Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Breaking News: Government Withdraws from CFA

The Sri Lanka Government has decided to withdraw from the Cease-fire Agreement signed with the LTTE with immediate effect. This decision was taken at a Cabinet Meeting this evening. The agreement reached in February 2002 is officially termed "AGREEMENT ON A CEASEFIRE BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT OF THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF SRI LANKA AND THE LIBERATION TIGERS OF TAMIL EELAM". It was an MoU signed by the former Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe and LTTE Leader Pirapaharan. The agreement facilitated by Norway was stalled many times due to breakdowns in talks and resumption of proxy, limited and all-out war by both sides.


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Anonymous said...

Assailant of Maheswaran an intelligence wing member

(LeN, 2008 Jan 02, 6.30 PM) It is revealed now that the arrested suspected assailant of United National Party (UNP) MP T. Maheswaran is a member of state intelligence service. His name is Thomas Collin Valentine alias Wasanthan.

Wasanthan is a long time residence of Colombo and worked as a bodyguard of Minister Douglas Devananda while being a member of Ealam People's Democratic Party (EPDP). Later he joined the state intelligence wing and worked there for five years.

Meanwhile, L. Dharmasiri, a security officer of MP Maheswaran who is now in hospital due to gun shot injuries says that the suspected gunman is a former security official of Minister Devananda.

Dharmasiri shot at the assailant as soon as he saw he shot at the MP. He later recognized the assailant at the hospital although he did not identify him.

When 'Lanka-e-News' enquired from Police Media Spokesman DIG N.K. Ilangakoon about the information that the suspect is an EPDPer connected to state intelligence, he said tht he had no such information.

DIG Ilangakoon said that a statement had not been recorded so far from the suspect and it could be done perhaps today (02).

'Lanka-e-News' learns that the gunman was identified as Tholar (Comrade) Johnson and Tholar Collin within the EPDP.

onecountry said...

People are hijacking this blog for their own propaganda work. I suggest everyone stick to the subject.

This CFA was limited to paper only. Why is this move by govt now? Is MR trying to bring JVP into the govt? What advantage does this bring to the govt?

LKDOOD said...

BBC reports :

The Sri Lankan government decided to withdraw from the CFA signed with the LTTE, minister Keheliya Rambukwella told BBC Sandeshaya.

The Government decided to take 'measures to protect national security', the Defence spokesman said.

Asked whether the withdrawal means the government is officially declaring war against the LTTE, the minister replied: "No".

"But we are concerned about the national security."

The full interview is followed:

Minister Keheliya Rambukwella:

What we decided is taking into ground realities, while it (CFA) had been violated nearly 10,000 times by the LTTE, we should annul this agreement. This agreement was signed in order to seek whether there could be a peaceful arrangement which does not come on our way.

Besides that national security is threatened at every corner. And everyday it is threatened so it is not very relevant so we are not in a position to hold onto it and therefore it cannot be one sided affair. More than anything else whenever the national security is threatened we do not take any other agreement into consideration because the foremost thing in the country is to uphold the national security so we have made our decision today and it will be put into practise after following the conditions that are laid out in a manner in which you can withdraw from that agreement.

Q: Does this mean the government is formally declaring war against the LTTE?

A: No. but we are concerned about the national security.

Q: What about the SLMM?

A: These are the things that will follow on this. It will be done according to whatever the protocolas that are available to us.

Q: Is the government giving two weeks notice as agreed in the CFA?

A: The procedures will be practised.

Question by BBC: Does this mean the government is formally declaring war against the LTTE?

Answer by minister Keheliya Rambukwella :
No. but we are concerned about the national security.

no ? i'm really confused +_+

LKDOOD said...


i just read an article on

article link is :

here is a part of the article :

'The Silavathurai area up to Puttalam border was captured by Sri Lankan Armed Forces on September 2, 2007.

Once this strategically important region was wrested from the LTTE, it became impossible for LTTE to fly their air planes and bomb Sri Lanka's strategic location in the Colombo metropolis. Their flights will not be able to fly from Wanni to Colombo. The distance from Wanni to Colombo is not manageable by their light aircrafts.

my question :

is this statement true ?
so no more LTTE air planes coming to colombo ?

GoldenEagle said...


Just ignore the LTTE supporters. They crave attention, don't give them any.

Don't repond to their insults, no matter how provocative they may be.

If you respond to them the blog gets taken into another direction discussing non-defence related rubbish.

LKDOOD said...

