Saturday, July 18, 2009

A "Sri Lanka Defence Force"

The newly appointed Chief of Defence Staff, General Sarath Fonseka is preparing massive structural changed to the three forces. He has assembled a team of high caliber officers to a new office to be set-up soon at the former JOC (Joint Operations Command).

The new office appropriately titled Office of the Chief of Defence Staff will oversee, in the coming months, a massive overhauling of the three forces. A Gazette Notification has already been prepared.

The Army, Navy and Air Force of the Sri Lanka Army will become more like the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) where land forces will be combined with air superiority and sea-borne forces will be combined also with air superiority.

Experts and insiders say the boundaries between the Army, Navy and the Air Force could become only superficial under this plan, which, in the long-term will become one massive force capable of operating not unlike the US Marine Expeditionary Force.


Apino Dannachess said...

Hi DefenceWire Mahattaya, landed this way after long time....happy to see a new post and all.

Cheers wewa obata and to my friends of old

Apino Dannachess said...
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Sun Tzu's disciple said...

I think MR/SF/GR is planning long term...

Their plan seems to be not against any future insurgency, which can be easily crushed under current circumstances, but to strongly deter future interference by any power near or far.This interference can be in the form of a fear of pro-minority "peacekeeping" intervention by India/UN/Nato etc, or , if Sri Lanka gets caught-up in the power-play of major regional or global powers..which already seem shaping up in early stages.

Sri Lankans have to be wary of putting the military-Rajapakse clique on a pedestal at this point.Respect yes, worship no. Or else it will become a paranoid garrison-state like its many newfound friends..Burma,Pakistan,Iran,China..

Ingrid Westin said...

Follwing the Isralei model is a good one since they are capable of holding off and deterring multiples of arabs against them.

Ingrid Westin said...

Peelamists must be shitting in their pants that we are so focused on fine tuning the military and preparing for the next conflict (which hopefully won't come with this readiness).

Suranimala said...

DW ayya bohoma kalekin:))anyway apiwa amathaka karanna epa harida:)
This is a great news . Peter anna now you can count not miles but centuries :))

Dark Night said...

Good to hear from you Defencewire after such a long time.
Don't worry about the lack of comments as people tend to loose interest when they don't have a specific objective in mind. But remember there are still a lot of people who value your inputs so keep them coming.

As for the news in ur post, This is the best news that I've heard since the death of VP. The flexibility of any military redoubles its strength. Following the Israeli military model is very suited for a small country such as ours because its been tried and tested to counter a diverse array of challenges. I guess our friend ANANDA-USA will be very happy to hear this news.

The migration to a new command structure will be tricky but I think we are in very safe hands with SF and GR at the helm.
Best of luck to these warriors, who have proven themselves time and time again, in their newest endeavor.

GoldenEagle said...

Building and buying OPVs should be among the the highest priority for the armed forces.

These ships are needed to protect Sri Lanka's seas from foreign elements. They can cut any unwelcomed umbilical cords with unsavory elements from the outside. If you get what I'm saying.

Sam Perera said...


Peelamists must be shitting in their pants that we are so focused on fine tuning the military and preparing for the next conflict (which hopefully won't come with this readiness).

You spoke the golden words. We shall prepare for the next conflict which will never come as a result of this readiness. That is an insurance policy against Eelamists, fragmented India, Western meddlers, and any other threat against the sovereignty of Mother Lanka. As for Peelamists, there is a one above named STD already putting his 0.5 cents today.

May Triple Gems bless our planners!!
God Speed!!

Sam Perera said...

Hey Apino and Suranimala,

It is great to see you on this day. A peaceful day in our dear homeland.


Sam Perera said...


Thanks for the update. Keep up your work. I hope that you are taking a well earned rest these days. Say hi to Mr. Gamage please?

Asithri said...

Greeting SamP, Ananda, Moshey and all my patriotic bros/sis here...yes, I have been in incommunicado lately, but I assure you it was all for a good cause (a patriotic good cause at that, suffice it to say)...

This is indeed great news, the announcement that I have been awaiting for awhile now...yes, it will certainly groom our SLDF to have the widest, cohesive, non-partisan, military coverage in this post-LTTE TerrorisMF assure that no new-LTTE MF clan will ever raise its ugly head in in our beloved MotherLanka.

Kudos to you bros/sis for keeping up the dialog in this site, still continuing the patriotic fervor vis-a-vis the best-interests of our beloved MotherLanka.

In regards to all,

OaO Asithri

Sam Perera said...

Good to see you here Asithri. Things have been very peaceful lately without Elamoids and the Mr. Multipolar. Hope everything is good in New York. Please stay in touch.

Sam Perera said...


You may want to visit the terrorist whorehouse called LankaNewsWeb for light entertainment.

tata said...

Welcome back Asithri.
I was wondering. Did you also ceremoniously concluded your multi barrel firing? ;)

Suranimala said...

Sam it is really nice to see you in peaceful period of our Land . we will continue our friendship in the time of peace same as the time of war .
We can come up with the burning issues of our country and discuss .
Hope to see you one day in the real world .

Asithri said...


[Things have been very peaceful lately without Elamoids and the Mr. Multipolar.]

Now aain’t that an achievement downn right smaart!


(Sorry, I have spent some time in the US deep-south lately and hence my tendency to do the southern drawl)… :)) :)) :))

[Hope everything is good in New York]

Have not been in dear ole b-a too much lately…did spend almost 1 month in SL (yes, did the A9 route a fair distance of the way…yes, it was not a cushy ride point A to B…it really was an eye opener!) and since then have been on a “special assignment” in the US south…

Earlier I saw an exchange on DJ…what a damn pity…yes, I agree DJ was out of his sorts…he should have toed the official line re. the 13th A (i.e. the official line which is congruent with the view of the SL masses) and not give into his own misguided leftist crap. He should have known better. In any case, JVP (the Patriotic JVP that is) challenged the merger of N and E and the SC of SL conceded that it was unconstitutional and allowed the de-merger…this in my view should be the bench-strength to form a defense to vehemently reject the 13th A…and not tout it as a “starter” or worse, the “silver-bullet” for the so called “Sri Lankan solution”…(which in my view is a nonsensical term as I am still trying to understand the “Sri Lankan problem”)…

OaO Asithri

Puffy said...

GREAT GENERAL Sarath Fonseka

thats how we all should call him... at least I do!

Asithri said...


[Welcome back Asithri]

Thanks mate...greetings to you too!

[Did you also ceremoniously concluded your multi barrel firing? ;)]

Yes, I kinda did that on May 20th after the Fat, Ugly, Oily, Pig was found dead on MVK, in his underwear, minus about 60% of his skull! ha ha ha....

However "OaOA MBRL" are always ready to fire if need the saying goes it will be "Kaduwak athi thena Kaduwak" ...yes, you never know when the LTTE remnants, especially scum in the diaspora, will be coming here and trying to set the cyber-war stage for the next real "eelam war" in SL.

So, while I have now reverted back to my sense of "civility" in this blog...I am keeping my gun-powder dry...

:)) :)) :))

OaO Asithri

dhinuksha said...

Wow, This is great news indeed. Force projections must be the main idea of the Great Generals mind. even the Navy Chief also hinted about Missile capable ships (guess Frigates) and Naval air arm (which is absolutely magnificent). we should get some ex Russian/Soviet type Naval ships until we capable of building new ships for the Navy domestically.

Ananda-USA said...

Prabha’s secrets dug out

By Damith Wickremesekara
July 19, 2009

The slain LTTE Chief Velupillai Prabhakaran’s plans for suicide attacks, arms purchases and measures to develop the movement are outlined in vital documents found by the police at Vellamullivaikkal in the Mullaitivu district, a top official said yesterday.

Colombo Crime Division Superintendent Vass Gunawardena said the documents in some 272 files were found buried underground in barrels. The detection was made after information was given to the CCD by a close associate who worked with the LTTE leader for more than ten years.

Sources of funding for the organization, details of bank transactions, information on purchase of weapons, details of transfer of weapons including names of ships, country of origin and the ship routes were given in the documents.

They are being carefully studied by the Defence Ministry and intelligence officials. CCD chief Anura Senanayaka said they hoped to unearth more vital documents of the LTTE soon.

Goolge said...

Something we discussed coming to fruition:

North to get four economic centres

Irangika RANGE

A new Lak Sathosa outlet, Co-op City outlet and a Mini Co-op City outlet will be opened in Jaffna soon so that private traders and the Government sector would have to compete with each other which would ultimately lead to a reduction in the prices of essential goods in the Jaffna peninsula, Trade, Marketing Development, Cooperatives and Consumer Services Minister Bandula Gunawardena said.

Addressing a press-briefing in Colombo yesterday, the Minister said there could be price variations due to various reasons. Transport costs could increase prices but such high prices would come down when the new Laksathosa, Co-op City and Mini Co-op City outlets are opened shortly, he said.

"We have also planned to set up four new Dedicated Economic Centers (DECs) in the North and the East under the Uthuru Vasanthaya and Negenahira Udanaya programs to provide relief to consumers," the Minister said.

"The DECs will be constructed in Jaffna, Batticaloa, Omanthai and Mannar. The Ministry is carrying out the feasibility studies," he said. "The benefit to supply essential goods should reach the entire population of Jaffna. This is the main objective of the Government," he said.

The Minister said farmers' products perished when transporting, loading and unloading to DECs as farmers did not use proper packaging.

"We discussed this problem with farmers and will encourage them to use plastic packages by conducting awareness programs," he said.

He said a State Trading Corporation outlet will also be opened in Jaffna town.

Ananda-USA said...

Asithri, bro

.... nice to hear from you again.

As you know, ALL OF US are from the DEEP SOUTH only 250 miles north of the equator and, therefore, qualified to speak in a southern drawl and wear shit-kicker boots! LoL!

Keep the MBRLs firing, when needed to hold the peelamists at bay!

Ananda-USA said...

