Monday, March 3, 2008

Navy cordoned a ship off Mulativu

Sri Lanka Navy has cordoned a suspicious ship off Mulativu coast,approximately 150 Nautical Miles,senior navy officials said.
"Naval vessels cordoned the ship and about to begin checking" a high ranking navy official told defencewire on the condition of anonymity.
80 meters long suspicious ship was seen last night with sails according to the same source.
How ever it is unlikely to be a LTTE's arms shipment,according to a highly placed intelligence source.


Moshe Dyan said...

Is it a case of the ship following the ship owner now in custody?

It cannot be so if it was not a LTTE arms ship.

TropicalStorm said...

It's the Black Pearl, come in search of Cap'n Jack Sparrow in custody..

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

The ship owner is supposed to have leased some ships to GoSL in the past? If so why ?

March is on the march, and SLDF is still struggling to dislodge LTTE from the same positions for months now.It was for this reason I had cautioned against bombastic predictions by SLDF and GoSL--and was roundly ganged-up on by some members here for my temerity!
I am not saying SLDF can't defeat LTTE ultimately, but vanquishing it by ' mid-2008' or, ' August 2008' seem like a pipe-dream to me now?

In which case people who castigated me (and GR and SF) would have to eat crow.If they are right, I will of course eat crow;)

IntelAttack said...

Sun Tzu's disciple,

Logically you might be correct. But what matters here is the END OF TERRORISM.

But my dear friend, you don’t have to eat crow.. No one in Sri Lanka thinks or suggests that LTTE should be defeated tomorrow and peace should be implemented in the day after.

It is just the case that LTTE is becoming weaker day by day and SLA keeps promising records (in low casualties and war planning).

No Dying for Our land Let them Die for Theirs!

This has been the concept that SLDF has been implementing all this time.

One last advice!

Don’t get cast away by Political Statements or Propaganda! Also Don’t read too much newspapers.

Comparing those and dancing in blogs won't help LTTE!
It's just useless!

Keep an eye on the way actually SLDF progresses.

Unknown said...


Well said bro !!

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


I really don't get what you are trying to say?

I think you should stick to educating me on my pointed queries rather than on points which I have not raised(or contested) at all.

My point is simple: A responsible Govt or military should avoid bombastic rhetoric or unreal predictions wherever possible--it makes your achievements that much more easier--without deadlines to keep . Otherwise you may have to answer the expectant public/media which will bay for your blood sooner or later.

I feel the 'dancing'here is not done by me?
Already GoSL and SF has started to backpaddle on those bombastic claims recently for obvious reasons.

CodeRed said...

K Sun Tzu,
I have to ask you first who have given these deadlines? Definitely not from the Army commander or the Precedent. Because they have clearly say that this War doesn’t have any kind of dead lines.

The people who are doing these deadline theory is the people who likes to see or at least likes to imagine that SLDF cannot do anything regarding beating the LTTE. Specially those stupid media fellows who worships the LTTE.So IntelAttack's comment is correct. Do not read too much news papers. Time will give you the answer. Just be patient and see what will happen.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...


I think the problem is not newspapers, but that you did not read newspapers REGULARLY.Because both GR and SF DID give confident predictions based on estimated deadlines.It is only recently that wisdom(or reality?) seem to have dawned on them and they are giving more open-ended answers (called backpedalling by cynics).
Anyway it is not my beef if they wanted to land themselves in an embarassing situation.

Sun Tzu's disciple said...

just to give a recent example:
DW reported army sources claiming that they would probably capture Madhu Church within a week. And 1 week has passed and nothing more heard of it. Now if the SLA captures the church after 2 weeks for example, will the prediction not take the sheen off?


If the SLN and IN could not detect a large vessel in its vicinity drifting around for weeks does it not portend badly for non-HI based interdiction capacities of both navies?

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