Reuters Report-

Norway says Sri Lanka monitors likely to leave

OSLO (Reuters) - Peace mediator Norway said on Wednesday that a Nordic ceasefire monitoring mission was likely to be withdrawn from Sri Lanka after Colombo said it would annul a 2002 truce with the rebel Tamil Tigers.

Norway's Development Aid Minister Erik Solheim, who brokered the six-year-old ceasefire, said Norway was willing to continue to serve as facilitator of Sri Lankan peace talks as long as it enjoyed the confidence of the parties to the conflict.

"I think it is most likely that it will have to be withdrawn," Solheim told Reuters, referring to the Nordic monitoring mission. "Its presence in Sri Lanka is based on the ceasefire agreement."

Solheim said he feared the Sri Lankan government's decision to end the ceasefire would lead to an escalation of violence in the Indian Ocean island. He called it a "negative and sad development."

The truce has been dead on the ground since a new phase of the two-decade civil war began in early 2006.

anybody having a party ? lol

Unknown said...

there seems to be a battle going on in mannar from 5.30 in the morning according to tamilnet...
any news on that?

LKDOOD said...

CNN report :
Government said rebels must disarm before any future peace talks

LKDOOD said...

AFP report :

"We have raised an alert, especially in Colombo -- we have deployed more men," a senior police officer said.

Government spokesman and media minister Anura Yapa said the government viewed the 2002 truce agreement as a "flawed document."

"The government does not want to be a party to a non-functioning ceasefire agreement," Yapa told reporters here. "But, it does not imply that the government has shut the door for negotiations."

There was no immediate reaction from the Tigers -- although LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran had already said in November that the peace process was a waste of time.

The defence ministry said the government had also decided to formally end any negotiations with the rebels, who want to carve out an independent Tamil state in the north and east of the ethnic Sinhalese-majority island.

"The government sees no point in having any attempt to come to a settlement with a terrorist outfit," the ministry said, quoting its spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella.

Analysts said the government of President Mahinda Rajapakse, which has a slim majority in parliament, may also have pulled out of the truce to woo the hardline but influential People's Liberation Front, or the JVP.

The JVP saved the government from a humiliating defeat at the December budget vote and has been demanding the abrogation of the ceasefire and an end to Norway's role on the troubled island.

Press reports here speculated that the end of the truce could pave the way for the JVP to rejoin the government it left in 2005.

mottapala said...

I think the Nordic monitors will not leave Sri Lanka in the near future. Anybody want to bet on that? They will hang on to SL like RW hangs on to UNP. These guys have enough money but nothing to do.
These conspirators will be on high gear now to drive the IC against GOSL. MR and co. should be on their best vigilance tread through this difficult time. Thank GOD the average Sti Lankans are with them. [except UNP of course]

LKDOOD said...

Reuters report:

With the pact formally ended, the gloves are off and any hopes of resurrecting collapsed peace talks any time soon are dead and investment in the $26 billion economy could suffer.

"This means all out war," said Iqbal Athas, an analyst with Jane's Defense Weekly in Colombo. "The government has dropped the peace option and has opted for a fuller military onslaught on the rebels."

"One thing is certain, there'll be more confrontations. There'll be more violence now," he added. "The government perceives it to be end-game ... It will be the most intense period of war Sri Lanka has seen."

Wednesday's announcement came hours after suspected Tiger rebels bombed a military bus in central Colombo, killing four people and wounding 24. It was the latest in a litany of attacks that have killed hundreds in recent months.

"Undoubtedly they (the military) have made some gains. But that should not blind them to another reality," Athas cautioned. "We do see explosions taking place in the city of Colombo and places like that."

"Every time something happens, we wake up to the fact that they (the Tigers) still have some strike capability."

Moshe Dyan said...

It will be fantastic if the JVP joins the govt.

In Israel, when violence escalate due to piggery by terrorists (hamas, Jihad) the opposition fully back the govt. except for one (1) arabic MP.

With the JVP support it may be possible to get 150 seats which is two thirds. With two third majority they can demand an oath of alligiance as JRJ did in the early 1980s. If any MP fails to do so their right to be in parliament is cancelled. A parliament without terror elements mean a few more possibilities.

Chances are that many more UNPer would also join the govt. as they would know that there is no hope of coming to power any other way.

Those pigs who left the govt. at the third reading are doomed.

