Ananda boss,

When you say you from SF I think you Special Force Malli. Now me know what SF mean. Other boss also give talks about Paris.

But boss, me tell you. You come Maradankadawala. Me sure it very more beautiful than other city in the worlds.

Ananda boss and all other gentlemnans, you very good chest people. Come and see Maradankadawala boss. You get down Maradankadawala bus stand and ask any one in bajar where Jamis. No one not know Jamis.

Come bosses. Now Koti ponnayas setta pochchi. So no bombs. You come stay in my house many days. Have good wal uru mas. Also boss top class other badu. Not like Dabal something arrack.

ඉයන් said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ඉයන් said...

All these conspiracy theories on how SlumDog met his maker (oh god! what was the god thinking when he 'made' the slumog?) miss one RAW but important public information.

Our General SF was in India on Sunday and Monday. Add that to the events and a plausible flow of events emerge.

Moshe Dyan said...

a complete CRAP argument by eric baily.

"How it handles this desecration of Prabhakaran’s body will give some insight into how dedicated the government really is to these ideals."

these two issues are totally unrelated.

the LTTE is ONLY a terrosit group and its members were wearing a camouflage like "dress" similar to that worn by militaries around the world.

but they had no right to be in what can be construed a military uniform. NO RIGHT.

its a shame that vezapillai was only in his "panties" apart from weariong that robbed "uniform" which he had no right to be in.

what if he died wearing the robe of a pastor?? should he be kept that way??? no way. so the same thing works here.

also EB speculates a war crime. the injury can well be made in combat.

SLDFs should IMMEDIATELY get rid of this CARCASS by cremation. enough is enough.

humiliating it further is NOT the way. that UNFORTUNATELY hurts some sri lankans. and there is no benefit in hurting them. some ppl might even relate it to 1983, 1989.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News

VP is NOT dead. He has waken up, had a bath in the lagoon (no mud) and wore his uniform. Don't believe me.. eh? check this.


Unknown said...

DW thank you for the yeoman service that u provided to us in a troubled time!!!
Ive few questions,, first the body looks really good, guess not more than 12 hours dead when shown. Sea conditions deteriorate corpses faster than normal conditions.

Can’t we assume he was shot point blank on the head?? no burn marks?? A machine gun would have left more bullet wounds?? A sniper weapon would have done more damage??

Nihara said...

Thank you for, all your posts which,kept us informed about the front line activities all this time.

Since your job is almost done here I guess you might fade away as mentioned before.

So if that's the case, wish you good luck in your future endeavours...!!

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Hey guys,

This is from "Peter". Posted at Puligal.blogspot.com

Peter said...

"VP isn't dead, that I am very sure about. SL can always show photo of the body which they sent for examination. I think we will get a video of him in another six weeks or so.

"VP is not an ordinary human to die surrounded by SLA. He fought two countries for 30 years, and survived. Anyone remembers July 1989 front-page obituary published in The Hindu? For more than 20 years RAW has been gunning for him. ***God can't die***."
See how these Peelam morons, worship the scum irrespective of the truth. Denial?

Ananda-USA said...

Dear Indian,

Thanks for your interesting analysis of VP's decision to stay. KP ($B motivation) as the person who let VP down was suggested by DW blogger "duke" also, but RAW (revenge motivation) as a possibility is brand new. Yes, both of these parties could have instilled FALSE confidence in VP, for their own benefit. An interesting question is, if KP betrayed him, I wonder how he plans to escape retribution from the LTTE Diaspora? As you may have heard, they are already running AMOK all over the world, blaming and attacking everyone, and I suspect, their own as well. KP look out!

I think the GOSL wanted to get this done and over with, because it didn't want either the DIVISIVE process of putting him on trial and countering pressure from abroad to spare/release him, or if they captured him and killed him later without putting him on trial, the adverse impact on GOSL's reputation.

In my view, the way it turned out...presumably killed while fleeing from battle....was much better for everybody, except the "true" LTTE fans.

However, his lack of planning out several alternatives for the eventuality that some of them will fail, due to internal and/or external enemies, or international events beyond his control like the INDIA elections, still AMAZES me. He had many options...if only he acted earlier...lucky for Sri Lanka.

