Friday, May 15, 2009

Prabha's last night

By the time this report is being compiled, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam are preparing for its last attack. A meeting was called a few hours ago by Soosei who literally handed-over his family to the Navy (appears to the public as a capture by the Navy) calling on Black Sea Tigers to launch a series of attacks targeting the 58 and the 59 Divisions.

The two Divisions are expected to link-up shortly thus sealing shut the coastal zone and completely land locking the Tigers. The 59 Division faced stiff resistance as they approached the area closest to Prabhakaran's known location.

Tigers shifted much of its attack formations towards the 59, making it increasingly clear that Prabhakaran was still in this suspected location. They even launched a series of sea borne suicide attacks completely decimating, in one occasion, two bunkers killing 15 soldiers.

The Tigers then attempted to repeat the attack but were completely massacred by the 59. This fierce fighting and tactical advantage gained by the 58 allowed the Division to move forward, thus creating the grounds for the link-up, which should take place tonight or at dawn tomorrow.

The 58 Division's 2 Commando Regiment and the Special Forces battalion leading the 59 Division will face much of the brunt of any Sea Tiger attacks tonight or tomorrow. A SF battalion is stationed as a reserve for the 58 as well.

All fighting formations are eager to finish this battle by tomorrow evening at the latest!


The LTTE has lost total control over the civilians. Thousands are expected to flee within the next 24 hours to government controlled areas.

A total of 11,000 civilians have now reached the government's side by this evening. 5000 reached Vavuniya yesterday. Another 6000 have just reached government areas. Another 50,000 still remain.

The LTTE has told these civilians to give then 24hrs, until after the 16th when they except an Indian intervention, which will not be coming.


We have received HIGHLY credible reports that the SLA has located the whereabouts of Prabhakaran. This vital piece of information was received from an LTTE 'Doctor' named Susiran who visited Prabhakaran on the 10th to treat Sithamparathasan, the head of the Ratha Regiment and LTTE Leader V. Pripaharan's chief close protection officer who was injured in the Ananthapuram Box-in by the Special Forces and Commandos.

The 152 LTTE hardcore cadres who some say surrendered to the Army have subsequently 'vanished'. The LTTE 'Doctor' was also from the Ratha Regiment. He served as Prabhakaran's "Escort Leader" for 3 years before leaving the unit for medical training.

There is a very high likelihood that Prabhakaran might not live to see dusk over Mullaitivu coast on Sunday!

Mysterious explosions

3 recent explosions were heard during the last week. 2 were weapons dumps hit by SLA artillery. One remains unknown, but is also thought to be a weapons dump blasted by the Tigers themselves.

The Tigers have also burnt vehicles, a large quantity of valuable documents, computers etc.

Rats from the sinking ship

Like rats from a sinking ship, senior, junior and greenhorn cadres as well as family members of the Tigers who have cold feet have started running towards the Army for ultimate safety having lost all confidence in their leader and cause.

In addition to the much publicized 'capture' of Soosei's family, an LTTE ship captain has also 'surrendered'. This individual has revealed vital information regarding the LTTE's shipping fleet. The individual's own ship had been blown-up by the Navy in 2005.

Among others who surrendered are 3 LTTE high-profile singers, including Shanthan who used to sing praise for Prabhakaran, Black Tigers etc at various events, for videos etc.


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Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Re: Civilians and See-Villains

Wow, more wars are fought in this blog than in the tiny isthmus in North Eastern SL.

Maskman, I have a feeling that I know you [which you may confirm in a manner you choose]. And that would clear your non-peelamist non-humor-right-watchdog status for me [I don't expect rest of you to trust me on this, though].

Having proven that, yes, your do-gooder idea it is. But in that case you'd remember me contrasting the same idea long ago when Kilinochchi was under siege.

Bottom line is that among the civilians we've gotta see villains. It is heart breaking, yet the whole story is implicit. Victim and victimizer both are mere civilians. Let me get further onto this subject.

Let me first clear the children. Yes I'm with you they do not deserve it. But that is common scenario. From sex-sold french kids, raped Pitcairns girls, force-married texas cult children, Mumbai slumdogs and street kids in front of MC; children suffer for sins of their parents. It is world order. As long as elders behave childish and foolish children do suffer.

Why do I call elders fools? The bottom of all heart breaking is, having 100s of 1000s of civilians packed into the island with monaco-like population density. But why? Some of them are from nearby PTK, but most have walked a fair distance, some are even from Mannar or Mallawi. How did they end up in the island? Were they all herded? I mean 100s of 1000s were herded by 1000s of school kids against the will while the shepherds are hammered by a brilliant military??? It is impossible.

It suggests me that these people were taking the march mostly with will. There may be ppl in double mind. There maybe the little minority who were pushed by rest. But most, a sheer most of the lot came with some will.

It was not purely their love with pussycats. Primarily they under-estimated SLDF. They played Rayappu Joseph, assuming that the victory will be temporary and SLDF will be decimated and land will be regained. Like the Statue of Madhu they moved few km further. Initially it is understandable. But are they such fools not to realize it even when they passed pussycat glory of Kilinochchi? In which case, isn't it partially their stupidity that they suffer from??

Now this is a drastic difference to those poor innocents whom died/injured/lost-schooling due to Atha-Wetunu-wewa shelling or Colombo bombing. They DID NOT do anything to be subjected for such acts. Nothing like foolishly following the most ruthless sole, soul, and shole representative. Two levels of sympathy I have for two kinds. Call me a racist, but race was never on my discussion.

Secondly, did you see the endless TV telecast today and previous occasion? [well if you are whom I think you are, it is unlikely]. Well I did. I saw a drastic difference in ppl who came last time at PuthuMathalan wrt to some of those who came today to 58th. The latest "civilians" are physically of different proportions. And their faces did not reflect joy. It stated dissent and despise. As if a cyclone has knocked off roof and they were compelled to shelter in temple. They are not those hunger-struck civilians who ran to their life. They were the evil elements who articulated the suffering of others .

The almighty pussycats and their priviledged relatives. Fuck them. They deserve Hitler's hospitality. Kill them if you can. Whole thousands. No tears from me.

Victim and victimizer in one parcel. Don't have the same meththa for both. We're already suffering with excess meththa our previous generations had towards ruthless savages.

Now think of those SLDF who died in order to save our absolutely dumb but innocent civilians and arrogant pot-bellied mahveerer family members [again civilians]. We lost our finest, selfless, brave men, in order to getr them out of the pit which they jumped into, mostly with will. I have double pain for those brave hearts. They'd have lived with us and enjoyed the BBQ long ago had these fools ever realized the truth behind blind belief and rebelled against pussycats in the early part of A35.

So I am with different views. I do not mean that I have no sympathy. I feel it like you. But reason and fact does not grant it as freely as you mentioned. I wasn't born overnight.

But I'd do whatever I can do for them [and of course forgive all who give up eelam]. Well, I do not have a shrine to pray/chant, but let's give away our spare clothes maybe. Or buy something for the kids.

Re: Twisted Sinhala test

It is very unfair to outscast ppl on language. Ppl of diff ethnicity sit with us. Today in my office we were in a training and I was starving for news, and it was a tamil girl who was cheering for each SMS and sharing news with me. We're not divided with ethnicity, but humanity. Humanity vs savagery. Compassion vs vengeance. But not over-compassion. So Sinhala test is categorically unfair.

Having said that, we found most of rabble-rousers here as tamils portending sinhala. It is a plague. They have these links in frontline and they constantly show up themselves with missinfo. They try 101 tricks and many ppl whom crossed your path today had to try every known method to avoid them pass manipulated ideas into readers.

This is a warzone. You're wrong to play out it as armchair-heroism. It is arm-chair but these are modern terrains of war. Here ppl do not die but ideas do. So due to extreme scenarios some of the guys have the "sinhala test" at prime to expel all pretenders and miss-informants. It is an unfair but effective and essential method like white vans.

Anyway, I understand jollywell that it makes some victimized and feel like robbed of their identity.

Hope you're around and will be back. You can still prove your identity to me if you like. In fact I wrote this long thinking you're my friend, otherwise I'd not given this much care.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Hey CoconutBull, you sound pretty familiar. Have we met before....