Biased Double Talk Emphasizing Eelamist Demands Continues in The New York Times

Justifying a Costly War in Sri Lanka

By Lydia Polgreen
July 18, 2009

More than 2,000 years ago, a Sinhalese king named Dutugemunu saddled up his elephant and headed north to fight and kill Elara, an invading Tamil king from India. The battle between the men is one of the most celebrated moments in Sri Lankan history, and the last time, until two months ago, that a Sri Lankan ruler won such a decisive victory over a mortal threat.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s defeat of the Tamil Tigers
has made him a hero to many Sri Lankans,but others find his air of triumph unseemly.

Thousands displaced by fighting are living in camps like this one near Vavuniya. They should be returned home within six months, Mr. Rajapaksa says.

Perhaps it is no wonder, then, that fans of Mahinda Rajapaksa, the president of Sri Lanka, have taken to calling him a modern-day incarnation of King Dutugemunu. After all, he presided over the defeat of the Tamil Tigers, among the world’s most enduring and vicious guerrilla separatists, hardened fighters who have humiliated four presidents over nearly three decades.

Asked about this comparison earlier this month, Mr. Rajapaksa laughed it off, insisting that the legend was misunderstood as a triumph of one ethnicity over another. After his victory, the story goes, Dutugemunu made peace with the Tamils and honored the memory of Elara, who was beloved by his people.

Ananda-USA said...


History will decide whether Mr. Rajapaksa will be remembered as a nationalist avenger or a unifying peacemaker.

But in a wide-ranging interview this month at Temple Trees, the former prime minister’s residence that now serves as the president’s office, Mr. Rajapaksa emerged as a man bent on total victory, no matter the cost, who was convinced that his government’s actions in crushing the Tamil Tiger insurgency after 26 years were not only justified but humane.

“All governments tried to discuss with them,” Mr. Rajapaksa said of the Tigers. “All failed. Because when they are weak they came to talks. Within a few weeks they walk out of the talks, but better equipped and strengthened.”

Mr. Rajapaksa’s determination to vanquish the insurgency once and for all lifted him to the presidency in 2005, in the midst of an informal election boycott enforced by the Tigers. Now, the stunning and total defeat of the Tamil Tigers in May, accomplished with an enormous loss of lives — tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians through the years — has made him a hero to many Sri Lankans.

His fleshy, mustachioed face beams down from billboards across the country. Often his brothers, who control key portfolios in the government, flank him in these portraits. One, Basil Rajapaksa, is a senior adviser who was the prime architect of the war strategy against the rebels, also known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. His other brother, Gotabaya, is the powerful secretary of defense.

President Rajapaksa is careful to use conciliatory language and speak about the importance of winning the peace, not just the war. In his speech to the nation after the Tigers’ fearsome leader, Vellupillai Prabhakaran, was killed, he pointedly spoke in Tamil. He has repeatedly invoked the maxim that the war was against the Tigers, not the Tamil people.

But so far talk of reconciliation has been just that, according to politicians, analysts and diplomats here, and there have been no concrete steps toward a lasting political solution to Sri Lanka’s thorny ethnic problem.

Ananda-USA said...


The Tamil minority has suffered discrimination and violence at the hands of various Sinhalese-dominated governments through the decades. Tamils have sought, first peacefully, then violently, the right to a measure of self-rule in Tamil-dominated areas.

While publicly pledging to seek a political solution, Mr. Rajapaksa has put off for the moment the question of how to share power with the Tamil minority, saying that any agreement would have to wait until after the next presidential election, scheduled for November.

“I was given a mandate to defeat terrorism; I have defeated them,” he said. “Now I must go and tell them now I want a mandate to settle this problem forever, a political solution.”

Mr. Rajapaksa is all but certain to win a second term. The opposition is fragmented. Journalists and analysts have to choose their words carefully or risk arrest. One popular astrologer was recently arrested after predicting that the president would be ejected from office.

Mr. Rajapaksa made it clear that he would tolerate only a limited amount of devolution, something that may poison negotiations right from the start.

“Federalism is out of the question,” he said. “It must be a homegrown solution.”

Most Tamil political leaders want a single, Tamil-speaking majority state in the north and east of the country that would have authority over most matters except foreign policy, trade and the military.

But this is a nonstarter for many of the Sinhala Buddhist nationalist politicians who make up the core of Mr. Rajapaksa’s coalition government. The most hard-line nationalist party has threatened to leave the coalition if even a watered-down law to share power is passed.

“Peace will require a more federal power-sharing arrangement,” said Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu of the Center for Policy Alternatives, a nonpartisan research and advocacy institution in Colombo, the capital. “But there has been this primordial fear that federalism is a precursor to seccession.”

But the opposite is true, he argued. “It is the refusal to share power that has led to the armed conflict to begin with,” he said.

Understanding this refusal requires a reach back to the time of Dutugemunu and Elara, the Tamil king who came from India. Just 20 miles off Sri Lanka’s coast, India looms large over the island. The great size of India’s Tamil population — more than 50 million people — helps explain why the Sinhalese majority here may feel threatened, thinking and acting more like an endangered minority even though it makes up more than 70 percent of the Sri Lankan population.

India has been pressing Sri Lanka to move quickly to resettle the Tamil civilians displaced by the war and reach a deal to share central power with the country’s minorities. Mr. Rajapaksa has pledged to get most of the displaced, who are living in closed, military-run camps in the north, back to their homes within six months.

Mr. Rajapaksa said he had taken a number of steps aimed at forging a sense of national unity and bringing minorities more fully into the fold.

The government is offering a one-time payment of about $250 to any civil servant who learns another Sri Lankan language, part of an effort to start requiring that officials and bureaucrats speak Tamil as well as Sinhala. The president said he was also seeking ways to recruit more Tamils into the Sri Lankan military and the police force.

But the government’s mood since the end of the fighting in May has been one of triumphant victory. Alongside the billboards of Mr. Rajapaksa and his brothers are huge, Rambo-style photographs of the bandolier-draped commandos who penetrated deep behind the Tamil Tigers’ lines to whittle at the rebel fighting force and weaken its resolve.

Ananda-USA said...


Many Sri Lankans see these soldiers as heroes, but given the controversy that remains over how many Tamil civilians were killed in the last weeks of the fighting, some people find the air of martial triumph unseemly.

“They are trying to get a great deal of political mileage from the fact that they militarily defeated” the Tamil Tigers, said Rajavarothiam Sampanthan, a member of Parliament for the Tamil National Alliance. “We don’t see any movement toward ending the political conflict.”

Riding high on his big victory, Mr. Rajapaksa said he needed only one verdict on his leadership: that of the Sri Lankan people.

“I am not fool enough to call myself a king,” he said with a laugh. Churchill, he mused, was thrown out of office after victory in World War II.
“If anyone doesn’t want me, I must not be the president of this country,” he said. “It is democracy.”

Ananda-USA said...

Sri Lankan diplomat Jayatilleka is sacked

By M.R. Narayan Swamy, New Delhi
July 19, 2009

One of Sri Lanka's most outspoken diplomats who consistently argued for devolution of power to the country's minorities has been sacked by Colombo.

In one of the most significant developments since the Tamil Tigers were decimated in May, Dayan Jayatilleka, Sri Lanka's permanent representative to the UN in Geneva, has been told to go home by Aug 20.

No reason has been given to Jayatilleka, 52, for the sudden decision. But his friends have told him that his fate has chiefly been decided by Sinhalese hardliners unhappy with his political views.

A man known for academic excellence and a penchant for political forthrightness, Jayatilleka, a Sinhalese with a Marxist past, took charge of the Geneva post June 1, 2007, for a period of two years.

As the contract ended in June 2009, less than a month after the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was crushed and its leaders slain, the foreign ministry told Jayatilleka he would not get an extension.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa intervened and extended the contract by a year - until June 2010.

But now Jayatilleka has been served the sacking order without assigning any reason.

Not a career diplomat, Jayatilleka moved to Geneva in 2007 when no one was certain how Sri Lanka's war would proceed and when some in the West were putting enormous pressure on Colombo over rights violations.

Jayatilleka is widely credited with mounting a strong challenge to the concerted drive against Sri Lanka, networking with diplomats mainly from the Third World as well as UN veto members Russia and China.

This year Sri Lanka managed to defeat a resolution at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva that sought to pin down Sri Lankan leaders over alleged war crimes.

But even as he waged diplomatic battles for Sri Lanka, Jayatilleka came under attack from Sinhalese nationalists in his country over his writings in which he argued that Colombo should devolve powers to the minorities in order to address Tamil and Muslim grievances.

Jayatilleka, who wrote extensively for Sri Lanka's media, stood for the implementation of the 13th amendment to the constitution that followed the India-Sri Lanka accord of 1987.

Officially, Sri Lanka is for the 13th amendment, which sought to devolve powers to provinces including Tamil and Muslim areas in the north and east. But its provisions have not been implemented fully.

Although Sri Lanka has promised other countries, including India, that it believes in power sharing with the minorities, nationalists from the majority Sinhalese community are steadfastly opposed to such a concept.

To many of the hardliners who are close to Sri Lanka's ruling party and also President Rajapaksa, devolution of powers is a stepping stone to separatism.

Since the end of the war, Sri Lankan Buddhist leaders have visited the Tamil-majority areas in the north in signs of increasing display of Sinhalese supremacy.

A major archaeological excavation is also on in the north to unearth Buddhist 'viharas'. Tamils in Sri Lanka are dominantly Hindus but there are many Christians too among them.

Although Jayatilleka made it clear that his writings were his personal opinion, his arguments in favour of devolution of power to the minorities did not please the ruling class in Colombo.

The LTTE fought for a quarter century with a view to breaking up Sri Lanka alleging discrimination at the hands of the Sinhalese. Many in the country feel that power sharing is the right answer to the ethnic strife.


Moshe Dyan said...

thanks DW for the good news.

