Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Maheshwaran shot dead in Colombo

T.Maheshwaran,an MP of main opposition United National Party has been shot dead at Ponnambalam Waneshwaram Hindu Temple by unknown gunman, police officials said.
Maheshwarn was at the enterence when he was shot and admitted to Colombo National Hospital,with severe chest injuries hospital officials said.
He was succumbed to his injuries while in an emergencey operation at Intensive Care Unit of the hospital,its director Dr.Anil Jasinghe said.
At least 08 other persons who were at the kovil also injured,according to informed sources.


LKDOOD said...


on this story :

army.lk is reporting :

UNITED NATIONAL PARTY (UNP) Member of Parliament Mr. T.MAHESHWARAN was seriously injured and rushed to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Colombo National hospital after suspected Tamil Tiger pistol men struck him while he was doing prayers in the Sivam kovil at Colombo KOTAHENA at about 10.00 a.m. today (Jan 01).

The Parliamentarian succumbed to injuries after a major surgery, according to hospital sources.

Nine more civilians, believed to be Hindu Prayers who have been hacked or with cut injuries were also admitted to the National Hospital, the same time.

Preliminary investigations says that suspected Tigers have committed the crime, creating pandemonium inside the temple, most probably with a view to shifting the attention away from the murder of the MP.

As this report was filed one more civilian injured in the incident died of his injuries.


hacked ?

defense.lk is reporting :
two pictures of the MP in the Nation Hospital


dailymirror.lk is reporting :

Two dead, Twelve injured in Kotahena killing

The UNP condemned the killing of its MP T. Maheswaran and claimed that the government solely responsible for the incident. UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake said that the government pruned MP Maheswaran’s security in order to kill him.

Sarinda Perera said...

What proof has the MoD offered with regard to the "suspected Tamil Tiger pistol men?"

Unknown said...

haha army.lk is accurate indeed

i have been wrong all these years omg

verbatim said...

Sri lanka is perhaps only country that assassinates its own parlimentary members. Joseph Pararajasingham, Raviraj and now Maheswaran.

Is it because the govt acknowledges that these parlimentarians need to sit on a different parliament ?

NOLTTE=Peace said...

These words should be familiar to Defencewire readers, because Defencewire was the one who brought the words into general use in the SL defence writer circle.

"The Black sea Tigers function as force multipliers of the sea- going wing of the LTTE. The Black suicide craft are a striking example of force multiplication in the asymmetric warfare ."

Good work Defencewire.. keep up the good work.

Upul said...

Death of UNP T. Maheswaran:

His only "crime" to be born a Tamil in MR's criminal regime.

He was known to be outside of this pro-LTTE/anti-LTTE debate.

The emerging pattern in MR's criminal /thugs who commit these crimes is startling. They use public holidays and holy shrine to carry out their dirty deeds. It is the same regime that would show naked bodies in public in a Buddhist sacred city.

Incidentally this dastardly crime was committed in colombo port high security zone.

The regime wishes to remind everyone there is no sanctity left on the island. Those poor souls who are burdened to live in sri lanka, live at MR regimes mercy, that is the message.

As I had warned earlier, criminal regimes like these need normal "innocent" people to feel such actions are justified with cock and bull justifications, a completely baseless rumour of helping LTTE or what have you. Hitler took over 1933 Germany through such a mindset.

It was after all the same anti-ltte forces who earlier claimed Maheswaran was forced to vacate his Jaffna seat.

Remember such rumors can be pegged on anyone, without any proof. Its just someone powerful who has to peg it on you.

Going after a UNP MP signals that the MR regime now has the courage and readiness to go after bigger political members within the sinhala community to complete the dictatorship This is a bow shot for them, both JVP and UNP.

Why would he ever target the sinhala community ?

Didn't MR promise he wanted to finish off Tamil terrorism ?

MR knows full he can't fulfill this promise. It is mainly due to economics, current world outlook (R2P), impending military stalemate, rise of world petroleum/natural resource prices and rise of a new cold war on the world stage. A lankan politician's promise is not worth the paper its written on. So before MR's true "empty" hand is revealed, he will want to have complete control of levers of power.

This is why UNP members are scrambling for RWs security knowing full well what is in store. The regime wants to take out any and all potential threats for dictatorship. UNP with its backing from the West and India, it feels is at a break point. Use of the threat, coercion and bribery will crack the remaining members. India also has thrown its hopes with another force in lanka. For security reason, I will not elaborate any further on this.

On the JVP front,
Weerawansa and Amarasinghe were personally threatened and MI "intelligence" files on them relating to JVP insurrection were given a perusal by Mr. 10% Basil before the third reading of the budget.

The message was clear, just like to the TNA mps whose relatives were abducted....