Urrr a random thought. Spare it if you like....

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Now on IMF.

Let the Strauss Kahn+co fight the war with Hillarious Rotten Clinton IMF is seeking for self-determination. And USA is oppressing it. Fun isn't it?

GOSL is starving for money, but tell you the truth, MR will have contingency plans. There are some more nations who would pay our bills for slapping west.

You know I don't like it. But if that bitch sucks our money and dildo IMF, well, we should find life.

Nevertheless, SL has to overcome this "not-liked"by-west" syndrome soon. We need west. We need everyone, but pussycats.

I am not someone who'd agree with Hon Kappetipola who sent back sudda's weapons. I like the Jews who dance tango with west and arabs.

Hope MR will soon take on this anti-west issue and recover from it.

In any case BBQ is so near, and hilarious can have her piece soon.

Puffy said...

I hope to wake up tomorrow to see a new Sri Lanka!!!

TAAN said...

wow wow wow DW wt happend to Charles anthony, earlier today Ramawikrama said he has gone. is that true?

LRRU said...

I think Indians will take atleast 48 hrs to form a government.

So that means we still have time

But better we finish by tomorrow noon.

So all combat operations can cease prior to government formation so it might NOT be a condition by any tamil party for a ceasfire in Srilanka

LRRU said...

BTW better get ready for Jayalalitha's Army......

Might NOT be a problem after seen an Army convoy attack in so hilariouse

Unknown said...


Thanks for the frequent updates which no one else is doing. You are the best I know.

Hope your predictions would come true.

Get Real said...

Great news ....can’t wait to see the end !!!! bravo!!! May God bless all our brave solders!!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

DW thanks for news and cheers for the balance.

lankaputhra said...

I hope everything will achieve as u predict... We must think about our war heroes in this moment.
May the triple gem bless all our brave hearts !

DW- I m bit puzzled ‘
The 152 LTTE hardcore cadres who some say surrendered to the Army have subsequently 'vanished'.’ What you mean by that ?

Also we must locate so called DOCTOR in NFZ hospital!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

DW small thing. Let's leave the white van portion in the dark. Let's not talk about it. Millions of hawks prowling. Tomorrow HRW, AI, Hillarious and Milipede may call a UN sec-council meeting based on your news about 152 van rides.

It is obvious even to fatpig that white flag will not save every ass. Weight of crimes in past and potential of evil in future should decide their destinations. Let'd leave the topic.

Unknown said...

Sujeewa Kokawela,

You have expressed the same feelings I have. I don't like to say all, but most of these so called innocent civilians consider the Fat Pig as their hero who killed so many of the hated Sinhalese and Muslims.

If they escape to India they have one story (story 1).

If they surrender to the army they have another story (story 2).

If they manage to go abroad they have a story 3.

Most of them are zombies brainwashed by the pigs waiting to be activated like Babu.

The fat pig did us a good turn by holding off for so long making at least a good portion to perish

Of course we cannot kill these. We are too soft for that. Let us export them to the Western countries. If these countries feel that we are not treating them well, let them take over and keep them in 5 star hotels.

May be years from now we can help them to establish Eelam in a far off land.

Puffy said...

2 things are really worrying me;

1. A meeting was called a few hours ago by Soosei who literally handed-over his family to the Navy (appears to the public as a capture by the Navy) calling on Black Sea Tigers to launch a series of attacks targeting the 58 and the 59 Divisions.

You mean we accepted Soosei's family with open arms, promising Soosei that we will look after them from now on, while he gives orders to carry out suicide attacks against us???
Come on, there is something wrong here... didnt the MI demand anything from Soosei in return for guarenteeing the safety of his family???

You know, like the location of VP or the surrender of Soosei himself or at least for some fresh fish???? :-(

2. We have received HIGHLY credible reports that the SLA has located the whereabouts of Prabhakaran.

If we have credible info. why cant we send our birds and drop some guided bombs on top of this bastard and call it a day???

I dont want to see VP dead or alive...

Victory will be anounced when the SL Armed Forces capture the last inch of land
occupied by the ltte terrorists!

This is what all of us are waiting for.............

hemantha said...

Agree with Sujeewa. We don't wanna know everything.

Defencewire said...


No attempt made to praise anyone, only reporting facts.


Who says some tigers were captured? We have no idea what you are talking about. Let UN find them, if they can. There were hundreds of dead Tigers that day. Who knows how they died.

dogooder said...

the end is so near and yet so many SLA deaths, upsetting. Let us pray that ends today

DW you said 48hrs earlier and now till sunday morning! I think it might be better if you don't give a timeline. Everyone wants to see the end, most of all our brave soldiers. False hopes have a devastating effect on those whose emotions that're heavily invested on this end game.

Defencewire said...


Calm down. All in good time. Everything's taken care of. Same goes to all the others.

Defencewire said...


48hrs yesterday evening, which ends tomorrow evening, maximum Sunday is STILL the estimate.

Sam Perera said...


What happened to the 152 hardcore? My guess is that they disappeared in to civilians. Please clarify.

chamindac said...

HEAVY FIGHTING that erupted in the general area of WADDUVAKAL in the remaining patch of land in the New Safe Zone brought further disaster to the LTTE terrorists now breathing their last as of Friday (15) evening.

Tiger terrorists, going berserk drove off a red colour BOLERO jeep targeting troops, close to the beach side of the defences, in order to strike a major blow, but valiant troops took the lead in advance and fired on the oncoming vehicle with precision. Tyres after shooting got deflated and got unexpectedly stuck in the beach, making the vehicle motorable any more. Tigers inside got off, but succumbed to injuries as a result of heavy firing of the troops.

In the meantime, two Tiger terrorists along the beach sped at a break neck’s speed and tried to pound troops on the other side of the beach. Tigers failed in that attempt too as troops fired on those speeding motorbikes and overpowered them killing all four Tigers on both motorbikes. Minutes after that another LTTE tractor with explosives tried to ram against troops in the opposite direction, but alert troops took the upper hand and disabled the tractor which was full of explosives.

Photos taken Friday (15) evening confirmed that Tiger terrorists now going completely out of control were trying their maximum to do their damage controlling even at this last moment of their losing battle against government troops. source

Sam Perera said...


Just like in our early days, I don't want to hear what I need not to hear. That is the least I can do for my homeland.

SL said...

එහෙනම් "අතුරුදහන්වුනු" කොටි පොලොවට පස් වෙලා!

අපිට හොද මෑරිච්ච කොටි විත‍්රයි!!!!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Yeah DW, who knows...

Hey, this Soosai guy. I think he's not as dark as we see. Some pussycats are skilled bastards, who were misused by diaspora, but when given a chance they change direction like a power-set train.

Soosai to lead North, how about that? Or maybe Soosai to surrender and work with MI to capture all the international arseholes?

Now my compassion does not extend to all, you know. Selected individuals.

DW, there was a long list like Bhanu, CA, etc... Where are they?

And guys what do you think of the future of pussycats after predicted BBQ. I think they will transform from all their fake and real forms into an international mafia. Contract killers on diaspora money. Credit card scammers, gangsters, extortists, all run by one KP.

So the war will be far from over.

Unknown said...

Great news.Tomorrow we can declare our indipence from terrorism.

Thundering typhoons,Blistering barnacles.

Thawa tikai kollane.

Unknown said...

I mean indipendence,
Ooooooooops printing mistake. Hik

Defencewire said...


Like I said, if they were indeed captured, they should be somewhere, but they aren't anywhere to be seen so maybe there weren't captured after all. We have no idea.


Long list 9or at least what remains) are still there. Those include Bhanu, Velavan etc. What do u expect them to do? Not even a miracle would change things now.

Unknown said...

Don't be too exited. We are still here... so start preparing for newton's third law... you all will regret this.

LRRU said...

The Doctors of NFZ has srrendered to army but rejected to comment

Sam Perera said...


Thanks for the clarification. They may have disappeared in to civilians. I hope that our MI will filter these guys out before getting in to temporary shelters.

Sri Lanka travel info said...

