Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wanni heroes rewarded

Brigadier Prasanna de Silva, the illustrious Special Forces officer has been appointed Director General of Joint Training in the soon to be Office of the Chief of Defence Staff headed by 4-star General Sarath Fonseka.

The 47-year old officer could also receive a promotion as a Major General. Another little-known (by the general public) but equally brilliant officer appointed the Director General of Joint Planning and Development is Major General Mahesh Senanayake also of the Special Forces.

Other notable leaders in the Wanni battle like Major General Jagath "Chula" Dias, Major General Kamal Gunaratne and Brigadier Shevendra Silva have also received new postings.

Maj. General Dias was appointed Deputy Ambassador to Germany and was set to embark on that 2-year assignment when he met with an accident resulting in a broken hip. He was traveling alone without an escort after an unofficial trip. Claims by certain media of a conspiracy to assassinate the Maj. General is completely false.

Major General Kamal Gunaratne was appointed by Army Commander Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasooriya the SF Commander Wanni. He is also the Colonel Commandant of the Special Forces Brigade which functioned independently under General Fonseka until the end of the war. Major General Gunaratne is also to receive a foreign diplomatic assignment while still in service.

Brigadier Shevendra Silva has been appointed Director Operations at Army Headquarters Colombo. These officers will each receive a diplomatic assignment on a rotating basis.

Together these valiant officers will carry forward the farsighted reformations put forward by General Fonseka.


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Sam Perera said...

Unlike lots of politicians around, these are heroes who put their lives in front to defend my motherland. I am certain that they will relentlessly pursue the goal of defending my motherland from enemies. We take great comfort in knowing that these outstanding heroes of Sri Lanka are planning our nations future security also.

iameverything said...

Shy Brigadiers and Generals are best suited to head Academic and Training centers.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

NO-LTTE and Ananda;

Re: Earth Quakes

Very interesting links. Thanks.

It was known for sometime that Indian plate is gonna break into two. It is applied with opposite torques at sub-continent side and Australia plate and the sheer force is gonna tear it.

This is causing a trench around 300km south of SL, creating an EQ and volcanic zone. These facts were known even before boxing day 2004, although the Tsunami brought them to limelight.

What many media failed to realize/report/signify was the sheer timescales involved in such a change. It generally takes several millions of years for something like that to form. Today's tectonic analysis suggests that we're in the very early stage of a plate fraction hence I'd expect several million years for this transformation to take place.

But there is a different possibility. That is the activation of an existing mid-plate fault. Faults have a pattern of activation and deactivation in ~100s of years period. If that is the case, that means we should have some historical records to know the strength of the fault south of SL. I don't think it has a history of mega quakes, but there can be a marginally deadly one.

In southern SL, there are some lost cities and we're failing to find their traces. For an example, no one has traced where Maagama was. Maagama is an ancient city, probably only smaller to Anuradhapura and it was the capital of kingdom of Ruhuna. There is a small village called Maagama off Tissa, but [as I heard of it] it has no ruins of any ancient city there.

There was a quake of magnitude 4.7 ~1000km south of Colombo last week. Also there were reports of quakes in the range of magnitude 2-3 in South Eastern SL in past few years. Most of these are not anomalies or abrupt changes. They are just getting reported after Dec 2004, whereas most ppl other than academics were blind about them previously.

If this mag4.7 quake south of SL, occurred inland it could have been deadly. Note that a fault may impact a breadth of 800km, so it is equally possible for one like this mag4.7 quake to occur in southern SL. No-LTTE's link on 1615 event proves just that. The portugese accounts [bar its exaggeration] suggests me that there had been a quake around magnitude 5. Fissures sound bit exaggerated considering the fact that there is no legend, folklore or physical evidence proving that. Lisbon was hit by a devastating quake around those days, and I wonder whether the writer added few of Lisbon events to Colombo, in his effort of proving the god-damned Colombo life-style and the avenge of almighty.

Having an active fault close to SL is not anyway a good story. A mag 6 in the close ocean [which sounds possible] can cause a sudden [unwarned] Tsuanmi, in the locality. Such Tsunamis, although smaller in spread, can cause more damage as the wave front is more shaky and wave is faster and sudden. They rise higher than a slower one like 2004 Tsunami.

If I spoke nonsense, pardon me. I'm not a specialist on tectonics.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Thanks DW.

Good to hear about the foreign assignment.

lankaputhra said...

thanks DW

I wish them good luck for thier new jobs

Moshe Dyan said...


diplomatic postings mean the end of all avenues to use their military skills!!!!

anyway if they like it, so be it.

so the positions are "transitionary" but not the way i expected. looks like the next layer (except a few individuals) will take over defence in time to come.

i find it strange. anyway what is best for the nation MUST happen.

congratulations to all our heores. i pray that they are not disappointed.

Nisal said...

re: Magama

I heard Magama is located around the Ramba wehera premises in thissamaharama. Lots of ruins were discovered recently.

Sam Perera said...

Sri Lanka receives US $ 2.5b IMF loan without infringing our sovereignity. We have a leadership with a backbone now. It is the best if we can stand up without using a cent from this credit facility.

Moshe Dyan said...

re: IDPs

most IDPs are satisfied with the conditions. there is no more threats to their lives. MOST of them are with their families. diseases are NOT worse than similar situations elsewhere.

their villages are completely destroyed, heavily mined and therefore staying in the IDP camps is the best option for the time being.

there is something unseen about the IDP camps.

hardcore terrorists hiding among the IDPs show a different reaction.

being ALWAYS aggressive, they INCREASINGLY display signs of violence. they can hide it for a day, or two, or a week or a month but not more than that. then they get caught without any forcing.

IDP camps are a costly affair. they should be resettled at the earliest. but in the process many other interesting outcomes take place.

the first instalment of the IMF loan will be available on friday. this means rehabilitation, development work will become fast. we are demining, finding hidden treasures at the same time and detecting terrorists.

tata said...

"diplomatic postings mean the end of all avenues to use their military skills!!!!"

I don't think so. As I understood, most of them are attached as deputies. I think MR is preparing for the future threat.

Moshe Dyan said...


as TS said, the important thing about the IMF loan is that it brings investors, etc, here. they know there is US$2.5 billion here. they come to grab a share of it.

the ministers 0.5% "low rate" is hilarious. if we take 3 years to pay (it will take MORE than that actually), about US$20 million interest alone!!! plus the rupee depreciation although it will stabilize at first in the short term.

if corruption and waste take the better of it, then we are in deeper shit than without the loan.

once again toiletnet is proved "correct". lol!!

Moshe Dyan said...


very few have come back to ACTIVE service. janaka is a very good example.

actually JCP did try to do some limited military work in 2003 but by then he had lost touch and he was not very keen.

the MAIN reason for their success was the constant hands-on involvement, not age, not anything else. the few topguns we are refering here were exceptional hand-on ppl as you would agree.

also the absence of continued education in MILITARY MATTERS to them which others get to advance their knowledge through studies.

third reasons is these guys are not like useless lethargic creatures. they get involved in whatever they are given. that will take them deeper and deeper into diplomatic work which is very challenging. that will distance them further from the possibility of a come back.

the same goes to wasantha karannagoda!!!! (though his appointment is not diplomatic)

tata said...

I was thinking more on intelligence aspect of foreign service. Isn't that a possibility?

TropicalStorm said...


Quite a few of our 'heroes' are heading in the direction of political futures.

In a few years time, don't be surprised if you find them fat, ugly, corrupt and dislikeable.

I also wonder where the present vigilante ops targetting known criminals will eventually go. Next will be personal vandetta and then it could simply turn into a free for all lawlessness.

Those who want to usurp power will thrive in chaos.

Moshe Dyan said...

some divisions/task forces were in reserve during the final phase of the war.

some were NOT.

some divisional topguns were changed during the final phase of the war into other divisions.

mmm....very interesting. but this is a timewaste. all did well and all got FITTING rewards. vital skills of all of them need to be preserved WITHIN the active force though a proper process of knowledge management.

TropicalStorm said...


Even if we don't draw down on the US$2.5Bn, simply being approved puts the stamp of credibility on SLG as a solid business partner.

Our need right now is more symbolic as a proof of credibility than an actual liquidity need.

Moshe Dyan said...



it also shows the complete absence of "guilt" on our part and the acceptence of it by their host nations.

LTTE diaspora will be furious!! they will be stumped by their governments by accepting what these jokers call "war criminals".

what slap on their faces!!

Moshe Dyan said...


"where the present vigilante ops targetting known criminals will eventually go."

that is taken care. they are not allowed to exceed the terms of refernce.

e.g. one group abducted and killed an officer of peoples bank on a personal vandetta. they got caught and stripped of their roles.

actually the govt had all the opportunities to do that DURING THE WAR (put the blame on anyone)than after the war. they didn't. that shows the lack of intention to use it for personal vandettas.

now if they do, that stands out and no one to blame. IF blamed on tigers, still the blame falls on the govt bcos tigers are supposed to be done and dusted.

OTOH, political thugs will continue. political thuggery increases with higher political activity. this was NEVER a part of the vigilante arm.

CASC said...

AP Reporter Ravi Nessman is getting the boot.

Next in line should be Neil Burne of the UN, another idiot.

I am very happy to read DW's article about diplomatic postings for senior officers. Rewards and recognition for our heroes is a must.

I hope the enlisted soldiers will aslo get special priviledges like bank loans and other concessions.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Re: Diplomatic transitional positions for War leads.

Three good aspects I see.

- We will have a strong diplomatic service with ppl who love this country standing for it with a backbone. So far the service was infected with eelamists, socialists and western copy-cats [kollupitiye chinthanaya].

- We will have a good intelligence service operated from foreign missions.

- So far the most rejected shit loads of our nation admired most prestigious privileges of foreign services, while ppl who love the nation dared the harsh jungles. It is fair to change roles as they deserve it.

Moshe Dyan said...


agree. and there are cons too.

the SPLIT was done thoughtfully. it is the best for the country not necessarily confined to offensives/military.

Moshe Dyan said...

we discussed IRRELEVANT US weapons a few days ago.

who thought this!!!

"Mr Gates's budget plans have faced fierce opposition from US lawmakers, who oppose his proposal to cease production of the F-22 fighter jet.

The defence secretary argued that the F-22, which was designed in the 1980s, was no longer strategically useful."

OMG!! i have read volumes on F22 RAPTOR and now they want to stop producing it. about 200 are in the pipeline.

they said this will do this, that and the other and can beat anything, etc, etc.

what the fcuk is now???

they started mass producing it around 2005 i guess. this is a DISASTER. the "fifth generation BULLSHIT" is pure BS. just marketing gimmicks.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Re: F22

I'm not so thoroughly convinced that American system is so transparent and pure that they will always do the right things. There can be corruption and gains defining such matters.

Many purists who show west as ideal for us, are simply blinded.

Apino Dannachess said...

Hi there Bro Sam,

Sorry for the late response...indeed these are peaceful times....lets do our bit to keep it that way....nice to see you up and about.....

Hello bro Moshe,

Kembali Pak, apa kabar Pak, Saya harap kabar anda baik.

Sehat sehat pak...

Sampai Jumpah lagi

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Tests between SL and Pak are like fast swinging pendulums in anti-gravity...

Or in a second thought... has there ever been a tour where both teams were bribed by betting agents... before this test tour of Pak in SL???

Apino Dannachess said...

Ahoy DW Aiya,

Thanks for the update and I'm really happy to hear about the promotions given to these valiant officers.

Any such promotions to the people in SLAF & SLN?

Cheers Wewa obata saha obe TEAM ekata

Moshe Dyan said...


baik baik saja, bapak. makasi.


Lalith Kuruwita said...

How about these heros are awarded with "Doctorate" like Anacharya Mera Silva???

BlackPanther said...


I read posting on tectonic plates with much interest. I was involed in relief work in the immediate after after math of the boxing day Tsunami.

I would be much obliged if you could post your references please.

Pottu said...

Matath allu job ekkake hoyala deyanko bang...

Jambudipa said...

Stanford Team Creates JaipurKnee, Artificial Knee Costing Less Than $20

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ඉයන් said...

check these sites

The site that started with satalite images of NFZ now on war crime inquiry mission.


This site used to be one with tamil history and culture but now a site for LTTE remembrance


ඉයන් said...




Moshe Dyan said...

ian's first link has some very interesting stuff. (we knew the second link and the bugger behind it was here sometime back!!. only thing they have changed the TIGER to TULF symbol now!!!! boy! am i surprised!!!)

the enemy has ranked the BEST EVER WAR HEROES OF SL.

in this order.

3.Major General Jagath Dias
4.Brigadier Shavendra Silva, Commander 58th Division or Task Force
5. Brigadier Nandana Udawatte, Commander 59th Division
6.Brigadier Kamal Gunarathne , Commander 53rd Division
7.Brigadier Prasanna Silva , Commander 55th Divison
8.Brigadier Rohana Bandara , Commander Task Force 2
9.Brigadier Sathyapirya Liyanage , Commander Task Force 3
10.Colonel Nishantha Wanniarachchi , Commander Task Force 4
11.Major General Nandana Udawatta, Commander Security Forces Headquarters - Mullaittivu
12.Colonel G.V. Ravipriya , Commander Task Force-8
13.Major General Jagath Jayasuriya
14.Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda
15.Real Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe
16.Major General G. A. Chandrasiri, Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Army

very interesting. so their enemy no. 3 (our hero number 3) is jagath dias.

but where oh where are the airmen/SF men???

Ananda-USA said...

Traitors continue to SELLOUT the country for Money! I hope they throw the book at them!

Head of the LTTE Eelam bank arrested in Sri Lanka capital

Tue, Jul 21, 2009, 11:47 am SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

July 21, Colombo: Sri Lanka Police have arrested the head of the LTTE Eelam bank, Colin Ruban yesterday in Colombo.

The police said the suspect was arrested from a lodge in Colombo on information revealed by the intelligence units.

According to the sources, the suspect was a resident of Puthukkudyiruppu and had reached the welfare centers in Vavuniya during the last stages of the war.

However, later he had arrived in Colombo by paying Rs.250,000 to a person who has helped him to reach the Sri Lanka capital.

Police are continuing further investigations.

Ananda-USA said...

ABSOLUTE- NONSENSE! This underestimates LTTE fundraising in Canada by a factor of 10! Are they trying to hide the sources of funds?

$12M a year sent to Tigers

Bankrolling War; Canadian Tamils a top cash source, secret report says

Stewart Bell, National Post
July 21, 2009

Canada was one of the top sources of funding for Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers rebels, providing up to $12-million a year, says a secret intelligence report obtained by the National Post.

The Tamil Tigers were defeated in May, ending Sri Lanka's long civil war, but in a classified report last year federal officials wrote that the rebels were getting much of their money from Canada.

The rebels are also known as the LTTE.

"Canada's Tamil community has been among the LTTE's largest sources of funds, having contributed up to $10-to $12-million annually in past years," the report says.

A copy of the report was released to the Post under the Access to Information Act. It was written last June, during the final months of a decisive Sri Lankan military offensive.

Until recently, the Tamil Tigers controlled a quarter of Sri Lanka, a former British colony once known as Ceylon, situated off the southern tip of India. The rebels were fighting for independence for the country's ethnic Tamil minority, a cause shared by many in Toronto's large Canadian Tamil diaspora.

The RCMP began investigating Tamil Tigers fundraising efforts in Canada in 2002. Police believe the rebels raised money in Toronto and Montreal to finance weapons purchases, but investigators have never said the dollar figures were so high.

"The LTTE through its many front organizations in other countries, including Canada, has conducted extensive fundraising and other activities to support its efforts in Sri Lanka," the report says.

The tactics used to collect money were "often coercive," it said, naming the Torontobased World Tamil Movement as the rebels' leading front in Canada.

"As such, the WTM has been instrumental in fundraising in Canada on behalf of the LTTE."

Police searched the World Tamil Movement offices in Ontario and Quebec in 2006. Last year, the government banned the group under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Federal lawyers are now in court trying to seize its properties and bank accounts. The organization has denied any wrongdoing.

The Intelligence Assessment was written by the Ottawa-based Integrated Threat Assessment Centre, which consists of representatives of CSIS, RCMP, Foreign Affairs, the military and other agencies.

A second intelligence report written last year played down the possibility of violence in Canada stemming from the Sri Lankan war, noting rebel activities in this country were limited to fundraising and propaganda.

"The LTTE's primary interest in Canada is as a major source of funds, mostly contributed by the large Canadian Tamil population," says the report, classified "Secret" and titled "LTTE Threat to Canada."

Ananda-USA said...

$12M a year sent to Tigers


In May, demonstrators waving flags bearing the Tamil Tigers emblem blocked streets in downtown Toronto to draw attention to human rights abuses by the Sri Lanka Army. A Buddhist temple and Sri Lankan restaurant suffered fire damage, but police have not made any arrests.

The civil war ended on May 18, after the army captured thousands of rebels and killed their top leaders. Some 300,000 ethnic Tamils are now detained in government-run camps, awaiting permission to return to their homes.

Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs says four Canadians are among them. George Julius of Brampton is being held at a camp for ex-combatants. His parents said he left Canada in 2007 to visit his aunt and find a bride in the rebel capital Kilinochchi.