There has also been a geopolitical realignment by the regime, taking sides with China, Pakistan, Iran, Russia axis which is squarely against the West. MR was completely humiliated at the UN general meeting in September. The West had shown its hand by giving firm refusal to meet with the head hancho and cold shoulders in general. MR had desperately tried to get a 10 min chit chat time allocation with President Bush at Waldorf Astoria during an informal gathering of the world leaders. That too was firm but poolitely refused. In the end the only important leader who was willing to meet with him was President of Iran.

What to watch out for in the next few months, if things going according to plan for MR:

*Trashing of CFA, banning of LTTE, dissolution of APRC.
*Harsh new security measures via gazette notification may alternately involve dissolution of parliament and installation of martial law just like Pakistan.

Upul said...

MR track record of personal double crossing should also be bared:

Those who helped him (MR) and stood by his left and right shoulder during his elections campaigns have all been branded as traitors or caged up in his admin ,this includes his personal secretary Mr. Lalith Weerathunga who was humiliated into taking responsibility for the Pakistan fiasco at the Commonwealth.

Unknown said...

there goes the dog (upul) barking early in the morning...does this guy not have a job? these sick ltte supporters, spreading false propaganda about the govt. Good luck buddy, we all know LTTE had some things to do with this. Its the LTTE that targeted raviraj you piece of fruit. Go away!! go to your tamilnet, canadianeelam website and comment..not in here, we dont care for your false opinion.

Unknown said...

upulum pada pada kada kada sudu kada pap-pa-dum dum

trying to speak tamil for upulum (dog, aka upul) lmao!

Upul said...

folks, truth hurts...

onecountry said...

Fellow bloggers, please do not respond to these guys and waste web space. That is their main goal. Please let defencewire run the blog. Otherwise, this will become another LNP.

hemantha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hemantha said...

Upul and The boss,
Oh, you filthy killers. You kill people. Then start feeding on the carcasses. You don't have much time. Will have to end the feeding fancy sooner. Otherwise you may have to starve (or kill another one).

"Police expect injured killer to spill the beans
-The Island

The police expect the injured killer of UNPMP T. Maheswaran to divulge vital information to track the mastermind of the assassination and establish the motive.

The National Hospital Director Dr. Hector Weerasinghe told The Island last evening that the condition of the suspect was stable. "He is recovering and there is a heavy police guard for him," he said.

A senior police officer said the police were eagerly waiting to interrogate the suspect. "This is the first time that an assassin of a politician has been caught red handed," he said.

MP Maheswaran was gunned down yesterday morning at the Sri Ponnambalawaneswarar Kovil in Kochchikade, Colombo.

The kovil was crowded with devotees, as it was the first day of the year, when a solitary gunman opened fire on the 41-year-old MP. Another devotee, Mahindan was also killed and 11 others, including a 13-year-old girl, were injured.

The assassin is believed to have used a micro pistol for shooting.

Immediately after the assassination Government Defence Spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella blamed the killing on the LTTE on the basis of the micro pistol, which he said was used by the LTTE.

He dismissed UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake’s claim that the MP’s security had been reduced. "Usually an MP is provided with two policemen as security. Had he asked for more, we would have considered it", the Defence Secretary said.

UNP MP Ravi Karunanayake said that the assassinated MP had earlier been provided with 16 Policemen for security and at the time of the assassination he had had only two of them. "It is the security lapse that paved the way for the killing", Karunanayake said.

An attempt on Maheswaran’s life had been made in Kotahena during the last general election campaign but he escaped with injuries. Nadarajah Raviraj, a TNA MP, was also gunned down last year at Narahenpita."

shay said...

Some reports say that an army bus was the target.

tangara said...


I can understand the frustration..
However Maheswaren was a civilian leader living under the GOSL protection.He was killed by most likely the LTTE.That fact itself is counter productive to the GOSL main mission..If too many of this nature happens, IC will put more presure on the GOSL to stop the Millitary..We have to avoid that any cost.

tangara said...

Out of topic.....

JVP after receiving many emails criticising their policies, decided to block my email address..

What a bunch of loosers.

It is a simple matter for me to email bomb their server with a nice script...And their are other ways to disrupt their services...

However I will not go to that extent..What I will do is to create another address and SPAM them until they get rid of their policies.

There is one good news..
JVP has stopped updating their website : www.unions.lk (the english version) with strike and protest information. However Sinhalese version keeps updating..But I see a drastic drop in no. of JVP led strikes...

For the last whole month, no university strikes were organised by the JVP. Please update me if you think otherwise.

Sorry , if you are a supporter of the JVP.

jiffy said...

Tangara..i full understand this. but often times its our own ppl who invite the IC to heap abuse on the GOSL. the IC orgs operating in Sri Lanka need every voice of opp. and particularly sinhalese ones in order to portray this war as unjust. my qualm is: why do some of us give them this ammunition? what the IC wants, is to say.."look! even the sinhalese are against the actions of this govt. clearly this is not the wish of the majority, but a small bunch of hawks in power..yada yada". im against guys like this getting bumped off, but im not gonna say anything abt it when it does happen.

but look i totally agree with what you're saying.

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