Monday, September 17, 2007

Bomb Found Near Airport

Police found a powerful bomb fixed to a belt that is normally used by suicide bombers to target VIPs near the country's only international airport today, police sources said. The bomb was found near a roadside in Kadirana, Negambo a police official who did not want to be identified told defencewire.

The bomb contained at least 01 Kg RDX high explosives he said. The Tigers normally use C4, a highly effective plastic explosive. Police said they also found a camouflage uniform of a airman along with the bomb. In a separate incident the CID found 150 Walkie-Talkies with 04 Radars and some Antennae, police sources said. They were found from a house in Ja-Ela. The couple who reside in the house were also taken in to custody by the Police.

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