From the camp where he is now held, he told British journalist Kath Noble he had been forced to join the rebels. Another Briton, Felix Vicet, said he had also met the Canadian.

"In the course of this conversation he mentioned the fact that he had come to Kilinochchi to visit relatives and had been forcibly recruited by the LTTE," he wrote in a letter.

Mr. Vicet wrote that Mr. Julius "seemed keen to talk" and that the "the conversation was entirely free." But the Canadian Tamil Congress has said detainee confessions should be treated with caution because they could have been made under duress.

Ananda-USA said...

Is KP's "Appointment" by his supporters being contested by the LTTE "Intelligence Wing" led by Castro?

KP appointed head of LTTE

P K Balachandran
July 22, 2009

COLOMBO: Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias Kumaran Pathmanathan, alias ‘KP’ who has had a long career as an international arms procurer and fund raiser for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has been officially appointed the head of the LTTE, in succession to Velupillai Prabhakaran the founder leader of the organisation who was killed in action by the Sri Lankan army in May.

A statement from the `headquarters’ of the LTTE, located in an unidentified place, said on Tuesday, that the Executive Committee wished to ‘officially’ announce that Pathmanathan, who had earlier been nominated as Head of International Relations by the late Prabhakaran, would from now on lead the Tamils’ `freedom struggle’ as per the vision of the `esteemed national leader’.

Pathmanathan was the chief funds and arms procurer of the LTTE before he was appointed the LTTE’s international diplomatic plenipotentiary by Prabhakaran.

He was mostly abroad travelling under a variety of fake passports. INTERPOL had issued five notices against him. The Indian Central Bureau of Investigation has been wanting to question him on his role in the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The Sri Lankan government has been pressing governments overseas to arrest KP when cited, and hand him over to it for legal action.

“The Eelam Tamil people are in the midst of a critical and sorrowful period in the history of the struggle for freedom of our nation, Tamil Eelam. No one can deny the fact that we have experienced massive and irreparable losses, losses we would not accept even in our worst dreams,” the LTTE’s statement said.

It was the Tamils’ ‘historic duty’ to rise up and fight for their `legitimate’ rights, it said. But like all liberation struggles, the LTTE had decided to `modify’ the form and strategies of the struggle according to the times and the exigencies of the situation.

However, the ‘Honorable Mr Veluppillai Prabhakaran shall remain forever, the leader of Tamil Nation hood’, the statement said.

The decision to change track was taken after a `long, elaborate and deep’ process consultation among the members of the LTTE, the fighting cadre, and representatives of the Tamil Diaspora.

The statement said that the LTTE had set up an headquarters, but did not disclose the place. It had also set up sector-based working groups and an executive committee to take the struggle forward `vigorously’. The LTTE, it went on, was also looking for `wise counsel’ from the general Tamil public.

In conclusion, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam said: “ If the Sinhala nation and those countries which support it consider that the Tamil peoples’ freedom struggle has been defeated through the capture of the historical homeland areas of the Tamil people and the massacre of thousands of Tamil civilians, we shall consider that an illusion.”

“Let is demonstrate to the world through our actions, that the fire of freedom awakened by our great leader V Pirabakaran continues to burn in the hearts of all Tamils, and only a free Tamil nation has the power to extinguish it.”

Ashoka said...


any information on following news story. It sounds like bit worrying :

Moshe Dyan said...

RAW may be behind the attack but saying that these terrorists entered through waziristan is difficult to believe!!

may be the reporter doesn't know where waziristan is and the security situation in and around the area at that time.

tgg said...

congratulations. but i sincerely hope that these great soldiers military life will not end here!

Moshe Dyan said...

No to 13th Amendment which would create a mini eelam
By Dr.Levins T.C.Rajaratnam



We have just liberated the North from the terrorists. How can we devolve power when other Tamil militants are stalking the land.? Have we eradicated Terrorism or the LTTE ? Why do we still live in fear ? Is it not because we have been made to fear the terror tactics of all Tamil militants ? Is one Tamil militant better than the other ? History has proved that they never changed. There is a lucid interval in every criminal Tamil Terrorist ? History has proved that Terrorists enjoy imputing fear into the minds of the people. To whom is power to be devolved ? To another set of Tamil criminals with Eelam identities ?

All over the world the pride of the Tamils in general has been hurt by the eradication of the LTTE whom they considered as their voice quite to their detriment. It is now time to make them understand that this was for their own good and that the LTTE was making use of the innocent Tamils as human shields, as sources of income to establish their empire. We have to make them understand that they too would have been treated the same way if ever there was an eelam. The LTTE was the private limited liability company of Velupillai Pirabaharan and his companions some of whom have branched out and started their own private companies in different names and have been lucky to register them as political parties in Sri Lanka.

It is contrary to reconciliation process to have the elections at a time like this when the recovery process takes time. Trust has to be built. Even if there is an election who would be eligible to contest? Who are the Tamils contemplating on contesting the elections in the North? All of them at some point or the other have supported the LTTE or had secret pacts with the LTTE. Most of them have been guilty of heinous crimes of terror, abductions, extortion, assassinations, murders, rape and every conceivable offence in the Penal Code, Prevention of Terrorism Act and the Emergency Regulations. How many of them escaped from Prison and are enjoying their old deeds with ease and comfort? How did the Elections Commissioner recognize these political parties whose party constitutions and their track record, past and present performance has been a flagrant violation of the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka ? How come they are able to register and create Political Parties like wayside mushrooms? How many Tamil Political Parties exist today? What are their track records? The Tamils do not trust them. They rely on the Government to guide them, to lead them and to govern them not Tamil militant parasites.

If there is Tamil administration in the North headed by Militant Political parties the Tamil Diaspora would turn against Sri Lanka ion the one hand whilst the militant Tamil parties will create a mini eelam and a phantom LTTE to continue the violent activities to develop their respective limited liability companies namely their political parties and strength.

Whilst an innocent Sinhala man is being convicted for stealing a loaf of bread to eat how the Tamil murderous terrorist can get instant amnesty? What is happening? Are we not heading towards disaster?

We have repossessed the North but are we going to risk it by giving it to these Tamils who have a dark past and a suspicious present? Only time can tell.

Fear psychosis has infiltrated the Tamils. They are afraid to speak against all the Tamil Political Parties.

Moshe Dyan said...

I have been listening to various Political Leaders in Colombo requesting the Sri Lankan living abroad to return to the country. I have received several responses from many professionals from all communities living overseas- their fear is whether it is safe to come when the mini model LTTE parties (Tamil Militant Political Parties)are roaming freely with absolute freedom more than the freedom of a common Sinhala, Muslim, Burgher or Tamil man. The Tamils living overseas will not come to Colombo, if North will be under the Tamil Politicians with track records obviously they fear of being abducted and asked for ransom.

None of these Tamil Militant Political Parties are Patriotic! They are all trying to conquer the North. I know them well. I have lost my father Late Justice T.W.Rajaratnam(SLFP National List (1989-1994) Member of Parliament who was killed, my cousin Dr.Neelan Tiruchelvam P.C.,M.P., who was assassinated and my uncle Lakshman Kadirgamar P.C., M.P., who was assassinated. My former Boss and friend Jeyaraj Fernandopulle was assassinated by the LTTE.

The Tamil Militant Groups in Colombo were uncomfortable by their presence that is why they aided and abetted with the LTTE. All these deaths were with the collusion, connivance and conspiracy of one or more Tamil Militant Groups. They will never let an educated Tamil intellectual to be involved in Politics. I live in fear of these militants because they strike anytime, anywhere but all the time. I have escaped many a time.

It is the duty of the State to protect the Nation and either request the Army to administer the North under the supervision of the Special Task Force under the Chairmanship of Hon.Basil Rajapakse M.P., and Senior Advisor to the President whose skills of administration is world class and his patriotic ideals are the reasons behind the success of our Government.

The Tamils are still in fear of the Tamil militant groups and their political parties. We cannot afford to lose the North again. The Tamil militants are parasites to development, democracy, decency and dignity. They are an abomination to society. The Tamil people fear the Tamil militants and Tamil Political Parties.

The North is the homeland of all Sri Lankans like the EAST, WEST and the SOUTH .It does not belong only to the Tamils. It belongs to all Sri Lankans. How come Tamils can live in Colombo-7, Wellawatte, Dehiwela, Bambalapitiya, Kandy, Matale, Hatton, Nuwara Eliya Tamils are engaged in business activities from 1st cross street to 5th Cross street, kotahena, Sea Street, would it not be worse by devolving power to the North solely to the Tamils?

It is the Sinhalese who have been overlooked preventing them from living in Colombo by the Tamils overcrowding and preventing Sinhala businessmen to do business from 1st cross street to 5th cross street in Pettah, Sea street, Kotahena, etc., etc. etc.,

Moshe Dyan said...

Has the Sinhala common man enjoyed equality, he has been OVERLOOKED during our talks about peace. For thirty or more years and now people are talking of the rights of Tamils, then who speaks of the rights gradually taken away from the Sinhala common man? Why has he got to suffer? Take the Universities as well : to common knowledge there are several Universities. But do Sinhala students enter the Jaffna and Batticaloa Universities? But the Tamil students are eligible to enter all the Universities.

The Sinhalese are wonderful, hospitable people by nature. The Tamil Militants have exploited them too.

Sinhalese, Tamils, Burghers, Muslims, Malays and Chinese have every right to settle in the North. There should be mixed administration. We should not segregate communities to territorial jurisdiction. Every citizen has a right to live anywhere. I salute the President for his courageous leadership. I have no doubt he will eradicate the remnants of the LTTE and all those Eelam militant Groups who have mischievously registered their militant Groups as Political Parties. They wear masks of democracy but they are all the same with militant ideologies.

Very soon these Tamil militant Groups and Political Party would create a phantom LTTE to fulfill their purposes and continue to roam and violence may stalk the land again. What do we do ? It is not wise to devolve power to the Tamils in the North.

The President has to protect us from these Tamil Terrorists who are well based in Colombo. The Nation has to be saved. We must now, as citizens of this great country eradicate the menace of terrorism.

The President is not only duty bound to protect the citizens from the Terrorists in the North but also those who have their Tamil Political Parties with the name “Eelam”-most of whom have still arms and they have the track record act of abductions, kidnapping, murders and extortion. These groups should be disarmed and should be stripped of their eelam identities. The militant eelam groups in Colombo committed many crimes. All Tamil Political Parties with the name “eelam” should be banned forthwith. All Tamil Militant Groups should be disarmed and tried for their crimes against humanity

Every citizen owes his or her allegiance to the Constitution and to the Head of State- the duly elected President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

Due to our internal conflicts which we could have long resolved, external forces with vested interests have all sought to intervene some in the pretext of resolving the conflict but our experience has proved that the gap of resolution of conflict does not seem to be narrower now.

Laws will have to be changed not to deny the basic liberties but to prevent their abuse and protect the most basic liberty of all; freedom from terror. The people are terrorized by certain vested interests in their vile pursuits for power committing crimes and targeting a reflex scenario as if the Government was responsible.

Moshe Dyan said...

We are a community of people, whose self interest and mutual interest at crucial points merge and that it is through a sense of justice that community is born and nurtured. This is the moment to bring the faiths closer together in understanding of our common values and heritage a source of unity and strength. By the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more together than we can alone. We must reach beyond our fears and our divisions to a new time of great and common purpose. Let us trace the roots of affirmative action. Let us determine what it is and what it isn’t. Let us see where it has worked and where it hasn’t and ask ourselves what we need to do now.

The intellectual Tamils will relax and be happy only if all Tamil Militant Groups have the same fate as Pirabaharan. They should be prosecuted for all crimes against humanity. I have been under duress. If devolution of power is given now, Tom Dick and Harry of the Tamil Militant Groups will commence their hooliganism and terrorism and eelam aspirations will be revisited. Firstly all Tamil militant Political Parties with the name Eelam should be banned; secondly all arms should be taken away from these Tamil bandits, thirdly, the Tamil militant politicians must declare their assets. Fourthly, army should continue to be in occupation in the North; It is better to have Army administration than Tamil militant bandits there. All bearded longhaired bandits who belong to eelam parties should be carefully watched or be sent to some remote Island to be reformed.

There are individuals and groups who may be critical of the President for political gain, but the President has always taken affirmative action within the norms required of the President. We cannot restore peace unless we can find some way to bring the nation close together. We must be Patriotic. We must uphold and defend the Constitution and the Head of State-the President. We owe allegiance to the President and the Constitution as Citizens of Sri Lanka. We must uphold the norms of the Constitution apprehend and prosecute those who terrorize us by their actions and threats, then economic prosperity will follow suit. Our destiny lies in our hands.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Re: EQ and tectonic plates

I gathered most knowledge in many years and sadly lack the original articles.

Also I seemed to have made a mistake where I wrote "Indian Plate" it should be known as "Indo-Australian" Plate [the to-be-breakaway piece of it is known as Indian plate].

There are many resources. You can refer to the wiki page of Indo-Australian Plate and get a good idea.

Also the distance to the new fraction is debated. Some SL geologists said it is 300km to southern coast, but Wiki says it is 600km south of equator. But the minute km differences won't make much difference.

If you want to see the latest quake details which rocked this fault line pls visit USGS. I have their alert subscription so I get to know all tectonic happenings :)

I prefer if someone can educate us more on this, although it is not defence related, as far as human evilness is concerned.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Ramayana Trail opened

Brilliant idea. If successful this will be the most money earned out of the epic story "The Bandit, Prince, Adultry and the Big Monkey" aka Ramayana.

Can we sell them little artifacts like monkeys or dandumonara?

I'm not Bhairav said...

I'm seriously worried about Peter. His blog;


has not been updated since April!!!

Peter, are you OK??

I'm not Bhairav said...

Does any know where Editor Badrinath is? His blog


Hasn't got updated since June.

Is both Badri and Peter too busy creating the "transnational government" that they dont have time to update the blog?

Or are they fighting over the loot and have no time for blogs?

Suranimala said...

One more case in Musaeus college in Colombo . Teacher tried to act more than she should be and 2, 14 year old girls tried to commit suicide .
If this happened to any Tamil or Muslim girls it would be a huge case but just because they are Sinhala no one talks .
We should educate the teachers of this country

Anonymous said...

Sampath Bank - Don't BUY!!

.SAMP the third largest private commercial bank is relatively superior in terms of ROR s (above 15%), 124 strong branch network and strong deposit base.

.The bank has been relatively aggressive in loan book growth and has been affected by higher NPLs (which has marginally notched above industry NPL levels)

.Fairly capitalized with Tier I CAR of 8.7% and Total CAR of 12.8%.

.Share good value on 4.3X forecast 2010 net profit and trading on 0.7X current book value- DON'T BUY

Goolge said...


WOW! Brilliant article. A true Sri Lankan. Imagine if people of all races say NO to devolution on ethnic basis!


What is the full background of this story? If people of different races are treated differently, that is wrong - but I personally think we should not undermine the authority of teachers (and parents), whatever we do.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

I have to borrow some Asithri's terms,

The Wh&re B&tch Ravi Nessman is collaborating with the other Wh&re B&tches of HRW,


The b&tch can not withstand the shock of life he received from Sri Lanka!

It is a great thing that SL did to send the b&tch packing home!

Now no LTTE to pay him either!

perein said...

Lanka Holidays,

Do n't you think below factors would add some value to Sampath Bank?

*) As a result of Sampath Bank recently sold investment having more capital
*) Sampath bank Bangaladesh based value

CASC said...


My apologies if this link has been posted before.

This is probably the most comprehensive list of weapons used by the LTTE

Download in PDF format


Moshe Dyan said...

i want TCR to replace Dj in geneva. he got the skills and the right ATTITUDE.

the ATTITUDE doesn't differentiate between PERSONAL views and PROFESSIONAL views.

Moshe Dyan said...

contador has won the time trial stage!! un-fcuking-believable.

he is a very good climber but who thought he can win the TT stage of 40km. his strategic thinking is LOW but highly skillful.

we need similar herculeon effort by our team to pull another victory.


CASC said...

Attack on A’pura Air Base Mastermind arrested

Last Updated: Monday, July 20, 2009

[COLOMBO, SinhalaNet 2009.07.20 03:39PM] The mastermind behind the LTTE attack on the Anuradhapura Air Base where a number of aircraft were destroyed has been arrested from an IDP camp in Vavuniya, police said.

The suspect had told police that he and 24 LTTE suicide cadres had taken part in the attack on October 22, 2007.

A senior police officer quoted the suspect as saying that he and three others had remained outside the camp to direct operations while the others had moved into the camp in small groups by cutting the barbed wire around the perimeter of the base.

The suspect revealed that he informed the Vanni LTTE headquarters by satellite phone after the groups entered the camp and it was then that the LTTE aircraft were sent to drop bombs into the camp.

He said that on three occasions several LTTE cadres had come with him to the Anuradhapura Air Base to gather information but the residents had not suspected them since they were dressed in uniforms similar to those worn by the military and spoke in Sinhala.

The suspect said his group had stayed in the forest near Nuwara Wewa and had photographed the Base using sophisticated camera equipment and thereafter they had created a model camp in the Vanni using those photographs and carried out mock attacks during their training.

