Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bomb kills five in Colombo

At least 05 killed and 23 injured when an army bus caught in a blast in Slave Island ,Colombo a short while ago.
At least two soldiers were also among the dead,Director of Colombo National Hospital said.
Injured persons admitted to hospital and some of them are in critical condition,hospital and police sources said.
Senior police officer told that the bomb was a claymore mine,without giving any further details.


Renegade! said...


Is it possible to give a breakdown of all the "classes"of vessels,used by the SLN,together with their numbers,if possible?or,atleast a link?-my mail>>.much appreciated & keep up the good work,DW!thnkx..

LKDOOD said... has some pictures
from the general hospital
?ARTID=2808 has some pictures
from the aftermath of the blast

LKDOOD said... is reporting :

MANNAR: AIR FORCE FIGHTER craft this morning (2) around 9.30 a.m. bombed a Sea Tiger camp and a coordinating center of their intelligence cadres in the east of VEDUTHALATHIVU, north of MANNAR.

Again at about 12.30 this noon, an air strike was conducted on an LTTE logistics base in ALAMPIL, north of KOKKUTUDUWAI.

It is believed considerable damage has been caused to the LTTE. is reporting(7:29:34 PM):

Technical sources have revealed that two senior LTTE leaders were killed in the attack.

tamilnet is reporting :

Four Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers were killed and many wounded in two clashes in Ki'laali and Mukamaalai in Northern Front Wednesday, LTTE Military Spokesman Irasiah Ilanthirayan told TamilNet.

A three-hour fighting was reported in the Forward Defence Line of Ki'laali from 10:00 a.m. in which 3 SLA were killed and many wounded.

At Mukamaalai a 30-minute clash was reported Wednesday noon. One SLA soldier was killed and at least seven SLA soldiers were wounded.

does anyone have any more info on this story(army & is not reporting of this incident) ?

LKDOOD said...

here is the link to the article

LKDOOD said...

very interesting news from NDTV :

Malaysian Indian Congress leader and Public Works Department Minister Dato Samy Vellu is in Chennai to meet Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi to clarify his government's stand on the Malaysian Tamils issue.

In an exclusive interview to NDTV the minister admits that his government has no concrete evidence to suggest that Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force), a coalition of 30 Hindu organisations in Malaysia, has links with the LTTE and explains his Cabinet colleague's recent outburst against the Tamil Nadu chief minister.

Following is the excerpts from the interview:

NDTV: Do you have any evidence to back your government's charge that the HindrafHindu Rights Action Force) has links with terrorists?

D S Vellu: HindrafHindu Rights Action Force) said they would fight like the Tigers, the way the Tigers are fighting in Sri Lanka. It was by Vedamurthy. After he talked like that, we did an investigation and it was felt that he may have gone there for training.

NDTV: Do you have evidence of this?

D S Vellu: No. It is our suspicion.

NDTV: The Tamils were protesting with pictures of Mahatma Gandhi. It was a peaceful demonstration.

D S Vellu: I don't think it was peaceful. They started at 4 am and broke the temple door and shops and stoned policemen and broke the heads of 4 policemen. Is that called peace?

NDTV: Do you think the statement of your colleague in the Cabinet asking the Tamil Nadu CM to lay off, could have been avoided?

D S Vellu: When two or three opposition parties got up in Parliament and said the Tamil Nadu government wants the Indian government to interfere in Malaysia's internal affairs, my colleague had answered them, and interference is different from using diplomatic channels.

NDTV: But the Tamil Nadu CM didn't ask the Indian government to interfere.

D S Vellu: My colleague didn't mean any disrespect.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I highly advise NOT to give (renegade!) the exact breakdown of the "classes" of vessels, used by the SLN together with their numbers. I wonder why this guy wants to know so much, we all know he is a ltte supporter. just amazing.

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