Thursday, May 14, 2009

This is where it all ends!

The final stage of the hostage rescue mission has commenced. 4000 civilians have been rescued so far.

The Operation commenced this evening when the 59 Division advanced northwards from its original position south of Vellamullaivaikkaal.

The 59, under the able command of Brigadier Prasanna Silva, advanced to the outer periphery of the CSZ. A path was secured and cleared by the 59 immediately afterward. This prompted an immediate exodus of civilians towards the Army.

The Special Forces and much of the Commandos are still held in reserve, the respective sources confirmed to DefenceWire. Prasanna Silva, as the Commander of the 55 Division is well versed in the use of elite Air Mobile/Mech Infantry troops attached both to the 55 and the 53.

Both Divisions operated side-by-side in the Muhamalai-Nagarkovil Sector for years and fought some of the most bitter battles ever fought by the SLA in a very narrow stretch of land. It is a fitting tribute that the 53 Division and the former Commander of the 55 Division have teamed up to end the final phase of this war.

The latter, the 53 Division and Brigadier Silva's current 59 Division are only 2kms apart from each other, at the time this report is written. What lies between them is the CSZ, which is a 2km X 2km patch of land. With the 59s incursion into the CSZ, the entire LTTE outfit might tumble.

Although exact figures of hostages is yet unclear, the number could be between 20,000 and 50,000.

DefenceWire's sources indicated that as more civilians are drained out, there is a high possibility of the LTTE attempting a large scale civilian catastrophe. Recently returned civilians have confirmed the Tigers have buried a substance, similar to white phosphorous, in large gunny sacks in and around civilian settlements.

But highly confident ground commanders told DefenceWire that the battle will be over in the next 2 days. There was, however, a chance that the LTTE leader, if he is still in the area as suspected, might make a dash for safety by sea.


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Thusitha said...

I am the first

Lakmini said...

Great! We all are praying for a speedy victory!

Unknown said...

Great Nation- Sri Lanka and the Best Army in the world.
All sri lankans are happy.

Maskman said...

there are conflicting reports, says 1500, there is a Yahoo news item saying 5000 now you say 3000!
Anyway it is good news, hope our casualties are low

hoomiti said...

breaking news from rupavahini:

Farah 3 ship liberated by 58

gladiator said...


[Great! We all are praying for a speedy victory!]

or rather low casuality victory

onecountry said...

"Farah 3 ship liberated by 58"

Captured, not liberated.

hoomiti said...

Rama said some blast in NFZ where VP is in. Still smoke is rising tothe air

CASC said...

May our warriors be blessed by the triple gem !

KillerT said...


Some say we had the worst casualties in Eelam war 4.Is it true?How cold it be when the tiger strngth is around 200??

How long do you think this will go on?

Thanks in advance.

Pottu said...

Are you going to publish the details using Mahen's blog again?

Gringo said...

["This is where it all ends!"

... And where the phase 2 of the project of TOTAL SRILANKANIZATION begins.

The root cause (he... he... he...) the Tamil terrorists whine about MUST BE addressed. We ignored the rich resources of the NE for far too long. Tamil terrorists saw them and utilized all those resources to kill us in thousands as PUNISHMENT.

The books are balanced now... Let's not repeat the same mistake.

Moshe Dyan said...

ASS (ananda singari) does it again!

"I repeat once again, your Excellency, that the only option the Government has is not to attack the LTTE any more since they are now mixed up with the civilians, but to mark time till the assistance of the United Nations or any one else of your choice is obtained to bring the innocent civilians out safely."

fcuking funny as your federal fcuk!

not to attack the LTTE and wait till the marines come!!

go tell that to the marines, ASS.

try to help recued hostages without talking cock & bull, ASS.

Maskman said...


you must be a Jangi Mahen fan, I hang out there too, but DW existed long before Jangiya started peeing.

Unknown said...


Moshe Dyan said...


NE of SL : use it or lose it.

for 35 fcuking years we didn't use it (1983-1948) enough and someone else almost got it. we are to be blamed.

Gringo said...

ASS is showing the signs of political suicide.

Unknown said...

I'm bloody well have a mind to stay up whole night if you think the stinking a....... going to see the maker today!

sanercomic said...

Let us pray for our brave soldiers who sacrifice their lives today leaving behind families and children to save some other families and children. Just because they believe that they should protect the one who are weak and unprotected.

Jayawewa!! and Theruwan Sarani

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

For a lont time you have been trying to expose (and succeeding) AS as someone with a separatist agenda. Although i did not state it in this forum, really did not agree with you.
However, over the last few months, i can see what you have been going on and fully agree with your view. Just to let you know.

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...
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san said...
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Buddhika De Silva said...


san said...

This is the day that all the srilankans wait from 25 years.tommorrow or day after tomorrow beginning of a new chapter for srilanka

Thusitha said...

'Exodus' from Sri Lanka war zone

The government and the rebels blame each other for civilian casualties
The Sri Lankan army says more than 2,000 civilians have waded across a lagoon to flee the war zone in the north-east of the country.

BBC front page. Not that biased. But I am sure, as soon as they get bored, they will take the number from Tamil net and start publishing those numbers and call it a blood bath. So, we need to feed BBC and other news agencies punnakuu. Otherwise the LTTE doctor would appear again.

Maybe we should say something like we have captured Pottu or something like that. Just to take the attention away. Later on we can always say, mistaken identity.

Chinthana4Lions said...

What a great new, First thing I did, when i saw this news is "Pray"...for our army....let us win with low casualty ....

Gosh my heart beat fast now......wgere is my pressure tablets...damn.......:)

Malin said...

hey guys shall we organize a anti Ranil campaign.. Not against UNP but just against Ranil.. That way even UNP people will help get rid of him..

lets start with email campaign.. anybody up for teh job?


OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

Is this the final battle? Or another attempt at rescuing some civilians, and then go after the LTTE leadership?

Thusitha said...

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright said...
For a lont time you have been trying to expose (and succeeding) AS as someone with a separatist agenda. Although i did not state it in this forum, really did not agree with you.
However, over the last few months, i can see what you have been going on and fully agree with your view. Just to let you know.

I will trust Douglas Devananda and Karuna over Ananda Sagaree at any time. Recently saw a video where Karuna was speaking. Pretty straight forward guy. Any one who fights in an army (the good side or the bad side) are pretty straight forward. But ASS is a politician and I think he should never be trusted. Also the Pillayan does not looks that much trust worthy either.

Moshe Dyan said...


cheers mate!

there are good tamil politicos, at least better ones.

i have not heard douglas devananda, even thonda, some tamil UNP WPPC politicians promoting seperatism.

clearly there are 4 distinct groups in tamil politics.

1. pro-LTTE (naturally pro-TE)
2. anti-LTTE but pro-TE
3. anti-TE and anti-LTTE
4. anti-TE but reluctant to be anti-LTTE for losing popular support.

ranking, good to bad.

when war is going on,


when war is over,


Maskman said...


I'm with you. Every sensible person in Sri Lanka should gather to kick Ranil's butt.

Dilan said...

may i pray for velu....

Unknown said...

Malin said...

hey guys shall we organize a anti Ranil campaign.. Not against UNP but just against Ranil.. That way even UNP people will help get rid of him..

lets start with email campaign.. anybody up for teh job?

Just tell me who I should email and I will do the job. That cocksucker will get a premium quality character assassination.

Can we also add that other cocksucker Mangala and maybe also A Sangaree for good measure.

Moshe Dyan said...

May G~d bless our soldiers and patriotic people. Let there not be unwanted deaths or injuries to them.


OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

Agree with your ranking. I have not heard Douglas Deva promoting separatism either. Politically, he is the most well organised tamil politician in the north and the east. The TNA without the LTTE will be far less powerful, and will have to re-organise a lot before they could win more seats. The issue I have with Douglas is that he still has armed carders, and give a lot of trouble to innocent tamils in the norht. Hear a lot about extortion etc... The next big thing for the government will be to de-arm these groups in the future, so that the people in the north and the east can live without fear.

Moshe Dyan said...


mate, leave ASS for the time being. he can be made use in OUR strategy. he is politically bankrupt and therefore we can manipulate him.

only thing is NEVER let him be the master. and when he becomes completely useless and start talking complete crap all the time, dump him.

i'm sure ranil is upto something BIG.

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

I doubt Ranil is upto anything new or big.

He is doing his routine trip to Europe. Probably looking for a PR company to teach him how to win people over.

Any news items on what he has been saying to the Europeans?

Moshe Dyan said...


agree. yes, they need to be disarmed.

Malin said...

Anti-Ranil Campaign

What we need is some good facts put on paper in creative way how ranil betrayed his own country..

