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Pasilan 2000

Pasilan 2000

Pasilan 2000, shown in the above picture has been known as a mortar or arti-mortar like the 122mm canon, successor to the ‘BABA mortar’ used by the LTTE for ground operations since 1980s. A factory manufacturing Pasilan 2000 and other IEDs was destroyed in an air-raid on 16th January 2008 at Puthukudiirippu.

However, latest ground intelligence indicates that Pasilan 2000 has been developed with characteristics similar to a rocket launcher. The way the tube is installed in the above picture is similar to the positioning of rocket pods. The length and caliber of the barrel indicates Pasilan 2000 system has common features to the Chinese made Type 82 130mm 30-tube MLRS (introduced by the Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA) in the early 1980s) rather than rail-guided Katyusha variants such as the Qassam Rocket. The rocket weight for Type 82 is around 25-30kg, and the Pasilan 2000 warhead has been known to have the same weight. Recent intelligence reports have cautioned that the latest variant of Pasilan 2000 may have a range of upto 25kms.

Our speculation about the LTTE’s production of Pasilan 2000 is that the LTTE imported Type 63 130mm MLRS (early version of 130mm Type 82) which is no longer used by PLA, and installed as single tubes on their tractors allowing for greater camouflage and conceal of the weapon and less chances of damage in a single air strike. The rocket has since then undergone some modifications. Pasilan 2000 is not heavily used for ground attacks currently, but if imported artillery and rockets run out, the weapon could become a significant counterbalance to SLA's MBRL and a hindrance to troops.

Chinese T-82 130mm MLRS used by PLA

The Type 82 130mm 30-tube multiple launch rocket system was introduced by the PLA in the early 1980s as a successor to the ageing Type 63 130mm artillery rocket system deployed at division artillery level. The system is carried by a 6X6 truck with 30 launch tubes grouped in three rows each with 10 tubes. The rocket system made some modest improvement over the Type 63, but is inferior to the Type 81 122mm artillery rocket system. Only a limited number of examples were built before it was replaced by the Type 81. Some Type 82 rocket systems are still in service with the PLA reserved forces (source).


LKDOOD said...


so it is MADE IN SRI LANKA ?

first time i heard about such a thing

SLA may need more MBLR's

chamal said...

How is the damage it can do? (compared with artillery & mortar) Is the MBRL captured in Thoppigala similar to this?

Defencewire said...

They had these from the early 80s. First prototypes were crude. But with time the weapon has improved.

A 30kg warhead can carry around 10% (3kg) of trinitrotoluene (TNT). This can be used as a fragmentation warhead or thermobaric or general purpose warhead with an effective circumference of maybe 50-100m2, resulting in death (closest proximity), 1st,2nd,3rd degree burns, shock, contamination etc.

Unknown said...
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tikira said...

Success for survival,INNOVATION,boy they are good at that,Ive heard of those ,for the first time I saw them.

DW,thanks for the report.

Unknown said...

Good report DW, Shy

Iran & DPRK makes copies of the 130mm Type63/70 & 82. Remember the twin tube 107mm the tigers used on the trinco dockyard some time back..

As for modernizing the Pasilan 2000in to rocket form it can be done with a 107mm unit too. don’t you think?

Unknown said...

Hi DW, looking at the photo the tiger in the foreground is carrying what looks like a mortar round (retarding fins etc) versus a rocket, could the angle of the tube be misleading and just be for storage / transport, and be made more verticle for traditional mortar type firing?

how effective would such a mortar be fired at a low angle like this? Or are you saying they also have rockets used from the same tubes?


defenceAnalyst said...

I think that definitely is a mortar round. But the launcher looks a rocket tube. Mortar tubes are often more vertical(unless this was built for long-range firing). The metal encasing behind tube would not allow complete vertical firing (maybe upto about a 100 degree angle, but not 180 degrees). But what DW seems to warn against it the shape of the tube, and ability to launch rockets with modification. This is also a possibility, given some intelligence reports prompting airraid on puthukudiiruppu.

LKDOOD said...

