Friday, September 17, 2010

Karadiyanaru Police Station Blasted by Accident

14 police officer were killed and another 16 injured in a massive accidental explosion at the Karadiyanaru Police Station around 11.30am today. The blast claimed the lives of 6 civilians while 52 others were injured. The details of this explosion are revealing themselves only now.

Investigation units confirmed a short while ago that 700kg of Gelignite stored at the police station by the Chinese construction company CONVAC had detonated during loading killing the two Chinese workers first and then the others.

The majority of the other civilians killed and injured in the incident were visiting the police station and the adjacent Govijanaseva Depot. The blast left a hole in the ground measuring roughly fifteen feet by nine feet.

The police station is situated 500 meters from Karadiyanaru town on the Chenkaladi-Maha Oya road.


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Sam Perera said...

Glad to see you back DW. What are the chances that this is related to remnants of LTTE?

Ananda-USA said...
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Ananda-USA said...

Sam, when your grand farther farted and exploded his ass, what are the chances that it related to LTTE or jack fruit seeds?

Just get the LTTE out of your brain bro.

DW wire clearly indicated it is an accident. If it is not, shouldn't you think they would have mentioned that in the report?

Don't second guess clever reporters just because you are paranoid.

Now, please visit SLDF and contribute. I am tired of being the only voice there.

Ananda-USA said...

Usually whenever there is a big blast like this happening in a police station, government office or SL parliament, there is not really damage to the nation.

If it happens in a crowded bus, school, hospital.. it is a different story.

I'd like to see DW coming out with stories that significantly affect the future of this nation.

Ananda-USA said...

On my latest blog below, there are 203 comments to date. Out of which 195 of them are mine.

Genuine Sri Lankan patriots are either lonely or behind bars.

Rathna deepa janma bhumi....

Sam Perera said...

User ID 13664279713372198331 who appeared here as Robert, GulaNataKeema, fake Sujeewa Kokawala, fake ConspiracyTheory, fake tata, fake නිසල්, fake Andrea Ulicna, Ex(pired)patriate, mUlTiPoLaRrrrr!!, fake Ananda-USA

I know who you are and I don't need your interjections. Just go home and take care of you kid who happened to be your grand kid also.

Just learn how to read with clarity. Perhaps you can spare a bit of time you spend to imitate Ananda and others to improve your reading and comprehension skills.

Most importantly, you should learn the human decency of not defecating every place you go.

Defencewire said...


No LTTE remnants. None whatsoever connected with this incident. Explosives stored at police station grounds in large shipping container because there's nowhere else suitable. China company uses the stuff and a metal crusher to quarry for the new road development projects in the area.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Do you mean that it was a dangerous "bomb" waiting? I mean aren't there guide lines in storing explosives?

Correct me if wrong... This beats any other to become the biggest ever explosion in SL [of all forms]. Prev in my view was Central bank bomb, which was < 200kg. Now imagine if one of those 1000kg pussycat bomb went on in a crowded city. [And for that pls be grateful for SLDF who effectively eliminated the enemy shortly before potential catastrophe]

Some stats: noise heard at 25km away, buildings upto 500m lost roofs.

My sympathy for diseased and injured.

Moshe Dyan said...

i agree with SK's logic.

700kg of gelignite stored in a highly civilian populated area is a CRIME.


2 distinct possibilities.

1. gelignite explodes VERY EASILY.

in that case why store it in a high civilian activity area just 500m from the town centre!!!

why store everything in one location????

why wasn't it handled properly???

2. gelignite DOES NOT explodes VERY EASILY.

in this case it must be a deliberate act.

not necessarily LTTE remnants, but also PLENTY of other sabatours - disgrnted TMVP, ex-LTTE, tamil elamists, anti-govt elements, anti-development groups (this group is gaining power day by day), indian elements wanting to stop china's inroads to SL, singaporean elements wanting to see and end to chinese involvement in SL.

interestingly this comes a day after china announced its next big projects.

1. developing trinco and colombo ports

2. helping SL develop fishing harbours in a very large scale.

having said that chinese companies have ZERO regard for safety. we often hear accidental explosions in foreworks factories in china killing 100+, accidential explosions in mines, warehouses, etc.

low cost at the expense of safety is a concern. however this should not be blown out of proportion.

this must not affect in any way china's involvement in SL. that is the bottomline. safety standards should improve and this should be investigated.

Asithri said...

Vesa-Pundey said

[Genuine Sri Lankan patriots are either lonely or behind bars]

Not really.

For example take me, see I am one and I am fcuking your whore avajataka We-Tamizia-connected vesa-amma up her bunghole while you video it all - right?

Now if you said that to come and here and bat for that sell-country-and-proper vesa-balla PONNASEKA, well, that is NOT relevant to the discussion uh? (as we are talking about "genuine SL patriots" here uh?)

:)) :)) :))

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

PONNASEKA made U$$$$$$$$$$ and now he has to pay the piper.


Eat shit you un-Sri Lankan pieces of dog thought PONNASEKA is your ticket to freedom - freedom to rape and kill MotherLanka...Ouch!...that plan came a cropper did it not?

:)) :)) :))

OaO Asithri

Asithri said...

PONNASEKA is going to at least spend 3 years in hard-labor jail.


Never mind the arms purchase corruption by PONNASEAK...even that is forgivable to some extent...BUT...what is NOT FORGIVABLE is what he did after he jointed politics - where he agreed to MERGE N+E AND MADE FALSE STATEMENTS ABOUT UNARMED LTTErs BEING SHOT etc. etc.

These are crimes that are UNFORGIVABLE!!!

However, I do kinda feel an atom of sympathy for him as it was Ranil the Ponna-Vesa-Balla, the LTTE softy SL Traitor, who led SF down the garden path, telling him to go-for-broke and even sacrifice his military honor to the point of uttering falsehood about "war crimes" to the international community!

I hope soon they will have Ranil the Ponna Vesa Balla too in the dock and convict him for TREASON.

OaO Asithri

Ananda-USA said...

Asithri bro

How come the Ponseka who had connections with arms dealers is guilty while the guy who killed 600 constables have the protection paid by the public?

My new national anthem:

"I love a place where the grass is really greener"

Ananda-USA said...


According to my intelligence, the gelignite has been exploded by Danuna, the on the run son in law of General Fonseka.

Ananda-USA said...

My fellow patriots who is confronting DW and squeezing his balls to extract the none existent truth:

What is the purpose of blowing up a remote police station in an area no one wants to visit?

Hay, tourism to Sri Lanka has already down by 90% due to the blast.

Heh heh!!

Ananda-USA said...

Learn it from the old master:

In Sri Lanka, being a patriot is like being stupid.

I am patriotic since I want something out of Sri Lanka. I want to be next the US ambassador.

Sam Perera said...

Old Donkeypala the blog jester,

How is your latest paper on human parasites aka lost commies? Anyway, your incest dance will not make you any less idiot than you are now. Please continue the a-hole dance since it is mildly entertaining.

Sam Perera said...

It seems that Lanka-Eccentric-New is very happy about the blast. They have even created a story about a sudden drop of tourists. Just like the blog a-hole above, LeN have been predicting/cheering/exaggerating every little problem in Sri Lanka dearly hoping to see us in bad shape. Unfortunately for the blog a-hole and LeN, we have the world's finest and most combat ready military force to take care any threat.

Hooligan said...

ado Sam
welcome back machang
hows it hanging?

Hooligan said...

Fonseka found guilty

mara comments

Hooligan said...

TNA MP Sumanthiran's submission against 18th Amendment

worth a watch

bugger should be white vanned soon

bloody demala kallathoni should be taught a lesson in Mahinda Chinataya diplomacy

stupid dumbfuck

Sam Perera said...

Hey dumbo Hooligan,

We know your past. Just take your mask off and show the real stripes. Just like your comrade fake Donkeypala, you too are a human parasite needs to be in garbage bins of Sri Lanka.

Hooligan said...

Fonseka found guilty at 2nd Court Martial- sentenced to three years imprisonment

love the comments

kalu suddha sounds like Pola Sambol
same grey cells

anyway- the sayin goes if u get caught red handed get the same panel that found Mervyn the Vermin not guilty

Hooligan said...

ooooh Asswipe came too



Hooligan said...

Moshe Shalom

happy yom kippur

g'mar chatimah tovah

Did you get laid recently?

Hooligan said...

Sam parangiya says..

What are the chances that this is related to remnants of LTTE?

Sun God (re-incarnate) Prabha in cohorts with Chinese convicts lit the fuse up your ass

Hooligan said...

MR at UN

shame no why Weera "lemon puff" Monkey cant go on the jaunt.

Banki Moon will shit himself

Hooligan said...

We are winning economic war - Basil

Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa commenting on Sri Lanka recording a growth of 8.5 percent during the second quarter of 2010, said this signifies that the country’s economy is growing at a very rapid pace. This is the highest ever quarterly growth recorded since the Central Bank and Department of Census and Statistics began estimating quarterly growth rates.

Basil(10%)Rajapakse- we could have reached 9.4% if u did'nt have a hand in the till

Sam Perera said...

Hooligan Pandurai the lost terrorist scummy,

We flushed your Thalivar's balls in to a cesspit in Peelam. Your presence here in disguise of somebody else will not bring him back.

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ananda-USA said...

What the unpatriotic elements in Sri Lanka doing now

FukkFace said...

Hooligan da Ommala Okka said:

{Asswipe came too}

How did you know?

Did you put your finger up your LTTE Tamiz whore-amma's arse?


FukkFace said...

Asithri Aiya, looks like this LTTE bitch Hooligan wants to give you his mohter's arse.

Take it or leave it bro...I personally would take it and ride it all the way to Nanthikadaal.


FukkFace said...


{We flushed your Thalivar's balls in to a cesspit in Peelam}


Man, what humor goes on here!

The rumor has it that the fat black ugly oily piggy bitch was burnt to ashes and the ashes were scattered in the cesspit.

So it it not only the balls that went chummy-chummy with common feces.


This is too much......these wesa-Tamizia never fail to entertain us - do they?

