Friday, August 7, 2009

KP Arrest -- UPDATE

We have received credible information on the arrest of two individuals, one a middle aged man traveling on a non-Sri Lankan passport at an undisclosed location in Bangkok in a joint stint launched by Thai and Sri Lankan authorities. The travel documents and said identity confirms with an alias of LTTE operative Shanmugam Kumaran Tharmalingham.

The man was carrying travel documents both under his own birth name and under other aliases at the time of arrest. A group of Sri Lankan officials is expected to fly the said two individuals to Sri Lanka shortly. Please await further information as it is made available.




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lankaputhra said...

Good news ...GOSL must hunt them all very good move by SL...
great job..
one nation one country and one force...
thanks DW..
I miss your blog!

LankaBoy_007 said...

What a Fantastic News... Kasthro could have gave the intel..

Sniper said...

New Tiger Chief “KP” arrested and brought to Sri Lanka- DBS Jeyaraj


Sniper said...

According to informed sources KP was arrested by the Thai Police at a house in the suburbs of Bangkok after nightfall on August 5th.

Sri Lankan authorities were contacted and a “special” team from the Police Terrorist Investigation Department flew to Bangkok in the early hours of Thurasday August 6th.

The team returned with Pathmanathan alias KP on a Thai Airways flight on the same day.

KP was handcuffed and had a mask covering his head and face when disembarking from the plane at Katunayake Airport

He was whisked away in a vehicle with tinted glasses to a high-security , secret location run by the terrorism investigation dept personnel.

KP is to be interrogated intensively by Sri Lankan anti-terrorist sleuths

DBS Jeyaraj

Chinthana4Lions said...



Puffy said...

OMG!!! Sri Lankan government is doomed... we have arrested the state leader of Tamil Eelam TransSexual Government.

Now the NATO forces will bomb us.... :-(

Aw, is it confirmed that kp is in Colombo now? I need to see official confirmation of that before celebrating...

Push said...

Thanks DW for the update.

Well done SLDF. I remember the day SF mentioned about KP. He said "if KP is trying to do anything wrong to us, then we'll look after him too"
May be KP too can show hidden arms after giving necessary info to us. :)

Unknown said...

slpower said

May be KP too can show hidden arms after giving necessary info to us. :)

good idea.Why do we keep him after taking info...

but have to careful with NGO gangs such as Sunanda deshapriya, nimalka fernando...etc

otherwise they will ask to present him to the court...human right violations...

Moshe Dyan said...

i hope KP will disappear in SL.

otherwise it is impossible to get REAL info from him.

he knows,
1. the in and out of the LTTE operation now
2. the key sakkiliyas
3. arms networks around the world
4. the LTTE drug cartel
5. key financiers
6. key sympathisers
7. RAW, etc. links of the LTTE
8. tamil elam plans
9. bank account details
10. middlemen in arms trade
11. links to other terrorist groups
12. slueths within SL and SL defence
13. links to NGOs, LTTE front orgs, that carrion bird lawyer, etc.

this bastard is worth every shit blood drop he got in kilos of platinum. get it ALL!!

good job guys. this is the SL version of a mossad operation. only difference is MORE brain work & less violence.

Anonymous said...

Next Breaking News

KP went to Vellamuilavaikapaikal with STF to show some hidden weopns, and he tried to grab a gun, fire at STF troops and STF troops fired for self defence and KP is dead. Sorry HRW, AI, IC etc etc.

Moshe Dyan said...


1. india now gives money to MOD to rehabilitate the palaly runway.

2. indian medical team is leaving.

2 dreams have come true.

this is a strategic move. KKS to india?? good move. palaly air base, KKS port, cement factory are all in this strategic area. indian involvement here THROUGH SL means, doom for tamil elam idiots

BUT cautious approach is better.

TN says, “New Delhi and Colombo have overlapping interests over Eezham Tamil land,”

true! while our cox are into mother tamil elam's cunthole, india dix are into the arsehole!!

if mother tamil elam gets AIDS, we are also stuffed. that's why caution is required.

that's not all. "Meanwhile, contrary to what India is doing in practice, the Indian intelligence agents, and their agents in turn, are busy in luring the Tamil diaspora with all kinds of promises in return for collaboration, said the diaspora circles."

so india is playing the double game. arresting KP BYPASSING india(now it is 100% sure he had RAW dealings) makes it more interesting.

Moshe Dyan said...


don't do a loud mouth blunder!!!


Anonymous said...

Post LTTE era is quite different. Perhaps SL officials may arrest Pottu Amman as well later on... Perhaps KP is eating, drinking and singing with SL officials while chatting about how he/ (and PA) and SLA guys sent VP the sooriya thevan to hell togther with all his super inteligent followers...

Defencewire said...

dbs' piecemeal accounts. Its as if KP was kidnapped and its not due to military genius but due to betrayal and in fighting.

if he was caught in Malaysia why would the Thai's get involved? We have very good defence relations with Malaysia, no doubt, which leads to the other question as to why the Malays would handover KP to the Thai's or hand him to the Sri Lankans in Thailand?


Kata kata!

KB said...

Bugger! Can't a chap catch up on some R&R without all bally hell breaking loose? Now my dear chaps, we have to work very gently on this wretched KP bugger. Remember, we do not torture. We will of course use enhanced interrogation methods, just enough to get the poor fellow to sing.


Apino Dannachess said...

Avast, me hearties!

Alhamdulillah .....

Ninja bro my thoughts exactly...but have to be careful....

And he shall sing...from "Maa Bala Kale" to "Tat Tat Taara Patiya" To " Adi Ennadi Ra..."....ending with "Danno Budunge Sri Dharmas..." ...

Then the twerp shall join his fellow fossils in Eeelam...

Cheers Wewa....

Unknown said...

Hoorayy.. great news !!

This one is for Adela Balasingham:

"Bad boys - bad boys
whatcha gonna do - whatcha gonna do
whatcha gonna do - when we come for you !!!"

hahaha get ready bitch ! you are next.

londonistan said...

I'm glad that, at last, we seem to be going on the offensive against the lot abroad... begin has the age of the international Sri Lankan snatch squads! The new integrated structure, injecting military professionals to the diplomatic structure... all makes sense. Well done guys and girls, your undoubted hard work is appreciated.

Suranimala said...

Great it reminds me the arrest of Adolf Eichmann by the mossad . ha ha ha .seems to be we are better than them .
KP welcome to Colombo

Chinthana4Lions said...

You know im thinkiing what we do of all this captured ammunition from pussies?

I hope we will use these to train our troops?

After all all these are free.....:)

But i have a good friend, he was in Navy for 11 years, he told me ususlly old days, when we capture arms from pussies, they take those in ships to middle of the seae and sink them....

I think thats a waste...I hope they dont do that anymore...just use it to train our ppl.....

B#1 said...

Well done Sri Lanka!!

What else we need to show to the world that we are the best.

[i hope KP will disappear in SL.]
.. and he will join with Pottu.. lol :p

Chinthana4Lions said...

Guys what do you think about this?

Nipuna, who escaped Police Chief's death trap reveals his ordeal

Moshe Dyan said...

dear jaffna voters of all races,

vote for peace and eat fish or vote for piece and eat shit.

the choice is yours.

did the ITAK, TULF racists build a toilet at least for you????? NO

did not DD build schools, hospitals, libraries, cinema halls, market places, shops, etc.????

vote wisely. any IDIOT can contest an election but can't give anything. only the right connections matter.

DD has the govt, ITAK orphans have NOBODY.

Rana said...

Best news after 20th May!

KP could be a gold mine to SLA. Who knows?
PK is the main character in Power of One by Bryce Courtenay. KP is the remaining main character on LTTE's version of Power of One which was lost couple of months ago due to murderous ego of one.

Peter said...

This is the best news in a very long time.

I, along with many others, was very worried about how this joker was planning to waste our funds doing transnational government and other such PR stunts.

Terrorists should be terrorists. That should be straight forward enough. As the Tamil saying goes, we lost the war on the day iyakkam stopped being iyakkam.

VP paid the price for wanting a shadow quasi-government structure while the national question had not been resolved. The resources required to maintain tri-forces by a terrorist outfit were enormous. Hence, he failed.

KP wanted to appeal to the mythical Western city on the hill. Talks of democracy, governance, etc., by a labelled terrorist group would have been futile.

Let LTTE be LTTE; let it do what it is good at doing. Iyakkam may finally become iyakkam again. Those of us who wandered off the front while the manic transitions took place in the late '90s have once again take up the mantle.

DoDo said...

O God!

I bet Rasaiah Illangthiriyan could not be reached for comments :((

B#1 said...

Peter(?), :)


Its too late.. You won't get your money back.

Rana said...

Bro kurt,

Adela is a price to catch and a f*****g bar maide bitch who was cheap enough to hang on to ugly cockrouch like Anton Balasingham for money. She got a fortune from LTTE by sticking to terrorists for rewards. She should be brought to justice by all means.

Peter said...


I haven't had contact with KP since '99. Good call on my part, it seems.

His post-VP strategy was tragically flawed. His attempts to take moral high ground by pampering to the West would have left us like the Palestinians (Hamas may have been democratically elected, but it is still shunned as a terrorist group).

Many of us said in Feb. that only an Iraqi style insurgency would make occupation impossible, as has happened in Iraq itself, where the US is in a one man coalition of the willing.

Those of us who were reluctant to follow KP's strategy, including TamilNet, have been proven correct. Now that this short chapter is over, people can focus on what needs to be done.

Girigoris said...

A vacancy for you!

Rana said...

Moshe macho,

I have been in Ausi teritory for three months and just came back couple of weeks ago. You have done a fantastic job while I was away, I will be in Melbourne again around 20th of August for two months. If you are keen to meet, let me know. Just trying to be careful after AMMA GAHAI MF's betrayal incident.

Peter said...


Perhaps so. My fortunes are changing rather rapidly.

Turn around in the economy has been a pleasant surprise. From the chaos of April, the semi-glory of this month has paid me handsomely for risks taken in distressed portfolios.

Likewise, KP's short lived venture, that was against most of our better judgments, is the only good news in an otherwise terrible year. He could not have operated freely in Malaysia without the support of a major power. Now that the certain entity has double-crossed him, hopefully, people have learned the lesson of trusting external actors.

I'm also back in Bandastan. I'm elated as I was supposed to fly to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. Now, plans have changed. Never know; my glory may yet be in Bandastan.

Goolge said...

Congratulations to SLDF and GOSL!! This cannot have been an easy job - well done.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Peter I like your thinking. I hope you ahve enough powers to put those thoughts into some action. For a start eliminate your enemies in your own backyard. That means the territories out of SL [sorry but right now you're in SL, but you truly belong to elsewhere].

Kill those rascals who have stopped paying. Kill Bhairav too, as he does not pay. And then you should think of more terrorist like actions such as drug smuggling and credit card crimes. Way to go my boy. Pig's cartel in drug trade seem to be still waiting for a new owner.

Then you should attempt organized protests all over the world. Block the bloody bridges and highways man. These western a*seholes should feel your plight.

While you're onto these we'll get you. And on that day another lowlife like you will say, "The best thing happened this year is the arrest of Peter the low life, who was messing our movement".

I pity you. I think you have reached the logical doom which we predicted to happen inevitably.

Have a lovely time in SL. Drop in a mail if you like to meet up somewhere and have drink.


Peter said...

Sujeewa Kokawala,

Thanks for the offer. I'm in Wattala, but not very keen on meeting people. Well, after what happened to an old good friend, Tarki, you can't blame me.

Anyway, you haven't fully grasped my thinking. Protests is West, road blocks or whatever, are stupid. If VP thought those circuses could stop the war, he paid the price for that fault in thought process.

Iraqis didn't force British/Aussie troops out of Iraq by blocking roads in London.

LTTE was successful before the Diaspora grew so large and influential that it began imposing Western surface idealism on a guerilla-cum-terrorist movement.

Things should get back to basics. KP is in prison because he made stupid decision to go public. I'm posting this now because I didn't believe in democracy, transnational government, etc.

Girigoris said...

I remember just after LTTE's military defeat, you wished that bus bombs etc was the way to go by getting some to do it for little money. So I agree that your modus operandi was conflicting with KP's so called "no violence (or no other option!) approach.

But wasn't it the stance of your Thalaivar himself during his last hours as claimed by KP and which was matching with the events that followed - surrendering, releasing of civillians, releasing of SLA POWs etc.

Peter said...

"But wasn't it the stance of your Thalaivar himself during his last hours as claimed by KP and which was matching with the events that followed - surrendering, releasing of civillians, releasing of SLA POWs etc."


Decisions/actions are judged on evaluation against outcome, in the words of thalaivar himself.

If thalaivar made the decision on peaceful means, the outcome was his death and continued detention of 300, 000 people, three months after the decision was made. KP, obviously, followed that plan and got himself arrested.

Outcome doesn't vouch well.

Ananda-USA said...


Tiger Chief, KP caught, brought to Colombo

Born: April 6, 1955
AGE: 54
Aliases: KP, Selvarasa Pathmanathan and many others
Charges: Criminal conspiracy, arms smuggling, violation of the Indian Terrorist Act and the Indian Explosive Act, assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

Self-appointed LTTE leader Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP was arrested in a South-east Asian country and brought to Colombo yesterday (06). He was being kept in an undisclosed location.

Authoritative sources told The Island last night that a section of the international community had made a desperate bid to promote him as Velupillai Prabhakaran’s successor. Sources said that KP’s arrest would effectively neutralise on-going efforts to revive the LTTE spearheaded by foreign powers which arranged direct contacts between the key terrorist and UN officials.

KP, who had been the LTTE’s international relations chief till he claimed the LTTE leadership after the army killed Velupillai Prabhakaran in May, previously functioned as the group’s main arms procurer.

On August 04 the Indian Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) said the LTTE had been running a powerful narcotics network in Southeast Asia and after the demise of Prabhakaran other terrorist organisations in the region were vying with one another to take over the lucrative drug trade.

Government sources said that President Mahinda Rajapaksa had been briefed on the arrest and he had directed relevant authorities to go ahead with investigations.

KP was wanted by Interpol and also by India in connection with the assassination of one-time Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

In September, two years ago, though there were media reports of KP’s arrest in Bangkok, Thailand denied the reports. But, he subsequently reappeared under the name S. Pathmanathan and handled the LTTE’s international political arm.

Over the past several years, Sri Lanka made desperate attempts to track down the terrorist and his chief associates.

Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama last night told The Island that Sri Lanka in the recent past had inquired about KP from several countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.

He said that Sri Lanka was grateful to the international community for cracking down on LTTE operatives.

Sources said that the arrest of Pathmanathan, the new head of the remnants of the LTTE, would strengthen Sri Lanka’s efforts to cripple LTTE operations abroad. Although the government didn’t confirm it, some sources said that the arrest had been made in Thailand, citing military officials.

Ananda-USA said...

[Yahoo! And Another Monster Bites the DUST!]


LTTE chief KP arrested in Bangkok
P K Balachandran
Agust 07, 2009

COLOMBO: Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP, the new head of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was arrested in Bangkok, the Thai police said on Thursday.

The arrest was confirmed by Sri Lankan Foreign Secretary Palitha Kohona.

The 1955 born KP has five Interpol red notices against him, and he is wanted by the Sri Lankan police and the Central Bureau of Investigation of India.

Though he had no direct role in the LTTE’s assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in Sriperumbudur on May 21, 1991, he had slipped out of India (possibly Mumbai) five days after the former Prime Minister was killed.

KP was the ace arms procurer and fund raiser of the LTTE at the international level. KP, who had been a close associate of deceased Tiger chieftain Velupillai Prabhakaran, has been arrested before by the Thai police, some years ago, but was mysteriously released after the arrest became known and the Indian and Sri Lankan police wanted to question him.

KP has been masquerading as a democratic leader of the LTTE, after Prabhak­aran’s death, trying to take it along the constitutional path through a “Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam” in exile.