I am also thinking that the GOSL handled the IC very well in this process, to give VP just enough hope until they could corner him and take him out. Shutting off all avenues earlier might have sooked him and driven him to flee Sri Lanka, which is not good at all for us. For us Sri Lankans, the GOSL handled it just right, I think...with the exception of releasing pictures of VP without clothes on...which was unnecessary. But, I am not going to second guess a TEAM that did a MASTERFUL JOB during this ENTIRE WAR.

The US Military would salivate at the prospect of cornering Osama bin Laden and Al-Quaida, like we did with VP and the LTTE. They had a chance in Afghanistan, but BLEW IT BIG TIME by leaving the borders open.

Likewise, by deploying only 15,000 troops in the Swat Valley, the Pakistani Army is BLOWING the chance to capture and kill the Taliban leaders also. They should throw a continuous cordon around the ENTIRE Swat valley with 100,000 additional troops, and then move in the 15,000 troops to sweep the valley from end-to-end while moving the cordon in to tighten the noose. That's how you corral and kill terrorists; not by killing a few and dispersing the rest, allowing them to live and fight again, and again, for the next two decades.

Anyway, thanks for your post; very interesting.

Ananda-USA said...


At Army.lk, there is a photo of a paper poster declaring "Velupillai Prabhakan Yali Noepadeva" !

Are they saying "May He Attain Nirvana" which is the most treasured goal of us Buddhists? Very Strange! LoL!

Srilankan said...

Dont waste your time.Bottom line we won..It is our duty to provide for the rescued tamil people..our people the very best we can.Our relationship with these fusicking LTTE shits is over since they are not citizens of Slanka any more..thankgod for that.Our next task is to come up with a plan that will make these LTTE di-ass-phora donkeys sweat for the next 100 years and also to tighten immigration laws..we dont and must never ever want these LTTE di-ass-phora shits to visit SLanka ever agin ..it our turn now.. newtons 3rd law..

Anonymous said...

/Are they saying "May He Attain Nirvana" which is the most treasured goal of us Buddhists? Very Strange! LoL!/

This just shows how good is sinhala buddhist culture. Whoever wrote that did it unintentionally and wrote 'yali noipadeva' instead of writing 'burn in hell'.

Unknown said...


Fucking tamil die ass poras bastards are talking about taking Sri Lanka on her knees. Another dream. You morons you had done enough sin for next few generations.Do you want to do more. I feel KP must have ochestrated surrender and given all the informations to SLDF. Reason is he and only few of mf's have access to vast amount of wealth of dead peelam. Investments/swiss bank accounts etc etc. Think about that. You morons clean toilets and give money to these mf's. stop it you animals. Let your tamil relatives to live peacefully atleast now onwards. Spend those money to develop their lives. If you cannot live with sinhalese, that is your problem. Find another place to creat you mother fucking peelam. not in SL no no not for another 3500 years. We will protect our mother Lanka to the last sinhala(modayas as you called). Stop cultivating hate in your children's minds you magalomaniacs. Don't destroy their lives also. We know you fuckers are more concern about your citizenship in the countries you residing than your innocent suffering relatives in vanni.

you bring the war crimes against SL . We will bring it to you back.Let EU to try. We need IC help to rebuild this country.That doesn't mean with the cost of souverenity of our beautiful motherland. You tamil racist morons,We are king Rawana's people not monkey hanumantha's people like you bastards.You can live with us peacefully with equel rights.If not find a place to sing about peelam.

MR has few thing to do i feel,

a) Find the right people for foreign service. I feel he should kick out boga from FM position. Stop giving jobs to your friends and relatives whom cannot deliver the things to country wasting our tax money.

b) Creat a LRRP/international version to hunt down those still go against motherland.

Long live mother Lanka. You peelamist go hel and you find peelam is exists in there.

Thunderin typhoooooons, Blistering barnacles.


Calvin said...

I think Defence.lk has removed those naked pics of VP finally.

many bros. tried to inform.. a good thing...

Unknown said...


I hope you are correct. In the part of the world that I live in we generally do not discuss these things with the local population an they are not interested any way. Thus I am not much aware of the actual feelings of others except what I get from the media, which seems to be unfavorable to us.