"The Army, Navy and Air Force of the Sri Lanka Army will become more like the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) where land forces will be combined with air superiority and sea-borne forces will be combined also with air superiority."


air superiority, air superiority, air superiority!!!!

we wanted this for a LONG time. low cost air surveiilence systems - like hot air balloons like tharanga and i suggested - should be looked at.

manning and scanning a vast unpopulated sea stretch/jungles/long roads is best COMPLIMENTED this way. with NO RISK at all and low cost than patrols in the long run.

sending the ARMY, etc. to quell violent incidents in the north is a MUST. this area is prone to tamil elam violence at the drop of a hat. crushing it ASAP is VERY important.

the sea wing should also come up to match the air MONOPOLY.

Moshe Dyan said...

welcome back asithri!!

elamoids are panicking at every step we take!

Moshe Dyan said...


banyak cheers wewa.

sampai jumpa.

Moshe Dyan said...

when ethnic integration happens, these racists will have to commit suicide!!

"“The sole intention of the traders and ministers from the South is to sell goods brought from the South to be sold at a high price to the people of the peninsula opening up marketing outlets for their goods and to appoint their own persons in these outlets,” JTU representatives said."

isn't this the intention of ANY businessmen?????

the north is part of SL. they better come to terms with this SOON!! no more monoethnic enclaves.

Moshe Dyan said...

MG prsanna? (GPR) silva has been appointed jaffna commander by JJ, a good move.

but shavendra silva was appointed as director operations at the SLA HQ which i think is not so good.

kamal gunaratna is the new wanni commander.

tgg said...

Certain appointments were to commended such as MG Kamal Gunarathne as SF commander, Prasanna de Silva as director Military Training(Chief of Defense Staff) But the ultimate aim is still to be distilled by Sri Lankans

Moshe Dyan said...

Several more changes have been made among the top brass of the Sri Lanka Army, with Major General Mendaka Samarasinghe being promoted as the new Chief of Staff of the Army, Military Spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said.

Other changes effected by Army Commander Lt. Gen. Jagath Jayasuriya are:

Maj. Gen. J.J.P.S.T. Liyanage as the Commanding Officer of the Volunteer Force. Maj. Gen. D.E.W.B. Jayatillake as Adjutant General, Army Headquarters, Maj. Gen. G.P.R. Silva as Security Forces Comander, Jaffna.

Maj. Gen. A.M. Perera will be Director General, Army Headquarters, Maj. Gen Kamal Gunaratne - Security Forces Commander, Wanni, Maj. Gen. Mahesh Senanayake - Director Planning, Joint Operations Headquarters.

Brig. T.S. Meedin will assume duties at the Joint Operations Headquarters, Brig. Prasad Samarasinghe - Chief Signals Officer, Brig. P.G.A. Weeeasinghe - Commanding Officer, Military Police, Brig. B.A. Perera - Commander, 58 Division, Brig. P.M.P. Jayasundara - Director Planning, Army Headquarters, Brig G.R. Kulatunge - Director Military Academy, Diyatalawa, Brig. Shavendra Silva - Operations Commander, Brig. M.K.D. Perera - Commander 51 Division, Brig. Chagie Gallage - Commander 53 Division, Brig. Duminda Keppetiwalana - Commander 59 Division, Col. P.B.D. Dias - Security Forces Headquarters , Mullaitivu, Col. W.R. Palihakkara - Deputy Pay Master, Col. K.P.A. Jayasekera - Operations Commandant, Colombo, Col. A.M.T. Dharmasiri - Director, Sinha Regiment, Ambepussa, Col. H. Kulatunge - Jaffna Town Commandant, Col. W.A.M. Weerasuriya - Brigade Commander, Colombo 112 Brigade, Col. K.A.W. Kariyapperuma - Brigade Commander, 552 Brigade.

In addition, Maj. Gen. P.S.T. Liyanage will also function as the head of the Artillery Regiment, Maj. Gen. A.S.M. Zaheer as the Col. Commandant - Military Intelligence Corp, Maj. Gen. D.R.W.B. Jayatillake as the Col. Commandant of the Sinha Regiment, Maj. Gen. R.M.D. Ratnayake as the head of the Infantry Regiment, Maj. Gen. M.P. Pieris as the head of the Mechanised Infantry Regiment, Maj. Gen. S.W.L. Dawulagala as the head of the Gajaba Regiment, Maj. Gen. L.B.R. Mark as the head of the Gemunu Regiment and Brig. E.P.D. Abeysekera as the head of Signals.

Moshe Dyan said...


mate, please add these 3 suck-kill-ayyas into the JPB list.

1. sob srinath perera
2. sob upul jayasuriya
3. sob s sumanthiran

strangely 2 of them are UNP heavyweights!!!!

the fisrt one looks EXACTLY like a barbarian!!

Unknown said...

Thanks D.W,

Nice to see the blog active again.

Yogananthan B said...


The 3 lawyers you mentioned are appearing for the Sunday Leader Publications Co.

Every wrong doer has a right to be represented by lawyers. Even mass murderers.

I don't agree with you and others calling them tritors as in the news item.

They are only doing what a lawyer should be doing.

Lalith Kuruwita said...

Why is Dayan Jayatillaka sacked?

Goolge said...

If DJ sacking is true, it is quite sad. He did a tremendous amount of work for our country, and probably changed the mindset of our diplomatic people in Geneva and elsewhere - i.e. we do not have to take BS from other countries.

Perhaps GOSL should have had a discussion with him first.


Renegade! said...


Nice to hear from you after some time!!

What we need now is to resettlle IDP;s and develop the ECONOMY!!-Not militarise our country like North Korea,Iran.etc..We should be decommissioning and disbanding troops,instead we are increasing the force numbers!!..

And also MR and co's JUMBO SIZE CABINET shows no sign of reducing FAT at all!!..its a terrible burden on the economy and taxpayers funds..

Renegade! said...

It was indeed good news to hear that the SLA was cancelling a USD 200M deal to purchase ammunition from china, due to the recent massive discoveries of Tiger hidden weapons

Sam Perera said...

Only a few buffoons, terrorists, and Eelamists can't understand the rich dividends our country can reap from a well prepared military force. In addition well known terrorist stoogers like Renegade wants to down size and disband our defence forces to facilitate the next Eelam struggle. Too bad for the likes of Renegade, they no longer call shots in Sri Lanka.

Renegade! said...

sam perera

rich dividends = more soldiers and weapons OR people with jobs and a successful economy??

Goolge said...

Perhaps fishermen can be used as an informal part of the maritime surveillence strategy.

Unknown said...

Right! All we lack now is a nuclear deterrent to keep the wolves away.

SRAF said...

GREAT GENERAL Sarath Fonseka

thats how we all should call him... at least I do!

I think we should call all our soldiers and officer who served the country to get rid of the L.T.T.P as HEROES OF THE GREAT PATRIOT WAR. like the Russians did for the WW2 guys

Jay said...

Its been a long time to visit the "experts"!

Jay said...

Its been a long time to visit the "experts"!

Jay said...

Dayan recalled
The decision of the Foreign Ministry to recall Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleka has come as a surprise for we were under the impression that his contract had been extended till 31st May 2010. The news item which quoted a Foreign Ministry source, though not explicitly giving a reason has made reference to a statement made by the irrepressible Ambassador when he gave vent to his feelings over the cruel bombing of Gaza. The Gaza bombings were an overkill. Most unfortunately the Ambassador should not have said so as he as Ambassador cannot express his private views on matters such as that. No doubt it was a faux pas for we were quite dependent on Israeli support in our effort to vanquish the LTTE. The Israelis were understandably angry and they sent here their Ambassador in Delhi to lodge a strong protest. An apology would have been made to the Israelis and, I presumed, the matter sorted out with the help of the US. But instead we appear to have decided to punish the Ambassador!

It does seem that the Foreign Minister himself wanted Dayan removed. I presume that it may have been that Dayan had upstaged the Minister and this was not to be brooked. He may have even fallen foul of the Foreign Secretary. Despite his faults, there is no denying the fact that Dayan kept our flag flying at the worst of times - even his detractors would have to admit this. Yes, he may have been abrasive but considering the level of bullying by LTTE-influenced representatives of western countries, Dayan has stood up to them and exposed them in a fitting manner.

Dayan had to not only take on these parties who had been virtually hired by the LTTE lobbyists but also take on prejudiced, hostile women such as Navi Pillai, who wanted Sri Lanka condemned even though the Council had expressed itself differently on the mater.

Ambassador J had his work cut out for him and he has, despite his style, done our country proud. His recall is not acceptable. At the end of two years an officer becomes truly effective, for he or she gets a measure of the job, makes his contacts and is in a position to really deliver the goods.

This is why all countries keep their representative for a minimum of three years, some are kept on for a fourth year. So to bring back Dayan after two years is not in the interest of the country.

Dayan J is not the man he was two years ago. He has come a long way since he took it upon himself (in the face of silence from Colombo) to blast British Foreign Secretary David Miliband for his puerile and callous statement on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of Sri Lanka’s independence.

Dayan has mellowed much since being called to order after his statement on Israel, (that was indeed ironical for Dayan J was named after Moshe Dayan, the famous Israeli General!)

Ambassador Jayatilleka has, indeed, mellowed and learnt on the job. I most sincerely hope that the Foreign Minister does not intend to replace him with a relative or a political crony, for our overseas missions are full of such untrained clueless jokers representing the country at various levels—this is without doubt a crime against the people of this country.

Most unfortunately, our watchdogs in Parliament have been engaged in navel-gazing and letting the Foreign Minister and his cronies get away with what amounts to crime.

As for Dayan, he would be able to list his achievements on this country’s behalf, but I would challenge any other political appointee to make public a report on his or her performance. Some of our diplomats seem to think that ‘looking after’ Sri Lankan domestic workers is their prime responsibility! What more could we expect of these clueless diplomuts?

K. Godage
Former Ambassador

Ok..with Rajiva on his way out too lets call for Mervyn Silva to replace Dayan.

Jay said...

Sam P-
Nice to see you "batting" away as usual
Please can you add me to your traitors list? It would be a privilege.
I should qualify since i'm an expert witness against the Treasury on the Oil Hedge Arbitration.
Pretty please!

Sam Perera said...