Forces closing in on LTTE in Wanni, says Colombo


Moshe Dyan said...


thanks for the report. but i find it difficult to believe that LTTE uses IT'S OWN MANUFACTURED mortars/arti. with a 25km range on these. pasilan 2000 is ONLY the lancher fitted ti a tractor, etc. isn't it?

they have to use imported mortars/arti. always if they have to reach more than 2km range, isn't it?

if so, the following statement is untrue.

"Pasilan 2000 is not heavily used for ground attacks currently, but if imported artillery and rockets run out, the weapon could become a significant counterbalance to SLA's MBRL and a hindrance to troops."

please clarify; thanks.

Jambudipa said...

"the weapon could become a significant counterbalance to SLA's MBRL and a hindrance to troops."

I doubt this very much. The accuracy, payload, and the number of tubes of the army MBRL is much higher. I doubt the range it can reach as well. Even if it can reach such a distance, the accuracy will suffer more.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

I tend to agree with Jack and Panhinda.

The ammo in pic is surely a mortar.The tube like Jack says must be kept low for easy transport and to prevent entangling on vegetation as can be seen. And the front support of tube is too flimsy to take on the backthrust of a rocket. Also 25km looks too huge a range for a locally rigged product.
Panhinda is right too--the MBRL punch of SLA prob will prob outperform these by a monumental scale.

However the LTTE is famous for its efficient &deadly use of available resources--it can still cause a lot of damage using its existing resources.

Defencewire said...

moshe dayan,
"i find it difficult to believe that LTTE uses IT'S OWN MANUFACTURED mortars/arti."

I quote from the Jain Commission Report

"An estimated 30-40 LTTE cadres led by its leaders including Kiruban and Romeo were found to be controlling the LTTE bases in Tamil Nadu. Their activities included revival of fabrication of rifle propelled grenades ARUL-89 at Coimbatore, Pasilan- 2000, purchase of explosives at Tiruchengode, Salem, receiving injured cadres and providing them medical treatment at Madurai, Salem, Erode and Madras and facilitating ferrying of explosives and raw materials for fabrication of weapons"

Now the name Pasilan 2000 would usually mean the tube. But in this case Pasilan 2000 is the weapons system, which is a locally made shell (some say with 25kgs of TNT) and a tube, maybe imported. You do not usually find mortars with 25kgs TNT for sale off the shelf, specially given its size (get closeup of the mortar round). Bringing a stock of such large shells would not be cost-effective either.

So can the Tigers make this? According to our information and other sources, including the Jain report released many years ago, they have been doing this for some time. How? You would need some desiginig, trial and error, some copying, forging, a small plant, some aerodynamics etc. The propellant? A propellant is fuel + an oxidiser and a stabilizer. This is standard chemistry. The casting must be aerodynamic. This can be achieved by copying existing mortar rounds, but experimentation with the scale. (If you want further clarification of LTTE ingenuity, checkout captured weapons, including hovercrafts. try the Trincomalee Naval museum at Trinco base). Believe me, many senior SLA officers blasted many junior officers when they told them about at least 30 pieces of arti (122, 130 etc) brought to SL by LTTE. When the finally admitted, they said "Ok, But that's limited to Vanni". But lo and behold, they had dismantled and brought some big guns on small boats, including small MBRLs, despite gunboats, Dvoras etc in trinco to the East. For LTTE 'if there's a will, there's a way'. Unfortunately, we do not respect our foe quite enough.


"The accuracy, payload, and the number of tubes of the army MBRL is much higher. I doubt the range it can reach as well. Even if it can reach such a distance, the accuracy will suffer more."

MBRLs are not an accurate weapon. Normal arti are much more accurate.The thing with MBRL is the speed at which the weapon carries a heavy and concentrated payload within matter of seconds to a single location.

The Pasila 2000 is a mobile launcher. Its got only one tube. The shell does not emit constant muzzle flares like arti or MBRL. This is ideal for LTTE's camouflage and conceal attacking style. Once a round is fired, forward observers/spies/civilian spotters can correct the fire.