Its over, but my only worry is, we will loose the flavour of SL news, in future nothing to read except boring political back stabings.
Ane, Prabha aei apita mehema keruwa ???

Unknown said...

I'm thrilled to see the advance of the SLDF and i guess this will be over within 24 hours from now, maximum.. btw, i just have a small thing to clarify.

"3 recent explosions were heard during the last week. 2 were weapons dumps hit by SLA artillery. One remains unknown, but is also thought to be a weapons dump blasted by the Tigers themselves."

can u please clarify this statement? did or didn't the army use artillery against the LTTE? at first i thought these explosions had nothing to do with the army, btw, i guess the president will come back even earlier than he planned to come back. i know that he rejected to see around Jordan in order to be in SL at the time of victory.

The other thing, what will happen after the New Indian government has been elected? What are your thoughts DW? they cant send in an army, if they do.. hehe.. we are still prepared.. they wont get past jaffna. Because our troops are extremely advanced than the Indian troops.they may have more tech.. but we have the skills. (there will be no invasion... its insane! hehe)

the next thing is, why are we recruiting more and more army personnel? we do not have a shortage of army personnel at present right? more are bound to join the ranks after training as well... what is the plan behind this.

So, see all of u bloggers in another victorious day for our motherland...

Unknown said...


why this fuss about some surrendered mf's. Our boys know what to do.No prisoners. No problems.

Guys don't spoil the mood of DW.i am sure he is enjoing same like all of us.
We are about to write another golden chapter of our beautiful mother Lanka. Be prepare for that instead of worrying about those mf's who destroyed our mother Lanka.

Unknown said...

Thanks DefenceWire for a nicely balanced article.

Unknown said...

Prabha's last night,

Good night Prabha,
See you tomorrow.


Defencewire said...


We know you are there too. But now we are here more than ever!


You are pretending not to get my drift on purpose, right?

Virus Alert,

Who said we stopped arti? We have never said we did. Await some precision air strikes too.

Hold on! We have had enough fighting! Time for a break. Let the diplomats handle this. By the time Indians react it will be too late.

ThangachiPunday said...


Toronto Protests are running hi at Canadian and american consolates!

The chants include:

" LTTE " followed by " Freedom fighters "

followed by " WHEN DO WE WANT IT "
followed by " RIGHT NOW" " RIGHT NOW "

Most of these chants are not recongnizable by the public or the consulate employess as a HEAVY fobbish accents are encountered. I only udnerstood this as I come from SL and can somewhat rip lead and decipher through the HEAVY EELAM accent.

" RIGHT NOW " comes out as " RrrrEeet Neow" more like a "Meow"

I spoke with an officer who explained to me that word has come to the Police that the military has expressed this is the last 48 hours, the officers seem to be very delighted. Suprisingly the officer was also very knowledgable about what is happening in SL. He used the words "rebels" and "terrorists". We had this conversation AS a couple of Thangachis were strolling their babies and family to the Eelam protest.

Signing off
-Thangachi Punday!


Sam Perera said...


I understand you well. I am just thinking of the ways we can catch these terrorists before it is too late.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Among the Civilians I see the Villains


A slightly modified version of my reply to Maskman. Thought it is a worthy topic for your opinion. Feel free to comment

Apino Dannachess said...


Check my blog...I have put some stuff of the "Jaathiye Para Ballo" AKA skum....


ape lanka said...

Amazing...cannot sleep! Go to hell US..with ur IMF loan...we can do by ourself
Its too stupid international community..except few good countries..

Thanks lot for your great work DW!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update.
Any chance Indian Election outcome might sway things ?

Vibe said...

Thanks for this amazing article DefenceWire

ape lanka said...

This clearly shows that we(No race difference)sri lankan can act together for a great achivements!

Lets do this to make our country built together as Great country!

Unknown said...

Hi guys!
Its gonna be a sleepless night for all of us isn't it! Looking forward to seeing our country free of all of these dammed LTTE Terrorists. Just a thought about the IMF... don't you think its better if we don't get into it. I mean, there's BOUND to be some strings attached, and eventually we are gonna have to pay is back. Would be better if all of us around the world can contribute some small amount to the government and manage our own problems, without getting our hands tied by the "so called" peaceful IC.
Looking forward to news of the entire island coming under our elected govenment!!:)

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Why do we always talk about busting Indian army or slapping western diplomats. For heaven's sake let's give up on bully kid. We did great but the ONLY WAR we want to fight is against pussycats. SL should [and will] have joint exercises with US, UK, France, Russia, China, India, Pak and maybe become the center of the unity of super powers.

Stop hatred and be friendly. KP is not dead, no matter what the status of VP.

Those elements who attempt to cornerus are NOT US, UK, France, Norway, India TN. They are Hillarious, Milipede, Kauchner, Solheim, Vaiko et al. Take on people, be friendly with nations.

I think SL diplomats should start a world trip, visiting every nation and explaining our side of story. I rem, late Kadir was like that. After all the mess one whom we dearly miss is good old Kadir. Simply not replaceable.

ThangachiPunday said...

The Protests are getting very lound indeed, loud speakers have been braught in.

I went to look at some of the protestors leading the protest, they seem to be almost in tears and anger and have resemblance to Soosai himself.

Also alot of the chants are " LTTE FREEDOM FIGHTERS "

The word has recieved for them to AMP it up now. Im sure they realise its over but u can see the depseration in their words.

Another officer spoke to me and said to me with a smile " its almost over buddy. Lets hope SL forces know where their man is " (referring to Fatty)... I replied with a proud smile/smirk " Oh they do.. They do.. "

Im quite loving the protests here! The thangachis in full force. hehehe.

cqs said...

According to VP some of the reasons which led to their defeat.

Lack of support by diaspora to Chennai Super Kings in IPL

Swine flue

Loss of CJ's balls

Charles Anthony's P face


Puffy said...

>>Calm down. All in good time.

maaaaaan.... easy for you to say... ;-)

no fuss DW mate, until you are ready with the next update, I will keep my self occupied by pulling off my hair, one by one! HIC!

>>Await some precision air strikes too...

maaaaaan... I was just about to go to bed... :-(

now if I fall asleep tomorrow when the BIG news is broken, you are to be blamed! ;-)

In Memory Of Bulta (SLAF) said...

The 15 dead, are these from 59 SF units ?
Thanks for quenching our thirst for news DW.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Re: Canadian Protests

It won't end simply after BBQ. They were driven with nothing but vengeance and anger. They lost reason and fact decades ago. VP dead KP will come. They will be protesting for war tribunal next time.

We need to take their photos, track down to identities, gather info and find where they step into dirt.

Although we all hated west, note that they are still having the pussycats listed, and the legal proceedings are still taking place. We need to help them in a big way.

Simultaneously, we need our diplomats to physically travel. Answering phones from SL is not gonna serve any purpose.

For Hillarious, well, someone has to sleep with the sex starving once first lady who was still second to monica. Bitch seem to be beyond negotiation.

ape lanka said...

Yes. sujee,
We need to make IC and countries aware of the correct picture.
we everywhere anywhere in SL or world , must act as ambassadors for SL to show the correct picture and to built our country.

I think we need to have the next war of Economic and Financial make our country Strength

Unknown said...

Thank you for your description.As a regular reader, I saw some foolish sentences published in DW. One is arti att. in weapons dump and the 150 van. I hope you should be able to understand the point and play the h & s game here because there are lot of money mongers seeking to lick fat pigs ass for a whole life. so DW should think twice before writing some sentences in the sake of mother land. I hope it is enough to give the cream, rather than writing all the unnecessary description at this moment.

Tilo said...

I feel sorry for VP, he'll never be able to go to Las Vegas, Party, have fun, do shots... errr just imagine not being able to go to vegas, I would rather DIE !!! Period.

Puffy said...

on the news item,

Moshe D, Spearhead, Apinodannachess & others,

Thanks for the support and encouragement...

even I'm surprised about the quick reaction by the team.
Had I known about their quick & positive responses, I would have sent them more stuff in the past. Now we all know, but its too late... ;-)

ape lanka said...

yes..but why donot now all these internal media show the correct PICTURE to the world...
clearly shown on

Puffy said...