But what you say invigorates me. Yes you have to be right. They must be secretly admiring our leaders and the boys and heaving a big sigh of relief.

Thnaks for cheering me up.

Subramanium said...

We thank our brave soldiers allowed to do clean shave before VP die.

We are expecting state TV will show more clean shave face dead body of top leaders LTTE.

Moshe Dyan said...


not true.

the LTTE die-arse-pora is not a group of aliens. they are brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, future husbands of SL tamils. they will ALWAYS be.

ALWAYS relatives in the tamil diaspora will be MORE important to tamils in SL than sinhalas. this is normal and MUST be respected.

LTTE diaspora will not come to SL bcos they have a better life abroad.

but they are VERY RICH compared to srilankans. have excess money that WILL be used to finance TAMIL ELAM.

we CANNOT stop that. its a political objective.

but we CAN make their dream UNATTAINABLE here in SL. then and only then they will give up.

re: naked pix.

glad MoD removed them. i don't enjoy seeing the carcass anymore. thanks for everyone else who wrote to them to remove these shit. that was quick.

Ogre said...

Emptiness Greets, things kept hidden and things we should know

Dear Patriots,

You will never know the circumstances leading to Velupille Prabhakaran's death, perhaps when things settle down a bit.

I am here today to tell you about something else. errr to 'leak' a piece of information so vital that Diaspora might think twice about the future of LTTE and so called Elam struggle.

You know LTTE is also know as Terrorist.inc. It means they are a big corporation with a 300 million dollar budget. They only spent 10 million US dollars for arms every year.

We are learning from Daya Master, how VP paid Balasingham (he did not do it for FREE), 2 million US dollars a year.

But that is not even my point here.

Let us dial back about two years.
Things were bit rough back then. LTTE was still flying high and Diaspora as usually had no clue of the events that were unfolding.

One important individual, associated with LTTE's foreign weapons procurement was captured/arrested in a nearby country that shared the same religious background. The events that unfolded had consequences beyond Sri Lanka.

That was the beginning of the end...

China was investing heavily in Sri Lanka. US and India were nervous, but still unsure of the steadfastness of Sri Lankan political and military establishments to destroy LTTE.

If the war was prolonged China would benefit, and if the war was shortened Chinese influence could be limited.

The plan was marvelous. In a far faraway land very powerful organizations planned and executed moves to help Sri Lanka.

It worked. Prabhakaran until his last call was still under the impression someone was coming to pick him up.

But sadly no help came, KP abandoned him.
After all, all that money close to ONE billion US dollars...awesome life. We should see him build some nice mansions in South Africa and Monaco, you will see him drive a bently or a rolls royce on the highway. Personally I love South Africa more than Monaco.

IT all ended in 2007 first quarter.

Guess what Pottu Amman...yes somethings are better kept as they are. Why force my governments hand and have another show on TV?

India is awesome. Singh is KING. India's and Sri Lanka's destinies are intertwined and always together. She gave us Religion, Culture, and nurtured us at times of danger. So we should be eternally grateful to her.

The war is over. For those who were addicted to war stories, or so called WAR porn, you may need to find solace in a future Sri Lanka.

Moshe - do not agree on colonizing NE by Sinhalese. Better, use free will, if Sinhalese population can successfully do business and function with the minority in NE then so be it. But not by force, that is too in my face. Remember HE words, there are no minorities in Sri Lanka anymore.

Nisal said...

The PLAN 'B'

Editor: "Badrinath" said...

["Tamils have lost completely & it is time to make peace with sinhalas. Otherwise within this year, there will be no tamil left in Srilanka."]

Present need is to get a federal solution through peaceful method, and then use the federal solution to get Eelam in the long run. But to make it work need to stop illegal Sinhala colonization.

Subramanium said...

our sri lankan TV will show clean shaved face dead body of POTTU AMMAN soon.

Subramanium said...

TV showed TWO time VP dead body

1.With uniform..
2.with out uniform...

Ananda-USA said...

Saul said...

[ I don't know too many world leaders - forget terrorists - who are committed enough to put their children on the line. ]


VP put Charles Anthony in a leadership position not for altruistic reasons stemming from commitment to the cause, but to have a person he could trust watch the others, and to continue the Prabhakaran Dynasty as KINGs of EELAM.