LKDOOD said...

did any of you guys here about this story ?

some tamil group in the USA is going to bring a court case against Gothabaya and Basil Rajapakse, and Army Gen. Sarath Fonseka in USA

they say on the site that these 3 are US citizens ?

i have only heard that one of the brothers is a US citizen other brother has PR(green card)

i have never heard of Mr. Sarath Fonseka is a US citizen or a green card holder

anybody who have more info. please share

Moshe Dyan said...

With the advent of informative and accurate defence columns in lakbima, the nation, etc. plus defencenet and defencewire, pigbal athas has lost the centre stage.

He is very partial to tigers in his reporting and as a result made a number of humiliating mistakes like the statement that the Beechcraft was used to trackdown LTTE ships in deep see whereas the Beeachcraft cannot fly so far!! Again he made a funny mistake on PT-6 and K-8s. Even I could have told the difference.

When the war is won, only the armed forces and the politicos would be remembered, not others who support LTTE 'victories'.

It is a shame that these jokers were dead silent on the attack on tamil chelvam.

LKDOOD said...

CNN-IBL report :

More unrest in Sri Lanka – the Lankan Cabinet has terminated its six-year-old ceasefire agreement with the LTTE. The withdrawal comes into effect two weeks from now.

The Norwegian truce monitors are being informed. It's not clear if India had any prior indication of this.

Large-scale military operations against LTTE strongholds in Killinochhi, Elephant Pass and Mullaitivu could be imminent.

LTTE supremo Prabhakaran is believed to be hiding in this thick jungle area. The rebel group has suffered severe reverses over the last year losing its bases in eastern Sri Lanka.

2007, November it lost key commander Tamilselvan, who was killed in a Sri Lankan air strike.

The government also maintains Prabhakaran got severely injured in the November air strikes.

On Wednesday, Lankan fighter planes struck twice on LTTE bases destroying the outfit's supply centre and killing two of its leaders even as ground battles in the restive north of the country left 11 Tigers dead, the Defence Ministry said.

"Air Force fighter jet planes today pounded on a LTTE supply centre at Alampilli in (rebel-held) Mulaithivu this afternoon," it said adding LTTE supply centre was completely destroyed.

In another incident, it said, the air force jets hit a sea Tiger base and an LTTE intelligence centre at Wedithalathvu in North-western Mannar.

LKDOOD said... :

Army overruns LTTE bunker defence at Pallaikuli, Mannar

Sri Lanka army overran the bunker defence of LTTE terrorists, at Pallaikuli, North of Mannar after hours-long battle this morning (January 3). According to the defence sources in Wanni, troops destroyed six LTTE bunkers during the military offensive launched around 6.a.m.

Army Radio monitoring units have revealed that six LTTE cadres were killed and over 12 other suffered injuries in the incident. Also, one army soldier died and 6 sustained injuries in the same incident. The injured have been directed to immediate medical attention.

Clearing operation is underway...

Srilankan said...

I hope the planes are engaging the enemy and providing cover for troops in mannar and not being polished in the hangers

LKDOOD said...

tamilnet :

Tigers thwart SLA movement in Mannaar, 10 killed

Sri Lanka Army on Thursday suffered heavy casualties and abandoned a ground offensive through Ku'lakkaddu in Paalaikkuzhi in Mannaar, according to initial details released by the Mannaar operations command of the Tigers. The Tigers mounted stiff resistance against the SLA troops that were backed by heavy artillery and Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher fire since 5:30 a.m. More than 15 SLA soldiers were wounded in the offensive push which was thwarted at 11:30 a.m., the Tigers said.

The SLA troops were withdrawn to their original positions, the Tigers said.

Sri Lankan military officials are yet to release any details of the fighting in Mannaar.

NOLTTE=Peace said...

Did you guys notice the reporting of AFP, Reuters, and BBC of the bombing?

All of them have mentioned that Army Transport vehicle has been targetted and 4 people have been killed and 24 others have been injured.

They have conveniently ignored the fact that three whom dead were civilians out of the four, and other score of civilians injured.

The readers of AFP, Reuters, and BBC articles have been made to think that all that killed were military personnel.

You can understand who are under LTTE Payroll.

LKDOOD said...


look at the AFP report on the yesterday's bombing

Suspected Tamil Tiger rebels set off a powerful roadside bomb in Sri Lanka's capital Wednesday, killing five people and wounding 28 others, police and hospital officials said.

The powerful Claymore mine -- a fragmentation bomb packed with ball bearings -- targeted an army bus transporting wounded soldiers, but hospital officials said most of the victims were civilians.