Spearhead said...

Puffy: YOU are the man! all credit goes to you who posted it.

APE LANKA: has over 15 million hits per DAY, if not more, and more than 60% of the hits are from overseas (i read it a few days ago, don't remember where);
so now worries: you bet that other Govts's read a LOT! they see those articles, alright.

Sam Perera said...

Wake up Puffy, wake up, i have some coffee.

Spearhead said...

i meant to say "no" worries.

ape lanka said...

true, but IC and specially big countries has to understand we are not stupid!!.

All credits goes to all true sri lankans..who really loves and work for the country at least in mind..

DW specially you made a great combination

CASC said...


Many thanks for the update

In Memory Of Bulta (SLAF) said...

Christ, Can't friggin work!. Gonna smoke till next tid-bit of news comes trickling in.

CASC said...

The Soosei family capture along with the capture of the family of a LTTE intelligence wing leader sounds too good to be true. It was presented as if they took a boat ride from the last bit of beach front owned by the LTTE and were immediately apprehended by the navy.

I thought Mahen was spinning a yarn as usual but it looks like there is some truth to his conjecture about Soosei's recent role reversal.

Spearhead said...

have to go for a walk with wifey;
behave yourself, guys.
be back in a few.

Colomblogs said...

Imagine a 50-over match (real cricket, not the 20-20 crap!)

Last over six runs. Best batsmen in the crease.

In this case supporters of all sides go silence but watch in silence.

The time I post is same... all dispora Monkies are silence..BBC diluted..Hilary's having periods..

Just two more nights...

Rac Rab said...

Christ, Can't friggin work!

Couldn't agree more, haven't done anything whole day today

ThangachiPunday said...

The DiassPonayas are not in SILENCE watching cricket.

They are outside the american and canadian consulate chanting " LTTE FREEDOM FIGHTERS "


in very Eeelamish Accents, im prety sure the white masters are not understanding the requests made by the protestors due to the language barriers.

They are Definately NOT SILENT!

Stinking up the streets as usual thangachi fashion.

Colomblogs said...

One of my All time favourites form ABBA...In this last minute I decided to dedicated it to Fatty..

"Winner takes it all.." (ABBA)

don't wanna talk
About the things we've gone through
Though it's hurting me
Now it's history...
I've played all my cards
And that's what you've done too
Nothing more to say
No more ACE to play...

The winner takes it all...
The loser standing small...
Beside the victory...
That's my destiny...

I was in your arms
Thinking I belonged there
I figured it made sense...
Building me a fence
Building me a home...
Thinking I'd be strong there
But I was a fool
Playing by the rules...

Loses someone dear
The winner takes it all
The loser has to fall
It's simple and it's plain
Why should I complain?

I don't wanna talk
If it makes you feel sad
And I understand
You've come to shake my hand
I apologize

If it makes you feel bad
Seeing me so tense
No self-confidence
But you see
The winner takes it all
The winner takes it all....

ThangachiPunday said...

I have a more suitable song which the SLA should DEFINATELY PUMP on their loud speakers!


ha ha ha!

GOOODBYEEEEEEEEEE FATTY! shud be the remixed version

In Memory Of Bulta (SLAF) said...

psst, prefer Hell's Bells by AC/DC as parting lullaby for Fatty and the Fucks.

Unknown said...

Seems to be all war will end before the Indian election results come.

Unknown said...

Well that is what we'ra all hoping for!!

Unknown said...

Balls...grab a big bong, and put some Carlos Santana on the stereo, then chill!

I wish I could watch this live like a cricket match…

Prasanna D said...

hi ppl
there is a roumour going on in the uk via texts saying pig has been captured is that true? hemantha do u know anything machang?
just a sms rumour no confirmatoin but i want to know weather its a complete false or the ultimate verdict

Gringo said...

Hey TTWORMs... Now that the Peelaam is judt about the land... how do you want it?

Quebec model, Eritrea model, Kosovo model or Bangaladesh model?

How about a one last round of peace talks in Bangkok, Geneva or Oslo... in the company of some hookers?

Lastly, how do recommend the roasting the fat cowardly pig?
Rare, medium or well-done?

Do you want fries to go with it?

ThangachiPunday said...

I love pork and love the fat on the pork, its an SL Delicacy if u ask me! Pork Devil is also good.

Im leaning towards a pork devil with a Lion lager.


A nice port steak rare with a Heineken.

Ill settle for the Pork devil with a Lion lager. Please make sure to add some Pottu fingers as an appeteizer.


Unknown said...

Prasanna, Mahen should know about that rumour as he is in Surrey, but he only says the following on his bolg...

Two self-appointed LTTE kernel and 6 other regional level leaders have surrender to SLA.

KB said...

DefenceWire, old chap, thanks for regular updates on this historic day. A case of Beefeater Gin to the chap who first breaks the news of demise of that fat horror.


Ralahamy said...

It is heart breaking to see this video
"Sole Representative of Tamils" Continues to Fire at Fleeing Civilians

Gringo said...

Hey Prabha....

I'm already here in sweet all-PERRRRRRRRFECT Elaam... Step this way please...

Waanga Machaaaan....Waanga.

Barber Silva
(Your partner-in -Terror...)

Prasanna D said...

Mr Duke Kolla
firt of all let me tell u...i dont need ur sarcastic comments and im not gonna reply to u either anymore... im just a simple guy who was trying to verify some news i've got thats all... i dont want to be a blog hero like u ppl.. i just need news cos im a SINHALESE too...anymore coments not gonna be replied i just need news...
for ur info mr/mrs duke girl/boy yes im in the uk but not in surrey

CASC said...

Lanka-e-News; 15.May.2009,7.00PM) State media announced that the entire tsunami village of Karayamullivaikkal was liberated this afternoon.

Over 2000 villagers from the tsunami wrecked village surrendered to Army. The number of civilians that escaped today was over 10,000, Army said. They have told that they were waiting until their children abducted by the LTTE would be freed.

Army captured around 100 heavy weapons including artillery that was set up in this village. 130 mm artillery, two pedal guns and around 50 Indian made RPGs were also among the recovered items.

The houses used by the LTTE leaders and their vehicles were also recovered, state media said.

The escaped civilians have told that the LTTE had directed them to deposit all of their money and gold in a LTTE bank which was later demolished by them. They have said that they are unaware of what happened to their wealth.

The people that surrendered to the Army have exposed that another group of civilians are still held as a human shield for the leaders of the LTTE.

State media said that loud explosions were heard from the area the LTTE leaders have positioned.

The bunkers used by the LTTE to attack the Army hiding among civilians and the vehicles used by the LTTE leaders are seen intact in the photos captured in Karayamullivaikkal tsunami village .

There were five doctors among the civilians that came to the state-administered area. They have denied to divulge either they are public service doctors or not. State media said that there was a person that issued statements in support of the LTTE appearing as a doctor. Reports say that this group was also sent to the welfare villages in Vavuniya.

CASC said...

"The escaped civilians have told that the LTTE had directed them to deposit all of their money and gold in a LTTE bank which was later demolished by them. They have said that they are unaware of what happened to their wealth."

Same thing happened depositors of Golden Key. You can't believe all the promises that bankers make today. They promise high windfalls and then take the money and run.

hemantha said...

"It is not just a civil strife that Sri Lanka has quelled; it has won a ‘world war’, given the backing the LTTE received from the leading nations on a flimsy pretext. It is a miracle that a small country could withstand such unbearable international pressure without buckling and accomplish a military mission against a ruthless terrorist outfit with tentacles spread all over the world. Some world powers stand unmasked! By having made an abortive attempt to scuttle the war against the LTTE, they have forfeited whatever moral right they may have had to crusade against global terrorism. "
-Editorial, The Island

click here

Sujeewa Kokawala said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Hiding under the public mat
Time to pull that ini wini rat
Elusive criminal feared yesterday
Predator turning dinky winky prey

CASC said...

Soosei's family

ThangachiPunday said...


Today will be a big day in Toronto Canada. I believe we will witness one of the biggest protests ever in history. This will piss the white masters off BUT the Peelamists do not much care for white masters concerns of traffic.

