Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Navy Sinks Three More LTTE Ships

Sri lanka Navy has sunk three LTTE ships in deep seas off Southeastern Sri Lanka early Tuesday (11th September) Navy officials confirmed. Sri Lanka Navy surrounded the suspicious ships and fired at them when they ignored the warnings to stop. All three ships caught fire after a massive series of explosions and sunk.This was the third time this year that Navy sank LTTE cargo vessels. Few hours earlier, Head of LTTE Arms Procurements Division and 2nd most wanted man in the LTTE hierarchy was arrested by Thai officials in Bangkok. Kumaran Pathmanathan, alias TS Kumar, alias Pathmanathan Sathasivam, alias Tharamalingam Kaluddai, alias Kumaran Shanmugam Tharamalingam was arrested, following a tip-off Thai officials received from three other suspects caught with 45,000 ammunitions in Rangoon, another Thai city last month.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the Thai's put a pie-wrench to KP's balls and bang go the puskotiya rust buckets.

The Navy's contribution to preservation of fishing grounds by providing a regular feed of artificial reef and fresh meat is highly commendable.


Defencewire said...

Navy's intelligence has improved tremendously thanks to some self-less intelligence officers who have risked their lives to obtain intel on LTTE. The 6 ships were destroyed using 100% local resources and sources.

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