We are not sure of the weapons latest modifications/range. These are speculations based on unverified intelligence information the SLA is currently receiving. We are not sure whether or if or how or to what effect any improvements to the weapon have been made. Several locations were attacked which perhaps either make or store the weapon and others. But the potential for developing the weapon into a rocket or effective arti piece must not be written off. The recent attacks on suspected factories means SLA hasn't either.However, if the ongoing battles turn into guerilla warfare, quite different to the previous conventional warfare, the LTTE could abandon the further development of the weapon and go for smaller mortars.

Defencewire said...

The cross-over from Mortar to Rockets,

This is quite possible. In fact, the first military rockets (rocket arrows) were manufactured by the Chinese in 9th century using black powder (charcoal, sulpher and nitrate). In developed countries, kids make liquid fuel rockets for school projects. The most difficult ones, however are the solid fuel rockets. But these are used by high budget astronauts.

The Mortar round has a charge, a propellant that propells the shell, which then takes the form of an arch as force of gravity takes on. The rockets in an MBRP used onboard propellant. Both are low-tech weapons in today's world. a high tech weapon would be a missile with the guiding system.

The most important ingredient however, is the will and the need to create new weapons for survival. If SLN sunk many of the LTTE's weapons ships, which it did, then the Tigers could go on the overdrive to use what they have. this is their nature and they are clever copycats.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

""Unfortunately, we do not respect our foe quite enough.""
True indeed! And those who tend to show some 'respect' to their abilities are promptly dubbed ltte-supporters and bullied!

""We are not sure of the weapons latest modifications/range""

True again. I remember seeing this picture more than a decade back when I started developing some interest in the conflict.

Defencewire said...

sun tzu desciple,
This is an old picture from the 90s. They got a lot of stuff and also sent a lot of people for raining abroad from 2002-2006.An example would be the light aircraft with home-made gravity bombs. We need to understand what we are up against. Complacency is a serious weakness.

IntelAttack said...

Ignoring LTTE's possible coward attacks has been the main weakness of SLDF and Governments.
Blaming for what has happened after such an attack does no good as well.

SLDF have been performing well in recent months and if they continue doing this, LTTE terrorists will loose ultimately even they use such home-made weapons.
Good strategic planning and counter-terrorist tactics will help SLDF to finish off terrorists easily.

Moshe Dyan said...

Thank you DW for the detailed answer.

i think we need not "respect" or marvel at the abilities of the LTTE; but surely we must recon their capabilities.

but DW, as you said, there is no new info. on tigers manufacturing mortars/arti with a range more than 2km; i agree they did at some point at some scale as you say. but the point is they may not be doing it now when they need it MOST. finding TNT and other stuff, storing and manufacturing them in Vanni today is next to impossible, i think.

Jambudipa said...


But lo and behold, they had dismantled and brought some big guns on small boats, including small MBRLs, despite gunboats, Dvoras etc in trinco to the East.

The barrel of a 153mm would be heavy enough it sink an average trawler.

I think they loaded these into container vessel in a banana republic such as Cambodia and bribed the customs at Colombo port to get it through. Everyone knows how things work at Sri Lanka customs.

Unknown said...

If you use some image viewer/editor (e.g. Microsoft office picture manager) you can increase the brightness and see more detail in this image.

The rocket or whatever that LTTE cadre is carrying seems to have multiple fins..

perein said...


Bottom of the article signed as "SHY & DW", Who is SHY please?

Unknown said...


"MBRLs are not an accurate weapon. Normal arti are much more accurate.The thing with MBRL is the speed at which the weapon carries a heavy and concentrated payload within matter of seconds to a single location.

"Once a round is fired, forward observers/spies/civilian spotters can correct the fire. "

please correct me if i'm wrong...but doesn't the RM70's come with a FC system with GPS target acquisition?
And our systems are also mobile, they can correct their firing after an initial firing and then fire for effect can't they?

like you say the tigers have always stood steps ahead of us in terms of adopting to difficult situs and being rather creative with their weapons and tactics... Good to see SLDF is also now catching up but may be not at the rates we would like to see...
This Pasilan2000 has been there for quite a long time now... Wonder why they haven't been using them as often as they used to do...