Jay the little terrorist monkey,

We missed your entertainment. Please do your monkey dance for everybody's pleaseure.

Sam Perera said...


I have to revise what I said to fit you in.

Only a few buffoons, terrorists, and Eelamists, or all of them combined together like Renegade can't understand....

TropicalStorm said...


You seem to conveniently forget that Dayan J is a gun for hire. He and his live in partner Thisaranee Gunasekera have done Sri Lanka tons of harm in ways too numerous to mention and his appointment to an ambassadorial position was a surprise to many, to start with. Even though it is true that he did defend SL in public a few times, the past must not be forgotten either.

This may come as news to you, but part of the diatribe particularly targetting the sinhala Buddhists comes from this couple, usually published under Thisaranee's name, ostensibly since it leads the readers to assume a disenchated Buddhist to be writing.

Now that this turn of events have happened, look out for the venom to flow, the fangs and claws to come out and lash out against Sri lanka in general and Sinhala Buddhists in particular.

Just sit back and watch.

TropicalStorm said...


Fashionably liberal yawnings aside, the ground realities of the aftermath of a protracted attritional war are difficult to judge at best. You seem to have surmised a 'demobilization in general' when even our very seasoned military strategists could not quantify the exact resurce needs for consolidation of military gains under civillian control within such a short period of time of a mere 60 days.

Sri Lanka is a unique case. Peace will not dawn simply by concilliatory behavior, but from a fast growing sense of ownership which can happen only from a positive economic fall out. But for that to happen, a strong military presence will be absolutely necessary, at least in the short-medium term.

TropicalStorm said...

To provide you with a more macro perspective;

A decade ago the world was divided between the NATO and Warsaw pact. And then there were the non-aligned, who in reality were more warsaw pact leaning...Then came the USSR's implosion and the world since then has become Uni-polar, in which under Prez Bush, it became an aggressive US almost-empire.

Currently new developments are leading to the birth of a new alliance, generally getting to be known as the 'ShangHai Group' consisting China, Russia and India and encompassing the world's fastest growing economic, population and military power collection. The implications for the world on its emergence will be profound since its influence could easily reach from South America, to Africa and the middle east as well. Prominant exclusions may be Australia, Taiwan and Japan. It's influence could easily moderate the rhetoric of North Korea and stabilize relations between Israel and Iran.

And rightly or wrongly, Sri Lanka seems to be leaning on being on board with this group from the start itself.

Empires rise and fall. We are watching the decline of the short lived American empire and whill soon see the rise of the new Eastern empire.

Watch and learn...

Sam Perera said...


Are you positive about DJ and TG connection? Elsewhere I saw DJ saying that he has nothing to do with TG elsewhere. Can you please reconfirm it?

TropicalStorm said...


Hell, yeah!

Did you hear what Bill Clinton say about Monika Lewinski?..." I had nothing to do with that woman..?

TropicalStorm said...

Let me correct that' may be not now, or anymore. But they were...

Moshe Dyan said...


good macro level insights.

the shanghai group is no more BUT a bigger one is forming called the BRIC group.

+ brazil, the others are the same.

agree with you on DJ - he is a gun to hire.

he says "this is my personal views" but imposed those views DANGEROUSLY disadvantaging SL.

his UNLIMITED praise while holding a SL-UN high post for a world recognised pariah like "castrated castro" (forgive me if you like castro. he has good qualities too. but the whole world is against him now.) definitely put SL in a terrible position.

also his strong anti-israeli tendencies were well displayed. SL is a bit anti-israeli in international forums but that was based on principles not otherwise.

DJ crossed the boundary. he did a good job but ANYONE holding that post should be able to do that. now i agree that we have ONLY A FEW capable of doing that. that problem needs a different solution - building up professional level career diplomats by offering them posts. a good career diplomat would have done a good job as DJ.

Moshe Dyan said...

"rich dividends = more soldiers and weapons OR people with jobs and a successful economy??"

what an idiotic thing to say.

aren't defence jobs, "jobs"?????

the infra development work which the SLA does VERY EFFICIENTLY (infra development is a catelyst in economic development) + the job creation, etc. (more than 80% of all defence expenditure comes back to the economy. this too is part of the GDP) are ENOUGH economic justifications for a larger army.

Moshe Dyan said...

"Files with more than 270 personal documents belonging to Prabhakaran in three large plastic containers were recovered from Vellamullivaikkal, the final 'no fire zone' in the 30-year-old civil war, in Mullaittivu.

The documents also relate to the purchase of weapons and countries of origin, weapon transport schedules, military plans of the outfit, bank account details and details of military personnel, the Sunday Nation newspaper reported.

According to SP Gunawardena, who was involved in the operations, the search party also recovered communication equipment used by the LTTE to monitor the movements of Sri Lanka Air Force jets and transmissions from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

Satellite phones, laptops, fax machines, antennas, cables and other items were among the recoveries made, the police official was quoted as saying by the paper."

so this is why some monkies are sooo keen on "resettling" IDPs in this area!!! demining is only part of the thing. unearthing TERRORIST back-up plans and equipment is another. these losers had dies allowing enough room for elam war-5

Moshe Dyan said...


in professional legal practice, if you know that your client has commited the crime, you don't go with a POSITIVE defence. instead you fight on technical aspects alone.

these 3 sakkiliyas KNOWING THE DEFAMATION only too well have already stated that they will be running what amounts to a positive defence.

this makes them unworthy to be considered lawyers to whom a defendant has a right.

it is based on personal HATRED based vandetta. and they have previously too displayed similar lowly tendencies.

mark my word, instead of defending their criminal client from DEFAMATION, they will themselves commit defamation during the trial within and outside the court!!!! that makes them CRIMINALS, not lawyers.

Moshe Dyan said...

sorry i meant yoganathan.

Ananda-USA said...

Moshe, bro

[ the infra development work which the SLA does VERY EFFICIENTLY (infra development is a catelyst in economic development) + the job creation, etc.]

These NAYSAYERS just DON'T WANT to ACKNOWLEDGE that infrastructure development by the SLDF is NEEDED, is EFFICIENT, and ENDURES beyond the PRESENT through skills developed, capabilities created and sustained in the long term.

More than ANYTHING, they are MORTALLY SCARED that it would give the SLDF a PRODUCTIVE ROLE in the ECONOMY, NOT ONLY a security related OVERHEAD role, and DESTROY their "COST" and "UNAFFORDABILITY" arguments. They need to return Sri Lanka to a defenceless state so they CAN UNDERMINE & DESTABILIZE Sri Lanka.

Therefore, EXPECT to see CONCERTED EFFORTS to convince the electorate that we can't afford the LARGE SLDF, and all kinds of arguments offered with that OBJECTIVE to prevent giving the SLDF a STRONG ROLE in INFRASTUCTURE DEVELOPMENT, RECONSTRUCTION & REHABILITATION!

Moshe Dyan said...


100% true.

there is another reason.

who carried out development work in the north east???? was it the ACTC, ITAK, TULF, TNA, LTTE, PLOTE, TELO, or any other T crap???


it was always EPDP, SLFP, UNP. that's all.

so their FEAR OF DEVELOPMENT is "well founded"! it will be impossible to carve out tamil elam from a developed SL. and development attracts ppl of ALL ethnicities which further reduces chances of TE.

Sam Perera said...

Moshe and Ananda-USA,

You are spot on for the reasons why monkeys are afraid of SLDF expansion and involvement in development. The Eelamoids seems not have receded yet from disinformation and misinformation business. Good to see you chiming in always.

priyashantha said...


According to Mr Waidyanatha, Dayan Jayatilleka and Tisaranee Gunasekara had worked at Peoples Bank Economic Review publication section together.

They have written articles together after that.

The economy's triple Indianisation

By Dayan Jayatilleka and Tisaranee Gunasekara

After his father's death Dayan Jayatilleka had Tisaranee Gunasekara in the writing panel of Guardian.

priyashantha said...

Asithri malli bohoma kaalekin dakke.

Jayen jayama wewa.

priyashantha said...

Where is our Taraki Vaginapala alias Traci Wijayapala alias Trash Wandurupala?

Life is boring without his cock and bull theories.

Asithri said...

PriyaS malli,

[Asithri malli bohoma kaalekin dakke.
Jayen jayama wewa.]

Esayma wewa malli...bohoma kaalekin thamai, habai "api oba thani karay neha yuda bimay"...

:)) :)) :))

Yes, looks like the Wandurupala and his cohorts are missing in action (the kind that used to come here, often under Sinhela names, and did everything possible to discredit this GoSL and prevent it from wiping out the LTTE whores)...let's hope the filthy bitches got shot like stray dogs and burnt to ashes at Karaymullivaikkal!

ha ha ha...

OaO Asithri

Sam Perera said...


I thoughts that you lost the sight here. Thanks for watching over and joining the party.


I had the feeling that you are always watching over. Thanks for that DJ and TG article. That gives us a good insight to their combined work. However, I am saddened that we couldn't get a talented man like DJ in strict diplomatic business.

Unknown said...

Good that our army is rearranging itself.

Asithri said...


[I am saddened that we couldn't get a talented man like DJ in strict diplomatic business]


I have been a fan of his for a very long time (and I have said so here and our wise-man Moshey I recall once cautioned me about taking a cate-blanc loyalty re. DJ - Moshey, bro, I humbly admit a short-sight on my part) and I feel saddened by his I too feel he still has much to offer for MotherLanka.

No one in Colombo wants to even talk about it...

OaO Asithri

Ananda-USA said...


[ Sixteen Men on a Dead Man's Chest,
Yo! Ho! Ho! And a Bottle of RUM!
Drink to the Devil
And be Done With the Rest!
Yo! Ho! Ho! And a Bottle of RUM!

Sino-Indian factor forces US to help Lanka

P K Balachandran
July 20, 2009

COLOMBO: Strong support from India at the IMF board and the need to match China’s growing clout in the island nation have resulted in the US giving up its opposition to the international funding agency’s extending a $2.5 billion standby facility to Sri Lanka.