Familiar with the movers and shakers of the world, the multilingual KP had been dodging the police dragnet in several countries for decades.

KP had tried hard to save Prabhakaran and his cohorts in the last stages of Eelam War IV in April-May, but was unsuccessful. After Prabhakaran’s death at the hands of the Sri Lankan army in May, KP had been elected Chief Secretary of the LTTE by the outfit’s executive. But the radicals in the outfit have not accepted this apppointment.

Ananda-USA said...

KP knew Rajiv Gandhi was to be killed
M.R. Narayan Swamy
August 07, 2009

NEW DELHI: The new chief of the Tamil Tigers who is now in Sri Lankan custody was one of the rare few outside the group's intelligence set-up who knew months earlier that former Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was to be assassinated.

Without taking Gandhi's name, Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP told a Sri Lankan Tamil in Tamil Nadu in November 1990 that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) would soon target the "Indian leadership".

KP - as he is widely known - made the explosive revelation over telephone from a foreign country six months before a LTTE woman suicide bomber finally killed Gandhi at an election rally near Chennai May 21, 1991.

But KP, in contrast to a section of media reports, is not an accused in the Gandhi case and is not directly linked to the killing. He is merely a suspect in the eyes of the Multi Disciplinary Monitoring Authority (MDMA), which is still probing the larger conspiracy angle related to Gandhi's killing.

KP's advance knowledge of the assassination has intrigued Indian security agencies.

Since secret decisions of the nature of Gandhi's killing were shared in the regimented LTTE on a strict need to know basis, questions have been asked how and why he came to know about the plot.

One logical explanation was the LTTE's absolute dependency on KP, who was the key international arms procurer for the Tigers, a role he performed with aplomb. He became the LTTE chief after the death of the group's founder leader Velupillai Prabhakaran in May this year.

The LTTE may have felt that KP needed to be told in advance since the international ramifications of Gandhi's killing might jeopardise the carefully laid out global network aimed at procuring arms and ammunition.

Another senior LTTE member outside its intelligence unit who too knew about the Gandhi killing in advance was Tiruchi Shanthan, who in 1990-91 was in charge of all Tiger operations in Tamil Nadu.

So, questioning KP could yield enormously useful information to India since the pellets, explosives and the Singapore Fragmentation Grenade (SFG) used in the assassination reached the LTTE courtesy the arrested man though they were meant for the war in Sri Lanka and not for the Gandhi killing per se.

However, if India decides to ask its security agencies to question KP, those picked for the task should be well clued into LTTE affairs.

There is a group of dominantly low-key officers in India, both serving and retired, who have followed the Tigers for decades. But it has been seen in the past that qualified people often get sidelined on such missions.

KP's link to the Gandhi case is a small part of the mammoth role he played in building up the LTTE since 1983. Just as there could have been no LTTE without Prabhakaran, there may have been no Prabhakaran minus KP.

KP never underwent military training. When he was in India, Prabhakaran decided in 1984 to set up an ultra secret group within the LTTE to buy and transport war material from around the world. KP was picked for the job.

KP rose to the occasion. A man with natural talent for forgery and disguises, he soon acquired multiple identifies as well as passports (including Indian) and slowly built up the LTTE's procurement division.

He set up several front companies (in which he was a master) in several countries to smuggle gold and narcotics. He used the money to buy war material. In India, he secretly operated a dairy farm in Tamil Nadu in the 1980s.

Ananda-USA said...

KP knew Rajiv Gandhi was to be killed]


He also set up a secret shipping network for the LTTE that was used to transport weapons brought abroad to Sri Lanka. He operated in total secrecy, reporting only to Prabhakaran.

It is courtesy KP that the LTTE gained thousands of tonnes of arms and ammunition, including advanced defence systems, anti-tank weapons, sniper rifles, mortars, rocket propelled grenades, ammunition, night vision devices, metal detectors, fibreglass boats as well as sophisticated radio and wireless communications.

Except in the last few years when he was known to be mostly in Malaysia, KP was constantly on the move in the 1980s and 1990s, always a step ahead of all his pursuers. One Indian official said he was "the most elusive of all pimpernels".

Using several identifies, he visited Lebanon, the Thai-Cambodia border, France, Britain, Sweden, Greece, Cyprus, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Myanmar, Malaysia and Australia. He was known to have been in Britain in 2006 when LTTE ideologue Anton Balasingham died.

It was due to KP that the LTTE got its first small aircraft.

However, KP's meteoric rise generated jealousy in the LTTE. Prabhakaran sidelined the man from 2003, bringing in place another loyalist known by his nom de guerre Castro, who was no match for KP's natural talents.

As the LTTE began to sink, Prabhakaran realised the folly and resurrected KP this year. It was too late. Many LTTE watchers believe that Prabhakaran might still be alive if only KP's wings had not been clipped six years ago.

Ananda-USA said...

Slpower said...

[May be KP too can show hidden arms after giving necessary info to us. :) ]

Well, actually he could now be persuaded to have the arms still in the pipeline to be xdelivered to the SLDF! We NEED that stuff for FUTURE use! LoL!

Indian said...

//Ananda said,

Castro alias Manivannan died in May itself.Isnt it?

Anti - KP operations were led by his confidante and not by Castro

Ananda-USA said...

Moshe said..

[ true! while our cox are into mother tamil elam's cunthole, india dix are into the arsehole!!]

Shall we say, Holy S**t?

Well, I now have A NEW CONCERN. What if KP does a Karuna and ends up as a GOSL Minister? LoL!


Ananda-USA said...

Indian said...

[ Anti - KP operations were led by his confidante and not by Castro]


Well, I think there is some uncertainty about whether Castro was killed.

There were Post-VP reports that the Anti-KP effort was being orchestrated by Castro...but you may be right.

Perhaps the other DW bloggers can chime in on this.

silentknight said...

actually,..KP can be made to transfer the money collected from diaspora into SLDF cheesed off do you think the diaspora would be with that turn of events?.....hehee

DoDo said...

Slain Tiger chief's phone led S.Lanka to successor
07 Aug 2009 09:31:35 GMT
Source: Reuters
By Ranga Sirilal

COLOMBO, Aug 7 (Reuters) - Sri Lanka's successful manhunt for the new head of the Tamil Tigers began with the phone of the dead man he succeeded, Tiger founder Vellupillai Prabhakaran.

Sri Lankan intelligence officers used the satellite phone, found on the corpse of Prabhakaran after his death in a final battle on May 18, to pick up the trail of a man who dodged authorities for nearly three decades.

The capture of Selvarajah Pathmanathan, the new head of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, is the latest prize for President Mahinda Rajapaksa in his campaign to wipe out the separatist Tigers and their remnants.

A military spokesman said Pathmanathan was being interrogated in Colombo.

Known as KP during his decades running the Tigers' multi-million dollar arms, smuggling and fundraising operations, Pathmanathan took over as the LTTE's public leader after Sri Lanka announced victory in a 25-year war on May 18.

Three senior military sources, all speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters that three teams were deployed to Malayasia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia to hunt down and kill Pathmanathan, not capture him.

"We didn't want him to be brought down here. But the circumstances didn't allow us to do that," one military intelligence officer told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

The presence of local intelligence and security officers acting as liasons made that plan impracticable, they said.

Sri Lankan authorities, after initially reporting the arrest of their most-wanted in Thailand on Thuesday, have since declined to say in which country he was captured. Thai and Malaysian authorities have both denied he was arrested in their countries.

The military officers said Pathmanathan constantly changed his location and mobile phone numbers, prompting them to keep vigilance over Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Pathmanathan was in constant phone contact with Prabhakaran as the military closed in on a tiny spit of northeastern coast with the goal of wiping out the Tigers and decapitating its leadership -- which it achieved.

"We are still hunting down other LTTE leaders like Castro and other main people in other countries," the officer said. Castro is the nom de guerre of a senior overseas Tiger operative who had worked in weapons procurement and intelligence gathering.

Pathmanathan is wanted on two Interpol warrants and holds dozens of passports, and he had plenty of money to buy his way out of trouble -- the Tigers were believed to have earned between $200-300 million annually from smuggling and extortion. (Writing by Shihar Aneez and Bryson Hull; Editing by Sanjeev Miglani)

DoDo said...

Three senior military sources, all speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters that three teams were deployed to Malayasia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia to hunt down and kill Pathmanathan, not capture him.

"We didn't want him to be brought down here. But the circumstances didn't allow us to do that," one military intelligence officer told Reuters on condition of anonymity

Looks like this was no betrayal. DBS being DBS, he's as usual just trying to take the credit away from SLDF by showing this was some internal problem with LTTE.

This looks like a real Mossad like operation. Maybe even better work than Mossad. Slick work by our boys!

silentknight said...

if this report is true,..damn thats some slick work!!

Saman said...

Good to see all bro's active in one place after a long lapse.

KP will spill beans.... I am sure quite a few dick heads in Sri lanka and around the world would be thinking what if....

LTTE has to build from scratch. That should provide enough time to get a sustainable plan in place agaist seperatism. Hope RAW will get enough infor/evidence so that India can crush seperatism within Tamil Nadu as well.

soorapappa...සූරපප්පා said...

Good stuff,

Audios jungle killers and fake tamil cause. Death is awaiting you !

Ananda-USA said...


The article posted by blogger DoDo says...

["We are still hunting down other LTTE leaders like Castro and other main people in other countries," the officer said. Castro is the nom de guerre of a senior overseas Tiger operative who had worked in weapons procurement and intelligence gathering.]

This suggests that Castro is still alive, and RIPE FOR PLUCKING!

Goolge said...

Dear Friends

Due to condiions in my personal life and an inclination of my mind, the time has come to bid farewell. There is something else I intend to concentrate on more fully in this life.

I wish DefenceWire team and its patriots like Moshe Dyan, Ananda, Sam Perera, CASC, Asithri etc. and other well-intentioned folk, all the best!

I am humbly grateful to SLDF who have brought back peace and preserved the unity of Sri Lanka, at the cost of life and limb.

Thusitha said...

Peter said...

Iraqis didn't force British/Aussie troops out of Iraq by blocking roads in London.

There is a huge difference. Americans and British are not fighting for their own land. But we are. So, it would be bit harder for you to guys to pull that type of shit in SL. But, no one is stopping you. Continue to do your good work.

Anyway, you haven't fully grasped my thinking. Protests is West, road blocks or whatever, are stupid. If VP thought those circuses could stop the war, he paid the price for that fault in thought process.
So, what are you saying, you don't need the diAsspora? The people who funded you all these years?

LTTE was successful before the Diaspora grew so large and influential that it began imposing Western surface idealism on a guerilla-cum-terrorist movement.

Things should get back to basics. KP is in prison because he made stupid decision to go public. I'm posting this now because I didn't believe in democracy, transnational government, etc.

by looking at all your comments, it looks like you are trying to pull a DBSJ here as well. You are trying to come here and act like KP means nothing to you. The same disdain manner you treat your great Thalivar now.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Dear Nipuna,

I have never met you nor known you through other means, however I certainly support you for pursuing maximum punishment possible for culprit Vas Gunawardena, his son and wife who abused state resources for personal petties.

I urge the Defence Secretary and the President to watch these videos and read the news, and order the law enforcement authorities to take maximum actions to punish the culprits.

Do not settle with these brutes who abused position or power. They are just no men when they were stripped them.

We work day and night to bring investment to the country and to make it a better place. But if we leave the country to be strayed into this wild stray, we all get de-motivated.

I am wondering why there is no arrest whatsoever so far even after the culprits were clearly identified.

and shameless Police trying to settle.. what to settle? Bring the culprits to justice! This is a criminal offence + misuse of state resources!

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Peter the solitary dreamer,

[[Thanks for the offer. I'm in Wattala, but not very keen on meeting people. Well, after what happened to an old good friend, Tarki, you can't blame me.]]

Well well, do I call this fear...

Why not.

Your fear just tells the dirty dark chunks of regrettable criminal signatures stamped at the back of your incest mind. You gotta live with it, sadly.

[[Anyway, you haven't fully grasped my thinking.]]

It is pretty hard for an outsider to grasp a world class day dreamer. Especially when the guy is getting lonely day by day, hiding in fear of never known threat. I can never guess what a little puppy can growl at a T-Rex.

[[Protests is West, road blocks or whatever, are stupid. If VP thought those circuses could stop the war, he paid the price for that fault in thought process.]]

No you don't change your stance. You were so much behind the protest crap six months ago. We just told this to you. You never listened.

You're right. Certainly the TransSexual Governance is way too advance for you. Mafia is better.

[[Iraqis didn't force British/Aussie troops out of Iraq by blocking roads in London.]]

You are not similar to Iraqis. Stop disgracing your superior nation by equaling them to gullible other nations.

- Iraqis didn't fight a different fraction of Iraqis.

- iraqis didn't base their fight on mythical fairy tales.

- I never heard Iraqis saying that they were an advanced human breed or pre-historic to homo-sapiens.

- They never claimed Iraq as their home land occupied for the last mammoth 2500years [what a funny claim].

- And in reality Iraqis never robbed this land from Americans 800years ago like your people did. Iraq is genuinely there homeland, unlike your mythical version.

- Iraqis simply fought the invaders who came mere 5yrs ago.

So thinking Iraqi wouldn't have done much different. It could have killed few more tamils btw.

[[LTTE was successful before the Diaspora grew so large and influential that it began imposing Western surface idealism on a guerilla-cum-terrorist movement.]]

Agree. Initially they were dedicated for war, for right or wrong reasons. Your vengeful monkeys doped them with dollars and euros and they lost all they had. Go back to your hideout in Wattala and knock your head on the wall for every dollar you granted. Each of them destroyed their fight inch by inch.

[[Things should get back to basics.]]

Basics for Wanni people:
build a house, find a living, find school for kids and start living the life which they severely lost. Enjoy the freedom to breath.

Basics for diaspora:
Collect more money, kill the non-payers, gang fight, steal more credit cards, ship more drugs, hide hide and hide.

[[KP is in prison because he made stupid decision to go public.]]

Indeed, like all the tamil separatist f**kers he also thought no end of his pride. Like you. If we go thru your postings we can see how you dreamt building mansions in moon. Just like TranSexual Government of KP. Silly jolly jokers.

[[I'm posting this now because I didn't believe in democracy, transnational government, etc.]]

Do not. That is your trade mark of existence. And the very reason why civilized world think you're a cancer and join hands in puling you out of your rat holes.

Do keep believing in terrorism.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Recently I was speaking someone connected to SL Embassy in Washington.

Our Minister Rohitha Bogollagama has hosted a party for his Daughter's birthday, and has spend $45,000, and asked the Embassy to foot the bill.

We know how hard we have to work to earn $45,000. Even I have friends here whose annual gross income is less than $45,000.

When the Embassy refused to settle the bill, he has used a guys of "Investment Promotion" to settle the bill.

Investment Prmotion -my foot!!!

We know how hard we work to promote investment to Sri Lanka, and I felt really betrayed when I heard this story.

Is our money and effort go to this kind of waste? It is my question!

Is MR a prisoner of the Bogollagama and Mervyn?

Moshe Dyan said...


it was very nice to have you here. you added another dimension - way of thinking - here.

kind of sad to see you go.

but in many situations, "you should know when to get out".

otherwise it would be like what GW BUSH (sr) told his son. "with iraq you should not do the same mistake i did with your mother. i could have avoided a disaster if i had pulled out in time!!!"

all the very best, mate.

Nisal said...

Seems to me a Mossad style game. KP after Eichmann (

Well done boys!!!

Nisal said...

[[Looks like this was no betrayal. DBS being DBS, he's as usual just trying to take the credit away from SLDF by showing this was some internal problem with LTTE.]]


Anyway, please do not blame DBS. He blasted both KP and anti-KP fractions of LTTP by one single article! Now diaspora goons don't have KP, also they cannot join ant-KP side!!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kevin said...

Who tried to destroy our…..
Steady on mate
Good luck and good show to our people. I hope he will reveal a lot.