However the good news is! The Message that the Peelamists are sending out will only come out in Gibberish VERY EELAM strong accents. Thus the white masters will not be able to decipher what they are asking for.

This will save the toronto Peelam from there embarassment, because if they actually understand the english and hear them saying " implement CEASEFIRE " The white man will truly laugh in hysteria.

Canadia army doing an invasion what a joke...


CASC said...

Special Forces installed a steel cable across the lagoon. A very ingenious idea.

sole-representatives of Tamil firing on Tamil civilians

lankaputhra said...

we must not forget...

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

GN all.

All set for feast - game on for beast.
Either tonight or tomorrow night least...

dogooder said...

Ralahamy said...

RRRRR...VVVV there yet ?
C'mon...why is it taking so long...!!
Man .. This is toture...
I,m just sitting in the office doing nothing but,refreshing, defencewire...On and on and on...

In Memory Of Bulta (SLAF) said...

Ralahamy , Join da club.

The loop is

Tea-> DefenceWire->Smoke->>Look Busy->DefenceWire..

Maskman said...

Hey Sujeewa,

Thanks for the reply. Last night I got hammered, some from ultra nationalists some of them from regular bloggers with good intentions weeding out peelamists from this blog. Yes you guessed correctly. I replied to your regular mail. I owe a reply to your post. I only comment on what I disagree.

>>Why do I call elders fools? The bottom of all heart breaking is, having 100s of 1000s of civilians packed into the island with monaco-like population density. But why? Some of them are from nearby PTK, but most have walked a fair distance, some are even from Mannar or Mallawi. How did they end up in the island? Were they all herded? I mean 100s of 1000s were herded by 1000s of school kids against the will while the shepherds are hammered by a brilliant military??? It is impossible.
It is possible because they did not get herded in a day. Yes there are some fools you willingly participated, but most are helpless and sideless, I don't think they care if lttp or gov rule them. Willing participants had everything to loose if lttp loose. Others had no choice, and that is a majority, at least I like to think.

The almighty pussycats and their priviledged relatives. Fuck them
>>We can't do what lttp do would here, we are humans and will have to treat as per law. Remember Wijeweera's family. But yes you are right I don't have sympathy for them.

>>Loss of our youth
>> This is why I was against the war all those years, I was skeptical even when east was liberated because there was long way to go. But after victories in Mannar I knew we are up to something this time and there is no going back.

>>Re: Twisted Sinhala test. Agree with you only works against some. and Not fair at all.

lankaputhra said...


enjoy !

Pandula said...

Blogger CASC said...
Soosei's family
Thanks !

Wow ! my head is paining after going through all of these possible theories and scenarios.

Anyway it is certain that there was no food shortage for these crowd. they are better fed than the folks at colombo 7.

Pandula said...

Blogger U know Who! said...

You should never forget British ..
Lets not stereotype, there are bad ones among us as well.

General UK population was helped us a lot during tsunami days.

Also That sort of attitude does not help SL at all, we need to find something "you-need-us-morethan-we-do"
may be we should trade those ex-LiTTEer to fight with Taliban

Unknown said...


Men u were really doing a perfect jobs sofar having given us you valuable informations and updates very often balanced with the real ground situations .
we salute you gys may be you may disappear in a couple of days from these blogs as your "Mission Accompolished". So Thanks Gys For your great Jobs .

lankaputhra said...

Latest from NFZ

Colomblogs said...

මචංලා කොහොමද පාන් කෑල්ලක් කාලා ප්ලේන්ටියක් ගැහුවානම් දැන්..

නිදිමරද්දි මොනවා හරි තියෙන්න ඕනේ..

soorapappa...සූරපප්පා said...

Thanks for the update,

I think we puplish UNWANTED news as well. These capture stories about exact persons including names SHOULD NOT BE DONE. There is a level we can rehabilitate. Some cannot be corrected without you know how...

Kowe daala makala.... JVP kaale kalaa wage. get all info as much as we can. Then assess, wheather they can be rehabilitated or not. If cannot do the needfull. But if we stated their names in the first place, U know what happens. How much NGOs and other suddas and kalu suddas connections they have? So if you publish the names, then we get huge disadvantage in the long run.

When I hear Rama's story, he told that 4 doctors were captured. They didn't allowed to record. So you know how big headed guys these are. Should be treated WELL...

lankaputhra said...

Strange cool voice form Int'l terror leader

Bloodbath will not resolve the conflict: Pathmanathan
[TamilNet, Friday, 15 May 2009, 21:16 GMT]
"Colombo's approach to finish the war in 48 hours through a carnage and bloodbath of civilians will never resolve a conflict of decades. On the contrary it will only escalate the crisis to unforeseen heights. The Sinhala people have a duty and responsibility in stopping it, considering their own interest if not that of the Tamils," said LTTE's Head of International Relations, Selvarasa Pathmanathan, when contacted by TamilNet on the situation prevailing in Vanni.

S. Pathmanathan
S. Pathmanathan, Head of LTTE's International Diplomatic Relations
Stating that he received latest information from Vanni that an uncountable number of civilians have been killed and wounded struggling without medical help, Mr. Pathmanathan said the Colombo government was carrying out its genocide unchecked by any of the rulers of the without making any differentiation between combatants and civilians.

He further said:

"The fact that Tamil people in the island could not even able to come out with any protesting voice show the extent of oppression they are facing at the moment, and will face in the future if the government is not stooped.

"But we hope the Sinhala civilians are in a better position of freedom to express their opinion.

"Colombo`s approach to finish the war in 48 hours through a carnage and bloodbath of civilians will never resolve a conflict of decades. On the contrary it will only escalate the crisis to unforeseen heights.

"The Sinhala people have a duty and responsibility in stopping it, considering their own interest if not that of the Tamils. The Sinhala people should not forget that we are always going to be neighbours in the island.

"The LTTE, on several occasions, has reiterated its commitment for a ceasefire and the need to commence negotiations to resolve the crises, peacefully. But, the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, has shut down the doors on each and every occasion."

ThangachiPunday said...

Wunnukum to all the Thangachis!!

Most likely all the thangachis are out protesting soooo...

Ayubowan Patriots!!

The word in toronto is PEELAM is over flowing in the streets with protests! Work is over so they are gathering in full force with many chants as I have explained earlier. They will be chanting through out the night. The message they are transmitting with Very EELAM like accents is this:

" Please save Velupunday and implement a Ceasefire "

They are doing this waiving the thangachi flag and wearing Thangachi+Thalavair Tshirts and bandannas. Children have been braught to shield against any Police enforcements that may come.

The word is they will bring out a big protest Already over 2000 outside canadian and american consulate.

Will bring more updates as the chants get louder. The most obvious chant which I can decipher is this:

" Adayyyyyyy Theriyaaaaa Ceasfire?? Theriyaaaaaaaaa!!! Adayyyyyyyy LTTE Freedom fighters adaaaaaaaay Theriyaaaaaaaaaa.. Dont let Vellu go to EELAM without us Theriyaaaa '

Unfortunately for them Vellu is most likely reaching EELAM as we speak.


Matara Peramuna said...


APE Hamudawata JAYAWEWA!

Unconfirmed report says THE PIG has been caught.

ඉයන් said...

Indian election Results

The Election Commission of India has launched a comprehensive website — — to give regular updates; Deputy Election Commissioner Alok Shukla said the servers had a capacity of 32 Mbps and they could handle up to 30 lakh hits at a time.


ThangachiPunday said...

Lets wait for the confirmed reports!

Unconfirmed doesnt get my thing up!


ඉයන් said...

Matara Peramuna

APE Hamudawata JAYAWEWA!

Unconfirmed report says THE PIG has been caught
If the unconfirmed report is true, Then Long Live United Sri Lanka! Long Live SLA.

ThangachiPunday said...


Its unconfirmed and most likely a false post because he said "caught"

who here believes he will be caught?

That would be a miracle but it is not realistic.

The best we can get is a Dead Vellupunday! and that my patriots isnt a bad thing at all =)

Thangachis will be Thangachis!

