Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Minister and another killed in Bomb attack-04th Lead

Minister D.M.Dassanayake(54), has succumbed to his injuries while being treated at the Ragama Teaching Hospital after his vehicle was caught in an explosion en route to Parliament today morning at Ja Ela, on the main highway linking the Islands only international airport to the Capital.
"Minister succumbed to injuries while undergoing an emergency operation", hospital authorities said. Another person also died in the incident which injured another ten persons according to police.

Road side claymore mine was triggered when his luxury jeep was passing Rukmani Devi Statute near Ja Ela junction, police officials said.


Renegade! said...

Thank god,a dirty minister was taken out,rather than innocent civillians gettin caught up!! next up-merv the perv?(mervin)..hope he gets eliminated too..sri lanka will be richer without crroked ministers & politicos like these shitters!!

TomCat said...

another Desha-Paaaluwa down... good? or bad? Will the US stop sending marines after the gov. withdrawing cease-fire ag?

jiffy said...

no loss. in fact looks like the tigers did us a favour. now if only someone could get rid of mervin..

a pity about the other victim in the bombing though. now that is unfortunate.

Renegade! said...

explosion near lake house..

Unknown said...

Explosion near lake house seems to be targeting the Air Chief, aprently he passed that place 3 min in advance, lucky him!

The war is no longer in the North, so be prepared in the south as well. Maybe time to pack the tamils living in the South to the Norht again. Killing the Minister is yet the begining it seems.

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