Police said 24 LTTE cadres including 21 Black Tigers had arrived at the Nuwara Wewa Forest ten days prior to the attack and after concealing their weapons had moved about speaking in Sinhala and clad in military-like uniforms to prevent any suspicion among the people in the area.

The arrested mastermind said they had to kill a man who had come into the forest and after having spoken to them in Sinhala became suspicious of them after seeing the cyanide capsules around their necks.

The mastermind identified as Thabo Ruben (26) who hails from Jaffna said 21 LTTE cadres who entered the Base to carry out the attack were killed while he and the three others who were outside had escaped.

Police said he had been promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel for successfully planning and carrying out the attack and LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakarana had gifted him with a valuable clock with Prabhakarana’s photograph and a heroes award.

Sam Perera said...

LankaHolidays aka Puk Batta,

What are you up to these days? I remember that you were very keen in confirming a fake story in LNP about anjurynto Shavendra Silva and Jagath Dias? Once again, your motives are dubious.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

What is the new responsibility given to SF?

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Can SL pull a dramatic victory over PAK?

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Does anybody know what happend to Dayan Jayatilleke?

Ananda-USA said...

Lanka’s Eelam war to be fought overseas

P K Balachandran
July 23, 2009

COLOMBO: With Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias ‘KP’ formally taking over as the head of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) after the death of Tiger founder leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, Sri Lanka’s fight against an independent ‘Tamil Eelam’ takes on an entirely new dimension.

After winning the war on the home turf, the Sri Lankan government now faces a peaceful, political and committed LTTE enjoying tacit or open support of countries bearing a grudge against the pluckily nationalistic government of Sri Lanka.

Given the spread of the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora and the specific interests of countries opposed to Sri Lanka, the fight would be in a wide variety of countries, ranging from those in the affluent West to those, which constitute the Third World in Asia and Africa.

The renowned Singapore-based Sri Lankan expert on terrorism, Rohan Gunaratna, recently said that while it was true that the structure of the LTTE within Sri Lanka had been destroyed, the financial and arms acquisition network that it had built up overseas, particularly in the West, was intact.

In a newspaper interview, he urged the Lankan government to get the foreign office to launch an intense and sustained diplomatic offensive to get the countries, in which the LTTE had acquired a physical and financial base, to crack down on it.

Kumaran Pathmanathan or KP, had got the UN, the US, the UK, France, Germany and a good section of Tamil Nadu’s politicians to campaign hard for a ceasefire and talks in the guise of saving the lives of Tamil civilians caught in the narrow No Fire Zone. He was in touch with Vijay Nambiar, the UN Secretary General’s Chief of Staff, when the latter was in Colombo to press for a “humanitarian pause” in the operations.

But KP is still sitting on a vast profits from LTTE’s legal and illegal business ventures that amounts to above $320 million a year. The LTTE is said to dominate a section of the one billion dollar narcotics business in Montreal alone.

Knowing that the West and the democratic world would not tolerate terrorism, KP announced that the struggle for the Tamils’ right to self-determination would be political and democratic. He got the organisation to work out the basic contours of a “Trans National Government of Tamil Eelam” which would not be located anywhere in particular.

Moshe Dyan said...

well done gotabhaya sangakkara!!

great effort to draw the game. we have already won the series.

Jay said...


Interesting interview of DJ by DB

Jay said...

I wonder if Rajiva W is earmarked to replace Dayan?

Nisal said...

VP's last moment

(IE only)

Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ananda-USA said...


Actually, I think the SL Team DIDN'T WANT to WIN the Game, but engineered a draw to allow the Pakistani's to emerge from the series without humiliation.

When Sanga and Mathew were batting, the RISK OF LOSS had abated, yet it was one-two-thattu all the way without accelerating the scoring. I could not see why they didn't try to achieve a run rate of 3.8/over and win the game ... and I was getting really annoyed. The declaration of a drawn game was made even before Sanga got 4 more runs to hit 135 and become the HIGHEST scorer in the series exceeding the 134 by Pakistani team.

But, upon reflecting further, I am VERY HAPPY that the Pakistani team was not defeated 3-0 in the series and a DRAW was NEGOTIATED with them.

Over a 30 year period of confronting the LTTE in the battlefield, there was ONLY ONE COUNTRY that SL could RELY ON for arms to save our country and our troops ... and that was PAKISTAN. ALL other countries of the world blew HOT & COLD at different times, and NO ONE supported our country AS CONSISTENTLY as Pakistan did.

Furthermore, our Team was DEFENDED during the attack by terrorists in Pakistan by their security forces at the cost of 6-8 of THEIR LIVES!

For these reasons, FOREGOING a victory in this third test was a SMALL PRICE TO PAY to help preserve the pride, and the good feelings, of these representatives of the country that has been OUR RELIABLE FRIEND!

Our Cricket eams are not only playing cricket for Sri Lanka; they are our AMBASSADORS to the world as well, flying the Lion Flag, and DEMONSTRATING the HIGH QUALITY & DECENCY of OUR PEOPLE.

Therefore, I APPLAUD this decision by Captain Sangakkara and the Sri Lanka Team! Jayawewa!

And to PAKISTAN, I say ... you have my ETERNAL GRATITUDE for befriending Sri Lanka in our times of need, and I wish your country the Holy Triple Gem's and Allah's BLESSINGS in the YEARS AHEAD!

Chinthana4Lions said...

Guys / Ananda-USA

Where are the war hero stories of our guys? Si there any web site where we can read all know stories to date?


Ayya, you said you going to open a section in your blogg for war hero stories, I couldn't see any?

Please gent give me some links will you, Google didnt help....

hemantha said...

The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) today approved a 20-month Stand-By Arrangement for Sri Lanka in an amount equivalent to SDR 1.65 billion (about US$2.6 billion) to support the country's economic reform program."

Moshe Dyan said...

re: the interview of DJ.

DJ didn't reveal ANYTHING!!

he only threw back the questions. the most he went was to speculate with IFs, IFs & IFs.

Moshe Dyan said...

a fantastic piece of writing.

A majority with an inferiority complex?
Posted on July 24th, 2009
Ramanie de Zoysa

Chinthana4Lions said...


Ayya, you said you going to open a section in your blogg for war hero stories, I couldn't see any?

Please gent give me some links will you, Google didnt help....

Asithri said...

Sorry about the duplicate post patritos...but then again, I think not as this kind of news is never too much gloated over...as the more salt we rub in these ToiletNadu racist momma-fucker sakkiliyas, the better I think.

What a miserable kaalakanni lot these mommafuckers are...no state, no recognition, no friends, no sense of belonging, no solid kinship even with their own kind, and no simple luck either now!

:(( :(( :((

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

Got to run now...KP's clan is having a fundraiser in my neighborhood...heard some thangaatchi's are "opening up" more than their hearts...so got to run and check out the garage-sale...

:)) :)) :))

Catch you patriots later...

OaO Asithri

tata said...

Re: DJ's interview

One thing I noted:

He wants Douglas D to lead the IDP reseltlement.
Then Douglas D to politically lead NP (assuming resetled people will vote for him).

And both of them (DJ and DD) have had dealings with India in the past.

So, given this background, I think it's a brilliant move by govt. not to include any Tamil politicians in this committe.
(Of course govt. should consult other Tamil non-political leaders in this regard.)

Ananda-USA said...

Chinthana4Lions said..

[ Ananda-USA

Ayya, you said you going to open a section in your blogg for war hero stories, I couldn't see any? ]

You are absolutely right, brother.

Mea Culpa! It slipped my mind. I will open a section and invite others to add more stories of our heroes. :)

tata said...

Out of topic:

Memes; Visruses
Think of how we can be imune to those viruses.

Moshe Dyan said...

re: heroes

we may never know anything about some HARDCORE heroes.

their names will IDEALLY be forgotten forever but we should NEVER forget their presence. they were responsible for turning the tide in our favour.

e.g. rizvi zackir

example only. pardon me if mis-spelt.
some have been deliberately "removed/sacked" from military service as distractions only to be given promotions and more good work.

GR, SF, etc. have met the MOST secret of them all, personally to thank them and give UNKNOWN promotions.

we should SOMEWHERE write about them acknowleding their presence.

when the song goes,
"neth pura eka heenaye mulu lokaya nidana raye. deshaye mura devatha eli re pura dalvi thiye"

it means them; to me. the silent terror KILLERS operating stealthily.

May God bless them all.

Moshe Dyan said...

we should SOMEWHERE write about them acknowleding their presence/service in GENERAL/vague terms ONLY NOTHING more.

ඉයන් said...

Extract from Ramani De Soysa's Article in the Lankaweb.

................Sri Lankans are by now thinking to themselves ‘can we for once listen to something other than ‘poor Tamils’ and their hard luck stories,’ one may well be right! The common man is fed up with Tamil terrorism, Tamil grievances, Tamil greed, Tamil lies, Tamil myths, Tamil homelands, Tamil aspirations, Tamil hard-luck stories and Tamil demands which had filled the airwaves in Sri Lanka for the past 60 years...................

Suranimala said...

Google .This is the second part


According to my source inside the school fault goes to the 70 years old teacher .(having mobile is not a crime )
In psychology there is one point .Child is not having fault just because he is a child.Teacher or parent has to understand the psychological stage of the child and solve the matter .
You don't have power to terrorize the child or give psychological trauma to the child just because you are the teacher or parent .
That day 2 students tried to commit suicide .So , we cant tell both children had the same psychological stage but environment made them to take the same decision .If teacher was bit educated about child's mental stage story would be different .
This is not the first time and would not be the last . How many this type of things did we hear this time continually.May be child is yours but his future belonging to the country .

Asithri said...


[Sri Lankans are by now thinking to themselves ‘can we for once listen to something other than ‘poor Tamils’ and their hard luck stories,’ one may well be right! The common man is fed up with Tamil terrorism, Tamil grievances, Tamil greed, Tamil lies, Tamil myths, Tamil homelands, Tamil aspirations, Tamil hard-luck stories and Tamil demands which had filled the airwaves in Sri Lanka for the past 60 years ]

How very true!

We Sri Lankans are sick and tired of these racist Tamil gooks' sob-stories and it is time to call them on their bluff and beat some sense into them (i.e. the value of living in Sri Lanka unified as "Sri Lankans" and not as "We Tamils" if they want to have ethnic harmony in the country).

Seriously, any Tamil racist whorebitch/dog who refuses to fall in line must be asked to go live in ToiletNadu aka TamilNadu (translated: "Tamil Nation") and if not complying must be arrested and tried for treason and jailed for minimum of 10 years...and thereby rid our beloved MotherLanka of these racist, ghetto-minded whorebitches/dogs.

OaO Asithri

Ananda-USA said...

Sri Lanka closes gap on India in Test rankings

July 25, 2009

Sri Lanka has put more distance between it and England following its 2-0 series victory over Pakistan, which concluded with a draw in the third Test in Colombo on Friday.

Kumar Sangakkara's side, which remains in fourth position, gained three ratings points and moved to 111, stretching its lead over fifth-placed England to 10 points and bringing it within just six of India, which currently occupies third position on the Reliance Mobile ICC Test Championship table.

For its part, Pakistan had been just one ratings point behind England prior to the series but has now slipped to six points adrift in sixth position following this defeat. Where on the table England will finish after the ongoing Ashes series remains to be seen as the ladder is only updated after the conclusion of each series.

Meanwhile, Australia [ Images ] still leads the table with South Africa in second place and India third.

But, while Friday's championship table may reflect a nine-point lead for Australia over South Africa, that lead will narrow to just two ratings points when the annual update is carried out on August 1 and all series completed before August 2006 fall off the table.

These results include Australia's back to back 2-0 and 3-0 wins over South Africa in 2005-06, hence reducing the gap significantly.

As such, when the annual update is carried out on August 1 Australia will drop four points to 124 ratings points while South Africa will gain three ratings points to rise to 122 points.

England, which currently sits on 101, will slip to 99 following the annual update.

Reliance Mobile ICC Test Championship (as of 24 July 2009, after the Sri Lanka [ Images ] v Pakistan series)

1. Australia - 128 points

2. South Africa - 119

3. India -117

4. Sri Lanka - 111

5. England - 101

6. Pakistan - 95

7. West Indies [ Images ] - 82

8. New Zealand [ Images ] - 78

9. Bangladesh - 10

Moshe Dyan said...

where is ninja BTW???

i miss his daily updates.

TropicalStorm said...

The Next war is on, while Sri Lanka sleeps.


TropicalStorm said...


These Muslim fundamentalists were armed a very long time ago, during JR's tenure. Its intention was to eleminate the JVP, which the muslims did with relish, all the while also driving off majority of the Sinhalese in Beruwala and surroundings.

I've known one of those guys, who carried his own Uzi around and even accompanied Ranjan Wijeratne to LTTE areas for discussions. He had pics of himself and Ranjan W on board the SLAF chopers, walking thru jungle trails with SLA soldiers and also guarded by LTTE in others. This guy was also very close to Gamini Fonseka.

His group was later involved in ferrying arms to the LTTE in the jungles, to fight the IPKF.

So they've been armed for a very long time. Don't expect them also to go away easily.

TropicalStorm said...


The IMF deal must feel like a knife up the ass of the likes of Clinton the withered pussy and that Millibrain mongrel.

SLG must not give into any demands that may lead to subversive activity in the liberated areas.

The NE areas need to be completely neutralized of trained terrorists and hidden arms. Also free of landmines before civies are sent in. Currently Thisaranee G (could be Dayan J) is also howling for speedy resettlement.

TropicalStorm said...


Shy may not mean ineffective.

I am assuming you are referring to Brig Prasanna Silva, and if so, you are just dead wrong.

Great generals do not have to be great orators, or loudmouths. They need to be great strategists and capable of motivating their troops by a variety of characteristics; primary of which is leading from the front and concern for his troops. They are the ones who win wars. Loudmouths, who inevitably are also empty-brains, are better suited in administrative functions and public relations.
Even Velu was a soft spoken, effective General who won wars.

thiru said...

look what we have here a bunch of modhaya's jumping up and down and jizzing in their pants, u may have taken our homeland momentarily by achieving a military victory by sucking india's and china's balls but our struggle is heading into a new dimension internationally while you modhayas enjoy ur short term victory.....what's this i hear abt ponsy's "promotion", this was just a way for mahinda to avoid ponsy's political aspiration and chance of a military coup....all this bodes well for us, political unrest is slowly shoring up in sorry lanka, this is just the begginning of the next phase, what u modhayas dont realize is that our thirst for our homeland of eelam can never diminish no matter what u try and we will keep coming back in different forms until eelam is formed.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Read the truth...


Another masterpiece!

Jay said...

Think some you people need to visit SL now instead of writing utter rubbish coming out with wierd and wonderful scenarios.
That goes for both extremist Tamil and Sinhala folks.

It was Party time for the MR GOSL and some 130 odd Ministers last night on account of the IMF loan. (ps its only $330m for the time being) Never mind those Tamils in barbed wire camps or the poor Sinhala villagers eating manioc and pol sambol.
The worst is yet to come. Nobody is safe- Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, etc
There are genuine concerns from all citizens.
Regrettably Peace and Development is a long long way off.
"Too many skeletons in the cup board yet to come out"
ps- I visit SL on business and pleasure (hardly anymore) once in 3 months. Once the Oil Hedge Arbitration is sorted i'm pulling out lock stock and barrel (excuse the pun!)

Moshe Dyan said...


good analysis.

arming one terrorist group to fight another is such a dumb thing to do UNLESS the second group will remain SUCKLINGS of the state.

J wee & pee was the first terror group, pussies the second, pigs the third.

interstingly the first police officer in SL was killed by a REBEL vedda!!!!

Moshe Dyan said...


your sentiments are NOT shared by sri lankans except tamil elamists.

if you look carefully no one was targeted other than tamil elamists. ppl do not feel unsafe; not at all. IN FACT they feel VERY safe now.

that means TE MFs feel unsafe. it is part of the equation.

when tamil elamists feel safe, sri lankans feel unsafe.
e.g. 2002/3
when sri lankans feel safe, tamil elamists feel unsafe.
e.g. 2006/7/8/9

when LARGE SCALE multiethnic colonization takes place in the north, SL economy is going to prosper. BUT we will NOT allow tamil elamists share that prosperity.

you seem to know it!!!!

when tamil elamists prosper, sri lankans become poor.
when sri lankans prosper, tamil elamists become poor.

this is the new WORLD ORDER.

Moshe Dyan said...


some DAMN-ILL thangachchis are celebrating. but they don't seem to know that he resigned from the SLA position to start CDS work in a HIGHER capacity!!!!


NOLTTE=Peace said...

Tahaka Thiru the Tobacco Tamil...!

Keeping growing tobacco (or maruwana as it is more profitable for you) in Scarborough, and the Canadian Government will give you an Eelam!

Do not forget to vote for Bob Rae too!

Moshe Dyan said...