The protest in Toronto is growing by the minute. Busses full of Police keep coming.

aKa said...

Matara Blow Job Peramuna

life is good after tsunami ?

huk huk

- Binkunda

aKa said...

UpulJ fucking a donkey

huk huk

- Binkunda

aKa said...

where is Lalith pakaya ?

ThangachiPunday said...



Join your thalavair race of Thangachis in the protest u depserate cunt bucket!

Join them in begging to save your MIGHT POWERFUL EELAM FORCES!

ha ha ha

tharaka said...

By defeating LTTE in the country we will be able to stop active terrorism within the country. But we will have to overcome the LTTE activists, particularly from overseas at least for a while. It will be difficult for LTTE supporters to believe what we achieve in Sri Lanka. They will try to destroy Sri Lanka by using similar methods like LTTE. We all know that they get close to foreign politicians and it is estimated that there are more than 100 LTTE activists working for US politicians in different capacities. This is just a glimpse of the actual situation. After all LTTE Eelam is a business with an income of USD 300+ million from an operating cost of USD 8 million. We will have to keep our strength and develop it further for a long term. Current leadership has shown us that our capabilities are second to none. We need such leadership to take the country forward irrespective of the political differences. It will be imperative for Sri Lanka to maintain the military strength and the internal intelligence for a long term. Therefore Sri Lanka is going to need significant military expenses for some time, even permanently. Only then we can be confident that there is no more terrorism in the country. I think we have to develop our own resources and make Sri Lanka less dependent on foreign countries. We must not rely on IMF and other funding organization which is usually controlled by others agenda. We should use all our resources to the benefit to the country. I would like to see a place like DW takes some active role in this process. Our war will not be over until the country is developed like none other. – Tharaka5000

SL said...

Another Sakkiliya is dancing naked due to fustration

Matara Peramuna said...


My DOG is now Fxxxxxx your Sinner MOTHER.

YOu Punde Mahen, Nai Oththa Nari Punde.

aKa said...

Fireball Sakkiliya

how is cleaning toilet ?

Matara Peramuna said...


Sakkili Nai Nari Punda Mahen.

Your whole Generation Got Fxxxxd by the PIG.

aKa said...

Matara Blow Job Peramuna

sinhala power hungry animals sending matara banda boys to war to die

huk huk

- Binkunda

Anonymous said...

/Strange cool voice form Int'l terror leader/

Tanilnut has probably prepared their next 10-20 articles. War will be over but struggle will go on as long as there is internet.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...


Great post mate. I'll read the version when I have time. This weekend will be busy for me bending South Asian minds. So I may not be able to join the party till late tomorrow.

BTW. Re: Hillarious. She is pissed because Monica did it with Bill and not her!

Haaa Haaaa Haaaa.

aKa said...

how many matara banda got nirvana ?

huk huk

- Binkunda

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

I meant I'll read the version on Patriots when I have time.

: ))

aKa said...

Ninja pakaya

moshe pakaya still fucking donkey ?

- Binkunda

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

How many puddy tats went to hell?

SL ASSHOLE said...

If there is one guy with moderate veiws
Entire bunch of SINHALA MF attack him
Its not going to last for long

Matara Peramuna said...


GO Dog Fxxxxr GO and Fxxx the Dog which is Fxxxxxg your Nai Punde Sinner Mother.

How is That?

Our Valiant Forces are about to finish Your Dog Fxxxxxg Big PIG roasting.

aKa said...

where is Sam ponnaya ?

fucking Mahen or UpulJ ?

- Binkunda

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Puddy tat donkey is going Heeee Haw Heeee Haw even long after Thalaivar has stopped speaking.

ThangachiPunday said...


Go suck on your Sakkili thangachis breast and ask to be sent to EELAM

how can u breathe while knowing as we speak VELLU is going to see EELAM soon.

ha ha ha

aKa said...

"Last laugh to the SL LIONS!"


we will see who has the last laugh

racist sinhala are dumb to understand whats going on

SL said...

Let this sakkiliya get off some steam;

Stateless, 30 year investment lost and the beloved, gay pig getting roasted and may be he is jobless due to the recession. So much to worry for peelam sakkilis!!

Matara Peramuna said...

Hey AKA, and U Peelam Asshole

Ninja is Fxxxxxg your whole generation, except you Mothers who is getting Fxxxxd by stray Dogs.

Ha ha ha

ThangachiPunday said...


Yes We are the dumb ones ha ha ha

Born a dellusional thangachis always a delusional thangachi!

Like I said we ARE having the last laugh ha ha ha

your empty threats mean nothing!

u think Sinhalese abroad will be scared of some thangachis? ha ha ha

MF ill meet u in person!

ThangachiPunday said...

That is true!

stateless NO Motherland. Born a Statless Bastard really ha ha ha

I forgot about that lol!

AKA punday please let off your steam! WE UNDERSTAND ha ha ha

SL ASSHOLE said...

Hey Matara Perumuna

VP-TIGER just told me ur mother tastes good
Ur father was watching when he was performing the act
Her scream could be heard by SLA 8 kms away
She became so wet that there was one more tsunami

SL ASSHOLE said...

All the deaths of civilians and the masacre will not go vain

There will be a new revolution

Which is going to be 100 times worse than LTTE


SL said...


"Wait and See" was the famous last words for many sakkilis like you. We have been waiting for 3 years for you sakkilis to counter attack. Nothing happened when you had 10,000 peelam sakkilis. Now you have only 300 sakkiliies, who are waiting for the first chance escape. Give your best we are ready!!!!

POLGONA said...

Ado Cary wesige putha AKA, Umbe Amma wesi

POLGONA said...

Ado DW huththo FATPIG last night kiwwata wadak na dapiya huthothio latest updates mage yaka awussaganne nathiwa

POLGONA said...

Ado Carry SL PUKE HILAK , namiyanko umbata arinna

Matara Peramuna said...


You STRAY DOG Fxxxxr, You get Fxxxxd by Nai, Nai olka Nari Punda Mahen.

Anonymous said...

No diasspora protest today.. heh?

No more self immolations..?

Frustation seems too big... huh

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ThangachiPunday said...

@ POLOGNA - lol not bad that made me gigle ha ha ha

@ PeelamAssholeFAGGOT - like my above brother said we have been awaiting for many years for this so called tactic

OH WAIT!! do u mean the revolution OF PROTESTS BEGGING... LET ME REPEAT!!! B.E.G.G.I.N.G!!!! for a CEASEFIRE!!

ha ha ha.. the might EELAM BEGGIN! and u will have a BIGGER REVOLUTION??? ha ha ha!


Unknown said...

Pandula - You argue that Britain helped us a lot during/after the tsunami, well that is what they would like you to believe. The truth is that they helped themselves [This is from my set of articles on the current issue, you can read later here: ]


When the 2004 tsunami hit Sri Lanka and the region the world patted itself on the back for raising $4 billion when UN Secretary General Kofi Annan insisted the area needed only $977 million in direct aid. Not even $1 billion was required, but what has materialised has been a measly $300 million. Where is the rest?

Exactly a year later when in Bam, Iran, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake killed close to 30,000 people in 10 seconds. About 5,000 children were orphaned when the more than 2,000 year-old city and tourist Mecca collapsed into a ruin. 44 nations pledged $1.1billion and up to date a shamefully low $17million has materialised. Not even 2 percent!

Above are just 2 cases where the money collected from charity giving tax-payers, never really materialises in the form of aid to the suffering. To understand the whole thing, read "The Aid Charade" by Jody K. Biehl - [See "Links" at bottom].


If you haven’t read my articles, please all read while waiting for the BIG news, it’s here: - PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS

SL ASSHOLE said...

All the sinhala MF have to start begging to repay their debts

Or else give part of ur country to RUSSIA,CHINA,IRAN AND JORDAN


ThangachiPunday said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
U know Who! said...

Zakkili tika ada padi aran wage!

Toilet jobs are paying well it seems!!

Zakkili go and protest now!!!

PKBahu said...