Unknown said...

"In the last two weeks, fighting has intensified. On the front line in northern Sri Lanka, the LTTE is on the defensive, having lost nearly a thousand fighters so far this year. Total combat and terrorism deaths in the last year are nearly 5,000."


GoldenEagle said...


How APCs/IFVs have we brought to create the new mehanized brigades?

Will we equip them with SLAT armor?

LKDOOD said...

Sri Lanka says kills 42 rebels as fighting grinds on


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Defenece Wire & friends,

I am wondering why, having fought for thirty years what make SL military show slow progress in wining the war?

Why SL waited till LTTE bring MBRL and other (efficient) war materials to battle field ?

Is LTTE more innovative than SL military?

Why we are not using sattelite technology and sophisticated radar (3D,300km radius,made inCanada) to visualize enemy targets?

Cant we consider this war is a huge embarrasement to all Srilankans if it last long?

SL military has all upper hand in fire power and man power but how could then LTTE still survive for thirty years?

can any of you explain real cause?

Dont just say it is a guarilla war..I am fed up of that answer.

Defencewire said...

moshe dayan,
Yes, the SLAF is hitting storage facilities, based on HUMINT provided by SLA. But, the HUMINT is given particular objectives based on certain priorities. The workload is too much for both SLA HUMINT and SLAF number 10. Their main task is to locate leadership (decapitation). Therefore, it is slightly difficult to go after each and every development in the Vanni. Tigers can still conceal their stocks of TNT and even house small factories in highly builtup areas (next to a school for example) making it difficult for SLAF to drop a bomb (not difficult, but what if something goes wrong?). This type of thing happens all the time.

There's some evidence they floated and dragged the barrels along the surface of the water by diverting attention of sailors further north. I don't think they would risk getting it through customs. An arti piece is too large and conspicuous. However, nothing is impossible. Some years ago a friend of mine at Customs offered to bring an entire pajero in a container for a handsome fee.

This is definitely a mortar. Unfortunately we don't have new photos of the Pasilan 2000 after it became obsolete for LTTE, soon after acquiring long-range guns. We do not know for sure what the new system looks like. At this point we can only guess. The point is, however, they can still get raw materials from south India if they want to locally manufacture something like Pasilan or even better if they are cornered and runs out of arti rounds.

SHY is a weapons expert from a foreign country studying the LTTE for some time. He is originally an expert in nuclear weapons, but not focuses entirely on small arms as he feels they do the greatest damage all over the world. He is DefenceWire's buddy.

RM70s do have accurate firing capability. But that is different from arti. Arti round is fired at an exact spot in the battlefield. With MBRL, the GPS coordinants give a location for an entire or half a volley (salvo) of fire from a single rocketpod. This is why its considered less accurate. It cannot be used to fire a single rocket at a spot, destroying it completely.

We are not sure exact numbers of APCs brought down from Czech. This info is closely guarded and we don't want to mess with that, considering the fact that they could become a frontline unit in a few weeks. Commander wanted to raise several battalions originally. I can do another round of investigations to see what comes out.

SLA is ready ready to march into Vanni. But they have to minimise casualties. Tis is why they will take their own sweet time.

Vigilante said...


Here is my opinion..

Answer to your question lies somewhere else.

Take a look at Afghanistan , Iraq and Palestine...

Only a hard and long battle will undue the terrorists.

This war would have ended 20 years ago, if the world allowed GOSL to distroy the LTTE.

Renegade! said...

defencewire,skywalker(continuation from earlier thread)

The fact that i the purchase of these F-7's is no secret.even last sunday's Times paper revealed so.however,tamilnet went a step further & revealed how many..why is it that you(defnet),dont want to reveal this info? can it be sensitive..coz the answer u gave me in the previos thread,was off-hook 7 not to the point!!..u were talking about the virtues of Commissions in military procurements!!..that is pretty obvious,that every military deal,would have Commis,especially in a third-world country like ours!!..what about the corrupt Mig-27 deal,Laser-bombs for Kfirs,body armour that does not protect,self-exploding artillery guns,etc?? it becoz ur also a benificiary of these Commis??.if you are,thats ok..i mean,its just business,rite??..we can buy luxury condo's & stash our cash @ bahamas or cayman islands,while our soldiers get blown apart,by their own weaponry,which malfunctions???..