I am not talking about horrified pictures of him.. but some good facts that any reader would agree upon. I can not write creatively so i need help with content. Visual side i will take care as I am good with graphics..

So if you can send me the content I will try to have mailer ready by tommorow?

e-mail :

Unknown said...


I hear you loud and clear mate


Moshe Dyan said...

tamilnet in random number generation again.


the end of the war should be OFFICIALLY declared on may 22nd. that was supposed to be NATIONAL HEROES DAY, wasn't it????

Unknown said...


I will try and focus on getting the content for you...but it's hard at the moment with so much exciting stuff going on.

I shall however give it a try


CASC said...

Ananada Sangaree has turned out to be a major disappointment. He was supposedly offered the FM position by MR at one time. He was supposedly a left activist in his university days, which one would have thought makes him a little more egalitarian. It turns out he is another Vellala Tamil racist in the Amithralingam mould. The government will need to create a new crop of Tamil leaders like Karuna who are committed to the idea of a united Sri Lanka. President MR has proven himself to be very savvy and he will no doubt attend to the rebuilding the north, including the political system, with the same dilligence and commitment that he has showed in the military phase.

Unknown said...

Maskman, and anybody else...

Can you please research the Ranil brokered CFA and see how that would have effectively partitioned the country.

Cheers! - Got to run, but will be back in 45minutes

Nisal said...

[[the end of the war should be OFFICIALLY declared on may 22nd. that was supposed to be NATIONAL HEROES DAY, wasn't it????]]

I second it

Malin said...

[[the end of the war should be OFFICIALLY declared on may 22nd. that was supposed to be NATIONAL HEROES DAY, wasn't it????]]

I agree with this also.. let hope we can do it..

NOLTTE=Peace said...


The win is near... Celebration is near.... We were crying and waiting for this day for over 25 years..

Will see how it goes by 22nd of May (I am sure that nothing would be left for LTTE by then).

I also second that we should declare 22nd of May as the day of Victory.

However, we should be looking into a massive campaign directing our energies towards looking after families of Soldiers who scarified their lives and limbs to safeguard our future!

OneNation (formerly TTBO) said...

These tigers are delusional and in some far away planet. Nadesan has sent a message thanking Obama for his comments. To begin with i am sure he is hiding somewhere in a beach, under a few feet of sand, leave alone typing letters. Secondly, it is funny to see them still thinking that the world sees them as liberators, and not hostage takers.

Wonder what Nadesan would say if he was captured alive? any suggestions ppl?

CASC said...

NOLTTE=Peace said....However, we should be looking into a massive campaign directing our energies towards looking after families of Soldiers who scarified their lives and limbs to safeguard our future!

Well said NOLTTE=Peace. This must be the highest priority. Harendra has posted some information on this blog on several occasions regarding how to sponsor a child of a fallen soldier. Needs to be done on a larger scale and more systematically.

Buster said...

Folks I have been carefully observing all blogs that provides information into Wanni Liberation and their accuracy. Since I have a fair inside knowledge of the ongoing operations, which I am not anyway permitted to reveal I raise my hat to DW for it's accuracy in reporting of unbiased current affairs. Perhaps some reports in the past may have over bloated, the present posts shows accuracy and responsibility. Liberations process will end imminently and for information so far 4427 civilians have been rescued and further civilians were seen queuing up to cross into cleared areas. I cannot put (Ellalan)Mahen in the same boat as I can simply observe his competition from scanty over elaborated information to ridicule DW and its participants...Enjoy the final moments of cesspit born eelam tamil terror decimation and fumigation...

SL said...


Do you know that your last sentence gave you away :-D. Thank you for all the inside info you have been providing in this blog and others. Mr. J enjoy the final hours of the tamil tiger terrorism in mother Lanka.

දේශපාලුවා said...

53, 59 and 57. The useless 58 didn't do anything. We know very well SLA is hugely bureaucratic institute. During the elephant pass attack late 90s a high ranked army officer rushed to rupavahini corporation, everybody thought he was going to issue a statement on the grave situation, instead he wanted SLRC to air a news about his daughter not being selected to a swimming team that was about to go on a foreign tour.

Unlike those times, Gen Fonseka and Col. Rajapaksa who have been well exposed to the SLA bureaucracy and been victimized by it, broke it and brought efficient and good junior officers like Brigadier Shavindra Silva to the front.

Lazy inefficient and corrupt senior officers are mad about it and they cant stand his victories.
Defense wire is the son of one such ass, who is in USA studying in a US university with his fathers corrupt dirty bloody money.

After the defeat of the LTTE and its leadership, we should turn on the corrupt senior SLA leadership who made the war a gold mine for themselves sacrificing innocent soldiers lives and families.

madura said... warns about possible white phosphorus attacks on civilians and the troops
may the triple jem bless all our forces!
and the civilians
...use masks :P dont forget!!

Unknown said...

Yes, the moment we all being waiting for..!!
Finally it's here..!!

What it brings is the PEACE to our Mother Sri Lanka. A place where our children and the generations to come will live a happily ever after..!!

Two things to do when we get the good news:

- Pray for all the valiant soldiers who laid there life in achieving this. May them attain a the highest respect of our generation.

- Pray for speedy recovery of all those brave soldiers who got injured while fighting to free our mother Sri Lanka.

[Anything else people? please keep on adding to the list]

Celebrate the victory..!!

Sri Lankan Forces are 'The Best' on this Planet Earth..!!

Jaya Wewa.....!!!!

Pottu said...


Seniority does not matter when come to information, need those info true and early.
As I thought earlier, DW article has same thing as the earlier mentioned blog.

Where is good old DW who used to write something different?

Binkunda said...

god bless Sl army.i need a peace of velu meat.hikzz

Nu-One said...

All the Guys,

its a great help,putting latest news items on this comments column as we are out of country now.

දේශපාලුවා said...

There was never a good DW, always a bitter son of a bitter sleazy senior SLA officer. Who kept on leaking not very important developments to his son. But as the war went on we got to know the quality and effectivenss of Brigedier Shavindra Silva, DW got bitter and bitter. If you read through his blogs (bogs) you'll see non of them are ture insider information, just unimportant gossip , you'll also notice he never gave credit to Brigedier Sliva.

දේශපාලුවා said...

The understanding between Brigadier Shavindra Silva and Col. Gotabaya Rajapkasha goes beyond DW, testicular development (may be he was not even born)

Brig. Sliva then a 2nd lieutenant fought under then Kaptain Rajapaksha in operation liberation commanded by Brigadier Kobbakaduwa.

When 2nd lieutenant Silva was injured in a fire fight, col. Wijaya Wimalarathna sent Kapt. Rajapaksha to assist lieutenant Silva.
These two people knows each other very well and col Rajapaksha knows the potential of this man.

Gen Fonseka got to know Brig Silva during infamed operation Jayasikuru (maybe earlier) but that was the time Gen got to know about his bravery and talent.

Lets give credit where its due.

If Brig. Silva was not assigned to command 58 breaking ranks, we wouldn't have been this close this soon.

gladiator said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Its over!!!!

Where is my Nadeson Kossa!!!

Nisal said...

[[Puk Batta said...

Its over!!!!

Where is my Nadeson Kossa!!!]]


Sam Perera said...


Thanks for the insight about Shavendra and DefenceWire. However, I will not give too much gravity to DefenceWire and his father. I have read DW since the beginning. I should say that except for a few occasions, DW was trying to keep us aware of the developments in the battle field. Furthermore, we shall not be holding a son liable for father's acts, it is not fair to do so. This is a moment we should unite than start infighting. That will benefit our nation immensely. On the side, are you sure that GR was a captain in the time of Op. Liberation?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

watch this

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
දේශපාලුවා said...

Gotabay Rajapaksha, Wijaya wilmalarathna, Denzil Kobbakaduwa during operation liberation

දේශපාලුවා said...

operation liberation

Sam Perera said...


GR was a Major in Op. Liberation time. Soon after that he became a Lt. Colonel, if my memory serves me correct.

දේශපාලුවා said...

[This is a moment we should unite than start infighting. ]

Sam P

Lets give credit where its due

That's all I'm asking for, is that too much?

Anonymous said...

LTTE is done with..! Its all over!

SF is finding pieces of about 20 LTTE cadres who have committed mass suicide!

Forensic teams have been called to identify VP, Poddu, Soosai, Lawrence etc.


දේශපාලුවා said...

My bad Major, caption, what do I know I'm just a simple politician.

But he was there so was Shavindra

Observer said...

Breaking News on ITN,MR has mentioned that all civillians will be rescued within 48 hours..

By the looks of the statement it seems the job is already done. We have seen MOD telling that they will do something within 48 hours, eventhough they are already done with the job

dogooder said...