In fact, Prabhakaran was extremely paranoid and tortured and killed many of his close LTTE associates over the years. In fact, there were many rumors of dissatisfaction expressed by the other LTTE leaders when Charles Anthony was anointed as the yuvaraja to take over after VP. Karuna confirmed this after his defection.

Nilambare said...

This 'political solution' thing always intrigues me.

In working towards a united, democratic and pluralistic Sri Lanka, why do we need a federal solution?

All we need is to LEGISLATE that it is illegal discriminate people based on their race, religion or creed for anything in Sri Lanka.

I am not an expert of the SL constitution, but I believe it is already there.

Nevertheless, it is better to do that as a separate legislation. This will be a big step towards squashing these western do-gooders preaches on what SL should and shouldn’t do etc . This is beneficial from a number of pints:

All western countries have this kind of legislation and it works well. These countries have multi-ethnic groups and none is asking for federal solutions for their different ethnic groups. The talk of the town always in these countries is that migrants and people from other ethic groups don’t get good jobs etc. But counter those arguments, these countries have STRONGLY worded legislations; for e.g. the selection for jobs should strictly be on merit (practice may differ depending on the situation).

These countries also do not change their main language. For example, in Australian context, they always say people are free to observe their cultures in an environment where the English is the national language. In Sri Lanka’s case Tamil is an official language already.

At the end of the day, Tamils and Sinhalese both should bat for Sri Lanka and Tamils can seek selection to Parliament just like anyone else based on policies that would benefit Sri Lanka not any particular ethnic group. Policies can also be geared towards uplifting living standards of marginalised people, in that case, they could be Tamils, they could be Sinhalese.

If Tamils advocate country’s betterment, not concentrating on particular ethnic group for no reason, that will be what is needed. These ethnicity-based political parties are also a hindrance. They should learn a lesson from Obama who always campaigned for America and Americans. He did not take the ‘black’ thing. Look where he is now.

If Tamils take that path, soon they win the hearts and minds of Sinhalese and other groups and one day a Tamil may end up being the Sri Lankan President. Who cares as long as he/she is a patriot and bat for Sri Lanka, just like Luxman Kadirgarmar did.

This Federal bullshit puzzles me as to how it is going to solve the ‘political solution’ what that is.

Indian said...

Hi Boys.....

You were serching and trying your best to make people belive "thats is prapa Body"....
ha haaa...

in the mean time who ever did serching for your " LASANTHA RAJASINGHE"????

oooooooops im sorry...
but he done a great job...
in our vanni oppertion...


Sri Lankikaya said...

Mr Moshe Dyan, Mr Ananda (The proud son of Mother Lanka better known as Ananda from USA)Mr Tropicalstorm and ofcourse Mr Qrious


all of you have been towers of strength to Patriots.Pillars at DW and DN for a long long time. Some have come some have left but you have prevailed and defended our Mother like true sons.


We now have a greater responsibility to help the innocent fellow Sri Lankans who have suffered most and to develop our nation.

I sincerely hope all of you will continue to support the great leader we have after the great kings of yonder.

Indian said...

//Ananda said,
but RAW (revenge motivation) as a possibility is brand new//

Not exactly revenge motivation - but the interest's of India.It was not a secret that RAW wanted LTTE finished.They bade their time and when they had in place a strong political and military leadership,they pooled in with what they could.

Countries are blessed with such combo's very rarely.India had Indira and Sam manekshaw.Srilanka has MR and SF at the ripe time and they made better use of it.

If KP did,what we suspect he did,then its not a problem for him with the amount of $$ in his hands.He could easily have attained a new identity by now.

PS:All this is assumption or theory .I never claim this IS what happened.

But I still personally believe GoSL could have maintained VP escaped.I dont know how much you follow Hindi movies,but I do believe you can understand Hindi.

Quoting this from the Amitabh Bachchan starrer "Sarkaar"

"Subhash Naagre aadmi hai;Sarkaar ek soch hai
Aadmi se maarne pehle,soch ke maarna zaroori hai"

Sri Lankikaya said...

