Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Vishwamadu Attack Updates

Information relating to the Aerial Strike in Vishwamadu is trickling in at this moment. According to these sources we can confirm that LTTE Leader Velupillai Pripaharan has been targeted in the attack. Whether it was Pripaharan who was killed or his son Charles Anthony Seelan or Internal Intelligence Chief Pottu Amman is not confirmed as yet. What we can confirm right now is that a target was acquired by Air Force jets in the General Area of Vishwamadu following careful verification of ground and aerial intelligence.

The target, as said earlier, was the LTTE Leader Pripaharan. The Air Force and Army believe that the house targeted had either the LTTE leader or any of the two other leaders mentioned here. This is due to the post-attack reactions of the LTTE. It was observed that the LTTE had moved in its elite riding team (modeled after the Army's Rapid Deployment Force) and its Anti-Aircraft Unit immediately after the attack. The AA Unit has several heavy vehicles fixed with 12.7mm and 14.2mm canons. It is the usual practice of the LTTE to move such well-trained men and hardware in support of Pripaharan, more so than the other leaders.

The Sri Lanka Army's Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol Unit was also lying in wait for Pripaharan in this area on the same day. Both LRRP and the Air Force Number 10 squadron have been trailing the LTTE leader for several months now.

The exact identity of the leader killed, if indeed he was present at the location, will be revealed through ground intelligence within the next few days. The LTTE usually cordons off the area hit and prevents civilians entering into government areas following such successful attacks for several days to avoid the information reaching the Military. As soon as such information is received, DefenceWire will be there to provide you more details.


Anonymous said...

From Island: 03/10/07

Prabhakaran's right hand man perishes in air raid
by Norman Palihawadane

Amithab, the leader of the Charles Anthony brigade, one of the oldest highly trained infantry units of the LTTE, died in a Sri Lanka Air Force attack on his hideout in Vishvamadu, north of Iranamadu, deep in the LTTE -controlled territory, yesterday.

The air raids by Kfirs and MIGs commenced around 6:30 a.m. and the hideout was completely destroyed, Air Force sources said.

Defense sources said the target had been under air surveillance for a long time while the ground intelligence provided information on recent activities in the camp.

It had been reported that the hideout also was frequently a meeting place of the LTTE leaders. It was not clear whether other Tiger leaders were present during the attack.

Air Force spokesman Group Captain Ajantha Silva told The Island that the air raids had inflicted heavy damage on the enemy side. The elite LTTE brigade comprising only northerners, was recently detailed for the personal security of LTTE leader Prabhakaran.

Defence Spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said that according to intercepted LTTE communications one top leader was killed and another was seriously wounded in last morning’s air raids.

Defencewire said...

Charles Anthony and Imran Pandian Regiments provide protection to Pripaharan only. If it was indeed Amithab, it further clarifies our information about the target being Pripaharan because both regiments are there to die for their leader. Certainly this was the information the Security Forces had received.

Anonymous said...

Good news either way :)

Anonymous said...

can you hear..can you hear the thunder...
Better run, better take cover...

Anonymous said...

Great work by SLAF! We will get him next time.

Anonymous said...

The love-snub relationship between the AFP and Rasian Illankapan is hilarious. When things go bang, rasiah goes so deep undergound he's aunable to answer the phone, and the AFP dudes keep calling..Rasiah must be thinking of what he's do to their mothers if he gets the chance when that happens..specially when he's already crapping in his pants with the bombs falling around his ears...

And then AFP guys come out with their standard classic...rasiah cannot be reached....
Almost sounds like 'Elvis has left the building' of an era gone by...

Anonymous said...


This is not good..

LTTE must be planning an attack in Colombo..

tangara said...


[This could be a distraction to mislead the GOSL while mounting an attack some where else, like the PANAGODA camp..

I think SLA must prepare for the worst....


Anonymous said...

Good work SLAF.
Now its time to go for the kill.
No point in wasting time.

May the force be with u SL.

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