Wednesday, February 27, 2008

High value LTTE agent nabbed in Colombo

Muththusami Ilankoowan alias Sami is possibly the highest ever LTTE operative arrested in Colombo, one day before yesterday by a special team of policemen senior officials said.
Sri Lankan born Tamil who holds a Singaporean passport was arrested at a lodge in Wolfendhal Street in Pettah on Monday afternoon by cops clad in civvies who came in a white van. His arrest was earlier reported by the local media that he was being abducted by unknown persons, but a police spokesperson later admitted that he is under arrest by the police.

Investigators found credible evidence to prove his connection with the LTTE, including the photos taken by the suspect with several Tiger leaders including the LTTE supremo.
He has had close links with Kumaran Pathmanathan alais KP, head of LTTE's International Supply Unit and coordinate local supplies to the LTTE. He also has his own shipping company, which the investigators suspect was involved with many cross boarder arms transportation.


Anonymous said...

Good job by MI. Way to go.

Defencewire said...

I think the arrest was made by Police SIS not MI.

B#1 said...

Good lesson for SIRASA TV. :)

Unknown said...

I don't get it, was he under his own name or an alias? And no attempt at disguise etc? Just strolling through Colombo?

Also if he is such a big fish with links to KP, why is this being announced so soon after the arrest, isn't it going to tip off the LTTE, KP etc to secure themselves given that someone who knows a lot is nabbed?

Unknown said...

"Good lesson for SIRASA TV. :)"

Actually this could work to the negative too, this is confirmation that the government 'arrests' people in white vans, so one could say in this case it was revealed as an arrest but what about so many other so called 'white van abuductions'.

Not good, why wouldn't they just nab him the regular way?

Puffy said...

Guys, is reporting that a local TV station has tried to discredit the GoSL and
the Security Forces by highlighting the arrest of Sami as another "White Van" abduction carried out against a "innocent tamil civillian"...

We all very well know that the TV station is SIRASA!
These guys at Sirasa have done this many times in the past, they are carrying out a
vicious campaign to promote Eelam!
This is very dangerous and needs to be stopped soon.
Cant the defence authorities take action against this and ban Sirasa TV,
just like they did with Sun FM, for reporting a false LTTE attack in the south!

IntelAttack said...

I think there's no need to comment on color of the van or abductions, as GOSL has never talked about them. Police and come in any vehicle of any color.

Any terrorist or a supporter should be arrested without any borders.

By the way, it's Sirasa's responsibility to show every white van as an abduction activity.

This time, the failed to prove it, but they achieved in sending an alarm to LTTE.

B#1 said...


Months ago one person in our area abducted by White van,
and at the same day it was telecast by sirasa TV as another sad story and his relatives are crying.

Two days later only,
all the people in our area got to know he is an underworld drug businessmen. and finnaly it was a funny story telecast by Sirasa TV.

I think 99% White van abductions are very well calculated.

londonistan said...

I hope the SIS/MI boys interoate him most vigorously. Of course, no one condones 'waterbording', 'sleep deprivation', 'stress positions', etc. practices (all widely used by CIA, MI6/MI5 etc) but if it saves the live of yours and mine who go about their daily lives in SL, it is what has to be done.

Mirror online is reporting arrest of 12 ltte members - possibly suicide cadre infiltrators waiting to disrupt the polls (my speculation, not theirs) -, results already?

Anonymous said...

What if a white van go and abduct VP or poddu? Our HR heros will say VP's rights were violated !!

Unknown said...

The arrests that upset terror-supporting media is the headlines of I feel that a military media using such fanciful language is deplorable. The military should not be doing the governments propoganda work. Secondly is the military saying that the media involved Sirasa is a LTTE outfit. If so then the government must arrest those involved. However typical mud slinging in Sri Lankan politics is should not appear in military press releases.

If this guy is so important, he will not be roaming colombo at this junction. As a Singapore citizen, he will face hell for supporting the LTTE. Hence I guess even if he was linked with the LTTE before as the photos are very old. Guess some disgruntled rivals have sent those old photos as posted by to get him arrested.

In Singapore there is no way he can do what he is alleged to have been doing. The authorities are very vigilant and strict on such issues.

CodeRed said...

Guyz! Can anyone explain to me the connection in-between L.T.T.E and SIRASA. Because its very obvious that SIRASA is acting like a pro-LTTE media.

Jambudipa said...

Sirasa owned by Maharaja - Tamil owned conglomerate. They may just be sympathetic to Tamils not LTTE per se. The govt has to ensure whether attempt was out of concern for joe public or whether it was an attempt to get him released knowing he was LTTE.

Sam Perera said...