Defencewire Team

A sincere thank you to you all for what you have done all these years. You've kept the flag flying and rallied patriots to fight a bitter propaganda battle

I humbly bow down in front of you all. I thank you all with tears of happiness in my eyes. I am proud of you great sons of mother Lanka.

We now have a bigger battle, to restore Mother Lankas image and take a her to prosperity that she deserves.

please continue the great service, may not be the same blog but with an appropriate forum, but Please do


Moshe Dyan said...


no, mate.

colonisation is a must. it is the MOST important thing to unify SL. DSS, etc. were no fools. SL is holding its ground today bcos of what he and others did then.

other examples include welioya, janakapura, etc. though i do not propose parts of that method.

it is a SOLUTION done by many other countries very successfully to stop disintegration of the country.

yes, there are no majority/minorities. that is my point too. if you STOP thinking in sinhala/tamil terms, there is NOTHING wrong at all in colonisation. ppl BADLY need land & SL BADLY needs to utilise these unused land for development.

it is not just sinhalas. it is sinhalas, muslims and tamils!!! remember no majority/minority.

ppl will NEVER by free will go there in large numbers to effectuate a political change there. a change from TAMIL ONLY racist parties promoting tamil elam to national politics.
the govt must do it by proving all ameneties, land, etc. as they did.

unless this is achieved, we will SURELY end up creating tamil elam.

remember it was these parties that started the tamil elam struggle and the cowboy ran with it with popular support.

i understand that there are OLD theories against colonisation. we must overcome those crap.

the rule about land is simple.
either you use it or lose it.
we cannot be like the dog in the manger.
NEW tamil elamists want VERY BADLY that no one other than tamils use it for OBVIOUS reasons.

pete999 said...

Well,Said M Subramanium ....
" our sri lankan TV will show clean shaved face dead body of POTTU AMMAN soon."
You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. ...but you can fool Sinhalaya all of the time.

Sinhalaya modya Kauna Kanna yodaya

Moshe Dyan said...


i honestly think you are a greater human being than all those you mentioned, including ananda the great!!

keep up the good work.

BUT don't leave here permanantly. your brainy inputs are needed for nation building.

there are a LOT of pitfalls in nation building. MANY prefer the EASY way that leads to a quicky but long term destruction. need ppl with a LONG term view. to go against the convention and achieve long lasting results.

Unknown said...

wht I thought Poddu already declared dead. Have you been publishing unconfirmed news. He is a "must kill" figure.

Unknown said...

Hay www.tamilnet.com is no longer there it seems

Ogre said...


read between the lines, there is a way to do certain things, bringing a bunch of Sinhalese from impoverished areas and settling them is not the way. But instead encourage business, development, intermarriage and the many reasons why sinhalese can go to north and east, just the ability to buy land. Laws designed to protect ethnic ratios should be removed such as preventing land ownership by anyone other than Tamils in north and east.

Ogre said...

but what intrigues me is that Diaspora now is taken for a ride by none other than KP.

ONE BILLION US Dollars......all for himself...VP gave account numbers, contacts, so many godies.

may be can get to them before KP does..eh?

Ashoka said...


a very good article, a must read. Indian perspective (from an experianced diplomat) on Sri Lankans.


If anyone of you were following Professor Nalin De Silva's articles, you will see a connection between theories. (On the question of 'Why British are so against us')

Indian said...

Hi PPl....

Are you serching for POTTU AMMAAN???

mmmmm so better train an another Lasantha Rajasinghe...

but Pleeese Modayaas...ATLEST keep it as secret....

YOU BOYS KNOW...this is Our Prapa`s 19th RE-BIRTH....

ha haaaaa....

Dont worry...
better continue your partying...


Moshe Dyan said...


re: china.

i agree on what you said about india.

BUT at the end of the day it is china that matters MOST for SL.

1. chinese aid, investments in SL are MUCH larger than india.

e.g. indian aid in 100s of million US$ but chinese aid in BILLIONS.

2. china is a UN security council PERMANANT member and india will never be. that is where decisions are made for the world.

3. true china would benefit IF the war runs longer, bothways, but they NEVER helped LTTE unlike india (which formally & officially helped the LTTE).