"3 recent explosions were heard during the last week. 2 were weapons dumps hit by SLA artillery. One remains unknown, but is also thought to be a weapons dump blasted by the Tigers themselves."
We dont use artillery right.. should be small arms.. DW correct it soon if thats the caseon

SL ASSHOLE said...

Do u think that they can hit weapons dump by small artillery

One of the many lies told by SLA

Their is going to be WAR CRIMES TRIBUNAL later

Wher all these issues will be discussed in detail with RAJPigse brothers personally

PKBahu said...

"Don't be too exited. We are still here... so start preparing for newton's third law... you all will regret this."

30 years we have seen the N3 law. yup it works well regrettably. Wonder these Tamil terrorists know about N4th Law by any chance? need a hint?

SL ASSHOLE said...



JERAD said...

Who massacred Innocent civilians? who kept them hostage? Who launched attacks on fleeing people? Who’s got suicide bombers in their ranks? so who’s creating Genocide ?

Time for all this to End! Enough is Enough!

Let us live in peace now. No one can claim any land or territory. We all belong to one human kind. Be it Sinhalese or be it Tamil. We all have the right to live as one anywhere we want.

Asithri said...

Some COOL stories coming out...but cannot publish them here for obvious reasons. Let's just say not all LTTE whorebitches' escape attempts that end up in "abysmal failure" are even recorded! Now I wonder why that would be...Mmmmm....

;-) ;-) ;-)

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...


[Dont have guts to fight alone with CHILD SOLDIERS]

For sure! How can you have guts when they still don't know how to piss straight!


OaO Asithri

tharaka said...

To continue from “Duke May 16, 2009 4:14 AM” . . .
Some thinks foreign countries helped us a lot. The money they promised for tsumani was a big lie. Our previous president officially stated that we did not receive even 30% of the money promised for tsunami. Some countries send their own people and billed us the salaries and expenses as per their rates which means much higher than if we manage ourselves. No foreign country is giving free. Think about British. Why they plant coffee, tea and develop roads. Think about it, they will never do anything if they cannot scrape the resources from the country. They built roads and railways only to collect the resources in the country. Who benefited with the money made? “East India company”, the British company. The money used to develop the roads and railways were nothing compare to the money made from our country. We were under the impression that Sri Lankan cannot do anything. We have given the mentality that anything foreign is better than the local. British cleared our rain forests in the hill country resulting a natural resource problem to us (particularly water and the weather – which is essential for our sustainability); they planted coffee and then tea creating a dependency on tea resulting economic problem; they bought millions of Indian tamils creating a social problem (if they did not bring them we can access to many lands in the upcountry with much more freedom). Even recently, US support for garments is not purely to help the country as it was also to create an economic dependency. We should have these export oriented products but we should not depend on one product to an extent so that we do not create problems for our sustainability. I can explain many scenarios like this. Recent comment by Us senate hearing strongly supports their position. They discuss about Sri Lanka, “how to involve in Sri Lanka, by means of military and economic help and make Sri Lanka dependent on them. They suggest, other independent donors such as Japan must not give anything directly to Sri Lanka, so that they can control Sri Lanka”. This is the reason why we need to develop products of our own with and international appeal. I think we are in a better position to take the advantage of our current situation. Do not underestimate our strengths. Very good example is our achievements with terrorism. We will have to protect the country from terrorism first. At the same time we have create our own products initially for our own use and then to the external world. One who has seen other countries knows the value of our country. One does need to travel overseas to see this. This is one of the reasons that we need a proper leadership irrespective of the political alliances. I do think we have many entrepreneurs who would like to take the initiative. Self reliance is a necessity for our own development. – Tharaka5000

Asithri said...

Hey EELAM-ASSHOLE Sakkiliya...

So what next? How about a separate state in the UK or Canada?

Fcuking stateless racist rabid-dog sperm drop...start first with your "discrimination" and then "persecution" and then "genocide" claims in the UK or Canada too (like how you whores did in SL) and you just might win it one day!


OaO Asithri

silentknight said...

@ asithri,

are u familier with the name - Style(pua)???

just a random question...

ThangachiPunday said...

ha ha ha

This thangachi is clearly delusioned by the statless STATE he finds him self in. No pun intended LOL!


mighty eelam!!

ThangachiPunday said...


PEELAM is Tactically withdrawing INTO EELAM!

They will stay here until the final encounter which will come ANY TIME NOW.....


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Good Morning Praba!!!

Hope you are still alive!!

Sniper said...

This clearly shows the experience the west has in dealing with IDPs...

.France sends wine to IDPs.

these must be for the IDPs to enjoy and celebrate the demise of Peelam and vihilu & co...

hak hak hak...

Dinesh_Silva said...

Hi Defense Wire
There is much Ha HOOO About we are using Heavy weapons. While reading your post (“3 recent explosions were heard during the last week. 2 were weapons dumps hit by SLA artillery.”) I understand that we are using Heavy weapons. Can you confirm this? Because our military leadership would be prosecuted as war crimes if this is the case.

Asithri said...


Whorebitches: Read my lips

We Won!

We Rule!

Now take that bread crumb and lick my boots!

OaO Asithri

TT said...

"3 recent explosions were heard during the last week. 2 were weapons dumps hit by SLA artillery. One remains unknown, but is also thought to be a weapons dump blasted by the Tigers themselves."
- artillery and NFZ and CFZ not a good mix at the mo....was the dumb outside the area? dias pora will be trawling through everything to see what they can use against us....this probably isnt the best statement to have...

TT said...

@Asthiri - mate have always enjoyed your comments, but if we have in fact "Won" prbably the best opportunit to show that we are magnanimous in victory.

Saman said...

PK is giving sermans to Sigalese - These mother fuckers will get to know who Sinhalese are very soon.


"Colombo`s approach to finish the war in 48 hours through a carnage and bloodbath of civilians will never resolve a conflict of decades. On the contrary it will only escalate the crisis to unforeseen heights.

"The Sinhala people have a duty and responsibility in stopping it, considering their own interest if not that of the Tamils. The Sinhala people should not forget that we are always going to be neighbours in the island.

"The LTTE, on several occasions, has reiterated its commitment for a ceasefire and the need to commence negotiations to resolve the crises, peacefully. But, the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, has shut down the doors on each and every occasion."

Upul said...

Informed sources indicate war crimes charges will be laid on Sarath Ponseka, Gota Rajafuksa, Mahinda Rajafuksa and Basil Rajafuksa, with an immediate travel ban on these individuals being imminent. Family and relatives of these criminals will also be prevented to entiring any of the eu, canada, us,austrial, new zealand block.

plans are also underway to ban sri lankan airlines from entering eu.

Asithri said...


GOSL agreed to not use arty where civilians are inhabiting.

However, GOSL never agreed to NOT USE ARTILLERY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES and that is the case here...if any arty were used, then it would have been at a pinpointed LTTE bunker or a weapons storage site that intel would have said is free from civilians.

So, please give it a rest on this "war crimes" cockamamie nonsense that the racist eelamist, and their friends, love to keep chirping on.

What the US, UK did in Iraq and even recently in Afghanistan are really what can be construed as "war crimes" as the USAF bombing in such theaters were not only 100-times more lethal than an ordinary artillery attack, but such was done despite awareness of the civilian population at the target areas.

OaO Asithri

Upul said...

eu also plans on banning all imports from shit lanka, immediately stripping gsp+, and preventing eu flag ships from calling on colombo or any other shit lankan ports.

shit lankan citizens will face strenous check simillar to iranian and iraq citizens before being allowed to apply for visa.

Corey said...

Remaining Peelamists ... still in denail????

The end has come.... going berserk now? Do the world a favor and blow yourselves up....

Ragu said...

Upul Malli,
Dream on man...
You guys are the best day dreamers in the world.

Thambapanniya said...

If I may throw in my 2 cents...

please restraint yourself don't get too big headed because war ain't over yet

these fuckers are out there... we have take them out dismantle LTTE network piece by piece


Before you run off the buy a Mendis to celebrate think about the families of SLA who are not celebrating because alot had not come home...


Asithri said...

Anyhow, got to run...

There is a "Fat Pig Roasted" bash tonight and I have to go get ready.

Catch you patriots later...