FukkFace said...

Hooligan da AmmaHukka LTTE=RW=SF whore-puppy


Sad ah?

I would gladly ask Basil and even MR OR GR to take 20% and not just 10% - for all what they did to save Motherlanka from your kind.

Damn it, I got to meet Basil and teach him a thing or two about "free enterprise" !!!!!


FukkFace said...

Hooligan da LTTE=RW=SF agent,

Tell me cocksukcker, what gives?

Are you serious about toppling our MAHINDA CHINTANA Gibraltar Rock by writing entertaining porn here?

WE SL Patriots WON asshole. WE liquidated your TERRORIST SCUM mercilessly (aha, some inside stories, no, you are too young to hear) and today WE RULE!

WE, and WE alone, today set course for Sri Lanka for the NEXT 15 YEARS - whether your whore-puppies like it or not.

WE will make OUR MOTHERLAND THE NEXT SINGAPORE AND+++ - Just grab your limpy cokc in hand and standby and watch - and try not to cum too early!




FukkFace said...

Peter Peter here here kitty kitty....

Here's a head of a wicked wild animal with half of it hacked/blown off for you to sniff and play with....


I know you are there.....just waiting for me to tickle you ah?

How do I know?

Well, I am in the "inside" you LTTE Wesa-Tamiz Pundai!


Nothing like FF to tickle you to death ah?


FukkFace said...

LTTE Hooligan

{ado Sam welcome back machang
hows it hanging?}

Sam tell this Tamizia=RW=PonnaSeka WhoreDog that it is hanging fine - since it came out his Tamizia Wesa-amma's thalathel pundai!!!!!


LG - Life is Good!!!!


FukkFace said...

Ada Wesa-dogs Fake Ananda, Hooligan, Rana, Peter (hiding here, but here) like my eyes?

Sexxxy ah?

See how open they are????

Reminds you of your Tamizia whore-amma's IPKF torn cunttzz???


Boy o Boy, them Indian IPKF buggers (literally) knew how to entertain themselves while they were in Jaffna - at least according to the stories I hear over cocktails in LA.

Bloody coolie Tamizia whore pups......yes, why not go begging to the Injuns to save your arse like you did before?


If only you knew....what I know!!!!


FukkFace said...

Enough to chew on for now?


"I'lll be baaack"


FukkFace said...

One last word to my Honorable Friend - Fake Ananda da LTTE AmmaHukka

Who is asking Asithri Aiya:

"How come the Ponseka who had connections with arms dealers is guilty while the guy who killed 600 constables have the protection paid by the public?"

Asithri Aiya, permit me to answer plz as follows:

Ada LTTE wesa-pundai, the guy who killed 600 constables in the end was full of remorse and to prove his remorse, he ended up killing 10,000+ LTTE terrorist whoredogs (not directly by his own hands, but through his cooperation with the SLA MI, SLN SEALS, SLAF Kfirs/MiG Squads, etc. etc. on where to attack and where to ambush)

After all, today the SomaWesa Amarasinghe bugger is also guilty of killing SL policemen, but the bugger is enjoying total freedom in SL today...but the worse part is the bugger did not do anything to show his remorse and make-up for his crime-deeds in the past (like KarunaA did as I note above)!!!!

See asshole......this is the line of thinking that did you LTTE whore Tamizia in.....the MR GOSL was full of brilliant strategists (starting from GR) who knew exactly what to do and when to do what!!!!

Believe me, this book on LIQUIDATING-TERRORISM will be a classic book on warfare strategy in the not too distant - no different to the book "Art of War by Sun Tzu" !!!!

Ananda-USA said...

Why don't you guys have isolated me and don't post on my blog?

Friends, together we can build a nation better than Singapore.

Time after time we have proven that we can bond around a national disaster even though we tend to fight with each other once the disaster is over.

Let this Gelignite bomb be the nucleus of our patriot bonding again.

Rathna deepa janma bhumi....

Ananda-USA said...

Patriot Fukkface

[the guy who killed 600 constables in the end was full of remorse and to prove his remorse, he ended up killing 10,000+ LTTE terrorist whoredogs (not directly by his own hands, but through his cooperation with the SLA MI, SLN SEALS, SLAF Kfirs/MiG Squads, etc. etc. on where to attack and where to ambush)]

If I use this rational,
Fonseka has killed over 50,000 LTTE whorebitches and made few million commissions.

Shouldn't he be our PM then?

...a little bit of punnakku for our thoughts.

Defencewire said...


You are comparing apples to oranges here. There's a vast difference between plastic explosives used in the 1996 attack and the gelignite that detonated here. gelignite is a blasting agent but plastic explosives are high explosives with a high velocity and heat capable of doing much more damage. if 700kg of plastic explosives had gone off, it would've leveled all the buildings in the vicinity and all you'd see is a large hole.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...


Thanks for the response. Agree that my mere weight comparison was wrong.

Still I'm astonis.hed by the amount of explosives exploded there. Mind you that some papers suggest 2000kg.

FukkFace said...

Fake-Ananda (A known LTTE Wesa-Pundai in disguise)

"Fonseka has killed over 50,000 LTTE whorebitches and made few million commissions. Shouldn't he be our PM then?"

Obviously you are saying this not because you love this G/Ponnaseka, but to keep driving dissension amongst the Sinhelas.

However, as this is also a question that RW=SF=JVP (and not necessarily pro-LTTE) tunnel-visioned idiots keep asking, let me answer.

a) SF did not kill 50,000 LTTE whore-bitches by himself. Whether it is 50K or 100K the final number, the LTTE deaths were on account of an orchestra of brilliant strategies of GR and the execution of them by the field commanders during the last "eelam war" when during most of the crucial times, SF was on family-in-toe overseas jaunts, living the high-life of a corrupt politician.

b) LTTE deaths also came about from the marvelous work done by STF, SLAF and SLN, although Gonseka was trying take credit for it solely by/for himself. The other services' commanders were too modest and was never into shooting off their mouths about their achievements, but not this crass, gaudy, bastard.

c) Admittedly this earlier SF (later Gonseka) did do a measurable, commendable service to the nation. No question should arise about it. However, he undid all that (to a colossal deficit) by collaborating with the enemy towards the end of the war - at a crucial time. He was in secret talks with RW/LTTE agents and was already doing politics, including making promises that if he were to win the presidential election (which he had decided long ago to do), he would re-merge the North and the East! Had this info. gotten out to the troops who were in the thick of the battle at those last critical stages, holy fukk, imagine how the morale would have crumbled, and how the reverse (of the end) could have been true? This offense is unpardonable in my view.

d) In any case, after the war ended and when he had left the uniform and joined hands with RW/ManoGaneshan etc. SL-traitor cabal, this corrupt, selfish bugger had no qualms about throwing to the wolves his former bosses (GR, MR) or even his former team (the brilliant field commanders of the army such as Shavendra for example) who had done so much to liquidate the LTTE. To fast-track his political climb, he saw no problem in collaborating with LTTE agents/interests abroad (be that they were in known pro-LTTE NGOs or in western governments) and started concocting "war crimes" scenarios. This is not only unpardonable, but must be punished severely in my view - preferably by firing squad.

So, there you have it (well, not for you the avowed LTTE whoredog undercover agent as we all know, but for others as I noted earlier.

p.s. I must thank you for paving the way for me to write the above.....hehehehehehe.....see, after all, you are of use to me!

FukkFace said...


I have not even touched on his fill-my-pocket CORRUPTION/FRAUD practices whereby, by giving contracts to the US based company owned by his son-in-Law, the bugger did very, very well for himself!

But, one might say, so what about all the corruption from GOSL ministers etc?

So, that is why I did not touch on that aspect.

Truly, considering what I wrote earlier, I think we have more than enough to rot this bugger in jail - until he dies.

Hooligan said...

Lol @ FF
you know when Asswipe gets upset FF appears

keep it up
miss the entertainment

uuuuummmmaaaaa FF - i luve you

anyone for a Waldorf Salad?

Hooligan said...

when is the next boat leaving to Canada?

I am sailing, I am sailing, home again 'cross the sea
I am sailing stormy waters, to be near you, to be free

I am flying, I am flying, like a bird 'cross the sky
I am flying, passing high clouds, to be near you, to be free

Can you hear me, can you hear me, through the dark night far away
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Oh Lord, to be near you, to be free
Oh my Lord, to be near you, to be free
Oh my Lord, to be near you, to be free
Oh Lord

FukkFace said...

Hooligan da whoredog:

Hey, how about this:

See, they all missed ZooPaa the Smiling Barber who departed in a puff of smoke, with no Good-byes or hugs, when the SLAF birds swooped down one night.

So, they all wanted to join ZooPaa and they all used to sing in their own way:

1) Takaran Air Force pilot, just before taking SLAF MiG and Ack Ack fire and crashing to the empty insurance building in a ball of flame:

“I am flying, I am flying, like a bird 'cross the sky
I am flying, passing high clouds, to be near you, to be free”

Thalaivar, hugging a Nanthikadal Mangrove bush that fateful night:

“Can you hear me, can you hear me, through the dark night far away
I am dying, forever crying, to be near you, who can say”

Floating arms-warehouse captain, just when he sighted SLN OPC/Dvoras and went to Davy Jones’ Locker:

“We are sailing, we are sailing, home again, 'cross the sea We are sailing, stormy waters, to be near you, to be free”


Sam Perera said...

Ha ha ha, that is a nice one FF. Terrorist Hooligan Pandurai is trying to brine Vihilupundey back somehow.

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ananda-USA said...

If SF is considered a crook and unpatriotic and deserve to be in jail, what about other crooks and thieves of Sri Lanka?

The reason SF is in jail not because he is a crook but he is a threat for some people having power. SF's ego is a threat for others want to stay in power.

If corruption is an issue, over 99% of Sri Lankan government should be in jail now.

FukkFace said...

Fake-Ananda da LTTE whoredog

Read my lips you arsehole.