A similar roadside bomb killed 16 people on December 5 in the north-central district of Anuradhapura. Another 19 people were killed in a bomb attack outside a clothing store in the Colombo suburb of Nugegoda on November 28.

don't be paranoid !

Renegade! said...


Is it possible to give a breakdown of all the "classes"of vessels,used by the SLN,together with their numbers,if possible?or,atleast a link?-my mail>>.much appreciated & keep up the good work,DW!thnkx..

Hope sum1 can assist me in this..

LKDOOD said...


why you want such information ?

LKDOOD said... :

Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama will today convey, in writing, to the Norwegian Ambassador in Colombo Tore Hathrem the government decision to abrogate the Cease Fire Agreement. The message will be convoyed at a meeting scheduled for this evening at the Foreign Ministry.

C. Coin said...

about the report on lanka-e-news,
isnt that the site Kumar Rupasinghe bought and runs ?

jiffy said...

a significant decapitation strike maybe on the cards very soon. not that the cfa really impinged on us carrying them out before..but everything's fair game now.

defenceline said...

its gonna be lots of fireworks around the island.

Chaminda said...

One somewhat intelligent reason for the abrogation of the CFA could be the demarcation of borders. The CFA established the border between the LTTE run areas and the government controlled areas based on the ground reality when it was signed. Now these borders have changed in favor of the government. So it makes sense for the government to abrogate the CFA so if and when the time comes for negotiation the borders can be renegotiated. This is of course wishful thinking hoping that there is method in this madness.

onecountry said...


Very good point. Many things stated in CFA are no longer valid including parity status, boarders etc. Besides, what CFA when fighting take place.

Unknown said...

"It was only when we proved our military prowess and only when we were militarily in a position of strength that the Sinhala nation signed the ceasefire agreement."


Read between the lines folks. Slowly but surely admitting the defeat.

LKDOOD said...

tamilnet :

U.S. suspends defense export licences to Sri Lanka

Department of Defense Trade Controls of the U.S. State Department announced in its website that U.S. is suspending defense export licences to Sri Lanka. This announcement follows the signing by President Bush of the H.R.2764 bill of the 110th Congress of U.S.A., Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2008 which barred sales of military equipment to Sri Lanka.

LKDOOD said...

Tamilnet :

SLA advance in Vavuniyaa defeated, 3 SLA killed - LTTE

A ground operation launched by the Sri Lanka Army in Paalamoaddai in Vavuniyaa - Mannaar border area was defeated by the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam in a clash in which three SLA soldiers were killed and seven wounded. The Tigers have seized military hardware in the clearing operation after the clash. The clash lasted for 40-minutes, LTTE's operations command in Vavuniyaa told media in Ki'linochchi Thursday.

There were no LTTE casualties in the confrontation, the Tigers said.

Sri Lanka Air Force MI-24 gunship provided air support amid artillery and Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher fire to the SLA unit that attempted to advance at 5:20 p.m. Thursday.

anybody know more info ?

LKDOOD said...

Times of india :

At least 37 LTTE militants and 10 soldiers were killed in fierce clashes between Sri Lankan security forces and Tamil Tiger rebels in the island nation's embattled north, the defence ministry said on Thursday.

Sri Lankan army on Thursday overran the bunker defence of LTTE militants at Pallaikuli in North of Mannar after hours-long battle, it said, adding at least six rebels and one army soldier were killed in the clashes.

Twelve LTTE cadres and six soldiers sustained injuries in the confrontation.

Meanwhile, the pro-LTTE website Tamilnet quoted Mannar operations 'command' of LTTE as saying that more than 15 Sri Lankan soldiers were wounded in Pallaikulli clashes.

"The Tigers mounted stiff resistance against the SLA (Sri Lankan Army) troops that were backed by heavy artillery and Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher fire since this morning," it quoted the LTTE rebel leaders as saying.

The SLA troops were withdrawn to their original positions, the Tigers claimed, the website said.

Meanwhile, according to the Defence ministry a group of 15-20 LTTE cadres yesterday targeted troops in the Parappakandal area in Mannar. Ground troops assume at least 10 militants were killed in retaliatory fire, it said.

In another incident, four militants were feared killed during a search operation in Vilathikulam in Vavuniya yesterday, the Media Centre for National Security (MCNS) said.

Separately, as many as 11 LTTE militants were killed in clashes with troops in Muhamalai and Killali in Jaffna yesterday, it said, adding two soldiers were also reported killed and four injured in the incident.

Kng said...