And c'mon what i wanted to know was just a confirmation on whether we have obtained those fighter jets or not(seems like TN is gaining some credibility,atleast!!)..after all,i'm a tax-payer & i have a right to know this info,just like the public in SL..

and skywalker,there is a thin line between sensitive info,& general info-u gotta remember that!!..sensitive info could be future operations planned by the military,or a new electronic radar/jammer system,,..but how the HELL can the purchase of Fighter jets/helicopters,be sensitive info,is beyond my imagination!!..

Defencewire said...

Calm yourself down. I am a poor guy trying to learn new tricks to survive all the time. I have served my country well, all communities well. It is unfortunate that I be charges like that! But that's alright. You don't know me and you don't know me any better.

I will explain to you our theory regarding this issue. I will do this by first countering your so-called faith in Tamilnet (which I agree has been accurate about some things, more than government in the past, not now).

TN gives publicity to the procurements based on LTTE's current interests, to publicize how government spends money to 'bomb, pillage and destroy innocent Tamils.'

We are in a time and age when you can subscribe to Jane's Defence and get your hands on all military contracts of state entities. BUT WHO TALKS ABOUT NON-STATE PROCUREMENTS? No-one. So there's an imbalance here.

All arms procured by the government is out in the open. And my friend, this is how its framed by the so-called international community. This is the 'political sensitivity' of this issue 9forget military sensitivity for a moment please)


Now is this true? Should we highlight this again and again?

We have highlighted some of the less sensitive procurements and certain issues concerning procurements. But when it comes to procurement of expensive assets, the world seems to understand things in a totally different light. They (some western countries) have stopped selling us any offensive hardware, SPECIALLY THOSE THAT CAN DROP BOMBS. Your questions are right down that alley. Its a corridor of uncertainty for us given the sensitive political scenario.

perein said...

Thank you for holding the hands with DW.
Looking forward to hear your views.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your comments on the post

The reasons I think and some of you think for LTTE to survive for the last 30years listed below:

1-Lack of political and military leadership for SL
2-Lack of long term and short term political and military strategies for SL
3-Poor analyse about the enemy and the war by SL
4-Being re-active rather than pro-active by SL
5-Purchase of cheaper arms instead of suitable and efficient arms by SL
6-Purchase of expensive but disastrous arms and use them effectively at right time by LTTE
7-LTTE was more innovative in their attacks and weapons
8-Commis greedy military generals
9- Exchange of military info for money by SL military, priests, civilians and politicians (Corruption!)
10-Divided Sinhalese
11-Motives of the war were to fight for a homeland for Tamils and brain-washing its cadres for a do or die war
12-SL went for a paid job (most) and worried about family and friends and did most of the years defensive than offensive operations
13-LTTE was a terrorist group under a Dictator Leadership
14-SL military was conventional army under democratic leadership
15-LTE had young guerrillas and therefore more energetic.
16-LTTE had world wide network and developed countries and received support by their with a think tanks and provided latest war materials and financed LTTE
17-LTTE infiltrated SL military than SL military did to LTTE
18-Satellite view of SL military positions through India, EU, USA falls to LTTE
19- Political influence on Sri Lanka by IC including India at crucial points of certain successful operations in the past
20-Power minded Sri Lankan political struggle in SL politics
21-Well established lobbying of world most influenced people and countries
22-Well established IT media propaganda by LTTE
23-Well established or infiltrated NGOs and Human Rights Groups around the world by LTTE
24-Sound cash-inflow to LTTE through Diaspora and other means
25-Interests of West on worlds most strategically located Island

You may add more if you think it has caused LTTE to survive 30yrs !

perein said...

