Thursday, March 13, 2008

Capt. Ranawaka bids adieu

The Sri Lanka Army's 58 Division is presently readjusting its lines in Adampan. The readjustments usually involve the straightening of the line for ease of command. The process takes time, but when complete, requires less men to defend the line while others move onto offensive operations.

The defence-line around Adampan consists mostly of Trenches which have to be realigned by digging new trenches and fortifying them with logs and sandbags. The vegetation around the locations are usually undisturbed for the trenches to blend in with the landscape.

In the past, this line readjustment phase has been dangerous due to harassing fire and attacks by LTTE. Now the situation has changed. Except for a few harassing mortar fires, the readjustment of the line has continued unchallenged.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka Army lost one of its valuable young officers this week. The valiant hero who lost his life was Captain Keerthi Ranawaka of the Armoured Corps. Capt. Ranawaka was returning to base after a ground recce for a armoured assault on a line of LTTE bunkers in Mannar when he was injured in an Anti-Personnel mine.

The seasoned soldier succumbed to his injuries in hospital. He was posthumously promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel as he was about to be promoted to the rank of Major at the time of his untimely death.

Ranawaka's most recent contributions was a courageous decision to deploy Armoured Corps assets to transport injured soldiers from the Mannar FDL despite soggy ground conditions, booby traps and anti-tank mines. Ranawaka leaves behind his loving wife and two young daughters.


TheTruth said...

My deepest sympathies to the family of Capt. Ranawaka.

I read somewhere that the AP mine that killed the captain was poisoned by cyanide?
Any truth to this?

perein said...

We pray that Captain Ranawaka will attend Nibbana.
A true hero. We salute you SIR.

Nadeesha Gamage said...

may he rest in nibbana. We will never forget your utmost contribution.

Unknown said...

My sympathies to those who servive the late Cpt.

These men shall not be forgottn..

Defencewire said...

That's speculation. It seems he lost a lot of blood and contracted a germ in hospital.

Srilankan said...

We pray that Captain Ranawaka will attend Nibbana.
A true hero.Srilanka will never ever forget you SIR.

Sandun Dasanayake said...

Interesting Article in Lankadeepa about
Prabakaran's visiting of Sivanesan's funeral.

Click Here


Read Full Article Here

sldf said...

Loss of officers of Capt. Ranawaka caliber is a great loss to the country. And a loss their loved ones. Hope Army does everything in it's power to look after the welfare of his family.

Defencewire, do you think the strategy of inflicting maximum casualties to the enemy is going to work in the long run? Also ff LTTE have developed a habit of going into hiding as soon as an SLA teams moves in and redirecting Arty and sniper fire to our attack teams. In the long run LTTE this tactic can taken big toll on our troops. Do we use any type 52mm or 62mm mobile mortars on LTTE position? These are excellent for close support for advancing teams as these mortars can be carried by one person.

tangara said...

We are Saddned by his death...True hero...

My heart goes to those SLA heroes who died recently..

CASC said...

My sympathies to his loved ones. May he attain Nibbana.

LKDOOD said...

Hearing set for alleged Tamil Tiger conspirator


LKDOOD said...


My deepest sympathies to the family

May his soul rest in peace

Sandun Dasanayake said...

May He Attend Nibbana !!

We owe our heroes a big debt.

Jambudipa said...

Maj. Ranawaka family, I offer you my deepest most sympathies for you loss. May he attain Nibbana.

LKDOOD said...

Tamilnet report:

SLA Major succumbs to wounds caused by Tiger booby trap in Mannaar

A Sri Lanka Army (SLA) commander in the 58 division, Major Keerthi Ranawaka, who hit a booby trap set by the Tigers 3-days ago and seriously wounded in the explosion when he went to inspect the Forward Defence Line of the fighting formations of the SLA in Mannaar, succumbed to his wounds Friday, informed military sources said. He was posthumously promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

There were 35 random explosions, according to a report by the LTTE operations command in Mannaar on Wednesday.

ඉයන් said...

I hope Lt. Col. Ranawaka's family will find consolation in the fact that he has lived a hero's life and done his very best for his motherland and made the utmost sacrifice. Yet another name to give thanks to when we celebrate victory and remember for ever.

May he attain Nibbana!

ReallyCold..... said...

This conflict has revealed that the Tamil racist elements making noise for LTTE are immature and not so bright liars.

With the weapon, they were demanding Homeland, devolution, or Federal. When they are defeated, now they ask the same thing politely. They are now like, you know we were joking with Prabha, how about a big piece of Sri Lanka?

They have identified the western educated Sinhalese as their last hope since most of them may not be as patriotic as the core of the Sinhalese population.

Tamil grievances has to wait until Sinhalese grievances are fulfilled. Vocal Tamils have put Sinhalese on the defensive. We have to turn the table around. We need to make a louder noise and put them on the defensive.

Make them answer our questions than we are answering theirs.

Neethan said...

Dear Defence Wire,

Could you tell us where this 'Adampan' located? I thought its in Mannar?
Is it true they were pushed back that far??
Please clarify


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