I have asked this elsewhere, and wonder what the consensus might be on the following:

I wonder if any of you are of the opinion that Hillary Clinton, as well as the many U.S. attorneys, like Bruce Fein, will use the GoSL's unilateral withdrawal from the CFA as fodder for the proposed breakup of Sri Lanka starting in 2009 once Hillary is elected.

What chance does the GoSL foreign ministry have of combatting Clinton and Congressmen Pallone, both of who are already deep in the pockets of the Tigers. GoSL Foreign Ministry seems to have no capacity to do its job of convincing US media (like PBS and NPR which have GoSL bashing interviews with HRWatch and the like, with no opposing view point whatsoever.

The GoSL FM refuses to look at the blindspots it is facing, namely the Clinton-US attorney angle (I am referring to Bruce Fein and the other high powered US lawyers who are preparing lawsuits against GoSL for war crimes). How will GoSL even pay for the legal expenses starting in 2009?

It is foolish to ignore this blindspot. Does GoSL think it can ignore the West at the Security Council? What did Russia and China do for Serbia? And the Russians are related to Serbia and still failed to deliver protection.

Finally, when Clinton removes the ban on the LTTE in 2009, and the LTTE is using advanced U.S. Military equipment and trainers (not Pakistani discards like GoSL), how do you think this will turn out, especially when GoSL has no diplomatic media reach, and no legal preparation for what is coming in the Clinton US.

TropicalStorm said...


You are seriously under-estimating the US in more than one way. You seem to think US congresmen are for sale. It is true that everyone has a price, but the LTTE doesn't even know how to count far enough to reach the number these guys sell for. Once tainted with the 'terrorist' label and targetted on the FBI list, the movement is a leper and anyone associated with them become similarly so. Hillary C is very unlikely to hold hands with terrorists, even if the lesser folk may.
Finally, it is the top honchos that any outside nation's leadership has to consider relating to, in a future relationship. THere isn't a congressman in the US who'd consider 'President Velupillai' to sit and have dinner with. These guys stink too much.

Your concerns are not without merit. But I think you are reading too much into the grey areas. That certainly does not mean we should dance on thin ice. The LTTE ban is a step in the wrong direction and there will be disadvantages arising out of it.
We just alienated a whole lot of people to bark at an enemy who does not fear anyone's barking.

Kng said...

Tropical Storm,
I think you have missed some key facts:
First, Congressman Danny Davis visited Wanni three years ago as a guest of the LTTE. He said he didnt know who paid for the trip and he said he didn't know where he was going.
Second, read the remarks of the US State Dept South Asia head - Richard Boucher. He explictly stated that the SL Tamils deserve a "homeland".
Third, of course US congressman are bought and sold all the time. Look at Hillary and Bill's past. Any American can tell you that. Either you are softpedalling this issue in a disinformative way, or you are totally ignorant of US politics. EIther way, your attitude is shared by GoSL FM and that kind of hubris will lead to deproscription within 24 months unless someone learns about American politics soon. Perhaps it will be learned about in an Eelam History textbook in the future, sad to say.
Finally, read the SL Defence Ministry reports last month which said that Hillary is linked to Tamil Tiger fundraisers. How much more crooked do you want? How do you expect to counter the NGO and legal advocates in the next couple of years? THis is no joke. China and Iran will not save anyone. They are at risk themselves. Your complacency is ruinous. Why do I need to read about the Clinton midwifery of Eelam in a textbook ten years from now when, if you and the GoSL could drop their pride and learn about the corruption of US politics and the undemocratic NGOs, this legal challenge could be grappled with.

Kng said...

Tropical Storm,
You also fail to look at the evolution of Congressman Pallone's thinking on SL. He now views Sri Lanka as being morally on par with the LTTE. Read his most recent statements on Sri Lanka. The LTTE have successfully sold him the story that the GoSL is a leper state. If you look at his list of donors, you will see many LTTE activists - if any Congressman took donations from publicly known Al-Qaieda activists, we would have heard about it. But US State Dept, under Boucher, is looking the other way. Unless I hear otherwise, I would view your response as indicative either of sheer ignorance (Pallone is now a full fledged covert LTTE supporter - he is the one who suggested to Leahy to embargo Lanka military). What an irony, the US Congressional Congress on Sri Lanka has been purchased by the LTTE. YOur complacency and ignorance mirror the GoSL FM "What Me worry?" and failure to look at the blindspots.

admin said...

guys kng is LTTE supporter since he opposes your racist thoughts.

tangara said...