What I said earlier was that Gonseka's guilt, in my view, was NOT about his ARMS/SUPPLIES CORRUPTION, BUT about his being a vile TRAITOR to the Motherland, by doing what he did (explained in fair detail above).

So, either you are a braindead fukking doorknob or you just got your head up your own arse (like most LTTE Tamizia racist fukks have at all times) and that is why you cannot see the logic/rationale of what I narrated earlier.

Of course, there are TRAITORS today roaming the streets of SL...

Take RW Ponnaya for example...

He is a top-notch TRAITOR, but he is NOT part of this LTTE LIQUIDATING GOSL. Rather he's the leader of the Opposition, the Opposition that Gonseka did politics with while in uniform!

Get your facts straight you brain-dead LTTE Tamizia whoredog!


Ananda-USA said...

He he

Politicking while in uniform is not new to SL. We have many bribing while in uniform. Within SL culture, what SF did was easily forgivable if he was within the government.

His only crime was not supporting the government.

Now, keep bending over to Mervyn de Silva like.

Ananda-USA said...

Loken Uthum Rata Lankavai....

"Students of the Sri Jayewardenepura University claim that the Vice Chancellor, N. L. A. Karunaratne sent six girls for a virginity test."

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...

User ID 13664279713372198331 who appeared here as Robert, GulaNataKeema, fake Sujeewa Kokawala, fake ConspiracyTheory, fake tata, fake නිසල්, Andrea Ulicna, Ex(pired)patriate, mUlTiPoLaRrrrr!!,

fake Ananda-USA aka Old Maggot

You past appearances under various names and imitations is a good barometer of the crook and scumbag in you. Before, you try to find others problems, you need get yourself cured.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

This just stuns me still...

I mean the scale of this explosion.


කරදියනාරු පිපිරීමෙන් වර්ග කිලෝමීටරයක දේපළ විනාශ වෙලා

හේමන්ත රන්දුණු

කරදියනාරු පොලිසිය භූමියේ ගබඩා කර තිබූ ඩයිනමයිට්‌ පුපුරණ ද්‍රව්‍ය අඩංගු කන්ටේනර් දෙක පිපිරී යැමෙන් වර්ග කිලෝමීටරයකට ආසන්න භූමි ප්‍රදේශයක තිබූ ගොඩනැඟිලි වාහන ඇතුළු අනෙකුත් දේපොළ විනාශයට පත්වී ඇති බව පරීක්‍ෂණවලින් හෙළිවී ඇත.

මෙම පුපුරණ ද්‍රව්‍ය සහිත කන්ටේනර් දෙක රඳවා තිබූ ස්‌ථානයේ මීටර් 48 ක්‌ දිග මීටර් 18 ක්‌ ගැඹුර විශාල වළක්‌ හෑරී තිබූ බව ද පොලිසිය පවසයි.

මෙම පිපිරීමෙන් සිදු වූ අලාභය කොතෙක්‌දැයි මෙතෙක්‌ ගණන් බලා නැති අතර එය රුපියල් කෝටි ගණනක්‌ විය හැකි බව ද පොලිස්‌ ආරංචි මාර්ග කියා සිටී.

මේ සම්බන්ධයෙන් අප කළ විමසීමකදී මඩකලපුව ප්‍රදේශයේ ජ්‍යෙෂ්ඨ පොලිස්‌ නිලධාරියකු කියා සිටියේ කරදියනාරු පොලිසිය අවට ප්‍රදේශයේ මහජනතාව පදිංචි වී නොසිටි නිසා ජීවිත හානි ප්‍රමාණය අඩු වූ බවයි.

මෙම මහා පිපිරීම සිදුවන අවස්‌ථාවේ කන්ටේනර් දෙකට ආසන්නව කිසියම් රාජකාරියක නිරත වී සිටි පොලිස්‌ සැරයන්වරයකුගේ සිරුර මෙතෙක්‌ සොයා ගැනීමට නොහැකි වී ඇති බව ද පොලිසිය පවසයි.

එහි නිලධාරියාගේ සිරුර මෙම පිපිරීමෙන් කුඩා කැබැලිවලට කැඩී විනාශයට පත්වන්නට ඇති බවට සැක පහළ කෙරේ.

FukkFace said...


Yeah, this PARAYA da Fake-Ananda I knew was a LTTE agent with many blog IDs since awhile back and that is why I "sweet talk" him the way I do!


FukkFace said...

Ada para-wesa balla fake-Ananda,

Politicking while in uniform may be nothing new and criminal per se, but that politicking coupled to accusing our brave Ranavirus of "war crimes" once you leave the uniform is something astonishingly new - especially from someone who happened to be the former Army Commander!

Hey whore-bitch....why this lack of basic intelligence on your part to discern/fathom simple logic?

Did you Tamizia whore amma deprive you of breast milk and substitute your household she-dog's (who happened to have rabies?) milk instead, when you were an infant?

I know you are a rabid Tamizia racist whoredog who is stubbornly refusing to see realty and craftily peddling the untruth here, but still, why this lack of basic intelligence even in your "angle of thought?"

Your brain-deadness is not what we usually see here from 'em Tamizia whores - idiocy maybe, but not outright brain-deadness like in your case.

You are such a pathetic imbecile in your illogical writings here that it is almost impossible not to feel sorry for you - as we feel sorry for mentally retards all over the world.


FukkFace said...

Wesa-dog fake-Ananda

{Now, keep bending over to Mervyn de Silva like}

Was this meant for me or were you addressing your Tamizia=RW=SF supporting wesa-amma?


FukkFace said...

Sam et al of DA, DW etc.

This whorebitch who was once known as "Rana" here was really a Sinhala speaking/writing (writing only to a limited extent if one recalls), and grown up amongst the Sinhalese in the south, a hardcore LTTEr undercover agent who was masquerading as a "Sinhela patriot" and sadly, he took many of you for a ride.

I know a few here, such as Asithri, Priyashantha, etc. suspected the bastard from the beginning and they went for his balls - and crushed them eventually.

The bastard is back here in various handles I see.

Ananda-USA said...

It looks like SK is not happy with the DW report on the explosion.

When it was shown on CNN, it did not appear as a humongous explosion.

I think Danuna was hiding in the Gelignite container and lighted a cigarette accidentally creating the disaster.

Back to the way we treat Sinhalese heroes, I think we are treating SF fairly. How many war heroes we have killed like Denzil and Janaka.

SF is the reason we have zero LTTE today. Putting him in jail for a minor technicality is a national disgrace.

He is as corrupt as typical high ranking military officials in Sri Lanka. Aren't they all super rich?

Fellers, please come to my blog and contribute?

I am waiting at:

Ananda-USA said...

I know you don't like me and my blog. Can we get together and make another blog? We have made few of them so far and that went no where due to my crazy posting habits.

Friends, can we give one more chance to make the best blog in this rathna deepa janma bhumi?

Ananda-USA said...

I feel like General Sarath Fonseka.

I fought hard to liberate Sri Lanka. My fellow comrades are neglecting me.

Sam, Moshe, Sujeweea, Asithri, Pol, Rana ... where are you?

Liberating Sri Lanka is not a crime fellers.

Cry cry cry !!!

Sam Perera said...

හොර ආනන්ද පල්වකො,

ගෙදර ගිහින් ලමයි බලාගනින් මෙතන බූරුවෙක් වෙන්නෙ නැතුව

Ananda-USA said...

Welcome to Sri Lanka!!!!!!

"CMC files 267 cases against unhygienic hotels in city

By Ishtartha Wellaboda
The Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) will file legal cases against 267 hotels and restaurants in the city next week, for operating under unhygienic conditions.
According to its Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Pradeep Kariyawasam, they have raided over 687 hotels and restaurants within the municipality during the past few weeks.
During these investigations, out of 299 food samples taken for testing, 102 were identified as infected with bacteria. "

Sam Perera said...

Fake Ananda and Hooilgan Pandurai,

Please entertain yourself with this photo of 1 million Tamils terrorists supporters protesting in front of UN.

You comrades in terror have done a truly commendable job in organizing this ultra-massive rally. Hats off for them.

Asithri said...


Funny these racist-terrorists vesa-pundey motherfuckers keep bobbing here - even after the fatal-decapitation they received in May 18, 2009!!!

:)) :)) :))

I think they are and into a weird spin-off of S&M...evidently they like to be hurt, but love to be pained - and severe the pain you inflict on them the better they enjoy!

Just look at their recent posts and you will see what I mean.


OaO Asithri

Ananda-USA said...

Who are the Terrorists

Ho Hooo!

Ananda-USA said...

My grandmother has been taken to the hospital by Sri Lankan University for her virginity check.

Me Sinhala Apega Ratai!!!

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...

fake Ananda-USA,

I guess they checked your grand mother's karageta.

Ananda-USA said...

Don't you politic wearing a robe.

Rathna deepa janma bhumi

Ananda-USA said...

Patriots, I worked so hard not even thinking about my life to bring the liberation at your doorstep.

I deserve better treatment from you. I hate this lonely cell.

Sam Perera said...

fake Ananda,

You need to check the logic circuits of your brain since they are malfunctioning. Priests and military officers are two different matters when it comes to politics. The more you try to act pundit, the more doofus you reveal in yourself.

Hooligan said...

ado sam parangiaya

thx for sharing the pic

wtf r our law enforcement officers doin
freakin ltte (banned terror org) flag been displayed
buggers should be frog marched to Guantonamo Bay double quick

anyways sam machang hows it hanging?
ananda aiya still ignoring you eh?

asswipe aka fuckface entertaining no?
what to do?
fancy a bagel wit our fellows on 50th street. will bring a dozen mus pung macho
buggers lookin for extra entertainment

asswipe can bring that $500 (cheap skate)he promised Ananda aiya

jolly good fellow fuckface aka asswipe. bugger can dig deep into his pocket for a lousy $500 for a good cause

see u on 50th street machang

Hooligan said...

ado sam parangiya


Namal is getting horny hangin abot with the UN types

what say we kill two birds with one stone and get Namal laid an Asswipe laid too at the same time
asswipe keeps goin about screwing mothers all the time. (sin no?) poor bugger will get arthritis in his right hand.

he needs to get laid at last.