4. india was forced to help SL, due to chinese connections. when chinese interests in SL was VERY LOW, india didn't give us a damn. the sudden interest is to ward-off chinese interests. but GOSL is taking a different stand. it will be permanantly clower to china than india.

5. ALL sl's long term friends in the region are with china NOT india (paki, bangla). getting too closer to india will surely make us lose our long term regional friends.

6. china will NEVER tell SL what to do, politically, a mark of a TRUE friend.

7. china is building the economic (and military) project that has the potential to be SL's LARGEST money spinner. india has NEVER done that and never will.

the hambantota port lies just <15 nms from the LARGEST asian shipping route. economic possibilities are endless.

8. MOST of our defence equipment are chinese and almost nothing are indian, those some came from india. (but india did provide a lot of consumables but still less than china). no questions asked!!!!

9. human rights - a dirty issue where we BADLY needed someone BIG to tell us "it is OK you are fighting an internal war" in PUBLIC. only china (& russia) had the gutts to do so.

10. seasonal friends are less important than permanant friends, generally. we need a level of CONSISTANCY that only shina, paki and bangla showed us.

Indian said...

Its sooooo Bad....

how many times our SLAs got damn messed up and shamed by thes kinda of releases...

When your Leaderships goanna learn...???

What to do???
alll you SL`s Fate ballaassss....

මොරටු සමන් - MoratuSaman said...

Here it is; ganeshan LTTE wanna be already started Eelam war-5

Linknow hiring White Van Drivers - please submit your resume.

sinhale said...

I am amazed by the stories the Tamil Tiger Terrorist jokers have cocooned. They came up with the suicide bomber Idea. Collected a lot of dumb sex starved idiots and told them they could end up in heaven with 7 virgins if they explode themselves. These underage nitwits were eager to taste a woman’s pussy let alone 7 virgins. Then they removed sex discrimination in their ranks by allowing women to overtake men as suicide bombers ( the male suicide bombers did not mind a bit, after all they were not that dumb and stupid). These women suicide bombers would not get seven virgins but instead seven strokes of the fat pigs ‘retired lingam’ at the last supper. They held kangaroo courts and advertised them as their legal system to international standards. Had one bank with a lifeline to a Sri Lankan bank with a one man major account, and called it their international banking system. Had a few run down shit hotels with open toilet pits and called it their tourist industry of Tamil Elam. Had a hand drawn postage stamp, which was not even recognized inside their territory and the postal service was paid for by the Sri Lankan government. The government of Sri Lanka built a brand new hospital in Killinochi and the tigers posed for pictures pretending as if it was their work. The tiger doctors were paid for by the Sri Lankan government and they showed their appreciation by fabricating bizarre kill accounts against the Sri Lankan Government and at times identifying origins of heavy weapons fire from the government side better than fire radar. Surprisingly, there was no bad mouthing of the tigers. I guess they are out of a job now that their Tamil Tiger Terrorist masters have been pulverized.

sinhale said...

And the funniest part is that we know who you are, have you ear marked and you will never be allowed to set foot on mother Lanka. Only feet first and 10’ underground.

sinhale said...

Did they have a currency system or did the home-office printed money ran their colors in between transactions? Oh yes they even had their own daylight saving – a mere half-hour different from Sri Lanka. They never did anything fully any way. They managed to feed and look after their people as long as the Sri Lankan government did not forget to send in the ton loads of food supplies, medicine and fuel.

Had a couple of homemade boats filled with explosives and called it Tamil Elam navy. Bought a couple of discarded crop dusters, hung a couple of homemade bombs and called it the Tamil Elam AIRFARCE. Gave an ultimatum to the Sri Lankan Government to come up with a political solution to their liking( a separate state) or else. I guess the ‘or else’ happened and the funniest part is that the Tamil Tiger propaganda is again on high gear advertising to the world that the fat pig is still alive, safe, kicking and leading the Tamil struggle. Just look at the pictures with his head blown off and his fat pig face still intact. Probably the Tamil terrorists forgot that it is a real cat that has seven lives. Fat pigs have only one dirty life. After that they roast in hell. They tried their last minute jokes. Ceasefire and unconditional peace talks and when that failed, silencing the guns and surrendering to a third party(is it surprising that this was Norway). Yes they surrendered unconditionally all right. To the devil himself in hell. He will take care of them all right for all the misery that they have caused.