Batta, where did you get that info?

Sam Perera said...


If Gens. Kobbekaduwa and Wimalarathne survived that attack, perhaps we could have finished the LTTE some 15 years ago. Regardless of party politics, we shall never forget some of our greatest warriors like Generals Perera and Algama.

Gringo said...

As we are knocking on the door of the fat pig to say ‘hello’, I bow my head with total respect to all mothers who gave birth to the sons and daughters in our troops and defence establishment. They should be the proudest of all mothers anywhere and can rest assured that without their contribution we would have been (correctly) labeled as a nation of WEAKLINGS.

May all Gods, Triple Gems and Allah protect and guide our troops.

Anonymous said...

[If Gens. Kobbekaduwa and Wimalarathne survived that attack, perhaps we could have finished the LTTE some 15 years ago. Regardless of party politics, we shall never forget some of our greatest warriors like Generals Perera and Algama.]


They were good soldiers, but they never had the good leadership!!!

Dilan said...

there of international media and diplomatic talk about how civilians are treated in government controlled areas.

Can you guys remember how they were treated in the big football stadium (superdome) after hurricane Katrina? they were killed for money and raped. People lived for days without food and safety in the "most democratic", "rich" and "advanced" country in the world US.

I tell again, that is not a good standard to follow, but only a small comparison. I would bet an in depth look would be even more interesting.

දේශපාලුවා said...

Captain or Major ?This photos is form an old "The Island " paper on it its says captain Rajapaksha.

දේශපාලුවා said...

Sam P

[we shall never forget some of our greatest warriors like Generals Perera and Algama]

Great lets not forget Shavindara and give him his due credit.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Dilan said...

superdome after US army arrived there.

Sam Perera said...

දේශපාලුවා said...

"Great lets not forget Shavindara and give him his due credit."

Need not to say a word about it. I treat them to be giants of Sri Lankan history standing unrivaled among warriors of Prince Gamini and Prince Keerthi.

Spearhead said...

hick, hick:

Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

The United Nations has said as many as 50,000 may be trapped -- huddled under plastic sheeting, in shallow bunkers and with little food, water or medical facilities.

The statement agreed by the UN Security Council had been put forward by France, Britain and Austria, who had lobbied hard for the world body to address the "appalling" crisis in Sri Lanka.

The text is non-binding, but with China and Russia among others opposed to putting the Sri Lankan i

ssue on the council agenda, diplomats said it was the best the European sponsors could hope for.

Spearhead said...

FINALLY, someone from NGO (head of UNCHR) is clearly saying that tigers are shooting at civilians:
The United Nations' acting representative for Sri Lanka, Amin Awad, told Reuters that local sources in the combat zone confirmed up to 6,000 were in the water or safely across.

"They are trying to escape, but the LTTE is firing at them, overhead and into them. The army and the navy claimed to have rescued some, and we are concerned about those remaining," said Awad, who is also head of the U.N. refugee agency UNHCR.

Sinhabahu said...

Ananda USA

Put an article in LP site but i dont know hoe to catogerize it please do the needful and let me also know how to catgorize an article ( Or is it only for the admins)

since all donot have access to LP here is the article
Civilian Casualties, Hospital Attacks, Shelling on No Fire Zone and the hypocrisy of the Western media

Spearhead said...

wonder what the huge mysterious explosion rupavahini is talking about ???

MOD should make a statement NOW about this !!! before LTTE can say it was done by the SLA and bull shit !!!

JUST a simple statement of having SEEN it...

video of civilians escaping on is good!!!


Anonymous said...

/LTTE urges IC to save civilians in the name of humanity, SLA attacks kill 1700 in 48 hours/

LTTE said they have 200,000 civilians with them (after 100,000 escaped). If GSL/INGO figures of 10,000-50,000 is true and if SLA closing the end LTTE has to net kill more than 1700 in 48 hours..

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Good one DW, but the old grudge is still at large. I am finding it hard to believe how you can outcast 58th from glory. Petty politics mate. Ppl like you and SKR [who's doing exactly the opposite] harm SLDF in a subtle way, but very destructive in long run.

Praise'em all. Don't cut teh cake with your favored gang alone.

Maskman; Jangi Mahen's ot a complexity and ego disorder. Yet he breaks out some truth once in a while. BTW half of his "news" is not truth but imagination. He's a mix of DW and Navindran.

When Mahen states 100 things that is possible to happen some 35 of them actually happen, and when it is reported he's asking for copyrights.

Yet I believe that most ppl hate him for his actions during covet op, which we should forget. He had to shoot us then and did well. Let's give him a chance.


I do not get the argument of yours. Come on man, the photographer does not look any real provided with the BG event. It is impossible that a pussycat photographer is fully brain-removed, although brain-washed. I'd expect her to panic little more.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

I think it is a very very bad habit to single out and glorify top brass.

Being the topmost brass, what SF has done was putting right people based on their strength into right places depending on the task in hand. They have performed.

When it comes bravery and contribution, we should admire all the members of Security Forces.

At each level, they have made immense sacrifices perhaps gone above and beyond their abilities to win this war.

This is certainly a team effort. A well oiled, well working machine with about quarter million parts putting their best.

So lets not single out people. Celebrate the victory of all when it is the right time. Embrace all the members of the security forces irrespective of their rank and file.

Spearhead said...

hilarious: how the LTTE avoids parts they hate:

".. "Tamils earnestly look forward to President Barack Obama to lead the humanitarian intervention," he said, accusing the United Nations of holding back in bringing about a truce.

He made no reference to Obama's statement that called the LTTE's use of civilians as forced recruits and human shields "deplorable" nor the call to lay down arms.

දේශපාලුවා said...

Sam P

[Need not to say a word about it. I treat them to be giants of Sri Lankan history standing unrivaled among warriors of Prince Gamini and Prince Keerthi.]

You me and the common folks of SL recognize him.

Not DW and the sleazy ineffective corrupt Old SLA leadership. Who's ineffectiveness was exposed by him/

Unknown said...

I’m very sad to say that this DefenceWire report is telling us nothing. As I revealed this morning, it was the 58th Division who were on the real offensive and actually took out the brunt of the LTTE opposition. Also like I revealed this morning, 59th Division was mainly on a hostage rescue mission and to cut-off a southern push by the LTTE if they tried to escape towards the jungles of Mullaitivu.

Since 0300hrs on the morning of the 14th May [today], it was the 58th Division that was at the centre of the main fight. The 11 SLLI and the 12th Gajaba Regiments both attached to the 58th and under the command of Brig: Shavendra Silva, that did all or most of the advance manoeuvres, continuously using switching tactics which had the LTTE guessing where the next attack would come from. It was these guys clever and cunning multi-pronged attack that allowed us to secure the total capture of Farah 3 as well as creating the pressure on the north-eastern side of the SZ to allow 59th Division to breach LTTE defences on the south-western side of the zone and begin the rescue of the civilians.

By the way I must add that like Vidattaltivu, Iluppaikkadavai, Vellankulam, Nachikuddha, Devils Point, Pooneryn, Sinna + Paranthan, Dharampuram and all the way to Puttikudyruppu [Basically right around the country] it has been the superb military manoeuvres of the 58th Division and their heroic leader Shavendra Silva that speedily brought this war to a conclusion.

You say…” The latter, the 53 Division and Brigadier Silva's current 59 Division are only 2kms apart from each other, at the time this report is written. What lies between them is the CSZ, which is a 2km X 2km patch of land. With the 59s incursion into the CSZ, the entire LTTE outfit might tumble”.

Actually, the truth is that 58th Division lies “smack bang” in between 53rd and the 59th, but DefenceWire seems to be blind to that fact, and quite idiotically is trying to omit the presence of the 58th. Sad!

It seems to me that DefenceWire has something against the 58th Division and its brilliant leader Shav Silva. You claim “Unbiased Defence News”, but actually it is horribly biased. It’s terribly disappointing that DefenceWire cannot take jubilation in the successes of the great Brigadier General Shavendra Silva. [Possibly due to some stupid personal grievances]

Anyway DW, thanks for the news and for giving us all a great gathering point. I hope I haven’t offended you, as I don’t know who you are and have no intentions but to give credit where credit is due.

දේශපාලුවා said...


[This is certainly a team effort.]

Sure, and SS had a huge contribution, it was made possible by SF and GR working against the old SLA bureaucracy and promoting junior effective officers against sleazy seniors

දේශපාලුවා said...

[I’m very sad to say that this DefenceWire report is telling us nothing.]

He is sleazy and bitter

දේශපාලුවා said...