"Supreme Indiscretion
[TamilNet, Monday, 27 July 2009, 01:23 GMT]

While the U.S. voters closely followed the intense scrutiny at the recent Senate hearing to appoint Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court - the venerable institution that the U.S. public trusts will make decisions based on law to create a just society - Sri Lanka's Supreme Court and the judicial system where the justices are appointed at the whims of Sri Lanka's President, came under scathing attack by International Bar Association Human Rights Institute (‘IBAHRI’), and the International Crisis Group (ICG)."

who asked DAMN-ILL ELAMISTS to have faith in the supreme court???

of course they cannot have any faith in the SC.

what is INJUSTICE to tamil elamists is JUSTICE to sri lankans

what is JUSTICE to tamil elamists is INJUSTICE to sri lankans.

so what the sri lankan supreme court should do????

i think the answer is toooo clear!!!

Jambudipa said...

there are only two kinds of people. decent and indecent.

so rajapaske was wrong.

there are many indecent motherfuckers with sinhalese too. its upto decent ones from all sides to shove down cork on these indecent motherfuckers from all sides so that we dont go back to square one again.

Suranimala said...

One more story this time not just one but 8


Moshe Dyan said...


nope. he was right.

the classification comes in the context of FINDING A POLITICAL SOLUTION.

decent/indecent classification is not inherent to finding a political solution.

BTW "sinhalese" is no classification at all.

Moshe Dyan said...

this is OBJECTIVE reporting by tn.

well done!

"New SLA Commander meets North-East commanders in Vavuniyaa
[TamilNet, Monday, 27 July 2009, 02:34 GMT]

The newly appointed Commander of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA), Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya, met all the Security Forces Commanders of Jaffna, Vanni, Mullaitheivu, Killinochchi, Trincomalee, Batticaloa and Ampaarai and other senior Field Commanders in the North and East, for the first time after his assumption of duties, at the Vanni Security Forces headquarters located in Vavuniyaa Saturday. During the conference special attention was drawn to the security situation in different regions in the North and East, media reports said.

The Army Commander with his SF Commanders and other senior officers explored ways to provide maximum contribution towards the Government’s development programme in the North and the East, sources said.

This was Lt. Gen. Jagath Jayasuriya's second visit to Vanni within seven days.

Lt. Gen. Jayasuriya was received by the Commander, Security Forces Headquarters (Wanni) Major General Kamal Gooneratne on his arrival."

Moshe Dyan said...

some thangachchis tell me that their grand parents who stayed back in jaffna are quite rich now thanks to the victory.

my gf is fighting with her siblings over land!! fantastic!! for 14 years no one cared. now suddenly telephone battles. i stand about 2 metres away and shout nai, yanai, poonai, madu, pandi....

she goes....summa ira.
akka akka akka konjum porungo repeat ten times.

so for sometime almost all tamils in general will not agitate for trouble with the rest.

but there are at leat 25,000 ++ properties left by muslims, etc. when terrorists chased them away. from what i hear these have been grabbed by tamils. some even sold!!

proscription allows ownership to anyone occupying a land illgelly for 10+ years unhindered with a few more conditions.

this is fcuking DAYTIME ROBBERY. those who got rich this way will forever love the LTTE.

Unknown said...

Here is my prediction..

Muslims and others will agitate based on ethnic cleansing grounds.

This will result in revision of the law with retrospective effect!

Suranimala said...

Off topic
Is this true?

Suranimala said...

Is Nilanga not satisfied with the ticket money(Rs 500 each)taking from the foreign tourist ?

CASC said...


See Ranil Wijayapala's Situation Report in the Sunday Observer


There is still a lot of speculation
about KP's role in Prabhakaran's demise. I am now more convinced than ever that KP wanted Prabhakaran out of the way so that 1) he take control of LTTE's valuable corporate assetts 2) obtain a legal reprieve so that he can live semi-freely with his Thai wife without being picked up as a wanted international fugitive by Interpol.

Wijayapala refers to a story about a sea tiger cadre who surrendered recently. He had been living in the jungles bordering Puthukuduyiruppu and Visuamadu for the past two months living off fruits and barks of trees. I think this shows that small bands or even individuals can survive for an extended period in the Wanni jungles without outside supplies.


From the Sunday Observer article

Going through this information it is very clear that it was KP who dropped the information to the media on May 18, 2009 midnight when the entire media and the whole of the Security Forces were in ambiguity about the death of the LTTE leader, that the Tiger leader was alive in a safe place.

On May 18 night the TamilNet website carried the following news item following an interview with KP.

‘Stating that the leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). V. Pirapaharan is alive and well, Selvarasa Pathmanathan, the head of LTTE’s international relations, told TamilNet Monday that it was very unfortunate that many of its senior members and leaders have either given up their lives or have been treacherously killed. Following is the way KP responded to the question posed by the TamilNet website.

TamilNet: The Sri Lankan Government has declared the war won and has claimed that Pirapaharan, the leader of LTTE has been killed.

Has Colombo really won the war?

Pathmanathan: The Sri Lankan government makes unverified claims. I am only able to ascertain that our national leader is alive and well. It is true that many of our senior members and leaders have either given up their lives or been treacherously killed. This is very unfortunate, but it is important to realize that our struggle will continue until the aspirations of our people are realized.

Those were the exact words that tipped off the Sri Lankan Security Forces that the Tiger leader was alive by that time though newspapers and the whole media carried out headline stories telling that the Tiger leader was killed on May 18.

Moshe Dyan said...


very much doable bcos the parliament CAN make laws with retrospective effect.

hope the land robbers will not go unpunished. if they go, it will set a very bad precedent.

CASC said...

Streamlining training and having a joint training command under the CDS will help professionalise all the service arms, especially the police.

The Nation article about the AAF attack is shocking. Police OIC of the Mihintale police sent a report two months before the attack but the report was ignored.


NOLTTE=Peace said...

"Indian RAW Agents attempted to meet KP at undisclosed location
Posted on July 27th, 2009
By Special Intel correspondent

It is being alleged from Intelligence sources that India’s dreaded Intelligence agency Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) agents have made several attempts to meet up with the newly self-proclaimed Tamil Tiger chief Pathmanaban popularly known as “KP”. Several LTTE agents from Canada have flown over to South-Asia recently to meet up with the new Tiger chief and sources informed that the Indian’s dreaded RAW too were keen to open up a dialogue with him.

Intel sources also informed us that the RAW were in discussions with several ex-Tamil militant groups and their leaders and have already re-established training facilities for the Indian based ENDLF (Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front), a group linked to many cold-blooded murders both politicians and rival Tamil political party members in Sri Lanka and India. The Indian establishment has warned the Sri Lankan Government of serious consequences if it fails to bring a speedy political settlement for the Tamils of the North-East. India’s RAW was also recently accused of orchestrating the attacks against Sri Lankan cricketers in Pakistan."


Sri Lanka Equity Analytics said...


The slowdown in the global economy, coupled with declining export prices and capital outflows, is placing Sri Lanka’s recent economic and social progress under strain. The balance of payments outlook has worsened while the continued weak revenue performance is undermining fiscal deficit reduction. As a result, international reserves have declined and the fiscal deficit has exceeded budget targets. In addition, strains are appearing in the financial system. Without significant policy measures, international reserves could decline further while the public debt dynamics could become unfavorable.

The objective of our program is to cushion the impact of the global financial crisis on our economy and in particular its effects on the most vulnerable, consolidating our efforts to bring down inflation, and maintaining Sri Lanka’s strong record of economic growth over the past few years. The program will be guided by the political and economic framework underpinning the Government’s development plans as outlined in the Mahinda Chintana. In particular, the program—which is expected to run through 2011—envisages (i) fiscal adjustment sufficient to reduce the central Government budget deficit to 5 percent of GDP by 2011, consistent with our target under the Fiscal Responsibility Act, and also bringing the CPC and CEB to break even by 2011; (ii) continued flexibility in the exchange rate (as announced in October 2008), while building up reserves to at least 3 ½ months of imports by the end of the program period; and (iii) measures to preserve the soundness of the financial sector. The quantitative targets and structural policies underlying our program are summarized in Tables 1 and 2.

full Report

Chinthana4Lions said...



Chinthana4Lions said...



Chinthana4Lions said...



Ananda-USA said...

Moshe Dayan said....

[ my gf is fighting with her siblings over land!! fantastic!! for 14 years no one cared. now suddenly telephone battles.]

I know many Tamils (many of them Vellala) who lost all land they owned in Jaffna to the LTTE goons. They must be overjoyed now that it it is finally safe to go back to those areas to claim they land that is rightfully theirs. I hope they, particularly those few who never turned on the Sinhalese because of friendships or marriage, will succeed.

But, except for these few good Tamils, most of these people demonized the Sinhalese to get refugee status and gain citizenship in other countries, and are Eelamists even now.

The LTTE victimized them and disrupted their lives ... they know that very well ... but yet they demonized the Sinhalese for financial advantages, and even now are agitating to get an Eelam. They know very well that if a facist Eelam had been created, they would never have felt safe enough to return and enjoy anything in the North & East of Sri Lanka, much less own land, despite their paying kappam to the LTTE war chest. Curiously confused blend of racism and greed leading exactly nowhere!

Now that the LTTE is no more in Sri Lanka despite all of their efforts supporting the LTTE abroad, they will pile into Sri Lanka to retrieve whatever land they can, perhaps monetize it by selling it, and take the funds abroad .... all compliments of the lives of our dead patriotic soldiers. Who knows, they may make a pooja of the money to the Eelamist coffers.

Is this just? Is God blind to all these lies, deviousness and hypocrisy?

Ananda-USA said...

My Comment:

Every person who takes arms against Sri Lanka is a traitor, and will be killed as a combatant and terrorist. The 40,000 dead he laments about are in that category of combatants ... as are the thousands of Sri Lanka Defence Forces personnel who died to preserve the country. The 15,000 LTTE cadre (actually 9,000) held in IDP camps will be rehabilitated and released with much less punishment than typical Prisoners of War. Most of them were recruited very young by the LTTE and do not have any skills, except killing people. They have to be taught civilian job skills so they can fit into society. Otherwise, they will turn to robbery and violence again to survive. Don't talk of this TNA LTTE mouthpiece as a Member of Parliament of Sri Lanka. He is simply a TRAITOR who gave up any and all rights to be treated as anything else in Sri Lanka, and is still engaging in treasonous activities ABROAD! Let him stay in Tamil Nadu and not return to Lanka!


TNA MP hits out at opportunistic leaders

July 27, 2009

CHENNAI: Sri Lankan Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP M K Sivajilingam has alleged that a few leaders from Tamil Nadu, both at the Centre and State are simply ignoring the massacre of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Addressing a gathering at the inauguration of Tamilar Thanmana Pasarai at Red Hills near here on Sunday, he said that the most shocking thing was the projection of those leaders as the saviors of suffering Tamils in the island nation.

He said during the Lankan offensive against the LTTE, in which over 50,000 innocent Tamils were killed, the international community remained mute spectators.

“Though we urged foreign countries to impress on Sri Lanka to stop the war, they still continued their silence, leading to loss of thousands of lives,” he lamented.

Sivajilingam claimed that as many as 40,000 militants sacrificed their lives in the three-decade-old war. Besides, 15,000 militants have been arrested by the government, who are denied the rights of prisoners of war, he added.

In such a scenario, the Tamil National Alliance leader said, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has sanctioned whopping funds to the tune of Rs 26,000 crore for Sri Lanka.

Charging AICC president Sonia Gandhi of advocating for the island nation to get such a huge amount from International Monetary Fund (IMF), he wondered whether these funds were gift to a country that killed 50,000 people.

Sri Lankan Tamils Protection Movement (SLTPM) convener Pazha. Nedumaran and many others also spoke on the occasion.

Rajaratasurfer said...

Fellas...is this true abt.Indian RAW trying to link with KP in Malaysia & other ltte in TN to train them ?

I read it on Lankaweb.Anyone ?

Ananda-USA said...

My Comment:

India is unable to take care of its own people much less Sri Lanka refugees.

These very same people bemoan the lot of the IDPs in Sri Lanka, but are barely feeding the refugees in India, exposing their HYPOCRISY!

Sri Lanka is doing a much better job of looking after its displaced Tamil citizens than all of these foreign do-gooders in far-off lands.

An Eelamist MORON by the name of "Keeri" says the IDP camps in Sri Lanka will be "PERMANENT" again exposing his bias. That will not be so.

These guys will NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE any thing good that Sri Lanka does: not in the PAST, not NOW .. because the objective is to UNDERMINE Lanka and gain an EELAM. Only when HELL BOILS OVER! GIVE IT UP!

Govt blind to refugees’ plight

C Shivakumar
25 Jul 2009

CHENNAI: The hunger strike by about 60 Sri Lankan refugees in the Chengalapttu special camp entered the third day on Friday with officials turning a blind eye to the conditions in the camp.

“The health of some of the inmates has deteriorated. The refugees have urged the camp authorities to provide medical attention to them but no action has been taken,” camp sources said.

When the 60-odd refugees began their hunger strike on June 22, another one was already in progress, according to sources.

“Some inmates began their hunger strike a few days before June 22. The condition of five of them has deteriorated. But authorities have so far refused to provide healthcare to them,” the sources said.

Express first broke the news about the appalling living conditions in the camp on July 23. Ever since, the police have beefed up security. Now, even the close relatives of the inmates are not allowed into the camp.

According to sources, the camp now has a three-tier security cover.

Cops from Kancheepuram patrolling outside the camp form the first tier; about 45 to 60 personnel from the Tamil Nadu Special Force stationed at the main gate of the camp comprise the second tier; and 10 policemen, including a subinspector, at the detention area make the third tier.

The inmates rued that no politician has visited them yet. “Why is the government taking no action? No chargesheet has been filed and many of the prisoners are rotting here for more than three years,” said J Nathan, who holds a British passport.

When asked whether the British government was taking any action to free him, he said High Commission authorities were in touch with him. “He was arrested on suspicion while he was attended a wedding of a friend in Chennai. No chargesheet has been filed against him,” said his lawyer P Pugalenthi.

“The rights of many inmates in the camp have been violated. Why are the police not filing any chargesheet against the Sri Lankan Tamils?” wondered Pugalenthi, who is also the secretary of the Tamil Nadu Peoples Rights Forum.

Official sources acknowledged that the strike had entered the third day but denied the camp was a detention centre. “This is a special camp, not a detention centre.

The inmates’ movement has been restricted to a particular area,” they said.

“cases have been registered against all of them. Right now a few of them don’t have any cases and the government will consider their representation,” he added.

CASC said...

Lanka’s key arms supplier, Tigers’ principal provider of weapons
by Shamindra Ferdinando

China, one of Sri Lanka’s major suppliers of armaments had been the LTTE’s principal provider of weapons which enabled the group to wage war on the lines of a conventional Army.

The Chinese firm, Norinco had sold millions of USD worth of armaments, ranging from T-56 assault rifles to 14.5 mm air defence guns on North Korean and Eritrean end-user certificates-the documents needed to purchase armaments legally. The LTTE had obtained them through bribery, a Sri Lankan official told The Island adding that Chinese officials couldn’t have been unaware of the arrangement. The Chinese arsenal included artillery pieces and mortars responsible for thousands of deaths and casualties in the Army.

Although Sri Lanka knew of the LTTE secretly taking delivery of Chinese armaments for some time, the LTTE’s heavy dependence on the Chinese weapons came to light as the Sri Lankan Army fought its way into the LTTE heartland east of the A9 in and around the Puthukudirippu, Udayarkattu area.

When did the LTTE start ordering Chinese armaments? Some believe that the LTTE placed its first order shortly after Sri Lanka and the LTTE agreed on a ceasefire. But the possibility of the LTTE receiving Chinese arms even before the ceasefire agreement couldn’t be ruled out.

The Island learns that the government of Japan had investigated the North Korean link in the LTTE arms supply chain. Japanese investigators had visited Colombo and met with senior defence officials in their efforts to establish a possible North Korean link though NK had denied facilitating arms shipments.

Among the Chinese weapons recovered by the Army on the Vanni front, east of A9 road at the last stages of the offensive, were four barrelled mobile anti-aircraft guns which were also used against advancing ground forces with devastating success.

How much did the LTTE pay for the Chinese armaments and who arranged international money transfers? Although the LTTE had collapsed last May, an international ring of financiers who had facilitated procurement of arms not only of Chinese origin but from many other parts of the world is believed to be intact. LTTE money transfers couldn’t have gone unnoticed by international intelligence agencies as it involved transactions worth millions of USD, perhaps over a time frame spanning a decade.

The LTTE had captured a sizeable quantity of arms, including armoured personnel carriers, patrol boats and a few artillery pieces from the Sri Lankan armed forces over a period of time though there hadn’t been any major seizure of arms since 2001. The LTTE had also captured many 14.5 and 23 mm weapons mounted on Navy vessels, particularly Fast Attack Craft (FACs) blasted in suicide attacks.

Operation Varuna Kirana launched in May 2001 to block the LTTE sea supply route heading towards Chalai and Mullaitivu on the north-eastern coast had failed to achieve its primary objective. Although, the Navy destroyed two ships off Mullaitivu on March 10 and June 14, 2003 during Admiral Daya Sandagiri’s tenure as the Commander of the Navy, the LTTE had succeeded in bringing in large stocks of arms until the Navy struck off Kalmunai on September 17, 2006.

CASC said...