"If this guy is so important, he will not be roaming colombo at this junction. As a Singapore citizen, he will face hell for supporting the LTTE. Hence I guess even if he was linked with the LTTE before as the photos are very old. Guess some disgruntled rivals have sent those old photos as posted by to get him arrested"

As usual there are lots of ifs, buts, and thens in what you say. As far as you know, how many people get a photo opportunity with VP? As a citizen of Singapore, what was he doing at lodge in Wolfendhal Street? How do you scale the importance of LTTE operatives? In other words , who is not important to roam Colombo? How did you determine that these photos were sent by a "disgruntled rival?"

Of course, anything is possible these days. Why not it is VP who passed the information to SIS? Any thoughts on alternative theories?

අහිංසක said...

GOSL White van squad.....

About to abduct

Abducted successfuly

Another abduction

A serious abduction

Lined up for abduction

Night time abduction

Abduction in a non-liberated area

This time it's a yellow van

san said...

point is this, majority of srilankan's everyday vehicles are vans,and majority of srilankan vans are white colour.
"If this guy is so important, he will not be roaming colombo at this junction."
lot of ltte supporting tamils roaming in colombo and south because colombo and south of srilanka multi ethnic not like kilinochchi or mullathivu.

Unknown said...


"I feel that a military media using such fanciful language is deplorable."

Maybe i'm wrong...but don't think it's the "military" whose making these claims like you're saying here. Even the arrests were not done by the military but the police is not the military but government information portal of their ministry of defence..., are the sites representing the military imho

And i do agree with Sam Perera and Panhinda...

Chaminda said...

Yes we can go banning Sirasa TV for making a big fuss about abductions. But then who is going to say something when you get abducted for not paying a bribe to Merve-the-Perve or for spilling the beans about some corrupt arms deal? We can’t choose and select when the press can be free. We either deal with the bad consequences of a free press or deal with the even worse consequences not having one.

LKDOOD said...


if Sirasa is breaking the law

why not arrest them & close Sirasa ???

LKDOOD said...

Sri Lanka Casualties reach 1,734


Lanka Opposition agrees to devolution package


LKDOOD said...


8 civilians killed in SLA DPU attacks in Vanni

Unknown said...

ranil, is a military organ and the military is part of the government. The governments should not use the offical media for propaganda. They should do it through their own newspapers or statements.

San would KP be seen roaming colombo streets. He is not a military man. He is a bussinessman. I guess you can wait and see.

Sam nice to hear from you. Unfortunately Karuna as I predicted is now finished. I do not wish to argue with you and I will let time tell.

TropicalStorm said...


You seem to contribute highly to the myths abt Singapore. There's a dark side to that country which is not known even to ordinary Singaporeans. They are a major arms market for black ops since the Vietnam era and there's a thriving underworld that is denied vehemently. But it does exist. As long as you have the money and don't cause mayhem in their territory, S'pore doesn't have a problem with how the moeny flows into the country.
Until I took two S'pore AF F16 pilots based in California, USA to a street near Mohammed Mustafa's at night, these guys argued until they were blue in their faces that there's no red light district in their country. If you like directions to the world's best trannie market, let me know.

Unknown said...

"If you like directions to the world's best trannie market, let me know.

TS you are scaring me mate, why do you know the directions to 'world's best trannie market' :)

Sorry to divert but not much happening so guess a little lightheartedness is ok :)

Illegal.existence said...

Haha extreme nice stuff. Tamileditors may be interested in hiring you.

Unknown said...


Is there any truth to this article published in BBC?


If this true, it is alarming and very disturbing.

Unknown said...

" is a military organ and the military is part of the government."

don't think so mate. was born out of which was the ministry of defence
even now is the web portal of the ministry of defense that represent units other than the military. Because the military news is the most important thing these days the site naturally represents more of that...

"The governments should not use the offical media for propaganda. They should do it through their own newspapers or statements."

well if a government is making official statements and updating their readers on the present situ of the countries defense issues i don't see why they should not be using the way they are using it now...
If is used to shore up support for mahinda chinthanaya or anything like that which doesn't have a connection to national security or defense you have a point imho
My only complaint so far on that website is that the quality of their writing is very's not professional and not crafted well enough...
they must get communications specialists to craft the writings cos words have a huge power in moving people and we should use all the weapons we got to weed out terrorism and corruption :)

OneSpirit said...

Regarding the BBC link by eranda--

Major Gen. Pannipitiya has chosen of his own free will to abuse the privileges of command and Army resources at his disposal. Army Commander is well within his rights to hold subordinates accountable and instead of dishonorable discharge, to ask for for his resignation. The good officer's past conduct, army history and other mitigating circumstances should only factor in the leniency given to him in reduced punishment.

By filing a FR case and all the attendant publicity, Pannipitiya has just succeeded in painting a red target on his own back.

Jambudipa said...

Hey everyone, this is a must read. Please paste it on as many web boards as you possibly can.