[It seems to me that DefenceWire has something against the 58th Division and its brilliant leader Shav Silva]

He is jealous that his ineffective dad was pushed aside by SF and GR to appoint SS to command 58

Spearhead said...

how about saving the bickering about which division is better for later, huh?
No blog on earth is perfect, just like no humans are perfect, and this is NOT the time to engage in an argument about which division is better etc etc, which could be done later, somewhere else or here; but NOW there are more important things to write/talk about, so save the bandwidth for the task/topic at hand, guys, PLEASE.

Let's see what further news we can get and keep posting about the what's happening, and keep this party going where it should go..

Just s suggestion/request.

Defencewire said...
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nuclear said...


Good work.

Your post says;

Recently returned civilians have confirmed the Tigers have buried a substance, similar to white phosphorous, in large gunny sacks in and around civilian settlements.
Above is a very clear indication that LTTE is going to use chemical weapons, conventional way or unconventional way, like blowup the WP gunny sacks.

I am sure SLDF sending our brave soldiers to liberate civilians with “PROTECTIVE GARMENT AGAINST WHITE PHOSPHORUS”!

දේශපාලුවා said...

[NOT the time to engage in an argument about which division is better]

All we are asking is credit in its due place.

Is that so too much to ask for?

Defencewire said...


Very clever (you might think). I have dealt with sleazy Tamils like you in the battlefield. You are no match for me. But unfortunately other more intelligent bloggers have taken the bait from you.

දේශපාලුවා said...

[You are no match for me]

true true, I'm a simple politician.

But lets give credit where its due.

Unknown said...

DW -

How many civis rescued so far ? and how many are remaining ? Any news about the explosion in the middle of the CSZ ?

Forget about which brigadier is the best We needed them all and thank goodness we had them .

Defencewire said...


Don't talk nonsense. The nature of the Mullaitivu coast prevents any leading operation from north to south. That is why 59 had to cross the lagoon. Not because the LTTE was trying to escape to Mullaitivu, which is practically impossible with 200 hardcore cadres.

Be very careful when you read something. We give Prasanna major credit in this article because he deserves it. Shavendra deserves credit too, but there are plenty of others who do that. We in this blog, fill the gaps that no one else wants to fill. That's all.

Unknown said...

To the guy with the cartoon face who said this…[sorry cannot read your handle as it appears in gibberish on my screen]

[He is jealous that his ineffective dad was pushed aside by SF and GR to appoint SS to command 58]

I don’t know who he is or who his dad is…and I don’t give a rats…

To SPEARHEAD: I’m not saying that the 58th is the dogs bollocks and every other division is rubbish…on the contrary, all other divisions are all superb. I’m very much a fan of Pressanns Silva too and all the other CO’s, but due credit must be given to all and not play hokey-pokey with your readers.

If one runs a blog, then giving your readers the truth is of vital importance - A blogs respectability and integrity is above all else vital.

Anonymous said...


Spearhead said...

hmmm....looks lie BBC still haven't copied the TamilNut numbers and news...

and strangely for the FIRST time, the link to TamilNut BBC has on EVERY damn story, on the right side menu, is gone...

Now it's only SL Govt, UN, Sec Council, HRW etc etc ...

may mean nothing, but curious none the less...

the latest BBC report also mentioned the video of civi's escaping filmed by SL MOD

SL said...

guys you can watch Rupavahini live at

They are airing some program to congratulate the troops. They seems to be expecting the final victory SOON!

Defencewire said...


We earned our respectability and integrity long before this blog. This blog earned respectability and integrity over all other blogs. We have talked about sacrifices made by officers and men who many others had ignored to even mention, primarily because they didn't know them. We take credit for highlighting Prasanna when people forgot him soon after Vakarai. We threw our entire weight behind him and others like him when certain section of the media and rogue journalists threw their weight behind others for various reasons. This is our only interest. This is our only motive.

SL said...


Will they can find your balls?

Defencewire said...


What is the strategic importance of capturing Farah-3? What is the objective behind the SLA? To capture a ship or get the civilians out and destroy LTTE? Do you want us to report on rubbish?

Unknown said...

DefenceWire said… Duke, Don't talk nonsense. The nature of the Mullaitivu coast prevents any leading operation from north to south. That is why 59 had to cross the lagoon.

Actually, and very respectfully, it is you who are now talking nonsense…Because, we have clearly seen over the last several weeks that the operations have run from North to South without any hindrance. I’m ready to challenge you on this point of fact.

Second: The reason 59th crossed the bridge, was because they wouldn’t have been correctly positioned if such a southward push was initiated by the LTTE. Here too I’m ready to challenge you on that.

Let’s be real and not fight each other about silly things. We both know the truth of the matter.

Cheers & Thank You!

දේශපාලුවා said...


[This blog earned respectability and integrity over all other blogs]

If whatI say is not ture it will fall by its own weight. But if other readres feel that its true, its their responsibility to defend it.

Unknown said...

I had clearly explained this morning the strategic value and importance of capturing Farah 3 in your previous post.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


You're free to have your own motive, but it is disgusting that you play a part of petty politics inside Army and hence support the cornering, outcasting and ignoring of good commited ppl.

If you say that 58th did nothing, well, we loose all the meaning of this argument. As it is your blog you're free to say it. But we'll be intellectually ashamed and probably won't even waste our time.

If you agree that 58th did their part, but you do not like to praise them as some ppl like SKR are over-praising, well, you automatically enter petty politics. Again your blog so you can have that motive.

Nevertheless I'd kindly suggest [not enforce] that you should stay out of the petty politics and praise all for their good.

If that is the case, I am stunned that 58th is not mentioned in this article. Especially considering the fact that you mentioned them countless during their debacles and mistakes. Again mate, it's your blog, and you are free to do whjatever you like.

Unknown said...

Article on the West's double standard when it comes to criticizing human rights violations:

Defencewire said...


Have you even been to the Mullaitivu coast during the Monsoon? Do you know that all fighting during daytime was stopped because it was difficult to lead an attack from the north to the south? Did you notice how quickly the 59 crossed the lagoon and entered Mullaivaikkaal when traveling from south to north, despite a lagoon and forgetting Prasanna for a moment? Did you also notice how long the 53 and the 58 took to get to where they are now? This is what I know as fact. If you know anything more, please do tell.

Unknown said...

I do agree that we all don’t want you to report rubbish, but as you say the hostage rescue operation was the main objective of the mission…That too I have explained how 58th drew the fire from the north-eastern edge of the SZ to enable 59th to enter from the south-western edge and rescue the civilians.
Please read my posts before just mouthing off in your anger.

lankaputhra said...

Thanks for update I hope we can see the end soon without or with VP…

We should admire and value all our heroes as same...These heroes are our wealth so …we must them credit equally …No doubt Prasanna is one of the greatest in the army

දේශපාලුවා said...

[If that is the case, I am stunned that 58th is not mentioned in this article]

Thats what I'm talking about brother

mahinda said...

Dear Sri Lankans,

First may I ask every one to contribute whatever you can to our great api wenuwen api fund please. Our Great brothers and sisters giving their life for our freedom which we should never forget. I live in UK and i ask you to just minimum £10 to this fund. I think this is not difficalt .we should help their children and families.

Dear President,
we are so lucky to have you as our beloved President. I will owe you so much for your courages decisions you taken last couple of years.To develop our country we first need a country.until I live i will vote for you Sir.

Thank you dear GR,SF,SS,KG,JD,PS and many others and our ranaviruwanani, we will never forget you.

My friends who live in UK,
Please do not forget what Labour Gov try to do to our country, so in 2010 may PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR LABOUR. as sri lankans this much we can do.

Last I have to mention this traitor
Ranil who is going to UK,EUROPE, and try to put bad image to our beloved Sri Lanka. Dear all, Please Please do not vote for this B******>

Defencewire said...


We say what we say for a reason. Our stand is such for a reason. For you and many others like you, every man in uniform is supreme. Every leader is the best. We understand this given the level of patriotism you have. But our job is NOT to flow with the flow but to analyze the flow and flaws and demonstrate to those interested that there is another side to the coin so watch out. We put it out there. Those who want to get it will get it. Others can do whatever they want. Either way, we will stick to what we know and our convictions based on knowledge not accessible to many of you.

Sam Perera said...


I appreciate your efforts to keep us informed about battle field progress since 2007. You did a great service to the nation and I want it to be like that in the future. I appreciate if you keep your reporting as objective as possible.


CASC said...


Let not get hung up about who should get credit. Everyone gets credit down to the lowly private. This has been a great forum that has been a pioneer in breaking the news. News that is not immediately accessible in any other forum. Sometimes it is difficult to filter the news in the heat of the battle. That's the nature of the war. We will know more deatils about some of these battles in years to come. Therefore, let's forget the personalities and share this historic moment with the rest of our countrymen.

Unknown said...

