Monday, February 25, 2008

14 more bodies to ICRC., SLAF bombs Parappakadaththan

The Sri Lanka Air Force bombed the base of the LTTE Military Wing Leader for Parappakadaththan last morning. The base, situated around 5km north of Giant's Tank was accurately bombed, SLAF indicated. Exact damages to the target cannot be independently verified at present.

Meanwhile 14 dead bodies of Tigers are to be handed over to the ICRC today. All 14 bodies were of Tigers killed during SLA attacks in Weli Oya (Janakapura North and Andankulam).

6 of these bodies were recovered following clashes on the 23rd (Friday) while the other 8 were recovered after fighting on the 24th (Saturday) from the same area. These included 4 Tigers killed at Andankulam yesterday where 3 SLA were also injured. The bodies were brought to Anuradhapura Hospital morgue on Friday and Saturday. The ICRC has also been duly notified.


Puffy said...

I like the way this war is fought by Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka...
Keep the LTTE on the defensive while targetting the LTTE leadership! way to go!

Btw, great work DefenceWire...

Jambudipa said...

According to latest DBS Jeyraj column, LTTE recruited 15,000 to 18,000 last year. This is over and above the estimated 15,000 they already had in their ranks. They apparently rotate the new recruits between all fronts exposing them to battle conditions. The 3000 or so Eastern carders are said to be less than willing to fight as their Northern counterparts. So altogether the strength of LTTE must be around 35,000 to 40,000 with varying experience and skills.

They are also said to be slowly re-establishing supply lines after LTTE 'floating warehouses' were sunk last year.

They also manufacture their own artillery shells and mines according to DBS. The raw materials obviously imported from Tamil Nadu or smuggled from the south. They have a separate unit just for laying mines.

It pays to know inherent weaknesses and and strengths of the opponent. There are a number of weaknesses here if one were to exploit to their advantage.

LKDOOD said... :

Army destroys LTTE stronghold in North of Janakapura:

Defence sources in the Welioya battlefront say Sri Lanka Army soldiers have destroyed a fortified stronghold of LTTE terrorists this evening (February 25). According to the sources, Army infantrymen launched attacks at the LTTE defences located in the North of Janakapura area between 1.p.m. to 2.p.m.

Following the attack, troops found 7 bodies of slain LTTE cadres, along with 6, T-56 riffles, one Light Machine Gun (LMG) and one GPS equipment, the sources said.

In addition, the terrorists attempted to regain the control over the area but failed in the face of army retaliation, said the sources. Army engaged artillery at the LTTE reinforcements and caused them to turn tail with heavy casualties. Later, LTTE radio transmissions revealed that 5 more LTTE cadres were killed and 4 injured due to Army retaliation.

One soldier was killed in this incident, the sources added.

kurikaatuwan said...

Prabhakaran is in preparation for the final war or "Iruthi por" where he demands every last tamil must fight and die holding a weapon in their hands.

He is also waiting for SLA to launch a big operation so that th LTTE can do box manouevers and annihilate them.

Best thing to do in my opinion to defeat LTTE is to develop better intelligence network to do better airstrikes and LRRP teams.

Also develop more anti tiger tamil groups to attack LTTE in northern province such as Karuna group in Eastern province.

Also even psychological warfare against LTTE like dropping leaflets on Vanni civilians in Kilinochi, Puthukudiruppu.

Also constant radio transmissions in tamil to encourage revolt against LTTE by common tamil masses and also within LTTE.

Destroy the road infrastructure in Vanni especially road network, culvert bridges to reduce supply lines. Using aerial bombing.

Completely destroy Vidathalthivu township as it is a main smuggling centre using air bombing.

Use the american strategy of destroying command and control facilities first. Jam the Voice of tigers radio and destroy all the political offices of LTTE which are open to public.

Why is Kilinochi town not being targetted ? Just to appease a few foreign NGO groups there who don't even care about our homeland.

tangara said...


Welcome to the blog...

You seems to know the inside out of LTTE.

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