Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Northern Theatre Heating Up

The Sri Lanka Army launched an attack on the LTTE FDL in Kilali and Nagarkovil early this morning. Infantry and Main Battle Tanks (MBT) from the newly formed Mechanized Infantry Regiment, backed by artillery and Mi-24 helicopter gunships launched this coordinated attack.

Official sources indicated that troops have caused serious damage to the LTTE 1st FDL in Kilali, Nagarkovil, and areas north of A-9 and that 12 LTTE cadres have been killed in the attack. The Tigers had rebuilt parts of the FDL damaged in a pre-dawn attack by the SLA on the 30th. Tiger cadres retreating from today's attack have carried the bodies of their fallen comrades. The SLA does not collect Tiger corpses in this area due to logistical problems in delivering them to ICRC. Five soldiers with serious injuries were taken to Army Hospital Palaly.

Meanwhile a Hartal called by 'PLOTE Kannan' in Vavuniya, under the auspices of the Army, has had major success. Vavuniya Town was completely desolate today. Private enterprises, government offices, public transportation all ground to a halt.The Hartal was declared as a protest against the Thachanamarandamadu, Colombo Fort, Dambulla and Weli Oya bomb blasts targeting civilians. The organizers of the hartal and citizen groups put up hand-written posters at public places condemning the attacks.


tikira said...

DW,Thanks for the update,any news about the missing boys from the mannar incident.

Defencewire said...

Some dive teams are scavenging the seabed, looking for the vessel and sailors. If it sank, it should be down there, unless some undercurrents moved it (its a small boat). If it was taken away, Sea Tiger communications would acknowledge it sooner or later.

LKDOOD said...

High School Athletes Buried in Sri Lanka


Bishops repeat call for 'peace zone' after terror attack


Six Lankan naval personnel killed by LTTE


tikira said...

DW,thanks for the reply,any possibility of indian boats involve in smugling in/out a person or an asset,there are rumours that VP hasnt left yet

Jambudipa said...

These hit and run tactics may well be the correct strategy. We also need to bear in mind the IC will not allow the attrition to drag on indefinetly. If they sense things are heading for a stalemate, they will take the support away for the military ops. They will also insist on coming up with a solution surrounding existing ground realities.

admin said...

PLOTE kannan won't be able put his foot in Eelam when its internationally acknowledged.

R*fard&C*ble said...

Would someone take some action?

The SL Police need to totally clean the Negombo, Halawatha, Kalpitiya Police forces in order to secure the country. Without revamping this corrupted lot, the civilians and the security forces in Sri Lanka are at great risk.

From the top to the bottom, the Police are totally and utterly corrupted. Almost all the drugs, explosives, contraband (mainly cigarettes) come to Sri Lanka through this region. The Police are experts in handling narcotics and contraband, as they get well treated. They are well complying with the vast smuggling network.

The same channels that bring contraband and drugs bring C4 explosives, suicide jackets etc etc too.

If you would dug the garden of 20 houses, you would find at least one haul of smuggled items here.

In addition to the local police, there should be some independent security group should be deployed there to apprehend these vase smugglers. LTTE is having free-run here.

If the government let local Police to carry on like this, you will find lot of carnage in the South in the coming months. You have to stop this.

SnakeVI said...

if what you say is true we are in for a few hard months.
MR has no skill in handling corruption....

Defencewire said...

A capable MI officer has been earmarked for Kalpitiya. If this comes through, things will change.

Unknown said...

Smuggling is the seed that grew to separatist terrorism.

The whole north, north west, west and even the south west cost and sea must be considered

the most vulnerable points of the country.

In the areas of Negombo, Halawatha, Kalpitiya and puttalama the sea should be cordoned off

by a coast guard division. Other sophisticated technology (radar, sonar etc.) should be used for monitoring. National security has no price.

Srilankan said...

well said kiri

Unknown said...

yes some of the cops are involved in lots of corruption and crime but mostly these guys are puppeteered by politicos with "business" interests...

Kiri Said
"In the areas of Negombo, Halawatha, Kalpitiya and puttalama the sea should be cordoned off"

and how would the huge community of fisher-folks gonna survive when that happens mate.
sadly these are things we can't execute but if we the little we can do and do it right, most of our problems can be sorted IMHO...
The problem is that only some of us are willing to cooperate.

Unknown said...

I did not mean to say to prevent fishing boats to fish.

We could try to identify critical areas in the sea where a boat could come from south India and monitor those areas. To this end I am sure we could eliminate or at least minimize smuggling activities from the sea front it self.

Renegade! said...

defencewire,earlier post..

Can i know why the information is sensitive..after all,the fact that we have already obtained the F-7 fighters was revealed by Tamilnet!! is smell the Dirty COMMIS back in action???..seems like GOTA & his shittin-clan are pocketing another few million bucks??? $$$$$..defencewire,are you under presurre from the government not to disclose info on the latest military purchases???..seems to me,like that way!!

LKDOOD said...


i hope that defencewire is not under pressure from anyone :)

we want the truth !

yes he must not reveal certain things
but hope he give us info that is in the open

but as 'normal' people we don't know
what is going on

LKDOOD said...

India should put pressure on LTTE: TULF chief


U.K. Calls for a `Political Process' to End Sri Lanka Conflict


LKDOOD said...

For some Sri Lankan women, military is the saviour: book


Some NGOs providing assistance to LTTE: Sri Lankan PM


Thirty-one die in Lanka clashes


Srilankan said...

If the MI officer gets the job.will he be prosecuting criminal elements in the police force?.

Defencewire said...

Commissions for arms procurement might be new to Sri Lanka, but that's an age-old tradition in military procurements all over the world. It is an 'incentive' to buy/sell weapons and is unavoidable, no matter who is in charge. In other words, you cannot procure arms without a commission. There is either a middleman or you yourself become a middleman without even knowing it. The problem arises if and when someone tries to bargain for a commission or starts awarding the contract to the party with the highest percentage of commissions, regardless of the quality of the assets procured.

MI has their own way of dealing with the police. This guy did that for over 15 years in Batty and Vavuniya.

Unknown said...


I have noticed most of the time you are asking too much information on SLDF assets, to be revealed in a public forum like this. I feel you are in a hunger for sensitive information. Whats the motive behind? Why dont you act as a responsible blogger like most of others?
The other thing what i cannot understand is how do you link this "sensitive information" reply from defencenet to "Dirty COMMIS back in action" theory that relates to GOSL?

Whats da reason for assuming "like GOTA & his shittin-clan are pocketing another few million bucks"???? or just your wild thoughts?

"defencewire,are you under presurre from the government not to disclose info on the latest military purchases???..seems to me,like that way!!"

- how do you say like that? how can the GOSL put pressure on a google blog like this? any facts?

It seems you are with some hatred towards the present govt/Gota/MR etc. are you not ?

Srilankan said...

Many thanks..the reason i asked was i dont want another 400+ SLDF who are going on holiday to be injured because some policemen ignored their duties and were in copetition with other arms of SLDF.

Dinusha Madagammana said...

what is the service of defencewire?

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