Actually, I have been several times on the Mullaithivu coast during the late 70s and early 80s to an estate belonging to ex-Sri Lanka rugby captain Mr. Y.C Chang’ on several wild boar hunts.

It has been a bloody long time, but my memory serves me well. However I don’t know if it was during any monsoon. But I do remember all those Star Tortoises all over the place.

Maybe you are a better man than me, but I like to give credit to all our brave hearts without any prejudice.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

DW, feel free. It is your terrain. It is your shot selection. Play as you wish.

gladiator said...


can you remember the incident we lost nerly 300 of our air mobile rigade troops about one and half year ago .. who commanded that brigade then? this is off topic i just wanted to know

Unknown said...

DefenceWire...Like SK say, it's your terrain and you can call the shots the way you like.


Absolutely, no hard feelings amongst gentleman, eh?

Defencewire said...

"Apparently, 58th Division have moved further into the safe zone [SZ] and is now clearing the newly captured areas, they have also captured the beachfront and are stationed within 200m of Farah 3."


"It is not known how much ammunition is available to Tiger cadres positioned within Farah 3, but they do have at least one navel cannon aboard and some heavy mortars, otherwise it has only been small arms fire that has emanated from the vessel during yesterday."


"The plan is to take Farah 3 during the early hours of this evening and SF units attached to the 58th are readying themselves for the assault as you read this.'

Wrong. SF is the Army Commander's Reserve. 58 has 2 Commando.

"The LTTE know the above, but are powerless to do anything. How many cadres are stationed within Farah 3 is also unknown, but if there are many, the SF teams once entering the ship will have their work cut-out for them as they know nothing of the layout within, and will be fighting in a close-combat situation once inside the vessel."

Very bad assessment of the LTTE to think they would commit fighters from its already dwindling 200 member hardcore to defend a ship and that SF, of all units would be sent in to take a crumbling old ship. Very bad quality information I'm afraid :)

Unknown said...

Each to his own I guess...what you feel is important, maybe not exactly be what I call the same.

And I never said that LTTE was committing anyone from their 200 HC cadres. They were already on the vessel.


Defencewire said...


I'm afraid I do not have any romantic memory of Mullaitivu coast, specially when you have to train and maneuver in the hot sun and the sand reflecting the heat back at you and then the wind blowing hot sand in your face. The 53, 58 and 59 all use armour. this is treacherous terrain for the armour. i know that. this is NOT about manliness. You challenged something that is very integral to this blog-- impartiality. This is not the first time. It happens when we don't tag others line. We tag our own based on our own convictions. some called us LTTE when we reported SLA casualties. LTTE supporters called us various things too. This is nothing new. Each time we make our point clear and then we move on. that's all.

What has characterized this blog is another fundamental value, which is to allow everyone, even LTTE an equal opportunity to express themselves. we have never said this is our blog so we do whatever we want. those who have followed us from 2007 probably knows this best. we have had our disagreements, but we, as the blog administrators have never thrown our weight around here trying to be right. but we have and will continue to defend our core values, the ones on which we operate. this we will do through dialogue like this, where we make our stand clear.


NOLTTE=Peace said...

It is clear to anyone, theoretically if 59 moved Northwards towards CSF, certainly we would reach the results sooner (as LTTE get sandwiched and having to stretch their resources).

At one point or the other, we expected this lagoon crossing. How they did it with minimal casualties is the skills of the planners and executors.

If the LTTE goons in Farah III posed a great risk to the troops converging on the sea front, neutralizing them is important (and that has been achieved).

I think, every action of this battle is important and can not be ignored. Therefore, we should not try to put one commander over the other. It is very immature.

Of all the battles fought so far, I have a great respect for the battle we fought in PTK in the first week of April as I consider it as one of the most decisive battles of this war. It was encircling and killing over 700 LTTE fighting core that include Theepan's, Vidusha's, etc teams. That was one of the biggest single blows to the enemy in this Eelam war IV. Otherwise, our fight today would be much difficult having to face another 700.

As I heard all the three Divisions, 53,58 and 59 are doing huge amount of heavy lifting right now at this moment. Panicking civilians have been the biggest issue, and indiscriminate firing of LTTE within the civilian huts etc.

Lets not fight about who is the best and who should deserve credit etc. Help the effort every way you can. Keep the fingers crossed!

One way or the other, we would be celebrating Victory by this weekend!

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Defencewire = Sujeewa ;-0?

I am sure that you want to write something to Sujeewa Kokawela I believe.

Defencewire said...


It was that VIP protection Commando Brigadier Samantha Suriyabandara rewarded for this dismal performance by appointment to a Embassy as defence attache. The original entry of this on this blog dated April 27th 2008 states

"Meanwhile, after a hugely unsuccessful and blundering performance at Nagarkovil, Brigadier and VIP protection Commando Officer Samantha Sooriyabandara has been removed from the post of Commander 53 Division. He has been replaced by the 55 Division Commander brigadier Kamal Gunaratne.

The 53 Division is now under one of the best and most highly committed officers; Brigadier and Special Forces Officer Prasanna Silva. Brigadier Silva took over command at a small function yesterday. His brilliant leadership and strategy led to the capture of Mavil Aru and Vakarai. His new task however, will be a considerable challenge especially against a determined and well entrenched foe in Jaffna."

NOLTTE=Peace said...

DDOS attack on LNP!

LTTE gone mad!

Defencewire said...


Sujeewa was to come between the two paras in the comment. Apologies.

Vajira said...


I totally value the credit you gave to Maj Gen. Kamal Gunaratne and Brig. Prasanna Silva.
Not many people understand the value they put in by defending the Jaffna lagoon.Any military analyst will agree that it was the event of a capture of Jaffna by LTTE that would have turned the military balance of the war towards them. They failed due to the brilliance of these 2 men and their warriors. And paved the way for this weekends victory.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


"The 53 Division is now under one of the best and most highly committed officers; Brigadier and Special Forces Officer Prasanna Silva."

I think you wanted to say 55 NOT 53

Unknown said...

Thank You DefenceWire, I highly appreciate your contribution on all fronts. Otherwise I wouldn't be here.

Keep up the good work, and respect to you having to go through all those gruelling training ops on the beach at Mullaithivu.

I do hope that your impartiality and unbiased reporting will continue well into the future, and I shall surely stick around to enjoy it.

A big-up and cheers!

Sam Perera said...


Take it easy. We are not hear to nitpick everything. Please don't get hungup on DW's opinion. Let's find how our boys are doing now with the BBQ.

Push said...

මේ උපහාරය රට රකිනා සැම වෙතයිමගේ දේශය
මගේ ජාතිය
මගේ ආගම
මට ලබාදුන් ත්‍යාගයයි
චණ්ඩ මාරුතයේ
නොසෙල්වෙන චින්තනය නිවහල්

නිවටයිගේ දෙපා අබියස
බියෙන් ඇකිලී නැමී යා නම්
එවන් සිරසක් කුමකටද මට
ගෙලෙන් සිද එය ඉවත ලනු මිස

මගේ දේශය...

මිල මුදල් ලැබ කුවේරයින්ගේ
සිතට එරෙහිව ගයන්නට නම්
ඒ මධුර හඞ කුමකටද මට
ගොළුව බිහිරිව සතුටු වනු මිස

මගේ දේශය...

පද රචනය : සුනිල් ආරියරත්න
සංගීතය : රෝහණ වීරසිංහ
ගායනය : නන්දා මාලිනී

nuclear said...

From MOD,
Last modified on: 5/14/2009 9:35:25 PM
Security forces open-up escape route for hostages: Over 1500 rescued
*2nd Phase of hostage rescue operation a success
Military formations advancing in three fronts determined to rescue civilian hostages held by LTTE at the newly declared civilian safe zone, at Velamullaivaikkal have succeeded in their objective this afternoon (May 14), with an estimated number of over 1500 civilians freed from LTTE hostage.
According to ground military sources, the civilian exodus is continuing with people seeking protection with the 59 Division troops now operating North of the Wadduvakal causeway. The three frontal simultaneous military surge led by the 58, 53 and 59 Divisions have denied LTTE, strategic ground advantage also thining-out the LTTE's lines of defences, providing enough escape route for hostages, security sources said.
Meanwhile, terrorists have continued mounting indiscriminate shelling and mortar attacks at both hostages and troops, military said.
According to Air Force Spokesperson Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara, 12 hostages injured due to indiscriminate LTTE small arms attack were airlifted from Mulliyaweli to the general hospital at Anuradhapura.

Defencewire said...


We look at the Army holistically. We see what others don't see. When we see others either not seeing them or reporting on them and one or two get highlighted and we know the sacrifices made by MANY brave men, we have to create balance. We colour the grey areas.