NOLTTE=Peace said...


You seems to be out of order...!

We only want to stop Eelamists harming peace in the country.

Nothing more nothing less.

We do not want to be terrorists.

Nisal said...


Unknown said...

[ NOLTTE=Peace said...

You seems to be out of order...!

We only want to stop Eelamists harming peace in the country.

Nothing more nothing less.

We do not want to be terrorists.]

Just day dreaming folks. I don't want that to happen. Don't take that seriously. Even if I wanted it, it cannot be done in a country like SL. We are not Somalia.

As the Chinese saying goes, "Those who seek vengeance should first dig two graves".

I would be happy if someone else does it though!

KB said...

Rajapaksha Doctrine
The Rajapaksha Doctrine is a Sri Lankan policy introduced on May 18, 2009, which says that further efforts by foreign governments or individuals based in foreign countries to interfere in the affairs of Lanka would be viewed by the Sri Lankan government as acts of aggression requiring SL intervention. The Rajapaksha Doctrine asserted that if a current or former Sri Lankan citizen expresses his or her opinion within the country or abroad that imagined 'Tamil Nation' is entitled to form an independent state in their imagined 'historical homeland' of the island on the basis of imagined 'Tamil nationhood', 'homeland' and 'right to self determination' , it is a punishable offence under the sixth amendment of the Sri Lankan constitution, and thus will be duly arrested anywhere in the world and delivered to proper authorities in Colombo to be dealt with promptly.


CASC said...


Good luck to you my friend !

Ranaviru Fund said...

How to Sponsor a Ranaviru Child

We have worked with the Sri Lanka Air Force Sevavanitha Unit, Sri Lanka Ranaviru Seva Authrority and the Directorate of Welfare of the Sri Lanka Navy to find sponsorships for over 400 children of Sri Lanka Armed Forces personnel who have either laid down their lives or have suffered physical disability while defending our motherland.

Now you too have the opportunity to show your gratitude to war affected Armed Forces Heroes and the Ranaviru families by sponsoring the education or medical needs of their children under the following programs.

1. Assistance for Children with Medical Needs

2. Directorate of Welfare of the Sri Lanka Navy Scholarship Program

3. Ranaviru Seva Authority Scholarship Program.

For further details please visit;


Ananda-USA said...

Way to go!

Arrest the Traitors and Plug the Holes in IDP Camp Security.

Prosecute people who betray the Motherland for Money!

‘Male Matron’ with stripes held in V’niya hospital

Police zero-in on secret IDP escape route

by Shamindra Ferdinando
August 08, 2009

The police investigating a secret escape route for LTTE suspects and their families, from welfare centres in the Vavuniya region, have made a major breakthrough in their investigations.

A senior police official based in the north told The Island that the police had arrested a suspect trying to bribe his way through.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the official said that the suspect had joined a group of IDPs brought to the Vavuniya Hospital and then made an attempt to leave the hospital with the help of some employees. About two hundred IDPs are brought to that hospital daily.

The suspect at the time of his arrest had been in the uniform of a matron, he said. Two members of the hospital cleaning staff had provided the suspect with a matron’s uniform after receiving Rs. 25,000 as a bribe, the police said adding that an alert police officer had detected the suspect as he was about to leave the hospital.

The official said though the suspect had offered the policeman Rs. 5,000 and sought his help to flee, the officer had apprehended the man.

Senior DIG Nimal Lewke, in charge of the Northern region told The Island that ordinary civilians wouldn’t try to flee welfare camps as they didn’t have anything to hide. Dismissing claims that thousands had escaped from welfare camps over the past few months, the former Commandant of the elite Special Task Force (STF) said that they were now in the process of conducting a thorough inquiry.

Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has directed the police to identify the persons involved in the racket, particularly those who had provided money to bribe security personnel and hospital employees. The Defence Secretary told The Island that some army and police personnel who had helped LTTE suspects to escape were now in police custody.

Newly appointed Commissioner General of Rehabilitation Major General Daya Ratnayake told The Island that several thousand LTTE cadres, including suicide cadres and hardcore fighters could still be hiding among some 280,000 civilians accommodated at welfare centres. He said that they would try to escape before security authorities screening IDPs detected them and moved them to special detention centres for LTTE suspects. Almost 10,000 men and women are held in 12 such facilities guarded by the army.

Ananda-USA said...


Sorry to hear you are leaving the Blog, Brother!

It was a joy to read your posts! Do drop by now and then to eat some Kiribath & Lunumiris with us!

May the Holy Triple Gem Bless & Protect You, and Yours.

Ananda-USA said...

KP Bird to SING for INDIA as well! Yahoo!

Colombo willing to consider Indian request on KP

B. Muralidhar Reddy
August 08, 2009

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka on Friday said it would deal with self-proclaimed LTTE leader Kumaran Pathmanathan known as KP, arrested from a country in the Asian region and flown here on Thursday night, in accordance with “domestic laws and international norms.”

Speaking at a special press briefing here, defence spokesperson and Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said the new leader of the LTTE was in the custody of the military authorities and would be questioned about the LTTE operations overseas.

LTTE assets

The Minister said the government could ascertain the details of foreign assets of the LTTE with KP in custody and maintained that Sri Lanka was willing to consider any request by other countries to question Kumaran Pathmanathan based on bilateral and international conventions and treaties.

The Minister’s statement assumes importance as India had wanted Interpol to apprehend him for interrogation on charges such as criminal conspiracy, arms smuggling, violation of the Indian terrorist and explosives laws and the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

KP known as Tharmalingam Shanmugam Kumaran in India was proclaimed a wanted offender.

Ananda-USA said...

KP is SINGING: Diaspora LTTE agents TREMBLING!

They can RUN, but they can't HIDE! ALL RATHOLES already CLOGGED.

KP arrested, brought to Colombo and he has “Begun to Vomit”

Aug 7, 2009
Asian TRibune

The new image of Kumaran Pathmanathan put out by Puthinam
Colombo, 07 August, ( Sri Lanka confirms that LTTE’s remnant group leader Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP has been arrested, brought to Colombo and now he is ‘vomiting’ to his Sri Lankan interrogators.

A source very close to the Sri Lanka President’s office told Asian Tribune that on Thursday President Mahinda Rajapaksa received a call from the Defence Ministry that KP has been arrested and brought to Colombo.

The source further added that Mahinda Rajapaksa received this call immediately after his prayers at the Temple of Tooth in Kandy, (Dalada Maligawa) appealing to the Deyeo – (God) ‘for strength to unite the country and bring about a sustainable peace in Sri Lanka.’

Though it was reported that KP was arrested in Thailand, (even in the Asian Tribune) the news is being contradicted by many LTTE sources living in the West.

According to “Puthinam,” a pro-LTTE Tamil language news portal, which promoted KP as the new leader of the LTTE, reported that KP was arrested in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in a joint operation conducted by Sri Lankan and Malaysian intelligence officers and not in Thailand.

Puthinam also published a new image of KP, which is completely different from what all the medias so far carried.

According to Puthinam, on Wednesday, KP went to ‘Tune Hotel’ located at the Jalan Tuanku Absdul Rahman, in Kuala Lumpur to meet with the visiting Late B. Nadesan’s brother and son.

Puthunam further revealed that while he was closeted in the hotel room with the visitors, he received a call and he came out of the room to continue his conversation.

“ When KP came out of the room he was apprehended by the Malaysian and Sri Lankan intelligence operatives and packed off to Colombo on Thursday, after holding initial investigation and confirmation that they have netted the right person.

Asian Tribune further learnt that the map of the arrest of KP was ‘sketched out’ by the arrested LTTE leaders, who are in the custody of the Sri Lankan Army and especially by a former LTTE intelligence chief.

In the meantime, Asian Tribune also learns that already RAW, – Research Analysis Wing – the intelligence unit of India is in touch with Sri Lanka regarding KP, as he is wanted in the Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination.

Furthermore it is rumored that Sri Lankan intelligence has initiated a secret move to net a high profile New York based LTTE Lawyer.

- Asian Tribune -

Ananda-USA said...

[Robert Bake’s Master Plan For Sri-Lanka ]
By L. Jayasooriya
August 08, 2009

Nisal said...

KP's first and the LAST TV interview:

Nisal said...

A good report from Aljazera, after a long time:

Moshe Dyan said...


very well said.

at last the country has leaders instead of arselickers.

to be meaningful, the govt MUST start an economic miracle too. there are ENOUGH land, water, fishing areas.

no excuse for not doing. to have our CHOICE, we must be economically strong.

KB said...

Moshe, old chap, our president should formalize this doctrine the same way Monroe Doctrine was declared by President James Monroe in his December 2, 1823, address to US Congress. He articulated United States policy on the new political order developing in the rest of the Americas and the role of Europe in the Western Hemisphere.


TropicalStorm said...

"..If you want to see how leaders with balls behave, look to the guys in that place Sri Lanka..."

- disgusted Republican lawmaker, at a recent private gathering.

ඉයන් said...

Read this asiantribune article. Is US asking SL to give ealam/federal to NE to quality for US$20 Million pittance a year aid? or am I missing a point here?

U.S. aid to Sri Lanka: More conditions placed to address aspirations of Tamils

ඉයන් said...

One point we have to remember is MR is not going to be president for ever. Even there is a change in the constitution to let him be the Presient/PM for a longer period that is not until eternity. The separatists have lotof patience if one looks at the history from 1920's.

We were expecting ammendments to constitution to make seperatism or political parties that preach separatism illegal. Also we need more stronger ammendemnts that will ensure that weaker leaders in the future will not bow down to international pressure and reverse some of the achivements.

Also if possible various provisions such as Bill of rights etc. to put the discrimination bullshit to sleep. Isn't it the time to persue these things? The life is cyclical and my fear is a day will come that we will not be in a strong posistion as now to protect our land without these and requiring 2/3 majority if a change of course is attempted.

TropicalStorm said...

Sri Lanka will, out of necessity; imagined or otherwise, remain highly militarized for quite a while. Our ability and combat readiness will also remain among the topmost in the world, for the foreseeable future. [Currently SL ranks top in combat readiness as a nation.]
SL need not worry too much about US' feelings, as long as we don't actively antagonize them. The current US govt is seriously handicapped by the foreign relations nightmare in the persona of Clinton. Obama now is in a dilemma; can't do with her, no way to get rid of her.
Ditto with the teetering UK and French and other EU nations. As long as the SLG knows how not to appear too arrogant and confrontational with the West, things will remain manageable, even if not popular.

While dealing with the internal security situaton as a non-negotiable priority, SL should also promote inter-racial harmony actively.
Perhaps it would be a good idea to have some well-to-do Sinhalese families assist rehab LTTE shild soldiers by picking up the tab to keep them in school etc.

TropicalStorm said...


MR may not be prez for ever, but don't expect the clan to disappear from power for a long time. This could be the beginning of a long nightmare in which power is usurped by each of the brothers, by gaming the system. This could lead to a quasi militaristic regime, hell bent on staying in power by the hook or the crook...

Rana said...

KP is vomiting/singing or spilling beans.

David Miliband and Eric Solheim along with few others may be sweating now!

SLG should publish all details of foreign traitors who have taken money and involve with LTTE terrorists against unity of Sri Lanka.

tata said...

What you are saying is 100% true.
We should prepare ourselves for the not so strong SL in future, which will happen. It's just a matter of time.

But, no matter what you put into a constitution, if there's a strong separatist movement and a weak leader on our side, inevitable will happen.

I personally believe (and I believe most of the bloggers here believe that too) the answer lies in the golden formula of Ethnic Integration.

Because, we cannot avoid the two most fundamental conditions for a separate state, namely 1) Tamils' need for a separate state 2)Weak leader in SL in future, no matter how we make a constitution.

I am not saying that we should not include what you said in a future constitution. By all means we should include everything.

But the key is Ethnic Integration IMHO.

Asithri said...

A comment to the current article on IE on KP:,+Kumaran+Pathmanathan,+LTTE&SectionName=VfE7I/Vl8os=


ha haha...KP is indeed "well looked after" by the representatives of our Rajapakse (pro-King) Emperor Mahinda...ha ha ha...I just got word that KP has agreed to sign-over nearly $100MM, as only a first payment, to the Govt. of Sri Lanka - in restitution charges for all the mass death and destruction of life & property in SL that the LTTE Sakkili "paraya-karans" caused over 25 years. Thank you KP...thank you stupid Tamil Die-Ass-Pundey...we Sri Lankans are indeed deeply indebted to you for your truly magnanimous gesture! Any LTTE Sakkiliya who washed the white man's toilets day, noon & night to contribute to the coffers of KP, well, just don't be sour....just say that finally you have given something back to the nation that gave you free medicare, education, food and the only country on earth that has Tamil language in the national passport....and then you should be at peace!

-------------------------------- who would write a respose like this I wonder?

:)) :)) :))

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...


Agree 100% !!!

This is something that keeps me awake at night and I am working on a suitable counter-measure time I will be able to discuss it here.

Greets to you and yours brother...

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...


Agree with you too mate...

Good to see you here after a long time...(not that I have been here a lot myself since May 19th when the Fat, Ugly, Oily Pig was found minus his Cockka and 1/2 his skull on MVK lagoon)...ha ha ha...anyway, greets to you and yours mate!

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

ha ha is the is believed that the "Asian Intelligence agents" who finally cooperated, coordinated, and actually covered up until this KP whorebitch was spirited out (from "that" Asian country) were none other than the same guys that the KP's lavish bank accounts had rewarded very handsomely for over 10 years!!!

ha ha ha...see what a stupid motherfucking bunch of arseholes these "LTTE Tamils" have become on this planet?

They are so simplistic that they do not know any paid-allegiance is bound to fall sooner or later (often to the highest bidder/enforcer)....!!!

What a bunch of fucking brain-dead morons these buggers have turned out to be....just too sad we did not liquidate them "with extreme prejudice" before (yes, we have to thank Ponna Huttha Ranil for that I know!)...

:)) :)) :))

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

Got to run...

Some thagaatchi called and said she has some of KP's money "in a very secretive place in my body"...damn it, I hated biology, human anatomy in school...but here I am now sucked into it (pardon the pun) again...

:)) :)) :))

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

Google, mate sorry to see you leave this esteemed blog....whatever the reason, I wish you good luck and God speed! Look forward to the day our paths cross pleasantly once again...


OaO Asithri

Moshe Dyan said...

ian & tata,

agree with you both.

i was worried about what ian says for a long time. unfortunately the problem is with MR HIMSELF!!

he is behaving like the power greedy shareholder. his attitude is, "if i'm not there you are doomed"!!. this is such a dumb attitude to have in relation to a country.

there was this shareholder/director/chairman of a conglomerate whose personal stakes in some KEY subsidiaries decided that these small companies stay in the group. if he pulls his support out, these subsidiaries cannot be consolidated.

this made the other shareholders ALWAYS appoint him the chairman!!

we need SYSTEMS, not personalities.

but as TS says, our leaders think otherwise.

Moshe Dyan said...

yes, ethnic integration, as TATA says, is the key.

that solution is,
1. democratic
3. non-racist
4. blocks separatism 100%
5. pro-capitalist, pro-business
6. environmentally friendly
7. lessens the impact of future natural disasters

Moshe Dyan said...

indonesians are showing some signs of maturing too.

"Indonesian police sources say one of two men killed in a central Java shoot-out with police is Indonesia's most wanted terrorist, Noordin Mohammed."

the most wanted terrorist killed in a shoot out! fantastic.

Moshe Dyan said...

toiletnet tribute to KP.

1. "According to Tamil circles, Mr. Pathmanathan was mysteriously kidnapped in Malaysia on Wednesday and was sent to Colombo."

2. Sri Lankan state has graduated now, with what seems to be international assent, to incarcerate cadres of the liberation struggle in tens of thousands and civilians in hundreds of thousands as war prisoners without any guarantee to their lives.

3. Currently there are fears about the lives of hundreds of senior LTTE leaders.

PICK them one by one.

