Friday, March 14, 2008

Updates and corrections

The Sri Lanka Army has advanced 20kms into LTTE area in Mannar. The deepest infiltration of the 58 Division is into the Madhu sector where troops have closed in on the sacred Our Lady of Madhu Church.

In other areas in Mannar, Vavuniya and Weli Oya, troops have advanced 2-10kms depending on the presence of booby traps and Tigers. The Army is strictly adhering to its motto "No Dying For Our Land, Let Them Die For Theirs". The objective has been to kill as many LTTE as possible and not to capture Main Roads, buildings or land, unless they are of strategic importance.

In Muhamalai, the SLA is in control of the LTTE's first Forward Defence Line. The Tigers are now scattered across the 2nd FDL in Muhamalai. Meanwhile web based sources copying others have claimed the Army is in control of Puliyankulam on the A9 High Way (MSR). This is inaccurate. To avoid this confusion, DefenceWire wishes to correct the location to Puliyankulam proper.

Puliyankulam proper is a strategic locations along the A-9. It is situated in Vavuniya District. The recently captured Puliyankulama is not situated on the A-9. It is situated in the Mannar District 30-40 miles to the west of Puliyankulam proper.

Video by Suneth De Silva


NOLTTE=Peace said...

What SLDF does is great. Take the enemy out slowly but steadily.

More and more LTTE supply routes should be blocked and leadership should be destroyed. This will bring peace to Sri Lanka.

There is a great article here. Well recommended reading,

Moshe Dyan said...

Thanks DW.

I had this isuue and raised it in defencenet.

Now i'm clearer.

Many "tiger tanks" out there!!!!

Defencewire said...

We have a serious problem believing Prabha is dead. number one problem is that there's no intel he is dead or even seriously injured. The pics of him look very much like Prabha.

Just doing our job but than you.

Anonymous said...


The distances given of SLA advancec meassure from which point?

Is that distance along main roads?

NOLTTE=Peace said...


About Prabha is dead thing, I do not agree people's claim that he is dead.

I have a collection of Prabha spanning about 20 years, and I used photoshop's various techniques painstakingly matching one of the latest Tamilnet photos with the rest.

It all shows that this is the same Prabha. Only difference is that this butcher is about 1.4 times fatter than he was 5 -6 years ago. Now guessing by height, he should weigh about 100Kg.

He has a bruise on the upper right hand cheek. It exactly matches with DBS Jeyeraj's description of bunker lumber hitting his hand. Looks like it has hit not only his right hand/shoulder, but also his face.

This megalomaniac Pol Pot of our generation is still alive. Will not be for very long for sure. He should pay for all the destruction he caused to mother Sri Lanka and three generations of peoples.

Walimuni Abeysekera said...

Please Give Us some good news.
It's about time to score another hit , Right.. DW Guys?

onceinawhile said...


There were some speculations that LTTE has replenished its weapons arsenal due to the sudden increase of artillary by them.

Was any confirmation received about this? And how is the situation now? Are they using artillary freely now or are they using them sparingly?

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


Is the 20km distance in Mannar area including Silvathurai? If no, then the advance is substantial .But the 2-10kms are too less for a yearlong effort.
Also your clarification of the two similar sounding names has greatly made the picture clearer as available maps are faulty.

mottapala said...

The new SLDF motto of killing as many as possible compared to the earlier one, which was to capture the land is the single most important factor in tilting the balance in our favour. Even in Rivirasa what we did was to push the LTTE and not to kill them. Hundreds of tigers just moved across the lagoon in boats the last night. Army coudn't do anything other than fire some artilery.

Great way to go!

Anonymous said...

mottapala made a very good point. Many talk about jayasikuru but not about rivirasa as it was s success. But the objective of rivirasa-capturing jaffna-the land without killing the bugs later delivered the consequences at Mulathiv and Kili. If SLA planned rivirasa in such a way they kill maximum tigers and then get jaffna many thing would have been different.

It's just good SLA learned from misakes. Hope now learning rate has improved.

Jambudipa said...


Another cache of 81 mm mortar found in Ampara again. It looks like they are stockpiling for a target in Ampara. One STF camp in Ampara was recently subjected to mortar shower also. It looks like they are picking on softer STF targets. Apart from the usual diversionary attacks, is there anything of strategic significance around there?

Defencewire said...

SLA is not sticking to any main roads intentionally. They go where they know the tigers are. This is often along foot paths, cart roads etc.

LRRP may have hit Mangalesh. We do not know exactly until some serious intel comes in. The tiger leadership has cut down on its movements drastically. Some even ride bicycles or travel in bullock carts to avoid LRRP. But as the FDL heats up, SLAF hits hideouts, they wil eventually come out.

They have brought in shells from south India in fishing boats. But this will not be sustainable over the long run.

sun tzu,
Effort is to destroy LTTE, not to capture land. The land will automatically be captured once the Tigers are gone or weakened. The advance does not include Silavathirai as its in the rear.

Tigers are part guerrilla. They run to fight another day. But against an army that's behaving like guerrillas/insurgents, they have to hold ground and fight. When they fight, they die. But if they cannot recruit as fast as they die, then they become weak.

These mortars look like they were buried long time ago. Mortars can be launched at SFT etc. they can also be transformed into booby traps. The tigers in Ampara are constantly shifting from place to place. they will try to travel light, but will use booby traps as and when they can to delay, injure, harass troops.

Defencewire said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
perein said...

Sri Lanka is in advanced talks with Russia over the procurement of five MiG-29 fighter aircraft, the head of the country's state-owned procurement agency has said.
Sri Lanka nears MiG-29 purchase

Vibe said...


How many FDLs are there in Muhamalai?

I"m glad we took the first :)

lankan said...


i am really stuned by your knowladge in warfare. the way you discuss about mannar battle front make me think you all got military background.

the great thing about one of you is that you found the LTTE is mobiling in cycles and carts.

its so great thing to know these things. keep posting your jokes.

i cant wait to read more.

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