Sunday Island reported that IMF Executive Board would meet on July 24 to sanction the facility following the submission of a letter of intent by Sri Lanka agreeing to abide by certain conditions imposed by the funding agency.

On May 14, at the height of the war against the separatist Tamil Tigers, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had said that it was not appropriate for the IMF to give a loan to Sri Lanka in the absence of a resolution of the conflict.

The US was leading a Western campaign to secure a ceasefire. But recently, after the war, a top US official met the Sri Lankan Foreign Secretary to say that his government had, at no stage, campaigned against the grant of the loan to Sri Lanka and that the IMF was guided by economic considerations alone.

According to Sunday Island reason for the softening of the US attitude was Sri Lanka’s apparent willingness to carry out some structural reforms in its financial system and its impeccable record in loan repayment.

ROLE OF CHINA AND INDIA: However, some analysts feel that the US may be influenced by a Sino-Indian factor too. Sunday Island noted that the Indian member on the IMF board, who represents a group of countries including Sri Lanka, had been strongly advocating Sri Lanka’s case.

Then there is China’s increasing economic clout and a growing strategic interest in Sri Lanka, which has made Washington sit up. Like India, the US may be veering round to the view that the only way to prevent Sri Lanka from going wholly under Chinese influence is to meet Sri Lanka’s demands.

The paper pointed out that it was when the West was putting heavy pressure on Sri Lanka to give in to the LTTE’s demand for a ceasefire, that China signed an agreement to give Sri Lanka a $1.2 billion long term soft loan for a huge housing project. The Exim Bank of China issued a letter of interest in funding the Matara-Kataragama railway.

This railway would help build up the hinterland of the Chinese-built mega port at Humbantota in the deep south of the island.

Moshe Dyan said...


agree with you and sam that DJ is a highly talented man. i was full of praise for him too. but always found his INCONSISTENCIES (with accepted economic systems, premadasa, india, 13, etc, and most intriguingly, with HIMSELF!!) a bit too much.

hopefully we can find a telented guy like him who is CONSISTANT.

ultimately the GRAND CHESS MASTER (copyright mayilravana) is MR, not DJ or anyone else. it is best for everyone if they consistently play their part in MR's game plan. he already check mate a previously uncatchable fat pig!! and we shall watch over MR. its team work after all.

Moshe Dyan said...


when NASA lauched a sattelite to VERTICALLY orbit the sun and explore the effects of sun spots, they sent the sattelite to JUPITER!! (the opposite direction!!!)

somewhere in between jupiter and sun there is a spot where the NET GRAVITY is ZERO. (each pulling in oppositte directions)

at this point, a rocket attached to the sattelite fired up and spun it into a vertical orbit around the sun.

how fun it is to be in the gravity neurtral position SL is in!!!

of course it is not us manipulating US, india, china, etc. but they themselves!!! it is upto us to USE it to OUR ADVANTAGE.

the wonders of a MULTI-POLAR world! the more the superpowers, the merrier.

Ananda-USA said...

Moshe, Sam, Asithri, Priyashantha, SARA, CASC and all other Patriots...

Don't forget: SL Vs Pakistan 3rd Test today at !

Are we going to make it 3-0?

Moshe Dyan said...


why are tamil elamists and jokers are in a MIGHTY HURRY to see IDPs go????

these IDPs have no where to go. their houses are flattened. so what's the point in going to their "homes". they are better off staying in the camps until landmines are cleared, debris is cleared, etc.

there is only one reason behind this TOTALLY IRRATIONAL demand. there must be something REALLY BIG (important) hidden in the area STILL NOT RECOVERED.

once recovered these jokers will go silent.

the weekend's find was massive. it can reveal the network. based on that, many UNKNOWN terrorists will be liquidated. there is something BIGGER out there!!

Peter said...


Sujeewa Kokawala said...

DW mate,

your this article appeared with almost the same English in a public web newspaper [DM Derana or some other] few days ago. There is some copying going on, or is it?

Nevertheless I honestly expected more on this than a regular post. But anyway glad you're alive.


Ananda, Moshe and pals,

Cheers all. I saw your greetings in last time, but couldn't return. Get even smaller time now, what to do?



You came up with 100 diff ideas on how SLDF shud be reformed, and now I guess the grand chess master has taken over subject. Trust him he knows his business always.

I like the idea of combining tri forces. It makes collaboration easy and allows more defence research possible.


Re: DJ

Spooky customer, cud have harmed the nation in the same way he saved it. He was in a pendulum of ideologies [may be he thinks he's standing still] and undoubtedly he turns himself into a horse for the course.

I think he's an out-soken socialist. Anyone with an "ist" notion shud be dealt carefully. We don't want to live our lives to prove Marx or Lenin was right, but we want any such theories or lack of them to make our lives better.

Still I have a great respect to this man DJ. MR is a man who wins every heart, and I don't think he won't give DJ right tributes.


Re: Brig Prasanna Silva

He's the only famous bigwig chosen by SF to his hand picked team of 300. So DW it is a moment of glory for your hero whom you claimed [and I agree] as lesser spoken of.


Re: Brig Shavendra

Moshe why is it bad? This chap we all know as a great warrior and a planner. But now there is so little he can do in commanding a unit. Now is the time to use the skills of the commander who battled the longest distance in the lines of planning overall operations.

He can't be made a regional commander in my view as many said he had too many soft spots and weaknesses to face camera too much. Ppl like Maj Gen Kamal Goonaratne suit such roles.


Re: Maj Gen Kamal Goonaratne

Will he be the successor of current commander? Note that current commander has good 5 yrs as he's only 50.

fnstblogger said...

The new plan sounds grate and futuristic, in the same time our military should look towards developing indigenous weapons programs, rather than relaying on foreign suppliers. Special attention should be given to areas such as Air defense, Maritime surveillance and defense.

Jay said...

Lol @ Sam P
Lol @ Assthri

Jay= Terrorist? Thats a good laugh.

Frankly, i have no wish to waste my time in here arguing about it.

Have a nice day!

Unknown said...

Ananda-USA said...
[Moshe, Sam, Asithri, Priyashantha, SARA, CASC and all other Patriots...

Don't forget: SL Vs Pakistan 3rd Test today at !

Are we going to make it 3-0?]

Thanks for the reminder.

I have a feeling that it will be a 3-0, with Vaas back.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Someone should tie this dog the national embarrassment Mervyn Silva!

I am sick of his antics and tolerance shown by President towards him. Just because he is a bone licker, the nation should not be surrendered giving him impunity. How long are we going to go like this???

When people with no proper up bringing pushed to power, emergence of this kind of character can not be prevented.

This uncontrolled WP is a huge national embarrassment and should be sent packing to his home village.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

This is totally out of subjects discussed here.

I saw the news article that 40% of the bridges (numbering 30) of Southern Highway to be replaced. Good thing to prevent any further disaster. However, a colossal cost that someone has to bear. We may ask more questions too.. Why one contractor has got so many bridges to build (and gone un-checked for quality until the tragic happened?). People view Southern Highway and various new projects as "President's Projects" and keep close eye thinking that these projects are personally overlooked by the President himself and operated under tight none-corrupt framework. If any foulplay is personally affecting the President's credibility. Therefore, he should put in place the right mechanisms to avoid any corruption whatsoever.

On a similar note, I ask the President to appoint a Taskforce to quality-check Schools, Hospitals, and Public Buildings for earthquake safety. We do not want to happen what happened in China Guan Dong, which killed 20,000 school kids owing to collapsed school buildings.

Sri Lanka is not immune to Earth Quakes anymore, and a major quake can happen at any time. Therefore, we have to be safe than sorry.

Since the Divisional Secretaries have been introduced, many public building and road contracts were carried out by the stooges of the Divisional Secretary politicians or the affiliated companies of the politicians (i.e. companies registered to the name of wife's brother, cousin, or nephew, best-friend etc). The technical Officers have been bribed or coerced under duress in almost all the occasions, and approvals have been obtained to get the payment passed. Now these buildings are waiting time-bombs.

Few months back I happened to go to a school in Tangalle and saw the dangerous cracked state of its walls and the floor (which has been commissioned in the last two years). Looked like the Principal of the School also has something to do with it, from the sentiments that parents aired on the building and how Principal was seeing having drinks with the contractor and the politician.

This is a direct negative result of Devolution of Power (a bad example of power devolution) and letting politicians running with the show un-checked.

We must put in place some national mechanism to check the quality of these buildings. Else, we would be heading for utter disaster!

Renegade! said...


thanks for replying in a logical,thought out manner unlike sam who views the world through MR and GOTA's genitals-haha

Looks like that fellow whose mouth is a house for maggots and worms asithri is back in the game..hmm,,just another online mervin silva who wont bring any development to sri lanka,just destruction and misery..

Renegade! said...


stop being paranoid..what do you expect the SLA to find next?..a nuclear submarine??..a do-it-yourself kit aircraft carrier??

Sam Perera said...

Renegade! the little terrorist monkey,

Given your Eelamist terrorists history, we know that you are not here to reason out things but talk BS. Please be assured that you will get a similar response any time you try your BS here.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Renegade AKA C.J.,

Have you got your rotten balls reconditioned?

Isn't it ironic you are using the same words we used to call your LTTE - "destruction and misery"!

Goolge said...

Some good economic news:

Jaffna grapes flood Lankan markets, prices crash
Colombo, PTI:

With the opening of transport links across the country after the elimination of LTTE rebels from the north, famous grapes from Jaffna are flooding the market here, sending the prices of the fruit crashing.
With the resumption of transport, there has already been a flow of goods in both directions -- south and north of the island nation. The beginning of trade between the two regions has improved the availability of essential goods and reduced their prices.

Grapes from Jaffna at some markets here are now selling at as low as SLR 100 per half a kilo as against SLR 100 for 100 grams a few weeks ago.
Southern Sri Lanka is expected to benefit immensely from the availability of several vegetables and fruits grown in Jaffna and other places of the region.
These include potatoes, chillies, red onions and mangoes besides an increased supply of fish.
Farmers in areas such as Thirunalweli in Jaffna are expected to have a windfall, with the thickly grown grape cultivation finding many takers after the end of the war between the Sri Lankan army and the Tiger rebels.
During the ethnic conflict, the farmers were trying to persuade the LTTE to allow the Omanthai entry-exit point to reopen to enable transportation of their goods to the capital city and other parts.