Out of topic,

JHU is asking JVP to stop country wide strikes.

I have sent emails criticising JVP/JHU for their policies that is helping the country achive the FAILED STATE status.

This statement by the JHU, I believe has bareing on my emails.

JVP for its stupidity ask government to make this statement.

Minister Champika Ranawaka is GOSL minister and he asked this from JVP..What else these JVP clowns wants?

LKDOOD said...

The Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission says it will be terminating its monitoring activities in the country on January 16 after the government today issued, in writing, the mandatory two weeks notice as per the MOU signed in 2002.

Unknown said...

Tigers Flee with Deaths & Casualties; Their Bunkers Razed to Ground

MANNAR: A FRESH ROUND of heavy fighting between troops and Tiger terrorists erupted this morning (3) when troops stormed the Tiger bunker line at PALLIKKULI, west of ADAMPAN around 7.30 a.m.

Six Tiger terrorists were reported killed and more than a dozen of LTTE cadres were seriously injured, according the latest information.

Reports further say that six LTTE bunkers were completely razed to the ground by troops who are now consolidating positions in the area.

One valiant soldier received fatal gun shot injuries and later succumbed to injuries on admission to hospital.

Six more soldiers were also injured in the incident and were rushed for medical treatment.

Meanwhile, troops in NAVATKULAM Thursday (3) killed one Tiger terrorist who was manning a bunker in the area at about 8.15 a.m.

Unknown said...

defensewire, any truth to this? Next week to be declared a military operational week!
(LankaTruth: 02nd January 2008 23:32 S.L.T )

According to reliable sauces the government has decided to declare next week a military operational week.

With the abrogation of the CFA the government expects to apply pressure on tiger organization.

Srilankan said...

kng very interesting lets wait and see..what unfolds...

Sam Perera said...


I strongly believe that you should remove a few cancers like upul,the boss, chintha etc if you want to maintain the sanity of this blog. All the discussion, prior to arrival of these cancers, were focused. Just like many rabid LTTE supporters, the objective of these cancers is to break the order here. In other words,they are here to litter the blog with incoherent and baseless arguments. Just like LTTE to Sri Lanka, they are social cancers to this blog. Therefore, I strongly suggest you to remove postings from these cancers or block them altogether.


lion said...

To all the Hilary lovers on this forum
You guys are all fantasists.

You think Clinton is going to let LTTE arm itself with advanced weapons and start "dividing" up Lanka to appease a few vadai donations? She has had 100 million dollars donated to her campaign by many many more compelling supporters than the desperate feral LTTE tamil diaspora.
You certainly are not the only limp dick tiger who seems to get a hard on for Hilary( I guess it's not supprising when you look at your sad ugly Tamil bitch stock).(a quick question for you LTTE lovers , are the LTTE girls suppose to wear their hair like mickey mouse or is it just my imagination)

So let me get this straight the plan is Hilary gets into power because the awesome spending power and overwhelming might of the Tamil vote she is swept into power riding on crest this unstoppable Tamil Tsunami to become the president of the good old USA.She for ever is in debt to the mighty Tamil diaspora( or is that diarrhoea) and basically hands over the full resources of the mighty USA to the tamils so that the can acheive Eelam!!?

If that is your guys "plan" then you definitely need all the help you can get.

Not even India where 55 million Tamils live don't give a real fuck about you guys.I don't see many Tamils from Tamil Nadu lining up to swim the Palk Strait to give the beseiged LTTE tamils a hand??
Trust me USA got bigger fish to fry(Clinton or no Clinton).Don't read too much into what Hilary said about you"freedom" fighters.

shay said...

Lion, nice one dude.

Renegade, the wikipedia article on the SLN has all the details of the major classes of vessels used by the SLN, though not the numbers obviously which is sensitive information.

GoldenEagle said...

Let me clarify something to the bloggers.

If Hillary does become president, she can't lift the LTTE ban by herself. She has to rely on the congress and 45% of the congress is still Republican. In this post 9/11 America, terrorism is a word that carries a huge amount of weight.

If she does come out in support of the LTTE, the Republicans who despise her will make it front page news to bring her down. They will label her a terrorist supporter who supports the LTTE who in turn have had close links with the Taliban(stinger missiles) and Al Queada(suicide bomb training). They will say that she supports an ally of our enemy(Taliban & AQ).

Once its front page news, the American people will seal her fate. She has to be stupid to go for a move like this, she will end up shooting herself and her political career in the foot.

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