Mate.. Note DW / DN both blogs are doing in voluntary basis... They do not have to reply to any of us.
Let's keep this in nice way possibly can...
And what more is this is not sounds like Renegade! who we usually talk the points with !!!
Let's see how we can help each other and move forward.

GoldenEagle said...


Thanks for the reply. I did not know that the APCs were brought from Czech Republic, I thought we brought them from China.

Unknown said...

I agree with what GaalleMalli said...

Ready to march into Vanni is just a joke. Do you really think if you take Vanni, the LTTE will be wiped out? This is what Chandrika said before marching into Jaffna.

Remember, LTTE was living in Jungle and fighting about 20 yrs ago, so what makes you think that they will continue to fight?

The solution isn't military victory, the solution is to find a polictical solutions givin to Tamils and winning the heart of the Tamils, living in SL and overseas. If you don't do that, you will never have peace in Sri Lanka, and that will only hurt the Sinhalease, because, as far as I know, every tamil family living in Sri Lanka, has 10 family members living Oversea, and they are ready to support them Financially..

Think about it!

Unknown said...

You are beating the same drum as for last few decades.
One problem with us is that
the fu..king mentality we do have

"We can’t win the war....
How can we win guerrilla war with this small army?
See what happened in Vietnam?
This is an ethnical problem…
No military solution…
Must be a political solution…..”

Just by winning hearts of Tamil people, we can’t simply remove terrorism. A military solution must be.

You know now things changed. People have a confidence that with the new tactics and the determination of whole nation (not people like you), we can eradicate terrorism. To meet Tamil grievances, there is a political solution by the government. Don’t worry about that.

Army captured Jaffna and east. Those regions (including jungles in east) are now under good control by the army (compare with what is happening now in Iraq?). There can be bad things occasionally. But with proper military intelligence and determination, army is able to have a good control. This is true for the Vanni region my friend, once it is caption.

Srilankan said...

saduni..i agree with you here.there is nothing wrong with giving some degree of automony to tamils LIVING IN SRILANKA..ONLY.the overseas tamils have their adopted countries now and slanka is not their country anymore.. we dont want LTTE supporting tamil diasphora in SLanka now or in future.At the same time what the president is doing is right.. trying to build a sinhala base overseas by educating sinhala people in professions that are marketable overseas..and no i am not speaking about housemaids..

Srilankan said... is high time we got rid of this "ane eke karrana baa" attitude and face what we have to face as a nation which iam very proud to say we are doing somewhat after a very long time!!.I am just worried for the Hon presidents life ..given all these "musala kumbakaranayas" ..traitors hiding in the woodwork right now..

Srilankan said...

very well said.Sanduni i am no expert but i feel that some of those who speak about pacifying terrorists are those that have made fortunes because of this war.Now once the war is over their greatest fear is that the inland revenue will ask them to account for their income..there are lot of people on both sides who have got rich while the poor in srilanka have been marginalised badly.They hate hon pres because he is trying to redistribute that money evenly among the people.The greatest day of my life will be when i see people of all races of SLanka and from poor areas of SLanka (pollonnaruwa,anuradhapura,eastern province,northern province etc)competeing for jobs overseas with this LTTE supporting diasphora filth.

Anonymous said...

well said sanduni and srilankan

Silva said:
"I agree with what GaalleMalli said..Ready to march into Vanni is just a joke. Do you really think if you take Vanni, the LTTE will be wiped out?"


Perhaps you agreed with the causes of long life of LTTE so far I mentioned but you dont seemed to agree that LTTE can be defeated. It was proved once in the east and LTTE will be wiped out completely from the country with the help of other peace loving Tamils. They (we all) are tired of this war. So it will be wiped out very soon! If you are good Srilanka must also be happy about that.
Cause of the war cant be removed by dividing the country. Even if the Elam is given, majority of Srilankan tamils will be living with sinhalese in the south. Its a fact.If the roots(tamil grievences) of the problem not removed(address the Tamil grievences) its trunk(hatrism) will keep growing.
Untill sinhalese and tamils begin to respect and trust eachother there will be more and more communal violences and we will never achieve peace.