4. As war criminals and terrorists hide behind the banner of state and the world doesn’t care for a whole nation incarcerated, a revealing news was the Reuter reporting that stock market significantly went up in Colombo with the arrest of Pathmanathan.

SL wins = TE loses
TE wins = SL loses

TropicalStorm said...


I may soon be taking up a challenging and interesting assignment in Sri Lanka. Though this is primarily in the private sector, I will of course be heavily involved in some 'image building' stuff for the homeland, working with a select group. My input here may become rarer as a result, but will pop in from time to time, when possible.

And of course, knowing the intensity of patriotism some of you have, I'd like to call upon some for assistance, if that becomes necessary.

I left Sri Lanka when it was the time to do so. Now it is time to return home, and fix it for good so that we can yet again become a proud people who live in harmony with each other. Some of you urged me not to take the plunge, but now it is time to do exactly that. Wish me luck!

Suranimala said...

hello koti Peter. How are you?I thought you are still counting miles to Kilinochi:)))
Your Talaivar is waiting for KP in unknown location in the hell .sometimes he may meet him near future :))
How about you ?may be.. next wil be your turn :))

About Nipuna
this vas gunawardana and his son should be punished and put out of the police .

Moshe Dyan said...


good luck. you have done a good deal in your blog and sure have what it takes for the new challenge.

that is the best contribution one can make. i agree, now. and its time we all change the 'perceptions' based on either own experience or parents' experience working in SL.

will gladly do anything to help.

ඉයන් said...


Ditto to what Moshe said. We spend our time here not that it makes us money. Similarly if we can contribute in anything we are pleased do it absolutely FREE of any compensation. I have read many great ideas of Ananda-USA & Moshe if put to work we dont have to depend on dole outs of the west. We owe our incomes and riches today to the free education we got in Sri Lanka and we owe our country.

Mention the areas you think we could contribute in this blog and we will ceratinly write our two cents worth.

ඉයන් said...


Many seem to be considering that 100% of the Diaspora in the same category. Anti-Sri Lanka and anti-Sinhalese.

I like to think there are 4 kinds of people in Tamil Diaspora.

(a) LTTE members The Hard Core LTTE members who were sent to several countries on bogus birth, marriage, educational, credentials to work in the collections and other administrative and propaganda work of LTTE. They are usually paid a salary or commission on collections and in addition abuse the welfare systems in the host countries. (In a report RCMP estimated Canada has at least 2000 of these people in 2001)

(b) LTTE Supporters The LTTE supporters who while want to see an ealam created wants Sri Lanka and its name, future and its people harmed, killed and maimed to get the ealam. These people are not in the payroll of LTTE but contribute willingly and take part in meetings and possessions etc. as the time permits.

(c) Ealam Supporters The normal set of people who while they like the idea of setting up a country for them in NE, they do not wish harm to other human beings or wish doom for Sri Lanka. This lot to contribute to LTTE willingly. They once realise that the ealam is unachivable would be content with it. I have a feeling majority of diaspora is in this catogory.

(d) Anti-LTTE The fourth kind is the ones who do not want to contribute and do not support LTTE, but are forced to contribute by coercion. I am sure we all know the tactics used by LTTE to extract funds, and these people contribute in fear of retribution.

Of these 4 kinds only 1 & 2 are the dangerous. The first kind has time to protest and go in possessions 24/7 as their job is working for LTTE. No one holding a job can be on streets 24/7 otherwise. Also they want LTTE to survive for their own livelihood.

The second kind although not as dangerous as the 1st, they are equally do many things such as influencing MPS. Congressmen etc. write articles, makes speeches and add their credentials to tarnish the image of SL, and to support the 'cause'.

While the 4th kind are SL friendly and are the ones who would want to see peace in Sri Lanka that will let them visit SL without fear. These guys help people of all communities including Sinhalese.

I empathize with the 3rd kind. If someone tells me there is a reasonable likelihood of establishing another country for Sri Lankans in let’s say in Australia I would also contribute. I personally don’t see an attitude problem except for the destruction the money is used for.

Anyway the 3rd and 4th kind are the future ethnic harmony in Sri Lanka, and 1st and the 2nd need to be pursued and be guarded against.

Moshe Dyan said...


segmentation----> targeting -----> positioning (cotler????)

good analysis.

i recon ONLY (a)s are dangerous.

legally, only the (a)s can be handled.

SL should have an internal plan to handle the TE project so that (b), (c) & (d) will either be neutral or pro-SL.

actually there is another group - the indifferent kind. this group is set to increase.

Ananda-USA said...

Tropical Storm,

Good Luck, Brother. May the Holy Triple Gem Bless and Protect you and yours!

It is great that you are going back to help Mother Lanka. I will be doing the same (at least half my time), when I bring my products for manufacturing to Sri Lanka!

Ananda-USA said...


It is good to have you back here! We missed you!

Ananda-USA said...

Sino-Indian boundary talks begin

National Security Adviser M K Narayanan welcomes Dai Bingguo, China's Special Representative on the boundary dispute, for a delegation-level talk in N

Ashwani Talwar
August 08, 2009

NEW DELHI: After a gap of nearly a year, Special Representatives from India and China met here on Friday to discuss the boundary dispute simmering for decades.

National Security Adviser M K Narayanan and Chinese State Councillor Dai Bingguo began the 13th round of the continuing Special Representatives-level dialogue. The Indian delegation included Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao, till recently India’s Ambassador in Beijing.

No dramatic outcome is expected during the two-day talks on the vexed issue of demarcating the 4,000-km border between the two countries. Both make do with a Line of Actual Control, which includes the Mc- Mahon Line drawn by the British and disputed by the Chinese.

Between the last and this round of talks, China has been reasserting its claim over the 90,000 sq km territory of Arunachal Pradesh: Recently at the Asian Development Bank, Beijing even opposed a funding of an Indian project because a part of the money was being spent in that state. But India stood its ground.

In the Western sector, China holds about 40,000 sq km of Aksai Chin that India claims is part of its own territory.

After several round of official-level boundary talks, Delhi and Beijing upgraded the dialogue to the political level in 2003 by appointing a Special Representative each. Since then the two meet every few months, usually not sharing many details with the media. The 12th round of this series was held in Beijing last September.

A breakthrough of sorts in this dialogue took place during the April 2005 India visit by Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.

The two countries signed an agreement on the ‘Political parameters and guiding principles’ for settling the boundary dispute.

Under this they agreed to “safeguard due interests of their settled populations in border areas”. The Indian interpretation of this clause is that Arunachal Pradesh, populated by people who call themselves Indians, can’t be transferred to China.

The varying interpretation of these “guiding principles” are likely to come in for discussion this time.

Ananda-USA said...

Yikes! The Self-Proclaimed Highly Intelligent Folks Have Done Themselves In!

Infighting may have done KP in

K Venkataramanan
Times of India
August 8, 2009

CHENNAI: The LTTE's eternal mystery man, Selvarasa Pathmanathan, was being interrogated in Colombo on Friday even as the Tamil diaspora
speculated whether he was 'betrayed' by a rival faction or was cornered in Kuala Lumpur on a tip-off from Indian intelligence.

The dramatic arrest of the LTTE's putative new leader 'Kumaran' Pathmanathan or 'KP' in Kuala Lumpur and his quick deportation to Colombo stunned sections of the overseas Sri Lankan Tamil community, which was hoping to keep the militarily defeated 'Tamil Eelam' movement alive through a 'transnational administration' that he was putting together.

Reports emanating from the expatriate Sri Lankan Tamil community suggested that KP, former chief arms procurer and head of the Tamil Tigers' global fund-raising operations, had been arrested on Wednesday by Malaysian agencies from a hotel he was staying in and whisked away to Bangkok, where Sri Lankan law enforcers were present to take him to Colombo.

KP, against whom India and Sri Lanka had sought red corner notices from Interpol, emerged a disputed leader of the post-war LTTE. One section saw him as a Prabhakaran loyalist, who would give a new direction to the movement through political and diplomatic means, while another challenged his credentials to lead the group.

It remains to be seen if India will seek Pathmanathan's custody as he is wanted for questioning in connection with Rajiv Gandhi's assassination. The CBI's Interpol alert calls him 'Kumaran Tharmalingam Shanmugam' and says he is wanted for offences involving terrorism and use of explosives. While the special investigation team did not charge-sheet him, it did seek to arrest him. Later, his name figured in the Jain commission report on the conspiracy angle to Rajiv's assassination. The 'multi-disciplinary monitoring agency' (MDMA), formed to unravel the larger plot, may want to question him.

KP, 54, had irked fierce LTTE supporters as well as his detractors within the guerrilla group when he announced the end of the LTTE's combat operations and, a few days later confirmed the death of Velupillai Prabhakaran in May.

Agencies quoted a Thai spokesman as denying that KP was arrested in Thailand, while Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razad said he could neither confirm nor deny the report. However, a Tamil website sympathetic to the rebels gave a detailed account of how KP had excused himself from the company of the brother and the son of slain LTTE political wing leader, B Nadesan, to answer a phone call while sauntering through the corridor of Tune Hotels in Kuala Lumpur. Enquiries revealed that he was spirited away by unidentified agents.

"There is suspicion that Malaysian and Sri Lankan intelligence collaborated on the abduction, along with the intelligence agency of a bigger country," a report on said, hinting at India's involvement.

However, others suspected that a rival faction could have tipped off security agencies about his whereabouts. "It is widely believed that the arrest was made possible through inside information supplied by some members of the LTTE abroad, who were opposed to KP donning the leadership mantle," said commentator DBS Jeyaraj in his account of the development.

The faction owing allegiance to Perinbayanagam Sivaparan alias Nediyavan, an overseas LTTE intelligence functionary, was behind the opposition to KP's leadership, but the differences were played down after talks between the rival groups. "KP had emerged as the interface between the organisation and the Tamil diaspora keen on pursuing the LTTE's goals through political and diplomatic means, and it is a setback to these efforts," said Col (retired) R Hariharan, a Sri Lanka analyst.

Thusitha said...

Moshe Dyan said...
indonesians are showing some signs of maturing too.

the most wanted terrorist killed in a shoot out! fantastic.

I think what is happening in Asia (in cleaning up of Terrorism mess) is a direct result of what SL did to Tamil tigers. It seem like people are realizing, terrorism can be wiped out. Only thing necessary is the will of the people. Looks like Terrorism in many parts of Asia would reduce rapidly.

Thusitha said...

Moshe Dyan said...
ian & tata,

agree with you both.

i was worried about what ian says for a long time. unfortunately the problem is with MR HIMSELF!!

he is behaving like the power greedy shareholder. his attitude is, "if i'm not there you are doomed"!!. this is such a dumb attitude to have in relation to a country.

Assume if MR did not have this attitude. Then our President would become a Pussy Lion. Didn't we have this type of leaders since the 70s. Isn't that why we got in to such a big mess already.
The unfortunate reality is that SL needs personality like this for at least few more years. Otherwise nothing would get done. We have too much opinions and too much bickering.

As TS mentioned SL should be a Quasi-Military government for at least 10-20 more years and gradually become democratic.

Thusitha said...

Ananda-USA said...
Yikes! The Self-Proclaimed Highly Intelligent Folks Have Done Themselves In!

This is something I mentioned few months back. KP is too big to hide and we can capture him any time we want. Malaysians would have known exactly where KP was. Being to Malaysia, I know how Malays would treat non locals. Specially the ones who looks like Indians. Feels sorry for KP.

Unknown said...
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ඉයන් said...

Will India create problems for us again?


Dear Ananda
Thanks! Its nice to be back.

Moshe Dyan said...



it was not MR's "high self-importance" attitude that won the election, war, IC support, etc. it was clever thinking (never seen b4 after DSS in SL).

i had a VERY LONG discussion with TS on this sometime back. TS disagreed though.

i prefer SYSTEMS to PERSONALITIES. anything can happen. a country cannot run into turbulance just bcos one person is no more. the cricket team cannot lose just bcos SJ got out early.

(BR, GR, SF are only good doing their bit)

MR has to make things PERMANANT by putting in place systems.

it is good for everyone.

having said that, as TS then argued, it is a chicken & egg situ. a PERSON has to do up the SYSTEM (constitution, etc.). no disagreements. so MR should DO IT.

Moshe Dyan said...

Only 20% votes cast in JMC election by 3:30 p.m

[TamilNet, Saturday, 08 August 2009, 10:51 GMT]

so what's the big deal????

ALL elections after 1982 had LOW tourn-out in jaffna. this is USUAL.

a 50%+ turnout is SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE.

Unknown said...

Asithri said...
[A comment to the current article on IE on KP:

the only country on earth that has Tamil language in the national passport....and then you should be at peace! ]

Thank you Asithri for pointing that out. Add these too:

And in the currency notes, stamps, govt. letter heads......

"True", I hear them saying. "But wewant it at the top not after Sinhala. we don't want to be second class".

Unknown said...

From Island (08/08):

KP spills the beans
Rattled, he offers to co-operate with investigators

New LTTEleader Selvarajah Pathmanathan aka KP, who was arrested overseas and brought to Colombo on Thursday, has begun to divulge vital information about the LTTE and himself.
The Island learns that the entire operation was handled by Sri Lankans.

Sources described KP in captivity as rattled and co-operative, though he had been projected by the pro-LTTE media as a tough man.
From Island Editorial (08/08):

KP, on the pretext of conducting a non-violent campaign for Eelam, wanted to prove himself the worthy leader by achieving targets that Prabhakaran had failed to. There is evidence that he has been planning political assassinations by using surviving LTTE killers and hired guns in the underworld. (This may have prompted the government to launch a crackdown on the nether world of crime full of trained killers willing to make their services available to anyone for a fee.) He knew the government would be lulled into a false sense of complacency with the passage of time and its guard lowered accordingly.

... But, he also made a terrible miscalculation like Prabhakaran; he underestimated the government's ability to strike and overrated himself.....

The message that Sri Lanka has sent to the LTTE with KP's capture is loud and clear: In achieving their separatist goal, Tigers have the same chance as a cat in hell!

Unknown said...

Excerpts from the Daily Mirror Editorial:

“For by wise guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory”

– The original motto of Mossad, the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations of Israel

Tropical Malaysia could easily be Argentina. The man who was hiding in Argentina posed off as Ricardo Klement while the one caught in Malaysia had dozens and dozens of names. The modus operandi of the operation to bring the much wanted man home was more or less the same. Bundle him up into a vehicle, then transfer him to a commercial or chartered flight and bring him home.

The only difference is in the time frame.

While it took 15 years (1945-1960) for Mossad operatives of Israel to capture the ‘architect of the Holocaust’, Otto Adolf Eichmann, the Sri Lankan operatives only needed two months to complete their job.

If the precision of the feat of annihilating the entire local leadership of the world’s most sophisticated terrorist group did not win the deserved accolades for Sri Lanka abroad, then at least this will make the global powers to realize that here is a force to reckon with.

One should not be surprised if some nations opt to seek the assistance of Sri Lankan sleuths to crack down on their own enemies.

Sri Lanka is left with two options as to what it should do with KP. It could slap charges against him and put him behind bars or else can keep him in permanent detention as in the case of Daya Master and George.

Unknown said...

KP Arrest:

It is highly likely that this was a SL ONLY operation. Probably that is why both Thailand & Malaysia are denying it happened in that country. They don't really know.

All the more credit to our guys for this world class operation with so much meagre resources at their disposal.

From now on the battle will be fought in this manner. Perhaps, some day, such operations will be called 'Sri Lankan' style operations rather than 'Mossad' style. Mossad is not going to like that.

Unknown said...

According to

KP was arrested by the Inrepol. Hard to believe that though as they are unlikely to han him over to SL.

Thusitha said...

SARA said...
According to

KP was arrested by the Inrepol. Hard to believe that though as they are unlikely to han him over to SL.

Seem like there is another misinformation drive by SL Defence.
Every one is pointing the finger at each other and no one is the wise. Some one at defence is again moving chess pieces. I see the down fall of the other LTTE leader as well.