East Village has got some nice Latinos (paranigiayas too) for Namal and Asswipe

උදාන said...

DW could you please put a article on Indian Spy mission in Sri Lanka?

Sam Perera said...

Hooligan Pandurai the little LTTE terrorist scummy,

We need some entertainment here. Just like your good old days, please continue the monkey-donkey dance.

Hooligan said...

Ado Sam Parangaiya

its me Hooligan pandurai

Hows is hanging?


i know macho the good old days were good no?

why u dont like Asswipe aka Fuckface pic no more?
dont u get horny when u see that Fuckface pic
i love it

shame u dont like Ananda aiya entertainment
what happened to Pola Sambola still havin a go at Injuns,yankees, pommies
Kon Appu Bandara must be licking white arse again bugger talks like Old Chap, G & T and all that
bugger wants to be a coconut no?
anyways Sam buddy ask asswipe to come and give some entertainment
gettin bored wit all this Waldorf Astoria type
give me good old lumprice macho
u should know its parangiaya stuff

what de hell i have sambar, wadai, dosaai and all its what r terror boys have

btw u write some crap on Asian Tribune- stick to the topic dickhead
Obama made a point u silly ass
why de fuk do we wanna dictate on internal policy

sometimes sam i fuking cringe when i see your comments

never mind macho

Long live Rajapakse

Hooligan said...

Sri Lankan President and UN chief discuss need to move forward on outstanding issues

fucking hell

where is Weera "Lemon Puff" Monkey?
bugger must be hyper ventilating

Hooligan said...

i dunno what the fuss is about 130 delegates comin to NYC

so what?

If these buggers stayed in CMB it would have cost more, more inconvience to the general public, traffic jams etc

MR should have taken all the freakin MP's

its all in a good cause no?

Hooligan said...

‘Panel has no legal mandate to investigate’

UN commends Govt’s efforts towards MDGs - Ban Ki-moon

see the good work MR is doing?

Sam, Kon Appu, Moshe
Noble Peace Prize for MR

Lets start the campaign NOW!!!!!!

Hooligan said...

Tamil language disserves due recognition

WTF. Sri Lanka is for the Sinhalase and Sinhala.
Where de hell did this guy creep out from?

This Ven. Dr.Bellanwila Wimalaratana should tie himself to a mango tree

where is Dr Vermin when we need him?

Ananda-USA said...

Sam, I thought you and other patriots will like this/!

Ananda-USA said...

I represent the segment of Sinhalese who has MP = Money and Power. That is why ordinary Sinhalese folks like Sam who writes here doesn't like me. Only few us in CA able to walk in to any BMW, Lexus, or Benz dealership and pay that baby in cash.

I agree 100% with what our Ven. Bellanvilla says. It is time for us to give the needed recognition for the Tamil Language.


Hooligan said...

I say, Ananda Old Chap
(Con appu will be proud)

why u ignoring these diehard patriots like Sam, Moshe, Pola,Arsethri, Konappu and de like

we diashoras need to stick together from the bloody demala kalanthonis

Hooligan said...

On the Obama–Ahmadinejad spat (from a distance)

By Malinda Seneviratne

hehe hehe...from a distance

A Sri Lankan commission investigating the final years of the war has been told that the government and military made a mistake in largely excluding journalists from the war zone.
It was hearing testimony from one of the country's most senior newspaper editors, who also said he did not believe there should be any 'witch-hunts' looking into alleged misdeeds during the war which ended 16 months ago.

The government often accused foreign and local reporters of being biased towards the Tamil Tigers or LTTE during the war.

On Monday the war commission's chairman put it to Manik de Silva, editor of the Sunday Island newspaper, that the media had played an 'unhelpful' role.


The editor said this perception arose because most reporting had to be based on hearsay as the authorities wouldn't let most journalists go near the war zone, except for a few from state media.

.hehe hehe...from a distance

*wink* *wink*

Hooligan said...

Open letter to Prof. G.L. Peiris, Minister of Foreign Affairs

by Elmore Perera
Founder of CIMOGG & Past President, OPA

Dear Professor Peiris,

(September 26, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Soon after the ending of the Sinhala youth uprising, on 19th October 1989, then President Premadasa appointed you as a member of the Presidential Commission on Youth Unrest. One of the findings of that Commission was that "The extension of Parliament by its own fiat in 1972, and by a referendum in 1982, would appear to be deeply resented by the youth as a flagrant abuse of accepted democratic principles". This was done with a veneer of legality, by the SLFP-LSSP-CP United Front and the UNP respectively, when they commanded two-thirds majorities in Parliament, to suit their own political agendas, disregarding the long term good of the country.

Having been born and bred with the proverbial silver spoon in your mouth and having authored some thirty-plus books from the ivory tower you were nurtured in, the experience you gained as a member of this Commission, was perhaps a revelation which compelled you to state as follows:

"The most flagrant manifestations of dishonesty in Public Life no longer evoke the slightest response or make the least impression; they are taken for granted, and pass us by. We make no protest, nor do we attempt to assert, by word or conduct, our notions of right and wrong. As a nation we are fast losing the capacity to feel and express outrage, and we are developing instead an infinite capability to reconcile ourselves to any situation."

This statement of yours was reported verbatim in the Sunday Observer of 5th April, 1992. Shortly thereafter I read this out to the Forum of the Organisation of Professional Associations, and stated that this eloquently expressed the hopelessness that I, and many others like me, felt at that time. Present as the representative member for Pedagogy, you turned round and acknowledged the appreciation.

My refusal to compromise with dishonesty in public life resulted in my being compelled to study Law. I had read in your "Essays on Administrative Law" your statements that "The Courts are the only defence of the liberty of the subject against departmental aggression." (at page 308) and "There is no such thing as absolute or untrammelled discretion, the nursery of despotic power in a democracy based on the rule of Law" (at page 309). Having passed all the exams at Law College I was reluctant to enter the legal profession as I was sadly disillusioned with the erosion of the Justice system after the inglorious exit of Chief Justice Neville Samarakoon. This explicit statement of yours indicated that there were still a few public spirited personalities who "walked their talk" and later that year I took my oaths as an Attorney-at-Law of the Supreme Court, to enable me, at the very least, to assert by word and conduct my notions of right and wrong.

Disappointed that your copious writings had very little, if any impact on Society as a whole, your decision to support Chandrika in 1994, together with Lakshman Kadirgamar, gave us visions of exemplary transparent governance. Sadly, the "Tawakkal" and "Hilton Hotel" issues dashed all such hopes.

Your switching allegiance to Ranil and singing the praises of the 17th Amendment and the CFA and thereafter switching allegiance to Mahinda, all in the name of Good Governance, was not only amusing, it also damaged your credibility beyond repair, it seemed. Chandrika is reported to have recently stated that when she proposed to abolish the Executive Presidency (presumably to honour her written undertaking to do so by 15th July 1995) you had said not to and asked her to keep it for one or two years.

Hooligan said...

On August 4, 2010, waxing eloquent in Parliament you bravely vouched for the honesty and uprightness of Sri Lanka’s Judiciary on the basis that 50% of the judges serving the country at present, including the Chief Justice, had been your students at one time and the majority of these judges were men and women of the highest integrity. Perhaps because you prescribed no remedy to rehabilitate the minority whose shortcomings could have had a disastrous impact on the credibility of the majority, a student of yours felt strongly enough to say that "G.L. Peiris, the Law Professor of decades back is eminently not the same as G.L. Peiris, the expedient politician of the past decade and most certainly of the present".

Justifying the 18th Amendment, which admittedly was crafted by you, knowing very well that the 17th Amendment was implemented with great success for more than three years, you stated that "the 17th Amendment was unworkable while the President couldn’t enforce the Commissions under the Constitutional Council because of (what you describe as) the political deadlock", and that the 18th Amendment was an attempt to clear the decks and remove the deadwood (presumably the 17th Amendment). With a veneer of legality you have designed the 18th Amendment so as to grant the President absolute and untrammelled discretion in making all appointments to the Commissions, the Judiciary and all top posts in the public service to suit his political agenda and that of the two-thirds majority, clearly disregarding the long term good of the country and your own assertion that such discretion was the nursery of despotic power in a democracy based on the rule of Law. Or is it your position that Sri Lanka is no longer a democracy based on the rule of Law?

On October 20, 1983, a nine-judge bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Neville Samarakoon in "Visuvalingam v Liyanage" - reported in (1983) 1 SLR 203 to 304 - held that:

"Actions of the Executive are not above the law and certainly can be questioned in a Court of Law. Article 35 of the Constitution provides only for the personal immunity of the President during his tenure of office from proceedings in any Court. The President cannot be summoned to Court to justify his actions. But that is a far cry from saying that the President’s acts cannot be examined by a Court of Law. Though the President is immune from proceedings in Court, a party who invokes the acts of the President in his support will have to bear the burden of demonstrating that such acts of the President are warranted by law; the seal of the President by itself will not be sufficient to bear that burden".

On the 6th April, 2006, the Speaker, W.J.M. Lokubandara announced in Parliament that by letter dated 5th April, 2006, the President had urged him to expedite the nomination of the person agreed to by the majority of Members of Parliament other than those of the parties of the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, so that the Constitutional Council may be activated expeditiously. For acting in accordance with what he perhaps understood to be the President’s wish and refraining to act on this purported written request, the Speaker was later rewarded by the President with an appointment as Governor.

Hooligan said...

Have you, dear Professor, deliberately or absent-mindedly disregarded your admonition of 1992 and developed an infinite capability to reconcile yourself to any situation? No! You couldn’t have, could you? In any event could you kindly try to recollect the logical reasoning exhibited in your many books? If, as I still choose to believe that you can, you are able to do so, please clarify the following two simple issues for the edification of your students in the Judiciary, and all those who voted for the rejection of the 17th Amendment and will be called on to vote on many more amendments crafted by you, in the near future.