The first major consignment from Jaffna to Colombo was undertaken with much fanfare last month with 28 lorry loads of northern produce, including two freezer truck loads of famed crabs and prawns were dispatched to the Sri Lankan capital.
Jaffna Government Agent K Ganesh said because of the growing demand they have now decided to keep the road open for private goods convoys every alternate day compared to every ten days earlier.
With the arrival of fresh goods from the south by road at close intervals, the prices of many items like fruits are coming down even in Jaffna.
The lifting of restrictions on fishing has also proved beneficial for the fishermen in the north.

Sam Perera said...


This is fantastic news. Sri Lankan farmers in Jaffna can get a good price for their products and consumers in South can get a reasonable priced product. This will improve everybody's life.

Goolge said...


Yes it will.

On a wider perspective, we can be so wonderfully self-sufficient in food because many things can be grown naturally in SL.

Ananda-USA said...

NOLTTE=Peace said...

[Sri Lanka is not immune to Earth Quakes anymore, and a major quake can happen at any time. ]


Why do you say SL is not immune anymore? Have I missed news of earthquakes hitting SL recently?

SL is located on a very old metamorphic formation of PreCamvbrian age at the center pf the Indian tectonic plate, without nearby tectonic plates grinding against each other. That is why SL has largely been free of earthquakes. The Indian tectonic plate at the center of which SL sits, is abutting the Asian landmass far away in the Himalayas.

On the otherhand, as we all know by now (!), SL is surrounded by a deep water ocean whose outer boundaries abut some of the world's most active, and volcanic, plate tectonic margins. Therefore, because tsunamies travel in deep water unattenuated by seabed friction, SL can be hit by tsunamies that travel as low amplitude waves that extend deep into the ocean, and grow into tall waves concentrated at the surface of the sea, and thus become evident, only when they hit shallow sub-sea shelf immediately offshore.

In contrast, the African coast along Kenya, Somalia, Maldives etc were largely spared the effects of the last tsunami to hit SL, because the ocean shallows several hundred miles off shore, in the Maldivian islands region. This shallow region creates a frictional seabed barrier that attenuated the low-amplitude, but deeply extending, tsunami wave.

I have hydrodynamically modelled the progress of Sri Lanka tsunami wave using seabed elevation data.

Ananda-USA said...

India, US sign three agreements
July 20, 2009

NEW DELHI: India Monday approved two sites for the US nuclear reactors as the two countries launched the much-discussed third phase of their strategic partnership

as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton concluded her five-day India visit.

The two countries also signed two critical pacts on easing high-end defence sales and the launch of civilian satellites. Both countries agreed to an expanded strategic dialogue, to be chaired by their foreign ministers, who will meet once annually in alternate capitals.

After holding talks with External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna for nearly an hour, Clinton announced that an expanded strategic dialogue will be a "signature accomplishment" of their governments in the days to come.

The talks dwelled on bilateral ties and regional and global issues, including counter-terror cooperation, civil nuclear cooperation, climate change, non-proliferation, the situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan and the Iranian nuclear issue.

Clinton also announced the invitation by US President Barack Obama to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to visit him in the White House Nov 24 - the first state visit by the Indian leader under the new administration in Washington.

"Recognising the new heights achieved in the India-US relationship over the last two Indian and US administrations, they committed to pursuing a third and transformative phase of the relationship that will enhance global prosperity and stability in the 21st century," a joint statement at the end of the talks said.

Stressing on the US' commitment to completing the remaining steps of the India-US nuclear deal, that includes a critical agreement on reprocessing, Clinton said Manmohan Singh, with whom she held talks in the afternoon, told her that two sites have been approved by the government for US nuclear reactors.

Clinton said that she "affirmed the Obama administration's strong commitment to completing all the remaining elements of our civil nuclear deal".

"We have just completed a civil nuclear deal. If it is done through proper channels and safeguarded, then it is appropriate," she asserted.

Ananda-USA said...

India, US sign three agreements

Clinton also said that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had told her that sites for two nuclear parks by American companies have been "approved by the government".

"These parks will advance the aims of the US India civil nuclear agreement facilitating billions of dollars in US reactor exports and create jobs in both countries, as well as generate much needed energy for the Indian people," she said.

The US nuclear reactors will create jobs for Americans and provide energy security for India, Clinton said. She also urged New Delhi to approve a civil liability legislation that will exempt foreign nuclear companies from huge compensation in case of a nuclear accident.

Clinton dispelled apprehensions in India about a weakening of commitment on part of the Obama administration about India-US ties after signing of the landmark nuclear deal last year.

"I can pledge more than that. We have demonstrated very clearly the significance of our relations with India," Clinton replied when asked whether the US was focusing more on relations with China and Pakistan and ignoring India in the process.

"As partners on the world stage, there is a significant expansion of bilateral relationship," Clinton said at a joint press conference with Krishna.

Clinton also ends her five-day visit to India with a crucial end-user verification agreement in her bag that is potentially worth billions of dollars in business for US defence companies.

The two countries signed a pact on civilian space launches that promises to bring more business for the Indian Space Research Organisation.

The pact will permit the launch of civil or non-commercial satellites containing US components on Indian space launch vehicles.

An agreement on creating a $30 million Science and Technology Endowment fund was also inked by Clinton and Krishna.

The defence pact, which was dogged by quibbling till the very last minute, was easily the show stealer. The end-user agreement, mandatory under a US law to sell sophisticated arms to other countries, will remove a major obstacle in accelerating defence ties between India and the US.

The pact will set the pitch for US firms to bid for India's tender for purchasing 126 multi-role fighters that is estimated to be worth $10.4 billion.

Major US defence companies like Lockheed Martin Corp and Boeing Co. are eying a pie of India's lucrative defence market.

In her five-day high-visibility India visit that was virtually tracked 24X7 by TV and new media like Twitter, Clinton unleashed her charm offensive and focused on expanding civil society partnership in her first trip to India after becoming the Obama administration's chief diplomat.

"The relations between India and the US is a good news story, is getting better," Clinton said.

In Mumbai, Clinton stayed at the landmark Taj hotel that was attacked by the terrorists, saying she wished to send a message of solidarity and a rebuke to terrorists who could not destroy the spirit of the people of Mumbai.

After a weekend spent in media spotlight in Mumbai, Clinton began her Delhi visit with two events - a conference on climate change in Gurgaon, followed by a trip to the National Agricultural Science Centre - highlighting on the important areas of the new phase of the India-US partnership.

Moshe Dyan said...


mate, i recon SS to be in a better position as a regional commander or in charge of a bigger OPERATIONAL (not about military ops. but about commanding some sort of units) role.

his tasks in "operations" now is very limited. SF is the strategic & tactical guy. JJ is the overall op.s commander. KG is the vanni (the place where MOST security concerns are concentrated) commander. so this leaves SS very little creativity.

i always thought he, being the natural leader he is, would best suit a position that involves comaneding a unit/units.

Moshe Dyan said...


it is those who shout BS about IDPs suffering from paranoia!!

otherwise there is NO REASON whatsoever to hasten the IDP resettlement. even MORE STRANGE thing is that they don't do ANYTHING to help the govt do resettlement!!!!

LTTE's bandicoot mentality ALSO SUGGESTS that they have underground stuff they value.

Moshe Dyan said...


col. harharan has some interesting stuff to say. we all know these but he has listed some of them.

good but looks like he is still missing the overall picture re: GA chandrasiri

Moshe Dyan said...

india & US...

"India Monday approved two sites for the US nuclear reactors.....
The two countries also signed two critical pacts on easing high-end defence sales and the launch of civilian satellites."

is this the tipping point i have been waiting for in re: further asian power shift?????

1. at the moment russia does NOT sell defence equipment to china (other than transport, etc.). this is based on india's request.

2. but russia has recently made it clear that they are not happy with it. china is the BIGGEST potential market.

3. also russia has recently dragged its feet over the indian aircraft carrier, etc.

4. plus russia is VERY unhappy about growing defence cooperation with US.

5. after a pact on,
* nuclear tech
* high end defence equip
* space

there is nothing left for russia!!!!

6. TF i expect russia to make a move to sell defence equip to china. this will be MASSIVE bcos after 1960s china didn't receive russian advanced defence tech. with that coming china will be unreachable for competitors.

7. OTOH russian COMPARABLE weapons are MUCH MUCH cheaper than US ones. so india had a HUGE advantage getting MORE for LESS. and china had NO SUCH LUCK!! IF things change, the impact will DOUBLE.

8. going further, a russo-sino link up will DEFINITELY want to have a presence near india to keep it under check. SL is a BIG candidate. not that SL should join them. NO. a big NO, but use it as an added bargaining tool.

9. unlike russsia, US will NEVER follow an aggressive protection strategy towards india comparable to UK, NATO, australia, japan, etc.

so eventually india will be on its own. the antics of 1970s, 1987 will NEVER be repeated. so who will fill this void?????

Moshe Dyan said...

india & US...

IF on top of that, diago garcia closes down, things will be even more EXCITING!

TropicalStorm said...


The IMF loan has more to do with establishing credibility (for investment purposes) than liquidity at the moment. The actual liquidity shortfall is now over, since the end of the war and will continue to ease.
The IMF approval will have a positive impact on investor sentiment, which is useful.

Some of you are reading the signs quite well, from what I read here.
Similarly, even though there is going to be pressure from time to time from India and others, the SLG will be able to take time to plan resettlement well and then implement it in a methodical way.

Time is needed to weed out LTTE pussies hiding behind the women and children in the camps. Also a few hundreds are still suspected to be at large, who may also know where more arms caches are hidden. Re-populating areas in a hurry opens the prospect of an urban guerilla fight, while exposing civies to lanmines and also cross fire if a fight erupts. In the East, the muslim thugs will need strong arm tactics, which may also happen quite soon.