Thusitha said...

Moshe Dyan said...


it was not MR's "high self-importance" attitude that won the election, war, IC support, etc. it was clever thinking (never seen b4 after DSS in SL).

If you are being treated like a king, who wouldn't get that type of attitude. SL being SL, some one will kick him out in the near future or he will come to his sense.

It is not even 3 months since the war ended. We need to give few more months to MR to come back down to earth.

Sam Perera said...

Great work by our intel boys. I am every bit proud of their world class talent, planning, courage, and precise execution.

Ananda-USA said...

Yo, My Patriotic Brothers!

Roll out the barrel, we'll have a barrel of fun
Roll out the barrel, we've got the EELAMISTS on the run
Zing, boom, tarrel, ring out a song of good cheer
Now's the time to roll the barrel, for the gang's all here


There's a garden, what a garden
Only happy faces bloom there
And there's never any room there
For a worry or a gloom there

Oh there's music and there's dancing
And a lot of sweet romancing
When they play the polka
They all get in the swing

Every time they hear that oom-pa-pa
Everybody feels so tra-la-la
They want to throw their cares away
They all go lah-de-ah-de-ay

Then they hear a rumble on the floor, the floor
It's the big surprise they're waiting for
And all the couples form a ring
For miles around you'll hear them sing

Roll out the barrel, we'll have a barrel of fun
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Then they hear a rumble on the floor-oor-oor-oor
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Drree mopado theedo da-da-da-da

Roll it out, roll it out, roll out the barrel
Da-da-da, da-da, da-da, da-da-da-da-dah
Sing a song of good cheer
'Cause the whole gang is here
Roll it out, roll it out
Let's do the beer barrel polka!

TropicalStorm said...

It isn't over. When the partying over this latest 'acquisition' is over, we'll need to get down to some 'snuff-out' ops by making foreign intel ops shut down any attempts to raise funds by the remaining lunatic fringe.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Tropical Storm;

Tough task. Wish you all the best.

We in SL are looking forward to do a similar contribution and so far not seen any active protocol from govt to open the development floodgates in sectors related to our expertise.

Let us know your requirements. We'd to our best to help you.

Once again all the very best oldchap. Do not get upset due to system. Do not expect it to work right at the first place. Take it on on your own.

In case it is related following is my take on Entreprenuership in SL . I posted this sometime back.


Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Re: KP Arrest

Folks the Rivira Def analyst reports the small "insignificant" fact that Deputy HC of Malaysia is a non-retired Maj Gen, whom got the assignment as a part of new plan to entrust foreign positions to military personnel [which DW reported sometime back]. Looks like it is working.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Vavunia, ITAK has the greatest minority in an election w/o a clear leader.

tata said...

Good luck!
Thank you for your work here and hope you'll visit here and share your experiences. Maybe you'll get some valuable feedback.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Govt supporters, pls do not get over-reacted with 80% victory in Monaragala polls . UNPers have not voted yet. They are voting on the 18th August as instructed by their leader. Then after you will see the real results.

tata said...


Very true. Add "Common knowledge of the people" to that. That is common people also should understand the basics of Ethnic Integration and the importance of it. Then they'll act naturally on those priciples.

Case in point:
We didn't have proper "Emergency Response Units" when Tsunami struck. But our people did a heck of a better job than what happened in New Orleans (with all the fancy teams and systems). Because we had all those emergency knowledge built-in our knowledge system.

So, me thinks, priciples of Ethnic Integration (and whatever other strategy we are going to use) should start from mothers to child, pre schoolers, temples, etc. It's almost fail safe. And it's not a new concept for Sri Lankans. That's a multiple redundant distributed system for you.

Moshe Dyan said...


come to think of it yes! less than 3 months. what lot has happened???

agree. MR should think of a SL beyond him.

this is an indication how much to expect. european, indian, US pressure is mounting for (peaceful) separatism.

OTOH MR has promised a political solution after reelected. that will be V DAY + 10 months.

so the time between V DAY + 3 months to V DAY + 10 months is crucial. hope SL will get everything right during this time.

(assuming the ONLY political solution is ethnic integration. but even if it commences, it will take years to complete. the important thing is the systems should be in place for its CONTINUANCE.)

Moshe Dyan said...



Moshe Dyan said...

a SHIT result in the vavuniya MC election.

toilets have won most seats. that would be disaster.

illankai tamil arse kanji has won. this is a very bad omen. the provincial result has to change.

hemantha said...

TNA, a remnant of LTTE is going to be a pain in the ass for longer time. We should have crushed it by judicial means (using it's association with LTTE). It is too late for that now I guess. How stupid.
I think people are making a mistake. They are giving unnecessary power to Rajapaksha government. But people can’t be blamed too. How can they vote for traitorous UNP, still operating under Ranil. They have no option other than voting for UPFA. But too much power has a poisonous effect. The government politicians would ride it’s popularity (won by sacrificing lives and limbs of members of Armed forces) and will be insensitive towards common man’s thinking. It has begun already. The ‘elephant case’ is a good example.

We could have made a great president out of Rajapaksha. Instead we decided to make a king out of him. All of us are trying to convince him that he is a great visionary, that he knows everything and everything he touches converts in to gold. Once in a while I can see that he is resisting our efforts. But that won’t last long. He has already started the process of building a new dynasty. I am pretty sure that 13th amendment will come soon after the general and presidential elections (I hope that I will be wrong in this regard). One never knows what will come after that. Whatever comes in to his mind should be correct because he is the visionary (at least that is what we are trying to convince him).

We need a powerful, patriotic and well behaved opposition. Instead we are left with Mongal, Ranil, Hakeem and Ganeshan. How sad.

hemantha said...

Was KP under CIA safety net? Thai police released him suddenly when he was arrested in 2006. Now Thai PM ordered an investigation of his arrest.

This is what Gota said today.
"The outside forces which helped the LTTE against the sovereignty of Sri Lanka will now learn a bitter lesson with the arrest of Pathmanathan,"
-Daily News

hemantha said...

Animal cruelty.

Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ananda-USA said...

DBS Jeyaraj's Spin on KP's presumed capture in Malaysia.

HOWEVER, WE KNOW BETTER for according to GOSL, KP was Captured in VIRTUAL EELAM which is, of course, simultaneously EVERYWHERE and NOWHERE. Thus, no real COUNTRY can be held responsible for it!

Ergo beyond ANY DOUBT, he was captured through a Electromagnetic "transnational" wormhole connected through the Fifth Dimension. That should teach the LTTE not to go "transnational" on us!


‘Sri Lankan sleuths nabbed KP’

P K Balachandran
August 09, 2009

COLOMBO: LTTE leader Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias KP was nabbed by Sri Lankan sleuths on Wednesday from a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, according to D B S Jeyaraj, the veteran Canada-based Sri Lankan Tamil journalist.

A report by Jeyaraj published in the Daily Mirror on Saturday stated that the Sri Lankan agents nabbed KP and his driver Appu after the LTTE chief came out of his room in the First Tune Hotels to talk to a friend on the cellphone.

According to him, KP had gone to the hotel with no bodyguards or aides other than Appu. He was having a meeting with Balasingham Balendran, brother of Balasingham Mahendran alias Nadesan, the slain head of the LTTE’s political wing. Nadesan’s son, who had been staying with his uncle, Balendran,was also at the meeting.

During the conversation in the hotel room, KP got a call and he went out to the corridor, Jeyaraj added. When he did not return for more than 20 minutes, the two visitors from the UK began looking for him. Even Appu and the car had vanished from the car park. Initially, the visitors thought that KP would not have ventured very far as he had left behind his insulin. But when the search proved futile, they started calling all those in Kuala Lumpur and abroad who might know about his whereabouts. According to Jeyaraj, KP and Appu were taken to Colombo, either directly from Kuala Lumpur or via Bangkok.

He quotes unnamed “informed sources” working in the Colombo international airport at Katunayake saying that on Thursday night, Sri Lankan officials had whisked away two hooded and handcuffed men, presumably KP and Appu. As reported in The Island daily, Jeyaraj says that the operation was carried out by Sri Lankan intelligence, albeit with help from the agencies of other countries both within the Asian region and outside.

MALAYSIAN LINK: Sri Lankan authorities had for sometime felt that KP was functioning from Malaysia, rather than Thailand or


As Jeyaraj points out, the Lankan government had recently appointed a serving military officer, Maj Gen Udaya Perera, as Deputy High Commissioner in Malaysia, apparently to put pressure on the Malaysian government to arrest and hand over KP to Sri Lanka.

KP WAS NEGLIGENT ABOUT SECURITY: For sometime, KP had become negligent about his security. He had been giving media interviews openly, speaking on the phone frequently, and contacting world leaders and key members of the Tamil Diaspora openly on the question of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam that the LTTE had set up at his instance.

Ananda-USA said...

Bravo, India! Good Show!

The execution should be carried out expeditiously without pussyfooting around!


Death for Mumbai bombers

Syed Mohammed Haneef Abdul Rahim, one of the people found guilty in the 2003 Mumbai bombings, is escorted by policemen outside a court in Mumbai.
August 06, 2009

MUMBAI: A husband-wife pair and their close associate were Thursday given the death sentence by a special court for their involvement in the August 2003 twin blasts in Mumbai in which 54 people were killed.

Special Judge of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) M.R. Puranik sent Mohammed Hanif Sayed, his wife Fahimida M.H. Sayed and their aide Ashrat Shafique Ansari to the gallows, 10 days after he held them guilty for the Aug 25, 2003 bombings in Gateway of India and Zaveri Bazaar.

The trio, said to be members of the Lashkar-e-Taiba, were convicted under sections of the stringent Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) the Explosives Substances Act, the Damage to Public Property Act as well as the Indian Penal Code (IPC), said special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam.

"This is a significant judgement. It's because of these 'devils' that 54 persons lost their lives and another 244 were injured," Nikam, who led the prosecution case during the six-year trial, said.

Arguing for the death penalty, Nikam said they intended to target foreign tourists who throng the Gateway of India and the famous Mahalaxmi Temple. However, since their vehicle developed a snag, the second blast took place in Zaveri Bazaar, the hub of the jewellery trade in the city.

Defence lawyers -- Wahab Khan (representing Hanif), Sudesh Pasgola (Fahimida) and S. Kunjuraman (Ashrat) -- had said their clients were innocent.

"This is a baseless and meaningless judgement. There is not an iota of evidence against my client (Ashrat) to hold him guilty. I shall move the Bombay High Court," Kunjuraman said after the ruling came in.

Khan had argued that this was not "the rarest of rare cases" so it did not warrant the death penalty.

"My client had no personal grudge against any of the victims in the incidents, they were simply misguided and indoctrinated," Khan had said.

Ananda-USA said...

Sri Lanka ruling party claims victory in Uva PC and Jaffna MC elections, rebel party claims Vavuniya UC

Sun, Aug 9, 2009, 04:59 am SL Time,
ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

Aug 09, Colombo: Sri Lanka's ruling party United People's Freedom Alliance secured a comfortable victory in the polls for Uva Provincial Council held Saturday winning both Badulla and Monaragala Districts.

UPFA received over 80% of votes in the Monaragala District and over 60% in the Badulla District which was a traditional stronghold for the main opposition United National Party.

UNP received the highest number of votes in Badulla polling division securing 34.40 percent. Around 80% of postal votes were casted for the ruling party.

Voters in Jaffna elected the ruling party to govern the Jaffna Municipal Council endorsing the government policies. The UPFA secured 13 seats of the 23-member MC and the Tamil National Alliance party, Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchchi (ITAK) secured 8 seats. An independent group and Tamil United Liberation Front led by V. Anandasangaree won one seat each.

In Vavuniya the ITAK took the majority of five seats in the 11-member Urban Council while the PLOTE party Democratic People's Liberation Front secured three seats. UPFA came in the third with 2 seats while Sri Lanka Muslim Congress won one seat.

In both Northern polls the main opposition United National Party was beaten severely and failed to secure more than 2% of the votes.

Ananda-USA said...

PRECISELY! KP should be prosecuted FIRST for CRIMES against SRI LANKA and her PEOPLE under her LAWS!

MULTIPLE death sentences will do NICELY, just like INDIA's own sentences against the MUMBAI KILLERS!

Pathmanathan will be prosecuted under Sri Lankan laws: Govt

Times of India
August 8, 2009

COLOMBO: Sri Lankan government has said it will prosecute the arrested new LTTE chief K Pathmanathan under the country's laws despite the rebel
K Pathmanathan
New LTTE chief in custody
leader holding multi-passports including Indian.

"The issue of his being a Sri Lankan or a foreign citizen would not arise. He has to go through the legal process in Sri Lanka," Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama has said.

Bogollagama described the arrest of KP as a major achievement and said it was achieved due to international support against terrorism.

Pathmanathan was arrested from a South East Asian nation on Thursday night and was brought here, Defence Affairs Spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella told reporters.

Rambukwella assured that KP is in the custody of the defence authorities and will be dealt with according to the law of the land following investigations.

Meanwhile, a senior Sri Lankan official said that the Attorney-General will decide on the future course of action after investigations are completed.

"He may be a multifacet personality and has multi passports. But we will try him according to our domestic laws," the official said.

"Pathmanathan continues to be questioned by the Defence authorities," an official source said but refused to divulge further details.

Ananda-USA said...

Another Example of INDIA's FLAWED UNWORKABLE "SOLUTIONS" for separatism.

The 6th Schedule to accommodate Nagaland separatist demands only encouraged MORE DEMANDS ... solving NOTHING.

It was the WRONG SOLUTION for INDIA, just as the 13th Amendment and Devolution of Power on ETHNIC BASES is the WRONG SOLUTION for SRI LANKA.


When this REALIZATION DAWNS on INDIA finally, they will implement ETHNIC INTEGRATION as we propose too!


Autonomy, Naga insurgents blamed for conflict

Prasanta Mazumdar
August 8, 2009

GUWAHATI: A fact-finding mission by Ahmedabad-based rights body ‘Justice on Trial’ has held autonomy under the Sixth Schedule of Constitution and the ‘Greater Nagalim’ demand of Naga separatist group National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Isak-Muivah) responsible for the ethnic conflict in restive North Cachar Hills district of Assam.

“When people are granted autonomy under the Sixth Schedule, they begin to think that the area is their nation,” Y R Patil, a member of the fact-finding mission, told mediapersons here on Friday. He criticised the Dimasa tribe for their demand to change the nomenclature of NC Hills. “What’s wrong with NC Hills,” he asked. The Dimasas are demanding the renaming of NC Hills as Dima Hasao Raji. The demand, though, has been rejected by the state government on the ground that they constitute only 43 per cent of the total population of NC Hills.

Equally criticising the Naga militants for fomenting trouble, Patil said, “The presence of Naga militants always disturbs the economic, religious and political textures of the neighbourhood.” In this regard, he observed that unless the Centre ruthlessly stamps out insurgency, things would not improve.

One of the contentious demands of the NSCN (Isak-Muivah) is the creation of Greater Nagalim by slicing out parts of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

The Dimasas are wary of it since the NC Hills falls under this design and hence their demand for Dima Hasao Raji. The Zeme Nagas, the second largest tribal group in the district, opposed the demand along with other smaller tribes.

The Dimasas viewed the Zeme Naga opposition as part of a greater design to include NC Hills under Greater Nagalim movement. The demands have led to the armed conflict between the groups representing the respective communities.

At least 65 people have been killed while over 12,000 others rendered homeless in the violent conflict since March this year.

The five-member fact-finding team, comprising former MP High Court judge Justice M V Tamaskar, former NHRC member Nafisa Hussain, former Rajasthan Additional Advocate General G S Gill, retired IPS Officer Y R Patil, and social activist Ram Kishore Pasari, lambasted the Assam Government for gross neglect of the internally displaced people, most of whom are currently languishing in relief camps. “The situation is explosive and needs immediate intervention from both the state and the central governments, as the communities have been living in constant fear and without any means of livelihood,” Justice Tamaskar said.