(1) "An Authoritative Precedent" is one which Judges must follow whether they approve of it or not. It is binding on them and excludes their judicial discretion for the future. Every Court is absolutely bound by the decisions of all Courts superior to itself. A co-ordinate Court, not of superior jurisdiction, may however, refuse to follow the earlier decision but cannot overrule it.

The decision of the 9-judge bench in respect of the extent of immunity granted to the President in the 1978 Constitution, referred to above, is an "authoritative precedent" binding on all Courts of subordinate jurisdiction and can only be overruled by an 11-judge bench of the Supreme Court, and may only be disregarded by another 9-judge bench of the Supreme Court. After October 1983, a 9-judge bench has been constituted only on one occasion viz. to hear my petition against Major Montague Jayawickreme, where the question of immunity was not in issue. Therefore any orders made by benches of 7, 5 or 3 judges of the Supreme Court to the effect that Article 35 of the Constitution confers blanket immunity on the acts of the President in making appointments in violation of the specific prohibition prescribed in the Constitution, have all been made per incuriam and are therefore invalid.

(2) Having failed to do so before receiving the President’s letter of 5th April 2006, the Speaker had a clear duty to act immediately on the purported request of the President, to summon a meeting of all M.PP who, in his opinion, were not members of the parties of the Prime Minister or the Leader of the Opposition, and require them to select their representative, unanimously or by majority vote if necessary. In any event, the President could have appointed his nominee and the 5 persons nominated jointly by the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, so that they, together with the Speaker, Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, could have functioned as the Constitutional Council, with six or more members constituting the quorum. There never was any need to apply the doctrine of necessity to justify making the arbitrary appointments repeatedly made by the President, in violation of the provisions of Articles 41 B (1) and 41 C (1).

Whatever your clarifications may be, you are urged to kindly refrain from crafting any constitutional amendment which would erode our Sovereignty any further or to confer on the President any immunity, except that he may not be directed to be present in Court or subject to punishment personally during his tenure as President. He could be represented by the Attorney General or the numerous President’s Counsel appointed by him, to justify any impugned act of the President.

On the basis of your clarification, confidence in your intellectual honesty and integrity will either be enhanced or shattered.

Hooligan said...

The partial, unprofessional and biased mainstream media reportage, particularly in English and Sinhala, on on-going proceedings of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) has been repeatedly flagged on this site.

a comment..

Dr Dayan Jayatilleka said,
September 26, 2010 @ 7:56 pm

Muthu, yes, the BBC was blocked but Charlie Havilland did report the testimony of some witnesses, and in any case he could easily have run with the Sudar Oli story, but didn’t. Nor did any other foreign newspaper. Nor indeed did the TamilNet! Go figure. Anyway, why not ask an indepndent expert with a military background, like David Blacker, whether this testimony rings true.


Ananda-USA said...

Me sinhala apaga ratai, podi lamayin gedera inna ratai.

Because we love our children.
Hey, who says education is needed to send housemaids to Middle East?

Isn't that our largest source of income now.

Over 260,000 children do not attend school in Sri Lanka, Census and Statistics Department says
Sept 25 (CP) Colombo- Sri Lanka's Census and Statistics Department figures have revealed that as many as 261,709 children aged between 5 and 17 from a total of 4.3 million do not attend school. The survey conducted by the Department has attributed this situation to the involvement of these children in various economic activities.

LankaPade said...

Hi Guys

Visiting here after long long constipation.

Nice to see patriotism is well alive.

LankaPade said...

People often ask me what the hell is LankaPade.

Well, simply it is our democracy.
That is what we sacrifice our lives to protect.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the famous web site

Sam Perera said...

Hey Hooligan Pandurai,

Your butt-buddy Kazhuthai Illangamuva's love for LTTE terrorists and hatred for Sri Lanka that gave him everything, seems endless. I am quoting a bit from his latest blather below.

In his speech at the UNGA the President Obama says, “On my first day in office, I prohibited - without exception or equivocation - the use of torture by the United States of America. I ordered the prison at Guantanamo Bay closed, and we are doing the hard work of forging a framework to combat extremism within the rule of law. Every nation must know: America will live its values, and we will lead by example." He was in a presidency for nine months, in this speech he never used the term ‘terrorism’ which the President Rajapakse uses frequently. However Rajapakse might have thought the world will welcome him because he eliminated the LTTE but he ignores the fact that the world is aware of his present drama too.

It seems that he got ahead little too much on his self imposed western servitude mentality and forgot to read news, ABC new in particular from USA as quoted below. The bufoon in Illangamuwa is very clear in his Obama assumption.

Speaking about the Uganda bombings, the president said, "What you've seen in some of the statements that have been made by these terrorist organizations is that they do not regard African life as valuable in and of itself.  They see it as a potential place where you can carry out ideological battles that kill innocents without regard to long-term consequences for their short-term tactical gains."

Rajapakse is using the elimination of the LTTE as a cover for messing up the politics of Sri Lanka. Obama indirectly clarified this is as violence against freedom. In this situation in the future Sri Lanka will lose direct aid for reconstructions. Loans will approved under curtains circumstances with higher interest. As it is said, power tend to corrupt and absolute power is corrupts absolutely, which is what we are facing in Sri Lanka.

It seems that Kazhuthai Illangamnuwa, in his western servitude mentality, is afraid of loosing aid the west never plans to give. In his own perverted psyche, he wants us to be western bootlickers for money we will never get. That is the lowest ebb I have seen of a Kazhuthai in the recent past.

There was no mention that Sri Lanka is a role model of counter-terrorism because it is clear that having eliminated the LTTE the ruling party have now eliminated the basic principalities of good governance. Does anyone see the difference between the LTTE’s terrorism and the State’s terrorism? Both of them are targeted civilians and their basic rights?

While the Kazuthai Illangamnuwa is trying to further worship his masters, he shamefully tries to equate the democratically elected government of Sri Lanka to LTTE terrorist implying that our defence forces intentionally targeted civilians. Regardless, I recognize Ilangamuwa's abysmal hatred towards the country that gave him everything. Perhaps, it is good to see Illangamuwa's kind of social cancers so that the countless sacrifices made by our forces will stand out in ultimate contrast.

Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dinesh_Silva said...

Hi Defencewire, What are your views about Sarath Fonseka? What is his future? Is he a Traitor? Please advice.

LankaPade said...

Hey Dinesh_Silva

He is a traitor in the land of traitors.

LankaPade said...

Sarath's Future

Hmm... he could spend his last days there unless a higher court decides on his favor.

I think SF's future is in hands. He can cut a deal with the government and promise to keep his mouth shut and get out.

I hope he find a way to keep his spirit up there, do some meditation, yoga etc to extend his life and hopefully in about few years he will be given the pardon.

I don't believe DW will have any opinion about him. DW has clearly shown that their first goal is the national security than politics.

LankaPade said...

We are stuck in this planet where we can't call SF a traitor or the same for those who put him in the prison.

SF was a worrier who was critical for our military success against LTTE. He wasn't unethical against certain things. Which is nothing in out unethical world where we steal from each other all the time to survive.

If SF is in prison, most of us should be in there too.

LankaPade said...

I think Fonseka honestly wanted to do good to this country.

That is why he risked all to fight the Rajapaksha mafia.

Yes he might have acted with an ego during the disastrous mukamalai attacks, and needlessly sacrificed our brave soldiers.

He might have given no bid contracts to his son-in-laws fraudulent company.

As Mangala admitted he might have had talks with opposition MPs while in uniform.

He might have secretly taken monies from USA during the election and asked Anoma to hide them.

He might have plotted with Sunday leader to betray our troops and agitate the government and take political advantage of that situation.

He might need anger managment clases to control his rage against his wife, and other people like his driver, his cook and many other people whom he promised to send to jail immediately after election. (and Kalawadda)

He might have said that he is ready to give witness in front of any international court and betray our troops.

Ad Dayasiris said he might be having a uncontroable big mouth that could damge the furthre of our contry for his personal gain.

But he is good for us as he is not rajapaksha.

Sam Perera said...

Hey LankaPade aka Pakislanthaya aka Parrots of Pakisland,

We have not forgotten your famous anti Sri Lankan terrorist propaganda. We know that you are a lost LTTE terrorist scumbag. Please do not ever think that you can masquerade as SF supporter.

Sam Perera said...

Hey Balupade,

I forgot your other handles
Mind of Sam Perera and
Mind of Konnapu. Once again, your donkey dances will not bring Thesiar Thaliver back.

FukkFace said...



What a laugh!!!!

Get a load of this!!!!

"why not ask an indepndent expert with a military background, like David Blacker, whether this testimony rings true"


David Blacker, the Hooligan undercover LTTE whoredog here, posts a tribute to himself!!!!

This David Blacker, a product of a 1/2 a whore Tamizia female + 1/2 cocksucker, cross-bearing in one hand and pic of Prabha carrying in the other hand frock-wearing European male, who joined the SLA as a private (and ended up as a private) as being an under achiever and could not get any other job in SL, and at EP offensive was wounded (due to self-inflicted as the rumor goes) and was discharged with WIA-pay and later started writing cockamamie nonsense about the SLA as well as siding with the LTTE, and tried his best to see the downfall of Rajapakses (while cocksucking RW the ponnaya and other COLOMBIANS - right up his alley being a 1/2 European-descendant) is now an....

"indepndent expert with a military background"


Holeeeee Fukkkkkkkk Meeeeeee!!!!

What has this world come to????


FukkFace said...


Hooligan whore bitch.... Gottcha!!!

I was wondering which avatar you were as I recalled your style of writing but could not place it immediately......but yo, just like all the LTTE whores (like you, be they that were the undercover whores or the "over-exposed" whores, like the baby-basher ponna-bitches in the famous "bunds" when Mi24s came all of a sudden - many instances of that, that I gathered from my SLA Ranavirus - and cut them to ribbons!!! Hehehehehe!!!!) you finally gave yourself up - eating mud!!!!


FukkFace said...


"I think Fonseka honestly wanted to do good to this country"

Now give me a break will ya?

Just becos this PONNASEKA wanted FUKK your LTTE whore-amma up her arse, well, that cannot be categorized as "good for the country" is it?



