Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pathmanathan Released?

DefenceWire has received information that the Thai government has released the person formally known as Kumaran Pathmanathan alias 'KP' following what they consider a 'Diplomatic Embarrassment' after a confidential message provided to Sri Lanka was leaked to various sources. DefenceWire's best are on the case to provide you the latest information. Currently, what is available is not clear and not openly sharable information. It maybe also the case that a decision has been made to disown 'KP's arrest and possible extradition to Sri Lanka due to the current diplomatic muddle. DefenceWire cannot confirm rumors that Pathmanathan was released to the FBI, since FBI mainly operates internally in the United States. If he was to be released to someome, that someone should be Sri Lanka, failing which he would have been released to India.

Thai officials had informed Sri Lankan authorities about his arrest last Monday and had suggested Sri Lankan authorities take charge of him. Subsequently, Thai officials refuted these claims when India had inquired about the man. India is the only country that had issued an International arrest Warrant for KP's capture following the Rajiv Gandhi Assassination. The confidential process of handing-over KP to Sri Lanka was thus hampered. This had placed the Thai authorities in a 'tight-spot' with India, diplomatically. It has been claimed that when the three-member Sri Lankan delegation visited Thailand, they could only meet members of the Sri Lankan Embassy in Thailand.

DefenceWire has also received information that KP's alleged release was not due to an exchange of bribes, as claimed by some earlier. The person, formally known as Kumaran Pathmanathan, was a Thai Citizen owing to his second marriage to a Thai woman. Unconfirmed reports indicated he had strong links to powerful people in Thailand.

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