Ananda-USA said...

Crushing The Phantom Menace
August 8, 2009

The LTTE terrorist organization is trying to reform itself inside Sri Lanka. This is becoming clear as investigators identify and interrogate more LTTE operatives and leaders in the refugee camps. One interrogation leads to more identifications and so on. Many of the LTTE members are dispirited by their defeat, and respond to government promises of economic assistance. The government has an incentive to come through with these promises, because the information they are getting on the extent and composition of the LTTE organization is frightening. The LTTE had a smuggling operation within Sri Lanka, as well as agents throughout the Sinhalese south.

The government is also trying to collect information on exactly where thousands of landmines were planted, particularly during the last year, as the army advanced into territory long controlled by the LTTE. Troops avoided most of those mines, but now Tamil civilians will be moving back into villages and agricultural areas that may, or may not, be mined. Without location information, the only way a lot of these minefields are going to be found is when a farmer working, or children playing, set off one of the mines. But minefield location data was often not recorded, as the mines were planted in haste as army troops approached. Or if the location was recorded, the document was lost, or destroyed when the LTTE operative carrying it was killed by artillery or a bomb. India is sending hundreds of military mine clearing specialists, but even they cannot clear mines when the location of the minefield is not known.

Several times a week, police and troops find another weapons cache (usually containing small arms, ammo, landmines and explosives, just what is needed to revive a terrorist campaign.) Military and police intelligence officials are still screening the 300,000 Tamils in refugee camps up north. Each week, several more key members of LTTE terrorist organizations are identified and arrested. For example, the man who organized the October, 2007 airbase raid (that destroyed ten aircraft) was identified, found and arrested. Police have also captured several of the technicians who built bombs used in attacks on military personnel and politicians. Interrogations of LTTE operatives has also revealed at least one Sri Lankan government official who was working for the LTTE. More importantly, the interrogations provide locations for hidden LTTE weapons.

The government is paying particular attention to rehabilitating full time LTTE fighters. There are over 20,000 of these and they are being offered vocational training and help in finding a job. This will be helped by the fact that the economy is booming. Even tourism, long hurt by the LTTE terrorism, is up nine percent over last year, all because of the end of the war.

Ananda-USA said...

The Phantom Menace


August 6, 2009: The government has sent the first batch of 6,000 Tamil refugees home from the camps. More will be released, once they are screened (to detect LTTE members and leaders, or simply any Tamil willing to provide useful information, especially about minefields, weapons caches or LTTE members). The government is also restoring cell phone service in the north, but with restrictions on who can have a phone. The government is certain that the LTTE will try to reform and resume its terrorism campaign, and cell phones are key tools for that. Internet access is even more dangerous, because that enables the LTTE to use VOIP (phone calls via the Internet), which can be encrypted, and impossible for the police to eavesdrop on.

August 5, 2009: The new head of the LTTE, Selvarajah Pathmanathan, has been captured in Malaysia. Pathmanathan was long the head of the LTTE weapons smuggling operation, and thus had security arrangements in Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar. Pathmanathan also headed the LTTE global fund raising operation, giving him access to large amounts of money. Pathmanathan was seized in a hotel in the Malaysian capital, quickly flown to neighboring Thailand and then to Sri Lanka. Thailand and Malaysia were glad to see the LTTE gunrunning operation, and Pathmanathan, shut down. The smugglers corrupted local officials, and often provided weapons for local criminals and terrorists.

It's unclear how Pathmanathan was tracked down, but it's believed that communications gear found on or near LTTE founder Vellupillai Prabhakaran when he was killed earlier this year, provided the key. The army captured large amounts of LTTE communications gear, including satellite phones, code books (for secret messaging) and the like. All this provided clues to who the other key members of the LTTE were, where they operated from and how one might keep track of their movements. Cooperation from Indian, Thai and Malaysian police also provided useful information for the hunt, which enabled the new head of the LTTE to be caught within two weeks of him assuming his new job. Some also believe that jealous rivals within the LTTE may have tipped off police on where Pathmanathan was. That's possible, but unlikely, as the LTTE is in pretty bad shape at the moment, and that usually unites an organization facing a threat to its very existence. It is hoped that Pathmanathan will talk freely. If not, he stands to be prosecuted, in several countries, for murder. Unless he can make a deal (by telling everything he knows), he's headed straight for the gallows. Capital punishment is still legal in Buddhist Sri Lanka, but no executions have been carried out for decades. Public opinion regarding LTTE leaders could change that.

Ananda-USA said...

The Phatom Menace


August 2, 2009: Interrogations of captured LTTE operatives revealed the location, on the west coast, of seven LTTE boats, with 200 horsepower engines, hidden in the jungle. The extent of hidden LTTE material has shocked government intelligence officials, who had underestimated how lavishly the LTTE had equipped itself.

July 28, 2009: Police arrested a senior LTTE intelligence official, Pakyaraja Pradeep, in a central Sri Lanka village. The police had received information from another captured LTTE member about Pradeep's location. Pradeep was in possession of a suicide vest when arrested.

July 25, 2009: In the southern coastal town of Kalutara, factional fighting in a local mosque led to a fight that left two dead and eleven wounded. The years of persecution by the LTTE has resulted in growing popularity for Islamic radicalism, in order to defend Islam from the evil Hindus (the Tamils are Hindu, but the LTTE is not). This Islamic radicalism never attracted much attention because of the far more violent LTTE operations. But now the LTTE is smashed, and the Moslems are trying to sort out who shall dominate Islamic affairs on the island.

July 24, 2009: The government is releasing most military deserters from jail. Last month, 585 were freed on the occasion of a Buddhist festival, and now another 1,800 are being freed via a presidential amnesty. Most deserters were not caught, prosecuted and jailed, and are still technically part of the armed forces. There are over 50,000 of these, and the government is moving to simply discharge them and be done with it.

Sam Perera said...

Ergo beyond ANY DOUBT, he was captured through a Electromagnetic "transnational" wormhole connected through the Fifth Dimension. That should teach the LTTE not to go "transnational" on us!


Heh, heh, don't give too much clues to Eelamoids who are looking for evidence for Eelam is the Nth dimension.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Publishing this is a huge brief of security,

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Re: Vavunia UC result

I just read it as a proof for my skepticism on several hot and popular expectations such as, reconciliation, ethnic harmony, ethnic integration, devolution, INSTANT peace, end of LTTE, end of separatism etc etc. The time is taking a cycle and history may repeat, unless we cast it with iron and cement.

Oh well, do not read it as I said to kill anyone, time to kill was over, which we perhaps missed out to some extent. But the country has low and order which can guard it against all these malicious trends. If and only if law and order is reformed with security as no 1 concern.

And can we retire some extinct species such as Tissa Witharana? Can we break away the leftist empty effigies from UPFA? Loss of votes may most likely be a negative number.

We lost a great diplomat DJ in this debate, and I feel any other socialist is a penny-loss compared to the gold we lost in him. Still what is to be done has to be done. We cannot make this journey with socialists at all. Prez should start teh process by cleaning the own cabinet. There shouold be a national security concil comprising essential members BR, GR, SF, WK, head of forces, Army regional command etc. It should find out whoi really poses threat and what systematic approaches wes should take in order to eliminate threat. Actions should not be hindered or politically articulated.

Over to you Mr President.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Re: Maha Rajano

Guys, this is my take on the discussion about postwar MR.

MR is not a king. Although public emotionally tried to put an imaginary crown on his head, MR is no baby to know that it will rot with time. He will never behave beyond his legal powers and perhaps he'll be a more generous president than never before. HIs sons and nephews enter politics, but is this the first time? And which politician did not do so? You don't have to be king do you?

So officially there is no way the seasoned man MR will fall to maha Rajano crap. He'll go for elections in right times and retire when the end comes.

But his style and modus oparandi is really a copy from ancient king's council. MR stands alone as sole ruler of the country. In order to keep a majority in the parliment he has given almost all the people in his side a nominal ministry hence having multiple ministers in some. It is a cost true, but inevitable in his side. Knowing that it would mess the nation, MR has simultaneously made the ministers pure puppets in a public show. There has never been a cabinet so inactive. I see it like a zoo. Like zoo animals they dance in the show in each designated cage.

MR runs the country by having a good office under him, having a reliable [to him] secretaries and other officers in every ministry. And a whole bunch of advisers. This style resembles to nothing but a king's castle to me. Other than that the nearest model in white house, but even there Congress and Senate were not such mere puppets.

MR is strict about secretaries. When he can't nominate a man he likes, he sacks the minister to retain his preferred secretary. For an example Mangala was sacked to keep Kohona to whom Mangala oppossed.

And MR's advisers are not really advisers on state planning. They're more like his tentacles to feel the bottom of the community. From CEOs to Maha Sangha to school kids to natamis he has a tentacle called adviser. Ppl like Bharatha LP, Vasu, they all are playing a major role in his administration. Surely Basil is a bigwig among those.

Like ancient "rajapurushayas" eavesdropped the agonies of teh nation MR feels the sighs and cries thru these tentacles, and he takes the best solution which would address the problem and increase his popularity. He touches it at right time.

The excellent efficiency of MR and the feel of jack-of-all-trades including those some thought alien to Mada Mulana, just tells me MR is just teh top figure. There should be a huge team of feelers sensers and decision makers whom he can trust and whom do their best. So why need a cabinet? And how can the bunch of animals whihc utter gullible red blue green public choose run the nation any better?

We didn't feel this during war as matters were gigantic. Take a samll problem and you see the machine at work. For an ex the sensitive manner he tackled the elephant baby problem[which is not yet over though].

Now what is Mervyn doing then?

Well, I don't think MR is so pure and democratic. Mervyn is there as he has a role. Otherwise, a president who's sensitive to a mere school kid or a force-weaned tusker cub won't feel the cry of public, including his own men?

You can call it a system, or a personality. Both terms are valid. But I fully agree that is DOES NOT consist the open zoo inside the diyawanna lake and able men outside of that lot.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Prez talks to News X


“Devolution can be done. We have that in our constitution. We want to introduce a new chamber (13th Amendment plus) to share power with the minorities and the provinces. Federalism is out in Sri Lanka. We are not talking about Federalism,”

So 13+ may perhaps be a 13-.

But Mr Prez, pls set in place the legal assertions which I suggested quite often, which will legally safeguard the nation in any mistake your devolution process would make.

Ananda-USA said...
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Ananda-USA said...
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Ananda-USA said...


I think your analysis of MR's modus operandi is well articulated and quite accurate.

I will be forever grateful to MR and his political/military team for defeating the LTTE and UNIFYING the nation. For that WARTIME task, his mode of operation was superbly adapted.

Parliamentary Democracies are NOT WELL ADAPTED to war, with every naysayer given a say. During major wars of the last century, every major western democracy became more dictatorial and less representative, to cope with the exigencies of winning a war essential to its survival as a nation.

However, as we go forward, that mode of operation by MR MUST CHANGE, or the SYSTEM OF REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT will become GUTTED and UNABLE to SURVIVE in the long term.

Responsibilities MUST be DELEGATED by FUNCTION and AREA to Ministries. If not,in the fullness of time, the people and the country as a whole will lose their self-governing ability and will revert to LEADER/PERSONALITY oriented form of government where every public benefit is derived from the "Leader" instead of a PROCEDURAL SYSTEM oriented form with individual rights and benefits derived from "a body of laws." Only the LATTER FORM can survive the demise of ABLE, but MORTAL, LEADERS in the long ter.

The number of ministers and ministries MUST be DRASTICALLY REDUCED and CONSOLIDATED. Ministries must be created only of the basis of administrative needs, NOT the need to REWARD faithful supporters. Government Administrative COSTS at the POLITICAL LEVEL must be REDUCED DRASTICALLY, and the funds directed to PRODUCTIVE USES.

One of the main "PRODUCTIVE" USES for which the government is responsible is DEFENDING & PROTECTING the country and MAINTAINING CIVILIAN LAW & ORDER. Without that PEACE & SECURITY, NOTHING will be possible including inculcating a respect for the law.

In contrast, a NON-PRODUCTIVE use in this sense would be the holding of elections to ELECT GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS to a LARGE NUMBER OF HIERARCHICAL LEVELS of GOVERNMENT with smaller and smaller spans of regional control from the national to the village level.

There should be no more than THREE levels: 1. national, 2. district, and 3. city, or town, or village. In this way, the bureaucratic OVERHEAD can be PARED to the ESSENTIAL MINIMUM. Nations around the world are PARING OVERHEAD costs and are girding their loins to compete in the global marketplace. This is NOT THE TIME to move in the opposite direction to proliferate minor satrapies for each and every confidant.

To this end, I advocate eliminating Provincial Governments, which create large Sub-National Power Centers that could oppose and destabilize the Central Government.

The National Government is the GLUE that holds and binds together small nations threatened by both internal and external enemies like ours. The Provincial Councils are really small "princely states" reporting to the "emperor" and make-work operations for political hangers-on. No administrative regions larger than Districts are necessary, with local government at the district, city, town and village level, responsible to the taxpayers at the local level and subject to Central Government control at the national level.

As in the past, all security forces, including the SLDF, police, coast guard, etc MUST be under national govt control and NEVER DELEGATED downwards as EELAMISTS demand today. Furthermore, local control of police will not only create security risks, but will also proliferate corruption and crime to make life all but impossible for ordinary citizens.

Moshe Dyan said...

Sri Lanka will soon get its first kosher mikve, or Jewish ritual bath.

The initiative behind the mikve, which will be located in the capital city of Colombo, belongs to local Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries Talia and Rabbi Mendi Crombie.

The Crombies have been living in Sri Lanka since November 2005, when they opened a Chabad house there to serve both visiting Jewish tourists and local businessmen.

"There are a number of Jewish families living in the capital of Colombo, most of whom are either businessmen or the employees of foreign embassies," Crombie told The Jerusalem Post.

"In the past, women who observe the laws of Jewish family purity had to travel more than three hours by plane to Bangkok, Thailand in order to use a mikve," he said. The construction work is being carried out by a local Sri Lankan contractor under the close supervision of an Israeli rabbi to ensure that the mikve meets the requirements of Jewish law.

"On the same day that we began the work, the civil war in the country ended," Crombie noted.

The second stage of the project calls for the construction of a building to house the mikve which will also contain dressing rooms, bathrooms and showers.

Crombie said he believed the mikve would begin to operate once the monsoon season is over, when it will be possible to fill it with fresh rainwater.

"Judaism attributes great value to the building of a mikve," he noted, adding that, "it ensures the continued existence in purity of the Jewish people."

- JP

Thusitha said...

Racial, religious parties to be banned

If we pass this bill, this would be great. Bit by bit we can implement these laws that would hamper any future ethnic based divisions.

Sam Perera said...

Another terrorist living under the shadows of white masters is pissing in his pants after KP's capture. Visvanathan Rudrakumaran has contributed to the terrorist cause with money and services by illegally hiding behind his lawyer title in USA. He and his terrorist companions surely have places in unmarked graves reserved for nameless and faceless terrorists in Sri Lankan history.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

USA and Sri Lanka is party to an Extradition Treaty.

Sri Lanka only needs to ask for LTTE suspects living in the USA through our courts system.

Lets do it! Prepare the List!

Ananda-USA said...

Thusitha said..

"Racial, religious parties to be banned"

Brother, this would be GREAT! This is exactly what we have been advocating here at DW!

Let us pray it will happen SOON!

hemantha said...

A comparison between Indian states and Provincial Councils in Sri Lanka.

"1. In terms of Article 3 of Indian constitution, the Parliament of India may,

(a) Form a new state by separation of territory from any state or by uniting two or more states or parts of states or by uniting any territory to a part of any state;

(b) increase the area of any state;

(c) diminish the area of any state;

(d) alter the boundaries of any state;

(e) alter the name of any state.

This can be done with a simple majority of votes in Parliament provided that the President seeks the views of the states on the proposal.