Under the then Navy chief Vice Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda’s leadership, the Navy destroyed seven LTTE ships and over a dozen trawlers on the north-eastern and Mannar seas, thereby causing heavy damage to the LTTE supply line.

Interrogation of LTTE cadres arrested by the Maldivian Coast Guard in May 2007 while transferring armaments from an LTTE ship to northern Sri Lanka, too, helped Sri Lanka’s efforts against the LTTE. The destroyed LTTE vessels had carried large stocks of 152 mm, 130 mm and 122 mm artillery rounds and a range of other armaments, including electronic warfare equipment, communication sets, high powered OBMs, water scooters, radars and geographical positioning systems. All ammunition onboard the ships are believed to be of Chinese origin though there could have been equipment from several other sources, too, on what Karannagoda called floating warehouses of the LTTE.

The LTTE had also brought in sizeable quantities of arms and ammunition through the Gulf of Mannar route though India periodically intercepted LTTE boats. But interestingly, India never gave the Sri Lankan Navy access to LTTE terrorists arrested on their side of the international maritime boundary though Sri Lanka sought to question them. Despite the Navy’s success during the Eelam war IV on the high seas and the Gulf of Mannar, the LTTE had made desperate attempts to bring in supplies.

The capture of a 17-metre-long wave rider class LTTE attack craft (Indumathie) following a confrontation between the Navy and the Sea Tigers off Thalaiadi on the north-eastern coast on June 19, 2007 established the availability of Chinese weapons to mount on fighting craft. The Navy found five weapons-all of Chinese make, one 14.5mm and four 7.62 mm mounted on the vessel powered by four 250 horse powered OBMs, a US Gamin GPS and four other communication sets for boat-to-boat and boat to shore communication. The captured boat is believed to be among many craft built at an Indonesian boat yard though the LTTE subsequently set up facilities in the Vanni to built wave rider class craft and a range of other vessels, including submersibles.

Recently the Navy received access to all types of Sea Tiger assets captured by the Army on the Vanni front. An SLN team had inspected the entire range of vessels some of which had been recovered by Army divers. An officer told The Island that a Soviet era torpedo had been among the LTTE assets now in the army’s hands. Although the LTTE apparently had no use of it, the group had bought it believing that it could be of some use.

Although vast quantities of arms and equipment had been brought in ships and transferred to trawlers, the LTTE had also ordered container loads of warlike supplies during the CFA. An undisclosed number of 40-foot containers had been brought through the port of Colombo and moved overland across Omanthai entry/exit point. The Army recovered several dozens of containers, including a command and control post during the last stages of the battles on the Vanni east front. The previous UNF government had paid duty for state of the art communication equipment imported by the LTTE as part of its overall expansion which allowed it to set up live satellite broadcasts to Europe and several other parts of the world.

A bungled attempt to procure a range of armaments, including surface-to-air SA 18 missiles during Eelam war IV revealed the direct involvement of Indonesian and Singaporeans in the arms procurement operations. The US crippled the LTTE network and its investigation revealed that the LTTE planned to take delivery of arms on the high seas and part of the payments was to be made through a Malaysian bank.

Although the LTTE had fired first generation surface to air missiles at SLAF aircraft with devastating success, acquisition of anti-missile system and jets had made LTTE missiles obsolete hence the attempt to purchase SA 18, also of Russian origin.

(Continued tomorrow)

ඉයන් said...

New artcile in DBS Jeyaraj's site. Interesting read. Also has a vedio interview with KP.


Moshe Dyan said...


you are 95% correct. some are buying and some are selling; i guess the BUYING crowd is more. not to be used but to have a "foothold" in jaffna.

i dearly hope that JUSTICE and FAIRNESS shall prevail especially to those sinhalas and muslims chased away by the LTTE. but from what i hear their land CANNOT BE TRACED NOW!!

blaming HSZs is another crap myth. jaffna HSZs came up after 1995.

1.from 1991 to 1995 there were 4 years and most land grabs took place then.

2. not all vacated land was tunred to HSZs. i recon it was about 5%. most of the rest now have owners!!!

3. sinhala land in jaffna was grabbed in 1980s. these cannot be traced at all.

at leat 25,000 LAND THIEVES (they are all tamil) made MASSIVE GAINS and they LOVE the LTTE for it. this is a SHIT situation and unless we do what thambala suggested, a GRAVE injustice will happpen to innocent ppl who were first ethnically cleansed, then robbed their belongings and then robbed of their ONLY remaining valuable - land.

CURSE ALL THOSE WHO ROBBED LAND FROM SINHALAS AND MUSLIMS IN JAFFNA. they are worse than tigers bcos even tigers failed to do this!!!

Moshe Dyan said...

"China, one of Sri Lanka’s major suppliers of armaments had been the LTTE’s principal provider of weapons which enabled the group to wage war on the lines of a conventional Army.

The Chinese firm, Norinco had sold millions....."

i said this b4 shamindra in DW. LOL!!!

however, it is the LTTE to be blamed than anyone else.

Moshe Dyan said...

the lankaweb article is worrying.

very worrying.

worse parts are,
1. this is possible
2. it has happened b4
3. india is VERY keen on a land demarcated race-based thingy in SL.

Suranimala said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suranimala said...

Off topic. about Ali babies

And now They are in


NOLTTE=Peace said...

My then 10 year old nephew asked this question in 2001. "Uncle, why the Sri Lankan government go after the Serial Numbers of the captured weapons and find out from where they came to LTTE hands?"

I said to him, I am sure that if the government wanted they can do it, but perhaps Ranil do not want that to happen.

Now my nephew is a grown-up, and he reminded me the same conversation we had many years ago.

This photo shows LTTE arms dealer with Chinese and Erithrian officials having fun http://www.spur.asn.au/LTTE_Arms_and_Money_laundering_agent_Kanakalingam_Ramanasaijeeswaran_in_Pakistan_china_Africa.jpg


If China wanted it could have stopped any Chinese arms reaching LTTE, but sadly it did not happen.

Chinthana4Lions said...

Ananda-USA ayya, still no section for war heroes, ppl can pu their stories in.

IF ltte happened to win this war, they will do much greater job than us for dead ltte.

My self I see, it as a very important factor to publish our fallen heroes stories as much as we can, so more ppl will join the army, as result,,,,!

IT can be a little story but it make your heart warm, and make you realize that what have you done for your country....have I done enough? or have i done anything at all? peoples heart and mind will change for good, for our country by reading our war heroes story.....trust me....

Chinthana4Lions said...


So looks like Chin took us for a ride as well? business is business for them.

I dont know, i just hate to think that China played double game here, but if thats true......it make me so dissapointed..mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Goolge said...

Interview with new Army Commander, Lt. General Jagath Jayasuriya


Q: In the aftermath of defeating a 30 year old terrorist war, what would be the priorities of the Army?

A: Though the battle against terrorism is over there are lots of other areas that need be given attention. One is general welfare of the soldiers and the other major area that I want to touch upon is, the welfare of the disabled soldiers. As you know there are thousands of disabled and wounded soldiers who need care. They need assistance and I would introduce some programs to secure their future.

Q: You have come straight from the field and how long will it take you to identify your priorities?

A: Yes, it’s a leap forward! Since I came straight from the field to this chair I have to study the role of general administration. Normally, the Army Commander is appointed when he is holding the post of Chief of Staff or the Deputy Chief of Staff. First I have to get used to these activities before listing down the immediate priorities of the Army.

Everything would be in order within a few days!

Q: Your appointment came as a surprise move and how did you feel when you got the news first?

A: Yes, it was a great surprise for me because I came to Colombo from Wanni for an urgent meeting with President Mahinda Rajapaksa and finally I ended up here as the Commander of the Army. However, I am proud to be the 19th Army Commander of this country and I must be thankful to President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa for their choice. And I personally believe that I was chosen for the top post considering my contribution to the Eelam IV war as the Security Forces Commander Wanni. This is mainly on merit basis and If I were to come through the normal procedure I would become the Army Commander in 2010.

I also pay my gratitude to General Sarath Fonseka who commanded the war for over three years and seven months and brought it to its ultimate end with total victory within two years and 11 months! We were able to defeat the LTTE, which was supposed to be invincible, mainly due to his great leadership and commitment. I am so proud to be part of the team under his leadership. I was able to give my fullest support to General Fonseka during his tenure, to win the war.

Now I am saddled with a great responsibility to lead the Army to a new era. I believe that this is a new era and I am ready to lead the Army to have the expectation of the government fulfilled.

Q: Are there any senior military officers who had an influence on your life to enable you to become a good Commander?

A: Yes, I thank the former top military icons like Maj. Gen. Denzil Kobbekaduwe and Lt. Gen. Rohan Daluwatte. I was the Adjutant to the former during the Eelam war II. I was his staff officer during the operation to rescue the Jaffna Fort in which General Fonseka and Defence Secretary took part. I was with Gen. Daluwatta during the Riviresa Operation. Their guidance helped me to reach high and still I am following some of the lessons that I learnt from them.

Q: Can you tell more about the welfare programs that are to be designed for the disabled soldiers?

A: These disabled young soldiers have sacrificed their lives for the liberation of the country and we as a nation need to look after them well. I always feel that we have not done enough for these young soldiers who fought to end terrorism.

Taking care of them cannot be done alone. They sacrificed themselves to save our nation. This should be a collective effort and the responsibility of the entire nation as well.

Lots of welfare programs introduced by Gen. Fonseka are going on but still there is space to do more to uplift their living standards. Welfare of disabled soldiers is a continuous job and should not be limited to a day or two. As they are disabled we have to look after them throughout their lives. Therefore, it is a great responsibility for each and every citizen to look after them.

Goolge said...


Q: Are there any new plans to help the government to expedite its resettlement programs?

A: The Army will provide its support in rebuilding the North. Even at the moment the soldiers are engaged in de-mining, road construction and other development activities. Apart from de-mining, the Army has undertaken a huge task of clearing the North of explosives. This is vital before resettling people. This is going on well and we have already recovered explosive dumps and lots of weapons.

The Army got the sole credit for rescuing a massive crowd of hostages while maintaining a zero casualty rate. The dedication and commitment of Gen. Fonseka to free the Northern people from the clutches of the LTTE was immense. I know how he handled the rescue operation. The political commitment also played a major role in this victory. During the last days of the war President Rajapaksa was calling me every day from Jordan as Gen.

Fonseka was in China and I updated him about the situation. I told him that the final days of the LTTE were not too far!

The Army’s contribution towards resettling IDPs proved a success. We have started assisting the government resettlement programs from the time Nagenahira Navodaya was launched and now it is the Uthuru Wasanathaya in which the soldiers are involved with.

Lots of development activities are going on with new roads and bridges being constructed.

The Sri Lanka Army, which brought freedom and peace to the country is proud to be a part of the Government’s development programs. The Government wants to give 100 percent priority to resettle IDPs as it is a costly affair for the Government to feed and look after such a massive IDP population. Hence our aim is to support the Government to achieve this goal as soon as possible. The army engineers have already been deployed in the North to do the infrastructure development such as construction or renovation of roads and bridges.

Q: Nearly half of the Army’s strength comprises youth, who used to fight throughout day and night. Are there any plans to keep them occupied?

A: Yes, the number-wise, Sri Lanka Army has expanded very much. Over 80,000 had been recruited to end the war. Fighting is over and now we have to do lot of things to keep these young soldiers occupied. They need to be taught the general traditions and procedures of the Army.

Another main task is to mould the Army to suit to the next 20 years. This can be achieved through training. Therefore, several training programs with recreational activities have already been introduced. They need a change! These young soldiers were motivated for fighting to defeat terrorism but now they should be motivated towards other aspects so that they can continue to be good soldiers in the coming years.

Q: During Gen. Fonseka’s tenure the Army was ranked the ‘world’s best Army’ in the context of crushing terrorism. How do you plan to maintain this reputation?

A: Yes, through discipline and professionalism! I want to maintain that reputation and I also intend to give them a professional training for the betterment of their career. Military training that suits the future will be introduced. More training centres will come up. Those who fought in the battlefront need to pass their expertise to others. I know that other countries like to learn lot about fighting terrorists, especially small group operations and night fighting.

Q: How do you see the political commitment during the Eelam War IV?

A: The Army had the political blessings throughout the Operation and both the President and the Defence Secretary were fully committed to end terrorism in Sri Lanka. They gave their fullest support and were a tower of strength for the military to secure the final victory.

I hope that the Army will get the same political support in future as well.

Goolge said...


Q: Do not you think that your ‘trade mark’ smile will be a hindrance to be tough as the Army Commander?

A: I am a very sincere and good-hearted man. Every body will get the proper justice and equality when dealing with their matters. Nobody has to worry. I am always a good listener. I would listen first if any body comes with a problem.

I am not a man who takes unilateral decisions but one who takes multilateral decisions! I am approachable at anytime. I talk to and smile with ordinary soldiers. That is my style of leadership and it has proved a success upto now. I hope it will produce good results in future too. I hope I will be able to treat everyone equally.

Goolge said...

On the subject of Chinese selling weapons to LTTE (unofficially or not), then the victory of our forces becomes all the more creditable.

And it also takes away the die-ass-pora argument that we won because of Chinese weapons!!

Sri Lanka Equity Analytics said...

TUESDAY, JULY 28, 2009
Insurance sector shares expected fall?
Sri Lanka's life insurance sector grew 13.9 percent taking in gross written premiums of 23.6 billion rupees in 2008, a year that saw high inflation, a report by the industry regulator, Insurance Board of Sri Lanka (IBSL) said. This is in comparison is a decline from the life insurance sector growth of 21.2 percent in 2007, the annual report said.

Ceylinco Insurance Life, a unit of Sri Lanka's troubled Ceylinco Group, has grown 34.97 percent beating the sector's growth of 13.9 percent in the 2008 financial year 2008. The net premium income for life insurance business was 8.25 billion rupees in 2008.

Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation (SLIC), was in second place and with gross written premiums growing 19.05 percent to 4.49 billion rupees. Premiums of Eagle Insurance, the Sri Lankan unit of Aviva, grew 18.39 percent to 4.34 billion rupees.

IBSL said premium collections of 11 out of 14 registered life insurance companies have grown below the industry average of 13.9 percent in 2008.

Janashakthi Insurance grew 5.67 percent to 1.33 billion rupees, while Asian Alliance Insurance grew 4.11 percent to 970.0 million rupees. HNB Assurance, a unit of Hatton National Bank, grew 3.87 percent to 914.1 million rupees.

The annual report said in 2008, six insurance companies grew less than one percent.

In 2008 Ceylinco Life's asset base grew 24.5 percent to 24.14 billion rupees, while SLIC's life asset base expanded 42.05 percent to 42.1 billion rupees. Eagle Insurance's life portfolio asset base grew 12.6 percent to 15.0 billion rupees, while Union Assurance asset base grew 8.4 percent to 8.56 billion rupees. Janashakthi Insurance life asset base expanded by 5.2 percent to 2.34 billion rupees, the IBSL annual report said.

The insurance sector asset bases are riding high on the back of high interest rates offered on government securities in 2008. However the life insurance sector is reeling from lapses, which have been going up steadily in the last five years.

Sri Lanka Equity Analytics said...


Anonymous said...

In recent years, Indian foreign policy—for better or worse—has been primarily a regional affair. India has sought to check the nefarious influence of Pakistan and prevent instability in Sri Lanka.

Therefore, last week’s unfurling of an Indian nuclear-powered submarine—built on Indian soil—is a momentous occasion. Analysts are right to point out that India has now positioned itself as a global power, not simply a regional one.

But there is more at stake here than just the transition from a brown-water navy to a blue-water one.

One of India’s major foreign policy concerns continues to be Pakistan. After the nuclear-powered submarine was released, a Pakistani foreign office spokesman told BBC, “Pakistan will take appropriate steps to safeguard its security without entering an arms race.”

Pakistan’s defensive line is just rhetoric; this could not possibly trigger an arms race as Pakistan has no access—or means—to build its own nuclear-powered submarines. That hasn’t stopped Pakistan from barking, but it really has no bite.

But that raises a larger issue. India’s nuclear-powered submarine provides a second-line nuclear deterrent against Pakistan. A nuclear arms race cannot happen, but the significance of such Cold War rhetoric is not lost; India has already won the race.

Finally, China’s expansion in the Indian Ocean—and globally —has widened India’s regional concerns in scope. Nuclear-powered submarines, therefore, are necessary to deter Chinese meddling in the waters around the subcontinent.

There is a great symbolic importance to India joining the exclusive nuclear submarine club, if it can be called so. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been criticized, as the submarine is costly and less technologically advanced than those of India’s peers. But that’s beside the point. Just as possessing nuclear missiles or nuclear power plants signifies a level of advancement in defence and infrastructural terms, nuclear-powered submarines signal broadly to the world that India is a legitimate global power.

Does India’s nuclear-powered submarine signify a shift in the country’s global importance? Tell us at views@livemint.com

CASC said...