Unknown said...

TropicalStorm, I am not denying what you say about Singapore. They tend to be lax in supplying weapons to Mynmar and often they do things in proxy for the United States. However they do not tolerate terrorist or terrorism. If the guy has links to the LTTE, Sri Lanka just needs to ask and he will be handed over.

As far as for the biggest tranny market is known its Thailand where its accepted as part of the norms and they are called lady boys. India has a large number as the hijaras and accepted in society.

In Singapore transvesittes are taboo. If fact you have given high marks to the air force officers. Every country has a bad side or a red light district but how many visit that area. Compare this to the Sri Lankan Armed Forces in Hati. Would you not prefer to have those guys be ignorant of things like this and not embarass the country.

Unknown said...

Ranil do you not think that the political parties that rule the country have always used the state media for their own purposes. Secondly if someone does not kneel down to them have they never like Mr Mervin attack (verbal or physical) them.

Just to add to tropical, a senior like major/LTC F16 pilot earns about a million rupees a month or about $14 000 Singapore dollars. Singapore uses the army ranks for pilots.Many Burghers or Euraisians as Singapore calls them with Sri Lankan origins have served and serve in the Air Force.

Sam Perera said...


We have not heard from SLN for a while. Is that because things are in better shape or LTTE found another way of transporting supplies (submarines)? Pilease give us an update when you get a chance.

san said...

sam perera ,
i also think the these days ltte get ammunitions and artillery rounds to fight with SLA.if SL-navy cut off the supplies they don't have any other option than surrender.

chamal said...

This 'white van' mania of sirasa looks ridiculous to me. There's no rule saying police should always go in blue jeeps to make an arrest. Who cares even if they use a red ferrari as long as they do the job properly in arresting criminals?

chamal said...

hmmm.... 7 o clock sirasa news has something to say about this. Apparently the police spokesman himself has told them that this guy was abducted by an unknown armed group in a van (they gave the voice recording of this). Looks like the blame is on the police again. What has happened here??? Do they have communication problems, the spokesman not knowing what happened..... edagena naanawa kiyanne mewata thamai

Sam Perera said...


Can you address other possibilities of this guy as I noted above with your theories.

Yes, what happened to Karuna? His political party is about to win the Eastern Province. He was in UK with a diplomatic passport (claimed to have been forged). If anything, his contact in SL was protecting than removing him. As GR said in one of his interviews, we shall support him to get to the main stream.


Sam Perera said...


Yes, this is bit worrysome to see no action from SLN. we should never ever underestimate LTTE's ability to strike back.

LKDOOD said...

A sluice gate seized & tiger command centre destroyed

(LankaTruth: 28th February 2008 22.10S.L.T )

Army Troops engaged in operations in the Sinnaodaippu area North of Yoda Wewa (Giant Tank) launched a swift attack on tiger terrorists today (28), at around 6.00 a.m. to secure a sluice gate. This is an important water flow control point in the area.

In the attack fourteen tiger terrorists were killed and six T-56 assault rifles were recovered. Two soldiers were slightly injured in the attack say security sources.

Meanwhile, a tiger terrorists’ artillery command centre and an underground bunker located at Kulampaikulam in Palai area, in Jaffna was attacked by SLAF fighter jets at around 11.10 a.m. today.

Fighter pilots have confirmed that the commanding center in this facility that was heavily fortified was completely destroyed.

Sam Perera said...

He was going to sue

This guy is very funny and dangerous according to the Island. It is dangerous because he was a Singapore Air force Pilot. It is very funny that, he is here in Colombo without proper paper work to sue the government for sinking his ships. May we assume that these were the un-registered ships SLN took care of last year? It is even funnier that the Island reports it like gospel. I can almost see how the court hearing starts.

Plaintiff: Your honor, SLN sank a few of my ships
Judge: Where?

Judge: What were you transporting?
Plaintiff: I was transporting weapons to LTTE

Judge: Guards, send this man back to maximum security prison until I decide the way to execute him.

LKDOOD said...

JVP accuses India of cross-border terrorism


JVP to oppose devolution move


Unknown said...

Sam the island article is bullshit. No foreigner is allowed to join the airforce as a pilot unless he was born and raised in Singapore. Just like the 44 "LTTErs" in Jaffna, everyone can confess to everything under duress.

The biggest bull is that he came to Sri Lanka to sue the government on a ship that the government destroyed as terrorist vessel. I wonder how far he would have got in the trial as you mocked.

Karuna's passport was faked and he is now in jail for that. He will be deported after his jail term and be deported. If he stays in a EU country, he can be charged for war crimes. TVMP winning in the East is another fallacy. I can predict that pilliyan will end up the same way as Karuna. Mahindha has no solution to the problem and is a real handicap to a good military commander.