On the issue of Shavendra, there is definitely an overpraising. This is fine. But here's the catch-- many A, B, C, D etc teams who started this journey from the 58 and their junior and even mid-level officers are no more. On top of this, similar or quieter officers are practically unknown. They will retire with their pension and fade away. No one knows about them. Prasanna had the good fortune of some media publicity but only after he took on the Commander and decided to leave the Army. When he was in the 55 or conducting LRRP in Vavuniya etc, no one knew him. He is still not very popular among Sri Lankan people thanks to some journalists and their selective reporting. This is not a balanced picture. We did not cause this imbalance and were only trying to balance it out. We cannot take on Rupavahini in terms of reach, but we can make a very strong stand in a small way in this blog. Our tactics may sometimes be shocking, but it has now given due credit to people like Prasanna. But still more needs to get done. We will continue fighting the popular image of individuals who are overrated, just like we exposed Samantha Suriyabandara in April 2008.


Correct. There was a mistake in the numbers.

mottapala said...

DW, I have been observing this argument for a while. I am completely with you. For some it looks like SS did all the hard work.
More than SS's military capability some people like him because,
he is good looking,
apears to have a good personality
Nice name
[these wre comments I gathered from blog members] A bit like 'Duminda Silva's popularity.

Can you remeber the retired General 'Jaliya Nammuni'? Those days he was very popular among Sri Lankans just because his name was cute. But he was an absolutely useless idiot and looked horrible.

Your efforts in higlighting the unsung heros are commendable. I salute you.

mottapala said...

What is all his fuss about Farrah III. Isn't it simply a sitting duck vulnerable to direct arty or air attack?

lankaputhra said...


I hope you will not emboss political image to SLA top bras! Why we are not talking about future strategies war is still on the map…so I hope you understand me I personally do not like to credit one particular it must be all team!

gladiator said...



Defencewire said...


You should say that to the parties that started the mess by overpraising one or two officers because they appear well or speak well. We are the ones doing the clean-up.

Sniper said...


stop these petty arguments and check out the new threat in hand that we need to address....

.Britain warns Sri Lankan government.

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOL it has been confirmed from the people that the "tigers" have been burning a white phosphurs power on land?? LOOOL are you fukin kiddin me the SLAF has been using chemical banned weapons and blame it on the tigers, theres even pictures of shells that havent been exploded, man SLA and the GoSL sure know how to lie outta of there teeth, i guess that goes for defence wire also eh, unbiased my ass

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Cool mate, keep up the good work.

Note that we do not wanna praise SS or 58th specifically, we just want to see everyone getting their fair praise. Like you said, your objective is to light up the shades, so obviously, that means that ppl like SKR would avoid your praising of 58th.

Anyway, I had some contacts from 58th and the comment you mentioned about A, B, C, D was known to me too. But the matter is, with all due respect to great heroes, most of today's achievements wouldn't have been possible, w/o such bravery and sacrifice, says the laymen in us. You are free to differ, and I do not challenge that.

Also we value the offensive and defensive equally. Basically we wanna praise all for their fair share.

Anyway, let's cut this short. Let us drop it all together.

DW, for a change, what is this big fuss about some explosion in pussycat den? Have they lit up the BBQ burner?

Cheers mate. GN.

lankaputhra said...

I agree

nuclear said...

Dear Friends,

Following is my personal opinion not intended to offend anyone except our common enemies if they read.

This is an open forum and in my opinion we should not be discussing our soldiers in this forum. It can take place in a closed forum. This is read by our common enemies as well and we are giving unwanted information to them.

Do not fall to the prey of divide and rule game. Our SLDF is united and that is the reason we came to this much. Now the SLDF is a very big wheel and few of the teeth’s malfunctions do not affect the job. Let the higher officers take care if there is any reason for that.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


West will soon take a dramatic U-turn on us as they tend/pretend to believe the fake reports and endless effort by western NGO and media. For an example the number 6500 was not officially issued by UN, and even if so, most of it were killed by pussycats.

All this means that we have a limited time. And every bit of pressure makes the offensive harder, not softer.

However, the west may take another dramatic U-turn, if we decimate the leadership as hoped and expected. Everything may get scapegoated on pussycats in the end.

What west fail to notice is that their unnecessary iuntervension makes the offensive severe, and what SL fail to see is that, unless they respond faster than now, and do not make at least few friends in those elite gang of western countries, SL will be pushed to one another not-loved-by-west nation. Examples are NK, Iran, Syria, China, etc.

I think we need a mission travelling from country to country educating the parties there. Ppl like Rajiva W, Dayan J and Palitha K should start on that. Like Miliband and Kouchner visited SL, we can visit them all.

I value to back bone we have to stand against west, but I dont want to go against anyone but pussycats. We need them all. And need them more than before after we wipe them from SL. International Eelam war is yet to begin.

Unknown said...

I am not a military guy and my knowledge about military maneuvers is limited to the scanty ideas I got by watching films like The Longest Day. So I cannot choose who is the better commander between the two Silvas.

What I can say is that the ladies over here are all going ga ga over Shavendra. They say he is cute and looks like a film star. Come to think of it, he looks like Robert de Niro.

Sam Perera said...


Britain today is 3rd rate power dieing for attention. They neither have political power or military power to match our giant neighbors India and China. Furthermore, we have no reliance on Britain on anything including weapons. Britain never ever supported us on our war against terrorists. In fact, Britain supported LTTE terrorists several times including smuggling Anton Balasingham out of Sri Lanka. One British ambassador was declared person-non-grata in early 90s for meddling with our internal matters. I consider this hilarious threats from UK to be another round of dry jokes. With all due apologize DW and other other respectful readers, I want to tell Brits to fuck off.

Malin said...

Guys is it over.. or is fighting still going on?

mottapala said...

Well said Sam,
British parlimentarians are desparately trying to save their own asses from the public following the revealations of stealing. one has already being sacked. Many more to come.

Let Milliban go to China and warn them for supporting Sri lanka.

දේශපාලුවා said...

DW said

[Thanks to some journalists and their selective reporting. This is not a balanced picture. ]
I never said Shavindra Silva did it all, I dont think anybody here said that.

We recognize the talent of the many division COs and and LRRP (Read my blog).

But we have to accept that Brig. Shavindra Silva was exceptional.

GR knew him from operation liberation

SF knew him from jayasikuru and other ops.

So they appointed him to be CO of 58 leaving behind many who are senior to him.

His appoinment to lead 58 shows GR and SF believe his exceptional talent.

The journey he has come proves his talents.

If there are unsung heroes praise them we will join as we have before, but if you deliberately leave out crediting anyone of them we will protest.

Sam Perera said...


"The British Foreign Office Minister, Bill Rammell, described as 'shocking and appalling' the United Nations estimate that some 6,500 civilians had been killed in the Sri Lankan conflict since January and said that democratic governments are held to a higher standards of responsibility than other organisations."

We should start from all the crimes against Sri Lankans caused by Britain from 150 years. Then we should ask these monkeys to look at their own war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Practice what you preach. We don't give a tiny rats ass for British monkeys. Learn to respect the democratic will of Sri Lankan people.

Defencewire said...

Loud explosion

Unknown. However, this was not the first time. Last time escaping Tigers claimed they were weapons dumps deemed 'sensitive' for capture. No clarity on that.

SLA using white phosphorous,

Another LTTE joke(er)!

Why would a confident, winning army use cruel tactics like that when all it needs to do is to kill some 22 terrorists? Its like balling bouncers at the opposing team needing 500 runs to win in one delivery. Only fools will fall for these jokes.

Sri Lanka travel info said...

LTTE air craft spare engine came from Germany. hope they can track who supplied this to a banned terror organisation.

Göbler-Hirth Motoren KG

Max-Eyth-Straße 10
71726 Benningen

Phone ++49-7144 / 8551-0
Fax ++49-7144 / 5415

finalcountdown said...

on behalf of dehiwala zoo i appeal to GOSL not to kill VP.

Unknown said...

Sujeewa Kokawala asked/said…”what is this big fuss about some explosion in pussycat den? Have they lit up the BBQ burner?”

In my humble mind I too have been trying to figure this out, I have enquired, but nobody seems to know…but here is a possibility, which is highly probable.

If like the army is saying, the LTTE is having and using white phosphorus (WP), then the LTTE maybe trying to destroy the evidence in case they get caught alive.

WP creates heavy smoke that is not exactly blackish, but charcoal gray. WP has been used before in military ops to create a smokescreen and hide ground ops from enemy observers and also UAVs.

It is highly speculative, but if an escape attempt is being planned such a smokescreen would be ideal in hiding the origins of whatever. Maybe a small light aircraft looking to fly below the surveillance range…only a thought.

Who knows…maybe DW can enlighten us all.