FukkFace said...

Ada Hooligan 1/2 Tamiz, 1/2 Parasuddha Arsehole......


"I, Me, My, Myself, Mine" PONNASEKA traitor MOTHERFUCKER did not send those Mi24's if you recall.....


FukkFace said...


"Parrots of Pakisland, We have not forgotten your famous anti Sri Lankan terrorist propaganda."


Ya man, ain't that the truth!!!!

These LTTE 1/2-bred, illegitimate, sons of bitches are in heat.....for the wrong reason!!!!

They miss their SunDog VesaPundai.....they want to bring VesaPundai back so that they can give their pro-western-pro-christian unethical conversion-pro Gonnaseka-da-whoredog (who wanted to fill his pockets and rise to the throne at the expense of SL's national security)- stooges another go at ravaging our MotherLanka (like RW ponna-huttha did with his CFA)......

But hey, now there is new Sheriff in town and he will cook you traitorous MF's balls in a stew and give a "dane" to the crows of Colombo Cocksucker, be warned and be careful!!!!


FukkFace said...


"I think SF's future is in hands."

Yeah, he should go easy on that. Those girlie magazines Anoma smuggled in are quite the wide-eye kind I am told.

We don't want this "white-flag" white-arse-kissing SF becoming "Athapatthu" this soon, do we????


FukkFace said...

LankaPade Pakaya

"Hi Guys Visiting here after long long constipation."


See what happens when you let LTTE whore-ballas fukk you up your arse and while they are going Bally-Hoo riding your sorry ponnaya, they get shot by a SLA ViR, hot-shot sniper.....and then you get constipated?????


Para-wesa pro-LTTE she-male.....

Yeah, we know many of you became constipated @ May 18 2009 !!!!!



FukkFace said...



I think that is enough to have the pro-LTTE=RW=SF ponna-hutthas go round in circles trying to sniff their own anus - until FUKKFACE has the pleasure of gracing you with his Commanding company ah?


Sam Perera said...


Most of the hooligans and parrots are undercover terrorists pretending to be SF supporters. I also learned that the air-banner in NY during UN about Fonseka was paid by LTTE.

LankaPade said...

Hey brothers

You all talk about how to fuck LTTE.

How come you both sounds and behave like LTTE has fucked you really really hard?

Hey, can I go fishing with you.
Those little fishies loves your a$$ hole.


LankaPade said...

Ado Fuck Face and Sam.

Do you want some Wade?

Put me in jail you scared girlies.

Heh heh!!

LankaPade said...

I pity you FF

Sam Perera said...

Hey LankaPade aka Pakislanthaya aka Parrots of Pakisland,

Pity or not, you are just human refuse not worthy of any decent treatment. Your rightful place is the cesspit.

LankaPade said...

Sam aka disgraced Ananda uncle's sidekick:

How come you always sound like you have been tortured by LTTE?

Next time ask them to use bit more thalathel.

Ha ha!!!

Ananda-USA said...

Lanka Pade or whatever

Please don't insult our patriots.
We know you are an LTTE agent.

Unlike you, we love Sri Lanka.

Rathna deepa jamna bhumi....
Lanka deepa vijaya bhumi...
Me ape udara vu..

Ananda-USA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ananda-USA said...

They came first for the Tamils,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Tamil.

Then they came for UNP,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a UNP.

Then they came for the Sarath Fonseka,
and I didn't speak up because I was a patriot.

Then they came for me
and by that time no one was left to speak up. They don't even write on my blog now.

You have no idea how one feels when all 'friends' desert you.

My only crime was being a genuine patriot.

DorineJ said...
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DorineJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DorineJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DorineJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DorineJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DorineJ said...

Guys, well, so long.

I am off to the all-inclusive resort known as Welikade.

This is all because they accused me and found me guilty of filling my pockets with "corrupt military procurements."

Honestly, I did not "fill my pockets" as it was the sleazy little rat, my son in law Danuna who did that.

My cut was deposited in foreign banks so it is incorrect to say I filled my pockets no?

Also, the U$ 500,000 IN CASH they found with Danuna's amma's safety deposit box and the idiot blurted out that I gave it her for "safe keeping" is not tied to this issue so it is unfair to accuse me of any wrong doing there okay.

Really that money was donated to my campaign by LTTE sympathizers abroad and I asked her to keep it safe until the elections were over. I don't see anything wrong in that. See, I agreed to merge the north and east as a single "Tamil province" earlier, so this was my well-served and well-earned tip I guess. What is wrong with this I simply cannot understand.

Anyway, good to know you guys and I will try to keep in touch, but hey I hear the internet connection at this all-inclusive Welikade resort is not that good.

Although, I will be in the limelight soon (you know how I love the limelight; remember how I used to take ALL the credit for liquidating 'em LTTE bitchies? hohohoho!).

Truly, when the "White Panty" affair comes up, oooops, sorry, I meant to say "White Flag" affair comes up, you will see me once again in the lemonlight.

Anyway, really, this White Flag issue is a load of bullshit if you ask me. When you are campaigning for the president's post, what's wrong in saying a few lies, especially a HARMLESS, INNOCENT lie like this, now and then?

Damn it, this is all very unfair. Right? I appeal to the Bang-My-Moon to step in an drill some sense into our honchos.

Write to me @ my new address. But whatever you do, do not dress your houses/streets/lanes with any White Flags on account of my going to all-inclusive Welikade resort as I am told the honchos are very sensitive to White Flags now and you might do me more harm than good.

LankaPade said...

Ananda uncle, I feel your pain.

Welcome to the dog-eat-dog phase of the liberation.

LTTE united us, we kicked their buts, and when there is no one around to kick, we kick ourselves.

Remember how Tamils fought with each other?

That is a sign of a primitive pakis culture.

DorineJ said...


[Ananda uncle, I feel your pain]

I don't see why.

After all, this SL-patriotic dude "Ananda uncle" did not let a LTTE bitchie ram his rod up your ar*se like how you allowed yourself to be.

Shame on you my un-Lanka son (despite your handsome $LTTE contributions to try and get me elected).

DorineJ said...


{when there is no one around to kick, we kick ourselves}

Not really.

We did not "kick ourselves."

Some of us, like me for example, just thought it is time to rise to fame and glory - even at the expense of sacrificing the honor of Sri Lanka Army and war and national heroes.

See, when I said about that "White Panty" thing, oooops, sorry, there I went again, sorry, I meant the "White Flag" thingy, I was not into "kicking ourselves," but rather was ONLY into kicking the Sri Lanka Army and SLA heroes, like Shavendra, and our national hero Gota for example.

So don't ever say we were into "kicking ourselves" as only I did the kicking.

Damn you Ranil's wimpish butt-boy, don't ever say anyone kicked me get it? I am THE Gardihewa Sarath Chandralal Fonseka and nobody kicked me or will ever kick me.

Really only I did the kicking. Get it butt-boy bitch? Don't let me cut your balls off if you ever say that I got kicked.

DorineJ said...


{I pity you FF}

What does that mean?

Is it becos some believe death is better than life?

Is it becos you pity that FF is alive and you were dead in a Nanthikadal mangrove swamp in your underwear with 1/2 your head blown off and with swamp mud thrown all over your and flies happily feasting on your open mouth and eyes?

very funny no? hohohohoho

DorineJ said...

I see FukkFace has graced this site earlier.

What a load of fun when I read the stuff he has left behind!

Looks like he has castrated that "military expert" David Blacker aka Hooligan to a stump.

hahahaha, what a laugh, yes a SLA military expert!

Didn't that ars*hole know that I alone am the military expert and there is none!

Worse, here it was a low-ranking bugger who shot himself in the 1st battle with the LTTE (for easy discharge and benefits) and later ended up supporting the Ranil ponnna, the LTTE, and even later on, this Sarath Fonseka the I, me, myself!).

What a laugh!

I sincerely hope my connection to DW works from the resort Welikade as I like to keep tab on all the leg-shaven butt-boys like Hooligan, Lankapade, etc. who contributed to my campaign for me to become the president-at-any-cost.


Swarnajith Udana said...

What an admission of guilt?
I think Fonseka honestly wanted to do good to this country.

That is why he risked all to fight the Rajapaksha mafia.

Yes he might have acted with an ego during the disastrous mukamalai attacks, and needlessly sacrificed our brave soldiers.

He might have given no bid contracts to his son-in-laws fraudulent company.

As Mangala admitted he might have had talks with opposition MPs while in uniform.

He might have secretly taken monies from USA during the election and asked Anoma to hide them.

He might have plotted with Sunday leader to betray our troops and agitate the government and take political advantage of that situation.

He might need anger managment clases to control his rage against his wife, and other people like his driver, his cook and many other people whom he promised to send to jail immediately after election. (and Kalawadda)

He might have said that he is ready to give witness in front of any international court and betray our troops.

Ad Dayasiris said he might be having a uncontroable big mouth that could damge the furthre of our contry for his personal gain.

But he is good for us as he is not rajapaksha.
Rjapaksha has not done any thing that SF has done.

That is why we like Rajapaksha.

LTTE likes SF now because now he is their True Sun God the second, mightier than the first.

Hooray, Bravo, SF is a jolly good fellow (for LTTE desperates).

දේශපාලුවා said...

SU, welcome back, please contact me at

LankaPade said...


Ha ha

Opinion is like a pade.
Anyone can have it.

It doesn't achieve anything.

Keep farting.

LankaPade said...

Hello Deshapakaya

The backbone less patriot from our primitive culture.

Sam Perera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Perera said...


Please note that LankaPade is our old pal Pakislanthaya aka Parrots of Pakisland aka Mind of Sam Perera aka
Mind of Konnapu. Last time I remember, he ran away unable to face you. Please give this poor sucker a break.

Hooligan said...

hahaha Fukk Face aka Arsethri thinks i'm David Blacker

thats a laugh!

we know Arsethri is not exactly the brightest crayon in the pack!

Born retard or dropped on his head as a child a few times.

Figure it out!