In the case of Article 154(A) of the 13th amendment, it is obligatory on Sri Lanka to establish a Provincial Council for every province. The Parliament of Sri Lanka can join one or more provinces but cannot resort to other options as provided for in the Indian constitution. For example, boundaries of a province cannot be altered even with the concurrence of the provinces affected."

Full article
click here.

Ananda-USA said...

My Comment:

The LTTE demanding the application of "THE RULE OF LAW" to a global HOODLUM who aided and abetted in killing hundreds of thousands of people in Sri Lanka, and violated the laws of a LARGE NUMBER OF OTHER COUNTRIES with his criminal activities, is TRULY LAUGHABLE!

This reminds me of the story of the MURDERER sentenced to DEATH for AXING his parents to DEATH demanding CLEMENCY because he is NOW an ORPHAN!

This is the kind of DOUBLE TALK that we have ALWAYS heard from the LTTE: Exploit and break all laws of DEMOCRACIES committing CRIMES, and then CLAIM VICTIMHOOD! ARRANT NONSENSE!

The LTTE should be PURSUED to the ENDS of THE EARTH and ERADICATED by leaf, branch, trunk and root!


KP’s arrest: LTTE wants inquiry

T V Sriram
August 09, 2009

COLOMBO:LTTE today asked the international community to intervene and investigate how their new leader Selvarasa Pathamanathan was detained in Malaysia and flown to Sri Lanka for questioning, and ensure his safety and security. If the government of Malaysia from where Pathamathan was reportedly arrested does not have any information on the matter, we demand an inquiry into the whole episode, a statement from the now defunct LTTE said.

If Pathamanathan has been brought to Colombo as claimed by the government of Sri Lanka, we call upon the international community to become involved in this matter in order to assure the safety and security of Pathamanathan according to international standards and to facilitate access to legal representation, it said.

Selvarasa Pathamanathan better known as KP who controlled a vast network that supplied arms to LTTE for nearly three decades was arrested in a South East Asian nation on Wednesday and brought to Colombo the following day.

The statement said in the case of Pathamanathan’s abduction, the rule of law has once again been violated by international actors with respect to Tamils.

The proper procedure would have been to secure the extradition of Pathamanathan if he had broken any law rather than taking action outside the law, the statement said.

The statement issued by LTTE coordinator Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran said the government of Malaysia should announce the details surrounding the abduction of Pathamanathan if he was indeed abducted with the help of its authorities.

It said Pathamanathan has been leading the new politico-diplomatic path of the LTTE in recent months.

Some media reports suggest that Pathamanathan has been abducted in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Based on information collected through various sources within the Tamil community including sources close to the LTTE, we suspect that the abduction has taken place at the tune hotel in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, the statement said.

TropicalStorm said...

Sri Lanka also should exhaustively investigate the extent of involvement in LTTE activities by Eric Solhiem and others of his ilk, in order to completelty discredit these fckers in the international fora. Even if it may be technically impossible to bring charges against them since Norway has not banned the LTTE, we could still take them down hard so that they lose clout in IC.

Moshe Dyan said...


"Racial, religious parties to be banned"

what fantatstic news!! at last we have a govt that listens to intelligent patriotic forces.

bring in on dinesh in AUGUST 2009 and pass it.

obviously TNA, SLMC, even JHU will vote against it!! (strange combination)

but that is the whole point of it!

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks for the link.

gra-modaya mandalaya!!

how many modaya mandalayas to solve the problems created by few modayas????

1. GM
2. GS divisions
2. PS
3. UC (urban council)
4. MC
5. PC
6. UC (upper chamber)
7. parliament (regular)
8. president
9. judiciary
10. various commissions
11. APRC

the PC is worse. it is much worse than them with UNRESTRICTED, UNCHECKED powers!!

Moshe Dyan said...


"Elections jeopardize democracy"

- toiletnet

how dumb these idiots can be. elections are the basis of democracy. i'm not surprised TN doesn't understand that.

Moshe Dyan said...

terrorists are still active. i recon now they have a better chance of going undetected bcos ppl have lowered vigilence.

therefore it is better if MOD deploys groups to track these groups down directly.

revealing the whereabouts of this bitch will keep her away from these places. and the pubic not very active now in detecting terrorists, it won't serve any other purpose either.

KB said...

Bugger! Bloody KP rascal landed in blessed Lanka just in time to cast his vote. Being the criminal he is, he probably cast more than one vote. Bloody poor show, KP!


KB said...

[what fantatstic news!! at last we have a govt that listens to intelligent patriotic forces.]
Moshe, old boy, this is brilliant. A political party has no business in representing a single race or a religion in a vibrant democracy like Sri Lanka. They should be representing all people in their constituency.


Moshe Dyan said...


"A political party has no business in representing a single race or a religion in a vibrant democracy like Sri Lanka. They should be representing all people in their constituency."


IF the constituency doesn't have ppl of all major communities, the constituency must also be changed!!!

one compliments the other.

the govt should be careful bcos these guys are good at twisting words.

e.g. tamil, thamil, tamiz, thamiz, thameez, dravida, draavida

the party register is kept in sinhala and tamil. still they have options. all these options have to be closed.

Moshe Dyan said...


may he rest in peace. 17 years since he left us.

i cannot brush aside the possibility of collusion in their deaths, but i like the way MOD has taken a completely non-political approach towards it

there was a time when ruling parties and oppositions tried to divide the armed forces and events politically. that was a disaster. identify the common enemy and whack him.

this justifies barring janaka or jayavi entering camps.

strangely some have alligned with political parties. that is unfortunate.

Moshe Dyan said...

"If the government of Malaysia does not have any information on the matter, we demand an inquiry into the whole episode," the Tigers said."

- bbc

my arrse! still haven't stopped demanding. as if we are scared of their demands.

who will be the lawyers appering for his "rights"???? there will be a queue of them but we are watching.

Ananda-USA said...

OK, Now who is HARRASSING DALITS again? I TOLD them not to do again, Last Time!

Looks like we need to pass the 13th Amendment in India, and Devolve Power to every Dalit community ... no matter how small!

Oh My God, here I was blissfully laboring under the ILLUSION that the Federal System of Government in India has SOLVED ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS in ONE FELL SWOOP!


Dalits face upper caste onslaught

M Rafi Ahmed
August 10, 2009

COIMBATORE: Dalits continue to be a target of attack by dominant caste people despite enactment of SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. The reason: Lack of enforcement of the law.

The recent incident of an Arunthathiyar worker, who was assaulted by a group of Caste Hindu people at Thandukkarampalayam village near Avinashi couple of days ago has brought to the fore the atrocities unleashed against the oppressed and suppressed class people.

M Thangavel, state convenor of Avinashi- based Vizhuthugal, an NGO told Express that K Palanichamy, a resident of Chettipudur, along with his wife Thangamani was returning after their daily chores on a two-wheeler when a group of upper caste people intercepted the duo and started abusing using filthy language. Further, he was beaten up after tying his hands. His wife too got a slap from them.

However, the duo were rescued by some of their members. The injured Palanichamy was rushed to Avinashi government hospital. But they referred him to Coimbatore Medical College Hospital (CMCH) where he is under treatment.

The incident spread like a wild fire among the Dalits most specifically the Arunthathiyars in Avinashi who are up in arms against the brutality of the dominant class people. Meanwhile, Radhamani, the area convenor of Vizhthugal approached the Sevvur police station to report the matter. However, the SI Ramadevi showed no interest to file an FIR.

Subsequently, the SI was forced to register the complaint as Arunthathiyar community people besieged the station demanding action against the group of people who assaulted Palanichamy. According to FIR No 247, the police registered case under Section 147, 342, 323, 506, 379 and 3 (1) (10) of SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

Police sources said that Chenniappan who was involved in the assault incident has been arrested and remanded to judicial custody.

The accused has been lodged in Coimbatore Central Prison. No further arrest has been made so far.

Meanwhile, the police also registered a case against the victim Palanichamy based on a complaint from a woman alleging that he outraged her modesty.

Express met Palanichamy at CMCH when he was in a grip of fear. However, he narrated the sordid spectacle wherein the upper caste people who were in booze used unprintable words using their caste name.

And the Arunthathiyar Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam (AMMK) led by its state president M Thangavel has planned to demonstrate in front of Tirupur Corporation on August 10 protesting against the attack incident.

Suranimala said...

About DEZIL KOBBEKADUWA . I still remember the day 08.08.1992.
blast was around 9 oclck in the morning but he was brought to j'pura hospital around 2 o clock afternoon .
2 days after his death I went to his funeral and I remember the crowd . I waited 5 hours out side of his residence just to see his face for the last time .
may he (and all his nine brave hearts )attend nibbana .

Nisal said...


Campaign to nominate three Tamil doctors for the Nobel Peace Prize

Dear Friends,

We at Tamils for Obama want to nominate three doctors for the Nobel Peace Prize, and we want you to help us. In this long letter, we will tell you:

1. Why we think it is worth nominating these doctors.

2. Who to write to. We (and you) cannot nominate them ourselves, so we have included a list of the kind of people who can nominated them. (Members of parliament, members of congress, Professors, former Nobel Peace Prize winners, etc.) We also give links ( )that will help you find addresses for your member of parliament, for former winners, and so forth.

3. How to write your letter. We help you write to your MP (or whomever) to persuade him/her to nominate the three doctors. We call this the persuasion letter. You can find it at this link ( ) or below.

4. How your MP (or whomever) can write his/her letter. We also have a nomination letter to make it easier for your MP (or whomever) to write to the Nobel Committee. It is at this link ( ) or below.

5. Materials by and about the three doctors. These items might not be essential, but you might want (or need) to pass them on to your MP (or whomever). Links to these materials (Biographies; the letters, videos, and photos from the doctors in the war zone) are here: .

Why we think it is worth nominating theses doctors

We think they deserve this recognition because they, unselfishly and at great danger to themselves, worked tirelessly to save the lives and alleviate the suffering of war victims in Sri Lanka. Saving lives and reducing suffering are certainly within the “humanitarian” criteria considered by the Norwegian Nobel Committee when they are choosing candidates.

Nisal said...


Thurairaja Varatharajah, Thangamuttu Sathyamurthi and Veerakaththi Shanmugarajah are the three doctors who worked in Vanni. When large numbers of Vanni people became refugees, these three doctors went along with them, serving the people who needed their help most. They worked under the most primitive conditions with the most basic medical facilities in a makeshift clinic inside the conflict zone. They stayed at their little hospital through bombing and shelling almost up to the end of the fighting, fleeing just three days before the war ended.

While the three doctors were in Vanni, they became one of the few independent sources of information on what was going on in the war zone. They told of regular artillery bombardment and hundreds or thousands of wounded civilians who came to their clinic seeking help. The doctors were witnesses to actions the Sri Lankan government denies, and for this they may die. The doctors were arrested and are being held by Sri Lankan government forces. We wonder whether we will ever see them alive again.

While captives of the Sri Lankan government the doctors were forced to recant their original account of events in Vanni at the end of the civil war. This account was embarrassing to the government. We can only imagine what was done to get the doctors to change their story.

The New York Times description of the doctors’ situation says “One case deserves special mention. Three Tamil government doctors and one senior health official are known to be in government custody and are now threatened with prosecution for cooperating with the Tamil Tigers. As just about the only remaining officials inside the war zone in the final weeks, they worked heroically to save lives and alert the world to the humanitarian disaster endured by civilians trapped in the fighting. On July 8, their captors forced them to recant their stories. This farce should end: They should be freed.”

These three doctors have been nominated for the Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize which is presented by UNESCO each year. Many of those who win the Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize later have won the Nobel Peace Prize.

We at Tamils for Obama have three reasons for making this nomination. First, we think that nominating these three doctors will help bring attention to the Tamil cause. Second, we think that if they become famous, it will be harder for the government to kill them in prison, so we might be saving their lives. Third, we want to honor them. If they win the prize, that’s even better.

We hope that enough of us will send enough letters to persuade these nominators to recommend the doctors to the Nobel committee.

Nisal said...


Who is a qualified Nominator?

Not just anybody can nominate a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize? Among those we think we can influence are:

► Members of national assemblies (Congresspersons and members of parliaments of every country where diaspora Tamils live)

► University presidents and professors of social sciences, history, philosophy, law and theology (if you work at a university or are yourself a professor of one of these subjects, you either know or are a potential nominator)

► Persons who have received the Nobel Peace Prize (We think that Desmond Tutu of South Africa, Jose Ramos-Horta of East Timor, or some others might appreciate the three doctors’ good work)

► Organizations or board members of organizations that have won the prize (We are going to submit our suggestions to American Friends Service Committee, the Quakers, who got the prize in 1947 and Médecins Sans Frontières who won in 1999)

► Active and former members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee (We hope that our Diaspora Tamil friends living in Norway can help us with this).

The complete list of qualified nominators is at:

We have listed mailing addresses and/or E-mail addresses of a few former winners who might be useful to us, but it is a short list. If you have addresses for any other qualified nominators who are not on our list, please send the addresses to us and we will add them.

If you have a letter that might be a model for others to follow, please send that to us and we will post it.

Nisal said...


Sample Letter to send to the qualified Nominator (Persuasion Letter)
your name
Name, address of your MP (or whomever)


Re: Three doctors who deserve the Nobel Peace Prize

Dear Sir or Madam:

Three Sri Lankan doctors worked among the civilian refugees huddled in Vanni, Sri Lanka. Without adequate staff, medicine, food, or other resources they kept their makeshift clinic operating until three days before the end of the civil war there. They carried on their work amid cluster bombing and shell fire which swelled the numbers of wounded and dying.

I think they deserve this recognition because they have, unselfishly and at great danger to themselves, worked tirelessly to save the lives and alleviate the suffering of war victims in Sri Lanka. Saving lives and reducing suffering are certainly within the “humanitarian” criteria considered by the Norwegian Nobel Committee when they are choosing candidates.

Because Sri Lankan government banned all journalists and humanitarian organizations from the war zone, the doctors became the only unbiased source of news from the battle area. This made the Sri Lankan government furious. The doctors have been arrested and will be held for up to a year before being charged with harming the country, the government has revealed. Some doubt that we will ever see the doctors alive again.

I would like to propose that these three doctors be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I can not nominate them, so I ask that you, as a qualified nominator, to consider doing so.

The three doctors are named Thurairaja Varatharajah, Thangamuttu Sathyamurthi and Veerakaththi Shanmugarajah.

If you decide to support the nomination of these three doctors, here is a link to a sample letter that I have written which might save you a few minutes in composing your own:

Thank you.


Your Signature

Nisal said...


The nomination letter should be mailed to the following address:

The Nobel Foundation
P.O. Box 5232, SE-102 45 Stockholm, Sweden
Street address: Sturegatan 14, Stockholm
Tel. +46 (0)8 663 09 20
Fax +46 (0)8 660 38 47

Send this letter on your professional letter-head letter. If you don’t use your letter-head please provide your credential (Congressman, member of parliament, professor, or whichever applies)

Text of the Nomination letter

Dear Nobel Peace Prize Committee Members,

I would like to nominate the following three Sri Lankan medical doctors, Thurairaja Varatharajah, Thangamuttu Sathyamurthi, and Veerakaththi Shanmugarajah for the next available Nobel Peace Prize.

I think they deserve this recognition because they have, unselfishly and at great danger to themselves, worked tirelessly to save the lives and alleviate the suffering of war victims in Sri Lanka. Saving lives and reducing suffering are certainly within the “humanitarian” criteria considered by the Norwegian Nobel Committee when you are choosing Nobel laureates.

Thank you.


name and signature

Thank you.

Tamils for Obama

Moshe Dyan said...

"Campaign to nominate three Tamil doctors for the Nobel Peace Prize"

didn't i say so???
didn't i say so???

i'm 75% sure they will win it.

bloody sweedes have a score to settle too!!

if they were less lucky to be around, they would have had a lower chance of winning it. at least the world would not know for sure, their "heroics". nothing to do now.