දේශපාලුවා said...

[.Britain warns Sri Lankan government.]

They cant do it just barking.

They didnt prosecute Karuna for crimes when they had him in their lap. Why because he would reveal LTTE British government links.

If there is an investigation it will be a fake do nothing commission.

finalcountdown said...

once the war is over provincial councils, which was established with the intention of delegating more power to another level, must be disolved, as it is a waste of resources. the sacrifices and efforts made by some Silvas (P & S for eg.) should be a lesson for other useless Silvas like Duminda and Mervin (with due respect to the surname "Silva").

TT said...

Im by no means an expert on these kinds of things..but if we were going to breach into the NFZ and expected an influx of people to escape into a lagoon, could we have organised for more than one boat to ply across the water?

Unknown said...

The NAVY should make damn sure that they don't let the FAT PIG swim out of this... But given the Circumstances, even if he has escaped before this stage...GOSL have still Won the war by Forfeit as a Defeated Coward will have no Faith among the Tamils anymore (Except the Diaspora who has no idea what Prabhakaran is)


finalcountdown said...

the no escape zone is now becomming square meters.

....swin low sweet chariot, commin for to carry me home....

elam is becomming a long lasted fart.

gladiator said...


Now reading through the lines of you post any one can tell you that you are sensationalising Shavendra Silva.If DW highlights someone else you cant really accuse him because you are doing the same thing. I have seen Shavendra having lots of publicity from different media so don’t worry he is having enough. Let the DW do his job. After all they all are our brave herts and we love them all.

Unknown said...

@ TT,

I think the Govt wants to carefully take the Civilians in...Not as one Bunch...So that its easier to Filter out the Cadres and Leaders...Also, avoid Suicide Bombings...


දේශපාලුවා said...


[DW highlights someone else you cant really accuse him]

No prob there, but I wont stand for anyone trying to DELIBERATELY trying not to give credit to anyone of our war heroes.

finalcountdown said...

some slogans for diasporas...

genocide of terrorism, bloodbath of pussies, massacre of inhumanity...

don't kill innocent ppl in wanni, pls kill us instead, one for one.

dear IC pls drop us also in NFZ (if there is any space left), give us free tickets.

let monkeys live free in a separate state.

give us self determination and we will stop attacking temples and embassies, defecate in public places, disturbing highways, walking endlessly towards Operah...

find CJ's balls (how tiny they maybe)

දේශපාලුවා said...

A nation that doesn’t honor its heroes will not long endureThink about it folks, Ravi Karunanayaka has his own political reasons not to honor our heroes. DW has his reasons (unbalanced , over highlighted what ever), but arent they the same?

bandaralk said...

Island editorial
"Giving Tigers 'oxygen of hope'President Barack Obama is a leader one is loath to criticise. But, unfortunately he doesn't seem to follow the policies of the great man whose bible he used at his inauguration in January, where a sovereign nation's right to protect itself against separatist terrorism is concerned. Hadn't President Abraham Lincoln––President Obama's hero––defended America through military means and prevented its disintegration, there would not have been a country left for President Obama to lead today.

President Obama on Wednesday took up the issue of Sri Lanka's war. (Please see the report in this paper today.) It is only natural that he is concerned about the plight of civilians in Sri Lanka's war zone, though why he is not so moved by the suffering of tens of thousands of Pakistani and Afghan civilians, who have borne the brunt of the US-led war against Taliban/Al Qaeda, is baffling. He asked the LTTE to disarm and release civilians in its clutches. Then, he urged the government of Sri Lanka 'to live up to its commitment to not use heavy weapons in the conflict zone'. He also called upon the SL government to grant UN humanitarian teams access to the civilians trapped in the theatre of war 'so that they can receive the immediate assistance necessary to save lives'.

President Obama has not called for a humanitarian pause or a ceasefire as such. But, if the Sri Lankan government does as he says and lets UN teams enter the LTTE-held area, then the UN will demand that the army stop operations for the safety of its workers. That exactly is what the LTTE wants at this juncture. The LTTE, it may be recalled, has a history of abducting UN workers and forcibly keeping them in the conflict zone with impunity.

Technically, a ceasefire declared at the behest of the UN will be tantamount to the UN recognition of a separate area of Sri Lanka under the LTTE, however tiny it may be. In such an eventuality, the international community will have turned the LTTE's defeat into victory.

It is this kind of build-up of international pressure that the LTTE had in mind, when it forcibly evicted the Vanni civilians and used them as a human shield. Prabhakaran may have achieved the objective of stopping the army, if the government had given in to unbearable pressure from powerful nations including aid donors.

Prabhakaran has, thanks to a spate of heinous crimes against civilians, managed to be on President Obama's radar screen, albeit too late in the day. The question is how President Obama would react if Taliban took civilians hostage and used them as human shields against the US-led forces bent on removing the scourge of terrorism? Or, what if all terrorist groups adopted that method in dealing with legitimate militaries pursuing them?

Isn't the US unwittingly encouraging its enemies like Al Qaeda to shift from destroying economic and military targets to hostage taking to have the US aggression stopped in Afghanistan?

No sooner had President Obama issued his statement than the LTTE welcomed it. But, true to form, it chose to remain silent on the US call for disarming and releasing civilians. Instead, it demanded an immediate UN intervention in Sri Lanka so that its leaders could escape death.

Now, what would President Obama do? The LTTE has not given a damn about his strident call! How would he deal with the outfit banned as a foreign terrorist organisation in the US? The US government has not spelt out action it intends to take against the LTTE for non compliance.

If the US could force the LTTE to disarm and let go of civilians in keeping with President Obama's wish, the humanitarian crisis will be over in no time.

How does the US propose to make the LTTE fall in line?

The Obama administration has already taken punitive action against the Sri Lankan government for defiance: It is blocking an IMF loan facility to this country for the 'crime' of not agreeing to a humanitarian truce with a terrorist group. That is the US is meting out collective punishment to a democratic sovereign state for battling terrorism, while allowing a ruthless terrorist outfit to go scot free in spite of its non compliance as well as barbaric crimes.

Is this how the US is promoting democracy in the world?

President Obama has stressed the need for putting aside some of the political issues as regards the conflict and putting the civilians first. We cannot but agree with him that 'more civilian casualties and inadequate care for those caught in resettlement camps will only make it more difficult to achieve the peace that the people of Sri Lanka deserve'.

But, how can a lasting peace be achieved without the elimination of the LTTE from the equation. The LTTE, it may be recalled, has scuttled all past peace processes and rejected all the solutions offered––to wit, provincial councils, regional councils and federalism, as the EU Parliament pointed out in 2006 giving reasons for banning the outfit.

Even at a time death is staring the LTTE in the face, President Obama should note, it is clinging on to Eelam like a limpet. LTTE spokesman Nadesan's thank you note to President Obama begins with reference to 'Eelam'––"Tamils in Eelam and around the globe…"

Isn't this clear proof of the LTTE's intransigence, the main obstacle to a political solution?

The blame for civilians' suffering at the hands of the LTTE must be apportioned to some members of the international community. The present humanitarian crisis could have been nipped in the bud, if the world leaders had told Prabhakaran at the beginning in no uncertain terms that he could not bank on their support to open an escape route by taking civilians hostage, and cracked down on the LTTE sympathisers drumming up support for Prabhakaran in western capitals. The anti-war campaign the international community embarked on in response to a worsening humanitarian situation and lobbying by the Tiger sympathisers only emboldened the LTTE to seek an escape route by exposing more and more civilians to danger.

Regrettably, President Obama is only aggravating the suffering of civilians by giving the blood thirsty terrorists some 'oxygen of hope' which keeps them going at the expense of innocent men, women and children.

Sniper said...


.I value to back bone we have to stand against west, but I dont want to go against anyone but pussycats. We need them all. And need them more than before after we wipe them from SL. International Eelam war is yet to begin..

spot on mate...

we really need the help of the countries like UK, Canada, etc in order to track down the remaining terrorist hiding in their soils and to crack dow the LTTE international network led by KP et al...otherwise this eelam cancer will not we need to play our diplomatic cards really prudently...

as a first step we should change our lousy ambassadars who thinks they are on holidays...we need eloquent people like Mahinda Samarasinghe who can face the tiger propoganda confidently....

finalcountdown said...


Thanks for all the posts. For laymen like us, your column has been a great place to understand better the WAR.

Above all the one I liked most, when you requested from us to donate in whatever way we can to help the IDPs. This comming from a military person, a Sinhalese shows the depth you have. It is great.

Ananda-USA said...

Moshe Dayan said....