Sam parangiaya you should watch out for this moron Arsethri (Fukk Face) bugger does not like cross breeds


LankaPade said...

Sam, when I posted last on your blogs, you altered and deleted my posts.

Only DW can take 360 deg views. Other SL run discussion sites show primitive behavior of deleting views they can't handle.

What have you achieved by removed my posts since you all abandoned Ananda's forum?

I changed my name to reflect your stupid patriotic views.

Hooligan said...

How come non of the diashoras not supportin Ananda in his quest

bloody shame

LankaPade said...

"Arsethri (Fukk Face) bugger does not like cross breeds"

That was his domestic policy.
Well, he married a white chick.

LankaPade said...

"How come non of the diashoras not supportin Ananda in his quest"

Well, these are part of 'Use and Trash' culture.

It all started with putting SF in jail.

Well, he deserves jail and I since there are others that we have let go free.

Hooligan said...

(Arsethri (Fukk Face) bugger does not like cross breeds"

That was his domestic policy.
Well, he married a white chick.)


baseball bats will come in use then?

Sam Perera said...

LankaPade aka Pakislanthaya aka Parrots of Pakisland aka Mind of Sam Perera aka Mind of Konnapu,

You have no arguments, just Eelmoid blabber only. You write nothing. Regardless, we know that you took many names in the past. That is very typical of Eelam terrorists. Still your monkey-donkey dance is very enjoyable.

FukkFace said...


What a Fukking Laugh!!!!!

RW=LTTE=SF some ponnaya bitchies here said:

"Arsethri (Fukk Face) bugger does not like cross breeds"

Whoa! Whoa Fukkmeee!!!

Cross-breeds, I love them. I love the Jamaican kind and I do visit Jamaica every year for that reason.


As for linking me with our OaO Asithri aiya, the pora who knows how to fukk LTTE=RW=SF=Colombians up their arse with his baseball bat - that too without lubrication - well, I humbly decline that honor.

See, you anti-SL bitchies, OaOA is a special kind. Truly he is one of a kind. He is my mentor and taught me how to respond to your whore-terrorist kind with equal off-beat verbiage. Earlier I used to post in DA and DW with a different style and then I began to see how the RW=LTTE=SF para-vesas were writing.....and that got me thinking.....and it was just about the same time I met OAOA at a SL Patriotic gathering in NY and that's when he told me never to go "decent" on your mommafucker kind - and I am glad I met him and listened to his advice.



FukkFace said...

Hooligan da half-bred, Un-SriLankan Para-Vesa said:

"hahaha Fukk Face aka Arsethri thinks i'm David Blacker "


Ada Para Vesa-Thambi, who the FUKK cares who you are really?


All what we care is that you are a RW=LTTE=SF=Colombian=anti-Sinhela-ParaVesaDog!

David Blacker is one and so are let us not split hairs here shall we!

Ada ParaVesa, howz your LTTE Tamizia Vesa-Amma these days? Missing the SLA boyz who used to perform "toy games" without Thalathel on her?


Eat shit shit because YOU LOST AND WE WON!

FOR THE NEXT 20 YEARS YOU WILL STAY "LOST" as our Maharajano-clan is not going to let you terrorist mommafukkers ever have a foothold in SL.....get it? We will cut you to ribbons the moment we see you - a guarantee personally from our non-nonsense sheriff.

Hehehehhehehe......LG - Life is Good!

FukkFace said...


"we know that you took many names in the past. That is very typical of Eelam terrorists. Still your monkey-donkey dance is very enjoyable."


I could not have said better sam!

These mommafukkers are like cockroaches after bug spray. They squirm, writhe, and do a funny dance as they know for the next 20 years (by which time most of them will be dead one way or another), they have no hope of turning SL into the I-give-fukk-for-SL-Colombian-Thamileelam they wanted to create.


FukkFace said...


This Hooligan and this Lankapade are the same LTTE whoredog.

Let us treat them equally (gawd, I hate discrimination! Hehehehehe)

Swarnajith Udana said...

For whoever said this

"Opinion is like a pade.
Anyone can have it."

the value, the significance they put on their opinions too.

This above quote is a grand statement of vulgarity of their own opinions.

LankaPade said...

"This above quote is a grand statement of vulgarity of their own opinions."

How often you speak against vulgarity of your own people?

I assume you have a strong backbone.

FukkFace said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FukkFace said...

"How often you speak against vulgarity of your own people?"

There is absolutely NO vulgarity when one bad-mouths LTTE terrorist whore bitchies and their supporters be they the Ranil-Ponnaya cocksuckers, Colombians vesa-dogs who want to sell the country to Eelamists just so they can fill their pockets, or even SF the "white panty" traitor-rat or his "yes sir" butt-boys.

Vulgarity is when one uses indecent words against patriotic, civilized people/community of a nation.


FukkFace said...

"I assume you have a strong backbone."

LTTE=RW=SF=Colombian ARSEHOLE, I assume these had their backbones vaporized ah?


Those were the days my friend, we thought they would never end, but they did my friend!


Nothing like mass-liquidation of TERRORISTS to make your day ah? TERRORISTS are the scum of planet earth. They must be liquidated as how one liquidates a deadly virus/bacteria.


Lankapade, enjoy my friend.


Swarnajith Udana said...


For whoever said this

"Opinion is like a pade.
Anyone can have it."

This is the value, the significance, they themselves put on their opinions too.

This above quote is a grand statement of vulgarity that they themselves attach to their own opinions.

Sorry about missing words.

Ananda-USA said...

Mr Udana says

"This above quote is a grand statement of vulgarity that they themselves attach to their own opinions."

What about this one Mr. Udana?
Please show me you walk the talk.

"There is absolutely NO vulgarity when one bad-mouths LTTE terrorist whore bitchies and their supporters be they the Ranil-Ponnaya cocksuckers, Colombians vesa-dogs who want to sell the country to Eelamists just so they can fill their pockets, or even SF the "white panty" traitor-rat or his "yes sir" butt-boys."

Moshe Dyan said...


there is a new defence blog in town.

new defence blog click here

this is not to compete with SLDF or DW blogs but to COMPLIMENT them.

we beleive the more the defence blogs, the merrier.

IF defencewire is reasonably moderated (not over moderated), it will still be the blog of choice.

Ananda-USA said...

I agree, Padaya is nothing but just hot air.

So do many others here.

How come the 'opinion' is all of a sudden dried up on my forum?

Why am I being treated like General Fonseka?

Ananda-USA said...


"we beleive the more the defence blogs, the merrier."

This is like you asked me to bend over to help someone and pushed something hard in me.

How cruel.

We are now like pre-LTTE. We have disintegrated, running around like chicken cut their heads and having our own little freedom struggle.

Our own ego is reinforcing the enemy.

Ananda-USA said...


"Sri Lanka Defence Analytics

Defence news analysis. Our aim is a secure, developed and secular Sri Lanka where democracy, human rights and civil liberties reign. We welcome dissent, but tolerate no malice.

Colombinization of Sri Lanka.
This mission is no different from some of the NGOs are doing like CPA.

You yourself has been a thug of this forum supporting the government. Your mission is suspisious.

I suggest no one with views against 'patriotism' visit this since your ip IDs will be recorded and produced to the government.

You killed my Defence blog and DW just for this?

Swarnajith Udana said...

Since I do not use vulgarity that itsefl stands for what I stand for whoever it is.

Besides my statement in the previous post is self explanatory and it stands for itself.

If one does not understand the meaning of the previous statment in the previous post then may be at least one of us ( may be both) have to grow up. Until that happens ( whoever has to grow up, grows up) I refrain from commenting any further.

I suppose that this is also self explanatory and does not need any footnotes or headnotes.

Ananda-USA said...

Sri Lanka, my Rathna Deepa Janma Bhumi will never be a secular nation.

We are a Buddhist nation.

Yes, we followed the Bible and annihilated LTTE.

The irony is Christian nation are now trying to get us for following what they are taught.

On your blog, you are highlighting the term '** secular **'. Is it because you are a none Buddhist and scared of patriotism driven by this Buddhist culture?

You are a master manipulator my friend.

Ananda-USA said...

My intellectual friend Swarnajith Udana.

Are you for a secular Sri Lanka or for a Bhddhist nation where other religions are not oppressed and unethical conversions are not tolerated?

We all are 'born again' and therefore understand Moshe well.

LankaPade said...

"I refrain from commenting any further.

Brick walling due to the fear of speaking against 'FukkFace'

This is a FACT and not an OPINION.

LankaPade said...

Another Lankan Toot!!!

Swarnajith Udana said...

Hi Deshapaluwa:

I have sent an e-mail to given address. Thanks!


Hooligan said...

Arsethri aka Fukkface said..
{See, you anti-SL bitchies, OaOA is a special kind. Truly he is one of a kind. He is my mentor and ...blah blah blah]

fuckin hell
nice self praise
keep at it
who u trying to kid?

and more..

[David Blacker is one and so are let us not split hairs here shall we!]

nice back track idiot!

rant and rave as much as you want Arsethri aka fukkface aka tamil savior

you may fool the dick heads like sam parangiaya

Hooligan said...

Moshe opens another Defence blog
another project....

ado Moshe machang. how many projects in your (professional) work you start and never get it finished?
No wonder buggers reluctant to pay you for unfinished (work)
(wink) (wink)

neva mind

all a good cause no?

FukkFace said...

Yo Hoo-lingam

Nice name Hoo-Lingam for you ah terrorist supporting vesadog?


"Arsethri aka fukkface aka tamil savior"

Heehehehehe! Wowwyy!!!!! I lovyyy it-tttyy!!!

Such skills ah? Now go eat shit RW=LTTE=SF vesa-dog.

Who cares what a TERRORIST DOG thinks/speculates? TERRORISM is unfashionable in society today.


Get a life doggie. Go visit:

.....for enrichment of body and soul.

Hehehehehe......I am going there myself.....please don't cum there but do come.....cum is what I did with your terrorist whore-amma and you did with your Jaffna goat.


Ananda-USA said...

Oyala Anandata gahanna blog ekak damma neda?