Thus, Military victory will not be sufficient to the conflict until all ethnic groups are properly integrated into a multi ethnic society. Then only we can grow as a nation and a country.



Srilankan said...

Many thanks for your kind comments.i agree with you.We need to defeat terrorism first and then offer only those tamils living in SLanka a political solution..which i think wont be difficult because they like us are tired of this war and are waiting for peace.

Anonymous said...

My pleasure! You absolutely right! keep up your good work!

Anonymous said...



LKDOOD said...

Sri Lankan army team on secret mission in Pune


Sri Lanka: 8 Separatist Leaders Killed


LKDOOD said...

Left dumps Sri Lankan ally to please DMK in Tamil Nadu


Moshe Dyan said...

Thank you defencewire.

Your objective in creating this news item was to start-up a discussion on INNOVATION in warfare by citing how the tigers have done it.

but they have copied these from PLA, suicide boats from north korea, unceasing waves from vietnam, few tricks from the taliban/mujahiddin, etc.

nevermind we must be innovative - that's the bottomline.

i read in some forum that SL can operate hotair baloons and airships(?) for military purposes. i thought this kind of stupid. but wikipedia has few of its old military applications.

this can become a very-low cost 24/7 LTTE movement monitoring method by using many on a rotation basis. can become an impoverished early warning system for SLA???

but SAMs, oxygen requirements, safety issues for men, expensive equipment would not allow SL to do that.

if can be used, may also be used outside war areas like buttala, etc. also above sea???

any ideas?????

Unknown said...

Don't think the East was won by our SLA only. It was due to a Coronel level Trator within LTTE...

And we have to make more Trators like that within LTTE, and given the fact that what is happening him in England is not a good sign...

Look at Ground realities, don't get fooled by the latest report of these Government ministers, they are just fooling you all to stay in power. Anyhow, God Bless Sri Lanka, Time will tell what I mean.

Unknown said...


You said that the APCs for the Mech was from Czech.. but what was shown on the launch were all Chinese? Type-89 APCs & WZ551Bs..can you explain..

If they are from Czech, I hope we got some upgraded BMP-2 (they call it BVP-2)

Anonymous said...

"Police officers interdicted for seizing high protein biscuits & bullet proof kits intended for tiger terrorists!"

" The officer in question has earned a reputation of being an obstacle for tiger and certain NGOs and INGOs in their attempts to transport goods that are intended for tiger terrorists. "

-lanka truth

Upul said...

Sooriatchi death looks very suspicious. It is unlikely he would have an unprofessional drivers. He worked soo hard to get Mahinda elected and then realized the utter mistake. One of the few fellows with the guts to stand up and go against this dictatorship and reign of terror unleashed on this island. May he rest in peace. :(

Upul said...


However, “some of the government’s agents have been plotting to kill me,” Sripathi Sooriyarachchi, has been told his personal friends few days ago, according to reliable source in the SLFP(M).

"Last month, in an interview to an English Daily published from Colombo the parliamentarian had claimed that Defence Secretary Gothabaya Rajapaksa was 'engineering an accident', "it accused.

Defencewire said...

moshe dayan,
All armies learn from each other. Some armies learn from guerillas. But non-state armed groups study each others successes/failures just as conventional armies do among each other. An example of the highest calibre is the US Marine Raiders who were a copy of the Chinese 8th route army. If Navy Seals/Marines can train our forces, LTTE too can and will learn from PLA, Vietkong etc. There's no stopping that.

We have APCs from both China and Czech. We got T-55 and a bunch of APCs last year following a high level defence delegation visit to Czech. China also offered APCs soon after.

Srilankan said...

About the T-55's.. i associate T-55's with what i see in the movies..WWII.These T-55's the army shows on seem to have broader(flatter-larger) turrents to minimise impact area..i reminds me of those german leopard tanks..i dont know...and there is something about the caterpillar wheel assembly as well.. i just could be imagining things..your opinion is appreciated :):)

Defencewire said...

T-55 is Russian, so they should look like the old Russian tanks from WWII, the T-44 and T-34.

Srilankan said...

Many thanks for your input.

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