Unknown said...

Guys something just doesn't add up with this fellow. Hopefully defencewire can shed some light on this.

But this so called top level LTTE guy is just wandering around Colombo as himself? And came here to sue the Government??? Does this sound ridiculous to anyone else?

Unknown said...

Blast In dematagoda or modara area, house checked. jacket found, several cops and civils hurt.

Unknown said...

in modara, 3 cops and 3 civils inj.

Moshe Dyan said...

Pillayar group (TMVP), EPDP, etc. MUST be part of the solution. They have more right to govern than the LTTE and pro-LTTE groups.

If the regional rulers of N-E are going to primarily go against the govt. than co-operate with it for development that is the end of those regional rulers and the system that empowers them.

There is absolutely no harm in TMVP winning the election in typical SRI LANKAN STYLE.

The solution to the conflict must be a pro-sri lankan one; otherwise the majority will reject it sooner or later.

Suppose the govt. somehow push federalism and set a federal structure. From that moment onwards the opposing groups will try to reverse it and they will do so democratically. There is no point putting a "solution" after fooling the people about it.

Also the solution must be a politico-military one. Imagine a political solution that reverses military victories!! Also a military solution that is not compatible with the general political climate of SL!
Bulls-hit; these won't work.

There can never be a lonlasting solution along racial lines; only a nationalist solution can unify SL.

Sam Perera said...


Let me repeat the question. How many people get a chance for a photo opp. from One Legged Velu? let alone meet him. How many can get photos with top LTTE leaders like this? This guy may be talking BS to buy time, but this is the real deal.

Unknown said...
Anandasangaree said in a statement, “I am perturbed over the decision of the APRC to postpone the meeting of the APRC due to the objections raised by the representatives of some political parties demanding the inclusion of the T.M.V.P. at its deliberations. I understand that the T.M.V.P. has claimed that they are the real representatives of the Eastern People and that no deliberations can take place without their participation. “

He categorically said that first and foremost the claim of anybody that they are the real representatives of the East should not be entertained. He pointed out that such a claim is almost similar to the claim of the L.T.T.E. that they are the sole representatives of the Tamil People.

TVMP is a problem and not part of the solution. Race based parties and politics should not be allowed in Sri lanka. Singapore has suceeded in that and Malaysia/Sri Lanka has failed.

Unknown said...

Sam This guy may be talking BS to buy time. Really, but this bullshit was given by the police to the press. Looks like you should join the force. You can spin better tails then them.

Maheswaran might have met VP and others, mabye no photos as he was in UNP. He did it to make money. Why do you think this guy did it and so long ago. Many like MRs brother has also met VP(or senior LTTE) in secret.Why could this guy be chums with the LTTE just to make money then. Today with his profits and in Singapore being Singaporean, he could have given his past up.

Thats why he was in colombo. He probabily did not expect his past to catch up with him. The photos if authethic are old. I believe he must be a recent Singapore citizen. If he was so important they would have arrested him at the airport like your dear friend karuna.

Sam Perera said...


As usual, you are statements are full of assumptions which lacks any supporting facts. According to your assumptions, many who went to Vanni those days got a photo opportunity with VP? Therefore, this is just an ordinary man. Not only that you know his whole pedigree off your head. Now that is spinning. Please keep your jokes for somebody else.

Unknown said...

Sam there is a reason I do not argue with you. I respect your comments and I agree to disagree.

Asanka said...

According to the Sirasa T.V and some Foxes like Kumar Rupasinhe. this is a Innocent tamil civilian which have many colse connection with LTTE killer leder Prabakaran.
This is another good example shows that how this pro LTTE campain work for LTTE and their hidden Agenda. we should protect our country form this too sides specialy form pro LTTE corparation.

Sam Perera said...


Argue?, I don't argue with you at all. As I stated earlier, I will point to inconsistencies in what you say. Specially, when you try to portray you imagination as facts.

Nandimithra said...

Excellent work done by SIS.
This tells us how freely he has moved in colombo for few months with out getting caught. Our police officers at check points when they see a foreign pass port they allow them to go.
We have to have information about hard core LTTEs coming from UK.EU and Canada with foreign passports. If we know their names we can nabb them at the air port or follow them while in colombo. Sri lankans living abroad probably can get their names.
We know there are hard core LTTE guys living abroad can come to colombo with their foreign pass ports and roam around in colombo with out any problems and organise their sleepers to activate.
This avenue has to be explored for our safety.

Observer said...


The truth is these photos are required for persons to raise funds from the diaspora isnt it ? For example, in the UK most of the fund raisers, use these kind of photos to convinve people that they are credible fund raisers of the terrorist outfit.

Anyway this is one of the price catches in the recent history and we should make use of this opportunity to crack down the international terror ring.

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