Lanka Holidays said...........Does India’s nuclear-powered submarine signify a shift in the country’s global importance? Tell us at views@livemint.com

Lanka Holidays,

I assume you are Indian. People in Sri Lanka do not have a negative perception of Pakistan or China as many Indians do. On the contrary, Sri Lankans are very greateful to China and Pakistan for helping Sri Lanka rid itself of the LTTE. In fact, during many crtical periods of post-independent Sri Lanka history it was Pakistan and China that saved Sri Lanka from Indian hegemony. Sri Lanka's post-LTTE defense strategy is built around having a large standing army that will deter or make it costly for any conquering army to invade and hold ground. Therefore, whether India has a nuclear powered sub or not has no bearing on Sri Lankan perceptions towards India.
As people of the same subcontinent and as people of the same diaspora, we hope that India will strive to live peacefully with all of its neighbours by following Gandhian values like tolerance and mutual respect instead of militarization.

CASC said...

Funny thing how people who went to the same school end up in totally different vocations

The new army commander Gen Jagath Jayasuriya went to pay his respects to the head priest of the Kelani Viharaya Ven. Sangharakkhitha Thero.

The head priest and the General are both old boys of the same Colombo school (although at different times). The head priest was captain of the junior cricket team, played on the football team, and was once adjudged best school athlete. The General was the school boxing captain during his time.


Ananda-USA said...

Lanka Holidays, CASC,

It was pre-ordained that India would some day become a nuclear weapons power with strategic and tactical nuclear weapons, nuclear submarines, and even nuclear powered carriers flying nuclear armed bombers.

However, just like the US and the USSR, after the immediately perceived foreign threats to India are countered, these weapons will prove to be costly white elephants ... in that they are not useable in reality. Therein lies their "use": deterrence of use by others. The financial and environmental cost of maintaining a nuclear weapons complex is bone-crushing.

Despite the Jammu & Kashmir conflict, Pakistan, under a conventional govt, BY ITSELF does not pose an existential threat to India, but China does. However, China in alliance with Pakistan is the bigger threat that India is concerned about. These weapons are primarily being developed to counter China and any other "super powers" that may threaten India in the future. In these matters, India will be rational, and no small South Asian country like Sri Lanka has to fear its nuclear weapons .. because they cannot be used in South Asia close to India's own borders .. as long as it does not ally itself against India with other superpowers. India poses only a conventional military threat, if at all, to its immediate neighbors; not a nuclear threat.

Despite the presence of the nuclear deterrent, conventional symmetric and asymmetric conflicts will continue, with fomenting "guerilla" style internal conflicts to destabilize countries from within being the preferred weapon. Let us see whether the "Maoist" movement in India will be exploited by China for this purpose.

Given that exploding nuclear weapons near to one's own home is suicide in both the short and the long term, no country in South Asia has to fear Indian nuclear weapons, as long as the Indian Govt remains "rational". However, the prospect of an irrational jihadist religious movement grabbing power in Pakistan is a real concern.

In my view, the real concern for the non-nuclear South Asian states is not of a nuclear exchange between Pakistan and India, acting alone, but a nuclear exchange between superpowers, with India being one of them, so that all of South Asia will be exposed to the fallout.

As the "superpower complex" begins to manifest itself in the national psyches of China and India, they will be drawn into global conflicts beyond their own backyards, not because their intrinsic interests are threatened, but because their "national egos" as a superpowers are rubbed the wrong way. In the diseased minds of superpowers, they fear that they will lose the "title" of a superpower unless they are involved in, and consulted on, every issue on the planet.

In case anyone thinks superpower egos are irrelevant to other countries, the Vietnam War is a prime example of a totally unnecessary proxy war precipitated by superpower egos and misjudments.

Therein lies the "nuclear" lesson for Sri Lanka as well: help from China and Pakistan can be used to counter adverse Indian interference in our own internal matters, but we must NOT GET DRAWN IN AS A PAWN INTO GLOBAL SUPERPOWER CONFLICTS directed against India, for we live in South Asia, and Indians are our relatives!

CASC said...


As you have indicated, the assymetric threats are the biggest dangers to the security of India and Pakistan. They come from the Maoists and Naxals in India, and the Taliban types in Pakistan. India's nuclear submarine is no doubt a technological feat but India's army is no match for China or even Pakistan in any conventional land conflict (Kargil being a recent example).

Both India and China have superpower complexes but India is still by and large a third world country while China is now the second largest economy in the world and the largest creditor nation in the world. Most of the social indicators for India are very dismal compared to even Sri Lanka (life expectancy, literacy, infant mortality and even per capita GDP).

People in large countries like India and Pakistan are best served when their national governments invest in human development programs like education and public health rather than squandering public resources in an attempt to achieve military superiority against their neighbours.

CASC said...

This is quite a well known incident from the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war. India and Pakistan both have their own versions of what happened to this Pakistan sub.

Pakistan Naval Submarine Ghazi

On November 14, 1971 it sailed out of harbour on a reconnaissance patrol under the command of Cdr Zafar Muhammad Khan with 92 hands on board. It was expected to report on November 26. The submarine was to sail 3,000 miles (4,828 kilometres) around the Indian peninsula from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal. PNS Ghazi (S-130) was a United States-built submarine that was leased by Pakistan in 1963. It operated in the 1965 and 1971 wars between Pakistan and India and was Pakistan's first submarine and remained the flagship submarine for Pakistan Navy until it sank in 1971. It sank off the fairway buoy of Visakhapatnam near eastern coast of India under unclear circumstances during the 1971 war. In 1965 war Ghazi was used in the Second Kashmir War in 1965 to attack heavy ships of the Indian Navy or ships aiding Operation Dwarka, though it didn't score any hits. It was a significant threat in the 1965 Indo-Pakistani war. It won 10 awards including two decorations of Sitara-e-Jurat and the President's citations.


TropicalStorm said...


Your analysis lacks one important aspect, one which is regularly missed by most analysts; the ability to influence policy in foreign countries by sheer numbers of your own people's votes in thise lands.
For instance both China and India have significant numbers of their people residing in western nations holding voting powers, which can be effectivly used to influence foreign policy decision makers.
A million Chinese or Indian voters are not something any government bureaucrat whose future is based on popularity, will take lightly.
Just like how the LTTE lobbists influenced in Canada, EU and other places.

The point I'm trying to make here is that both these countries can deter foreigners without even having to load a gun.

TropicalStorm said...


It doesn't matter whose arms we won with.

All that matters is that we won.

TropicalStorm said...


Hey, the funkymunky is back..!

we know all abt your 'thirst' and also what you can do abt it..essentially bend over and lick what's dripping between your buttocks..because that's where you keep getting it from the Sinhalese each time, history repeating itself.

Long live your thirst..and we'll give you plenty to quench it with..

Moshe Dyan said...

agree with goolge & TS.

we WON. that's all that matters.

LTTE using chinese weapons....

china is not to be blamed. if not directly from china, LTTE would have got chinese weapons through north korea or cambodia or zimbabwe or whatever.

so the REAL IMPORTANT issue is money for weapons bcos the SAME weapons can be procured from ANYWHERE.

ZERO dollars came from china to LTTE bank accounts.

Moshe Dyan said...

re: indian nuclear sub...

this does NOT change ANYTHING!!

1. india had nuclear subs b4. they were all russian. leased i think??this is the fist indian MADE sub. it does not matter it is russian or indian. what matters is it is a nuclear sub. so this way there is hardly any real advancement of weaponry.

2. prestige-yes. india joins the 5 superpowers as a nuclear sub builder.

3. there is a deeper disappointment for india here. that is russia decided not to give nuclear subs to india. only after that they developed this. so actually india is going BACKWARDS in technology.

4. china has at leat 18 nuclear subs and i'm 110% sure the chinese will retaliate by increasing their numbers.

5. indian navy's MAIN problem is its limited sea frontage unlike china. for instance ALL indian naval movements can be EASILY tracked from bangla, pakistan and SL - all pro chinese defence-wise!!! stumped!!

china has no such problems. even pakistan doesn't.

6. as Ananda said, india's main threats come from WITHIN and there is no way india can handle them in the near future.

7. from the indian pov, what they should be doing is to LOOK FOR CONSISTANT STRATEGIC PARTNERS. i doubt it can find any.

8. resolving border disputes is very important. looks like any "resolution" will force india to accept defeat.

Moshe Dyan said...

china's string of pearls....

Many in India believe that Beijing is building special relationships with India’s old foe Pakistan and Sri Lanka and is extending its reach down the Indian Ocean.

China’s ‘String of Pearls’ strategy seems to be surrounding India and has given food for thought to many in New Delhi for quite some time now.

At the G8 summit in L’Aquila recently, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made a bid in front of the international community to include India in the United Nations Security Council, which would put it on par with China, which is one of the five permanent members.

Christopher J. Pehrson, author of the book “String of Pearls: Meeting the challenge of china’s rising power across the Asian littoral”, says the ‘String of Pearls’ describes the manifestation of China’s rising geopolitical influence through efforts to increase access to ports and airfields, develop special diplomatic relationships and modernize military forces that extend from the South China Sea through the Strait of Malacca, across the Indian Ocean, and on to the Arabian Gulf.

Though India is trying to make a stronghold in South Asia, China seems to have been working consistently over the last four decades to strengthen its south Asian presence and fulfil its ‘String of Pearls’ policy, and that has many in India worried.

Alka Acharya, head of East Asian studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, says that China’s ‘string of pearls’ policy started in the 1980s and its basic aim was to give China increased energy security with refueling stations throughout the world.

But it has helped China project its political and military influence further. Some in India think China’s latest addition to its string of pearls is the Hambantota port in southern Sri Lanka.

Construction on the first phase began last year with Chinese funding, and the whole $1 billion project is expected to finish by 2023.

B. Raman, a retired senior government official, has written a paper on the project of Hambantota port in which he mentions that “the Chinese interest is more strategic than purely commercial. It is very unlikely that Sri Lanka would allow the Chinese Navy to use Hambantota against India. But a Chinese naval presence in Hambantota would add to the concerns of the Indian Navy by increasing the vulnerability of the South to pressures from the Chinese Navy.”

Raman also mentions in his paper that China had helped Pakistan with a similar project in Gwadar on the Mekran coast in Balochistan.

The first phase of construction has already been completed and the port was given a nod when Pervez Musharraf was the president.

When it is done, Hambantota is likely to have an aviation fuel storage facility and a liquefied natural gas refinery. The first phase will have bunkering facilities to refuel ships that pass the nearby shipping lanes, among the world’s busiest.

Moshe Dyan said...

china's string of pearls....

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa says India has nothing to worry about because the project is strictly a commercial venture.

India though is taking no chances and is increasing its troops along the northeastern border so as to prevent any further infiltration of Chinese soldiers, who had illegally entered Indian territory last year.

A retired intelligence officer who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity said China had begun building a road in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir in the early 1970s.

“We had got hold of a source who told us that China was building a road from China- Gilgit- Neelam Valley, they had also planned a number of tunnels and bridges in places where roads couldn’t be constructed,” the officer said.

The status of the road is not known, some say it is still under construction.

The Karakoram Highway, which connects China’s Xinjiang region with Pakistan’s north, can also be seen as one of China’s pearls. The highway, called the ninth wonder of the world by some because of its altitude, was completed in 1986 after 20 years of construction.

The road opened up China-Pakistan trade and gave both of India’s rivals a fast route through the mountains, not far from the Line of Control in Kashmir.

Should India be worried about China’s String of Pearls, and will the Chinese strategy dampen India’s plans to be the dominant power in South Asia?


comment from a toilet…

“Indian’s deserve to be dominated by the Chinese, as what they have done to the Tamils in Sri-Lanka. The ruthless Rajepakse government played the India-China chess game to their advantage. It was a very clever move in their part, but mother India would get the brunt of it later on. May be Indians should have thought about the realities before hand.”

Comment from a reader…

“Getting back to basics India’s strength comes from people like King Asoka of old times and Mahatma Gandhi of this generation. The fact that India has walked away into materialistic ways has made its neighbors suspect them. India does not have many friends in Sri Lanka, if you look at the Sri Lankan news papers and read the comments from politicians of all parties you understand it. China on the other hand is all business and provide what is negotiated fully and completely and never gets involved in the Internal Politics therefore when the real need is there they seem to be able to prevail.And they also seem to treat their customers well in times of their need. Straight deals no bribes to accept defaults no cutting corners, that’s what is normally expected in a business deal and China provides it.”


Moshe Dyan said...

toiletnet quotes badrakumar.

“Rajapaksa indeed has a blueprint for the final resolution of the Tamil problem. It involves the systematic colonisation by the Sinhalese of the "Tamil homelands" (homelands??? my ARSE!!!) north of Elephant Pass so that over the next decade or so, the demography of those regions will be altered to the disadvantage of Tamil Elam separatists. This was how Colombo solved the Tamil Elam separatist problem in the eastern provinces of Trincomalee, Batticaloa and Ampara,” Bhadrakumar said.

of course this is the ONLY solution. sinhalam, thamilam, muslim ppl should ALL live in ALL parts of SL. there is NO other solution as far as SL is concerned.

funeral of tamil elam is the birthday of SL.
funeral of SL is the birthday of tamil elam.

Moshe Dyan said...

Mi-24 - MILS & MEN

“The squadron was formed to face the requirement for a dedicated air borne attack formation to support the National Military Strategy focusing on the theatre of conflict in the North of Sri Lanka. This challenge was countered when SLAF decided to procure a battle tested, dedicated attack helicopter platform which assured devastating fire power delivery while flying low. The Russian built Mi-24 also known as the "Devil's Chariot," "Flying Tank" and the "Flying Infantry Combat Vehicle" was thus inducted into SLAF. The gunship was heavily armoured and had the capacity to absorb a great deal of battle damage, yet remain operational.”

Did we not use the EXACT SAME WORDS in late 2008 and early 2009 at DW to convince some ppl (amidst STIFFF resistence) that Mi-24 was what we needed for the following jobs!!! hats-off to all those who stood by us.

actually the BIN boys of afghanistan called it SATAN’S CHARIOT which is too harsh TF toned down by defence writers.

"The squadron's main role focus on Counter Surface Force Operations and limited Counter Air Operations through the following functions: Close Air Support (CAS)/ Battlefield Air Interdiction (BAI), Air Interdiction (AI), Maritime Air Operations, Armed Escort Missions and Air Defence Operations. The squadron's adaptability to face any demanding situation other than its main functions was illustrated by the special missions they carried out. Some of the special missions carried out by No.09 included - Search and Rescue Missions, Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) Rescue Missions, Escort Missions for VVIP/VIP, Troop and cargo transport, Distributing leaflets over enemy area and Security of air corridors for transport aircraft. In recognition of its dedicated service to the Nation, the Squadron was bestowed with Presidential Colours in March, 2009."

CASC said...

According to Wikepedia, the word diaspora comes from the Greek meaning "a scattering of seeds." It refers to the movement of any population sharing common ethnic identity who were either forced to leave or voluntarily left their settled territory, and became residents in areas often far remote from the former. I think it would be correct to say that people of the Indian subcontinent share a common heritage regardless of their current religious and political divisions today.

I have a copy of the official publication of the 1893 World Congress of Relgions held in Chicago, USA. It is a massive book with various articles by the leading religious figures and religious leaders of the day from all religions. There are several photos of Anagarika Dharmapala (aka David Hewawitharana) in white national dress standing next to Swami Vivekananda who appears to be a dashing figure elegently dressed with a turban. Swami Vivekanada is credited with introducing Hinduism to the west. Dharmapala is probably the most important personality in modern day Budhism. In my opinion, for securing the Budhist sites in India and for the Budhist revival in Sri Lanka including founding leading Budhist schools in Sri Lanka. All of the articles written by Anagarika Dharmapala for this publication identify him as "Dharmapala of India." I was first puzzled as to why he would do this since Ceylon was fairy well known throughout the world as a British colony. However, what was India was not a unified political entity as it is now known. British India, sometimes known as Hindoostan, stretched all the way from the Persian border to the Irrawady river in Burma. Most of what was Britsh India was governed by princely states, ranging from the size of a soccer field to a state as large as France, that owed alleigence to the British crown. Therefore, when Anagarika Dharmapala identified himself as Indian he was identifying himself as part of a larger cultural entity not a political entity. It is like saying Taxila and Gandhara are part of India's Budhist heritage even though these places are today part of the state of Pakistan. Likewise, when President Rajapakse said recently (I believe it was on NDTV) that he considered India not merely a friend but as a relation, I think he was referring to the fact that we share a common cultural history.

TropicalStorm said...


The Russians never gave the Indians anything greater than teh rather noisy Akula class subs. They couldn't either afford the deadlier Typhoons or teh russkies didn't want their technology getting into Indian hands.

In any case none of these come even close to the US' Los Angeles class stuff, or even the diesel sub the Germans build.

Moshe Dyan said...


agree that india is more than a friend, culturally.

defence-wise SL has to guard its territory & soverignty and india is not going to go with SL all the way. TF SL needs to allign with whoever supporting SL's STAND. at times india, other times even india's enemies.

e.g. portugal, the netherland, UK also had strong cultural and demographic influence on SL but now the assistance SL gets is ZERO (negative in the case of UK!!).

unfortunately cultural links with india have reduced NOW except for tamil madu.

CASC said...

This is a very funny and interesting book about the stupid things that the British did during the height of their empire. Among others, there are many stories from Sri Lanka.

