Monday, September 10, 2007

Kumaran Pathmanadan Nabbed

48 year old Shanmugan Kumaran Tharmalingam aka Kumaran Pathmanadan or "KP" has been arrested in Bangkok, Thailand this evening . He is the LTTE's premier specialist in arms procurement and has done a yeoman service to the Organization since its very inception. Pathmanadan operates in Yangon, Singapore, Bangkok and Johannesbourg and runs a number of LTTE bank accounts in London, Frankfurt, Denmark, Athens and Australia. Pathmanadan is a close confidante of Prabhakaran and hails from Velvetithurai. He was nabbed on an International Arrest Warrant on the evening of 10th September (Today). Pathmanadan's arrest and possible extradition to Sri Lanka could hamper LTTE's international arms procurement operations and money-laundering operations.


Anonymous said...

So its true. Looks like the Thais wanted to interrogate him quietly and sell him to the highest bidder, pro'ly India.

So the intel about the rust buckets would have come straight from the Thai torturers, who gained specilist abilities dealing with the NVA and Vietcong over 30 years ago.


Defencewire said...

Intel on KP has been flowing for quite some time. In June 2001, KP narrowly escaped arrest thanks to some corrupt Thais. This time it was the Thai Interpol who got him.

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