[ NE of SL : use it or lose it.

for 35 fcuking years we didn't use it (1983-1948) enough and someone else almost got it. we are to be blamed. ]

Amen, Brother! FRUSTRATE the Separatists, DESTROY the BASE, we say!

lankaputhra said...


see what comments Canadians made on today's protest...

Eevryone knows this is to save tamil tigers

tgg said...

At last I think we all can see the end of the tunnel! Though the very end is being blocked by a fat pig! So dear Brig. Prasanna de Silva, go get this big pig and make a feast to our brave soldiers! but be very very careful brave heart!

Nilupul said...

I find this particular section of the discussion is very boring and stupid!

Why the hell every one accusing SS, PS 58,59 and 53 divisions, when we all are about to see the end of great collective effort?

Don’t try to go where Singhalese go every time, after they do some thing good.
That’s jealousy on credit! Whether you build a road, bridge, school even a toilet, people fight for due credit in public. Looks very pathetic and ridiculous!

Defencewire/දේශපාලුවා, let’s give the credit to who ever that deserve it, doesn’t matter whether it’s PS or SS or any one else. AT THE END OF THE DAY, IT’S NOT Prasanna Silva, Shavendra Silva, GR or SF WHO DID THIS, IT’S THE THOUSANDS OF Soldiers, Corporals, Sergeants WHO SACRIFICED THEIR LIFES WITH OUT ANY NAME WRITTEN HERE OR ANY WHERE ELSE.

Please don’t do this!

දේශපාලුවා said...


[Defencewire/දේශපාලුවා, let’s give the credit to who ever that deserve it]

Amen brother amen

dogooder said...

Sniper said:
[as a first step we should change our lousy ambassadars who thinks they are on holidays...we need eloquent people like Mahinda Samarasinghe who can face the tiger propoganda confidently....]

I agree 100% to illustrate this point, I haven't heard a peep from the SL ambassador in Canada. I don't even know who it is, he's that quiet! After all these anti-SL protests by the swine lovers, not one public statement! what's the deal?
Having said that, Who ever organised the protest to protest the pro-ltte protestors was brilliant! "Protect Canada - Stop the Tamil Tigers" heheeeee

phaedrus said...

Defencewire didn't say anything bad about SS, until provoked. He was just filling the gap for those who didn't get credit. So well done DW, and carry on your good work.

I doubt we need to be worried about the UK situation. The labour government has been blessed with a magical reverse-midas touch. What ever they touch will fails. So don't worry. You see what a bunch of jokers Miliband and the french whats-his-name turned out to be.

There is undoubtably civilian casualities. I think anyone will realise this. But war crimes accusations from UK. Give me a break. These are the people who joined invasion of Iraq where an independent death of civilians was estimated to be around 600,000. Ofcourse they are quick to defend those. And even the Iraqies can't say anything against them. You think these jokers are going to start a war crimes trial.

But as the saying goes, even if you are going to hell, it's better to go there first. Now that there is no reason to delay this, hope our boys will clear the remains of the cancer soon. I do pity the civilians, but many civilians died in the south too, over thirty years. Some in buses, some on the roads, and some in temples or mosques. So death has been common to all. We all got to go sometime.

Wish all the best to the army. Take care all of you, and hope we will get to know more about the people who made this possible someday.

Sniper said...

We need to do more of these...

.Protect Canada!!! Stop Tamil Tigers...

great work...we need to play the same propaganda game that peelamists played all those order to educate the west about the danger/repurcusions of nursing and pampering of tamil tigers...

දේශපාලුවා said...

phaedrus said...

[Defencewire didn't say anything bad about SS]

Defencewire didn't say ANYTHING about SS

KB said...

Meanwhile, a huge explosion has been reported in the civilian safety zone where the LTTE leaders are currently hiding in. According to the reports, the soldiers have heard the explosion around 6.30 P.M , after which they have observed thick black smoke rising above 200m from the ground. Following the explosion, all radio communications among the LTTE units have come to a standstill, the reports added.

Patriots, as our fine chap DW here says, the end is here. The great warrior kings of the past from Abaya Gamini, Parakrama Bahu, Rajasingha I to Wimaladharmasuriya are looking down today with pride as their warrior descendants are advancing on the last stronghold of the enemy and kill the demonic enemy leader. The gods are descending from heaven in their chariots showering rose petals on the advancing warriors. There are rainbows splayed across the sky as glory of Lanka is spread far and wide.

All is well in our blessed Lanka.


CASC said...

Did the fat pig and the high council commit suicide ? says after a big explosion that there is no radio communication from the other side. My hunch is that is how it will end for the leadership. I don't think the fat pig will want the SLA to display his body parts in a museum in the future. In line with his twisted thinking, the coward wants to be remebered as a martyr of some sorts.

Sam Perera said...

Konappu Bandara,

Add Kiththi Vijayabahu to the list please. Today, we have the same daunting task as Vijayabahu to restore everything the invaders destroyed.

ඉයන් said...

Sam Perera said...

If Gens. Kobbekaduwa and Wimalarathne survived that attack, perhaps we could have finished the LTTE some 15 years ago. Regardless of party politics, we shall never forget some of our greatest warriors like Generals Perera and Algama.

Hats off you your comment Sir!

I remember my self on a few cold nights in 1999 or 2000 in a foreign land, most of our army camps had fallen, Jaffna under siege. Censure/News blackout by the CBK-Ratwatte-Daluwatte, to hide the losses. No blogs to get infor, Tamil Nut is exaggerating as usual, sitting at my computer at early hours trying to get the news, one news item says India only offering evacuation help, feeling like the way some of the peelamist feeling today or even worse, blood burning and not feeling the cold when I go out to smoke cigarette after cigarette to calm the nerves down. Talks of Brig Janaka Perera to be asked to rescue Jaffna, rumors about CBK worried that he would stage a coup, finally he was given the reigns, he motivated a de-motivated, beleaguered, starved set of troupes to fight back like lions, he did the job. He prevented a jeopardy that would have put us 20 years back. My gratitude for helping me to keep my Lankan pride remains for ever. Before that he had given my non military brain hope that this can be defeated by his victory killing 300 cadres of the enemy at Janakapura battle. I console myself that he was killed by a LTTE bomb; as ever to comprehend that he may have been killed by a Sinhalese bomb would be beyond me. Brig Janaka Perera was a person who believed that what we are reaching today can be achieved.

May you rest in peace! Patriots please don’t paint a color on this great son of Lanka.

U know Who! said...


You are asking for another 48 hours! Well Well!!
I don't mind, if it is going to end!!!

Anyway thanks for the post.

Unknown said... this:

British special forces caught dressed as Arab 'terrorists'

Send it to David Millerband and the 'Bangers & Mash' dogooders...

lankan patriot said...

God bless our troops and keep them safe thanks heros great job

Ananda-USA said...


At this time, sing out loud the song Ratna Deepa by Pandith W. D. Amaradeva, to remind ourselves of the cause for which our troops have given their last full measure of devotion; the cause that binds us all together.

Ratna Deepa Jhanma Bhumi
Lanka Deepa Vijaya Bhumi
Me' Ape' Udaara Wu
Mathru Bhumi-yayi
Mathru Bhumi-yayi

Aadi Sinhale' Vira Meemuthun Layin
Saara Wu Udaara Wu
Mathru Bhumiyayi
Mathru Bhumiyayi

Manyakayase' Pologabee' Nidhana Vee
Aththe' Ae' Atheetha Du Puthun
Jathiye' Naamayen Sangrama Bhumiye'
Jeewithe' Puda Heluu Lay Kandai

Ganga Tharanga Raawa Dee Ridee Mathin
Mal Pipee Kulen Kulen Hapee
Gayana Karanne' Aakasaye' Nagee
Virayange' Ae' Yaso Geethayayi

Sindhupamana Wavu Thala Mathin Adee
Padma Renuwen Sugandha Vee
Ran Karal Namaa Namaa
Sith Prabhodayen Puraa
Enne' Un Helu Prana Vayuwen

Vigilante said...

Nice editorial by Dailymirror after long time...

Kliken Me

Colomblogs said...

Do you have any map with the location of Farah-3?

The way our guyz strolling in the beach near Fara-3 seeems they are on vacation.

Is it already over?

dogooder said...

I think this huge explosion was a cover up for the purpose of distracting the troops and making them assume that those who are in question committed suicide. In the mean time they'll try to make a dash to where ever they think is safe.
I don't think VP will commit suicide, he's too much of a coward for that. Instead he'll make a run for it, with all four of his stubby limbs!

Sam Perera said...


Do you have any anonymous email account for me to send a google maps file with good details of Farah III?

U know Who! said...

One of the best articles written about SL war against terrorism, if not the best by one of our own lecturers. LINK TO THE ARTICLE

Geronimo said...

May All the blessing be with our Forces..!!

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