Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Security Update

7 sailors went missing in seas off Mannar after two LTTE vessels disguised as Indian fishing boats, lured and opened fire at two Navy Water Jets on Monday. The Sri Lanka Navy has raised this issue sternly with the Indian Coastguard and Navy. How a large flotilla of fishing vessels managed to enter Sri Lankan Maritime Boundary undetected is a mystery. More information on this will follow.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Air Force carried out two sorties at 10.40am on Puthukudiiruppu and 3.15pm at Karadipokku in Kilinochchi yesterday. Allegations of damages to a UNICEF building is false, though a UNICEF compound was situated in the area. Damages caused to LTTE is not confirmed.

The government has also decided to suspend all public transport south of Vavuniya following intelligence alerts.



LKDOOD said...



Weli Oya, Padaviyaa schools closed indefinitely

SLA, LTTE clash in Ma'nalaa'ru

any updates ?

LKDOOD said...

Sri Lanka Marxists call "Dayata Kirula" a waste of money


Unknown said...

HI ram,
how r u i am MAHARAVANA...remember

Jambudipa said...

Heylo there ram,

you are loosing this war Mr, Eelam is inevitable.

Please outline briefly the roadmap to Eelam. Think of it as an exercise to find flaws if there are any in the plan for a separate state. After all, what is the point if at the end of the path you are left with nothing but a massive graveyard behind you. Let me be the devils advocate.

LKDOOD said...



Army destroys 30 LTTE bunkers in Jaffna

Sri Lanka Army destroyed 30 bunkers in Nargarkovil, Kilaly and north of A 9 areas this morning killing 12 LTTE cadres. Five soldiers too had received injuries.


is this the second FDL of the LTTE ? or did the LTTE come back & build again the 1st FDL that was destroyed some days ago

Sanath said...

"Yeah, all this work is crap. Your Eelam is attainable in 2008. Tamils are the greatest race on earth (like Nazis in Germany). Good luck and don't come back! If you do, You will be deleted."

DEFENCEWIRE...... at last.....phew.... that took long time...

Upul said...

Destruction of bunkers is completely unverifiable punnaku for the masses.

Sanath said...

so why come here to eat punnakku is it becos it s ur "jatika aharaya.." really is it possible to find such food in canada?

Upul said...

Also the fact DW wants to do this clamp down now, in coincidence with MR government efforts to bring military censorship is significant. As Tisaranee said somewhere, where government side of the story looses comprehension with reality, they introduce military censorship. Tell me should the strong and articulated side need to go into hiding things and imposing censorship ? If not what does it really say ?

Anonymous said...

I don't think DW is looking for a certificate from ltte/tamil di-ass-pora.

Renegade! said...


newspaper reports that the Tigers have captured a navy waterjet along with 7 sailors..true or false??

Defencewire said...

First of all, there are no Dvoras operating in Mannar. The sea is to shallow, so they use IPVs and smaller water jets. One such jet has gone missing along with 7 sailors. The Navy suspects some of them may have died. No confirmation of their capture by LTTE at this point, but it is possible.

We have nothing to do with MR govt. We are not politicians and receive no money or in kind contribution from anyone to do our job. We gave ram a warning. He ignored it.

You must give respect to receive it. If you too want to join ram, be our guest!

Renegade! said...


any news on the 6 new F-7's that we have purchsed from china?..are these the upgraded F-7 "MG" version,or what..also.has the Mig-29 deal been cancelled?..have the 3 Mi-35 "Hinds" arrived alraedy?..

the boss said...


where are you,
what happened today, any news? I have just got up.

Defencewire said...

This is somewhat sensitive info. Mi 35 is the export version of Mi 24.

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