Ane Sadu!!

defenceanalytics is an effort by Sri Lankan evangilicals to make them more acceptable in Sri Lanka.

Ananda-USA said...

defenceanalytics doesn't like my song 'Rathna Deepa Janma Bhumi, Dharma deepa vijaya bhumi...'



I saw a disturbing news on sunday lankadeepa defense column, that the ex LTTE carders are trying to gather up. Any truth on these reports ?

What are the chances for them to reorganise ? Given their command structure has gone away

LankaPade said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SathaDeka said...

New blog to discuss issues related to Sri Lanka.



Any truth in these claims ?

I'm bit confused over these disturbing information

bIjJa said...

Another DefenceWire wanna be?

This is the Problem with our culture. Thousands of copy cat for each innovator. We don't have an innovative culture, rather a copy or stealing one.

bIjJa said...

Ha ha

A bugger called Shree has created this.

Look at the bottom.

"Posted by Shree at 8:31 PM "

Defence Lunatics , LAOMAO!!!

bIjJa said...

I posted this on the DW's copycat site, see how fast they can erase it.


Anyone wants to scratch me?

Wow!! Moshe
Ananda aiya is so proud of you.

You did it to him what I couldn't.

Hooligan said...

New Sri Lankan civil war photos threaten to overshadow Britain visit

Dean Nelson is a parangiaya

Hooligan said...

Moshe Dyan said...
shenali waduge writing to lankaweb says SL must be given the nobel peace prize.

of course, if the prize committee is genuine!!

lol - i'm not laughing serious. i got a straight face.

ado Moshe
why cant we have our own piss committee like Weera "Lemon Puff" Monkey, Mervyn the Vermin, and a few honchos to award the piss prize to MR and his cabal.

Being Nobody said...

"New Sri Lankan civil war photos threaten to overshadow Britain visit "

Hooligan, there is shit in every one's underwear and therefore no worries.

Fox shouldn't be complaining about rights of chicken to a white tiger.

Let's say 10,000 civilian died. Perhaps they sacrificed their life for a good cause since we don't quite have dying Tamils since then from causes other than Malaria.

Hooligan said...

Moshe writes in Lankaweb:

Introduce Conscription in Sri Lanka to Weed Out Anti-National Elements

yea right!

what? have we not got enough gun totting armed forces deserters in the under world,private security for shady characters and the like?

and ofcourse the higher archy in the armed forces are whiter than white to show the right path, disciplne to these conscripts.

In SL, conscription is a sure way of solving an already a gang land culture.
well done Moshe for a jew you r ניט די קלעווערעסט

Hooligan said...

Pola Sambola said..
(I am curious as to who in Sri Lanka has this kind of cash to splash out on so many luxary flats etc that are popping up everywhere.)

"Rush for Union Place units even before BOI agreement

Pola - where the hell have you been living all these days?

dont you know the 18th Amendment was passed alot of dosh passed hands too.

ps- keep well away from buying apartments on the same floor where politicos from what ever color buy

bad news

Pola - not only MOD checks, exchange control checks, Internal Revenue checks.
in case of Arsethri rectum checks too

he he he

Hooligan said...

Ganja Cultivation put to the torch
by STF

STF boys must be on a "high| note!

Ruslan said...

Sri Lanka embarks on fighter aircraft procurement

Jon Grevatt Jane's Asia-Pacific Industry Reporter - Bangkok

Key Points
Sri Lanka is preparing to purchase additional fighter aircraft

The MiG-29 is considered a leading contender following a loan from Moscow

Sri Lanka is set to procure additional fighter aircraft despite the end of its long-running conflict with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) more than one year ago, Jane's has learnt.

The procurement will augment six Russian-made MiG-29 'Fulcrum' fighters that are thought to have been ordered in 2008 and around six or seven older MiG-27M 'Flogger-J2s' that have been acquired during the past decade.

It is expected that the pending procurement programme will see Sri Lanka purchase an additional MiG-29 following a deal signed earlier this year in which Moscow agreed to loan Colombo USD300 million to procure Russian-made military equipment and technologies over the next decade. Another platform thought to be bidding is the Joint Fighter-17 (JF-17) Thunder developed by China and Pakistan.

Sri Lanka's intention to procure additional fighter aircraft was confirmed by Jayantha Wickramasinghe, the chief executive of Lanka Logistics and Technologies Limited (LLTL), a company created by the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence in 2007 to procure equipment for the armed forces.

Speaking on 28 October, Wickramasinghe indicated that a number of platforms were being considered. "The Sri Lanka government is looking at all options to defend its national interests," he said. "So we are looking at not only MiG-29s but we are looking at all aircraft that will fulfil our requirements. There are so many aircraft that are in the market. We will study the performance of each aircraft."

Asked what operations the aircraft would undertake, given that the Sri Lankan government's 26-year conflict with the LTTE ended in May 2009, Wickramasinghe said: "We have to look at enhancing our security. The government has a commitment to safeguard its national interests so we [LLTL] are supporting that task."

Jane's estimates that six aircraft would be acquired. A purchase of MiG-29s would complete a squadron. Wickramasinghe would not confirm the number of aircraft to be procured, saying: "It all depends on the final decision of the government of Sri Lanka."

Earlier this month, Sri Lanka's Prime Minister D M Jayaratne submitted to Parliament a Fiscal Year 2011 (FY11) defence budget of LKR215.2 billion (USD1.7 billion). The proposed defence budget amounts to a 6.4 per cent increase over the LKR202 billion allocated in FY10 and around 3 per cent of GDP. It also equates to 20 per cent of total national expenditure.

Traditionally, the Sri Lankan Army receives about half of the defence budget while the navy and air force receive about 16 per cent each. The remainder is usually allocated to the police and other security services. Procurement spending amounts to about 10-15 per cent of each service's allocation.

Given the relatively small expenditure available to the Sri Lankan Air Force, Moscow's loan would present an attractive proposition.

Previous defence acquisition funds were boosted by aid from the US under its Foreign Military Financing (FMF) programme. This aid was halted in 2007, however, in view of what Washington called "human rights violations" in the war with the LTTE.

Hooligan said...

Any guesses to the follow up article in The Economist

Rajapaksa's big cover-up

watch this from our erstwhile Minister


bIjJa said...

Defense analytics deleted this post when I posted there claiming spamming.

US report highlights threat to Maha Sangha on SF issue

The United States has said that although the government publicly endorses religious freedom, in practice there are problems in some areas.

The observation is made in the latest report of the Bureau of Democracy Human Rights and Labour. Titled the International Religious Freedom Report 2010, it was released on Wednesday.

Among other matters, the report makes a detailed reference to a protest planned by the Maha Sangha in February 2010 over the detention of former General Sarath Fonseka. The relevant part states:

“In February 2010 following the detention of presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka, the Mahanayakes of Asgiriya and Malwatte summoned a Sangha Council, or Assembly of Monks. This was an extremely rare occurrence in the 2,500 history of Buddhism in the country, and in the past most often took place when the assembly decided to advise the king on good governance. Immediately after this announcement, a delegation of government ministers met with the Mahanayakes to discourage them from holding the assembly.

There were reports from a wide range of contacts that local temples across the country received anonymous threats that any buses carrying Buddhist monks to attend the assembly would be bombed, and the Mahanayakes called off the sessions indefinitely. Contacts reported that the Mahanayake of the Malwatte, who had organized the call for the assembly, was threatened with government action, which would split its chapter and significantly reduce its influence, if he attempted to speak out on political issues again.

Hooligan said...


Dont know why you even bothered

Buggers are afraid to face the truth- own agenda
thankfully buggers are a small minority living in the West, keyboard bashing to no effect, diashoras with all bark and no bite.
Same old diatribe
Not sure who gets the prize diashoras or diaspunis

lets wait and see.....wink...wink


i'm off to have my kiribath and katta sambol

Hooligan said...

Gifts For Children Born On MR’s B’day
Children born on President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s birthday which falls on November 18 are to receive gifts from the government.

The Health Ministry has reportedly said that it would implement a new programme to present gifts and rewards to every child born on November 18th in the future.

A Classic!

Expect a massive drop in condom sales in Feb.

Special award if you name them Mahinda.

Cry or Laugh?

Hooligan said...

from toiletnet.

"Rauf Hakeem, leader of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) is also expected to be appointed as Minister of Justice."

if true, this is such a DUMB move. bugger will interfere with the running of this VITAL ministry.

DUMB move.We ofcourse dont want interference on interference.
Then we got head chickens running around poking, inter poking and inter-inter poking.

I love you Moshey

Hooligan said...

President Mahinda Rajapaksa took oaths yesterday for a second term as President before Chief Justice Asoka de Silva at the auspicious time of 10.16 am opposite the Presidential Secretariat at a simple but a solemn and dignified ceremony

Daily Noose: Quote

“Simple, solemn ceremony marks President’s swearing-in

aaaaaaah... sweet no?

bIjJa said...

My next post surely will be deleted by Moshe on defense analytics blog:

"Moshe Dyan said...
i deleted 2 posts from you for bashing administrators.
please don't do it. it is UGLY.
i hate deleting comments from anyone. when DW deleted STD's comments, i appealed to DW to allow that lowlife. i COMPLETELY disagree with his views ALWAYS."

I don't know this has administrators, thought you were the only guy.

However you seem to have developed the half brain syndrome since we had good discussions last time. Wonder you delete only my posts and not even touching other posters who are only doing bashing me and not contributing to anything here?

I provide the resistance for self brainwashing on this so called analytics.

If you think only what I say is offensive, you are just another shallow human like Sam.

With that, you go no where.
November 23, 2010 10:47 AM

දේශපාලුවා said...

Defencewire readers please visit Sri Lanka Defense Analytics for discussing SL defence matters.

Sujeewa Kokawala said...

Amazing... nobody noticed maha joker day...

Ananda-USA said...


Better still, visit SriLankaDefenceForum to discuss Sri Lanka defence, politics and development matters!

දේශපාලුවා said...

Sri Lanka, the greatest democracy in the world.

Where else is this possible.

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