These nitwits have managed to hoodwink the IC like crazy. The IC has swallowed their line, sinker and the terrorist piece of shit attached to the end. The Tamil tiger refugee DIE-ASS- PARAYAS are demonstrating like crazy about genocide in Sri Lanka!!! They are really agonizing over the soon to be deportation orders to Sri Lanka and it is like the last gasp of the Tiger Leadership for surrender. Trying the genocide angle to stay in these countries. I have a better Idea. The stupid English opened the door for all these terrorists to stay forever in the West. Before it was if the destination country threatened your life. These smart guys now decided that if the terrorist thinks he will commit suicide when he is deported, his life is in danger and therefore he cannot be deported. I think you white people are genius. We can never reason like that. We have some good news for you. We have a country load of terrorists here in Sri Lanka and everywhere else in the world who can benefit from the fair and justice rules in the West. They will be heading your way pretty soon.

However I see a good trend for Sri Lanka. U.S.A, Britain, Scandinavian Countries, EU, Australia are sympathizing with the Tamil Die-Ass-Parayas. They can keep these terrorists so that we do not have to deal anymore with these terrorists. They can stay in these Tamil Tiger Terrorist friendly countries as long as they like and in fact we will do all we can to help them stay there and we will even help these Tamil Tiger Terrorists to carve out an Elam in Americas, Europe, Scandinavia or in Australia.

The die-ass-parays are threatening to bring Sri Lanka to it’s knees. This is the same die-ass-parayas who have been begging on their knees for a ceasefire and when that failed they were begging to lay down their arms. It is you who are on their knees you idiots. And the funniest part is that we know who you are, have you ear marked and you will never be allowed to set foot on mother Lanka. Only feet first and 10’ underground

sinhale said...

sorry guys. The blog did not accept the full article and the cutt and paste part had some problems

Moshe Dyan said...


no again.

that will not work. it NEVER worked. we had 1948 to 1982 and it didn't work.

we must use it or lose it. it is as simple as that.

also look from a historical pov. until the 13th century there was NO sinhala-tamil issue in SL. it was sinhala-tamil madu. but after SLs left the land and ran away. then sinhalas had to fight the tamils OF SRI LANKA (not tamil madu fellows) for jaffna!!

NEVER forget there is a MASSIVE campaign by the LTTE diaspora to stop others (other than tamils) from settling in the north. this is why govt backing is needed.

if you remember, MR said sometime back that he will give JAYABUMI land of kilinochchi to sinhalas, tamils, muslims.

do that and we will not have any tamil elam.

also don't let northern tamils to ALWAYS look at a soldier with a BIG gun to be associated with the sinhalas. let them have ENOUGH neighbours to LIVE the peace!!!

Indian said...


ya yaa u r right...
''wht I thought Poddu already declared dead. Have you been publishing unconfirmed news. He is a "must kill" figure.''

he is must kill list...
but who can we arrange to kill him...
can we call china again??

or again INDIA???

hmmmm our boys SLA REALLY REALLY tired...
so how about you...

i think u have that capacity...
GO FOR IT..whil here barking as a dog look at the moon....

ha ha haaa....

what ver it is...make it fast...
otherwise..he will be enterd early your mission...

Ogre said...


yes, you do have a point, but not in public. if you know what i am saying. our neighbor is a consistently insecure person. Just like an ugly selfish women who tries to dress nice but then gets mad when there are no complements.

we should be just fine.

Moshe Dyan said...

moratu saman,

this will NEVER end unless we take away the cookie jar - tamil only north - SOOOO close to tamil elam - ASAP.

we can kill mano ganeshan but there will be another MF paid to do BS by the rich LTTE diaspora.

tata said...

I agree with Orge.
I remember we had a very brief discussion about the same thing. I asked for a better word for colonisation. You came up with ethnic integration.

May I humbly request you not to use the word colonisation.

You and ogre are talking of the samething. It's all about political correctness and diplomacy (which is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that, that person looks forward to the journey!)

We need to find better methods:
- work force infusion (to vanni)
- knowledge transfer (to vanni)
- industrial villages
- model villages
- what else?

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