The Decline and Fall of the British Empire, 1781-1997
by Piers Brendon
640pp, Jonathan Cape, £25


Moshe Dyan said...



not to mention FREQUENT accidents!!

CASC said...


President MR is wise to acknowledge what is our common heritage but at the the same time recognize that India is Sri Lanka's biggest existential threat.

During the JRJ regime, the word Findlandisation was used to describe what Sri Lanka hoped to achieve in our relationship with India. We have achieved some of that by giving the Trincomalee oil farms to IOC, a Indian state company. Recently I heard the President say that he was even willing to give KKS to India if India was interested (I assume some type commercial leasing agreement).

Nevertheless, for those who know Finish history, Finland became what it is today after fighting the Soviet Union to a stand still and ceding a big chunck of its territory.

The President and his brothers have managed this complex relationship very well. However, what Winston Churchill said about Russia applies to our understanding of India.

Winston Churchill's quotation, made in a radio broadcast in October 1939:
"I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest."

Ananda-USA said...

Tropical storm said...

[The point I'm trying to make here is that both these countries can deter foreigners without even having to load a gun.]

Well, I don't see how this applies to India and China in their growing rivalry with each other, because they don't have large expatriate communities in each other's countries and don't have to kowtow to Diaspora antics in the West.

There ARE both large CHINESE and INDIAN populations in the case of the US. However, don't compare the Tamil Diaspora activities against tiny Sri Lanka to anything these Chinese and Tamil communities can or would do in the US, should a conflict arise between China/India and the US.

On the one hand, these minorities in the US are wedded to the American Dream and WILL NOT abandon the US should such a conflict arise. On the other hand, THERE WILL BE enormous pressure, both societal and legal, for them to conform and remain loyal to the US.

Only in the case of VULNERABLE SMALL COUNTRIES can expatriate populations have a disproportionate impact, as we have seen recently in the case of Sri Lanka.

BTW, I read your two comments at DBSJ's blog advising Sri Lankan Tamils against attempting RACE-BASED solutions again in Sri Lanka.

Very well said; agree with you fully. It is time for them to GIVE UP THAT APPROACH and buckle down to sharing the same aspirations as ALL OTHER Sri Lankans.

Moshe Dyan said...


how true!

to the "naked eye", india is suffering from BIPOLAR DISORDER. but when looked closely, the NATIONAL INTEREST (at the expense of ANYONE) comes to the open.

nice analogues.

Moshe Dyan said...


re: large indian and chinese communities in the US

not quite.

RAW is already accused of using indians in the US to,
1. finance 3+ senators at elections
2. spying
3. recording/transmitting telephone/email, etc. sensitive data
4. interfering with state legislatures

i will post the links.

china is even more sophisticated. i'm 100% sure they are upto something VERY BIG using their diaspora. you only need a handful of ppl. already some have stolen weapon designs.

this is the BIGGEST ESPIONAGE FRONTIER for india and china in coming years, me thinks. an open clash between indian and chinese sluths in the US, europe, etc. is on the cards within a few years.

Ananda-USA said...


re: large indian and chinese communities in the US

Industrial/military spying by a few people working underground, and political lobbying of members of congress by carpetbaggers, is one thing, but provoking mass demonstrations and anti-national activities in the open in public is quite another. The average Chinese and Indian American would have no part of it.

In point of fact, most spies who have been caught are not recent immigrants, but "true blue" americans whose ancestors have lived in the US for several generations! The Chinese engineer who was caught recently spying on missile designs for China is a very rare event.

Ananda-USA said...

India Launches the Mysterious Arihant

July 28, 2009:

India has launched its first nuclear submarine, the INS Arihant (Destroyer of Enemies), after over a decade of planning and construction. The Arihant will now undergo up to two years of testing and sea trials before being accepted for service. The Arihant is based on the Russian Charlie II sub, which it resembles. A leased Russian Akula II nuclear sub will basically serve as a training boat for India's new nuclear submarine force. Russia retired all its Charlie class subs in the early 1990s. India leased one from 1988-91, and gained a great deal of familiarity with it. The Charlie class had eight launch tubes, outside the pressure hull, for anti-ship missiles. The Arihant has vertical launch tubes, apparently large enough for the cruise missiles, but not any SLBM (Sea Launched Ballistic Missile) India has (like the Sagarika, which is too long to fit in a vertical silo on the Arihant.) Actually, the exact purpose of vertical launch tubes on the Arihant is unclear. The navy revealed very little detail on the new sub (which, until two years ago, the government refused to say anything about.) Access by photographers was restricted.

The new Indian SSN was long referred to as the ATV (Advanced Technology Vessel) class. There are apparently to be five boats in the class, assuming that the first one works well. The ATV is a 5,000 ton boat, and comparisons have also been made to the new Chinese 093 (Shang) class, which is a 6,000 ton boat that entered service two years ago, after more than a decade of construction. That was China's second class of SSNs. The first, the Han class, was a disaster.

India is trying to learn from Chinas mistakes. That's one reason the ATV project has been kept so secret. Another reason for the secrecy was that so much of the ATV project involved developing a compact, light water reactor technology that would fit in a submarine. This 85 MW reactor makes the Arihant underpowered by the standards of other SSNs, and the Indians give the Arihant's top speed as 55 kilometers an hour.

Once the Arihant class SSN is proven, a modified version can be built as a SSBN (ballistic missile carrying sub). This was how everyone else did it, including the Chinese. Get an SSN operational, then modify the design to include some SLBM launch tubes. But the Arihant already appears to have vertical launch tubes, but not of sufficient diameter and length to hold any of the SLBM (sea launched ballistic missiles) in service.

Moshe Dyan said...


"provoking mass demonstrations and anti-national activities in the open in public" will not be their way. that is the LTTE/al qaeda diaspora.

MOST immigrants from these 2 countries are law abiding citizens.

but the other options, of course by a VERY small number of dedicated spies working strictly under respective spy agencies, is happening.

Goolge said...

Documented cases of Chinese espionage in the US, spanning decades:




Unknown said...
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Suranimala said...


CASC said...

The army announced that brigadier Prasana De Silva, brigadier Shavendra Silva and brigadier C. Gallage who played a key role in the recent war on the LTTE have been promoted to the ranks of Major General

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

My comment on the article by an Arular Para.... at SL Guardian. The new road to Eelam entitled:

Towards an Equitabe and Sustainabe Sri Lanka

There appears to be no end to the Eelamist dream. The author purposefully subverts the whole truth by quoting parts of historical records in order to hide the broader facts. This is all in the service of his thesis about a non-existent "Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism" and "Tamil Kingdom".
The fact is that even his own "evidence" indicates that there was no reference to any identity called "Tamil" until the Brtish took over the island.
On the other hand the island has clearly been identified by Monk FaHien (in early 1st millennium)in his Chapter 37:

"After this he embarked in a large merchant-vessel, and went floating over the sea to the south-west. It was the beginning of winter, and the wind was favourable; and, after fourteen days, sailing day and night, they came to the country of Singhala."

There is a host of evidence which supports the evolution of an identity called Sinhala on this island for 2000 years. The island itself had been called sinhale which was corrupted to Ceialo, Seylan and Ceylon.

It was only in the 19th century that the name of the people of the island (Sinhale) was used to identify a separate ethnic group while a new ethnic group called "Tamul" came into being to counter that. This was in recognition of the difference in language. Just as the people of "Sinhale" called their "siyabasa" sinhala, the previously named "Malabar" now called "Tamul" continued to call their "mother tongue" (Taymoli) in the same way which probably then evolved into "Tamil" to identify it with the ancient sinhala epithet "Damila" (one without Damma).

Isn't it time that Tamil-Eelam dreamers (or is it now Thamiz Eezham?) gave it up and joined a Sri Lankan identity? I hear no Sri Lankans call themselves "Sinhala", "Muslim", "Tamil" or "Burgher", except for "Eezham Tamils". It is this desire to be unique and privileged which has landed them in the quandary.

While pointing at the mote in the eye of their fellow Sri Lankans, the Eezham Tamil appear to not notice the huge "fascist log" in their own.

MayilRavana මයිල් රාවන said...

Ananda, Moshe etc.

I seem to recall an article two years back, which described how Chinese Army has invested (covertly) in strategic industries in the US and was acquiring technology in this way.

May be SL should start "investing" in Chinese and Indian ventures:

e.g. Kra Canal, Sethu Canal, Nuclear Power, Satellite technology, semiconductor tech.

kevin said...

Sad to see the two young elephants suffering without their mums held in DN’s premises in Kandy and there’s a public outcry in Kandy and today we saw the mother elephant at pinnawala screaming for her young one taken away by force, it is so sad and MR must intervene and return the two young elephants to their mums.

CASC said...


I hope something happens about the elephants. This goes against everything that Buddhists believe.

Rajaratasurfer said...

Moshe..ya right when ya attend defence expo's in America it's so obviously visible the Indian Techies all over in crucial wepons platforms.So to think they dont help RAW, is stupid ! of course they do !

But, we need to have good reletions with Indian Pols cuz, RAW have caused so much harm in Sri Lanka.But, we need the pols on our side ! On the Indian Sub issue folks "He who spends the most ends up, empting the kitty fast"

But, like MR said we need to invest in Chinese programs to counter balance.Either way Sri Lanka gets played bothways in the battle for influence in the Indian ocean !

But, I really hope to come home soon, start some tech ops in a Silicon Village in Colombo....cuz, all the techies here are going back in droves to their countries.

Moshe Dyan said...

agree with mayil, goolge, rajarata.

actually china is HEAVILY investing in SL in IT!!! we can too bcos our companies have better access to some european, etc. countries.

both india and china are making BIG STRATEGIC investments in SL in power, shipping, oil, etc.

investing in china and india will be very lucrative. as the saying goes even if you sell matches in china or india, you can become an instant millionaire!! but we don't have high tech expertise to invest. it must be something SL has higher competencies than india or china.

Moshe Dyan said...


very well said.

what you say about sinhale/sinhala is 100% true.

e.g. ever heard the term english cricket team???? or the english football team of chelsea or whatever??
not everyone playing in the english team or england team (land of the english) may be "english" (ravi bopara). but they have no problem with that.

same goes for russia, japan, greece, france, germany, malaysia.
clearly SL was known as "SINHALE/SINHALA". that does not mean there were no tamils. it means tamils (if any) lived and identified as ppl of england, i mean SINHALE too.

you should write a response article (not a comment) to LG. is there any rule that only "journalists" can write to LG?? i don't think so. at least TAMILS WITH BRAINS will get to know the truth. (the others are EASIER TO HANDLE!!!!)

CASC said...

China and India outstrip the US and Europe in terms of the number of graduates that they produce in IT, engineering, medicine, etc. I think even in R&D, using Purchasing Power Parity instead of nominal exchange rates, China probably outstrips the USA and Europe.

This excerpt is from an article written four years ago by Fareed Zakaria the editor of Newsweek international:

"But the statistic that wins this contest, that conveys the depth and breadth of the challenge the United States faces, is surely the one about the Intel Fair. Intel sponsors a Science and Engineering Fair, which is the world's largest precollege science competition, open to high-school students from around the world. Last year was a good one for Americans: 65,000 participated in the local fairs that are used to select finalists. In China the number was 6 million."


Sri Lanka should take a cue from India and allow some of the prestigeous Indian educational institutions to set-up shop on a commercial basis. I read some where that Mahendra IT got permission to set-up an IT park in Sri Lanka. Several months ago they acquired SATYAM computers one of the biggest outsourcing comapanies in India.

Suranimala said...

Moshe said
(the torture of 2 baby elephants and their mother elephant is TERRIBLE)

Saddest thing is no one is stopping it . Nilanga says that he is a vegetarian but acting like a devil as far as I got to know he is not in a position to listen to any one . Instead of advice him to give back the baby elephants Mahanayake Theros approve the kidnapping.


Same says they torched the animals

Jambudipa said...

all of a sudden there seems to be renewed enthusiasm by rajapaske for political reform and devolution. something must have spooked him.

ඉයන් said...

From DBS Jeyaraj site, the follosing is by R. S Wickramasinghe. Posting as its funny and accurate.

Why Tamils and Sinhalese are the same….

1) You use banana leaves instead of plates, to eat rice and curry

2) Your parents mark any special occasion by boiling milk until it spills all over your stove..

3) You get it on to baila music.

4) You know Buddhist chants, Hindu chants and the Islamic call to prayer..by heart

5) Your idea of a bathing suit is a conspicuous see-thru sarong around your chest.

6) You find apples and oranges to be precious commodities while durian and rambutang are part of your daily diet.

7) You refer to friends by calling them “Machan” instead of “dude”

8) You have encountered; been pursued; or bitten by a snake.

9) Catching malaria is like catching a cold.

10) You learned how to spell your last name by singing it to the tune of the ABC song

11) You haggle at the dollar store cuz’ you know that chocolate bar just cost you a 100 rupees.

12) You eat string hoppers ,coconut milk and a three- course curry meal for breakfast

13) When Arrack is better then any French champagne

14) You have mastered the art of squatting

15) You use Siddahelpe, gripe water and Panadol to solve your medical problems

16) You rock a pimped out three wheeler when you drive down main street to check out the hoes.

17) People think you ride an elephant or a bullock cart to school.8 )

18) You tell your parents you got 98%, and they ask you what happened to the other two percent.

19) You have a Singer sewing machine at home.

20) You call an older person you’ve never met before uncle or “aunty”

21) Your relatives alone could populate a small city.

22) EVERYONE is a family friend.

23) You went to a university as far away from home as possible and you still came back home to live with your parents after you finish.

24) You use Kist or Maggi chilli sauce instead of tomato ketchup.

25) You parents always say “on the light” instead of “turn the light on

26) When “Aney”.. or “Aiiyooo” or “Alllaaahhh” is a standard word in everyday conversation

27) You’re walking out of customs with your trolley at the airport and you see all twenty-five members of your family who have come to pick you up.

28) You go back to your parents’ country and people treat you like a member of the royal family

29) You are ALWAYS taking off and putting on your shoes wherever you go

30) Your parents drink 3 cups of tea a day

ඉයන් said...

Why Tamils and Sinhalese are the same…. (By RS Wickramasinghe) Contd

31) When the car allows 7 people yet you seem to fit 20 in there!!

32) .Your parents compare you to all of their friends’ kids.

33) .When cursing the Government is the highlight of every dinner conversation

34) No one ever seems to call ahead of time to say they are coming over for a visit.

35) Your parents worry what other people will think if you’re not going to be a doctor/engineer.

36) Your parents worry what other people will think when your seen out in public with boys or if your “carrying on with someone”

37) .Your parents worry what other people will say about you having a girlfriend/boyfriend or better yet “an affair”

38) .At a function or party your parents say that their leaving, but often take another hour saying goodbye at the door.

39) You find overlapping last names in the display area for this Groups’ members. (if you dont see this, refresh your page. it’ll happen eventually)

40) . When u tell people that you are from Sri Lanka and they say “oh the country that got hit by the tsunami” (apparently the tsunami finally put us on the map!)

41) Whenever something sad happens to anyone or any animal for that matter you automatically say “aney pouuuuuu…”

42) When your parents talk shit about your non-Lankan friends in Sinhalese/Tamil while standing right next to them

43) When something gross happens or talking about anything thats disgusting,bad,etc. you say “Chi Chi Chi…”.

44) When you see guys in Nugegoda walking comfortably on the street holding hands and wearing fluorescent shirts and yellow BATA slip-ons..And hey! no one looks at them twice!!

45) When u see middle aged guys with the doggiest mustaches and a head full of puffy toupee-like hair.

46) Every occasion is celebrated with tea

47) You walk in to a Sri Lankan party with one pair of shoes and walk out with different pairs that don’t even match.

48) You salt and pepper your mangoes, and every other fruit you eat

49) You have a Sri Lankan driving license which does not have a date of birth printed on it!

50) When you tell people you`re NOT from India, and that you`re from Sri Lanka, they say “ohh okay,” but really, they think its all the same thing.

51) You look for that plastic bowl after taking a dump…cuz’ wiping it is just not good enough!

52) You go to a restaurant and ask for Fanta, Portello or a chocolate SMAK instead of a Pepsi

53) When on your 18th birthday, you find out that you are pre- arranged to marry a person that you have never seen or heard-of before.

54) When your 17-year old third-cousin’s wedding reception is bigger and more grand then the Kandy Perahara.

55) When the differences in skin complexion within your family can only be compared to a color wheel.

56) Your parents smuggle tea, juggery and every possible spice into the country when they return home from a visit to Sri Lanka. At the customs office, they would check off “NO” for the question regarding “food, exotic plants, hazardous chemicals or firearms”.

57) Your parents leave folded plastic bags from expensive stores under their mattress so that they can be reused to make ghetto presents look really expensive.

58) Your Parents aren’t afraid to chase you down the street and slap you if you talk back…

59) You cover tv remotes with plastic wrap to the point where u cant even see the buttons

60) You often went to school looking like a brown mime because your mom smothered your face with talcum powder.

ඉයන් said...

Why Tamils and Sinhalese are the same….(By RS Wickramasinghe Cotd)

61) When you were a child, your parents randomly dressed you up for the sole purpose of taking pictures.