On a recent visit to SL, I met some top honchos of the regime and now have mixed feelings about what we'll potentially see over the next years. A quasi 'royalty' is in the offing, and bodes ill for the nation if it gets out of hand. In any case we may see several of the 'brothas' crowning themselves over the next years...scary thoughts!
Let's hope we don't need to clamour for 'regime change' in SL backed by foreign guns, in a few years.

TropicalStorm said...


Did you also look into the reality that the high-tech US weapons haven't won a single war in recent times, while the low-tech Sino-Russ stuff do?

Reason why the US is abandoning the billion dollar ships concept in search of more affordable, but lower tech goodies.

Ananda-USA said...


You said

"5. after a pact on,
* nuclear tech
* high end defence equip
* space
there is nothing left for russia!!!!"

ONE thing that will be left for Russia is Petroleum based ENERGY. Also, as you noted, US nuclear energy and military technologies are far more expensive than Russian alternatives. Also, India wants to ultimately develop indigenous technologies, like the thorium nuclear cycle, and Russia has always been open to aiding that.

Strategically, India is moving towards Nuclear & Alternative energies, but for the next 4 decades oil & gas will be important to India (and to China), for ENERGY, and beyond that as FEEDSTOCK for petroleum based manufacturing.

Also, there is an Afghan aspect to this. India is heavily involved in commerce with Afghanistan and is busily developing an alliance with Afghanistan, with US approval and support.

This is not only for military/security reasons vis-a-vis China, but with a long term objective of importing Russian Oil & Gas via a pipeline from Russia through Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan to Indian-controlled Kashmir.

If a modus-vivendi can be established with Pakistan, a goal that the US is now actively promoting to both Pakistan & India, this will happen.

I think this would be good for all countries of that entire region; not only India and Russia. The only country unhappy with that may be China.

Moshe Dyan said...


actually, no. my excuses are....

1. some high tech weapons work brilliantly.

2. the purpose of weapons is not only war. (i know this sounds funny). but...

the MAIN purpose of high tech weapons is the THREAT OF WAR and deterrence.

3. in the indian context, india will not be MAINLY buying counter-insurgency weapons from the US. it is "deterrence-based" conventional weapons (like hi-tech jets, radar, avionics) they will be after to keep its neighbours at bay.

4. india will be in a soup trying to maximise USE with limited money (than the competitor). OTOH, US will be pushing whizbag gadgets with little use than propriatory stuff.

"failures" have to be looked from a bigger context.

e.g. ak-47 outperformed m-16 in vietnam, etc. but US cannot be producing & using ak-47s instead of m-16s. the whole discipline, attitudes (higher m-16 accuracy PER BULLET is one attitude), sense of ownership, bad-guys-gun vs good-guys-gun are tied to the m-16. these cannot be changed.

e.g. US nuclear deterrent is 60% planes while it is 65%+ missiles for russia. so US needs more planes, bases, aircraft carriers than russia. their other weapons/support platforms MUST support this big concept. they cannot follow the russian model which is irrelevant.

e.g. consistency is MORE important to US than russia in defence bcos of public sentiment. for this, certain things has to do, REGULARLY. sometimes the frequency of new products (as an example) is too demanding that failures result. there is little that can be done. if good ones can cover the failed goodies, it is ok.

e.g. the space program is a disaster mainly bcos of old and excessive rocket technology. so NASA considered outsourcing it to russia which is MUCH cheaper. the money saved can be invested in exploration. but the dependability is not acceptable.

Moshe Dyan said...


yes. seeking energy sources, a definite yes.

i was refering to traditional russian-indian cooperation on matters of defence.

Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ananda-USA said...


You said "LTTE's bandicoot mentality ALSO SUGGESTS that they have underground stuff they value."

This is what I have been thinking also. At, for example, there is enormous pressure from journalists AND commenters to HURRY up with resettlement. As we know, there was also pressoure "for freedom of movement" of the IDPs.

The IDPs have no way of making a living, their houses have been damaged (e.g., tin roofing removed by LTTE), no food stores, little money, no medical services, no police protection against being harrased again by the LTTLE cadre among them, and landmines waiting to blow off their limbs EVERYWHERE! So, why would they want to be returned to their "homes" and abandoned to fend for themselves? The answer is: they largely don't. WHO then wants that BADLY?

The answer, my friend, is BLOWING IN THE WIND ... WE KNOW WHO!

ALL of this tells me, there is MUCH MORE FOR US TO LEARN & FIND in the Wanni.

I hope our MI folks are paying CLOSE ATTENTION and DIGGING hard into the information sources, both animate and inanimate!

NOLTTE=Peace said...


Above are some of the material I can direct you to. I myself has felt an Earthquake in Sri Lanka in the 90's. It was scary-the rumbling and shaking of the buildings. I guess it was less than 3.0 in Richter Scale, but was like a Jumbo Jet just went past 10ft above the roof.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


This is from Wikipedia,

"Collapse of "tofu-dregs schoolhouses"
Main article: Allegations of corruption in the construction of Chinese schools
This kindergarten was among the many schools in the disaster region that suffered heavy structural damage.

The central government estimates that over 7,000 inadequately engineered schoolrooms collapsed in the earthquake. Chinese netizens have since invented a catch phrase: "tofu-dregs schoolhouses" (Chinese: 豆腐渣校舍), to mock both the quality and the quantity of these inferior constructions that killed so many school children.[139] Due to China's one-child policy, many families lost their only child when schools in the region collapsed during the earthquake.

On May 29, 2008, government officials began inspecting the ruins of thousands of schools that collapsed, searching for clues about why they crumbled.[141] Thousands of parents around the province have accused local officials and builders of cutting corners in school construction, citing that after the quake other nearby buildings were little damaged.[141] In the aftermath of the quake, many local governments promised to formally investigate the school collapses, but as of July 17, 2008 across Sichuan, parents of children lost in collapsed schools complained they had yet to receive any reports.[142]

In the China Digital Times, an article reported a close analysis by a Chinese construction engineer (known online as “Book Blade” (书剑子), who stated:

"…School construction is the worst. First, there’s not enough capital. Schools in poor areas have small budgets and, unlike schools in the cities, they can’t collect huge fees, so they’re pressed for money. With construction, add in exploitation by government officials, education officials, school managers, etc. and you can imagine what’s left over for the actual building of schools. When earthquake prevention standards are raised, government departments, major businesses, etc. will all appraise and reinforce their buildings. But these schools with their 70s-era buildings, no-one pays attention to them. Because of this, the older school buildings are suffer from inadequate protection while the new buildings have been shoddily constructed."[145]

However, Reuters reported in June that, to date, Chinese prosecutors have joined an official inquiry into ten collapsed schools during May's devastating earthquake to gain first-hand material of construction quality at the collapsed schools, launch preliminary inquiries and prepare for possible investigations into professional crime.[147] It was also reported that safety checks were to be carried out at schools across China after last month's earthquake.[148]

The New York Times reported that "government officials in Beijing and Sichuan have said they are investigating the collapses. In an acknowledgment of the weakness of building codes in the countryside, the National Development and Reform Commission said on May 27 that it had drafted an amendment to improve construction standards for primary and middle schools in rural areas. Experts are reviewing the draft, the commission said.

On May 15, 2008 Geoffery York of the reported that the shoddily constructed buildings are commonly called "tofu buildings" because builders cut corners by replacing steel rods with thin iron wires for concrete re-inforcement; using inferior grade cement, if any at all; and using fewer bricks than they should. One local was quoted in the article as saying that "the supervising agencies did not check to see if it met the national standards."[152]


Do we want such tragedy? Read the whole story in that link.. I had to cut it down to meet the Blogspot limits.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


If SS's rank means what it says, there will be very important operations of diff sort that a pretty good innovative thinker would be needed for.


- Anti-jihad operations
- Anti-thuggary operations
- Protecting nation from smuggling and drug trafficing

Note that these theoretically fall into police dept, but the extent of it is far too much for police. US forces combat drugs and similar activities using marines. So shud SLDF.

A brave man like SS with hsi out of box thinking and supreme charisma can do so well, if he's used in such.

Otherwise, as an area leader or unit leader he'll end up a TV monkey, which is his weakness anyway.

After war, these exceptional offensive heads shud not be put to rust.

Moshe Dyan said...


although he was always on the TV, he did an outstanding job. it never bothered/hindered him.

OTOH, though the present position will most likely keep him away from such attention, he has very little to do there with the skills he has.

IF the type of work you listed down is given to him, he will SURELY have himself in the TV again, but will again do a good job. but very unlikely he will get those tasks as they are police functions.

i'm disappointed with where SS landed. he deserves more and more appropriate tasks to his skills. hopefully it is a "transitionary" position!!!!

SF has not let down his good "generals".

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


If such things fall in the hands of police, not only they will fail, but also the good offensive generals will rust. In modern times those civil operations are handled by army. SF has hinted this.

But an area leader now, have no offensives. Even KG will be wasted at his current rank, but it seems like a lead up to the big commander's seat.

Even SS has a good chance to reach teh top. in that case, as you said, this is a transitional slot. But, to me, SS shud be used in innovative edge.

Three lads PS, SS and KG are good at offensive, so they shud be given the most critical offensives taht we face right now. We shud keep usual police out of these operations.

SF is a man whom we all can count on. Will see where he takes his good generals.

Ananda-USA said...


Bro, thank you very much for the links.

I am astonished to read the theory ( your dailynews and lankalibrary/tsunamis links)that the Indo-Australian plate is fissuring 300km southeast of Sri Lanka!

This should be verified through detailed measurements and modeling. If verified, that would certainly hold severe implications for Sri Lanka, and for our building construction seismic safety standards. In particular, we may have to move away from brick based load-bearing walls for residential and commercial buildings, to concrete column and beam construction with light, but more flexible, wood and synthetic constrution materials for the intervening partition walls.

Construction in Greece is now all based on these methods, because that country is located in a strongly seismically active area.