OaO Asithri

Ragu said...

Do you remember 11 years back US declared sanctions over Pakistan and India?
Now where are US, Pakistand and India in terms of relationship?
Have a life!!

Sniper said...

few hours remaining to Unite Sri Lanka....

VP is still inside the CSZ...

-SLBC news @6 am

.SLBC Live.

Anonymous said...

As DW mentioned our soldiers are sacrificing their lives by the dozen in bunkers just so that tamil civilian casualties are minimised. But this is what we get in return for that, TOTALLY DISGUSTED:
BBC Report

SL said...

Stateless buggers think that they control the EU, USA, Canada, etc...
But peelamists in Canada had a harsh comeback to reality during the past few days because the Canadian government and the main opposition refused to listen to their "demands". Soon other buggers will taste the same.

Anonymous said...

Toronto tamil tiger terrorists should throw a BBQ to rival that happening in SL
Tonight's special: fat pig

SL said...

Awasan shot eka Obata thiyanne,..
Malakada kae mage thuwakkuwen....
Tetanus hadilaa marunath kam neha
Peelama dan neha enne.....

Prabha Palandoo Cyanide karale
Aadamabara kama mama dutimie..
Gelawata karagena Lamade Lagina
Amunition tika mama dutimie...

Ewa andagena fight karana eka
Peelama wetha yana paara nowe,....
Wedi kaa marunath matanam kamneha
Yami SLA eka paththe,....

Prabha thawth wedi thiyanna keewath
Monawa karannada meeta wadaa.
Weapon eke dan bulletuth iwaray
Wena magulak beha meeta wada...

Bullet nathi weapon walin fight eka
Peelama wetha yana paara nowe,....
Wedi kaa marunath matanam kamneha
Yami SLA eka paththe,....

(C) Piyal (@LNP-

Nilambare said...

[Upul said...

Informed sources indicate war crimes charges will be laid on Sarath Ponseka, Gota Rajafuksa, Mahinda Rajafuksa and Basil Rajafuksa..
Hey U-Fool idiot,

What are you proposong for your Supreme Leader? Is he going to be crowned a king? You looser, he will NOT have any escape.

He will not last to face war crimes.

Do us a faour? Stay where you are. Don't even considercoming to SL.

Perhaps you can start a campaign in whereever you are fist filing a campaign to have Tamil as an official language and watch for the next 30 years to unfold with interest

Pandula said...

Duke, Taraka
Thanks for the information and followup comments.

Ananda-USA said...


View this News Video to understand the real meaning of this WAR OF NATIONAL REUNIFICATION & LIBERATION:


Anonymous said...

An unconfirmed report says Prabhakaran is captured by the Government forces at early hours today 16th May. Government is waiting for the President to return from Jordan and address the nation. However it is not clear whether Prabhakaran is dead or alive. A meeting was called early yesterday by Soosei who literally handed-over his family to the Navy (but reported as captured by the Navy). Two self-appointed LTTE Colonel and 6 other regional level leaders have surrendered to SLA later. The self proclaimed 'Government Doctor' has also turned himself in to the forces of the 58th division. (The LankaWeb - 16/05/09)

Thusitha said...

POLGONA said...
Ado Upul , You Ponna Peelamist go fuck your self you cock sucker !!!
Tamil race is finished its Sinhala rule you mother fucker prepaired to be Singhalise or perish at the hands of white van yeah thats right !!!!

Polgona seem to another LTTE tiger. So don't listen to him

Unknown said...

DW , defensewire,

You mention that soosei literally handed over his family while he had a meeting to launch a series of attacks? Not clear what you mean by this. Can you clarify?

Did you mean that his family abandoned him or he tried to get his family to sneak out of SL so he can plan more attacks for SLA?

inotherwords, why would he let his family get captured while at the same time plan more attacks against the SLA?

Unknown said...

Good Morning Prabha,

Are you still alive.


Srilankan said...

very well said..very well said..We will look after the tami people currently in Slanka to the best of our ability..As for these LTTE di-ass-phora keyboard worriers they can stay in the paradises of U.s,U.k..etc and enjoy themselves(which they wanted since 1948)and engage in those credit cruches..and in the course of time when the number of people getting poorer in paradise increase they will accept them with open arms..we want nothing to do with these di-ass-phora LTTE shits ever again..never ever again..

Nilambare said...

[Ananda-USA said...
View this News Video to understand the real meaning of this WAR OF NATIONAL REUNIFICATION & LIBERATION:


Fully agree bro. It is disgusting wthat theese LTTE pigs are doing to these civilians. I'm sure our forces will treat them very well.

These people need to feel that they are safe in army hands and they are our Sri Lankan brothers and sisters.. Nangila, mallila, ammas and thaththas.

When you watch this, you can't help the tears coming to your eyes.

If anything, I hope from now on, these innocent people will realise, for ever, how bad these LTTE thugs are.

Max Headroom said...


It will be sheer pity that when VP is RIPed, all of you will fade away.

I have read some great posts as comments. Everyone has made a mark and "Sujeewa Kokwala's" first comment deserves a re-read as much everything "Ananda-USA", "Sam Perera"; "Moshe Dayan" writes from time to time.

Folks, I am thinking of doing some volunteering at the General Hospital: to talk to the injured soldiers - calm them down; stroke their heads and recite some pirith.
I am not doing enough!

Hope DW & dA stays on our radar to comment on GOSL, after the war about the welfare of our soldiers and the "clean work" that needs to be done to erase the memory of VP and Pussy Cats.

Deeply appreciate the Blog and all comments.

Is there a way to buy an archive of all your blog posts and comments from day one?

Sam Perera said...


I agree, there is lots of work ahead for us. In any case, this won't be over any time soon. We will have a few decades of low intensity warfare. Further more, we need to prepare our country for the war we will never fight. We have to be prepared if Tamilnadu ever breaks away from India. We have to prepare ourselves to resist western mddlers. In summary, we shall never rest on our laurels ever.

Saman said...


I was just contacted by a friend and said that the fat Pig is captured and GoSL is waiting for MR to return before announcing.

I asked what the source is and how sure he is. He just thought I may have heard it already.

Any news on this folks?

Nilambare said...

Guys, right now there is an update from SKR

Gringo said...

Dear president... I remember a few months ago, when visiting a wounded soldier, in answer to his question, if we were going to stop the war halfway... you stated that you will not only wage the war to the end... but also would bring Prabhakaran on all fours to the feet of our heroes.

I hope, as the events unfold, you are able to keep that word without nay hesitation, fear or pressure. If we have the honour to kill that lowlife... I recommend displaying the carcass hanging from a backhoe... on the Galle Face green.

Caveman Velu said...

It's double the fun when an utterly bitter fight ends like this with the brave winning all. The whole country and its supporter focused all our energy in this noble task and achieved something that was unimaginable few years ago.
We should not let this energy and momentum die down. If we can focus this energy build-up on achieving economic prosperity and long-term peace in Sri Lanka that's the biggest gift we can give back to our motherland!

Suren said...

Well Vezapulle has done merits I swear.See he has got rid of about million sakkiliyas out of our blessed country.I feel little spacious here now.Look at the truth; They will be forever a stateless diaspora begging and grovelling the white;but will that surprise any Sinhalese;not at all.I could still remember how sakkiliyas were doing our toilets and gutters;that's their nature and come by pedigree to do it now to the whites.This should be really really hurting them to realise that they are stateless bunch with no motherland;when fans cheer Lanka teams what would their children do ?sulk & moan; like outlaws in countries all over the globe forever;destitutes & beggars.No wonder they are trying to vent some anger out here due to utter frustation.That's Vezapillai legacy to them,worse than killing sakkiliyas here by him because this is slow continuous pain and suffering for sakkili diaspora for ever & ever.AND REJOYCE IN THAT!

Saman said...


One startling fact I have noted through those pictures of those who escape for LTTE is that,

1. Some looks like they have never lived in a war zone (at least the plight IC is barking about)

2. The others (especially children, women, old) bring teas to your eyes.

Those Tamils, and HR scum who do not see the truth must be blind or hardcore LTTE must pursue vigorously.

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