62) You see middle aged Sri Lankan women on the bus with frizzy hair, magenta lipstick and faces that have been liberally smothered with “Fair and Lovely”.

63) You grew up on Marmite and Glucose powder…and often faked a stomach ache so that you could drink Gripe water.

64) You know that Cheetos aint got nothin’ on Tipi Tips..

65) Your parents describe every foreign exotic place in the world as either “down-south” or “up-country”

66) When you visit your Sri Lankan aunties, they always serve you a plate of lemon puffs and Tang before anything else.

67) When in Sri Lanka, you find 9 wedding halls on one street while a library is often non-existant.

68) Your Parents’ idea of a day off is sitting through loooooooong sermons in temples, churches or mosques

69) When you’d “tap that Toddy” just to get that nice taste.

70) When every Lankan girl that you meet is the daughter of the auntie whose grandfather is the cousin of the father of your uncle who is the brother of your dad!

71) When your parents INSIST on carrying an emergency stash of mosquito coils in their first aid kit!

72) When you’ve had chili smothered in your mouth because you talked back to your parents. : @

73) When to your parents

a) Scotch tape is ’sello tape’,
b) Washing Powder is ‘Rinso’
c) toothpaste is ’signal’
d) soap is “lux or rexona’
e) MSG’s are “Aji-no-moto’
f) and binoculars are “binaCLOSE’
g) any cellphone is reffered to as ‘Cell Tell

74)When you know that “NO” actually means “YES” in Sri Lankan English…NO?

75)When you know that there are people in Sri Lanka who could probably out-bobble a bobble-head!

76)If you think Sigiriya Rock should be the eighth wonder of the world.

77)When you know the words to the very annoying ‘Surangani’ and “Oye, Ojaye” songs…(NOTE: and now that you have been reminded, these songs automatically start playing in your head)

78)You know exactly what your mother means when she holds up a bata slipper and says ” I shall give you one, nicely”…

79)When your parents say you can be anything in life…but really mean you either have the choice of being an engineer, doctor, lawyer or marrying somebody who is an engineer, doctor or lawyer.

80) When despite the fact that you have eaten a full three course meal prior to visiting your “auntie”, refusing to eat another three course meal in the same evening may result in dire consequences.

ඉයන් said...

Why Tamils and Sinhalese are the same…. (by RS Wickramasinghe Contd)

81) You often see trucks or three wheelers with either people’s names or things like like “Sudhu Kella” or “Sinna Kutti” plastered on the back.

82) You get invited to dinner at an “uncles” house for 7:00pm; You get there at 8:30 and dinner is served at 11:58 pm; The arrack induced fathers start singing at 1:00 am while the mothers start making idle chit chat about the “old days in Sri Lanka”…By 3:00am your “auntie” forces you to drink coffee so that you can get a good nights sleep when you get home at 6:00 AM.

83) When you’ve spend at least one afternoon wrapping your school textbooks with “brown paper” so that they don’t get damaged!

84) When you walk into a crowded room and EVERYONE looks up and just STARES at you for no apparent reason. Along with head bobbing, it is a custom to stare!!!!!!

85) When you know that Odel’s is the best place to do an entire decade worth of shopping!

86) When a game of carrom is used to settle minor disputes.

87) When you know that Thambili is not only a fruit, but a color, a cure for diarrhea and a way to solve hangover-related issues!

88) When you see aunties/uncles you haven’t seen in a long time they give you the Sri Lankan “sniff kiss” where by:
a.They bring their cheek up to your cheek
b. The sniff
c. Switch cheeks and repeat.

89) When your version of cookies and milk equals to”Marie biscuits” and Pure Ceylon Tea.

90) When your mother doesn’t want you going outside at noon because she thinks “you’ll get dark”.

91) When you know that “short eats” are nothing short of delicious, fattening and extremely addictive…

92) When “roast paan” is always chosen over “naan bread”.

93) Your mother makes about a billion different dishes consisting only of coconuts and chilli powder.

94) When everything is dipped in “plain tea” or eaten with coconut sambol

95) When finding large chunks of juggry in your “tala guli” is always a welcome surprise.

96) When everyday is LITERALLY a national holiday… and your parents have carried that notion to their new country.

97) When a faint trail of vomit off the side of a window would always remind you of a public bus ride in the hill country.

98) Your parents secretly worship the Gypsies and, to an extent, Abba and Boney-m.

99) Wherever you go your parents will point out to a random person and say “he/she looks like (someone we know)”

100) “Bombai Mutai” is better than any cotton candy.

101) When you know that “Days of Our Lives” is nothing compared to the neverending “KOPEE KADE”

102) When the only thing on your mind after partying all night is a Pillawoos Kottu!

103) Your clay piggy bank resembled a thambili.

104) When Hagen Dazs aint’ got shit on Elephant house!

105) Petty issues are usually drawn out into long, overly melodramatic teledramas

106) When you misbehaved your parents didn’t give you a time out…they whooped your ass with branches from a “Nelli tree”!!

Unknown said...

Hello Ananda,

I understand that MIT is well in to the development of a pebble bed nuclear reactor for the Three Mile Island Power Plant.

It is also said that these can be made in small economical units of around 100 MW. If so it would be well worth considering for SL in the future.

Pebble bed reactor
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Graphite Pebble for Reactor
A rendered diagram of a pebble bed reactor plant layout.The pebble bed reactor (PBR) is a graphite-moderated, gas-cooled, nuclear reactor. It is a type of Very high temperature reactor (VHTR) [formally known as the high temperature gas reactor (HTGR)], one of the six classes of nuclear reactors in the Generation IV initiative. Like other VHTR designs, the PBR uses TRISO fuel particles, which allows for high outlet temperatures and passive safety.

The base of the PBR's unique design is the spherical fuel elements called "pebbles". These tennis ball-sized pebbles are made of pyrolytic graphite (which acts as the moderator), and they contain thousands of micro fuel particles called TRISO particles. These TRISO fuel particles consist of a fissile material (such as U235) surrounded by a coated ceramic layer of SiC for structural integrity and fission product containment. In the PBR, 360,000 pebbles are amassed to create a reactor core, and are cooled by an inert or semi-inert gas such as helium, nitrogen or carbon dioxide.

This type of reactor is also unique because its passive safety may replace the redundant, active safety systems in traditional nuclear power plants. The goal of the passive safety design is to eliminate the risk of many postulated accident scenarios. In these scenarios, which may raise the temperature of a pebble bed reactor to 1600°C, the reactor is designed to remain intact and passively cool by natural circulation. The design for high temperatures also allows higher thermal efficiencies compared to traditional nuclear power plants, up to 50% from traditionally about 33%.

A number of prototypes have been built. Active development is ongoing in South Africa as the PBMR design, and in China whose HTR-10 is the only prototype currently operating.

Moshe Dyan said...

re: elephants...

strangely nobody likes to get involved!!!

some newspapers like daily mirror are also not reporting it.

looks to me a straightforward case. someone should intervene and bring babies to mothers. FULLSTOP.
no excuses. but no one is willing to take up the matter with higher authorities!!

a robin redbreast in a cage puts all heaven in a rage.

Suranimala said...

Yes moshe . it is really strange . Why cant MR come to the matter . for him this would be a work of 2 or 3 words.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

The Defence.LK says it is the Movie Time in the North.

I can remember once Prabhakaran has said that he was motivated to go through the war path after watching Tamil Movies.

I have seen many Tamil movies of South Indian origin that are full of blood and showing barbarism and violent culture, which are enough to corrupt young minds.

GOSL should implement a policy to censor off all the violent scenes depicting blood violence from films imported to Sri Lanka. We do not need more violence and corruption of innocent minds.

If you have watched Tamil movies and saw the blood violence in some of them, you will really be disgusted how brutal they are. They are in Extra Brutal range, which the unsuspecting people would think as normal once got used to watching them.

Suranimala said...


Goolge said...

re: elephants

I've heard this was approved by Cabinet, before the elephants were taken away!! I hope someone can confirm this.

If this is how we take elephants to be trained for processions in the Maligawa, there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with the way Buddhism is practised in Sri Lanka. This is NOT the way to honour Lord Buddha.

Goolge said...


thanks for the earlier definition of diaspora :)


thanks for posting the similarites. Nice.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Re Elephants

- Starting with Nilanga, he's not suited for the role of Diyavadana Nilame. The role fits for a reserved old educated man. Not for the crazy horse of a business crook.

- Prelates lost the little respect I had for them. They were covering the horrendous crime. They were heartless. I wonder how buddhists call them their leaders in future.

- Elephants shud be taken for Perahera. Probvlem is these are babies. Why can't they send the mother also to temple till they grow. Why do they treat the animals so inhuman?

- Nilanga's approach. It looks like he's played Mervyn Silva.

- The silence of MR and Champika. It is a shame.

- The deliberate attempt to convert this to a anyagamika dollar hawk insult. It shows how they survive. Hiding every injustice behind such cheap political mileage.

- Public outcry. Despite every bigwig, there are hearts for the goodwill of elephants. That is the best sign that we're getting better as a society.

- Nilanga again. He's a crook, gem trader and a shrewd businesssman. He's a goon of MR. It seems taht Relic temple got politicized for the first time. So far the role had dignity.

- Nilanga once again. He's a gem trader. And he conducts acts against the law and order. Handing him the powers of such a valued temple is danger. Temple posses valuable items and don't tell me Nilanga has free access to them. Nariyata Kukul Kotuwa Dunna Wage.

Sam Perera said...

This is the latest act of genocide by Sinhala Modayas aided by India called transportation genocide of two Tamil towns.

Suranimala said...

Yes cabinet gave the approval for 2 elephants but it didn't give approval to get 2 breast fed elephant babies . Normal procedure is to get them after completing 5 years .Pinnawala authorities have showed the suitable ones but Nilanga wanted to get this 2 .If he wanted this much he could wait another 2 years and get them .
yesterday divaina called it as arakku license eken kassipu peruwa wege.
There is a way to do every thing but seems to be this Nilanga does not know it and finally those things will reflect on MR

Suranimala said...

Sujeewa K said
9Prelates lost the little respect I had for them. They were covering the horrendous crime. They were heartless. I wonder how buddhists call them their leaders in future)

Me too bro today onwards I would never bow my knees for them .

Ananda-USA said...

Moshe, Goolge, Mayil, Rajaratasurfer,

This espionage discussion, though interesting by itself, began because of Tropical Storm's comment:

[The point I'm trying to make here is that both these countries can deter foreigners without even having to load a gun.....]

to which I responded with:

[Well, I don't see how this applies to India and China in their growing rivalry with each other, because they don't have large expatriate communities in each other's countries and don't have to kowtow to Diaspora antics in the West.....]

Moshe interpreted those expatriate communities as espionage agents, saying

[ re: large indian and chinese communities in the US

not quite.

RAW is already accused of using indians in the US to,
1. finance 3+ senators at elections
2. spying
3. recording/transmitting telephone/email, etc. sensitive data
4. interfering with state legislatures


and the discussion veered off into a discussion of military/ industrial spying, particularly in the US by Chinese and Indian Americans (who are a VERY SMALL MINORITY even among the "true blue" American spies born-and-bred in the US over several generations!)

SO, let me REFOCUS the discussion on Tropical Storm's original contention of "deterrence of foreigners without even loading a gun" through manipulating their expatriate communities in those countries.

This will not be possible through espionage by a few individuals in any country.

China and India, the two couties of interest in our discussion, don't have their own ethnic minorities in sufficient numbers in each others countries to mobilize them through political dissent and social disruption to destabilize each other.

Unfortunately, India did, and does, have that ability to disrupt Sri Lanka through the Sri Lankan Tamil population.

The only exception in the case of China and India, is that China could claim "ethnic kinship" to people of mongoloid extraction in the North Eastern states of Assam, Nagaland, Sikkim and elsewhere along the Northern border of India, and try to "infiltrate" and "politicize" those areas.

I hope not, for India's sake ... we have ENOUGH conflicts in South Asia as it is!

Suranimala said...

Sjeewa K bro .there are so many businesses inside the temples some temples are selling tickets to foreigners for entrance ? Daladamaligawa Rs500 ,Dambulla Rs1000 etc ...
some monks are involve in those shits but not all .

kevin said...

Google Well said Sir!
If this is how we take elephants to be trained for processions in the Maligawa, there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with the way Buddhism is practiced in Sri Lanka. This is NOT the way to honour Lord Buddha.

This is the problem that you patriots must tackle next that will bring doom to our nation.
Elephants (not the green ones but the Pinnawala ones) are saying something that we must make note. I saw to myself from the nearby hill how some people beat those poor tied baby elephants in DN’s house a few days ago and we saw their mums in distress at pinnawala the next day. People of Kandy have turned their backs on this noble event in disgust. We are ever subjected to the unnecessary security measures where thousands of valuable police personal are uselessly deployed just to intimidate the people of Kandy while the privileged usual rouges are given the streets the freedom to go where they went, at high speed showing off. I will boldly say that our freedoms have been taken away since 1815.Our independence since 1948 is for the politicians and their cronies to do what the wish, just like in Burma, Iran and other failed states. it’s a matter of time when the man in the street is so conditioned that they will accept these cruel substandards where the likes of Mervin will be made a hero like puran who is no better, who tried to reverse the new trend in the favor of the majority people in the land.

Rajaratasurfer said...

It's abt. time these officer recieved due reward !

Island article on ltte smuggling Aviation gas & Chinese arms thru Tnadu ....suprise or embarrasing ?

We stil have a monkey up our back....Tamil Nadu sympathisers to deal with still.

I just pray RAW ops in Lanka gets exposed & nipped in the bud.

Moshe Dyan said...

buddhism messing up with national interests is a MAJOR weakness in the system.

tamil elamists and other crappies can exploit this to screw the country.

e.g. DALAI LAMA is considered the buddhist leader of the world. SL buddhists also have enormous respect for him. but when a DL tried to come to SL in the 1960s it was stopped by the govt due to OBVIOUS REASONS!!

now some idiots may try to invite him or his followers here by settgin some buddhist elements against china/SL govt. if buddhist sentiments can be aroused against national interests, this can become a MAJOR threat. however, buddhists in SL have always maintained a great level of "DIPLOMACY" in doing things than many others. so this happening is remote. but it will not surprise me if any jokers try this in the near future. remember these jokers (human rights jokers, etc.) are backed by the powerful religious fun-da-mental lobbies of the west, india, etc. they will LOVE it!!

the other side is also bad. just imagine what would have happened had we arrested VP and his band???? many buddhists would be praying for their release or humane treatment!!!! unfortunately that would have been the end of SL bcos these BARBARIANS would get all the benefits of weakness (undue kindness) and screw them for a thank you.

the third thing is about the "middle path". middle path from what i understand is doing the RIGHT THING and not to get driven by extremes. it is not about SURRENDERING or COMPROMISING what is right with what is wrong.

e.g. if most ppl in a certain society take ecstacy/marijuana/ice everyday, that does not mean i should take a few every other day just to stay on the middle path!!!

however, some CUNNING motherfcukers try to confuse stupid minds by telling them a compromise between UNITARY and TAMIL ELAM is middle path!!!!! unfortunately i have seen some falling into this trap.

if anyone thinks these are funny, he should look at how vezapillai tried to use buddhism to escape MANY TIMES. the last coward's day speech had ALOT of it.

our guide is our rich history.

our greatest kings were greater buddhists. no motherfcuker of later days can match them. they NEVER compromised national interests. war was an ESSENTIAL part of it!!

today's leaders MUST learn from them.

if vatican and italy were not seperated, there would be disasters VERY REGULARLY!!!

Moshe Dyan said...


so we have drifted off course a bit!! thanks for bringing us back on track.

but the "byproduct/byroad" is as relevant as the topic.

Moshe Dyan said...


Government of India on Wednesday announced 66 million SL Rupees scheme to 'develop' communication between the eastern coastal cities, Trincomalee and Batticaloa, in such a way that the two traditional Tamil cities will be effectively linked to the Sinhala districts than with each other. While even the shortest coastal road link between the cities are neglected of development for decades now, the Indian plan is to help Colombo running rail-buses between the cities through the colonial cum Sinhala state railway track that goes in a circular way through the Sinhala districts outside of Eastern Province.

i'm lovin it!!!

trinco and batti will be linked through STRATEGIC GAL OYA!! oh boy oh boy oh boy!!

isn't this EI at its best!!

GAL OYA is a srategic place ENHANCED by the great DSS - the FATHER OF THE NATION - with a VISION. it is a key pillar of ethnic integration.


what's more sexy is how INDIA was dragged to the thingy. TRINCO! india will do anything to stay relevant.

was it you who brought up the gal oya or maduru oya thingy with moshe levy, gamini disannayaka, malinga gunaratna, etc.???

anyway there is a WAY OF DOING THINGS. put the ASS B4 THE CART first.

in that interview with MR, the hindu interviwer asked why all artery roads linking places in the north and the east are seperately linked to "south" are rebuilt in a hurry but road linking each other are not rebuild!!

the answer was EI with examples!!!

wipe LT out of NE
use EI to rape TE!!

Moshe Dyan said...


"transportation genocide of two Tamil towns."

you said it first!!

BTW priyasantha was only quoting VEZAPALA!!

the victim of GENITAL-O-CIDE!!!

Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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