Observer said...

Hi Guys..

A walk down the memory lane ;-)

Remember we used to check out this ?

NOLTTE=Peace said...

When I checked last, the Police has not taken any action whatsoever against Vas Gunawardana, his Son, his Wife or the team of Police personnel who have abducted and brutally assaulted the SLIIT student Nipuna.

This is a shame on Police. If this happened in the Army when Sarath Fonseka was the Head, I can imagine what would happen to them.

That is the difference of leadership and bringing discipline to an organisation. This sets a very bad precedence and shows how lagging we are as a nation.

Gross abuse is neglected and brushed off. This is a national shame.

I would certainly advice Nipuna's family to file a civil case against this Brutal family, IGP, and Solicitor General requesting the court to direct an investigation and bring them to justice.

Notable items,

1. Unlawful abduction
2. Unlawful imprisonment
3. Brutal Assault
4. Trying to mislead judiciary (by saying put a Hand Grenade and will send this one to six years -looks like Vas has done this before)
5. Abuse of State Property for Private Use (Sending the Police Vehicles and personnel to Pick kids from Tuition Classes)
6. Lying and trying to mislead the public and state- saying mistaken identity, when what happened was grossly obvious

This looks like Malaka Silva 2

I advise the parents of Nipuna to keep their head straight without bowing to any pressures and pursue this case in the name of General Public. Else, these abusers would abuse more people in the same manner.

KB said...

Bugger! I would Like to nominate the trio, President Rajapaksa, Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, and Chief of Defense staff General Fonseka for the Nobel Peace Prize. These three brilliant chaps brought peace to Sri Lanka after thirty long bloody years. Wouldn't Eelam rascals blow a gasket if they got nominated?


Unknown said...

Will Bishop Rayappu Joseph confess his terrorist sins publicly?

No offence to Christians in this blog, but why is this bishop still free in SL. Shouldn't he be in jail? Isn't he another Abu Bakar Bashir?

Pretty bad to see he would be leading Madhu Festival. Hopefully one day either SL government or the people he manage to destroy will have enough courage to take actions against him.

KB said...

Bugger! This rascal of a gun runner, KP, is now demanding to be allowed on Sri Lankan Idol show. The poor bugger has become very passionate about singing these days. But can he dance?


Unknown said...

Konappu Bandara said...
Bugger! This rascal of a gun runner, KP, is now demanding to be allowed on Sri Lankan Idol show. The poor bugger has become very passionate about singing these days. But can he dance?

Haha. Good one.

දේශපාලුවා said...

LTTEir in Sheeps cloth

Ananda-USA said...

Konappu, Brother,

What a superbly brilliant IDEA! You have exceeded yourself .. do you subsist ENTIRELY on sprats .. like the inimitable JEEVES?

"I would Like to nominate the trio, President Rajapaksa, Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, and Chief of Defense staff General Fonseka for the Nobel Peace Prize."

They who brought us PEACE, MORE than ANY OTHER, are EMINENTLY QUALIFIED, unlike the trio of NFZ Liars (aka MD's= "MAD DOCTORS").

Seriously, Let us DO IT!

hemantha said...


thanks for the link."

You are welcome Moshe. here is the next part of that article.

"Neither President nor Parliament has parallel powers under 13th amendment
by Sugath Kulatunga"

click here.

TropicalStorm said...

URGENT: 7.6 earth quake near Andamans. Tsunami expected. Maybe smaller than previous.

Notify anyone you know on coastal belt in SL.

Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ananda-USA said...

Eminent Brothers,

Lend me your EARS, for I have a curious TALE to TELL. A STORY that, IF TRUE, will pique your interest, if not blow your mind, as it did mine.

It upends Buddhist History upon its veritable head ... uproots it from India and plants it right in our own resplendent Lanka ... no less!

It begins with one of our own brilliantly perspicacious, supremely devout, Sri Lankan Buddhist priests. He is acknowledged by many, who have better tuned abilities to divine such matters than I, and including my cancer surgeon sister, as being an Arahat ... right here and NOW, in OUR TIME.

He has written a book entitled:

Apa Upan Hela Bima, Budun Upan Jambudvipaya

By Meepalane' Siri Dhammalankara
ISBN 9789555170703

This story was recounted to me by my younger brother, Thusitha, who returned recently from Sri Lanka clutching this book firmly in his hands. He like me, is a scientist well schooled in the foibles of modern science, and dare not dismiss the claims in the book without a fair hearing and investigation in depth. So I appeal to you, my brothers, to give it a fair hearing as well.

Following in the footsteps of Arahat Ananda, I begin the tale thus: "Evan Me Sutam ....." from the lips of my own brother:

At the time of the Gautama Buddha's birth, Sri Lanka was divided into four areas occupied by the the Devas, the Yakshas, the Nagas and the Kumbhandas in the North East, the North West, the South West and the South East of Lanka. Where these regions met in the center of the Island was a place of special cosmic significance and was the birthplace of the Buddha.

The Buddha was born a Sakya clan prince not in India, but in the Sakya Janapadaya in Sri Lanka. The entire story of his birth, growing up, disenchantment, quest for knowledge, personal enlightenment, and compassionate dessimination of that knowledge to mankind took place in Lanka, not India. Kapilavastu Pura was located 30km West of Trincomalee and Batticaloa. The priest identifies many places of Buddhist significance in India with the "original" places in Sri Lanka.

Three hundred and fifty years later Emperor Asoka engaged in conquering South India heard of the Dharmadvipa that was Sri Lanka, and learned of Buddhism. Sickened by the carnage in Kalinga and continuing in South India, he embraced Buddhism and took it home to India. It was Emperor Asoka, driven by his devoutness, and his intent to pacify and bring India under one unifying culture, who recreated the places and the place names in Sri Lanka in India .. to enable the people of India to experience the Buddhist way, firsthand.

Apparently, prior to Asoka, there was no evidence of Buddhism in India. I know that, millenia later, Asoka's own historical existence was first detected and confirmed by archeologists and historians on the basis of our own Mahavamsa Chronicle.

There are apparently a whole host of stone inscriptions in Sri Lanka, including one at Bambaragala, that supports these claims. The Jetavana Stupa in India is apparently built of brick, rather than stone as in the Jethavanaramaya stupa of Lanka; brick construction technology apparently unavailable in India at the time of the Buddha. The priest argues further that one story about the Buddha travelling a preaching circuit, amounting to some 350km at locations identified in India, would have been impossible within the specified time. However, if he did that in Sri Lanka visiting the "original" places with the corresponding place names, he would have to travel only 75km .. an achievable feat.

Thus I have heard.

My brothers, go forth now and do your own research on this astonishing immensely intriguing tale, that upends everything you and I have learned at the feet our parents, our priests and our teachers in Lanka.

The truth, they say, is stranger than fiction. Is this TRUE?

Moshe Dyan said...


holy shit!!

yesterday i dreamt a small tsunami coming towards our (old) house in colombo. water didn't come inside the house but on the road was about 50 cm deep. may be bcos in night news they showed some cyclone or something in china affecting the sea.

what a sinner i am. last confession was 10 years ago!! must have one.

ඉයන් said...

I want to post a part of a reply by Mr. DBS Jeyaraj in response to a comment by a blogger.

Now about your talk of Eelam . I’ve been through all that. There is no hope of a Tamil Eelam. 30 years of armed struggle has reduced the Sri Lankan Tamils to 6% of population in Sri Lanka. 54% of them live outside the north - east. If you continue with this “struggle” the Tamils will be only 2% in another 15 years. Besides the Tamil economic strength, culture, etc has been severely eroded

If the stupid, selfish pro - eelam Diaspora encourages a struggle in Sri Lanka while staying safely & comfortably abroad the poor Tamils back there will be severely affected. Already 500, 000 Tamils are IDP’s (280,000 from Wanni now & others earlier)If you continue to struggle for a non - existent Eelam all Tamils there will be IDP’s

As I say often reconciliation is not a luxury or choice but a necessity. Reconciliation does not mean submission or assimiliation. Its a process where justice & equality has to be established. That cannot happen as long as Tamil hardliners abroad talk of Eelam and Sinhala hardliners cite it as an excuse to suppress Tamils.

By the way the Thimphu principles were enunciated by the Tamil organizations to compel the Colombo govt to reject them. The ante was raised so that the Lankan govt had to reject it. This was because India had forced peace talks with Colombo and the Tamil groups wanted to wriggle out without antagonising India. They thought then that India would support Tamil Eelam in the future

But why have you forgotten the 1987 Indo _ lanka accord whereby most groups endorsing the Thimphu principles opted for other options?

I state most emphatically that the destiny of Sri Lankan Tamils is inextricably intetwined with that of the Sinhalese. This is not abstract theory but reality. While you Diaspora Tamils talk tough the people there are living it out. There are many problemms but slowly, painfully the people there are learning to co - exist peacefully. Let us not forget that more Tamils preferred to live in Sinhala dominated areas despite a secessionist war being waged

Tamils do not have equality yet. But the people will slowly get there. But this is not possible when irresponsible Tamils talk of Eelam struggle.

My experience of living in Colombo & Toronto & the mess made by the LTTE during its rule of a “mono -ethnic” eelam has made me opt for a multi - ethnic Sri Lanka. I do not want a Tamil state but I certainly want the Tamils to live with full rights in any part of Sri Lanka just as the Sinhalese, Muslims & Burghers should live in any part of Sri Lanka.

I have often said that the Sri Lankan nation is not fully formed yet even after 61 years of independence. But I know it will be. Perhaps not during my lifetime. But my vision is for the making of a NEW Lanka with justice, equality, pluralism and amity.

And when the Rajapakse regime’s media suppression ends (This is not ethnic) and it is possible for me to function independently as a journalist in Sri Lanka I will RETURN and work towards my vision there.Until then I remain in CANADA the land that I have learnt to love and continue writing and trying to foster justice, equality, inter -ethnic understanding, amity and unity of my people.

Moshe Dyan said...


thanks again. actually i wanted to ask for the next one. yesterday's article hinted that it has a continuation.

will post it in LP. this has to be framed and kept. a good platform to build on.

Moshe Dyan said...


sadly, the sweeds (and of course their neighbours norwegians, finnish, etc) have a STRANGE definition of "peace".

like they mix day with night (& night with day), they have mixed up "peace" with "violence".

i would have love to give the 3 doctors the "piece prize" in nanthikandal!!

true SF, GR, MR or SF, WK, RG deserve it better.

anyway DYNAMITE money is best awarded to the terror doctors by the name "peace".

KB said...

[Seriously, Let us DO IT!]

Ananda, old chap, thanks to the Eelam rascals we don't at least have to do research on the procedure to nominate our peace-loving trio. They say Members of parliament, members of congress, Professors, former Nobel Peace Prize winners, etc are qualified to nominate. We need to draft a good sample nominating letter and get Patriots to forward it to such people. I will do the first draft and post it here soon. Then you chaps can chime in with changes/additions and we can start forwarding the final draft to our Patriot base.


Moshe Dyan said...


not at all.

actually this KASIPPU JOSEPH is a disgrace to the church.

he ROBBED the property belonging to the church and ran away into tiger area; refused to accept the church back; made stupid pro-tiger statements; helped tigers.

only after the vatican openly blamed the tigers for using the church premises for terrorism did our church condemn it!!

Moshe Dyan said...

konappu and ananda,

agree. lets do it.

for it to be practical, we have to leave out SF, GR (the real peace makers). if our proposal is to go further, we have to play to the rules of the nominees. it is twisted thinking that rules over them. their version of "peace" is different to real life peace.

KB said...

[sadly, the sweeds (and of course their neighbours norwegians, finnish, etc) have a STRANGE definition of "peace"]

Moshe, old boy, I know our dynamic trio have a snowball's chance in hell of receiving the prize. Most probably so do these three Eelam witch doctors! But any of those qualified people can nominate and all we have to do is get at least a couple to send the nomination letter in. After that watch the fun each time you refer to our peace-enabling trio as Nobel peace prize nominees. Eelam codgers will blow a gasket for sure.


Moshe Dyan said...


well said.

nice blog.

appreciate your efforts. your line of attack is effective.

there are pro-SL-anti-TE tamils (VERY FEW), anti-SL-pro-TE tamils (SIZABLE) and indifferent tamils (MOST).

your line of attack is to make the second group turn to the third group. workable. we HAVE peaceful coexistence in SL to a great extent. lets build on that WHILE keeping the LTTE diaspora at bay.

the biggest mistake most ppl do is trying to convert the second and third groups to the first group. it NEVER works.

Moshe Dyan said...


got it!

or they will accelerate their hate project when they see our heores (monkey behaviour) and blow up the chances of their witch doctors!!!

Ananda-USA said...

Tropical Storm,

Thanks for the alert. Here is a confirming report by the USGS.


USGS: huge earthquake hits in Indian Ocean

Associated Press Writer
August 11, 2009

WASHINGTON – U.S. officials on Monday reported that a huge 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck in the Indian Ocean and issued a regional tsunami watch for India, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand and Bangladesh that was lifted later.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake was about 160 miles (257 kilometers) north of Port Blair in India's Andaman Islands and about 20.6 miles (33 kilometers) deep.

"The danger for a tsunami is real," William Leith, an earthquake manager at the USGS, said in an interview.

By comparison, however, Leith said that Monday's Indian Ocean quake, though very large, was "many times smaller" than a massive earthquake in December 2004 off Indonesia's western island of Sumatra that triggered a tsunami that killed more than 230,000 people.

The tsunami alert was later lifted.

Also Monday, an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.6 shook Tokyo and surrounding areas.

Quakes that occur that far apart are typically not related, Leith said, but it was too early to say for sure; he said scientists would be studying the two quakes.

The Indian Ocean earthquake was reported to have struck about 225 miles (365 kilometers) south-southwest of Myanmar, 510 miles (825 kilometers) west of Bangkok, and 1,420 miles (2,295 kilometers) southeast of New Delhi.

KB said...

Ananda and Moshe, dear chaps, here is a rough draft of a sample nominating letter I knocked off after consuming a couple of stiff G&Ts. May be too heavy on the rhetoric reflecting my happy mood.


Dear Nobel Peace Prize Committee Members,

I would like to nominate the following three distinguished Sri Lankans, President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, and Chief of Defense staff General Sarath Fonseka for the next available Nobel Peace Prize.

These three gentleman have been the architects of the wonderful peace that has dawned upon this ancient island, after thirty terrible years of war,
inflicted upon perfectly innocent people of Sri Lanka, by the most ruthless and cruel terrorist group that has been seen. What this noble trio have accomplished is nothing less than the safety and welfare, the freedom and progress, of all the homes and families of all the men and women in all of Sri Lanka. And here I speak particularly of the myriad cottage or apartment homes where the wage-earner strives amid the accidents and difficulties of life to guard his wife and children from privation and bring the family up in the time honored traditions of great religions, or upon ethical conceptions which often play their potent part. To give security to these countless homes, they must be shielded from the two giant marauders, war and insecurity. We all know the frightful disturbances in which the ordinary family is plunged when the curse of war swoops down upon the bread-winner and those for whom he works and contrives.

The awful ruin of northern Sri Lanka, with all its vanished glories, and of large parts of eastern Sri Lanka glares us in the eyes. When the designs of wicked men or the aggressive urge of ruthless terrorist groups dissolve over large areas the frame of civilized society, humble folk are confronted with difficulties with which they cannot cope. For them all is distorted, all is broken, even ground to pulp.

When I stand here this quiet time at the end of this terrible war, I shudder to visualize what actually happened to millions of innocent Sri Lankans, terrorized each and everyday for past thirty years by these cruel terrorists. None can compute what has been called "the unestimated sum of human pain." The supreme task and duty undertaken by these three brave champions of peace is to guard the homes of the common people from the horrors and miseries of another war. The tireless work they did in bestowing a real, tangible peace upon eighteen million people of Sri Lanka, I hope, will qualify them to be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Thank you.


name and signature

Moshe Dyan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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