I am interested in this from an engineering opoint of view and plan to follow up and post the results in a separate section at the SLP blog under Natural Hazards. Please join in and contribute to the post, when I set it up!

Thanks a lot for taking the trouble to answer my question, with some research on the subject. :)

Unknown said...

sri lankan forces should conduct regular war games...

- to keep sharp
- try out new strategies tactics
- as a natural deterrant to ambitious third class smugglers and robbers aspiring to build crime empires

Ananda-USA said...

Tamil Nadu Politicians Trumpet Sri Lanka Tamils Issues While Tamil Nadu Burns to the Ground!

‘TN turning into a battleground’
July 21, 2009

CHENNAI: The whole State is fast turning into a battleground under the DMK government, with medical interns, veterinary students, farmers, milk producers, noon-meal scheme staff, primary school teachers and government employees taking to the streets, Deputy Leader of the Opposition O Panneerselvam said on Monday.

Participating in a discussion on the demand for grants of the Home Department, the senior AIADMK leader accused the government of adopting a confrontationist attitude towards the agitators instead of trying to resolve their problems through talks.

Panneerselvam alleged that the law and order situation in the State had badly deteriorated, with the police booking cases against complainants and resorting to ‘katta panchayat.’ He cited the case of an Adi Dravidar girl in Tiruchy against whom a rape attempt was made and who later committed suicide due to alleged police harassment.

He also listed out the incidents of murder, robbery, kidnaps, extortion and caste clashes that rocked the State in the recent months and claimed that naxal activity was also still prevalent in Kodaikanal, Murugamalai, Varusanadu and Andipatti.

Panneerselvam also said the men in khaki were being used to annihilate the opposition in the State and prevent them from reaping any kind of gains.

He alleged that the State-run TASMAC shops were running huge losses due to corruption and irregularities and appealed to the government to take immediate corrective measures.

The AIADMK leader demanded to know the status of several pending cases including the attack on a Tamil daily office in Madurai, in which three persons were killed, the RDX blast near Tindivanam and the theft of rifles from the Adhiyamankottai police station in Dharmapuri district.

Panneerselvam proposed district or zone-wise selection for the posts of constables and sub-inspectors, just as in the Army and CRPF, so that people of all areas in the State got adequate representation.

Interestingly, despite the sweeping charges levelled by the AIADMK leader against the government, there was hardly any interruption during his 50-minute speech save that of ministers Arcot Veerasamy and Ponmudi on the issue of alleged irregularities during the Thirumangalam bypoll.

MathaMathica said...

India has already forgotten Union Carbide in Bhopal.

“The US nuclear reactors will create jobs for Americans and provide energy security for India, Clinton said. She also urged New Delhi to approve a civil liability legislation that will exempt foreign nuclear companies from huge compensation in case of a nuclear accident.

Many Tchernobyles spread over India, timed in Washington?

NOLTTE=Peace said...

SujeewaK - great to see you back

Where is ReallyCold? He did an exceptional job towards the latter part of the war, with great contributions.

Where are all the other guys who flocked here in the latter part of 2008 to 2009 May?

Ananda-USA, you are most welcome! We need to avoid piling up thousands of substandard buildings. It is the key. We have to be very serious about the issue, as it could sting us badly otherwise!

kevin said...

Here in Malaysia I have spoken to hundreds of TN people living and working here and also to Tamils of Malaysian origin (settled decades ago) they all say that they are happy that this conflict is over and the tigers are no more and they don’t like their TN politicians who are only using this issue to bolster their unpopular image. I think we might have some help here and I will write more from Sing and SL.
Very sad about DJ but there must be a good reason and MR will reward him in other ways as the hierocracy of the diplomatic world has to be satisfied.
I wish saravinde Silva is made a Major General as he did most of the spade work moving the greatest distance at the same time breaking all the myths of the tiger capabilities. He is the real hero in our eyes. But wish all our forces all the best.

ඉයන් said...

Greetings All!

With regard to DJ,you need to ensure that

(a) a political joker will not replace him


(b) An hidden 'cats paw' of LTTE will not be chosen.

The visible Navi Pillai, KP, DP (canada) and not so visible hands of WTM that have more money, more plans and more hidden operations against SL to come.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

How about India insist on implementing similar regulations and compensation related remedies exist in the USA to be applied to US companies operating in India too?

"Fair"... right?

Else, India will be putting both Sri Lanka and India at risk of Nuclear Disasters.

Bhopal victims got pittance at the end.

What do you guys think?

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

NO-LTTE and Ananda;

Re: Earth Quakes

Very interesting links. Thanks.

It was known for sometime that Indian plate is gonna break into two. It is applied with opposite torques at sub-continent side and Australia plate and the sheer force is gonna tear it.

This is causing a trench around 300km south of SL, creating an EQ and volcanic zone. These facts were known even before boxing day 2004, although the Tsunami brought them to limelight.

What many media failed to realize/report/signify was the sheer timescales involved in such a change. It generally takes several millions of years for something like that to form. Today's tectonic analysis suggests that we're in the very early stage of a plate fraction hence I'd expect several million years for this transformation to take place.

But there is a different possibility. That is the activation of an existing mid-plate fault. Faults have a pattern of activation and deactivation in ~100s of years period. If that is the case, that means we should have some historical records to know the strength of the fault south of SL. I don't think it has a history of mega quakes, but there can be a marginally deadly one.

In southern SL, there are some lost cities and we're failing to find their traces. For an example, no one has traced where Maagama was. Maagama is an ancient city, probably only smaller to Anuradhapura and it was the capital of kingdom of Ruhuna. There is a small village called Maagama off Tissa, but [as I heard of it] it has no ruins of any ancient city there.

There was a quake of magnitude 4.7 ~1000km south of Colombo last week. Also there were reports of quakes in the range of magnitude 2-3 in South Eastern SL in past few years. Most of these are not anomalies or abrupt changes. They are just getting reported after Dec 2004, whereas most ppl other than academics were blind about them previously.

If this mag4.7 quake south of SL, occurred inland it could have been deadly. Note that a fault may impact a breadth of 800km, so it is equally possible for one like this mag4.7 quake to occur in southern SL. No-LTTE's link on 1615 event proves just that. The portugese accounts [bar its exaggeration] suggests me that there had been a quake around magnitude 5. Fissures sound bit exaggerated considering the fact that there is no legend, folklore or physical evidence proving that. Lisbon was hit by a devastating quake around those days, and I wonder whether the writer added few of Lisbon events to Colombo, in his effort of proving the god-damned Colombo life-style and the avenge of almighty.

Having an active fault close to SL is not anyway a good story. A mag 6 in the close ocean [which sounds possible] can cause a sudden [unwarned] Tsuanmi, in the locality. Such Tsunamis, although smaller in spread, can cause more damage as the wave front is more shaky and wave is faster and sudden. They rise higher than a slower one like 2004 Tsunami.

If I spoke nonsense, pardon me. I'm not a specialist on tectonics.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


Thanks for all the mentioning of me on your writings.

My worry is, Sri Lanka as a nation is not ready for an earthquake of 5.0 in Richter Scale or above.

The public buildings are built on shady practices exactly as mentioned in the China School disaster.

We need to review all the buildings and bridges in Sri Lanka for Earthquake Safety. Especially the public places of gathering.

None of the newly built schools under corrupt practices would stand if an earth quake over 5.6 hit Sri Lanka. This is a dangerous situation concerning future of our country.

We are just gambling with time.

Apino Dannachess said...

Hi there Bro Sam,

Sorry for the late response...indeed these are peaceful times....lets do our bit to keep it that way....nice to see you up and about.....

Hello bro Moshe,

Kembali Pak, apa kabar Pak, Saya harap kabar anda baik.

Sehat sehat pak...

Sampai Jumpah lagi

ඩිල්-බර්ටි said...

Hi DW,

Glad to see that u are active...

though its commendable that a good defense strategy is being formed by the top ranks, my question is whether that is really needed? Reasons are:

1. Our current defense mechanism was strong enough to neutralize the military capabilities of the LTTE

2. The next generation LTTE war (if any), may not be via military means but most probably via political means (international and local)

3. The old adage "prevention is better than cure" comes to my mind. Should we not equip ourselves for a better (much, much better) political warfare which is played in the international arena?

By all means, I am not trying to undermine the greater minds. I am simply thinking differently.

Blessings of the triple gem


Pandula said...

more good news people,

Unknown said...


Sometime back I came to know that MIT is developing a Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactor to be used at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant.

What are your ideas about it?

For those who may be interested but unaware of what a Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactor is, it is a new type of Generation IV reactors being considered by USA.

It is a Very High Temperature Gas Cooled reactor and can acheive temperatures of over 1100 C and hence suitable for driving a gas turbine. The elimination of a steam cycle simplifies the system.

Higher efficiencies of about 50% compared to 30% in other types is possible.

It is also inherently safe needing no emergency cooling system.

It can be built modularly.

The capacity can be as low as 100 MW.

Thus it is a good option to be considered by SL for its pwer needs around 2030.

As you know Nuclear Power is being officially considered as an option in SL at present.

You may look under Pebble Bed Reactor in Wikepedia.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Ape kalye weerayek!

I wish Rajiv never ever obliged to TamilNadu pressure and interfere with Sri Lanka. If he didn't do that he would be still alive.

Any world leader who interfere with any internal affair of any other country become unpopular. And such leaders show lack of consciousness on world affairs. This is a worldly truth. In the first place, if they are mature enough, they do not interfere with others' affairs, while sitting on loads of sh*t at home.

Hope Manamohan Singh learn lessons from Rajiv too and leave Sri Lanka to sort its own affairs. Only the loser minds want to be bullies!

Lakmal Premaratne said...

Recently there was a "lankatruth" news article about Gen. Fonseka and according to it, it seems that the things gonna get changed after the war is finished.

Read it:
ජෙනරාල් සරත් ෆොන්සේකාට එරෙහිව කුමන්ත‍්‍රණයක්

Does anybody of you know about this?

Anyway I have heard some rumors about the "truthfulness" of "lankatruth"

Shree said...
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Shree said...


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